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Fading swell, we wake up to ankle high waves dribbling around the reef. A far cry from the two-metre drain pipes we had experienced the day before, but good news for sore shoulders and aching backs. After breakfast we all decide to take the tender through the reef pass and visit the village. From the water we can see a few hundred residents, a mosque, a jetty and some cattle. Out here it may as well be a city. One of the village elders has an infected wound, and we agree to trade some antibiotics for a tour of the village and some coconuts. Children outnumber the adults by about four to one, running around looking quite healthy. Soon half the local population is following us around, laughing, pointing, and whispering amongst themselves. One of the men scales a 40ft palm tree with a machete and goes to work. 20 coconuts rain down, a welcome refreshment in the heat in the tropical clime.

Bali Belly Issue 005