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W H E N I WA S 1 0 Y E A R S O L D M Y F R I E N D T O O K M E T O T H E O L D S K AT E P A R K I N I M A M B O N J O L , B A L I . That’s how I started skating. Since then I’ve skated

in Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Surabaya, Solo and Kuala Lumpur. Skating has been a way for me to travel and see places outside of Bali. If I could skate anywhere in the world, I would go to Barcelona. From the videos I’ve seen it looks like they have a ton of crazy spots there. I was trying all kinds of new tricks on this trip. In Bandung I tried a frontside flip but never made it. In Jakarta I stomped a 360 flip on the Big Five stairs. Everyone was going huge, but I’d say Indra was going the biggest – except for the last day after a night out with the Bali Belly boys. He was pretty worn out the next morning. I don’t remember whose idea it was to try and skate the monument at Tugu Angkatan 66 right next to the freeway, but it was the craziest thing any of us did on the trip, for sure – a close second would be when we stopped traffic on the toll road so we could shoot some downhill skating and filming; I thought we were either going to die or wind up in jail. We didn’t get in trouble for skating the monument because there was no security there. They couldn’t get to us through the six lanes of traffic and smog. On the way home we checked our phones, and there was footage of us skating the monument all over the Jakarta news! I could never live in Jakarta. It just seems too busy and too hectic. Bali is way more mellow and laid back. Even at the most posh mall in Jakarta you can’t find a beach like Bali has, and everywhere you want to go there’s traffic. Plus, there are so many security guards at all the spots in Jakarta. My favorite skater in Indo would have to be Yogi, and my favorite international guy is Brandon Westgate. I think my all-time favorite skate movie is Road Less Traveled by Fallen Footwear. If I wasn’t a skater I’d probably be like one of those weird biker guys in Bali who race their little bebek bikes around Renon with helmets covered in stickers and t-shirts that say, “pang cang kene.” I would probably spend all my time going to punk and heavy metal concerts. When Base (legendary Bali skatepark at Central Parkir in Kuta that got demolished in 2007) closed down I tried to start surfing, but it was super hard and after a month of not being able to get the hang of it I just went back to skating. I thought it would be cool to surf because the local surfers get more chicks in Bali than the skaters. But we skaters do all right too. The best thing about being a skater instead of a surfer in Bali is I never get grom abuse. I always see the surfers torturing the younger guys down at the beach – shaving their heads, burying them in the sand – but that doesn’t really happen with skaters. Like, on this trip, I never got any abuse from the older guys, even though I was the youngest by far. It’s the opposite. The older guys are always psyching me up to go bigger and get better. I know they got my back.

Bali Belly Issue 004