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06 February 2013 - 20 February 2013

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06 February - 20 February, 2013


For Sale; Small bicycle for kids Rp. 125. 000, plastic table chair set Rp. 200.000. Please contact: 0815 5850 0129. [126]

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Cars, Motorcycles, Water Craft, etc. Employment Hello Ads Looking For Real Estate Pet Parade

For Sale; iPhone 4s 32gig with box factory unlocked complete 4.5jt. Good condition. Contact 081 5570 1968. Seminyak. [034]


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All natural Bali muesli available in 500 gr bags Available at many local food stores For direct orders please call Ketut 0361 8605228 or email: C/Ns/U-02 May 12

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For Sale; Double armchair Relax, fashion inflatable furniture for indoor and outdoor use, 1 pc product, inflated size 59´x33, 5´x21´(150cmx85cmx53cm) brand new, not used, colour orange, perfect for pool or the beach IDR 350.000. Contact 0878 6037 6800. Denpasar. [018]


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C/Ns/I-23 Jan 13

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06 February - 20 February, 2013


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JL. BY PASS NGURAH RAI - 1 km from Statue Dewa Ruci Just Before Mitra 10

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06 February - 20 February, 2013


Saya butuh buku cerita bekas bergambar yg masih layak untuk anak anak kurang beruntung di Sumba. Saya akan datang untuk ambil bukunya dari rumah anda. Mohon email: <> atau sms: 0821 4483 3668. Suksma. Kerobokan. [052]

For Sale; Golf club set, nice set of Mitsushiba clubs, metal drivers 1, 3, 5, also 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Plus Pitching and Sand wedges and putter. All in great shape with black bag and cover 2juta. Call 0878 6180 7312. Jimbaran. [096]

Moving Sale; Generator 2.7 kw (Krisbow / good for your house or for your business), Stainless single sink (best quality, for professional kitchen). Proofer (15 level/ Getra, very good for bakery). Everything in perfect condition and good price. Contact: Anna +62 813 3759 7206 / <annosta@gmail. com>. Nusa Dua. [090]]

For Sale; Parting out HP Pavillion DV6000 laptop. Excellent screen 1juta. Keyboard excellent conditon 150,000rp. Lite-Scribe DVDrw 200,000rp. 120g Hard Drive 200,000rp. Battery & charger 150,000rp. Memory 2 1gb sticks sodimm PC2 5300s 100,000rp. Anything else you may need call 0878 6180 7312. Jimbaran. [097]

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Rhino Biss at Bali Safari and Marine Park. How does it feel to have an amorous, fully grown rhino climb onto your back with just one thing on his mind? A quiet whisper in the ear of Hima, the female rhinoceros at Bali Safari and Marine Park, evokes little more than a grin. Mating seems the most natural thing in the world, until it comes to the mighty rhinos living in captivity, when a little encouragement is required. The future of Bali Safari and Marine Park’s population of two white African rhinos, affectionately named Hima and Nelson was given a much-needed boost recently with the arrival of three eminent German specialists in the field of rhino and elephant fertilization. With a little human intervention and much needed encouragement however, it seems that Nelson has finally hit the sweet spot and now it is simply a matter of time to see whether Hima can look forward to the sound of little hooves. “ Rhinos are the only animals that learn how to mate by example. The only other mammals that do this are humans. The team of German vets who visited us, has been able to inseminate our female with sperm taken from the male, using equipment they have pioneered, and we also pulled out all the stops to encourage them to mate naturally,” explains Tim Husband, Head Curator at the park in Gianyar. German veterinarians Drs Thomas Hildebrandt, Robert Hermes and Frank Goeritz, are the world’s leading specialists in the field of pachyderm reproduction. When it comes to these thick-skinned mammals, weighing in at over a ton, the mating game is serious business. “ This is the first time this team have visited Indonesia and the success of the trial has serious ramifications for the indigenous population of rhinos that is currently at risk. For now we are focusing on our own population and we are happy to say, we’ve made excellent progress,” explained a relieved Mr. Tony Sumampau, Director Taman Safari Indonesia. The pachyderm population of the Park includes its elephants and the team of specialist vets examined all the elephants to check their reproductive health, some “plumbing” problems were diagnosed and fixed, a number were discovered to be pregnant and sperm was collected for future insemination. All around a very successful visit declares Tim. “ Each animal has a distinct set of genitals, none are the same. These guys have pioneered the field of rhino and elephant insemination and their expertise goes beyond simple sperm collection.” Breeding programs within zoos and parks are essential to the research and development of the species and the health of a zoo’s animal population. The knowledge gained can then be useful to wild animal populations in certain circumstances. The chance of extinction when humans are a contributing factor, is one case when animal welfare groups feel intervention is justified. “To also be able to increase wildlife numbers through the knowledge we have gained will be advantageous for all conservation breeding programs” says Mr. Tony Sumampau, Director Taman Safari Indonesia. In the meantime, as Nelson and Hima head blissfully into the bushes, the staff at Bali Safari and Marine Park are breathing a sigh of relief that love is in the air and all is right with the pachyderms. C/Ns/I-09 Jan 13

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06 February - 20 February, 2013


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For Sale; Shop fittings, manequins, aircon 1.5 PK. Iron clothing display racks. Wooden coathangers, wall murals. Stone Ganesha. Large sliding wood framed glass door 160 x 198cm. and more. All good condition and very cheap. 0852 3422 4141, 0819 9995 5343. Legian. [144]

For Sale; Hishem table in aluminium synthetic rattan with clear tempered glass on the top, color dark brown (brazil groove 6 mm), size 140 x 140 cm h 75 cm, new still in the packaging. Original price 2.180.000 rps, we sell for 1.530.000 rps. Contact 0818 0566 2911 Legian. [153]

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Ketut Widjana: Policeman

Ketut Widjana was born in Singaraja and grew up in Denpasar and Kupang in East Nusa Tenggara. Before becoming a policeman, he worked in an insurance company but he became dissatisfied with the work. After training in Singaraja, Kupang and Bogor, Ketut joined the police force in September 1977. Serving mostly in the Denpasar area and working his way up through the ranks, Ketut’s first duties were to provide security for events. From there he was promoted to work on criminal cases, then began monitoring the activities of foreign visitors who were conducting business on Bali illegally. In 2001, Ketut provided security and assisted in interviewing survivors of the first Bali bomb in the ground zero area while serving in the department’s intelligence unit. His fourth assignment was in drug enforcement where he presented educational seminars to his colleagues. Ketut’s last posting was in the Police Tourism Department where he assisted foreigners and domestic visitors, answering questions and providing security at tourism events. He received the rank of Second Lieutenant in 2008, and the rank of First Lieutenant in 2011. Where did you learn such good English? I earned the diploma in English at PGSLP (Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Lanjutan Pertama) at 1976. It was a specialized school where the students are trained to be teachers for junior and high schools. What kind of police work was the most exciting? Investigating criminal cases. I learned how to conduct a proper investigation using my powers of observation and my instincts and how to make use of the psychological profiles of the perpetrators. I once solved a homicide case by fingerprinting a dead body without a head found on Sunset Road. I was proud to serve in this department because I was able to serve, protect and to set a good example for society. It also gave me satisfaction to educate the public on doing the right thing and to prevent individuals from becoming criminals. Working in the Tourism Department was also interesting because I met a wide variety of people, learned about foreign cultures and could also practice my English. What duties did you carry out working in the Tourist Department? Providing service and security in tourist areas, particularly during events, which attracted big crowds. I provided

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security at the UN’s Conference on Climate Change in Nusa Dua in 2007 and at the Kuta Carnival where the crowds are massive and there are many possibilities that people get drunk and trigger fights. I also helped keep the peace by preventing conflicts that jeopardized the safety of both foreigners and the local people. Have you ever been in a dangerous situation? Yes, especially when I was either hunting for or investigating the criminal suspects, though I’ve never been hurt. Once I had to mediate a racial conflict in the Panjer neighborhood of Denpasar between the Balinese who had teamed up with some Madurese against people from Flores and Papua. They were really aggressive and I thought that I was going to be killed in the line of duty. The issue was actually quite trivial. The Papuan and Flores people loved to sing loudly while playing the guitar in the middle of the night and it bothered their Balinese and Madurese neighbors. What was the most difficult police case you ever worked on?

C/Ns/I-09 Jan 13

I had a case where two parties were fighting over a piece of land in which I suspected some kind of conspiracy was at work. It was difficult because the only witnesses in the case had died. Once I investigated a robbery in which I had all the circumstantial evidence, yet the suspects still insisted that they did not steal anything. There were also a couple of times I had to decide whether a case should proceed as a civil offense (perdata) or whether it should be considered a criminal offense (pidana). It could be very ambiguous. Cases like these had to be investigated very thoroughly. What are the personal qualities that a good policeman should have? A policeman should have discipline because it will result in better police work. He should have broad common knowledge because society relies on him to interpret the laws. He should be friendly because it will make it easier to work with the public. A policeman should be responsive and solve problems quickly in the handling of traffic violations, investigations and mediations. He needs to be fair yet firm and not take sides. Since a policeman’s main duty is to serve, he should have an exemplary character so society can look up to him. A policeman should be trustworthy and he should live what he preaches. He needs to look strong and tough to enable him to protect and provide security. Finally, a policeman should be compassionate, be able to empathize and treat people with respect regardless of their religion, race or where they come from. C/Ns/G-16 May 12

Does all the public criticism of the police bother you? I am actually happy that citizens sometime have a bad opinion of us because it helps us improve our jobs. It means that people care about what we are doing. It means that we cannot be complacent and must always try to do our best. What do you think are the best ways of improving Bali’s police force? The force should become more educated about the law and try to increase the awareness of the law among the public. There are many policemen who still receive bribes out on the road when they stop people. I’m ashamed when I hear reports from foreigners about police asking for money. There is never any justification for corruption. The police should always try to set a good example for society.

For anyone interested in being considered for Siapa, please contact: <> Copyright © 2013 Bill Dalton You can read all past articles of Siapa at C/Ns/G-6 Feb. 13

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06 February - 20 February, 2013

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only Pak Tut √ makes the best croissants & danish at

Try our Yummy Breakfast / Brunch “ Croissants Florenine “ Visit us at: “ Bedugul Lake View “ shophouse, Candi Kuning,Tabanan, Bali. Ph: (0368) 21838 or 081 23812843 Jl. Udayana Barat 2, Singaraja Tel. (0362) 7001400

For Sale; Stamp collection 40 albums 1850-1930 all over the world. Asking price 25 juta, 2 jatiwood closets big 20 juta handcarved. Rogier 0813 3813 0328. Sanur/Renon. [088]

For Sale; Beautiful wooden hand carved Buddha quite old over 1 mtr high nicely painted 2.5 juta have some other nice pieces from my collection too no room at my house. Ph/sms 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [114]

For Sale; Due to dissolving household several items (almost brand new) favorable for sale - Sanur. Please call: (0361) 285 397 or 0812 3615 2444 / 081 1386 7528. [102]

For Sale; Wardrobe antique style teak wood 200cm high 145cm wide 48 cm depth 2 door with shelving inside 1.8 juta. Ph/sms 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [115]

For Sale; Surfboard: Used, 6’10x20’’x2 3/4’’ size (with fins, pad, leash). Good board for beginners. Price 1.500.000 Rp. For more info please call: 0821 4709 8985. Canggu. [140]

For Sale; Antique book case/ shelving with carving Chinese style 2300 long 40 cm wide 2200 high. knockdown made from teak wood over 80 years old 3.5 juta rph. Ph/sms 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [116]

C/Ns/I-11 July 12

CASA 8, Jl. Wayan Gentuh Br. Kwanji - Dalung 0361 - 780 1238 08123 941986

KID'S PARTY (Games, Decoration, Jumping Castle, Magician, Art/Craft, etc) EFFECTS (Snow/bubble machine, Exploding Balloon, Balloon drop) CUTLERIES RENTAL (Tables, Chairs, Napkins, Marquee, etc) C/Ns/I-09 Jan 13

C/Ns/I-09 Jan 13

C/Ns/I-03 Oct 12

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C/Ns/I-06 Feb 13

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House Exchange: How Good is That?!? By Ima Deville

Now you can take your loved ones to a Norwegian cabin for a skiing holiday, a Hawaiian penthouse with views over the Pacific or why not a Provencal farm in the middle of a vineyard … for free! In my family, we have spent endless hours arguing about our next holiday destination. And the type of accommodation we dreamt of. In retrospect, I must admit that life is not that bad when our worst dilemma last summer was whether it would be a traditional hacienda in a magic village of Mexico, a jungle house in Guatemala or a secluded beach house on the north coast of Brasil. Mexico won by one vote and these were certainly one of our most magical holidays ever. Home swappers are connected on the net and happily exchange their cars, campervans, their canal boat, their yacht and even their pets! Bali is a still a dream destination and there is demand for house exchanges during holiday season when we might want to leave the island and spend a holiday in a different environment. Some of our friends, long residents of Bali even use this formula to go and spend the summer back in their own country. In this case there is no need to invest in a property back home and commit to the sometimes high maintenance costs. Every year they decide on an itinerary to visit friends and family and start seeking home exchanges to cover their summer break whilst offering their popular villa in Seminyak. The have toured around France and stayed in beautiful properties, sometimes inviting friends or family to come and stay with them. How to start? Many specialized websites offer a database of houses for exchanges. We have registered our two homes with websites like, www.sabbaticalhomes. com,, The first of these websites has the largest and most up to date database with over 42 000 homes available for swaps and membership costs in the region of US$10 a month. The second website is free but encourages donations and finally the last two websites are totally free. Once you register on a home exchange website, you will need to list details and photos of your home and enter your preferences. Members of these websites browse through or search the database and can view your entry. You can also do the same and look at other people’s homes all over the world. When you see something you like, you can contact the owners and discuss whether they’d like to swap with you. No money changes hands; instead, you stay in their home while they stay in yours. Save, save, save. It goes without saying that exchanging your house saves a considerable amount of money and a lot of trouble. This relatively new concept is becoming popular as the price of hotels can be prohibitive. Saving on accommodation means having more cash to spend on activities, eating or shopping and allows for a few exuberant treats. “I’ll tell you what, let’s house swap in Florida this summer for 10 days and we can treat ourselves to a 3 day luxury package at Walt Disney World Resort after that…” is a good argument to win consensus anytime. Home exchange is all the more appropriate for families with older children, for whom piling up in one hotel room is not an option anymore. Booking multiple rooms in hotels can be onerous and awkward too. Families travelling with friends or with grandparents also find that a well-appointed house swap is by far the best option for a memorable holiday. When looking for an exchange house, you can enter your criteria in an advanced search such as location, number of bedrooms, length of exchange, most recent listings, car exchange or even languages spoken. It is also possible to do a reverse search and look for home exchangers interested in staying in your area. This often saves time writing to exchangers who will not consider your offer. To save even more time some websites allow you to send a multiple inquiry form to various exchangers.

After the destination, you can choose the type of house and enquire about what the region has to offer and the type of activities your family is likely to enjoy. The exchange of information prior to arrival or the information pack the family leave for their guests is invaluable and more targeted than the recycled facts of guidebooks. Exchanging with another family has several advantages. Your hosts will make sure you know about the kid friendly places and activities in the area and they often ensure that all your needs are covered. Child seats, playpens, high chairs, toys, kids DVDs or bicycles are just some of the things that hosts often make available and their house is generally kid safe. In Asia and several other countries you can even be spoilt and be able to use the services of their baby sitter. Some of the worst memories on holiday with our small children were on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. It only took a night to be despised by the couple in the room next door who claimed not to be able to get a wink of sleep all night as our son was sick from heat exhaustion and voiced his misery until the early hours of the morning. Having a house for yourself with all the amenities and comforts allows a great deal more flexibility and relaxation. We all know that children need vital downtimes, naps in a cool temperature and breaks from sight seeing. Having a comfortable base, somewhere to go back to at anytime, can save your day. The first house exchange can be daunting and comes with the feeling of opening your doors to strangers. It is a concept built on trust and, remember that it works both ways. The exchange family can also be worried about how you will take care of their house and belongings. Our personal experience has only been positive and nowadays we feel reassured that our house is occupied when we go away. We always treat others’ houses even better than ours because we have been entrusted with it. Sometimes house swaps can turn into long lasting friendships. When our plane landed at Mexico City International Airport, after flying over what was the largest urban sprawl we had ever seen, my husband discreetly asked me what exactly we would do if our exchange partner “Rodrigo” didn’t show up. The incredibly crowded arrival hall was daunting. “I suppose we will take a cab to the house, I have the address”. We held our children tightly by the hand and moved along with the human flow when a smiling man squeezed through the suitcases and announced: “Hola Laetitia, soy Rodrigo. Welcome!” The first reaction of our son was to compliment our host for having the largest and thickest moustache he had never seen in all his life! Rodrigo is a chef and he drove us directly to his restaurant where we tasted mouth watering Mexican specialties including the chicken with chocolate. He then took us to his gorgeous house where everything had been prepared for us, including two fridges full of shopping. He explained how everything worked and left his car keys for when we would decide to drive down to his hacienda in Malinalco, the magical village. My husband probed him for a little insight on the history of the place whilst his lovely wife showed us round the kids room, games, DVD player and video games. When they waved goodbye, Rodrigo shouted in his heavily accented English: “I love my country and I want you to love it too!” Our holiday was fabulous and Rodrigo’s family have become real friends. His love for Mexico was so contagious that we are currently arranging a year long house swap in Central Mexico for next year. Whether you are looking for an intimate single-family holiday or you are travelling with friends, grandparents or with lots of children, there is always the type of house swap to suit your needs. Choosing from the many criteria of the house exchange websites is an efficient way to stumble across the best option for you. The process of finding an appealing destination, a suitable house and contacting the other family to agree on the conditions and the dates of a particular swap can be incredibly fast or can take several

weeks to find and plan. The advice that we can give you if you think house swapping is a concept you might like is to spend time browsing and s e a r c h i n g r e p u t a b l e websites such as homeexchange. com. Searching their website is free but there is a joining fee if you would like to list your property. However, this is the most extended database of homes for swap in the world. Read the reviews from experienced exchangers. Once you make contact with interested families, it is important to ask all the questions you might have and save them for other families too. Determine whether your swap needs to be simultaneous or can be non-simultaneous, a much more flexible option. It is a good idea to ask more info about house staff if appropriate, baby sitting, lay out of the house if you travel with small children, keys, internet, shopping near the house, transport tips and if there would be a contact person or a neighbour we could go to for help. Most home swappers will inform you quickly if they have a pet staying in the house while you are there. Despite all these precautions, we once swapped with a lovely house in Marseille and we thought we had all the info when the cleaning lady who opened the house for us and explained everything left us wishing us a great holiday. We were frankly impressed by the quality, location and size of the house and smiled contentedly at each other. Whist I went upstairs to unpack, I heard my husband shouting in a quizzical voice: ‘And you, who are youuuu?”. I rushed downstairs, half expecting to find an extraterrestrial looking like E.T. but I found a large black cat with bright yellow eyes looking at us from the comforts of his velvety sofa. Not sure he actually belonged to the house, I emailed the owner and the next day I received an apology as they had totally forgotten to tell us about “Abracadabra”, informing us where to find the bags of cat food and warning us that Abracadabra regularly enjoyed to throw cat parties at the house! In our experience of house swapping we only heard one shocking story that happened to an Australian family going to Wales for their winter holiday. The exchange was non simultaneous and the Welsh family had gone to stay in the Margaret River region a couple of months before. The Australian family have a holiday home in the town of Augusta, 3h30 hours South of Perth. The Welsh family stayed, loved the area, enjoyed the wine tasting at the famous wineries, went fishing and explored the region’s pristine beaches. They had a fantastic holiday, thanked the Australian family back in Perth when they returned the keys and continued their Australian adventure up North. When later on the Australian family arrived in Cardiff, they were picked up from the airport and driven to the Welsh cottage. After the obligatory cup of tea, they were shown around the house with a particular focus on how all the appliances and the heating worked. When all was explained, another obligatory cup of tea was drunk and suspicions were triggered when our Australian family was politely asked what they wanted to watch on TV this evening… The host family had no intention of leaving the house! Home swapping has reached a consensus in our home now, after 8 successful exchanges in Tu s c a n y, N e w Zealand, Western Australia, Côte d ’ A z u r, T h a i l a n d , Spain, Indonesia and Mexico. Our kids clearly see a great opportunity for them to have a comfortable and fun holiday. These are the sort of requests I now need to deal with: “ Mum, can you make sure you ask the family if they have a pool, bicycles, games, DVDs, boogie boards, a table tennis table or a trampoline… and if they have pets, tell them we will look after them very well.” Copyright © 2013 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of BA Feature Article at

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For Sale; Moving back abroad. Bookcase, cupboards/ closets, office furniture (tables, chairs), baby bed and other items for sale. All only 6-9 months old! Good as new! Location Denpasar. Call now Jan at 0361 916 8017 or 0896 0111 7379. [145]

NC/Ns/G - 27 July 11

ECR & Mini Printer


06 February - 20 February, 2013

Electronic Cash Register



JL. Suli No. 119 B2, Denpasar Tel: (0361) 225796, 7800965 Fax: 225796 Email: Website:

Jakarta: 021-3841789, Surabaya: 031-70927541, Yogyakarta: 0274-419590, Bandung: 022-70720142, Medan: 061-77861699 C/Ns/I-28 Nov 12

For Sale; iPad 1, silver, 16GB, WiFi, Is working fine, good condition. Comes with original package. Must sell fast because leaving Bali 3.200.000IDR nego. Phone: 08191 656 6010. Sanur. [146] Looking For; 2nd hand car, only diesel automatic! Please sent info to <>. [147] For Sale; Hanging bicycle on car, possible to hang two bicycle only for Rp 150.000.- , Iron van only for Rp 100.000,-, massage machine replexi only for Rp 1,5 milion. Please add pin BB 28C74495 for picture or sms 0819 9995 6588. Nusa Dua. [148] For Sale; Scanner Canon Type LIDE 110 only Rp 350.000,- Please add pin BB 28C74495 for picture or sms 0819 9995 6588. Nusa Dua. [149] For Sale; Kodak camera EasyShare M 1063 10MP still with the box only for Rp 750.000,- Please add pin BB 28C74495 for picture or sms 0819 9995 6588. Nusa Dua. [150] For Sale; 2 unit coffee grinder for industrial purpose. 20kg/hour (course grind) or 5kg/hour (fine grind). Price 2.3mio/unit or 4,2 mio for both. Call/text: 0819 3430 6268. Seminyak. [181]

C/Ns/G-6 Feb. 13

For Sale; 1 unit Italian coffee machine, very good for small cafe. Complete with small coffee grinder. Price 8,5mio. Please call or text: 0361 8725 711. Seminyak. [182] For Sale; Macbook 2. 4 Ghz (Aluminium Casing). 3 years old. Bought in Bali. Rp. 4 Mio (nego). Email: <andin25@>. Kerobokan. [183]

Moving Sale; Samsung A/C 1PK, queen size bed attached mattress, sofa with chair& table, almari, LG 32â&#x20AC;? LCD. All stuff one year old only. New condition rarely used. Photo available Call: 0821 4506 8094. Sanur. [184] For Sale; New fax/phone, panasonic, still in box, not used, 800.000. New guitar amplifier, studio pro 500. 000. Samsung sound system, used, cassette and 3 cd deck, 2 amps, 300.000. Sms 0812 3615 5433 email <miawatson@btinternet. com>. Canggu. [185]

Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser C/Ns/U-23 Jan. 13

Notice: Bali Advertiser confirms all free Private Classified ads. When you send an ad, we will contact you. If we are unable to contact you then your ad is not printed.

For Sale; Exhaust hood (white color) Rannai RH-90 ER only for Rp 600.000,Please add pin BB 28C74495 for picture or sms 0819 9995 6588. Nusa Dua. [151] For Sale; Small teak table, cm 30x40 h 25, suitable beside the bed or for kids, 220.000 rps; 2 small wooden stools, carved in the shape of sheep, cm 40x15 h15, one white and one brown,ethnic style 250.000 rps both. For pictures contact 0818 0566 2911 Legian. [154]

24hrs: +62-81337-99-33-22

C/Ns/I-23 Jan 13

For Sale: Italian books, many differernt writers; Vendo Libri in Lingua Italiana, Scrittori e Generi Vari. Contact 0818 0566 2911 Legian. [155] For Sale; Two decorative wooden backs of the bed, L cm 92 H cm 100 each, suitable for one king or queen size bed or for 2 single bed. 190.000 rps both. Dua punggung tempat tidur kayu decoratif. Contact 0818 0566 2911 Legian. [156] For Sale; Cheap price. Brand new inbox over purchased stainless steel cutleries. There are steak knife, dinner knife, dinner fork, menu knife, menu fork, menu spoon, tea spoon, demitasse/coffee spoon, butter spreader. Edelmann brand. Suitable for home, restaurant, and cafe. For picture and info: 0361-307 2226, email: <atsevenbox@>. [157]

C/NS/U-23 Jan. 13

For Sale; A bunch of 2nd hand cables/cases/chargers for iPhone 4/4S and MacBook Pro. All used but most of it still perfect condition. Sell because upgrading to iPhone 5 and Retina MacBook and theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not compatible. <balicota@>. Seminyak. [068] C/Ns/I-23 Jan 13

For Sale; Complete Wifi 3.5G hotspot system. Turns any local simcard into WIFI signal to get connected to the internet with laptop(s), iPad(s), etc. Cheapest way to connect with very low montly costs! sell for Rp 900,000. <balicota@gmail. com>. Seminyak. [069] For Sale; Trade. Villa/ bungalow vouchers for holiday accommodation on Bali and Lombok. want to trade for any: top line bicycles,children bunk bed, pool chairs and tables, art paintings for interiors, sofa bed/dining table and chairs, BBQ. Must be excellent condition or new as vouchers are top line accommodation. <asianbuyerbali@yahoo. com> or call: 0812 4651 4976. [044] For Sale; Gas cooker, low condition but still working. 5 stoves, all OK. Oven working but need renovation (grill burners and isolation). Rp. 250.000 no nego. Contact Patrick, 081 934 338 214, <>. Denpasar. [136] C/Ns/G-6 Feb. 13


Zero Dark Thirty Kathryn Bigelow is an interesting American screenwriter, producer and director. Her best-known work would be ‘The Hurt Locker’ (2009), which was a piece of pseudodocumentary American Propaganda showing us how well the troops were doing in the Middle-East. The movie was an absorbing study into the mystique of war, comparing it to a drug addiction. Bigelow’s latest movie, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, is another piece of propaganda, but, this time, she focuses on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. An ambitious CIA agent is posted to Pakistan, and the movie becomes a fictionalized account of her real-life attempts to follow up the leads which will result in the killing of Bin Laden. The movie is extremely well made and it is totally engrossing, still, be aware, the movie also makes a very strong case for the use of torture to obtain information during prisoner interrogation. Jessica Chastain stars. The Impossible A family takes a Christmas vacation to Thailand, however, on the morning of December the 26th, while they are relaxing around the swimming-pool of their beachfront hotel, the 2004 tsunami strikes. Separated by the floods and devastation, the family must search for one another throughout the rescue stations set up to care for the victims. Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor star in this terrific movie directed by Juan Antonio Bayona. Okay, there is a lot of sentimentality which you have to wade through, but, the highlight of the movie, the actual impact of the tsunami, is a fabulous piece of film-making. Hyde Park on Hudson In June 1939, as Britain faces war with Germany, the King and Queen of England pay a visit to America to rally its support. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt invites them for a weekend getaway to his family’s estate in upstate New York. However, with Franklin’s overbearing mother, estranged wife, and bashful mistress all in residence, the weekend becomes a rather awkward affair for all. Director Roger Michell creates this charming comedy from letters written by Franklin’s mistress, which have only recently come to light. Michell paints a portrait of Roosevelt far from the American public’s perception of him. Bill Murray’s portrayal of Roosevelt is free of his usual annoying mannerisms, and he presents a wonderful performance. Anna Karenina Stage and screenwriter Tom Stoppard takes the bare essentials of Tolstoy’s famous novel to provide the script for this very unusual film interpretation. If you are looking for new insights into Tolstoy’s story, about an aristocratic Russian woman who makes a complete fool of herself over a dashing cavalry officer, then, you are not going to find them in this movie. What you will find is an incredible production which is an amazing mix of theatre and cinema. In movies such as ‘Atonement’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’, English director Joe Wright has already made a name for himself as an inventive translator of novels to the screen. Visually, his ‘Anna Karenina’ is stunning; still, the plot does become a bit overshadowed by the extraordinary staging. Les Miserables Bits and pieces of Victor Hugo’s classic novel, about a French ex-prisoner who is persecuted for many years by a ruthless policeman, were hacked together to form the book for this stage musical, which was very successful. There is still probably a production playing on a stage somewhere right now. Director Tom Hooper has made this screen version, and it’s outstanding in its production values. However, whether or not you enjoy this movie will all depend on whether or not you enjoy this type of pseudo-operatic music. Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Helena Bonham Carter, and Sacha Baron Cohen all star, but, none of them are given enough time to build characters, and simply revert to presenting caricatures. The Hobbit, an Unexpected Journey Even if this movie is a prequel or sequel to ‘The Lord of the Rings’, I don’t understand how Peter Jackson’s screen version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s slim little novel could become such a big and ponderous movie. And, this is only Part One.

06 February - 20 February, 2013

Bali Advertiser Piano for Sale and Rent Maintenance with Tune Master YAMAHA Grand Piano Upright Piano 2nd

Diary by Mr. Robet

There is still more to come. A Hobbit joins a group of Dwarves as they embark on a journey to reclaim their lost kingdom. Good luck to them. This is just one long and extremely tedious journey that I can’t be bothered with.

excellent condition! PRICE FROM Rp. 17 Juta~

BALI Piano Consulting service

Showroom: Jl. Tibugsari No.7 Kwanji Dalung Kuta Bali Indonesia Tel: 0361-439474, 439475, 083 11 405 4543, 081 138 0398 Web: Email: C/Ns/G-28 Nov. 12

Silver Linings Playbook This is the kind of movie which actors love to perform in, as it gives them the opportunity to go berserk playing nut cases. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence over-indulge themselves portraying a pair of maniac-depressives. Seven Psychopaths A writer advertises for psychopaths to confidentially tell him their stories, which he can then uses as source material in a screenplay he is developing. Brave A very stupid and predictable Disney cartoon about a silly Scottish princess who, for various reasons, gets an old witch to change her mother into a bear. Won’t Back Down A single mom and a disenchanted teacher take on the American Education Department to try to improve the bad conditions at their local public school.

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C/Ns/I-14 Nov 12

Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You An alienated New York young man gets treatment from an unusual therapist. This is 40 A middle-class American couple has issues coping with their 40th birthdays. Now Is Good A teenage girl suffering from leukemia lives her last months to their fullest. The Wedding Video An Englishman creates havoc while videotaping the wedding of his brother.

Mr. Robet’s Best Buys Zero Dark Thirty A CIA agent follows up leads which will result in the killing of a terrorist. The Impossible A family is on a Xmas vacation in Thailand when the 2004 tsunami strikes. Frankenweenie After his dog is killed by a car a boy brings it back to life using electricity. Django Unchained Two bounty hunters try to rescue a woman enslaved by a plantation owner. Flight During its descent an airplane looses its engines and goes into a steep dive. Hyde Park on Hudson President Roosevelt invites the English King and Queen to a weekend break. Anna Karenina A Russian aristocratic makes a fool of herself over a dashing cavalry officer. Hitchcock The private and work life of famous director Alfred Hitchcock is examined. Dredd A futuristic cop must capture the head of a drug manufacturing organization. Les Miserables A French ex-prisoner is persecuted for many years by a ruthless policeman.

C/Ns/I-19 Sept 12

E-mail: Copyright © 2013 Mr. Robet You can read all past articles of DVD Diary at C/Ns/G-7 March 12

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Quick Sale; Original DKNY watch for men. Special design reversible (2 faces digital & chrono) must see! 1.5 million nego. For info and foto call/sms 0813 3718 0006. Sanur. [054] For Sale; Moved to Aust: 2 water fountains, gas cooker gas bottle, rattan sofa/ cushions, standard lamp 2 garden bird bath all crockery linen etc. <stivickim@ hotmail. com> / +614 2500 0865. Sanur. [055] Get your free life lesson number (numerology). Please send full name (exactly as shown in your birth certificate) and birth date. I also do Tarot, I Ching. <>. [056] C/Ns/G-18 April 12

C/Ns/G-23 Jan. 13

C/Ns/G-6 Feb. 13

NC/Ns/G-6 Feb. 13

06 February - 20 February, 2013


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For Sale; Water display, ceramic, brown, red wood feet. Rp. 50.000, no nego. Contact Patrick, 081 934 338 214, <pat2com@gmail. com>. Denpasar. [135] For Sale; Bali made “pantone” chair. 5 white + 1 red. Ok condition. 3.000.000 1 sealed pail Juton Primer 7.500.000. Linksys Router WRT54GL. 1.200.000. Tel: 0896 1377 1074. [104] For Sale; Infant car seat Graco IDR835k. Baby rocking bassinet IDR435k, both in very good condition. Pumpee bottle sterilizer, fit 6 bottles, complete with all accessories IDR135k. Photo available <seas1909@>. Denpasar. [092] C/Ns/G-31 Oct. 12

Nom de plume

Occasional Articles From Our Readers

Solutions for Bali’s Water Crisis One evening last year, an expat homeowner in Sanur took a shower. For years, he’d had no problem with his well water that was pumped into his house. This night, however, the shower water stank like fish oil muck. For his bath, he had to go outside and use buckets of water from the lily pond. He discovered later that the problem was sea-water intrusion into the previously sweet water aquifer. He spent a small fortune boring a deeper well to solve this problem. Many others, local and expatriates, homeowners and tourists, are complaining about similar problems. They cannot rely on the local water authority, PDAM, to provide sufficient clean water for daily needs. This problem has become particularly acute because of Bali’s continual, island-wide development, particularly the boom in tourism. According to a case study done by Dr. Stroma Cole, hotels absorb 65% of Bali’s water supply and the quality of the water is falling at an alarming rate. It isn’t just the usage, but also the conversion, encroachment, and pollution of rivers, lakes, and water catchment areas. The government and stakeholders are doing little to come up with solutions to preserve Bali’s water resources. “The impact of overuse of ground water by tourism is being felt all over Bali; a falling water table, salt water intrusion, land subsidence and deteriorating water quality,” Dr. Cole states. A study directed by University Udayana concluded that 5.4 million cubic meter of water is used annually, while the island’s water supply is only 4.7 million cubic per year. We are using more water than we can afford to—and with heavy urbanization and developments projects popping up left, right and center you can bet that’s its going to become an even worse crisis in the future. While the loudest complaints come from the affluent, the crisis affects everyone. Many Balinese villagers cannot afford PDAM water, and their hand-dug wells are getting dry. According to the Jakarta post, nearly a third of Bali’s 3.9 million population has inadequate access to a supply of clean water. With increasing population, and no solutions in sight, this problem is just going to get worse. We cannot afford to wait. The solution can start with us today. We can easily use less water in our everyday household activities. It might be tempting to take a long cool shower after a hot day, but a minute is enough. Turn the shower off when you shampoo or soap up. Use a bucket when you are wishing dishes. Do a simple Internet research on how to conserve gardening water. There are also new innovations in water technology that will help save you headaches while at the same time helping to save the environment, too. The Little Tree shop (112 Sunset Road, opposite the Ripcurl shop) supplies eco-friendly building materials and represent various suppliers of watersaving technologies that they represent. The Rainworks Company offers water-efficient tap fixtures and shower

heads. Using German technology, these fixtures not only save 50% on the water used, but are elegant in appearance, and very price competitive. Rainworks also sell highquality imported rain gutters that will last, along with superior filters, such as the Vortex.

C/Ns/G-30 May 12

HELLO ADS People Meeting People All ads Rp. 7.000 per word. All ads must be paid before printing. Bali Advertiser reserves the right to edit all ads.

Indonesian 40’s man wishes to meet a single western woman. Email: <>. [001] Looking for guitarist for alternative band. Male, minimum 20 yo. Check songs on < lolitalies> or Lolita Lies on 4shared. E-mail <>. [002]

Contact BALI ADVERTISER Jl. Majapahit No. 46 Kuta - Bali Telp: (0361) 755 392 [Hunting] Fax: (0361) 764 191 E-mail:

The Bio Save company provides systems to treat sewage and wastewater. And by all means, check out the Starfish Bali water purification system, which uses a combination of ozone and UV disinfection, is the worlds most advanced and efficient water-purification technology. Using no filters or chemicals, the process removes all harmful chemicals and bacteria, while losing only 2% of the water being treated. while the whole process is filter and chemical free—wastes only represent 2% of the water treated. Most effective for villa complexes or hotel, Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel uses the Starfish system to recycle their waste water, producing 250,000 liters of clean water per day. Another easy and inexpensive way to get a good supply of clean water is to harvest rainwater, which is simply the collection of water for domestic or commercial use that would otherwise go down the drain. There are many benefits to harvesting rainwater other than just getting good quality water. By collecting and storing rainwater, you can save money on your water bills since you are now not solely depending on PDAM or private water supply companies to bring in your water. You have an excellent backup in case your well runs dry. Not only that, but having a system installed in your property, you are promoting self-sufficiency and helping to conserve Bali’s precious water. An inexpensive but efficient Rain Water Harvesting System (RWHS) can be easily retrofitted to an existing structure or build during a new construction. The system itself is very flexible and modular in nature that allows for expansion, reconfiguration or relocation if necessary. A very popular system is one that uses the water you collect from your roof. By using this method it is crucial to have good quality rain gutters and down-pipes to collect the water for the storage tank. Because the rooftop serves as the catchment area, the quantity and quality of the water depends on the size and materials used for your roof. Roofs containing metallic paint or similar coatings might be unsuitable since they pass on color or taste that could be hazardous. To make the water as clean as possible, the simple use of good quality filters is also important. A homeowner in Nusa Dua has this to say about a RWHS he installed in his home: “Due to the inconsistent availability of PDAM water for the Bukit and Nusa Dua area, having a rain water harvest system (RWHS) and a ground tank ensures the household of a constant water supply. Many of the homes in the area have suffered from the lack of water, particularly in the morning hours and sometimes throughout the day and even sometimes for multiple days. So by having this system, the lack of public water does not affect us in any way. Having water storage tanks with a proper filter system ensures that we always have clean quality water.” We can all be part of the solution for Bali’s water crisis. NC/Re/G-6 Feb. 13

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Do you have unused children book-stories? Preferred in Indonesian. For unlucky children in east Sumba. Please text or email for me to come and pick it up. 0821 4483 3668. <alfonsusgollu@yahoo. com>. Kerobokan. [053]

To Advertise Call 755392

For Sale; 50 tons Tekiro hydraulic jack (for truck, car or whatever). New and never used. Still in original packages. Price 2 Juta. Inspect in Serangan. Phone: 08133 753 4097 or e-mail: <>. [037]

Assures Greater Profit

For Sale; Fiberglass canoe 4.8 m with 2 seats incl. paddle in good condition. strong & easy to handle 40kgs. Price 3 Juta. Inspect in Serangan. Phone: 08133 753 4097 or e-mail: <info@>. [038] For Sale: 24V (!) Jabsco Par Max 3 auto water pump, 3.5GPM 4.4 Amp Mod. 31600-0094. New & never used. Wrong purchase. Price 130 USD. Serangan. Phone: 08133 753 4097 e-mail: <info@bali-cat. com>. [039] NC/Ns/G-6 Feb. 13


Pet Parade Pet owners: Please sterilize your dogs & cats to preserve the natural environment.

Pets To Give Away / Wanted / Lost / Found

C/Ns/I-27 June 12

These ads are free. E-mail to:

Cute, healthy, vaccinated Personality Plus Bali cats Lovely kittens, some gingers pups for adoption from Bali and kittens, immunized, some black & white, get along Adoption Rehab Centre BARC sterilied, beautiful markings very well with dogs need call Linda 081 855 0947. [001] and colors. These loving, h o m e . Av a i l a b l e i n m i d smart companion cats will rid February, Photos can be Save a Bali puppy today! your home of rats. Visit Villa emailed. Contact 081 2382 L o v e a b l e p u p p i e s Kitty Lodtunduh of call (0361) 7926 (English) 0812 3651 desperately looking for 981 651 or 0815 5870 1737 4990. [006] temporary foster homes. or e-mail <info@villakittybali. Contact BAWA

(0361) 977 com>. [004]

217. [002]

Free kittens. Expat raised. 3

Free: Looking to find a good months old. Need loving home Adorable healthy Bali home for a little pit-bull mix as I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have a garden. All puppies ready for adoption. puppy. Very sweet character. very sweet, healthy and Please call Wayan Doblet at Please call Avi on 0813 3778 playful. Please contact 0812 085 6377 4966. [003]

5666. [005]

4643 6185 (Kerobokan). [007]

Pets For Sale

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Teckel Beagle, Basset Hound, Bully. Healthy, puppies, vacc 1x, no paper, Bulldog, vaccinated, Pedigree. Contact only 1 mill per puppy. 1 girl & 0878 6000 6837. [010] 3 boys. Email for photo



Both parent imports from

/ Chihuahua, Pomeranian, ShihTzu, Puppies Available. 0813 5315 0004. [008] Registered, Vaccinated. Please contact 0812 3989 Labrador, DOB: 31/01/13. 3333. [011] Registered, 10 puppies,




American Bully. Female 14 weeks old. Blue with white chest plate, show quality. USA. All vaccinations done, ABK



Kingpin Bloodline. Beautiful dog needs a lot of love &

yellow & black. For booking: Baby Rott F/M, 2 mo. Paper. attention. 20 juta. Contact 0887 3460 316. [009]

Owner 0878 5107 3568. [012] Nick 0878 6221 2560. [013]

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SCHEDULE THAT Chinese New Year (10 February) Kung Hei Fat Choi and here’s to the Year of the Snake. According to the Chinese calendar, people born in the year of the snake are seductive, gregarious, introverted , generous, charming, analytical, insecure, jealous, dangerous, smart, and good with money. They rely on gut feelings, are hardworking and intelligent. Mixed qualities! So there you are, don’t be surprised if your baby, born in the Year of the Snake, displays some or all of the above characteristics. Did you know that in Vietnam the snake is a symbol of luck? 2013 promises to be a year of prosperity and peace so let us all look forward to raising our glasses and toasting to a prosperous and peaceful Chinese New Year, globally. To celebrate, Warisan is offering a special six course feast as part of the celebrations. Delights include trilogy foie gras, oven cooked Java Tiger prawns, venison stew, steamed salmon all with exotic twists, and to finish passion fruit souffle and raspberry sherbet. No matter where you are from it is always great to celebrate the diversity and richness of different cultures and the Chinese New Year touches us all in some way. As always, the ambience, service and quality at Warisan are exceptional so it goes without saying that this is one of the restaurants at the top of the list for celebrations. Call ahead to book your table.

+ 4, Yuri Mahatma + 4, Underground Jazz Movement and Eko Sumarsono will play a selection of classics and fusion throughout the evening. Not only that, the chosen venue is the newly opened Bali Deli in Sanur. Bali Deli has certainly hit a spot in Seminyak with great food and drinks so I am sure that the Bali Deli Sanur will be no different. Call to make a reservation. Furthermore, on 24 February from 8 pm Serambi Arts Antida will host the emerging music stars with live performances at Casa Luna, Ubud. Serambi Arts Antida is a recording studio from which new bands are encouraged and their aim is to support emerging artists in Bali and beyond. It is always offering support for events such as these that help those in the community to succeed.

Cost : IDR390,000 Where : Warisan Restaurant, Jl Raya Kerobokan No 38 Contact : 731175 7492796

When Cost Where Cotact

Dennis Ferrer (7 February)

Visual Art & Chakras Workshop (9 - 10 and 23 - 24 February)

This is definitely an event for the night owls out there or those who appreciate the international scene here in Bali. DJ Dennis Ferrer, a New York-based DJ, producer and remixer is going to be pumping out the sounds through the early hours at Woo Bar. Woo Bar is a super spot to hang out together with all the beautiful people in Bali. The deadline for reservations is the 6th so do call as soon as possible. When Cost Where Contact

: : : :

11 pm - 4 am IDR250,000 Woo Bar, Jl Petitenget, Seminyak 473 8106 b&

Glen Fredly (8 February) Indonesian R&B singer and song writer, Glen Fredly will be performing here in Bali. Glen Fredy rose to success after winning a singing competition and has released 10 albums to date. The line up for the evening also includes DJ Farao, FDJ Vieno D’Cleo, DJ Ifinn, VJ Oq Mixwell, MC Welly, Nizza and the SOS band. The evening will be full of live music and DJs providing non-stop entertainment. Call to book your tickets. Where : Bosche Club, Jl Ngurah Rai No 89x, Kuta Contact : 754461 081 933023111

Jazz Rendez-vous (22 February) Bali certainly has some of the finest jazz bands in S.E. Asia and it is always a treat to experience the Rio Sidik Quartet + 4 who have provided some top quality entertainment at various venues. Serambi Arts Antida present the Jazz Rendez-vous, part of the roadshow to the Ubud Village Jazz Festival coming up soon. Along with the Rio Sidik Quartet

: : : :

By Dawn Chorus

listen to this exceptional music. You simply must book though as it gets really busy. Do come early and have a bite to eat too as the Japanese cuisine continues to be some of the best in town. When : 9.30 pm Where : Ryoshi, Jl Raya Seminyak Contact : 750504

Wine Experience (8 February) This evening is another special occasion to experience the very best quality wines and food. A classical Chateau Pontet-Canet wine experience paired with a seven-course dinner presented by Chef de Cuisine Agung Gede. This is a golden opportunity to meet Melanie Tesseron, the owner of Chateau Pontet-Canet and the St Regis’ chief sommelier, Harald Wiesmann who will accompany guests throughout the evening. The menu is exceptional starting with homemade pork terrine with carpaccio of braised fig and Pommery mustard coulis. Your mouth must be watering! Main courses include butter poached spiny lobster tail, tartar of yell-fin tuna, composition of duck, a selection of fine matured French cheeses. All courses are paired with these top quality wines. As with all of these wine evenings places are limited so do book quickly to ensure a place.

7 pm IDR 50,000 Bali Deli, Jl Danau Tamblingan No 75, Sanur 081 338669752

These workshops focus on all the Chakras through a series of sessions. Each course offers part ‘Artistic’ and part ‘Spiritual’. Incorporated within each session is a Chakra focus and art involving various media. Do check out the website as there is detailed information for those interested in learning more. A certificate will be issued after completion of all second courses. Cost : IDR600,000 Where : Studio Mawali, Manic Organic, Jl Danau Tamblingan No 85, Sanur Contact : 8553380

Cost : IDR1,500,000 Where : Kayu Puti Restaurant, St Regis Bali Resort, Nusa Dua Contact : 3006786

Raw Food and Detox Courses and Retreats

How very fortunate we are to have access to such a varied range of retreats, and for those wanting to develop their writing skills and share experiences with like minded people, this is one workshop definitely worth booking. The theme for this retreat is developing your narrative and the life of writing. The ultimate goal is to strengthen confidence in your narrative voice. This will be achieved through plenty of exercises, practice and discovery, writing, editing, reading aloud, feedback, criticism and constructive dialogue. This is another fantastic chance to meet writer Jeremiah Abrams who will lead this workshop. Jeremiah Abrams is also a Jungian psychotherapist who has an impressive career in writing, editing and publishing. Seven nights accommodation are included, 3 meals a day, yoga and some excursions as well as 6 hours of instruction each day. This workshop will appeal to anyone interested in writing.

The Raw Food and Detox Retreats have a new schedule for 2013. There is a 10 day retreat from 29 March to 7 April and 1 November to 9 November. There will also be workshops offered for one day on the last Sunday of the month. The importance of raw foods for our health and daily diet cannot be underestimated. Do join one of these workshops if you are interested in finding out more about raw foods and developing a sustainable healthy diet for life. Cost : AUD$225 Where : Lodthunduh, Ubud Contact : 081 239 165702

Write for your Life (22 February - 1 March)

Ryoshi (Mondays until 25 February) Where Mondays are a great night at Ryoshi if you like jazz with an ethnic twist. The Rio Sidik Quartet play here every Monday and if you have not been, it is definitely worth going along to

: Gaia Retreat Center, Jl Sriwedari No 5, Tegallantang, Ubud Contact : 972312 085237475281

Add Dawn to your mailing list and send her information on all up-coming events. Contact Dawn at <>

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Bali House & Home For Sale; Fisher Price jumperoo, new, 1 million Rupiah. Location Jimbaran. Text to 081 5576 2296. [001]

Supplies: Uniform, Towel, Sheet, Pillow, Duvet, Mattress, Bathrobe, Napkin, etc. Jl. Mahendradatta no. 86, Telp. 0361 - 5067311 / 5067312 / 082139463388, Denpasar E-mail :

For Sale; iPhone 5 as new 4 week old white and silver factory unlock work on any network any place 7jt. Please call 081 5570 1968. Seminyak. [032]

C/Ho/G-8 August 12

For Sale; Samsung GtE1195 phone, colour red, Fm radio, still under warranty. Perfect condition, price 225,000. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. [016] For Sale; BB Dakota 9900, white, top condition, buy Feb 2012, Rp 4 Mio. 0819 3195 8258. Denpasar. [017]

Agent for Hozelock: Import/Export of: - Marine Fish and Invertebrates - Koi and Arowana Aquarium and Pond Accessories Aquarium Design Setting Specialist Pond Specialist Aquarium and Pond Maintenance

Filtering & Gardening products

Showroom and Office: Jl. Hang Tuah 42 (50), Sanur 80227 (opposite KFC), Bali - Indonesia Phone: 62-361-281488, Fax: 62-361-288031 Email: C/Ho/G-23 Jan. 13

C/Ho/G-6 Feb. 13

C/Ho/G-19 Sept. 12

Villa Private residences Hotels & resorts Corporate

C/Ho/I-06 Feb 13

British interior design consultant

Creative solutions & concepts

Spatial layout specialists

Design studio & showroom

Expert design team

Quality imported & local fabrics

Accessories & furnishing

Quality & price guaranteed

Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 296 Betngandang, Sanur 80228 Tel : +62 361 270030 Fax : +62 361 285 031

Luxurious design with affordable flair C/Ho/G-21 March 12

C/Ho/I-11 July 12

Bali House & Home



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06 February - 20 February, 2013


by The Garden Doctor

by Dr. Kris

Aquaponics Explained

‘Good morning, I am writing to you on behalf of our friends, Agus and his wife, who are trying to establish aquaponics. He has the set up, the fish and pump but we need to fine tune it. We really want to help him as he is trying to get this going and some things are ok. Radishes are great, taste just like they should...but we have problems with lettuce, growing too fast and getting too leggy (sparse). Anyhow, we need some help....can you please advise Regards G. Holman’ I have actually had a lot of questions about how to setup an aquaponics system. I will try to briefly explain a simple setup, (though still complex!). It is important to start small so that you learn and progress as time goes by.

In regard to your question about plant performance, your garden bed location and access to heat and sunlight is still a huge consideration. Radishes typically prefer a full sun environment. Lettuce the other hand will only tolerate full sun in a cooler climate, in hot climate as such as Bali lettuce will need a lot more shade to protect it from the heat, otherwise it will grow leggy and run to seed as you describe. If you cannot relocate your lettuce the problem may be rectified by something as simple as some shade cloth that offers protection for your lettuce, or by growing taller crops such as tomatoes around it to provide partial shade to protect the lettuce from the sun and heat, whilst not blocking the radishes. Fish tanks should also be in partial shade, too much sunlight will lead to algal infestation.

For Sale; Antique Madura bed 2200 cm long 145 cm wide 2200 some nice carving teak wood over 70 years old knock down 6.5 juta. Please ph/sms 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [141] For Sale; Coffee table 1 mtr x 1 mtr 40 cm high. Has space for magazines and 4 small drawers. Minimalist modern style made from teak wood 750.000. Ph/sms 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [142] For Sale; Furnitures, bed covers, plates, glasses, towels. Ex villa. Still in very good condition. Cheap prices. Contact 0819 3304 8279 SMS/call. Denpasar. [143]

For Sale; Italian ice cream display fridge (counter) around two mtrs. Will display 6 trays of ice cream, will store another 20 trays. Brand new compressor just fitted. Minus 300 C no problems. Rp. 9 million nego. Peter 0361 746 4200. Kerobokan. [120] For Sale; Deep fryer with basket (import) stainless steel construction. Looks nice. Only uses 7 ltrs of oil. Uses LPG. Made in Japan. Nayati brand. Thermostat controlled with special temperature overide installed. Rp. 5 million nego. Will take your credit card no commission. Peter 0361 746 4200. Kerobokan. [121]

Fish to use for aquaponics? For those who don’t know, aquaponics relies on the symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals whereby nutrients are recycled within the environment, farming fish (or other aquatic animals) and plants together in a mutually beneficial cycle. Put simply it is a combination of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants in water). Aquaponics can involve high-tech systems with complex plumbing or can be as simple as watering a pot plant from a small fish tank. For an advanced setup, fish are kept in tanks or ponds and the plants a r e g r o w n hydroponically in beds of gravel or clay pebbles. Aquatic wastes accumulate in the water as a byproduct of keeping them in a closed system. As waste builds up the tank becomes high in nitrates and ammonia (compounds of nitrogen and hydrogen) which are toxic to the fish. If they build up too much they will also starve the water of oxygen… though they are perfect for plants. If the fish tank water is cycled over plants they will consume the nutrients and purify or filter the water naturally, which is in turn is good for the fish, to where it is returned, and the cycle continues. Unlike modern farming methods, no chemical fertilizers are needed for the plants, it all comes from the aquatic waste. It is usually organic because the use of pesticides would be damaging to the fish. For a home setup, plants are usually grown in a hydroponic material of gravel, or clay pebbles, approximately 10 - 20 mm in size, not too small and not too big. A smaller medium can cause water logging and larger could be difficult to handle while planting. The gravel height should be about 1 inch above the water level. The size of the fish tank and grow beds are both important factors in aquaponics. In theory the size of the grow bed should be directly proportional to the size of tank used, however a smaller grow bed to tank ratio is acceptable but not the other way around, otherwise the system will experience a large water deficit. Once the system is set up, only a little extra water is needed to make up for evaporation, and plant absorption. Research has shown that an aquaponic system uses about 1/10th of the water used to grow vegetables in the ground. The advantage of aquaponics in a hot climate is that the plants get as much water as they need, continuously being watered through the flow and drain system. Many types of plants can be grown in aquaponics especially all types of leafy plants, vegetables and herbs. You should try with lettuce, lemongrass, celery, onions, garlic, ginger, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, sage, chives, parsley, to name a just a few. Really you can grow just about anything.

For ornamental fish, koi or common gold fish are a good option. These fish are all hardy and able to tolerate varied water conditions. For those that want fish for eating, it depends on your climate, but here in a hot tropical climate most commonly used would be tilapia, gourami and perch. Fish like tilapia are hardy, though they still need dissolved oxygen, so you will be more conscious of the water quality and oxygen content. Catfish can also be used, but remember that they are a predator fish and they can also use air to breathe. This means that they will tolerate more extreme water conditions, so you may not learn as much about how to manage the water quality. However they are the easiest to start with.

Flower Arrangements • Wedding Decoration • Cut Flowers • Bouquet • Gifts Villa Cemara Indah No. 13

Br. Semer, Kerobokan, Kuta - Bali 80361 Phone : (0361) 7422 654 http : // E-mail: C/Ho/I-18 April 12

For those who don’t have the means to set up complicated tanks with pumps, there are alternatives. Anyone with a pond or fish tank can use a run to waste style of growing. It can be done by removing a percentage of the fish water each day and watering vegetables planted in different mediums such as peat, vermiculite or even soil. Anyone who has a pond or fish tank can do this. When changing or cleaning pond water use a bucket and pour the waste water around your plants, this is a simplified form of aquaponics. Although the water doesn’t cycle back into the pond it is still organic, saves water, and makes perfect use of the nutrient rich water, eliminating the need for some form of purchased chemical fertiliser. Many farmers employ principles of aquaponics within their rice growing agriculture in Bali, whereby many types of fish, aquatic animals, frogs, insects and ducks all contribute to the nutrient cycling within the system. Rather than using harmful chemicals on the insects the farmers bring in the ducks, fish and frogs. Not only do they control pests in a non-chemical way, they also contribute waste or fertiliser to the system that can be utilized by the crop. Additional edible products produced are the eggs, frogs, fish, and ducks. Whilst aquaponics is becoming popular now, it is nothing new, and has been practised by many ancient cultures, over thousands of years. Most likely you have already witnessed these techniques being used on the fields of Bali, especially if you have ever seen a farmer herding his ducks to a rice paddy!

C/Ho/G-3 Oct. 12

Dr. Kris Garden Doctor Contact: Copyright © 2013 Dr. Kris You can read all past articles of Garden Doctor at C/Ho/G-23 Jan. 13

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For Sale; Pantry equipment for cafe, glassware, utensils, chinaware/ceramics, cutlery. Ex cafe some are still new/ never been used. All must go quickly. For detail list & price please SMS: 0812 369 6969, email: <oddygun@>. Denpasar. [100] For Sale; 3 hand made Persian carpet: Bought: size 310x200cm, origin: mashâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;had: $2,200. /140x260cm, Origin: Tabriz= silk & cotton: $1,800. /140x230cm, Origin: Kerman: $800. Sale 3 of them, For only: 18 million rupiah. To receive photos, please SMS your email address to: 081. 999. 599. 062. Kerobokan. [043]

I am looking for second or used drum set, if you have one and still in good condition, please give an offer call 0361 - 786 9350 or <>. [045] For Sale; Villa vouchers won drawing for villa accommodation: 3nites in 3br/3ba villa in beautiful mountains above Lovinatotal - 1.5mil rp for 3 nite stay/6pax breakfast included + one free massage for 6 people. Also-3nites for 2 pax- beach bungalow for 500,000mil rp total on Gili Asahan, secret island of south Lombok- total for 3 nite stay- 500,000 rp breakfast included email: or call 0812 4651 4976. [047]

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Expand your horizons...

High quality Aluminium Door & Window Systems Folding Doors • Slide & Turn Doors • Sliding Doors • Windows

SUNFLEX Asia, Jln Rumah Sakit Unud No. 5 Jimbaran - Bali Phone. +62 81 835 3103, C/Ho/G-03 Oct. 12

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The Business Builder Series


Graeme Stevens


JL NAKULA NO 27 DENPASAR - BALI ( Not KUTA area ) 0361 222 757 - 0361 36736 55

The BizWiz Simplify business chaos… create value and release hidden profit

C/Ho/G-09 Jan. 13

The Cost of Starting a Business in Bali Over a warming cup of Earl Grey tea during a blustery evening downpour, a friend was complaining about the cost of doing business here. She was in the process of converting from a CV to a PT company to maintain her KITAS and had been quoted $10,000 for the process. I blinked a couple of times and suggested something must have been lost in translation, but she was quite definite that that was the price. So I offered to send her some information about actual costs and you can see these below. Note we are talking here about a local PT. PMDN and not a PT. PMA that can be foreign owned. (PT stands for Perseroan Terbatas and is a limited liability company.) This data about establishing a business was compiled by the World Bank in its Doing Business project. The information shown below relates specifically to Denpasar. The project checks 185 countries with 11 indicator sets. The cost and time of establishing a business is the first indicator. While Indonesia currently ranks 155 in starting a business it has shown some encouraging progress since the surveys began. Since 2004, time required has dropped from 168 days to 31, cost to start have dropped from 136% of income per capita to 18%, and paid-in minimum capital requirements from 69% to 47%. The number of procedures has dropped from 12 to 8. These times assume all supporting applications documents are available as required. You can read the full World Bank report on Indonesia at I have added a couple of additional items that the World Bank does not include. For example: • Before you can get any business operating licences you must submit a valid Building Certificate (IMB) for your place of business. Either you or your landlord would have this, if there is one. They are still unusual particularly for older buildings. Don’t sign a lease unless you have a copy of a current IMB, or are prepared to pay the cost of obtaining one for the place of business. • You need to have a deposit slip for funds in your business bank account representing your issued and paid up shareholder equity before you will have your Deed of Establishment approved. The Paid in Minimum Capital Requirement is Rp 12.5 million or 25% of minimum Capital of Rp 50 million. To open the bank account in your business name you will need a letter from the Notary saying the business application is in process, plus your NPWP number. There are other licencing requirements not listed here for specific types of business, for example: restaurants, hotels and industrial (production). Some Regencies in Bali can be a little different in times and costs for local documents, and there are also some major differences for a PT.PMA, which I am not covering here. There are three key elements involved in the cost structure: • Actual registration fees – these are mostly set by law and regulation, either nationally or within a regency. • Notary service fees. • Agent service fees. By law, the Notaris (public notary) is the only profession with access to the new computerized system for non-tax

state revenue payments which is tied to electronically registering a business name. So the Notaries have a monopoly. But they are also limited by law to a maximum fee of 1.5% of the cost of the transaction. In practice, notary associations set a fee and I have no problems with paying Rp 8 million (including all the relevant registration fees) to the Notary for effectively pulling together the first stage of the process. Not all Notaries are created equal. I’m sure you have your own horror stories or have heard of them; my first CV here was supposed to define my activities as business training but what came though was specifically training people for work on boat crews such as cooks and stewards. It took nearly 6 months to get over the inertia caused by the embarrassment of the notary staff to get it changed. So find yourself a Notary whose knowledge base extends past transacting land deals. Agents are in Business Too Agents are free to charge whatever they like. I don’t have a problem paying around 10 million for the service offered by a good agent for the time and effort it saves me, but over that I will object. The creation of One Stop Shops has significantly reduced workload and effort for obtaining the related documents.

C/Ho/G-26 Dec. 12

Be Active in the Process. No matter how good your Agent and Notaris, they can’t perform for you if you don’t support them. Make sure you have the required documents ready to go, and be available to sign documents as required. Your agent will advise you on these needs. Not all Businesses are the same One of the key reasons we need a business registered, apart from making a profit, is to hold our KITAS. There have been a number of agents advising people that they can get their KITAS as a Komisaris. This may be true but it rather limits your capacity to actually work, as the duties of a Komasaris are pretty much restricted to ensuring the Directors are performing properly! You can just as easily be deported for performing functions that are not represented by your business card (and your business card title has to conform to your KITAS title) – as you can be for not having a KITAS at all. Depending on the type of company charter you nominate it is quite possible that the titles and functions available to you might be restricted to marketing specialist, business development specialist and quality control specialist. Personally, I always nominate as quality control specialist as this allows me to do anything at all in the process of checking the quality of processes, systems, lifting weights, safety and so on. Getting a Director for Your Business Your local-type PT business can only be owned by Indonesians and so you need to exercise care in the choice of the person who is nominally in charge of and actually owns your business. There are steps you can take to minimize the risk involved, and it’s prudent to plan for the worst when things are going well. Keep in mind that this risk management is a two-way street. If you cause major problems in non-compliance with regulatory requirements then your Director will be the one who is fined and sent to jail. In those conditions you should not be surprised if your company director declares that either you are fired, or your position is no longer required, or worse. Please share your experiences or any contrary advice.

C/Ho/G-16 May 12

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LIMAJARI PUBLIC STORAGE OFFERS YOU: - Short term and long term storages - Small and large volumes - Pick and pack service at your house - Racks available for storage of archives - Temperature controlled room upon request - Discount on long term rentals - Safe and secure environment

PLEASE CALL: AAN or RATJANI at 0361-730024 C/Ho/G-21 March 12

C/Ho/G-19 Sept. 12

C/Ho/G-6 Feb. 13

C/Ho/G-6 Feb. 13

PT. LUMBUNG AYU Tropical Asian


Sunset Road No. 01X, Kerobokan-Bali, Ph.: 0361-732 538 Website: Email:

C/Ho/I-03 Oct 12

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Bali House & Home

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PBA Putri Bali Agung









C/Ho/I-22 Feb 12

Jl. Legian Kelod No. 143C, Kuta-Bali Tel/Fax: (+62 361) 761431 Email:

T BESICE PR C/G/G-21 March 12

WINDOW FILM SOLUTIONS Upgrade Your Existing Windows & Doors

For Sale; Nikon lens 70200mm f/2.8, AF-S, VR, 5 Stars- Test. 18 Mio IDR. JPC price: 24.5 Mio IDR. Nikon lens 16-35mm f/4.0, AF-S, VR, 4.5 Stars-Test. 9 Mio IDR. JPC price: 13.5 Mio IDR. Please call: 081 139 9700. Sanur. [025] For Sale; Canggu Club Family Membership available, due to work related moving. We offer 30% discount on the going rate. All can be confirmed with the Canggu Club General Manager. Please ring or SMS 0812 3933 2369. Canggu. [026] For Sale; iPad 13.8 gig, version 5.1.1 perfect condition, many applications, comes with cover and pen. 4 million IDR. Please call 0812 46 222 162. Ubud. [027]

● Save Energy ● Protect People/Property ● Increase Comfort ● Create Privacy

Price start from IDR 99,000/m2

For Sale; UPS, deep-cycle battery bank (golf cart batteries), 2 banks, each 48V, 200AH, 4million each. Nikkor AF-D 80-200mm f/2. 8, 6.5million. Contact me at <> / hp 0812 3602 3457. Tabanan. [028]

Bali Solarist: Ruko Sunset Plaza No. 14 Sunset Road Kuta - Bali TEL: 0361 8476792 Contact person: Doni: 081 337 873 888 0361-784 3177


For Sale; Electronic keyboard/synthesizer, rollup. Lightweight and fun. over 100 instruments and over 100 percussions. record/playback feature and more. Use built-in speaker/ headphones or connect external speaker. Rp. 1,000,000 / or best offer. demo in Ubud. 0821 4680 2893. [029] For Sale; King size mattress and painted recycled boat timber base, vintage look, both only used for 3 months, cheap and fast sale, Rp. 2,000,000 together ONO. Contact 0812 366 6941. Petitenget. [030] For Sale; iPhone 16 gig 3gs, good condition black with box charger factory unlock will work any country any network 1.7 ONO. Call 081 5570 1967. Seminyak. [031] For Sale; Kawasaki grey KLX 150 Moto X Style helmet. Brand new. Still in box. never used. Size large. 375.000 or offers. Sanur 0813 3813 6110. [008]

C/Ho/I-06 Feb 13



COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF Prof. Dr. Mantra n/11 street phone : 468298/2753382 Email:

NC/Ho/G-6 Feb. 13

C/Ho/G-12 Dec. 12

ART & ARTISTS Limited Time Exhibitions Evolution Artist

: Ketut Karyana


: Paintings


: November 23 until March, 2013 Every day, 10.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m.

Location : Bridges Bali, Ubud

Feature Wall – Multi - 8 square metres 3,120,000 IDR The Gardens of Eden Artist

: Nessma


: Paintings


: January 21 until February 21, 2013 Every day, 9.00 a.m. until 11.00 p.m.

Location : Studio Mawali, Manik Organik Jl. Danau Tamblingan 85, Sanur Tel: 0361-8553380 Three in Harmony

Visit our new showroom at Jl ByPass Ngurah Rai 99, Kuta, Bali, | | 0361 763221


e n q u i r i e s

w e l c o m e C/Ho/G-06 Feb. 13


: Aricadia, Kadek Suwi & Nyoman Tomblos


: Paintings


: January 27 until March 27, 2013 Every day, 8.00 a.m. until 11.00 p.m.

Location : Three Monkeys Cafe, Monkey Forest Road, Ubud Tel: 0361-975554 Please e-mail Bali Advertiser to place your exhibition here free of charge. Bali Advertiser reserves the right to publish or not publish submissions.

Building & Maintenance Certified European Project Manager with own MEP/ Architect/Supervisor staff, very experienced, excellent reference list in Bali and abroad, offers you • Site Supervision or full PM Services - as requested • MEP & Architectural Design • Construction Drawings • Pre Purchase Check-Up on existing Structures

YOUR TRUSTED CONSTRUCTION EXPERTS Phone: +62 8123 80 93 10 Mail: C/Bm/A-17 Oct 12

C/Bm/I-28 Nov 12



Jl. Sunset Road Seminyak (Next to io-co), Denpasar - Bali - Indonesia Phone: +62-361 8475681, 7833141 Fax: +62-361 847568 Email:

For Sale; LG big refrigerator GR-B602YLC, 2 doors top mount, 600 LTS, grey, Bio Shield, no frost, 2009, new compressor (still 1 year warranty), 4.000.000. No nego. Good cond. SMS 0819 3433 8214 or e-mail <>. Denpasar. [130]

For Sale; TP-Link portable battery-powered 3G/3.75G Wireless-N Router, converts any 3G-modem stick to Wifi signal. Incl. battery, 220v charger, micro USB cable, original box. Was 500k, will sell for 200k. No bargaining. <>. Seminyak. [063]

For Sale; Wall kitchen cabinet teak block, 4 doors 2 shelves, 195x40x50cm, dark brown. very good condition. Rp. 1.500.000. No nego. contact <pat2com@gmail. com>, sms 0819 3433 8214. Denpasar. [131]

For Sale; 2 pieces original Macbook 60 Watt magsafe adapter. Only used for about 1 month. Original price 2 x 900,000 - will sell for 600,000 per piece or 1,000,000 for both. No nego. <balicota@>. Seminyak. [064]

For Sale; Table from 2 heavy blocks of lychee wood as feet, 41x42x80cm, and polished edges plateau glass 1900x1800x 11mm. Rp. 1.500.000. SMS 081 934 338 214, <pat2com@>. Denpasar. [132]

For Sale; Wifi hotspot system for protecting your internet line with vouchers. Also splits up your office and public network. Used for 2 months, no box, little scratched, but works 110% as new. 2.5jt, can install. <>. Seminyak. [065]

For Sale; To release low back pain I sell inversion table. Very good condition. Rp 4 juta. SMS e-mail address for photo at 081 835 0058. [128]

For Sale; Used AC - LG 1pk IDR950k. Photo available <>. Denpasar. [094]

QUICK & SMART SERVICES WE DO ALL BUILDING SERVICES * Architect Design * Waterproof * Painting * Pool Maintance * Renovation

* Electrical * Plumbing * Carpentry * Roof and Floor

Phone : (0361) 9264536 you call and we quickly mobile : 087862732753 respond (free for inspection) C/BM/G-2 May 12

C/BM/U-04 April. 12

Trust your home improvement projects to the experienced Pros @ Super Handyman : Painting






Tiling On


going property maintenance


One call does it all with Super Handyman!! Phn : (0361) 784 6889 or (0361) 784 2429 Service you can trust!! C/BM/A-19 Sept 12

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BIO-Save Waste Water Treatment Tank

Recycle Black & Grey Water to Water Garden Sewage Supporting Products: Grease Trap IC Tank (Inspection Chamber Tank) Effluent Tank (Final Holding Tank), Manhole etc...

Itʼs not only a septic filter ... , Itʼs a proper sewage treatment Tank !!!

Easy Installations (BIO Save) Installations without retaining walls Almost Free Maintenance No Bacteria Additions Low Electrical Consumption : start at 47 Watts Meet Local and International Standard


New Product BIO Gas For Generator For Stove For Hot Water

Slab Factory

Specialize in Design and Build Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) for Domestic and Commercial (House, Villas, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, etc)

Grease Trap

Address: Jalan Nakula No: 63C, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia Phone: (0361) 499218, (0361) 7475698, 9244526, 9244527 Fax: (0361) 499188 Email: Website:

See the product and how it works at Toko Damai Sejahtera, Jl. Imam Bonjol 555 A 1/2, Denpasar

• Simple to integrate in conventional construction process • Fast installation & easy pouring • Comes with its fully lower reinforcements • Continuous quality control by German engineering • Environmental contribution due to reduction up to 90% in plywood and construction/supporting wood/bamboo

GO EFFICIENT! Building a two story House/Villa Hotel/ Factory/Bridge or a retaining wall?

SAVE YOUR TIME & MONEY by use precast concrete slabs for floor/ceiling/roof Call: 0361-9159054 e-mail: ICB , Jln Suweta 7, Ubud

C/Bm/I-06 Feb 13

C/BM/G-17 Oct. 12

NC/BM/G-12 Dec. 12

C/BM/G-23 Jan. 13

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Building & Maintenance

Bali Advertiser

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Project Management Construction Quality Inspections Detailed Inspection Reports Progress Reports Design and Architecture Pre Purchase Inspections Master builder from Australia with over 25 years experience.

     

“Bits and Pieces” Air Conditioner Temperature Setting Have you noticed that often when people walk into a hot room and switch on the air conditioner they also turn the temperature setting right down. Here’s a bit of information you may find useful, turning down the temperature setting on an air conditioner does not make it cool any faster. The temperature setting on an air conditioner simply sets the temperature of the sensor that turns the air conditioner off when the room has cooled down. If you set the temperature at say 24 degrees the air conditioner will run until it senses that the room is down to 24 degrees at which point it switches off saving expensive electricity. If you set the temperature at say 16 degrees the air conditioner will probably never switch off because, owing to poor heat insulation in rooms, it is unlikely that it could actually manage to get the room down to that temperature. Make no mistake the vast proportion of a high electricity bill is going to be chewed up by the air conditioners. Setting your air conditioners at a comfortable 24 degrees will save you a lot of money. To put an air conditioner on its maximum cooling set the fan speed on its highest setting.

but is more likely to be a shower or floor drain. Plumbers who learned their trade selling bakso and sometimes even qualified MEP engineers may connect the floor drains from the shower and the bathroom floor into the sewer pipe from the toilet. Smells come back up the pipe and out of the floor drain.

PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT Phone: 081 338 379 295 Office: Level 3 63c Jl. Nakula, Kuta, Bali Email:

C/BM/U-19 Sept. 12

If You Have a Problem with.....

In Britain and Australia any pipe connected into the sewerage system is fitted with a U bend that is full of water which acts as a gas seal to stop smells coming out. Your toilet is not a problem as it already has a U bend cast into the porcelain with water in it. In Indonesia shower and floor drains are often designed with a small circular cup just under the surface grill of the drain which is supposed to hold water and act like a U bend. This cup is usually quite small and the water in it quickly evaporates and so gasses can escape. BALI

If you have a smelly floor drain try putting water in it to see if that stops the smell. If the smell persists it is best to dig up the floor drain and install a U bend. Many houses do not have U bends fitted to washbasins or kitchen sinks. Once again if these are connected into the septic system they may also be a source of smells. Have a look under the sink or washbasin, there should always be a U bend (or P trap) in the drain immediately under the sink.

: (62 361) 360 0143, 361 780 9219  (62 361) 725 137

SURABAYA : (62 31) 841 6191 (hunting) JAKARTA : (62 21) 560 6688 BANDUNG SHANGHAI : (86 21) 5428 2288 LEBANON JORDAN : (962 6) 582 2975 DUBAI QATAR : (974) 432 7322 KUWAIT  :

: : : :

 (62 31) 842 0602 (62 22) 250 6699 (961 1) 669 100 (971 4) 221 8949 (965) 800 774

C/Bm/I-12 Dec. 12

Gas Cylinders and Ventilation Glass and Child Safety Do you have a gas cooker? Where is the gas cylinder stored? Many houses have the gas cylinder in a kitchen that is not ventilated. Very often the kitchen has a cupboard to hold the gas cylinder and some cupboards are even built into the cooker itself. If the kitchen or the cupboard are closed spaces this can be very dangerous. The fact is that the regulators on the valve of the cylinder often leak slightly particularly if the person who connects the regulator to the cylinder doesn’t know what they are doing or is not being careful. A slight leak means that gas can build up. Someone lights the gas stove and an explosion follows. It is best if the cylinder is kept outdoors and so with free ventilation around it, the gas can be supplied to the cooker via a pipe through the wall. If this isn’t possible then try and make sure that the room the cylinder is in is well ventilated and is no where near the naked flame of the cooker. Check the condition of the regulator and the hose frequently and make sure that the regulator is properly seated on the cylinder. If there is a leak between the regulator and the cylinder valve change the rubber O ring seal in the valve. New seals can be bought from many places that sell gas cylinders. Deep Swimming Pools For a reason I cannot fathom there are many people building swimming pools that are deep and do not have a shallow area. The only reason I can think of for a deep swimming pool is to use diving gear. For swimming laps you do not need a pool deeper than a metre. Children playing in a pool will tend to play in the area they can stand up in. When I am lounging in a pool, I prefer an area where I can touch the bottom and I tend to avoid the deeper end except for an occasional underwater excursion. So why do I regularly see swimming pools that are two or two and a half metres deep and with no shallow end. Such a pool costs more to build and it costs more to maintain, you have a lot more water to circulate so you need a larger pump and filter unit and you will use a lot more chlorine. Such a pool can also be very dangerous for young children, it is a lot more difficult to get out of a pool if you cannot stand on the bottom.

Architects are always looking for new ideas to make their houses more attractive or to pursue an artistic bent (bent is sometimes a word that describes the architect). I recently came across a house with a lot of glass in it; glass panels in doors, cut glass shelves with sharp front edges in the kitchen and in wardrobes and low level glass panels around a water feature in the living room. All very creative however when you consider the playful habits of young boys such a house becomes a nightmare for concerned parents. Anyone who has seen the damage to the human body that can be caused by falling through a glass door panel or window, stitches the full length of an arm from a simple fall are typical, will be fully aware of the danger that lurks around us all the time. It is best to avoid unnecessary glass if you can. While on the subject of glass it is important to note that laminated safety glass which is regularly used in shower recesses but may also be used elsewhere is expensive and has to be ordered from Surabaya. Builders wanting to save money may use ordinary glass instead. It is wise to take care that genuine safety glass is used.

NC/BM/G-6 Feb. 13

Roof Tile Spacing A trick some builders use to save money is to set the roof tiles too far apart. The overlap on a rooftile should be, depending on the design of the tile, around 50% of the tile so that anywhere on the roof you will have an effective two thicknesses of tile between you and the elements. By placing the tiles further apart, say with only 30% overlap, the builder will use fewer tiles and save money. Unfortunately this means that strong winds can blow rain up under and through the tiles and, in bad cases, may leave gaps around the corners of the tiles. If you have agreed the “right” price for the construction of your house then your contractor is cheating you by building a substandard roof to make a few extra dollars. If you have negotiated a “keen” price it may well be that he has to build a substandard roof to be able to make the job profitable and you only have yourself to blame. A roof with this problem can be easily repaired but will require removing all the tiles, setting the supporting timbers closer together and replacing all the tiles while adding the extra ones that should have been there in the first place.

So if your architect or pool ‘expert’ tells you the fashion is for deep pools realise it probably suits them far more than it suits you. Smells in the Bathroom or Kitchen. Do you have bad smells in your bathroom, kitchen or toilet? This is a common problem and may be caused by a leaking seal where the toilet is connected to the sewer pipe beneath

Phil Wilson Opinions expressed are those of Phil Wilson. He can be contacted through the websites at or at or through the office on 0361 288 789. Copyright © 2013 Phil Wilson You can read all past articles of Fixed Abode at C/BM/G-14 Nov. 12

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The advantage of using tension membrane roof; - Waterproof, helps guard against UV and airbone contaminants - Long lifespan, provides exceptional strength and durability - High strength, rip-stop substrate material - Exceptional fire-retardant capability - Exceptionally stain resistant and easy to clean - Dispersing daylight and lends dramatic illumination also beautiful backdrop for night time with interior lighting - Drown out the noise of traffic and rain falls - Functionally, the highly efficient insulation system provides significantly reduced costs in mechanical and lighting system which translate into long-term operational cost reductions.

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Say What?

People earn trust when they treat you well, and when you feel consistently safe in their presence. The only way people can build trust is by behaving in trustworthy ways over an extended period of time. Take time to think about how you want to be love and cherished in the world. You are a valuable human person who deserves to have a partner who treats her well and doesn’t have anger and control issues. Make sure you don’t put yourself in a situation in which you might later get hurt with this man. Question: Although I’ve been with my boyfriend for three and a half years, he has been away at university for the past two or more. During that time, our relationship has been long-distance, and he and I have gradually become more distant. Lately, our communications have been less frequent, and I feel as if we are starting to mature differently. Being at university, he likes to go out drinking a lot, and I have grown tired of hearing his drinking stories all

Dr. ZZ: From the sounds of your email, you seem to be preparing to leave your boyfriend; yet you are also understandably reticent to endure the sense of aloneness such a shift may entail. Indeed, when you notice that a relationship no longer works, it is often the best time to leave it. “One door closes, and another door opens,” yet the new door is not necessarily immediately apparent upon the closing of the old. Rather, every time we lose or leave someone or something, we have some mourning to do, and mourning is a gradual process that requires a pause, a simmering, an unsupported moment. The healthiest approach is for you to move through the grieving aspect of the journey with your boyfriend without either seeking or avoiding a new relationship. When something comes along that feels right all over -- whether it be your involvement with your coworker or something entirely different -- you will know it, and you will be ready then to proceed into your next involvement. For the time being, it is best to simply allow yourself the loss of your first love, to feel everything the loss brings up, and to express yourself to friends, family, and anyone else who is willing to listen. Allow yourself all your feelings in a way that feels safe, and let go of your old relationship before you start a new one. Mourning and surviving the gap place between relationships will serve you best in the long run. No one ever died of mourning. All will turn out well in the end. Hang in there!

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Dr. ZZ: The best predictor of future behavior is the past. Even though your boyfirend says he has changed, chances are he hasn’t. His doing the same thing over and over at least three times points to a pattern and, even under the best of circumstances, it takes years of therapy and a lot of hard work for people to alter their engrained patterns. This behavior this isn’t indicative of someone who has made a positive change. He gets explosively angry and wants you back only when he can’t have you. Then, rather than work on any of his own issues first, he indicates that he is angry at you for “everything.”

To me, it feels as if I am hanging onto my boyfriend because he was my first love, and because he helped me through some rough patches. I just feel stuck and guilty for staying with him while I have feelings for another man. Then again, I have nothing to gain by leaving one for the other as my coworker has a girlfriend of his own, so I’m confused. I need a starting place. I would really appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks!


Now a month later, three months since the initial break-up, he wants me back. He says he’s sorry and swears that he’s changed. He is promising the moon and the stars, and I don’t know how I feel. How can I trust someone like this again? It doesn’t help that he lives in Thailand while I’m here, 4 hours away by plane. He seems to have changed his mind about me only after he found out that I was dating and seeing other people.

the time. I have also recently developed feelings for one of my coworkers here in Bali. My coworker and I are a lot more compatible than I am with my boyfriend. We live in the same town, we’re from the same country of origin, and we share many of the same interests. He has openly admitted to having a crush on me, but he too is in a long-distance relationship. He and his girlfriend aren’t exactly on solid ground, but I would never think of trying to come between them.


Question: I’m coming out of a three-year, long-distance relationship that just ended horribly. As it turns out, my ex is the kind of person who bottles up everything and then explodes without notice. When he finally let it all out, he broke up with me. I cried and apologized, but nothing would change his mind. Three weeks after the breakup, he wanted me back. We were together for another month, then he told me, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what I want.” He said he was angry at me for “everything” I had done in the relationship. I gave him time to sort things out, but it all became too much for me to bear. I broke up with him about a month ago because I didn’t know whether to hold on or to let go.


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Dr. ZZ has a Ph.D. in Counseling and a doctorate in Natural Healing. Drawing on a background of over thirty years as a professional therapist, she offers self-help in the areas health, relationship and personal growth. All queries are answered by email and, if they appear in print, are subject to editing. Please email your

questions to:

<> All identifying information is kept strictly confidential. C/Bm/G-23 Jan. 13

BA Feature


Tao of Eating: Classic Advice for Dietary Wellness in Ubud By Brannon Gerling

Pamela spent about a year’s worth of convalescence, mostly bedridden, recovering from a broken leg after a slip. A southern girl from The States, she naturally keeps her thorns and quips for jesting occasions and S’porean business deals. She has been in love a few times around the world but now lives up the hill from Ubud for long enough to witness significant shrinking gardens and now continuous development, and what she says are the last residues of breezy peace and paddynostalgia before they become a vestige in aging minds and she moves eastward to her NGO farm. “Things just ain’t the way they used to be,” she vents. “The heat is coming into my window in waves, palpable waves, and the hammers just keep on banging, and buzz saws just keep on cutting down trees that have produced fruit for so many years. I would have to wear a jacket at night before all this crap went up on account of Elizabeth Gilbert’s shallow pilgrimage. Penestanan used to be an artist’s village. Now I can’t see a damn thing but concrete walls.” Her honesty somehow eclipses her bitterness. She has lived in her quaint little house for several years. It was built by her landlord’s father and is now sandwiched between a mansion, in which a couple spends only two months out of the year, and an abandoned house: a struggling artist’s garish experiment. Pamela’s landlord promised not to build on the last green and vacant adjacent plot, yet one has trouble missing the tonnage of roof tiles and bricks that now provoke the land. Complaints and comforts aside, Ubud’s surroundings have changed faster than its concrete can dry. Some foreigners are leasing the rice fields bordering their escapes. But others, like Pamela, are not given this opportunity of environmental protection. So as the breezes get shorter and the globe warmer, our bodies lose buoyancy and elasticity over time. Our dispositions become less tolerant and our spirits recede. What’s the cure? Where’s the brink of salvation? After asking questions similar to these, Pamela assessed what she had and took appreciation once again. She has gained significant weight since her accident which causes constant pain around her ankle; and the purging of psycho-bodily pressures that her regular walking once relieved is now cast aside. Two days after some brem and lime at Lala and Lili’s, she contacted me, fed-up and desperate for dietary advice. Thus was born the “Tao of Eating,” a work of dietetic propositions gleaned through my years as a wrestler and philosopher, hereby presented below. For Pamela it is graciously dedicated. Her response after reading? With a southern whip of tongue: “Dayum, sugah, I won’t expectin’ all that. Mighty kind of you. Seriously, it all makes sense, and now comes application. Big thanks for such kindness. Pamela.” Proposition One: Listen to your body, before and after you eat. There—you sitting in front of your plate, nothing can separate you from it, your thoughts are correspondingly affected, and once you ingest your meal, it becomes mutually organized and fused with the workings of your organs. Simply become conscious of this intimacy. Physiologically, the food that you take-in immediately begins the process of cell reparation via the absorption of “transit models” while balancing your body’s mass. Psychologically and spiritually, knowing what ingredients compose your food, how your moods and range of activities are affected, and how much you genuinely appreciate what you are eating will boost and bolster a closer understanding of yourself within your world of consumption. The ability to listen to your body’s nutritional needs before and after eating will critically enhance your knowledge and power of self-possessing your eating choices. Ask yourself how you physically and mentally feel before consumption, and how you

want to feel following your meal, taking into consideration what your daily routine entails and any additional activities you plan on pursuing in the day and the ones that follow. After lunch at Made’s Warung in Penestanan, I asked Made what was most important to her in regards to cooking. After a moment’s consideration, she said: “Good taste and atmosphere, important. But the customer good feeling most important to me.” With a thirteen-year-old stone sign that reads “The Best Food in Town,” and a pleased and steady regular showing to help confirm it, she doubtless cooks according to her customer’s holistic needs. “MSG not good for body. Eat everyday and mind gets low.” Instead, one can smell Made’s garlic and shallot paste wafting throughout the restaurant’s featured grounds, enhancing the flavors of each dish. Proposition Two: Minimize the things that you eat in packages. Foods that are synthetically produced take longer for your body to process. The farther your food is away from its natural state, its ingredients being adulterated in labs by preservatives and “enhancers,” the farther it is from the circle of life’s continuous recurrence. Since the slow yet sure diminishing of the traditional and vital farmer’s markets, wherein one can find local food brimming from various farms and sold to slow and steady chefs and foodies, the supermarket has risen on weedy and expansive roots. Since management and product sources are highly centralized at these megastores, the product diversity is reduced compared to that of the traditional food market. This mechanized reduction of sustainable food diversity technically draws crops from increasingly larger farms which often substitute nitrogen fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and genetically modified seeds (GMOs) for the profound nurturing that human labor has provided the land and livestock since the dawn of horticulture. Sources of health epidemics around the globe, these chemical practices initiate job reduction and compromise the ecosystems in and out of our bodies. Michael Pollen, author of In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto and other true-food-security works, tells us that “farming has changed more in the last fifty years than it has in the last 10,000.” Comparatively, food that has been chemically adulterated lacks 40% of the nutritive value than food produced over that 50 year span. To lessen your reliance and enhance your understanding of processed foods, be wary of the things you eat that generally sit in the centers of supermarkets, where most processed foods linger and are preserved from behaving like the perishable goods that some claim to be. It seems unlikely that Lucky the leprechaun would claim his Charms are anything less than authentic. Proposition Three: Endeavor to understand the ingredients that compose your food. If you will be eating packaged food, the simplest yet most surefire way of knowing whether it is truly natural or not is whether you can pronounce the ingredient. Anything lab-made will leave residues within your body, especially if it is a preservative. Preservatives, by definition, overstay organic welcome. In warmer climates where the body need not store as much energy as in colder regions, the flushing of the body with food, sweat, and water should be actively facilitated for optimum energetic fluidity and purging of foreign agents. The salt, fat, and sweet tastes most uncommonly found in nature are the three tastes most commonly manufactured for fast-food consumerism. Since McDonald’s flipped its first patty in 1940 and exponentially hastened the commercial pursuit of an impetuous population of former slow eaters, the Western professional arena has multiplied a culture of sedentary workers. Throw in a chemical flavor enhancer, better yet, a whole collage of them, plus the tempted drivel from a mouth full of acrobatic artificiality, and, as a result, you gain a whole bunch of unusable weight. The synthetic flavor enhancers provide an addictive attraction but damage brain cells and shut off the mind’s satiety center

which is alerted by the stomach when the body is full and satisfied. Thus, in a way, consumers act like ducks grown for foie gras, like unwitting insatiable eaters. Dr. Blaylock, author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, explains that MSG and company cause our cells to become overexcited to the point of poisonous damage. Eaters can develop the ability to taste for the addictive additives themselves by becoming more familiar with natural ingredients and untainted meals. MSG fans need not snivel: if your ingredients are brilliantly full of life, they should taste agreeable regardless of how they are risked in inexperienced kitchens. Angelo, owner of Angelo Store: Natural Products and Herbal on Ubud’s Jalan Sugriwa, stresses the importance of foodportion control and ingredient knowledge. His top four ingredients which are found in most of the goods in his multifarious product line are turmeric, coconut oil, aloe vera, and seaweed. “Turmeric is life to me,” he says, and he uses it as the antiseptic for all his luscious soaps. He also uses turmeric to make a tangy juice, which disinfects the stomach and helps food intolerant individuals develop a tolerance for formerly intolerable foods. And for those who are overweight or seeking substance purification he suggests alpinia galanga, a root of the ginger family, which detoxes and has fat burning properties. Proposition Four: Do not go on a diet. Diets are not always sustainable, nor are they often excessively fun. But what is certain is that the diet industry is colossal business. “There are no official statistics on spending for diet products, but estimates vary from $40bn to $100bn in the US alone—more than the combined value for the government’s budget for health, education and welfare,” says Laura Cummings from BBC. Despite the monetary efforts, research shows that 95% of dieters regain the lost weight, causing some to circuitously probe for any possible alternatives. Nevertheless, the ads keep pouring in. Most diets publicize like panaceas, declaring that they cure not just your weight and energy issues but your love troubles and holistic health as well. Some researchers suggest that the diet industry relies on failure and the rise of obesity so to unconsciously fuel their profits. And it is at best unconvincing to think that any industry would benefit from long-term healthy consumer eating habits, anyhow. From Atkins to the raw food diet, one must ask: How transformative and sustainable are these diets? How enjoyable are they or could they realistically be? Will they make eating unpleasantly necessary, automatic, perfunctory? Transforming your body should be an existential enterprise, that is, transformation should take place with each food experience, wherein your sensations encounter the food and gather associative appeal. Finding a diet that can adapt to each dieter’s lifestyle and genetic heritage is unlikely unless it can mobilize instead of relieve, unless it enhances nutritional self-possession rather than causes stiff reliance. You do not possess a “will power deficit” when your focus is brought to the clarity of decisionmaking in the now. As independent individuals, we would do well to cut our dietary umbilical cords and rely instead on our own faculties of intuition and rational judgment when it comes to food choice. Our dietary discretion will thus become our own right to a personal self-confident guide to suitable nourishment. Part II of the Tao of Eating will continue in the Advertiser’s next edition. Discourse will be led to and concern exercise and the lifestyle of daily movements because eating is biologically associated to digestion, craving, appetite, and motion, which are triggered by time and our actions that beyond our genetic heritages additionally construct who we are. Copyright © 2013 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of BA Feature Article at

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Moving Sale; Fridge LG 2 doors with digital temperature, model No. GR-M562YLY. Silver, H1, 80m X W75cm, green ion cooling system rp. 3 million. Please contact 08 123 999 6111 or 0361 361 8675, I will send pictures by email. Seminyak. [072] Moving Sale; Teak wood table/console brown color 2 doors, 2 drawers, hand carving, H80cm X W1, 80m Rp. 1 Million. Please contact 08 123 999 61011 or 0361 361 8675, I will send pictures by email. Seminyak. [073] For Sale; Shipping containers, 40’ office container conversion 80% complete, Rp 30 Juta. 20’ containers (x2) Rp 11.5 Juta each. Located in Benoa Harbor. <rob@nusaduaboatworks. com>. 0813 3914 2263. [217]

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For Sale; Metal bed frame, colour black, size 160x200 cm. Perfect condition, paid 3.8 million, selling for 1.7 million. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. [015] For Sale; 3GS iPhone perfect condition, wiped black 2 juta firm. HDMI cables, Mac iBook white very complete 5 juta firm. <ebizexpert@sbcglobal. net> or text only 0812 3715 5436. Seminyak. [010]

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For Sale; Dressing table with mirror, black colour, very good condition, paid 1.8 million, selling for 850,000. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. [011] C/CI/I-14 Oct 12

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Starting package Rp. 1.850.000/static web incl. annual web hosting & domain name (space up to 250Mb)

by Pak Bruce

Auto-Fill and Facebook backup

To start out 2013 right, I want to give you a time saving hint AND a way to sleep at night knowing that all your FaceBook information is safe and backuped. NC/CI/P-30 May 12

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Let’s start with Auto-Fill We all end up filling in forms on the internet. Usually it’s the same information: name, address, etc. Sometimes this information becomes wrong. Maybe you moved or simply changed your phone number. To help with this process, many Web browsers have a function called “AutoFill.” When the AutoFill function detects a field that you have already filled out, it enters information in that field for you. While this function can be a very convenient one to have on a home computer, it can cause a problem on a computer that others also have access to. Resolve this by deleting the AutoFill data in the browser.

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Internet Explorer 8 Steps 1. Open the “Safety” menu in Internet Explorer 8 and click “Delete Browsing History.” 2. Click the “Form Data” box to remove non-password AutoFill data, and click the “Passwords” box to remove your saved passwords. 3. Click the “Delete” button. Firefox 3.6 Steps 1. Open the “Tools” menu in Firefox 3.6 and click “Options.” 2. Click the “Privacy” button, and then click “Clear Your Recent History.” Firefox opens a new window with the title “Clear Recent History.” 3. Click the “Form & Search History” box, and then click “Clear Now.” This deletes the non-password AutoFill data in Firefox, but does not delete passwords. 4. Click the “Security” button, and then click “Saved Passwords.” Click the password that you want to delete, then click “Remove.” You can use the “Remove All” button to delete all saved passwords. 5. Click “Close,” and then click “OK.” Chrome 8 Steps 1. Click the wrench button in the upper-left corner of the Chrome 8 window, then click “Options.” 2. Click the “Under the Hood” tab, and then click “Clear Browsing Data.” 3. Click the “Clear Saved Passwords” and “Clear Saved Form Data” boxes. 4. Click “Clear Browsing Data,” and then click “Close.”

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RECTAL INSUFFLATION (Colonic Irrigation + Ozone)

• Detox the colon and liver • Improve the colon and liver function • We use a brand new and state of the art colonic irrigation machine that uses a triple filtration UV system with Reverse Osmosis Water (RO water)

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Anti Aging News


Stay Young and Healthy with The Latest Advances in Anti Aging Medicine

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3 Steps To Stop Aging

C/He/I-22 August 12

Aging is a natural process that is caused by many factors some of them beyond our control, others certainly within our control. Of course genetics play some part, but I believe this is only a small factor in determining how fast you truly are aging. There are far more important factors in my opinion than genetics. This article looks at 3 important causes of aging, and then outlines 3 simple steps you can take to slow down the aging process right now. The most common causes of rapid aging and disease in my opinion can be listed as follows: 1. Toxicity – this is I believe the most important causative factor of aging and disease and when cellular toxicity builds up, cellular DNA is damaged leading poorly functioning organs which in turn leads to disease and premature aging. I am referring to toxicity that is both from external and internal (cellular) toxins or waste products. External toxins can include heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminium, cadmium: these are all highly damaging to your cells and organs and can lead to rapid aging and disease and even early death. Other toxins can include bacterial toxins such as endo and neuro-toxins, which are release by numerous bacterial organisms. Once such example are the toxins released by the Lyme borrelia bacteria which lead to often severe organ and nerve damage. It is these toxins that lead to many of the serious symptoms and signs of this disease. Mold mycotoxins are also particularly dangerous and can lead to a wide range of health issues and diseases. Toxins can and do lead to DNA damage which then leads to improper cellular division which is the basis of all diseases including cancer. No matter how well you live your life in other areas, if you fail to remove toxins from your body on a regular basis you will age rapidly.

This represents the toxins that were removed from a patients’ blood during a 1 hour session of a EBOO whole body ozone therapy procedure. It is quite amazing how much toxicity your blood and body accumulates over time. You may well be feeling fine for now, but these toxins slowly but surely build up over time and eventually they overwhelm your detoxification systems and then start causing disease and premature aging. 2. Reduce Inflammation – this is the major cause many diseases including heart disease, and heart disease is the most common cause of early aging and death, hence you really need to get on top of this early in order to stay young and healthy. In order the check the levels of inflammation in your body you need to have blood tests for CRP and Homocysteine. Elevated levels of homocysteine have been associated with increased risks of heart disease, stroke, blood clots and even alzheimer’s disease. CRP is the best marker of inflammation in your body so by knowing what your levels are you will be able to keep an eye out for increasing inflammation before it reaches a dangerously high level. To remove inflammation from your body start by performing a complete whole body detoxification in order to remove unwanted bacteria, viruses, worms, parasites, heavy metals, and other toxins which all lead to increased inflammation. An anti-inflammatory diet is also recommended which consists of all natural foods, no sugars, no grains, no processed foods, and also no foods which you have an intolerance or allergy to. Food intolerances can be determined by performing blood tests which measure antibody levels to a wide range of foods and substances. 3. Boost Hormone Levels – it is important to have your hormone levels tested to determine if you have any imbalances which are causing you symptoms or signs of aging. This can be done by using saliva and blood testing. If your hormone levels are low, then by using natural bio-identical hormones in the right doses one can dramatically improve their health and vitality and can at the same time, halt the aging process and even reverse the signs of premature aging. These 3 steps are very important if you are serious about slowing or even stopping the aging process. There are of course other causes of aging, which will be addressed in another article.

2. Low Hormone Levels – your all-important hormones such as: human growth hormone (HGH), thyroid hormones, cortisol (adrenal hormone), estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and even insulin, are critical for every function in your body, and if they drop too much, you will age fast. If you don’t check your hormones and take action to correct any imbalances that are obviously present, your health will more than likely suffer and you will start to show symptoms and signs of advancing age. In fact many degenerative diseases are now directly linked to low levels of these hormones.

If you have any questions or feedback on the above article you can email me at

3. Inflammation – there is no doubt that inflammation is a major cause of all the most common diseases including heart disease, cancer, auto-immune disease, diabetes and more. Your body reacts to foreign invaders such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, molds, fungi and also to toxins by producing an inflammatory response by using numerous immune cells. These cells include: natural killer cells, cytotoxic T cells, and B cell antibodies. If the immune response is not controlled and is ongoing, then this can and does lead to damage to various organs in your body. Examples of immune related disease are: Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, Crohn’s disease, Arthritis, SLE, and even Diabetes.

OUR state of the art Ozone Medical System has the following benefits over other inferior systems:

3 Steps To Stop Aging Knowing what the major causes of aging now are, you can most certainly take actions immediately to defy the aging process and to keep on looking and feeling young, healthy and vibrant as you age. By taking the following steps you can start this process immediately. 1. Remove Toxicity From Your Body – if toxicity plays a major role in premature aging then it is obvious that you should detoxify your body regularly in order to keep it clean and healthy and disease free. By keeping the environment within and around your cells and organs completely clean of toxicity, your body has the ability to then repair and renew almost indefinitely. Detoxifying your body (blood, lymph, organs, tissues & colon) on a regular basis is the only way to do this, coupled with reducing your toxin exposure. Please have a look at the picture below:

C/He/G-31 Oct. 12

EBOO Whole Body Ozone Therapy Using the Latest Most Advanced Ozone Machine in The World

C/He/I-09 Jan 13

All Ozone Machines are NOT the Same!

1. Unique 100% Glass Electrode & 100% Ozone Resistant Components in contact with the ozone ensuring true “contaminant” free Ozone. Other systems have metal, rubber, ceramics or plastics, which are NOT ozone resistant –this will lead to toxicity and contamination of your blood and body. 2. Ultra High Range of Ozone Concentrations from 1 to 120 mcgs/ml. Our unique system allows us to easily choose the ozone concentration that suits you! 3. ETL Approval – internationally recognized proof of high quality, safety and reliability only available to products that have passed rigorous testing.

Neogen Anti Aging

Ph: 0361 767613 Hp 081909966999 Email: Please note that the contents of this article are the opinions of the author and should in no way be taken as medical advice. If you have any specific medical concerns please consult your doctor for an assessment. Dr. Theodore (BMBS) is an Australian MD based in Sydney, Australia. His Major Specialties are; Anti Aging Medicine, Stem Cell Therapy, Whole Body Detoxification, Natural Health and Healing, Male Enhancement, Whole Body Oxygen Therapy, Fat Loss and Body Re-Sculpting, Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy and Nutritional Counseling.

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You can read all past articles of Anti Aging News at C/He/I-23 Jan 13

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Let’s Hang on to What we Got! Keeping your Wits About You

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There are quite a number of nasty diseases, ranging from the inconvenient to the terminal for which medicine today tells us there is no cure. Don’t be too quick to believe it. As often as not, it isn’t true. The real truth goes something like this: “We don’t know how to cure you. We have some medication we hope will alleviate your symptoms. In time though, your condition may lead to something more serious, possibly life-threatening. In which case we may need to operate or give you stronger drugs with nasty side effects to control the symptoms. We can probably keep you going this way for quite a while, but we still can’t cure you.”

being in control of their lives are what marks people with the strongest cognitive skills.

The reasons why our brains literally shrink and our cognitive faculties shrivel are essentially biological and psychological. Biologically the culprits are oxidative stress, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, diabetes and insulin resistance, lack of exercise and obesity. The psychological risk factors are deYou are now well set on the path of chronic illness that is pression, anxiety and stress and the sense of isolation. the dark side of the wonder that is modern medicine. We know from the Modus survey, as well as numerous other surveys, the truth of the “use it or lose it” maxim. We know It’s Metabolic! The problem is even today, too much of medicine, as it is we need an active social network and personal relationships. taught, remains dominated by the surgical and the pharma- In addition to regular mental stimulation and new learning to ceutical. Too few doctors know how to practice medicine at create new neurons and synaptic pathways, we must include the metabolic level and that is why the autoimmune dis- physical activity, which sharply increases the neurotrophic eases, from psoriasis to lupus, are said to be incurable. Just factors we need. Encouragingly, even low to moderate levels like Alzheimer’s. They can’t operate and they don’t have a of physical activity lead to a robust 35 percent reduction in the risk of cognitive decline. drug for it yet. What’s missing is the science-based third leg of medicine that went out the window with the advent of antibiotics and surgical improvements mid-20th century when doctors understood and could intervene at the cellular, the metabolic and hormonal levels. In other words when doctors still treated the patient as whole and not a symptom. The science is with us and bang up to date. It just isn’t being applied sufficiently widely in the way that it could and should be. And that is why, what came to be called functional medicine in the 1970s, is now coming to the fore. Too many of us for far too long have had to put up with sub-optimal health. The tipping point has finally been reached. More and more physicians now respond to the need.

To treat the problem there are a number of smart drugs of varying efficacy in the pharmaceutical armoire, these include: Piracetam, Hydergine, Deprenyl and Centrophenoxine.

Safe, Painless and Relaxing

TO MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT FOR A SMOKE FREE FUTURE I smoked for 20 years and tried to quit almost as many times. I received the laser treatment almost 2 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

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Almost certainly more effective than such smart drugs is the broad based nutritional approach. Not over-eating and a basic Mediterranean diet, being a good place to start. Moderate alcohol consumption, say two glasses red wine, is good and so is moderate coffee consumption, not de-caf and avoid those awful creamers. Hormones, Vits & Botanicals Next come the hormones, vitamins and botanicals that all play their part maintaining healthy brain function. Since there are some 38 different forms of memory and intelligence, different substances each have their own effect and you won’t need them all.

The missing elements are greatly expanded diagnostics, lifestyle modification and a variety of molecular interventions. A word of warning, nutritional supplements work, but most don’t. Either they are not well formulated, through ignorance or naughtiness, or they are too low-dose to do you any good. Cognitive Alert Along with heart attack and stroke, or the dread of cancer (all mostly preventable if we but knew enough to take care If you want to address the issue of maintaining or improving of ourselves) we must now add seemingly inevitable cogni- brain function it is wisest to consult a doctor, that is to say an tive decline as we age, and, even more horrifying, the MD trained in molecular medicine, who will run the following spectre of Alzheimer’s. Neurologists used to tell us we had and other tests, which will govern what nutritional supplements a finite number of brain cells and that unlike other cells they work best for you: died off without being replaced. Well, we now know this is not true, they do replace themselves and that’s great news, Male or Female Panel; Omega Score; CoQ10 (Coenzyme especially when we start off with so many in the first place. Q10); C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Our brains consist of a vast network of about 90 billion neurons interconnected by some 1,000 trillion synaptic junc- The list of supplements and dosages may include various of tions. But then, why is dementia and Alzheimer’s so much the following, depending upon your individual needs: more prevalent today that it was? Surely that’s enough grey matter to see us through our three score years and ten, ▪ Fish oil: 2 – 6 gm daily (min. 1400 mg EPA & 1000 mg DHA) ▪ Glyceryl phosphoryl choline: 600 mg daily especially if we can grow more as we go along? ▪ Phosphatidylserine: 100 – 200 mg daily ▪ DHEA: 15 – 50 mg daily (depending blood tests results) Well, you might think so, but actually not. ▪ Pregnenolone: 50 – 100 mg daily We live quite a bit longer nowadays and our stressed sub- ▪ Vinpocetine: 15 – 30 mg daily optimal life style means we kill off our brain cells in such ▪ Acetyl-L-carnitine: 1500 – 3000 mg daily monumental quantities that noticeable cognitive decline, or ▪ Trans-Resveratrol: 250 – 500 mg daily ▪ Blueberry; standardized extract: 500 – 1000 mg daily worse, is an all too real prospect. ▪ Green tea; standardized extract: 725 – 1450 mg daily Nevertheless, the fact is the news is mostly good. We can ▪ Huperzine A: 50 – 100 mcg daily actually head off cognitive decline. It is even possible for the ▪ B-vitamin complex: Per label instructions brain to adapt to the exigencies of Alzheimer’s and permit ▪ Complete multi-vitamin: Per label instructions ▪ CoQ10 (as ubiquinol): 100 – 300 mg daily a relatively normal life. ▪ Bacopa; standardized extract: 450 – 900 mg daily We now know there is no pre-ordained march toward se- ▪ Ginkgo biloba; standardized extract: 120 mg daily nescence. Boomers Lead the Way We know this from a massive and continuing survey of 7,000 American men and women launched in the early 1990s as the first wave of baby boomers hit 50, and called Midlife US or Midus. What this survey confirms is that education is the magic ingredient that slows the brain’s aging by a decade or more. Furthermore the results show that even late in life learning still has the same beneficial effect. “Fluid” levels of intelligence, that is the kind of intelligence assessed by IQ tests, peaks in our 20s but “Crystalised” intelligence based on experience and culture can continue to expand as we age. Regular mental workouts, frequent exercise, social and family activities, the ability to handle stress and a feeling of

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elf urs yo


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NOROVIRUS GASTROENTERITIS Researchers in Australia have discovered a new strain of norovirus that they warn could cause a severe epidemic of acute gastroenteritis in Australia in the coming months. Known as Sydney 2012, the highly infectious mutant virus has already caused an epidemic of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea in Europe, with an estimated 1.2 million cases of gastro in the UK. It has led to the closure of dozens of hospital wards there, and affected schools, age-cared facilities, cruise ships and workplaces, resulting in headlines in the British press such as the Chunder from Down Under. As we all know Bali is the crossroads to the world so we can expect to see some pretty nasty gastro cases here as the Norovirus may add to our already colorful array of belly-bugs on the Island. The research has shown that Norovirus Sydney 2012 was a combination of two strains that originated in Holland and Japan in about 2007, and must have initially emerged in a patient who was infected with both. It is no more virulent than other strains, but its novelty means it can evade the human immune system. The researchers alerted scientists around the world that the new strain could be responsible for an increase in gastro. Although it was first identified and characterized in Sydney, the new strain only accounted for about a quarter of the infections in NSW last winter, with this figure steadily increasing. But it was responsible for 75 per cent of cases in Adelaide and almost all the cases of gastro in New Zealand. Pandemic norovirus strains have emerged around the world five times, in 1996-97, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2009. Sydney 2012 has also spread to Japan, France, Belgium, Denmark and the US. It is likely to be the cause of an unusually high number of summer cases of gastroenteritis in Melbourne, and for recent outbreaks on cruise ships visiting Sydney. There are of course many causes of gastro-enteritis and here are some tips to deal with simple diarrhea and or vomiting and what you can do to alleviate the symptoms of this troublesome ailment and give your self (and your gut) the best chance of recovery. If the condition is severe, naturally seek medical attention. • Fluids - Naturally the most important thing to do when you are losing excess fluid from both ends is to re-hydrate. Ideally an electrolyte replacement supplement should be used such as Oralit or Gastrolyte or commercially available sports drinks such as Gatorade or Pocari Sweat. Coconut water is an excellent electrolyte replacement fluid. Other fluids to consider would be herbal teas (mild ginger, peppermint or chamomile are good), and clear non-greasy soups. Remember always take fluids in very small amounts frequently. Filling an irritated stomach quickly will immediately cause a “reject reflex” and you will lose your load from one end or another! I even suggest taking fluids with a spoon especially for children. Avoid coffee, alcohol or cold fizzy drinks, or anything that may be too acidic (e.g orange juice). The best juices for a funny tummy would be apple, banana or papaya juice. These may need to be diluted with water, especially for babies & children. • Food - Adjust your diet for easy digestion and allow your stomach some R&R! To be honest it does not worry me greatly when I am told that my patient is not eating, as long as the fluids are going in. Avoid any thing hot or icy cold, as well as greasy, or spicy foods, and keep the portions small. When the appetite does return I would suggest light and bland foods such as porridge, plain white rice with a little soup for flavor, fruit jellies, yoghurt (live culture type), papaya, dry toast, semolina etc. • Drugs – I rarely use medication for simple gastroenteritis. Most commonly prescribed are the “stoppers” and the “pluggers”. Loperamide (Lomotil) is usually the “stopper” that is used to reduce the bowel activity and dry up extra secretions in the gut. Personally I prefer to let the toxins flush themselves out of the system. An anti-spasmodic such as Buscopan can be handy to stop those gut wrenching pains that send you running, although you should consult with a medic prior to taking this so as to make sure that the pains are really caused by bowel spasm and nothing more serious. Pectin and attapulgite combinations (eg Supermarket pills such as Diastop) are “pluggers”, giving the stool more substance in the gut. Bowel “stoppers” and “pluggers” are handy to use as a quick fix if you just cannot avoid leaving the house, or if you are anticipating a long queue at the air-port immigration counter, but they are by no-means a cure. • Activities – It goes without saying that if you are suffering from this condition that “The Gut Rules!” and

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By Kim A. Patra SRN/RM.

C/He/G-5 Sept. 12

what ever you intend to do, should be planned around an unpredictable 50 yard dash to the nearest hole in the ground! Given the questionable conditions of the public lav’s you might want to pack some extra toilet tissue and some wet wipes as extra back up. I would avoid the heat or physical activity, which may add to the de-hydration factor. My advice would be to stay put on familiar ground until the grumblings subside. When to call your G.P. or Health Consultant I will usually let a simple case of the trots go for 3 or 4 days as long as the person is other wise well, before I start further investigation or medication. Anyone with any of the following symptoms should consult with their Doctor:

C/He/I-12 Dec 12

• Diarrhea with severe vomiting for more than 12 hours, particularly if fluids are not staying down at all. • Any sign of blood or mucous in the stool. Digested blood will appear very dark red to black in color. • Excessive weakness or lethargy. • Persons suffering from any metabolic disorder (e.g. . Diabetes, thyroid disorders), and cannot take the regular portioned diet or medication that they would usually take. • Fever above 38 C. • Decreased urine output or very dark urine. Your doctor will probably do a laboratory stool test, which will detect any abnormalities or infection. Please remember that the sample should be fresh, not refrigerated and delivered to the lab ASAP (within the hour). Don’t be alarmed if your doctor asks you to repeat this test time and time again, as Ameba are very elusive and can take several smears to detect. Babies & Children. Babies and young children deserve a special mention here, as due to their size and normal fluid volume they may deteriorate and dehydrate very, very quickly with gastroenteritis. I would suggest that any baby or small child (under 3) should see a doctor if they have been suffering from vomiting and diarrhea for more than 12 hours. Never wait for signs of dehydration to become apparent. Sunken eyes, fontanelles or loss of skin turgor are “late“ signs of dehydration. You should seek treatment a long time before such signs occur. Maintaining a fluid input and diet for a sick child is also tricky. Here are a few tips to try for a child with a funny tummy. • Breast fed babies should continue to be breast fed, but may need extra fluids between feeds. • Formula fed infants should stop their formula and go on to clear fluids for one or two days, until the milk formula can be tolerated. Many babies develop a transient lactose intolerance after a bout of gastro-enteritis and may need to go on to a lactose free formula (i.e. soy formula). You may wish to give half strength formula for the first few feeds until the milk is well tolerated. • Babies that have recently started solids may prefer to go back to just the breast or formula. This is fine. Do not introduce any new foods when a child is ill, and when solids are re-introduced stick to bland easy to digest foods (e.g. rice cereal, stewed apple etc.) • You will need to give a sick child some re-hydrating formula with extra glucose and other electrolytes (e.g. pedialyte). If you are using oral replacement salts they must be mixed exactly as instructed; no salt should be added to fluids for babies or young children. Prevention. Once again the old faithful comes to fore when it comes to preventing food borne illness such as Gastro-enteritis. “Wash it, cook it, peel it or forget it”, will help to keep you out of trouble especially when traveling. Attention to food preparation and storage are essential, and may need to be re-enforced if you have house staff prepare you meals. Hand washing (before food preparation, after toileting) is another golden standard. Make sure that your wash-basins always have soap and towels for you staff and guests. Kim Patra is a qualified registered nurse and midwife who has been living and working in Bali for almost 20 years. She now runs her own private practice and medical referral service from her Kuta office. Kim is happy to discuss any health concerns with you and she may be contacted via e-mail at or Office number : 0361-2775666.

Copyright © 2013 Kim Patra You can read all past articles of Sickness & in Health at

C/He/I-05 Sept. 12

• • • • •

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We supply high quality professional Spa products, amenities and accessories. Our core business is the supply of bulk spa products. We have a chemist on board to assist custom blending or help create signature treatments to compliment your menu. Our specialty is “Private Label” where our creative team, work with clients to customize and develop exclusive merchandise, to suite your image. We create, design and manufacture exclusive Spa accessories, anything from foot ritual bowls, product presentations and testers, dispensers, trays, tea rituals to tissue boxes. We also make and package gifts for special events and corporate functions. At every stage of design and manufacture we work with our clients to understand their specific needs, to develop and create quality products that reflect the company’s identity. Please check our website for more details on what we do; Head office and manufacturing facility

Our Singapore showroom :

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33A Mosque Street, Singapore 059511 Tel. +65 62258476. C/He/G-12 Dec. 12

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06 February - 20 February, 2013

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For Sale; Cheap price. Brand new inbox a lot of over purchased glass. There are various type (white wine, red wine, Martini, old-fashioned, Pilsener, etc), from local and imported (Libbey) brand. Suitable for home, restaurant, and cafe. For Picture and info: 0361-307 2226, email: <atsevenbox@gmail. com>. [158]

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A traditional Balinese massage with deep tissue work for a relaxed body and soul ...intensive relaxing, acupressure, reflexology combination

Open 9:30am - 10pm please contact for booking..!!

Address: Jl. Batu Belig Kerobokan - Kuta Badung Ph: (0361) 7446747, Mobile: 081- 647 - 07569 email: C/He/I-11 July 12

For Sale; Hardwood timber coffee table with recycled boat timber featured on top, 2 draws (Mahogany colour featuring green paint on top) measures 1m x 80cm x 50cm tall. Sell for 1 mil. 6 draw hardwood console, mahogany in colour with recycled boat timber featured on draws with flecks of green. Measures 1.5m L x 40cm W x 62 cm tall. Draws 38cm W x 23 cm L x 9.5cm deep. Sell for 1.2 mil. QS bamboo bed base 700K, white wash timber bedsides (pair) very sweet. Sell for 500K. Ph 0878 6120 1679. Sanur area. [159]

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By Ayu Spicy

reshape, rebalance, reform at

Delicious International Dishes (Indonesian Language Version available at

Tofu, so fresh and good in Indonesia, is a great source of protein. If it’s pressed with a heavy plate on a slant the water drains off, leaving it sponge like to soak up whatever marinade you choose. The longer you marinate it the better the taste. Once baked, this tofu can be stored in the refrigerator for several days. It’s great in salads, tossed in soups, in a sandwich, or nibbled as a snack.

Basic Baked Tofu


To press tofu to extract its water: Prop one edge of a cutting board up so you have a slant. I use rolled pot holders or a towel. Now put the tofu on the cutting board and place a heavy object on top such as a plate with a rock on it, or a skillet. You need the weight to press the tofu but it must also be stable so it doesn’t come crashing down or sliding off. If you do this at the edge of the sink the water has a place to go. Let the tofu sit pressed like this for 30-60 minutes. It’s now ready to soak up any flavors you marinate it in.

SUNSET PILATES STUDIO Pilates can benefit individuals wishing to: • Lengthen and strengthen muscles • Improve posture and mobility • Tone and centre the body • Align and centre the body through core stability • Help prevent Osteoporosis and Tendonitis • Aid injury rehabilitation • Improve focus and breath control

Jl. Dewi Sri No.98 Legian Kelod (Off Sunset Road) Telephone 0361 - 7914127 Bali’s first fully equipped Pilates Studio C/He/G-02 May 12

Cut each tofu block into pieces approximately 4 cm. X 7 cm. X 1 ½ cm. Mix the soy sauce, lime juice, pressed garlic, grated ginger, and water in a shallow container with a lid, then add the tofu. You want the tofu to be covered with the marinade. Put in the fridge 2 hours and up to 2 days - the longer the better for the flavors to soak in. Occasionally turn the pieces.

Serves 4 Ingredients: - 400 grams firm tofu, pressed (see instructions below) - 6 Tbl. soy sauce - 5 Tbl. lime juice - 2 cloves garlic, pressed - 1 Tbl. grated ginger - 1 cup water

Remove from the marinade and put the tofu in one layer on a baking sheet and bake at 350F degrees until the pieces are dry and brown - about 30-40 minutes - turning about every 15 minutes. All recipes are available on the Bali Advertiser website in both English and Indonesian versions. You can easily copy and paste and print. Paste as unformatted text. Copyright © 2013 Ayu Spicy You can read all past articles of Food Glorious Food at C/He/G-21 March 12

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International Medical / Life Insurance Group and Individual Scheme More Choices with Many Providers Based in Jakarta and Bali Contact: +6221 7692595 C/He/M-30 May. 12

Urgently needed: Balinese woman in Sanglah hospital with anemia requires AB blood type donors. Contact Richard 081 2384 7801. [166] For Sale; single-size (90 cm) wooden bunk bed, without mattress. Very dark brown (looks almost black) color, used for less than a year, already disassembled. IDR 600.000, Imam Bonjol location. E-mail <kats_> for picture. Denpasar. [167] For Sale; Guess Ireland heels, brand new with box (never worn, only tried on at home). Size 8M, IDR 650.000. E-mail <kats_> for pictures. Denpasar. [168]

For Sale; Freediving fins, omer millenium bat 30, carbonfiber camouflage, 65cm freediving fins, size 7-8.5, excellent condition, hardly used. 1. 5 juta firm, email <macglobal1@yahoo.>. Kerobokan. [164] For Sale; Jimmy Stewart 10’ stand up paddle board. Great shape, no dings. 7 juta rupiah nego. Board at Jl Batur Sari 22B, Sanur. Contact Richard 081 2384 7801. [165] For Sale; Glass cabinet with drawers teak wood very stylish cabinet 200 high X 50 cm wide depth 45 cm 2 juta. Ph/sms 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [112]

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Holistic Pain Relief... and Weight Loss Management Grya Gede Kemenuh Gianyar Bali Indonesia 0361-941625

TIRED OF THE PAIN ?? Call ‘Dr.IA.Dewi Indrayani’s mobile 081 236 24 34 36 to learn more about how she can treat your pain using either “holistic” or “medical” treatment techniques Our complementary weight loss program uses a holistic approach which combines herbals, diet, nutritional counseling, and holistic massage therapy. NC/He/G-6 Feb. 13


William Russell, Aetna, IMG, Pasific, BUPA, IPH etc

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Bali Shiva Yoga

& Meditation


learn the Shiva Process with Vilasini 5 star Retreat on the beach in Sanur 6th-11th March 2013 OPENING SPECIAL LESS 30% DISCOUNT This workshop will be fun, interactive and contain original meditation sessions from the Tantric tradition of Kashmir Shaivism in which Vilasini has 33 years training. This 5 day retreat will teach participants a unique method of Self Inquiry called “The Shiva Process”. Vilasini is the only registered facilitator in Bali. This technique teaches you how to live from a deeper awareness of the inner Self and the Shakti, the spiritual energy. • You will learn to investigate, recognise and resolve inner blockages to release tension. • You will learn to fight ‘tearing thoughts’ and release energy, to empower your life.Work with Vilasini a skilled shaman and highly trained leader. She is able to present the wisdom of a powerful tradition (Shiva Yoga) in a playful and uplifting manner. She has great compassion and is dedicated to giving every seeker the opportunity to free themselves. For more information on this great Retreat see or Contact Cindy:

C/He/I-12 Dec 12

C/He/I-06 Feb 13


NC/He/I-06 Feb 13

. S B U L 3C . S E C I 3 CHO ! S E S U D ET ROA NO EXC S N U S GGU -





KEROBOKAN jalan mertasari 31x, kerobokan t. 0361 847 6252 or 0361 923 9528


CANGGU jalan raya padonan 6, canggu t. 0361 789 8967 or 0361 789 8968


SUNSET ROAD jalan sunset road 1828, denpasar t. 0361 736 631 or 0361 8887026


e b


fb Threevi Fitnessbali


visit our website for the weekly schedule



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Education & Family BALI RENANG SWIMMING SCHOOL All Ages â&#x20AC;&#x201C; All Abilities GROUP & PRIVATE

Canggu & Sanur Also available for, Private Home, Villa & Hotel bookings. RING 0361-7443102 email:

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For Sale; 2 table lamps, minimalist look, very good condition. One green, one gold colored. Height around 50 and 60 cms. IDR 250.000 each or IDR 450.000 for both. E-mail <kats_sale@> for pictures. Denpasar. [169] For Sale; 275 pcs DVD movies, mixed genre. IDR 650.000 for the lot. Imam Bonjol location. E-mail <> for pictures and/or title list. Denpasar. [170] For Sale; Four poster bed 160 cm x 200 cm teak wood 2.7 mil, Teak and leather chairs with arms 4 pcs 350 rb ea. Ph/sms 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [117]

C/E/I-23 Jan 13

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C/E/I-06 Feb 13

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06 February - 20 February, 2013

TOKO BUKU Reviews of English language books on Indonesia

Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance by Natasha Reichle Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance presents a sweeping view of the ways that art, ritual, and performance interrelate seamlessly within the fabric of Balinese life. The work that comes the closest to it is The Art and Culture of Bali by Urs Ramseyer, but the 1986 Oxford in Asia reprint is printed on such low quality paper that all the pages have yellowed and most of the illustrations are in grainy black and white. Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance is a splendid specimen of bookmaking with a much more wide-ranging and comprehensive perspective. This often beautiful book is actually an expanded and enhanced museum catalogue that grew out of an exclusive exhibit put on by the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco in 2011, the first major exhibition of the arts of Bali ever presented in the United States. The prized objects pictured – many never before seen in the US - were lent by international collections and several of the world’s finest art museums, including the Rijksmuseum voor Olkenknde in Leiden and the Tropenmuseum of Amsterdam. The book’s profusion of unfamiliar precious artifacts were looted from Balinese palaces destroyed by the Dutch who kept the real treasures but sold objects of lesser value to offset military costs. Five hundred priceless objects were seized just from the Klungkung palace alone after its destruction. The colonials put up for public sale treasures from the Tabanan palace, after the raja had surrendered and committed suicide. The fall of the palace of the raja of Denpasar yielded another abundant trove of loot, some of which originated from palaces elsewhere in Bali. Balinese kings routinely ravaged weapons and heirlooms after they conquered their rivals and burned their palaces down. Balinese commoners also took hundreds of objects. Armed guards had to be posted after the destruction of the Klungkung and Denpasar puri. No piece of arcana, no matter how esoteric and detailed, seems to have been overlooked in this book: names, shapes and animal associations of rice packets (ketipat) and snacks (jaja) used in offerings, the menagerie of animals used in sacrifices or the role that betel chewing plays in social activities and ceremonies. Meticulous charts list sounds, symbols, materials, numbers and deities connected to each cardinal direction and where the internal organs of sacrificed animals – with skins, feathers and furs intact – should be placed on the ground in the gelar sanga offering to demons. Among some other arcane and unusual facts:

Bali Advertiser

Balinese Dance Lessons at Mekar Bhuana

e DVD tutorial* e fr a t e g d n a ow n r Registe Phone: 464 201

# Priest’s bells (bajra) are valued for their ring. The sweeter and purer the note, the more valuable this ritual implement is. A smith will tell you that bajra are like turtledoves, kept in Bali for their melodious song. The best command the highest prices.

 Private or group for all ages  Professional English-speaking instructors with overseas experience  Comfortable studio with A/C and full-length mirrors  Easy-to-understand method  Flexible schedule

# The tiniest Balinese god Dewa Kumara is a protector of small things such as little children, singing crickets and fluffy birds. This “Lord of the Small” abides in his own miniature shrine, which can often be found above baby cribs.

Gamelan music lessons also available

# The cili fertility figure has considerable regional variation from the elongated forms with ornamental skirts and upraised arms and headdresses in Tabanan to the cili of Gianyar whose arms pointed downwards and headdresses form a half circle, from the cili with small hairdos north of Ubud to short fat cili south of Ubud.

E: (conservatory) (online store) By studying at Mekar Bhuana, you are supporting our documentation and reconstruction projects *For first 10 students enrolled. NC/E/I-18 April 12

Photos, including vintage early 20th century black and white photographs, are plentiful, spanning a huge diversity of cultural artifacts and esoteric performances: ancient turtle-shaped sarcophagus, Hindu statuary, monuments and inscriptions; animal shaped containers, religious deities, penjor poles, ritual implements and utensils, musical instruments, “power” drawings, lontar books, palm leaf decorations, silkscreens, lithographs, sculptures, coin sculpture, high temples priests, royal cremations, exorcisms. Of particular note is a stunning kris holder in the form of a painted statue of a demon king, a close up of a wrought gold betelnut box, a sensational 19th century offering box in the shape of a winged lion (and the remarkable story behind it) collected by Dutch artist W O J Nieuwenkamp. There is an excruciatingly detailed 24-page discussion of every aspect of palm leaf decorations (lamak) by Francine Brinkgreve and a 30-page pictorial section on rice, coconut, rice dough and fruit offerings by Garret Kam. These are perhaps the most thorough ever published in a trade publication and are worthy of illustrated books by themselves. Some of the objects are extremely rare. Not mass-produced souvenirs these. It is doubtful that they can be produced by contemporary artisans, giving us teasing glimpses of a lost culture: an astonishing pure gold water jar and ceremonial bowl and a richly decorated chair said to have originated from the Gerta Gosa courthouse, all the more unusual because furniture was not particularly important in traditional Balinese craftsmanship.

C/E/I-22 August 12

Although the interactive programs of dance, music and puppetry, which accompanied the exhibit, provided a more tactile feel of Bali’s tangible culture, this handsomely produced and information-dense book is the best possible representation that remains of that extraordinary exhibit. Its compact pages convey perhaps a more accessible and even fuller sense of the breadth of the cultural achievement of the Balinese than any museum exhibition could provide. The lavishly illustrated book is an attractive and scholarly addition to any art library and a major reference volume for dealers and collectors of Southeast Asian and Indonesian antiques. The authoritative text, with astute hypotheses on the origin of each work, is supported by a first class multi-entry index and glossary.

# Why are riverbanks all over Bali piled high with thrown away offerings and other ritual paraphernalia? At least half of a household’s income is used to buy or make offerings. Most are consumed after being presented, but offerings to demons are discarded as soon as possible after a ritual by burial, burning or unceremoniously tossed into the nearest river.

Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance by Natasha Reichle Asian Art Museum 2011, ISBN-978-0939117550, hardcover with jacket, 376 pages. Available for Rp 450,000 at Periplus, Gramedia, Times and Ganesha (www.ganeshabooksbali. com) bookstores.

# At one time metallophone bronze keys lay directly on the wooden base of gamelan instruments rather than strung by cords above resonators within the wood frame as is the case today.

For any publishers interested in having one of their books considered for review in Toko Buku, please contact:

# Did you know that 33 million saw 50 Balinese legong dancers and musicians representing the Dutch colonies performing at the Paris Colonial Exposition in 1931?

Copyright © 2013 You can read all past articles of Toko Buku at C/E/G-6 Feb. 13

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Education & Family

06 February - 20 February, 2013

Wanted; Damaged or dead Apple Macintosh computers and iPod or iPhone. 083 1181 9816. <alexbalietc@>. [041] For Sale; 50 DVDs, action, adventure, romance, drama etc, all in perfect condition. Price 250,000. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. [042] NC/E/G-23 Jan. 13

Look For; Native speaker volunteers to teach English to local school at KeramasGianyar. Young, energetic and fun. Once a week, free pick up and lunch. For details, please contact: Erna <saskara_dilla@yahoo. com>. Gianyar. [110] For Sale; Antique Madura bed over 80 years some amazing carving wood is very old teak Size is 2.400 long X 2.300 high width 1.500 cm. Knock down. A really stunning piece 20 juta ph/sms 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [111]


Indonesian & English Courses Tutor :

Nika Wirawan, S.S., a university Lecturer with 7 years experiences in teaching Indonesian & English for private & companies. For free trial class, please contact:

Ph: 0878 616 37 555 E-mail: C/E/U-11 July 12

For Sale; Wood bar, black, 6 doors, teak deck, large worktop, dim. 240x110x65+35cm (deck) with 5 barstools, swivel seat teak and wrought iron, Rp. 5.000.000, No nego. Contact Patrick 081 934 338 214, <pat2com@>. Denpasar. [133] For Sale; Big parasol, more than 2 meters opened, wood and fabrics, one wood rib need to be replace (but still usable). Rp. 50.000, no nego. Contact Patrick, 081 934 338 214, <pat2com@>. Denpasar. [138] For Sale; Display aluminium and glass, Dim. 80x50xh30cm. Excellent condition. Value Rp. 450000, sold Rp. 250.000, no nego. Contact Patrick 081 934 338 214, <>. Denpasar. [137] NC/E/I-06 Feb 13

C/E/G-6 Feb. 13


the M.A.D centre

Jalan Nakula Timur 19C between Sunset Road and Iman Bonjol same road as Bale Udang, Seminyak Kuta Ph. 0361 894 7394

Explore the Green School Difference

green school


ENROLMENTS OPEN NOW FOR THE MAD CENTRE SEMESTER EXTRA-CURRICULAR LEARNING Music - Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano and Vocals all to Diploma and Teaching Levels Acting - Musical Theatre, Drama, Speech and Communication all to Diploma and Teaching Levels Dance - Ballet (RAD) Street Jazz, Modern Lyrical, Hip Hop, Breakin, Salsa, Yoga and more.... Performance art packages from 990,000Rp per month Ages 3 + - check for all timetables

BOOK NOW If music be the food of love, play on.

Please Come Learn More About Green School! Open Houses March 1 & 16; April 5 11:00 AM-2:00 PM Prospective families and students considering enrollment at Green School for the 2013-2014 academic year in Pre-K through Grade 12 are warmly invited to join us for a series of Open Fridays, featuring a tour, lunch, meetings with teachers and staff, and a chance to see the magic of Green School in action during the school day. RSVPs required. Please contact for more details or to book in, or call 0361 469 875.

Shakespeare C/E/G-25 July 12

C/E/G-6 Feb. 13


Education & Family

06 February - 20 February, 2013

C/E/G-18 April 12

Without Advertising a Terrible Thing Happens ...........

nothing ( S E C ) Seminyak English Course Accessible location : Jl. Seminyak No. 7. Tel: (0361) 733 342 Opposite Bintang Supermarket

o n l y 5 minutes from YOU



Jl. Raya Seminyak 5 min. from

Moving Sale: Teak wood cabinet with carving 3 drawers, 3 doors, H1, 1m X W1, 9m, brown color Rp. 1 Million, Please contact 08 123 999 6111 or 0361 361 8675, I will send pictures by email. Seminyak. [074]

Wanted; Large glass jars or jugs, 10 liters+, bigger is better, will pick up, with lid or smaller opening (similar to aqua jugs) is preferred. SMS or email only please, pics would be nice too! 0878 6270 1077 / <tannermsmith@>. [106]

Moving Sale; Teak wood with glass cabinet suit for plate, glasses, etc, 2 big sliding glass, 2 drawers, 2 doors, brown color, H2, 1m X W1, 6m, Rp. 2 million. Please contact 08 123 999 6111 or 0361 361 8675. Seminyak. [075]

For Sale; MacBook Pro unibody, great condition, well loved, 15” hi res display 2. 53 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB memory, 500 gig drive Rp. 8.5 mil. Write: <>. Nusa Dua. [107]

Moving Sale; Teak wood table/console white wash 4 drawers, 2 doors, hand carving, H80cm X W1, 80m Rp. 1 Million. Please contact 08 123 999 6111 or 0361 361 8675, I will send pictures by email. Seminyak. [076]

For Sale; iPhone 4, 16 gig like new and always in case and with screeen protector & original box. RP 4 mil. Write: <>. Nusa Dua. [108]

For Sale; Collection of old photograph of 1890s. Old documentation of Dutch colonialism in South African country. Documentary of native tribe of Zulu, Traditional royal family, etc. E-mail: <antok_256@yahoo. com>, 081 855 6915. Denpasar. [007]

For Sale; Canon 7D DSLR camera, like new. Purchased in USA in June. Low shutter counter, 18-135 lens, 18 megapixels, HD video. Original manual, battery, charger. RP 20 mil. Write for pics: <cinemaus@gmail. com>. Nusa Dua. [109]

75% Conversation  

For Sale; 2 (two) x 2PK window AC Voltas brand (vertis platina air con). New, never used, still in box with remote. Hard to find. Sell Rp 3.2 juta each. Bargain. 0819 3628 4877 (SMS only), Seminyak. [105]

Jl. Raya Canggu near BRI Bank 28 JANUARY 2013 NEW CLASS

For Sale; GoPro with all attachments. Bought in Oct ‘12. Price IDR 2.000.000. Tuban 0812 3745 3756. [103]

C/E/I-23 Jan 13

NC/E/I-06 Feb 13

For Sale; Desktop computer, mattress with stand & mattress only, folding tables 60x180cm & 60x50cm, dining & office chairs, white boards 90x180, 1.6mtr goddess statue lamp. Call 08 1919 16 7777 or email <>. Kerobokan. [163]

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Wind and rain: High winds and short heavy tropical showers will be with us until April. The tropical cyclone season in our Southern hemisphere peaks from mid-February to early March. Make sure roofs, doors and roof materials are secure and waterproof. Batten down furniture, lightweight structures, and small buildings so they don’t overturn or blow away. Make sure windows can close tightly and protect electrical systems from water or flooding. Trim shrubbery, cut off overhanging tree branches. Pay particular attention to trees and branches that are close to structures because they can seriously damage roofs and walls by falling or scraping. Remove coconuts, durian and mahogany fruit (buah mahoni) from trees over structures and in areas where people walk or gather. At the beach, especially if you’re with children, watch out for sudden powerful waves because storm surges can result in drowning. Reinforce jetties and piers, buttress roads and driveways, shore up your property boundaries against erosion, remove watercraft from protected anchorages and moorings, protect structures and people against floating debris. Nazava Water Filters: Saves money by providing safe, clean, bacteria-free drinking water without the hassle and expense of refilling big heavy Aqua bottles. Nazava filters are 9 times cheaper than buying purified water, four times cheaper than boiling water, saving at least Rp1 million per year. Simply place water from any source in the top container, then the water is filtered by gravity at a speed of two liters per hour. The easy-to-clean food-grade plastic containers do not transfer taste or odor to the water. The ceramic filter candle impregnated with silver, which can filter up to 7000 liters of water, kills bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungus and other microorganisms. The filter’s activated carbon reduces harmful chemicals like pesticides and chlorine. Sizes: 6 liter (Rp175,000), 13.5 liter (Rp225,000) and 27.5 liter (Rp525,000). Replacement filter candles, which last approximately two years (depending on amount of use), cost Rp89,000 each. Nazava filters are produced in Indonesia. Buy at Wartek (Warung Teknologi) at Kopernik, Pondok Wisata Sayan Ayu, Jl. Raya Kedewatan, Sayan, Ubud (just north of Gaya Gallery), tel. 0361-976-417. Open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Handle meat safely: Unlike Indian Hindus, almost all Balinese eat meat, so just assume that all local foods are nonvegetarian. To avoid food poisoning from contaminated meat products, refrigerate raw meat and poultry within one hour of purchase, wash hands with soap and hot water before handling raw meat, wash knives and cutting boards after use and keep meat separate from food that won’t be cooked. To kill bacteria, cook beef so that internal temperature rises to 71 C (160 F.), poultry to (73 C. (165 F). A good range of cooking thermometers (Rp62,000-Rp200,000) can be bought at Ace Hardware; less expensive ones can be found at Hardy’s. note: Eating red meat is associated with a sharply increased risk of death from cancer and heart disease according to an analysis published in 2012 in the Archives of Internal Medicine, which used data from studies involving 121,342 men and women from 1980 to 2006. Toko of the Month: P. T. Brataco, Jl. Gatsu Barat 336 C, tel. 0361-3973. A wholesale chemical outlet open to the public where you can find very useful undiluted household chemical supplies at wholesale prices; also an indispensable source for bakeries, restaurants and cleaning, manufacturing, agricultural and pest control businesses. Most items come in quantities of 500 gr to 1 kilo: thinners and porcelain cleaners; powerful Isopropyl Alcohol (Rp35,000, 800 ml) for getting rid of warts and paint; 70% Antiseptic Alcohol; Citric Acid (Rp35,000); Calcium Sulphate; Abate 10 GR (to eradicate mosquito larvae); Pine Sap (Arpus Bening) for cleaning floors; pure Ethanol Alcohol and Floric Acid. Activated charcoal

name or even your website, twitter tag or blog address. Have your custom number framed like a picture, embossed on high quality aluminum blanks or your embossed number raised and painted black – very classy looking - against a reflective white background with a highly detailed Indonesia flag and white letters RI in the left corner. Whatever.

granules for water filters (Rp11,000 per kilo). Nail polish removal (Rp8000 per 65 ml bottle); Asam Sitrat (starch); hand cleaners and wash cloths; natural Sapokalinus “Bio Sulphur” soap (Rp5000 per 100 gram bar); concentrated hospital grade disinfectants (1 liter bottles, 20 liter cans and 200 liter drums); quality “Pro Medic” first-aid cotton medical bandages in all sizes; Stedfast anti-termite spray; Java Classic Cocoa Powder; 12.5 and 25 kg cartons of “Pilot” pastry margarine and Brataco pastry shortening, plus really cool stuff like huge bags of little satchels of silicone gel (Rp35,000) and chemical lab equipment. Abundant brochures and other printed information including a little book, “Learn About Medicines without a Teacher” (Belajar Obat-obatan Tanpa Guru, Rp80,000) which explains the many common uses of chemicals. Directions: from the main intersection at Ubung, head west 3 traffic lights. After MacDonald’s, right beside the big “Nasi Uduk” sign, is the P.T. Brataco shop front (sign says BRATACHEM). Unreasonable tariffs: If you have a lot of gear or are 3-4 people travelling together, it’s cheaper to use a taxi from Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport as long as all your luggage fits into the trunk. Don’t even start bargaining with any of the pushy roaming, unregistered, ununiformed taxi drivers and motorcycle taxi drivers (ojek) who charge outrageous rates. Go to the airport’s official Taxi Service booths, close to the domestic and international terminals arrival gates, whose drivers have fixed rates based on 48 different zones all around Bali: Bali Hotel Denpasar Rp70,000; Renon Rp85,000; Jimbaran Rp75,000; Kuta Rp45,000; Legian Rp55,000; Seminyak Rp60,000; Nusa Dua Rp95,000; Uluwatu Rp135,000. A way to break the airport taxi monopoly is just to walk outside the airport’s gates to the Gatotkaca statue traffic lights and hop on a minibus, which costs only Rp5000 to Kuta Central Car Park. Better yet, the Sanur-airport Trans Sarbagita bus route is scheduled to begin before the APEC conference in October this year. Toko Plat (DK): After the purchase of a car you’ll receive the license plates (nomor plat) and a STNK (Surat Tanda Nomor K e n d a r a a n / Ve h i c l e Registration Number). There are numerous little holes-in-walls all over Bali where you can have number plates made that are more attractive than the ones issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (Samsat). It takes 3 days to prepare an automobile number plate that range in price from Rp50,000 to Rp450,000 (with hard plastic protective cover). Motorcycle plates cost Rp25,000-Rp60,000. New vehicle owners are also able to pay Rp3 millon-Rp5 million extra at your Kabupaten’s Kantor Samsat for personalized plates, in which you can creatively use a full word or a combination of numbers and letters. For example, Idris Sardi, a violin player, uses (B 10 LA) for his vehicle, a play on the word BIOLA that means “violin” in Indonesian. Leoni, a famous actress and singer, uses L 30 NI for her car. Even the former President Megawati Soekarnoputri chooses “M 3 GA” for her personal vehicle, that configuration resembling her widely known nickname Mega. You may wish to use the initials of your name, your middle name, your child’s

Get ready! If your household is Bali Hindu, the upcoming month of March is going to be unusually densely packed with major religious festivals such as Tilem, Nyepi, Odalan, Purnama Kadasa, Galungan, Kuningan. To save money and stress it’s best to start preparing for these ritual obligations now by the required offerings (banten). Consult your priest. You can also save money by laying away dry foods like rice (beras), sweet rice (ketan), flour, onions and small live chickens (ayam siap caruan) and little ducks (memeri) because during next month’s festival times these are more than two times the price. If you buy all of the required offerings for a given celebration ready-made in the local pasar (Rp5000Rp12,000 each, depending upon the intricacy and contents), it might end up costing for example Rp300,000-Rp500,000, but if you made them yourself it would cost only around Rp100,0000-Rp200,000 for the same festival. If you make offerings (matahari, jaja uli, jajo gino, sirat, pecikan, samuhan, etc.) ahead of time with dry ibung fiber, you can start a month before, but don’t use coconut oil (minyak kelapa) to fry, just regular cooking oil. If you wait until the last minute to make your offerings with yellow busung (from young coconut leaves), they will turn brown quickly and must be laid out as offerings (banten) within two days. The price of ibung and busung are the same. You can also start making nasi warna (colored rice) and tumpeng (rice cakes) offerings now. Schools, banks, shops and all kinds of businesses will also be closed sporadically for days at a time throughout March (in which an Islamic holiday will also take place) with heavy traffic congestion in between. Alternatively, you can make plans to get outta Dodge and avoid the hectic month altogether like we’re going to do.

Best restaurants of Tabanan: I’ve lived in Tabanan city for 12 years and I know where all the good restaurants are. In all of these, the prices are very reasonable (harga rakyat) and fixed. Warung Kenanga 2, Jl. Cendrawasih 36, tel. 0361-812288, hp 087-860-227-188, specializes in Chinese food, in particular ayam pangsit mie special (Rp14,000) made from fresh noodles. Heading west out of the town center on Jl. Gajah Mada, take the second right (Jl. Cendrawasih) and it’s halfway up the street on the right. Hours: Mon.-Sat.10 am-10 pm; Sunday 6 pm-10 pm. Another Warung Kenanga, is on Jl. Melati just five minutes walk south of Pasar Tabanan; the best dish on the menu is the nasi cap cay (Rp12,000). Pak Yono’s in the Hardy’s complex, the last shop on the right as you enter, is a bargain Chinese restaurant with meals from Rp12,000 to Rp30,000, but don’t patronize if the woman is cooking. Annam-B, a fancier more upmarket baked fish restaurant at Jl. Bypass Kediri Tabanan (tel. 0361-741-9131, open 10 am10 pm), where a Plencing Ikan complete dinner costs only Rp42,500 for two.

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For Sale; Canon Zoom lens 75-300 4-5.6. Recently serviced at Canon Singapore. Price Rp. 2 Juta. 081 2388 3532. Denpasar. [086] For Sale; Wooden benchseat with cushion, teak wood 200 long 80 cm wide 2.3 juta. Ph/ sms 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [113] For Sale; Wood shelf display Chinese style, red and black, height 2 meters, hexagonal, diameter +/- 40cm, no pane. Rp. 900.000. No nego. Pic available. Call/SMS 0819 3433 8214 or e-mail <>. Denpasar. [129] For Sale; Tablet 7 inch Mid brand, model DTPC7BK. I purchased this new but I never used it. Has 2 USB port. This unit will take a Lan cable as well. Google Android 2-2, with 3G and WiFi. 4GB storage capacity. Can add a further 32 GB. Works well with keyboard and wireless mouse. Will sell cheap Rp. 900.000. Will take credit card. Cost me 3 million. William 0361 746 4200. Kerobokan. [123]

For Sale; Air conditioner inverter Panasonic 1pk, gas bottle (15kg) 2 bottles, water heater gas Wasser, big water pump Shimitzu, make up case, marble, pot, reading lamp, DVD Polytron, rattan sofa, glass door fridge, meat refrigerator, toaster bread maker, jaffle maker. Contact Diana 0813 3775 8608. E-mail: <diana_>. Tuban. [118]


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Specializing in small shipments - LCL at low rates with no hidden charges.

Julie Watitjandi +62 811386204

Garry L. Corwin 808 256 - 6955

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For Sale; Compaction machine. Fully imported from Japan. Robyn engine. The very best money can buy. Cost me over Rp. 9 million, will sell for Rp. 5 million. Ideal for sand or crushed stone. This machine is also designed for asphalt roads or foot paths. Will take Master or Visa cards with no commission. Contact William 746 4200. Kerobokan. [124] For Sale; Great condition, solid teak wood sideboard. 170 length. Text me your email address to get photo and price. 0821 448 33668. Kerobokan. [051]

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LIMAJARI CARGO Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 100 X, Denpasar - Bali Phone : (0361) 730 024 (hunting) Fax. : (0361) 730 382 Email : Website :

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For Sale; Canon 5D MK 1 Body only. Good condition. Price Rp. Juta 3.5 Juta. 081 2388 3532. Denpasar. [087]

• Moving:

Java and Sumatra House, office, etc. Denpasar|Surabaya|Malang • Package Delive ry, Solo|Yogyakarta|Bandung |Semarang • Box Carter PPick Up & acking Servic Jakarta|Lampung|Palembang e! Open 7 days a week 08.00 - 19.00

For Sale; Logitech C250 USB Webcam. No box, just the cam. Currently for sale in Rimo for 250k, ask 50k. No nego please. <balicota@>. Seminyak. [066]

Jl. Robbie William No.8(Mahendradata Selatan) Denpasar Telp.: (0361) 8466138, 8466128, 7810099, 08123806372 http . :/ / w w w . le g a p a k et .com

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Email: D PS01@le gapake t .c om

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PO Box 500, Northbridge WA 6865 Wayne Bayliss: +61 8 61020500 Colin: +61 427 068621 Email: ABN: 54 124 633 450

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A Blurb from the Kulture Kid! By Vaughan Hatch

Why are people here so opportunist? You may have noticed that anywhere you go, particularly in the tourism areas in Bali, people are always trying to sell you something or perhaps take advantage of your presence here as a visitor. There is good reason why every ‘touristy’ looking person becomes a victim of opportunism. Bali is a very touristic place that depends on tourism for its livelihood. Tourism is seen as a quick and easy dollar (literally) and everyone wants a piece of the pie. In Indonesia, there is no government support system for people if they are unemployed, sick or unable to work; so, it’s survival mode like it or not! Once everyone here lived in extended families but as people move to the cities or simply want more privacy the family living set-up is breaking down and nuclear families are more and more commonplace. There is immense social inequality in Bali and this economic gap results in envy, jealousy and desperation. So as any opportunity arises, it is taken – you can see this as neighbours copy each other as some particular merchant activity seems to bring in the cash – examples are the mushrooming of mini markets, handphone counters, or the way a certain village has numerous shops selling the same product (Mas for woodcarvings, Batubulan for stone carvings, Celuk for silver and gold smiths). There is no implementation of any government regulation that may exist. ‘Those annoying people’ who follow us around at the markets trying to sell us stuff or act as ‘helpful guides’ to souvenir stalls live off commissions and are the dollar scavengers of the tourist boom. I’ve noticed that as Bali’s population increases and society becomes more and more heterogeneous and social inequality becomes more extreme, there are only more people stopping me on the side of the road offering me ‘Ya mate, magic mushroom?’, ‘You go Ubud?” or “Yes, need homestay in Lovina?’ Unfortunately these folk not only give Bali’s tourism a bad name but lead to an increase in crime and unrest. These things can be frustrating for those of us who have ‘set up shop here’. More on this next issue.

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For Sale; Video cam Sony HDV Z1, many accessories include HDV-Raynox fish eyes FXR-180/2 batteryNPF960/2 smaller battery/1 LED Light Sony HVL-LBPA/1 pelican case/1 lower pro back pack/cost me around 60 millions sale it for 20 millions. Romano 0813 3712 4064 call me. Seminyak. [089] Attention. Has anybody faced strange electricity measuring with the newly introduced Itron prepaid electricity meter ACE9000 installed by PLN? Comparing to the old one it seems to consume a lot more kWh. Pls contact Michael 0812 395 1444 or <hadodi@>. [061] C/CE/G-30 May 12

C/CE/G-16 May 12

Bali Advertiser Interview: Andre Gerard of Pascal Technologies They say that water will be the treasured commodity of the new Millennium. Clean water supplies and access to them is fast becoming an essential service for many businesses and communities. One company is at the forefront in providing solutions and in this edition of Business Spotlight, we spoke with Andre Gerard from Pascal Technologies to find out more. P.T. Andre, can you tell us about PT’s background? P.T. I am an engineer with 30 years of experience, especially in automation and water treatment. I have worked for a number of large companies (industrial, oil and gas) in many countries (Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia). Now I am in Indonesia, having opened a branch office based in Bali. B.A. Can you tell us about the services you provide? P.T. The background of Pascal Technologies is engineering in the fields of high-tech buildings, industrial, mining, agriculture, hospitals/clinics, hotels, villas, cities, villages, communities and disaster areas. The engineering area for water is in water treatment, ecology systems, automations, energy saving, renewable energy, technical monitoring, security systems and containment. All of these adhere to national and international standards. With our technologies, we provide the best products ensuring clean and safe water for Indonesians now and into the next generation.

energy saving solutions that control and save electricity consumption. Our remote technical monitoring system can monitor a site/property/industry from great distances – even when you are abroad. Part of this monitoring ensures the safe operation and regulation of electrical and water systems, and can also monitor stock, refrigerator, etc, for buildings and water treatment operations. We are also an agent and distributor for many of the best industry brands from Europe, including Bamo (sensor and control instruments), Schneider (electrical), WAGO (automation), WIT (GSM), Adeunis (radio), IXEL (radio), TOP KAPI (monitoring), Delta Box (lighting), to name just a few. And we use the latest programming technology, such as Programmable Logic Computer (PLC).

B.A. What are your main areas of assistance within Bali/Indonesia? P.T. We offer consultancy, feasibility studies, fabrication, contract services, training, materials and spare parts. With our water treatment solutions, we cover drinking water, clean water, waste water, distribution of water, filtration, specialised water for hospitals, potable water for projects or remote areas and containerised water treatment. We also install pump systems and provide management services/systems. B.A. Can you tell us more about your water services? P.T. We bring water technologies from Europe – some of these systems are not yet in Indonesia. These water systems will produce better quality results and more safety. With our systems you don’t need to change completely your previous setup, you can just add the new system as it can work together with other systems. We can customise based on your need, capacity and volume.

P.T. Bali needs consistent safe quality drinking water for basic life sustenance. And Bali needs a world-class system to process it. If improvements in supply and treatment are not a priority, the population can and may well find themselves without this vital resource. We know that with good quality drinking water comes good health and long life. B.A. Is Indonesia looking at embracing new technologies and systems? What more needs to be done to ensure a safe future? P.T. Yes, fortunately Indonesia is embracing new technologies and systems. Of course, before we talk about new technologies, we must start with the basics. New technologies will bring modernity necessary to improving systems. Initially, strategic places would be needed to create water reserves that would be held during the raining season and consumed during the summer. Still more needs to be done on all wastewater treatment, as processing dirty water will become an absolute necessity on a large scale. Managed water empowers communities. By investing in facilities for drinking water and sewage treatment, community and city-style life is protected at its most basic level. With our technologies from Europe, there are some which are not yet available in Indonesia – yet. To ensure a safe future, find good technology and systems from those you can believe in and those who continue to evolve with the world’s best. B.A. And finally, Andre, what are the future plans for Pascal Technologies?

B.A. You are also moving into renewable energies. Can you tell us more about those and how they will compliment your business? P.T. Our business depends on electricity and renewable energy, and we are moving with the global trend of this green commodity. This provides an essential complement at an isolated area/site, well away from any grid. B.A. Do you provide solutions for the domestic market or are you more geared towards industry?

P.T. The future of PT is – with our technologies – that we want to provide the best solutions and service possible to make water safe and clean for Indonesian people now and the future. And to allow people to have a good life by way of our automation, electrical, electromechanical and security systems for your villa, village, hotel, industry, etc.

Andre Gerard can be contacted via (M) +62 (0)818 555 922 / (0)818 555 933 Pondok Alit, Jl. Batubelig No 9, Kerobokan 80361, BALI.

B.A. How do your management systems work? P.T. We provide ongoing ecology control and monitoring, and manage the processes involved and end quality of our contracted water systems. Part of this utilises automations, electromechanical systems, lighting systems, control cabinets and professional programming. We also provide

P.T. I service both of them. We have many choices for many applications and users, from ‘small’ fit-outs to major industry solutions. B.A. Is Indonesia facing serious issues so far as water goes?

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Finding Solutions To Bali’s Water Crisis Water and green growth By Polly Christensen

Rapid population growth combined with uncontrolled development in Bali is likely to lead to a serious water crisis on the resort island. Bali is facing a potable and clean water crisis as resources are drying up and over-development in south Bali puts pressure on the existing supplies. In almost every coastal area the overexploitation of groundwater resources is contributing to diminishing water resources. Seawater intrusion entering ground wells exacerbates the condition. Deforestation and illegal logging activities occurring in the nearby Bedugul forest conservation site, one of Bali’s most important water catchment areas, has gradually reduced water resources in the three lakes. Shortage of clean fresh water and lack of infrastructure to supply water to dry areas is causing hardship. Many are predicting Bali will experience a water crisis by 2015, particularly in the southern areas of the island including Badung and Denpasar. Based on surveys with the hotels and communities in Nusa Dua, the government has not been able to provide a reliable water supply. When PDAM water is not available, the majority of existing hotels use groundwater, which many believe to be unsustainable. In addition, several new hotels are under construction. SUPPORTING THE BUKIT The Bukit (meaning hill in Indonesian) is an arid part of Bali with very little agriculture due to the unfavorable soil and climate conditions there. Some hotels such as the AYANA Resort and Spa, Jimbaran have created their own wells and recycling plants. However, because the bukit is located on the cliffs, wells are extremely deep and most properties without the funding to dig such wells and set up recycling plants must daily truck the water in from Denpasar. I recently spoke with Ed Linsley at the AYANA and Erik Desormeaux from Consolidated Water to establish a better understanding of the water crisis in Bali. With a population which is estimated to reach at least five million by 2025, changes need to be made soon. Consolidated Water have recently setup a company in Indonesia, constructing a 2000 m3 per day seawater desalination plant in the Sawangan area of Nusa Dua. WATER IN BALI There are many words for water on the Indonesian island of Bali. Tirtha is the word for sacred or holy water, a key element of the many rituals and ceremonies that are an integral feature of daily life for the majority of Balinese people. However, there has never been a specific policy on the island on how to best manage this most precious of natural resources. A recent report on Water Equity in Tourism (WET) claims that access to water for Balinese people has been severely affected by the demands of tourism. Rampant development, with little or no regard for environmental stewardship or long-term social impact, has placed an enormous and unsustainable strain on the island’s water supply. Shallow groundwater and springs are the main sources of water in Bali. Provision of water services in the islands ‘urban areas’ is the responsibility of PDAM’s (Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum), local government owned water utilities. Institutional responsibility for wastewater and sewerage is at the district government level; departmental responsibility varies between districts. The provision of clean drinking water has unfortunately not yet

been taken up as a serious development priority in Indonesia, particularly at the provincial government level. This is a major concern, because lack of clean water reduces the level of hygiene in the communities and it also raises the probability of people contracting skin diseases or other waterborne illnesses. Domestic sewage, industrial effluents, agricultural runoff, and mismanaged solid waste are polluting surface and groundwater in Bali. The absence of “an established sanitation network” forces many households to rely upon private septic tanks or to dispose of waste directly into rivers. The prevalence of polluted shallow wells for drinking water leads to gastrointestinal infections. WATER ISSUES Water issues can vary depending on the area of Bali under discussion. Well water is still the most common water source for the coastal community in Bali. In Badung and Denpasar there are two main issues. The first issue is water quality, especially in areas where well pollution is increasing from leaking underground septic tanks and near the coast where seawater intrusion into wells is increasing. PDAM has a well-designed conventional treatment system; however, they are not designed to remove all pathogens or emerging contaminants of concern. Another growing concern is where leaking pipes ‘draw in’ contaminated groundwater. The second issue is access. Although plenty of water falls from the sky, there are limited storage facilities to capture an adequate volume to meet demands. Even when there is sufficient supply, there are limitations in PDAM’s treatment and distribution facilities to treat and distribute the water. The number of top-end resorts has certainly helped seal the islands reputation as a luxury getaway with many boasting substantial water features, private plunge pools, and lush golf courses, some of which require three million litres of water a day to maintain. Meanwhile, village women in some rural areas walk up to 3km every morning to collect a single bucket to share among their family. GREEN HOTELS Until the last few years, hotels in many coastal areas were able to meet customer demands using PDAM water. Wells were primarily for backup. When several hotels in the same area begin pumping groundwater, it lead to over-pumping which impacted both the community and future water resources, having significant impact on south Bali’s environment. There are, however, a number of hotels that have taken the initiative to act boldly without waiting for legislation. Ayana Resort and Spa in Jimbaran has initiatives in place to reduce their environmental footprint. In 2011, they were certified as an Eco Hotel by TUV Rheinland Germany following an 18-month audit which included changes to operational processes to further reduce their consumption of water and energy, and introduce sustainability initiatives. In 1996 the Hotel installed two seawater reverse osmosis plants to minimize their impact on the local environment. “Ayana does not need water trucked in, we are completely selfsufficient. Our waste water recycling system treats all ‘black’ and ‘grey’ waste water for use on our gardens,” explains General Manager Ed Linsley. “We also produce an organic fertilizer from our two sewerage treatment plants. In addition, we use ecofriendly cleaning and laundry detergents, and 95% of all linen is laundered by TexCare Laundry, saving 10 liters of Bali’s limited fresh water supplies for every kilogram of linen laundered.” The resort has also installed eco friendly dual flushing systems on toilets and sensors in washbasins and urinals. RECYCLED WATER Some hotels are leaders in sustainable operations, reducing fresh water consumption by installing recycling plants, and implementing clean-up campaigns to reduce pollution levels. However, according to sources, there are multiple hotels that are mixing PDAM water with onsite-recycled water. This water then goes to the taps, showers, pools, and kitchen. This can be sketchy even when there is excellent equipment that is well maintained. The risks associated with recycled water must be minimised to acceptable levels before recycled water can be used in any specific situation. In most cases, these environmental and health risks can be managed through the level of wastewater treatment or by the carefully managed use of recycled water. Frequent Questions and Answers regarding Bali’s water supply.

What is desalination? Desalination refers to any of several processes that remove salt and other minerals from saline water. Salt water is desalinated to produce fresh water suitable for human consumption or irrigation. Most of the modern interest in desalination is focused on developing cost-effective ways of providing fresh water for human use. Along with recycled wastewater, this is one of the few rainfallindependent water sources. Seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) is a ‘reverse-osmosis desalination membrane process’ that has been commercially used since the early 1970s. Because no heating or phase changes are needed, energy requirements are low in comparison to other processes of desalination, but higher than those required for reverse osmosis treatment of wastewater. Why are hotels trucking in water every day to the Bukit? The problem varies between lack of pressure (pipes and pumps are either too small or broken) and lack of supply. Water trucks are the only way for some properties up in the hills and on the cliffs to get water. Is Bali facing a potable and clean water crisis? Local experts are concerned about the overuse of the groundwater aquifers along the coast. In areas like S a n u r, w h e r e seawater intrusion occurs more slowly than other areas it will take much more time to reverse the intrusion. Why does seawater enter ground wells? This varies slightly in Bali depending on the geology. For example, there is typically a layer of seawater under the ‘freshwater lens’ in Nusa Dua. If you over-pump the freshwater, only seawater is left until more rainwater sifts through the limestone into the seawater again. In other areas like Sanur, there is a natural ‘tug of war’ between the freshwater aquifer and seawater from the ocean. When an aquifer is over-pumped, seawater is pulled into the freshwater aquifer and it may take a long time and rainfall to recover the aquifer back to ‘fresh water.’ How will Bali cope with the population expansion? An increased water portfolio and i m p r o v e d infrastructure is k e y. P D A M i s evaluating multiple options to increase water supply to the island and has begun a new surface water supply project in Central Bali. The hotels can purchase sustainable and local water from desalination and recycled water sources taking pressure off the south and key groundwater and surface water sources should be maintained for the community and agriculture. Does the government have solutions? Among the solutions being pursued by the government is the diversion of water from Unda River in Karangasem in East Bali for use by the populations of East and South Bali. The proposal to utilize water from rivers in the distant northeast automatically begs the question why the waters of the two rivers flowing through Bali’s capital of Denpasar are not used instead? Apparently, the waters flowing down the Badung and Ayung Rivers are sufficiently polluted as to make the exploitation of more distant rivers a more economically viable alternative. The Balinese government must secure its position as a top holiday destination by taking a leadership role in managing its precious water resources. In the meantime, hotel guests are becoming increasingly aware of the sensitive nature of water issues in Bali. Guest demand should, slowly but surely see an increase in the adoption of better environmental management. Please help to conserve water during your stay in Bali and contact these people to discover sustainable solutions. Ed Linsley at AYANA Resort and Spa Consolidated Water Tel: 0361 771 682 Copyright © 2013 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of BA Feature Article at

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SPORT SHORTS Bali International School to Host Fifth Annual Basketball Tournament For the fifth consecutive year, Bali International School will hold its invitational basketball tournament from February 7th through 10th, at BIS in Sanur. Schools from around Bali, as well as some visiting schools from Java, will do battle in the ten-team tournament, which will feature a senior girls’ division, as well as senior boys. Last year’s tournament saw the Dyatmika girls’ team go undefeated through the entire weekend and subsequently beat Taman Rama in the final. Meanwhile, the Taman Rama boys’ team narrowly got by their counterparts from Dyatmika in a thrilling 31-27 final to take the trophy. This year’s competition hopes to bring similar excitement to the BIS campus. Spectators are welcome over the three days, and there will be food and beverage vendors on site. The action begins Thursday, February 7th at 15:00.

EUROSERVICES HOLIDAY Br. Dinas Patolan, Ds. Pering, Blahbatuh, Gianyar 80581, Bali, Indonesia Phone : +62 8123813249 Skype : Euroservices Holiday Bali BB PIN : 2A82778C Email : or Face Book : Maria Yosephin Feliana

* A 58 run partnership by debutants Ron & Leigh (Galaxy All-Stars) * Sari, the First Girl to play in the Indoor League (BSF Gianyar) * With their first win, Canggu Club leapfrog into 2nd position * Galaxy All-Stars the Only Unbeaten team. Current Standings (after 3 Rounds): 1. Galaxy All-Stars: 3-0 - 29.52 pts 2. Canggu Club: 1-1 - 13.23 pts 3. BSF Gianyar: 1-1 - 13 pts 4. Denpasar CC: 1-1 - 11.96 pts 5. Capt. Cook: 0-2 - 5.10 pts 6. Team India : 0-1 - 1.63 pts



GOLF NEWS The Golf Academy Bali is a new golf academy based at New Kuta Golf Club, Pecatu offering all players from beginners to tour players the opportunity to learn and practice with British PGA Qualified Professional - Rory Young. The main objective of The Golf Academy Bali is to offer, professional coaching in a fun environment where the lessons are made for the individual rather than the masses. They also offer a new junior programme on a Saturday between 9am and 5pm in conjunction with the Bali Junior Golf Community.

BALI INDOOR CRICKET LEAGUE Round 3 (27 Jan 2013): Canggu Club 84 def BSF Gianyar 38 Galaxy All-Stars 154 def Team India 103 Best Batting Partnership: Gung Man/Dede (BSF Gianyar) - 64 runs Best Bowling Figures: Lee (Canggu Club) - minus 11 runs Most Wickets: Rah Gus (BSF Gianyar) - 5 wickets

If you are interested in finding out more and improving your golf, whether you are just starting or a seasoned golfer just call them on: 082145285408 or email them: rory@ Their website is now active at

Special mentions/Notes: * Hatrick by Aman (Galaxy All-Stars) * Hatrick in the over by Rah Gus (BSF Gianyar) * Another great catch by Max (Galaxy All-Stars) * Great catch of the flying bat by Sean (Galaxy All-Stars) * Awesome keeping by Mark (Canggu Club)

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Pathways to Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit By Michele Cempaka

Bali to India Part 1

C/G/G-31 Oct. 12

‘Staying Well During Your Travels’ I am on a train from Goa to Aurangabad heading for the Ellora Caves – a UNESCO World Heritage site as I write this column. This gives me ample time to consider how to stay healthy whilst travelling in India. As my new friend so aptly phrased it – “peel it, boil it or leave it.” I wish I’d met him at the beginning of my trip which began in the frenetic city of Delhi. While I took precautions during my time in Delhi, I got a bit lax during my time in Varanasi. The day before I left here, I saw another foreigner drinking fresh juice on the street, so I mistakenly thought it would be safe for me to do the same. I watched the vendor, a young clean cut Indian man juice an orange in a manual juicer which he vigorously cranked squeezing out every last drop into a nice clean cup. No water was added so I thought, “No worries; this will be fine.” What I hadn’t considered was how the machine was most likely cleaned with unsanitary water, or for that matter, not cleaned at all, so of course it was rife with bacteria. Here begins my story of Indian belly which is similar to Bali belly but possibly worse, because it’s much harder to kill the bacteria in the usual ways. I had my MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) which normally does the trick for most ailments such as amoebic dysentery, Dengue fever, Malaria, etc. I began my regular regime of 4 drops to 20 drops of activator and took four doses the day the illness began. At first this seemed to work, but then a few days later it came back in full force. I was getting weaker and becoming concerned that I might get dangerously dehydrated, so after more than five years, I relented and went to see a doctor who gave me some potent antibiotics which cleared up my dysentery in one day. As all of you know who have been following my column, I am a strong advocate for alternative medicine which I myself practice and have had great results with, but there are sometimes in life when antibiotics are necessary and can be extremely effective for healing conditions such as bacterial dysentery. Here are some other tips for staying well in India: 1.




When buying bottled water be sure that to check the seal as some vendors will reuse water bottles replacing the purified water with unsanitized water. Bring sanitized hand gel with you for frequent hand washing as most public toilets don’t have soap as well as some restaurants. I used this regularly as many places I visited had dirty door knobs and handles where you can pick up lots of germs. Only buy juice in reputable places where you are certain the juice is made with sanitized water and don’t have any drinks with ice. While some places might have good ice, you just never know. Believe me it’s just not worth the possible risk. Bring a simple medical kit which includes: betadene, alcohol swabs, plasters, ear plugs, cotton buds, thieves’ oil (1 drop in a glass of water is great for sore throats), peppermint oil for headaches & upset stomach, lavender oil to help you relax and sleep well.


Your own pillow & sleeping bag are also a good idea, as some hotels are quite dirty and may likely have bed bugs. These will also come in handy if you’re traveling by 2nd class trains which don’t provide any bedding, but in 1st class which is the best level, pillows, sheets & blankets are supplied. 6. Be sure to bring mosquito repellant as there is malaria in India. I personally don’t like taking any anti-malarial drugs, but if you feel this would give you peace of mind then check with your doctor about what drugs s/he recommends. 7. If you want to drink chai on the street which is normally okay to do, be sure that you get it in a paper, nonreusable plastic or a clay cup which is thrown away after you drink it. Otherwise if you drink it in a glass, you’re taking a risk that the water used to clean the glass is most likely not sanitary. 8. Bring your own toilet paper as most places don’t provide this. However, similar to Bali, you can wash with water but again this may not be very sanitary and there is risk of getting a bacterial infection. 9. Be careful about eating salads unless you’re in very touristic areas like Goa. Most restaurants don’t wash the lettuce with purified water or even boiled water, so again you’re at risk of ingesting harmful bacteria or getting worms. 10. Finally, many friends of mine recommended that while in India it’s much safer to be vegetarian. I generally think this is true, but while in Goa or at other very nice hotels and restaurants, it’s probably fine to eat chicken or fish. Goa offers some amazing seafood that you won’t want to miss.

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India is an incredible place that you will greatly enjoy if you can succeed in staying healthy during your travels. As recently as May 2012, the Indian Consulate in Bali began issuing visas to foreigners, making it much easier to travel to India. For U.S. citizens you only need to apply for your visa one week before your expected travel dates. Documents needed include: passport, 2 photos, visa application which must complete online, copy of bank statement, copy of return tickets and a copy of your hotel booking for your arrival city in India. The fee is just under USD$100. In my next column I will share some of my spiritual experiences of the magical places that I visited in India. Michele is a Transformational Coach, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer & teacher who has lived on Bali for 11 years. She utilizes a wide variety of tools to assist people in personal empowerment & healing, so that they can find greater joy and peace in their lives. For questions or comments about this column, please email: Copyright 2013 © Michele Cempaka

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06 February - 20 February, 2013



Mercury has just joined Mars in Pisces to start this fortnight, although it is set for its next retrograde round at the end of the month. The Sun will follow along in Pisces on the 18th. As we continue then in the Aquarian theme this fortnight, with all Planets in forward motion and the New Moon Aquarius on the 10th, life is interesting and full of growth promoting challenge. Mercury and Mars in Pisces tend to make communication emotional, deep, compassionate, empathic, intuitive and at times downright confusing. Your internal drive may be down or at least turned towards more spiritual concerns. Escapism is definitely on the cards when Pisces highlights. Beware your tendency to sedate or escape your worldly concerns. Jupiter triggers both Mercury and Mars at the beginning of the fortnight and prompts growth and change. Jupiter in Gemini is in an extremely mental sign and can create havoc for the sensitivities of the Pisces nature. Chiron is also a key player in this line-up and brings healing to sexual and communicative issues. The heart and vulnerability will be exposed and this often brings old wounds to the surface. Saturn squares Venus and supports this with its insistence on exploring the truth about the past, with regard to relationships. Pluto in Capricorn will be supporting the Planets in Pisces as they hit the 11 degree mark over the next month, bringing the necessary grounding and transformational power required for the next steps on our evolutionary journey. NEW MOON 21 Aquarius 43 February 10, 2013 3:21 p.m.

ARIES Mars in Pisces is feminine in nature and not really out there and assertive. A little more introverted and yin and with this you will be feeling pulled in directions that you may not prefer to go. The challenge comes from Jupiter and insists that you communicate and this may not be that easy when you have been thrown into your feeling nature by the cosmos. It may be comforting to know that this phase won’t last and its insistence on maturation is a necessary part of the current cycle. By mid-March Mars will be in your own sign and will bring a more expansive and action packed time.

LIBRA Venus is in Aquarius this fortnight and as a fellow air sign brings some solace in the area of communication. You will be more attuned to the other than normal and feelings will be running rather deep with planets in Pisces. This is going to continue for the next few weeks and offers you the opportunity to get close and very personal. Old issues may rise to the surface for clearing, resolving and/or healing. Be bold and allow your vulnerability to be the guiding light that takes you into unexplored areas of your relationships. This is a great time if we are prepared to mature into this next phase of evolution.

TAURUS Venus in Aquarius and challenged by Saturn is a bit of a tough ride this fortnight. Aquarius is a sign of freedom and independence and with that the stern possessive Scorpion Saturn could prove to be a little suffocating. On the other hand the supporting nature of the Pisces Planets are bringing you a deeper sense of your Divine nature and Pluto bringing you the determination to fulfil your commitments. Let your heart be the guiding light as you access your intuition or inner guidance. There will be more benefits from going within than confiding in others at this time. A little silence and solitude can be a good thing.

SCORPIO As Saturn turns retrograde later in the month it moves back to meet up in sextile to Pluto at the beginning of March. This is a harmonious meeting that promises resolve in the areas of responsibility in work, sexual and partnership relationships. You are then encouraged to clean up these and to turn your attention to what needs to go or be modified. There will be a lot of energy bound up in the decisions you make around your finances and resources and your ability to share what you have and release that which is no longer needed. Hoarding isn’t going to be tolerated by you and so some things must go.

GEMINI Mercury in Pisces can be confounding and confusing at the best of times, but to add a retrograde to the mix is going to make it even more so. Mercury then will remain in Pisces until mid-April and naturally creates tension through square to Gemini Planets. Mind any tendencies to lie or avoid communicating. By the end of the month we will be experiencing a stellium of six Planets in Pisces, so it’s probably a good idea to get accustomed to the energy. Jupiter is the harbinger of change and in your sign, brings the much needed luck that is required for you to adapt and make the appropriate adjustments to thinking.

SAGITTARIUS Can you feel the difference now that Jupiter is in forward motion once more? It will be challenging Mercury, Mars and Chrion this fortnight and highlights communication in the areas of sex and healing or let’s say sexual healing is promoted now. In what areas of you your life have you remained camouflaged and where have you hidden the Truth from yourself or others? Naturally you are a very truthful person although even you have managed to slip behind the cloak of disillusionment occasionally. Be very honest with yourself, as the next phase of your life could depend on it. Boldness has a way of creating miracles.

CANCER This moon cycle is Aquarian in nature and culminates in a Virgo Full Moon. The New Moon and Sun conjunction square the moons nodes or the karmic destiny points. If you are familiar with your chart, do you have any planets at 22 degrees and in particular in the fixed signs of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius or Leo? This marks a time for you and many others, of embarking on a new souls journey or continuing on one that began last year during the eclipse in November. Where were you at that time? There is much transformation as yet to be undertaken as we continue in the generation of Uranus square Pluto.

CAPRICORN By the end of the fortnight Saturn, your ruler, goes direct and brings a strong urge to transform. There may be literal death occurring in your life, or in the lives of those around you. What are your beliefs around this issue and are you ready to look more deeply at them? You are being very supported in this endeavour now and it is easier than normal, to go into that recluse mode and search out the silence of your own heart. Retreat is necessary to recharge and restore and reset your own personal operating system. If you are out of balance do whatever it takes to find your equilibrium. This is actually a very good time for you.

LEO Your ruler the Sun, is remaining in Aquarius this fortnight and challenges you to become more objective and less self-oriented. How you manage this now, could well determine the next months of your life. Life is fraught with changes and challenges and with the activation of the Lunar Nodes this month, you could find yourself on the crest of a rather large wave that is heading for new shores. Let go and enjoy the ride for this marks the beginning of a very exciting and rewarding chapter of your life. If it rings of a future you once dreamed of, you could be right. Follow your inner guidance and trust your intuition.

AQUARIUS Uranus is sextile to Jupiter in Gemini this fortnight and so you are another pushed and encouraged to change and grow. Luck is on your side and you could benefit from exploring your independence or personal genius. Remember we are an aspect of the Universe looking back on itself and as such, you are a magnificent and radiant expression of existence itself. Having said this, use then your gifts to communicate in your unique way, in that area dear to your own heart. This is an extremely emotional time and will continue to be so for the next few weeks. Go gently and lovingly.

VIRGO Mercury meets Chiron this fortnight in Pisces and both are slated to be your rulers. They also team up with Mars at the same time, so this brings a triple whammy from your polar opposite sign. This could be the perfect time to undergo some psychic healing or to go on a spiritual journey or retreat, It would be a shame to miss this window of healing potential, although you will have the opportunity twice more throughout March as Mercury retrogrades back through Pisces. You may find then that this is a continuing theme over these coming weeks and will offer you a great, if not sometimes confusing time to mend.

PISCES As Planets begin to march into Pisces and leading up to that march stellium of them, get ready for some mega changes. It is like a massive upgrade to your intuitive operating systems. You will be feeling more deeply than ever before and your empathic abilities will be off the scales. You may want to look for a safe harbor for yourself during this time or to implement some practises to strengthen your physical body and energy fields. Your heart will be exposed as there will be no boundaries available to you, unless you impose them yourself and you will want to stay free of the manipulation of others.

C/G/G-23 Jan. 13

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06 February - 20 February, 2013

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NC/R/U-6 Feb. 13

Restaurant Review

By Gerry Williams E-mail:

Live Seafood –Chinese style! T h e m o s t recognizable restaurant cuisine style in the world is the Chinese Seafood. Entrance and walls, inside and out, are invariably tiered with water tanks full of live fish of every possible species, prawns, crabs, abalone, clams, and even sometimes a few things that you would prefer not to see.

[cooked in alcohol], sautéed in Thai spices, simmered in a curry sauce or deep-fried and served with mayonnaise, sweet and sour or with the tang of wasabi. The Live Clams are best just stir-fried in a black bean sauce although the version cooked in wine and spices has a bit more flavour to it. All live seafood at The Garoupa is sold at a daily varying ‘market price’, per 100 gm.

The Garoupa opened on Raya Kuta last year, the latest in a long line of large [seating 180] Chinese restaurants in Bali specializing in live seafood.

Frogs can be stewed hot fiery Szechuan style, or with ginger and spring onion. Deep-fried they come with minced garlic, a butter sauce of spiced salt. A surprise for locals is that the menu features Live Turtle [as do most of the other major Chinese restaurants in Bali]. However I am assured that they are land turtles [are they not tortoises?] not the endangered and protected sea turtles. At The Garoupa they make a soup with them using either braised or stewed turtle meat.

Entrees are not a normal way of life in Chinese restaurants. The common ordering process is soup, a variety of seafood and/or meat dishes [with contrasting sauces] and a few vegetable dishes. However The Garoupa does present a couple of starters that make you think. Deep-fried Dough with prawn mayonnaise sauce is one of them. Deep-fried Mushrooms are more common as are the essential Seafood Spring Rolls which are quite good although the strawberry sauce caters for the sweet tooth of the locals. Shark Fin Soup features on all classic Chinese menus. Braised Superior Shark Fin is offered with crab and egg or ‘Thai’ style. The ‘Save the Shark’ campaigners do not get much of a hearing down south in Australia where young surfers and snorkellers are mauled, maimed and killed by the monsters every year, 2012 was a particularly bad year. Many other soups are also available and most Asian meals have one ordered as one of the spread of dishes, but to be shared from a central serving dish, not individual serves, so that means one soup for all. Soups are not eaten as a separate course but are sipped throughout the meal. They can be fish based often with ginseng, chicken or abalone. The Fish Head Soup is of Garoupa. A soup of live clams is also on offer, again with that very Chinese ‘superior’ tag. Live Garoupa is, not surprisingly, a feature dish at The Garoupa. It can be ordered many different ways; braised, casseroled or in that unique XO sauce. Steamed Garoupa can be in superior soy or hot and sour. Deep-fried combinations include Hong Kong style, Hot and Sour or Sweet and Sour. Live Sea Prawns can be just poached, served ‘drunken’

Pacific Squid is most commonly with spiced salt or black pepper, good in XO, stir-fried in shrimp paste or simply grilled. Australian Scallops are stuffed with black pepper and honey, unusual and very tasty. Beancurd is stuffed with scallop meat and mushrooms then steamed.

Live Crabs can be seen in the tanks at the front window. They are prepared in all the traditional ways. From the wok with ginger and spring onion or just in a black pepper sauce. Deep-fried in a Malaysian curry, in traditional salty egg or chilli sauces or done Hong Kong style. I like the Soft Shell Crabs which are deep-fried with curry leaves and cereal.

QUICK REVIEW Restaurant Address Telephone Open Non-Smoking Area Smoking Area Parking Price Credit Cards Food Wine Service Atmosphere Overall

: The Garoupa : Jln. Raya Kuta 21, Kuta. : 764 925 : 10.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m., daily. : Yes : Yes : Small area at front. : Rp. 1,000,000 for two [+ drinks] : Visa, Mastercard. : Chinese Seafood. : Limited. : Brisk and brusque. : An eating house. : For live seafood!

Whilst I eat most things and have tried many different creatures I have never been able to accept the famous Chinese Sea Cucumber. Stone Fish and Jelly Fish are other ‘acquired’ tastes. If you like Sea Cucumber you can have it stewed or braised. Far better for me are the Lobsters or better still the Shovel Nosed Lobsters [which is not a lobster at all], and The Garoupa offers all three of the different lobster species including the most unusual Bamboo Lobster [pictured]. All can be sashimi style, from the wok or deep-fried with salty egg. Needless to say all the usual chicken [traditional sweet and sour, deep-fried with mango or with a bit of fire Szechuan style], pork [ribs, belly and that unique BBQ pork] and beef [black pepper] dishes are also available as are a range of BBQ including the wonderful Roasted Duck which can be ordered as full bird, half or quarter. BBQ Roasted Honey Pork is another favourite and at The Garoupa it is not the dry style so often served in Bali, but tender. A feast for everyone with so many choices as is the norm at major Chinese restaurants.

Copyright © 2013 Gerry Williams Reviews that appear in Bali Advertiser are based on actual visits to the establishments listed, without the knowledge of the restaurants, and are not paid for by the individual restaurants. Opinions expressed here are those of Gerry Williams and not necessarily those of Bali Advertiser. Gerry Williams attempts to write from a ‘typical’ diner’s perspective and, whilst quality of food is the most important criteria overall, value for money is the real measuring stick.


Restaurant & Nightlife

Bali Advertiser

06 February - 20 February, 2013

Update Bridges celebrates Valentine’s Day on Thursday February 14. Bridges, located at the

twin bridges of Campuhan, Ubud, is always a romantic venue and their special Valentine Dinner for two is priced at Rp. 950,000++ or add an extra Rp. 195,000++ per person is you want paired wines as well. Start with an Entrée Tasting Plate; Baked Pear filled with blue cheese, Seared Foie Gras and Sweet Corn Scallops all served with assorted garnishes. For your main course you have the choice of a Basil Crusted Baked Barramundi served with potato parcels and assorted zucchini flowers OR a Tomato-Thyme Crusted Lamb Rack [pictured] also served with potato parcels and assorted zucchini flowers. Finish with the Dessert Platter, warm Valrhona Lava Cake, Orange Brulee and a vanilla gelato Affogato. Two extra courses are also available. A special Aperitif of a selection from 4 house wines served with the amuse bouche [+Rp.110,000] and a later Cheese Platter for Two [+ Rp.170,000].

For Sale; Ocean rodeo 12 meter kitesurfer, Mystic Harness, underground board. Contact 081 2392 3936. Ketewel. [205] Moving Sale; Aquarium from ACE Hardware, kids stuff, teak furniture, sofa. All excellent condition. Call Heidi 081 2394 5760. [206]

For Sale; Unwanted gift 13,3 inch MacBook Air Model MC965ZA/A Processor 1,7 GHz, intel Core i5 Memory 4Gb 1333 MHz DDR3, SDRAM, Graphics intel HD 3000 384 MB, HD 128 GB, Sickle Count only 5 original price 12 mill, asking price 9 mill, please contact 089 8078 1887. [203]

For Sale; Great portable BenQ digital projector with Carl Zeiss lens and new bulb for 2 Juta. SMS to 081 2380 2728. Jimbaran. [193] For Sale; Apple iPhone 4S, 32 gig factory unlock, white colour and good condition, sale for 5 mill. Please contact 089 8078 1887. [202]

Sakala at Tandjung Benoa also celebrates Valentine’s Day with a very special menu for two. It is a 9 course feast [also available throughout the month of February] however on the 14th there will also be live music and a rose for the lady. The menu begins with an Aphrodisiac of Oyster, Crayfish, and Crab followed by Decadence (for 2) of Foie Gras ‘Domaine du Périé’ prepared in 6 artisan ways, served with warm Brioche. Then the Exotic, Prawn Bisque scented with tropical fruits, fresh mint and Balinese Vanilla. Harmony is Char-grilled Blue-fin tuna sashimi and Japanese King scallops with Risotto Carnaroli, artichoke and asparagus, Mediterranean caviar beurre blanc. A Champagne Granité to relax between courses then Pure Indulgence, slow roasted Rack of Lamb from “Mary Valley” in Australia served with creamy mushroom gnocchi with shaved black truffle, young vegetables and red wine sauce. Forever Yours (for 2)is a selection of 6 AOC Farmhouse Cheeses from Europe with house made bread, fig paste and mixed nuts. Temptation (for 2) is 7 different ways to eat chocolate! Grand Cru 70 % bitter Valrhona chocolate in contrasts and textures. This is followed by a Sweet Surprise from the Chef. This special menu is available through February and priced at Rp. 2,000,000++ per couple. Each couple will also receive complimentary SAKALA Bali Truffles. Slippery Stone is another invasion from Jakarta. On Batu Belig, Kerobokan it is marked by just a sign and a long driveway. A visit is quite amazing; you discover a large car park, gallery, four separate eating areas as well as the open lounge area [dry weather only], long bar and open kitchen. In all there is seating for 300, if they all come? At least this Jakarta business is NOT halal, as pork features often, as it should in Bali. Half Moon Buns stuffed with babi guling and lawar combine Chinese and Balinese cuisines [3 buns to a serve]. Other interesting and very varied entrees are a serving of Peking Duck with those small soft pancakes for rolling and hoi sin for dipping, the great Balinese ‘salad’ of Ayam Pelalah, shards of chicken and skin tossed with lime and chilli, and Soft Shell Crab combined with peppers and red curry paste in a corn roll. Then we get to the more normal fare; Wagyu Burgers with a tomato and tamarind relish, Crisp Pork Belly with apple slaw and mustard dressing and a Salad of Caramelised Pork Hock with salted duck egg, red rice, palm heart, coriander and lemongrass. The large selection of mains on the menu include all the usual ones, plus a few that are different. The Chicken [whole or half bird] can be Chinese Lemon or Lombok Taliwang. The Ribs are Beef [Jakarta style] and there is a touch of Thai with their Crab & Pork Sausage served with pomelo, cashews, lontong, coconut, lemongrass and kemangi. A Spiced Yellow Fin Tuna is with corn fritters and the Steamed Barramundi is with prawn dumplings. The Pandan Crème Brulee presents a very Asian finish. Rondji is an impressive space, atop the hill overlooking the Campuhan Valley, situated

inside the famous Ubud Antonio Blanco Musuem. It encompasses a large area, some inside under the wantilan but most on the outside terrace under the trees, with that valley view. The menu typifies its local heritage, a version of International. At the top of the menu you are told: You are what you eately! I guess we know what they mean but after this expensive fit out it does not suggest great ‘attention to detail’? The top menu item causes more concern as the Barramundi is with ‘potato scales’, I am confused! More regular is the Yellow Fin Tuna with creamy pesto sauce and the Tasmanian Salmon, crispy skin but with béarnaise [béarnaise with fish, most unusual]. There is a Prawn Ravioli and a Duck Leg Confit with butternut squash ravioli. The Pork Belly is with a Dijon mayonnaise and they also offer their version of the very English ‘Beef Wellington’. A rather unusual dessert is Tarragon Panacotta with a passion fruit coulis and strawberry ‘ketchup’! Prices are very moderate and worth a visit just for the view alone.

Mythos is a small Greek café on Jln. Batu Belig, Kerobokan. It must be Greek as all the tables have those traditional blue and white check tablecloths. A variety of Souvlakis their main claim to fame, chicken or pork and their BBQ mains feature much meat on sticks, either sliced from the Gyros or in whole pieces. Small and friendly a place for that quick eat. Eatoss appears to be another Jakarta invasion into the late night dance and drink market

of Bali. It is on Jln. Raya Petitenget, Kerobokan, and is yet another place open till 5.00 a.m. every morning, a way of life originally confined to the lower end of Jln. Legian, Kuta, but now there an ever increasing number in this area [higher drink prices perhaps?] a few of which are always busy whilst most are empty. The food is typical, a little bit of everything, bits from many different cuisines, some a little confused. The Vietnamese Prawn Meat on Sugar Cane actually combines minced prawn meat with chicken and the supposedly ‘Thai’ Spring Rolls are actually soft flour tortillas [Mexican] rather than rice paper, stuffed with vegetables which are combined with spicy peanut sauce [Indonesian] mozzarella and parmesan [definitely Italian]! Their Cappucino Soups are their ‘feature’ and can be with mushroom, tomato, potato or sweet corn. A beef stuffed Canneloni is a mystery [rolled flatted pasta??] and their Chicken Roll Up is actually chicken stuffed with smoked beef in ‘gravy’! Of course they also sell pizzas, pasta, burgers, steaks and an Asian selection and just about everything else. Gerry Williams For more information see our website:

C/R/G-09 Jan. 13

The Rotary Clubs of Bali and the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank are working together to increase the awareness about the severe shortage of Rh Negative Blood types here in Bali. These are much less prevalent in Asian populations (0.3%) vs. European populations (10%). If you have Rh Negative Blood and would be prepared to help save a life, please contact the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank office today at 0361-227 224 and one of their mobile units will visit you at your home/ office/hotel for your generous donation.

* Please note - the staff is professionally trained to International Standards and always uses new disposable needles. In addition, the Blood Bank is currently expanding its present list of Rh Negative Blood donors. If you are living in Bali and would be willing to have your name placed on a ‘confidential list’ for emergency cases, please call Ibu Metta - 081 855 2299 (English speaking).

Help SAVE a life TODAY by sharing this information with your friends, colleagues and customers. Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser

Bali Advertiser

06 February - 20 February, 2013

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HECTOR’S Shooting Party

So Good to be Bad

The fate of British drug smuggler Lindsay Sandiford is far from settled, despite Governor Pastika’s apparent belief that we should all be relaxed and comfortable with the decision of the judges at her trial in Denpasar in January to ignore the prosecution, and the evidence it presented, and sentence the poor woman to death. Sandiford, a 56-year-old grandmother, is unquestionably gullible and stupid. You would have to be both to agree – in whatever circumstances – to attempt to smuggle nearly five kilograms of cocaine into Bali. But even if you accept that the death penalty is a justified legal sanction (it is not) it is clearly unwarranted in this case. The reason for this is not Indonesian law, which permits the State to kill people by firing squad for a number of offences. It lies, rather, in the judges’ reasons for imposing the death sentence on Sandiford. Among these is the astonishing one that Sandiford harmed the image of Bali by her actions. Hey, everyone! Better not dump rubbish! That definitely harms the image of Bali and apparently, on the Sandiford bench’s model, could attract the death penalty.

Alliance Française does great work in promoting French language and culture. This is to be encouraged, especially nowadays when we are all under threat from global Americanisation. So it’s a shame the Diary couldn’t make the showing of a lovely film in Denpasar - it was part of the Alliance Française Ciné Club programme – which tells the story of a kind person’s transformation from nice to bad. You might say French humour is parfait. No, that’s not a dessert, perfect or otherwise. In this case the humour was in one of a number of films screened in a “transformation” series. The movie Ugly Melanie tells the story of a girl who is too nice to be true: so kind and helpful that everyone knows it, even the neighbour’s dog.

The judges heard (or possibly didn’t hear) the prosecution call for a 15-year sentence for Sandiford for being a drug mule. The prosecution did not present any evidence to suggest Sandiford was the ring-leader of the gang (there is another trial pending of someone who faces that accusation). Two people have already been sentenced over the failed plan to smuggle cocaine into Bali. Brit expat Rachel Douglas got one year for possession of a small quantity of drugs. Her partner, Julian Ponder, has been sentenced to six years (but could have faced the death penalty). A property developer, Paul Beales, has been jailed for four years. Quite possibly very few people care much about the fate of Sandiford, who committed a stupidly criminal act that, had it evaded detection, would possibly have put a lot of cocaine into street circulation in Bali. Her post-sentence ploy, to sue the British foreign office because it didn’t put enough effort into helping her, is unfortunately commonplace. Ask the Aussies; they’re forever dealing with people who think it’s the government’s job to get them out of trouble.

Gives You the Brits

But shooting a 56-year-old granny would do far more damage to Bali’s image than anything else. As for the Governor, he of all people should understand that the final legal processes are not yet complete. There is no reason to respect the court’s decision, other than as a step in a lengthy process. There will be an appeal. There are further options beyond an appeal. No executions have been carried out in Indonesia since 2008. It is devoutly to be hoped that the judicial killings five years ago turn out to have been the country’s last.

Muddy Waters Something even nastier than piles of festering rubbish seems to be lurking in the precious Benoa Harbour mangroves that Bali’s provincial government and others are being so cavalier about. It beggars belief that anyone would think a political answer to mangrove destruction in pursuit of (otherwise reasonable) road improvements is to licence a commercial operator to build something euphemistically called an eco resort in the remaining mangrove area. It’s something so far out in left field that it brings to mind the Vietnam War era assertion by a US officer that American forces had to destroy a town in order to save it. To put the Benoa Harbour mangrove situation in the kindest possible light, we might simply say that a crucial element of perspective has been lost. Welcome to Wally World. Mangroves are critically important breeding areas for marine life – fish and crustaceans, which people later eat – and essential to coastal protection from storms, tidal surges and even (though we hope this never happens) tsunamis. Apparently destruction of the marine littoral can be overlooked, as the Mulia’s unauthorised wave-break wall at Geger Beach at Nusa Dua was until someone made a noise about it. The local Friends of the Earth – known here as WAHLI – have been vocal about the Benoa Harbour mangroves. WAHLI’s activist but otherwise inoffensive leader Wayan Suardana, more widely known by his familiar name Gendo, was beaten up at his Denpasar office last November by hired thugs, none of whom (and don’t wait up) have actually been apprehended. WAHLI is suing Governor Pastika over his authorisation of the mangrove eco-resort project.

C/R/I-31 Oct 12

But because she is so nice, people take advantage of her. Eventually, she gets fed up with this. Well, merde, wouldn’t anyone? So one day Melanie decides to change, following yet another humiliation at the hands of her cousin Aurore. From now on she will take revenge on those who have made her life hell. Of such things are dreams made.

Hot on the heels of news that more Chinese than ever are likely to be landing en masse at Ngurah Rai International this year, courtesy of new charter flights direct from the Middle Kingdom, we hear hints that a few more Brits than usual might be planning Bali breaks too. It’s their weather, apparently. Though it’s something of a mystery why this should suddenly be an issue in 2013 when sensible exBrits (such as your diarist) decamped as far back as 1969 because of exactly the same inclement conjunction of drizzle and chill. It does take some people a little while to catch on, of course. Last year the UK had its second wettest year on record. New travel industry research indicates many Brits have decided 2013 might be just as bad, if not worse, and – like Cliff Richard in that song half a century ago – they’re all going on a summer holiday. Most will be going to the Costa Lotta, the Costa Blotto and sundry other customary nearby haunts of the cloth-cap brigade – who can’t get by without their cuppas and fish and chips – but we suppose a few might look further afield. Stand by for the Glums.

C/R/I-22 Feb. 12

Dog-Whistle Days Deborah Cassrels, the well-connected Aussie scribblerabout-Bali, had a piece in The Weekend Australian recently about how expats in plush Canggu villas are being targeted by terrible thieves. We’re sure it’s a problem for them. If you stand out in the crowd – and it’s easy to do that if you live in a pad that would accommodate several Indonesian extended families and still have room to spare – you make yourself a target. That’s not to defend low-life types (from anywhere) who break into houses and rob people with violence. The police should deter such activity, or at least try to catch the miscreants after the event. But it is to say that people who live in Expatostan are probably their own worst enemies. If instead you live in a local community, establish reliably mutual neighbourly relationships and don’t flaunt your wealth – even if it is only relative wealth – you’re following sensible rules. And memo Deb (and others in the Australia media): “Rich” Balinese and other Indonesians get robbed too.

C/R/G-09 Jan. 13

On a Lighter Note Well, all that’s been a bit of a downer, so here’s something cheerier. Someone, perhaps a chap with nothing better to do, has compiled a list of strange questions asked at job interviews. One caught our eye: What songs best describe your work ethic? It was asked at a Google job interview, which figures. We came up with three that suit our style: Manic Monday by The Bangles and two Billy Joel classics – Ain’t No Crime (“Nine o’clock coming without any warning and you’ve gotta get your ass out the door“) and Big Shot (“But now you just don’t remember all the things you said and you’re not sure that you want to know”). Hector can be contacted at He blogs at and is on Facebook: Hector McSquawky Copyright © 2013 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of Hector’s Diary at C/R/G-23 Jan. 13

Ubud Area Chicken Rotisserie Business Perfect for a young couple it is being sold due to retirement of its owner. Fully fitted, two roasters machine, gas oven, two freezers, two fridges, microwave, food heater, gas grill, gas fryer, pop corn machine, 4 fans, generator, telephone and more. Two years already running. Still 6 years leasing on central location Ubud. Only serious persons, please write to

For Sale; I have extra 3000 batako or stones for build construction. I bought them just way to many. Does anyone need them? Please contact <zomeraya@gmail. com>. Jimbaran. [198] For Sale; Acer lap top bag, good condition. Contact 0818 0566 2911 Legian. [199]

For Sale; 2nd Apple iPhone 5, 16 Gb black colour, factory unlock price only 6,5 mill (fix). Please call/sms 0812 3959 7385. [200] For Sale; New Canon lens 28-135mm IS USM w/ UV Pro Filter & LowPro camera bag. 3,000,000rp. SMS 0821 4684 5917. Jimbaran. [190]

Bumi Bali

Balinese Restaurant & Cooking School Serving only specialty Balinese food despite complex blending of spices and fragrant roots that give Balinese food its intriguingly different flavor. Monkey Forest Road, Ubud Bali Phone (0361) 976 698 E : C/U/I-05 Sept 12

NC/U/M-6 Feb. 13



Don’t Look Back: Writers Discuss e Publishing By Renee Melchert Thorpe

Most of the panel discussions, one-man performances, readings, and interviews at the 2012 Ubud Writers and Readers Festival are up and available for free download. Just go to and enjoy the feast! Writing in the digital age has been a hot topic each year, usually cooled with a lot of funereal whimpers about bookshops and paper textures. In 2012, at last, through some of the region’s liveliest writers making use of digital technology, festivalgoers got to hear some real success stories from the e revolution. Here is a dip in that stream, as it flowed through Ubud. “Writing to the Power of E” was nothing if not lighthearted, optimistic and inspiring. Chairperson Jonathan Campbell easily coaxed some great riffs from his panel of writers. Campbell himself chronicled mainland Chinese popular music in his thoroughly engaging Red Rock: The Long Strange March of Chinese Rock and Roll, so he knows a thing or two about rapid and deep cultural changes. With him on the dais were Melbourne Hip-Hop Artist Luka Lesson, touring American Singer / Songwriter Kristina Olsen, Filipina columnist Jessica Zafra, and Thailand-based crime fiction publisher Tom Vater from Germany. In the space of minutes, each panelist revealed themselves as multitalented, flexible, enormously funny, and ultimately impossible to label. Various digital media definitely serve a writer who must illuminate and broadcast a unique and unbridled body of work. Consensus revealed how digital publishing liberates the writer. Tom Vater, given ample exposure on the net, explained how blogging is a respectable revenue stream rather than only an act of giving away your work for nothing. Editors see his work there and give him welcome writing assignments to augment his publishing income. Luka felt that there are times when giving away free work can simply be a great way to advertise; the key, he said, is to make a beautiful product, not something that looks throw-away cheap. This leads to high hits and such admiration can be followed by lucrative sponsorships. Kristina Olsen pointed out that if a writer markets his own digital work, selling a few thousand copies nets him or her far more money than would a publisher managing to sell ten times that through an old system packed with expenses and middle men. There was a healthily iconoclastic air to the discussion. Vater clearly relishes his independence, likening his current career to his days of being a freelance guitarist. He says that

although bookstores largely don’t exist anymore, Amazon. com can only fracture, as innovative internet users create new ways of changing digital marketing culture. Jessica Zafra raised audience laughter like a standup comedienne as she recounted her expansion from broadsheet journo to a leading satirical and cultural voice in Southeast Asia’s most wired nation. She loves the immediacy of digital publishing, and the assurance that her words will not be filtered, edited, censored or wholly rejected by an editor poised between her and her readers.






Open : 08.00 am - 10.00 pm

The Most Complete Supermarket in Ubud Jl. Raya Andong #14. Tel.973049, Fax. 978071 Ubud C/U/G-17 Dec. 08

Just as liberating, the panel agreed, is the lack of sheer tonnage that comes with being an independent, e-published writer. Luka Lesson tours with a stack of professionally produced discs of his hip hop performances, products appealing to a young audience who wouldn’t consider buying a book of poetry. Kristina pointed out the advantages of going digital from the viewpoints of avid reader and touring performer. Ordering kilos of bound books to quell her reading lust on tour, she began to feel guilty knowing her shipments were making a big carbon footprint. Sometimes she was already time zones away when a delivery was made to a location. But now, she enthused, “I can hear about a book online and in two minutes, it’s up on my reader!” As a performer, her tour merchandise has happily shrunk to a little bag of thumb drives of her book, They Paid Us in Tub Time, taking up a fraction of the space of just one paper copy. Ingeniously exploiting e technology, pages of Tub Time are embedded with recordings of her songs that illuminate respective sections of her memoir. When Luka Lesson commented that a blogger or performer can be open to attack on sites like YouTube, and that “venomous critics can do you serious damage,” Vater suggested that an attack can be viewed as a reader’s true engagement with one’s work, a type of compliment on the power of the writer’s ability. Luka may not have been convinced, but agreed that the advantage of being plugged into his large network of poets far outweighs ill effects of any noisy detractors. And Jessica got everyone talking when she mentioned the Philippines’ restrictive libel laws, outdated in the digital age.

C/U/G-23 Jan. 13

A double-edged sword, libel laws can protect a writer against attack, but may give a blogger pause before publishing with the push of a button. It seems that bloggers and e-scribes are now focusing on creating quality works, with fair value competitive with established publishers of books. Zafra says that because satire is protected, it behooves e-publishers to perfect their irony. Amidst panel consensus that producing some freebies can be smart marketing, not one of the writers was willing to price their finished work in the $1.99 strata. In their experience, that price tag was a ticket to the virtual remainder bin. Vater said, “if you value your work, you have to charge a reasonable amount of money or you will not be taken seriously.” The panel also suggested that bound books are heading for a “boutique” phase, where they will morph into their own art form, and, in doing so, become better products as well. With the advantages of mobility, greater control, and fewer barriers between writer and reader, e-publishing appears as a writer’s most enticing option today. Check out these sites from the panelists:,,,, C/U/G-6 Feb. 13

Bali Advertiser

UBUD POSITIVE HEART With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s a great prompt (should you need one) to open your heart to people in trauma. BaliSpirit and our extraordinary Ubud-based online start-up,, are asking you to help them raise money for Bali HIV/ AIDS awareness. You do this very simply, by giving positive online reviews to great Bali businesses, services and individuals through an easyto-use website that’s based on thinking positive! Each time someone posts a review, $1 is donated to non-profit organisation Ayo Kita Bicara HIV AIDS (Let’s Talk HIV AIDS) and if you post the most reviews you win a romantic dinner at BaliSpirit group’s “Mediterranean-style” Taman Restaurant on Jalan Hanoman. Check out this facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook. com/communityreviews. COLOUR OF LOVE I’m told that pink is the colour of the light of the universe that brings love into our bodies – first for ourselves and then for others. So the s p e c i a l Va l e n t i n e ’ s Day menu at T a k s u Restaurant s o u n d s perfect. In a “Romantic Space for Two” you can dine on Chilled Strawberry Bisque with Yogurt, Roasted Beet salad or Dill-Cured Smoked Salmon, and Red Velvet Cheese Cake or a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Platter. But start the day with a Taksu Valentine Spa Pampering for two. Afterwards, you’ll definitely be “in the pink”! Bookings always a good idea: phone 0361-971 490, or email: Taksu is at the southern end of Jalan Goutama. KEYS TO TREE OF LOVE Ubud’s romantic Bridges Restaurant will launch a “tree of love” for Ubud lovers, on Valentine’s Day. Following the tradition of many romantic spots around the world, Bali lovers will be able to bind their commitment to each other by attaching a locked pad to the tree and then casting the keys down into the river. Bridges Restaurant’s chef Nicolas has also prepared a special Valentine’s Day menu, “just for sharing, with love and in good company”. AFRICA – UBUD CONNECTION The links strengthen between Ubud and the impoverished but musically rich West African country of Burkina Faso. Former Bali Spirit Festival volunteer coordinator J e n Richardson returns from a visit to the original home of the djembe, B o b o Dioulasso, just as BSF Founder Rob Weber heads off for a Music Intensive with djembe, balafon, ngoni and guitar masters over there. Rob’s visit to Africa includes a music festival in Zanzibar, his specially tailored week of one-on-one classes in Bobo, and catching up with friend and former BSF performer, O l i v i a Ta r p a n i – h o m e b r i e f l y i n Ouagadougou, Burkina’s capital, but normally based in California with his performance troupe, Dafra. A music producer and avid supporter of world music, Rob will take recording instruments with him on a trip which he says is “as much about me ascertaining how to use my skills to support the musicians there, as it is about me becoming a better player”. For more info on West African music intensives: WRITE FOR YOUR LIFE Strengthen your confidence in your narrative voice, through a voyage of exploration at Gaia Retreat Center later this month.The man at the helm of this Ubud Writers Retreat

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06 February - 20 February, 2013



is Jeremiah Abrams, a gifted Jungian psychotherapist and author, whose career in writing includes his book Reclaiming the Inner Child, which helped launch Penguin/ Torcher’s New Consciousness Reader series. Jeremiah has held several retreats in Bali; the participants consistently speak glowingly of his work - and their own achievements during the transition period he creates. Write for Your Life. February 22 - March 1. For more info email: wayan@ ROTARY-SPONSORED HIV CLINIC Sorry, but the new free HIV-AIDS clinic in planning for this year hasn’t yet found a suitable spot for its Ubud service. My last column wrongly stated that it would be at Toya Clinic. The new clinic is sorely needed in the Gianyar region. It will be sponsored by Ubud Sunset Rotary Club and coordinated by Yayasan Bali Peduli (Caring for Bali), a non-profit that is doing a lot of work to help women and children at risk of HIV/ Aids here in Bali. Sponsors and supporters of these projects are absolutely vital for their ongoing success; Bali Peduli has been generously supported by the Mel Wolf Foundation and others. For more info: AYURVEDIC YOGA MASSAGE Intensive training in unique modalities is a Taksu commitment that distinctly sets their therapists apart from other island spas. Recently, eleven therapists successfully completed the intensive theoretical and practical training program for Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, with course instructor Beta Lisboa, from Yoga Swaha. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is an ancient, Indian therapeutic technique originating in Pune, India by the grand teacher Ksum Modak. It combines a deep, but gentle full body massage by the therapist’s hands and feet with Iyengar-style yoga stretching. Taksu is celebrating with a 25% discount offer on the 90 minute Ayurvedic Yoga Massage until February 28. Bookings : 0361-971 490, or reservations@ BE THE FLOW Many tourists come to Bali for a sundrenched holiday, with little thought of life change or spiritual development. Often, they stay on - or return – for something more. Yoga specialist Linda Madani is respected internationally for her calming, invigorating retreats, held in Bali each year with guests from all over the world. If you are in search of clarity and inner peace, or you wish to re-balance, recharge and reinvigorate your life in a stunning Ubud setting, join Linda Madani and her wonderful Balinese team for 7 days of peace from April 17-13, 2013. Yoga Pranala Spiritual Development Retreat: visit retreat-2013 for early bird pricing, details and booking information. NEW MOZAIC CHEF Ubud’s Mozaic Restaurant is buzzing this month, with new Executive Chef Xavier Mauerhofer creating a new menu of special dishes to celebrate his arrival in Bali. How does this sound? King crab salad with cucumbercoriander gelée, mustard cloud, kafir lime dressing, lemon pepper lavosh and balsamic reduction, or seared tuna tataki with edamamecoriander puree and pickled mushroom, bangkang, and confied tomato? Hmmm. I’m on the way! Chef Mauerhofer joins the Mozaic Restaurant with outstanding credentials gathered all over the world – from London to Atlanta to China - including several prominent Michelin rated establishments. Mozaic Restaurant is on Jalan Raya Campuhan.



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BA Feature


Deconstructing the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival Since its inception ten years ago, the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival has blossomed. From an overall audience in the first year of approximately 1,000 in 10 venues, the festival has seen its attendance increased to more than 25,000. Now in its 10th year, the festival has grown bigger and more prodigious, with near-Olympian dimensions and a stunning line-up of authors, artists and events. The October 2012 Festival boasted a full-tothe-brim program of 4 days and nights in some 50 locations, drawing 140 authors from 30 countries, 25,000 participants, and 250 events into a monster literary moving feast.

Janet says, UWRF presents a lot of choices, options and paths in all directions. It is all about making choices and you cannot always get everything you want. Culturally diverse - The festival celebrates great writing in whatever format it is found: in books, on screen, in journalism, songs or on stage. It is culturally diverse in the sense of artistic expressions that are not restricted to the written word, but are based on the art of words. The UWRF showcases Indonesian writers on an international stage and is focusing awareness on some of the intellectual currents going on throughout Indonesia. In addition, bringing Indonesian and Asian writers, readers and thinkers - particularly young intellectuals, artists and performers - into direct contact with their Western counterparts, promotes the exchange of information and ideas which increases cross-cultural understanding and dispels a lot of cultural stereotypes on both sides.

UWRF is now routinely ranked among the world’s most prestigious literary gatherings. Guest authors come from 5 continents, from Asia, Australia, the Americas, Africa, Europe and the Middle East; some are festival favorites returning from previous years. Notably, the festival provides a platform for new and established literary voices from within the Indonesian archipelago, giving them an audience, a chance to launch their books and an opportunity to participate in panel discussions with the international and local literary elite of authors and publishers. The caliber of guest authors has been high from the very beginning: literary legends, award winning authors and poets, Pulitzer and Booker Prize winners, Nobel laureates, historians, political and social-cultural commentators and inspiring personalities - with due attention to voices from the fringes - sometimes polarizing and controversial, always wildly entertaining. Janet De Neefe, founder and director of UWRF, has modeled the Ubud event on famous and successful fairs like the Sydney and Byron Bay Writers Festivals in which she participated as a guest author. The UWRF program is similar in structure and content, though the Ubud fest is more heavily weighted in terms of simultaneous events. Janet admits she has quickened the pace of activities and events, consciously not scheduling coffee and lunch breaks because she wanted things to keep moving. According to Janet, if activities are too slow or spaced out, people start losing momentum, energy, interest and focus. For that reason too, the actual festival is limited to 4 days, with 9 to 5 sessions, plus night time events. The schedule is consciously designed to be very intense. The idea is that, when you walk away after four days, you will be in a state of awe.

The challenge of navigating the festival and picking the best - At first glance, the schedule of simultaneous activities and events is overwhelming. In the 2012 catalog, no fewer than 9 categories of events are listed and most of those run simultaneously, all day, all night, from 9 am to late in the evenings. • Dominating the main program are the venue panel sessions - inspiring and dynamic conversations with authors. They run concurrently all day at 3 main venues all located within walking distance from each other. The panel sessions are of an astonishing depth as the authors engage the audience in thought-provoking discussions. They present a treasure trove of good advice, great tips and techniques; and a look into their inner psyche - what makes them tick as writers and thinkers, what are their challenges, blocks, restraints; what inspires and motivates them. • Workshops – The last festival offered 14 fee-based workshops over 5 days by professional writers, editors and publishers on skills development and technical instructions on the art and craft of writing: how to structure plots and dialogue; build compelling characters; deal with writers block and bad writing habits. Workshops cover fiction and nonfiction, memoirs, poetry, fantasy, blogging, graphic novels, stage, screen and travel writing; writing for children and young adults; e-publishing and self publishing. In addition, a variety of cultural workshops are offered around Balinese and Indonesian art forms: batik painting, wayang kulit, Balinese natural herbs & spices, lotions and potions. • Literary Lunches/Dinners and Special Events are paid events around key international authors in one of Ubud’s elegant hotels or restaurants. These events provide readers with the chance to listen to and mingle with their favorite writers and they are prized for their intimacy and ambience. They are deliberately kept small so it’s almost like having a private dinner party with someone like Nick Cave, Alexander McCall Smith, Anuradha Roy, John Pilger or Dr. Jose Ramos-Horta. Special events also include book club breakfasts with attending authors, cooking classes with international and Ubud’s own chefs, walking, biking, literary and textile tours.

Many genres, guest authors, sessions and activities to choose from - Each year the festival revolves around a unique Indonesian theme which unites the whole program and showcases the diversity of international and Indonesian writers. The 2012 theme Bumi Manusia/This Earth of Mankind paid homage to Pramoedya Ananta Toer, one of Indonesia’s greatest contemporary writers, and his epic novel Bumi Manusia. Around this central theme a great variety of genres get the spotlight. Screenwriting took an active role this past year as guest film makers Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza were then in the process of filming Bumi Manusia. There are many genres and subgenres and the UWRF has managed to include the most popular. Janet emphatically states that the festival is still a work in progress; she has more ideas brewing and in future festivals wants to include more crime/ detective novels, suspense stories, comedy, Sci-fi, Zombie lit and graphic novels. Obviously, the genre pot holds many more possibilities. Let’s see what coming festivals will bring in terms of new genres: perhaps Gonzo journalism, absurdist, avant-garde or experimental fiction, antinovel, cyberpunk, meta-fiction? Considering the impressive number of guest authors and the short time available to showcase their work, ideas and philosophies, it becomes very clear that the 4 days of the festival are chockablock full of sessions and activities. Simultaneous activities and events are occurring day and night. It makes the UWRF lit fest very dynamic and keeps participants engaged to the hilt with a full schedule to exhaust the intellectual senses. Keeping participants on their toes and overwhelmed by choices at all times preens the senses and forces them to make judicious selections. Like life,

• •

• •

Book launches are a daily event, mainly in late afternoon and a great way to discover new authors and topics. They feature recent publications by local and international authors in various settings around Ubud. At the last festival 16 books were launched in 5 days. The film program screens short films and documentaries late afternoon at Betelnut restaurant. Rumah Baca/the reading room features daily sessions with readings from the works of key authors. Rumah Baca provides a very intimate setting between author and readers, creating a truly personal experience. The festival provides a free 4 day Children & Youth program. This program includes writing and creative skills development workshops led by local and international guest writers. Community & Arts programs are free events steeped in Balinese and Indonesian culture like the Pramoedya Ananta

Toer tribute night, wayang kulit performance, theatre, traditional music, song and dance programs, bilingual afternoon readings by Indonesian writers, international poetry slams, and some guided cultural tours and events. Fringe events are free cultural events held at schools, universities and art communities in Denpasar and bring a flavor of the UWRF to local young authors and readers. Fringe events include panel discussions, free workshops and reading performances that showcase the creative works and processes of local and Indonesian authors and dramatists.

Tips on getting the most out of the next festival - As the 2012 UWRF catalog warned up front: immersion and surrender are the only options. Therefore your foray into the maze of the festival needs plotting like a pro. First, subscribe to the festival newsletter on the website. Next, it is essential to get a copy of the program way ahead of time and take some quality time to peruse the offerings. The program is normally published on the UWRF website by the end of August. Decide how much time and when you can devote to the festival. Then start mapping your plan of action on a big calendar and note all the workshops, sessions and events that spark your interest. Review the main program and circle the sessions of your choice. Yes, that is when hard choices have to be made. You can break up your daily schedule into day-time, late afternoon and night-time activities. The categories are color coded and the free events are clearly marked. Check ticket prices and booking details for festival passes, special events and workshops on the UWRF website. Research the featured authors, read some of their books or their bios ahead of time so you have more of an opportunity to fine-tune your choices. Check the regular UWRF columns in the Bali Advertiser featuring guest authors and their work. If you are going to invest in a one- or four-day festival pass, really target whom you want to see. Sign up for workshops and special events early; most sell out by the opening of the festival. Free events are priceless The Festival is a combination of ticketed and free events. As a community service, the festival allocates part of the proceeds from ticket sales to cover free public events, the children’s workshops and to subsidize attendance for local residents who could not otherwise afford to participate. If funds are tight, you can still get a rich cultural education just by attending the free sessions and events and capture the essence of the festival. All Community & Arts Programs are free events and there are many to choose from. Book launches are precious opportunities to get in firsthand with the author as there is plenty of time to ask questions and engage the author in conversation and debate. The same goes for the film nights and the international poetry slams at Betelnut. In addition, fringe events, art exhibitions, poetry readings offer a plethora of cultural freebies. At the 2012 festival the free events included the Pramoedya Ananta Toer Tribute Night, a Wayang Kulit performance, a special performance by the renowned Teater Satu Lampung, the famous Gootama Street Party featuring music, Joged Bumbung dance, bands and street poets and the closing night party on the grounds of the Antonio Blanco museum with wild music and fire dances. The Festival Club at Casa Luna is a late night hangout where you can rub shoulders with the literati. Bar Luna hosts nightly offbeat programs (music, dance, slide shows mixed media presentations), in addition to their regular Lit Club evenings. To make it easier to navigate the free offerings, URWF issues a little booklet entitled Festival Free Bits listing all free events. Consider becoming a UWRF volunteer. Each year UWRF recruits a team of approximately 200 volunteers who help make the festival run smoothly and professionally. The volunteers work half-day shifts every day of the festival but can attend panel sessions for free during off-duty time. For more information on becoming a volunteer check the Volunteers page on the UWRF website www. Story by Ines Wynn Photographs courtesy of UWRF Copyright © 2013 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of BA Feature Article at

Local News British Grandmother Appeals Bali Drugs Death Sentence A British grandmother convicted for smuggling cocaine into the resort island of Bali filed an appeal on Monday (28/1) against her death sentence by firing squad, a court official said. Lindsay Sandiford, 56, was handed the death penalty last Tuesday (22/1) for smuggling almost five kilograms (11 pounds) of cocaine worth £1.5 million into Indonesia last May. “On Tuesday (29/1), she officially submitted a statement to the prison saying she would file an appeal. The prison then contacted us,” Denpasar district court registrar Gede Ketut Rantam told AFP. “She filed the statement on her own and so far she has not appointed a lawyer,” he added. In a copy of the statement seen by AFP, Sandiford said she was “filing an appeal against the decision of the Denpasar district court on January 22”, without giving other details. A detainee at the infamous Kerobokan prison in Denpasar where Sandiford is being held, told AFP that the Briton “was stressed and always crying”. “We understand her feelings so we leave her alone. She sleeps on the mattress and spends her time knitting,” said the female Indonesian prisoner, who shared the same cell as Sandiford and declined to be named. When contacted, her defense lawyer during the trial, Esra Karokaro, said he had neither met Sandiford nor had she contacted him over the appeal since the sentencing. He earlier said Sandiford had been “devastated” by the court’s verdict. British Law firm Leigh Day, which is working with the charity Reprieve, said it would cost around £2,500 to pay for an adequate lawyer to take on her case, but said the British Government would not pay. The firm said Sandiford had not been properly represented since her arrest at Bali airport in May last year, when customs officers found the drugs sewn into the lining of her suitcase. A lawyer who specialized in property and had no experience of capital cases represented Sandiford at her trial, Leigh Day stated in a letter to Foreign Secretary William

Hague. Rosa Curling, from the firm’s human rights team, said: “The UK Government has repeatedly confirmed its opposition to the death penalty. “It has a clear legal duty to ensure our client, who has no money to be able to pay for the basic essentials, let alone legal representation, receives appropriate assistance to be able file an appeal against her death sentence. “Without the Government’s helps, Ms Sandiford faces being executed by firing squad. “Mr. Hague must not allow this to happen - he must immediately ensure Ms Sandiford, a British citizen, is provided with the opportunity to challenge her sentence and file an appeal.” The appeals process in Indonesia typically takes several years to complete, including protracted hearings at the High Court and Supreme Court, before the final resort of seeking presidential clemency. Authorities had claimed Sandiford was at the centre of a drugs ring, which had been described as “a huge international syndicate”. She was found guilty of carrying the cocaine into the country in a suitcase, on a flight from Bangkok, but argued that she was coerced and that her children had been threatened. Bali governor Made Mangku Pastika said the death sentence for British national Lindsay June Sandiford was fair. “We must honor the court’s ruling. They must have calculated consequences in narcotic crimes,” he said here on Wednesday (23/1). The former Bali regional police command chief said that the impact of narcotic trade was huge. “Anyone must respect the judicial system used in one country where he/she is in. And that is our system,” he said. After Sandiford’s arrest three other Britons were detained in connection with the same drugs ring, but two of them were cleared of trafficking charges and received light sentences. (January 28th 2013)

Jakarta Hit by Deadly Flooding Floodwaters have ravaged Jakarta leaving at least 26 dead so far. The Associated Press reports that torrential rains caused a dike to collapse in the capital’s center on Jan. 17, leaving approximately 30 percent of the city’s 14 million people overcome by the water. Jakarta’s new governor, Joko Widodo, faces major challenges in repairing the massive destruction. Widodo declared a state of emergency and also said he was committed to making a “breakthrough” in efforts to tackle the flooding. State funds are available to help those affected by the flooding following the declaration of the state of emergency, which will remain in effect until 27th January. Infrastructure, according to the BBC, and flood waters have revealed the vast chasm between the city’s rich and urban poor. Estimates put around 103,000 people as being left homeless by the disaster, according to UPI. The capital of South East Asia’s largest economy was brought to its knees on Friday (17/1) because of rising floodwaters. Areas including the central business district (CBD) were inundated and traffic was grid-locked as residents struggled to move around the city.

could not get to work. Local television pictures showed people wading through almost neck-high water in some parts of the city, while in others, the waters were up to 2m (6.5ft) deep. “What we need most is life rafts and a big truck to help evacuate motorbike drivers whose engines malfunctioned because of the water,” Sofia, a student, told BBC Indonesia. Another Jakarta resident, Wildan, urged the government to do more to stop floods in future. “The dams are no longer sufficient to hold the water,” he said. Yayat Supriatna, an urban planning expert, told the BBC that Jakarta’s drainage system “is still the same as it was in the Dutch colonial era” and should be rebuilt. “The floods are caused by the failure to manage and sustain the rivers as water reservoirs. I suggest the governor dredge the rivers because if the rivers are deeper the better the system will function.” The presidential palace grounds are among areas flooded, and images showed President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono walking around the palace compound with Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, wearing trousers rolled up above his knees. Mr. Yudhoyono told reporters: “I have no problem with the palace being flooded. The most important thing is the people are protected.”

Cars and motorcycles broke down midway through their journey, as the waters inundated parts of the capital city. Many Jakartans have been left stranded because of the lack of public transport, wading through roads that have turned into rivers to get to their destination. As a result many government offices and businesses have been forced to close. Some schools have told their students to stay at home. Jakartans are used to dealing with floods - this happens every year because of the torrential rains. But this time, even the usually immune central business district has been affected. In lowlying areas, residents have said waters have reached 2-3 meters high.

He had instructed the national police chief and the army chief to deploy their forces and evacuate flood victims, presidential spokesman Julian Pasha told BBC Indonesian. The Jakarta Post said two of the people killed in the capital were children, aged 13 and two. A Transport Ministry spokesman said air travel was not disrupted.

People here regularly complain that the government hasn’t done enough to upgrade its infrastructure and protect its citizens from what could have been an avoidable disaster. The CBD normally escapes damage when Jakarta experiences its heavy seasonal rains, but on Thursday, many government offices and businesses were forced to close because staff

A spokesman for state electricity company PLN said it had cut power supplies to a number of areas to minimize the danger of electrocutions, the Jakarta Globe reports. The last severe flooding in Jakarta was in 2007, when at least 40 people were killed and hundreds of thousands forced from their homes. (January 19th 2013)

Outrage in Indonesia over Judge’s ‘Victims Enjoy Rape’ Remark Daming Sunusi, who is running for a post in the Supreme Court, was asked for his opinion on whether Indonesia should introduce the death penalty for convicted rapists, currently a heated topic of debate in the country. He said that rapists may not deserve such a heavy penalty as ‘the one raped and the rapist both enjoy it’. He later apologized at a press conference, saying he had ‘said something that no man should ever say, especially a Supreme Court candidate’. His remarks have provoked strong reaction and there were calls for him to stand down or be fired. The Judicial Commission is investigating whether Daming broke the code of ethics. Politician, Sarifuddin Suding, said that Daming’s comments were inappropriate and unbecoming of a judge and a Supreme Court hopeful. According to the report, the Democratic Party, which holds a parliamentary majority, said it would reject Daming’s application to the Supreme Court, and that he should give up his post as head of the Banjarmasin High Court in South Kalimantan. (January 17th 2013).

Canadian Students in Bali Ill from too much Alcohol, not Methanol Officials at B.C.’s Simon Fraser University say a group of students who fell ill while on a study course in Bali did not accidentally drink methanol, but instead consumed too much alcohol. Reports surfaced Friday (24/1) morning that the students, part of an international studies class in the middle of a two-month tour through Southeast Asia, became sick after drinking methanol-laced alcohol. SFU spokesman Scott McLean says it appears about half of the 26 students drank too much. “During this time, a number of students consumed alcohol during the visit and became ill likely due to the overconsumption of alcohol,” McLean said. “To the best of our knowledge, there has been no lingering health effects and no medical attention was required.” Indonesia has high liquor import taxes and discourages liquor consumption, giving rise to moonshine-like local drinks. Australia’s Foreign Affairs Department recently warned citizens to be cautious when drinking spirits in Bali. A 19-year-old Australian boy died two weeks ago after drinking methanol laced liquor. (January 25th 2013)

Indonesia to Ground 30 Pilots Indonesian Transport Ministry plans to ground 30 pilots working at national airlines for violation of maximum working limit, which could endanger flight safety, an official said here on Friday (25/1). Spokesman of Indonesian Transport Ministry Bambang Ervan said that the decision was made after the ministry evaluated the flying time of the pilots in one year. “As many as 30 pilots had worked for more than maximum working limit for one year,” he told Xinhua. “We plan to ground them, an official decision on that will be made soon,” he said. The spokesman said that the decision was aimed at maintaining safety during flight. “Should a pilot have working period more than maximum working limit, he is going to suffer from fatigue, which can weaken his concentration during fight. This is dangerous,” said Ervan. Under the rule, pilot must have period of flight no more than 110 hours in a month and 1,050 in a year, said the spokesman. He did not however give the exact number of local and foreign pilots among the 30. Recently, the ministry has ruled that foreign pilots intending to work at national airline must have sufficient experience of flying the type of aircraft they pilot, another policy to boost flight safety. (January 25th 2013)

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Local News

06 February - 20 February, 2013

Sumatran Elephant Deaths on the Rise The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has reported that an increasing number of Sumatran elephants are dying every year, due to which their population has plunged to the lowest levels since the 1980s. Citing WWF data, the Program Coordinator of Tiger and Elephant Species of WWF in Indonesia, Sunarto, said here on Tuesday (15/1) that the elephant population had declined from 1,342 in 1985 to 210 in 2007. “People think that the elephant is their enemy. One of the websites of a palm oil plantation had put elephants in the same category as caterpillars and other pests,” he added. WWF reported 27 cases of elephant deaths last year, comprising 15 in Riau (eastern Sumatra) and 12 in Aceh (northern Sumatra). “The elephants` habitat has declined over the years. Therefore, only a few of them are left in what remains of the deep forests of Sumatra,” Sunarto explained. “The decline is mainly due to palm oil plantation companies that are increasingly encroaching upon the elephants` habitat. And elephants feed on young palm trees,” he continued. “Therefore, the animal has become an enemy of the palm oil industry and the plantation people do everything - from shooing them away by bursting firecrackers to even using poison - to keep the elephants away,” Sunarto said. He noted that the conflict between elephants and palm oil businessmen was not a recent development but was becoming worse over time as forestland was getting increasingly exploited for palm oil farming. “The WWF has also reported on the systematic illegal hunting of elephants, which has led to an increasing number of elephant deaths in the region,” Sunarto pointed out. “We have also found evidence. Many elephants have been found dead with their tusks cut off and missing,” he added. (January 15th 2013)

Balinese Community Targeted in Sumbawa Riot The police have named 33 suspects in a recent riot in Sumbawa that targeted the local resident Balinese community. The riot was reportedly triggered after the death of Arniati, a woman who was rumored to have been murdered by her Balinese boyfriend who is also a police officer, Brig. I Gede Eka Swarjana. However Chief security minister Djoko Suyanto explained that the true cause of death was in fact a motor bike accident and that the false rumors surrounding the cause of the woman’s death spread quickly via text message inciting anger and rioting by members of the dead woman’s community. “Up till now the police have named 33 suspects. They are among 90 people who have been questioned,” head of the public relations division at the National Police Headquarters Insp. Gen. Suhardi Alius said here on Friday (24/13). Some 200 people were believed to have been involved in the attack on and the destruction and burning of property on Jalan Yos Sudarso at Seketeng village in Sumbawa district, West Nusa Tenggara province, on Tuesday (21/1). The suspects are undergoing in-depth questioning to see their role in the riot. The riots led to the destruction of 13 houses, 2 mini-markets, a hotel and traditional market. (January 25th 2013)


British National Gets Six Years for Ordering Drugs The Denpasar District Court has sentenced British national Julian Anthony Ponder (43) to six years in jail on Tuesday (29/1) for ordering 4.7 kg of cocaine that was smuggled in to Bali by Lindsay Sandiford. The same court has sentenced Sandiford also a British national to death. Chief judge Gunawan Tri Budiono also ordered Julian Anthony Ponder to pay a fine of Rp1 billion or stay three months more in jail if he fails to pay it. Julian looked relieved upon hearing the verdict, which was one year lower than prosecutor Ketut Sujaya had demanded. Julian’s lawyer, Ary Budiman Soenardi, said he would suggest that his client would not appeal the sentence as it was already lower than the prosecutor’s demand. (January 30th 2013)

Thirteen-Year-Old Girl Marries a Married Man in Bali

C/NV/U-9 Jan. 13

The Indonesian Child Protection Commission Services (KPAI) is investigating the marriage of a 13-year-old school girl to a 40 year old man who already has a wife. At the time the authorities were called to investigate the situation the girl was already 6 months pregnant and claims that she was not forced into the relationship and that the marriage was mutually consensual. Although police reports said that the relationship was consensual, the local man has been convicted. “Even a consensual marriage does not negate article 81 of the Child Protection Act, which expressly says that sex with children under 15 years carries a minimum of sentence of three years,” stated Chairman of Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation for the KPAI M. Ihsan. (30th January 2013)

25% of Sex Workers in Bali HIV Positive According to the chairman of an AIDS monitoring group, the number of commercial sex workers in Bali infected with HIV / AIDS has reached 25 percent.Data from the Bali Health Office says that 75 percent of HIV / AIDS in Bali is transmitted through heterosexual contact, 11 percent by homosexual contact, while 10 percent comes from needle sharing. The number of sex workers in Bali at this time is approximately 8,000 and is divided into two categories: direct and indirect. “Full time prostitutes amount to about

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3,000 people, while those who do not directly work in the cafe, bar, spa, salon, and occasionally ‘serve’ their clients are estimated at 5,000 people,” said Prof I Dewa Nyoman Wirawan, chairman of the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group, Bali Prov KPA, as a speaker at the Bali Community Journalist AIDS Care media briefing, in Denpasar, on Saturday (19/1). 25 percent of sex workers are infected with HIV, 20 percent are in the direct category, while 5 percent are indirect. Wirawan is now aggressively campaigning for healthy sex by using condoms to suppress the spread of HIV / AIDS among sex workers. (January 20th 2013)


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GREENSPEAK C/NV/R-26 Dec. 2012

C/NV/S-29 August 07

NC/NV/G-13 July 11

by Ibu Kat


One evening a few weeks ago a friend casually opened my freezer in search of some ice to cool her drink, only to find the entire compartment full of small bags of frozen dark red liquid. “Mulberry juice?” she hazarded. Ummm… actually, no. Blood. I want to scotch any rumours that I have turned to vampirism right here. I hardly ever even eat red meat. The blood was a gift from a friend who has a business in free range chickens, and sometimes brings me a bag after he processes his birds for sale. Cooked with red rice and vegetables, blood is brilliant dog food. But this is not a story about canine nutrition. The incident made me realize how easy it is appear to be slipping over the edge of charming eccentricity into downright barminess. I mean, blood is pure protein, it’s a natural food free of chemicals and the dogs thrive on it, so isn’t it logical to keep a few bags in the freezer? But to someone straight off the plane from Sydney with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire under her arm, it was rather bizarre. I’m often asked by readers why so many of my stories seem to be about the animals in my life and people seldom appear on stage. There’s a very good reason for this. Ubud is full of delightful eccentrics, most of them expats. (Well, many of them are delightful. Some are less so. And the ones who aren’t eccentric are much less interesting.) If I was given to works of fiction, it would be very tempting to populate a novel with thinly veiled characters from the shattered sidewalks, dimly lit bars and colonic studios of Ubud. But even if I changed names, ages, nationalities and even genders, they would be instantly recognizable to themselves and others in the community. If I wrote about the expats in Ubud, I’d have to leave town. Fast. After dark.

Neatly wrapped in a plastic bag between the carrots and the yogurt was the parrot, its toes now tightly curled in rigor mortis. “Kajeng Kliwon,” intoned Wayan Manis. Everyone knows you can’t dig in the garden on Kajeng Kliwon; the parrot was on ice until tomorrow. Susan reports that when her oldest koi committed suicide by jumping out of the pond late one afternoon she tenderly wrapped it up and put it in the fridge overnight so it could have a proper burial when the gardener arrived.

He showed me a few rare tortoises in ziplock bags next to the ice cream. I was able to tell him I’d heard of weirder things than that I am fortunate in knowing a trio of delightfully mad herps (reptile fanciers) in Ubud who are all perfectly capable of pulling a live snake out of their backpack to be admired at any given moment. Don tells me that many reptile keepers today hibernate their turtles, tortoises, snakes and lizards in the fridge; there are even refrigerators specifically built for this purpose. In temperate species, a cooling-off period is necessary to allow males to develop viable sperm and females to be keyed into seasonal reproductive times. So they chill out now so they can steam up later. Some very specialized keepers also keep cold-loving amphibians in fridges. Next time you visit your local herp, crack open that fridge door and see what’s neatly lined up on the shelves. Slumbering serpents? Tranquil toads? Don disclosed that dedicated breeders and collectors of birds and reptiles commonly keep very rare creatures that have died in their freezers in the hope that they can be useful to science. He showed me a few rare tortoises in ziplock bags next to the ice cream. I was able to tell him I’d heard of weirder things than that.

as prolonged exposure to cold will take them to the point of no return.” Penny had a similar tale. As a child in the United States, she and her sisters caught flies (with a glass jar and paper) and put them in the fridge so they would be cool and calm when they were transferred to the enclosures of the black widow and brown recluse spiders kept by the family and often displayed on the dining room table. Her mother would look for dead birds -- she preferred Flickers -- and freeze them whole, later harvesting the flight and tail feathers to make Christmas ornaments. A friend of Patricia’s stashed her handbag with significant amounts of cash and jewels inside in the freezer, forgot it was there, called the police in a panic and only found it when she offered them a cold drink and went looking for ice. I grew up in bear territory in Canada. The municipal rubbish collectors came just once a week. No sensible householder would leave meat bones and other kitchen waste in the big plastic bin in the carport or a hungry bear would come lurking around and tear it open. So the food scraps were kept in the freezer and only placed in the bin on the morning of collection. But as my mother grew older, she would often forget. Opening the freezer door we would find the space full of unlabelled bags which would all have to be opened to ascertain whether they contained old bones or strawberries. Elizabeth used to euthanize cane toads in her Australian freezer as being the most humane way to kill these deadly pests. Mary Jane put a valuable old book in the freezer to kill the bugs that were eating the paper. I routinely freeze heritage rice for a couple of days to kill insect eggs, but this does not seem as noteworthy to my friends as the bags of blood. So be forewarned when you open someone else’s freezer. There may be something very interesting indeed behind the frozen peas…

So instead of writing about personalities, I’m going to focus on their refrigerators. Many folk who would pass for normal if encountered on the streets of Ubud in broad daylight have been known to secrete some very unusual things in their refrigerators. Granted that these are the tropics and a cooler ambience is required for some items such as vitamins and expensive cosmetics. But even I was surprised at the wide variety of articles to be found behind those closed refrigerator doors. Just for the record, I did not make any of this up. Margie and her husband have spent much of the year in Ubud since the 1980s and the balance of the time at their home in Oregon. Their daughter delivered a son there almost two years ago. I learned that her grandson’s placenta is still in her freezer in Eugene. “I guess we should bury it,” she said recently. They often have friends staying at their Oregon house while they’re in Bali. Was the placenta in the freezer labeled? I wondered. “No,” she said thoughtfully. “And I told him to eat whatever he found in the fridge.” We both mulled over the scenario of the current house sitter opening the freezer door at a hungry moment and spotting the unidentified bag… “We should definitely bury it,” Margie decided. I heard a few more placenta stories after that. A few years ago I was looking after several sick parrots for a breeder and one was bitten by a viper when I was near the cage. The snake slithered off as the parrot quickly expired in my hands. I brought it to the house and Wayan and I agreed it should have a nice burial in the garden with plenty of flowers. I went off to answer the phone, got distracted and came back a couple of hours later to find that the parrot had disappeared. Assuming it had been respectfully buried with appropriate ceremony, I opened the fridge door for a snack.

Ron, Bali’s Snake Patrol guy, keeps unusual snakes frozen for the same reason, eventually preserving them with formalin for posterity. He also keeps a stock of frozen snakes for thawing out in case he’s lucky enough to acquire a snake-eating snake such as a krait or king cobra. “I always have bags of frozen rats and mice in the freezer as well,” he confides. “Not many, though -- they take up a lot of room which makes my wife cross. It’s rather a small freezer.” Ron also told me that he occasionally keeps various insects and other invertebrates such as spiders in the fridge. “You just put them in there long enough to cool them down so they can be photographed without them running, jumping or flying away,” he explained. “This is a well-known trick of wildlife photographers, especially for butterflies, but one has to be extra careful not to leave the beasties in the fridge too long,

Ibu Kat’s book of stories Bali Daze - Freefall off the Tourist Trail is Available from : - Ganesha Books in Ubud and Seminyak - downloadable as a PDF file - Amazon downloadable for Kindle

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AquaMarine Diving - Bali Seminyak Assistant to Director Managerial skills; knowledge of small business a plus Familiarity with social media and web preferred Detail-oriented, hard-working, native English speaker Efficient all-rounder with ‘can do’ attitude Superb organisational skills and self-motivation Excellent keyboard skills (Microsoft Office Suite) Proactive with strong administration background Responsible, outgoing forward-planner Marketing/tourism industry background advantageous This is NOT a working holiday position. Minimum 12mths commitment, 8hrs/day, 5.5days/wk. Send CV with expected salary and available start date to ~ Must like dogs and be available for interview in Bali ~ NC/Es/6 Feb 13

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Boutique Hotel at Gili Trawangan Looking For General Manager, Restaurant/Bar Manager, Head Chef. Minimum 2 Years Experience Required, Fluent English and Computer Literate. Send CV to <dreamtimeuk01@yahoo.> or call Billy 0818 0556 5683. [689] Looking for art gallery/ marketing manager, great selling skills and English. Good salary+commission. Send CV <contact@>. [690] Wanted Butler/ Housekeeper, Min 2 year experience, speak English. Send your CV and recent photograph to <manager@>. [694] Seeking Real Estate Sales. Male and Female age up to 35 year old fluent English speaking (Indonesian citizen only), work location Sanur. Candidates do not require experience. Send CV to <info@goodproperty-bali. com>. [697] Hotel in Ambon - Maluku looking for Operational Manager. 2 years experience in same position, good leadership, communication skill, speak and written English, Good in Budgeting, start immediately. Send CV: <johanes_deor@yahoo.> 081 337 700 190. [703] Need Staff for Orphanage. CV to <aries@>. [700] Looking for School Manager, Sanur Area. Must be able to teach and speak fluent English. Please email to <gustu@dps.centrin. id>. [701] Assistant Wanted for Fashion Industry. Must have experience, good English, and Computer skills. Must also be willing to work inside and outside. Send CV to <> or call 0819 3306 9570. [702] Seeking for : Mandarin Speaking Customer Service and Wedding Coordinator, good in English oral & written. Send CV & recent pic to <idoidobali@hotmail. com>. [704]

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Technical Manager The Technical Manager post is responsible for the production and installation of a telecoms device for a hospitality service industry based in Bali. The Manager will also be accountable for quality assurance within a production workshop, the maintenance of the workshop and appropriate record keeping. This is a unique opportunity to join an expanding company at the initial stage of product development and implementation. Send your CV and covering letter to: NC/Es/23 Jan 13

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Cafe in Canggu looking for experienced waiter/waitress, must speak English. Contact 0812 3962 2330 or 0812 3671 0442. [708]

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Interior Designer or Architect Requirements: • A recognized degree (S1) in interior design or architecture preffered or with experience • Design conceptualization • Posses good computer knowledge and skills of AutoCAD, 3DS Max, and Photoshop • Creative, self motivated, hard worker. Please send CV to :

Executive Chef for busy restaurant in Nusa Lembongan. Solid track record required with strong leadership skills. Management of kitchen staff, function experience, ordering & purchasing, food costs, stock control and computer literate. Ability to communicate in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Email in English to: <abernard0406@>. [709] Looking for female Personal Assistant/Accounting. Can Speak English, with some computers skills. <hrd@>. [710]

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LEADING RETAILER IN BALI MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY We are looking for a person already based in Indonesia and with experience as a Retail Manager to lead our team and develop our already established retail business in Bali. We are an international company with diverse business interests and already have several showrooms in Bali. We intend to expand our product ranges and will be looking for new outlets. You will need to demonstrate experience of leading a retail team and should be able to show aptitude in a variety of management roles which will include stock control, product development, budgeting and communication at all levels from suppliers to Board Directors. The ideal candidate will have a broad knowledge of every aspect of retail management, will have worked with IT systems and excel, and some knowledge of the jewellery and/or fashion industries would be an advantage. Please initially send your CV to the following email address:

Looking for Personal Assistant. Marketing & Sales. Call Mathieu 081 1224 7419 or email <asia@>. [712] Tahari Sushi Japanese Rest & Bar looking for Supervisor, Japanese Cook and Waiter/s, send your CV to <info@taharisushi. com>. [713] Restaurant Manager needed for Blue Corner Bar & Cafe on Lembongan island. Indonesian citizen with restaurant management experience, chef preferred. Apply to <info@>. [715]

Web Developer/ Personal Assistant, SEO Wordpress Content, Excellent English skills, Photoshop, HTML, PHP. Gaji 2.5 juta. 0821 4532 9564. [717] Homeschool Teacher Guru fulltime, Qualified, High School Curriculum. Jimbaran. Gaji 2 juta. 0821 4532 9564. [718] Looking for Adm & Marketing Promotion. Experienced min 1 year, good English, min 22 years old. Please send CV to <info@sayagallery. com>. [719] Visual Merchandiser. Childrenwear brand requires a talented & creative person to create store windows & inside displays. You need international experience, own transport, working permit, ability to design & draw. Freelance opportunity – Send your CV to: <>, cc <>. [720]

The Australian Int’l School Bali seeks a substitute qualified ESL Teacher, Indonesian citizen and min. 3 years experiences required. Please submit your resume and cover letter by email: <nyoman.>. Applications closed 15 February 2013. [721] Xclusive Property a well established Real Estate Company situated in Kerobokan have a vacancy for a personal assistant. Requirements for position; a legal diploma or degree, The ability to speak read and write English, Excellent organisational skill. For interview send CV to: <>. [722]


POSITIONS AVAILABLE: General Manager (Expat/Local) – Sanur Food & Beverage Manager (Expat/local) – Jimbaran Executive Chef (Expat/Local) - Nusa Dua Executive Sous Chef - Seminyak National DOS (Chinese Account) (Expat/Local) – Bali GRO Japanese (Expat) – Jimbaran Director of Finance – Medan Human Resources Manager – Kuta Director of Engineering – Surabaya

Director of Restaurants (Expat) - Bangkok Food & Beverage Manager - Ubud Executive Sous Chef (Expat) - Nusa Dua Sommelier (Expat/Thai) - Bangkok Room Division Manager - Jimbaran Director of Finance - Jakarta Human Resources Manager – Jakarta Director of Engineering Consultant (Expat/Local) - Sanur Chief Engineer – Seminyak

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Looking for Staff, Spa Canggu. Masseurs, experienced or willing to learn massage and other spa training during March. Speak English prefer. Contact Linda 0819 3628 6513. [716]

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Exotissimo Travel, a creative and innovative regional leader in the Travel Industry in South East Asia is opening new positions in its Indonesian office located in Sanur in the island of Bali. You have a passion for travel, a winning and caring attitude, you enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge: Send your application and become a responsible member of our dynamic and committed team : we will train you to an exciting career in Tourism Industry ! YES, We are still looking for some positions! Ranging from Travel Consultants for Dutch/ Mandarin, Human Resource Manager, Reservation and Data base Entry. E mail : More information : 08123762801 Positions are for local only!

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BUSINESS SERVICES Private teacher Bahasa Indonesian for foreigner. Dwi 0813 3870 5158, <dwi.>. [074]

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Hair Stylist / Hairdresser Glo Day Spa Bali’s leading spa and salon is looking for an English speaking hairdresser to join our friendly and professional team located in Kuta, Seminyak and Sanur. Part time or full time hours available Excellent salary and benefits for right applicant Please email resume: or call (0361) 282872 NC/Es/6 Feb 13

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NC/Es/6 Feb 13

We are looking for candidates to fill the following vacancy :

VILLA COORDINATOR REQUIREMENTS : • At least 3 year(s) of working experience in Hotel Management/Tourism Services or equivalent • Fluent in written and spoken English • Excellent service mindset • Well Presented • Excellent communication skills • Dynamic and mature • Positive attitude, self motivated, and pleasant personality • Well organized • Responsible • Fast Learner • Flexible working hours Please send CV to : NC/Es/6 Feb 13

Bright Shine Services

Captain’s Cook Seafood, Grill & Bar new restaurant BEACHWALK-Kuta, Bali is Looking for Qualified Staff to Fill These Following Positions : 1. F & B Manager (expatriate/local) 2. F & B Supervisor 3. Host, female experience min 2yrs F&B (Great English essential, fun, friendly, hard working) 4. Waiter/s, from F&B School (Great English essential, fun, friendly, hard working) 5. CDP Assistant (experiance in Western Restaurant) 6. Cook 7. Bartender/Barista 8. Griller 9. Courier (Kurir/Serabutan), Male, SIM C, max 30 year 10. Driver, Male, SIM-A 11. Marketing Restaurant (experience with travel agent min 2 years) 12. Book Keeper Please send letter, CV & Resume via email to: Cc to:

Urgently Needed

Sales & Marketing for Director Account Sales & Marketing for Staff Account

Administrator (Contracts) Must be fluent in English Good Communication Skills Computer Literate (MS Office) Busy Office Environment Starting Salary 5,000,000 per month

Excellent career progress opportunity Interested candidates are invited to send application with full resume in English indicating qualifications, experience, with recent photo via email to: or call 0838 958 88618

NC/Es/6 Feb 13

Qualification: • Female, Good Looking • Fluent in Speaking and Writing English • Pleasant Personality • Experience minimum of 2 years in Hotel Marketing Others Position 3 Pax Administration staff for HR 2 Pax Staff Gallery 1 Pax Accounting For Tax 1 Pax Accounting Staff 1 Pax Cost Control for FB 1 Pax General Casher 1 Pax Hair Stylist Qualifications: • Strong Character and Personality • 1-2 years Experience, Work independently • Willingness to work flexible hours • Strong communicator with highly developed interPersonal skill • Accuracy and an eye for detail • Self-motivated and a passion for excellence Please send your Application and CV, via email to: No later than 10 February 2013

NC/Es/6 Feb 13

NC/Es/6 Feb 13

Bali Advertiser


06 February - 20 February, 2013


Expat seeking employment as Project Manager / Supervisor or can build for you. 081 2362 9939. <balicontractor@dps.>. [050] Educational background in Corporate Economics and Transport Logistics with language skills (English, Indonesian, French, Italian), business talent and good work experience. Looking for an entry level position with a sound company. Please contact <vittory1968@gmail. com>. [699] I’m looking for part time job. Working at home, have internet connection. Experienced in admin and Accounting. Speak English and Bahasa. Please e-mail: <madedewi83@gmail. com>. [925] Female, Freelance Experienced PA w. expat Ph. +62 812 9462 8277. [706] Expat long termed stay is searching for challenging fulltime management position at a reliable company. Over 10 years experience in the retail business. Motivated, team player and hardworking. For CV <> / 0819 3601 4449. [595]

Native Speaking Teacher seeks Permanent Work. In Kuta, Seminyak, Legian area. English, Math, Social Studies, Science. 0813 3712 4869. [634] Freelance accountant, tax consultant. 0878 6002 2239/<anggra1@yahoo. com>. [648] Female expat looking for new challenge. Experience in communication, supervising, marketing, sales. Speaks multiple languages incl. basic Indonesian. Hardworking and team player. Contact: <> / 081 339 348 616. [660] Nanny, Babysitting & Day Care +62 813 5306 0358, <maida8446@hotmail. com>. [662] Very experienced hotel GM with emphasis on boutique properties, very strong in marketing, very good in finance, F & B and overall operation. A real team leader and good in people skills, have a lot of pre opening experience, seeking a position as consultant, technical advisor or development in Bali. For my CV please contact 0818 0568 1953 / <hotelierbali@>. [723]

Over 10 years experienced Event/ Wedding/ General Manager Looking for Work in Bali in the events industry. SMS +61 42425 7015. Email: <brett_dennis@>. [692] Italian living in Bali for a long time, experienced in fashion, looking for a job as product manager or similar. Multiple languages included Bahasa. Energetic, detail oriented, efficient with “can do” attitude. Please, contact me 0818 0548 6378 <valeriazabai@hotmail. it>. [693] French Teacher in international schools IB/ IGCSE experienced looking for a position. Pls email: <senior_french_teacher@>. [695] Female, experience as PA, Business Development manager looking for job. Pls email: <wiedn@ymail. com>. [696] Bilingual Italian/English, certified language Instructor with 5 year experience. Economics, Accounting, Business Studies academic education and work experience, looking to work for a company providing training to local members of staff. Please contact <sarlu9666@gmail. com>. [698]





Community Groups

Part 6 of 8 (See all Community Groups at

ProFauna Indonesia ProFauna Indonesia is an Indonesian society for the protection of wild animals and habitat. ProFauna Indonesia (formerly KSBK) is a non profit organization established in 1994 in Malang, East Java. ProFauna has branch offices in Jakarta and Bali and is supported by members throughout Indonesia. The main activities of ProFauna Indonesia are wild animal protection, investigation on trade in wild animals and animal rescue. For further information please e-mail: <> also see: <http://www.profauna.>. Roman Catholic Mass in Gianyar In Bahasa Indonesia, at Santa Maria Ratu Rosario Church, Jl. Mulawarman No. 92 Tedung, Gianyar, phone: 0361943457 on Sunday 8.00 am. Further information: Father Yohanes Handriyanto, Pr at Santa Maria Ratu Rosario Church, phone 0361-943457, cell phone: 0818364840. Henry Soegiarto at Bali Renal Center, phone: 0361-979344. Rotaract Bali Kuta Rotaract is an international organization of service clubs for men & women aged 18-30 that fosters leadership & responsible citizenship, encourages high ethical standards in business and promotes international understanding and peace. For more information contact Barbara 081 239 72840 or you can come to our weekly meeting the 2nd & 4th Friday each month at 19:30 at Cempaka Bali Guest House, Jl Raya Kuta 127, Gg Cempaka No. 1, Denpasar (behind KCBJ Tours & Travel) or email: <>, website: <> or <>.

million volunteers focusing on eradicating polio, improving health, sanitation and literacy and promoting peace throughout the world. Its motto is “Service Above Self.” The Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset meets Monday 5:30 to 7pm at the Maya Hotel. Refreshments. Cost Rp. 60,000. Prospective members and guests welcome. Weekly guest speakers. Contact <> to reserve or inquire. Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak The Rotary Club of Seminyak is the largest English-speaking club in Bali. Rotary is an organisation of business and professional leaders united worldwide, who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. If you would like to attend a luncheon of the Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak, guests are welcome to visit us on any Wednesday at 12:00 at the Metis Restaurant, Jalan Petitenget. Please see our calendar for the weekly program / any changes: <www.>.

Royal Bali Yacht Club Royal Bali Yacht Club can teach you to sail. Learning is fun and all on the water. Most beginners will master the basics of boat handling after just a few lessons. The club has laser style dinghies available for members to hire. There are various membership categories, families, couples, juniors as well as temporary membership for those only visiting Bali. We have a small club house & boat storage facilities on the beach at Serangan (Turtle Island). The club caters to dinghy sailors, beach cats & cruising boats dinghy racing & social events area held throughout the year. So drop by our office Rotaract Club of Bali-Ubud in Serangan. Visit our website <www.royalbaliyachtclub. Rotaract clubs are part of a global effort to bring peace and com> or call 081 734 7400 for more information. international understanding to the world. Rotaract’s 145,000 members are young men and women (ages 18 to 30) who Rhesus Negative Blood Group serve the needs of their communities, widen their personal Bali International Medical Centre will keep record of all persons and professional contacts, and increase their understanding with Rhesus Negative Blood Group, (negative Rh Factor), of the world. Rotary International provides the administrative who are residing in Bali. If you wish to register yourself please support that helps Rotaract clubs thrive. Contact : <rotaract_ call 761 263, or fax 764 345, or e-mail : <>.> or <>. Sahaja Yoga International - Bali Rotary Club of Bali Ubud Sunset Meditation community in Bali with awakening Kundalini Rotary is an international service organization of over one exercise. Every Sunday start at: 17:00 pm in Denpasar Bali.

Address: Jl. Gunung Patas no. 14 x. Contact Nyoman: 081 138 5771 & Arya: 0813 3829 4574. Free - no charges. Jai shri mataji!!! Jai shri ganesha!!! Jai kundalini mata!!! Sanur Chapter of Green Drinks Green Drinks is an international network of people who are interested in all things green! In Sanur, we gather at Manik Organik on the first Monday of each month at 6pm and share our experiences and ideas for saving the environment, one green step at a time! Green Drinks has over 500 chapters worldwide ( There are no dues or fees – this is a free monthly event and all are welcome!Jl. Danau Tamblingan 85 / Sanur, Bali / Indonesia shop: +62 (0)361 855 3380 / <>. Sanur Get Together Lunch Get Together in Sanur. Order from the menu and each person covers their own cost. Come by and enjoy chatting with old and new friends. Our monthly Sanur lunch groups meets at a different restaurant each month. Everyone is invited. More details <>. Satyagraha Ashram Yoga for children and adult. Satyagraha Ashram, a non profit institution provides: Yoga for: Children: Sunday 1 pm - 2 pm, Adult: Daily. Weds, Friday 8 am - 9:30 am. Tues, Thurs, Friday: 5 pm - 6 pm. Sat: 4 pm - 5:30 pm, Teacher: By appointment. Herbal Class: By appointment. Jl. Nyuh Kuning, behind Pura Puseh, Ubud. Ph. 971 699. <http://www.>. Secret Garden of the Divine Mother Perhaps the smallest public garden in the world, is dedicated to a great task: that of Healing Mother Earth and All Her Children. Secret Garden is expected to help us access our Secret Selves-the sacred within each of us. Humandkind and the Universe are interconnected. In essence we are all one. Let us work together to realize our common dream of “One Earth, One Sky, One Humandkind”. It is not a casual visit, it is a cleansing and beautifying experience for the Soul. The Garden is open all day but prior appointment is recommended : Jl Pura Mertesari no 27 Sunset Road Kuta Bali Phone 0361.8477290 or 0361.7801595.

COMMUNITY GROUPS is free for all non profit activities, groups, etc. For your group to be listed here contact: Bali Advertiser Tel. 755 392 / Fax. 764 191 or email : Please notify our office for any corrections or changes. Let’s keep this up to date!

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Call 755 392 Or our representatives: Ketut Brata (08123948595), Ferry (081338724288), Indhy (0361-7960414) NC/Ns/U-18 April. 12

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Bali Advertiser

06 February - 20 February, 2013

Real Estate


KEROBOKAN Villa for rent in Banjar Pengubengan. AC, swimming pool, hot/cold water. Please contact 081 2363 0309 / 0878 6202 6999. [4870] House 1,95 are freehold, certificate. Jln. Intan Sari no. 16 Kerobokan, back of jail. 1,9 Billion nego. Contact 0361 745 7689. [6232] Padang Griya Gg. IV no. 1. Road access 5 mtr. Building 200m2, upstrairs 200m. Land 6 are. 6 bedrooms, gazebo, AC, hot/cold water, PDAM, 5000 watt electricity. House 1,5 are, full garden, AC, hot/cold water, 2 bedrooms, outside/ inside bathroom, PAM, Muding Indah 3x. Contact 423 582 / 0361 7474 790. [6267] Contract - Are you looking for a home in Bali for a year or two, renting my family home, 3 brm, pool, fully furnished with all modern conveniences, newly renovated. Ph. 0812 3767 1551, <>. 120,000,000 per year. [6298]

C/Re/G-6 Feb. 13

UBUD House for sale - Modern home in 12 are with rice field and jungle views. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. 40 m2 bale and 35 m2 saltwater pool. 20 year lease (17.5 remaining) with 20 year option. $225,000. Contact Greg on 0812 3648 6066. [6311]

Over lease ex. factory, 39 are, 8,5 years, clearance stock for jewelry, stones, chains, beads. Huge discount. All for sale. Jl. Batu Belig 99A. 0361 878 1974 (Opi), 0818 0567 9009 (Ely). [6306] 1 bedroom fully furnished house with private garden, king size bed, cable TV, DVD, kitchen, bathroom, aircon, hot water, swimming pool, quiet, good location, 5 min to Bintang Supermarket. 0812 3746 9664. [6328]

Land for rent, location: Sanggingan, Ubud area. Rice field view. Land 10 are, maximum 20-25 years. For more info, please contact Gabrig Sunari artist group: 081 734 2002 or 0878 6001 9619. [6320]

Cheap villa for rent. New 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (or 2 bedrooms + office, Speedy internet). All aircond with lock up living room, furnitured, leafy location, 24 hr security, pool. Near Cafe Moka. 115 million/year. Phone Indi: 0819 9906 1315. [6333]

Amazing riverviews-villas for sale at city center in quiet location, 3BR with ensuite bathrooms, open kitchen+living, s. pool+garden. Inspect now-modern and brand new. Call: 0878 6076 9393 or <>. [6329]

Villa for rent Taman Sari Jl. Marlboro west. 3 bedbathrooms, large livingroom, furnished, private swimming pool, equiped kitchen, AC, 2 satelite TV’s, WIFI. Quite and safe area. Available 14 March. 12 million/month. Yves at 0812 3745 3675. [6334]

New 2-bedroom, 2 bathroom villa 2km from central Ubud. 4+are, 160sqm building, highest quality stone materials, 4mx8m pool. Currently generates AUD$3k+/mo. Management services available. Rp. 4 billion freehold. <>. [6341]

Villa for sale @ Jl. Pekandelan Br. Semer Kerobokan. 2 bedroom, storage, pool, fully furnished. Land size157 m2, building size 120 m2. A few minute from famous resto Arena. More info contact 0819 3315 9305. [6338]

Lease hold land in Ubud 10-15 years. 5 minutes from Elephant Cave, 10 minutes from Monkey Forest. 400m2. 500 AUD/100m2/year. Call owner 0815 5823 8379. [6349] Land for sale in Ubud 64 are with Ayung River and natural tropical greenery. Close to Hanging Garden Hotel. Reasonable price. Call owner directly 0361 - 735 590 / 0361 - 746 0678. [6370]

Villa for sale or lease. 5 Are, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms + swimming pool. Jl. Mumbuk Sari no. 4A, Semer, Kuta Utara. Contact Made 0361 - 843 4040. [6343] For sale/rent yearly Bumbak Umalas. 6 Are. Freehold. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. AC & waterheater. Open dining and living. Phone and internet. Pool and tropical garden. Carports. Fully furnished. Contact: 081 814 7672 / 081 772 8772. [6287] Best priced villa for Sale at Umalas I, 245m2 Land, 155m2 building, 1Floor, 3BDR+bathroom, 3x7 pool, car, access, freehold, IDR2.5Billion. Call: Wahyu 0819 9987 7999 Ray White Kuta. Visit Open House every sunday 1-3pm. [6347]

NC/Re/G-6 Feb. 13

DENPASAR Kost exclusive, strategic location. Facilities: AC, LCD TV 32”, hot water, refrigerator, kitchen set, full furniture, back terrace, carpark, Wi-Fi. IDR 225.000/day, IDR 1.100.000/ week, IDR 1.800.000/month. Casa Nemo; Jl. Palapa 11 Gg. Nemo No. 4 Sesetan Denpasar. Please email <crescent.> or SMS 0852 3754 2274. [5588] Overcontract Kost Exclusive, 15 years, 14 rooms, fully furnished, LCD TV, hot water, refrigerator, kitchen set, carpark. Good investment. Price IDR 2.5 Billion (nego). Please email: <>. [5589] Quick sale house in Ciung Wanara Renon. 2 storey. Please call 0813 3963 1779. [5942] House for rent in Pemogan. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen bar, small living room, swimming pool, bale, nice garden, double carport, behind Carrefour, private, very safe. 10 minutes Kuta, 10 minutes Sanur. Over contract 18 months. 70 juta. Contact Nick 0878 6221 2560. [6350] House for sale @ Renon, closed to Sanur beach, land 165 sqm, building 260 sqm, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, electric 4400watt, 4 AC, Pool, Rice paddy views, quiet location, 2 floors, IDR 2,2 Billions. Contact 081 139 4000 / <>. [6369]

Nusa Dua Freehold Villa Villa 777

Beautiful house villa style for rent Jl. Gunung Salak, near Lollipop Preschool. 2 floors, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, AC, water heater, minibar, pool, garden, garage and fully furnished, cleaning staff. Rp. 120 mill/year. Min 2 years, long term negotiable. Call 0813 3848 7427. [6189] House for sale at Br. Kuwum Kerobokan. Land 156m2, 2 storey, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, hot water, garage, kitchen, living rooms, broadband, quiet area, security 24 hours. Detail please call (0361) 741 5215 or 0878 6180 5000. [6354] Umalas for Rent 1 bedroom villa, AC, wifi, kitchen, large refrigerator, gas stove with oven, bathroom, hot water, small room with day bed, outside area. For 1 or 2 persons. Available until August 2013, option to extend. Please call 0878 6206 6969. [6356] OFFICE for rent 4x9m, good area at Gunung Salak Utara, Rp. 17 million/year. Call Pak Made 081 139 2514 or 0361 743 7033. [6357] HOUSE to rent. Umalas. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room + dining area, 1 storage room. Land 130m”, Building 100m”, Parking, Easy access, Garden, Elec 3,500 watts, City water. Rp 45 million/year. Call +62 811 3857036. [6362] Villa For Rent in Umalas 2.Fully furnished with AC, fan, HWS, 2 bedroom n shower, swimming pool, kitchen, wifi and on the quite place.Yearly rent for IDR 120.000.000. Contact <> / 0816 23 3351. [6363] C/Re/G-6 Feb. 13

Brand new 2 Storey Villa consisting of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, pool, carpark and small garden. Our villa offers the very best of quality from the steel roof to the marble floors throughout. We have installed a fabulous modern kitchen complete with fridge, oven, micro wave and island bench with granite top. Both living areas open out onto the swimming pool through aluminium sliding door and windows. Level two offers balconies off each master bedroom, main bathroom has marble /stone tub offering TOTO bathware throughout. Full aircon plus fans in each room. Laundry complete with w/machine, 4th toilet storage. We have a spacious carpark with remote electric gate. This villa is ready to move into with 7000watts of power, 2 phone lines connected plus wi/ fi in the office or gym area. Five mins drive to shopping, beach, and restaurants.. Our villa is Australian designed, owned and built to our standard. We offer a five year full structural warranty so save money and view the best by dealing direct.

For an inspection Please call Bakti (indo) 081 239 47490 Terry (English) 081 337 905082 or email for photo gallery ASD 290.000 (Australian dollars) Title copy, building permit all available upon inspection. NC/RE/M-6 Feb. 13


Real Estate

06 February - 20 February, 2013

Bali Advertiser

TABANAN Are you looking for land to buy in Tabanan area, small of big plots. Contact or e-mail directly to owner: Tel: +62 81 855 5010. E-mail: <>. [5452] For Sale, directly from owner: Freehold land 10 until 20 are located in Arto Sari near Soka Beach. This plot of land sits on the highest point in this area with stunning sea views that cannot be blocked, comes complete with access road, all certificates and is rezoned for building. Price: Rp. 39 Mill per are. Tel: +6281 855 5010. E-mail: <info@>. [1382] Magnificent land for sale in Kaba Kaba. 56,70 ara. Hak Milik. Quiet location. Ready to be built. Next to large river. Price: Rp. 100jt/ara. Pls contact Yuli: 0812 38 033 70. [6260]

LEGIAN C/Re/G-23 Jan. 13

C/Re/G-17 Oct. 12

Luxury furnished private villa Legian/Seminyak, 7 year lease for sale or rent Rp. 170 million per year (minimum 2 years), discount for longer term, 10 minutes walk Double6 Beach, 2 bedrooms with AC, 2 bathroom, pool, garden, internet. <>, 0821-4590-3667. [6330]

avanee residence DENPASAR

Legian House overcontract. 2 years 21 May 2013 to 2015. 3 Bed 2 Bath. Appliances for sale if required, inc. 2 cats. Can $600 per month. Full payment required. Robert at <> for details. [6264]


Bar restaurant in Legian area needs strong management will sell outright or look at taking on partner. Reply to <>. [6335]

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Fully furnished studio apartment for your short and long stay needsâ&#x20AC;?

Villa. New, 3bed 2bath, 3AC, plunge pool, garage, laundry room, 7,700 watt, quiet gang off Padma Utara. 5 min walk to Legian beach. Unfurnished. 20 year lease@ IDR 110 million per year. call 0819 9948 0555 or <yelapeno@>. [6265]

Perumahan Graha Kencana Jl. Imam Bonjol, Denpasar Bali - Indonesia Phone: +62 361 8888033, 081 999 696 334

3 bedroom villa with swimming pool in Seminyak/Legian. Quiet, central, landscaped gardens, AC, Wi-Fi, flatscreen TV. 11 juta/month with staff. 1 bedroom 5 juta/month. Call 0815 5816 4966, 0813 3748 9143. <annulzy@yahoo. com>. [6352]

ONLY Rp. 2 million / month

C/Re/G-18 April 12

JOES TATTOO BAR PADANGBAY WITH COMPLETE LICENCE CONTRACT VALIDITY TILL 09 DEC 2024. Rp.170.000.000. Contact 081236216049 NC/Re/G-6 Feb 13 Exotiq Property Bali & Lombok




• • • •

Outstanding four-bedroom freehold villa in Canggu This two-storey villa has 442sqm of build & sits on 1750sqm of land Consists of 4BR, each with en-suite bathroom & outdoor/indoor showers Comes fully furnished with two kitchens, a separate of¿ce/study room, large garden, and an expansive indoor and outdoor living and dining area and wide Àowing verandas • Only 15 minutes to Echo Beach and the Canggu Club.

• • • • •

For Sale USD 1,000,000 Adami Gilberto (62) 812 4658 8471 Seminyak Of¿ce (62 361) 737 358

For Sale USD 385,000 Eric Livesey (62) 812 3766 3111 Seminyak Of¿ce (62 361) 737 358



• Umalas best offer, slated for completion in May 2013 • Sit on 600sqm land, consisting of 2 pavilions facing the garden & swimming pool • One houses the three bedrooms while the other contains the large kitchen and open plan living/ dining area, which can be closed off for air-conditioned comfort • Leasehold for 27 years with a 25-year extension based on market price • Close to the beach and international schools

For Sale USD 450,000 Patrick Clancy (62) 817 973 3031 Seminyak Of¿ce (62 361) 737 358

Oberoi • • • • •


Fantastically located Apartment The stunning apartment in the heart of Seminyak A spacious balcony boasting great views over Seminyak towards the ocean Facilities include guest parking area, large communal swimming pool and sundeck Centrally located - walking distance to ¿ne restaurants, shops and spas

For Lease USD 295,000 for 99 years Eugene Shivnan (62) 819 998 859 04 Jimbaran of¿ce (62) 361 703 208



Umalas two storey freehold new built villa Open plan three bedroom modern minimalist villa sit on 245sqm of land Build with quality and attentive details to a western standard Nestled secluded amongst the natural green of trees and rice ¿eld Only takes 10 minutes to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the Seminyak beach

Dreamland • • • • •


For Freehold IDR 295.000.000 per are Stephen Williams (62) 857 381 285 89 Jimbaran of¿ce (62) 361 703 208

• • • • •


Prestigious villa in multi-million dollar resort This four-bedroom luxury villa and is set within a 46-villa complex The prestigious residence is set atop the sweeping cliffs Guaranteed 5% return on investment It’s only 40 minutes to international airport.


• REDUCED PRICE…… Good land for investment • 2070 sqm freehold land surrounded by private villa development, close to the center of Ubud, restaurant, and shopping center • This land has direct access to public road • Offers a fantastic opportunity to own your own private piece of paradise in a good location

• • • •

For Sale – IDR 4.657.500.000,Mediani (62) 815 4721 9369 Sanur Of¿ce (62)361 28 7642

For Sale – IDR,Mediani (62) 815 4721 9369 Sanur Of¿ce (62)361 28 7642

• Ideal living 2 bedroom tropical house in Seminyak • Built on 205 sqm land, this villa comprises 2 bedroom with en-suite on the main Àoor, 9 x 3 m swimming pool and ample size garden. • Comfortable living space, kitchen & dining room all with open design on the 2nd Àoor • 28 years leasehold and 25 years extension based on market price • Located in the most sought Seminyak area, less than 10 mins to beach

Jimbaran Beach • • • • •


Beautiful Tropical villa in a desirable location This 3 bedroom, 2 storey villa is ideally suited as a full-time residence Boasting upper level views over Jimbaran Bay, Modern Balinese style property is built to the highest standards and ¿nish 15 minutes to the International Airport of Bali

For Freehold USD 395,000 Siti Purba (62) 878 628 220 02 Jimbaran of¿ce (62) 361 703 208

For Freehold USD 795,000 Luki Purwanti (62) 819 998 491 23 Jimbaran of¿ce (62) 361 703 208



For Sale USD 275,000 Eric Livesey (62) 812 3766 3111 Seminyak Of¿ce (62 361) 737 358

Ideal land plot to realize your dreams Affordable 3,567 sqm freehold land in an established area close to Pecatu Indah Resort Incredible sunset views of the northern Indian Ocean Full utilities are available onsite 25 minutes to the international airport of Bali




BC- V711

• Romantic Tropical Hideaway Resort • A merging of traditional and modern architecture with natural materials in the Balinese landscapes • Well designed and decorated villas with one of a kind collectors pieces and artifacts sited on 1.717 sqm freehold land • Features 5 bedrooms completed with ensuite bathroom, spacious and airy living and dining room, big pool, spa room and separated professional kitchen. • Has Pondok Wisata license

For Sale – USD 1.100.000,Mediani (62)815 4721 9369 Sanur Of¿ce (62)361 28 7642


Freehold rice paddy land 2800 sqm land located in the village close to central ubud Suitable to build villa and more This land have private access that guarantee the convenient to reach it.



• Hot offer for real property…… Best investment and great opportunity. • Selling off-plan within villa complex. 26 villas have been sold and 10 are still available. • Offering one- and two- bedroom villas, fully furnished with customized tropical modern contemporary style furniture • private swimming pool, a fully equipped kitchenette, open living and dining area and en-suite bathrooms. • Guarantee plan ROI 7% for 3 years.

For Sale – Start from IDR,Mediani (62) 815 4721 9369 Sanur Of¿ce (62)361 28 7642 C/Re/G-6 Feb. 13


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

06 February - 20 February, 2013



Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java Close to Cimaja surfing beach Western standard, FF, AC, 5 BR w/ensuite, 505m2, HM, 24hour security, swimming pool Upstairs: • Spacious living/TV-room, built-in verandah • 1 Master BR, ensuite+bathtub, ocean views • 2 Bedrooms, 1 with verandah Downstairs: 2 BR w/ensuite, convenient livingroom Price: AUS$90,000 (Rp. 900jt) – nego Contact: Yosephine / Rachman Hp: 0878 3212 8686 / 0821 2531 9871

For sale money changer in strategic location in Sanur area. Complete permit, license, and Bank Indonesia certificate.Good for investment, 14 years lease. Reason for sale because need money. Sell Rp. 1.45 billion (nego). Please contact 081 2361 0079 or 0852 2212 0341. [5362] For rent/sale long/short term at Sanur or Nusa Dua. Sanur 4BR, Nusa Dua 3BR. fully furnished, airconditioned, maid quarter. Sanur with 12m pool. Quiet area. Call 081 872 3973. [6228]

NC/Re/I-06 Feb 13

CANGGU ~ ABC Apartment ~

Villa for rent daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Available 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms, fully furnished, hot & cold water, cable TV, swimming pool, parking lot, free Wifi, 5 minutes to the beach & International school. Call on: 0361 – 887 6679 / 081 138 5315, e-mail: <>. [6316]

Type A (Studio Room) 5,800,000 Rp/Month 54,000,000 Rp/Year Type B (Studio Room+Loft) 6,400,000 Rp/Month 61,200,000 Rp/Year Queen Size Bed, Kitchen, AC, Hot Shower, Cable TV, Furniture, Refrigerator, Night Security

Lease 6 rooms Homestay+Cafe +space shop/appartment in Sanur, max 10 years , 7 are, touristic location , near sea 10 min walk, 30.000 USD/year nego. Contact Pedro sms 0813 3787 1760. [6321]

Call: 0361 - 801 4498 C/Re/I-23 Jan 13

Warehouse for rent close to Sanur, Suitable for business, large space, building 22 mt x 30 mt lt 1,8 mt x 18 mt dan 6 mt x 12 mt lt2, 4400 kwh electric, water bor, telephone/fax, speedy, 2 bathrm. Price 190,000,000rp / year. More information call Mr. Bagus on 275 3382. [6324] House for Rent. Location: Sidakarya, Denpasar (close to Sanur). Facility : 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, water heater, kichen, garage, garden, fully furnished. Land size: 150 sqm. Price: 59 Mio per year. Contact: 0819 3611 0771, email: <>. [6327] Special Longstay / Weekly or monthly Promo Mentari Sanur Hotel. Swimming pool and breakfast included. More info please call 0361 283 286 or Putu: <sales@>. [6331] 215 m to the beach, south Sanur. New apartment on second floor with private entrance and roof top terrace. Highest standard and cool design, furnished, aprx 100 m2 7.700 W, 2 AC, Cable-TV, Wifi, IMB, 20 years lease 145.000 Usd. Hp 0878 6080 9460. [6337]

C/Re/P-26 Dec. 12

Villa for rent: area 3 are, 2 bedroom, living room, kitchen, aircondition, hot water, swimming pool, big garden. Contact Made: 081 2363 0309 / 0819 1665 9151. [4134] For sale freehold or rent 2 villas, 3BR on 500m2 with pool, luxury 4 BDR on 700m2 with pool + jacuzzi, full paddies + river view, 5 min from Canggu Club. Jl. Pantai Brawa, Gg. Bisma. 0812 3672 2812 / 0812 3619 9241. [5132] 4 bedrooms villa for rent (daily / monthly) in Canggu. Close to Canggu Club, Berawa & Ecobeach. Fully furnished, pool, etc. Call: 0816 865 097 (English), 0821 1788 8293 (Bahasa). See: <>. For sale: <>. [6234] Urgent sale. Freehold land, 49. 2 are with private access and ready to build. 3 mins from Cangu club. 390jt/are nett. Serious buyer pls call 0812 8914 2833. [6235]

Canggu Set amidst pristine rice fields in Canggu, a leisurely 2 minute drive to the famous Echo Beach, 15 minutes drive to Seminyak area. This is a villa complex of peace & tranquility. 2 private villas ready & 2 more being built. The complex is set to feature three & four bedroom villas. Each villa, furnished with custom-made tropical-contemporary style furniture that suits the indoor outdoors climate in Bali & private swimming pool. Tittle: Hak Milik 4 bedroom lease: IDR 275,000,000 4 bedroom: IDR 5,000,000,000 Contact: Andre (0361) 8889993 | Email: C/Re/I-28 Nov 12

Villa rent/sale. Building 315 m2 / 7.35 are, furnished, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, living, dining, kitchen, maid room, etc. Garden, large pool & ponds. 30 min from airport, 10 min Canggu Club. Rent 230 million/year. Call 081 895 7082 / 0813 2509 5697. [6307] Land for contract. 8.2 are in Seseh, 130 metres from the beach. Approx size 25 mtr x 35 metre, has 7.500 electricity, gudang and easy access, IMB no problem. Please call 081 1385 3229, 081 139 7397 for further info. [6312] For rent small house in Berawa, close to beach, 200m2, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, semi-furnished, AC, hot water, big garden, carport, overcontract 10 months (55jt) + possibility to extend 0812 3672 2812. [6313] Close to the Canggu Club villa for rent in quiet surrounding. Big living, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, beautiful garden with private swimming pool, staff included. Available 15 February for one year, rental price IDR 120 juta, excl. electricity. For information <> or tel. 0813 3803 4148. [6322]

Storage available in convenient location close to by-pass Sanur. Large secure high quality space approx 12mX5m for 30mill per year. Contact <> for more details. [6342] INVESTMENT opportunity in Sanur, A new residence concept. For inquiry please contact: <sutoyo27c@gmail. com>, 085 6373 4043. [6366]

Villa for rent daily, monthly, yearly in Canggu, close to Echo Beach. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, swimming pool, fully furnished, hot water, AC. Please contact 0878 6103 5144. [6325]

Annexe for rent, single, couple, new build, ensuite, quiet, safe, pool, wifi, AC, 3 months plus, Bajang Sari, walk beach, 5 million pm inclusive. Home 0361 270 987, mob 0821 4794 3175, <>. [6367]

Villa for rent monthly, weekly, in Pererenan, Canggu, Echo Beach. 3 bedroom, 2 bedroom available. Big garden, AC, internet, high speedy, TV, swimming pool, full furnished with staff. Phone: 0878 6152 4094. E-mail: <>. [6255]

Sanur, brand new villa for rent, 3 large bedrooms with full ensuite, AC, f/furnished, s/pool, daily $150 cheaper rate weekly or monthly. SMS/call 0819 1624 1071 or <> for further information. [6368]

Villa for rent. 4are spacious living room. 3 big ensuite bed room. Pool. CCTV. Not far from canggu club. Sublease for 2,5 years. Rp. 150 mill/year. Ray White kuta. 081 2364 1119. [6346] NC/RE/U-6 Feb. 13

Exclusive location. Sale land of 3000m2 located between Batubelig and Brawa, 200m from the beach, leasehold 30 years, renewable. Call 081 1224 7419 / <>. Contact Math. [6348] ECHO Beach freehold land. 5-15 Are less than 3 mins to Echo’s. 450 million IDR per Are. Batu Bolong. Freehold. 700 million/Are. Contact only by email < com> or visit <>. [6239] Luxury Villa Rental Canggu.1100msq. Beautiful setting. Pool. 3 Bedroom ensuite. Fully furnished. Wi-fi. Satelite. 2 Phonelines. Includes membership Canggu Club, maid, garden and pool maintenance. Yearly US$32,500. Call 081 2394 5760. [6358] GLADAK for sale - Teakwood house ideal for living or outdoor/porch. Adapted with glass to have more natural light. Easy relocation. No foundations required. Area 60 sqmtr. 150 Juta. <>. [6365] Riverfront land for sale in Canggu, 19.05 are, freehold, close to the beach, surrounded by terrace of padi field. Call owner directly 0361 - 735 590 / 0361 - 746 0678. [6372]

C/Re/G-6 Feb. 13




NC/Re/I-06 Feb 13


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

06 February - 20 February, 2013

# LEGIAN BLUE OCEAN BEACH HOUSE # Available 1st March to 1st July (4 months) Lovely 2 AC bed home. Fully furnished. Just arrive with suitcase. 150 mtr from beach. No pool as next to the sea. Quiet secure, staff, good size garden, parking, Hi speed internet. €1000 Euros pm 3 months minimum


2 STOREY FULLY AIR CONDITIONED Jl. Kerta Petasikan II No. 17, Suwung Kangin. Telp. 0361 720275, HP. 081 696 44 66 - 081 2399 7581

Text please to +6287861996750 NC/Re/I-12 Dec 12


NC/Re/G-6 Feb. 13

NC/Re/I-06 Feb 13

SEMINYAK Jl.Saraswati - off Jl. Bidadari. 5mins to the heart of Seminyak. 4 bedrooms/ensuite in every room, AC, huge swimming pool, garden, maid quarter and overly expansive open plan joglo for lounge and kitchen. Now available for long term enquiries (min 5 years). Call 0878 6189 7970. [5647] 3 bedroom villa at Drupadi & 4 bedroom at Kunti Seminyak. Daily or weekly. Swimming pool, daily maid, Wi-Fi, hot water, open living and kitchen. And also have 2 bedrooms in Legian. Please call +62 819 1636 2285. [3866] Central Seminyak, Retail store overcontract. Renovated double 80 sq mt shop plus terrace. Suit boutique, spa, cafe, gallery. Has office, lighting, bathroom, phone etc. 2yr 9mo remaining, terms upfront. <balishopforrent@yahoo. com>. SMS 0812 391 0353. [6240] Big shop for rent (95m2) on Seminyak main street, excellent condition. Fully renovated, five years contract left. Very good deal. Conveniant also for spa and restaurant. Call 0819 3601 7443. [6171] Short-term rental, 5 minutes walk to beach, contemporary villa, open space, 2 AC bedrooms w/safes, 1 oversized bathroom, flat screen TV, DVD, sound system, wireless, fully equipped kitchen, pool, maid, carpark. Contact <>. [6178] For Rent 4 bedrooms villa in Seminyak-Mertanadi, prvt pool, Halffurnished, 250m2 building, 550m2 garden with ricefieldview. 5 mins to Bali Deli. Price 175mil nego. Contact Julie 081 5577 7000. Email: <micaeljulie@gmail. com>. [6308]

Thousands of people read the Bali Advertiser Real Estate Is your company ready for more business? Advertise your business next issue and get your share.

Villa for rent in great location. 3 bedroom with pool, 7 month contract Rp. 78 million or 12 months contract if customer wanting long term contract. Speak Bahasa: 0813 3803 1128. Speak English: 0813 3823 2015. [6309] Villa at Seminyak. 20 months overcontract Rp. 240.000.000,Now - Sept 15, 2014. 2 KS beds w/ walk in wardrobe, 2 bathroom, cable-TV, washing machine, large fridge, freezer, 4 burner, oven stove, pool. Everything close & steps to Bintang. 0819 3626 5914 / 0823 4166 7577. [6314] Uma Sari. Jl Petetinget. New renovation. 5 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms, over 200meters of living space. Plunge pool, large sunset balcony, low maintenance home not far from anywhere. Semi furnished. Owner will furnish for long lease. 200jta/year. E-mail <>. 081 856 7538. [6317] Villa closed Legian, quiet area, 3 bedrooms AC with private bathroom. Living room open on big swimming pool. Gazebo. Full furniture, TV cable. 240 million Rpa. Contract until 07/2014. Possibility extend. Tel. 0813 5337 2473. [6332] Fully furnished 1 and 2 Bedroom apartement in a resort by Legian beach, daily, monthly, yearly. 2+3 bedrooms villa in Seminyak for daily rent. Pls go: <> or call 081 759 1068. [6339] SHOP for rent- excellent location: Central Seminyak, Jalan Drupadi 1, (50meters from Jalan Raya Seminyak) close to Made’s Warung. 85 mill/year. Bathroom facilities, AC, modern fittings, good lighting and security doors. Contact: 0812 3923 8290 / 0812 3701 1342 text or call. E-mail <>. [6344] Villa for rent, 1st March - 31st October, great location, few mtr from the beach. Two bedrooms, big living room, garden, meditation-yoga room. Good value for holidays, surfers and relaxation. <>. 0818 0541 9768. [6206] OVERCONTRACT. Shop in Petitenget, between Biku & W hotel. 2,5 years, size 38.5 sqm. Shop in Warung Made Seminyak size 8 sqm. For more details please contact 0812 381 2088. [6361]

Bali Advertiser

Real Estate

06 February - 20 February, 2013



Kuta EcoStay in the heart of Kuta

Land for rent 12 are in Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai about 200m from Benoa Square, mainroad access, prospective area for your business. Rp. 10 million/are/year (nego), min 5 years, max 20 yrs. Call 081 7066 0650 (English) / 081 2383 4011 (Bahasa Indo). [5803]

Brand NEW – Top Quality – Promo Rates! Contact: (+62) 0 816 188 0097 or 0 813 2200 4110 Email: Address: 12 Gang Lotring, Jalan Pantai Kuta

(50m along lane opposite Warung Made restaurant in Kuta)

Designed for travellers wanting value for money and who have an eco-conscience C/Re/G-12 Dec. 12

FOR RENT NEW HOUSE at Ida Bagus Mantra street, land 125 m2, 2 storeys, building 6.5x9m, electricity 2200watt, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dining room. Facilities: 3AC, 2 LCD, refrigerator, kitchen set, carport. IDR 75.000.000/year nego. Call 0361-8545488 / 081999010288

Room for rent at Jimbaran, Jln. Bukit Hijau no. 6. Fully furnish, kitchen, bathroom, parking, maid, free Wifi. Free electricity for monthly. 2,75 mill monthly or 250k daily. Call 081 2395 8971. [4592] Jimbaran leasehold 19 years, 2 storey house, only $25,000, Aussie owners, spent same amount on refurbishment, excellent little house, quiet, best deal in Bali, marked down, quick sale. 0821 4532 9564. e. <>. [6353] Dreamland/Graha Pecatu resorts, affordable luxury 2 strorey 4 double bedroom x 3 bathroom & 2 storey 3 double bedroom x 2 bathroom, seaview, wifi, close public pool, short /long term, ask for special discount. <balihouse@> / SMS +62 816 815 654 / +61 407 39 0116. <>. [6364]

NC/RE/M-6 Feb. 13


BEFORE YOU SETTLE ON ANY PROPERTY, CHECK THE A LIST A-mazing value villas Canggu Beach. Your last chance to buy a brand new, architect designed, 2 bedroom villa with pool for less than US$180,000. Just 500m from the beach. Call us now! Seminyak.2 adjoining villas. Great rental returns. 1x3br and 1x2br, both with pools. Fully furnished.Many forward bookings. US$398,000 for TWO! (neg) Echo Beach Ocean and SunsetViews. Stylish 3br/3bth villa on 4 are.Beautifully furnished.Gourmet kitchen.1 min to beach Only US$400,000 neg. VL-049* Canggu.Tibubeneng. Brand New3 bd/2 bth beautifully designed. full. furn home. Ricefield views.Freehold.Just US$ 175,000.Great value. *VS-055 Umalas.TegalCupek. REDUCED! Very stylish 2 br/2bth pool villa, beautifully furnished. Pretty rice field area. NOW JUST US$147,000.Must sell. Umalas.Jl Klecung. 3br riverfront villa on 6 are with BIG pool, big living spaces and big kitchen. USD $165.000 neg. A List Land Kuta Beachfront. 20 are freehold next to Holiday Inn. 38m white sand beachfront.35m street frontage.Square shape. Last of its kind – don’t miss it!Rp4 billion/are. Brawa Beach.26 are. 29 yr lease. Good shape. Good access. Rp7.5Mill/are/yr. Brawa Beach 7 Are. Ricefield view. Good shape and access. Rp700Mill/are. *LS-093 Jl Oberoi. Rare 10 areFreehold. Good shape and access. 1 min. walk to restaurants, shops. Price Rp.1.6 Bill/are.

A List Hotels/Restaurant/Businesses Oberoi. REDUCED! Profitable BBQ restaurant and Bar on 7 are. 8 year lease Completely equipped restaurant with beer garden and indoor bars. All licenses.Fully operational. Good loyal customer base. Loads of potential. Now just US$280,000 Lovinabeachfontfr. AUD75,000!HUGE RETURNS.Villas and apartments right on the beach in stylish resort in centralLovina. Beautifully furnished.Fabulous gardens.Great holiday rentals. Ultra-safe investment. Australian Super approved investment. Already 75%sold. Call us! *reference numbers for info from website: Enter number in ‘keyword’ top right.

Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 72 ,Tel/Fax: (0361) 735469 Website: | email: C/Re/G-6 Feb. 13

C/Re/I-06 Feb 13

C/Re/I-09 Jan 13


Real Estate

06 February - 20 February, 2013 ● Padang Bai in the high lush green outcrops

● Sanur close to the beach fully furnished

2bdr villa lease 42 yrs US$ 320.000. ● Sanur-Jl. Kesari modern 1 bdr villa leasehold AUD$199,000/20yrs or AUD$ 209,000/45yrs. ● Sanur spacious 2 bdr villa en-suite with extra room for kid/office + all facilities. Lease 19yrs US$199,000 ● Gianyar cute hotel / bungalow resort with 12 units; freehold, Euro 540,000. ● Tabanan - Kelecung 845m2 land near the beach Rp. 65 million /are. ● Saba 2 floors, 3 bedroom villa (800m2) on 10 are close to beach with view over ricefields and ocean Only AUD 295,000.

& near the bch beautiful 3 bdr Eur. style villa on 10 are for $ 385,000. Also 11 are ready to build walled land for only Rp. 900,000,000! ● Sanur - Padang Galak near the river 3 are land for Rp 350 million / are. ● Tabanan - Kerambitan Villa Sawa; cozy 4bedr colonial style villa on 13 are freehold Euro 175,000. ● Tanah Lot - Munggu near Canggu and the beach 18,5 are land with rice field & mountain view Rp.80 million / are. ● Sanur - Rare property in the center near the beach 3 bdr house US$ 395,000 living area 280m2 on 3 are. ● Nusa Dua-Mumbul 10 are land @ Rp. 350 million/are.

“APEX” is Dutch owned and also specialized in Visa Info 0361 724 262 I 081 835 8707 & Business Consultancy Visit our website for more exciting properties! NC/Re/U-6 Feb. 13


SINGARAJA Private sale: land for sale in Desa Pacung, Buleleng, 3,7 hectares / 370 are with 2600 teak trees. Gentle sloping ground with sea view. 33 million Rp / are, great investment property. Call Yulia 081 2102 5165 / <julietleo2001@>. [6336] North Bali Lovina heights and beach. 2.6 Ha to 30 are. Michael Jong 0812 3645 6168. Development sites with outstanding ocean & rice padi views, close Singaraja. New homes from $US 50,000 plus. Photos available. <>. [6345]



All ads Rp. 7.000 per word All ads must be paid before printing

2 houses for rent, 2/4 bedroom (daily, weekly, longterm rental), furnished/unfurnished possible, quiet area - Land for rent/sale 5 - 30 are - All locations close to Geger Beach, 0361-777 092, 0821 4552 2200 or e-mail <balifamily2000@>. [5041]

We’re Professional German-Indonesian couple looking for rental house 2-3 bedroom, long term contract (min 4 months) in Central Ubud. Starting from 1 March 2013. Pls contact Michael: <> / +278 2789 8369. [001] Land is Selling Fast. Land prices on the rise due to high demand in the areas. We are looking for land and villas for sale, location in Jimbaran, Bukit and Nusa Dua. Contact us in Exotiq Property Jimbaran (0361) 703208 or 703551. [002]


Jl. Majapahit No. 46 Kuta - Bali Telp : (0361) 755 392 [Hunting] Fax : (0361) 764 191 E-mail:

Bali Advertiser

NC/Re/I-06 Feb 13

House for sale: western style house on 15 are land. Green house sanutary system located on mountain with best view. Contact 081 2394 8595. [1150] HOUSE for rent in private secure complex for expats. Newly renovated, 3Bdr, fully furnished, small garden, AC, WiFi, 2 sharing swimmingpools, tenniscourt. Very safe, quiet area, longterm rental. Call: 081 2380 2891. [6315] Rent villa hill seaview quiet area European style, 2 bed/ bathrooms, in/outside living, dinner, kitchen, fullfurnished, A/C, hotwater, TVsat, terrace, gazebo, garden, swpool, 7juta month included maid & security. Owner 081 7472 7296. [6326] House for rent located in Beranda Mumbul Residence Nusa Dua. 2 BR, kitchen with stove and fridge. 2 beds, shower with heater, garage and garden. Call 0813 5337 3333. [6340] NC/Re/G-6 Feb. 13

C/Re/I-09 Jan 13

Bali Advertiser

Real Estate

06 February - 20 February, 2013


KARANGASEM Ubud - brand new 2 bedroom pool villa 150 sqm living Space on 600 sqm land. Overlooking rice fields. Master and guest bedrooms w. AC & en suite semi open bathrooms. Fully equipped kitchen,dining & living room. Infinity pool, deck & gazebo. 24 hour maid service & security Info contact : Hp. 081 812 380 2358 C/Re/G-14 Nov. 12

FOR SALE Bar / Restaurant in Legian. Very well known with 8 years lease. Will consider equity partner with strong management skills.

Email : NC/RE/U-25 July 12

Beautiful cliff front land in Seraya, LS 60 are, freehold, amazing views, ocean, mountains & Lombok Island. Call owner directly 0361 - 735 590 / 0361 - 746 0678. [6373] Amazing beachfront land in Padangbai, 70 are, freehold, permit for tourism development are available. Call owner directly 0361 - 735 590 / 0361 - 746 0678. [6374] NC/Re/U-6 Feb. 13

KUTA Holiday villa, beautiful, private, quiet, good price, weekly/ monthly, 2 storey, large 1 bedroom, pool, AC, hot-water, full kitchen, TV/DVD, Wifi, 24hour security, cleaned daily, more details, photos, quick response, e-mail: <kaowenoz@>. [5579] Private room 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, AC, kitchen, hot-water, freezer, TV, fully furnished. Close to airport/ beach 5 mins. Nice room/safe. Call 0813 5767 8881. Rp. 3.5 million / Rp. 4 million / month, Rp. 200.000 fan/day, Rp. 250.000 AC/day. [6098]

INVESTOR / SYNDICATE US$500,000 Real Estate Project, ROI 10% payout on finance draw down approx. 6 months. Initial Investment or continued share holder interest in project of 10%.

Call : 0821 4532 9564 NC/RE/U-6 Feb. 13

Price USD 750,000 PROPERTY

Jl. Kayu Aya 77x, Seminyak 80361, Bali Phone +62 (0) 361 737358 Eric +62 (0) 812 3766 3111

For sale / longterm lease: will be considered: 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 5 AC, fully equip kitchen + 1 maid kitchen, carport, plunge pool, big balcony, garden, electricity 7700 watt. E-mail <> or phone/SMS +614 11 7777 23. [6244]


Jl. Kayu Aya 77x, Seminyak 80361, Bali Phone +62 (0) 361 737358 Eric +62(0) 812 3766 3111

Surf school for sale complete package in beach front Kuta, 37 softops (surftech!) Suzuki-apv, Honda Scoopy, 12 lockers, rubber fins, website, 11month contract extendable, includes hotel facilities wifi, electric. <skytribalart@yahoo. com>. [5232] Uniquely wooden house for rent, Jimbaran area, 2 acre land, 3 bedroom with airconditioner, 4 bathroom, living room, dining room, rooftop for sunbathing, nice. Call: Made 0812 3928 8993. [6310] BB-V1052 Freehold Umalas Prime

Just under 600 sqm land. Residence size 375 sqm Two storey 4 bedroom en-suite Swimming pool, garden, river frontage C/Re/G-23 Jan. 13

KEROBOKAN OVER CONTRACT 2 storey unique Balinese style building 2 are, 2 telp lines, 4 toilets, fully renovated, presently garment factory and showroom, big parking, ideal for furniture â&#x20AC;&#x201C; many uses, 5 years o/c.

Main road location close to the jail. Jl. Tangkuban Perahu no. 18 Kerobokan.

Shop ex restaurant, over contract 2 years. Jl. Benesari 94 Kuta. Closed to Poppies II. Strategic location & busy area. 5mx12m. Electricity 5000 watt, toilet, kitchen. Suitable for shop, boutique / bar. Rp. 85.000.000/year. Contact: 0812 3674 5509. [6319]

BB - L790/L791/L792 Exclusive Listing 50 meters from Brawa beach Total of 6242 sqm, subdivided into 3 lots: 3728 sqm, 1500 sqm and 1014 sqm, 29 years leasehold + 30 years extension Call now for discounted price C/Re/G-23 Jan. 13

FOR Sale: Land 250mtr square at Jimbaran. Land 785mtr square at By Pass Ngurah Rai and Villa 300mtr square at Sanur. Seriously buyer, please contact to me 0819 3310 5850. [6323] Urgently overcontract - later direct contract with owner: 80m2 bar & warung & office & resto place; Funky style, prepared, renovated, new water-pump, increased electricity 2200W. 1 year 3 weeks. 45 million. Only serious. Quick deal. 0818 0553 6293. [6351] 300m2 space for rent on Jl Dewi Sri Kuta. 4F nice view, have a elevator, 2 private toilet, kitchen, balcony, min 5years Rp150j/year. Call 081-3385-00970 or <goodproperty@>. [6359] Beach front 1 bedroom service apartment in Hotel Jayakarta for Rent. King size bed, 2 sofabed, daily cleaning service. 3 big swimming pool, restaurant, tennis court, spa. Call 081-2388-4973 or <onelovebali@hotmail. com>. [6360]

ENQUIRY CALL INDO : 081 7978 8545 ENGLISH : 081 7478 6533 NC/RE/M-6 Feb. 13

C/Re/G-6 Feb. 13

Without the right advice itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a jungle out there.

NC/Re/G-6 Feb. 13


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

06 February - 20 February, 2013

APARTMENT IN SEMINYAK Monthly to Yearly Rental. 2 storey 1 Bedroom, A/C, bath, balcony Lounge/kitchenette. Wifi and cable TV Daily housekeeping. Shared plunge pool

LAND FOR SALE & RENT Kuta - Seminyak: 4A, 6.5A, 9A, 28.5A Petitenget - Batubelig: 3A, 7A, 18A, 20A, 40A, 46A, 50A Umalas - Kerobokan: 4A, 10A, 19A, 20A Canggu: 2A, 3A, 4A, 7A, 8A, 10A,12A, 18A, 20A, 26A, 28A, 50A, 61.5A Jimbaran: 7A, 50A, 55A, 75A, 1.5Ha, 2.2Ha, 4.4Ha


Brawa Beach Villa: Fully Furnished 2BR, kitchen, living room, pool, garage, garden, land 400m2, building 200m2. 500.000 USD. ● New luxurious villa: 4BR semi furnished, pool, old antique joglo, garden, landsize 1000m2, 300m from beach, Rp. 16 billion. ● 08123668110

Call : 081236333693, 08179725265, 0361 7870334 E-mail :

Call: 081 139 2666 or 484999 C/Re/G 3 Oct. 12

Wireless broadband Short or long term Private or shared pool Well-equipped kitchens

RARE ANGON VILLAS, Kerobokan Call: 736 339 or 081 138 6450 C/Re/A-22 Feb 12

C/Re/A-9 Jan 13

NC/RE/M-6 Feb. 13

Brand new townhouse, 27 units, close to Kuta & Denpasar, modern furniture, deluxe bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, sat TV, hot water IDD telephone, laundry, room service, 24 hours security. Jalan Pulau Galang 324, Denpasar.


BUKIT Freehold land for sale in Bukit Ungasan. Good location and stunning views. Call 081 2380 2626. Please speak in Bahasa. [1547] For sale Dreamland new Australian design villa. 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, magnificent ocean, volcano views, beautiful horizon pool, double garage, garden 2 gazebos, freehold, hotel license. Located above golf course, beach. AUD$ 750,000. Call/SMS owner 085 6384 5701. [5710]

C/Re/I-17 Oct 12

Slopy land in Balangan, 26,5 are hak milik, close to Nirmala Supermarket in Ungasan, Villa area with aspect, water and electricity close by, long retention wall already started for terracing, sea and mountain view to north, 100jt/ are, 0821 440 94572 or <>. [6150] For Sale / Rent long term min 6 months. Bukit Ungasan. Traditional Bali villa in secure complex. Two storey main house. Lounge din / laundry wc bed/bath. Guest house / bed / bathroom. Kitchen / without dining. Pool water tank / aircon / more. AUD 19,000 per year. Available March 15th. Ph. +62 812 3930 3026 / <>. [6250] For sale - House Bukit Ungasan. Two storey, 2 bed, 2 bath, 6x3 pool, rooftop entertaining modern fully furn. Quality furn. Only 16 month old. AUD $190,000. Ph. 0819 1668 6426. [6251] We Also Ca Housekeeping n Provide /Maid, Bu Stay at Home t Not Preferable by email before you want to see the house, at:

For sale - Villa Bukit Ungasan, Bali style in secure complex. Investors dream. Rented till Nov ‘13. 2 bed formal, lounge dining, extensive marble tiling, private pool, bale, much more. AUD 240,000 minus rent. Ph. 0819 1668 6426. [6252]

Call: 0819 9941 3821 Email:


Pemogan, Denpasar (Behind Carefour Sunset Road) NC/RE/I-06 Feb.13

BERINGIN PROPERTY Local Agent and Local Prices

The only Property Agent based on the west coast of Bali

LAND FOR SALE KEROBOKAN - Banjar Anyar, 6 Are, 5m Road access, Ready to build. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 600 Mill/ Are - Tegal Cupak, 11.8 Are, 4m Road access, Ready to build, expatriat residential. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 450 Mill/Are KEDUNGGU - 10 Are, 6m Road access, rice field paddy views, Ready to build. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 110 Mill/ Are - Tegal Cupak, 11.8 Are, 4m Road access, Ready to build, expatriat residential. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 450 Mill/Are - 23 Are of contract land, 49 year lease. 50m from beach with stunning ocean views. Won’t last long at IDR 4 Mill/ Are/ Year. MENGENING - CEMAGI, 5 Are, 5m Road access, Ready to build, rice field paddys views. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 350 Mill/ Are - SESEH, 28.5 Are, 5m Road access, Ready to build, Beach views. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 285 Mill/ Are - SESEH, 27.7 Are, 6m Road access, Ready to build, 50m from Beach. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 650 Mill/ Are NYANYI BEACH - Beach front,36 Are, 6m Road access, Ready to build. Freehold PRICE : IDR 700 Mill/ Are NYITDAH - 13 Are, 1km from Kedunggu Surfing beach, Ready to build ( Perumahan ), 3.5 Road access, rice field paddy views,electric. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 125 Mill/ Are Jl. Darmawangsa No. 1, Tanah Lot - Bali - Indonesia Phone: +62 361 8483743 Fax: +62 361 8483743 Web: Email: /

For rent, secure one & two bedroom apartments near Dreamland Beach. Fully furnished, share pool & BBQ area. 1 bedrm - $50/night; $250/week; $600/month. 2 bedrm - $100/night; $500/week; $1000/month. Ph/SMS between 9am - 5pm - +62 878 6184 3997. [6270]

NC/Re/P-8 Aug. 12


For Sale/Rent. Four apartments in one 3 storey building near Dreamland Beach. Fully furnished; pool & BBQ area; has hotel license; Land 4 are; building 380sqm. Great views & breeze; Sell $490.000. Rent yearly $25,000. Ph/ SMS +62 878 6184 3997. [6271] For Sale New 2 bedroom - 3 bathroom house near Karma Kendara on 2 are land, house 100sqm. Australian quality. Sell Aust $95,000. Ph/SMS +62 878 6184 3997. [6272] BEACH House in front of the wave “Impossibles”. Over contract. 9 years with option to extend. House consits of 2 self-contained apartments with private bathrooms. Private terrace in front of house. For more info send email to <>. [6355] Amazing 1 - 4 Ha freehold land in Pecatu Hill with stunning views of ocean, mountains, airport, New Kuta Golf Course & sunset. 6 mtrs wide road access. Serious buyer please contact owner 0361 - 735 590 / 0361 - 746 0678. [6371]

IDR 580 MILLION (free hold) (5 minutes drive from Canggu Beach, 8 minutes drive from Canggu Deli) Land: 1,1 are. Building size: 50 m2 2 Bedrooms, living room, separate kitchen, 1 bathroom, inside garden, front garden Car parking space.

Call/sms: 081236195901

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06 February - 20 February, 2013







The perfect set up to enjoy the ideal Bali lifestyle. ONE BEDROOM





Enjoy living near one of Bali’s most beautiful uncrowded beaches or have your own holiday villa cared for by a professional management company. The combination of Balangan Wave Resort and Balangan Beach’s waves is simply perfect. Choose from 48 one or two bedroom fully furnished villas with own garden and SURF CLUB

plunge pool. Enjoy the private Surf Club with two floors of entertainment and chilling areas, restaurant, swimming pool and Surf Cam. It doesn’t get much better in Bali. Ray White Paradise Projects bring you the most exciting developments in Bali Real estate.

Contact: Siska cell: +62 (0) 81 5574 9228, +62 (0) 812 3962 2113

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We’ve got Bali covered.



SCGU310 Canggu




This cozy, fully furnished 2-story House is set on 300 m² with a total build size of 142 m². Strategically located, a 5 minutes drive to the beach and within walking distance to Canggu Club and the International school. Consisting of 3 bedrooms, two balconies, 3 bathrooms, one spacious living- and dining area, a fully equipped kitchen and a lush garden with pool, pond and Gazebo. Title : Hak Milik Price : IDR 2,850,000,000

Contact : Ray White Paradise + 62 (0) 87 860 053 153

SCGU170 Canggu




High return on investment! High Occupancy & Top Rating on Tripadvisor! This Private e Pool Villa Resort is set on 2210 m² of pristine freehold land in Canggu. A completely established business, fully operated since 2008 with yearly increasing occupancy rates! The Business is sold with all fittings and fixtures, including a website, contracts with several agents and booking websites, the client database and many more extras. 4 Villas: 2 x One Bedroom Villa < 1 x Two Bedroom Villa < 1 x Three Bedroom Villa. Possibility to increase capacity from 7 to 11 bedrooms! Contact : Ray White Paradise +62 (0) 87 860 053 153

Title : Hak Milik Price : USD 1,690,000









SCGU100 Canggu




SCGU390 Canggu




Extremely Rare opportunity: This price and only 75 metres to the beach. The famous “Beach House Restaurant” is negotiating to have another restaurant at Pantai Seseh!! Limited number of villas in this location – 400 sqm of land. Built to high western standards – bonus – there is a Jacuzzi. This is a must view – call today.

Contact : Amber + 62 (0) 81 804 188 644 Prices From : USD 295,000

This spacious villa on 2200sqm of land in a quiet & highly demanded area of Canggu is perfect for every family. View guaranteed, overlooking luscious green belt rice fields. With 7 bedrooms, 2 of them being in a separate guest villa. Extremely well designed, the large breezy open living area has a unique design with a living green roof, enclosed TV room all complemented by a high end, cleverly designed Contact : Ray White Paradise kitchen. + 62 (0) 8786 186 7277 Title : Hak Milik Price : IDR 11,500,000,000

SSNR138 Sanur

SCGU099 Canggu

SCAD555 Candi Dasa

LEASEHOLD FOR 42 YEARS. This villa is located in Seminyak area. Only 10 minutes walk to famous Double Six beach. There are only 2 units from 11 villas still available. One 2 bedroom unit and One 3 bedroom unit. Prices start from USD 295,000. DON’T MISS IT....CONTACT ME... Title

: Leasehold




Amazing Location, Product and Price. This villa has 3 en suite bedrooms with fully furnish, 2 bedroom villas accesses to open plan kitchen, living, dining & forward to the large swimming pool, 1 bedroom as pavilion. Sit on the 500 sqm of land, 250 sqm of building, in the secure & quiet villa complex. Absolutely in the heart of Sanur, just around 300 meter to the Sanur Beach. Leasehold for 41 years Title : Leasehold Price : USD 370,000

Contact : Samsuni +62 (0) 87 861 527 292




Located in Berawa, 100m from the beach, this 245m2 modern villa is under construction to be completed by June 1st. Walk to the Canggu Club and the International school. Built on a 3 are block, it features natural stone finishes, gourmet kitchen and secure garaging. Save money and purchase off the plan now! Inspect today! Title : Hak Pakai Price : USD 325,000

Contact : Ray White Paradise +62 (0) 361 737 357

Title : Hak Milik Price : USD 395,000

Contact : Shane Walsh +62 (0) 81 338 276 772




Kalyana Bay Villa Development is set on a one hectare stunning section of land overlooking the ocean and each villa will have amazing panoramic views. Designed to maximize tropical outdoor living, each villa carefully optimizes light, space, air circulation and ocean views. There are now 5 villas remaining to complete the investments and site inspections can be arranged at a convenient time. The best villa developContact : Karl Wilkins ment in Candi Dasa! +62 (0) 8155 701 729 Title : Hak Milik Prices From : USD 735.000

GLOBAL EXPERIENCED. LOCAL KNOWLEDGE As partners with Australia’s and Asia’s largest real estate agency we are in the perfect position to achieve the best results. Whether you are selling, buying or renting real estate with Ray White The Paradise Property Group you’ll benefit from the strength of our brand, worldwide database and a team that will help you realise your “wish list.”

Global experienced. Local knowledge. NC/Re/G-6 Feb. 13

SSEM715 Umalas




SSEM720 Umalas




SSEM716 Seminyak



The Bali Tulip Apartments are strategically located near some of Bali’s most popular attractions. The “Cosmopolitan Heart” of Seminyak is just minutes from your apartment, where you could go by bike or car to the nearby beach and enjoy surfing, shopping, dining and the spectacular sunsets.





Exclusive villa living in the North of Kuta with lavish facilities, on site parking, swimming pool, restaurant & bar. Just 5 minutes to Seminyak Beach, Ku-De Ta restaurant, Potatoe Head and more famous restaurants and clubs close by. As everybody is now becoming aware Umalas is rapidly becoming the most desired location after Seminyak and Canggu. There are many new facilities in this area, including the French school, a choice of cafes or restaurants with the Canggu Club is just 5 minutes from here. And you still can see the rice field around.

The Bali Tulip Townhouse comprises three blocks, each two stories, near some of Bali’s most popular attractions. The “Cosmopolitan Heart” of Seminyak is just minutes from your apartment, where you could go by bike or car to the nearby beach, and enjoy surfing, shopping, dining and the spectacular sunsets.

The contemporary design features 72 Apartments comprised of 20 Studio apartments, 40 family apartments , 9 x2 bedroom apartments and 3 Penthouses. Each is surprisingly affordable.

Each villa has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,1 pantry,1 dining room, 1 living room & swimming pool.

The contemporary design features 29 easily affordable villa units.


: Leasehold 30 years


: Leasehold 30 years


: Leasehold 30 years

Prices from

: IDR 602,580,000

Prices from

: IDR 3,057,500,000

Prices from

: IDR 1,620,000,000

The apartments are strategically located, just 25 minutes to Ngurah Rai International Airport and around 30 minutes to Nusa Dua and around 30 minutes to Sanur.

The apartments are strategically located, just 25 minutes to Ngurah Rai International Airport and around 30 minutes to Nusa Dua and around 30 minutes to Sanur.

The Villa complex is targeted to be ready by November 2013. With HGB land it is even more attractive for Indonesian citizens.



+ 62 (0) 87857802727

LCGU142 Canggu

34.65 Are

34.65 are of terraced/sloping freehold land located in the explosively growing area of Pererenan Canggu, this land has a spectacular ricefield and naturally grown trees. This land is perfect for a secluded and quiet private villa development for your own little paradise. This land already has one old traditional Balinese style home, with 2-bed room and has big parking space, staff area and private swimming pool. Contact : Ray White Paradise +62 (0) 81 246 079 550 Title : Hak Milik Price : IDR 14,274,000,000

SKER295 Kerobokan



SSEM452 Seminyak


This spacious traditional Balinese villa is built with extensive Javanese teak wood & hand carved Joglo, this 4 -bedroom retreat is located in quiet Kerobokan – close to Canggu Club. The property lies on 4000m2 of freehold land, boasting a lovely atmosphere enjoying cool breezes and has a large tropical garden, large swimming pool, 4 Bedrooms with en-suite bath rooms, Media room, Family room, Games room Contact : Annie Dean with pool table, etc. +62 (0) 81 339 455 009 Title : Hak Milik Price : USD 2,350,000





5 Villas offered for sale as a whole complex, including Villa Operations and Commercial license. Price reductions from USD$4,500,000 to USD$3,700,000 and still have space for negotiation! Situated just a couple of minutes walk from the picturesque Bali beach, the Villa luxurious sanctuary located in the Petitenget neighborhood of Seminyak, Bali. Title : Hak Milik Price : USD 3,700,000

Contact : Annie Dean +62 (0) 81 339 455 009

* prices and availability subject to change without prior notification.

Tel : +62 (361) 737 357 | 773 540 | 701 154 | 285 525

The Paradise Property Group NC/Re/G-6 Feb. 13



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Sitting on 5,25 Are of Freehold land this amazing 3 storey villa has a total of 11 bedrooms each with private bathrooms, 2 maid rooms and a large open concept kitchen on the second floor. The large swimming pool is surrounded by beautifully maintained garden and the high ceilings increase the feelings of space, completing the whole colonial feel. With so many rooms you have an option of privacy, where you can live in or rent out the rooms and run as a business. With nice access and very good location just 5 minutes to the heart of Seminyak, this investment will attract attention from everyone seeking accommodation in this popular area. This property really is amazing value. Lot Size: 525 SQM | House Size: 600 SQM Furniture Inventory: Furnished | Swimming Pool Size: 4m x10m | Location: Kerobokan

Perfect position for a rental machine! This fantastic 2 bedroom is situated just a short 3 minute walk to Legian and Seminyak and a few more to the beach! Designed in a moderen Balinese style this villa was built by a European and as such is finished to European standards with fabulous attention to detail and comes fully furnished even down to pots and pans. Set on 4 Are of land paid until until 2040 with a secure extension for an additional 25 years available. This villa has an impressive occupation rate and you can make great money from day oneâ&#x20AC;ŚYou just canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t beat this deal!

Price: Rp. 5,500,000,000

Price: USD 320,000

Location: Seminyak




ic Pr


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e ar


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This 3 bedroom Freehold Villa is positioned in the heart of the busy Legian district with new hotels being built each side its sits in an ideal position for a business such as , dentists surgery, doctors, consultancy etc. With living on the upper and lower levels and a great courtyard with swimming pool there are endless opportunities here and a chance to pick up 3.5 are at under current land value. Bedroom: 3 | Bathroom: 4 Lot Size: 350 SQM | House Size: 320 SQM Furniture Inventory: Furnished Location: Legian

We are delighted to be able to present this extremely pleasant 2 bedroom villa on the beach side of the Bypass not far from the Hyatt and the Bali Deli. Situated in an extremely quiet road with a long driveway and parking for 2 cars. Inside you will find a well kept garden with a 3 x 8 meter swimming pool. The villa itself is pavilion style with 2 bedrooms each with their own spacious en suite bathroom. A well equipped and generous sized kitchen is available as well as a spacious living and dining area complete with beautiful high ceilings throughout. A decent sized staff quarters are also present , offered for sale with 22 years remaining on the lease with a further 10 years available. Perfect for residential or for generating rental income. Bedroom:2 | Bathroom: 2 | Furniture Inventory: Furnished | Location: Sanur

Price: AUD 350,000

Price: Rp. 2,600,000,000









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This nice 2 storey 2 bedroom villa is designed in a modern Balinese style with alang-alang roof and is located in the quiet complex of Taman Mumbul in Nusa Dua. On the first floor are: guest bedroom, large living, dining and kitchen areas overlooking the swimming pool and spacey lounge on the top floor. The villa is set on 3.9 are of freehold land and has good access via the complex road with secured entrance gate so there is no noisy passing traffic in this area. Very motivated seller! Tittle: Freehold | Bedroom: 2 | Bathroom: 2 Lot Size: 390 SQM | House Size: 300 SQM Furniture Inventory: Furnished | Location: Nusa Dua

This 2 storey villa standing on 9,88are land is located in Brawa - Canggu, offering complete privacy. This beautiful villa comprises of 2 ensuite bedrooms and 2 open bedrooms on the second floor with sharing 1 bathroom, large western kitchen and dining area, open living room which connects to amazing swimming pool and spacious green garden overlooking the rice fields. Also included is a nice entrance, good parking area and maid quarters. This villa comes fully furnished and with extensive use of LED lighting throughout. Bedroom: 2 | Bathroom: 3 Lot Size: 988 SQM | House Size: 240 SQM Furniture Inventory: Furnished | Swimming Pool Size: 3m x 8m | Location: Canggu

Price: Rp. 2,500,000,000

Price: EURO 225,000

YOUR ONE STOP PROPERTY SHOP PRESENTING PROPERTIES FROM US$ 100,000 - US$ 6,000,000 Head Office : Jl Sunset Road 10X, Kerobokan, Bali Ph: +62 361 847 5955 | Fax: +62 361 8475682 | |

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