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09 February - 23 February, 2011

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By The Coach

This Sporting Life Junior Female Cricketers Score runs in Bali

tournament was run: pairings and tee times were arranged pre-hit off, with pairings sheets printed, scorecard labels

In a show of development of the game of Cricket in Indonesia,

printed and affixed, and score boards readied. Certainly

two matches were recently played in Bali between junior

one of the most professionally conducted junior tournaments

female teams from Makassar, Sulawesi, and hosts Udayana/

of any type of sport held in Bali!

C/Ns/I-26 Jan 11

Badung Bali. Game one was a thrilling contest. Following the twenty over format, the host team set Udayana/Badung

As play progressed through the tournament, committee

109 to win after going all out for 108. The final overs of

members of the Bali Junior Golf Community located around

Makassar’s innings were nail-biting as they neared the host

the course assisted players by ensuring they understood

team’s total. However the visitors ran out of both overs and

(and followed) the tournament rules, as well as offering

wickets, failing to score the required runs and losing all of

encouragement to players. They also help looked for the

their wickets to also finish on 108, leaving the result a well-

odd lost ball or two!

deserved draw. Once the round was over, scores were tallied and In game two, also played on the Udayana Oval on the Bukit,

discussions were held about the tournament, with words

Jimbaran, the visitors this time batted first, making 5/124.

of advice offered by more experienced players to the

Udayana began well but failed mid-innings, losing a

juniors. it was time to tally up and turn the score cards in.

succession of wickets to leave them behind in the run-rate.

The Bali Junior Golf Tournament Committee was there to

The hosts finished with 3/112, leaving Makassar winners by

assist with any questions, add up and post scores on the

12 runs.

scoreboard as well as the web-site and make award presentations it was quite evident that everyone was

Although there was not a player of the series named,

appreciative of the opportunity to be part of the event. Stay

organizers commented on the efforts of Dewi Khariastini

tuned for details on Series 2, the next tournament of the

from the Udayana/Badung team. Her efforts in game one

Bali Junior Golf Community.

sealed the game for her team after she took five wickets and battered well in the final overs of her team’s innings.


C/Ns/I-12 Jan 11

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The Makassar team also visited Ubud on their tour, playing modified games against two teams from Gianyar. All in all,

House to share in Oberoi with staff and utilities. Rp 5.000.000/month. 081 7979 6898. [001]

all girls who participated in the games gained valuable experience and confidence in their abilities. Meanwhile the Bali Cricket League will soon commence games. Anyone interested in playing on a casual basis or to join a club contact Wayan Samuel on or (SMS only) +62 812 361 2900. Follow Cricket Bali on: www.


Jl. Majapahit No. 46 Kuta - Bali Telp: (0361) 755 392 [Hunting] Fax: (0361) 764 191 E-mail:

PGI Bali Junior Golf Tournament Over forty junior golfers recently took part in the inaugural event of the PGI Bali Junior Golf organization, with the Series 1 Tournament at the New Kuta Golf Course in Pecatu, Bali. The light rains that greeted players as they teed off at 7am soon cleared to allow the keen juniors to demonstrate their skills, vying off for prizes in divisions of boys and girls aged between 8 to 17 years of age. Although fun and participation was certainly an important aspect of creating the event for the organizers, they also ensured that a professional golf

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