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by the head, they get agitated. Every predator in the world grabs the snake near the head. So that’s why they do it on TV, to make a show of it.

Yeah, well both of them were dry bites. Most of the time in Australia they don’t inject their venom.

What are the snake’s natural predators?

If they use all the venom on something they can’t eat, then they can’t catch a rat. It’s a waste.

When they’re small, birds, cats, dogs, people. The good thing is a lot of the cats here in Bali don’t understand cobras and the cobras do the cats up. What do you think of the Crocodile Hunter? Are you a fan? Or do you think he was exploiting these animals for personal gain?

He was the best thing to happen to teach kids to respect animals. But I don’t really appreciate the way he went about it. But as far as being a showman, being a TV personality, he was awesome. And he taught a lot of people a lot about wildlife. So you gotta respect what he did. What do you think about the places in Bali where they kill the cobra and you can drink the blood to make your banana strong?

Well it’s all bullshit because they kill cobras, pythons, monkeys, turtles. Monkeys?!

And they claim it all has the same effect as a sexual stimulant. But it’s all bullshit. I’ve seen it. They take the cobra and they put it in a glass tank, and the cobra attacks the window where the tourists are watching. And the local guy chops the snake’s head off and pours its blood into a little shot glass and the people drink the shot glass. I’ve seen it, dude.

The whole thing is just a scam for westerners. Have you ever been bitten by a snake?

Yes, twice. One was a taipan and one was an eastern brown. You got bitten by an eastern brown and you survived?

It’s just a warning bite?

How long does it take to renew the venom?

A couple days. It depends on how much they pump out. So if these ones bite us, it’s just like a dog bite because they have no venom? We’d just get a couple teeth marks?

He’s got 96 teeth. If you pissed him off, he’d bite you good. That one looks like it’s gonna crawl in my ear and go inside of me. What do you think about people owning snakes as pets?

So long as they’re not catching them from the wild, I’ve got no problems with it. If they catch them from the wild that’s bad because snakes are really good for the environment. And they kill pests too. Is there any rule of thumb for identifying venomous snakes?

[ladies walking by see snakes]: Ahhhh! What kind of snake is that?! BALI BELLY: Wanna touch him?

What kind of snake is it? Well, you can do it easily by picking up the head and counting the scales under here; that’s pretty accurate.

Peter: Burmese python. Can I, like, touch the back? Not the mouth.

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Okay, decision time: Would you rather be attacked by a snake or a spider?

Just put your arm out and let it crawl on you.

I’m not real keen on spiders.

Just go with it.

Yeah, snakes are the shit. You would never walk around with a spider on your arm.

I would if someone paid me enough, but I’m not real big on ‘em. I wouldn’t bother coming up to you if you had a spider crawling on your arm, that’s for sure.

No, I won’t hold it. But it’s cool though.

No, no, no. If I’m not comfortable... If you’re not comfortable that’s the best time.

I’ll pass. Seriously, I’ll pass.

which is the inland taipan. But inland taipans never kill anybody because they’re way out in the Outback and humans aren’t in their habitat. But in India you got the saw-scaled viper and the Russell’s viper, they kill about 10,000 people a year. So Australia might have the most venomous, but the most dangerous is the one that kills the most people. Is there a big problem in Indonesia with people killing snakes to make snakeskin products?

Yes. It’s a one billion dollar industry. Prada, Gucci and Armani. They buy 75 percent of the world’s snakeskin.

So Peter, what advice do you have for people who might encounter a snake in their garden or in their house and don’t know what to do?

Walk away and call the Bali Reptile Rescue. We provide free reptile removal and rescue service 24 hours a day. We have volunteers in Kerobokan, Lovina, Ubud and Sanur. Peter, thanks for helping us to get over our fear of snakes. I think the snakes and I have a mutual understanding now.

Do you want to try holding one now? No.

Ladies, would you ever buy snakeskin shoes or snakeskin bags?

Peter, what’s the most dangerous snake in the world?

Woman #1: No, I wouldn’t buy any of those things.

Well, Australia has the most venomous snake,

Woman #2: Do you know a good place to eat?

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Bali Belly Issue 004