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I’M ABOUT TO DROP ACID FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY L I F E . I’m sitting in the restaurant of a five-star hotel in downtown Jakarta. There are 12 million people in this city and I’ve just watched 10 of them carefully place multiple drops onto the tips of their tongues. I look over at Nate and ask him one more time: “If I do one you’ll do one, right?” Just then Christian walks up out of nowhere and says, “No you’re not! I’m not babysitting tonight.” We’re here to see Metallica. Christian has been friends with bassist Robert Trujillo for a long time - since back in his Suicidal days. After running into each other in Bali, Rob invited Christian and Chhum to postpone their honeymoon and come hang backstage at the Metallica show. Being the on-the-fly couple that they are, Christian and Chhum didn’t postpone their honeymoon. They had it in Jakarta. “Thank god I’m not on acid,” I keep telling myself. We’re standing in line to buy tickets to a sumo tournament. A 600-pound wrestler in a loincloth throws rice into the air and charges his opponent. He misses his target and flies out of the ring, slamming the ground ten feet from where we’re sitting. Thank god I’m not on acid. I’ve lost Christian and the rest of the group. Or maybe they’re lost. I’m not sure. Either way, I’m standing alone in a sea of 60,000 rowdy Indonesians wearing black Metallica t-shirts. Thank god I’m not on acid. It’s 3 a.m. and we’re entering a strip club. At least I think it’s a strip club. On one floor there’s 10 to 15 topless girls dancing on the bar. On another there’s a couple hundred people stomping to techno, all wearing sunglasses. At a table by the stage I see two hulking sumos in robes drinking and another up on stage dancing. Shit. Am I on acid? I’m having a vision of the @christianfletcherlives Instagram post tomorrow morning. I can already see the caption: Sumo wrestling + Metallica + The Stadium in Jakarta = what a honeymoon. //

Do you surf with your brother much?

Sometimes. I surf Salt Creek and stuff and I see him. He’s traveling a lot though. Like, I go to work every day. So he surfs in the hours when I’m usually at work. What’s it like growing up with Herbie Fletcher as your father?


Fuckin’ gnarly. My dad’s gnarly. ‘God dammit, get the fuck out of the water you little pussy!’ Then he drops in on you and runs you over. And he yells at you for it. ‘What are you doin’ taking off behind me?’ It’s like, can’t you catch your own waves on that fuckin’ longboard you fuckin’ asshole? Gotta resort to snaking your own kid? ‘Oh, I wanted that wave!’ Yeah, well so did I! Nah, it was cool though. My dad’s tough. And he would not accept a pussy. So that makes it hard for me to deal with lot of people – a lot of photographers too – ‘cause a lot of them are pussies and I wasn’t trained to deal with that.

You’re working at the factory?

I work at Astrodeck. I live at home with my mom, my dad and my kid and we all work together at Astrodeck. Talk about your living situation right now.

I live with my parents. I live at Trestles; can see Cottons from the living room – pretty cool. Almost 43, can’t even bring a girl home. But I got married now so we’ll see what happens. She lives with her parents too. What do you do at home when you and your wife want some alone time?

We both work during the week and we go stay at hotels on the weekend and go surfing, go to the

beach. But I’m in the process of getting a boat from my friend. His boat was getting destroyed and impounded so I’m getting the paperwork straight and stuff. It’s a 32-foot Motorsailer. So I figured it’s about time I get a captain’s license. I have a history of about 13 or 14 captains in my family. My dad’s dad was on the USS Arizona, him and his twin brother. Two weeks before it got blown up they got transferred. At Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor. I even have a grandmother that was a captain – all on my dad’s side. You want to live on the boat?

Yeah, that’s what I plan on doing. That’s the only way I could afford to get my own place, because business is slow. And when you work in a family business and business is slow, you don’t get paid. But I’ve had a roof over my head. I’ve had gas money – nothing to complain about. Nobody likes a complainer anyways.

Bali Belly Issue 004