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Concrete Obsession — Leonk Bowl, 25, Skateboarder

Where are you from? I was born in Nusa Penida and moved over to Bali when I was young. I now live in Sanur. Who are your favorite skaters? Greyson Fletcher, Grant Taylor, Yogi, Dom Dom, Dewa Oka. Have you got any new tricks that you are working on? Yes but I’m not really sure what it’s called, I’ve been trying it for a while now, you come in frontside and go out back side. Hopefully by the time I land it I’ll know what it’s called! How did you start skateboarding? I used to play skateboarding video games a bunch, then a friend of mine had a skateboard he never used so he let me have it and I just started skating and rolling around the streets. I was skating at my banjar one day with a friend and he was telling me about this empty pool that we could skate in. I thought he was making it up so he took me there and from that day forth I’ve been hooked on skating bowls. Where abouts in Indonesia have you travelled to skate? I’ve only been to Semarang, bowl skating isn’t as popular as street skating so there aren’t as many places. I wish there were though. I’d love to be able to travel more with my skating too, places like Australia and America look like a bowl skater’s dream. What are your views on the bowl skating scene is Bali? It’s still on the up and up right now. At the moment it’s quite independent and tightknit, there’s only really two spots that we can skate here, the Globe Bowl in Jimbaran and Julian’s Bowl in Sanur. It’s not like street skating where you can just go and skate anywhere you want. In Bali you’ll never skate a bowl by yourself, there’s always going to be someone there too, so here at Julian’s we’ve

become one big family. We skate, we party, we eat and we live together. Have there been any bowl contests in Bali? Yes, but only one. I wish that there were more though. There aren’t enough bowls. Bali kids love skating, it fits their lifestyle. They can hang out with their friends, talk shit. It keeps them active, I see too many of my friends that are way too happy doing nothing all day. Hopefully one day the government catches on and builds a few more skate parks instead of hotels and shopping malls. So do you surf too? Yup. I’ve been surfing for about two years. I though it might be easy because I skate. But I didn’t realize all the factors that come into surfing- with wind, tides, swell size, currentsand all these other things. With skating I know the bowl’s always going to be there but you never know what you’re going to get when you go surf. I guess that’s one of the reasons I like it. If you didn’t skate what would you do? I’m no athlete. I just skate because I love it. I’m lucky to have had people help me out and get me to where I am. Right now I’m working as a helper at Rooster Ink in Kuta. It’s a good, honest job and the boss is a legend so I still can skate whenever I want. Sometimes I’ll try and go surf Kuta Beach but it’s always too crowed with weird euro surf schools and surf-hungry tourists. So what do you want to see in five years for bowl skating in Bali? I just really want to see more skateparks open up to the public, be them bowl, street, or whatever. There are hardly any parks for locals to skate and the ones that are here, we have to pay to get in which makes it hard for a lot of kids who want to skate everyday but don’t have to spare 20k Rp. Let the kids skate for free.

Photography by Hamish Humphreys

Bali Belly Issue 005