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O N A T R I P L I K E T H I S Y O U N E E D T O R E A L LY F O C U S O N W H AT Y O U ’ R E D O I N G . I know we were all pushing ourselves hard. You don’t want to waste your time.

You don’t want to disappoint your homies. You don’t want to disappoint the photographers. You don’t want to disappoint the people walking on the street, because we were using their spots. They would stop for us, waiting in front of the stairs on their way to work, and watch. You don’t want to disappoint that. I was going for everything. Mario did a huge handrail lip slide, like twelve stairs and really high. My goal for this year is to land a kickflip feeble. I’ve been trying the feeble grind but still haven’t pulled it. I’ve been wanting to do that trick since I started skateboarding. It’s kinda sketchy. You go over the rail and grind on your back truck. I think that rail where Mario did the lip slide is the perfect spot. I just need to grow bigger balls. From an outsider’s perspective, you’d think that there are no rules when it comes to skating here in Indonesia. You can drive crazy on the road, run red lights, etc., but it’s actually harder to skate in the cities here because every single building can afford to pay for security guards, because security is so cheap. In Europe and America not every building has security, but here there is always a security guard giving you a hard time. So you only get so many opportunities to make a trick. On this trip we were constantly being stopped by security. Some spots we had a lot of time to skate, but at most spots there was only enough time for one of us to really go for it. We’d only get to try two or three, maybe four times; then we’d get kicked out. And some spots you only get one shot. It’s so frustrating. Like that big rail we did with Mario, I’m sure Yogi wanted to do something huge on it. If he wasn’t stressed out about the security I’m sure he would have gone for something big on that rail, like a crux grind or a feeble. I travel a lot for skateboarding. That’s the only reason I’ll get on a plane – not visiting family or anything, only skateboarding. I think it’s the same for surfers. They travel for waves. I think it’s pretty boring to travel all the way to the other side of the world to walk around and look at landmarks. Why would you walk around when you can cruise around on your skateboard and see what new spots you can discover? Without having to pay a bunch of money to go to expensive museums or restaurants. In my experience, skaters have the same attitude everywhere you go. If you skate with the homies in their town, they’ll bring you into their scene even if they just met you. You’re instantly one of the homies. It’s like a family. It’s a worldwide community. Every time a take a trip overseas, I’m still like, wow, I’m from the other side for the world and here they like the same things as me. You’ll meet skaters in a new city who will take you to their spots because they want to see if maybe you can do something new there. They want you to show them what you got. Then they’ll tell their friends, yeah, this trick’s been done by this guy. It can be done. It becomes a story, part of the local history. I don’t understand the government in Indonesia when it comes to skateboarding. When I travel outside Indonesia to places like Australia, I see the skate parks are all free. Why can’t the government do that here? They can see skateboarding is getting really big. Why can’t they give us a small plot of public land by the beach? A place where kids can come skate and have fun. On the Gold Coast there are parks everywhere. They’re public; you don’t pay. And the kids get so much better. I think Indonesia has to do the same thing: at least one public skate park. Why not? There’s so much land. Why build another giant hotel or villa when you can afford to give something back to the local community? We need to make a skateboarding organization in Bali to promote the sport here. We need to get support from landowners and politicians. The spot next to Simpang Siur where they used to have the little skatepark would be the perfect spot for a public skatepark. It’s government land. It’s open now. There’s nothing there. When people watch the movie from this trip, I hope they see that skating here in Indonesia is legit, even though we’re on the other side of the world. I hope it makes people want to fly over here and come see the homies. Come enjoy our spots, our cities. Come enjoy skateboarding here. Because it’s the same culture on the streets. Yeah, different language, spicier food. But this is your family here.

Bali Belly Issue 004