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Max de Santis — Age: 15

Favorite word: Sabar

Village: Uluwatu

Airs or barrels? Barrels, airs hurt you

Surf Club: I’m not cool enough

Padang or Keramas? Padang for sure

Favorite Wave: Padang

Dream wave: 4 foot perfect right and left beachbreak with no one out

Favorite surfboard: Mayhem 5’10 18¼ 2¼ Favorite Surfer: John John Favorite local Surfer: Lee Wilson

Last time you dropped in? Yesterday on some Spanish guy with dread locks in a full suit at Ulus

Favorite Grom Surfer: Rio Waida

Last time someone dropped in on you? Yesterday, probably by some Russian, German or Yugoslavian guy

Nasi Goreng or Jaffle? Nazi Goreng mate!

What I hate about surfing: Crowds

Bintang or Arak? Bintang

What I love about surfing: It’s the best feeling in the world

Longest barrel: I made a closeout at Ulus one time that was pretty long. I was stoked What I love about Bali: The freedom and how diverse it is to anywhere else... but Bali is being destroyed and it needs to stop

When’s the last time you saw police take a bribe? A couple of days ago they were stopping tourists and I saw this chick freaking out holding up a hundred thousand to the cop Thoughts on school? School is important to me

When I’m not surfing I am: Probably taking photos. I’m really into photography

Last time you cried? When I realized I wouldn’t be surfing for 4 months

Favorite surf movie: Probably Done but Strange Rumblings might change my mind

Favorite hashtag? #swag

Favorite non-surf movie: Anchorman 2 You know they’re a tourist when... They braid their hair and think it looks good. Or when they’re drinking Bintang for breakfast

Mode of transport: Supra or 1972 Kijang

Blondes or brunettes? Blondes Have you ever kissed a girl? Sure have Dream Babe: Sunny Hendy Single Fin or Alley Cats? Single Fin mate What’s your goal in life? To be happy with whatever I’m doing How many times have you had Bali Belly? Too many times to count

GoPro or RED: RED for sure

I’m Sorry: Lazer (my dog) for not feeding you today

Song on repeat: Going back to Cali by Biggie Smalls

Shout out! To my brother Kahea for being the shit!

Is Tupac still alive? I wish...

Bali Belly Issue 005