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W E L C O M E T O T H E B I G D U R I A N . Smog City. Where there’s pavement for days, even if it’s swarming with traffic. Indonesia’s top skaters know these streets well – it’s their job. We took Mario Palandeng, Indra Kubon, Dewa Oka and Yogi Dharmawan on a one-week road trip from Jakarta to Bandung and sent them into the concrete jungle with one mission: go big. We hucked them over giant gaps and down rusty rails. We made them puke at night. They just kept asking for more. They hopped barbed wire, got chased by security, and ran across freeways in pursuit of new skate spots. They turned national monuments into mini ramps and made the evening news. The boys were beyond psyched to push it for our lenses. In return, they took us as far from the beach as we could get. Deep into the smoggy chaos. Our throats burned. Our eyes blurred. Our ears throbbed. And we loved every minute of it.


Bali Belly Issue 004