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Good Vibrations - Part 2 Alison Elisabeth In the first part of this feature I explored the nature of crystals and gemstones. I learned that c r y s t a l technology is all around us, used in everything from cell phones to computer screens; and questioned the notion of gem therapy – asking if and how stones could heal? My research revealed that quartz crystals have a high vibration due to their well organized molecular structure, and that this vibration has potential health benefits as it could be used to restructure water in our tissues and cells. Quantum physics aside, perhaps ours wellbeing is effected by various stones because they help us reconnect with the earth and our more essential selves. There are few things more grounding than minerals, so maybe wearing a crystal, collecting stones or indulging in gem therapy can help bring about a state of peace and balance. Maybe this is why our history is so inextricably linked to stones. Stone worship Across the globe we find remnants of various megalithic cultures who erected impressive standing stones, monuments and stone circles as places of worship, ritual and meditation. Here in Indonesia, the earliest inhabitants were animist and worshipped natural features in a belief that all objects have a life and a soul force. Vestiges of this practice remain, Bena, Flores particularly on more remote islands such as Flores and Sumba where ethnic traditions hold strong. In Lombok the ‘Stone of Worship’ at Batu Pujaan was erected over 3000 years ago, and is associated with rituals of magic, meditation and the concoction of herbal medicines. In Bali, megalithic structures are still used for worship in a scattering of villages inhabited by the original Bali Aga people; while lingga (monuments) carved from gold, jewels and stones can also be found in temples across the island forming an essential component of Hindu devotion. In the end, our relationship with crystals and stones is entirely subjective and boils down to intent. If you believe that wearing a crystal will empower you, it probably will; if you attend a crystal healing session with a strong intent to heal, then for sure you will feel some benefits. Its all up to the individual; adorn yourself with crystals, meditate with them, place them on the window sill, attempt to see the future, douse for water, summon spirits, admire them as objects of immense beauty. Or ignore them completely…… If crystals work for you on some level – that’s great, if not, that’s ok too – because crystals are totally optional. If you do decide to explore the world of crystal therapy then Bali has plenty of choices. Crystal healing Jelila provides my first healing session, and arrives at the door, blonde and fairylike bearing a guitar and a big bag of

crystals. She talks about the resonant vibration of crystals due to their highly organized molecular structure, and adds that “Just as having a positive person around you raises your vibrations – it’s the same with the right combination of crystals.” Jelila has a background in yoga, meditation and energy healing and you can join her classes at Yoga barn. She also practices crystal healing which she describes as “A complex art form, based on an intuitive sense of your present energy, aura and life,” and adds “It is non invasive and harmless, the worse thing that can happen is nothing.” We start with an aura reading, and each of my chakras is assigned Jelila colours, shapes and sounds. My rational mind does not understand, but her observations are unerringly accurate, and deep from my subconscious, she unearths an extremely irrational fear. Right she says we are going to fix this. She guides me through a visualization, or re programming as she calls it, and then explains that she will use a combination of crystal energy and sound healing to integrate this transformation. I close my eyes as she drapes strings of crystals over me, and soon become aware of a powerful tingly sensation around my head, it feels like my hair is standing on end. I assume Jelila is doing some kind of energy healing but when I open my eyes I see she is busy placing crystals around my feet. The feeling is so intense I can’t help laughing – “What’s happening to my head,” I ask, “That would be the detoxifying crystals I put on your pillow,” she answers. By now Jelila is softly playing the guitar and singing, her beautiful voice flutters around me. It’s extraordinarily soothing to be sung too and lulls me into a warm and cosy state. Afterwards I feel happy, serene and kind of floaty. More than anything I feel completely liberated from an irrational fear that had been holding me back. No doubt I could have sat in an office with a psychiatrist and progressed to this point after weeks on the sofa talking about my childhood - but therapy is much more enjoyable when you are covered in crystals and sung to! Jelila also designs healing necklaces and has recorded a range of CDs. The Crystal Light Bed I find myself at a house on the outskirts of Ubud and am greeted by Tamara, an intuitive healer who also performs healing sessions utilizing a Crystal Light Bed. This contraption was created by John of God, the famous Brazilian spiritual healer who is estimated to have healed hundreds of thousands of people. Science has no answer for this kind of healing in which John of God acts as a spirit medium, Crystal Light Bed allowing “entities” to take over his body and perform surgery while he is in a trance. However, his work has been documented by medical teams from around the world, who confirm miraculous recoveries from AIDS, cancer and other illnesses that were deemed incurable. He developed The Crystal Light Bed as an adjunct to healing and it consists of 7 Vogel-cut Brazilian quartz crystals which are suspended over each of the seven major chakras. Tamara explains that it is

essentially a chromo graphic machine that combines energy, colour and light; the colored lights that beam through the crystals act as a magnifier of energy and intent for healing. She explains that this is “Different from other forms of crystal healing in that it enables a specific current of John of God and his various healing spirit entities.” It sounds kind of wacky and my rational mind is screaming, ‘How,’ but I apply my motto ‘Never try never know,” and as I lie down she tells me to say a prayer of intent. From the moment I shut my eyes I enter a state of deep blissful relaxation – at times it’s almost as if I am levitating and I sense the presence of others in the room. Perhaps it’s my imagination, perhaps not – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this is a lovely experience that leaves me calm and peaceful. I ask Tamara if she can see an immediate change in people following the treatment, and she comments that I am sparkling…. ..When I look in the mirror I do seem to have a bit of a glow and my eyes are shining clear and bright. email Crystal Sound I first had the pleasure of Healing Sound Therapy at Bali Spirit Festival during a workshop led by Awa Hoshi, a statuesque, gently spoken woman of Cheyenne – Slovakian descent who plays silicon quartz crucibles (pure quartz carved into receptacles of various sizes.) A talented musician, Awa Hoshi pioneered the use of crystal sound therapy over two decades ago and her work has been well recognized across the world. More than 100 of us were gathered that afternoon and as we stretched out on the floor we were instructed to visualize what we desired most at that point in time. Aw a H o s h i started to play, and the room was filled with lingering, beautiful waves of s o u n d . Everything Awa Hoshi ceased to exist beyond the sound of crystal, and my vision of fully sustaining myself as a freelance writer. The sensation was not so much of hearing, but of feeling. Afterwards everything seemed incredibly clear and when I checked my emails I had two commissions from magazines to write about the festival, and have had a constant stream of work ever since. It’s not magic, I didn’t just blink my eyes and find I was suddenly consumed with work, but during that crystal sound filled afternoon I had given myself the space to realize what it was that I really wanted and from that time on focused my energy into achieving it. When I meet Awa Hoshi again, she explained that sound therapy helps us to “ Crystallize an intention, then magnetize that reality.” She adds that it, “Provides a foundation, it’s then up to us as to how we deal with it.” Hearing is the first sense to develop in the womb, the most developed of all our senses, yet most of us only have a small amount of pure, clear sound in our lives, bird song, running streams, leaves rustling in the breeze are often drowned out by the hum of air conditioners, the roar of motor bikes, the incessant chatter of television. Awa Hoshi tells me that “The sound of pure tone crystal returns us to our natural state as beings of harmony – it is a sound that takes you beyond sound.” Awa Hoshi will be at Bali Spirit festival 2011 and also conducts regular healing sessions in Ubud. www.bali3000. com/crystalsound

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