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A Postcard from Sumbawa: Chippa + Garut — Photography by Sergei Bogdanov & Hamish Humphreys

Sometimes a stranger in the water feels closer than a friend on land. We get to know their face, their style, their surfboard spray. We hoot them into set waves and yet, we don’t even know their name. And unlike wrangling your friends together for a session, when it’s going off you and the stranger are both in sync. These relationships are often founded in perfect waves, that blissful break in your life where your mind clears and everything else falls away. Sometimes these strangers become friends. Way before tattoos and Padang Cup titles, a shy Aussie grom met a local boy on Benesari Street. They shared lunch. They shared waves. They knew faces, names came later. Fast forward to present day Sumbawa. Chippa and Garut crack open an icy Bintang besar and enjoy a few laughs. There are no high school memories, no sports talk and no fraternity handshakes- there’s just two goofy guys at the top of their game eager to tune in and let everything else fall away.

Bali Belly Issue 005