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30 October 2013 - 13 November 2013

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30 October - 13 November, 2013


Who knows a diviner (a person who divines the location of water or minerals; One who searches for underground objects or water using a divining rod) for our very dry land on the hills (250m above sea level) near Lipah/Ahmed? Pls contact Michael 081 2395 1444. [145]

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For Sale; Digital camera, Canon Power Shot SX1 IS Superzoom(20x) 28-560mm, 10mp, 1080 HD video recording, uses regular or re-chargeable AA batteries. Excellent condition in original box and accessories. See online first. 2,250,000 Rp. Legian. 0819 9948 0555. [152]


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30 October - 13 November, 2013


For Sale; 20 dictionaries (kamus) Indonesian-French, English, Thai, Chinese, Dutch-Indonesian, Italian, Vietnamese 600,000 Rp. Call (0361) 895 0384. Denpasar. [091] For Sale; I would like to sell my original Breitling watch black leather strap chronometre. Price Euro 1200. need money to buy ticket back to Europe. Please call: 0812 9036 2824. Nusa Dua. [092] For Sale; Bed mattress 200x200cm= Rp. 1jt. 4 months old, seldom used. Contact: <nanidbali@yahoo. com>. Mobile: 081 6180 0699. Canggu. [093] C/Ns/I-16 Oct 13

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by Bill Dalton


Adam Fenton:

Bali Advertiser

30 October - 13 November, 2013

How did you get into writing, editing and publishing? I remember that teaching English in Indonesia in late 1990s was fun but I wanted to do something more creative. I remember buying a book about how to become a travel writer and I thought, this is for me. For me the writing and the photography just went together naturally. I bought my first camera, a Canon, and just started writing and photographing places that I travelled to. My writing career developed from there. I got my first job with a foreign investment-consulting firm, which published a news magazine called Perspective. From there I moved to Indo Multi Media. I wrote some articles, submitted them to Jakarta Kini and Java Kini magazines and they offered me a full-time job which I loved.

CASA 8, Jl. Wayan Gentuh Br. Kwanji - Dalung 0361 - 780 1238 08123 941986

KID'S PARTY (Games, Decoration, Jumping Castle, Magician, Art/Craft, etc) EFFECTS (Snow/bubble machine, Exploding Balloon, Balloon drop) CUTLERIES RENTAL (Tables, Chairs, Napkins, Marquee, etc) C/NS/I-09 Jan 13

Magazine Editor & Publisher What was the best writing job you’ve had in Indonesia? Adam Fenton was born in Parramatta in Sydney’s western suburbs and grew up in nearby North Rocks. The third of three kids, the family lived in a three-bedroom on a quarter-acre block, just up the road from a bush reserve where the young boy could go exploring, catch tadpoles and swim in the creek. After finishing high school in Melbourne, Adam attended Kingswood College and Monash University where he completed a Bachelor of Arts/Law degree and has since earned graduate degrees in Legal Practice and Indonesian language. Adam has lived in Indonesia a total of around 15 years, has travelled the country extensively and has worked for a diverse range of Indonesia-based media organizations.

At that time, Hello Bali was just getting started and the company got the contract for the Garuda Inflight magazine. I eventually took over as editor for four years. During my time there, it was ranked by Skytrax as being in the Top 20 Inflight magazines in the world. I then went on to set up my own magazine, Bali Style, with partner Ari, which focuses on Indonesia’s amazing home-wares and interior design. It is Bali’s only home living and décor magazine. What was the first piece you ever published? My first ever travel piece was about Gunung Halimun National Park in West Java, which was published in Jakarta Kini around 1998. I have some great memories of travelling to the park. It was a pretty bumpy trip, and there were no roads, so I had to walk the last few miles. It was such a fantastic cultural experience to stay in a homestay right in the middle of a remote, traditional Sundanese village with the frogs croaking in the rice fields at night. I hope it’s still as beautiful as it was then. The walk to the waterfall was magical and it was one of the best weekend trips from Jakarta I ever did.

What are you reading right now?

What’s the most unforgettable place you’ve visited in the country?

The Greatest Benefit to Mankind, a history of medicine through the ages. I find that stuff fascinating. I just picked it up because it was on a friend’s bookshelf. The last book I loved reading was Bill Bryson’s At Home, a short history of private life. He is such an erudite writer and his stuff is meticulously researched, well written and often very funny.

I remember events more than places - the bull fights in Bukittinggi in West Sumatra, the caci whip fights of Flores, the Erau Water Festival in Kutai Kartanegara in East Kalimantan and the Kasodo festival at Mt Bromo. In 1998 during the May riots in Jakarta, I went to the parliament while students were occupying it and took lots of photos.

What are your interests/hobbies?

What’s the most exciting writing assignment you ever had?

In the last few years I’ve become a big fan of cycling. For me it ticks a lot of boxes. It is environmentally friendly – no exhaust fumes other than my modest emissions. It is a free workout and really gets a sweat going – no gym membership required. And you can do it alone or in a group – unlike say tennis, which requires a partner. I also love the feeling of freedom when you get out on the open road, especially in the country areas – with the fresh air in your face. I also love sailing but don’t get to do that as often as I’d like. One other hobby is brewing beer. I found out that you can make some surprisingly good brews at home. When was your first trip to Indonesia? A very memorable Bali package holiday in 1995 to celebrate completion of my undergraduate studies. I stayed at the Balisani Hotel in Legian. We did all the touristy stuff - day trips to Kintamani, Besakih, Ubud monkey forest, etc. I just remember feeling a sense of wide-eyed fascination at how different, exciting, colorful and chaotic everything was. I was immediately hooked.

Email : C/Ns/G-15 May 13

iFix 081226377770 Apple® Repair Specialist • Sale : Blackberry Messenger for iPad + iPad Mini + iPad Air • Service : Macbook/Pro/Air + iPhone + iPad + iPad Mini + iPad Air + iPod Touch. • Sparepart : Macbook/Pro/Air + iPhone + iPad + iPad Mini + iPad Air + iPod Touch. • Application : Macbook/Pro/Air + iPhone + iPad + iPad Mini + iPad Air + iPod Touch. • Unlock : iPhone 2G + 3G + 4G + 4S + 5G + 5S + 5C. • Software Update : iPhone + iPad + iPad Mini + iPad Air + iPod Touch. • We buy used broken : iPhone / iPad / iPad Mini / iPad Air / iPod Touch. • Accessories. C/Ns/A-30 Oct 13

While I was editing Garuda magazine, I travelled to China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, India and all over Indonesia. One of the most amazing trips was a five-day cruise around the Komodo islands aboard the luxury pinisi schooner Silolona. I’ve also had the privilege of staying in the Presidential suite in the stunning Dharmawangsa in Jakarta. Another exciting writing assignment was riding a bicycle solo from Bali to Lombok and then on to Sumba – via ferry for the sea crossings of course – but using nothing but pedal power. Once I got to Sumba I was really roughing it. I ended up getting the worst case of diarrhea I’ve ever had, I was accosted by a gang of thugs and was hit by a motorbike while riding to the airport to get the blazes out of there. Suffice it to say that Sumba is not my favorite island in Indonesia. How may you be contacted? Email: or adam@

Where do you live now? I currently live in Darwin, with regular trips to Indonesia. Darwin is great because it’s a small and vibrant city with a very multi-cultural population and no traffic! It’s Australia’s gateway to Asia and is only a two-hour flight to Bali. I love being based here.

For anyone interested in being considered for Siapa, please contact: <> Copyright © 2013 Bill Dalton You can read all past articles of Siapa at C/Ns/G-30 Oct. 13

C/Ns/I-30 Oct 13

SCHEDULE THAT BIWA Christmas Charity Bazaar (1 December) The new date of the Bali International Women’s Association (BIWA) Bazaar is 1 December, timely changed to coincide with the start of the festive season. What a great opportunity to do some Christmas shopping with over 200 stalls including arts and craft, clothing, accessories just to mention a few and of course plenty of food, drink and activities for the whole family. I don’t know about the BA readers but I am often stuck for gift ideas and browsing a bazaar often provides some much needed inspiration and of course a few bargains along the way. In addition there will be raffles, door prizes and entertainment. Do pop this date in your diary or phone memo and make sure you come along as all proceeds will go to the BIWA chosen charities. The BIWA ladies do some incredible amount of social work and fund raising as well as their monthly luncheon gatherings. Do check out their website and it is an organisation well worth getting involved in, particularly if you want to do some charity work and make a difference to the community. When : 9 am – 6 pm Where : Lotte Mart, Jl Raya Ngurah Rai, No 222X, Sesetan Contact : Mobile : 081 916 143 296 746 9607 (office)

Centerstage (2 November) Two exciting events are happening at Centerstage, Bali’s answer to the Glee Club. Not since High School Musical has Bali seen such a major production that all young people will want to be part of and this is a must for aspiring actors and actresses in the age region of 9 – 13 years out there. The production will hit the stage in Bali in May 2014, plenty of time for plenty of rehearsals which are almost just as much fun as the actual shows. If your child wants to be the next Danny, Sandy a T-Bird or one of the pink ladies then this is going to be a part to win and a part to remember. I am sure we all have fond memories when Grease was the hit musical, not to mention those classic songs! Now, if you are into Zombies which has really become a popular genre particularly since the hit season ‘The Walking Dead’ then this will definitely appeal to you, depending of course what is meant by the term ‘zombie’. A film making workshop entitled ‘Zombies in Paradise’. I think that needs to be left to the imagination but wow, what an opportunity to get involved in a film making workshop. However, this is aimed at children aged 8+, although as an adult I am indeed intrigued! There really is so much going on at Centerstage with private drama lessons, dance lessons and musical instrument lessons. The end of year concert to showcase the talents of the students will also be something to look forward to. Do check out the website for more details of all that is happening at Centrestage. When : 2 – 4 pm (auditions) 10 am – 1 pm (workshop) Where : Centrestage, Jl Lestari No 2, Umalas Contact : Melanie 0821 44815165 office 8960606

Cocoon (2 and 16 November) Cocoon always have a plan and their events are organised well in advance and their November events are bound to attract large crowds. Coming in first are the Inland Knights supported by Rescue from the USA. DJs, producers and label owners these guys know how to entertain the crowds. The second event features D.Ramirez, an English house producer and DJ. These events will appeal to the late night crowds who appreciate the talents of these DJs and their funky sounds. Cost : 10 pm – 3 am Where : Cocoon Beach Club, Jl Double Six No 66, Blue Ocean Boulevard, Seminyak Contact : 731266

Food and Beverage Conference (21 - 23 November) Such an important industry, food and beverages and just thinking of the international cuisine, the creative chefs, the wholesome ingredients, the scents of the spices, what more can I say. As a food lover, I just get so very excited about the word food and what dishes can be created from some of the simplest or finest ingredients. This conference offers more than the basics. Machinery, equipment, supplies, wines and spirits, technology, retail, franchising, fresh and processed fruits, agricultural products, halal, organic and natural health food products, frozen food, fish, sea food and meat products are the ingredients of the conference. This

Bali Advertiser

30 October - 13 November, 2013


will definitely be of interest to you if you are in this industry or have an avid interest in food and drink. Check out the website below for the details. Where : Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre, Kawasan Pariwisata, Nusa Dua Contact : 021 634 5851

Rock and Run (3 November) ‘Take Time to Be Kind’ is one of Hard Rock’s brand mantras and it certainly is with the 13th Rock and Run. The community is invited to participate in this 5 km annual fun run, although a 5 km run does not sound like my idea of fun! However, all in the name of a good cause which is to help women. Included in the price is a t-shirt, refreshments and a chance to win a lucky draw prize. The winner of the race will win 30,000 Air Asia miles exchangeable for a round trip fare Bali to Hong Kong. Keep on training and thank you to Air Asia! Most importantly though all funds raised will support the Bali Pink Ribbon, an organisation committed to spreading breast cancer awareness and of course, Bali’s first Breast Cancer Centre. If you are not into running and want to support this worthy cause then you can purchase a t-shirt as the proceeds will go to supporting this organisation. That all said it really is the ‘time to be kind’ and the Bali community are kind in so many ways and this is one more opportunity to come along and lend your support. When : 5.30 am - registration 6.30 am – run Cost : IDR125,000 until 2 November IDR175,000 (on the day) Where : Hard Rock Hotel, Jl Pantai, Kuta Contact : 761869 ext 7163 or 7164

For Sale; Wedding dress -white, stylish long strapless dress, silver & white flower detail. Australia Size 8, Indonesia Size M. Original Cost 11,000,000. Ask 3,000,000. Please contact <vanessamangold@m e . com> for photos view in Sanur. [162] For Sale; White Polygon Sierra Ax bicycle for sale! Near new. Will sell for anything close to 2.5M Rp Negotiable! Offers & test rides welcome. Leaving Bali & need to sell fast! <Charewens@hotmail. com>. 0819 9933 5363. Jalan Pantai Berawa. [163] The supreme quality for a leader is unquestionably integrity.

For Sale; Apple USB Modem. Useful for out-ofreach areas where no 3G Networks available. Only need a phone line to dial-up. Works great up to Leopard OS. Good cond. Rp.350k. Contact 081 116 8805 or <>. Ubud. [188] For Sale; New, never used jacuzzi, bought Rp. 13 juta, ACE Hardware, for Rp. 10 juta. < id>. 081 2380 1989. Kerobokan. [189] For Sale; 2 onyx sinks from Rudy’s art stone, 1,5 mill each. For sale at Rp. 800.000 each. <fulvio@>. 081 2380 1989. Kerobokan. [190]

Serpents in Paradise – Green Drinks Gathering (12 November) Green Drinks Ubud is a ‘Green’ monthly gathering with different speakers and topics for around 20 - 30 minutes. After the speaker, there is time for ‘Green’ Minds and Souls for learning, sharing and networking. Speakers are invited to explore issues and deliver practical ideas for making greener life style choices. November features Ron Lilley, Bali’s legendary snake expert who has lived in Indonesia for many years. Ron will talk about and demonstrate the types of snakes in Bali including dangerous, helpful and/or important species, snake proofing your property, what to do if you see a snake and snake bite first aid. With so many snakes around, likely to crop up in the most likely and unlikely places this is going to be useful. I am sure we all have a snake experience to share! There will be a question time for people to express their concerns about snakes, ask questions and of course tell their ‘snakey’ stories. Ron Lilley has a fascinating background with a Masters Degree in Conservation Biology and a wealth of experience in wildlife and environmental projects. Ron Lilley currently works for the Indonesian Nature Foundation, a local NGO that helps poor coastal communities to restore their coral reefs. ‘Bali Snake Patrol’ is another service Ron Lilley provides and he has been known to visit schools. Do come along and enjoy this presentation, a lively discussion and meet like minded people. When : 6.30 – 7.30 pm Where : Bali Buda Restaurant, Jl Jembawan, Ubud Contact : 299467

C/NS/U-2 Oct. 13

NC/Ns/I-30 Oct 13

Weekend Market (3 November) The weekend market in Sanur has really taken off with a whole host of events going on each week. Scheduled for this coming weekend, a Djembe drumming performance will be the highlight with lessons to follow. For the little ones, ‘Clei Pottery’ will provide creative clay activities in the shaded area. The market has a range of stalls selling organic produce, fashion items, books, food and drinks and has a whole host of things for the whole family. The kids are well catered for with art and craft activities while the adults can browse the stalls and have a drink or two. Definitely worth a visit and a chance to practise your drumming skills! When Cost Where

: From 9 am market (2 pm performance) : IDR 50,000 : Sand Beach Cub & Restaurant, beach side, accessed via Jl Danau Tamblingan and the Sindhu Beach Esplanade Contact : 081 21883343

Add Dawn to your mailing list and send her information on all up-coming events. Contact Dawn at <> Copyright © Bali Advertiser 2013 C/Ns/G-17 April 13

Bali Advertiser


30 October - 13 November, 2013

For Sale; Computer cable 3 meters VGA M-M+1core, high quality and high speed for long distance transmission. New, never used, still in the plastic bag. Contact 0818 0566 2911 Legian. [146]

24hrs: +62-81337-99-33-22

C/Ns/I-23 Jan 13

For Sale; Surfboard: 6”10 Tri Fin Minami Hawaii. Green and Gold color, with leg rope and board bag. Excellent condition. Moving oversees. Rp 2,500,000, <bnjmark@>. 089 8884 1704. Kerobokan. [133] For Sale; Oven - Cosmos CO 958 5 kg 19 litres dimension 290 x 270 x 255mm Rp 250,000, <bnjmark@> 089 8884 1704. Kerobokan. [134] For Sale; Surfboard Tom Currens actual fish surfboard as used in Bali for the video campaign year 2000, ideal for villa wall restuarant wall or private collection etc. Still surfable!!! Yellowed but never snapped! 5,8x19.25x2.25. 1.6jt. Call Russell 0819 1623 0104. Legian. [135]

Denpasar Junction Jl. Teuku Umar No. 1 Denpasar - Bali Tel: 7804477, 081916160199,


NC/Ns/I-04 Sept 13

For Sale; Exercise treadmill. Top quality, great condition, full features, hardly used. Can’t use due to injury. Purchased at Galleria for 27juta, will sell for 20juta. Tim: 0812 4679 5400. Canggu. [059] For Sale; 2nd hand SUP, stand up paddle board, Paddle Surf Hawaii. (PSH) 10’x29”x4 1/4”. Perfect for learning on flat water and surfs waves really well. Embedded handle for easy carrying. Good condition. Only IDR 6.3 million. Call Tony 0821 4535 2574 or < t o n y o n e i l l 11 @ h o t m a i l . com>. Sanur. [158] For Sale; Cheap price. Brand new inbox over purchased stainless steel cutleries. There are steak knife, dinner knife, dinnerfork, menu knife, menu fork, menu spoon, tea spoon, demitasse/coffee spoon, butter spreader. Edelmann brand. Suitable for home, restaurant, and cafe. For picture and info: 0361-307 2226, email: <>. Denpasar. [065]

Bali Eye Private Investigation Agency BEPIA is a registered Private Investigation Agency operating in Bali and Indonesia.The Indonesian Director of Investigations is qualified from an Australian Government accredited PI course. Tel Email

: +62 8113939391, +62 8113881557 : Websites : C/NS/U-4 Sept. 13

C/Ns/I-12 June 13

Jl. Raya Tukad Badung 9 D Renon - Denpasar, Bali Mall Junction. Jl. Teuku Umar (Depan Telkom)

Phone: 0361

- 7415090, 0361 - 7488222, 08123914910 C/Ns/I-21 August 13

ECR & Mini Printer

Electronic Cash Register



JL. Suli No. 119 B2, Denpasar Tel: (0361) 225796, 7800965 Fax: 225796 Email: Website:

Jakarta: 021-3841789, Surabaya: 031-70927541, Yogyakarta: 0274-419590, Bandung: 022-70720142, Medan: 061-77861699 NC/NS/I-30 Oct. 13

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BA Feature


Local Libations By Meeka Anne

Intoxicating... The mere sound of the word evokes an image or a feeling. I will never forget the first time I arrived in Bali and stumbled out of the twin-engine plane from Timor. As soon as I stepped on the aluminum stairwell and the sticky perfumed air slapped me in the face, my head began to spin. I instantly fell into a state of natural intoxication. The dictionary defines the word intoxicate as: 1. To stupefy or excite by the action of a chemical substance, such as alcohol. 2. To stimulate or excite. 3. To poison. In Bali, all of the above apply. There are those, who as Anais Nin quoted have no need of wine, as mere life is intoxicating enough. Without a doubt, Bali can intoxicate the soul, simply by being Bali. And there are those who see this island as a place where no rules apply and come here for nothing more than a drunken holiday. And sadly, there are those who have crossed paths with arak tainted with methanol and found themselves poisoned by the deadly brew. The history of local libations in Bali is defined by local culture, by travelers looking for a buzz, and by those with a penchant for profit. In the 80’s when I first landed here, pear-shaped bottles of brem wine sat on most restaurant tabletops. That, or a Bintang beer were your only choices in most small eating venues unless you wanted to venture out into the hard stuff called arak. Arak looked and smelled like the American version of illegal moonshine and packed a powerful punch. Another drink, less known to tourists but extremely popular with the local males is tuak.

quite sweet and available in seven flavors including local tropical delights such as banana, coffee and coconut. Arak takes tuak to yet another level by distilling the milky substance to make a very strong spirit. I took a drive up to Karangasem last week to check out a small family owned arak distillery. I must say it was surprising to see exactly how arak is produced, due to all the tainted brew that has the news buzzing with stories of death and blindness caused by indulging in this powerful drink. Pak Putu was happy to show me the entire process and what I saw was a very natural spirit derived from nothing but a coconut flower and then steam distilled. Putu virtually walked up a coconut palm and attached a plastic jug with a piece of coconut husk inside. He then brought a container down with fresh tuak, which he had captured earlier in the day. He poured some for me to try and it was very sweet with a hint of a coconut flavor, very unlike the sour concoctions I remembered from the village so many years ago.He explained that I had most likely tried tuak which had fermented for a few days.

Bintang means star in Indonesian, and it is the clear winner as the local beer most consumed by tourists. This popular beer is found in restaurants, grocery stores, and just about every roadside warung in popular tourist towns in the south, as well as remote areas in the interior. The love for this brew is apparent by observing the proliferation of people who outfit themselves in bintang logo shorts, t-shirts, hats and bags.

Next he showed me a large 120 liter plastic barrel which he fills with the flower sap and pieces of coconut husk. He lets this ferment for three days.

Brem is a dark-colored fermented wine made with red or black rice. The Dewi Sri brem factory is in Sanur and an interesting place to visit if you want to observe the bottling process. Brem, arak and tuak are all spirits used in an offering called matabuh. These three “spirits” appease the “lower demonic spirits” by pouring all three directly on the ground.

Pak Putu uses a coconut wood urn to cook the sap and uses coconut wood for the fire. Tubing is stretched from the coconut urn to a vat of cold water where steam distillation drips the final product into a bucket. It takes 120 liters of the tuak flower sap to yield 30 liters of “super” arak. Clearly a very pure and natural process, yet one that produces some very strong brew. He sells a bintang bottle full for 9000rp.

Tuak is a mild wine made by fermenting the sap from the flower buds of the coconut palm. It is a milky, sour, concoction, best consumed within three days. One summer about 20 years ago, I lived in Candidasa and became very familiar with this mild drink. It seemed a few times a week under the “guise” of a ceremony, all the local boys would tell us to grab a sarong, hop on a motorbike and head up to the village. Afternoon would turn into evening as a small glass of tuak made its way around a circle for each of us to down in one gulp. After a couple of hours, the boys would start singing genjek, which is quite the art form. Some of the singers imitate instruments, while others chime in alternately with verse. I still smile when I think of those lazy afternoons spent in the village. In the 90’s, a Sanur based family created a new product with tuak by fermenting the sugar palm alcohol with fresh fruits. By incorporating a unique packaging concept using ceramic bottles shaped like a gazebo, the company named Bali Moon has created a niche local market for itself. The liqueurs are

So where does it go so terribly, terribly wrong? Most arak distilleries are isolated in the middle of Bali, far away from tourist trade areas. Because of this, middlemen often come calling to purchase the pure arak to resell in the more populated areas. Apparently, some get greedy and decide to cut the pure arak with easily obtainable and cheap methanol. And this is where the trouble begins. In 2009, Bali made headlines after 25 people died from methanol infused arak. In addition to the 21 Indonesians, two British, one Dutch and one American were included in the fatalities. The damage did not stop here as dozens more were hospitalized.

sweeping late-night raid. The next day shelves were empty and shop owners faces were still ashen and shell-shocked. And I was left without a drop to drink on my birthday. Hence, the beginning of the rise of Hatten Wines. Hatten, at that time was a locally made wine harvested from grapes grown in Northern Bali, in Singaraja. The initial launch of this island based winery’s product earned less than favorable reviews. However, they pushed through and continued to expand by purchasing cutting edge winemaking equipment and by hiring an experienced CEO from Australia. They now import grapes to make a second more refined wine called Two Islands. The overnight extinction of imported wines on the island in 2007 literally made Hatten an overnight success story. Over the past few years Bali has seen a dramatic change in the hospitality industry. Top chefs from around the world create fusion masterpieces in dozens of five star restaurants. Fine wine is an essential component for an exceptional dining experience, so imported wines began to appear on shelves again, albeit, with a very hefty price tag. Slowly wine shops began to appear again and fine wines popped up on menus. Bridges Restaurant in Ubud has gotten very serious about the wine industry in Bali by opening Divine Wine Shop on the top-level of the restaurant. The entire shop is kept at a premium wine temperature of 18 celsius to preserve the integrity of the products. These products range from local wines at less than $20.00 a bottle on up to an exclusive Chateau Margaux for over $1000.00. Divine wine shop has over 180 different labels and every Friday they offer a wine tasting called Divine Friday. At this event which runs from 4-7pm, guests can sample up to 5 wines for a small fee. Complimentary canapes are also offered at this weekly event. Over the last 25 years there have been dramatic changes in the cost, types, and availability of alcohol on the island. It is yet another way to observe an island which remains mired in culture despite invasions of western infuences. Young men still sit in circles and drink tuak and sing genjek just as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Arak is still offered to the gods as a way to appease the evil spirits and still produced locally in small family homes. Yet, discerning tourists can find a fine wine or a fancy cocktail in most dining venues. While you are in Bali, you most likely will drink a cold Bintang at a warung on the beach or try a glass of Hatten wine with dinner. As for arak, there are many places to purchase a safe arak cocktail, however, there is no denying the risks involved. If you choose to sample arak, it is best to proceed cautiously and perhaps limit yourself to one cocktail.

In spite of the apparent danger, arak has become more popular than ever due to the high tariffs which have pushed up prices of wine and spirits. For a few years before 2007, clever importers began to provide decent Australian wines and brand name liquors such as Absolut vodka and Jack Daniels. They figured out ways to smuggle these in without paying tariffs and prices were actually well below what expats and tourists would pay in their own countries.

It might be more fun to find a local and sample a glass of tuak. You’ll surely have great conversation, maybe learn to sing genjek and learn more about the culture of Bali.

This literally changed overnight. I remember it well as I was celebrating a milestone birthday the day after the raids. Every bottle shop on the island was literally wiped out in one

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The Family (Malavita) French screenwriter and director Luc Besson is best known for his fast paced action-movies, yet, occasionally, he will make something completely out-of-the-box. Such is the case with his terrific black-comedy ‘The Family’. An American mobster, and his family, are prepared to give evidence against the Mafia, so, they are placed in witness protection in a small provincial French town. Still, while in hiding, the family finds it rather hard to give up their old gangster ways. Audiences familiar with Besson’s work will know that he is obsessed with American crime movies. He is also obsessed, in particular, with one prominent American director, and, ‘The Family’ pays homage to this famed person. However, when the tribute comes, Besson presents it in a very amusing manner. Robert De Nero shows that he can still turn in a good performance, when he feels that the director and the movie are worth it, while, Michelle Pfeiffer proves that she is still a great ‘movie star’. With his mix of Gallic cynicism and American humor, Besson makes a winning film. Concussion A ‘forty something’ lesbian, in a committed relationship, becomes bored with her affluent suburban life. She buys a loft in New York, under the pretense of doing it up and re-selling it, so that she can start a double life as a highclass prostitute. She sees this as a means to release her pent-up libido, and, to explore her growing sexual desires. This is one of those ‘independent’ films, which seems to come out of nowhere, but, entirely captures your attention. Director Stacie Passon does a fabulous job investigating modern-day sexual experiences, while, Robin Weigert gives a devastatingly good performance.

Diary by Mr. Robet

hunted down by a pair of red-necks. When the prisoner learns of this, he escapes from prison, and, somehow, finds them, and comes to their aid. Even logistically, the film doesn’t make much sense. The Internship* Two unemployed middle-aged men apply for an Internship with the Google Corporation. They have to compete against young adults for any possible positions. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson star in this very inane comedy. Mary and Martha Hilary Swank and Brenda Blethyn play women whose sons both die from malaria in Africa. They form an organization to bring attention to the disease to the American Government. The film has noble intentions, but, it is dreary. Plush A Rock Star doesn’t realize that her new guitarist and lover is a psychopath. Embrace of the Vampire Plagued by hallucinatory visions, a college girl grasps that she is a vampire. Goddess An Australian housewife becomes a singing sensation through her web site.

Empire State A Security Officer steals from the Armored Truck company where he works.

Fright Night 2* A group of American college students, on an exchange program with a Romanian University, come under the spell of an extremely old vampire. To kill the vampire, they turn for help to an American TV Horror Show Host, who happens to be in Romania making an episode of his program. Okay, this sequel is not as amusing as the original ‘Fright Night’ (1985), nor as wacky as the 2011 re-make, still, it does have some very funny screwball moments.

The Family (Malavita) An American family are placed in witness protection in provincial France. Concussion A lesbian, in a committed relationship, starts on a double life as a prostitute. World War Z*# An awful virus attacks mankind and nearly everyone changes into a Zombie. Man of Steel* A fresh and very impressive reworking of the long lasting Superman legend. The Look of Love A bio-pic about Paul Raymond, who made a fortune selling sex in the media. Best Man Down At a wedding reception the Best Man has a heart attack and falls down dead. This is the End* James Franco throws a fabulous party, during which the Apocalypse occurs. Elysium The world’s wealthy are living a life of luxury on an orbiting space-station. Fright Night 2* Some American exchange students come under the spell of an old vampire. The Lone Ranger* This imposing film tells us how The Lone Ranger became The Lone Ranger.

Jewtopia A Gentile boy wants to find and marry a nice Jewish girl, so he never has to make a decision again. He asks a Jewish boy friend from childhood to teach him how to behave like a Jew. I guess you have to be Jewish, and come from upper-middle class Los Angeles, to really get the humor in this comedy. But, in a rather exaggerated racial stereotype kind of way, the movie is hilarious. Sunlight Jr. Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon play a ‘white trash’ couple living in a motel somewhere in Florida. To earn a living, Naomi works in a convenience store while Matt collects Social Security checks. They endlessly discuss their big financial problems, in this depressing look at the American working classes. Breakout* A prisoner’s children go on a camping holiday into the Canadian wilderness. There, they are tormented and

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Stuck in Love A family who are all writers just talk on and on about their current projects.

Best Man Down At the wedding reception of a nice young couple, the Best Man has a heart attack, and drops down dead. The couple have to cancel their honeymoon, and set about arranging the funeral. As they inform the family and friends of the deceased, they are to discover that the Best Man led a rather unusual secret private life. This is another ‘independent’ movie which will take you by surprise. Writer and director Ted Koland brings a lot of amusing and insightful wit into his film, that, rationally, should have been a tragic affair.

The Lone Ranger* Back in the 1950s, week after week, The Lone Ranger, and his faithful Indian companion Tonto, fought injustices in their long-running TV show. Now, director Gore Verbinski tells us how The Lone Ranger became The Lone Ranger, in his big-budget blockbuster. Verbinski’s movie is a lush and imposing production, but, coming in at 2 hours and 20 minutes, it also seems over-long and a bit self-indulgent. As Tonto, Johnny Depp gives a peculiar interpretation. His Tonto comes across as ‘dim-witted’, which was probably not his intention, even so, his performance does throw the movie off balance.

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Home Run An alcoholic baseball player gets help from a religious twelve-step program.

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Restaurant & Food Welcome to Satu Lagi Poolside Bar. Located next door to the Taman Segara Madu Waterpark and Function Centre on Jl Batu Balong Canggu, right on the way to the famous Echo Beach. The new bar offers televised live sports events on big screen TV’s, and a massive 2 x 2 metre screen for the big events, so whether you are into Soccer, NRL, ARL Rugby, AFL Football Motor Sports or Boxing we have got you covered. Add to this great music videos from the 70’s till today, terrific food and a friendly atmosphere, and it’s a winner. Choose to relax in the bar or out on the covered veranda which enjoys cool breezes and rice field views over the magnificent pool and waterfall. Feel free to bring the family and enjoy a complementary swim on a hot afternoon, or come along in the evening and enjoy one of our fabulous cocktails or ice cold beers. There are also other regular events such as pool parties, live bands, grand final’s, Bledisloe Cup, Melbourne Cup, and title fights, along with super high speed complementary WiFi. and ample customer parking. Address is No 39 Jl Batu Bolong Canggu

C/R/I-02 Oct 13

C/R/I-16 Oct 13

Restaurant Review

By Gerry Williams E-mail:

Tapas with a Difference! Salt Tapas @ Sentosa brings Australia’s famous international chef Luke Mangan to Bali. His Salt Grill and Salt Tapas restaurants have already boomed i n S y d n e y, To k y o , Singapore and Jakarta. Luke’s style is based on the discipline of a French fine dining kitchen, working with the best local ingredients, producing what is sometimes traditional and more often with a modern progressive hand, even a local spice or two! Luke Mangan’s journey in the culinary world began many years ago in Melbourne at then Australia’s finest dining French restaurant, Two Faces. From there to the masters, the Roux brothers, at their world famous Waterside Inn, then back to Australia to put all that experience to work! The concept at Salt Tapas is to order a variety of complementing dishes, with a variety of tastes. Whilst local ingredients and spices have been sourced wherever possible it is good to see that a few of what have become Luke’s signature dishes have survived the journey. Sentosa has been adventurous in continually bringing new dining concepts to Bali. The opening restaurant was Blossom with Will Meyrick, Bali’s first successful Thai restaurant. Then followed a return to the classics, with EVO which was traditional Italian, under William Collier, the ultimate simple cuisine done well. Now we go to a new form of modern dining, a multitude of small plates exploring the tastes of the world. Little Nibbles head the menu here, more the size of traditional tapas, just a mouthful or two to whet the appetite. Lobster Brioche with Vietnamese salad, simple Croquettes with bacon and parmesan, Chorizo with sofrito and a popular one from the previous EVO menu, Suckling Pig Sliders, with chilli and pickled cucumber, A Taco with a difference is stuffed with tempura prawn, pineapple salsa and chilli aioli.

unusual combinations to tempt the taste buds! One of the master chef’s signature dishes is his Crab Omelette which sounds so basic, but not in Luke’s hands… drizzled with miso and topped with enoki mushroom! The Crab Omelette and my favourite Marroccan Baked Eggs [tangine style with paprika, capsicum/tomato sofrito] with chorizo are both only found on the special brunch menu.


: Salt Tapas


: Sentosa Villas, Kerobokan.


: 730.333.

A Roasted Jumbo Prawn [pictured] is combined with garlic, chilli, herbs and lemon, the Tuna Tartare is with citrus and wasabi. Seared Scallops are also with leek, lemon, crisp pancetta and horseradish


: Lunch, dinner and in between.

Smoking Area

: Yes

The Tagine of snapper, octopus, chickpeas, spinach, date, almond & lemon is another reason to visit Salt Tapas. Tagines are healthy slow-cooked dishes that are common with Moroccan food, the sealed dome shaped lids return the steam to moisture and keep the meat, seafood and/or vegetables from drying out, slowly infusing them with the accompanying herbs and spices.


: Secure, in hotel grounds.


: Rp. 1.000,000 for two [+ drinks]

Credit Cards

: All major cards.


: International.


: Excellent list.


: Professional but still with a smile.


: Relaxed dining.


: Food with taste!

There are many meat dishes to choose form; Chicken Drumettes baked and spicy with romesco, Suckling Pig with pickled mustard greens. For larger meals or dishes to share; Lamb cutlets, with ras el hanout, baba ganoush, pistachio tabouleh, saffron yoghurt, Pork Spare Ribs or Wagyu sirloin with baby corn & spicy mayo, BBQ sauce. Vegetarians have not been forgotten and have never had it so good. The veggie offerings at so many places are just so bland and boring!

Non-Smoking Area : Yes

Eggplant, haloumi, chickpea, dried tomatoes and herbs with tahini dressing, a wonderful salad of Beetroot, asparagus, split egg [boiled but served cold with perfect soft yolk], radish, rocket, tarragon dressing, Curried Roasted Pumpkin, capsicum, labneh, dukkah and coriander, Soft Parmesan Polenta with poached egg, mushrooms & hazelnuts or Moroccan Cauliflower, saffron yoghurt, pine nuts & currants. I am certainly no vegetarian but I could happily just feast on these dishes.

Also carrying on from the EVO menu is a selection of cold meats; salami, pastrami, bresaola and parma prosciutto. New things include an incredible Salmon Sashimi, thin layers covered with ginger, shallots and labneh [Middle Eastern yoghurt cheese]. Garlic Prawns sit on a saffron rouille topped with shredded apple and fennel and a tasty Crab Croquette is in a chipotle mayonnaise.

The cuisine treats also extend to the dessert menu. Floating Island is berries, in an amaretto anglaise with lemon curd, basil, another signature dish of Luke Mangan is the Liquorice Parfait with candied lime syrup, flesh and zest, The Panna Cotta is with young coconut & star anise pear, and for all those who love chocolate…the Gooey Hot Chocolate Tart with caramelized banana and salted caramel ice cream! Alfogato is with Frangelico and biscotti.

The seafood section of the menu is devoid of common things such as Fish & Chips, instead presenting new twists with

Luke Mangan, welcome to Bali. International dining at its very best!

Copyright © 2013 Gerry Williams Reviews that appear in Bali Advertiser are based on actual visits to the establishments listed, without the knowledge of the restaurants, and are not paid for by the individual restaurants. Opinions expressed here are those of Gerry Williams and not necessarily those of Bali Advertiser. Gerry Williams attempts to write from a ‘typical’ diner’s perspective and, whilst quality of food is the most important criteria overall, value for money is the real measuring stick.

Bali Advertiser

Restaurant & Food

30 October - 13 November, 2013

We only serve the best Croissants, Breads & Cookies Meat Pie, Chicken Pie, Apple Pie, Mushroom Pie

At Bedugul Lake View Shop House, Candi Kuning - Bedugul, Tabanan Open daily from 08:00 - 16:00 hours. Monday closed For order please call: 0368-2033102, 08123812843 C/NS/I-18 Sept 13


We cater your needs for delicious Balinese Satay, made from fresh tuna. Try and taste it!

Please contact : 081 2395 6991 / 0819 3620 2170 NC/NS/U-10 July 13

For Sale; iPhone 5s 16 Gig. I’ll be in Bali October 27. 15 Million. <> is the best way to reach me or after 27. Phone 0812381-9913. [086] Looking For; English speaking people who are interested to join a badminton group Monday and Wednesday from 8-10 pm in Jl. Nangka. Medium or good badminton skills are required. Contact: <balikarten@yahoo. de> or call/sms: 0857 3793 1707. [087] For Sale; Office & shop furniture/fittings. Informa brand desks/ergonomic chairs/ storage units, computers. Shop fittings: gondola display racks, folding tables, stacking boxes, mannequins, small display case, hangers. E-mail: <michelle@burunghitam. com>. Kuta. [088] For Sale; Mattress, Spring Air USA, luxury hotel quality, brand new still in original plastic wrap. Super king size 200cm X 200cm (1 size larger than regular King size). Price 2 1/2 jt. Call 081 1389 3538. Kerobokan. [089] For Sale; Canggu Club family membership (til 2028) For Sale 21,500,000 rupiahs. (Club price: 25,000,000) Leaving Bali. Cannot sell for less, as I will pay transfer and other fees. Call +62 811 904 653, or +60 17 686 6821. Seminyak. [084] A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.

C/R/I-02 Oct 13


For Sale; Brand new kitchenaid ice cream maker attachment for kitchen aid mixers. Note: only fits USA models! I am selling because it does not fit my Asian mixer. Price: 850.000. Contact: 081 193 9281 or <garage868@>. Sanur. [079] Looking to get in touch with people/organizations dealing with children’s rights here in Bali. Anti-exploitation, anti-abuse, preventive programs, education etc. email: <savebalikids@gmail. com>. [080] Wanted; Art projector. <>. 0819 9940 2197. Ubud. [081] Wanted; iPhone 4 (32 gb)/ <>. 0819 9940 2197. Ubud. [082] For Sale; Cheap price! New Rinnai gas stove type RI512E, never use it, angry bird mini speaker, Glass box frame with 2 mold hand (Men put a ring to bride) inside nice for wedding pic, bilyard stick, rak piring, 2nd heels Charles & Keith branded, 2nd Guess coat original fit to XL, Hp 2nd SE W380 complete, new wallet & belt (Crocodile & Adidas), LED lamps, all 2nd things still in good condition. Detail & pic send email to <mery.> / SMS: 0817 0378 1555. Jimbaran. [083] Never reach out your hand unless you are willing to extend an arm.

C/R/I-31 Oct 12

Welcome to

Conveniently located right in front of the new multimillion dollar resort of Sea Sentosa at Echo Beach Canggu, this new cafe’ offers magnificent ocean views, cool breezes and ample customer parking. Jl Batu Mejan, Br. Padang Linjong, Canggu Bali. Ph +62 (361) 9133320 C/R/G-18 Sept. 13

C/R/G-16 Oct. 13


Restaurant & Food

Bali Advertiser

30 October - 13 November, 2013

Update Warisan still leads the way for relaxed elegance in Bali. Their spacious layout is a refreshing change from being packed in like sardines as at so many other high profile places. They are also now offering interesting snacks to go with that relaxed style, Tapas from 4.00 p.m. every day. There are cold and simple dishes; Parma ham and crissini, Salmon Blinis with sour cream or a Cheese Platter. Hot options include; Roasted Gambas, Blackened Red Tuna with eggplant caviar, Lamb Kofte with mint yoghurt [pictured], Risotto Cheese Ball and capsicum coulis, Crisp Calamari Ring with sautéed truffled potato or Asparagus Tempura. Wining & Tapasing presents a bottle of wine [Sauvignon Blanc, USA Classic White, Zinfandel or an Aussie Cabernet Sauvignon] each wine perfectly paired with a matched selection of 4 different tapas. Warisan, Bali’s original stand-alone fine dining success story [of 20+ years], the only Bali restaurant where you do not have to mention the address, unless you are a new arrival, then it is Jln. Raya Kerobokan.

Warung Kayu Api is doing what many others have failed to do, run a successful restaurant on The Bypass at Sanur. Over the years they have come and gone, with a few more tottering on the edge right now! The menu at Kayu Api comprises Balinese [very traditional] a little Indonesian and many International options. My favourites here are the Bali Wrapped Up [babi guling meat with spices wrapped in pita bread] and their great Chicken Fajitas, but there are also the Giant Hanging Skewers [tender tasty slow-cooked chicken thighs, etc], the Balinese Banquet and so many other a la carte dishes to consider. Now they have attacked the Friday ‘afternoon after work’ expat crowd with their Aperitivo Hours, 5.00 to 7.30 p.m., free tapas with your drinks …fancy a cold beer?

Solata has now opened [serving dinner every night from 7.00 p.m.] and brings to Bali Italian

chef Ezio Gritti directly from the famous 3 star Michelin Guide restaurant L’Osteria di via Solata in Bergamo, in Italy’s north. This is a very fine dining experience that will be enjoyed by all those food lovers who can appreciate this level of cuisine. Bali has never seen a restaurant concept quite like this before. Small and intimate it has a clever classic design with well-spaced private tables inside air-conditioned or in a garden setting, situated in central Seminyak on Jln. Sunset [past Jln. Kunti] and offers a series of set menus put together to present a balance of tastes. You can choose the Gourmet menu [begin with a shrimp salad with beetroot and asparagus] Vegetarian [sautéed tofu with ginger and honey] or the Chef’s Specialty Menu [mushroom risotto with lemon and foie gras]. There is also a menu for children. All the menus are five courses except the children’s one which is four small courses.

Warung Bendega has been a fixture on the corner of Cok Agung Tresna and Jayagiri in Renon for many years. It has recently been demolished and a whole new complex built in its place, a very modern and stylish structure with ample off street parking, and busy, busy,busy! Now they have also opened on Jln. Raya Ubud, just after Ubud’s new market. They offer a range of local pastries and breads, and coffee any way you want it. This new Warung Bendega offers exactly the same menu as its Renon cousin, in fact it is an up-market Indonesian warung with all the usual things such as Fish Head Soup as well as the popular Oxtail [Sop Buntut]. Oxtail can also be ordered as a plate of small crispy deep-fried chunks or Bakar, simply grilled. Spicy crisp Tempe, Tuna Spring Rolls or those small local Mussels, served in their shells, topped with a spicy sambal. All the usual fish, chicken and duck dishes are on the menu and there are 7 different sambals that can be ordered separately, to suit your own taste. As Ubud is tourist country [unlike Renon] sandwiches and burgers are also on the Ubud menu.

C/R/G-16 Oct. 13

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Teatro Gastroteque appears to be the latest rave restaurant in Bali. As they offer dishes such as Butter Poached Lobster with caramelized cauliflower, truffle pure, spiced brioche, avruga caviar sphere, champagne sabayon and vanilla butter, perhaps there is good reason for that? Chef is a local from Irian Jaya, Mandif M. Warokka, but one who has traveled and achieved much in the Middle East and Europe, most recently working at Bali’s Banyan Tree. The restaurant is on what is known as Jln. Laksmana, in Kerobokan.


30 October 2013 - 13 November 2013

Business Hours Monday to Friday from 8:30 - 4:00 Jl. Majapahit No. 46, Kuta Tel : [0361] 755 392 [Hunting] - Fax : [0361] 764 191 E-mail: Website:

Gusto is the latest new café/restaurant in the Amed area. It is on the highside of Raya Amed,

Bunutan, with ocean views, between Amed and the tourist centre of Lipah Beach. Hungarian owned it provides some new tastes for the area. Goulash Soup may seem a winter only dish but this one is so good it is worth trying. Another new dish for this area is that Austrian, but now International, special Wiener Schnitzel. They also have many local Indonesian dishes of fish and chicken. Popular dessert for chocolate lovers is the Chocolate Volcano. Originally all the local restaurants and warungs in this area only served Indonesian Chinese cuisine [many do it very well and very cheaply] but now other European and Asian cuisines are starting to creep in as the so popular Amed area becomes more international.

Will Meyrick is a busy boy! Not satisfied with setting up two of Bali’s most successful restaurants [Sarong and MamaSan] he has been tackling the tough Jakarta market as well with E & O [successful as well? Just try to get a table without a reservation!]. And as they say in those awful TV commercials …and that is not all! Starring on Jakarta TV as The Street Chef he is constantly discovering new and different taste sensations to add to his repertoire. On a recent flying visit back to Bali he had time to add a few taste temptations to the menu, as if the choice there was not already incredible. Begin with starter plates of wafer thin ribbons of sashimi salmon scattered with organic flowers, crispy lamb and chickpea kofta with lemon chutney yoghurt and slow-cooked octopus salad with green papaya, ginger flower, peanuts, mint and nam yam dressing. Make your-own ‘DIY’ steamed buns of Peking Duck - messy but oh-so-good. Then there is an incredible Kalimantan Chicken, the breast having been smoked with apple wood before being grilled, the result is the most flavoursome tender chicken I have ever tasted. To top it off an amazing sauce drizzled over all, a blend of sweet soy and chili, so well balanced it is difficult to recognise the ingredients without previously knowing. Sensational flavours that make a quick return visit a must!

Photo Copyright Katharina Hansen <>


Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua, BTDC Lot N-3, Nusa Dua 80363, Bali, Indonesia T 62.361.771.906

NC/Ns/I-30 Oct 13

Sushi Q is quaintly named! Perhaps the owner was a fan of 1970’s pop star icon Susie Quattro, also known as Susie Q? It is a warung on Jln. Teuku Umar, Denpasar [at the Iman Bonjol end]. The full name is Sushi Qombi and it once again displays the international popularity of that Japanese invention, Sushi. Small selection but very cheap! Traditional sushi and those American-Japanese Maki rolls, salmon seems to be the most popular. Gerry Williams For more information see our website: NC/Ns/G-30 Oct. 13

Bird Lover’s Bali It felt like Old Bali again. As we approached the bird sanctuary north of Peliatan in the late afternoon, the quiet village of Petulu lay slumbering along a tree-lined road. In the center of the village, a few tourists were gathered in a building across rice fields. It wasn’t long before flocks of large white herons came wheeling, drifting, sailing and finally landing in tall palms and bunut trees. The next morning the birds will fly north to the cool climes of Gunung Batur, where they will feed for the day. Although seeing large birds bend branches and shift between trees is an impressive sight, Bali’s herons are by no means the only noteworthy species among the archipelago’s extraordinary avifauna. Contained within the 4200-km-long land and sea territory of Indonesia are 17% of the world’s bird species. Of these, at least 100 species can be commonly found on the 5560-square-km island of Bali. As far as its fauna and geology are concerned, Bali is an offshore island of Java and its birdlife are very similar. But unlike Java, Bali’s bird population in the countryside has stabilized because fewer people are shooting and eating birds. The island’s most common species include birds with lyrical names as the Yellow-vented Bulbul, Olive-baked Sunbird, Javan Munia, Scaly-breasted Munia, White-bellied Swiflet, Striated Swallow, Cisticola, Bar-winged Prinia, Scarletheaded Flower pecker and the Javan Kingfisher. Beneficial birds include egrets and rice field warblers, which control many insect pests in this rice-dependent society. Around the island’s canals and ponds, congregations of white short-billed cattle egrets, snow-white plumed egrets and stately Javan pond herons arrive to roost for the night in the palms. The island’s rarest bird is the Bali Starling (Jalak Bali) or Bali Myna (Leucopsar rothschildi). This avian mascot of Bali boasts a white tail, a long, drooping crest and black tops on the wings and tails. Particularly distinctive are the blue bare skin surrounding its eyes, grayish legs and a yellow beak. For the best bird watching sites, take one of the island’s hundreds of narrow winding secondary roads which lead through traditional villages going about their everyday routines and rituals. It’s surprising how many of these small back roads are paved. The morning is the best time - the earlier the better – but even at 9 am you can still see numerous species. By 3 pm, the light is starting to fade and the birds are difficult to see.

Bratan and Tamblingan in the Bedugul area of Bali’s central highlands one can see hordes of small sunbirds, flower peckers, warblers and honeyeaters. Of the three lakes, the shores of Lake Tamblingan offer the most abundant ornithological surprises: woodpeckers, malkohas, babbler and ground-thrushes. In the vast grounds of the Kebon Raya Botanical Gardens as well as the surrounding forest borders and streambeds of nearby Bali Handara Gold Club are the habitats of myriad ground-thrashers, barbets and white-eyes. Unquestionably the great wilderness region of the National Park of West Bali (Taman Nasional Bali Barat) consisting of rainforest, scrub, savannah, coconut plantations, swamp and mangrove constitutes the richest habitats for a variety of wild bird species not seen elsewhere in Bali: pittas, tree swifts, hornbills, rollers and many other birds including the Bali Starling. Starting around the middle of October, you can catch the annual migration of such raptors as the sparrow hawks and honey-buzzards arriving from Java and heading in the direction of the southeast islands. Nusa Penida With a totally different climate, topography and vegetative cover, this offshore island southeast of Bali is basically a limestone outcrop inhabited by flora and fauna more similar to the islands of the southeast across the Wallace Line. Penida can be reached by regular boats either from Sanur or Kusambe, east of Klungkung. Affordable accommodations are located in Sampalan and Toyapakeh. Birdlife includes the red-chested flower pecker, white-faced herons and black-faced Munia. Here is also the best place to view thriving populations of white-tailed tropicbirds breeding on the south and southeastern cliffs of the island. Raptors such as hawks like Peregrine, Osprey and the white-bellied sea eagles, as well as hair-crested drongos, imperial pigeons, mangrove white-eyes, hair-crested and common koels. The island has been designated as an unofficial island-wide bird sanctuary by Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF), which has released critically endangered Balinese and Indonesian bird species like the Java sparrow, Mitchell’s lorrikeet, lesser sulphur crested cockatoo and once nearextinct Bali Starling into the wild. Nusa Penida villagers actively protect their bird species, unanimously passing a local regulation in 2006 making it an offence to steal or threaten island birds. The Heronry of Petulu

Premier Birdwatching Sites One of the most beautiful area walks are the village paths leading off the road from Ubud to Tegalangan, looping around to Tampaksiring, then returning via Petulu. Another scenic country road are the lanes leading from the Luwus to Petang/Sangeh road - feels like a 100 miles away from Kuta. Wear sneakers, T-shirt and long trousers. Another suggested one-day birwatching tour takes you through a wide cross section of Balinese country life and culture: Ubud-Pejeng (the Moon of Pejeng, bronze drum)Gunung Kawi-Tampaksiring-Gunung Batur-Toyabungkah Hotsprings (on the lake)-through Jati to Sebatu-Gunung Kawi (another bath, cold)-Sebatu (better shopping than Tampaksiring), ending in Petulu for the sunset to see the white herons roost. A marvelous place to see birds are the interlacing walkways around Pura Luhur temple on the southern slopes of Gunung Batukaru in the Tabanan district of west Bali. Like a vast and well-tended botanical gardens, the confines of this huge temple complex are the habitat of less common birds such as barbets, minivets and fruit doves, but also a host of other more common birds like flower peckers and barbets. Around the mountains slope and thickets of lakes Buyun,

With a population of 4,500, mostly farmers, and 5000 herons, in Petulu village in the main rice-growing region of central Bali one can see grainfeeding munias, sparrows and white-bellied swiftlets. During the breeding season these tireless little birds build intricately woven nests in the tall grass and bushes. But the main draw of Petulu are the herons, which arrive, in the late afternoon to roost for the night. The birds began roosting here for the first time in 1966, just one month after an elaborate sacrificial ceremony petitioning for protection and blessings after the political butchering of thousands of “communists.” Many Balinese believe the herons embody the souls of the dead who have come to reunify the people of Petulu. Twice a year on Saniscara Kliwon Landep the villagers hold a special ceremony for these birds. Considered sacred, the herons (known collectively as kokokan) may not be disturbed while they roost. Only if they fall to earth or become caught in a tree may

they be captured and turned into a delectable treat wrapped in plantain leaf. The Bali Bird Park A walk through this 2-hectare park’s lavishly landscaped grounds, ponds and jungle grottoes are a special attraction for bird lovers. Located in Singapadu just 20 minutes north of Batubulan, turn left and descend 700 meters down a steep road to the parking lot. Get there in the cool of the mornings when the birds are the most active. After the entrance, check out the white board in front of the new arrivals facility for endangered species in the park’s comprehensive breeding program. The clever use of waterfalls, foliage and ponds gives the impression that you are strolling through a tropical rainforest rich in bird life. Accustomed to being around humans, cockatoos and parrots sit in the branches of trees and peacocks and cranes wander about unfettered. When I was there in the spring of 2013, I nearly tripped over a stray drongo and Mambruk pigeon. So well camouflaged are some birds that they are difficult to spot in their big cages. The cages hold amazingly colored macaws, followed by the dignified hornbills, mythological looking cassowaries with beady piercing eyes; eagles, small owls and wading pelicans amidst the burbling, warbling, drawling, mournful, harsh, hollow, guttural, plaintive, staccato and ecstatic cries of more than 1000 birds that comprise the park’s collection, a total of 250 species, including the only Hyacinth Macaw in Indonesia. From the restaurant, visitors are able to see birds of prey demonstrations. A mammoth leafy aviary is full of exotic species from New Guinea. Inside you can hear the sharp cries of the Bird of Paradise – a member of the jay family and the ghostly tremulous cries of other invisible birds from the canopy walk which is eye level with the treetops. The Greater Birds of Paradise is hand fed each day in the aviary at 9:30 am. Practicalities Petulu: From the roundabout in north Peliatan just before the west entrance to Ubud, continue north on the main road to Tampaksiring, which is lined with hundreds of shops selling woodcarvings, souvenirs, household wares and crafts. After four kilometers, look out for the sign on the left (west) to Petulu, which is about two kilometers, up a gradually rising narrow country road. Bali Bird Park: Jl. Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir, Singapadu, Batubulan, Gianyar, tel. 0361-299-352. Hours 9 am to 5:30 pm daily. Admission for overseas visitors US$25.50 plus 10% tax adults, US$11.75 plus 10% tax children (ages 2-12) Indonesian and KITAS holders Rp82,500 adults, Rp42,000 children. Infant under 2 years of age free. Suggested Reading Birds of Bali by Victor Mason, Periplus Editions 1993, ISBN 9780945971047, hardback, 80 pages. An excellent and inexpensive book for the traveler, light enough to carry in daypack. No other book covers Balinese birds in such detail. A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Indonesia, Tuttle 2012, ISBN 978080-484-2006, 544 pages. A pocketsized identification guide to 236 common bird species of Java, Sumatra and Bali. Includes short descriptive accounts and color photos with brief comments on calls, habits and habitat. Map. A Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo, Sumatra, Java, and Bali: The Greater Sunda Islands by John MacKinnon, Oxford University Press 1993, ISBN 978-019-854-0342, 692 pages. Descriptions of 820 regional species, 88 color plates accompanied by notes detailing distinctive features and habitats. <> Copyright © 2013 Bill Dalton You can read all past articles of Bali Explorer at

Ubud Area Balinese, Indian & Vegetarian Food Romantic Setting • Sumptuous Menu

Cooking Classes (No minimum) Jalan Suweta No. 1, Ubud, Bali (Opposite Puri Saren Palace) Phone / Fax: (0361) 974 217 E : C/U/I-04 Sept 13

How to Lighten Up! By Renee Thorpe ‘Brilliant!’ Possibly the most overused word of praise in the English language sprang from the mouths of many Ubud Writers & Readers Festival goers this year. Yet it was uttered with new life and meaning, the perfect word to sum up a stellar program. The tenth annual Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, with its reprisal of the first year’s theme, Through Darkness to Light, may well be remembered as shining with lightness like no other. A whimsical Michael Leunig cartoon is projected on the screen at Neka Museum. The capacity crowd bubbles with delight at the drawing of a duck leading a carefree traveler on some unknown path. The artist/philosopher quietly declares, ‘the world gets so grim and earnest and serious, we’ve forgotten the duckishness of it.’ Leunig’s love of naivete and innocence, with a puckish humor that cuts through complexity, charms an audience weary of so much gravity. On another day, teens learn the basics of standup comedy from pro Ernest Prakasa; a younger group of students take a workshop called Bag on Your Head – Green in Your Hands. The latter may be a sustainable shopping bag-making workshop, but to the youngsters, it’s pure fun. And fun was a running subtext this year. Memorable moments of whimsy and wonder include the little gem that was Jon Doust’s ode to his pumice. Those who walked along the street of monster art installations curated by Seniman Coffee Gallery could bask in the joy of unbridled community involvement. The audience at the Lotus Stage for Tribute Night was treated to the jaw-dropping, raucous, postmodern multimedia stage act by Badung’s Badalohor Cabaretainment troupe. It was impossible to not feel like a child again for those moments. By establishing a nearly week-long event in celebration of literature, creativity and ideas, festival Founder & Director Janet DeNeefe and her team have succeeded in getting us out of darkness and into light. Artists (e.g. Pat Grant) and writers (David Vann, for one) shared, in different sessions, how they shed their egos on the way to creating works of brilliance. We found rights activists and dedicated journalists (Lydia Cacho, Solahudin, Danny Morrison, and Mona Prince) emerging stronger and optimistic after persecution and torture that failed to break their spirit. Beauty, innocence, and optimism were oft-heard words every day of the festival. Through Darkness to Light is excerpted from a 1902 letter written by Raden Ajeng Kartini, arguably Indonesia’s first modern feminist. In honor of her writings, a women’s literature sub-theme wove its way into each day. There were more panels about women than ever before, most of the books launched were by women authors, and even the women’s gamelan of Peliatan entertained dignitaries and glitterati who opened the festival. Most moderators made sure to remind audiences and featured writers that the festival was founded as a positive reaction to the Bali bomb of 2002. Rather than being a

reference point to dwell upon long and hard, the bomb, at long last, seemed more like a conjured scrap of ancient history. Perhaps Bali is concluding that dark chapter and writing her future as an island of peace, creativity, freedom, and environmental conservation. Still in progress at press time, the Festival highlights we can report include illuminating film shows, art exhibitions and installations, slams, conversations, workshops for all ages, and the many parties which are a hallmark of the UWRF experience. In her introduction of the keynote speaker, Janet mentioned her love of a good party, and of great conversation. Getting connected is a huge part of the festival, and the delight of new friendships was found in surprising places. A Congolese novelist won over a South African editor at one of the deliriously buoyant dinner events. Young local publishers of ‘zines and graphic novels took pride of place at Taman Baca, a space evolving as both agora and quiet break zone for networking. That middle-aged lady to one’s left turned out to be an expert in that country calling out to be visited. Lofty inspirations were borne within a crowd who attended a discussion on young adult fiction. The parties were so much more than opportunities to cut loose. Art and compassion spiced up every free evening event. Canadian Daniel Ziv, debuting at UWRF in 2004 as a published photographer of the underground facets of Bangkok and Jakarta, returned a conquering hero. He screened his award-winning documentary film Jalanan at the Blanco Museum, to explosive applause and cheers. His subjects, the three buskers Titi, Boni, and Ho, leapt to the Blanco stage and took a bow to their new-found global audience.

Bumi Bali

Balinese Restaurant & Cooking School Serving only specialty Balinese food despite complex blending of spices and fragrant roots that give Balinese food its intriguingly different flavor. Monkey Forest Road, Ubud Bali Phone (0361) 976 698 E : C/U/I-04 Sept 13

Ganesha Bookshop

Independent bookseller in Bali since 1986 Ganesha in Ubud - the Main Store Jalan Raya (near the Post Office), Ubud, Bali Tel: (62 361) 970320 Web: Email:

Extensive range of New, Used, Rare and Out of Print Books. Used Books returnable for 50% refund. Good books at good prices. Eat, Drink, Read and Lounge at: Ganesha in Biku Jalan Petitenget 888, Kerobokan

NEW Bookshop and Reading Room Ganesha in Sanur Jalan Danau Tamblingan 42, Sanur

Books for Bali Project (est. 2004) A special project to support literacy, learning and reading for pleasure in the local community. We donate books to local schools and libraries. Check in the store or on the website for more details.


C/U/G-4 Sept. 13

The relationship of the writer and the reader was often a topic of discussion. Returning writer Richard Flanagan said to Michael Cathcart that a writer has got to respect his reader. Headliner Sebastian Faulks (Birdsong, Engleby, et al) told Nury Vittachi that he himself likes to read writers from whom he can learn things, and said, ‘once you start reading, a different dynamic occurs. It’s a triangular process. I think of the reader as an intelligent person involved with me. I’m behind the back of the character, driving them to do these things! The reader must think, “oh, this writer’s a bastard!”’ And we love you for it, Sebastian! Active dialogue was also important to illustrators who collaborate with an author. Germany’s Barbara Yelin likened it to playing tennis. ‘It takes a lot of discussing the sometimes very different opinions, and then we both find out more about the story,’ she told one audience. In the same session, she said that creativity comes from having fun with (and passion for) the subject. The creative process was discussed, explored, and revered. But that will have to be a future installment of this column. The tenth UWRF was rich and diverse, brimming with stories impossible to impart in one little article. On closing day, Janet called the week ‘a glowing success’. And the afterglow will surely sustain writers and readers in the coming months and perhaps years. Thank you, Mudra Swari Sarasati Foundation! Let’s all get back together in 2014! The 10th Ubud Writers & Readers Festival was held from 11-15 October, 2013. C/U/G-02 Oct. 13

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FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT Yes, the 10th Ubud Writers and Readers Festival was certainly the best so far. The literary highlight for me was a conversation called “Through Darkness to Light” about surviving grief, loss and tragedy. It was an extraordinary session, recorded live for ABC Radio in Australia, with David Vann, who survived growing up in a family with five suicides and a murder; “boat person” Carina Hoang, now in Western Australia’s Hall of Fame as one of the country’s most inspiring and courageous women, and Iranian kidnap victim Kooshyar Karimi.

YOGA ABOUT WOMEN Six hours of helpful training for individuals, yoga teachers and health professionals, Leisa Baldwin’s early November workshop at the Yoga Barn focused on “honouring the Monthly cycle” and other aspects of yoga for women.


Saturday, November 2, 9-11am, 3-5pm, and Sunday Nov 3, 9-11am. Really reasonably priced at 750,000rp for the trio or 250,000rp a session. Only a few spaces left: book at Yoga Barn 0361 971 236.

Personally though, I loved the African element. As part of Bar Luna’s Offbeat Program, African American hip-hop artist Kamau Bakari Abayomi, Zimbabwe’s poet and writer Thando Sibanda and Burkina Faso’s percussionist and singer, Lasso Ouattara put together one of the finest evenings I’ve ever seen. As if they had known each other all their lives instead of only two hours, these three weaved laughter, music and tragic tales into a mesmerizing evening. Of Zimbabwe’s independence struggles - “they mutilated our mothers’ breasts so that their children would not know the strength of mothers’ milk. Of black America, where political interests have supported gangster rap, introducing drugs, guns and music with tough, vicious lyrics to further destabilize groups of marginalized young black men. And from Burkina Faso, West Africa, the world’s third poorest country, where life is often very tough “but we always smile”, Lasso gave us music and some wonderful “call and response” singing where – surprisingly, I thought – absolutely everyone present joined in. There was a special kind of magic about these three black “brothers with different mothers”. JALAN MONSTER Now you see him, now you don’t! Coming from Australia, where fear of sharks was already strong before that awful “jaws” movie series, it’s great to know that we can swim in the ocean without fear of losing a limb. Then last week, the dreaded white pointer shark appeared in – of all places – Ubud, but not where it could hurt anyone. Instead, as the most visible sign of Ubud’s first Public Arts Festival, “Jalan Monster”, this bamboo-woven monster hung overhead on Jl Sriwedari, overlooking the Smile Shop and just up the road from a horde of monstrous eyeballs swathed in bright Balinese temple material. The proprietors of Seniman Café and others on that little stretch have been muttering about “public art” and “street art” for some time now. They’ve discussed how to find sponsorship of community murals for the walls of some of the big and uninspiring house walls that lead north out of Ubud. So it was great to see that this little festival came together, piggy-backing on the Writers Festival and moving their discussions into the public arena. Congratulations to all involved.

Leisa is an outstanding Iyengar yoga teacher based in Darwin; in these three practical two-hour sessions, she encourages women to use yoga to help regulate their hormones, reduce anxiety, relieve stress and nurture themselves.

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FOOD AS MEDICINE It appears to be the time of year for fine workshops from superbly capable women. In early December, Taksu’s Liana Nenacheva’s excellent “Food as Medicine” workshop series - offered as 3 sessions at 3 levels - will put you and your body on the same page. According to Liana, who has practiced western medicine and Chinese medicine, acupuncture and various yoga modalities for more than 25 years, our body is a detoxing, cleansing, excess weight losing efficient machine, or would be if we could just get out of its way! The workshop covers the basic principles and nutrition guidelines of traditional Chinese medicine, western anatomy and physiology of digestive system; macro-biotic and western nutrition therapy; simple food remedies for different diseases, how to set up your kitchen and plan healthy meals.

At our shop in Ubud, our friendly staff will guide you to all things of a Spiritual/ New Age nature, including: Books, Music CDs, DVDs, Crystals, Incense, Jewelry, Inspirational Cards, Candles, Yoga Mats, Meditation Cushions, Engraved Stones, Tibetan Bowls, Clothing and more… Jalan Hanoman #64 – Ubud, Bali. Tel: 0361 796 9178 C/U/G-30 Oct. 13

December 6-8 at Taksu Healing Haven, southern end of Jl Gautama. Book now to claim your 2.5 million rp early bird price and start your path to self-awareness and self-healing. BERTOLUCCI AT BLACKBEACH As the series unrolls, there’s nothing but praise for Blackbeach Restaurant’s latest movie night offerings – the best works of brilliant Italian film producer Bernado Bertolucci. Every Thursday until mid-December they’re rolling out another excellent drama, in Italian (mostly) with English sub-titles. Movies start at 8pm; delicious with orange tarte! Blackbeach is at the top of Jl Hanuman. BRIDGE TAPESTRIES An exhibition of glorious Indonesian Wall Hangings and Tapestries is yet another reason to visit the delightful Bridges Restaurant, on the Jl Campuhan corner. This exhibition, featuring some exquisite pieces – and all for sale – is on show for three months from 1 November 2013. In fact, it could be perfect timing for finding a unique Christmas gift! Once again, Bridges is giving back to the community, this time donating 20% of sales proceeds to the John Fawcett Foundation.

C/U/G-2 Oct. 13

GALUNGAN FESTIVITIES It’s Balinese celebration time again; is it really only 210 days since last Galungan and Kuningan? I love this time of year when the streets are so vibrant and colourful. Here’s a test for visitors and ex-pats alike. What are the essential elements that must be included in the creation of a penjor, that magnificent bamboo hanging decoration that is draped elegantly outside every Hindu compound or business? The first one to write into me at, listing all the correct elements (what) with the correct reason for the element’s inclusion in the penjor (why), will win a dinner for two at a new and yummy Ubud restaurant.

MOUTHWATERING MULBERRIES Yippee, it’s that season again! You can buy fresh, organic berries at 25,000rp for 250 grams (how is that price even possible). Available Saturdays at the Farmers Market outside Pizza Bagus, and every day at Jus Ja Cafe on Jl Dewi Sita.




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Moving Sale; All half price, assorted items. Modern office executive chair, wood and leather, confortable for your back, over 3 mill if new. Modern wood wardrobe, heavy, 3 doors, over 2mill if new. Ungasan area. Transport included. 0818 0537 6440-0813 3948 4010. [164] C/U/I-16 Oct 13

Ubud’s Only Fully-Equipped Gym New Owners and Management • Complete strength and cardio equipment • Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bicycles, Rowing Machine • Friendly and professional personal trainers • Aerobics, Squash, Boxing, Pilates • Ballet, Jazz-Modern, Salsa Dance classes for adults • Ballet classes for children • Fully Air Conditioned • Free Wi-Fi • Daily, Occasional, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Memberships

Terrace café • Smoothies • Fresh juices Open Daily 6:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

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30 October - 13 November, 2013

For Sale; 4 High quality black metallic outdoor wall fans purchased in error from Multi Daya in Denpasar. Never used. Paid 1,200,000Rp each. Will sell for 1,000,000Rp each or take all four for 3,200,000Rp. Tim: 0812 4679 5400. Canggu. [060]

For Sale; Beautiful old style teak dining table with carved legs, seats 8, natural colour ready for staining/oiling to match any home. Must sell all offers considered. Contact for photos or more information. Jessica. 0821 4530 7720. Canggu. [067]

For Sale; Canggu Club full family membership. 20,000,000Rp for membership, then monthly dues aprox 1,000,000Rp. Many new facilities at the club make this a great time to buy in. Transfer made officially at club. Tim: 0812 4679 5400. Canggu. [061]

For Sale; Men’s ED pharmaceutical. Pfizer fresh, pure, genuine. 10 tabs $5 each (less than half original cost), minimum 10 please. Very limited supply. . . don’t work for me with high blood pressure. Contact Ron 0812 1048 3828 or <rarebeads@>. Sanur. [068]

Jalan Jero Gadung, Kutuh Kelod, Ubud Tel:

For Sale; Brand new inbox unused gift Philips Avent BPA-Free single electric breastpump + 4pcs Avent breast milk bottle. Never Used. Rp. 1.400.000, -. For picture and more info, email: <, sms only 0361-307 2226. Denpasar. [066]

(0361) 974804

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True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are united.

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For Sale; Sony Xperia E white, android jelly bean, ram 512mb, condition 99.9%. Complete asked 1,6 mil. Call: 745 5886, Denpasar. [191] For Sale; Apple Remote (aluminum finish with black buttons). Price: Rp. 260.000. Contact: 081 193 9281 or <>. Sanur. [078] SUPER MARKET





For Sale; Zombi-U game for the new Nintendo Wii-U system. Contact: 081 193 9281 or <garage868@gmail. com>. Sanur. [073] For Sale; Apple original SmartCase (for iPad 2, 3, & 4). Protects the screen and back of iPad. Color: grey. Price: Rp. 500.000, Contact: 081 193 9281 or <>. Sanur. [074] For Sale; Apple original Smart Cover (for iPad 2, 3, & 4). Protects the screen and acts as stand + magnetic features. Color: green Polyurethane Rp. 250.000. Contact: 081 193 9281 or <>. Sanur. [075] For Sale; Brand new or rarely used original branded sunglasses. Some iconic collector items! Brands: Ray-Ban, Oakley, Oliver Peoples, Hugo Boss, & others. Please e-mail to: <> for list, details, & pictures. [069] Life..can only be understood backwards.

Open : 08.00 am - 10.00 pm

The Most Complete Supermarket in Ubud Jl. Raya Andong #14. Tel.973049, Fax. 978071 Ubud C/U/G-17 Dec. 08

C/R/G-04 Sept. 13

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Body & Spirit For Sale; Carved wood (teak) panels. 5 panels 80x50cm (400.000rupiah each) +2 panels 57x29cm (200.000rupiah each). Whole lot for 2.000.000 rupiah. Send me SMS with your email address for pictures. My phone 0819 9924 3389. Location: Kesiman (Sanur). [100]

International Medical / Life Insurance Group and Individual Scheme More Choices with Many Providers Based in Jakarta and Bali Contact: +6221 7692595


William Russell, Aetna, IMG, Pacific, BUPA, IPH etc

C/He/M-Oct 16. 13

C/He/M-29 May. 13


For Sale; Original Monster guitar connector to minijack. Connect your electric guitar to your computer via the audio input for recording, and music software (Garageband, Guitar Pro, etc). Only Rp. 200.000, Contact: 081 193 9281 or <>. Sanur. [070]



The talented Rochelle Naughton and her team brings beautiful hair to Bali island. â&#x20AC;&#x153; Our skills, passion and dedication ensures a memorable hair experience with hair you will love! â&#x20AC;&#x153; * Specialising in Balayage, Ombre, Dip Dye ends * Colour and Colour Correction * Beautiful Haircuts * Keratin Smoothing and Chemical Straightening * Amazing Wedding Hair and Makeup * Hair Extensions

Jl. Legian Kelod, No. 396. (between Melasti and Padma streets) Phone: 0361 763 563 C/He/I-01 May 13

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C/He/I-02 Oct 13

C/He/G-30 Oct. 13


Body & Spirit

30 October - 13 November, 2013

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For Sale; Used original Apple iPhone 4S/4 bumper limited edition red. Rp. 250.000. Contact: 081 193 9281 or <garage868@gmail. com>. Sanur. [072]

Shirodhara is the Ayurvedic treatment that involves warm oil being poured onto the 6th

Chakra [third eye] in the centre of your forehead. It is done in complete silence and is a most relaxing experience. Ayurvedic is a traditional hindu system of medicine. Its history goes back centuries and it has had an effect on almost every other system of medicine. Ayurvedic is a Sanskrit word derived from two roots: ayur which means life and veda knowledge. Prana Spa is one of Bali’s few spas specializing in Ayurvedic treatments. It is separate to but a part of The Villas, Bali’s first ever villa complex on Jln. Kunti, Seminyak. Prana also offers a wide variety of other spa treatments and packages, but it is the Shirodhara [pictured] treatment that is the most unusual.

For Sale; Bird of Paradise plant (Strelitzia reginae). 15 to 20cm tall. Ready to be planted in ground. When mature, produces the most spectacular flower. Please Google first. Sold nowhere else in Bali. 375,000Rp firm. Contact 0819 9948 0555. Legian. [154] For Sale; iPhone 4, black, 32GB. Factory unlocked. Have original box, cable and headphones. Rp 4.1 juta. Call 081 2386 6753. Canggu. [108] C/He/I-04 Sept. 13

Boreh is one of the very few traditional Balinese spa treatments. It is traditionally found in the

rice growing areas of Bali, the warm potent spices of the Boreh paste were blended at night by the mother and applied as a warm healing pack on family members who spent their entire day in the rice paddies. Many different herbs and spices are combined to make this paste but usually include cloves, ginger, pepper and nutmeg. A paste is made, consisting of these different ingredients and is spread over your body and left for 15-20 minutes, then scraped off. The main aim is to remove all of the dead skin from your body. You can experience the Balinese Boreh body scrub at most Balinese operated spas throughout the island, from the most luxurious down to the small local salon.

Lembah Spa is a spa with a view. It sits atop the ridge at the Lembah Valley, part of the luxury The Viceroy villa complex in Nagi village, north-east of Ubud. Lembah Spa offers a wide range of spa treatments and in particular specialize in Intraceutical Facials. Intraceuticals products, as endorsed by Madonna and other Hollywood stars as the ultimate facial treatment, where nature is often unkind to skin. Intraceuticals works extremely well when applied via an oxygen therapy machine to reach deep down into the lower epidermis layers so repair is accelerated. Treatments vary according to your skin condition and what problem you want to attack. Because Intraceuticals is an international company Lembah Spa also sells their follow up maintenance products so you can continue the program at home, Intraceuticals products are available also in most countries through beauticians, cosmetic clinics and dermatologists.

Body Tonic Spa is at the new impressive The Lovina Bali, and brings a new level of professionalism to Bali’s north coast. Unlike many small salons in the north Body Tonic Spa offer a full range of massage types [Balinese, Thai, Lomi-Lomi, Warm Stone, etc.] body scrubs and baths. Most popular here are their half and full day packages that combine massage, scrubs, baths and facials. At the completion of the half day package and midway through the full day package you also enjoy a 30 minute healthy meal from their special spa menu. Any individual treatment taken between 9.00 a.m. and midday qualifies for a 20% discount from the already quite low rates. Colon Hydrotherapy is sometimes referred to as Colonic Irrigation. It is is a safe, clean

and relaxing method of removing toxins and waste from the colon or large intestine. The colon is a repository of all the accumulated waste in the body and research has shown this can be one of the greatest causes of serious health conditions. Colon hydrotherapy use tubes to inject water mixed with herbs or with other liquids, into the colon via the rectum using special equipment. It is believed that accumulations of putrefied feces line the walls of the large intestine and that these accumulations harbor parasites or pathogenic gut flora causing nonspecific symptoms and general ill-health. A select number of spas in Bali offer Colon Hydrotherapy and they normally suggest a program of 3-5 sessions spread over a 5-10 day period, the treatment is priced accordingly. Most prefer to have this treatment at one of the high-tech spas. Spa Sentosa in the central Kerobokan Sentosa Villa Complex is one such spa that offers this treatment.

C/He/I-17 April 13



Reflexology is a treatment loved by some and avoided by others, particularly those who find


that the feet are way too sensitive to the touch. Reflexology is a natural healing art, based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands which correspond to every part of the body. By stimulating and applying pressure to the feet and hands, you are increasing circulation and promoting specific bodily and muscular functions. Kevin Kunz, one of the pioneers of reflexology stated: “Imagine stepping on a tack. Your whole body reacts because of something perceived by the foot. Reflexology with a full range of pressure sensors, utilizes the same body system of flight or fight to relax the body.”. Indeed the feet and hands are more sensitive than most people realise. Similar to how we use our eyes to detect light, the hands and the feet detect pressure, stretch, movement and weight distribution. Reflexology is available at almost every spa in Bali as well as at special Reflexology salons.

Milano Spa is found down a small lane [gang] off Jln. Monkey Forest, just before the Ubud

football ground. Amazingly when the then young Javanese hairdresser, Paris, opened Milano 20 years ago it was only Ubud’s 2nd spa. Now there are more than 200 in Ubud and the surrounding area. Milano has not changed much just minor upgrades to the rooms every ten years or so. They offer technically correct spa and hair treatments at very budget prices [$8 for one hour massage, manicure or pedicure for example…recently in Sydney I saw a spa advertising a special promo of a combined manicure and pedicure for the amazing $A85, what a difference!]. Milano employs both young male and female therapists and as with most places that offer value for money service, they are always busy, low season as well as high, massage with a smile. Even though Milano is a budget location all therapy rooms are private with correct massage beds and hot shower, some also with bath for those relaxing flower baths.

KEROBOKAN jalan mertasari 31x, kerobokan t. 0361 847 6252 or 0361 923 9528 CANGGU jalan raya padonan 6, canggu t. 0361 789 8967 or 0361 789 8968 SUNSET ROAD jalan sunset road 1828, denpasar t. 0361 736 631 or 0361 8887026

Vaginal Smoking is sometimes referred to in the USA as Venus Smoke and often included in a Balinese Beauty Package. In fact it is not Balinese in origin but an ancient Javanese custom where women go a ‘secret place’ to beautify and rejuvenate their bodies prior to weddings and other special occasions. Available in some of the up-market spas in Bali but is normally found in any of Javanese origin such as the Martha Tilaar spas, and other spas with Javanese management. Many of the small salons in the Denpasar/Renon area include this treatment in their spa menu. The woman sits naked in a chair with a hole in the seat while a bowl of seeds and herbs is burned under the hole. The smoke that wafts up into her vagina is meant to stimulate and disinfect the region.

e b fb Threevi Fitnessbali

visit our website for the weekly schedule


Gerry Williams For more information see our website: C/He/I-21 August 13

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30 October - 13 November, 2013

Body & Spirit


For Sale; A barely new baby swinger Ingenuity brand with box Rp. 1jt200 nego, bought Rp. 1,8jt, has 3 different timer mode (30, 45, or 60 minutes), used only 8 months, with more than 5 music selection, please send email address for picture to 0812 3644 2644, 99% good condition. Denpasar. [055] For Sale; Are you a movie freak?I Sell brand new external drive WD 1TB 2. 5â&#x20AC;? (new model, with one cable for data and power)filled with 1000 English movies. Bought it in shop for 4,5 million, sell it for 2,5 million. 0821 4500 6711. Kuta. [056] For Sale; Big oven for ceramic/kiln with accessories. Rp. 25.000.000 for all. for more infos: 081 629 5923 or email: <dalma8@yahoo. com>. Kerobokan. [057]

C/He/I-29 May 13

For Sale; Tableware more than 60 pcs of dinner service in porcelain 1920, service of crystal glasses, silver plated cutlery. Call 0816295923 or email: <dalma8@yahoo. com>. Kerobokan. [058] For Sale; Nike golf clubs. Complete set of both woods and irons with bag included. Excellent condition. 3mil (nego) Call: 085936110888. Seminyak. [157] While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior. C/He/G-30 Oct. 13

C/He/G-12 June 13

C/He/G-16 Oct. 13


Body & Spirit

30 October - 13 November, 2013

C/He/I-30 Oct 13

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C/He/G-30 Oct. 13

C/He/G-30 Oct. 13

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30 October - 13 November, 2013

C/He/G-16 Oct. 13

Body & Spirit 23

C/He/G-30 Oct. 13

C/HE/I-30 Oct. 13


Body & Spirit


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30 October - 13 November, 2013

eauty & Health by Shari


Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles. George Eliot Every time someone gets a camera in their hands and points it at someone, they automatically say “Smile”. We all would like to have a bright healthy looking smile to show the world, however many people feel embarrassed to display their damaged teeth and hide their smile behind their hand or simply keep their mouth shut. Have you ever had a toothache? It’s one of the most painful things to endure because it’s in your head and you simply can’t ignore it. What do you do? Take a painkiller or rush off to a dentist? A drug may disguise the pain but you know you have a problem. Ignoring it will only exacerbate the problem, causing further damage. You know you need to see a dentist. Almost everybody hates going to a dentist. They invade your personal space, crawl into your mouth with their fingers and tools and usually cause discomfort or pain. What’s there to like? They don’t even use drugs that make you feel good. Well the kiddies still get laughing gas. Consequently, many people avoid going to the dentist for all of the above fear based reasons. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “I hate dentists” I’d be a very rich person. Oddly, most people don’t have the same fear of doctors as dentists. Maybe that’s because of all the TV shows with handsome doctors or the villain dentists in movies including the sadist Nazi in Marathon Man or Steve Martin as the sadistic dentist in Little Shop of Horrors. Fortunately I was born with good teeth and was taken to the dentist for regular check-ups from a young age. Not everyone was taught good dental hygiene as a child or families couldn’t afford dentists and as a result now as an adult have spent small fortunes on repairing their teeth. Dr. Indra Guizot, owner of Bali 911 Dental Clinic told me that many Australians are coming to Bali to have their entire teeth replaced with implants and bridges because the cost is a fraction of what they would pay at home. Three of his dentists specialize in implants, which requires additional education abroad and is one of their most popular treatments. Dr. Guizot began his dental practice in 1968 when he was sent to Bali to look after the teeth of the military personnel and opened his own clinic in 1970. After 15 years of military service he continued with his dental practice in Denpasar. He studied his specialty implants in Cuba. His new modern clinic in Denpasar has rooms for 11 dentists and another 6 at the clinic at Bali Galleria. Everything has been outfitted with the latest high tech equipment, including a laser for whitening the teeth and Zoom with peroxide. 911 services include any dental problem from simple cleaning to full mouth rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry. They also promise no waiting list, just walk in for a treatment. Bali 911 Jl. Patimura no. 9-11,

Denpasar Tel 0361-249749 or Mall Bali Galleria Tel 0361-766254 Bali International Dental Center is basically a family run clinic with Dr. Sucipto Husada, his wife and two brothers plus three additional dentists on staff. This clinic has long been a favourite with ex-pats (me included) for many years.

C/He/G-30 Oct. 13

Dr. Sucipto comes from Solo but was invited to be a lecturer at a university in Bali in 1990 after he graduated and opened his clinic in 1991. When I asked him why he became a dentist he replied, “Coincidence. My father was a doctor and I also wanted to be a doctor, but I was accepted into dental school first. My mother encouraged me to continue in dental and by the third year I knew this is where my talent is.” Sucipto continued his studies to become an expert in implants at UCLA in the USA. He only handles the difficult dental procedures and implants and leaves the general dentistry work to the other six. They can handle any dental problem from cosmetic dentistry to Smile Bright whitening. At the end of October the clinic will move down the street into new beautiful, modern and spacious facilities. Jl. Diponegoro 150 / A – 32 Komp. Ruko IDT (Genting Biru) (just north of Jl. Teuku Umar). Tel: 0361-222541

C/He/I-30 Oct 13

For Ubud residents visit Sayan Aesthetic Institute Dental and & Medical Spa. I have been recommended by several friends in the area that this is the best dental clinic in Ubud. www. Tel: 0361-972648 A relatively new dental center in Seminyak is Ultimo where I experienced teeth whitening with Dr. Nitri. A translucent bleaching gel was applied to my teeth with the addition of a UV light to activate. The process was done in two 20 minute sessions, leaving the teeth remarkably whiter. A word of caution for those with sensitive teeth, take a pain-killer prior to the treatment because the teeth will be very sensitive for a day. The two female dentists can handle all of your dental problems from fillings to dental implants. Located next to McDonalds in Seminyak. www. Tel: 0361- 8947523 The advice I got from all the dentists is to have a regular check-up and cleaning every six months to prevent future problems. Brush and floss every day. After eating rice it’s important to brush your teeth to remove the plaque. Most important is to not delay seeing a dentist if you experience any pain or sensitivity in the teeth or gums. Avoiding the dentist out of fear will only make matters worse. Beware of using sodium fluoride (which is toxic), that affects the pituitary gland, the master control of the endocrine system. The adverse effects of fluoride can cause sleep problems, thyroid imbalance and closing of the third eye. We are lucky to not have fluoride in our drinking water but numerous toothpastes use it. Look for a fluoride free toothpaste or use baking soda or sea-salt. Copyright spa inspirations 2013 For clinics and spas offering new treatments contact me for an upcoming story. You can read all past articles of Beauty & Health at

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Retail & Wholesale Spa Products Spa Accessories Special and Corporate Gifts Development of Private Label Hotel & Villa Amenities

We supply high quality professional Spa products, amenities and accessories. Our core business is the supply of bulk spa products. We have a chemist on board to assist custom blending or help create signature treatments to compliment your menu. Our specialty is “Private Label” where our creative team, work with clients to customize and develop exclusive merchandise, to suite your image. We create, design and manufacture exclusive Spa accessories, anything from foot ritual bowls, product presentations and testers, dispensers, trays, tea rituals to tissue boxes. We also make and package gifts for special events and corporate functions. At every stage of design and manufacture we work with our clients to understand their specific needs, to develop and create quality products that reflect the company’s identity. Please check our website for more details on what we do; Head office and manufacturing facility

Our Singapore showroom :

Spa Factory Bali Jl. Toya Ning No 4 Kedonganan 80361 Bali, Indonesia Tel +62 361 701439

33A Mosque Street, Singapore 059511 Tel. +65 62258476. C/He/G-12 Dec. 12

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Body & Spirit 25

30 October - 13 November, 2013

PRP Treatment only Rp. 1.500.000,+ Bio Filler

J A K A R TA - S U R A B AYA - B A L I

Beauty and Health Promo - Whitening Recell Therapy - Get 70% Special Price for * Derma Punch Promo * Permanent Hair Removal




Only 5 Days Rp. 200.000


- Slim and Body Fit Program Only Rp. 1.900.000



- Botox Allergan Rp 50.000/unit


Nose Filler - Smile Line Filler - Bounching Dimple - Hand Filler - Breast Augmentation Buttock Augmentation


- Get 70% Filler

- Free Doctor Consultation Gardenia Village no.7 Jl. Tangkuban Perahu gang Mekarsari Kerobokan, Denpasar - Bali 0361 - 739 220 / 747 3595

For Sale; Blackberry playbook pad just like iPad but by Blackberry! Brand new in box I only turned it on once to check its as new R.I.M Wifi etc. 64 gig!!! Model RDJ21WW sell 1.6jt no offers!!! Russell/Legian 0819 1623 0104. [136] Moving Sale; Garden wastebin, height 90cm, green, new. Beautiful ladies clothes size 36/38, very low price, second, ladies golf clubs new, oriental materials, oriental sandals, decorations, belly dance dress and more. Pse call Sabine 0812 8232 9520, Sanur. [137] For Sale; Toto toilet, model CW823 Avante, new in the box, never used or installed, sleek design with selfclosing lid. White. US$375 (cost $650 new). Tel: 08135335-8428. E-mail <Villa@>. Ubud. [138]

Shashi Tarot Card Reading Crystal Healing Reiki Therapy JI Werkudara 520, Legian Kaja, Kuta Hp: 081 811 9634 email: C/He/I-09 Jan 13

INTERNATIONAL PHYCHIC NADINE MARTIN I welcome you to join me in this event. After Years of experience connecting people to family and friends in the spirit world. I believe the results offer reassurance and healing that loved ones are still with us. November 23rd Mediumship 10.30am start US.$70.00 November 25th and 26th Private Tarot Readings (1 hour) US$130.00 *Please book online @ to secure your place and receive full event details. Due to the nature of this work, there are no guaranteed results NC/He/G-30 Oct. 13

For Sale; Bathroom sink wash basin, modern frosted glass bowl that is mounted on the countertop, new in the box, never used or installed. US$55 (the new cost was $130), two available. Tel: 0813-53358428. Email: <Villa@>. Ubud. [139] For Sale; Original coral & turquoise lux bracelet, Zuri high end brand, new condition. Nego price. Please sms +62 813 3703 6348. For pictures email: <mcntlp@yahoo. com> / <anny.made@gmail. com>. [171]

C/He/G-2 Oct. 13

C/He/G-18 Sept. 13

C/He/G-21 August 13

C/He/G-21 August 13


Body & Spirit

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30 October - 13 November, 2013



This column started out as a story about the drought before the big rains arrive in Bali. I thought we might be in for a longer dry period. But maybe by the time you read this we’ll all be up to our ankles in monsoon. It can be hard to tell. Clouds roll in, humidity spikes, then nothing happens. There may be teasing showers, so light that they barely wet the grass. Or a good, soaking overnight rain that refreshes the garden and makes us wonder, is this it? Have the rains arrived? Nope. More weeks of parching drought. After 25 years in the tropics I will go on record with this breath- taking observation - it’s either too wet or too dry, and it’s almost always too hot. (It’s a mystery why so many of us Celtic types with our pale freckle skins are drawn to live here instead of under the dark skies heavy with freezing rain in bleak northern latitudes – wait, I think I just figured it out.) I built my little house in Ubud back in 2002, and moved in at the beginning of July. I don’t think it rained until November that year. The earth in the garden cracked into jagged mosaics. The dogs lay panting every afternoon, bellies plastered against the cool tiles of the patio. Even the large trees seemed to slump in the hot, unmoving air. Lying in bed at night I imagined I could hear every plant in the jungle sighing for rain. When it came it roared around in squalls, fell in ropes, bounced a metre off the hard earth. Dry leaves and shed snake skins surged out of the gutters. Gusts of wind blew rain horizontally into the patio. It was impossible to light the gas stove in the outdoor kitchen. One extreme to the other. After 13 years as a householder in Ubud, I am still learning how to live with the unpredictable elements.

In case you’re new to the developing world, here’s how to flush the loo when the water metre stops spinning. Take the top off the toilet tank at the back and fill it from a bucket, then flush as usual. Once you’ve dragged a few heavy (and messy) buckets of water through the house you’ll probably decide to flush as seldom as possible, so save up the payload and keep the lid down in between. If you have multiple toilets in the house, just use one for the duration. Guys should be encouraged to pee outside in the garden where it will do some good. Compost heaps love the nitrogen in urine and so do citrus trees. When Peter came to stay with me for a month I encouraged him to water the lemon tree, and that year I harvested about 50 big juicy lemons instead of the usual dozen small, dry ones. When the water’s off we only wash dishes once a day, storing dirty dishes in the sink or a plastic tub sprayed with vinegar to keep the ants away. If you use a plastic tub, then you can use the dishwater on the garden. And don’t just fling it any old where, pour it carefully around the roots of treasured plants. They love soap.

And for a comprehensive overview of Bali’s current water woes, please read /2013/ water_crisis.html by Polly Christensen. That’s the big picture, and it’s a discouraging one. As development continues unchecked and tourist arrivals continue to climb, Bali’s already finite water supply is increasingly under stress. Half of the island’s rivers have dried up in the last 10 years. My Australian friends in Ubud are particularly conscious of water conservation because they often live with drought. I learned some good tricks from them. My staff was puzzled when I bought a huge rainwater catchment tank after moving into the house. They pointed out that during the wet season there was no point collecting water because it was falling out of the sky all the time. But it’s handy to have a place to stash water in any season. It’s been a good investment. I use collected rainwater to water the garden and top up the fish pond. When the rainwater’s finished, we fill the tank, over a few days, with piped water so we always have a supply if the taps run dry. We’ve learned to keep that extra tank full no matter what the season; there can be interruptions in the water supply at any time. Even when rain is pouring out of the sky and off the eaves, distribution problems can interrupt the delivery of piped water. And we go through quite a lot of the stuff on any given day flushing toilets, watering plants, doing laundry, washing dishes, washing selves.

International Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant Extremely Accurate 30 Years Experience An Investment in your wellbeing, life, love and money. Creating a positive shift of consciousness on the planet $AUD 250. Phone Sharon : 081353376863 Email : C/HE/U-18 Sept. 13

Keep showers brief, or shower with your partner and your dog. Ideally water from the shower and all the basins in the house will leach into the garden instead of going into the septic tank. Be strategic in the garden in the dry season. Don’t water the grass at all; it will die back when it’s dry, then surge up again when the rains start. (It should be a crime to water grass when farmers don’t have enough water for their crops.) Water plants deeply at the roots, then pile mulch around the stem or trunk to retain the moisture. Mulch can be rice straw, which is plentiful at the moment, cardboard, newspaper or leaves. This creates a warm, moist environment and prevents evaporation. The thicker the mulch, the less often you’ll have to water. When the earth around the roots does dry out, water under the mulch, not on top of it. Mulch fruit trees, bushes, shrubs, tomato plants --- any plant with shallow roots. Remove mulch when the rains start. The water in fish ponds evaporates quickly in the dry season and if the pond is too shallow and the water gets too warm, your fish might poach. Make sure you have floating pond plants covering at least 70% of the surface to slow evaporation and keep the water cool. When they cover too much surface area, pull some out and use it as mulch in the garden. Remind your staff not to waste water washing the sidewalks with the that during the wet hose.

Before climate change brought so much unseasonal rain to Bali in the past few years, the weather we’ve been experiencing recently was the norm. It can be very dry indeed between July and November or December. The water supplies of many Balinese communities often dry up. We They pointed out in Ubud are privileged; season there was no point collecting because it’s a touristdestination few years ago you could we’re usually spared water water because it was falling out of the Acount the number of private and electricity shortages sky all the time swimming pools in Ubud on the that occur else-where. But I fingers of one hand. Now they can remember going without are ubiquitous. If you’ve got one, please use a cleaning piped water for five days once, which taught me not to take system that doesn’t require the water to be changed. I water for granted. That was nine years ago, but if the rains understand there are many options these days. are delayed it could happen again. I probably turn on a water tap in the house a dozen times a day to rinse my hands, wash the carrots, clean the dishes, wipe down the counter. It was quite interesting to observe my own reaction the first time I turned on a tap and nothing came out. We assume water will always be available but many -maybe most -- people in the world don’t have the luxury of running water in their own homes. It’s rather good for the character to have to think about water for a few days. See html for a sense of what it’s like when the taps run dry in Ubud.

C/He/I-16 Oct 13

Where do all the creatures disappear to in the dry season? There must be a parallel universe to which wildlife retires in the long dry weeks before the rain sets in. The usually abundant toads vanish for months and then after the first heavy rain explode into exuberant, deafening honks in all the ponds. Exquisite tree frogs pose on the shower walls and tuck themselves into my shoes. The Asian box turtle that lives at large in the garden isn’t seen for months and then when the rains begin clunks blissfully around the borders, domed shell gleaming. Bali Reptile Rescue seems busy collecting cobras and kraits from the gardens of anxious householders these days, but I seldom see the usually plentiful green pit vipers in my garden during the dry season.

C/He/G-4 Sept. 13

Premiere Salon of the Nusa Dua, Bukit, Jimbaran Area

Welcomes you to experience our professional Hair and Beauty Treatments.

*Expert Cutting and Coloring *Wedding Hair/Make Up Specialists *Indulgent Hair Treatments *Wide Selection of Gel Polish and Nail Art *Free Wifi *And Good Coffee Too

Come see us at: Jalan Uluwatu II, Jimbaran (next to Circle K) Make your next appointment by contacting us at: 03618472103 C/He/G-29 May 13

Too dry, too wet… some of Bali’s water woes could quickly be balanced if every household and hotel practiced conservation and captured large amounts of rainwater. The least we can do is respect water and not take it for granted. So many people in this world scramble for every drop.

Ibu Kat’s book of stories Bali Daze - - Freefall off the Tourist Trail is available from : - Ganesha Books in Ubud, Sanur and Seminyak - Amazon downloadable for Kindle

E-mail: Copyright © 2013 Greenspeak You can read all past articles of Greenspeak at

Aum Rudraksha Designs The “Original Malas”

created and designed by Soma Temple, a resident of Bali for more than 20 years, mixing sacred Rudraksha beads with gemstones, silver and gold. Sacred Rudraksha’s have been used for centuries by ancient sages and modern mystics to quiet the mind, cool the body, and enhance awarness. Full of Shakti to protect you. Lovingly, ethically handmade & blessed in Bingin Bali., Ph.(0361) 7420937 C/G/I-26 June 13

Bali Advertiser

30 October - 13 November, 2013

For Sale; Logitech Ultraslim keyboard for iPad. Also doubles as iPad cover. Can be used for iPad 2 or new iPad. Hardly used. Rp 600,000. Call 081 2386 6753. Canggu. [110] For Sale; Panasonic HD video camera, great condition, remote control, DVD burner, fish eye lens, camera bag & charger, memory card. sell 2.5 juta. SMS 0813 5332 0411. Sanur. [111] For Sale; Prodesign cupboard TV/Video stand, dark brown, excellent condition, hardly used. Paid 1.1 million, selling half price 550,000. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. Denpasar. [126]

For Sale; 45 bamboo dining chairs. Used but solid. 350k each or 14 million for the lot. Contact 0821 4605 1672. Canggu. [113] For Sale; Still new in box, project leftover: downlights, switch & sockets, tissue & soapholder door handles, hinges. All hundreds pcs of them only for Rp. 3 mills Nett. Pick up from Dalung, Call 0857 3717 7977. [114] For Sale; Bengkirai flooring project leftover size 20cm x 60-100cm x 3cm, around 1.5 m3 (cubic), very good for your bedroom/living room, L connection. All only for IDR 7 Mills. Pick from Ubud. Call 0857 3717 7977. [115]

Body & Spirit


Klinik PENTA Medica

24 Hours Medical Assistance

GP consultation & home visit/out call Professional emergency room service Air charter & commercial medical evacuation Dental clinic service Home care & nursing care First aid training Ambulance transfer & standby event service By joining PENTA Medicare Club (PMC), will get discounts at several medical providers in Denpasar Only IDR 135,000/year PMC Family Member IDR 486,000/year Klinik PENTA Medica

Jl. Teuku Umar Barat - Marlboro No 88, Denpasar - Bali Telp. 0361 490709 / 7446144, Fax 0361 - 490708, e-mail:

Klinik Penta Medica Candidasa

Jl. Raya Manggis No 88, Desa Manggis, Karangasem Telp. +62363 - 41909, Fax +62363 - 41002 E-mail: C/He/G-3 April 13

C/He/G-2 Oct. 13

C/He/G-30 Oct. 13

C/He/G-30 Oct. 13

C/He/G-30 Oct. 13

C/He/G-30 Oct. 13


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30 October - 13 November, 2013

Upix Nail Extensions Professional Nail Tech Acrylic and Gel

At your home, hotel or villa Phone: 0361-874 2556 +62 813 3879 1146 Email:

For Sale; Original Monster iCable. Gold plated high quality connect stereo minijack to RCA inputs (redwhite) on your stereo system. For Apple, Blackberry, laptops, or anything with minijack output. Rp. 300.000, - 081 193 9281 or <>. Sanur. [071]

For Sale; Quality China teaset brand new in box, 17 pieces, Chinese motif. 250ribu. 0361 797 6785. [120] For Sale; Canon pixma colour inkjet printer. Perfect condition, it has modification, Plenty of ink. Selling for 250,000. Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. Denpasar.[129]

C/He/I-21 August 13

C/He/I-10 July 13


IT’S MOVEMBER! Prostate Cancer Awareness Month “Movember” is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer. The Movember Foundation runs the Movember charity event, and is housed at The goal of Movember is to “change the face of men’s health.” By encouraging men or “Mo Bros” to get involved, Movember aims to increase early cancer detection, diagnosis and effective treatments, and ultimately reduce the number of preventable deaths. Besides getting an annual check-up, the Movember Foundation encourages men to be aware of any family history of cancer, and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Several community groups and schools around the Island have become “Mo-Bros” over the past few years, and raise money for various charities. Good on you guys! The PROSTATE GLAND The prostate is an exocrine gland of the male reproductive system, and exists directly under the bladder, in front of the rectum. An exocrine gland is one whose secretions end up outside the body e.g. prostate gland and sweat glands. It is approximately the size of a walnut. The urethra - a tube that goes from the bladder to the end of the penis and carries urine and semen out of the body - goes through the prostate. When a male climaxes (has an orgasm) contractions force the prostate to secrete this fluid into the urethra and leave the body through the penis. The cells in the prostate gland also produce a protein called PSA (prostate-specific antigen). Urine control As the urethra goes through the prostate: the prostate gland is also involved in urine control with the use of prostate muscle fibers. These muscle fibers in the prostate contract and release, controlling the flow of urine flowing through the urethra. Prostate Cancer In the vast majority of cases, the prostate cancer starts in the gland cells - this is called adenocarcinoma. In this article, prostate cancer refers just to adenocarcinoma. Prostate cancer is mostly a very slow progressing disease. In fact, many men die of old age, without ever knowing they had prostate cancer - it is only when an autopsy is done that doctors know it was there. Several studies have indicated that perhaps about 80% of all men in their eighties had prostate cancer when they died, but nobody knew, not even the doctor. During the early stages of prostate cancer there are usually no symptoms. Most men at this stage find out they have prostate cancer after a routine check up or blood test. When symptoms do exist, they are usually one or more of the following: Waking frequently at night to urinate Sudden or urgent need to urinate Difficulty in starting to urinate Slow flow of urine and difficulty in stopping Discomfort when urinating Painful ejaculation Blood in the urine or semen Decrease in libido (sex urge) Reduced ability to get an erection Nobody is really sure of what the specific causes are. There are so many possible factors, including age, race, lifestyle, medications, and genetics, to name a few. • Age - Prostate cancer is rare among men under the age of 45, but much more common after the age of 50.

• Genetics - In the USA prostate cancer is significantly more common and also more deadly among AfroAmericans than White-Americans. Men with a family history (brother / father) have an increased risk. If a man carries the BRCA gene he is also at higher risk. • Diet - One study suggests that men with low risk prostate cancer found that following an intensive healthy diet and lifestyle regime focusing on low meat and high vegetable and fruit intake, regular exercise, yoga stretching, meditation and support group participation, can alter the way that genes behave and change the progress of cancer. Other studies have indicated that lack of vitamin D & a diet high in red meat may raise a person’s chances of developing prostate cancer. • Medication- Some studies say there might be a link between the daily use of anti-inflammatory medicines and prostate cancer risk. A study found that statins, which are used to lower cholesterol levels, may lower a person’s risk of developing prostate cancer. • Obesity - Another study found a clear link between obesity and raised prostate cancer risk, as well as a higher risk of metastasis and death among obese people who develop prostate cancer. • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) Men who have had gonorrhea have a higher chance of developing prostate cancer. TESTING FOR PROSTATE CANCER The PSA The PSA blood test looks for the presence in the blood of a protein that is produced specifically by prostate cells called Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). The presence of an elevated PSA does not necessarily mean prostate cancer is present as there are other medical conditions that can lead to a PSA result outside the normal range. The DRE The DRE involves the doctor inserting a gloved finger in the anus, where it is possible to feel part of the surface of the prostate. Irregularities include swelling or hardening of the prostate, or lumps on the surface that may indicate development of a tumour, or other problems. The drawback to this test is that the doctor can feel only part of the prostate, so may miss irregularities beyond reach. Biopsy A biopsy is a small tissue sample taken with a spring-loaded needle. This normally conducted by a urologist. The DRE and the PSA are advisable as an annual prevention screen in all men over 50 years of age. While these tests are a little painful and perhaps embarrassing, they may save a lot more pain and heartache in the future. So to all you men out there, be aware and grow your hair! Kim Patra is a qualified registered nurse and midwife who has been living and working in Bali for almost 20 years. She now runs her own private practice and medical referral service from her Kuta office. Kim is happy to discuss any health concerns with you and she may be contacted via e-mail at info@ or Office number : 0361-2775666.

Copyright © 2013 Kim Patra You can read all past articles of Sickness & in Health at

NC/He/U-30 Oct. 13

C/He/I-12 Dec 12

PROBLEM WITH YOUR TEETH Repair and rehabilitate your teeth in less than a week.


 911 Dental : when you have very severe toothache-I need two hours-one visit to clear-just walk in to have the treatment.  For Less Price : Crown 350 AUD including root canal treatment if needed. Dental Implant 1,200 AUD (+ Crown) we have immediate loaded implants.  For a Quick Results : Teeth in a day. Porcelain Crown/Bridgework finished in one day. 14 units bridgework in one week (full mouth rehabilitation). One implant + Crown-One day. Ten implants whole mouth - one week with Ceramill Multi-X Machine.  For No Stress Procedure : Just sit down in one place and finished! No referring to other specialist because we are the specialist.  We do Cosmetic Dentistry : Laser Bleaching, Laminating For Discolored Teeth, Soft Tissue Grafting, Gum Plastic Surgery For Gummy Smile, Bone Grafting.  Now We Have CEREC Technique from Germany. We make Porcelain Crown, Inlay, Laminating, Bridgework without metal for front teeth and posterior teeth for 14 unit bridgework.  No Waiting List, just walk in and get the treatment done! D E N TA L C L I N I C INHOUSE DENTAL LAB,CEREC


BALI 911 DENTAL CLINIC IMPLANT CENTER Jl. Patimura No. 9-11 Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia Tel. (0361) 249749, 222445 Speak to the Dentist: (0361) 7440911, 0812 3800911 e-mail: Website:

for your benefit

MALL BALI GALLERIA 2nd Floor No. 2C-58/59 Jl. Raya By Pass Ngurah Rai, Simpang Dewa Ruci - Kuta Ph : (0361) 766254-55 Speak to the Dentist: (0361) 7449911 Open on Sunday


DHARMAWANGSA SQUARE Ground Floor Unit 65, Jakarta Ph: (021) 727 88284 Hp. 081 113 7241 E-mail: FOR PORCELAIN & DENTAL IMPLANT C/He/G-26 Dec. 12

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30 October - 13 November, 2013

reshape, rebalance, reform at

SUNSET PILATES STUDIO Pilates can benefit individuals wishing to: • Lengthen and strengthen muscles • Improve posture and mobility • Tone and centre the body • Align and centre the body through core stability • Help prevent Osteoporosis and Tendonitis • Aid injury rehabilitation • Improve focus and breath control

Jl. Dewi Sri No.98 Legian Kelod (Off Sunset Road) Telephone 0361 - 7914127 Bali’s first fully equipped Pilates Studio

For Sale; Sofa bed, black colour, excellent condition, hardly used. Cost 3.5 million, selling half price 1,750,000. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. Denpasar. [130]

For Sale; Two crash helmets, both brand new, ones black and the other gray colour, Selling for 95,000 and 130,000, contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. Denpasar. [127]

For Sale; Tv/video stand, dark brown colour, excellent condition, selling for 190,000, (fixed) contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. Denpasar. [131]

For Sale; BlackBerry Curve, white colour, Edge, WI-Fi and Bluetooth, excellent condition, selling for 975,000. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. Denpasar. [128]

For Sale; AMD athlon X2+fan Rp. 500rb. 2pcs ram ddr2 1 gb Rp.200rb. Pwr supply unit Simbadda Rp.200rb. CRT Monitor GTC 15” Rp.300rb. All+logitech keyboard for Rp.1 jt. All work well 0819 9943 7659. Kuta. [132]

For Sale; In perfect condition, semi new 2nd haand Pioneer DJM 700 professional mixer located in Petitenget area. For the price is 11 million. Phone: 0877 6154 5403. Email: <joe@charliebali. com>. [118]

C/He/G-01 May 13


ASIALIFE INTERNATIONAL HEALTH PLANS Monthly, quarterly, or annual payment systems


General Insurance Houses, Villas, Hotels Factories, Shops Cars, Liability PT. ASIALIFE INVEST A5, Simpang Siur Square, Kuta, Bali 80361 Contact NatalieTel: (0361) 764 488 Fax: (0361) 764 728 Email: Website: C/He/I-20 March 13

C/He/I-02 Oct 13

C/He/I-14 Nov. 12

C/He/I-04 Sept 13


Body & Spirit

Alternative Voice

30 October - 13 November, 2013

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Supplement, Yes….. but advisedly.

In an ideal world we would get all the nutrients we need from the food around us. Hence the popularity of various ”Paleo Diets”. For us to live healthy lives of decent duration it makes sense for us to eat fresh natural food that gives us the vitamins and minerals we need. If we cannot, why then it makes sense to selectively supplement. To some extent how we do this is up to us, but in many ways the choice lies beyond our control. The Paleolithic era started some 2.6 million years ago and ended around 9,000 BC, when some of us became farmers. In theory, given that our Paleolithic ancestors got the food they needed, it was and is probably the best diet going. In any event, if there were nutrient deficiencies due to location or circumstances, there was little to be done about it. So back then the main occupation of Paleolithic man and woman was feeding themselves. They hunted, they gathered, etc. The rest was bringing up the kids and downtime I guess. No nine-to-five jobs for them. It must have been nice when the sun shone and all was plentiful and at peace. But overall…. it couldn’t have been that great or we’d still be doing it. Contrast that to the year 2013 of our Common Era. We have thrived and huge numbers of us live in a very complex world. Hunting and gathering isn’t an option. Convenience rules and our food chain is industrialized. The price we pay for such astronomic levels of production is that our food is in large part de-natured and fouled. A process that has accelerated alarmingly in the past sixty years. To eat as the Paleolith did today, if it were possible, would be time consuming and very expensive. Nonetheless some of us do what we can, seeking out real food where we can.

Today it’s “Paleo Plus” Which brings us to supplementation. But before that, a word on pharmaceutical drugs. They are to be avoided, except when we need them. By and large they do not cure anything, they alleviate symptoms. Over time they cause other symptoms. If you don’t believe me, consider the worrying fact that 50% of new drugs in the US are withdrawn after 6 years. Do not overrule your doctor on the subject, but they are not things you should take for long periods of time. Humans are adapted to getting nutrients from whole foods. Most nutrients require enzymes, synergistic cofactors and organic minerals for absorption. While these are naturally present in foods (at least in Paleolithic times) they are often not included in synthetic vitamins with isolated nutrients. In short get your nutrients from food whenever you can. There are five key nutrients that no matter how well we eat are hard to obtain from diet alone. These are literally the substances on which life and wellbeing depend.

C/He/I-28 Nov 12

First off, what does the number 30 tell you? It’s a month’s supply, right? So for a start my product lasts three times longer. Not only that, milligram for milligram my CoQ10 is seven times cheaper. It doesn’t end there. You don’t deliver CoQ10 in tablet form. It doesn’t get absorbed. Finally, there are various forms of CoQ10, some more effective than others. You can safely assume that even if kosher (the label was a well known one) the $9.00 CoQ10 is using the cheapest ingredients possible. Lastly, you should know that the therapeutic dose of CoQ10 is 60 to 300 mg p/day. Now let’s take herbs. I could go out into a field someplace and cut me a cartload of stinging nettles. Dry them, cut and grind them up into a powder and put 240mg of it into 30 capsules and flog it to you by the bottle for $24, handsomely packaged as Urtica Dioica (stinging nettle), whose active ingredient improves prostate function. The operative word is ‘active ingredient’ and there’d be precious little of that in the 10 gm or so of powder you’d bought from my cartload of nettles. Ginkgo Biloba is a known cognition enhancer. I can buy 365 capsules of 250mg, a year’s supply, for $34 of top quality. Or, I could be conned into paying the same amount for 30 expensively blister-packed caps of unknown provenance containing excess amounts of ginkgolic acid, which is what you don’t want being the toxic part of the leaf. In an industry now approaching $40 billion p.a. and not well regulated some fraud is to be expected and supplements are an easy mark. By far the greatest number of brands on the market, however, about 75%, comprise low cost, low dose, high margin expensively packaged and intensively marketed products. Smart marketing has never been against the law, but in large part these goods are therapeutically useless. Low quality ingredients, sub-optimally formulated and in dosages too low to do any good, particularly with the complex formulations. Not all high street brands are bad, some are good if you stick to single ingredient products and know what you’re doing.

C/He/I-18 Sept 13

Prevention is the Smart Way

I make a practice of buying ‘practitioner only’ brands. Not because there are no villains in this sector (there are) but because pretty soon you come to know which companies provide cost-effective products and who jealously guard their therapeutic reputation in the market. Here in Bali some other factors need to be taken into account. Rancidity being If nothing else, consider supplementing with Vitamin A one. Oils and powders can and do go rancid quickly if not (Retinol) 10,000 to 15,000 IU p/day; Vitamin D 2,000 to transported or stored correctly. Rancid products don’t just 5,000 IU p/day; Vitamin K2, c. 1,000 mcg; Magnesium, 400 taste unpleasant, they send oxidants coursing through your to 800 mg p/day; and Vitamin C, 500 to 1,000mg, several body, which is one of the things you are spending good grams if facing chronic health challenge or infection. Other money to avoid. key substances to consider are selenium (200 mcg) and iodine (75 mcg). Take care with iodine though, too much And what about cold chain supply? There’s really no point in swallowing 30 bilion strains of dead bacteria, who have long can trigger autoimmune diseases. since expired before you get to buy them from the freezer in Over and above this it’s up to you, what you know, how old a health store. Until I found a supplier whose cold chain you are, what you need and what you can afford. supply I could trust I always bought my probiotics freezeRemember, prevention will save you a swagload of money dried (it works 80%). and quite likely your life. If you know what you are doing and are well advised, Weasel Ways supplements can and do play a significant part in preventing and treating chronic disease. There is no clear line between In my case I take active nutritional steps against the early the nutritional and allopathic approach to medicine and we stages of cardiovascular disease and to maintain prostate are left to make our own way as best we can. Alas, we are health. I take probiotics and Omega 3 fatty acids and given not always well served by our doctors when attempting to my memory lapses I tweak things a bit with some cognitive plot our course and we remain prey to hucksters and enhancement. You can easily spend anything between charlatans along the way. We must however continue to try. US$500 to $5,000 p.a. on supplements and do it very Abdication is not a viable option. effectively with either sum. Or, or you can just as easily throw it away. It depends on what you know. So here’s ParacelsusAsia’s quick run-around-the block how to buy smart and not get stiffed. Let’s start with three examples. CoQ10 is a vital component of mitochondrial function. It is not cheap and there are many ways for manufacturers to shortchange you. I buy 100 soft gels of CoQ10 containing 100mg at a cost of US$46. I take one-a-day. In a health store I see a label selling 30 tablets of 10mg of CoQ10 at $9.00 and the recommended dosage is also 1 p/day. So which product would you buy?


Comments or queries Copyright © 2013 ParacelsusAsia You can read all past articles of Alternative Voice at www. C/He/I-30 Oct. 13

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30 October - 13 November, 2013

For Sale; Very nice ceramic water dispenser with two fish on it. <bhava_dance@>. [011]

C/He/I-12 Dec 12

COSMOB oSALON & SPA d y T r e a t m e n t s

H a i r & y r it and t t Jus se ef or

Our renovation is getting rave reviews from our customers. Please book your time slot so you are not disappointed; we are open 10AM - 10PM. Try our six massages with the best therapists in Bali.

elf urs yo

For Sale; iPhone 4, white, IOS7, 3.5 juta, iPhone 3G, 1.5, iPad 2, wifi, 16 gig., 3.5 juta, all in excellent condition with case and charger. 081339-405-579. [014]

Wanted; Free or cheap unwanted bed frames, matresses and furniture for poor balinese family we have been supporting in Jimbaran. Must be good quality and condition. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Contact <>. Thank you Mat. [013]


Featuring Clinique and OPI products Jl. Danau Tamblingan # 154 Sanur ď&#x20AC;Śď&#x20AC; 286330 C/He/G-18 Sept. 13

C/He/G-30 Oct. 13

C/He/G-24 July 13

C/He/I-18 Sept 13

C/He/I-18 Sept 13

C/He/G-16 Oct. 13

Computer & Internet Wanted; Mini DV camcorder, if you have one of these in perfect working order, maybe you don’t use any more, give me a call. Must be Mini DV. 3CCD is even better. Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. Denpasar. [122] For Sale; Altec active speaker system. Two speakers and one base speaker. Can be used for computer, TV, tablet or phone, only used a few times. Selling for 190,000, contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. Denpasar. [123] For Sale; Yanni CDs: Winter Light, Tribute, Live at Acropolis and Yanni collections. Excellent used condition of each, IDR 150,000 for all or IDR 45,000 for each. 081 2699 2983. Jimbaran. [101]

C/Ci/I-16 Oct 13


C/CI/G-29 May 13


For Sale; Krisbow towel rack chrome from ACE Hardware, lightweight and attractive, easy to assemble, convenient shelf for storage, W 62.5 D 22.5 H 80.5 cm, IDR 185,000. 081 2699 2983. Jimbaran. [102] C/CI/G - 23 Jan. 13

Community Groups

Part 4 of 9 (See all Community Groups at

English Language Non-denominational Worship Service in UBUD While you’re staying in Ubud, join us for English Worship Service every Sunday at 9:00am at Shalom Hill Christian House on Jalan Gunung Sari (on the left, traveling East, about 400 meters from the main intersection of Jl. Andong and Jl. Peliatan). We are a diverse group of Christians coming together sharing our faith, conversation, coffee and tales from travelers just like yourself! Spend an hour with us as we sing and renew our faith-lives together. Stay for the Indonesian service that follows at 10:00 if you’d like to learn more about Indonesia through Indonesian Worship Service (they’ve got a great choir!). It’s a wonderful way to start your new week in paradise. For further information please call Mark 087861484103, Delita 0813 3835 6240.

Makro) or call 081 2386 8888, 081 2389 8888. Helping others practical ideas for making greener lifestyle choices. An to be healthier, happier, and closer to divine sources to attain informal, self-organizing network - Every month in Ubud!! We enlightenment and yoga. welcome Indonesian and English speakers. Suggestions for topics and speakers are always welcome - please contact Free Book Swap Ubud Green Drinks Ubud on Facebook. To receive updates about First Saturday of each month. Starts at 10am. At Bayu’s speakers, please join Green Drinks Ubud on Facebook. When: Kitchen, Penestanan. Ubud. Bring your books and swap with 2nd Tuesday of each month, 6:30 pm – 7:30pmish … and others. No charge book swap. Ring 081337541445 for more onwards. Where: Bali Buda Ubud, Jl Jembawan #1 (across information. from the Ubud Post Office). See you There!

Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) Exercises Please come and join us for free: Exercise and meditation Falun Dafa, a powerful ancient practice to improve body, mind, spirit, and development of xinxing (heart-mind nature). Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 pm, on Sunday at 5:30 a.m.-7:00 a.m. at East Terrace Niti Mandala Renon Field. For more information call Mr. Keyar, Hp. 0812 360 7149, Mr. Agung Eka, ph. 0361-228974, Mrs. Etty Andy, ph. 0361722629. Other places for exercise are Puputan Badung Field Denpasar, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Jimbaran.

Hashing in Bali The best way of seeing the real Bali. Hash runs are held every Gateway Community Church - Sanur Saturday, Monday and Thursday at 4:30. Hash sheets with English language, every Sunday morning at 10:00 am at maps and contact details are available at The Cat and Fiddle Gateway Community Center, Sanur. Interdenominational. All Restaurant and Mercy Photo in Sanur, Glory Restaurant and are welcome. Contact person Chrisna Ririhena 0361-285 083 or Bali Video in Kuta, Lips Bar in Seminyak and Naughty Nuri’s 0852 3881 5069. Warung in Ubud. Check out the website at: <www.balihash. com> for the latest hash news. Greendrinks Greendrinks is an international network of people who are Indonesian Philatelist Association interested in all things green and is open to every one. We can We invite all stamp collectors and coin & bank note collectors make new friends or catch up with old ones, learn how others to join Monthly Philately & Numismatic Bourse. At Denpasar see things or do things, create new ideas. Saying “Are you Post Office every month at second week on Sunday start 9.30 green?” will ensure a warm welcome. Green Drinks has more am. The activities are bourse, auction and some times than 494 chapters worldwide. No membership fees. Everyone philatelist coaching and mini exhibition. More info pls contact is welcome. Fun is compulsory so invite your friends. Come Mr. Ngurah Surya 081 755 4032 or email to: <suryastampsbali@ and share your green thinking with other like minded people>. and make it happen in Bali. Every first Monday of the month, 6.00pm @Manik Organik, Jl. Danau Tamblingan 85, Sanur, Informal Gathering 0361-855 3380, <>, <www. Come and join us for a free informal gathering every Thursday>. and Sunday from 06.00 pm - 09.00 pm. Facilitated by : Agung Indra & Putu who have helped many people by enabling them Green Drinks Ubud to contact their ancestors for the answer, directions and healing Green Drinks is a monthly gathering with different speakers they need to create more happiness, health, and peace in their and topics, around 20-30 minutes. After the speaker, time for lives. Surya Dharma Healing Center, behind Dharma Usada “Green” Minds & Souls for learning, sharing, networking. We Clinic, West Cemetery Str. Ubud. Phone: 0361- 976123, 0361invite a speaker who can explore relevant issues and deliver 971878 or email: <>.

Falun Dafa FREE Practice & Meditation Held regularly every Sunday at 4pm to 6pm on Hard Rock Hotel beach - Kuta. Come and start enjoying the marvellous benefits of this righteous cultivation practised by more than 100 million people worldwide. Jaya Waterman, Nusa Dua-Bali <> or 081 819 5318. Free Attunement Reiki Usui & Reiki Tummo® Clinic (Padmajaya Bali) Activities every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Free healing with Reiki Tummo® at 19.00 till 21.00 hrs. Free online “Open Heart Prayer” in Indonesian and English language at 21.00 till 22.00 hrs. Activities every month (last Saturday): Free attunement Reiki Usui at 15.00 till 17.00 hrs. Please come join with us, at our Tummo® Reiki Clinic in Ruko Istana Regency Blok L No. 10, Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Denpasar (next to

Gallery Kupu - Kupu Located in Ubud on the corner of Jalan Raya and Jalan Hanoman, just in front of the BPD Bank, selling handicrafts made by disabled young artists, this project helps disabled artists to have their own income so they can support their families, be more independent and have more confidence. Please come and help us to help them!

Hare Krisna Come join us and find peace. Every Sunday at 10:30 am. Pesraman “Sri Sri Radha Rasesvara” (Bhakti Yoga). Jl. Tanah Suci, Br. Subak Abian Darmayasa, Kec. Abian Semal. Call : (0361) 480 937, 228 391. Email : <>.

COMMUNITY GROUPS is free for all non profit activities, groups, etc. For your group to be listed here contact: Bali Advertiser Tel. 755 392 / Fax 764 191 or email : Please notify our office for any corrections or changes. Let’s keep this up to date!

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Computer & Internet

30 October - 13 November, 2013

Starting package Rp. 1.850.000/static web incl. annual web hosting & domain name (space up to 250Mb)

For Sale; Small teak table, cm 30x40 h 25, suitable beside the bed or for kids, 220.000 rps; 2 small wooden stools, carved in the shape of sheep, cm 40x15 h15, one white and one brown, ethnic style 250.000 rps both. For pictures contact 0818 0566 2911 Legian. [147]

Bali PC Advisor

For Sale; Jacaranda Tree (Jacaranda Mimosifolia), 50 to 60cm tall. Ready to be planted in ground. When mature, it blooms numerous clusters of purple-blue flowers. Very spectacular. Please Google first. Sold nowhere in Bali. 175,000Rp. Contact 0819 9948 0555. Legian. [155]


UPS & Stabilizers


Uninterruptible Power Supply

The Best Solution For Power System

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by Pak Bruce

A Bunch of great computer hints HINTS, HINTS, and more HINTS

C/CI/G-4 Sept. 13

* Don’t let a spilled drink ruin your laptop. If you keep your cool when a spill occurs, you may be able to prevent your data from disappearing and your motherboard from frying. Instead of panicking, quickly but methodically unplug the power cord and yank out the battery--don’t wait for Windows to power off. Next, detach anything connected to the PC (network cables, USB devices) and pull out any readily removable components such as an optical drive. Tilt the laptop to try to drain the liquid in the direction that it spilled onto your PC, but be careful--you don’t want to tilt the laptop in a direction that would allow the liquid to seep even deeper in. If you see liquid on the surface of the laptop, dab it off with a towel. At this point, unless you’re comfortable disassembling your PC and cleaning it with electronics cleaner, you’ll probably want to take it to a tech. * Clear your system tray. Apps often park themselves in the system tray (the row of icons on the right side of your taskbar) and stay open without your realizing it. Take the time to clear it out occasionally. Open the Notification Area Icons control panel, and check the box on the bottom that says Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar to get a sense of how cluttered your system tray is; then right-click each one you don’t need and choose Close. Your RAM will thank you.

C/CI/I-06 March 13

* Creating GREAT (and easy to remember) passwords: Come up with a short phrase you’re likely to remember. Just like in school, it helps to make your mnemonic really bizarre—the stranger the phrase, the easier it’ll be to remember. For example, Kim Kardashian is the most amazing woman in all 50 states, or Mitt Romney and Barack Obama decided to make 10 waffles. Notice that my phrases use a mix of capitalized and lowercase words, and I added some numbers as well. To make a password, just take the first letter of each word in your phrase. The sentences above would turn into KKit mawia50s and MRaBOdtm10w. Both of those passwords are extremely strong—they’re long, and they’re free of common English words that can be guessed by a computer. You can generate different passwords for different sites by varying your phrase slightly for each one. The phrase LinkedIn is terrible at securing its passwords so it’s my 10th favorite social network will create a password for LinkedIn (LIitasipsim10fsn) as well as for Twitter (Titasipsim9fsn), Facebook, MySpace, and on and on. OR The new, even better way to fix your terrible passwords (which sadly doesn’t work everywhere): Start with the same method as above—choose a short, memorable phrase. And that’s it. Instead of turning the phrase into a one-word password, just use the whole phrase as your password. For instance, Mitt loves when Barack makes waffles. That’s a memorable phrase. It’s also an extremely strong password just by itself—stronger, even, than a password made up of that phrase’s initial letters. Instead of shortening the phrase, just type the whole thing in as your password. That’s easier than typing a jumble of symbols and uppercase and lowercase letters, and it’s easier to remember, too. * Double Space a Document in 2 Keystrokes If you create a lot of documents, invariably, you will use the double-space formatting for either a paragraph of an entire document at some point.

Rajawali System Solution Jl. Pura Mertasari No. 9 Sunset Road Simpang Siur, Kuta Tel: (0361) 740 4990, 8477 456 Email:

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Instead of going into the Paragraph menu to format the text, give this a try: • Select the text you want to change (or use Ctrl-A to Select All) • Press the Ctrl+2 to double-space • Press the Ctrl+5 to 1.5 space • Press the Ctrl+1 to return to single-space * How to Batch Rename Files in Windows If you are an avid digital photographer, you know that your camera automatically assigns useless file names to your pictures as they are taken. If you want to rename lots of pictures from the same session of vacation as a group so that they become easier to identify later Windows Explorer has a quick, built-in way to rename multiple files at once, although it’s pretty well hidden. First, locate the files you want to rename and place them in the same folder. Use the columns at the top of the list in details view to order the files how you’d like them, like by date – Windows Explorer will number the files starting from the top at the list. Select all the files you want to rename, right-click the first one and select Rename. Type your desired base file name and press Enter. Windows Explorer will take your base name and add a number to each file’s name. This method is good for cleaning up messy names. * Don’t let charging kiosks steal your data You’re in the mall. You must send an important email. Your smartphone is about to die. You spot a charging kiosk! You plug in! Now say goodbye to your data. Generally the charging kiosks you find at airports will probably be safe, but those you find at malls and other public places... well, who knows who put them there, or what kind of software is running inside it? The best thing to do is to always carry your charging cord that plugs into a regular old power outlet. I know it’s not always convenient, but better safe than sorry. ============================================================================================ Have a question or problem? Write me at I’ll try and answer as soon as I can. Bali PC Advisor and other Bali Advertiser article Archives now ONLINE: If you are tired of trying to type the links you see in the printed articles you go to the Archive and cut-paste them PakBruce, your Bali PC Advisor! ©2004 - 2013 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission of the author or The Bali Advertiser C/CI/I-30 Oct. 13

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For Sale; Teak flooring project leftover size W=8cm, L=30-50cm, T=2cm around 2m3, very good for your bedroom/living room, plain planks. Can see installed one in Ubud. All only for Rp. 7 Mills. Call us 0857 3717 7977. [116] Wanted to buy one ladies 26 inch second-hand bicycle, in good condition. Prepared to pay Rp 550.000 approx. needs to be in the Canggu area or close by. Mobile no 0821 4705 5890. [117] For Sale; Blackberry Apollo, white color, excellent condition, phone & charger only. Sale Rp. 1.2 juta (nego). Call/SMS 0813 5305 0000. Kuta. [026]

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For Sale; Dinner set porcelain boxed brand new 54 pieces, Chinese willow pattern 550ribu. 0361 797 6785. [119] You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.


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Moving Out Sale; Sony 21”TV + DVD player Rp500K; Toshiba Glacio 1 Door Fridge Rp750K; Olympia wardrobe, hanging cabinet, TV cabinet Rp100K each; LG 1Pk air conditioning Rp. 1,300K. Call/SMS 0812 9092 6538 or email <ten.>. Kuta. [012]

For Sale; Blackberry Curve 8520, new open box with everything, never used 1 juta. Call Bob 0878 6180 7312. Jimbaran. [048] For Sale; Desktop computer memory. 4 1gb sticks of ddr2 667 PC5300 200,000rp for 4. Call Bob 0878 6180 7312. Jimbaran. [049]

For Sale; Refrigerator Samsung 280L. Only used 9 months-excellent condition & still under warranty. Selling because need more space to accommodate new family members. Selling at 2.5 million Rupiah. Please email <> for more info and pictures. Seminyak. [039]


by The Garden Doctor

by Dr. Kris

Flower Arrangements • Wedding Decoration • Cut Flowers • Bouquet • Gifts Villa Cemara Indah No. 13

Br. Semer, Kerobokan, Kuta - Bali 80361 Phone : (0361) 7422 654 http : // E-mail: C/Ho/I-17 April 13

Gardening Tips for Everyone

Here are some of the quickest tips to help cover a whole range of issues in the garden. At least a few if not all of these will be of use to the average gardener! Here they are…….

you will end up with a more stable soil temperature which is better for all round growth. The final benefit is that it can also make potted plants look much more attractive.

Keep a photo diary of your garden, especially before and after shots of various projects and plants that you are working on. It will give you a rewarding sense of accomplishment when you look back on how much you have achieved. It will also be a reminder of what works and what didn’t work. This information will become invaluable to you in the future, and will probably become more useful than the best garden reference book in your entire collection.

Always try to keep some plants indoors in pots. Research has shown that plants growing indoors are able to absorb airborne toxins that can accumulate in the house. They are absorbed by both the plants and soil microbes, so do yourself a favor and stay healthy by keeping some indoor plants. Indoor plants also need a shower in the rain every so often, so remember to get them outside at least once a month if it happens to be raining, this will wash the dust off the foliage and freshen the soil. Make sure that they won’t be in a place of direct sunlight should the rain stop, and the clouds part, as this could severely damage an indoor plant. Don’t throw out old shoes or boots, recycle them in the garden! You can use them filled with soil and plant with herbs or flowers, then place them strategically around the garden to add a unique interesting touch. Even better just leave the new plantings by the front doorstep!

One of the best things that you can do to keep your flower garden looking attractive and fresh is to regularly deadhead. Make a habit of walking around your entire garden every few weeks and cut off the old tired flower heads and shoots that have died back and dried out. This will keep the plants looking healthy, with the advantage of encouraging new growth and more regular blooms of flowers. This is also true of your fruit and vegetable plants. For example if you are growing chillies make sure to pick them as soon as they are ready, rather than leave them on the plant too long. You will find the more that you pick the more that will grow! Make your roses look their best by spraying the leaves every few weeks with liquid seaweed fertilizer. Start spraying when the buds appear and continue as long as they are flowering. Healthy leaves are much less likely to contract black spot and powdery mildew, and it will also make them more resistant to pest attack. Just make sure to do it in the early morning, rather than the evening. When pruning roses the most important point to remember is that your secateurs, or cutting implement must be very sharp! A blunt cutting implement won’t cut, but rather tear at the stem, and this will do more damage than good. Gardenias grow best in a sunny position, with some protection from the full heat of the sun at the hottest time of the year. They will also require some shelter from the prevailing winds, a well drained soil and a regular scattering of compost around the soil. When planting new trees and shrubs bigger is not always better, especially when water is short supply. Smaller plantings such as tube-stock are cheaper, less likely to suffer transplant shock and will need less water to become established. In the long run tube-stock will often outgrow larger sized plants planted at the same time. For gardeners that live close to the sea, make sure to hose over the plants regularly to remove accumulated salt from the foliage picked up from the onshore winds. For mulch you may consider using gravel or pebbles instead of organic material such as bark, as it won’t be easily blown away, it will also last longer. To prevent potted plants from drying out too quickly try using plastic or glazed pots that will lose less water compared to terracotta. It will also help if you can spread gravel or pebbles across the top of the soil of your potted plants. It will shield the soil from extremes of heat and also protects it from drying out too easily, whilst also adding weight therefore stabilizing pots during heavy winds. It will also keep the soil warmer during cooler periods, so

C/Ho/G-12 Dec. 12

If you don’t have room for a regular vegetable garden, you can easily produce something from a small area by choosing space savers that will still produce. Try chillies, capsicums, spring onions, strawberries, cherry tomatoes and all sorts of herbs, like parsley, basil, thyme, and oregano. They will also look great in pots! Salad vegetables such as the many varieties of lettuces and chives are easy to grow in a large bowl shaped container on a balcony or even inside near a sunny window. A confusing mix of sights and scents can help deter certain insect pests. Avoid monoculture (plants of one type) by mixing plants from different families. Instead of planting long rows of a single crop, plant onions with tomatoes, basil and parsley. Or interplant vegetables with flowers such as asters or marigolds, flowers will attract pollinators which will lead to greater fruit and vegetable yields. When buying fertiliser always read the label to find out the NPK ratio (that is nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) that it contains, and whether this is best suited to your needs. Better to go without than use something that is unsuitable. Try to take a walk throughout your garden on a daily basis if possible. That way you will get the full benefit of enjoyment that it can bring to you. You can observe the buds becoming flowers, and the flowers becoming fruit, vegetable or seed. Additionally any pest or disease will be easily spotted and you will be able to take evasive action and eradicate it before it takes hold. Wooden House & Gazebo Building Contractor Architect Premium Wood Supplier Kitchen Set Custom Furniture

For more information, please check our website Call Jimmy +62361 7435539, Dani +62361 7817098 Email: Address: Jl. Pemelisan 8x, Sanur, Denpasar Bali C/Ho/I-10 July 13

My final tip for today…..Gardening will become so much more enjoyable when you stick to growing plants suited to the environmental conditions of your area, otherwise you will be fighting a constant uphill battle that may even tire you of gardening altogether. Have a great gardening day! Dr. Kris Garden Doctor Contact: Copyright © 2013 Dr. Kris You can read all past articles of Garden Doctor at C/Ho/G-29 May 13

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from the

A Blurb from the Kulture Kid! By Vaughan Hatch

Halo Mrrr John! You don’t have to live in Indonesia long to learn that people here talk more formally than in western countries. Adults (particularly those who are already married or have kids) are referred to as Bapak (Mr) or Ibu (Mrs) so and so; children refer to older children as kakak (older brother or older sister) so and so; adult friends of the family are referred to as Paman (uncle) or Tante (aunt) so and so; and grandparents are Kakek (grandfather) or Nenek (grandmother) so and so. A person who has a position of authority or respect may use their title with Bapak or Ibu in front of it, such as Pak Mangku (Mr Lay-priest), Pak Kepala Desa (Mr Village Chief) or Ibu Guru (Mrs Teacher). Young men are referred to as Mas (a Javanese term) or Bli (Balinese). The use of Ms (Nyonya), at least in Bali, is extremely rare in Bali, and young women may be referred to as Mbak (a Javanese term) or Mbok (Balinese). Since any part of a person’s name can form the suffix, a person named Wayan Sugiarta for example could be called Bapak Sugiarta or Bapak Wayan. This is where the confusion slips in when translated into English. Since we are normally introduced to Indonesians with our first names, this is the name they know us by in their minds; however, since it is impolite in Indonesian culture to refer to someone who is an adult without a title, it is natural for Mr or Mrs to be added. Hence the awkward, unfamiliar ‘Mr John’ or ‘Mrs Mary’ that we hear all the time to address foreigners in English. Bizarrely enough, many expats choose to keep this Indonesian-ism and refer to themselves in this way. Other “bule” protest about the English version and keep the Indonesian prefix. Many prefer to drop it altogether but this can risk a drop in our ‘respect ratings’. More on this in the next issue of Kulture Kid. Copyright © Kulture Kid 2013 You can read all past articles of Kulture Kid at C/Ho/G-10 July 13


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Filtering & Gardening products

Showroom and Office: Jl. Hang Tuah 42 (50), Sanur 80227 (opposite KFC), Bali - Indonesia Phone: 62-361-281488, Fax: 62-361-288031 Email:

Forgiveness is a perfectly selfish act. It sets you free from the past.

For Sale; Upright standing garment clothing steamer Maier C/J203. Stone-grey. Hanger circle freely. Water capacity: 3.5L. Telescopic rod. 1 year old. Barely used. Bought for Rp. 1.400.000. Selling for Rp. 700.000. Email <ggerin84@gmail. com> or phone 0813 3967 0164. Seminyak. [036]

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For Sale; Mountainbike, size 26 inch, good condition, Shimano 18 speed, front suspension, inclusive airpump. Available 31 October 2013, Rp 750.000. Phone 081 9999 28718, Ketewel. [031]

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For Sale; Corner TV unit 1.5 long. Dark wood, easy glide drawers manufactured by Jezz, costs 3.9 million. Only 1.5 years old. As new sell 1.5 million. Tel. 0361 284 466. [032]

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Every problem has a limited life span.

C/Ho/I-02 Oct 13

3M Vikuiti™ Rear Projection Screen & Film

Now you can capture your audience’s attention with more sharpness, clarity and definition than ever before. Quite simply, VikuitiTM technology adds another dimension to rear projection displays, whatever you’re screening. It’s applicable for cafe or restaurant, real estate agents, cars showroom, villa or other types of businesses. Display your HD picture from projector in window glass or acrylic as smooth as best TV HD solutions.

C/Ho/G-4 Sept. 13

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LIMAJARI PUBLIC STORAGE OFFERS YOU: - Short term and long term storages - Small and large volumes - Pick and pack service at your house - Racks available for storage of archives - Temperature controlled room upon request - Discount on long term rentals - Safe and secure environment

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For Sale; MacBook Pro 15” OS X 10.8, 5.2.66 Ghz IntelCore 2 Duo, 320 GB, Ram 4G DDR 3, Graphics FeForce 9400 IDR 6.800.000 nett. Deficiency there is a small blue line in LCD. Call/ sms 0818 0263 1919. [006] For Sale; Ruby rings (mirah) and saphire rings Rp. 199.000 - 900.000 with bintang. Broken TV 29”, DVD, satellite receiver, 2 radios, 1 microwave, together Rp. 990.000. Rolex watch Rp. 249.000. EF950 generator 650Watt Rp. 899.000, Motorola mobile + laptop, all Rp. 990.000. <berndpfluger@>. 0363 420 85, phone & fax / 0878 6302 1381. Candidasa. [028]

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Luxurious design with affordable flair C/Ho/G-3 April 13

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Building & Maintenance

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“A Cheeky Affair” Only a few brief decades ago the first awareness of bamboo for many a young lad was a painful one, a cheeky sort of affair taken in a stooping position, the introduction to the material in question being executed by a sadistic schoolmaster whose most joyous moments in an otherwise totally tedious life were when wielding “Bessie” his beloved instrument of corporal correction. The strength and flexibility of the wondrous grass being self evident from the first moment of contact. Last issue we looked at bamboo, a material even more versatile than duck tape. We also looked at how bamboo is cut, handled and treated to make it last at least until Aunt Fanny pops her clogs. For eons (there’s that word again) of time the Balinese have used bamboo for building finding it cheap, plentiful and easy to work while wearing a sarong. Their structures tend to be functional and of standard rectangular forms with vertical walls and pitched roofs. In recent years, however, some very creative people have been developing amazing free flowing designs in which rectangles are rarer than virgins in a brothel.

is an excellent flooring wood but, due to high costs, people are seeking alternatives. Laminated bamboo is being increasingly used to make flooring panels. Bamboo is hard and wear resistant (though not as hard as a good hardwood of course) and has a warm natural look and feel. To make floor panels it is necessary to cut the bamboo into strips and glue them together with several layers set at right angles (the technique used to make plywood). Setting the grain crossed in this way makes the panels both strong and very stable. Laminated bamboo can be used to make beautiful doors but they can be very heavy and it is a good idea to use a honeycomb interior with laminated surfaces to reduce the weight.

For Sale; Luxury digital grand piano & synthesizer, Yamaha Clavinova CVP505: graded keys, hundreds of natural sounds, complete drum sections, unlimited recording, powerful sound, elegant genuine wooden body. As new! Pls contact <>. Denpasar. [175]

Avoid direct contact with the ground. Keep it out of the rain (except roofs of course). Provide adequate drainage around the building to keep the area as dry as possible. Provide adequate ventilation in the building. Building design needs to support these factors and where possible use extended roofs that protect the walls and structure from direct sun and rain. Another important design consideration is how the bamboo is joined. Traditional methods involve the use of bamboo pegs and coarse twine made from coconut fibres. There are some fairly sophisticated jointing methods around these days but contemporary construction often involves the use of bolts through bamboo sections filled with concrete. Bamboo can be used for building in various different forms. In construction it can be used in its natural tubular form for beams, columns and supports. Bamboo can be split down its length and flattened out to form long narrow sheets. These are widely used for walls, floor surfacing and, more recently, roofing. Bamboo can also be split into thin strips that are woven into sheets known as gedeg and used for walls, ceilings, blinds and furniture. Some forms of gedeg can be very fine and may have patterns woven into them using different colours of bamboo. Bamboo can also be laminated and this opens up considerably more useful applications. To laminate bamboo it is accurately machined (to engineering rather than carpentry levels of accuracy) then glued together and clamped tightly until the glue has set. This gives a very dense and heavy material that can be used as a replacement for wood for such things as window and door frames, doors, flooring, furniture, etc. It can even be used for large structural beams in buildings. Laminating from strips also makes it possible to laminate curved or arched beams opening up design possibilities for creative architects. The strips individually bend easily but once laminated into curves the bamboo becomes rigid and very strong. The glue commonly used for laminating is PVA glue, the type widely used by woodworkers. For some uses bamboo can be cut fairly roughly and “stitched” together using long dowels (rods). This is a very effective way of making flooring panels, steps or shelves. Bamboo has been used for roof frames since time immoral. It is strong, fairly light in weight and flexes which allows it to absorb shock loadings which is very useful for resisting strong winds, earthquakes or 10 year old boys. Probably one of the least acknowledged uses for bamboo is for roof coverings. In the area around the traditional village of Penglipuran near Bangli you will find roofs covered with bamboo shingles. Some are quite thick and nailed in place while others are much thinner and woven together at their upper ends rather like alang alang.

Abundance is not something we acquire. It’s something we tune into.

QUICK & SMART SERVICES WE DO ALL BUILDING SERVICES * Architect Design * Waterproof * Painting * Pool Maintance * Renovation

* Electrical * Plumbing * Carpentry * Roof and Floor

Phone : (0361) 9264536 you call and we quickly mobile : 087862732753 respond (free for inspection) C/BM/G-15 May 13

Door and window frames can also be made from bamboo. The bamboo is laminated to make up lengths which are then cut and planed in the same way that wood is used. External windows get a lot of punishment from the weather and it is important to make sure the bamboo is well varnished and that the varnish is kept in good condition.


First let us look at some important design considerations. When building with bamboo it is important to:

For Sale; Motorola SB5100 cable modem. Full set with box. Very good cond. Rp.300,000. Contact 081 116 8805 or <peazefrog@>. Ubud. [180]


Panels for insulation, soundproofing or wall fill can be made using bamboo shavings mixed with cement.


So what about design? A good question. It’s very difficult to describe what is being achieved and all I can do is suggest that you go and have a look. Bali is probably one of the best places in the world to see bamboo buildings.

Phone: 0858 5702 2280 / (0361) 7433334 E-mail : C/BM/P-26 June 13

Linda Garland’s well known bamboo house started it all many years ago and can be seen at her estate which is now known as Panchoran Retreat situated just South of Ubud. John Hardy is a pioneer with a passion in the use of bamboo. He is the driving force that set up the Green School in the Sibang area near Mambal, an amazing creation and the realisation of a very ambitious vision. The immense 3 storey Heart of School building is surrounded by 20 or 30 other buildings all built from bamboo. The school also features two bamboo bridges across the Ayung River. Every use for bamboo imaginable has been demonstrated at the Green School and the architecture is stunning.

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The experts for building with bamboo are PT Bamboo Pure whose factory is close to the Green School. PT Bamboo Pure design and construct architectural masterpieces and have built Green Village, a complex of bamboo houses quite close to the Green School.

If You Have a Problem with.....

These houses really are works of art, they are also serious buildings, their latest creation is five stories high. The creative genius behind the design team is Elora Hardy who uses a construction process very different from conventional approaches to building construction. This is due to the fact that the buildings are complex 3 dimensional structures that simply cannot be fully documented on paper. Initial concept sketches lead to working drawings which are developed as far as is practicable. From the drawings 3 dimensional scale models are built which are then used as patterns to build the buildings themselves. Even then the structures evolve with a constant process of design as construction proceeds. It is a highly intensive design process and very labour intensive but the results are truly spectacular with every element of each building a work of art in itself. Conventional design concepts or building techniques simply don’t feature in these structures. Green Village is a showcase of what can be achieved with bamboo and demonstrates the fact that we are limited only by our imagination.


(62 361) 360 0143, 361 780 9219  (62 361) 725 137 (62 31) 841 6191 (hunting)  (62 31) 842 0602

JAKARTA : (62 21) 560 6688 BEKASI : (62 21) 847 7032 BANTEN : (62 21) 537 7619 SHANGHAI : (86 21) 5428 2288 AMMAN : (962 6) 551 8768 DOHA : (974) 432 7322 :


: : : : : :

(62 22) 250 6699 (62 21) 8795 2929 (62 721) 489 274 (961 1) 669 100 (971 4) 221 8949 (965) 800 774

C/Bm/I-18 Sept 13

PT Bamboo Pure also supply correctly treated bamboo in many forms, poles of different species and sizes, flattened bamboo, bamboo flooring panels and split bamboo for weaving walls and ceilings. Another building of note is the chocolate factory also situated in the Sibang area. The dream of Ben Ripple this a more conventional building design but is noteworthy because of its shear size, it is probably one of the world’s largest bamboo structures. It is well worth a visit and don’t forget to sample the chocolate.

In other places you can find roofs covered with bamboo that has been split into halves and simply laid down to form a sloping roof.

If you look around you will see many more bamboo buildings around Bali, both traditional and contemporary, too numerous to mention. All over the island there is a constant process of building temporary bamboo structures, holding amazing ceremonies then knocking them down again. It is just part of the natural flow of life here.

More recently we are seeing flattened bamboo used rather like roof tiles, this can be very effective when used with a thick layer of aluminium insulation underneath it.

Phil Wilson Opinions expressed are those of Phil Wilson. He can be contacted through the websites at or at or through the office on 0361 886 8866.

High quality wooden flooring is beautiful but is rapidly moving out of reach of the pockets of ordinary folk. Teak, for example,

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Building & Maintenance

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Always Clear and Clean Water ● No Salt Low Maintenance ● Guarantee 3 Years Friendly Environment ● Competitive Price 95% Less Chemical Use Low Power, Max 12 watt Pump working hours about 4-7 hours/day

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The Business Builder Series

Graeme Stevens

The BizWiz Brand Delivery… co-create customer value and release hidden profit

For Sale; Electronics: -ACER Espire One - mini 9”laptop 1.8 Juta Firm Windows 7. -iPhone4 8GB perfect w/ box tons of free accessories 2.9juta. -Note 2 Chinese Samsung “Clone, “ 1.1 juta white, perfect, large screen. Text 0812 3715 5436. <eightpack@sbcglobal. net>. Seminyak. [165]

For Sale; LG brand EZ Slim Wall Mount. Fit for LG LED LCD/LCD TVs. Brand New. New price Rp.2,5mil. Selling Rp.1,5Mil. Contact 081 116 8805 or <peazefrog@gmail. com>. Ubud. [186] Necessity is the mother of invention, it’s true but it’s father is creativity, and knowledge is the midwife.

Customer Journey Experience – Delivery How to avoid majestic problems in your service delivery.

Aw a r e n e s s – E v a l u a t i o n – P u r c h a s i n g – D e l i v e r y – A f t e r S a l e s

Let’s see these Gains and Pains in the form of an equation:

The gains are the top line – the outcomes Heidi expects, the enjoyment of the journey via the process, and a positive emotional experience. The pains are the bottom line, the price to be paid - in money, negative emotions, and time as examples. Take an example, Heidi has bought a product that requires assembly it at home. It might be IKEA shelving, it might be a home theatre set; the key issue is that Heidi has a whole lot of bits that she has never seen before that she has to make sense of. Buyer Remorse Wikipedia describes how buyer remorse may stem from fear of making the wrong choice, guilt over extravagance, or a suspicion of having been overly influenced by the seller. The first task you have is to meet Heidi’s buyer remorse, or post-purchase depression. Heidi is worried that she has made a mistake, so you must reassure her and tell her how her choice was not only smart but beats the competition hands down. If you don’t she will likely go on the internet and hunt for comparisons, so it won’t hurt you to include a simple brochure that highlights how Heidi will experience the outcomes she wants from your product. For the home theatre system, supply words and images that provide the heightened sense of actually being there as she watches her favourite movie to a standard similar to being in a cinema without the hassles. The superior sound system that is unsurpassed. Etc etc. Unpacking Your Product With her new surround-sound hi-definition home theatre Heidi is now very clear about the gains she expects from it, how it will enthral her and blow the socks off her friends. With the boxes of goodies delivered to her home, her emotional state includes excitement and anticipation in seeing her new service working. She can hardly wait to open the boxes, plug in the new HD TV and play something on the DVD. Then get on the phone and brag to her friends. On the other hand, Heidi has already experienced a couple of the pains involved in the purchase - the price and the evaluation process. She is now facing another pain as she sees that there is work to do before she can enjoy the outcome. This can cause an immediate build up of stress, because Heidi has never attempted anything like this assembly process before, and you must help her lessen that fear so that the rest of the process proceeds smoothly. Examples of pains you need to take away include: • Is the box easy to open? • Can I manage the weight of the TV by myself? • Did they damage it?

NC/BM/U-3 April. 13

C/BM/M-12 Dec .12



Jl. Sunset Road Seminyak (Next to io-co), Denpasar - Bali - Indonesia Phone: +62-361 8475681, 7833141 Fax: +62-361 847568 Email: C/BM/G-09 Jan. 13

Now you have started being helpful. Go a step further and put a small diagram into the packages with cables that show what plugs into what and where; Heidi is getting the information she needs at the time she needs it. You have also started with the easiest thing, the TV, that she can immediately plug in and test, to get some quick hits. Gaining confidence with the familiar, she moves on to progressively more complex tasks that she finds she can handle in her stride. You are delivering for her, you are being helpful and interesting and the process is more likely to be fun. You are generating more positive emotions – Heidi is now feeling more stimulated, energetic and interested. You have helped to remove Heidi’s pains so that the two key emotions you are aiming to generate (happiness and pleasure) will drive recommendations to friends and family, and repeat purchases with you. If you are sending your product to a market with a different language to yours, have your material translated by a local professional. I still recall from years ago when working for Nissan Motor I received a new car accessory for stock; part of the instructions included the warning, “Do not connect this into wrong volts or you will receive majestic problems.” C/Bm/I-09 Jan 13

Achieving Outcomes So far all the experiences Heidi has experienced with you have been positive, but they count as nothing if you haven’t helped her meet the outcomes she is looking for. This is the practical side of the purchase, and your goal has always been to help supply those outcomes with perfection. This is how you win market share and increase your profits. In summary you have delivered on required outcomes, provided an enjoyable process, enhanced positive emotions, eliminated all the uncertainties you are aware of, and removed the most annoying inconveniences. For Heidi, the price paid is now a distant memory. YOUR next area of focus is after-sales advocacy. Is there an aspect of developing a successful business you would like me to write about? Copyright © 2013 Graeme Stevens Copyright © 2013 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of The Business Builder Series at


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Gains and Pains You might think this is a rational sort of process. But significant research has shown that about 50% of the customer experience is emotional and so how well you manage those emotions can be critical to your ongoing success. Emotions can be split into two basic areas – the Gains and Pains associated with the experience. Your job always in co-creating value is to reinforce Heidi’s perception of how excellently, together, you have maximised the gains and minimised the pains.

Do I need any special tools? Where do all these cables belong? What should I do first? Is there a simple quick start guide to give me confidence as well as the full instruction manual? • What am I going to do with my old TV? If you don’t answer these questions well in your processes and instructions then the emotions that Heidi will experience will include frustration, disappointment, irritation and anger, all directed at you – and rightly so. You have designed her experience (through your neglect or laziness) to ensure she will never come back to you and certainly won’t be recommending you to her friends. Have you seen the instructions that come with a Hewlett Packard laser toner refill? Big numbered sequence of steps with simple but clear diagrams? So imagine with our home theatre setup, instead of pulling out a whole series of plastic packages and boxes that need Heidi to go to the manual to name, each sub-set is already labelled with a big number and a name, like this: 1. Quick Start Guide 2. TV 3. TV power cable 4. Indovision plug in guide 5. Combination remote control 6. DVD 7. DVD power cable 8. TV/DVD connection cables 9. Base speaker 10. Front side speakers 11. Rear speakers 12. Speaker cables, front 13. Speaker cables, rear 14. Trouble shooting guide 15. User Manual 16. Warranty card


Remember the primary reason Heidi bought your product – she believes it will deliver the outcomes she requires in getting the job done better than your competition. It doesn’t matter if that job is buying a designer bag, a knockdown set of shelves from IKEA or a new face cleansing lotion. Your product is there to perform a service for her, so your own approach needs to be service-centric rather than product-centric.

• • • •


Heidi has purchased your product and has brought it home. She wants to put it to use to help her get her job done. Now is the time for you to DELIVER on your part of the Customer Journey Experience.


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Healing Power of Sacred Geometry Artisans of Bali By Polly Christensen

People experience many different feelings when looking at the patterns of geometry glasswork and jewellery. There are secrets behind the ancient symbols, which can be traced way back in Asian and Egyptian history. Some of the wonderful artisans of Bali have begun to incorporate these beautiful sacred geometry designs into their craft. I found some unique sacred geometry pieces in Ubud and I met one artisan behind these ancient and “life-changing” symbols. Sacred geometry is a pure language that transcends your religion and cultural beliefs. Transmitting harmonious patterns of frequency, which resonate with our original human blueprint. This innate language exists beyond the reach of philosophy, past belief or disbelief and transcends levels of awareness. There is a message within all geometric forms, which describes the growth and integration of all systems, from the binding forces within atoms to the shapes and composition of galaxies. Sacred geometry is the organized language of elemental components derived from the creative force that gives birth to all life. It therefore offers a direct channel to prime consciousness and to our Source. NATURAL WORLD The natural world that surrounds us reveals itself as a series of codes and counter resonance opposites. This electro– magnetic force lies between matrixes of archetypal patterning, and makes up all principals of matter. Essentially these codes present themselves to us as all life forms and creatures of the air, forests and ocean. They are also evident among our trees, and flowers, originating from a beam of light. Our connection with sacred geometry can be traced back to the earliest days of evolution and fascinates large numbers people on this planet. In the ancient world, various numbers had a symbolic meaning in addition to their every day purpose for counting or calculating. For example polygons, triangles, squares, hexagons, and other shapes are related to numbers (e.g. three and the triangle). The numbers carried extra emotional value to people because of their shape and connection to the codes. They are visually stimulating. Sacred geometry is used in the Sacred Geometry Ancient planning and construction of religious structures such as churches, temples, mosques, religious monuments, altars, and tabernacles; as well as for sacred spaces and sacred groves, village greens and holy wells. Geometry is evident in religious art and within the natural world. BALINESE SACRED GEOMETRY When Bali Hindus, plan to erect anything from a small shrine to an elaborate temple, they first perform a simple geometric construction on the ground, establishing where east and west lies and constructing a square from that point. Their final construction is brought to life with prayers and religious observances. Living on the island of Bali, we are exposed to environmental, chemical, psychosocial, and electromagnet stimulation of our consciousness. In the media and in our homes, we experience a continual bombardment of negative frequency. TV’s, computers, cell phones, high-tension wires, and satellites constantly wear down our energy fields, draining our vitality without our full awareness. Thousands of visitors flock to Bali every year in order to pursue various forms of spiritual healing. They have a strong desire to reach full human potential, and some may discover sacred geometry. In order to understand the link to our own creation it is not necessary to study in detail the complexity. We merely need to expose ourselves to the language it is written in, and

surround ourselves with sacred geometric shapes such as glasswork, mandalas and jewellery. TING-TING GALLERY Bapak Nyoman Adnyana is a gifted artisan. The 41-year old creates beautiful sacred geometry glassware and is the proud owner of a shop displaying his spiritually-charged creations. A life long passion has allowed Nyoman to express the truth behind sacred geometry and to inspire everyone who enters his shop. Australian visitor Mac Johnson noticed Nyoman at the age of 16 while watching him tend to ducks in the rice fields of Ubud. Concerned for his future Mac offered to school Nyoman, but the teenager requested that Mac buy him materials to create glasswork, thus designing hundreds of pieces out of his family compound. Several years later and with further assistance from a Singaporean craftsman, Nyoman found himself traveling to USA, New Zealand and Australia on business. The recent rise in material costs, has presented Nyoman and his five artisans with challenges, importing copper foil and coloured glass from overseas. You can purchase Nyoman’s sacred geometry pyramids and flower of life creations. They are handcrafted from glass and metals at TING-TING Gallery, Br. Penestanan Kaja, Ubud. Email: Tel: 0816 579905 VIBRATIONAL HEALING Balinese artisans, who create hand crafted jewellery and glass geometric shapes, are fully aware of the healing power of sacred geometry. As we connect with these geometric forms we interrelate with their fields of informational influence. Their energetic radiance gives out a frequency that cooperates with our electromagnetic fields. They are looking for a similar frequency with which to resonate and this feedback can create a deep vibrational healing power. Stargate Bali is a beautiful shop in Ubud offering many types of geometric jewellery. Designed to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional health through the resonance of your original blueprint they include the building blocks of sacred geometry. All of Stargate’s Jewellery is handcrafted in sterling silver and 24-carat gold plate, laid over silver. There are many different designs to choose from, each with a function to promote healing in a particular part of the body. For example, Solar Mandala activates the memory of your original human design, and holds the code of our celestial origins, connecting you to the benevolent Source of creation. This form is said to integrate our spiritual identity and is a very popular choice. The STARGATE shop can be found on Jalan Suweta, No.7 in Ubud. Email: Tel: 0361-2797943 FLOWER OF LIFE Images of the Flower of Life have been found all around the world and in most ancient civilizations. Other sacred geometric forms such as the Seed of Life, the Tripod of Life, the Egg of Life, the Fruit of Life and the Tree of Life are also found inside the Flower if Life. This sacred shape is said to contain patterns of creation. It is believed that through the study of sacred geometry one

can gain an understanding of the universe around us and learn the secrets of creation. A fascinating subject for many, our interaction with sacred geometry has resulted in many social media pages offering people access to these symbols online. I spoke with Sacred Geometry & The Flower Of Life, a Facebook page founded on 10 June 2009, which currently has 219 thousand “likes” and followers. What is the message within all geometric forms? The message of sacred geometry is interpreted in many different ways and we believe that it can adapt to any belief system. People who believe in intelligent design interpret sacred geometry as direct evidence that there is indeed a creator who designed the universe in a mathematical way. People who believe in spirituality and the supernatural interpret it as the language of creation, and evidence that there is a supernatural force throughout the universe. People who are more science-oriented see sacred geometry as a way of interpreting the intrinsic nature of the universe through mathematics. What feelings do people experience when looking at geometry? Barry Commoner (biologist/ecologist) stated that the first law of ecology is ‘Everything is connected to everything else.’ There is certain perfection and harmonious existence to what we as humans call ‘the universe’. We are a part of the universe and yet it is indescribable. When we look into the sacred geometric forms all around us, it helps to bring us into the true nature of our existence. We are ‘the universe experiencing itself in human form’. What are the cultural origins of geometry within Hindu religion? Hindu geometry originated in a very remote age in connection with the construction of altars made for the original Vedic sacrifices. The Hindu religion subscribes to cosmological beliefs that assign meaning to the centre of the sacred geometric forms – the square, the circle and triangle. How is Moksha related to sacred geometry? Concentric geometric forms represent Moksha elegantly. The number of concentric squares, circles, or triangles, can be enlarged and infinitely repeated, while the centre remains the same regardless of how large the final form. It is one of geometry’s small marvels. Hindu monarchs built at least one temple and, indeed, often their entire capital city, in the shape consisting of concentric squares that is known as a Mandala. The Mandala is a sacred geometric diagram or map that usually consists of ‘concentric’ squares, but may include concentric circles and rarely ‘concentric’ triangles. Hindu temples also used fractal geometry and solar system geometry in their construction. How can our readers learn to create geometric art? There is no formal training to learn how to create sacred geometric art, but there are several workshops artists can attend and/or access. The original ‘Flower of Life: Sacred Geometry’ workshop as taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek (author) is available on DVD at this website - http://www. Sacred Geometry & The Flower Of Life Facebook page can be found at:

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For Sale; Liquid force wakeboard with boots used once plus pro ski rope, used once. US $1000 for both. PH. 0812 3637 9043. Email <markrhoades7@hotmail. com>. Sanur. [034] For Sale; Black Cort X-6 guitar in good condition. Has been upgraded and modified. Plays Perfect and has new strings installed. Price is 1.6 Million Rupiah. Contact: +62 818 0567 2476. Sanur. [035] Being right half the time beats being half-right all the time. Open your arms to change, but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let go of your values. C/BT/I-29 May 13

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MONEY MATTERS by Colin Bloodworth

HAVE YOU REACHED YOUR DEBT CEILING? If you have, you are not alone. The US keeps reaching its own debt ceiling and as we have seen in recent weeks it has to go through a painful process of approval, including political games of cat and mouse and horse dealing before a new ceiling is approved. The reason is that once a new debt limit has been set the government is prevented by law from spending beyond that limit until a new agreement has been reached. As a consequence, when the debt approaches the limit non-essential government services are shut down. If the limit is reached and there is still no agreement to increase it then the US would be unable to repay its debt obligations.

agreement to reduce the subsidy but the fall in the Rupiah has already wiped out half of that benefit. Of course there are social pressures too but the message has not got through that if the subsidy was removed the money saved could be spent on health, education and infrastructure. It would also create more jobs. In Europe not only are there no fuel subsidies but fuel is also taxed, often quite heavily. As a result, the governments enjoy more income, people use their cars a lot less and the countries can afford efficient transportation systems.

When you consider this includes interest on Treasury Bonds to a value exceeding three trillion dollars entrusted to the US by countries like China and Japan alone, such a default would cause very serious reputational damage and could cause the US Dollar to lose its place as the world’s reserve currency. The US has never defaulted on its debt, not even during the War of Independence when it continued to pay interest to Britain whom it was fighting. Such a situation is unthinkable so the parties invariably agree to increase the debt limit and the borrowing continues.

Absolutely. When we plan our finances we should avoid the terrible mistakes that governments make. But how many people do exactly the same as the US government when it comes to debt? How many people spend to the limit of their credit card and then apply for another and yet another? If the government can borrow so can I you might say. But there is a big difference. The government can borrow money by issuing bonds at just 2.5% per annum or less in the case of the US or a number of other countries. But an individual in those countries will pay much more for a basic bank loan and if you choose to run up a credit card debt you could be paying up to 20% per annum for the privilege. Much more again if you use a credit card in say, Indonesia.

Where does stand?



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30 October - 13 November, 2013


At the time of writing, and just for a fraction of a second, it stands at US$16,965,988,219,410. What would that be in Rupiah? A rough calculation would put it at Rp.191,704,500,000,000,000 give or take a few billion. To see where the debt stands right now log on to at the first opportunity and watch the debt mounting before your eyes in a fascinating display. How can the US and many other countries to a lesser degree continue to raise money to cover their excessive spending? In the case of the US there is still a huge global appetite for US Treasury Bonds. Why? Because they are perceived as safe and guaranteed by the US government. Which is also why the US cannot afford to lose its solid reputation. So how much interest do these bonds pay? At the time of writing a 10 year bond would pay close to 2.6% per annum. Hardly an exciting return and taking inflation into account the real return is close to zero. But bank deposits have only very limited guarantees and stock markets can be risky in the short term. If you are managing a pension scheme or paying out annuities for example you have to be certain that you have sufficient funds to meet your obligations. It is not your concern if the purchasing power of the money you are paying out is far less than what was paid in; the important thing is that money that is promised must be delivered, no more and no less.

Are there lessons for individuals?

Governments should be saving for a rainy day, not spending as if there was no tomorrow. Actually, some governments do save. When Norway struck oil on a large scale they decided at the outset that a large part of the revenue must be locked away in a fund for the long term benefit of the country. A far cry from how the oil revenue was spent in the UK. We should be saving too. When you prepare your personal budget, always allocate part of it to short, medium and long term savings. You may have to cut out some expenditures and that may not be popular with all the family but you are not seeking votes; you are trying to secure the future for your family. Some debt is acceptable, such as a mortgage for the family home or even a manageable loan for a big item like a car. But a safe cash reserve must always be maintained so you have a cushion if you need it to prevent default. You are not like the US government that can simply vote to increase the debt with no end in sight. Manage your own affairs prudently and you should not only secure for yourself a comfortable retirement but you may even have something to leave for your children and grandchildren. Unlike some governments whose uncontrolled spending will have to be paid for in one form or another by generations to come.

For Sale; DVDs: 200+ movie and TV show DVDs for sale. Action, adventure, comedy, romance, sci-fi, etc. All in great condition. Price: 500,000 Rp. for all 200+ DVDs (nego). SMS +62 857 3825 0920. Kuta. [016] For Sale; Canon EF 1740mm f/4L USM ultra wide angle zoom lens for Canon DSLR cameras. Excellent condition, like new. Lens hood included. 6.5-million Rp. (nego). SMS +62 857 3825 0920. Kuta. [017] I Want To Buy; Used but good condition, size small, FCS quad fins (FCS Q-PC3 quad set). Will also trade fins. SMS +62 857 3825 0920. Kuta. [018]

For Sale; Logitech wave wireless keyboard/mouse combo, barely used, excellent shape 500,000rp call Bob 0878 6180 7312. Jimbaran. [050] For Sale; Golf clubs, Mitsushiba tour tech series, graphite shafts. 1, 3, 5 drivers, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, P, S irons, putter. Nice Mitsushiba bag, cut for people under 170, 2jt. Call Bob 0878 6180 7312. Jimbaran. [051] For Sale; Two beautiful teakwood tables with matching benches made by Masakini Ubud. For garden or as dining tables. 3 million rp per set. Tel: 0818 0538 0675. Sanur. [052]



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Contact Person : 081 2362 8737 or 081 2468 8357 C/BT/I-20 Feb 13

PMA Company Incorporation From Indonesia’s most experienced PMA company establishment firm.

Also, Accountancy & Taxation Services, Personal and Corporate. See our website for full details, including costs Istana Kuta Galeria Block Techno No. 2 Jl. Patih Jelantik, Kuta - Badung Bali 80361 Tel. (0361) 769 144

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How can governments get so deeply into debt? The answer lies of course in politics. No government in power wants to curtail spending to the point where people are unhappy and decide to switch their allegiance to a party that appears more generous. Governments have to share the cake that is provided by taxes and other income into several main areas of expenditure. These include defense, debt repayment, education, infrastructure, pensions, health and welfare. In most countries these costs rise inexorably every year and it is a painful exercise deciding where cuts can be made. A local example of an item that causes great losses to Indonesia is the fuel subsidy. Last year the government tried to drive through a bill all but removing the subsidy but opposition parties opposed it. This year at least there was

Colin Bloodworth has worked as a financial adviser in Indonesia since 1992 and is now Director of PPI Indonesia, based in Jakarta. He visits Bali regularly and can be contacted for advice at indonesia@ or or 021 3004 8024.

You can read all past articles of Money Matters at Copyright © 2013 Colin Bloodworth C/BT/G-02 Oct. 13

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For Sale; Baby car seat, Chicco (made in Italy) it comes with manual book guide. Max weight up to 12 Kgs, very good condition. Suitable for all cars. Call 0813 3872 4288. [001]

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30 October - 13 November, 2013

Bali : Jl. Gunung Salak #233 Kerobokan Kuta Phone : 0361 - 732600 0361 - 7433400 Fax : 0361 - 735325 0361 - 733990 Jl. Raya Nyuh Kuning Next to BCC Hotel HP. 081 139 7852, 081 238 72666 Jakarta : Jl. Cikoko Timur No. 36 Pengadegan Jakarta Phone : 021 79187190 Fax : 021 - 7983542 C/BT/G-14 Nov. 12

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Say What? Question: I’m dating a girl who’s pretty, has a great body, and loves to work out at the gym. But it’s getting to a point where her muscles are ridiculous. Her calves and butt are insane, and the veins on her arms pop out because she works them so hard. I’m not insecure about her being in better shape than I am; I’m pretty athletic myself. It’s just that I don’t find it attractive anymore. With all the time it takes for her workout every day, there’s barely enough time and energy left for sex. It’s at a point where if she had to sacrifice one or the other, she’d probably give up time with me just so she can work out. Are other guys attracted to women who have big, bulging muscles? Is she doing this for me or instead of me?

that’s more important than job titles. The most significant question is: “Are you meeting as equals with respect for each other?” If either of you is clueless, thoughtless or manipulative, things are apt to get messy quick. For that reason alone, most people would say don’t do it.

Dr. ZZ: I’ve never been fond of men with balloon-sized muscles much less women with bulging veins. Women with super large muscles may be overcompensating for something: insecurity, low self-esteem, or maybe a sense of penis-envy. Whatever the reason, a poll in Fitness magazine a couple of years ago reported that 51% of women surveyed said they’d go without sex for an entire year if it meant being thin. In other words, women do not diet and work out so that they can have great sex. They do it for other reasons, and they’d gladly stop having sex just to look good.

Question: I recently met a guy through a mutual friend. He’s great on paper: 36, single, attractive, owns his own business. Unfortunately he’s divorced, and he has two young kids. He asked me out, but I’m only 29, so dating a guy with that kind of baggage scares me. Should I give a divorced dad with kids a chance? Or should I date someone who is less encumbered?

The takeaway in the survey was that the rest of the women polled said they’d be willing to be 30 pounds (13.6 kilos) overweight if it meant having great sex. Perhaps you’d be happier with one of these other women who would rather have fun than be slave to their looks. Question: This is an “age-old” question, but I need to ask it anyway. My boss is male, six years older than I, and we flirt a lot. He started the whole thing with silly emails and random text messages while we were at work. Now, he has asked me out, and he’s so handsome and attractive, I want to date him. Should work get in the way of a relationship? I want to go out with him. Is it a bad idea to go out with my boss? Dr. ZZ: Age-old wisdom is that office relationships are a bad idea. Too often they tend to make things awkward on the job. When they don’t work out, men for the most part have an uncanny ability to get over it quickly; whereas women tend to suffer and end up having to find other work. Any relationship, however, manages to succeed or fail based on the people involved. When each of the two individuals is confident and well-adjusted, it doesn’t matter where you meet. The general rule of thumb is not to date your boss. That isn’t to say it can’t happen. Life is short, and when you meet someone you genuinely connect with,

It’s fine to be friends with the people you work with, but there are politics that come with dating a co-worker -- even more when you go out with your boss. Co-workers will look at you differently, your performance will be viewed in an awkward light, and your job may end up at stake. Bosses are notorious for blaming minor performance issues on an office fling. Only you can decide if it’s worth the risk.

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Our Offices: - Jl. Raya Kuta No. 68 Istana Kuta Galeria, Kuta Central Park, Bali T: (+62) 361 769 102, M: (+62)821-4795-7755, F: (+62)361-769-102 - CIK’s Building 2nd Floor Suite 215, Jl. Cikini Raya No. 84-86, Jakarta Pusat T: (+62) 21-314 5614 M: (+62)813-1593-5911 F: (+62) 21-314 5614 - Koperslager 2,6641 GS Beuningen (Gelderland) - The Nederlands M(+31)630-368-263 T(+31)024-677-0324 F: (+31) 024-675-0862 Email: C/BT/G-28 Nov. 12

Dr. ZZ: To say you’re “only 29” makes it sound as if you feel young and unprepared. Such an argument doesn’t necessarily hold up based on age alone. Although people going into their 30s nowadays often attempt to keep living the twenty-something lifestyle, it hasn’t always been that way. Being 29 with a couple of kids isn’t that big of a stretch. The situation isn’t about whether there’s a certain age at which you can handle a divorced guy with two kids. It’s more about your level of life experience: what you think you can handle, and how into the guy you are. That’s a complex equation, and when you’re in love with someone and ready to be Mom to his kids (whether or not they’re from a previous marriage) you’ll know. As it is, the two of you just met; so dating is not out of the question. Why not see how it feels and where it goes? If you continue to feel as if a woman in her late 20s should not have to deal with the responsibility of taking care of someone’s baggage, then you and this fellow are probably not on the same page. Maybe five or six years from now you will be ready to take on this level of commitment, but that’s not going to help the current situation. Chances are you’ll probably just have to go out and continue meeting other people. Meanwhile, there’s no harm dating this guy for a while if you feel inclined to learn more about him and yourself. Copyright © 2013 Say What? You can read all past articles of Say What at

Dr. ZZ has a Ph.D. in Counseling and a doctorate in Natural Healing. Drawing on a background of over thirty years as a professional therapist, she offers self-help in the areas health, relationship and personal growth. All queries are answered by email and, if they appear in print, are subject to editing. Please email your questions to: <> All identifying information is kept strictly confidential.

C/BT/G-09 Jan. 13


Mail delivery is

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Fashion For Sale; Surfboard Fins: John John Florence signature model Futures fins. Size small with skull graphic. Excellent condition. Price: 500,000 Rp. SMS +62 857 3825 0920. Kuta. [019]

C/G/G-24 July 13

C/G/I-16 Oct 13

B BEJO Artisan Jewellery Now in Bali Italian enamel for jewelry ? 3D Computer Graphic Design ? Computer and Hand Carved Wax Master ? Laser ( Metal,Wood, Shell, and other materials ) ? Casting ( Silver, Brass, Bronze, White brass, Pewter ) Office : Jl. Tibung Sari Perum. Taman Srikandi Residence Blok. C No. 01 Dalung, Denpasar Phone: 0361- 8920999

Contact : 081338139991 e-mail : e-mail :

C/G/G-2 Oct. 13

Naia House of Jewelry

For Sale; Surfboard: Luke Studer Fusion 2. Specs: 5’7 x 19-1/2 x 2-5/16. Similar to Al Merrick Dumpster Diver surfboard. Includes custom tint and new FCS grip. Price: 3.5-million Rp. SMS +62 857 3825 0920. Kuta. [020] For Sale; Surfboard RipCurl DHD Diamond Blade surfboard. Specs: 5’6 x 20 x 2-1/2. Brand new, never ridden. Perfect for beginner to advanced surfers in small to medium waves. Price: 4.5-million Rp. SMS +62 857 3825 0920. Kuta. [021] For Sale; Books for sale in Sanur. Living In Bali: 200,000RP/ Island Style 200,000RP/Great houses on a budget 150,000RP/ Super potato design 200,000RP/A short history of Bali 100,000RP/ Surfing Indonesia 100,000RP/ Mother’s first year book 100,000RP. Ask for the photo 0812-3707-5319 or <>.

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Lucy’s Batik unique -stylish - timeless


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C/G/G-17 April 13

For Sale; Samsonite suitcase. Black. Size W51cm x H73cm. Rp.600,000. Dockers suitcase. Black. Size W45cm x H64cm. Rp.500,000. Contact 081 116 8805 or <peazefrog@>. Ubud. [176] For Sale; Apple airport express base station. Great for wireless connections. Works on Mac & PC. Very good cond. Full set with box. Rp.400,000. Contact 081 116 8805 or <peazefrog@>. Ubud. [185] Jl. TEUKU UMAR 65 D (Simpang 6) DENPASAR Tel: (0361) 221663 Email : C/G/I-12 June 13

No matter how busy you are you must take time to make the other person feel important.

C/G/G-26 June13















HOT SHOPS PLUS! Start collecting these pages to make up your own personal directory!

FARAH KHAN Ultra glamourous luxe! This super glitzy boutique is situated in the shopping arcade of the very popular W hotel on Jl Petitenget. Farah brings us a level of international glamour in dressing that takes you all over the world, from a fashionable dinner party to a deluxe cruise! if your lifestyle affords you evenings of pure indulgence dress-up glam, then Farah’s collection is for you, it’s truly superb! %eautiful simple silhouettes i.e. Àowing kaftans long & short) show off exquisite embellishment, designs are modern featuring vibrant shades to the pastel, slip one on for effortless chic, every piece is a limited edition. A wonderful range of one of a kind fashion accessories will complete your red carpet / jet setter look of stylish glamour! There’s also a small Art Gallery next door often with paintings to lust after, take a look inside when you are in the W hotel next, you don’t have to buy, but maybe you will?! // Farah Khan, W hotel shopping arcade, Jl Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali

ALTA MODA The high priestess in fabric Three levels of luscious fabric to satisfy the most discerning and home to the absolute best in French silks & lace, many designed by Chanel, Pucci, Gucci, Dior & Armani. Be it pure silks, silk organza, voiles,velvet, linens, cottons, rayons, fabric with lyrca, you name it you will probably see it. There are walls harboring jeweled encrusted fabric, fabric ensconced within glass cabinets, almost too precious to touch, there are some wools flecked with luxe threads, brocades and jacquards. Attentive staff are always at the ready to assist and provide necessary information & suggestions on your fabric choice. De¿nitely the store to discover fabric, the best in Bali! // Alta Moda, Blok entrance 1, 03/06, Jl Patih Jelanti, Kuta, Bali

INNUENDO European styling classy chic! Travel the globe with urban edge for womens & menswear. Colors; black, navy, stone, taupe & off-white allow you to create a wardrobe that lives the lifestyle. Fabrics that travel; silk organza, chiffon, linen, spandex & bambooku jersey. Styles; unstructured jackets, cocktail dresses with cowl neckline & daytime dresses. Skirts; above the knee, below the knee, pleated or flounced, these will suit all tastes & figures.

From heeled wedges and Àats in soft leather or suede, handbags, fashion jewelry, hair accessories, handcrafted wallets and Àoaty scarves. Head upstairs for Innuendo Homme, some unstructured jackets, linen/cotton shirts, city shorts, t-shirts, belts, sunglasses, check out the man-bags which can double as an ipad case.

BRENDA REIMER Beautiful images for your delight!

And if you require another size in garment, they will make to order, it’s all made very easy! // Innuendo – Retail / Wholesale Jl Laksmana & Jl Raya Seminyak

PANTRY MAGIC For the cook in us all! With the Holiday season & Christmas on the horizon it’s time to start checking if we have the right pots, pans & baking dishes for this annual occasion? Pots & pans - special pots for pasta, polenta & risotto. Then, the right type of roasting pans for roast beef & chicken, stockpots, and a host of smaller pans for, eggs, crepes & sauces. There are a host of colorful mixing bowls, to beat up egg whites, cake mixes, sauces and other mixtures. A massive assortment of kitchen tools galore, like whisks, spoons, basters & skimmers, mortar n’ pestles, a huge variety of knives, different color cutting boards & fondue sets. Pantry Magic have a great selection of cooking books, bright happy aprons, oven gloves, tea towels, other apparel& assorted items that are simply fun to use in the kitchen. // Pantry Magic, No 2 Jl Dewi Sri, Bali T. 0361762647

INDOGRAPHS Your printing network! One of the most important areas in setting up a business is your business card & other printed matter. Business/name cards, letterhead, swing/hang tags, stickers, clothing tags, shopping bags, brochures, packaging & large format standing banners are all super important pieces for branding. Don’t forget there is wedding stationary & other celebrations, boxes, catalogues & albums, restaurant menus, banner printing & other individualized product for events like screen printed T shirts, caps & bags. For inspiration visit any of their stores & immerse yourself in a number of sample books for ideas in style, color & font. It’s all fuss free & easy, staff are extra helpful and understand what you want. More importantly, it’s one of the most necessary essentials to address in doing business!

The above images were shot for Idivie store. // Brenda Reimer, And, just to note, the talented Brenda Reimer took the beautiful images that were recently posted in Retail Therapy for Folk Art Gallery & Juju Jewelry Gallery

// Indographs,



30 October - 13 November, 2013


This is probably the biggest fortnight of the year with the Uranus square Pluto pinnacle and the New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio. It promises to be an action packed time and also a high vibrational portal that allows for unprecedented change. We have a number of planets at the 9 degree mark creating a powerful web of higher dimensional attunement. The New Moon is in Scorpio conjunct Saturn, Sun, Mercury (set to go direct again) and the North Node and we will continue this month, in a state of high calibre change and transformation. Venus enters that very practical and hardworking sign of Capricorn. It can be both exhilarating and discombobulating. Adjustments are being entered into willingly or they may be forced upon us. Change is the staple as we make our way through this month. It’s finally time for action after the past two years of sifting, sorting and releasing. By now you know what you no longer want and with that you are able to start creating the life that you do. The Eclipse highlights the need for let-go, for persistence in the face of change or adversity and the feeling of the necessity for making the choices that you do. There will be the possibility of power struggles and as we head towards a very possessive Taurus Full Moon; these will be apparent. The North Node is the karmic indicator and as I said, things have a sense of rightness about them and the new course of action, something that you must do.

Bali Advertiser Textiles and digital garment printing High Resolution & unlimited color usage No minimum quantities per order Prices vary in accordance with quantity ordered Contact : PT. SC Enterprises, Bali Luca Cavazza NC/G/U-30 Oct 13

NEW MOON 11 Scorpio 16 November 03, 2013 8:51 p.m.

ARIES Mars continues in Virgo throughout November and brings some much needed stability to your life. Dealing with practical day to day duties will keep you with both feet on the ground. Uranus in your sign is supremely challenged by Pluto this fortnight with the effects lasting throughout the month. It’s a watery month of deep emotional currents that will have you looking for a flotation device. If you are at all overwhelmed by this remember to find yourself a good patch of nature to get an objective perspective on events and relationships. Challenges are likely to come from family associations and a reminder of your past.

LIBRA Venus in Capricorn, although very grounding, can also create some havoc for you with its square to your natal Libra planets and it’s going to be in this sign all the way through to early March. Quite a lot of work to be done in the area of relationships then and with Pluto also in Capricorn and in its square to Uranus in Aries driving all of this even deeper and harder. A constant series of let-goes instigating change and new doors opening. You may find it hard to settle in the midst of this chaotic nodal period. Capricorn will be aligning you with patience, steadiness and the ability to stick at the hardest of tasks.

TAURUS Venus moves into Capricorn this fortnight and brings a compatible flow of relating into your life. As an earth sign, you prefer things to be harmonious and preferably easy. This is one area of your life that comes under that banner. Things aren’t really designed to be necessarily easy though right now and an impending sense of intensity will prevail throughout the month. Keep your cool as much as possible and be willing to adapt and adjust regularly. Everyone is in the same position of deep transformative change and so no need to feel like you are being unduly targeted. Enjoy the company of others.

SCORPIO Well everything is in your corner of the heavens or so it seems this month. The Sun fresh in your sign is meeting with the Moon in an eclipse and Saturn, Mercury and the North Node all there as well. Pluto your ruler in that much publicised square to Uranus at the very beginning of the month pushing for change and transformational growth. How are you going to handle all of this in a way that supports the emergence of the new you? Finding ways to release the pain of the past and live without resentment or guilt is your mission now. There is such intensity to all of your affairs at this time.

GEMINI Mercury turns directs on the 11th although it has retreated to the early degrees of Scorpio and will spend the rest of the month returning to it’s turning point. It may feel like you are covering mental territory that you’ve already been over. Do this revision and get things properly sorted in your life now, as much of the old thinking and behaviour is leaving your life. Get ready for the tide to turn and be prepared to alter course at the drop of a hat. These are the days of inconsistent flow that have you adapting in a fluid way. No point getting upset about things that appear to be out of your control. Chose to stay calm.

SAGITTARIUS Jupiter is set to turn retrograde during this fortnignt of chaotic change and spontaneous growth and you may be feeling like life has taken a very unexpected turn indeed. Family issues are still very much on the radar with this planetary ruler of yours retrograding in the sign of Cancer. The Moon is eclipsing the Sun and bringing a highlight and an intensity to these very same family affairs. You may be separated by continents or death but your family were some of the most powerful influences you received in this lifetime. A great time to let go of the programmes, ideas and beliefs no longer working for you.

CANCER A significant moon cycle begins just after the exact square of Uranus and Pluto. These are powerful times that you will remember for the rest of your life and that will go down in the history of the Planet. In the darkest moments, you can still find something to be grateful for and it is this that will lift you up out of the doldrums when they arise. Your moods and emotions will surge from one extreme to the other this month. A little isolation or alone time may be necessary to fully express and feel the depths of these tidal waves of feeling. Process them rapidly and be willing to move on to the next and remember to ask for help.

CAPRICORN Your ruler is sitting comfortably just in front of the New Moon, Sun, Mercury and Node stellium which is suggesting great and magnificent things for you this month. If you find yourself suddenly catapulted into old and familiar situations, do your best to confront them with the new you, rather than the old you. So much is going on and on all levels that it truly is hard to see the wood for the trees right now. Ride this month of November out as best you can and be willing to both roll with the changes and also act where necessary. It can be a little tough going if you succumb to fear or doubt. Stay strong.

LEO The Sun is eclipsed by the moon at the beginning of this month and in the sign of Scorpio and for many this will be squaring their Leo Planets. You are getting an extra little push now to transform your life and to let-go of the things that no longer work for you. At your deeper and intuitive levels you know exactly what and who they are. Willingly surrender them or you may be forced through confrontation to do so. If there are those in your life who think they know better than you what your actions should be, ask them to tend to their own business before employing themselves in yours. This promises to be a very exciting time.

AQUARIUS All eyes are on you with the strong impulses coming from Uranus as it is challenged by that powerful small Planet Pluto at the beginning of this month. You may feel like defending your stance now more powerfully than ever before. If you are feeling agitated and irritated by the challenges that surround you, know that it’s all par for the course and find yourself a healthy outlet or simply remove yourself from the situation for a bit while you cool down your hot head and ready yourself for a fresh start. There is nothing coming your way that you can’t hancle, just stay calm and centred.

VIRGO Mars remains in your sign all throughout November. A great little action plan has been devised and let’s see if you can stick to it with all the challenges you now face in many areas of your life. It can be a comfort to have this Mars energy at your back, right when you need that little bit of extra steam to keep the momentum going. You are a dedicated and loyal person who loves to serve for the well being of others and the planet. You could be just the person who is required for the job as you are willingly able to adapt to this deep flow of emotions that seems to be swamping the planet.

PISCES Neptune turns direct at the end of this potent fortnight, so by the time you’ve been through this round of purging you will be well and truly ready to move forward into the next phase of your life and it promises to be sweet. New found friends support you in this next phase of your work with a great deal of nurture and upliftment. Your services are much needed now as many are left a little stranded emotionally with the strong impact of these past two weeks. There is a little more to come before the dust settles. Be still in the meantime and value the silence when it is yours within which to indulge.

C/G/I-18 Sept 13

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Street Art in Bali The Island of 1000 Murals It is visible most everywhere in Bali: street art consisting of painted murals, sprayed-on graffiti, tags, scratches, musings, pictorial screams and protests. An expressionist medley of ideas, thought and opinion that appears on walls, buildings, fences, gates, rolltop doors, sidewalks, even on Vespas and the backside of big rigs. Bali has no lack of street artists and the more talented ones belong to organized groups like the Bali Street Art Community or Bali Mural Conspiracy. Formerly an underground movement, street art has sprung into mainstream respectability. It is supported by the Bali Arts festival and contracted by commercial interests and environmental organizations. Its themes are sociopolitical, cultural, environmental; at times educational, controversial, enlightening, amusing. Bali is becoming the island of 1000 Murals. The definition of street art can be very fluid and elastic. It most obviously takes the form of visual art like painted murals and graffiti, but can also apply Bali Mural Conspiracy creation for the Bali Creative to performance Festival artists like street musicians, dancing gigs, magic tricks and circus acts. In other words, any art form that is enacted in the streets. Generally, the term street art refers most often to the visual arts and is used to distinguish contemporary public-space artwork from territorial graffiti which is considered vandalism. Street artists attempt to have their work communicate and resonate with everyday people about socially relevant themes and they are executed like a normal painting, using public spaces or private walls as a canvas. In contrast, graffiti may also express underlying social and political messages but these are typically created with spray paint and don’t attain the esthetical qualities of mural art. They are sometimes used by gangs to mark territory or to serve as an indicator of gang-related activities. Street art ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings, and it has existed since ancient times, in the form of inscriptions, figure drawings, cartoons and caricatures, even simple advertisements. They have been found on the walls of ancient sepulchers and monuments, the Catacombs of Rome, on temples in ancient Greece, at Pompeii, and on the pyramids in Egypt. Evolution - With the emergence of hip hop culture in the 1970s and their extensive use of wall-art and graffiti as a primary means to communicate their angst, aspirations and protests, street art has evolved and become mainstream. Street art and graffiti are now a rapidly developing art form whose value is at once highly admired, but also contested and reviled by many authorities since much of what constitutes graffiti can rightly be considered vandalism. The distinction can be difficult sometimes. Easy enough to filter out the trite like the “Kevin was Here” or “Daniel Loves Cindy” variety of graffiti. A bit more difficult to judge when it comes to subversive art, political slogans and social protests. In the past 20 years, street art has been extensively used in advertising and several exhibitions have been created in Europe, USA and Australia that displayed graffiti as an art form. Subsequently, a lot of street artists, who traditionally wanted to remain anonymous in order to stay under the radar of civic authorities, have now become famous in their own right. Case in point is the work of US artists Crash, Lee, Daze, Keith Haring, world-famous Banksy in England and Frenchman Jean-Michel Basquiat. These artists have created some of the most iconic, politically shocking and artistically revered works of street art. They brought graffiti to the mainstream, to high culture, made it acceptable and inspired artists all over the world to use the urban canvas to scratch out their vision of the world for everyone to see. No fussy art gallery required. Street art can be a powerful platform for reaching the public and

in several communities, authorities have started to sanction certain forms of street art to spruce up bleak walls, concrete pillars, street barriers, etc. in an attempt to regenerate and/or beautify less than attractive urban areas. Civil administrations have begun to see artistic value in some graffiti and to recognize it as a form of public art or education. Consequently it has been used as an effective tool for social emancipation or in the achievement of a political goal. For instance, in communist and socialist countries revolutionary slogans and paintings in public places are used to galvanize the country’s population into accepting and supporting the nationalist propaganda. In times of conflict, murals have offered a means of communication and self-expression for members of socially, ethnically or racially divided communities and have proven themselves as effective tools in establishing dialog and even a help in resolving divisions. The Berlin Wall was also extensively covered by graffiti reflecting social pressures relating to the Soviet oppression. A global phenomenon - Street art is a global phenomenon and occurs everywhere, even in the repressive Middle East. The most remarkable examples of street art can be found in Europe and the USA, though South America displays its own distinct brand of mural art especially in Argentina and Brazil. It has also started emerging in South-east Asia, specifically in Kuala Lumpur and even in Indonesia where the street artists of Yogyakarta and Jakarta can be very prolific and display a rich and imaginative talent. Art is a primordial force in Balinese life and because of their culture the Balinese are adept at many art forms including street art. Everywhere you go in urban settings like Denpasar, Kuta, Tabanan and even in rural and remote places, you will encounter prolific examples of graffiti and street art. The themes vary and include political slogans, social commentary, environmental SOS messages, or simply are entertaining and an expression of true artistic desire to beautify a space. Much of the mural art calls attention to Bali’s many problems and most of the artists sign their work and have become well known in the community. They are taking on the role of batman of the art scene. Made Bayak is one such artist. With lots of examples of his street art dotted around Bali and a reputation as an a c t i v i s t , environmentalist and anti-corruption campaigner, Made uses his art and his street projects to draw attention to the blight of trash, animal exploitation, and other social and environmental ills in Bali. He executed the Bali Urban Farming mural project in 2012 at the International School in Sanur together with a team of students. This was a partnership project initiated by, an environment/lifestyle online magazine whose eco-conscious murals, created in cooperation with local street artists, have been spotted in well-trafficked Denpasar streets. Made is also the guy who put plasticology on the map. He sees a Bali overwhelmed by trash and feels that as an artist he can contribute to the growing awareness amongst the Balinese. His art mainly communicates environmental and political messages and he feels that the government could do more to incorporate murals in the urban landscape. Government should be more open-minded and accept street art as a bona fide means of artistic expression. Made says he uses his art as a “weapon” to change people’s point of view and to elicit change in society. He feels that anyone with a talent for drawing, writing or music can use this as a means to make a change for a better future for us and for our next generation. He created the Bali Mural Conspiracy with a group of friends with the goal of beautifying the Denpasar cityscape. The Bali Mural Conspiracy is part of an ambitious project called Bali Island of 1000 Murals. It intends to position street art in function of tourism. Beautiful murals can attract tourists and be part of the tourism industry propaganda. Gen Netik is an artist from Mengwi whose moniker explains the way he views art as purely genetic, meaning it is totally in his genes, in his blood, in his soul. He is a prolific artist who does murals, paintings, creates comics and manga-zines with characters inspired by his Balinese culture and roots. In 2009 he captured first prize at the Yogyakarta Biennale with a 20-meter

mural featuring the Barong and Balinese inspired figures as part of a collage of images painted on a zinc fence that took 1 week to execute. His subject matter is as varied as his talent. He creates images with environmental statements and political cartoons; manga heroines and cultural icons. One of his trademark characters is El Diablo, a naughty devil whose behavior mirrors humanity’s bad exploits and exposes the foibles and weaknesses, inherent lies, hypocrisy and corruption of the human being. Desty Woman is a manga-style super-girl, a modern-day Calonarang with flaming hair and clawfingers who fights black magic. She is molded on the strong and independent character of the Balinese women. Balinese culture plays a dominant role in Gen Netik’s work. Many of his painings parody the Wayang style and juxtapose the old traditions and wisdom of an ancient culture with the superficial and empty values of Western decadence and the danger of following these trends by Balinese society. His work also explores the dangers and pitfalls of urban development and ill thought-out investments with powerful and explosive images. Street Artist Communities – Street artists tend to be part of a community with likeminded artists, inasmuch as the execution of a big mural is often a cooperative effort with several muralists participating in the realization of a design. In Bali the most active groups are Djamur Community, Komunitas Pojok and the Bali Street Art Community which all have created a platform for young Balinese artists to express their art through alternative media such as graffiti and street murals. By and large they all embrace serious art and are very active in the various art fests and organized activities of the Bali art scene. Komunitas Pojok hosts exhibitions and auctions through their yearly Bali Yang Binal (Untamed Bali) events. That Bali’s street art is being taken seriously is attested by the efforts of an organization called the Indonesian Street Art Database (ISAD) which is digitally archiving street art work across Indonesia, including Bali. The Director of ISAD is an artist-activist who believes that street art is a visual history of community issues and conserving this art – when it is in danger of being whitewashed by authorities – is paramount to helping Indonesians understand the development of their political thought and cultural consciousness. Another nod to legitimacy was recently given by Jakarta Governor Jokowi when he decided to issue mural permits to street artists in Jakarta. Though this decision has elicited mixed reactions due to the restrictive nature of the government’s definition of street art, the fact remains that this type of governmental approval and encouragement can be a tremendous boost for the development and acceptance of street art. It can be said that street art is more direct and in-your-face than conventional art. It can push the boundaries of acceptable art but then again, that is also the case for conventional art. Ideally a compromise between artists and civic authorities would be beneficial for all in society. Authorities can gain by allowing artists to spruce up run-down areas. Artists will get more exposure to their art and the community gets to enjoy the beauty of free art work. It could be a win-win situation for all involved. Not to mention that it would vastly improve the blighted appearance of the urban landscape in cities such as Denpasar. The next feature on Street Art will put the spotlight on a few more Balinese artists and specific styles such as tags and sticker art, stencil graffiti, 3-D creations, Wayang and literary themes. Story by Ines Wynn Copyright © 2013 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of BA Feature Article at

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30 October - 13 November, 2013

Bali with Kids Let’s Go Canyoning!

Adrenaline, Fun and Adventure for families and friends Adventure and Spirit is a professional company offering canyoning activities in Bali. Our team went and tried this new activity with children as young as 8 years old and it was certainly the best family activity we have done in a long, long time. We highly recommend this fantastic day out and exhilarating experience in beautiful natural surroundings. So what is canyoning? (also known as Canyoneering descent of canyon) is an outdoor adventure and extreme sport in Bali using a variety of techniques that may include activities such as caving, walking, wading, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, sliding down natural slopes, and/or swimming in white water. Canyoning consists in following a natural watercourse. In some parts of the canyon itinerary, swimming may depend on water level fluctuations (when there is no water, you descend a dry canyon) determined by the wide range of gorges, ravines or waterfalls landscapes. If that sounds daunting to you and your family, let us just reassure you: it is an activity that everyone can do, especially with the Adventure and Spirit professional team who will take care of you at all times.

shortest course called the Kali Kecil trip and it was 1:30hrs of pure canyoning and fun. It was amazingly rich in colours and magic landscapes all along our descent and we are now keen on discovering the other canyons in that area. Slightly more challenging but also recommended for children and teenagers is the Kali Mudah canyon trip. It offers several jumps (one of 5m – optional), natural water slides, rappels (15m maximum) and in the second part of the canyon wonderful sequences of plantscovered, volcanic rock and natural warm spring basins encountered at the end of the tour. Kali Mudah is a discovery and sporty descent with lots of fun.

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For teenagers over 16 years old, the Kerenkali canyon is a sporty option. Also, located in Gitgit area, Kerenkali is the extension of Kalimudah canyon. It is usable throughout the year and has two parts: the first one is a sequence of jumps, water slides, short rappels with gorges made of volcanic rock, caves and a sulphurous water basin coming out from underground, a mix of fun and exploration for both the beauty and the thrills. The second part is sportier with enchanting rappel descents of waterfalls (the highest is 20m), swims, jumps of up to 10m (optional), floating and there is a Balinese lunch at mid-way of the canyon. It takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

Our group enjoyed the final water fight and kids, mums and dads all loved this unique experience. After the trek back of 15 minutes, we arrive at the finishing point where we get a rinse, change back into our clothes and enjoy a well deserved snack and a drink. On the drive back the car is full of smiles, Adventure and Spirit can organize pick up from your villa or stories and fun anecdotes. hotel or you might wish to drive and the rate will vary We will keep great accordingly. From the South of Bali, it is a 2 hour drive to memories. Gitgit Waterfall on the road to Singaraja. Our team was picked up at 10am and we arrived around lunchtime, just on Spirit and Adventure has time to eat a delicious Nasi Campur before the start of the operated canyoning trips activity. The driver then took us to the starting point where 2 for the last 3 years. Set up instructors and all the material was waiting for us. The fun by a French man called starts with putting on our equipment: wetsuit, socks, shoes, Michael Denissot or Mika, helmets and carabinas. There was a first group photo they have their office in before some short training on how to use the carabinas and Ubud. Their material is put the rope inside the “piranha” to rappel. Every member from France and follows safety has a go and then we are ready to start and get refreshed international This is in the cool and clear water of the river. The kids were happy standards. the only and started having lots of fun sliding, jumping in 2m holes, currently company to offer canyoning in Bali and this activity is still rappelling and making their way along the river. relatively new in Indonesia. The location is beautiful, peaceful and we are surrounded by the most amazing nature. Our two instructors are friendly, The price for the Kali Kecil trip is Rp. 900 000 and Rp. 1 200 000 for the Kali Mudah trip, inclusive of transport, lunch, fun and highly equipment, training, trekking and photos. Kali Kecil course professional. is offered for a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of Thanks to 14 and the Kali Mudah course takes a minimum of 2 them, we participants and a maximum of 12 people. If you have your embark on own transportation to Gitgit area, the prices are Rp. 600 000 challenges for the Kali Kecil course and Rp. 850 000 for the Kali Mudah that we never course. The canyoning itself lasts for 2 to 2:30 hours and it thought we is a fantastic day out for families. Highly recommended! could do and we feel safe For more information visit www.adventureandspirit. because they com and email Kiky Afiandana kiky@ are always attentive and ADVENTURE & SPIRIT ready to help. The backward flying fox was the highlight for many of us: Jl Raya Mas N*62 jumping off the side, flying and landing softly in the water. 80 571 Mas - Ubud We brought our waterproof camera but if you do not have BALI – INDONESIA one, the instructors take many excellent action shots and Tel : +62 361 971 288 video clips that he lets you save on a USB key. “ For a Special 10% discount on the USD rate, please There are 10 different canyon trips from discovery to contact Adventure and Spirit < canyon@adventureandspirit. extreme and two of them are fine for families with young com > and mention that you read about canyoning in Bali children (the minimum age is 8 years old). We did the with Kids column”

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Seminyak Language School Tlp 0361 - 733342 / 082144682277 Since 2000

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75% Conversation Jl.R. Jimbaran.1 Beside Mc. Donald

Jl.R. Canggu. 17 Around Bank BNI

Jl. Raya Seminyak. No. 7 In front of Bintang Market NEW CLASS : 04 NOVEMBAR 2013 C/E/I-30 Oct 13

Welcome to our new monthly column for parents. Each article will cover a theme relevant to families where experts will give parents the latest information and advice. Family events will be featured and we welcome suggestions from our readers, simply email : Copyright © 2013 Bali With Kids You can read all past articles of Bali With Kids at C/E/G-18 Sept. 13

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dĂ ŵ Ă Ŷ  D Ă Ś Ă ƚ ŵ Ă  ' Ă Ŷ Ě Ś ŝ  & Ž Ƶ Ŷ Ě Ă ƚ ŝ Ž Ŷ





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Reviews of English language books on Indonesia

Imagining Indonesia edited by Jim Schiller and Barbara Martin-Schiller Don’t be quick to warn of the e s s a y ’ s d e m i s e . Through a catholic range of t o p i c s , Imagining Indonesia comprehensively addresses in a series of e l e v e n essays what it means to be Indonesian and what constitutes Indonesian culture. The Indonesian, American and Australian contributions represent a wide range of disciplines, points of view and ideological orientations. Each in his or her own way, these political scientists, historians, anthropologists, artists and students of Indonesian arts skillfully invite critical thinking.

authentic concept rising out of the village experience of neighbors working together for the common good. Their intention was to support the right to play a dominant role (dwi fungsi) as defender of the country and manager of the country’s development. The military stood to gain from the acceptance of an ideology that denies a place in politics for opposition and conflict.

In William Liddle’s essay, he discusses three prominent innovators – Goenawan Mohammed as a promoter of individual liberty; Sjahrir who challenges the substantial role played by the state in the economy; Nurcholish Madjid who champions Islamic values in a secular state. Moelyono believes that Indonesian art should be about the suffering, hopes and the interests of the rakyat, the poor Indonesian masses – a “people’s art.” William Frederick portrays the writer Armijn who railed against the Indonesian publishing house Balai Pustaka for trying to censor what Indonesians read and assuming that Indonesians had poor taste or low intelligence.

*The suspiciously Javanese-sounding term gotong royong, used to depict the Indonesian ideal of mutual cooperation to achieve development projects, was actually first invented from the top down by nationalist politicians to coordinate resistance against colonial domination. The use of such pseudo-traditional terms by Indonesian authorities can be seen as part of a Javanizing strategy central to the Indonesian nation-building effort. The concept was also used to justify the restriction of freedoms and to mobilize villagers to do unpaid work for the state.

Kuntowijoyo’s fascinating essay is about the dress, manners and submissiveness to authority of the rank-conscious and hedonistic Javanese bureaucratic elite of Solo in the early twentieth century. “What’s in a name?” shows how language has been continually invoked in order to mobilize the population to achieve the nation’s economic development goals. Other essays concern themselves with compulsory land clearance issues that have come about because of the construction of golf courses, housing and industrial estates; the plight of indigenous ethnic groups to integrate into the Indonesian state; how the country’s citizens and state officials interact; the resurgence of traditional wayang theatre and the philosophical basis of the Indonesian state. Some of the essays are dated, i.e. mention of Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) as head of the NU Islamic Association (Nahdlatul Ulama), but not yet president. It’s said that the iron law of the essay is heresy, and in this regard this book’s essays point out paradox, provoke argument, question authority and cultivate doubt and skepticism. Here are just some of the stimulating and arcane issues that the essays address: *The concept of sekularisasi (secularization), first promulgated by Nurcholosi in 1970 in a famous, highly controversial speech at the State Islamic Institute in Jakarta, Muslims have become mere traditionalists not able to come to grips with the great demands of current and future social change such as test-tube babies, organ transplants and homosexuality. In Nurcholosi’s words, Arabian society, under Muhammad, who practiced an early form of Islam, was actually more “modern” than the periods that followed in which the religion became more stagnated and intolerant. *It was the Indonesian armed forces that first advanced the idea of the familial state (Negara Kekeluargaan) as an

For Sale; Polar exercise heart rate monitor. Model electro CE0537. Never used. Incld. user manual. Mint cond. Rp.700,000. Contact 081 116 8805 or <>. Ubud. [178] Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.

*Surakarta in the early years of the 20th century was already a complex society with movies, electricity, good cigars, educational lectures, fancy costumes, stage shows, circuses, classical orchestras, dinner and dance clubs, jubilant marriage celebrations, colonial government bureaucratic priyayi associations, an organization of opium service shops, a charming pasar malam of beautiful women and even a Chinese bandit association. The Javanese began to use toothbrushes, cut their hair, stopped wearing baggy trousers and had to remove their eyeglasses when meeting another Javanese. The susuhunan (raja) practiced political mysticism and was well versed in Western social dances. *Language is an all-pervasive agent of cultural cohesiveness in Indonesia. The Sanskrit-derived Pancasila (The Five Principles) is the best example of the nationalistic use of language, along with other mottos like Panca Usaha Tani (The Five Endeavors of Farmers), all employed in the service of the state to unify the diverse people of the whole archipelago.

*Each of the book’s chapters are actually lessons in how maddeningly difficult it is to govern, regulate and integrate such a multi-ethnic and geographically diverse island nation as Indonesia. If Indonesia didn’t already exist, certainly no one would ever attempt to invent it. The animist Nualu people of Seram in central Maluku and the Buddhist Samin people of central Java are examples of peoples who lack a sense of belonging to the whole – the far stronger and more powerful Indonesian state.

C/E/G-30 Oct. 13

NC/E/I-30 Oct. 13

It would greatly benefit the book if readers could find the interrelationships of topics, concepts and names of both places and people quickly and efficiently in a well-written, detailed and organized index. (I’m against the accepted convention that a book of essays does not need an index.) A good index is even more imperative for serious books such Imagining Indonesia. It takes a lot to keep a reader engaged for over 350 pages, but in the end the majority of the essays manage to make it clear that there is no single understanding of what constitutes Indonesian culture. In a country as large and populous, with so many religions, cultures and races, Indonesia’s culture is complex, vibrant and dynamic. A complete understanding of the country’s culture is not possible nor is it even desirable. Imagining Indonesia: Cultural Politics and Political Culture, edited by Jim Schiller and Barbara Martin-Schiller, Ohio University Press 1997, ISBN 978-089-680-1905, paperback, 374 pages.

For any publishers interested in having one of their books considered for review in Toko Buku, please contact: Copyright © 2013 You can read all past articles of Toko Buku at C/E/G-30 Oct. 13

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BALI RENANG SWIMMING SCHOOL GROUP LESSONS ALL AGES & ABILITIES Private Lessons available for Homes, Villas. Schools & Corporate Bookings accepted for swim activities for Hotel ,Villa ,Management Groups. Email; <> Phone;+62-361-7443102 C/E/G-4 Sept. 13

Somebody Loves Them Bali Dogs, that is. And the anti-rabies fighter BAWA too, the Bali Animal Welfare Association, which as no one should have missed or failed to remark upon, has come to grief on the treacherous shoals of Bali’s perversely acquisitive and uniquely dysfunctional bureaucracy. Jaymi Muzzicato, who is 11 and comes from Cranbourne in Victoria, Australia, has used her big heart and energy to raise funds in Australia for BAWA programs to support the welfare of animals in Bali. After visiting BAWA in September, she says she just can’t wait to come back to Bali and BAWA as a volunteer. Meanwhile, back home, she’s busy ramping up more support for BAWA among her friends, family and fellow students and staff at her school, Courtenay Gardens Primary, where earlier she won the backing of her school principal and teacher to run a colouring contest for the benefit of BAWA. To promote the contest, she researched BAWA and shared lots of stories about rescued animals and BAWA’s many other animal support programs. When Jaymi visited BAWA in Ubud in September she presented $150 (Australian) raised from the contest, her personal money and donations. And she made a new friend of Monkey, a street dog that has adopted BAWA’s Jl Monkey Forest shop as her daytime home but likes the street life at night. Jaymi says her visit to BAWA was the highlight of her two weeks in Bali and that it has motivated her to plan further fundraising for Bali animals in need. Saying thanks to Jaymi for her efforts, BAWA founder Janice Girardi noted the capacity of young people around the world to make a difference to animal welfare. “We are really heartened when people like Jaymi take the initiative to give their time and energy to promoting BAWA and supporting our work to protect and create a better future for Bali’s animals,” said Girardi. Some people around here might profit spiritually by noting all that.

Kindling a Fire Inveterate Legian blogger Vyt Karazija has had enough, it seems. But it’s not the terrible traffic, brutish baristas, ‘orrible ‘olidaymakers, importunate Rp600K quick-time girls, predatory premans or any of the other dangerous denizens of Grossville that have him on the outer edge of his temper envelope. He popped up on Facebook, where like the Diary he spends a lot of time that probably gets him into trouble, with a swipe at Amazon/Kindle for complicating the life of authors from outside the USA. It was no wonder, he wrote, that authors from elsewhere other than the Land of the Free hate using that Yankee conglomerate for their works. We quote: “First, they put you through a tax grilling, making you pay ridiculous rates of tax to the IRS unless you execute some complex document relating to ‘treaty benefits’ with your home country. Then you have to physically ring the IRS and confirm. Then, a year later, they make you go through the whole charade again... “Here is a typical bureaucratic question on their latest incomprehensible tax form: ‘Do you derive the income for which you can claim treaty benefits?’ “Simple, right? But then they helpfully ‘explain’ how to answer, and melt your brain in the process: ‘Income may be derived by either the entity receiving the item of income or by the interest holders in the entity or, in certain circumstances, both. An item of income paid to an entity is considered to be derived by the entity only if the entity is not fiscally transparent under the laws of the entity’s jurisdiction with respect to the item of income. Answer yes or no’. “Why don’t they just ask: ‘Are you the one getting the money?’ I guess that would be too simple.” We engaged Karazija on this, pointing out that millions of legislative drafters worldwide would be unemployed were the KISS principle to be invoked. He came back with a lovely line: “Bafflegab rules.” We can’t beat that.

In the Running Alicia Budihardja, late of Conrad Bali and most recently late of Mantra (the newish Aussie player on the comfy beds circuit) has popped up at the plush St Regis, as assistant director of marketing communications reporting to Stephanie Carrier, director of same. It’s a move “just down the road” but a big career step. We wish her well. It’s so nice to know cheery people who enjoy their work and are good at their jobs. The new gig encompasses fellow Starwood property Laguna Resort and Spa. It’s a cluster in the new-speak of the resort world. Perhaps we shall soon be seeing

Budihardja winning beach races with all the practice she’s bound to get sprinting up and down Geger Beach to the Laguna and vice-versa.

Exit Report We love seeing old friends who make it back to Bali from far-flung places – even though in this particular instance we were so busy in paradise we could only see them once (for a lovely lunch at a favourite spot, Café des Artistes in Ubud) – and it’s fun getting their post-trip exit reports too. Thus we hear from Larry Sprecher, of Portland, Oregon, who truly is a senior citizen, as is his wife Maggie, the self-driver on their trips: “Maggie had no trouble with the missing International Driver’s Permit. We were stopped at only one roadblock. The officer took a look at Maggie, did a double take, saluted and waved her on through. “The new [Ngurah Rai] International Departure Building is impressive. It will be even more impressive when they get the new restaurants, shops, and provide places for 1000 people to sit.” Ah Bali! Don’t you just love it?

It Ain’t Half Hot Mum Well it would be, dopey. And very humid: It’s Bali and the rainy season is coming. (Disclaimer: Print deadlines being what they are, this item was sent off 10 days ago; if everything’s changed by the time you read this, and you’re wearing galoshes because it’s sodden underfoot or ugg boots to ward off the rainy season chill, don’t blame your poor diarist). Back in mid-October BMKG (the Department of Meteorology) felt obliged to tell people it hadn’t been any hotter than it always was at that time of the year. Then it said it had been, which came as no surprise, since in Indonesia yes is so often no and black so often white. Living within earshot of public discourse here is reminiscent of listening to Jim Trott (admirably played by Trevor Peacock) in that fine Brit sit-com The Vicar of Dibley, whose seminal contribution to any discussion consists of “no-no-no-no – yes”. But we digress. BMKG felt obliged, in its public disclosure of the state of Bali’s weather, to advise that the sun was moving south at the time – both astronomers and astrologers will be glad to hear that, no doubt, though boffin-like quibblers could point out it’s actually the earth’s pedantic insistence on oscillating that does the trick – bringing with it the weather we normally expect in October. We quote Bali BMKG chief of data Nyoman Gede Wirajaya as our expert source: “The position of the sun is directly over the island in October, resulting in quite hot weather,” he said, further explaining that Bali’s position south of the equator affects the weather cycles. Thanks, Pak Nyoman. Glad you could clear that up. Daily highs average 33C in October but had been 35C. Perhaps at the BMKG 35C is not hotter than 33. We are assured that things will be cooler in November and December, when the sun has moved to the south and is fully-frying our neighbours in Australia.

C/E/I-01 May 13

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That Sinking Feeling Tanjung Benoa is sinking, so it is said. Hundreds of residents of the mudflat and sandbar promontory at the northern end of Nusa Dua think so, at least, and as members of a group known as Harmony Bali they recently attempted to apprise the Governor of this unsettling information. Harmony doesn’t get a mention in police standard operating procedures, however. A handily present platoon of plods was resolute in denying them entry to the gubernatorial offices in Denpasar. An appeal to the shades of successive Venetian doges might possibly bear fruit. The Serenissima was built on much the same sort of shifting and watery ground. It was only stabilized – as an infrastructural entity we mean, not as a political community, which might be another similarity – when Medieval and later Venetians got among the aquatic stuff with megatons of reinforcing material and backed that action with rigid building controls that saved the islands of the lagoon from disappearing into the briny. In much of the world, you don’t build on mudflats and sandbars anyway, for very good reason.

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Local News Never Forget: Bali Bombings Victims Remembered - Peace Park to Go Ahead

Aussie Health Department Issues Warning after Tourists Return from Bali with Measles

Survivors and family members of those killed in the 2002

He urged the owner of the land to reconsider its sale and

The Health Department has issued a warning after four

and 2005 terror attacks attended a dawn service at the

the company renting the property to surrender the lease.

West Australians returned home from Bali with measles.

Kings Park Bali Memorial to mark the anniversary of the

He said he hoped the park would be a place where people

bombing that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

could go to reflect and would help counter terrorism “in some small way”.

The highly infectious disease is spread through respiration and can lead to hospitalization and inflammation of the brain. The Department’s Paul Armstrong says anyone who

A video of an artist’s impression of the international peace park, designed by renowned Bali landscape artist Made

Mr. Nash said he got emotional on the anniversary of

Wijaya, was shown after the service.

the bombing each year, but it was a good opportunity for survivors and families who had lost loved ones to catch up.

The plans feature a sculpture with 202 poles, each

may have come into contact with the affected people should watch out for symptoms such as a fever and cough, followed by a rash. “One of the cases was a worker on

representing a life lost in the 2002 bombing, a museum,

Phil Britten, who had horrific injuries and lost seven friends

Barrow Island and the Public Health Unit has been following

ponds, lush vegetation and “contemplative corners” for

in the bombing, said the anniversary had gone from a

those people up on Barrow Island to make sure they’re

Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

sad occasion to a celebration of the lives of those lost and

well aware,” he said. “The other three cases live in Perth

survivors “thanking their lucky stars”. The Bali Peace Park Association has been working on the

and those other cases have been to a number of emergency

project since 2008 and has just launched a national campaign

He said it was time for the memorial garden to be

departments and general practice surgeries.” Mr. Armstrong

to raise the $2 million needed to complete the park.

constructed so people had a beautiful place unlike anything

said the disease starts with the cough and sore throat,

else in Kuta to reflect and relax.

scratchy eyes and fever and then about four days later the

Eleven years after the bombing, the former Sari Club site is a barren makeshift car park after local authorities vetoed

The project is backed by all Australian States, Territories

commercial development on it.

and the Federal Government, with a total of $900,000 promised for the purchase of the land.

blotchy red rash develops. “The symptoms of measles develop around seven to 10 to 14 days after somebody is exposed to measles,” he said. (October 11th 2013)

Gary Nash, who spent three weeks in a coma and months in hospital with severe burns after the bombing, said many

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott promised

people were tired of waiting for the park after 11 years.

funding to help build the park. (October 12th 2013)

Indonesia in 2028: Permanent and Irreversible Climate Change

Pop Stars 13-Year-Old Son Speeding at 176kph Before Killing Seven

The 13-year-old son of well-known musician Ahmad Dhani was driving at 176 kilometers per hour before he lost control of the car his father had given him and crashed into

A remarkable study published last week in the highly

estimates indicate that as much as 25 percent of national

regarded scientific journal Nature detailed a new method for

GDP is derived from activities located on or near the

predicting specific dates for the onset of climate change for

nation’s 81,000-kilometer coastline. Salt water intrusion,

any location on the planet.

more intense storm activity, other impacts will displace or disturb many activities near the coast.

The study (hereafter known as the “Mora study” after first As the government struggles to cope with these problems it

world since for the first time it puts specific dates on “climate

will draw financial and other resources away from other

departure” for cities and regions. The implications of the

problems and initiatives.

study for Indonesia are immediately apparent.

of climate is just around the corner for the expansive archipelago; the study pegs 2029 as the year for radical climate departure for Jakarta, 2028 for Bali and as early as 2020 for Manokwari in Papua, whereas the global average is 2047. What this means is that the random, stochastic events, like increased flooding and extended drought conditions that now wreak havoc from time to time on the Indonesian landscape, economy and people, will become the new normal. Though generally framed as an environmental issue, for

[Abdul Qodir Jaelani’s] car and analyzed it in Japan,” Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said. “Two seconds before the car lost control, the speed was 176 km per hour.” Abdul Qodir Jaelani was driving a Mitsubishi

author Dr. Camilo Mora) has made waves around the

The startling findings indicate that permanent alteration

oncoming traffic. “The team at Mitsubishi took the chip from

Lancer sedan on the Jagorawi toll road between Bogor and Jakarta at 1:45 a.m. on Sept. 8 when he lost control before braking through the toll-road divider and hitting

Potentially more devastating, though, is the fact that,

oncoming traffic. Rikwanto said the accident was caused

according to the new study, Indonesia will feel these effects

after Abdul’s friend, Novi, startled him by telling him to slow

much sooner than other countries, including those of Asean

down. Abdul then applied the brakes too aggressively,

(for example, the Mora study predicts Bangkok will reach climate departure in 2046).

which caused him to lose control of the car. Police have yet to talk with Abdul about the incident because he remains

This means Indonesia’s neighbors and regional competitors

in convalescence at his family home. “AQJ’s condition is

have a luxury that Indonesia does not: time to formulate

weak and he is still in bed,” Rikwanto said. “He is still in

strategies, adapt and act.

pain, mainly around his waist and back.” Police are due to receive an assessment from Abdul’s doctor on Monday

Global warming and climate change are not new problems, nor are they problems that Indonesia is responsible for creating.

(21/10), after which they will make a decision whether or not is appropriate to talk with the boy. The case provoked a sense of outrage among many Indonesians after Ahmad

But the findings from the Mora study uncover a new

Dhani sought to apportion some of the blame to the

must be thought of as a multidimensional challenge as it

urgency and underscore the fact that it is time to get

government and the highway operator for the crash, rather

has immediate and long-term economic, strategic and

beyond the blame game, time to get beyond politicking,

social implications.

and time to take concrete steps to mitigate the adverse

Indonesia the specter of human-induced climate change

effects from climate change and anticipate the “new Sea level rise is another important consideration, as some

normal” that is beating down the door. (October 18th 2013)

than accept that it was inappropriate that a father give their 13-year-old child a powerful car to drive at 1:45 in the morning. (October 19th 2013)

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Local News

30 October - 13 November, 2013

Jakarta Police Question Six in Alleged Fatal


Truce Called after Gangs Clash in Denpasar

Rape of Baby On Monday (14/10) approximately 500 police with two Jakarta police are investigating claims that a 9-month-old

water cannons were deployed to maintain peace in a

girl who died at a regional hospital showed signs of sexual

standoff between some members of two gangs, Laskar

abuse, sources said on Monday (14/10). The child was admitted to a hospital in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, on Wednesday with a fever and convulsions. Doctors treated the girl and discovered evidence of sexual abuse. She died a short time later. East Jakarta Police are currently investigating the allegations. Police have questioned six witnesses in connection with the case. All are members of the family, Soleh said. The East Jakarta Police have ruled out natural causes as a reason for the girl’s death. “We’re investigating the case because we consider [the death] unnatural,” East Jakarta Police chief Sr. Comr. Mulyadi

Bali and Baladika. The two gangs from Denpasar signed a truce following a disturbance that involved the two

C/NV/G-30 Oct. 13

groups on Monday. Laskar Bali and Baladika gangs were apparently involved in a “turf” war over a car parking lot. The two organizations signed a truce with senior Denpasar Police officers and military personal as witnesses to the agreement. Local residents expressed dismay that a security disturbance had arisen between two organizations that both claim to be “the guardians” of Bali. (October 16th 2013)

healthy for nine months. “I cannot speak in detail [of her

Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser

Kaharni said. “She was born healthy and had remained Two Arrested in Bali Child Prostitution Case

condition when she arrived], but she was very bad.” The baby’s father is a truck driver in East Jakarta. Her mother

Two men have been arrested in Denpasar, Bali - one for

washes clothes.The girl was normally watched by her aunt

forcing a 13-year-old girl into prostitution and one for raping

when her parents were at work, but in the two weeks leading

her, police said on Sunday (20/10). “Both have been

up to her death she was left in the care of her grandfather,

arrested after we received a report from the victim,” said

a source told (October 14th 2013)

Encep Syamsul Hayat, Denpasar’s chief police detective. M.S., a 37-year-old Balinese Bemo (public van) driver and

Residents Protest Over Erosion of Tanjung Benoa

J.C., a 53-year-old South African national have both admitted to playing a role in the crime, police said. The alleged incident began when M.S. offered the victim, a

Hundreds of Tanjung Benoa residents protested at the Bali Provincial Government Parliament House to raise awareness regarding the severe erosion that is taking place on the coastline. The demands were conveyed during a rally at the parliament building on Thursday (17/10), with concerned residents keen to bring the problem to light. According to a local resident Wayan Ranten, environmental experts who have studied Tanjung Benoa have found alarming evidence that the whole area is being eroded.

souvenir seller on Kuta beach, a ride home in his bemo. Midway home, he offered to buy her dinner and she accepted. Instead, he brought her to a room in a bungalow,

C/NV/I-24 July 13

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which J.C. entered shortly thereafter. J.C. removed the

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victim’s clothes, police said. The victim told police that he

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raped her. He said that he gave the victim Rp one million


($88) but did not rape her because she was crying and

12:00 Black and White ads

fighting back. A medical evaluation is still underway.

Ranten added that the studies suggested land reclamation

According to Police, M.S. has admitted to frequently

projects in other areas of the harbor were to blame for the

scouring the area for local children to force into prostitution.

problem now facing Tanjung Benoa. Bali government

He said foreign tourists usually paid him Rp 400,000 for his

legislator Dewa Nyoman Rai and several other members

services. “Both perpetrators have known each other for

of the Bali council heard the demands of the protestors.

about two years,” Encep said. Police said they were

“Our stand on this is clear, we still support the reclamation

expanding their efforts to crack down on child trafficking in

projects, as it is one of the government’s efforts to preserve

the area. Neither alleged perpetrator has yet been formally

Bali,” stated Nyoman. (October 18th 2013)

charged. (October 21st 2013)


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Local News

30 October - 13 November, 2013

By The Coach

This Sporting Life


Bali’s once little rugby tournament gets bigger every year! The 2013 Xclusive Property Bali Rugby Fest was another great rugby event put together by the Bali Rugby Club and played on the immaculate turf provided by the Canggu Club. Many new club sides were in attendance this year and those teams from the west coast and the east coast of Australia proved to be competitive with some managing to take home some of the silverware. Yet for all the new teams and faces, it was the Nedlands RUFC that returned to Bali for the fifth time and managed the take the top prize for the second time in their history – the Open Men’s Bali 10s Cup. They did so by defeating one the surprise teams of the tournament, fellow Western Australian club side: the Kalamunda Bulls 24-7. The victory was poignant as the team accepted the award in memory of their good friend Mike Denton, who was lost to all in Bali prior to the Nedlands’ 2011 Bali 10s campaign. The Bali Rugby Fest is not only about Men’s 10s as four women’s teams put on an entertaining display of 7-a-side rugby that was wholeheartedly supported by all those in attendance. Great interest centred around the two teams from Cendrawasih Muda “young birds of paradise” where most of the ladies hail from the Mama Sayang Orphanage located in Jonggol, south of Jakarta. In their last game between the Cendrawasih Reds and Cendrawasih Blues for the 3rd/4th place playoff, as a tribute to the great efforts shown by the young ladies of these teams throughout the weekend, participants from all the teams formed a ‘guard of honour’ or a ‘tunnel’ for the young ladies from these two teams to run through onto the field for this match. The camaraderie shown by all the participants will continue to live on as one of the fondest memories of the 2013 tournament. Meanwhile, the Selangor Dingoes from Malaysia won the Women’s Cup overcoming the NT Women 12-7 in a closely fought match. In other results, the Bali Chillis showed great form to make it into the top 8 of the competition, eventually being knocked out by the Gaulois Frenchman from Singapore after a match winning try by the Chillis was ruled to have been held up. The Gaulois made it to the Plate final but were defeated by fellow Singaporean team the Wanderers 10-0 who took the Plate. Newcomers, Griffith Uni from the Gold Coast defeated the Jakarta Komodos Red in the Bowl final 12-3, fellow newcomers and the most recognisable team as each member of their group was donning a cowboy hat; the Brigalow Bushwackers from country Queensland took home the Shield after defeating the Bush Turkeyz 12-5. The last of the silverware was a local derby awarded to the Sumbawa Nagas who collected the Jug after overcoming the Jakarta Komodos Green 12-5.

Tournament director, Kurt Lovell wishes to greatly thank his wife Faiz for her help and support, and also Nick Mesritz, Greg Hinchliffe and Chris Dharma who together made another great tournament that Bali can be proud of. Sponsorship and support from Neil Power of Xclusive Property, Luke Benlow of the Pullman Hotel Legian and also Heineken, SOS International, Anglo INFO and the staff from the Canggu Club that was most needed and very much appreciated. RUNNING NEWS Bali Half Marathon under the stars The Bali Tourism Promotion Board (BPPD) together with the provincial sports body (KONI), is organizing the Bali Sports Week with various fun and recreational sports events will be held, including a marathon, cycling, futsal, golf and motocross.

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DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF TAX REGION OFFICE OF BALI Call Center : (0361) 241555, 263894 Faximile: (0361) 263895 Email : SMS Center : 081 238 88250 C/Ns/S-29 August 07

So You Love an Alcoholic Take Courage; There Is Hope Hope for families & friends of alcoholics AL-ANON FAMILY & FRIENDS GROUPS Wednesdays, 5:30pm Saturdays, 5:00pm Fridays, 5:30pm The Ruko, Jl. Drupadi II #80 (next to Art Republic) Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser C/NV/R-20 Feb. 2013

Bali Advertiser A s s u r e s G r e a t e r P r o fi t

The main event ,Bali Highway Half Marathon and Run Under the Stars, which will be held on the evening of Nov. 17, taking in the island’s new Nusa Dua toll road. The sports week will be held at the same time as the annual Nusa Dua Fiesta, which will feature various art and culture events. “We have widely announced this event to domestic and international marathon communities, as well as to many tourism boards in various countries. We have received a lot of enthusiastic response,” said Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, one of the board’s members. “This will be the first marathon event held on the toll road, under the full moon and the stars, and above the sea. Participants will start running as the sun goes down,” he said.

T o A d v e r t i s e C a l l 755392

There will be three categories in the race: half marathon for athletes and professional runners, 10-kilometer marathon for recreational runners and the 3.14-kilometer “Pi Fun Run” for families and groups of fun runners. With limited time for preparation — only two months — this inaugural event was expected to attract some 3,000 participants, Wijaya said, adding that the board would plan bigger events in the coming years. To attract more participants, the board is partnering with Garuda Indonesia. The national flag carrier will give 15 percent discount for economy class passengers on domestic flights and 20 percent discount for economy class international flights during the days leading up to the event. Wijaya finally adding “that anyone interested in taking part could register through”

For full list of sports please go to http://www.

Sporting Calendar

Copyright ©2013 If you wish to add any sporting related information to the You can read all past articles of This Sporting Life at calendar, please email

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30 October - 13 November, 2013


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Sailing with the Experts It amazing sometimes what you can learn when you are talking with interesting people. In this case it was Joris Kolijn, General Manager of SeaTrek Sailing Adventures. For example, did you know that Alfred Russell Wallace formulated the theory of natural selection while lying in bed with a raging fever in Ternate here in Indonesia? And that he immediately wrote a letter to Charles Darwin and so began the discussion that eventually led to the publication of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Also one of the smaller Spice Islands was traded by the English to the Dutch for a swampy bit of real estate now called Manhattan. You can learn all this and much more if you book one of the company’s sailing trips as journeying with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures is not just a sail trip lolling on the deck watching the waves roll by. It as an adventure of a lifetime with western tour guides, experts in their chosen fields on board, who provide heaps of information and knowledge which only adds to the fun. Joris said that the itineraries SeaTrek has developed, “are about enhanced content, looking into the history and trying to understand the local people and enjoying the stunning natural environment of the beautiful places you visit.”

The Experts Ian Burnett is a retired Aussie that has spent a lot of time in Indonesia and is an expert on the history of the Spice Islands and the shenanigans that the Dutch and English got up to chasing the almighty dollar in trade of the enormously profitable spices like nutmeg, cloves and pepper. Earlier in the year, the Bali Advertiser’s, Siapa column did an interview with Ian which is well worth reading. Interesting guy and along the way has written two books, “The Spice Islands” and “The East Indies” published by Rosenberg. You can buy them here in Bali at Periplus Books or if you are reading this on the web far from Bali check out his web page, just Google Ian Burnet and you will find it. The number of famous sailors that have visited the Spice Islands is very interesting. Sir Francis Drake, Tasman, Magellan and Captain Cook to name a few and to anchor in place where they did would be an experience worth having for those interested in maritime history. Tony Whitten is from UK Flora and Fauna International and is an expert on, you guessed it. the flora and fauna of Eastern Indonesia. He is a big fan of Wallace and knows a great deal about where and when Wallace went collecting birds, butterflies, beetles and even an orangutan or two to preserve and then ship back to England to study and then display to the public. Wallace is reputed to be the first white man to see the exotic Bird of Paradise at the Raja Ampat islands off the coast of Papua. It took him many attempts and nearly wet himself when he finally did see one. For the bird watching romantics out there one trip in SeaTrek’s itinerary is accompanied by Alexander Reeuwijk an expert ornithologist. Next year Joris is planning a trip looking at textiles and traditional weaving in and around Sumba. Not all trips have experts on board but are regularly scheduled throughout the year. And don’t forget the monsoon switches from SE to NW each year and affects the itinerary as well.

The Boats A lot of phinisi boats are now built in Kalimantan whereas before the main boat building area was southern Sulawesi. The boat builders tend to follow the timber so a lot of boat builders moved to Kalimantan where the timber is a lot better quality than that remaining in Sulawesi. The sv Ombak Putih which translates as the white wave was built in a muddy deserted piece of dirt near a river at Batulicin in SE Kalimantan The keel is a solid chunk of timber that is 23m by 40cm by 40cm. After one year of fairly solid work the hull was finished. To get the hull into the water a 50m canal, 7m wide by 3m deep, was dug out the mud. It took six men about one month to get the job done. Heavy, dirty and difficult work. First you use a mattock to dig out a watermelon size bit of mud. Then you roll it into a ball and toss it up to your co-worker who throws it to another to get the mud away from the work site. The boat then sailed to Tanjung Perak, the old canal-type harbour of Surabaya for the final fit out. The main deck is big and roomy and is where all the fun activities of the trip happen. Down below are twelve large cabins with air-conditioning (individually controlled) and private bathrooms with warm and cold water. Don’t worry you get the little soap and shampoo bottles etc. that most hotels provide.

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On the upper deck you can sleep under the stars. Mattresses and light blankets are available as, even in the tropics, it can cool out on the waters. The sv Ombak Putih is a mix of traditional and modern design. Her hull and rigging are traditional, while the deck house and interior were custom designed to adapt to Western tastes of space, privacy and comfort. While Indonesian traditional sailing vessels are customarily referred to as Bugi Schooners, strictly speaking she is rigged as a Ketch, the foremast being higher than the aft mast. The smaller sv Katharina was first spotted as a hull still under construction by the founder of SeaTrek, Dick Bergsma, when he paid a courtesy visit to some old Buginese friends who had moved to Batulicin. The hull was much more slender than most he had seen up till then. Dick has an eye for beauty and was attracted to the elegant sheer or curve of her deck line. She is different from most traditional Phinisi’s because she ended up being a joint effort between western naval architects and traditional Bugis skills. The superstructure and the interior were redesigned to accommodate smaller groups of passengers for cruising in comfort with all first world mod cons. Both boats are regularly maintained and have all the required safety gear such as SSB, VHF radios, life jackets life rafts and even a sat phone. The crew are friendly and know the waters well with a couple of them have been there from the start. And don’t forget the experts too. For more info check out SeaTrek’s excellent web page. Happy Sailing!!

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30 October - 13 November, 2013

For Sale; Tersoro Shark underwater metal detector. Needs spare part in battery case but has a lifetime guarantee. New price $600 US. Selling for Rp 900,000. Call 081 2386 6753. Canggu. [109] For Sale; Original Apple Composite AV Cable. Easily connect your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to the composite video inputs on a TV. Features audio and USB connectors. Price: Rp. 250.000. Please contact: 081 193 9281 or <garage868@gmail. com>. Sanur. [076] As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.


Limited Time Exhibitions

The Power of Spirit Artist : Aricadia Genre : Paintings Period : August 15 until November 15, 2013 Everyday, 9.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m. Location : Aiona Garden of Health & Art Gallery, Bunutan, Amed Beach Tel: 0817565717 Ungkapan Artist : Group Exhibitions (Bahren) Genre : Paintings Period : October 20 until November 03, 2013 Everyday, 9.30 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. Location : Art Republic Gallery, Jln. Kunti l No. 9 Seminyak Tel: 03618555527 Please e-mail Bali Advertiser to place your exhibition here free of charge. Bali Advertiser reserves the right to publish or not publish submissions.

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• Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser

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By Ayu Spicy

Letters To Bali Advertiser Welcome to Hotel Prisons Dear Sir,

Delicious International Dishes (Indonesian Language Version available at Those beautiful Portobello mushrooms found in the supermarket beg to be purchased. Here they’re grilled on an inexpensive stove top grill and adorned with sautéed chopped fresh herbs. You can easily vary the herbs with what’s available. The grill can be found in most supermarkets, such as Tiara Dewata, or in a pinch fry them quickly in a hot pan with olive oil

Grilled Mushrooms with Parsley and Rosemary Serves 4 Ingredients: - 200 gr. Portobello mushrooms - 2 1/2 Tbl. olive oil - sea salt and pepper to taste - 3/4 cup white wine or stock - 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped - 1 lemon, juiced - 3 Tbl. fresh parsley, chopped - 1 Tbl. fresh rosemary, finely chopped - 1 tiny pinch of cayenne, or a few drops of Tabasco sauce Directions: Remove the mushroom stems, clean and set aside. Clean the caps and brush them with the olive oil. Sprinkle with sea

salt and a few grindings of fresh black pepper. Set aside. Heat the grill over a medium flame on top of the stove. When it’s hot arrange the mushroom caps on it and grill both sides until browned. If they’re sticking, brush with more oil. (If you are browning them in a pan, heat 1 Tbl. of olive oil until hot but not smoking and add the mushroom caps, turning to brown. Allow the juices to evaporate.)

How many Gulag prison-inspired, cinder-block eyesores, with papier mâché facades does Bali need? These soulless buildings, called hotels, with faux-hip names - provide absolutely nothing, except visual pollution. The more these ugly constructions pop-up (just like weeds), the less appealing Bali becomes. The least the Government could do is to mandate that the buildings incorporate local design elements and thus better blend in to the surroundings. Adrian McKay, Jakarta


While the caps are grilling, make the sauce. Finely chop the mushroom stems. Heat a frying pan with the remaining olive oil. Add the wine or stock, lemon juice, chopped mushroom stems, parsley, rosemary and the pinch of cayenne or Tabasco sauce. Allow this to bubble until most of the liquid has evaporated but the mixture is not dry, 5-7 minutes. When the mushroom caps are browned on both sides, arrange them on a serving plate. Pour the herb sauce over them.

Note: A pinch of cayenne or a few drops of Tabasco brighten dishes without making them spicy hot.

More Harm to Tourism Hi, I am writing to you for I do not know where to complain elsewhere : When I had been in Bali, I was buying at Jxxx´s Shop in Jln.Legian, Kuta 4 Bangles. I was told it is Sterling Silver and the stamp was shown to me. Total amount was Rp 1.050.000 plus Credit Card Fee.(see inv. + Credit card slip here attached). Being back in Germany, we realized that the stuff was metal, only slightly silver plated. I think, it is important to report this, for it is not at all supporting the trust, tourist should have when buying in Bali. Greetings from the cold, Jutta Franziska

All recipes are available on the Bali Advertiser website in both English and Indonesian versions. You can easily copy and paste and print. Paste as unformatted text. Copyright © 2013 Ayu Spicy You can read all past articles of Food Glorious Food at

*Editors note; the name of the shops was edited Post, e-mail, fax or bring in your letters. Please address all to Letters To Bali Advertiser. Bali Advertiser will decide what to publish and will edit as needed.

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Bintan Lagoon Resort is a beautiful five star rating

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Hospitality Software

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& English, computer skill.

Only shortlisted qualified candidates will be notified for an interview process

The Gallery is looking for staff

(excellent markeƟng skills + experience) Experienced:>.

NC/Es/30 Oct 13

(English, computer and selling skills)>. [458]



For more details, please contact 732083 or send CV to

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Cook, Housekeepers and Gardener

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targeting horeca business. &

Luxury Villa in Berawa, Canggu is looking for experienced and English speaking:

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The Safe Childhoods Foundation is seeking an influential leader with the ability to liaise and negotiate with high level stakeholders, government and non-government. Working closely with Natalia Perry, the Founder and Director of Safe Childhoods, you will be responsible for facilitating and nurturing the relationship between Safe Childhoods and the Indonesian Government. Your primary objective is to generate the appropriate level of support to continue developing and implementing programs to combat Crimes Against Children in Indonesia. The successful candidate will possess: • Written and verbal fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English • Exceptional leadership skills • Excellent communication, negotiation and relationship skills • Proven knowledge and understanding of the impacts of Crimes Against Children • Previous experience in a management and/or supervisory role in a non-government organisation • Knowledge of Indonesian Law with particular reference to Child Protection • Proven experience in sourcing long term funding and management of major donors Desirable • Understanding of Indonesian media requirements and guidelines • Masters, or equivalent in International Relations or Psychology or similar Safe Childhoods requires some-one who is willing to commit long-term. The successful candidate will be an Indonesian citizen with extensive experience living and working in an international context and have an established local network from which to expand. Please send application to NC/Es/30 Oct 13




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Study Indonesian language

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A ff or dable


Bali Advertiser

30 October - 13 November, 2013

6799. [626]



Woman looking for freelance job after 5pm. Working at home, have internet access, English speaking. Contact 081 7066 0650. [558]

Developer, builder, contractor. Expat with 35 years experience building the right project for the right person. Already many successful projects completed in Bali. Start to finish. Work crews with many projects working together. Lets talk about your project. For more information, contact Brad at <kbaybuilder@hotmail. com>. [541] Accountant, tax consultant, Quickbooks expert. 0878 6002 2239/ <anggra1@>. [561] Freelance Graphic Designer <> +62 81 861 5180 <unclejoy@gmail. com>. [596] Freelance Graphic Designer < w w w. n a t a t i g a b e l a s . com> +62 878 6137 2741 <natatigabelas@gmail. com>. [399] H o s p i t a l i t y To u r i s m Professional seeking Villa Management, Trainer, Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, Travel Agent, or Restaurant / Wedding / Nightclub Management Positions. 28+ years in Industry. Australian. Military Trained. Multi-Talented, exceptional skills. David 0812 3843 0205 or <davidkin@>. [627]

A Leading HOTEL & VILLA SUPPLIER in Bali Is now seeking candidates for the below positions:

1. SALES EXECUTIVE AREA (SEA) 2. SALES SUPPORT (SS) 3. SHOP KEEPER (SK) Qualifications: • Max. 30 years old (SEA & SS) and max. 35 years old (SK) • Active or passive English (for SEA & SS) • Fluent English is a must for Shop Keeper • Min. D3 (for SEA & SS) and min. SMA/SMK (for SK) • Computer literate (for SS) • Responsible, Self Motivation, Outgoing Forward, Target Oriented Please send your CV to NC/Es/30 Oct 13

Tugu Hotels/Restaurants group as well as a new beachfront café with exciting growth opportunity in Canggu area looking to fill these openings 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

CHEF / SOUS CHEF / CHEF DE PARTIE / SENIOR COOK: strong leadership, creativity, organization, cost control, skills in salads and grills SENIOR WAITERS / WAITRESSES / FLOOR MANAGER: fluent English, charming personality BARTENDER STEWARDING/CLEANING SERVICE MAINTENANCE/ENGINEERING STAFF ACCOUNTING RECEPTIONIST: fluent English, charming personality

Please send CV with recent photo, references and expected salary to: or or PO BOX 3056 Denpasar NC/Es/30 Oct 13

Job advertisement

The Rotary Clubs of Bali and the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank are working together to increase the awareness about the severe shortage of Rh Negative Blood types here in Bali. These are much less prevalent in Asian populations (0.3%) vs. European populations (10%). If you have Rh Negative Blood and would be prepared to help save a life, please contact the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank office today at 0361-227 224 and one of their mobile units will visit you at your home/ office/hotel for your generous donation.

* Please note - the staff is professionally trained to International Standards and always uses new disposable needles. In addition, the Blood Bank is currently expanding its present list of Rh Negative Blood donors. If you are living in Bali and would be willing to have your name placed on a ‘confidential list’ for emergency cases, please call Ibu Metta - 081 855 2299 (English speaking).

Help SAVE a life TODAY by sharing this information with your friends, colleagues and customers. Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser

Company description Swisscontact (, the Swiss non-profit organisation engaged in co-operation for private sector development, will implement the Regional Tourism Development Program – WISATA Phase II as part of the Indonesian Swiss Development Cooperation. The program aims at increasing competitiveness of selected tourism destination in order to create income and job opportunities for the local population in the tourism sector. Open Position Swisscontact is looking for enthusiastic and independent professionals to support the project office in Bali in the following field of expertise: General requirements: • Indonesian national • Team player with strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills; • Good command of written and spoken English, excellent computer skills (MS office) • University degree in relevant field of study (those lacking the stated educational requirements but having an excellent track record are encouraged to apply); • Interest in development work and eco-tourism; • Excellent work ethic, self-starter and flexibility in schedule

BA 01: Program Officer for Tourism Higher Education Main task: Assist selected higher education institutions in different areas in Indonesian with curricula development in destination management, introduction of curricula and teacher training; organizing visiting scholars/guest lecturers and staff/student exchanges. Requirements: At least 3 years experiences in the tourism sector and/or formal higher education, good network strong interpersonal skills, pro-active, assertiveness, willingness to frequently visit partner institutions.

BA 02: Program Officer for Tourism Vocational Education and Training

Main task: Assist selected SMKs in different areas in Indonesian with development and introduction of praxis oriented trainings and the introduction of a systematic on the job training at partner industries. Requirements: At least 3 years experiences in the tourism sector and/or vocational education, good network strong interpersonal skills, pro-active, assertiveness, willingness to frequently visit partner institutions.

BA 03: Program Officer for Finance and legal Aspects

Main task: Assist DMOs in target destinations to build-up institutional and legal settings including development of statute and operational manuals, formal registration and preparing official assignments from the local government. Support the DMOs and professional tourism associations to develop business plans and concepts for alternative funding. Requirements: At least 5 years experiences in advising SMEs, Associations (if possible from the tourism sector) and/or not for profit organizations in financial and legal aspects, good network strong interpersonal skills, pro-active, assertiveness, willingness to frequently visit partner organisations.

BA 04: Human Resource Administrator

Main task: Responsible for all general affairs and human resources aspects of Swisscontact project personnel. Assisting local organisations to perform all aspect of human resources. Requirements: Related degree and at least 2 years work experience in administration and human resources, customer oriented, excellent communication skills, ability to organize daily tasks for timely delivery, must be self motivated ethical, adaptable, and have the ability to work independently to meet deadlines Contact us: We can offer you an exciting, fast-paced working environment, a culture of mutual respect and the opportunity to play a vital role in the project. If you are interested in joining our team where your talent will contribute to the program outcomes, please apply for this position until 8 November 2013. Contact: - Please indicate code, place and position. NC/Es/30 Oct 13

Place your ad online at


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Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

30 October - 13 November, 2013

Now only 5 million everyone can own 1 unit Exclusive Homestay “The Mermaid” with swimming pool, free B-fast & Wifi, transport from airport at Tegal Cupek, Kerobokan. @ Rp. 280 million. Total 35 units, 7 are, 3 level. Tourist area, ROI 10% in 3 years, years 4-25 depend on occupancy. Free stay 14 days. Cancellation, your money will return 100% at launching.

Call: (0361) 8372501 / 081238442208

New Gallery: “The Royal Masterpieces” (paintings, statues, photography, etc) at Br. Semer, Kerobokan need investor start Rp. 25-100 million. Profit 50% in 2 yrs, Free advertising at our catalogue exhibition in 1-2 yrs. Investors will be invited when grand opening (Dec. 2013). Once in 2 months we held exhibition. Once in 3-6 months we held auction. We accept coorporation from Artists, Photographers and Painting collectors. Call: (0361) 8372501 / 081238442208 NC/Re/P-30 Oct. 13

~ ABC Apartment ~ Type A (Studio Room) 5,800,000 Rp/Month 54,000,000 Rp/Year Type B (Studio Room+Loft) 6,400,000 Rp/Month 61,200,000 Rp/Year Queen Size Bed, Kitchen, AC, Hot Shower, Cable TV, Furniture, Refrigerator, Night Security

Call: 0361-9200 637, 0821 4453 3878 C/Re/I-18 Sept 13

VILLA FOR SALE Location : Seminyak, Jl Baik-baik (in front Villa Kubu)

VILLA FOR SALE Location : Petitenget (in front W Retreat)

3 Air conditioned bedrooms with LCD TV in each, fully furnished, En Suite Bathrooms (2 with Jacuzzi), Private Swimming Pool Special Design, Jacuzzi in the Garden, Parking Area, Deep well and government, 7.700 watt, Area : 340 M2, 195 M2 Built IMB

2 Air conditioned bedrooms, fully furnished, En Suite Bathrooms, open living with fully equipped kitchen. Laundry and staff bathroom Private Swimming Pool, Parking Area, Deep well, 5.500 watt, Area : 300 M2, 176M2 Built IMB

PRICE LEASEHOLD 13 YEARS (until 1 JULY 2026) IDR 2.400.000.000 (Negotiable)

PRICE LEASEHOLD 18 YEARS (until 14 December 2031) IDR 2.800.000.000 (Negotiable)



Call us 081 916 692 467 Our website : Email :

Call us 081 916 692 467 Our website : Email : NC/RE/U-30 Oct. 13

NUSA DUA 2 houses for rent, 2/4 bedroom (daily, weekly, longterm rental), furnished/unfurnished possible, quiet area - Land for rent/sale 5 - 30 are - All locations close to Geger Beach, 0361-777 092, 0821 4552 2200 or e-mail <balifamily2000@>. [7424] Rent villa European style, hill seaview quiet area, 2 bed/ bathrooms, in/outside living, dinner, kitchen, fullfurnished, A/C, hotwater, TVsat, terrace, gazebo, garden, swpool, 7million month included maid & security. Owner 081 7472 7296. [7781] For sale -considered best in the complex at Novotel Nusa Dua- private residence 2 bedroom top floor penthouse 150sqm great poolview. Full access to all resort facilities. 38 years of lease left. USD 315,000 only. Healthy returns. Contact <>. [7792]

50,5 Are divided into 3 equal parts. Gorgeous views of Lake Batur. Fully buildable. Picture is view from property. Build your dream mountain home or develop for tourism. In direct proximity to Bojjhanga Bhavana Center. Power to property. Rp 40 million/are (nego)

Call : 087862475255 or +1 616 548 2021 Email : NC/RE/U-30 Oct. 13

BERINGIN PROPERTY Local Agent and Local Prices

The only Property Agent based on the west coast of Bali

CONTRACT LAND KEDUNGGU - 8 Are, 48 Years remaining, 150m to beach with river frontage. Good access and electric. Great for your holiday / surf villa. Price : IDR 4 Milion / Are / Year


KEROBOKAN For rent long term (5 years minimum). 4 bedroom / bath villa (twin villas) on 500m2 land. Fully furnished cable / wifi, private pool, closed secure parking. 12000 Euro/year or 16000 U$ for both together. E-mail <la.california@>. Phone 0819 164 48897. [7671] Beautiful freehold land for sale. 26. 40are in Br. Tibubeneg (1km north Brawa). Wall surrounding property, 60mt well, Ready villa foundation. 26,000 $/are. Photos & Information: <> / 081 2382 7604. [7720] House for rent long or short term, modern standart, pool, carport, one year 100,000,000, one month 12,000,000, all include. Nice view, quiet place Jl. Gunung Salak Perumahan Puri Ratana Habasan no. 9, Villa Jati Kerobokan. Pls call 0852 3740 2199 / 0813 5302 1044. Not nego. [7753] New studios and villas for rent, in quiet area, but close to Seminyak. Furnished, swimming pool, AC, hot water, cable TV, Wifi, large garden and parking space. Rate 5, 10 and 15 mill/month, daily and weekly also possible. Gang Tunjung II, Jl. Gn. Jaya Wijaya, Kerobokan (3 minutes from Lapas). Phone 748 4462, 0878 6193 1898. [7755] House for sale, modern standart, 3 bedrooms, 2 showers, western pool, nice view, balcony, sat TV, 2 floor, nice garden, laundry room, fully furnished. Land size 175m2, 130m2, IMB ok. Jl. Gunung Salak Perumahan Puri Ratana Habasan no. 9, Villa Jati Kerobokan. Contact 0852 3740 2199 / 0813 5302 1044. Price 3,3 Millyard. [7754] For sale or contract, two unit villa, 3 and 4 bedrooms, Wi-Fi & Speedy, furnished with pool at Jl. Munduk Sari no. 4, Br. Semer Kerobokan, Kuta. Detail please contact Made 0361 843 4040, 0878 6136 6610. [7368]

Freehold Land Inside Geopark Kintamani

C/Re/G-16 Oct. 13

Villa for rent in 3 villa compound huge tropical garden, big bedroom upstairs, small room downstairs, Banjar Anyar Kerobokan. 650$/month, incl. electricity, Indovision, Wifi. <>. Ph. 081 2380 1989. [7738]

BELALANG - 8 Are In nice western area. Good access,electric and ready to build ( Aspect ). Beautiful rice paddy views. A great land banking opportunity. Freehold. Price : IDR 210 Mill / Are KEDUNGGU - 14 Are, 6m Road access, 700m to Kedunggu surfing beach, Rice field paddy views, Ready to build. Freehold. Price : IDR 300 Mill/ Are MENGENING - 57 Are, 5m Road access,Beach views, 150m to the beach. Ready to build.Freehold. Price IDR 375 Mill / Are MUNGGU-SESEH - 28 Are, 5m Road access, 2km to the beach,Ready to build.Freehold. Price : IDR 250 Mill /Are - 18.50 Are, 3km from beach, Road access, Ready to build. Freehold Price : IDR 90 Mill/ Are NYANYI - 13 Are, 4m Road access, Ready to build, Rice field paddy views. Freehold. Price : IDR 250 Mill / Are Jl. Darmawangsa No. 1, Tanah Lot - Bali - Indonesia Phone: +62 361 8483743 Fax: +62 361 8483743 Web: Email: / C/Re/I-30 Oct 13

Fabulous Property For Sale!

21.5 Are (2,150 sqm) land in Payangan, Ubud. 25 min from central Ubud and 60 min from Airport. Amazing rice field view and access by a 4 m private access road. Freehold. Price: IDR 65,000,000/Are. Ref: LS/UB/210913

62.5 Are (6,250sqm) land in Taro, Ubud. Situated facing towards the tropical forest, offering a mesmerizing dewy green valley and river views. Only 20 min from Central Ubud. Freehold Price: IDR 85,000,000/Are. Ref: LS/UB/200913 32.63 Are (3,263sqm) land in Tegalalang, Ubud. Amazing and unblockable valley and rice terrace views. Within 20 min away to central Ubud. Freehold Price: IDR 125,000,000/Are. Ref: LS/UB/250913 4 Are (400 sqm) parcels of land in Tumbak Bayuh, Canggu. Quiet area with views of verdant rice fields and surrounding private villas. Within 20 min away from Seminyak. Freehold. Price: IDR 320,000,000/Are. Ref: LS/CNG/750813 85 Are (8,500sqm) beachfront land in Seraya, Karangasem. Spectacular views of ocean, sunrise, Nusa Penida and Lombok island. Ideal for resort/villa development or investment. Zoned for tourism. Freehold tle. Price on applicaƟon. Ref: LS/KRS/010513

C/Re/G-16 Oct. 13

House for rent in Dalung-Kerobokan area. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 15 minutes from Seminyak, river view. Please call 0821 2311 6553. [7802] VILLA for overcontract. Fully furnished, swimming pool, luxury, 3 bdrm, garage, maids room, western kitchen, laundry, 2 bathrooms, CCTV, security system, wifi, phone line. Only mins from Oberoi Seminyak. Not for yearly rental, was $18,000 p.a. Reduced to $16,500 per year for 3 years or $12,500 per year for 6 years. Kerobokan. Ph. 0819 677 902. [7102] Furnished 2 story villa, 3 bedroom, two bathroom, large deck, large lounge, kitchen, dining area, plunge pool, phone, Telkomvision, security window grilles. Rp. 85 million year. 081 138 8697 or <>. [7785] For Rent Villa long term 10 years, 3 + 1 bedroom full furnished, pool, kitchen set, garden, parking, land 400 m2, location at Umalas. Contact 081 6472 5040 or <info@>. [7791] Choice of 3 x 10 are plots, great access, green belt rice field view, 3 mins to Cafe Moka, Just 3.5 million per are per year. Tel 0361 780 1788. <info@baliselectproperty. com>. [7730] Townhouse in Umalas, 3 Bed, 2.4 are with pool, semi furnished. 200 Million IDR per year. Tel/SMS 0821 4416 2445, <>. [7796]

NC/RE/U-30 Oct. 13

C/Re/G-4 Sept. 13

Bali’s Fastest Selling Investment & Lifestyle Resort Live on site as an Owner Occupier, or Buy as an Investment We Have EVERYTHING! Quiet Peaceful Location, Many Designs, Affordable Prices, Western Quality, Great Lifestyle, Security, Daily Cleaning & Maintenance, Restaurant, Bar, 25 Meter Pool. All of this- Plus the Easy & Friendly Australian Way of Doing Business!! Bali’s Best Buy!! Only 1 Left- Available Now! 1 Bedroom Private Pool Villa AUD$290,000

Under Construction- completion February 2014 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Pool Villa AUD$350,000

2 Bedroom Apartment- First Floor- AUD$298,000

Buy the following “Off the Plan,” and SAVE BIG $$$$$$$$$$$ 2 Bedroom Apartment Ground Floor/Pool AUD$298,000

1 Bedroom Apartment First Floor AUD$198,000

1 Bedroom Studio AUD$148,000

Inspections Welcomed on Site Ph: +62 857 381 78411 Email: Web: Address: Jl Dewi Saraswati II, Seminyak. C/Re/I-18 Sept 13


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

30 October - 13 November, 2013




Dijual Rumah kos 4 kamar luas tanah 2 are. Siap huni, fasilitas PLN, PDAM, SHM. Lokasi Baktisrage Singaraja. Contact info Suci 08 1834 7022. [7486]

Ubud, Nyuh Kuning, land for sale, quiet prime location, 11,6 (33x35m), 4 min. to Ubud Market Place, good for villa or boutique resort, Rp. 295 mio/are. Call 0857 9286 6808. [7090]

Villas or Apartments for Sale, complex of 3 separate buildings, communal swimming pool, lounge & gardens brilliant valley and mountain views, decent prices. Info 081 138 8697 or <>. [7786]

For lease 25 years + option for extension, nice land fantastic rice field view, sunset direction, only 4km from city of Ubud. Email: <>. [7759]


LOMBOK Gili Trawangan land for sale freehold. 20 are inland prime location in secluded area, quiet and peaceful. 300m from white sandy beach, acces road. Price: 8700 USD per are, total: 174,000 USD. Owner: email <cocoliveolive@hotmail. com>. Cocolive: 0819 3301 4448, Made Suarma: 0818 0578 7686. [7777] GIli Meno freehold land: 23,7 are inland prime location in secluded area, quiet and peaceful. 300m from white sand beach, road acces, coconuts plantation. Price: 60 millions per are, total: 1,422,000 IDR. Cocolive: 0819 3301 4448, Made Suarma: 0818 0578 7686. email: <cocoliveolive@>. [7778]

Lovely 2-bedroom Ubud villa with private pool, garden, staff, wifi, utilities, security $1250/mo. 3-bed apartment 2km from Ubud $500/mo. including utilities, wifi, security. <>. [7762] LAND for sale: 33 are @ 130 million. Excellent view mountaintops, ricefield, jungle, ravine. Natural spring, river below. Very peaceful. Hak milik freehold. 9km from Jl. Raya Ubud. Contact: 081 5768 9113. [7782]

CANGGU 2 & 4 bedroom villa for rent (daily / monthly) in Canggu. Close to Canggu Club, Berawa & Ecobeach. Fully furnished, pool, etc. Call: 0816 865 097 / +614 1098 4086 (English), 0821 1788 8293 (Bahasa). See: <www.>. <>. <www.>. <>. <www.>. [6234]

For Sale: New House ByPass Kediri Tabanan-Bali, 112m2 / 54m2, 2 bed room, living room, dining room, kitchen, garage, garden front and back, luxury bath room. Price Rp. 495jt. Call: 081 755 5359 or 0361 887 4858. [7801]

FREEHOLD Villa for sale. Best location in Berawa area. modern minimalist style, consist 3 bedroom and bathroom, maidroom, officeroom, livingroom, kitchen and dining, s.pool, carpark, rooftop lounge with ocean, ricefield and mountain view. Contact info; 871 5116 / 0813 3701 6123. [7703]

KUTA Private room 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, AC, kitchen, hot-water, freezer, TV, fully furnished. Close to airport/ beach 5 mins. Nice room/safe. Call 0813 5767 8881. Rp. 2.5 million / month, Rp. 150.000 fan/day, Rp. 200.000 AC/day. [7696]

C/U/G-17 April 13

5.25 are freehold land. Rice field view. Paper work checked. Good road access. Close to Canggu cross roads. SMS 0831 1447 3628. No agents. [7766]

Laundry for sale in Kuta. Busy area. 4 year lease. 3 washing machine, 2 dryer. Call 081 7474 5507, 0819 3657 4658. [7752] For rent villa near Carrefour - Kuta. Swimming pool, 3 bedrooms, internet, TV, complete. For sale house 320sqm, 4 apartment, best quality, near Kuta, complete, TV, AC, hot water, carport. 0877 6113 8999. [7765]

4b/r with ensuites, 1 minute walk to the famous Echo Beach, swimming pool, big open living area, staff quarters. Option to separate 2b/r to create studio/office. Fully furnished. 250jt per year. 1-5 years available. No agents. 081 6470 2234 or <>. [7767]

Holiday Villa-Bungalow, Very Low Price. Weekly, Monthly. Beautifully furnished, Private & Quiet, Large 1 bedroom, AC, 2 Storey, Pool, Wifi, Full kitchen, TV/DVD, 24 hour security, Cleaned daily. More details, photo’s, Quick response, email <>. [5579]

Land for sale in Canggu, Brawa 23 are IDR 400 million/ are, Ecco beach 17 are IDR 600 million/are and Pantai Lima 22 are IDR 600 million/are. Land for lease in Canggu, Brawa 45 are 6,5/are, Ecco Beach 15 are 7,5 million/are. Call +62(0) 878 6105 3599. [7788]

Room for rent, daily, monthly or yearly with swimming pool on Jl. Mataram Kuta. Phone +62 361 754 332 and Apartment & room for rent, daily, monthly or yearly, fully furnished, AC, cable TV, DVD, Wi-Fi, fridge. Located on Poppies Lane 2 Kuta. Please contact +62 361 757 623 or e-mail: <> and website: <>. [7432]

GLADAK small house for sale. completely restored including floor, verandah, roof. 4X6 m. Over 150 years old. 140 million rps. 0878 6001 6401. [7789] Luxury 1 bedroom apartments for rent monthly or yearly, 2 storys, private garden, great location, from US$650 per month or US$6,500 per year. Tel 0361 780 1788. <info@>. [7727]

For Sale, directly from owner: Freehold land 31,7 are located in Gunung Salak. Rice paddy with stunning seaviews that cannot be blocked. About 8km from the beach with amazing views. Just 45 minutes from the Tanah Lot turn. The land comes complete with access road, all certificates and is rezoned for building. Price: Rp. 29 million/are. Tel: +6281 855 5010. E-mail: <info@>. [7606] Land for Sale freehold in Kerambitan/Kelating beach area. Around Alila Soori resort neighborhood. 300 meters from the beach, ocean view and ricefield view. Already “Aspek” for home accommodation, ready to build. Land size 15 Are. Contact info: 0361 871 5116 / 0813 3701 6123. [7704]

Beautiful villa over contract. 26 are, 20 year + 10 years extension. 10 room, big garden, 2 swimming pool, garage, private road. 10 minute from Eco Beach. No agent. Direct owner. 0819 1641 7531. [7695]

BEACHSIDE land for lease. 8are, 25years + option, 300m to berawa beach, quiet location on good access road, Rp. 12 million per are or US$210,000. Contact 0878 6064 0060, 0812 4636 3786, <>. [7706]

Are you looking for stunning land to buy in Tabanan or Negara area, small or big plots, beachfront, sea-views or riverfront. All free-hold land! Prices: starting from Rp. 29 million/are. Tel: +6281 855 5010. E-mail: <>. [5452]

NC/RE/U-30 Oct. 13

Office/Showroom for rent on main Canggu Road, 165m2, split levels, prestige building, 165 Million IDR per year. Tel 0361 780 1788. <>. [7728] Land for lease 30 years, Babakan, 12.5 Are, ready to build, just 4 million per are per year. Tel 0361 780 1788. <>. [7729] 5 Bed villa with rice field view, semi furnished, 250 Million IDR per year, 4 Bed Villa in Pereranan. Close to beach, fully furnished. 290 Million IDR per year. Tel/SMS 0821 4416 2445, <>. [7797] Land for sale 26 Are on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong Canggu, no agent. Please contact: 081 139 8039 or 0813 3831 9191. [7433] Freehold Land for sale in Canggu. Off Jalan Nelayan/ Sundancer. 7.5 are. Rp 570 mil/are. fFantastic rice terrace view. 1 km from Echo beach. Direct owner. Call Rita: 081 5930 0098 or email <>. [7805] C/Re/G-30 Oct. 13

C/Re/I-30 Oct 13


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

30 October - 13 November, 2013



Weekly / Monthly / Yearly In a traditional Balinese house, KUTA AREA (Jalan Majapahit) 2 rooms apartment and single rooms also available. Fully furnished, daily cleaning, AC & TV, hot & cold water, Wi-Fi. Quiet area close to the beach and 10 minutes walking distance to the night life. Start at Rp. 2 million/month. Please call : 0878.6138.5172 / 081.317.986.177 C/Re/U-29 May 13

Joglo, Limasan & Gladak teak wood houses for sale. We source In Jawa, Service & Modify in our workshop and buildup in Bali on location. Price and Quality guaranteed. Examples of houses can be seen in Kerobokan. For Information & Photos: <> / 081 2382 7604. [7721] 4Sale Villa Jl Nyanyi beach, overlooking river valley. Completion janâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;14. 3bed 4bath, A/C, Wifi, cableTV. Aust. standard pool fence. 1 of 2 villas on 22 are. 15 mins to Canggu, 10 mins to Echo beach and Nirwana golf. 10/15/25 yr lease options. <>. [7742]

SEMINYAK 2 bedroom villa in Seminyak , pool, wifi, hotwater, tv cable daily maid. Available 12 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 18 August. Please call +62 819 1636 2285. [3866]

APARTMENTS & VILLAS Wireless broadband / Cable TV Private or shared pool Well-equipped kitchens

RARE ANGON VILLAS, Kerobokan Contact us on: (0361) 736 339/ 0811386450 You can now find us on Facebook C/Re/A-20 Feb 13

Apartment in Sanur Service apartment in Sanur with swimming pool is offered to rent! One bedroom with furniture, Kitchen, AC, Hot shower, Free Wi-Fi, Cable TV, Safety Box, Day time staff stay. There is a night security. Special Price for MONTHLY Rents Start from RP. 6,000,000/Month


C/Re/G-16 Oct. 13

2 bedroom villas, short + longterm, 2 bathrooms with bathtub, private pool + garden, lounge gazebo, full equipped kitchen, AC, satTV, DVD, safetybox, free-wifi, houskeeper, gardener, poolboy, security, nice location, reasonable price. <>. 0878 6025 6012. [7169]

Start from Rp.4,800,000/Month CALL NOW! 0361-8031042 C/Re/I-01 May 13

Leasehold land, 10 ares, 26 years, until 06/2040. Extension possible. Very good location, Nakula 1 area. Near Hammerhead, 5 min from Double 6 Beach. Buildable, IMB, electricity, phone available. IDR 9 millions/are/year. 0821 4618 5194 / 081 238 0000 62. [6608] Villas for rent Seminyak 2 ,3 ,4 bedrooms, modern style. Fully equipped kitchen, cable TV, pool, internet connection, tropical garden. US$ 150 - US$ 500 per night. Available for short and long term rentals. Villa/land sales. Please call +6281 797 35110 / +62 812 3794 6713. [7731] Private house / best location Seminyak ( 2 min walk from Seminyak Square / Kudeta ) 4 rooms / all furnished / AC / garage / super quiet area / internet tell / cableTV / nice garden / Only yearly (more) rental / Info 0813 5366 1981. [7761]

C/Re/G-17 April 13

Yearly/Monthly/Weekly villa rental available in Kerobokan/ Seminyak/Canggu/Umalas. Check <> or email <>. No agents please. [7763]

NC/RE/I-30 Oct 13

Leasehold land over contract 28 years (10 years still to be paid). Jl. Tangkuban Perahu/ Jl. Bidadari area. 743m2. Quiet area. All paperwork ready to built. 65.000 USD (or 5.000.000 Rp/are/year). Contact 0821 4438 0907. [7768] Rent Villa 2.7 are longterm, quiet place, near Center Seminyak, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, livingroom, kitchen bar, pool , terrace long chair, garden, hot water, AC, Wifi phone, cable TV. Email: <>. Tel 081 236 528 677. [7769] HOUSE for rent. Quiet convenient location. 2 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Fully furnished. AC/ fans, Wifi available. No pool but nice garden and parking. <spa.> or call 0812 3758 3152. [7770] For lease good opportunity, on the heart of Seminyak, two villa. Full furnish, private swimming pool (low price). 2 minute walk to Bintang. Owner want to move to Europe. Contact 0878 6103 3141 / 0812 3988 3798. [7170] 2BR pool villa, top location (5 mins to Ultimo) available monthly/yearly from 17 December. 15 mins walk to the beach, 2AC bedrooms, ensuite bthrms, large open plan living room, parking, big garden. SMS 0812 3816 3981, <>. No agents! [7774] LUXURY VIlla short/long term: 2 bedroom villa 100m from La Lucciola available for Christmas onwards, pool, garden, fully furnished, over 750m2, daily housekeeping, security, Wifi/cable tv. Please email <info@indigokidsglobal. com>. [7775] Large 3 Bdm house to share with 1 other person. Quiet CulDeCac in Gated Community Central Seminyak. Community tennis court, all modern, WiFi, Indovision, fully furnished, 5 mil per month plus shared electricity bill. No pets. Call Horrie 081 835 0444. [7779] 3bedrooms villa for rent at Echo beach, traditional style with pool, fully furnish, tvcable, wifi, kitchen, 215millions/ year. & 3bedrooms modern villa for rent yearly located in heart of seminyak 185millions/year. Budget accomodation IDR.300.000/night, located in Jl. Dewi Sri 1 Legian available short & long term. Call: 0361-409 0050. [7804]

Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 72 ,Tel/Fax: (0361) 735469 Website: | email: C/Re/I-02 Oct 13

C/Re/G-4 Sept. 13 Exotiq Property Bali & Lombok SALES POSITION AVAILABLE

Exotiq Property Seminyak is seeking a quali¿ed INDONESIAN sales agent to meet the needs of today’s rapidly expanding market. Canggu • • • • •


Beautiful wooden home in Canggu on 1,320sqm of land Three en-suite bedrooms, kitchen, living/dining area and large garden Private pool and two-story tree-house overlooking the rice ¿elds Offered on leasehold for 26 years with option to extend at market price Just minutes from the beach, Canggu Club and international school

For Sale US$ 450,000 Johan Marckx +62 (0)813 3930 6339 Seminyak Of¿ce +62 (0)361 737 358

• Sales experience min. 2 years • Computer skills/ communication skills • Team player • Written and spoken English Email CV to

Canggu • • • • •


Sprawling six-bedroom villa with glorious bathroom facilities Sit on 1,764sqm freehold land and 2,350sqm leasehold land Large swimming pool and elevated garden Fully-equipped kitchen and spacious semi-open living/dining area Only a ¿ve-minute drive to the beach or 15 minutes from Seminyak

For Sale from US$ 2,500,000 Patrick Clancy +62 (0)817 973 3031 Seminyak Of¿ce +62 (0)361 737 358


Umalas • • • • •

Exotiq Property Seminyak has several clients looking for high quality year long rentals from Seminyak to Tanah Lot.


Minimalist architectural villa in Umalas on 500sqm of land Three en-suite bedrooms and a 4 x 11 metre pool Open/ closed living and dining area with Western standard kitchen Offered on 16 years leasehold with 20 years extension on market price Within 35 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from Seminyak

If you would like us to offer your villa to the year long rental market, please contact us on: +62 (0) 361 737 358

For Sale US$ 265,000 Johan Marckx +62 (0)813 3930 6339 Seminyak Of¿ce +62 (0)361 737 358

Seminyak • • • • •


Modern villa in the centre of Oberoi on 159sqm of land Both bedrooms are overlooking a private pool Open living and dining area with modern kitchen Offered leasehold 42 years with 10-year extension at market price Within walking distance of spas, boutiques, restaurants & bars

For Sale US$ 390,000 Johan Marckx +62 (0)813 3930 6339 Seminyak Of¿ce +62 (0)361 737 358

Seminyak • • • • •


A modern contemporary villa on 320sqm of land Three en-suite bedrooms and a spacious living and dining area Built by one of the most recognized design companies in Bali Offered leasehold 25 years with 25 years extension at market price Just ¿ve minutes to Oberoi Street and a few minutes to the beach

For Sale US$ 525,000 Johan Marckx +62 (0)813 3930 6339 Seminyak Of¿ce +62 (0)361 737 35

Seminyak • • • • •


Tropical garden in Jalan Drupadi, Seminyak on 700sqm of land Two master bedrooms upstairs with third bedroom in a private pavilion A spacious living/dining area downstairs and private media room Offer as 32 years leasehold with option to extend at market price Just minutes from the centre of Seminyak and ¿ve minutes from the beach

For Sale US$ 795,000 Patrick Clancy +62 (0)817 973 3031 Seminyak Of¿ce +62 (0)361 737 358

Seminyak • • • • •


Freehold land close to the beach 400sqm plot of rectangular-shaped level land Access is direct off a public road and it’s bordered by a river to the north Electricity is onsite and it’s less than 100 metres to telephone lines Located in the beachside suburb of Batubelig just north of Seminyak

For Sale IDR 5,600,000,000 Patrick Clancy +62 (0)817 973 3031 Seminyak Of¿ce +62 (0)361 737 358

C/Re/G-30 Oct. 13


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

30 October - 13 November, 2013



Freehold land for sale in Bukit Ungasan. Good location and stunning views. Call 081 2380 2626. Please speak in Bahasa. [1547]

12 Are, 100m from beach. Private access to white sandy beach. Palmgroove, ready for villa or bungalow. Lease for 36 years. 3,5 million per year/are. Call 08123 629 117. [7800]

Contemporary Villa. 2 bedroom, with A/C 2 bathroom, open area living space, pool, garden, garage, private villa, great views, fully equipped. Indovision, Wifi, and staff. Available for yearly lease @USA$25,000. Contact Ibu Wayan 0878 6011 3450 or email: <Sandie.M.Fournier@>. [7743] Peaceful 3-bedroom rental, 10 Are, Ungasan, nice view, pool, furnished, new, 175 million yearly / 3 bedroom home, 11 Are, beautiful ocean / Golf course views, fully equipped / staffed, security, pool, big garden, $295US/night. No agents! 0813 5339 3931. [7773] For Sale/Rent. New house with 2 big bedroom, 3 bathroom, fully furnished, near Karma Kendara. Australian design and built. Sell Aust $110,000. Rent Rp. 10 mill/month. Ph/ SMS +62 878 6184 3997. [7498] Dreamland - Big 3 storey house for sale: 6 bedrms, 5 bathrooms, 4 lounge rooms, has 4 self contained apartments. Big pool & BBQ area. Great breeze and views. Sell $475,000. Ph/SMS +62 878 6184 3997. [6953] House for rent in Bukit Ungasan 2 floor, 1 bedroom, 2 bathroom, kitchen and loungeroom. Great view with sharing swimming pool. Please contact 081 139 8039 or 0813 3831 9191. [7794] For rent/sale: 5BR ocean view house in Pecatu Indah Resort. Furnished. Great quality, some imported materials. Close to Dreamland beach, golf course, other beaches. Panorama rooftop terrace. <>. 0852 3831 6487. [7798] The villa has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 5 A/C, pool, 2 water heaters, semi furnished. 2 beds, 1 bed base, TV cabinet, big wooden kitchen table and 4 chairs. Kitchen cupboards, 4 wardrobes, book shelving in 3 rooms, covered carport, big bi folding doors that open the pool area into the house, front driveway and path areas have been peebled recently. The land size is approx 200m2 and the villa is approx 100m2. Price Rp. 1.28 Billion (nego). +601 0502 3770 / +62 813 3872 6891. [7799]

C/Re/P-30 Oct. 13



All ads Rp. 8.000 per word All ads must be paid before printing Villa wanted in Seminyak area. 6 are, 3 bedroom, 25-30yr lease. Prefer traditional style. Ray +61 418 52 4707 <>. [001] Looking for house, long term rental. Kerobokan/ Seminyak area. 2 bedrooms, furnished/semi. Max 25 mils/year. Contact: <>. [002]

Contact BALI ADVERTISER Jl. Majapahit No. 46 Kuta - Bali Telp : (0361) 755 392 [Hunting] Fax : (0361) 764 191

Freehold Land for Sale beside Dreamland, quite, great view. No agent. Contact: <>. [7795]


SANUR For sale money changer in strategic location in Sanur area. Complete permit, license, and Bank Indonesia certificate.Good for investment, 14 years lease. Reason for sale because need money. Sell Rp. 1.45 billion (nego). Please contact 081 2361 0079 or 0852 2212 0341. [5362] Private fully furnished luxury 2 Brm Villa for rent Sanur. This is a modern villa with good size pool with surrounding garden and quality furnishings. Boasts two large bedrooms with own Ensuits with baths, walk in wardrobes, two LED LG 3D TVs, 55â&#x20AC;? & 42â&#x20AC;? with Pioneer surround sound. Modern western Kitchen with 5 burner Electrolux with oven. A must see. Call now on 0821 4570 2379 or 0812 6603 6462 or email <>. [7675] Two Brand new villas for long term rent (lease). 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with pool in a very good location. Be quick, will not last long! Contact: <> or +614 2309 2670. [7684] Land for Lease, beach side of Sanur with IMB, 587m2, 10minutes to Golf Course, and Beach, 18 years or more. <>. +62 821-461-84113. [7756] Villa brand new 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, waterfall pool, access paved and centrally location 5 mins to beach. 25 year lease with option. Aust$89,500. Please contact 0361 797 6785. [7772] House for rent, fully furnished, 3bedrooms, 2bathrooms, open dinning & livingroom, kitchenset, laundry, pool, garage, close to Diatmika school, North Sanur, AC, TV, phone, hot water, 3500 VA, more information call Mr. Bagus 0821 4724 5997 or 0361 275 3382. [7556]

Thousands of people read the Bali Advertiser Real Estate Is your company ready for more business? Advertise your business next issue and get your share.

For rent in central Sanur near beach 25 November 2013 - 12 January 2014: Smart modern apartment, 1 double bedroom with en suite bathroom, balcony, large sitting room, kitchenette. Part of Condotel, pool, 24 hour security, Wi-Fi. No smoking. Minimum rental one month. IDR 11 million/ month. <>, +62 361 28 8474. [7787] Beachside new home for sale,short walk to beach, best quiet residential neighbourhood, 3 ensuited bedrooms, aircond, maids room, 2 car accommodation, pool, high exposed ceilings, large open kitchen dining lounge. 20+20 year lease, US$279000. Call owner 0821 4535 2574, <>. [7790] 2 Villa Luxury Estate in Sanur for lease, 22.7are, proven rental track record, 2 bed Villa US$375.000, 4 bed Villa US$575.000. Both villas USD895.000. Tel/SMS 0821 441 62445. Email: <>. Web: <>. [7793] Fully furnished villa for rent. Minimum 1 year. Good location. 4 beds, 4 baths, TV room/study. Staff rooms, large pool. 350 sq meters built on 8 are. Luxury and space. Private and secure. 29000 US per year. 0812 3850 2262. [7803]

Bali Advertiser

Real Estate

30 October - 13 November, 2013

LEGIAN 2 storey, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan living in tree tops. Quiet location, 2 minutes from beach. 3 years old. Suit professionals $2000au per month. Long term. Contact <>. [7757] Legian beach house for rent 4Are, 180m from surf breaks, full furnished, 2br, 1bath, AC, hot water. Open space living room, large garden, best restaurants and shops walking distance. Rp. 16,000,000 monthly, excluding utilities, optional yearly rate. Photos available, info and visit call/ sms 0812 3838 4100 <>. [7771]




Kuta Legian Melasti

Villa 3 bedroom with swimming pool at Jalan Gunung Lumut available for rent from Oct 30-Dec9 monthly. From Jan 10 2014. Email: <>. [7764]

Two Floors, 250m2 ,Terrace, Equipment & Furniture, Parking. Possibility 6 or 9 years with option to extend. IMB, Alcohol Licence, All Documents....


For more information contact Ph : 0812 3652 8677 NC/RE/U-26 June. 13

Well built 315 sq meter home in Lovina area. 15 are with full garden. Nice views. One billion 750 million, USD 140,000. Email <>. Komang 0821 4553 7335. [7713]


Over contract shop in Jalan Pattimura Legian. 3x6 m, 50 mil/year. 4 years left. Can do installment payment. Call 081 835 2444. [7780]

Land for rent 12,115 are in Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai about 200m from Benoa Square, mainroad access, prospective area for your business. Rp. 10 million/are/year (nego), min 5 years, max 15 yrs. Call 081 2383 4011. [5803]

Legian. One Bedroom Resident Apt. in Ocean Front Resort, Jayakarta Hotel. 3 pools, spa, tennis court, gym, gardens, parking. Secure. Excellent location. 12 Juta per Month. Prefer long term lease. <>. 0819 9940 2197. [7783]

Place for rent 70 msq in Jl. Bukit Permai (Four Season street - Muaya Beach) opposite of The Le Meredien Jimbaran. Suitable for toko, cafe, restaurant. Very good location. Price Rp. 6 mills per month. Info, please contact Iwan 085 6370 0988 or 0819 1651 2526. [7485]

NUSA LEMBONGAN HOTEL for sale - Bali Indonesia - Pandana Boutique Hotel. USD$850,000 (neg). Own and manage your own hotel in beautiful Nusa Lembongan Bali, a 30 minute boat ride from Sanur. Set over 1700m2 of beautiful gardens Pandana overlooks the crystal waters of Celagi Bay with views to Bali and Mount Agung. Accommodation consists of 9 rooms - 6 Bungalows , 1 Large Family Room and 2 interconnecting Rooms. Facilities include 2 swimming pools, Restaurant & Bar, office, bale and abundant areas for relaxation. The sale includes all furniture, fixtures and fittings and operating equipment, plus website and booking system. Pandana operates under the registered PT/PMA company ‘PT Pandana Group’. The sale of the hotel includes all certificates, licences and documents required to operate as a hotel in Indonesia. Pandana has already established itself in the highly competitive Bali Market, with current bookings into 2014 through direct clients, agents and contracts. For further information: <www.>. Email: <pandanaguesthouse@>. Phone: Fiona - +62 (0)821 4468 2551 or Chris - +62 (0)821 461 78739 or office - +62 0361 283 830. [7776]

Land for sale situated across GWK in Jimbaran (10 are) and Taman Mumbul Real Estate (3 are). Absolutely great location for villas. Contact Agung Ph. 0823 4245 4274 in English or Bahasa Indonesia. [7758] Deluxe / private Villa for rent (New) / prime location (Kedonganan) / 5 min from airport / 15 min from Kuta / all furnished / swimingpool / 3bedrooms / internet / green quiet area / garage / tell / only yearly rental (more). 0813 5366 1981. [7760] AVAILABLE!! Dreamhouse villa - Panoramic Terrace. Nearby: Jimbaran (800m from the beach), Airport (10min), Kuta (15min), Nusa Dua (10min). 310m”, spacious, halffurnished, 4 bedrooms, AC, 4 bathrooms, 3 floors, bqq, swimming-pool, private parking, maid room, 800m” (land). Rate/year: 3years minimum, 120.000.000rps or 10 years remaining contract (15/10/2023): 90.000.000rps/year. Contact: 0361 90 50 710. [7784] NC/Re/I-16 Oct 13

C/Re/G-16 Oct. 13











LJBN111 Land Investment Jimbaran


The best villa purchase opportunity in Bali right now! Proven high yield and ROI, payback in less than 7 years! Stunning villa resort located in Seminyak and 10 minutes walk to Double Six beach, 37 years + 20 leasehold. Collective rental pool and owners in profit from year 1. Unlimited owner stays and excellent capital growth! Two and three bedroom villas, from U$275,000 – only 2 units available. CONTACT ME NOW.

Imagine this view from your villa; imagine owning a villa within a prime and exclusive area of Jimbaran, imagine investing into one of the last sections of land that is available within this highly sought after location. Well now is the opportunity to purchase this one of a kind section of freehold land measuring 2100m2 with uninterrupted views of Jimbaran Bay and very good road access: Prime land, Prime location!

Contact : Amber Title : Leasehold 37 years +62 (0) 818 0418 8644 Prices From: USD 275,000

Title : Freehold / Hak Milik Price : Price on application

SUMS195 Umalas




This beautiful 4 bedroom villa boasts an impressive land area of 1500m2 and has mature / lush landscaped gardens. This property will prove to be an excellent and very comfortable private residence or will have the ability to generate good returns on investment. A well established and must see property.

Title : Freehold Price : USD 1,245,000

SCAD005 Candidasa

Contact : Karl +62 (0) 815 5701 729 Siska +62 (0) 815 5749 228




Stunning ocean and mountain views surrounded by tranquil countryside is what welcomes you to this lovely property. Situated on 4380 M2 (approximate 44 ARE) of absolute waterfront, and protected by a large and extremely sturdy retaining wall, this “natural wood eco property” embraces you and spiritually enhances this restful 4 bedroom home.

Title : Leasehold Price : AUD 980,000

Contact : Brenda +62 (0) 812 3916 8729

SBUK110 Bukit

Contact : Karl +62 (0) 815 5701 729




The opportunity is now available to own a luxury / stylish 4 bedroom villa within one of the best cliff front villa estates here in Bali. The property can be operated by a very professional company and there are excellent facilities that can be enjoyed and the use of a stunning private white sand beach. Call today to arrange your inspection!

Title : Hak Milik Price : USD 1,100,000

LCGU734 Canggu

Contact : Karl +62 (0) 815 5701 729

3225 sqm

The land is gently sloping and has a small river running down its entire length with many trees along its edge and has rice field views With approximately 25 meters of stunning river frontage this is the ideal location to develop a luxury villa For sale freehold at : IDR 260,000,000/are

Title : Freehold / Hak Milik Price : IDR 8,385,000,000

Contact : Annie Dean +62 (0) 813 3945 5009

SBUK120 Bukit




This stunning and unique 4 bedroom residence is a must see for any investor looking to own some of the best uninterrupted views of Bali. Developed to a high standard on the edge of a cliff the property provides amazing sunrise / sunset views and distant ocean views of Jimbaran Bay / Benoa harbour. This luxury villa will prove to be a perfect family retreat. Stylish / spacious and breathtaking views! Inspections are highly advised. Contact : Title : Hak Milik Karl +62 (0) 815 5701 729 Price : IDR 15,500,000,000 Siska +62 (0) 815 5749 228

SUMS195 Umalas




This comfortable and private villa located in the rapidly up and coming area of Umalas is a must see. Combining a traditional and modern design it represents beautiful Bali at it’s best. Located within a 2 villa estate, the villa is available to purchase separately or you have the option to purchase two villas that will be excellent for the rental market. Call today to arrange your inspection. Title : Freehold Price : USD 745,000

SSEM002 Seminyak

Contact : Karl +62 (0) 815 5701 729 Siska +62 (0) 815 5749 228




This is a private three bedroom villa which offers guests total peace, comfort and safety. The villa is located in Seminyak which is a short drive to Denpasar, within walking distance to supermarkets, the International School and close to Seminyak and Pettitenget which are both famous areas for fine dining restaurants and high fashion shops.

Title : Leasehold Price : USD 340,000

Contact : Bella Isa +62 (0) 812 3671 2339

Without the right advice it’s like a jungle out there. NC/Re/G-30 Oct. 13





Title : Leasehold Price : USD 775,000

SCGU202 Canggu




Contact : Haryono +62 (0) 858 5744 2601





Title : Hak Milik Price : USD 275,000

Contact : Amadeus +62 (0) 878 6005 3153

Highly motivated Marketing Executive. If you are considering selling, buying or renting a property in Bali.

SCGU900 Canggu



Please contact me for a free valuation or a consultation for your property needs.



Title : Leasehold Price : USD 179,900

Contact : Dia Purnama Sari

085 739 419 398

Contact : Haryono +62 (0) 858 5744 2601

CSEM500 Seminyak





Contact : Annie Dean Contact : Title : Leasehold +62 (0) 813 3945 5009 +62 (0) 815 5701 729 Price : IDR 4,650,000,000 Karl Siska +62 (0) 815 5749 228


â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;EXPATâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC; BANK FINANCE TO 70%



Just 10 short steps from one of Baliâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most famous beaches, Double-Six Seminyak features one or two bedroom apartments and three bedroom penthouses all with unbeatable beach and ocean views. You will also enjoy one of Baliâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most beautiful lagoon pools on your doorstep, a fabulous spa and gym, restaurants and a spectacular roof top venue created by Australian Restauranteur Robert Marchetti. Quite simply, it all adds up to an outstanding once in a life-style investment.

Suits your life. Matches your style

Tel : +62 (361) 737 357 Â&#x2021; 773 540 Â&#x2021; 701 154 Â&#x2021; 285 525 rwpbali @rwpbali








Price: USD 500,000

Price: USD 485,000


Price: EURO 290,000



Price: USD 295,000




Price: USD 295,000

Price: Rp. 2,500,000,000





Price : IDR 450million / are


Price: - Land size: 175,5 are, Price Rp 100,000,000/are - Land size: 104 are / 50 are / 21,5 are, Price Rp 115,000,000/are

<28521(67233523(57<6+23 35(6(17,1*3523(57,(6)5208686


C/Re/I-30 Oct 13

BA 30 October 2013  

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