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I D O Y O G A . I’m not embarrassed to say it. I’ll bring my yoga mat with me to the skate

park so I can stretch out before skating. It’s really good to help prevent injuries. Call me a hippie. I guess I’ve been living in Bali too long. Indra and I are both from Jakarta, but we live in Bali now. I’ve been living in Bali since 2006. It’s funny because you would think as skaters we would want to live in the big city, but that’s not the case. It’s hard to explain why I’d rather be in Bali, but it all happened through skating. I started skating when I was nine years old. I was really close with Indra from back in the day. He was older than me and always pushed me to skate. I wasn’t skating in Jakarta that much because at that time they didn’t have any proper skate parks (now they have two parks, but they’re really far away from each other). That’s why Indra brought me to Bali. When I was 17, Indra came to parents and asked them if he could bring me to Bali with him – to live! My dad said, “Do it. If Mario wants to, then you have my permission.” My parents have been really supportive of my skating. That’s not typical of Indonesian parents. Usually parents would not support their kids to be a professional skater. I’ve been sponsored by Volcom since I was nine, so that helped. When I first came to Bali in 2005, they had a skate competition in Kuta and I checked it out. And pretty much as soon as I arrived it felt like home. I made a lot good friends really quickly. When I first came to Bali I was thinking all I want to do is skate. But when you’re 18 in Bali it’s easy to get sucked into the party scene. I started to go party every night with Indra around Kuta. Pretty much from 2007 to 2010 I was partying every day. Lucky I grew out of it and I’m still skating today. I’m blessed. I skate with these guys (Indra, Dewa, Yogi) every day at Motion. We all know each other and feel comfortable skating with each other. But this is the first time we all went on a trip together. It was a special thing, for sure. And it was special because we were filming for the movie (Durian Days). I have a filmer in Bali but I can’t normally afford to pay his ticket to go on a trip. My filmer and I usually only put together two edits a year. Before this trip I only ever had one video part, a “Welcome To The Team” video for Motion Skateboards. So to be able to all go on a trip together and film for a movie about skating in Indonesia, it was a big deal for all of us. Security guards all over Indonesia are gnarly. Sometimes they don’t even know what skating is. They think it’s a crime. They always chase us and try to kick us out. Usually we give them some money and they’re cool, but on this trip they always kicked us out, they wouldn’t even take the bribe. We’d get to skate a spot for about 30 minutes and then they’d kick us out. Carlo (the filmmaker) tried to pay them but they wouldn’t take the money. I’ve broken my arm twice in one year – in the same spot! Both times it happened trying the same trick: ollie over the pyramid. Both times I got stuck on the obstacle and ate it. I remember thinking: damn, my arm is broken. It was like a joke. It took a while for me to get my nerve back after the injury. I didn’t skate for a year after the second time I broke my arm. I was all about big rails on this trip. That was my goal. With street skating especially, sometimes you just have to do it. You see an opportunity, you see something there, and then you just do it. You have to try and see if it’s possible, even if you’re scared. I love to scare myself. If you don’t have fear in your life, it’s not worth living.

Bali Belly Issue 004