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Your new favorite playlist, courtesy of the new school Bali Blues Brother, Made J.

Artist: THE DIRTBOMBS Song: CHAINS OF LOVE Genre: GARAGE SOUL Comment: Drop this tune anywhere and people will lose it. Dirty, raw and sexy. What else do you want?!?

Artist: THE STOOGES Song: DOWN ON THE STREET Genre: PRE-PUNK Comment: Iggy Pop is one of the greatest/craziest frontmen I’ve ever seen, and this is Iggy in his prime.

Artist: REVEREND HORTON HEAT Song: BIG RED ROCKET OF LOVE Genre: ROCKABILLY/PSYCHOBILLY Comment: My favorite rockabilly guitarist goes fuckin’ nuts on this one! Boooom!

Artist: BILLY TALENT Song: DON’T COUNT ON THE WICKED Genre: ROCK Comment: Their fourth album down and they still can do no wrong in my book. The peak of the second chorus gives me a hard-on every single time.

Artist: JD MCPHERSON Song: NORTH SIDE GAL Genre: ROCKABILLY Comment: Even though it was recorded recently, this album has the grit of any old school rockabilly recording and boy can this guy write a tune!

Artist: THE SONICS Song: STRYCHNINE Genre: GARAGE ROCK Comment: The original garage rockers. Anything by these guys is pure deep-fried gold. No one does the scream like Gerry Roslie.

Artist: OBLIVIANS Album: DESPERATION Genre: GARAGE ROCK Comment: This, for me, is the greatest album of 2013 and will be a classic in the future. The best form of garage rock – and it couldn’t come from anywhere but Memphis.

Artist: CHARLES BRADLEY Song: THE WORLD Genre: AFROBEAT/SOUL Comment: If you liked Searching for Sugar Man, check out the doc on this guy called Soul of America. This guy lived it HARD and always stayed positive, and it totally comes through in every word he sings.

Artist: MADE J. Album: BEAT & BROKE AIN’T BROKEN Genre: ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Comment: It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, that’s for sure. Sixteen tracks that, if you don’t dig at least one of them, I’ll personally come over to your house and give you your money back. But then again, you’ll probably download it for free.

Bali Belly Issue 004