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BA L I B E L LY / / I S S U E 005

Contributors —

Clayton Barr

Tucker McGrath We found this barefoot savage wandering the streets of South Bali flat broke with nothing but a handplane, overgrown facial hair and a broken twin fin. So we made him editor, and watched in anguish as he spent all his time bodysurfing Echo Beach and disappearing into the jungle hunting exotic strange. His interests include weird boards, dancing the occasional hen’s night, and writing about himself in the third person.

We grew up reading Wilbur Kookmeyer strips and, like everyone else, quickly tired of them. Clayton’s fresh approach to surf cartoon, Komodo Jo, takes place in a charming, caricatured Bali. The local lizard charges and his sidekick, Helmüt, is the frothing surfer friend we can all relate to. We’re proud to have exclusive access to such a talented artist. He puts serious hours into a quirky little strip that reminds surfers everywhere to lighten the fuck up.

Sergei Bogdanov

Tommy Chandra This Jakarta illustrator’s contemporary pop-culture commentary is The Sims meets urban Indo. We noticed his talent right away. So did Google, XL and a handful of other tech industry moguls who have commissioned his work. Self taught and ambidextrous, he is a keen observer of the subtleties of city life. His architectural background lends an engineer’s touch to refined, organized illustration, and he knows all the right rules to break.

Our favorite comrade is at it again, always popping up in the right spot and disappearing just as fast with a couple insta-worthy strobes. Forget the photographer ego- poaching, territorialism, seniority- the local lensmen don’t know what to make of this Ruski apparition. Last month we saw him cutting off Brazilians at Ulu’s just to see what would happen. The next day he Skyped us from the Maldives with a Serbian hooker and a pile of blow the size of the Fedchenko glacier. He stopped returning our calls for two weeks and then spontaneously materialized at our office doorstep one morning- after deadline- with an empty bottle of Натан Лоуренс, a hard drive full of east Indo gold and noodles on his shirt. He split before we could pay him. Nothing’s ever certain with this guy, but we’re betting the Bog’ will return.

Hamish Humphries

Ryan Robson When the photos from Robson’s Pacific boat trip hit our inbox we all stood there pointing and grunting like cavemen looking at fire for the first time. We were familiar with Robson’s keen eye for new angles, but his latest work looks as if it were shot on a whole new planet. He bagged our friend Bol in a cosmic tube, came unmoored in the great blue, and shared some waves with a few stoked groms. Check it all out on page 104.

If you’ve been around for the journey since Issue 001, you’ve seen H.Hump transform from a fluffy international student to a sleek international traveler. Sure he still frequents Eikon, but he also goes on trips with Dane Reynolds. Dane? You might ask. Where’s the proof? Others might demand. Settle down... those pictures are coming next issue. But that doesn’t mean ol’ Ham Hump didn’t traverse the archipelago and capture stunning imagery for you to look at right now. He shot this issue’s skate article, Concrete Obsession. He shot topless photos of girls for the Cibola feature, sorry we can’t show you those ones. And he even had the time for a Tinder date in Sumbawa! Follow @ham_hump for more liquid imagery and the occasional shout for shout.

Bali Belly Issue 005