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09 February - 23 February, 2011

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C/BT/G - 26 Jan. 11

The Sicilian Girl Neo-realism is a term applied mainly to Italian Post Second War movies, which seemed to present a vivid and truthful kind of social realism. Some of the essential elements of the genre in the past were real locations, and at least a proportion of amateur actors. Even today, many of the best pieces of contemporary Italian cinema are still made in this famous style. Based on a true story, director Marco Amenta’s new movie, ‘The Sicilian Girl’, is a stunning piece of modern Italian neo-realism. After the murders of her father and brother, a young girl swears vengeance on the Mafia. Surreptitiously, she documents the Mafia activities taking place in her close-knit Sicilian village, then, at the age of seventeen, she packs up her diaries and pays a call on the Anti-Mafia Prosecutor in Palermo. What is to eventuate is a riveting court-room drama. The conclusion of the movie will leave you shattered. Love & Other Drugs The only thing wrong with this movie is that, being American, it has to have, naturally enough, a happy ending. Perhaps, a more realistic ending, not offering false hope, would have been more appropriate. Even so, director Edward Zwick presents a romantic-comedy which contains a considerable amount of power. A pharmaceutical salesman falls in love with a beautiful woman suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Each, in their own way, has to come to terms with their predicament. Both Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are endearing and captivating in their roles. The depiction of the marketing and merchandizing of American pharmaceuticals is particularly disturbing. At long last an American romantic-sex-comedy with substance. Red Hill It is pretty obvious that Australian director, Patrick Hughes, spent a lot of time researching the Classic American Western before embarking on this project. It is also pretty obvious that he paid a lot of attention to the work of acclaimed American director John Ford (1895-1973). Fundamentally, Hughes takes all the basic ingredients of the American Classic Western genre, and transfers them to a contemporary Australian Outback location. This relocation works really well. An escaped dangerous convict rides into town, on horseback, late one night, looking for vengeance against the bigoted policemen who put him away in the first place. Starting slowly, but, gradually, then relentlessly, building in tension, Hughes crafts a memorable Australian Western. Like a lot of present Australian cinema, the remarkable Australian Landscape plays a dramatic and vital role in creating atmosphere. Welcome to the Rileys After the death of their teenage daughter, in a bad motor car accident, the marriage of Doug and Lois Riley falls apart. Lois becomes housebound, and Doug takes to womanizing. On a business trip to New Orleans, Doug meets a seventeen year old runaway, and becomes platonically captivated by her. Joining her husband in New Orleans, Doug and Lois try to alleviate their emotional pains through the juvenile prostitute. Produced by Ridley and Tony Scott, director Jake Scott makes an extremely strong movie, with great performances from James Gandolfini, Melissa Leo, and Kristen Stewart. The King’s Speech When his brother abdicates, King George VI, the present Queen Elizabeth the Second’s father, unexpectedly ascends to the British throne. All of his life, George, or, as his family calls him, Bertie, has suffered from a dreadful speech impediment. Everybody, from the Prime Minister down, realizes that something just has to be done. An unorthodox Australian speech therapist is hired to cure Bertie’s stammer. Directed by Tom Hooper, this is a rather run-of-the-mill British historical costume drama, but, it does have two incredible acting performances, if a bit theatrical, from Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush.

C/BT/G-9 Feb. 11

C/BT/U-26 Jan. 11

Diary by Mr. Robet

Main St. Colin Firth also appears in this movie, with an obvious American accent, as a Texan business man. Colin comes to a small North Carolina township with the idea of building a Hazardous Waste Disposal Plant. How the community reacts to his plan is the crust of the story. Although there is no mention in the credits, there is something about the language of the film, the style of movie-making, and the acting employed, which suggest a theatrical background. The film is a little stage-bound for my taste. Patricia Clarkson and Orlando Bloom star as well, and, Ellen Burstyn gives a ‘Grand Dame’ performance. The Big Bang This vividly colored piece of Pop Art inspired ‘Film Noir’ is actually quite visually impressive. American resident, Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas, plays a ‘Private Eye’ searching for the missing girlfriend of a violent paroled convict. This search is to take him down some exceptionally bizarre paths. Unfortunately, given the style of the movie, a lot of the narrative is conveyed through voice-overs. Banderas’ voice is so heavily accented that it is hard to follow much of what he says, and, thus, some of the intricacies of the plot are lost. It is a pity the producers didn’t cast an actor with better enunciation.

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Frankie & Alice Halle Berry stars in this movie about a woman with multiple personalities. Halle is a reasonable light-weight actress, but she is out of her depth in this ‘serious’ drama. There is not much subtlety in her multiple performances. Death Race 2 Originally made in 1975, then 2008, and again in 2010, I don’t see the point in continually remaking this movie, all about prisoners forced to enter a brutal car race, in which they have to kill one another to gain their freedom.

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The Sicilian Girl After the deaths of her father and brother a girl vows revenge on the Mafia. Love & Other Drugs A salesman falls in love with a woman suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Red Hill An escaped convict rides into town, on horseback, looking for retribution. Skyline The skies above Los Angeles are taken over by invading Alien spaceships. Unstoppable An unmanned runaway train is hurtling towards an almost assured disaster. Tomorrow, When the War Began Nearly all of Australia is occupied by an immense South East Asian army. Welcome to the Rileys An unhappy couple eases their emotional pains through a juvenile prostitute. Never Let Me Go What appear to be human clones are breed to become human organ donors. The King’s Speech A very unorthodox speech therapist cures the stammer of King George VI. True Grit A one-eyed man is hired by a 14 year old girl to avenge her father’s murder. E-mail: Copyright © 2011 Mr. Robet You can read all past articles of DVD Diary at C/BT/I-26 Jan 11

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