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05 Sept - 19 Sept 2012

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Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012


Moving Sale; 1 pcs teakwood cabinet 2 M long x 70 cm high x 60 cm width Rp. 2,5 mill, 2 pcs small teakwood bench single sofa Rp. 1,2 mill and 1 medium. Rp. 1,5 mill, 1 large teakwood bench sofa 2 M long x 1 M high x 80 cm width. Rp. 3,5 mill. Photo available for e-mail. Call 0813 3872 4288. [001]

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For Sale; Christian Dior vintage sunglasses, unused & second-hand, over-sized and glamorous, from late 1980s, original- no copy! for sale from personal collection, for men/women, starting Rp.350.000. Email for pics. Arka 0812 3709 5675 <arkanbar@gmail. com>. [028]



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Now baking for your breakfast items such as Assorted Croissant, Assorted Danish, Assorted Doughnut, Assorted Muffin and Bread such as Baguette, European Bread, Burger Bun, Hotdog Bun and we make fine toast such as White Toast, Brown Toast, Rye Toast and many more. Also available finest selection pastry products such as Apple Pie, Chocolate Cake, Black Forest, Tiramisu, Baked Cheese Cake, Carrot Cake, pralines and truffles chocolate, assorted cookies and many more. Cater for hotels, villas, café and restaurants Jl. Raya Legian 123B. T: 0361 750 625 F: 0361 750 625 Inquiries : C/Ns/G-18 April 12

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Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012


For Sale; Hand held massage machine. Rp. 250.000. Jl. Double Six Legian. PH. 0812 1876 6681. [003] For Sale; Water cooled mobile fan/AC - Krisbow. 110cm high x 52cm, as new condition. Rp. 1.250.000. Jl. Double Six Legian. PH. 0812 1876 6681. [004] Your waste plastic is worth money at Yayasan Regenerating Bali. We have a program where we collect all plastic waste for a cleaner Bali and to end poverty. To get involved and to arrange collection please e-mail: <plasticmoney@>. [005]

Looking for: German speaking persons who are interested to open/join a playing card group (Skat/ Schafkopf) in Kerobokan Denpasar-Kuta-Sanur area. Contact <balikarten@yahoo. de> or call/SMS 0857 3722 7575. [025]

All natural Bali muesli available in 500 gr bags Available at many local food stores For direct orders please call Ketut 0361 8605228 or email:

For Sale; Yaesu FTC 1540 A commercial band. Please contact 081 2366 3399. Denpasar. [026]

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For Sale; Twins boxing gloves, 14 ounces, red, velcro, never used, along with skipping rope and hand wraps. In Ubud, but can meet in Sanur. Rp. 600.000. 0812 3709 5675 Arka. [027]

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BALI SOULMATES Exclusive matchmaking for 50+ Single Expats. Work with a famous matchmaker from Southern California, Lecturer and Author of “Singles Guide to Finding Your Type”. First 25 eligible single men receive a free limited membership. Register today!

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JL. BY PASS NGURAH RAI - 1 km from Statue Dewa Ruci Just Before Mitra 10

C/Ns/I-22 August 12

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Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012

Looking for iPad 1st gen case. Text, call, or send picture 0819 1645 2211/ <pinkrnopunkr@gmail. com>. [014]

C/Ns/I-11 July 12

ECR & Mini Printer

Electronic Cash Register



For Sale; Attack motorized treadmill in great condition, just used a few times. New 9,5 juta Will sell for 4,5 jt Please call 0821 4710 4711 (UK) Or 0821 4710 4717 (Indonesian) Including Free Body Massager. Sanur. [015] For Sale; Night Vision Monocles for security or other night activities IDR 2 juta. Call 0821 4710 4711. Sanur. [016] For Sale; Original leather Harley Davidson motor jacket (XL) IDR 1,5 juta. Original Harley Davidson boots size 9.43. Both bought in Singapore for 6 jt. Cargo jacket Harley Davidson 450.000 (XL). Call 0821 4710 4711. Sanur. [017]


JL. Suli No. 119 B2, Denpasar Tel: (0361) 225796, 7800965 Fax: 225796 Email: Website:

Jakarta: 021-3841789, Surabaya: 031-8420004, Yogyakarta: 0274-419590, Bandung: 022-4261529, Medan: 061-4578613


For Sale; Bunk beds x 2 sets, excellent condition. Bottom mattress 120cmx20m, top 90cmx2m. Price Rp. 2 million each set. Jl. Double Six Legian. PH. 0812 1876 6681. [002] For Sale; Teakwood telephone table and chair. Brown colour. Very good condition. Paid 2 million, selling half price 1 million, (fixed). Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. [029] For Sale; Canon EF2880mm Skylight Lens and Canon EF100-200mm zoom lens, Only Rp. 900,000 each. Call 0813 3859 2247 Ubud. [012] C/Ns/I-18 April 12

For Sale; Brand new King Koil bed for sale, size 180/200, signature spring system for 9 million in Sanur. Call (0361) 281 276. [018]

C/Ns/I- 5 Sept. 12

For sale: Solid teak baby cot with mattress. Whitewash finish. Rp 1.1 million. Contact 081 2386 6753. Canggu. [019] For Sale; I have a collection of various electronics and accessories for sale including flat screen monitor, HP laser printer, wifi routers, keyboards, computer cables, etc. All perfect condition. Call 081 2386 6753. Canggu. [020] For Sale; 1. Bedroom set: mattress and frame, dressing table with mirror. Paid 10 million, selling less than half price, 4.8 million, (fixed). Excellent condition. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. [021] NC/Ns/I-16 May 12

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Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012



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Yuri Ristianty : Costume Rental Shop Yuri Ristianty was born and spent a normal, happy childhood growing up in Jakarta during the 1980s. After graduating from high school in 2000, she studied Public Relations at the University of Indonesia and then German literature at Padjadjaran University in Bandung. Yuri worked for a year for a German company in Jakarta before moving to Bali i n 2 0 0 3 . Yu r i h a s worked as a secretary, sales person, telemarketer, office manager, business manager, villa manager and is still active as an MC for conferences, meetings, dinners, launches, etc, interpreter at international conferences and as a translator. Yuri opened Julia Costumes Rental and Production in Kerobokan, which rents costumes to one and all. Did you like to dress up when you were little? I had this one satin “princess” dress that I would wear ALL THE TIME, no matter how sweaty it made me! I didn’t even let my mom wash it. I also remember a pair of jeans with a detective badge on the back pocket. We also played all kinds of games that little children of today know nothing about! Children of the 80s had the most fun! How did you wind up in Bali? I was working for a German company in Jakarta when my mom got “stuck” because her flight was delayed, so she had a chance to look around Bali. She thought it was such a nice place to live, with so many business opportunities, that she asked her children if we wanted to move here and everybody agreed! The day I arrived to live in Bali was the first time I ever set foot on the island! Who dreamed up the idea of opening a costume shop?

that I saw some copies of it on a Bali fashion runway a couple of weeks after its debut. What’s the most unusual costume you rent? Uruk Hai from the Lord of the Rings. What’s your most frightening costume? What frightens Indonesians the most is our “Pocong” costume. It’s basically the fabric Indonesians use to wrap corpses. If you wear it on Halloween you’ll see people run away from you! What’s the most popular costume for women? I would have to say the sexy sailor/pirate costume. What’s the most popular costume for men? Jack Sparrow from the film Pirates of the Caribbean. Do more adults than children rent costumes? In overall they do, because adults arrange and attend parties and events to their heart’s content. Women rent more than men. Children only rent costumes for specific occasions and when their parents allow them to. What sorts of occasions do people rent costumes for? Birthdays, weddings, themed parties, school plays, dance shows, fashion shows, anniversaries, Halloween, Holy days (Christmas, Easter, etc.) and basically whenever people feel like wearing something different! What was the most unusual event you’ve rented costumes for? For a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary when they asked all male family members - including the little boys and elderly men - to dress up as girls with full dresses, heels, wigs and make up!

I would have to say in April for Kartini Day when school children are required to wear traditional Indonesian costumes. And of course Halloween. Can customers special order an individualized costume? Yes, we take special orders. If we consider the costume to be interesting enough for us to keep and rent out again it’s just the normal rental charge. For people who desire something really special and would like to buy the costume, the charges vary depending on their specifications, tailoring, material, accessories, etc. Do you offer other services than just renting costumes? We also sell accessories - little knick-knacks that would spice up your “normal” attire - like crowns, wigs, wings, magic wands, mustaches, clown noses, etc. We will also be offering some costumes for sale soon. What have you learned about people operating a costume shop? No matter who, where, how old, and what gender you are, dressing up is always fun. It brings out a different side of you that you might have thought wasn’t there. It’s a great pleasure for me to see people become little children again the moment they put on a costume!

Do you make the costumes yourself?

How can you be contacted?

Our team in Denpasar produces most of our costumes and accessories. However we do have some original pieces that we get from their native locale such as grass skirts from Papua, Elvis wigs from Hollywood, Kimonos from Japan, among other items.

Julia Costumes Rental, Jl. Merthasari 64 B, Pengubengan Kauh , Kerobokan, tel. 0361-9625618, hp . 081-873-5935, email :, website : www.juliacostumes. com, Facebook : juliacostume.

My sister’s fashion show dress that -believe it or not - looks like a jellyfish with a tentacle-like train. It was such a crazy hit

C/Ns/G-18 April 12

What’s the busiest time or year?

My mom actually came up with the idea. It was about a year after our arrival in Bali and she started to look for business opportunities. I have a younger sister who competed in modeling contests at the time and we saw how extravagant all the costumes were. We thought it such a waste to buy or make such an expensive costume that is only worn once! Apart from that people began enquiring about the ones my sister wore because they were so unique and well made. Some people would even borrow her costumes and copy them. And since my mom did most of the designing and tailoring, it was pretty obvious to us that this was the business to be in. We named the business after my sister, Julia.

What was the very first costume you rented out?

C/Ns/I-5 Sept. 12

Economically and Friendly Packaging

How do people rent costumes? The only requirement is to pay rent, which varies between Rp75,000 to Rp150,000, and put down original ID or money deposit that is refunded upon return of your costume. Accessories rent from Rp10,000 rupiah. Rent period is 3 days.

For anyone interested in being considered for Siapa, please contact: <> Copyright © 2012 Bill Dalton You can read all past articles of Siapa at


Telp : (0361) 754 349 / Fax : (0361) 757 108 Jl. Raya Kuta No. 58 B Hotline : (0361) 7977779 C/Ns/I-11 July 12

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05 September - 19 September, 2012


By Captain Su

Indonesia’s First Floating Hotel

Where Do I Sleep?

“The crew were sweet and helpful.” Review in by Anonymous solo traveller - June 2012.

In a cabin of course. There are two types of cabins to put your head down and flake out. The Standard Cabin with shared bathroom facilities (800 000 rupiah per night) and the deluxo Private Cabin with its own en suite (1 000 000 rupiah per night). Although sleeping on the water and peeking out of a porthole at the panorama could hardly be described as a standard hotel stay. There are 10 cabins on the boat and they have either twin or double beds. It is possible to arrange for another Phinisi boat to anchor close by that has 8 cabins but you need to give plenty of notice to sort this out. Fresh water showers are available on board to wash the salt off.

Ocean lovers this is it, Indonesia’s first floating hotel. Vietnam’s got them, Cambodia‘s got them and India’s had them since the time of the Moghuls at Kashmir, now its Indonesia’s turn. Anchored off the very popular Gili Trawangan in the north west of Lombok is an exciting new venture trading under the banner of Mentigi Bay. Described in the promo literature as ‘unique pirate style accommodation with 360 degree views of the ocean’ this is an experience in the waiting. These are not retired old boats with a slap of new paint and a few mod cons but fully functional traditional Phinisi cruises that can “up” anchor and move about to get the best possible conditions yet still be within a short dinghy ride to all the action. If the guests want you can motor over to the Lombok shoreline for a bit of diving, evening BBQ or even catch an early Lombok sunrise. On board are the crew that run the boat and guides that pamper the guests. “The crew were sweet and helpful.” said Anonymous solo traveller in a review at in June 2012. The Boat The Floating Hotel is modelled on a traditional Phinisi Schooner design. It is 30m in length and has a beam of 7.5m. So it is a big boat. This means you have plenty of deck space to move around in. This creates a friendly environment for making new friends but if you want to chill out there are spaces that can give you a bit of quiet. The hanging net on the bow is a special favourite and great for sunbathing. That is, once you get used to hanging in mid air over the side of the boat. The crew are Bugis people from southern Sulawesi and are renowned seafaring people. They maintain and keep watch on the boat, keep the power supply going, check anchors and move the boat if needed. Often when you are at anchor the wind and tide changes can affect the comfort of those on board. But it easily fixed just pull the anchor up and motor to a better spot nearby. Sometimes on the Floating Hotel the guests want a change of scenery and get the boat moved to Gili Air. The boat has three levels not surprisingly called the upper deck, main deck and below deck. The upper deck has two cabins with plenty of cool breezes wafting through. It is surprising how cool it can be out on the water. Especially this time of the year when mornings and evenings can be quite mild. You don’t need to bring any mountain gear though. The main deck is huge with a lot of undercover areas to keep out of the sun during the high rad periods before, during and after midday. But for those who seek a bit of a sun tan there are many places to catch the rays. The main deck is where you eat and relax although I am sure there is plenty of impromptu get togethers and if there is a musician on board then a genuine good time sing-along can be had. Nothing beats singing “Give Peace a Chance” under the stars in the tropics. For a moment, if you are open to it, you might even believe it is possible. Many punters choose to sleep at night on the main deck as there plenty of comfortable day beds available. Below deck are eight air conditioned cabins.

Where Do I Eat? There is a restaurant on board that can whip up cheap, healthy meals. Breakfast is no problem as it is included in the price and for lunch and dinner nothing is over 35 000 rupiah. You can order Indo and western food and eat comfortably under cover on deck or sneak a sweet treat back to your cabin. If you want to go to shore and sample some of the eateries on Gili Trawangan the crew can quickly arrange a free dinghy ride to the beach and pick you up later. This is a delightful way to start and finish a great evening with family and friends and is also an easy way to meet new friends. Being on the water does bring out the happy side of most people. Another option is to twist the Captain’s arm and get him to head over to Mentigi Bay on the mainland for a beach BBQ. This is only 100,000 rupiah per person and can set you up for a memorable evening. It takes about 20 minutes once you pull the anchor and sail over to the Lombok mainland.

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For Sale; Voit duck feet swim fins. Large size great condition. Real comfy 400k Call 081 2394 2215. Jimbaran. [006]

only Pak Tut √ makes the best croissants & danish at

For Sale; Desk for home office / study and chair. Black with glass top and three drawers - lockable. Sell desk and chair together Rp 700,000 or near offer. Can email photos. Call 0821 4783 1830. Canggu. [007]

Try our Yummy Breakfast / Brunch “ Croissants Florenine “

For Sale; Gas cooker stove Modena Urbana, FC3400 (length 90cm, width 60cm, height 85-90cm). Price new 13 Mio Rupiah, selling for 4 Mio Rupiah. Call/SMS your email to 0878 6224 4540 for pictures. Dalung. [008]

Visit us at: “ Bedugul Lake View “ shophouse, Candi Kuning,Tabanan, Bali. Ph: (0368) 21838 or 081 23812843 Jl. Udayana Barat 2, Singaraja Tel. (0362) 7001400 C/Ns/I-11 July 12


iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch SERVICE & SPAREPARTS:

iPhone 2G,3G,3GS,4/4S, iPad1,2,3 iPod Touch 2G,3G,4G

Unlock Permanently: iPhone 4/4S Only (USA + Australia

+ France + Denmark + UK + Norway + Germany + Korea + Spain + Ireland + Romania + Sweden) Call Now!! +6281237590000 (Eric) +6281999007171 NC/Ns/A-8 Aug 12

For Sale; DJ Machine Behringer B-Control Deejay BCD 2000. Great condition, rarely used in original box. Was new 1.9 Mio Rupiah, selling for 1.3 Mio Rupiah. Please call or text 0878 6224 4540. Dalung. [009] Looking For : IPod touch 1/2/3/4 generation good condition and reasonable price. Call: 745 5886, Denpasar. [010] For Sale; IPad III 16 gb, complete with the box price IDR 5,5 mil nego. Mac book pro 13,3 inch, Core i5 hd 320gb, ram 4 gb, webcam, dvd rw, new version asked IDR 9 mil nego. Call: 745 5886, Denpasar. [011]

C/Ns/G-02 May 12

What Can I Do? T h e Floating Hotel has a n o ff i c e on Gili Trawangan run by an o n s i t e Manager Christa Schoot who can arrange all kinds of fun on the water. Like banana boat rides, kayaking, snorkelling trips, wakeboarding and water skiing and fun dive course on request. If you must, you can charge up your phone or laptop, but most important is juicing up your digi camera with the constant 220volt electricity supply. How do I Book? You can book via, Agoda and - just enter Mentigi Bay in search box. Happy Sailing.

From the Sea E-mail: Copyright © 2012 From the Sea You can read all past articles of From the Sea at C/Ns/G-5 Sept. 12

C/Ns/I-22 August 12


Body & Spirit

Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012

24hrs: +62-81337-99-33-22

C/Ns/I-25 Jan 12

For Sale; Epson-Stylus -Photo R3000 Professional Inkjet Printer 13” -HighCapacity cartidges, Networking & Wireless connectivity, plus Advanced Media Handling. Ink: 9-color Epson Ultra Chrome K3 Printer. Resolution: 5760 x 1440dpi. plus 46 original epson-ink. All new/sealed boxes paid Rp. 25million. Rp. 20mil - OBO <lvdkbali@> 0813 3840 0226. Canggu. [030] For Sale; 50 DVDs, action, drama, romance, comedy, adventure. Cost me 500,000, selling half price 250,000. (fixed). All in perfect condition. Contact Kevin 0818 0531 8192. [031]

Moving Sale: More than 750 DVD’s old and new films. Take it all for 1 million only nett. Sanur area. Please call +62 81 817 3170 Email: <astrid.s.piano@>. [032] Looking to buy Canggu Club Membership, family 2 adults, 1 child or 1 adult 1 child. Budget 10 juta. Please SMS 0821 4008 0435. [033]

CASA 8, Jl. Wayan Gentuh Br. Kwanji - Dalung 0361 - 780 1238 08123 941986

KID'S PARTY (Games, Decoration, Jumping Castle, Magician, Art/Craft, etc) EFFECTS (Snow/bubble machine, Exploding Balloon, Balloon drop) CUTLERIES RENTAL (Tables, Chairs, Napkins, Marquee, etc) C/Ns/I-11 Jan 12

For Sale; Extra king size bamboo daybed (no mattress), bought 2nd hand but too big for my space. Sell for 250.000, you collect from Canggu. Please SMS 0821 4008 0435. [034]

NC/Ns/U-30 May. 12

C/Ns/G-30 May 12

C/Ns/G-04 April 12

C/Ns/G-8 Feb. 12

C/Ns/G-5 Sept. 12

C/Ns/I-22 August 12



Jl. Umalas II No. 102, Umalas Kauh - Kerobokan, Kuta - Bali 80361. | 0361 737994 C/Ns/I-25 July 12

C/Ns/G-5 Sept. 12

C/Ns/I-22 August 12

05 September - 19 September, 2012



For Sale; Deutsche spielgruppe in Kerobokan. probe gutschein zu verschenken. Willkommen sind kinder von 2-4 jahren. spielgruppe startet Im September in Einem schönen haus mit garten. telefon Deutsch und Englisch 0819 1663 4665, <>. [041]

Bali Advertiser

For Sale; Authentic head gear. Genuine merchandise from Rapid Dominance official outfitter of Government Agencies. 6 pieces left - import quality, top grade material, IDR 350,000 per hat - brought in extra for friends. For pics of styles. Email: <asianbuyer>. [051]

C/Ns/I-14 Dec 11

The Cabin in the Woods A group of young adults go away for a holiday, and stay in a cabin in the woods. There, they are to find that their every move is being monitored and controlled by a secret organization, which has its own nefarious agenda. Writer and director Drew Goddard makes a surprisingly good horror show. Of course, in typical ‘slasher’ style, the characters are all killed off in a variety of gruesome ways; still, there is a lot of very good wit and humor to be found in this entertaining movie. Also, there are heaps of unusual twists and turns to the plotline, that should keep you glued to the edge of your seat. 30 Beats Personally, I am a bit bored by the whole ‘inter-connected stories’ kind of movie. I find them now to be just a tad bit clichéd. Even so, with ‘30 Beats’, writer and director Alexis Lloyd creates a good addition to the genre. His movie moves from one interesting character to another, as they all try to find meaningless and non-committal sex in the more trendy areas of New York City. Some of the encounters are tragic, others are humorous, and all depict a version of sex which, at times, can be quite ‘raw’. This very sassy group of metropolitans is played by a cast of emerging and talented American actors. Chimpanzee Many, many, years ago the Walt Disney studio used to make nature study documentaries all of the time. Then, audience tastes changed, and the ‘nature study’ went out of style. Now, in a spectacular return to the genre, the Walt Disney studio has produced a terrific documentary, which follows the day to day lives of a group of chimpanzees who live in darkest Africa. Okay, the commentary, which is delivered by Tim Allen, can occasionally be a bit corny, but, the inquisitive photography is superb. Particularly, in the way in which it shows how chimpanzees can use natural objects as tools in their hunting and gathering. Children and parents will all enjoy this great movie. Bachelorette If you enjoyed the recent smash hit ‘Bridesmaids’ (2011), then, you should enjoy this similar comedy from director Leslye Headland. The evening before the wedding, without her knowing it, three bridesmaids accidently ruin the bride’s wedding dress. They have to spend the night searching all over New York City for a way to get the dress repaired. During their errand, they are continually waylaid by a lot of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, and Lizzy Caplan all star in this mildly amusing comedy. Drew Peterson: Untouchable In this real-life story, an aging handsome policeman, who considers himself to be ‘untouchable’, is thought to be a vicious wife-killer. After divorcing his first two wives, the policeman’s third wife mysteriously disappears, then, his fourth wife is to suffer a similar fate. God only help the policeman’s chosen fifth wife! The real-life outcome of this story is still pending, but, this gripping television movie seems to have already made up its mind about the innocence or guilt of the accused. Rob Lowe, who is himself an aging handsome leading man, is a very good choice to play this brutal lothario. Breathless After knocking her husband unconscious, the wife calls her best friend, and, when the husband wakes up, the two women torture him to get him to reveal where he has hidden the cash from a bank robbery he has just committed. A lot of other really gory stuff also takes place. It is possible that director Jesse Baget’s ‘black’ comedy has theatrical roots, for all of the action is confined to a cramped and very tacky Texan house. Additionally, the leading ladies, Gina Gershon and Kelli Giddish, play their roles completely over-the-top. The Five-Year Engagement From the producers of ‘Bridesmaids’ (2011), comes this rather dreary new comedy. Dully directed by Nicholas

Diary by Mr. Robet

Stoller, Jason Segel and Emily Blunt play a couple who have been courting for over a year. Finally, they decide to marry; however, when Emily is offered a fabulous new job, they postpone the wedding. The postponement is to drag on for five years. Neither of the two actors’ characters is all that interesting, and the movie just goes from one predictable situation to another, until it reaches its inevitable conclusion.

C/Ns/G-02 May 12

Freelancers After graduating from the Police Academy, a rookie cop is asked to join an undercover unit which is trying to stamp out corruption in New York City. However, the unit prefers to keep the corruption money for itself, rather than declare it through the proper channels. Forest Whitaker and Robert De Niro just deliver dialogue, while Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson takes care of the action. The Dictator Sacha Baron Cohen is shaping up to be a better actor in other people’s movies, rather than being the writer, producer and star of his own movies. His latest comedy is inane, puerile, and very insulting to all non-Christian nations. Just what is so funny about Middle-Eastern dictators and terrorism? Hide Away After the accidental death of his family, a widower buys a decrepit boat, and its restoration acts as a means for the man to work through his bereavement. Allez, Eddy! A new supermarket changes the lives of everyone in a small Belgium town. The Babymakers A couple can’t become pregnant, and the husband tries to rob a sperm bank.

Mr. Robet’s Best Buys Casa de mi Padre A Mexican rancher has to slay a drug dealer to restore his family’s honor. Bernie An assistant funeral director befriends the widows of the recently deceased. The Pirates A Pirate Captain hopes to win the prestigious ‘Pirate of the Year Award’. The Cabin in the Woods Some young adults go away for a holiday, and stay in a cabin in the woods. 30 Beats A collection of characters aim to find non-committal sex in New York City. Chimpanzee A documentary which traces the day to day lives of a group of chimpanzees. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Seven English retirees start new lives living in a dilapidated hotel in India. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen A rich Yemen sheik wants to introduce salmon fishing into his arid country. Ted An eight year old boy wishes on a falling star that his Teddy Bear was alive. Bachelorette Three bridesmaids accidently ruin a wedding dress, and must get it repaired.

C/Ns/G-08 August 12

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Rp .




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Body & Spirit For Sale; Surfboard 6.6x18.5x2.5 from Planet Surf, North Shore, Hawaii. Royal blue deck, white rails & underside. Rear deck grip. Fast, stable & great looking board. 3juta nego. Sanur. Can deliver. E-mail: <ondrey> for pix or SMS 0813 3963 7891. Sanur. [081] C/He/I-18 April 12

For Sale; New surfboard, “Bored”, 6. 3 - 2 5/16 18 5/8 I used it 3 times, I am selling it because I leave Bali. IDR 2.7 millions. Best offer ever, check it. Call 0812 3961 9319. Email: <nestorguijarrorodriguez@>. Kerobokan. [045] For Sale; L-shaped, red and white leather sofa Rp 10 million; 42cm LG flat screen TV and DVD player Rp 4.7 million; 2 wire storage racks on wheels and wooden top and drawer Rp 800,000. Contact 0821 4783 1830. Canggu. [046] It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. C/He/I-22 August 12

For Sale; 2nd dive gear 29 pcs wetsuit, 11pcs BCD, 11pcs fins price between USD2 - USD15, discount for bulk purchase. Contact <Operations@AquaMarine>, phone 473 8020. Kerobokan. [058] For Sale; PS3, complete system, 2 controllers. Everything works. Including FIFA12 and Tiger 10. System is fully updated. IDR 3.2 juta ONO. SMS/call Tom 0812 4638 1600 Sanur. [013]

Upix Nail Extensions Professional Nail Tech Acrylic and Gel

At your home, hotel or villa Phone: 0361-874 2556 +62 813 3879 1146 Email: C/He/I-22 August 12

For Sale; Antique smoking pipes. Set of 5 pipes w/teak wood display casing. Very Good Condition. Rp 2 juta. Call/SMS 081 2810 2711. Kuta. [022] For Sale: Samsung Fridge 2 door w/ ice maker. Rp 7 juta. Good Condition. Call/SMS 081 2810 2711. Kuta. [023] For Sale; Collection book “Dibawah Bendera Revolusi”. By Ir. Soekarno, First volume, 1963. For more info 081 834 4387. Denpasar. [024] C/He/G-30 Nov. 11

C/He/I-13 June 12

C/He/G-5 Sept. 12

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Dr. Raha Didevar PhD, MFT, MA, BA

CLINICAL & DEPTH PSYCHOLOGIST +62 (0) 812 3714 5129

Body & Spirit

05 September - 19 September, 2012

Area of Expertise: ●


Marriage & Family

Adolescent & Children’s Therapy

For Sale; Canon IXY 400F camera. Made in Japan. Comes with 4GB SD card, 2 batteries and charger, Case Logic case, and screen protector. Excellent condition, like new. IDR 3-million (nego). SMS +62 857 3825 0920. Kuta. [037] For Sale; Apple iPod, 30GB, click-wheel model. Can also be used as an external USB hard-drive. Perfect working condition. IDR 1-million (nego). SMS +62 857 3825 0920. Kuta. [038]

Employment History: Cedar Sinai Hospital, & Private Practice, both in Los Angeles, CA C/He/P-25 July 12

I want to buy a used, but excellent condition, newer model Apple MacBook Pro. Must be well-priced. Will pay cash. SMS: +62 857 3825 0920. Kuta. [039]

For Sale; For underwater Camera: Sea & Sea TTL Strobe YS-110 including optic cable in perfect condition. Rp. 3,8 Jt. Call 0821 4710 4711. Sanur. [044] A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.


A traditional Balinese massage with deep tissue work for a relaxed body and soul ...intensive relaxing, acupressure, reflexology combination

Open 9:30am - 10pm please contact for booking..!!

Address: Jl. Batu Belig Kerobokan - Kuta Badung Ph: (0361) 7446747, Mobile: 081- 647 - 07569 email: C/He/I-11 July 12

RECTAL INSUFFLATION (Colonic Irrigation + Ozone)

• • •

Detox the colon and liver Improve the colon and liver function We use a brand new and state of the art colonic irrigation machine that uses a triple filtration UV system with Reverse Osmosis Water (RO water)

Ruko Sunset Indah I No.10. Sunset Road # 89, Kuta (80361) Bali Telp/Fax: (0361) 767619, Hp. 081236216537, (0361) 8577345 Email: | C/He/I-22 Feb 12

For Sale; Apple PowerBook G4, 1. 5GHz, 75GB HD, 1GB RAM. Excellent, like new condition. Comes with extra battery and install discs. Price: IDR 5-million. SMS +62 857 3825 0920. Kuta. [040] For Sale; DVD‚s over 150 discs. Films, series (House, One Tree Hill, How I met Your Mother, Sex & City). Loads. All sorts. No list too many. Rp. 200.000. Can deliver. <ondreybuildsit@> or SMS 0813 3963 7891. Sanur. [082]

C/He/I-14 Dec 11

If it weren’t for the last minute, a lot of the things wouldn’t get done.

Jl. Teuku Umar no. 120, Denpasar-Bali, Indonesia\\Email:\\ C/He/G-30 May 12

C/He/I-22 August 12

C/He/G-7 March 12

C/He/I-5 Sept. 12


Body & Spirit

05 September - 19 September, 2012

William Russell, Aetna, IMG, Pasific, BUPA, IPH etc

Moving sale; beautiful teak furniture: sofas, table, chairs and desk. Private sale must be seen in Canggu Pererenan. Contact Heidi on 081 2394 5760. [035] The most flammable kind of wood is the chip on the shoulder.

C/He/M-19 Oct. 11

Bali Community Choir looking for new members. Great group meets every Tuesday 7pm to 9pm, Gateway Community Centre, Sanur. No audition, just a love of singing. Contact Brendan 0813 5312 0682 (English) or Ricky 0813 3875 3327 (Bahasa Indonesia). [061]

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International Medical / Life Insurance Group and Individual Scheme More Choices with Many Providers Based in Jakarta and Bali Contact: +6221 7692595 C/He/M-30 May. 12

C/He/I-02 Nov 11

C/He/I-08 August 12

C/He/G-5 Sept. 12

C/He/G-5 Sept. 12

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05 September - 19 September, 2012

For Sale; Tropical island beach bungalow voucherfor accommodation: 2 nites beachfront in Southern Lombok. US$50 total. breakfast. Email : <asian>. [050] Middle age is when your age starts to show around the middle.


For Sale; Tropical fish tank 200x80x60. Includes stand, light, all pumps, filters, plus chiller. Only used for 3 months. Cost Rp. 40 million sell for Rp. 25 million ONO. Call 0831 1939 5296. Nusa Dua. [047] If you want truly to understand something, try to change it.

Andrea Angelique, Intuitive Tarot

Email : Or text: 081 339 405579 NC/He/G-5 Sept. 12

C/He/G-5 Sept. 12

C/He/G-13 June 12

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05 September - 19 September, 2012

| Nails | Make ent Up m t d ra T i t ea i & o r na | Wa al |T

Every cell in your body relies on oxygen to produce energy and to breathe. But as we age the level of oxygen in our blood drops and therefore the level of oxygen in our cells also drops. As our cells become deprived of oxygen, they begin to use glucose or sugar as the main energy source. This is much inferior to oxygen and creates toxic waste products like lactic acid and carbon monoxide, instead of water and carbon dioxide as is the case if oxygen is used. Cancer and Low Oxygen Cancer is one of the biggest causes of disability, premature aging and death. So it is imperative that you stay away from this disease if you want to live and long and healthy life. Cancer has been proven to develop in a low oxygen environment – Dr Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize in Medicine for proving this fact. It is surprising however that despite knowing this, modern medicine still insists on poisoning the body with toxic chemical s they call “chemotherapy” to try to “kill” cancer cells. The notion that you must poison the whole body (chemo drugs are basically extremely toxic poisons with many potentially life threatening side effects) in order to control cancer cells is extremely narrow minded thinking in my opinion. If you actually look at the cure rates of chemotherapy you will find that they are only approximately 2%. Please note that remission is not cure – and this is what often occurs initially with chemo type drugs – the cancer often gets smaller initially. However, as you have not corrected the underlying problem, and since your immune cells are now destroyed by the chemo, the cancer often comes back even more aggressively than before. Oxygen and Aging As we age the oxygen level in our body and our cells falls, thus increasing your risk of cancer. This is one of the reasons why the incidence of cancer rises dramatically over 50 yrs of age. This is due to several factors; as we get older the number of red blood cells in our blood drops, and it’s these cells that carry the oxygen to our organs and tissues. Also, these red blood cells become less efficient at carrying oxygen and at releasing oxygen to the tissues. And finally, many of these red blood cells become gylcosylated, which means that glucose attaches itself to the hemoglobin inside the red cell, which essentially deactivates it and renders it not efficient at transporting oxygen to your cells. How to Increase Oxygen in Your Body For Anti Aging & For Perfect Health There are a number of ways you can increase the amount of oxygen in your blood and body to prevent disease and to extend your lifespan. Firstly there is exercise. Regular exercise has been shown to improve your blood oxygen level and to improve your general health in the process. In fact just by exercising 3 times a week you will decrease your chances of death from any cause by 300%. There is a more powerful form of exercise called EWOT or exercise with oxygen therapy, which is far more powerful at raising your blood and body oxygen levels, and can help eliminate disease and even reverse the aging process. Hyperbaric oxygen is another wonderful way to increase the oxygen concentration of the blood and body, and has certainly been used with very good results for a number of health problems. EBOO/RHP Ozone Therapy – The King of Oxygen Therapies Without doubt the most powerful way to flood your blood and body with life giving oxygen is the new technique of EBOO or RHP ozone therapy. Ozone is simply another form of oxygenating the blood and body, and because the ozone molecule (O3) is highly unstable and

Also, the special filter removes excess toxins from the body including heavy metals like mercury, iron, aluminum, cadmium and strontium. EBOO ozone therapy acts as a heavy metal chelator as it literally strips these toxins from your body. Several sessions of this therapy will allow someone to remove years of accumulated toxins and chemicals and to become toxin free. I have used EBOO/RHP Ozone Therapy to successfully treat people with severe heart problems such as blocked coronary arteries, heart failure, and very high blood pressure. This therapy has often worked in people who are on numerous drugs and who doctors have given little hope of long term survival. After regular EBOO ozone sessions, they improve significantly and have a much better quality of life and can often reduce or even stop their medications completely. EBOO or RHP Ozone therapy also is a powerful weapon against any pathogen such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi (eg candida). If fact all of us have some of these pathogens in our bodies, and at times they can overwhelm our immune system, causing sickness and disease. EBOO ozone therapy destroys these organisms and it also markedly boosts your immune system in the process. In fact I have personally myself witnessed cases of HIV positive people with a very high viral load having been regularly treated with EBOO ozone therapy along with special supplements, and after the course of treatment the HIV viral load is completely undetectable in their blood and they feel so much better and full of energy. If you would like more information on how EBOO/RHP Ozone therapy can benefit your personally please email me at:

“I Lost Over 13 kgs Of Excess Body Fat in 30 Days” Using NEW Fat Loss Injections!


ne ar



Ar ca

Ph .


#2 ,


Blood is taken from a vein in one of your arms and is then passed into this special filter, which is specifically designed to be resistant to ozone. Once inside the filter, the blood is completely cleansed of all chemicals and toxins. This includes the body’s own waste products like urea, creatinine, ammonia, uric acid, lactic acid and also the excess fats, triglycerides and cholesterol are also removed. It is often quite striking to see just how much fat and cholesterol a person has in their blood – but after it has gone through this special filter, it goes back into the body completely cleaned and fat free.

Available WiFi & Nespresso

ra ba im II J

Most people however overlook the importance of this powerful natural substance and instead focus on drugs, hormones, supplements, skin creams, and aesthetic procedures in order to maintain or regain their youthfulness. However the fact is if you fail to keep you cells adequately oxygenated, it really doesn’t matter what else you do, you will age fast, and you will more than likely develop one of the major degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis etc.

reactive, it wants to give up its extra oxygen in order to revert back to O2 or oxygen. By doing so it literally floods the blood and all cells and organs with life giving extra oxygen in a rapid manner. This therapy involves the use of a special concentration of ozone and oxygen which is infused directly into your blood via a special filtration chamber.


Oxygen is critical to your health and to your life. You can live without food for 30 days, without water for 3 days, but without oxygen you would be dead in 3 minutes. It is a substance we most definitely need every moment in our lives.


atu Jl. Uluw

Oxygen Therapies


din ed

Stay Young and Healthy with The Latest Advances in Anti Aging Medicine


ng xi

Anti Aging News


Donal d)

Body & Spirit

Inte Hair rn a



C 0361 8472103xt to Ne

Jimbara - Bali ( n

C/He/G-13 June 12

PROBLEM WITH YOUR TEETH Repair and rehabilitate your teeth in less than a week.


 911 Dental : when you have very severe toothache-I need two hours-one visit to clear-just walk in to have the treatment.  For Less Price : Crown 350 AUD including root canal treatment if needed. Dental Implant 1,200 AUD (+ Crown) we have immediate loaded implants.  For a Quick Results : Teeth in a day. Porcelain Crown/Bridgework finished in one day. 14 units bridgework in one week (full mouth rehabilitation). One implant + Crown-One day. Ten implants whole mouth - one week with Ceramill Multi-X Machine.  For No Stress Procedure : Just sit down in one place and finished! No referring to other specialist because we are the specialist.  We do Cosmetic Dentistry : Laser Bleaching, Laminating For Discolored Teeth, Soft Tissue Grafting, Gum Plastic Surgery For Gummy Smile, Bone Grafting.  Now We Have CEREC Technique from Germany. We make Porcelain Crown, Inlay, Laminating, Bridgework without metal for front teeth and posterior teeth for 14 unit bridgework.  No Waiting List, just walk in and get the treatment done! D E N TA L C L I N I C INHOUSE DENTAL LAB,CEREC


BALI 911 DENTAL CLINIC IMPLANT CENTER Jl. Patimura No. 9-11 Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia Tel. (0361) 249749, 222445 Speak to the Dentist: (0361) 7440911, 0812 3800911 e-mail: Website:

for your benefit

MALL BALI GALLERIA 2nd Floor No. 2C-58/59 Jl. Raya By Pass Ngurah Rai, Simpang Dewa Ruci - Kuta Ph : (0361) 766254-55 Speak to the Dentist: (0361) 7449911 Open on Sunday


DHARMAWANGSA SQUARE Ground Floor Unit 65, Jakarta Ph: (021) 727 88284 Hp. 081 113 7241 E-mail: FOR PORCELAIN & DENTAL IMPLANT C/He/G-28 Dec. 11

Lose Unwanted Fat Only From Areas Such As: Abdomen, Hips, Arms, Thighs, Breasts etc.

Now Available at

NeoGen Anti Aging Clinic (Jln Sunset) The Leaders in Anti-Aging, Whole Body Detoxification, Hair Mineral & Toxicity Analysis, Natural Hormone Balancing, HGH and Testosterone Therapy, EBOO/RHP Ozone Therapy and more.

The NEW HCG Medical Fat Loss Injection Program is Here Now AND it WORKS! We Combine this with our Medical Whole Body Detoxification Programs for Even Better Results! Contact Us Now to Find out More! Ph: 0361 767613 Email :

Please note that the contents of this article are the opinions of the author and should in no way be taken as medical advice. If you have any specific medical concerns please consult your doctor for an assessment. Dr Theodore is an Australian Medical Doctor now living in Asia – based in Singapore. His Major Specialties are; Anti Aging Medicine, Whole Body Detoxification, Stem Cell Therapy Natural Health and Healing, Male Enhancement, Whole Body Ozone Therapy, Fat Loss and Body Re-Sculpting, Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy and Nutritional Counseling. He is the Founder of the Asian Society of Anti Aging Medicine (ASOAAM), and is a Member of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and the World Anti Aging Academy of Medicine. He is a Lecturer and Trainer in Anti Aging Medicine, Whole Body Ozone Therapy, Whole Body Detoxification, Natural Health and Healing.

Copyright © 2012 Dr. Theodore

You can read all past articles of Anti Aging News at C/He/I-22 August 12

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Klinik PENTA Medica

24 Hours Medical Assistance

GP consultation & home visit/out call Professional emergency room service Air charter & commercial medical evacuation Dental clinic service Home care & nursing care First aid training Ambulance transfer & standby event service

For Sale; 4-port USB hub. Yes, with this you can use 4 USB devices from 1 port on your computer/laptop. Tried it out but never use it. Yours for Rp. 100.000. E-mail: <ondreybuildsit@yahoo.>. Can deliver. SMS 0813 3963 7891. Sanur. [083] Everything starts as somebody’s day dream.

For Sale; External hard drive. Western Digital 320Gb with USB cable & carry pouch. Production date stamped Feb 2012. Purchased in June but not needed. Sanur. Can deliver. Rp. 500.000. E-mail: <ondreybuildsit@yahoo.>. SMS 0813 3963 7891. Sanur. [084]


ASIALIFE INTERNATIONAL HEALTH PLANS Monthly, quarterly, or annual payment systems


General Insurance

By joining PENTA Medicare Club (PMC), will get discounts at several medical providers in Denpasar Only IDR 135,000/year PMC Family Member IDR 486,000/year

Houses, Villas, Hotels Factories, Shops Cars, Liability

Klinik PENTA Medica

Jl. Teuku Umar Barat - Marlboro No 88, Denpasar - Bali Telp. 0361 490709 / 7446144, Fax 0361 - 490708, e-mail:

PT. ASIALIFE INVEST A5, Simpang Siur Square, Kuta, Bali 80361 Contact NatalieTel: (0361) 764 488 Fax: (0361) 764 728 Email: Website:

Klinik Penta Medica Candidasa

Jl. Raya Manggis No 88, Desa Manggis, Karangasem Telp. +62363 - 41909, Fax +62363 - 41002 E-mail: C/He/I-11 Jan 12

C/He/G-7 March 12

C/He/I-05 Sept. 12

Voted #1 on TRIP ADVISOR June 2012 The talented Rochelle Naughton and her team brings beautiful hair to Bali island. “ Our skills, passion and dedication ensures a memorable hair experience with hair you will love! “ * Specialising in Balayage, Ombre, Dip Dye ends * * Colour and Colour Correction * * Beautiful Haircuts * * Keratin Smoothing and Chemical Straightening * * Amazing Wedding Hair and Makeup * * Hair Extensions * For the month of July, with every colour and cut service you receive a complimentary FUDGE conditioning treatment... First in best hair, for an appointment please phone: 0361 763 563

Jl. Legian Kelod, No. 396. (between Melasti and Padma streets) Email: C/He/I-11 July 12

C/He/G-30 May 12

● Presence in 70 Countries Alarm Centers ● 32 International Clinics ● Worldwide network with Insurance companies ● Dedicated Air Ambulances ● 27

Worldwide reach Human touch International SOS Bali, Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 505 X Bali - Indonesia

24 hr Alarm Center & Clinic Appointment: +62 361 710 505 E-mail: C/He/I-30 May 12

C/He/G-11 July 12


Body & Spirit

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05 September - 19 September, 2012

Moving Sale; Stove 4 burner, fridge, table, stands, electric mattress, AC, cup & saucers, car seat. All must go, give me your best offer. 0878 6192 6078. Seminyak. [042] For Sale; Electrolux 7kg cloth dryer, brand new, never been use, silver, 2 years warranty. Contact Annie 0819 9938 6860. Kuta. [043] For Sale; 2 nights vouchers at Uma Sapna hotel in Seminyak for spa pool villa, comes with breakfast. Listed at $200++ -$240++ USD per night. Asking $150 per night or make me an offer for all 4. <lvdkbali@gmail. com>. [036] Control your own destiny or someone else will. C/He/I-14 Dec 11

C/He/I-11 July 12

PARADISE... IN SICKNESS & IN HEALTH CO-SLEEPING I am often asked about the safety of co-sleeping with a young baby. This can frequently be a source of friction between cultures especially when a mixed marriage is involved. Westerners generally do not sleep with their children where as Asians tend to have the entire family in one bed for many years. So is there a “middle-ground” that keep both cultures happy? According to a recent coroners finding in Victoria, Australia, parents sleeping in a bed or even on a sofa with their babies are putting their children’s lives at risk, so all cultural tendencies aside, safety must be the first consideration. The risk that the coroner is referring to of course is sudden infant death syndrome (or SIDS). With the coroners finding in mind, the latest sleeping advise in Australia states that babies should sleep on their backs with their head uncovered, in their own cot, but in the same room as their parents for the first six to 12 months, and I must say that I would have to agree with this advise. However if you are considering co-sleeping with your baby, both you and your partner need to be happy with the arrangement. Even if the co-sleeping arrangement is made as safe as possible, parental sleep is often fitful for fear if rolling onto the baby. If either of you has doubts, I would go with cot-next-to-bed method. How can I make co-sleeping safe? Before your baby sleeps in your bed, keep the following safety tips in mind: • Make sure your mattress is firm, as your baby could suf focate or overheat on a soft mattress. If your bed has a frame, a headboard, or is against a wall, make sure the mattress fits snugly, so your baby can’t fall into any gaps. This risk is highest when your baby is between three months and 10 months. • Keep the bedding light and minimal, and don’t use a duvet if you are co-sleeping. If your baby is less than a year old, use lightweight covers, and use them sparingly to prevent overheating or suffocation. This risk is highest during his first three months of his life. Check every now and then to make sure he hasn’t wriggled down and covered his head. • Never sleep on a sofa with your baby, as he could become wedged in the cracks between the sofa cushions or between you and the back of the sofa. Don’t co-sleep on a waterbed as these are too soft and may have deep crevices around the frame where your baby could get trapped. • Keep your baby warm, not hot, and dress him lightly for sleep. Contact with your body will raise his skin temperature. As a rule of thumb, if you’re a comfortable temperature, then your baby probably is, too. • Don’t let your baby and toddler sleep next to each other in bed. Toddlers don’t understand the risks, and could roll over onto your baby, or put an arm across his mouth or head. You or your partner should always sleep between the children if you want them both in your bed. • Your baby should never be left alone on the bed, as he could easily fall out, even if you’ve just nipped to the loo.

By Kim A. Patra SRN/RM.

Don’t let your baby sleep on a pillow, or put one either side of him, as he may roll off it or be smothered in the folds. • Buy a rail to attach to the side of the bed or put him in a safe place, such as a bassinette or cot, while you are out of the room. • There are now excellent “in bed” mini bassinets with very firm sides that are designed to lay in the parents bed. A much cheaper alternative would be a laundry basket! When is co-sleeping not safe? Because of the increased risk of cot death, you shouldn’t cosleep if: • You or your partner smoke. • Your baby was premature or had a low birth weight. • You or your partner have been drinking alcohol, or have taken medication or drugs. This may affect your memory and you could forget that your baby is in your bed and roll over onto him. You may also sleep so soundly that you are unaware that you’ve rolled on to him. • You are extremely tired, or have a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnoea. You may be in such a deep sleep that you don’t wake up if you roll onto your baby. How can I make co-sleeping comfortable? Bed size is important if you plan to have your baby in bed with you. It won’t be as enjoyable, or safe, if your bed is too small. King-size is best, but if that’s a no-no for your budget (or bedroom), buy a cot that you can attach to the side of your bed. Or try putting a normal cot next to your bed with the side down. You’ll have an easier time touching or soothing your baby if you can adjust his mattress to the same height as yours. This approach works well if your baby is a wriggler. He’s still at arm’s length, but not kicking you in the night. There’s no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to sleeping arrangements for you and your baby. Some parents like to sleep with their babies, and some don’t. And some babies need more night-time comfort and companionship than others. As your baby grows, he might not want to sleep all night, every night, with you. With a bit of trial and error, you’ll eventually find a method that works for you, your partner, and your baby.

C/He/G-21 March 12

• • • • •

Retail & Wholesale Spa Products Spa Accessories Special and Corporate Gifts Development of Private Label Hotel & Villa Amenities

We supply high quality professional Spa products, amenities and accessories. Our core business is the supply of bulk spa products. We have a chemist on board to assist custom blending or help create signature treatments to compliment your menu. Our specialty is “Private Label” where our creative team, work with clients to customize and develop exclusive merchandise, to suite your image. We create, design and manufacture exclusive Spa accessories, anything from foot ritual bowls, product presentations and testers, dispensers, trays, tea rituals to tissue boxes. We also make and package gifts for special events and corporate functions. At every stage of design and manufacture we work with our clients to understand their specific needs, to develop and create quality products that reflect the company’s identity. Please check our website for more details on what we do;

Sweet Dreams!

Kim Patra is a qualified registered nurse and midwife who has been living and working in Bali for almost 20 years. She now runs her own private practice and medical referral service from her Kuta office. Kim is happy to discuss any health concerns with you and she may be contacted via e-mail at info@chcbali. com or Office number : 0361-2775666.

Copyright © 2012 Kim Patra You can read all past articles of Sickness & in Health at

Head office and manufacturing facility

Our Singapore showroom :

Spa Factory Bali Jl. Toya Ning No 4 Kedonganan 80361 Bali, Indonesia Tel +62 361 701439

3 Pickering Street, Unit 01 – 12 Nankin Row, China Square Central. Tel. +65 62258476. C/He/G-14 Dec. 11

Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012

For sale; 1 set PC dual core. 2GB RAM DDR3, 19” LG LED widescreen, 250Gb harddisk, ATX casing, mouse and keyboard logitech, computer table. Sell Rp. 3.500.000 for all. 3 months old. Call Adi 081 2392 5264. Denpasar. [052] For Sale; Wedding dress only used once, mint condition and modern simple glamour design. Sell for Rp. 3.000.000 ONO. Contact Adi 081 2392 5264. Denpasar. [053]

C/He/I-05 Sept. 12

Body & Spirit


Moving Sale; Big size travel suitcase brand Polo. Dark blue color. Rp. 1 million (nego). Portable massage table in good condition with cover. Rp. 2 million (nego). Please SMS 081 2381 5292. Denpasar. [057] Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make. C/He/I-08 Feb 12

For Sale; Digital photo frame 7” LCD, play audio and video, support mostly file format. SD, MMC, MS, CF and USB input. Remote control and automatic transition. Sell for Rp. 550. 000 nego. 081 2392 5264 Adi. Denpasar. [054] For Sale; Big Jeep remote control 60cm x 100cm, can be riden by your kid and you can remote control it. Bought Rp. 1.250.000, Sell for Rp. 500.000. In good working condition. Adi 081 2392 5264. Denpasar. [055] For Sale; 10” Smartfren netbook, Macbook like, build in CDMA EVDO modem. Excellent condition complete with box and original accessories. Bought at Rp. 3.999.000 Sell for Rp. 2.200.000-ONO. Call Adi 081 2392 5264. Denpasar. [056] Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

C/He/G-5 Sept. 12

C/He/G-22 August 12

C/He/G-08 August 12

C/He/G-25 July 12


Body & Spirit

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COSMOB oSALON & SPA d y T r e a t m e n t s

Shashi Tarot Card Reading Crystal Healing Reiki Therapy

H a i r & y r it and t t s Ju se ef or

elf urs yo

Try our facial, mani/pedi, or 6 different massages with the best staff in Bali. Look for our Daily Specials! JI Werkudara 520, Legian Kaja, Kuta Hp: 081 811 9634 email:

Featuring Clinique and OPI products

Laser Therapy

Jl. Danau Tamblingan # 154 Sanur 286330

Safe, Painless and Relaxing

C/He/G-5 Sept. 12

C/He/I-11 Jan 12

By The Coach

This Sporting Life

FENCING NEWS Fencing Championship to be Held in Bali

Rugby Union

Bali will soon be hosting the Asia Pacific fencing championship where athletes from around the region will compete in October of this year.The event will see around 500 athletes from Asian countries and Australia competing and has been confirmed by the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) Bali.It is expected to bring a large number of people to Bali with coaches and family of athletes coming to enjoy the tournament as well as the island.

Australian Rugby (ARU) will provide a Development Staff Member to assist with the “Indonesian Youth Rugby Clinic” in Bali on Friday 12 October, 2012. This clinic will take place at the Canggu Club and is being held as part of Indonesian Rugby’s commemoration of the 2002 Bali Bombings in which 27 Rugby players and supporters who were involved in the 2002 Bali Rugby 10s were among the 202 persons who lost their lives on that fateful October 12 evening.

The chairman of KONI Bali, Made Nariana, said that athletes and coaches can feel safe and comfortable in matches and their families, and in addition to watching the championship, could also do trips around the island.It is also expected that the tournament will raise awareness for the sport of fencing which is considered underdeveloped on the island.

SPORT SHORTS Sanur Village Festival Sports This year the Sanur Village Festival will be held around the football (rugby) field of the Hotel Grand Bali Beach, together with the sports there will be the usual activities,both in the sea and on land,F&B outlets, Jazz Festiva, Beach Games, Yoga, Culinary Challenge and the Sanur Kite Festival. Bali Sports Foundation together with Sanur Village Festival will be holding the following sports events at the festival. 28 September 29 September 29 September 30 September

: Bali Strongman : 2nd Bali Beach Cricket Cup : Karate Display : Kiteboard Expressions

For further info, please email

TO MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT FOR A SMOKE FREE FUTURE I smoked for 20 years and tried to quit almost as many times. I received the laser treatment almost 2 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

Please Call

0361-853 3740 0811-380-1225

Kim Miller Sanur, Bali C/He/I- 13 June 12

reshape, rebalance, reform at


Ultra Marathon Jerome Colson, Executive Assistance Manager for Food & Beverage at the AYANA Resort and Spa, Bali is heading for Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia to run in the “The Most Beautiful Thing” (TMBT) 100km Ultra Trail Marathon held in the Crocker mountain range of Sabah. Traversing gravel roads, on September 15,2012 including 4500 mt vertical.Jerome is running for charity in Seraya Barat,Karangsem.

Para Olympics Bali’s Ni Nengah Widiasih, will be competing in London,in the 2012 Paralympic Games.Nengah who lives at the YPAC centre for disabled children in Jimbaran (Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat). The YPAC managers Pak Putu Nitiyasa and Ibu Sugihartanti (Tanti) together with director Ibu Retno are very proud of Nengah who has had an amazing career as a weightlifter and currently holds the powerlifting record in the 40kg class.

Pilates can benefit individuals wishing to: • Lengthen and strengthen muscles • Improve posture and mobility • Tone and centre the body • Align and centre the body through core stability • Help prevent Osteoporosis and Tendonitis • Aid injury rehabilitation • Improve focus and breath control

Jl. Dewi Sri No.98 Legian Kelod (Off Sunset Road) Telephone 0361 - 7914127 Bali’s first fully equipped Pilates Studio C/He/G-02 May 12

As well as the weightlifting Nengah also swims weekly with Bali Sports Foundation’s swimming program. She lost the use of her legs at the age of four after being affected by polio. The games will be held from August 29 to September 9 and is attended by 4200 athletes from 150 countries. For full list of sports please go to http://www.balisportmag. com

Sporting Calendar

C/He/I-14 Dec 11

Copyright ©2012

If you wish to add any sporting related information to the calendar, please email You can read all past articles of This Sporting Life at C/HE/I-29 June 11

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05 September - 19 September, 2012

For Sale; All furniture, HP CDMA, bread machine, French books, ceramic plates. SMS : 0878 6145 1024 or <heleneexcellent@>. [048]

NC/Ns/G - 27 July 11


For Sale; Used umbrella stroller Chicco brand red clr 250k, rash guard solar suit for 2-3yo girl 50k, bathrobe towel for 3yo girl 50k. All are in good condition. Pictures available, SMS to 081 657 9679, Jimbaran. [049] For Sale; Lovely F diamond 1.24carat, certified VVS 20, ideal ring, size for small fingers. Perfect gift for the perfect lady, fairly priced. Call 0819 9940 4749. Sanur. [155]

Drh Listriani & Associates Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 5:00 Jl. Raya Semer 882, Kerobokan, Kuta-Bali Telp: 0361 - 8544476 C/Ns/G-02 May 12

Pet Parade Pet owners: Please sterilize your dogs & cats to preserve the natural environment.

Pets To Give Away / Wanted / Lost / Found These ads are free. E-mail to:

Cute, healthy, vaccinated pups for adoption from Bali Adoption Rehab Centre BARC call Linda 081 855 0947. [001] I’m looking for West Highland Terrier in Bali. Call 0819 1623 8644. [002] Adorable healthy Bali puppies ready for adoption. Call Wayan Doblet at 085 6377 4966. [003] Trying to contact owners of breeding Lovebirds (species Agapornis fischeri) with the objective of exchanging information and swapping of chicks to prevent inbreeding. Contact Maarten 081 735 0336 / e-mail <maartengt@>. [004]

Rescued 4 months old male Bali dog, cute and never aggressive, is looking for a nice family. He loves playing with other dogs and children. For serious, responsible and caring people living in safe place only please. E-mail me for photos. <cyrillepeters@> - 0878 8803 1829. [005] Free to loving home: Bali cat, male (desexed) vaccinated/ de-wormed, 18 months old, needs new home as I am moving. Easy-going, homey cat, good rat catcher with a super-loud purr! Brought up with a big dog, so probably adjust to another dog with time. Call 0821 4783 1830. [006]

Doberman dog, 18 months, male (desexed/vaccinated), good-natured, playful, excellent company and great with people. Also great security. Moving from Bali and unable to take him. Contact 0821 4783 1830 if you can give him a good, loving home. [007]

Looking to buy good quality, second hand active speakers/ PA system, Behringer, Mackie, Yamaha, etc. 15” or bigger. <mongkuta@yahoo.>. [062] For Sale; Teak 4 post wooden bed. Carved post and headboard with flowers. perfect condition. Asking 3.2 Juta. Tel Sulis 0812 3150 1655 or 0856 4821 9224. Denpasar. [063]

C/Ns/G-22 August 12

For Sale; Table-tennis (ping pong) second-hand, good condition. Thought the kids would play on it but they don’t. Rp.650,000. Call 0812 3672 2502 outside office hours. Sanur. [064] For Sale; Simple in house alarm with 2 remote controls. New, packaged, bought in UK. . Fit batteries. Fix on the wall. Turn it on. Can deliver/ arrange to fix it for you. Rp. 500.000. <ondreybuildsit@> or SMS 0813 3963 7891. Sanur. [085] For Sale; Books 10 eclectic English language books. Some rubbish but some may appeal. What can one expect for Rp. 150.000? Mail me for a list. Can deliver. <ondreybuildsit@yahoo.> or SMS 0813 3963 7891. Sanur. [086] Notice: Bali Advertiser confirms all free Private Classified ads. When you send an ad, we will contact you. If we are unable to contact you then your ad is not printed. C/Ns/I-08 August 12

Save a Bali puppy today! Loveable puppies desperately looking for temporary foster homes. Please call BAWA 977 217. [008] Free expat raised kittens looking for loving home. Donation for Vet Appreciated. <>. Call 085 5373 0513. [009]

Pets For Sale

For Sale Line Ads Rp. 7.000 per word. Photo ads Rp. 435.000. All ads must be paid before printing. Maltese puppy, 3 mo, vax Chihuahua stud service & 1x, 1 million nego, 808 1308 puppies, mini, applehead, champ bloodline 0812 3989 / 081 735 6699. [010] 3333. [014] For Sale; purebred female GreatDane (Scoobydoo), 2 For Sale; Pure Labrador pedigree, fully months old very active and puppies, vaccinated, wormed. Call healthy poppies. 0857 3713 1720, <gery.lengkong@ 0812 3999 1188. [015]>. [011] Golden Retriever 3 months. 4M/3F. Vaccinated. Call For Sale; 3 female & 1 male (0361) 854 3883 / 081 7978 Golden Retriever puppy. 3883. [016] Bloodline champion, very healthy, big bone, stamboom on proses.vaksin.dob 16/07/12. Open price Rp. 5million (nego). Call 0813 9641 3262. [012] For Sale; Young swanduck suitable for hunt snakes and as guardians. Visible in Ungasan. Rp. 300.000 each. 081 7472 7296. [013]

Must move to small apartment. Registered Golden Retriever 2yrs. Ready to breed. Rp. 250.000 or pick of littre. Robert 0819 9995 7966. [017] Sale! Super Labrador puppies. Healthy n cute. Vaccinate, stambom. (0361) 743 2685 / 0812 3622 9199. [018]

GROODLE PUPPIES 8 weeks, Blacks and Chocolates, Males and Females – 5 mill Rp. Expat breeder. Vaccinated wormed and vet checked. Ideal family pet. Medium to large dogs.


Lizzie: +6285936128899 Agung: +6285237085869

Contact Bali Advertiser

Telp: (0361) 755 392 [Hunting] Fax.: (0361) 764 191 E-mail : Make your ad online at C/Ns/I-27 June 12

Education & Family For Sale: LG washing machine (fuzzy logic) Rp 1 million, water dispenser (hot & cold water) Rp 700.000. Contact 0821 4783 1830. Canggu. [065]

C/E/G-18 April 12

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someone else.

For Sale; Rarity. 70year old Bezar compass. Still in good condition. For collectors only. Please call Michael 081 2395 1444. Sanur. [071] For Sale; 2 webcameras (MS and HP) as new. For 400.000 Rp. Please contact Michael. 081 2395 1444. Denpasar. [072] C/E/U-25 Jan. 12

Balinese Dance Lessons at Mekar Bhuana a fr Register now and get

ee DVD tutorial*

Phone: 464 201  Private or group for all ages  Professional English-speaking instructors with overseas experience  Comfortable studio with A/C and full-length mirrors  Easy-to-understand method  Flexible schedule

C/E/I-02 May 12

Gamelan music lessons also available E: (conservatory) (online store) By studying at Mekar Bhuana, you are supporting our documentation and reconstruction projects *For first 10 students enrolled. NC/E/I-18 April 12

C/E/I-25 July 12

NC/E/A-5 Sept 12


the M.A.D centre

Jalan Nakula Timur 19C between Sunset Road and Iman Bonjol same road as Bale Udang, Seminyak Kuta Ph. 0361 894 7394


ENROLMENTS OPEN NOW FOR THE MAD CENTRE SEMESTER EXTRA-CURRICULAR LEARNING Music - Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano and Vocals all to Diploma and Teaching Levels Acting - Musical Theatre, Drama, Speech and Communication all to Diploma and Teaching Levels Dance - Ballet (RAD) Street Jazz, Modern Lyrical, Hip Hop, Breakin, Salsa, Yoga and more.... Performance art packages from 990,000Rp per month Ages 3 + - check for all timetables

BOOK NOW If music be the food of love, play on.

C/E/G-16 May 12


C/E/G-25 July 12

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05 September - 19 September, 2012

Ta m a n M a h a t m a G a n d h i F o u n d a t i o n

Taman Rama National Plus

Quality Education - Moral Values The Taman Rama School is a private National Plus school serving the educational needs of the local and expatriate families that make up the community of Bali. Our school provides high quality education from kindergarten to Year 12.

Kindergarten Programme Toddler: Age 2 - 3 years Nursery: Age 3 - 4 years

Education & Family


For Sale; 10pcs teak wood 2cmx20cmx2mtr Rp. 300rb/ pcs. Call/SMS 0852 3701 1139 for further info or <>. Jimbaran. [059] For Sale; Canon G12 digital camera, 10 megapixels, can record HD video. Rarely used, mint condition. Free 8GB SDHC Card. Sell for IDR 3.500.000. COD in Denpasar area. Contact Jaya (0361) 853 0500. [060] Notice: Bali Advertiser confirms all free Private Classified ads. When you send an ad, we will contact you. If we are unable to contact you then your ad is not printed. C/E/U-22 Aug. 12

K 1: Age 4 - 5 years K 2: Age 5 - 6 years

Cambridge Programme

National Plus Programme

Cambridge Primary Cambridge Secondary IGCSE AS / A Levels

Primary (SD) Junior High (SMP) Senior High (SMA)

Cambridge International Fellowship Centre

Taman Rama School Denpasar: Jln. Cokroaminoto No. 382 - Ubung Kaja - Tel: +62. 361 414849 / 431693 Fax: +62. 361 414859. Email: C/E/I-30 May 12

C/E/G-25 Jan. 12

C/E/I-08 August 12

C/E/I-05 Sept 12


Education & Family

05 September - 19 September, 2012


at Canggu & Kuta RING 0361-7443102 or email to :, Booking for Programs a must

For Sale; Carpet from Tunisia. Typically used by the nomadic peoples, lots of character; 2.5m long. Rp. 10 million. Can email photos. Contact 082147831830. Canggu. [066] All the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening.

Bali Advertiser

For Sale; iPhone 4G, 16gigs, black color, very good condition, unlock, sale Rp.3.9 million. Call/SMS 0878 6030 0900. Kuta. [067] For Sale; iPhone 4S, 32gigs, like new, no scratch, black color, unlock, sale Rp. 5.5 million (nego). Call/SMS 0813 5305 0000. Kuta. [068]

C/E/G-5 Sept. 12

A successful tutor will make you speak At your home or office 9 years experience, taught more than 100 foreigners

C/E/M-2 May. 12

TOKO BUKU Reviews of English language books on Indonesia

Bali Home by Kim Inglis Since the 1920s, the island of Bali automatically inspires daydreams of tropical beaches, exotic structures and gorgeous landscapes. But more than just an increasingly popular tourist destination, Bali is also a global leader in tropical design, showcased in the trim and useful book Bali Home. With coverage of more than 100 homes, garden estates, hotels and restaurants, this volume is a tightly packed compendium of the latest design trends coming out of Bali. Full-color photography, both of decorative details and architectural concepts, is accompanied by an informed well written text that gives literally hundreds of valuable design tips to anyone who has ever wanted to build a home in the tropics. Here are just a few: 1. Forget about saving certain tableware for special occasions. Instead, choose items that have a story to tell and enjoy them at every mealtime. 2. The infinity edge pool is especially effective and eye-catching when the edgeless parts are located over high ground that drops away or if situated near another water source such as an ocean, river or lake. 3) Outdoor lighting is all about introducing mood, atmosphere and sculptural forms into the garden. But don’t over do it. A bit of mystery is preferable to over- illumination. Highlight key areas such as water features or a particularly beautiful tree with a spot from below. 4) Use non-slip materials for paving installed with good drainage. If your pathway snakes over a pool of water, because of the reflection of the sun the paving stones, it should be clearly delineated to avoid people falling in. 5) If space is of a premium, consider a one-wall kitchen with open shelving to decrease the virtual mass of cupboards. Fridge, sink and stove - the backbone of any kitchen design – all need to be compactly worked into the design. 6) Allow a room to breathe with plenty of neutral colors. Your ideal combination is a backdrop of white or grey while texturing in warm earthy colors – orange, terracotta, coppers and magentas. Light has a magical effect on such colors, but use them carefully. Restraint is all. 7) Bars can be both practical and visually appealing, serving as a handy divider in the home, such as separating the kitchen from the dining area, or as an island unit in larger rooms. Beneath the bar top, cupboards can conceal ample storage. 8) Choose a chaise lounge built with a combination of wood and wicker so that it’s able to breathe – an important consideration in the tropics. The introduction includes a capsule history of the development of the “boutique villa” on Bali ever since the German artist Walter Spies built the first Western house in Balinese style in the 1920s, an adaption of the posted wantilan structure. Still standing today and comprising part of a boutique resort in Campuan, Spies’ house paved the way for a later wave of expatriate experimentation – the homes of Han Snell and Rudolf Bonnet, the cottages of Sanur’s hotel Tanjung Sari and Theo Meyer’s studio home.

The early 1970s saw a collaboration between the famous Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa and Australian artist Donald Friend at the Batujimbar estate in Sanur. This was followed by Peter Muller’s groundbreaking Hotel Kayu Aya (later the Oberoi) in Seminyak, Made Wijaya’s Villa Bebek in Sanur, David Bowie’s Bali-style villa in Mustique and Richard Branson’s holiday home in Antiqua, as well as homes of other famous contemporary expats: Lorne Blair’s indoor-outdoor house and Bruce Carpentar ’s cool wraparound verandah. Nowadays overly Balinese or Asian decoration is on the out and “Zen-style,” “contemporary Asian” or “minimalist New Asia” is definitely coming in. One chapter shows nine different kinds of open pavilions (bale), a wonderfully adaptable Balinese structure. Another extensive chapter of 24 photos shows all the ways you can outfit rooms with mosquito nets - from nomadic chic, sumptuous four-poster and draped platform beds to Chinese-style cage beds to open plan bedrooms with circular suspended mosquito nets. Net-draped beds, author Kim Inglis reminds us, conjure up sentimental feelings of romance and drama.

C/E/G-22 August 12

As much a book about quality custom-made furniture as it is about building and room design, a multitude of advice is given on what types of furniture best accentuates your interior and exterior spaces, showing 13 striking dining tables in both indoor and outdoor settings are included – tile inlaid tables, trestle tables, small patio tables, sheer glasstopped tables with steel and stone bases and well-crafted wooden or roughly textured tables. Seven photos of chaise lounges on patios and verandahs demonstrate how practical and comfy these “long chairs” can be and how effective they are as designer pieces used for pure decoration. Flourishing Bali-based artists producing tableware, lighting, artworks, glass and ceramics, textiles and sculpture of great originality and high quality are showcased, mixing modern furniture and furnishings with local artifacts. The very last page of the book cites all the hotels, resorts, spas and galleries, as well as the names and websites of all the architects and designers featured in the book.

C/E/I-30 May 12

A main theme running through Bali Home is to avoid over-ornamentation at all costs. Opulent colors are out in favor of a palette that soothes and calms rather than advertises. Since sustainability is the new buzzword, on nearly every page are examples of architects utilizing old or local organic materials. One chapter is devoted to open-plan living in which rooms are open to the elements, many with garden vistas and drop dead ocean or rice field views. Another chapter focuses on tropical houses that employ thatch (alang-alang), bamboo, hardwoods and wooden shingles in roof construction. Whether it’s a garden estate near Uluwatu consisting of remodeled and modernized Javanese joglo structures or an eco-friendly wooden bungalows overlooking the Sayan ridge, this little attractively produced book equips amateur designers with the means by which to create or freshen up interiors with a particular Asian touch. Bali Home by Kim Inglis, photography by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni, Tuttle Publishing 2010, ISBN 978-0-8048-3982-2, 144 pages, hardcover, dimensions 23 cm X 24 cm. Available for Rp250,000 at Periplus, Gramedia, Times and Ganesha ( bookstores. For any publishers interested in having one of their books considered for review in Toko Buku, please contact: Copyright © 2012 You can read all past articles of Toko Buku at C/E/I-22 August 12

Bali Advertiser

Education & Family

05 September - 19 September, 2012




8888 551 Toddler (8 mo - 2 years) Pre Nursery (2 - 3 years) Nursery (3 - 4 years) K1 (4 - 5 years) K2 (5 - 6 years) Primary 1 (6 - 12 years)

RegentS school

Jalan De wi Madri 88. Renon

C/E/G-25 July 12

C/E/I-21 March 12

C/E/G-13 June 12


Education & Family

Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012

For Sale; Nokia battery, charger and handsfree. Charger AC-3E and AC-8E, battery BL-5C, handsfree HS-105. 100% new and genuine charger originally comes from new Nokia phone in box. Each worth Rp300,000 at Nokia store. Call only, no sms. 083 1181 9816. <alexbalietc@gmail. com>. [078] For Sale; 2 large Hishem synthetic rattan sofas + 2 chairs perfect condition, 160 cm round wooden table and various household items from Ace Hardware. Enquiries only by SMS to 081 1962 2911 from 20-30 Sept. Seminyak. [079]

( S E C ) Seminyak English Course Accessible location : Jl. Seminyak No. 7. Tel: (0361) 733 342 Opposite Bintang Supermarket

o n l y 5 minutes from YOU


75% Conversation  

Legian Kuta


5 min. from

5 min. from

Jl. Raya Seminyak Jl. Raya Canggu near BRI Bank


For Sale; Refrigerator LG brand Expresscool 170lt, good working condition, Rp.700.000. Refrigerator Sharpbrand 170Lt, good working condition, Rp.700.000. Call 0852 3873 6011 no SMS please. Kerobokan. [080]

C/E/I-05 Sept 12

Moving Sale; Canon HG10 HD camcorder. Included WD-H43-wide-converter. power adapter. 2 battery packs. Wireless controller. Component cable. Stereo video cable. USB cable. Software. Recording system AVCHD. 40GB HD drive. LCD screen: 2.7in. MiniSDcard. 3.5 Mio Rp (nego). Sanur. For pics and info please call Michael 081 2395 1444. [073] C/E/G-5 Sept. 12

By Ayu Spicy

Delicious International Dishes (Indonesian Language Version available at

C/E/G-7 March 12

- 1/4 cup mint leaves, chopped - salt and pepper to taste (use less salt if using preserved lemons) - 1-2 limes, juiced Directions: Put the quinoa into a strainer and rinse in running water until the water runs clear. Put three cups of water into a lidded pot and add the rinsed quinoa. Stir and bring the pot to a boil. Once boiling, cover the pot and lower the heat. Cook until the water is evaporated about 10 minutes. Set aside. Boil the broad beans until tender about 15 minutes, drain and let cool just enough to be able to handle the them. Slip off the outer skin and put the beans aside. I frequently wax poetic about the fresh beans available in the markets here so add this to the book of poetry. This is an excellent vegetarian main course or meat eater’s side dish. Quinoa is packed with protein as are the beans. Quinoa is available in Dijon and Bali Deli but if it is out of your budget you can still make this using brown or red rice. It won’t have the same amount of protein but it will be tasty.

Quinoa with Fresh Broad Beans

Heat the olive oil in a skillet and add the sliced shallots and garlic. Saute’ until soft and browned - the browning adds a delicious flavor to the dish so don’t hurry this up. Once browned add the cooked beans and the Kalamata olives giving it a quick stir and then add the cooked quinoa mixing well. Now add the preserved lemon or lemon zest, mint leaves and salt and pepper to your taste. Finally add the lime juice adding to your taste so the sour and salt are balanced.

Serves 4-6 Ingredients:

I like to eat this warm but it is also good the next day cold, although you may want to add a bit more lime juice.

- 1 cup quinoa - 2 cups water - 1/2 kg fresh broad beans (biji kara in Bahasa Indonesia

¡Buen provecho! - That’s Spanish for ‘enjoy your meal’.

- 2 Tbl. olive oil - 1/2 cup shallots, thinly sliced - 2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced - 1/3 cup kalamata olives, seeded and sliced - 1/4 “preserved lemon”, chopped (see BA for recipe) or try substituting 1 tsp. grated lemon zest

All recipes are available on the Bali Advertiser website in both English and Indonesian versions. You can easily copy and paste and print. Paste as unformatted text. Copyright © 2012 Ayu Spicy You can read all past articles of Food Glorious Food at C/E/G-25 July 12

Fashion If you are looking for a professional service for your knitwear production, please come and visit us. New fabrics and styles are constantly in house.

Showroom : Jalan 66 Seminyak Lane beside Rest. ‘66, behind DVD Store Call: Helena 081 23745 4444

Email :

Moving Sale; 10set PC Dual Core 2. 0Ghz, 1GB RAM DDR2, 19” Samsung LCD widescreen, motherboard Gigabyte, 160GB HD, power logic casing, mouse & keyboard Logitech. Sell for Rp. 1.900.000. Good condition. Ex. office. Contact Rossi (0361) 790 8558. Denpasar. [097]

C/G/U-8 Aug. 12

Pertokoan Udayana - Kav. A31 Jl. Letda Made Putra, Denpasar. Ph. +62-361 - 254219 Email: C/G/G-13 June 12

For Sale; Kiumatsu voltage stabilizer 10.000N ac automatic voltage regulator little used bought in error Rp. 3 million nego. 0812 3618 2680. Sanur. [104]

Jl Teuku Umar 133 Denpasar Telp/Fax. (0361) 236735, 8422504 / 8422505 Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 89 D Telp/Fax. (0361) 9009181 / (0361) 9009182 C/G/G-18 April 12

The Rotary Clubs of Bali and the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank are working together to increase the awareness about the severe shortage of Rh Negative Blood types here in Bali. These are much less prevalent in Asian populations (0.3%) vs. European populations (10%). If you have Rh Negative Blood and would be prepared to help save a life, please contact the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank office today at 0361-227 224 and one of their mobile units will visit you at your home/ office/hotel for your generous donation.

* Please note - the staff is professionally trained to International Standards and always uses new disposable needles. In addition, the Blood Bank is currently expanding its present list of Rh Negative Blood donors. If you are living in Bali and would be willing to have your name placed on a ‘confidential list’ for emergency cases, please call Ibu Metta - 081 855 2299 (English speaking).

Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser

For Sale; Motorbike helmet BMC Touring Red colour brand new never used 150.000 M: 0821 4690 5472 or email for photos to <villakrystina@hotmail. com>. Canggu. [102] For Sale; 2x indoor outdoor all weather footstool coffee table/sun lounger dark brown grey cushions. 90cm x 86 cm each very versatile bargain. Rp. 300.000 each or both for 500.000. M: 0821 4690 5472 or email for photos <villakrystina@ hotmail. com>. Canggu. [103]

All Types of Silk, Imported Wool, Cotton Stretch Linen, Viscose, French Lace, Cotton Twill Suits, Wedding Gown, Kebaya, Batik

Help SAVE a life TODAY by sharing this information with your friends, colleagues and customers.

For Sale; Coffee table white wood modern clean style with glass top 160cm long x 60cm wide x 45cm high. Matches perfect with the sofa bed listed separately. M: 0821 4690 5472 or email for photos : <villakrystina@ hotmail. com>. Canggu. [101]

For Sale; 2 large hardwood wardrobes 1with double mirror doors 1with large shelf very strongly built Rp. 3 million for both. 0812 3618 2680. Sanur. [105] For Sale; Apple desktop Mac Power PC: 1.6Ghz G5, 4GB ram, 2@750 GB internal HD, Nvidia GEForce FX5200 graphics card, internal fast CD/DVD RW. Incl. Keyboard and mouse. Rp. 4.5 million. Ph. 0821 4636 5185. Nusa Dua. [106]

C/G/I-08 August 12

For Sale; Apple cinema display 20” model A1038. 1680 by 1050 pixels. Rp. 2.5 million. Or package deal with Power Mac (see ad) for Rp. 6 mil total. Telp: 0821 4636 5185. Nusa Dua. [107] For Sale; Violin 4/4 for adult 1 million full with box case, cdma smart evdo 300.000, still have warranty, TV Sony LCD 4 million still have warranty. Contact 0813 3254 5411. Denpasar. [108] For Sale; Sofa bed, 3 months old Click Clack easy to fold down. Cappuccino colour, excellent as new condition, bought for guest no room to store. Cost 3 mill sell for 1.8mill. 0821 4690 5472 or email for photos <villakrystina@hotmail. com>. Canggu. [100] If you have a will to win, you have achieved half your success; if you don’t, you have achieved half your failure. David Ambrose.

Jl. Teuku Umar 65D (Simpang 6) Denpasar Tel: (0361) 221 663 Email: C/G/I-28 Dec 11



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05 September - 19 September, 2012

HECTOR’S It’s a Disgrace One morning recently we ventured beyond our usual perambulatory perimeter and out onto the Balangan road. The Distaff, from an earlier vantage point, had spotted someone jogging down a track that leads up a hill on the other side of the road and suggested there might be land up there. We decided not to audibly note that there would certainly be land up there. It was for all sorts of reasons one of those risk-of-domestic-thunder mornings and we were not going to encourage an inclement occasion. We haven’t walked down our little stretch of the Balangan road in years – literally – because it is the domain of scarred, ragged and diseased dogs of provenance unknown and, as everyone always knew would be the case, no one has yet been able to reduce rabies to a negligible risk. It’s much less of a problem to us than to the locals, since we have had the required full course of prophylactic vaccinations. But you’d still need to have the post-exposure needles if one of the dogs bit you, as a precaution, though not, thank goodness, the excessively expensive immunoglobulin. It was an interesting stroll. In the wet season the roadsides look lush and green and the undergrowth is impenetrable to the passing eye. But it’s been dry for some months now – the odd overnight shower excepted – and the thinning vegetation reveals the real roadside in all its appalling horror. There is endless rubbish, thrown away on each side of the road carelessly or by design, but in either case criminally. The time has long gone where we can all simply say that the locals haven’t got used to plastic yet. The problem is two-fold (leaving aside education which is a very long-term process). First, the local authority – in this case Ungasan Village – does nothing effective about rubbish collection or disposal and clearly couldn’t care less. The second is that local people (along with Indonesians from other islands and some expatriates) can’t be bothered either. One day the tourists, or possibly even people with money to invest, are going to say they won’t be back. (There was land at the top of the hill, incidentally, just as the Diary had quietly surmised. Nothing indicated that it might be for sale, but it did offer fine views of Tommy Town and Blot Beach. Oh, sorry. We meant to write Dreamland.)

Great News Kathryn Bruce of Bali Pink Ribbon tells us that due to the overwhelming success of the Bali Pink Ribbon Walks and the encouraging support of many people, construction of the Bali Breast Cancer Support Centre is well under way. It is being built in the grounds of Prima Medika Hospital in Denpasar and will provide a wide range of programmes, support services and information for all Balinese women living with breast cancer, and their families. The centre, Indonesia’s first, is expected to be operating in November. Increased awareness of breast cancer among Balinese women has led to many women who suspect they have breast cancer now going to a doctor, where before it was often undiagnosed until very late in the progress of the disease. More than 200 are now diagnosed every year. Early detection and treatment is vital. Kathryn notes, in an email to supporters: “Without your hard work, generous spirit and compassion for those with Breast Cancer, the vision to overcome the problems faced by women in Bali for breast screening, education and support would not have become a reality.” It’s a privilege to help, Kathryn. We’ll even wear pink on your walks.

Lucky Dog We know him as Mickey, though we’re not entirely sure that’s his name, especially since he never answers to it. He lives in the informal way pet dogs do here as part of our pembantu’s household and we see him every morning as we take our daily walk. He’s a quiet chap, and we like him a lot, because alone among all his local co-specifics he does not bark at us. In truth, he ignores us, affecting a distain that could easily injure one’s pride, if one let it. But recently he was limping. We asked our lovely pembantu (she thinks we’re quite mad, by the way) why this was so. “Sepeda motor,” she told us, with what we thought might be a wan little smile. So Mickey, in the words of the awful joke, has joined the ranks of the lucky dogs of Bali. They’re the ones that limp after an altercation with a motorised conveyance. The unlucky ones are dead. Lately, he seems to have recovered, which is really good news. He is no longer limping, though he still ignores us in his own quiet way.

Annie Update Little Annie, the eight-year-old from Sideman in Karangasem now being treated in Sanglah Hospital after being found disastrously malnourished and weighing under 7kg, is

putting on weight and responding to proper care. That’s wonderful news. Robert Epstone of the charity SoleMen (and Rotary Canggu) told us late last month she is being fed porridge three times a day along with liquid food six times a day, as well as adequate drinking water, and at that time weighed just over 10kg. Annie is also severely challenged developmentally but is already responding positively to the nursing care and is developing trust with the nurses. Jimbaran resident Sarah Chapman, who with her Balinese friend Yuni Putu found Annie after seeing a story in the local Bahasa press, has been her regular carer. The good chaps at SoleMen Indonesia paid upfront for 24-hour professional care for Annie’s first 15 days at Sanglah, with four shifts a day, and with private donor assistance have allocated an extra Rp11.4 million to cover the period up to October 4. If Annie needs to stay longer in Sanglah before moving to Anak Anak Bali, another Rp30 million may be needed. Here’s a case where some digging into pockets is merited.

C/G/G-25 July 12

Roué Remembered A fondly recalled echo of the past re-entered the Diary’s life in mid-August, when an obituary in the London Daily Telegraph newspaper recorded the passing of Ian Dunlop, wit, charmer, chancer, fantasist and pretender to the much disputed title of “last of the old Soho characters.” Obituaries are required reading, for they remind or possibly apprise you of all sorts of interesting things. In the 1960s London your diarist inhabited before sensibly sentencing himself to transportation for life to the antipodes (lest he find himself treading in similar tracks) Dunlop, then in his late thirties, was a growing institution in the low-life Soho of the day. Like many of his class, he had already been many things, including an officer in the Scots Guards, not something easily done. He came from classic stock. His father served in the British invasion of Tibet in 1904 and his aunt, Marion Wallace-Dunlop, was the first British Suffragette to go on hunger strike after being arrested in July 1909. Dunlop effected a conversational rite that satirised and annoyed the pretentious, especially those of the Left. It was delightful to observe from the periphery of his circle. One sensed it was the last hurrah of an age long gone, but that only gave it added piquancy in a grey old town that sorely needed not only spicing up but also to hold on to its true patricians. He was a rogue, seeing himself as a ladies’ man. His particular interest was the ancient Ceremony of Lowering the Pants at Sunset, his own concoction, you might say, and it was performed upon whoever was his latest conquest in his portfolio of vulnerable ladies let down by feckless or faithless men. Preparations for the ceremony were fascinating rituals in themselves. Later, in his fifties, Dunlop came to be known as “The Greying Mantis” since, in the best traditions of his kind, he did not call off the chase. But by that time your diarist had long since departed for the land of sheilas, where the ceremonials at first had seemed oddly different. Still, a result’s a result, as they say. Dunlop lived an extraordinarily long life for someone whose scale of indulgence would have long since seen off a lesser man. He was 83 when he died in July. Perhaps he was indeed the last of the old Soho characters. He was certainly erudite – he wrote a book about an abstruse aspect of music that unfortunately remained unpublished – as well as reprobate in a deliciously old-world way. He never had money but he was much more interesting and challenging than the flashily inarticulate glottal-stop collectives that nowadays constitute celebrity in Britain and the new-age “English colonies” overseas.

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C/G/I-22 August 12

One Small Misstep... It was sad to learn of the death late in August of Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon. He was a modest character, not at all a self-publicist, yet (very literally) a high achiever. Armstrong played a minor part in your diarist’s early journalistic career. The job assigned to the young reporter on moon landing day in 1969 was to sit in front of a tiny black and white TV in the Press Association newsroom in London and take note of Armstrong’s first words. Sadly, they were as scripted. We had been hoping Armstrong would miss the last step on the Moon Lander’s ladder and say something unprintable. Hector can be contacted at He blogs at and is on Facebook: Hector McSquawky Copyright © 2012 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of Hector’s Diary at C/G/G-02 May 12

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05 September - 19 September, 2012

Aum Rudraksha Designs The “Original Malas” created and designed by Soma temple, a resident of Bali for more than 20 years, mixing sacred Rudraksha’s have been used for centuries by ancient sages and

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C/Ho/I-22 August 12

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05 September - 19 September, 2012


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05 September - 19 September, 2012


by The Garden Doctor

by Dr. Kris

Rooftop Garden

“Good afternoon Dr. Kris, I frequently read your column in Bali Advertiser and was wondering if you would have some advice on concrete roofs, I am hoping to shortly build a place north of UBUD it will be mostly shingle roof but there will be some areas with concrete roof, I was hoping to soften this by perhaps growing grass on the roof and was wondering how deep would I need to make the soil and if there is a particular type of grass that would be more suitable. Would be most grateful for any advice you can give. Best regards Roger Williams” Dear Roger thanks for the great question. The “greening” of the roof-top by replacing shingles with vegetation is becoming somewhat of a trend these days. Rooftop gardens can take many forms and have been popular for centuries. These days in the age of urbanisation, many people are looking to their rooftops to find a green space to create an oasis, grow vegetables or even just use plants for insulation purposes. In a dense urban environment they can provide much needed green-space for people to come up and enjoy. There are many benefits to a rooftop garden, some obvious others not so obvious. It is aesthetically pleasing and ecologically responsible. Utilising valuable space in urban areas for food production, attracting birds, butterflies and bees, creating a sink for carbon and taking harmful particles out of the air whilst also protecting rooftops from damaging UV light. It also absorbs storm-water on site/reduces storm-water run-off and adds value to properties. It can also insulate from heat, cold and sound. For example a City of Toronto study in 2006, discovered that if 8 per cent of the city’s buildings had green roofs its summer temperatures would drop by 2C, whilst insulating heat in winter. The study calculated savings from reduced energy consumption at $80 million a year. Other benefits include reducing noise by 40 decibels. There are many design/construction styles available for a garden on the roof. The easiest option would be to simply create a planter box arrangement. It’s easy to get a few planters, soil and plants, and then you will have a rooftop garden in an instant. You could opt for grass but there are many other variations, a succulent garden for example could be even easier to maintain. Almost any plant can be grown on a roof, it all depends on light levels and the soil depth that you can provide (or the weight capacity that your roof is engineered to hold). Succulents would be my first option for a simple rooftop garden, they require little soil and little moisture, so weight is not an issue. Herbs are another favourite, as they can grow in shallow soil, are low growing, hardy and can provide a constant fresh edible crop. You could simply opt for grass at the outset as you wish though the selection of plants suitable for roof-tops will always depend on the location and strength of the construction. In terms of grass, rumput gajah (lit. Elephant grass - buffalo grass) and rumput mutiara, as they are locally known are the easiest to grow and maintain. Rumput Jepang looks attractive, is a little more difficult to grow and will need regular maintenance and cutting to keep it looking good. Grass will also need lots of sun, so if your rooftop area is heavily shaded by trees you may be better off going for a succulent garden, bromeliads or for rainforest groundcover plants or vines, which can look attractive grown over and down, as a hanging garden.

Measure the area of the roof to determine how much grass you need and how large the water-proofing membrane needs to be. The membrane acts as a barrier between the grass and the roof, otherwise you will rapidly end up with concrete cancer and a leaking roof. Purchase a water proof membrane/drainage system from a landscape supplier. You may have to import this, but nevertheless it is easy to find in the age of the internet. It will include a moisture barrier, insulation, filtering and drainage. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install it onto your roof top. Once this is complete then you can start preparing the garden beds for your grass or other plants. Put 5cm of soil or a compost/soil/ mix on top of the membrane system. Rake it until level and smooth. Spread a layer of gravel on top of the soil to improve drainage. Then put down 5cm more of soil. If you don’t want to use gravel you could mix 25 percent river sand into your soil/compost mix. Buy the correct amount of grass, measured in square meters to fill the area. Plan to plant the immediately, this means you should have the beds prepared. If not keep it stored in a cool shaded spot, moistening it often to keep it from drying out. Lay down pieces of grass. Use long thin pieces whenever possible because they are less likely to die. Push each piece as close to its neighbour as possible to avoid gaps. Cut irregular pieces to size if necessary. Smaller pieces should be placed in the centre of the grass roof, with the larger more robust lengths at the edges. Lightly water the grass over the next few days. The goal is to moisten it to lessen the planting shock. When established, water once a week. Consider these factors before you start- Weight and Water. When building a rooftop garden, it must be safe, structurally sound and have good drainage. Pots, planters, soil, and plants can be very heavy once accumulated. Is your roof built to withstand the increased weight of a garden? Remember that the soil will weigh more when it is wet and that plants weigh more as they grow, so allow for this weight increase. Also consider water itself, how are you going to water this garden? Where will the water run-off? If the garden beds on top are not enclosed, then you will end up with water marks and soil stains down your walls. You will also need to consider a drainage system, and the roof will need to be pitched at least a few degrees, because the water after all will need to run somewhere. Otherwise it would be like having a swimming pool on your roof, and the added weight and water could be not only dangerous but at the very least damage your property.

For Sale; 2 nights vouchers at Uma Sapna Hotel in Seminyak for spa pool villa, comes with breakfast. Listed at $200++- $240++ per night. Asking $150 per night (all included) or make an offer for all 4. <lvdkbali@> / call 0813 3840 0226. Seminyak. [156] For Sale; Bedside table matching 2 single beds: H = 64cm W=78cm D=39cm paid Rp. 800,000 but happy to accept 50% or ONO Photo available upon request Contact <sarabel@attglobal. net> or 081 735 0193. Funds will go to YPAC, Jimbaran Institute for Physically Handicapped Children. [147] Ambition is dream with a V8 engine.

For Sale; TV cabinet or bar cabinet: H= 64cm, W= 78 D= 39cm, Rp. 1,650,000 but happy to accept 50% or ONO Photo available upon request. Contact <sarabel@> or 081 735 0193. Funds will go to YPAC, Jimbaran Institute for Physically Handicapped Children. [148] Moving Sale; X-mas tree incl. deco and lights Rp. 170k, German books Rp. 40k each, juicer Rp. 250k, retro toaster Rp. 90k, water dispenser Rp. 70k, dishes, DVDs, deco items. Pics available. SMS 0877 6100 6722 or e-mail <kikimoves@>. Kuta. [149]

C/Ho/I-25 July 12

C/Ho/G-22 August 12

Whatever you do make sure the roof is strong enough to hold the extra weight of the garden (soil + plants) that you are considering. Always waterproof the roof with a rubber membrane. It is most important that you make sure that any added construction is secure and safe. It is your responsibility to ensure that it complies with all local building practices and codes. Please visit my blog or send me an email if you need any further advice.

Dr. Kris Garden Doctor Contact: Copyright © 2012 Dr. Kris You can read all past articles of Garden Doctor at C/Ho/G-08 August 12

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PT. LUMBUNG AYU Tropical Asian


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05 September - 19 September, 2012

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Community Groups

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Free Attunement Reiki Usui & Reiki Tummo® Clinic (Padmajaya Bali) Activities every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Free healing with Reiki Tummo® at 19.00 till 21.00 hrs. Free online “Open Heart Prayer” in Indonesian and English language at 21.00 till 22.00 hrs. Activities every month (last Saturday): Free attunement Reiki Usui at 15.00 till 17.00 hrs. Please come join with us, at our Tummo® Reiki Clinic in Ruko Istana Regency Blok L No. 10, Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Denpasar (next to Makro) or call 081 2386 8888, 081 2389 8888. Helping others to be healthier, happier, and closer to divine sources to attain enlightenment and yoga. Free Book Swap Ubud First Saturday of each month. Starts at 10am. At Bayu’s Kitchen, Penestanan. Ubud. Bring your books and swap with others. No charge book swap. Ring 081337541445 for more information. Free Yoga Class Free yoga class in Canggu beach at Yogashala on Tuesday and Friday at 8 am. Call (0361) 7474 625.

interested in all things green and is open to every one. We can make new friends or catch up with old ones, learn how others see things or do things, create new ideas. Saying “Are you green?” will ensure a warm welcome. Green Drinks has more than 494 chapters worldwide. No membership fees. Everyone is welcome. Fun is compulsory so invite your friends. Come and share your green thinking with other like minded people and make it happen in Bali. Every first Monday of the month, 6.00pm @Manik Organik, Jl. Danau Tamblingan 85, Sanur, 0361-855 3380, <>, <www.>.

to contact their ancestors for the answer, directions and healing they need to create more happiness, health, and peace in their lives. Surya Dharma Healing Center, behind Dharma Usada Clinic, West Cemetery Str. Ubud. Phone: 0361- 976123, 0361- 971878 or email: <suryadharmabali@>. International Christian Worship Service - Nusa Dua English language. Every Sunday 10 am. Jl. Kurusetra, Kampial, Bualu - Nusa Dua. Call Herb Shmidt at 0361730442 # 111. Sponsored by the Protestant Christian Church in Bali.

Hare Krisna Come join us and find peace. Every Sunday at 10:30 am. International Christian Worship Service - Renon Pesraman “Sri Sri Radha Rasesvara” (Bhakti Yoga). Jl. Tanah English language. Every Sunday evening at 6 pm Jl. Raya Suci, Br. Subak Abian Darmayasa, Kec. Abian Semal. Call : Puputan No. F16 (GBII) next door to Lila Travel. Sponsored (0361) 480 937, 228 391. Email : <>. by the Indonesian Independent Baptist Church, For further information please call Mr. John 0813 3814 8406. Hashing in Bali The best way of seeing the real Bali. Hash runs are held every International Worship Service Saturday, Monday and Thursday at 4:30. Hash sheets with International Worship Service at Jl. Sunset Road Indah, maps and contact details are available at The Cat and Fiddle Restaurant and Mercy Photo in Sanur, Glory Restaurant and Blok 2 No. 11, Kuta-Bali (150m before Carrefour mall). Come Bali Video in Kuta, Lips Bar in Seminyak and Naughty Nuri’s to worship The Lord Jesus together with us in English, close Warung in Ubud. Check out the website at: <www.balihash. to Carrefour shopping centre at 11 AM every Sunday. For further information, please contact (0361) 855 0811, 081 138 com> for the latest hash news. 0396, 081 2365 7553.

Gallery Kupu - Kupu Located in Ubud on the corner of Jalan Raya and Jalan Hanoman, just in front of the BPD Bank, selling handicrafts made by disabled young artists, this project helps disabled artists to have their own income so they can support their Indonesian Philatelist Association families, be more independent and have more confidence. We invite all stamp collectors and coin & bank note collectors Please come and help us to help them! to join Monthly Philately & Numismatic Bourse. At Denpasar Post Office every month at second week on Sunday start 9.30 Gateway Community Church - Sanur am. The activities are bourse, auction and some times English language, every Sunday morning at 10:00 am at philatelist coaching and mini exhibition. More info pls contact Gateway Community Center, Sanur. Interdenominational. Mr. Ngurah Surya 081 755 4032 or email to: <suryastampsbali@ All are welcome. Contact person Chrisna Ririhena 0361-285>. 083 or 0852 3881 5069. Informal Gathering Come and join us for a free informal gathering every Thursday and Sunday from 06.00 pm - 09.00 pm. Facilitated by : Agung Greendrinks Greendrinks is an international network of people who are Indra & Putu who have helped many people by enabling them

Kupu-Kupu Foundation A not for profit organization (NGO) whose main aim is to improve the lives of physically and mentally handicapped children, adolescents and adults in Bali. We are helping people who have never been out of their house or who never have seen a wheelchair or been to a school. If you want more information please contact Begonia Lopez 0812 362 8720, visit our website: or e-mail: <>. Also visit our Gallery featuring art by our disabled friends: Jl. Raya Ubud at the corner of Jl. Hanoman, Ubud.

COMMUNITY GROUPS is free for all non profit activities, groups, etc. For your group to be listed here contact: Bali Advertiser Tel. 755 392 / Fax 764 191 or email : Please notify our office for any corrections or changes. Let’s keep this up to date!

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Bali House & Home

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05 September - 19 September, 2012

LIMAJARI PUBLIC STORAGE OFFERS YOU: - Short term and long term storages - Small and large volumes - Pick and pack service at your house - Racks available for storage of archives - Temperature controlled room upon request - Discount on long term rentals - Safe and secure environment

PLEASE CALL: AAN or RATJANI at 0361-730024 C/Ho/G-22 Feb. 12

C/Ho/G-21 March 12

by Dr. Rob Visual Symphonies Paintings by Erizal AS At Ganesha Gallery, Four Seasons Resort, Jimbaran Bay. Tel: 701010 The senses of sight and sound have long vied with each other for prominence. While sight is usually considered the single most important sense, hearing has always come a close second. In his latest series of stunning creations, Sumatran artist Erizal AS has chosen not to explore the differences between these two senses, but, rather their common ground. The connection between the visual and musical arts is well-documented. Numerous artists not only paint while listening to music but are also influenced by it. The connection between the two can be traced back to the unity of music, dance, and rituals in the ancient arts. The visual beauty of Balinese dance, for example, is just unthinkable without music. So, too, when we hear music we can visualize the accompanying dance and vice-a-versa. Although Erizal AS’s current works are ostensibly abstract, they are clearly inspired by the exuberant beauty of flowers. Bursting with color and life they Symphony 6 twist and turn gracefully like dancers. Some, like ‘Symphony 6’, are positively explosive. In comparison, others, like ‘Symphony 3 & 4’, are still closed blossoms, which are subtle but full of the excitement to come. Together, all of these works create a magnificent feast which is comparable to Ludwig Beethoven’s Symphony 6, in F major, or, the ‘Pastoral Symphony’, a tone poem Symphony 4 Symphony 3 inspired by nature. Erizal AS is a graduate and lecturer at Yogyakarta’s prestigious Academy of the Arts, and he has perfected a style of layering color onto his canvases with bold, quick stokes that create movement and depth. This powerful ground work is strengthened by the astute use of black lines. A native of West Sumatra, Erizal AS has won many awards and shown nationally and internationally for over 15 years. Salvation of the Soul Paintings by Nyoman Erawan. At Tonyraka Art Gallery, Jl. Raya Mas No. 86, Ubud. Tel: 974538. Balinese artist Nyoman Erawan was born on the 27th of May in 1958, in Gianyar. All of his life he has had a very strong belief in the Balinese culture, and the Hindu religion. When he was young he was selected to attend a senior high school for the arts, in Denpasar, and, after that, he went to the university of Indonesian art in Yogyakarta. Consequently, his art is a combination of Balinese culture mixed with modern influences. Now, Nyoman has long since returned to Sukawati, where he was born, and, where

he likes to go to the Banjar and pray in the temple, but, apart from being a professional painter, Nyoman has also developed a fine reputation as a performance and ‘happening’ artist. For his work, Nyoman has received awards from the Philip Morris Company, Gatra magazine, and the Gianyar government. With his art, ever since the 1980s, Nyoman has continually been seeking a method to combine traditional Balinese culture with modern western trends, and, he seems to have resolved this quest by combining elements of opposites. Nyoman mostly makes his art with two subjects that are connected or linked, such as: destruction and re-growth, life and death, or ‘noisy’ and ‘silent’. Nyoman believes that these are traditional and modern themes which are always connected. Nyoman also believes that the Balinese Hindu religion is designed to help people understand the greater existence and power of God. Yet, Nyoman feels that this religion presents more questions than answers, and forces worshipers to continually pray for enlightenment. This is a recurring theme in all of Nyoman’s work. However, since 2009, Nyoman has surprised his audiences by presenting a series of exhibitions which concentrated on the face and body. For him, these exhibitions were an opportunity to explore a new avenue of artistic expression. Nyoman utilized the aesthetic constructions of the face and body, and combined them with strong abstract painting techniques. These works explored the effects of colors, lines, and brushstrokes on the face and body. For him, the face or body was not really all that necessary to show in his paintings, for the subject-matter was really about the mix of colors and application. The works were about ‘processes’ and not portraiture. In his current exhibition, ‘Salvation of the Soul’, at the Tonyraka Art Gallery, Nyoman continues his abstract investigations into the Depresi dan Batu human face and body. However, in works such as ‘Depresi dan Batu’ and ‘Fathoming Cosmos 4 and 5’, Nyoman shows how the human body can become part of the Hindu culture called ‘Jiwatman’, the body connecting with the life, to become part of the reality known as the ‘Atman’, the life made from the light of the good. For Nyoman, his exhibition also presents paintings which attempt to explain how human lives can become part of the ‘Greater Universe’. To understand how the perfect bodies depicted, called ‘Jiwatman’, become ‘Atman’, one also has to understand the concept of ‘Moksa’, which is the freedom of the body from the rules called Fathoming Cosmos 4 ‘Phurnabhawa’, or, reincarnation. To gain ‘Moksa’, or to forever remain in heaven, humans must find this freedom by a pure life, cleanse the body by prayer, and be good to all people. The gateway from karma comes with ‘Awidya’, the darkness, and ‘Moksa’

cannot be readily achieved by everyone. With his extremely powerful paintings, Nyoman Erawan creates an absolutely fascinating exhibition, however, like his Hindu religion; his art raises many more questions than answers.

Fathoming Cosmos 5

E-mail: Copyright © 2012 Dr. Rob You can read all past articles of Artwords at


Limited Time Exhibitions

It’s Raining Men Artists : Group Exhibition Genre : Medium - painting, drawing Period : August 27 until September 11, 2012 Every day, 9.00 a.m. onwards Location : Bali Mystique Hotel and Apartments, Jl. Petitenget 2000x Seminyak Tel: 4730465 Latitudes Artists : Shan Franck Clergue French Artist Genre : Oil Paintings Period : August 17 until October 01, 2012 Every day, 10.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m. Location : Cafe Des Artistes, Jl. Bisma 9X, Ubud Tel: 972706 Locals Only Artists : Group Exhibition Genre : Paintings Period : July 21 until September 30, 2012 Every day, 9.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. Location : Taksu Gallery, W Retreat and Spa, Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak Tel: 4738106 Salvation of the Soul Artists : Nyoman Erawan Genre : Paintings Period : August 26 until September 16, 2012 Every day, 10.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. Location : Tonyraka Art Gallery, Jl. Raya Mas No. 86, Ubud Tel: 974538 Visual Symphonies Artist : Erizal AS Genre : Paintings Period : August 2 until October 1, 2012 Every day, 9.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m. Location : Ganesha Gallery, Four Seasons Resort, Jimbaran Bay Tel: 701010 Please e-mail Bali Advertiser to place your exhibition here free of charge. Bali Advertiser reserves the right to publish or not publish submissions.

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Get your free life lesson number (numerology). Please send full name (exactly as shown in your birth certificate) and birth date. I also do Tarot, I Ching. <>. [070]

Thermoses (Anodized Polyurethane foam insulated to keep hot and cold) = D 20 cm H 28 cm (3 pcs) , contact <Operations@AquaMarine>, Jl Petitenget 2A. Phone 473 8020. [112]

Be careful of your thoughts; they may become words at any moment.

If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right.

C/Ho/G-21 Sept. 11

Moving Sale; 6m old wooden bed, bought Rp.3.9 million, sell Rp. 2.2 million. Call 0818 0553 6293. Kuta. [151] For Sale; Large s/s trolley for larger kitchen. 3 tier 1m x 55 wide x 1m high with wheels and brakes, nearly new. Rp.2.500.000. Call 0819 9940 4749. Sanur. [154] For Sale; Large colorful umbrellas Rp.1.200.000 (nego) from Scotland, for rain or sun. Call 0819 9940 4749. Sanur. [153] For Sale; 2x 2m length x 1m width teak tables suitable for workshop or office. Rp. 1.2 mill each or both for Rp. 2 million Study table with drawers one month old sell Rp. 500.000. Tel: 0818 0534 7702. Pantai Brawa. [145] For Sale; 2 single beds & 2 frames for mosquito netting: W=120 cms paid Rp. 2,000,000 the set but happy to accept 50% or ONO Photo available upon request. Contact <sarabel@attglobal. net> or 081 735 0193. Funds will go to YPAC, Jimbaran Institute for Physically Handicapped Children. [146] Free: Private Classified Ads in Bali Advertiser. Put your free ad in the next issue. The easiest way to place your ad is at  Place An Advertisement page  Private Classified. You may also bring in, fax, or directly e-mail your ad.

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Wanted; Mens bike, geared, good condition. Call 0819 9940 4749. Sanur. [152] For Sale; Indovision dish, etc. Rp. 350.000 (nego). Call 0819 9940 4749. Sanur. [150] For Sale; XL Force Fins (one yellow, one black), price USD115/each. Contact <Operations@AquaMarine>. Jl Petitenget 2A Kerobokan. Phone (0361) 473 8020. [111] For Sale; Ladies bike beautiful new Shimano cream starlight vintage style beautiful bike 7 speed. 5 year warranty basket/pump/ patch repair/key Lock. Call 0821 4690 5472 e-mail for photos <villakrystina@>. First to see will buy Rp. 1.3 million. Canggu. [099] For Sale; Champagne glass 41pcs, mineral water glass 23pcs, water goblet 14pcs, shot glass 9pcs, ice cream glass 4pcs, dessert plate 29pcs. All sets Rp 1.600. 000. SMS your email to 0878 6224 4540 for pictures. Dalung. [094] For Sale; Deus wet suit top (jacket, long sleeve) 3/2 mm, made in Japan, size L, new never used, shop price Rp. 2.000.000, selling Rp. 1.000.000. Call/SMS 0821 4723 9997. Canggu. [095] Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

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For Sale; 130 mixed DVD movies for only Rp. 150.000. E-mail : <katarina_basuki@> for the full title list. Denpasar. [098] For Sale; 6.8 Entity board in Bali. Inc Tail Pad & Fins. 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;8 length, 18 3/4 wide, 2 1/2 thick. Price Rp. 1.2 million. Bukit. [096]

For Sale; Printer - model: Canon MP258, 1 year old, Rp. 500.000. Contact 0821 4783 1830. Canggu. [076] Wanted; Damaged or dead Apple Macintosh computers and iPod or iPhone. Call only, no sms. 083 1181 9816. <alexbalietc@gmail. com>. [077]

Great Deal; Bamboo half round bar with alang-alang roof Rp. 1.200.000. Natural rattan furniture, table Rp. 250.000, garden lounger set with table Rp. 1.200.000. Just come to see and pick up. E-mail: <info@rattani. com>. Phone : 0813 3718 5910. Ubud. [114] For Sale; DS Games, excellent condition, 53 games in one, Revolution for DSI, EDGE, The Simpsons , Ben10 Ultimate Alien, Ben10 Alien Force, Sonic Chronicles, Madagascar 2, Transformers Animated , Fossil Fighters. Rp. 100.000 each. Contact <outoftheboxboy@gmail. com>. Kerobokan. [115]

C/Ho/I-22 Feb 12

For Sale; Security dummy/ false alarm box with flashing light. Battery operated. New, boxed, bought in the UK & complete with fixing screws! Can deliver/arrange to fix for you if required. 350k. <ondreybuildsit@yahoo.> or SMS 0813 3963 7891. Sanur. [087]

C/Ho/G-5 Sept. 12

NC/Ns/G-5 Sept. 12

For Sale; Samsonite vanity/ beauty case. Bought in haste at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge, in the wardrobe ever since. Original lock still fastened inside from new. Unused but slightly aged. Sanur. Can deliver. Rp. 500.000-nego. <ondreybuildsit@yahoo.> for pix or SMS 0813 3963 7891. Sanur. [088]

Moving to furnished home so must sell. 4 poster beds, bed side tables, dining table and chairs, sideboard, cupboard, shelf, double beds. Call 0813 3918 9482 for photos, sizes and prices. <>. Seminyak. [113] For Sale; Woman bicycle, bellydance equipment, clothes (also for wintertime), seats from German cinema, old fashion typewriter, German books. E-mail: <>, contact 0821 4680 8894. Kuta. [093] For Sale; Water purification drinking Straw. <www. iStraw.>. (5) No tablets, no aftertaste, just clean water. Reusable, filters 500 litres. 2,000 fewer bottles used! Rp. 275.000 <Operations@AquaMarine> Jl. Petitenget No 2A. Phone (0361) 473 8020. [122] Quick Sale; PC Intel Core2 Duo (DDR2, 2GB, HD500, MB intel) comes with LG 17â&#x20AC;? mont, keyboard, mouse, speakers, stavolt & printer) Bonus: table comp rack. Only Rp. 3.5 Millions for all. Call 0821 4587 7331. Nusa Dua. [089] Quick Sale; Fax machine Panasonic KXFT981 (3 months used ) 99% like new. Only Rp 800.000, bought 1.25 mill. Collect by yourself. Call 0821 4587 7331. Nusa Dua. [090]

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3M vikuiti™ Rear Projection Screen & Film

Now you can capture your audience’s attention with more sharpness, clarity and definition than ever before. Quite simply, VikuitiTM technology adds another dimension to rear projection displays, whatever you’re screening. It’s applicable for cafe or restaurant, real estate agents, cars showroom, villa or other types of businesses. Display your HD picture from projector in windows glass or acrylic as smooth as best TV HD solutions.

Flower Arrangements • Wedding Decoration • Cut Flowers • Bouquet • Gifts Bali Solarist: Ruko Sunset Plaza No. 14 Sunset Road Kuta - Bali. Tel: 0361 8476792 Contact person: Doni: 081 337 873 888 , 0361-784 3177

Villa Cemara Indah No. 13


Br. Semer, Kerobokan, Kuta - Bali 80361 Phone : (0361) 7422 654 http : // E-mail: C/Ho/I-18 April 12

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Building & Maintenance Swimming pool always green?

Call the experts, CV Tropical Pool and Spa 289104, 287673 or email:

From as low as Rp 450.000 per month we will maintain your pool. C/BM/I-30 Nov 11

C/BM/G-4 April 12

C/BM/U-04 April. 12

NC/BM/G-22 Feb. 12

C/BM/G-25 July 12

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Building & Maintenance

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POOL IONISER ● ● ● ● ● ●



Always Clear and Clean Water ● No Salt Low Maintenance ● Guarantee 3 Years Friendly Environment ● Competitive Price 95% Less Chemical Use Low Power, Max 12 watt Pump working hours about 4-7 hours/day

CLEANING SERVICES General cleaning I windows cleaning I Floor polishing I Benches Bathub & Wash basin polishing | Toilet bowl cleaning I Kitchen detailling I Natural stone floor cleaning & coating | Mattress, sofa, Carpet refreshing I Timber sanding & finishing and......... ADA much more. Ada Clean provides the right chemicals for ur property

Call: Dave 0818 0553 7120

Office 0361-8474139 / 08123940401

C/BM/U-22 Aug. 12

C/BM/G-13 June 12

C/BM/I-13 June 12

C/BM/G-08 August 12

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Just click the remote to open & close your gate CV. ASA Specialize in Automatic Gate Jl. Gunung Agung, Mertha Jaya I No. 2 Telp. (0361) 435778 - 422703 08123968797 C/BM/G-8 Feb. 12


Itʼs not only a septic filter ... , Itʼs a proper sewage treatment Tank !!!

Waste Water Treatment Tank

Recycle Black & Grey Water to Water Garden Sewage Supporting Products: Grease Trap IC Tank (Inspection Chamber Tank) Effluent Tank (Final Holding Tank), Manhole etc...

Easy Installations (BIO Save) Installations without retaining walls Almost Free Maintenance No Bacteria Additions Low Electrical Consumption : start at 47 Watts Meet Local and International Standard


New Product BIO Gas For Generator For Stove For Hot Water

Specialize in Design and Build Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) for Domestic and Commercial (House, Villas, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, etc)

Grease Trap

Address: Jalan Nakula No: 63C, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia Phone: (0361) 499218, (0361) 7475698, 9244526, 9244527 Fax: (0361) 499188 Email: Website:

See the product and how it works at Toko Damai Sejahtera, Jl. Imam Bonjol 555 A 1/2, Denpasar C/BM/G-5 Oct. 11

C/BM/I-08 Feb 12



• Wooden Blinds 25mm, 50mm, 35mm • Bamboo Blinds • Roller Blinds • Vertical Blinds • Exterior Blinds • Curtain, Blackout, Vetrage • Sliding Doors - Shutter Window • Natural Carpets ( Sisal, Seagrass, Banana Fiber, Pandanus) • Sun Louvre - Canopy, Awning • Magnetic Insect Screen • Outdoor Umbrellas • Wooden House • Rattan Ceiling



Jl. Raya Kerobokan

Export Quality Wholesale & Retail

Jl. Umalas


25mm, 35mm & 50mm



Jl. Raya Kerobokan 2X Mobile: 081 2366 5447, Phone: 0361 7849691 Email: Fax: 0361 731906 C/BM/I-08 August 12

C/BM/I-30 May 12







ARCHITECTURE I INTERIOR I LIGHTING i n f o @ s e r i o u s l y d e s i g n e d . c o m w w w . s e r i o u s l y d e s i g n e d . c o m C/BM/G-25 July 12

C/BM/G-11 July 12


Building & Maintenance

Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012

“Bahasa Gembala Kambing” If you rent or own a property in Bali it is highly unlikely, although there is a slight possibility, that something might one day go wrong and a wee bit of maintenance will be required. On the other hand you may be feeling either very brave, naïve or drunk and decide that you wish to scratch that “I want to build my castle in paradise” itch, an urge that should be resisted at all costs. Either way when you are attempting to communicate with a man who last week was herding goats and this week is a highly qualified building professional it may be useful to know a few of the technical terms in order to attempt to convey a vague sense of technical understanding. That having been said, if you say to him “kambingmu menginjak kakiku” and he understands you somewhat better than when you say “pompa sumur saya mati” then perhaps you would be better finding someone else. It is likely that you will find that some of the words you may require do not appear in that famous tome “Learn To Speak Indonesian While Having A Poo” or even in the more august publication “A Larger Lout’s Guide To The Best Spewing Spots in Kuta” and so, to render you some assistance, I humbly offer a few of the more commonly used terms that may allow you to describe your problem to an ever so obliging landlord who mysteriously doesn’t speak a word of English whenever the words “house maintenance” are mentioned. Let us hypothesise for a moment that you really are going to consider the ludicrous task of building something. First you will need a piece of land (tanah) the size of which is measured in units of 100 square metres (are) and valued in squillions of rupiah. You’ll need to build (bangun) a boundary wall (tembok pagar) around your land to keep the goats in. If you are thinking clearly you may remember you need a gate (pintu gerbang) so you can get in and out. You can now fill the site with fill (urugan), this is important if you are building on former rice fields (sawah) where the ground is usually clay (lempung) and mud (lumpur). We’ll start on the house itself by digging (galian) for the foundations (pondasi). Foundations for houses here are usually walls (tembok) or small vertical columns known as piers (setempat) built (di bangun) from riverstone (batu kali). Reinforced concrete (beton bertulang) beams (balok) known as a sloof are cast along the top of the foundation (pondasi) walls to spread the weight of the house on the walls and to hold everything together. Concrete (beton) is normally made from 3 parts of aggregate (kerikil or koral), 2 parts of sand (pasir), 1 part of cement (semen) and 1 part of water (air). If we add reinforcing steel (pembesian) it becomes reinforced concrete (beton bertulang). Reinforced concrete columns (kolom) are cast onto the sloof to support the walls (tembok or dinding), the roof (atap) and the upper floor (lantai atas) if there is one. Reinforced concrete ring beams (balok ring) are cast along the top of the walls to lock the columns together at the top and make the building structure strong. The walls (tembok of dinding) of the house may be built from lightweight concrete or breeze blocks (batako) or red brick (bata merah) and mortar (mortar) which is made from sand (pasir), cement (semen) and water (air). The walls will usually be finished using smooth (aci) cement render (plester) on the inside and out. We will now build the roof which may be a gable roof (atap pelana – lit. a saddle roof) with a horizontal (mendatar) ridge (bubungan) and usually two, but sometimes only one, sloping sides. The gable (gewel) itself is the triangular part of the top of the wall under the roof. The roof might also be a hip roof (atap limasan – lit. a pyramid roof) which is a roof with triangular ends that slope the same as the sides. Where the end slopes meet the sides slopes these are also known as ridges (bubungan) First we build the roof trusses or the roof frame (kuda) of either wood (kayu) or lightweight galvanised steel (baja) on the top of the concrete structure. Onto the roof frame we build the rest of the supporting roof structure with beams that come down from the ridge of the roof to the top of the walls, these are the rafters (kasau or usuk). Across the rafters are smaller pieces of wood known as lathes (reng) which will support the roof tiles (genteng). The area where the roof overhangs the walls is known as the eaves (overhang - yes the English word) of the roof. The roof (atap) may be covered with thatch (alang alang), roof tiles (genteng), wood shingles (sirap), asphalt shingles (sirap

aspal) or corrugated iron (seng gelombang) It may also have aluminium foil insulation (insulasi aluminium foil) under the roof covering to reflect heat and keep the house cool. To finish the job and make the roof look tidy along the bottom edges there will be a fascia board (lis plank) and up and down the edges of gable ends will be barge boards (also lis plank). There is a new phenomenon sweeping Bali and people are installing these magical things that collect rainwater as it falls on your roof and they are called gutters or troughing (talang) . We will have to leave holes (lubang) in the walls for the windows (jendela) and doors (pintu) which will be hung on hinges (engsel) and may contain glass (kaca). The rooms of the house may need ceilings (plafon) and outside, under the roof overhang or eaves, we might install a horizontal ceiling called a soffit (plafon overhang). The ceilings may be of thin plywood (triplex), waterproof fibreboard (Kalsiboard) or, these days, plasterboard, drywall or gyprock (gypsum). The floors (lantai) will usually be covered with ceramic tiles (keramic lantai) or, if you have a penny or two, you might use marble (marmer) or wood (kayu) which could be teak (jati), mahogony (mahoni), merbau, bengkirai, meranti, kamper, ulin or kelapa (coconut). In the bathroom (kamar mandi) and kitchen (dapur) you will probably have wall tiles (keramic tembok). Your water (air) will usually come from a well (sumur) or bore (bor) although if you are really lucky you will have water supplied by PDAM (Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum). The water will be pumped from the well with a water pump (pompa air). We usually rather surprisingly call this the well pump (pompa sumur) which may pump the water through pipes (pipa) to a water tank (tangki air). These days we use plastic pipes (pipa plastik) but older houses used galvanised steel pipes (pipa galvanis) but these do have a tendency to rust (karat). The water is fed to your bathroom taps or faucets (kran) in your washbasin (wastafel), shower (shower) bath (bathtub) and toilet which might be a western sit down toilet (toilet duduk) or a squatter (toilet jongkok). Waste water will usually flow to your septic tank (tangki septic or tangki kotoran). Your electricity (listrik) will come from PLN (Perusahan Listrik Negara) who are responsible for the power installation to your meter (listrik meteran). From here it becomes your responsibility and will go to a distribution panel (panel) which has contact breakers (mcb) in it. From the panel electric cables (kabel) takes the electricity round your house to plug sockets (stop kontak) and lights (lampu). It is also fairly useful to have light switches (saklar) so we can switch them on (hidupkan lampu) or switch them off (matikan lampu). Here are some additional terms you may find useful. We’ll start with a very common one in Bali, my roof (atap) is leaking (bocor). We are, of course, stating the obvious here. Rusak means not working, broken or knackered. If something is worn out it is buruk. If something electrical such as a water pump is not working it is usually described as mati (dead). If the pump or a cable is burned out it is bakar. If you have a blocked pipe then your pipa is buntu. If on the offchance something is actually functioning properly then you can proudly say it is baik (good).

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If total frustration has set in and you are going to attempt to do such things yourself you might needs some tools (alat) such as a hammer (palu), screwdriver (obeng), drill (bor), saw (gergaji), tapemeasure (metran), spanner (kunci pas), chisel (pahat), ladder (tangga) or even a wheelbarrow (kereta sorong). Paint (cat), varnish (vernis), nails (paku), nuts (mur) and bolts (baut), screws (sekrup) are also useful as is glue (lem) and, of course, duct tape (pita bebek). It is highly likely that all this is of little interest to you and you can say “no, what, what” (tidak apa apa) which is probably the most useful phase in the indonesian language after “pergi, saya tidak mau your frigging transport”. Phil Wilson Opinions expressed are those of Phil Wilson. He can be contacted through the websites at or at or through the office on 0361 288 789. Copyright © 2012 Phil Wilson You can read all past articles of Fixed Abode at C/BM/G-11 July 12

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THE HEART OF BALI Building Bridges of Friendship By Michele Cempaka What do India and Bali have in common? Most Indonesians have greatly admired and in many instances even modeled their own classical dances after India’s. And of course the iconic Bollywood movies are ever present on local television for everyone’s enjoyment. There is something quite enchanting about Indian culture and its strong connection to Bali and the ancient Hindu practice which still exists today. The Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) on Bali was established in 2004 with the purpose of creating a cultural exchange program between India and Bali, as well as other regions throughout Indonesia. In order for people to learn more about Indian heritage, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) established 35 cultural centers throughout the world. ICCR has yielded rich dividends and has been recognized as a significant instrument of India’s cultural diplomacy. The primary objective of the Council is to establish, revive and strengthen cultural relations and mutual understanding between India and other countries. Apart from organizing their own activities, ICCR also provides a supportive role to their respective Indian Missions in cultural and educational matters. They develop and maintain contacts with the local citizens particularly students, teachers, academicians, opinion-makers and cultural personalities to increase awareness of the Indian heritage. All centers have libraries and reading rooms as well as substantial collections of Indian films, documentaries and other multi-media material. The ICC here on Bali offers a variety of educational programs with approximately 10 – 15 scholarships a year for Indonesian students who wish to pursue Masters and PhD degrees in Ayurveda, Computer software, Sanskrit and English. Scholarships are also given for learning Indian dance, music, painting, sculpture, etc. In addition to their educational programs, ICC offers classes in classical dance for ages 5 years and up. Classes are offered 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday and are usually held twice a week for one hour. The fee is Rp120.000 for three months with a one time registration fee of Rp50.000.“My aim is to promote Indian classical dance. I have Balinese, Japanese, Mexican & Malaysian students who are dedicated to this art form,” said Atarajita, dance instructor at ICC. Classical dance is considered to be a yogic practice. There are many mudras (hand gestures) and body movements which are akin to yoga asanas. It is a very pictorial art form in which the dancer conveys a great deal of meaning through every gesture and posture. In March 2012, an 8 member Kathak group and a 12 member Fusion Kathak and Rajasthani Folk troupe visited Indonesia. In addition, a seven member Bharatanatyam dance group led by Ms. Malavika Sarukkai visited Jakarta. This rich cultural exchange also includes invitations to Balinese dance groups to come to India to perform classical dances which are

representative from the diverse regions throughout Indonesia. Besides classical Indian dance classes, ICC offers morning and afternoon yoga classes Monday – Friday. The fee is quite reasonable at only Rp 300.000 for three months with a one time membership fee of Rp100.000. “Yoga is not like any other kind of exercise or sport. It has been scientifically tested so now we can see how yoga can actually cure diabetes, lower blood pressure and help people with insomnia, as well as many other physical ailments. If you do yoga regularly with awareness, you can actually go much deeper and change your mind. You start with the body and go into the breathing; this assists you with cultivating greater self awareness which can ultimately lead to enlightenment,” says Mukesh Kumar, Yoga Instructor at ICC.

BUNDA S1 - Inorganic Polluted Water Depurator BUNDA S2 - Polluted Drain Renovator (For Heavy Metals Pollution) No Harm for Environment For Multicontaminated Water Cost Reduction

Beautify the Impure Water! For Further Information: PT. Banyu Bening Cemerlang Jl. Yudistira No. 111 Br. Tatag, Seminyak. Kuta - Bali - 0361-7332828 - CP: Robert Siswandi 087861186011, Vicky Oct 08123827854 I Ketut Widiana 08123665040, Astari Gezali 085216152800 Find Also at 1. UD. Damai Sejahtera - Adi 0811390588 2. ASIAN PROPHECY. Jl. Raya Pengosekan, Ubud - 80571 Gianyar - Bali Tlp/Fax Office: +62.361.970.822 C/BM/G-30 May 12

In addition to offering yoga classes at the center, ICC reaches out to the community by offering a wide range of programs in schools throughout Bali. At the Gandhi Memorial School they have started a creative dance club which combines all the aspects of Indian classical dance which is taught to the students. They have also taught yoga at Udayana University and other local schools in Lombok. M o r e o v e r, I C C o ff e r s classes in Indian cooking and Hindi, and there is also an Indian movie club for people to come and watch some great Indian classic films. The center has recently begun to offer visa services for travel to India, so there’s no longer a need to make a trip to Jakarta to obtain your visa. All of the staff are very helpful and will be more than happy to spend some of their time giving you advice about travel to India and tips on cultural etiquette. On September 23rd and 24th, ICC will be participating in the Bali Meditation Festival, and in late September, they will also take part in the Sanur Village Festival, so be sure to come and see some fantastic classical Indian dance performances. Besides all of their wonderful classes on offer, ICC has just created a friendship association for Indians, Balinese and expatriates to have the opportunity to have a mutual cultural exchange and create good relations amongst diversity. Under this association ICC will be organizing some great tours, picnics and festivals for everyone to join and have fun together. For more information about the Indian Cultural Centre on Bali and their ongoing classes and upcoming programs, please email: or call the ICC on: (0361)241-978.

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MT Batukaru – Bali Eco Stay I’ve been broken in after my stay at Swasti Eco Resort: I am a serene, organically fed, aesthetically enchanted, ethically superior being and so my next destination is going to have to make me really swoon. Fortunately, Bali Eco Stay, that is not going to be a problem. For starters you are stunningly, heavenly beautiful. Nestled on a hillside in a truly pristine part of Bali. A few bungalows leisurely sprinkled along a pure, gentle, iridescent mountainside river with smooth stoned pools arranged just the way any visually discerning god would intend. The views are stupendous rice field vistas (at this present moment complete with joyful frolicking local children) all fittingly crowned by a juicy jungle and coconut palms. And…not a whiff of a shop, villa, or swanky bistro for miles. One mere night here is going to be my mistake… But good looks alone are not enough to sustain this relationship. This is not a frivolous hotel review about how the maid folded the bath towels into cute animals or the concierge found my favourite brand of coffee. You want to know if this place really is an Eco stay or an Eco pay.

C/BM/I-28 Dec 11

BUZZ By Monsoon Wanita impossible not to engage with your beautiful natural surroundings. Mine is completely open to the jungle and stream beneath it. In fact this stream originates from a nearby - unsullied spring and supplies all the water needs here, including the drinking water, making it the perfect antidote to those nasty plastic bottles. But drinking the stuff might not be enough, perhaps you fancy swimming in a chlorine free pool, sculpted into the riverbed. The management of all this water makes Bali Eco Stay a little bit special really. All their wastewater enters a series of wastewater gardens and the cherry, is they are able to generate Hydro Electricity, thanks to their own gorgeous waterfall. Maybe the other bit that makes them a bit special are their plans to reintroduce the barking deer back into the area. Of course there are all the other thingamajigs you would appreciate: organic, locally made soaps and detergents, a permaculture garden supplying the kitchen, the lack of T.Vs and A.Cs, the 3 day linen turnover, delicious fresh food. But it is the ability to really enjoy and participate with nature that has won me over. It is so easy to meander or play in the river, swim at the waterfall, or wander through the jungle and rice fields for miles. For most tourists in Bali this involves an organized tour, a driver or a good imagination.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning… I guessed I was venturing near Bali Eco Stay when I noticed the hessian bags hanging from metal frames intermittently along the roadside of the local village. A positive sighting for sure, though I am a little troubled to note that a lot of rubbish seems to have missed the actual bags. Later I discover that this is what happens when the bags get filled to capacity before being emptied once a month – which has just happened - with help from the owners of my destination. When I arrive I can see the design of each bamboo and coconut bungalow makes it C/BM/G-22 August 12

And so my visit is so truly lovely that I’m also a little in love with the owners Cath and John, who clearly must quite awesome to have such an absurd amount of good karma that they could land in this piece of heaven and, in a few years, manage to create a beautiful eco oasis. It’s a cliché I know but in this case it is true - Bali Eco Stay offers the Bali everyone seeks but few are lucky to find.

Eco Buzz by Monsoon Wanita E-mail: Copyright © 2012 Eco Buzz You can read all past articles of Eco Buzz at

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LITTLE KITCHEN International and Asian Cuisine CAFÉ | LOUNGE

Coffee & Breakfast | Lunch & Dinner | Free Canapes 07.00 - 23. 00

Bali Budha


Jl . R a

KITCHEN café | lounge ya Semer

Jl. Raya Canggu

N Café Moka

Hotel Hapel

Jl. Raya Kerobokan

Jalan Raya Semer - Banjar Anyar Kerobokan C/R/I-22 August 12

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Restaurant Review

By Gerry Williams E-mail:

The Eye of the Potato? I always knew that potatoes had eyes, if you leave them too long before use they even grow ears but I had never heard of a potato head. But then almost everything about Bali’s Potato Head Beach Club is different to the norm, and unusual catchy names do seem to stick? It is an ampitheatre, a half circle facing, and with access to the beach. You arrive by a long private entrance off Jln. Pettenget, Kerobokan. There are actually three restaurants in one, all totally different in style, concept, cuisine and pricing. The major one that carries the name has become a very popular lunchtime spot, full all day right from its late morning opening time, in fact there is often a queue waiting for a table. The cuisine is simple and the prices are very moderate, fitting for a tourist locale such as Bali. The fact that so many other beachfront restaurants in Bali tend to be over-priced for what they offer, other than the view, makes Potato Head extremely good value! As with all restaurants of this type their menus change constantly but you could start with a soup that may be a relatively simple Mushroom Cream, Chilled Gazpacho or Peppered Cod Fish Flakes with sweet basil oil. An entrée of Prawn Ceviche is way different to the norm, chilled marinated prawns served on a crisp corn tortilla with a shot of tequila. Salad can be Rocket, Walnut or Pear & Feta tossed with olive oil and balsamic. Snacks are many; sandwiches, tacos and wagyu burgers or a pasta of Fusilli with Beef Balls in a spicy tomato sauce. As the place and beach atmosphere is so suited to snacking the day time mains list is quite small but could not escape that Bali special, Cordon Bleu, but this version is with emmental cheese, bacon, sautéed mushrooms and a confit of leek with a cream sauce of grain mustard. It is very good and excellent value. Or you can have standards; Fish & Chips, or Steak & Chips, or my choice which was a U.S. Pork Tenderloin in a sauce of honey, pepper and red wine vinegar. It was an unusual combination that worked well. Finish with a Baked Apple Crumble that is stuffed with berries, as well as the mandatory apple, topped with an almond crumble and vanilla ice cream. Evening time and the setting changes with the Beach Club going a bit more upmarket, live music and cocktail time. It is also time for the other two independent restaurants to open.

Lilin is the 2nd of the restaurants at the 3 in 1 complex that is the Potato Head Beach Club. It is only open for dinner, from 6.00 p.m. every day. It consists of a small downstairs beach area with long wooden tables, where you can sit facing the sea. Lilin features Asian seafood dishes with a constantly changing menu. Although with Asian inspired food they surprisingly feature a range of Spanish Sangria concoctions [served by the glass or bowl] as their specialty although many of the varieties offered have been blended with local Indonesian spices and herbs. At Lilin you are expected to order first from their Asian Tapas menu followed by their seafood mains, all seafood live and sold by the 100 gram.


: Potato Head Beach Club


: Jln. Raya Petitenget, Kerobokan.


: 473.7979


: 11.00 a.m. to 2.00 a.m., daily.

Smoking area

: Yes

Non-smoking area

: Yes


: Ample private


: 1. Beach Club - Rp. 500,000 2. Lilin - Rp. 1,200,000

The Tapas can include such tasty morsels as Roast Duck in red curry, Prawn Balls [cold] or Chilli Prawns [hot], a Seaweed Salad or Catfish with chilli sambal. The Live Seafood for the mains is all encompassing; prawns, clams, snapper, grouper, lobster or crab. The menu may include dishes such as Lobster, which can be grilled [pictured] and cooked in a Thai green curry or served as Sashimi accompanied by a lobster soup. Live Prawns can be steamed with garlic, chilli, lemon and fresh coriander. Local live Garoupa features regularly and is served in many different ways. Live Crabs can be with chilli, Asian style, or in a curry sauce, either way with steamed or fried buns.

Credit Cards

: All major cards.


: Local and International


: Medium list


: Brisk but anonymous.


: Salt in the air.

Vegetarian and Dessert options are minimal.


: Excellent value.

3. Tapping Shoes - Rp. 2,400,000 All prices average for 2 persons [+drinks]

Tapping Shoes is the 3rd restaurant in the complex, also only open for dinner, it is above the main Potato Head restaurant, overlooking beach and ocean. It is the up-market dining option here, offering a choice of 5 or 6 course Degustation menus. It presents French cuisine as seen by their talented Japanese chef. Memories of the early days of the great Tetsuya in Sydney are rekindled. The degustation menus change regularly but could begin with such things as Foie Gras flavoured with sauterne wine and mango, and pain d’espices. A Homard Salad of lobster meat combined with tabouli and capsicum mousse in a gazpacho sauce and a touch of balsamic. St. Jacques are scallops and for the main a choice of Catch of the Day, Tenderloin of Beef, Ovenroasted Lamb or Roasted Barberie Duck. The dessert is a house special. There is also a small a la carte menu but it changes daily. Potato Head is quite an incredible complex combining such a variety of offerings, justifying that hackneyed phrase…’something for everyone’. With news of yet another Potato Head soon to open further up along Bali’s south-western coast, with boutique hotel attached, this potato certainly has many ears!

Copyright © 2012 Gerry Williams Reviews that appear in Bali Advertiser are based on actual visits to the establishments listed, without the knowledge of the restaurants, and are not paid for by the individual restaurants. Opinions expressed here are those of Gerry Williams and not necessarily those of Bali Advertiser. Gerry Williams attempts to write from a ‘typical’ diner’s perspective and, whilst quality of food is the most important criteria overall, value for money is the real measuring stick.

Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012

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Update Sakala has now firmly established itself amongst the finest French dining restaurants in Bali. It is beachfront, along Tandjung Benoa, and dinner time is special time! With a French Canadian chef and a French restaurant manager they set out to do it different and have they ever! Just announced is their Summer Epicurian Tasting Menu. Start with Caviar followed by a Coral Trout CĂŠvichĂŠ seasoned with exotic fruits with a king crab salad and guacamole. Then Foie Gras Duck Liver Confit with sea salt and crushed pepper â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;torchonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; marinated with sweet spices and Armagnac. Refresh with a ConsommĂŠ of seafood broth scented with shaved black truffle, scallops, clams and mixed vegetables. Then Sweet Bread with river lobster, baby spinach and butternut gnocchi, Sauterne wine and organic mushrooms in a cream sauce, and another refresh with an Apple GranitĂŠ of premium cognac, mangosteen and mint. A solid meat dish is their Wagyu Beef which has been slow cooked and served with root vegetables gratin, glazed shallots & port wine sauce. A real French Cheese Plate, your choice of Rockefort Papillon Noir or SainteMaure goat cheese, both of which are served with warm toast, young beetroot, watercress, cashew nuts, aged balsamic and local pepper. Finish with a dessert of Chocolate, 70 % bitter melted dark chocolate cake, served with vanilla ice cream. All of this is for Rp. 898,000 ++. Although I am afraid that sometimes I am old fashioned and still order from the a la carte. Their Rack of Lamb [pictured], cooked a correct French â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;pinkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, crusted with thyme and Parmesan the flavours of which perfectly complement the jus of the lamb meat, fried polenta, a tomato and goat cheese â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;tart tatinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, crushed zucchini with braised shank, red wine sauce and black olive emulsion is a dish I find hard to go past. Sakala is most definitely worth the visit to Tandjung Benoa. If you go this month during September [only] and order the Tasting Menu you will also receive a complimentary glass of Moet & Chandon champagne.


Black Pepper has replaced the failed Sip Grill on Sunset Road, Seminyak, after a major renovation, even though the original was still rather new. However the management remains the same just a totally different menu, which is now more cafĂŠ than restaurant. Open early [8.00 a.m.] for breakfast and that is sensibly served all day [till 5.00 p.m]. Very strange, the kitchen closes very early at 10.00 p.m. Overall the menu has a distinct American touch, Huevos Rancheros [with ham added to the original] for breakfast, even potato grits if that appeals? A Spanish Omelette without potato? Does a crumbled chorizo still make it Spanish? As for eggwhite omelettes, why bother? The Sausage Platter has eggs, sausages and baked bean and, as with many of the other offerings, those American pancakes are added to this dish as well. Pac Rim is a description that I find that means nothing, why donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t they just say Californian? At Black Pepper their Pac Rim Salad contains pan-seared tiger prawns, spinach, toasted almonds and fried wonton skins with a sesame dressing. Also very American is the Cobb Salad. By the name you would expect corn from the cob, but only grilled tomato, crisp bacon bits, roast chicken, hard-boiled egg, chives, avocado, gorgonzola cheese in red wine vinaigrette. Sandwiches include that once French Croque Monsieur of ham and gruyere cheese but between slices of toast, making it a sandwich, not open as normal and another touch of America is their Pastrami Sandwich, with just mayonnaise and Dijon mustard added. Chilli Dogs and Choripan [chorizo in a hot dog bun] are also available and Burgers galore; beef, shrimp, chicken, tuna and even a Steak and Foie Gras Burger @ Rp.235,000++.


Oishi Tei is the latest inside-outside restaurant at the Jimbaran Kupu-Kupu Barong Hotel,

with entrances from both inside the hotelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s small shopping complex and street-side, with minimal parking, for outside diners. Cold snacks of Tako Kyuri Su, seaweed marinated in sesame seeds and vinegar and Chuka Idako, seasoned baby octopus, are on offer as well as many sushi combos including Inari Sushi, those tasty pouches of fried tofu stuffed with sushi rice, tuna and salmon. All the traditional Nigiri Sushi options are hand rolled to order, according to custom. Many of the new fusion rolls are here as well as a range of bento boxes, udon and soba noodle dishes for the solo diner.

La Creperie has moved. Originally in Batu Belig, it is now situated amongst a clump of smart little restaurants on Jln. Bumbak, Canggu. It is French operated and all the Savory Galettes are made with buckwheat flour. Many fillings are available including ham, bacon, mushrooms, vegetables and cheeses. Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Indienne is unusal, tandoori chicken with emmental cheese, basil and mushrooms. But I like the La Savoyarde which is stuffed with ham, bacon bits, potato, chives and cheese. Dessert Crepes include the standards [Suzette, Fruits or Berries] or that old favourite with just sugar and lemon juice. There is even a Balinese creation with fried banana and palm sugar. Mezzo @ The Griya is on The ByPass Ngurah Rai at Sanur. Obviously it is mainly the essential restaurant for The Griya hotel. It is large and of very simple design. Air-con inside with an outdoor terrace for the smokers. A range of breakfasts is strangely served only from 7.00 to 10.00 a.m. Surely that is not good enough for a tourist island where all day breakfasts are now the norm, and if you are going to serve Eggs Benedict on toast rather than procuring English Muffins and doing it properly, then why bother? Too often new places just seem to copy others without trying to discover how to prepare, cook or present. The menu covers all the tourist norms, some Indonesian standards and a few International dishes [ribs, parmigiana, etc.], pasta, a few pizzas and snacks, but does not inspire confidence. Arirang was my restaurant review in the previous issue of The Bali Advertiser, a very good Korean restaurant on The ByPass at Sanur. Unfortunately I missed a typographical error on my part when doing my final editing. The estimated average cost for a dinner for two persons was shown as Rp.500,000 [+ drinks], when in fact my calculated figure was Rp.300,000 [+ drinks]. Whilst it is all explained on my BaliEats web site I repeat here my calculation method: â&#x20AC;Ś I study the menu and ignoring all the very expensive or very cheap items, then...for western cuisines, I add the cost of two mid range entrees, main courses and desserts, including any charges for tax and service and show that as the Average Cost for 2 persons [+ drinks]. For Asian cuisines: I select a group of different dishes that I consider to be a normal spread for a table of TWO persons, total the cost again including any charges for tax and service, also showing as + drinks. They are meant to be round ball park figures, they can not be accurate as everybody orders different things but they are done as a guide. Gerry Williams For more information see our website:

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Breakthrough Café & Resto

“The Best place for garden party in town. It is perfectly suited for weddings, gatherings, meetings and holiday parties” Jl. Mahendradata No.10B, Denpasar email: Phone: (0361) 488 593 Norce: 0878 6053 1555 Luisa: 0812 380 6287 Christine: 081 9999 21511 C/R/G-11 July 12

Romantic Right on the Beach Customer’s voice: Yoshimi. K The food is always fresh & light The staff is customer friendly “As a Japanese I Always Happy Here”

0812 8613 4471 (Next to Segara Village Hotel, Sanur) C/R/G-5 Sept. 12

C/R/I-11 July 12

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Bali Advertiser Interview: Natalie Baldwin of Asialife Invest Operating in Bali since 1998, Asialife Invest has been servicing the expat and local community for health and general insurance for almost 15 years. With a number of policies covering all sorts of mishaps, Asialife offer peace-of-mind in a land where anything can happen. Bali Advertiser had a chat with Natalie Baldwin, General Manager of Asialife Invest. B.A. Natalie, approaching 15 years and still going strong. What is the secret to your longevity? A.I. The secret to our longevity is through our commitment to our clients, understanding their needs and wants and providing solutions. As a leading insurance advisory service we pride ourselves on the superior service we provide. We have a professional, knowledgeable and friendly team that are always willing to assist with general enquiries, new business and claims. Through our staff and service we have been able to continue to grow on a daily basis through word of mouth from our existing customers, new arrivals to Bali and repeat business. B.A. What are the challenges you face when it comes to insurance in Bali? A.I. The biggest challenges we face with expatriates in Bali relate to health insurance Vs travel insurance and mindset. Many people opt for travel insurance when coming to Bali and whilst travel insurance is great for a short trip, for those wishing to live in Bali on a more permanent basis it is not ideal or recommended. Travel insurance provides cover for the duration of the trip specified, in the event during this period of time you are struck with an illness/condition you may find for your next trip this is classified as a pre-existing condition and not covered. In addition to this, cover will cease for the illness/condition the minute you are repatriated or return to your home country. This is where a medical health insurance plan is different, after entry into a plan you are covered for any new illness/conditions within the terms and conditions and each renewal cover will continue for that illness/condition. It is also important to understand that we are all living longer and with that comes a greater need for medical care; health insurance can give peace of mind knowing that you are covered for those unforseen illnesses/accidents that may arise without the need to burden family members to financially assist. The other challenge is mindset: in many western countries taking out insurance is not an option but rather a legal requirement so you don’t hesitate to purchase insurance for your home, car or motorbike. Here in Indonesia there are no requirements and many people choose not to insure their assets. The reasons behind this are unclear. B.A. Are there greater advantages for people to take out Health Insurance through Asialife here in Bali as opposed to seeking out insurance from their own country? A.I. Yes, Asialife provide you with a personal service and have knowledge of Bali and the locations of the health care providers. Our office is centrally located in Simpang Suir Square Kuta and we are available Monday to Friday 9a.m. – 5p.m. for face-to-face service. We will also come to you to discuss your requirements and provide you with a suitable solution. In addition we provide our health insurance clients with a 24/7 emergency phone number to the Asialife Claims Assistance Manager who will assist with medical emergencies. Our staff are dedicated to assisting each of our clients and again it’s the face-to-face service that makes dealing with Asialife so much easier compared to dealing with someone over the phone back in your home country in a different time zone or through the World Wide Web.

B.A. You’re backed by some pretty big players in the world of insurance. Does a place like Bali need any specific type of ‘fine print’ in its policies or is it generally treated like other places? A.I. Whether you are in Bali or anywhere in the world, insurance should always be a priority to protect your assets, health and family. All policies come with their own terms and conditions, so no matter where you are based you should always ensure you read the fine print and seek clarification on anything you don’t understand. We are an advisory service and have faith in our products and services that we offer and are happy to provide advice or clarification on policy terms and conditions.

A.I. Asialife is going from strength to strength and one of the main reasons for this is that more and more people each day are deciding to relocate to Bali, whether it be for business, family, lifestyle or retirement. At Asialife our customers‘ needs are the most important aspect for us and by continuing to service our clients with their needs and wants we will continue to expand our products and services. B.A. Many people would not be aware that you offer insurance policies covering machinery breakdowns, professional indemnity and business interruption, among others. Is there a misconception in Bali that the types of insurances we take for granted in the West aren’t available in Bali? A.I. It’s not so much a misconception but rather here in Indonesia insurance is not compulsory or a legal requirement, therefore many people tend to not bother seeking the necessary insurance to protect themselves or their assets. In a western country you would not hesitate to insure your home or your car but for some reason when in Bali people tend to overlook this and take a risk. B.A. You also offer an Employee Benefit Scheme. Are the majority of business owners taking care of their employees’ health care or should more be done?

B.A. Can Asialife clients feel secure if say, a tsunami struck the coast of Bali? A.I. Asialife deal with world-renowned insurance companies for our insurance services and it really comes down to the type of insurance cover that’s been selected and the general terms and conditions of claimable events. We do offer a government written policy in conjunction with our all risk property policies that can cover earthquake, volcanic eruption and tsunami. In the event a tsunami struck and you had this level of insurance you would be covered subject to your deductibles. For more information on our products and services it’s best to call us so we can discuss the options available. B.A. Interestingly, you insure travellers heading out from Indonesia. This must be a first as the norm is getting travel insurance to come into Indonesia? A.I. Just like anywhere in the world, people enjoy holidays and have a need to protect themselves when travelling abroad. Many unexpected things can happen when travelling and the purchase of travel insurance should always be high on the agenda. We offer several Indonesian-based plans for people leaving from Indonesia for overseas holidays/business trips/family visits. Whether you are an Indonesian citizen or an expatriate you can purchase an Indonesian Travel Insurance Policy to provide you with peace of mind when travelling out of Indonesia. B.A. Next year Asialife will be celebrating 15 years of operation. Are there any plans for expansion into new markets or new types of policies?

A.I. We can only speak on the basis of the clients we deal with and can say that we have seen an increase in our group schemes covering Indonesians and expatriates. Our group plans start with a minimum of 3 employees and can be generally tailored to the level of cover required for senior, middle and lower management and employees. We offer a range of products to suit both local and expatriate requirements and complete a full needs analysis on groups before advising on a suitable product. We are also finding now that as people are becoming more educated about health insurance many people are adding their family members as additional members under their corporate health plans. B.A. And finally, Natalie, with Bali getting more developed, more crowded and more hectic, is insurance something everyone should be taking more serious? A.I. Of course, no matter where you are living insurance should always be taken seriously. Insurance is taken out to protect against the risk of loss. Being in Bali definitely does not make you immune to road accidents, house fires or unforeseen illness/injury which we see on a regular basis in this industry. Anyone thinking of relocating or even currently living in Bali without insurance should think twice due to the high costs associated with medical treatment. An example of some recent Indonesian-based claims through one of our health care providers are: left femur fracture - $42,000, diabetes - $37k, wrist fracture - $20k, knee injury - $10k, sinusitis - $15k, and dengue fever - $3k. As you can see, medical costs in Indonesia can be expensive, so when you take into consideration the cost of health insurance against such costs you can clearly see an advantage to being adequately protected.

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Artisanal Winemaking in Bali A Look at Banat Winery Bali has a long tradition of making spirits like the well known tuak (fermented palm juice), arak (distilled tuak), and brem (rice wine); less so wine made from grapes. The drinking of tuak and/or arak is a social affair for the Balinese and arak is often used for medicinal purposes. Blended with herbs and spices it becomes a potent rubbing ointment to ease body aches and pains. Arak and tuak are welcome body warming libations used by farmers to alleviate the effects of hard toil in sometimes cool and damp weather conditions. Brem is a very sweet wine made from glutinous white and black rice. It can be mixed with arak. Traditionally, spirits are regarded in the context of the two sides of humanity and the cosmos, the rwa bhineda, representing yin and yang, good and evil. Spirits like tuak and arak have been customarily used for centuries in Balinese Hindu matabuh rituals in which offerings are poured on the ground to appease the lower spirits and placate the earth demons (bhuta and khala) and prevent them from disturbing the harmony of life. Though grapes have been grown in Bali for a long time, wine made from grapes has not been a big production until recently. With the advent of tourists and their taste for sunset cocktails and wine with dinner, all wine was imported from abroad until a few adventurous winemakers attempted to make wine in Bali. The mixed results are witness that this is not an easy affair. Most so called Bali made wines are actually made from imported grapes or grape juice. The few winemakers, who process grapes grown in Bali and attempt to emulate the wine making practices of Europe and Australia, still face the daunting task of making a palatable wine in tropical climate conditions without undue sulfites, additives and chemicals. It is challenging to create a good wine that can make a stand against the many great imports. Recently, a newcomer on the almost vacant block, little known Banat Winery in Tabanan regency is trying to make its mark by producing local, all natural wines without sulfites, preservatives and coloring agents. By definition, Banat Winery qualifies as the sole artisanal Balinese winemaker in Bali who makes wines in true artisanal fashion. Artisanal winemaking adheres to the concept of what the French call ‘elevage’. Elevage means gently nurturing a wine along through its various stages, starting with the selection of grapes in the vineyard. It is a practice that involves time, patience and a good degree of knowledge. This artisanal viticulture and winemaking technique is time consuming and meticulous, and requires an intimate knowledge of the various stages of pressing and unhurried fermentation that doesn’t allow for sulfur additions. Artisanal wines are like limited editions. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines artisanal as a production of something (like cheese or wine) in limited quantities often using traditional methods. Artisanal products are made from the very best ingredients that can be sourced; they are hand-worked rather than with heavy mechanization, emphasizing low-tech or no-tech methods and genuine craftsmanship. They are made with patience and creative exploration. Creativity is the hallmark of a true artisan. When producing small batches of a product, subtle influences from the environment can spur intense experimentation with different elements. The results of this experimentation constitute the tailored characteristics of a bespoke product.

fermentation room with 3 stainless steel tanks each with a capacity of 1000 liters to ferment the wine. It also houses a cooling tank.

Banat Winery – Banat in Balinese means elegant, natural, not contrived or artificial – obtained its production license in 2005 and is in the final stages of acquiring all the remaining official licenses needed to go commercial with this undertaking. The approval of the Indonesian Public Health department is pending. As a local producer, the winery enjoys government protection which will make it well suited to compete with foreign imported wines on its own soil. Marketing is in its early stages. Made Aryadi’s immediate goal is to introduce the wines through an informal network of local restaurants, through wine tasting parties staged by friends and a series of workshops to introduce the wines to the general public.

The winemaker is I Made Aryadi Sukantara and he is the only winemaker in Bali who makes totally natural wines, proudly made locally and from local ingredients, without the use of chemicals, sulfites, additives, or artificial coloring. His is a true artisanal production. His wines (white, rose and red) are all hand-made with low-tech methods and genuine craftsmanship. He makes aromatic wines from Gamay grapes sourced in Buleleng from independent farmers. His secret ingredients are natural Bali spices and flavors. All ingredients are indigenous save for the wine yeast which is imported from Australia because it cannot be obtained locally. No chemicals, sulfites, preservatives, additives or coloring agents of any kind are used in the process. Sulfites are only used to clean and sterilize equipment and bottling tools, never added to the wine. Occasionally fining agents like gelatin are used to clear the color of the white wine. He uses artesian water from the mountain springs in Belimbing with a natural PH level of 7.7, considered the most desirable level for drinking water. Grapes are crushed by hand using a low-tech grape crusher and his wine making method is simple and straightforward, following these steps: crush grapes, mix with sugar and yeast to start fermentation; add natural ingredients. After 2 weeks and a taste test, fining agents are added to clear the wines and the natural ingredients are adjusted if necessary; let set for another few weeks. After taste testing, the wine gets transferred to a cooling system where sediment will form and gets siphoned off. After the final taste test the wine is deemed ready for consumption. How do you distill the essence of Bali? The overriding goal of this Balinese winemaker is to make wines with the true essence of Bali, according to the traditional Balinese principles of Sad Rasa (Enam rasa or six tastes), the art of mixing the six elementary tastes in the preparation of food. He wants to make a unique wine with a Bali identity, one that contains all the essence of Bali and incorporating the traditional concept of Sad Rasa. Banat’s artisanal winemaking is based on the art of mixing the Sad Rasa flavors before fermentation. The Sad Rasa tastes are sweet, bitter, acidic, sour, salty, and spicy. The winemaker is guided by the essence of the grapes; only adding the missing elements as needed. At the base is the natural acidity of the grapes. The PH level is carefully manipulated to 3.6. His “secret recipe” contains spices and flavors that impart the 6 tastes to the wine, using for instance the saltiness inherent in the grapes, sweetness from added sugar or fruit juices, bitterness from the natural alcohol or ginger, aroma from fruit, acid from citrus fruit, tannin from grape skin, spiciness from various condiments such as cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, etc. The Bali concept of Sad Rasa comes from traditional customs related to the preparation of food and drink, as practiced for centuries by Balinese cooks. Sad rasa also entails knowledge about food pairing. As in the western cultures, white wine is a natural companion to fish because it is naturally high in acidic flavors, whereas red wines with their higher tannin content are better tasted with red meat.

Banat Winery is located in a small village in Antosari, in the gently undulating foothills of Mount Batukaru. The building that houses the winery looks, feels and smells like those famous limestone caves used by European winemakers to store barrels of fermenting wine at a constant cool temperature. The Banat winery has assiduously copied this model in the context of its natural, artisanal concept with a hard rock construction that keeps the rooms at a near constant temperature with adequate air circulation and without the need for air conditioning. The winery has a

salak and cashews and other food products like red and black rice and sweet potatoes. Red grapes are also distilled to 45% to make brandy and leftover wine sediment is used to make red wine vinegar.

The challenge of making wine in a tropical climate without artificial cooling is still daunting. It requires constant vigilance to prevent rapid deterioration and fermentation which can make wine turn into vinegar in an instant. The eschewing of chemical additives like sulfites was an easy decision since sulfites are mainly used to preserve and stabilize the wine in transport. Banat wines are produced locally and need not be transported or cellared so there is no need for adding sulfites or other stabilizers. Besides wine made from grapes, the winery also makes wine from fruits like

The winemaker says he is a local village boy, a farmer at heart who became interested in wine while working as a waiter on a cruise boat in the USA. It was on an extended trip to visit friends in Europe that he actually learned the art of homemade wines. Returning home to Antosari, he started experimenting with local grapes and local ingredients and very quickly it became a fascinating hobby which promptly grew into a passion. From there, the step to becoming a professional winemaker was all too evident. The experimentation stage took 12 years during which time Made Aryadi experimented with scores of locally grown ingredients. His claim to fame is that he is entirely self-taught, an autodidact who progressed through trial and error. His goal in winemaking is to totally substitute natural and locally sourced ingredients for making a quality wine that can compete with the good wines of the western world. His recipe is based on European knowhow but totally imbued with Balinese elements like the 6 tastes in order to make his wine reflect the true essence of Bali: exotic, tropical, fruity, floral, spicy and aromatic.

The true test is in the taste, as they say. And the aromatic flavors of this natural wine treat the palate to some new sensations. Given the situation in Bali with expensive import wines and locally produced wines (by foreign winemakers) that contain artificial, synthetic and chemical tastes and leave the palate less than elated, this type of winemaking may just offer an attractive alternative and find ready acceptance among the expat wine drinkers and Balinese alike. Wine tasting and tours are available by appointment at Banat Winery, Br. Gulingan, Desa Antosari. Call Made Aryadi at 081337421401. Story and Photos by Ines Wynn Miscellaneous: Tuak= fermented palm juice harvested from the flower bud of any palm tree. Sudsy, mild beer. Arak= distilled tuak with much higher alcohol content than tuak Tuak manis is fresh from the tree. Tuak wayah has undergone longer fermentation and tastes sour and bitter like strong alcohol. Gamay grape stock can make red, rose (juice + skin) and white wine (juice only). Best suited for the local soil and climate because it is hardy and reliable, produces abundant fruit.

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MONEY MATTERS by Colin Bloodworth

HOW IMPORTANT ARE ETHICS IN INVESTING? Would you invest in a profitable tobacco company? A while ago at an investment seminar in Bali a fund manager from London was expounding the virtues of the stocks he held in his fund, which included the stock of an international tobacco company. At this point a lady in the audience stood up and told him he should be ashamed of himself. She explained that her husband had recently died as a direct result of smoking. The somewhat shaken fund manager had come face to face with the issue of ethics in investing. This is not a new subject I have touched on this subject before but ethics now embrace an even wider field. Socially responsible investing, or SRI, dates back to 1798 when the Quakers prohibited members from participating in the slave trade. As a general rule, socially responsible investors support corporate practices that promote environmental awareness, consumer protection and human rights and avoid any company involved in alcohol, tobacco, gambling or weapons. This is now being extended to issues of corporate governance. The value of the ethical investment industry is estimated at US$55 billion, although it still represents less than 0.5% of the total fund industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of the targets we are told should be avoided. Alcohol – Social Demonic Brew?



Each will have his or her opinion here. Religious groups throughout history have periodically condemned alcohol as the drink of the devil. There is plenty of evidence to support that position! On the other hand, most will probably argue that responsible drinking can add to the quality of life and indeed the medical industry even states that moderate drinking (equivalent to just one or two glasses of wine a day) is actually beneficial to health. Would you like to see Bali alcohol-free? I guess some would, but they are likely to be in the minority.

you really want to live in a country that could not defend itself? But where and how do you draw the line? Should you invest in oil or mining companies considering the damage they do to the environment? But if everyone stops investing in oil where will we find fuel for our cars and all the other products that come from oil? There was a BBC documentary recently about the exploitation of children in the Congo in the production of gold. Should we stop using or investing in gold? Not as easy as it seems; gold is used extensively in most of the electronic gadgets we use daily. Would you object to litigation funding on the grounds that it will encourage more and more lawsuits? You may think differently if you had a just cause against a large company but could not pursue them due to the huge cost of litigation. What about forestry? Would you invest in an industry that encourages the destruction of vast tracts of rainforest to produce palm oil which does not even provide a hungry world with food? Yet there are many forestry products like bamboo which are renewable and environmentally friendly. What about corporate governance? Would you wish to invest in companies that have been found cheating, gambling with company funds, blatantly manipulating interest rates or either consciously or negligently laundering billions of dollars of drug and terrorism money on a huge scale? If your answer is no you are going to be hard-pressed to find a major international financial institution that has not been embroiled in one or more of these activities in recent years. The case for ethical investing is a complex one Oh yes, and there is one other consideration; ethical funds tend to underperform regular funds as they are prevented from investing in some of the most profitable companies. This factor can sometimes put to the test the level of resolve to support ethical principles!

Smoking – once fashionable, now disgraced Remember the old Hollywood films with the hero puffing away close to a subtly-placed cigarette packet with the brand name clearly visible? But times have changed; the old macho image has been replaced by that of a forlorn group of outcasts condemned to a small glass cage in airport terminals. Yet tobacco is still huge business, particularly in countries like China and Indonesia. Easy to criticize the tobacco industry but if it were shut down the livelihood of millions of people globally would be destroyed. Of course, there is an argument that workers could be redeployed to produce more useful crops but it would take a massive effort and a huge culture shift to achieve this.

While it might be a better world without smokers, gamblers, drunks, murderers and irresponsible corporations, people will continue to demand freedom of choice. But similarly, those who feel strongly about an issue have every right to boycott a product or company and avoid investing in the same. And it also includes the right, as with the lady in the seminar, to let others know your opinion in no uncertain terms. Colin Bloodworth has worked as a financial adviser in Indonesia since 1992 and is now Director of PPI Indonesia, based in Jakarta. He visits Bali regularly and can be contacted for advice at indonesia@

The arms industry There is no question that weapons in the wrong hands can cause death and destruction in the world. The American love affair with guns is the cause of thousands of deaths each year, the recent incident at a cinema in Colorado being the latest example. Yet proponents of the gun lobby will argue that it is the right of every American to own a gun to defend himself and his family. Indeed, had others been allowed to carry guns in Colorado the carnage could have been minimized. And in the larger scale of things, would

C/BT/I-25 July 12

Dispute with a partner? A family member? A landlord? Settle through mediation with Bali’s only senior certified mediator from the Indonesian Mediation Center and affiliated with the Singapore Mediation Center or or 021 3004 8024.

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05 September - 19 September, 2012

For Sale; 1950s teak sideboard 1. 5 juta, assorted old teak furniture coffee tables, chairs, large bookshelf Rp. 1.5 mill, 3 piece Dutch style setting Rp. 3 mill, king single bed as new Rp. 800.000. Tel: 0818 0534 7702. Pantai Brawa. [143] For Sale; Toys incl. Bratz collection, English language books from Rp. 20.000 to Rp. 50.000 good titles, L-shaped teakwood sofa, with 2 mattresses, large cushions and nested coffee table Rp. 3 mill. Tel: 0818 0534 7702. Pantai Brawa. [144] Health, happiness, and prosperity are primarily mental. Mariam Ramsay.

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C/BT/G-25 July 12

Say What? Question: You probably hear a lot from women saying that their men aren’t as romantic as they would like them to be, but here’s the flip side. My wife of almost 20 years has gradually become less and less interested in a physical relationship to the point at which “once a month” is about standard. Even then, it’s not with much energy or satisfaction. No, she’s not getting it somewhere else, and yes, I’m still a positive, physically fit, and caring guy, whom I’m certain other women find attractive. Talking about the issue doesn’t seem to get anywhere. Now I’ve reached the point at which it’s not worth the energy and frustration to initiate intimacy. It’s sad. I don’t want to go “looking elsewhere” as other areas of our life work fine. Any ideas? Dr. ZZ: This question is actually far more prevalent from men than it is from women. Most likely, it has to do with a condition that is best illustrated in a photo that occasionally circulates the email circuit. The photo shows a man’s “control panel” in contrast to a woman’s. Where the man’s control panel contains only a simple on/off switch, the woman’s resembles an instrument panel from the cockpit of a jet aircraft. Hers consists of three or four dozen knobs, lights and gauges with calibrations. Having a lot more than romance on our minds throughout the day, women are simply not the sexual creatures that men are known to be. Your best bet may be to help your wife get some distance from the tasks and obligations that weigh heavily on her mind. Help with chores that are worrying her; get projects done that otherwise wait for your next day off; help her clear her mind and take some time to unwind without having anything to do. A mini-getaway to a relaxing destination with comfy beds and maid service is almost always an aphrodisiac. Chances are she will be far more likely to snuggle when she is not under the burden of stress. Question: I am doing a project for class about love and romance, and there is a personal aspect behind some of the questions that I would like to ask about. My first question is: Do long distance relationships work? My current girlfriend lives in another country. We started a relationship when I first moved here. Now she has left, and I don’t know what to do. My second question is: What is your best advice for love success? My third and last question is: How do you know if your girlfriend is being faithful? Thank you for your time in reading my questions and responding. Terima kasih! Dr. ZZ: Even under the best of conditions, long distance relationships are challenging. Like a plant or seedling, a relationship requires TLC. Unless you and your girlfriend have plans to see each other again in the future, chances are it will probably not last. After all, there is little point in

carrying on an exclusive relationship with someone you are not going to be able to interact with in person at some future date. As for love success, my best advice is in the definition “Love is to be happy with.” As long as each of the two people involved is happier in relationship with each other than they would otherwise be alone, then they are “in love,” and the relationship is worth saving. Happy does not mean slap happy, giddy or always having a good time. It covers the good, the bad, and the ugly – the pain as well as the celebrations. When in love, however, even the painful experiences of life are more enjoyable or more tolerable because down deep inside you are happy with yourself (first) and with the person with whom you are sharing your life.


Indo - Ned your personal business to Indonesia Indo-Ned will help you in running your business in Indonesia. Assistance for foreigners who have, or intend to have, property in Indonesia. Indo-Ned will also be your partner for business and administrative affairs including business reports, and monthly and annual tax. OUR SERVICE INCLUDE: Company Registration: - PMA (BKPM, Act of Notary, Domicile License, Tax Register, SK-Kehakiman, TDP) - PT Local - Representative Office in Indonesia Other Licenses: Stay and Working Visa, Import License, SRP & NPIK Legal Documents Tax Reports and Administration Assistance

Our Offices: - Jl. Raya Kuta No. 68 Istana Kuta Galeria, Kuta Central Park, Bali T: (+62) 361 769 102, M: (+62)821-4795-7755, F: (+62)361-769-102 - CIK’s Building 2nd Floor Suite 215, Jl. Cikini Raya No. 84-86, Jakarta Pusat T: (+62) 21-314 5614 M: (+62)813-1593-5911 F: (+62) 21-314 5614 - Koperslager 2,6641 GS Beuningen (Gelderland) - The Nederlands M(+31)630-368-263 T(+31)024-677-0324 F: (+31) 024-675-0862 Email: C/BT/G-11 July 12

Lastly, because of the human ego, you may be the last person to be able to fairly assess whether your girlfriend is being true to you or not. Egos tend to distract us from clear discernment by feeding us false information based on ours fears or desires. Your girlfriend could be cheating on you, and you would be the last one to suspect it; or she could be religiously loyal, and your ego could convince you that she is not. The only way to avoid such confusion is to communicate directly. The two of you need to be able to talk about anything and everything – your fears as well as your hopes and dream – without blame or judgment. Question: I’ve liked this guy for four months now. I really want to be more than just casual acquaintances, and I have let him know this. However, he sends back mixed messages. First, he dances with me at a club; then he blows me off the next day. He’ll give me sweets when I feel down and then forget my name. I don’t know what to do. I know he’s shy, but that doesn’t explain why he likes me one minute and hates me the next. Why is he doing this, and what can I do to get him to just like me all the time?

Bali Main Office: Vayatour Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai 143, Sanur 80228, Bali T: (0361) 28 55 55 (Hunting) F: (0361) 28 11 44

Denpasar: Vayatour Travel Shop Jl. Gatot Subroto Tengah No. 279 Blok A/6 Denpasar 80231, Bali T: (0361) 418 324 (Hunting) F: (0361) 422 206 C/BT/G-7 March 12

Dr. ZZ: There’s a book you may want to read. It’s called He’s Just Not That Into You (Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, 2006). If this guy is ignoring and disrespecting you, then he is not interested in having a relationship with you. If he isn’t calling, it’s not because he is lying in a coma somewhere; it’s because he doesn’t like you or doesn’t like you enough to call. Don’t waste your time on someone who isn’t into you. Focus instead on someone else who is focused on you. Copyright © 2012 Say What? You can read all past articles of Say What at

Dr. ZZ has a Ph.D. in Counseling and a doctorate in Natural Healing. Drawing on a background of over thirty years as a professional therapist, she offers self-help in the areas health, relationship and personal growth. All queries are answered by email and, if they appear in print, are subject to editing. Please email your questions to: <ba.saywhat@> All identifying information is kept strictly confidential. C/BT/G-11 Jan. 12


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05 September - 19 September, 2012

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As we head into September the mood begins to build as Uranus and Pluto pull into their next square formation and to be exact on September 19, at 7 degrees of Aries and Capricorn respectively. Mercury does a very short stint in Virgo and moves on into Libra at the end of this fortnight. Venus is in Leo from the 6th and New Moon in Virgo on the 16th. This New Moon trines the South Node and makes a sextile to the North in Scorpio. The ruler of Scorpio is the planet Pluto who is days away from exacting the Square to Uranus. Uranus is working well with Venus in Leo and remember the Venus eclipse portal we passed through during the first exact square back in June. The Goddess, Divine Feminine is working strongly through each and everyone of us at this time. Pluto is harmoniously sextile to Chiron and brings a healing, soothing Piscean balm of unconditional Love to all these endings, transformations and growing pains that we are all experiencing at this time. The rising for the New Moon in Bali is Scorpio with that North Node directly on it. Karmic forces are at work through the Pluto/Uranus evolutionary dance of transition. There is an intensity that permeates the air and charges it with particles of cosmic dust awakening and activating humanity at the sub-atomic level. Those parts of us that no longer resonate with this new galactic frequency are being spun out at a rapid rate and how this appears in your life will show-up profoundly within your relationships. You are realigning your actions with a new personal and collective value system that appears to be formulating in the collective mind field. Radical, spontaneous and synchronistic choices are all a part of this re-alignment. Allow yourself to be undone and be ready to leap headfirst into the new. NEW MOON 23 Virgo 37 September 16, 2012 10:12 a.m.

ARIES Mars is forcefully moving through Scorpio and will meet up with the North Node at the beginning of October. You may well be feeling a fated edge to events in your life at this time. It could be that you have seen it coming or feel that the things that you are doing now are the very reason for your existence. There is much energy made available to you to radically weed out the parts of your life that aren’t working and to dive ever deeper into those areas that are your particular flavor of expression this lifetime. Mars activates Pluto who in turn rules Scorpio and it is a triple whammy when we add that wild-card Uranus. This is definitely a fun ride.

LIBRA As Mercury arrives in your sign it hastily meets up with the dynamic duo that are causing all the fuss at the moment. A T-square starts to form with them by the end of this fortnight and it will promise to bring some interesting potential arguments that will probably give way to compromise and practicality. Its a mix of the tried and true, the radically new and the give me a moment to decide scenario and you will no doubt sit in all corners over this coming month. Taking up residence in any one of these will create a stalemate situation that hastens the process and the progress of changes that are desiring to take place. It’s better to let go gracefully.

TAURUS Venus in Leo is acting out her part in your life with more of the unexpected.Fire brings passion and there is so much fuel on the fire now, there will be absolutely no need to fan the flames. With your Scorpio polar opposite being so highly charged you may want to stay in your own more grounded, down to earth and practical ways. You and the woman in your life will be wanting more attention than they have in a long time. It’s probably a good idea to keep the inner and outer feminine happy and well adored and adorned. Some very quiet and some very sacred time spent alone is going to support you in riding out the bumpy waters of September. GEMINI Mercury makes a hasty 2 week sprint through Virgo and then on into LIbra by the end of the fortnight. There’s a lot to do and a lot of mind power to get it done. Practical and commonsense solutions to the current challenges. It’s a good thing that we move on into a little peace and harmony of the mind by the time the New Moon kicks in and Pluto and Uranus meet. You are mentally agile and ever so clever right now with an incredible ability to access information, sort it and integrate it. For those who are in the throes of massive change, this is a great time to sift and sort and rapidly get things in order for the next stage of your life. CANCER A very positive moon cycle for you and one that brings meetings from the past. If you feel a thread of familiarity with strangers, they too are potentially coming from associations in prior or even future lifelines and will undoubtedly have a profound effect on your life this month. They will be the catalyst for the changes that are flooding into your life now. There is nothing to fear here and the more you focus on what you want as opposed to what you don’t want the quicker things will manifest for you and the happier you will be. Cultivating happiness is the what will pull you through any rough patches this very hectic and powerful month. LEO Venus in your sign brings the passion back into the bedroom for you and if it doesn’t you’ll surely be wanting it to. Go out of your way to be your flamboyant self even though others may appear to be bringing you down or dampening your spirits with their own fear agendas. Stay true to your own heart and your personal calling. People will always have their opinions about your life, but the one that really matters is yours. What do you want and how do you want your life to look? It is your dream, your magic and your creation. Anything that has been giving you discomfort has to be altered or to exit your life. Be bold, be brave and courageous.

SCORPIO With the emphasis on the major Pluto square and both Mars and Node in your sign you are feeling a lot of impulse to change, grow, evolve, shed, transform, mutate and go through a major metamorphosis. Getting yourself into something that is going to take you to the edge and back to push you to transform or to simply become a better person is all potential. Radical honesty is called for to bring you into integrity. Once there, so many options will open for you. Things will appear from somewhere beyond your own imagining or at least that’s what it will feel like. Things go from good to better to even better. The key is in your ability to allow. SAGITTARIUS Jupiter is a grand planet in our Solar System and brings with it a feeling of expansion and a great deal of optimism. By the beginning of next month it will have embarked on its retrograde phase going all the way through to next February. Your mental capacity is stronger and more aligned than it has been in a very long time. This is an amazing moment to garner information and share widely. Networking is a big part of this and very much what you are doing during this time of transition on earth. Retrogrades usually bring review and so you will get the much needed time to integrate this months events, so no need to worry.

VIRGO The Sun is in your sign and Mercury also with its dashing visit. This is a time for setting your intentions and aligning your visioning and your friends with them. Sorting out the remnants and threads of your life has to be done now. I’s a great time to move forward into this New Moon cycle and with the Pluto/Uranus catalyst you’ll be launched into your Solar Return Year with fireworks blazing. You could say that the positive spin of your life is the one to be focused on. The power works in reverse order as well. That is doubts and fears will only get you more of the same old, same old. Bring your wildest dreams to fruition by harnessing this energy.

PISCES Saturn joins Neptune and you are primed for a spiritual maturation process, possibly bringing your feeling nature to the fore and expressing with certainty from the depths of your being through intuition and higher/inner guidance. Many of you will be in a position to teach or show others the ease of processing feelings and data at the intuitive level. A great time to claim ownership of your own talents even when they may be divinely inspired. Piecing all parts of your life puzzle together is easier now than ever before as your level of trust and faith in the Divine grows. This will be the only way to navigate the maze for many people.

C/BT/I-08 Feb 12

C/U/I-16 May 12

CAPRICORN By the beginning of October Saturn will have moved on into Scorpio and out of Libra which has been home for almost the last three years. It will now be commanding you to do the necessary letting go to allow you to move into the new areas of your life and the expression of it. You’ve completed the task of maturing yourself through relating to others. Scorpio brings sexuality and depth of interaction to the fore. Your dealings with others will become more potent, more direct and and definitely to the point. These are the years that will lay the foundations for the mammoth changes that have already begun. AQUARIUS Well no need to mention again Uranus’ rendezvous with Pluto. What we will say though is that September promises to be action packed and full of surprises with you being one of the people offering these up for others. You have a tendency to shock people out of their complacency in a loving way from time to time and this month will prove to be one of those times. Throwing curve balls from left field is one of your talents. Those areas of your life that have come to the fore in the past months are highlighted at this time and you will begin to discard more of the surplus. As you simplify your life, at least on the inside, things become easier to change.

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C/U/I-16 May 12

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SCHEDULE THAT A Gathering of Italian Chefs (30 September) Italian cuisine has found its place at the top of the list of world foods and this is one event with an Italian twist. A Gathering of Italian Chefs in the World (CIM) is a virtual association of 2500 Italian Chefs around the world which is not for profit. This is going to be their second event after Beijing in 2012. Italian chefs from leading hotels and restaurants in Indonesia and beyond will congregate for this friendly gathering as well as showcase some of their skills and creations. This is a pool party so don’t forget your bathers if you fancy a dip. The cost includes free flow drink and some amazing food with appetizers, roasted suckling pig, a BBQ, not forgetting spaghetti and the world famous Italian Gelato. Soft drinks and Bintang beer are free flow. Children under 12 are free with one fee paying adult. This is a unique event and the community is invited to come along and celebrate Italian cuisine with Italian Chefs. When Cost Where Contact

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12 noon to 6 pm IDR300,000 adults Isara Retreat, Sanur

The International Bali Meditator ’s Festival (20 - 23 September) Recently, I have written about spiritual tourism and its growth and the International Bali Meditator’s Festival (IBMF) is indeed in the perfect setting. IBMF was founded in 2009 and is set to increase its number of participants from 1000 as more facilitators are joining the event. What better place to host this event than Ubud as the theme is ‘One Earth, One Sky, One Humankind: Towards the Global Peace and Interfaith Harmony through Meditation.’ Definitely something to stive for globally. The festival features music and dance performances and formal sessions including discussions and workshops. Yoga for kids and youth is also on the agenda and there are plenty of stalls at the bazaar. This is the place to be if you like to meditate and celebrate love and togetherness. The overall objective is to unite together to re-learn the forgotten language of love, and create a path towards a peaceful world and united mankind. There are different kinds of passes available and early bird discounts. Cost : from USD70 - USD252 Where : Ubud Contact : 8947238

Laguna Wine Dinner (14 September) This is an invitation for wine connoisseurs to sample Xanadu wines from one of the finest wine regions of the world, the Margaret River region of Western Australia. Xanadu was pioneered in 1977 by Dr. John Lagan and recognized internationally, receiving numerous awards. The Laguna Resort and Spa has organised this very special evening where diners will enjoy a six-course meal extravaganza specially prepared by Chef Made Putra and each course paired with wines from the Xanadu vineyards. The Laguna’s Sommelier, Glen Goodall will be there to personally introduce each wine. The evening begins with Champagne, cocktails and canapes at the Arnawa Terrace Bar followed by the scrumptious wine pairing dinner. The menu really is impressive with delights such as chilled sea urchin custard,

river lobster tail, yellow fin tuna, pan seared scallop and to finish, a scrumptious milk chocolate bar with candied coconut, homemade rum ice cream and there’s a bitter chocolate sponge crumble. Just when you think it is over, homemade white chocolate pralines with tea and coffee round the evening off. It all appeals to the taste buds that simply make you want to dig in now! This evening is going to be very extra special. If you are passionate about wines or have a special occasion to celebrate do reserve a spot for what promises to be a fabulous evening of food, wine and good company. When Cost Where Contact

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7 pm IDR1,100,000 The Laguna Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua 081558100241 or 3005021

Sanur Village Festival (26 - 30 September) Bali now plays host to some exceptional festivals and the Sanur Village Festival is definitely one of the top festivals, now in its seventh year. The theme for this year’s festival is ‘Salampah Laku’ the title of the Balinese poem written by Ida Pedanda Sideman, hailing from Sanur. The poet, Ida Pedanda Sideman is also a sculptor and an architect and the theme this year is aimed at motivating and inspiring the people of Sanur to make meaningful contributions to the local community through care for culture, the environment and educational advancement. As in previous years, there are loads of activities including a golf tournament, photo exhibition, environmental projects, a bazaar, mass yoga exercise, staged musical entertainment and a food court. Expect to have a great time and soak up the festival atmosphere. There are a few websites that have information regarding this festival including Bali with Kids. There are no direct contact details given just events and locations. When : 10 am - 10 pm Where : Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel, Sanur


By Dawn Chorus

in Indonesia and there have been plenty of articles written from the sustainability of tourism in Bali and the rapid development of villa complexes to spiritual tourism and how to capitalise on this. With all of these issues at the centre of attention, it is timely for this conference. The focus of this year’s event encompasses a lot of areas including current tourism trends in Indonesia, the changing travel setting and the future outlook for the e-commerce industry, hotel and airline industry statistics, latest e-tourism trends, the growing role of mobile and website technologies and their pervasive impact on e-distribution and revenue management. If you are a senior manager or have a key role in the industry, this will definitely be worthwhile with more than 25 travel industry leaders attending to share their innovative marketing strategies and networks from Sydney to Singapore. There are many different talks to choose from and different kinds of passes to attend different talks. Check out the website as it is detailed. Cost : from USD187 Where : Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Sanur Contact :

Yoga Aid World Challenge (9 September) Since AIDS was first discovered way back in the early eighties, HIV and AIDs has touched the lives of so many people and we hope that one day a cure will be found. Until that day, many people are suffering and this event is to raise money and the local organisation, Ayo Kita Bicara HIV and AIDs will benefit from this fundraising event. This event is part of a global initiative, the first ever one day global yoga relay that will unite the world’s yoga communities for the purpose of raising money for charities. The aim is to raise USD $1,000,000. The world will celebrate with a 2 hour yoga class running simultaneously on 6 continents in unique places including Bali’s very own special place, Ubud. The day is filled with yoga classes of all kinds. It’s going to be a very unique day, an event that has never happened before and it might be worthwhile going along and witnessing this special occasion.

Just when it seemed as if the high season in Bali was drawing to a close, there is more to look forward to. Potato Head has, after an amazing season of top class events, done it again! After being voted Party of the Year, Bali 2011, Summer Syndrome - Strictly Costume Party is here again. As it states, it is strictly costume and there are no rules, simply let your imagination fly and get creative and see what happens. KiD CuDi, the American hip hop recording artist, singer-songwriter, guitarist, record producer and actor will be the star of the show. Over 3,000 party goers are expected to attend to rock the night away in an array of amazing costumes. It is going to be another spectacular evening that really sends Bali to one of the top places to attend events like these. This event has, not surprisingly won numerous awards including Best Party of the Year, Yak Awards 2011, Hello Bali - Best of Bali 2011 and the Beat Awards. This is going to be the high point of Potato Head’s summer calendar following the sell out Fatboy Slim and Justice parties. Again, this is going to attract the A list of Bali’s party goers. Do get your tickets presale as this is bound to be a popular event! When : 8pm Cost : presale IDR800,00 door IDR1,000,000 Where : Potato Head Beach Club, Jl Petitengit No 51B, Seminyak Contact : 473 7979

3rd Indonesian E-Tourism Summit (13 - 14 September)

When : 8 am - 8 pm Cost : IDR150,000 Where : Jalan Raya Pengosekan (behind Siam Sally Restaurant), Contact : 971236 info@the yogabarn

The spotlight recently in the local press has been on tourism

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A Blurb from the Kulture Kid! By Vaughan Hatch

Always “Pinis” – the Bali shopping motto Shopping has become a part of culture for the Balinese, and the people love it as much as any other aspiring middle-class society. However, you may have noticed that nearly everywhere you shop in Bali these days things are constantly running out of stock, aka “habis, kosong misterrr, sorry don’t have, pinis (‘finished’ is what this means unless your mind has a tendency to stray into the gutter)…” – however you choose to put it. I am often amazed at the number of products that are pinis during one shopping trip – it can be up to 10 items, often quite common things. Why are things always going habis on this island, you scream? On occasion I’ve asked and the answer is always the same: the supplier hasn’t come yet. I suspect it’s also due to lack of planning on the part of the store, as planning is not a focal point in an island culture that lives for the ‘now’. Planning is much better aimed at priorities: the next large ceremony, for example. The availability of products and also the associated price hikes with those you can actually buy, especially fruit – an important part of the offering towers that you will see at major ceremonies including Galungan and Kuningan – are affected by major public holidays such as Galungan and Kuningan. On the other hand, around this happy hari raya time shrewd retailers market the religious days (just like we do with Xmas) into big sales and discounts. This year has been a double hari raya whammy with Galungan and Lebaran only separated by a week or so. This not only means that a lot of things are hard to get but many shops are closed or short-staffed. It also means that eager shoppers are out in full force. This is a good time to avoid the malls if you don’t like shoulder-shoulder shopping or check-out queues. It can also be a time to get a bargain if you get in early and if it’s not already pinis before you turn up! Copyright © Kulture Kid 2012 You can read all past articles of Kulture Kid at C/Ci/I-16 May 12

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More Gadgets Galore. In this issue I’ve got a great combo dive mask and camera that’s good down to 130ft!; a waterproof case for your iPhone, and three cheap gadgets! Plus an annual hint about the heat and your devise’s batteries. Enjoy. LIQUID IMAGE SCUBA SERIES HD 720P MASK AND CAMERA The Wide Angle Scuba Series HD is an integrated dive mask/ camera that records HD 720P video (1280x720) at 30fps along with 5.0MP still images. The depth rating on this new model is 40m/130ft, which covers depths reached by certified recreational divers. The mask has a micro SD/SDHC card slot and comes with a 2GB micro SD card, but can be expanded up to 32GB, to record thousands of still images or approximately 16 hrs of video. The camera operates on 4 x AAA Batteries. Estimated Lithium battery performance is 2000 still images or 2hrs of video. The mask features lever style buttons which are easy to press while wearing diving gloves. The wider angle POV camera will capture a larger field of view and therefore allow the user to think even less about operating the camera while snorkeling or scuba diving. This is one sweet mask AND camera all in one.

For Sale; Table from 2 blocks of lychee wood 41x42x80cm as feet and polished edges plateau glass 1900x1800x 11mm Rp. 1.500.000, big parasol for table Rp. 250.000. SMS 0819 3433 8214. Denpasar. [130] There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.

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drag-and-drop file management, the Eclipse supports MP3 and WMA audio tracks. MP3 is the default file type for Amazon and Google Play, but the lack of M4A file support is a bummer. Still, considering the $19 entry fee, it’s hard to complain. The player works with Windows and OS X, so it’s already better than a Zune. US$19 LED UNISEX JELLY WATCH C/CI/I-13 June 12

When we began looking for the world’s cheapest watch, we assumed we’d find a few models costing $1 or $2. After all, if anything screams cheap, commodity, sweatshop hardware, it’s a simple timepiece bearing technology that first hit market in the 1970s. And so it was with shock and gall that we discovered the cheapest watch on Amazon -- America’s font of all things purchasable -costs a whopping $4. The upshot? It looks like even inexpensive crap isn’t immune to rising labor costs in China. The Jelly Watch, while not actually made of jelly, has a band made of a rubber-like material. Bright LEDs display the time when a side button is depressed. But how’s this for clever: When the watch is in “standby mode,” its face can be used as a fully functional mirror. Use it to fix your make up, check to see who’s following you, or shine reflected light in the eyes of enemies. US$4 US$349

AQUA IPHONE CASE There is one thing that electronics absolutely hate – and that would be mixing it up with water. Well, unless someone comes up with a waterproof device right from the production lines. The next time you head to the beach or pool and wished you could have recorded some videos or snapped some photos, make sure you have the Aqua iPhone Case in tow. As the name suggests, the Aqua iPhone Case will be able to ensure your iPhone remains free from water, sand, dust and snow, letting you have your fair share of fun, shooting photos and videos without worrying about drowning your device. It boasts of a transparent, touch-sensitive perspex skin that lets you access the touchscreen display, while protecting it from the elements. US$33

Ok, let’s take break from expensive gadgets (no matter how much we want them). Here are a three really cheap gadgets I’ve run across recently: ECLIPSE CL2BLK MP3 PLAYER The Eclipse looks suspiciously like an iPod shuffle. It has a clip that you can attach to your clothing or backpack, and its buttons are nearly identical to those on Apple’s compact music player. Unlike the iPod shuffle, however, this alarmingly inexpensive music player won’t connect to iTunes. But considering how buggy iTunes has been the past few years, this isn’t necessarily a problem. Via


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KIWI KNIVES CHEF’S KNIFE If you don’t have any money, you can’t splurge on our local fancy restaurants. Ipso facto: You’ll be cooking at home more often, making a strong argument for ditching those permanently dull second-hand knives you bought years ago. But what are your best options? We have a serious recommendation here. For high-quality yet inexpensive knives, consider cutlery made by Kiwi. Manufactured in Thailand, Kiwi knives will hold an edge just as well as cutlery you might buy at Williams-Sonoma for 10 times the price. They’re also well-weighted and durable. They may not have the pedigree of Global or Wusthof, but you’ll be paying for pure quality, not the expensive product marketing.

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Annual hint: SURE WAY TO KILL BATTERIES! The heat is back and it’s only going to get hotter, so we wanted to hit you with our annual reminder to mind your mobile electronics in the heat! Heat is the single biggest killer of your expensive batteries and even a few minutes in direct sunlight can cause some serious issues. Never leave your smartphone, laptop, tablet, gaming device or anything in your care in the car and never allow it to sit in direct sunlight for extended periods of time!

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By Ruby Jackson

Being a mother on Bali, and having a girl of a year born on Bali – my second round of motherhood, with the first being a boy of 13, it is vastly noticeable to me how Bali has exploded with children oriented choices within the past fifteen years. It has in three words become a ‘kid friendly place’ – and thank goodness for that! All About Kids will explore all avenues offered to the younger members of our lives , from babies to teenagers and in between. This column endeavours to showcase the best that Bali has from activities to retail selections, from the arts to sensible medical tips. All About Kids, is in a nutshell, all about them!

ELEPHANT SAFARI PARK – Something Off the

numbers, from which the elephant had to choose the correct numeric answer from a simple sum.The afternoon came to an end all too soon, and once we had enjoyed purchasing our photo (my son having his superimposed onto a TShirt), a snack and juice at the visually beautifully stunning restaurant overlooking our new friends, and a once round the museum and shop (stocked up on elephant paraphernalia), it was time to leave. It would be great to just wander back and stay in one of the villas that are also offered on the grounds. In the name of pachyderms – we will return. Open 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily. Jl. Elephant Park, Taro. E: info@elephantsafariparklodge. com. 0361 898 8888

C/CE/G-30 May 12

Beaten Track What do David and Victoria Beckham, Julian Lennon, Steve Irwin and I have in common? We have all visited the Elephant Park in Taro close to Ubud. Elephants don’t readily spring to mind when one conjures up the images of holidaying in the tropics, and these Sumatran elephants have come a long way to get the now peaceful existence up in the jungle highlands. Here, many pachyderms are to be found ranging in size and age. Their plight was well documented in Australian owner’s Nigel Mason’s movie ‘Operation Jumbo’ that was filmed a few years back. The Sumatran jungle is, unfortunately, dwindling and with the natural habitat of these magnificent creatures. The local farmers kill them, as they are seen as a pest to the farming industries, and with that their species is in danger. It takes a lot of heart and caring to go through what Nigel endured to get them from Sumatra to Bali. The movie speaks for itself and lends itself to an appreciation of, as well as feeling of awe, to see them all so contented in beautiful surroundings. After all, Steve Irwin, in his imitable way, declared it ‘the best elephant park in the world’. I myself haven’t been to any other elephant parks, but lots of zoos, which incidentally I can’t stand mostly due to the resonating sadness of the captured, encaged creatures. But this park is joyful and brimming with a misty beauty emanating from the jungle space and waters. My 13-year-old son, couldn’t wait to get onto the big, grey one’s back to ride high into the jungle for our half hour safari, slowly swaying side to side with the natural swagger of our big ‘bull’. He was a hungry chap, and kept trying to sweep the surrounding vegetation into his little mouth via his trunk. His ‘mahout’ kindly guided him along through the jungle on narrow paths, talking to him and encouraging him to believe that he was to be fed when we returned to his enclosure. After our safari, and back in the park, the elephants walk into the big lake, which natural spring rivers flow into, and half scare the riders into thinking that they will get doused as well! But this is actually the perfect time for a photo opportunity, as well as being observed from the nearby restaurant. We then jump off our gentle giant and meet him back at the lake to feed him lashings of bamboo stalks, as much it seemed as his trunk could shove in, in the space of time needed to then be called to watch an educational elephant experience. I want to avoid the word ‘show’ as this really wasn’t. The elephants, although very aware of the fact that they had an audience, were in fact, using their wits to learn to do various tasks, in a gentle fashion. My son was called to assist them by holding up two different cards with different

ENA DIVE & MARINE ADVENTURES – Deep Sea Fishing Trip Venturing way from land and onto the waters, this fishing trip is great fun for the whole family (not too young of course as this is close quarters!) with an early start at 8.30 a.m. for 6 hours to try and hook ‘that big one’. We booked a lovely vessel called Manatee – a 9.5m x 3.3m with Yamaha 200 HP twin engines, which can be hired for 6 who wish to fish, or 10 passengers for fishing or dolphin tours. This tour takes you to the game fishing area around neighbouring Nusa Penida Island, within 1 hour of leaving Bali. You will troll for big Tuna fish (we were fortunate enough to catch some very nice sized S k i p j a c k Tu n a ) , b l u e m a r l i n , mackerel, and many other species of deepwater game fish. We popped into Crystal Bay,a stunning beach popular amongst divers and snorkelers where snorkeling was enjoyed by all as the live coral makes for colourful fish and other creature gazing. Lunch was then served by the crew of two (one being the licensed captain), provided by Ena and included in the days’ rate – sandwiches, fresh fruit and soft drinks or water. We then moved on and tried our hand at bottom fishing where you have a good chance to catch snappers, blue trevally and scribbled filefish. Although the weather wasn’t the best on this day, it was perfect to not get sunburnt (paramount to slaver on the sun cream and keep hydrated when out to sea) and by no means cold – we were also luckily enough to be greeted by a couple of dolphins, probably feeding on our possible catches. All the fishing and snorkeling equipment was provided by the company within the rate which was USD 600 for the whole day (amongst 6 people with everything that it included was more than reasonable coming out at less than Rp. 1,000,000 per person!). This is a truly memorable day out, and one that kids love – beautifully rounded off with the delicious fish barbequed and served that night. Jalan Tirta Ening 1, Sanur. 0361 288 829. E:

With this your comments would be welcomed if you endeavour to follow the lead, or, if you have discovered something that you found particularly amazing. It’s important to spread the news on anything positive, as time and experiences are precious. Please forward to me on Copyright © 2012 All About Kids You can read all past articles of All About Kids at




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The Plastic-Free Challenge Plastic-Free Bali’s Heroes campaign By Polly Christensen

The waste situation in Bali is dire and dirty. In 2010 The Bali provincial government vowed that Bali would be free of plastic waste by 2013, yet plastic waste is piling up at the rate of 1000 cubic meters per day, a figure that has doubled in the last two years. Villages are polluted and waterways are choked with plastic. Instead of moving forward, the situation has gone from bad to worse and recent media coverage reflects the crisis. Recently, the world’s top surfer, Kelly S l a t e r , slammed Bali’s dirty beaches stating, ‘the pollution was unbelievable’ and would m a k e i t ‘impossible to surf here in a few years’. The front page of the Bali Daily also featured a photo of a giant ‘ever-expanding’ illegal dumpsite in the mangroves of Nusa Dua suggesting the government-sponsored program is currently ineffective. With surfing a key attraction in Bali’s tourist industry, and tourism the main income of the island the non-profit organisation Plastic Free Bali initiated a campaign in which they challenged three Heroes from the Bali community to live plastic-free in order to provide advice and tips for others to reduce plastic waste. The campaign documented the experiences of three Heroes; rock star Robi of Navicula, author Sarah Alderson and mother-of-two Widi Artini, as they tried to avoid using single-use plastics such as plastic bags, bottles and packaging. ABOUT PLASTIC-FREE BALI Plastic-Free Bali (Bali Cantik Tanpa Plastik) was established in 2007 by a group of Indonesians and foreigners living in Bali. The non-profit organisation creates campaigns that promote plastic waste prevention in Bali. They believe waste prevention should be the key focus in tackling the problem, not just waste management. Their key message is simple – bring your own bag when shopping. Single-use plastic bags are the number one consumer item in the world. They’re used for less than 30 minutes but can pollute the environment for over 1000 years. Worldwide, about two billion plastic bags are thrown away daily and 26,000 tons of plastic waste enter our oceans every day. Plastic-Free Bali’s Heroes campaign proved that everyone could reduce his or her plastic use. Each Hero reduced their use considerably, and only one plastic bag was used across three households in the final week of the challenge. “This is a great outcome”, says Campaign Coordinator Steven Simbolon. “It proves that everyone in Bali can do their bit to address Bali’s massive plastic waste problem, starting with bringing their own reusable shopping bags and refusing plastic bags in shops.” THE PLASTIC SCOURGE Plastic waste is one of Bali’s biggest environmental problems. On average tourists produce five times more waste than local Balinese. It is very important that tourists participate to make a change. Yet it is also important for the people who live in Bali to make a change and commit to keep cleaner and greener Bali. “Anyone who stays in Bali for more than 24 hours is responsible for preventing plastic waste”, says Campaign Coordinator Simbolon. Despite its ambitious campaign to free Bali from hazardous plastic waste by 2013, the government-sponsored program is making slow progress. Bali’s waste pick-up and landfill services are severely inadequate to cope with its growing tourist and local populations, so most waste is burnt or ends up in illegal dumping sites, rivers and the ocean. Currently less than 10% of plastic trash is recycled compared to almost 90% of metals. Tons of plastic trash dominates a huge illegal dumpsite in the mangroves of Nusa Dua, Southern Bali. The dumpsite keeps expanding every year, cutting into the dwindling mangrove forest and damaging the coastal ecosystem. BANNING THE BAG We have an island of almost four million inhabitants who have become dependent on single-use plastic bags and who expect the government to make the garbage disappear. They do not realize what we consume every day is mostly disposable. Plastic is useful, but the way we use it and dispose of it so freely is

irresponsible, and not respectful of the resources (oil) used to create it. Stopping plastic from the source (its supplier) rather than creating waste in the first place would be an effective method of addressing the waste problem. Also banning the bag is an obvious first step in addressing Bali’s garbage concerns, but such a sweeping measure requires strong government commitment to enforce it, along with widespread public support. Such a policy might include an initial bag tax, strictly enforced regulations and fines for illegal dumping, as well as education for our kids and communities to reduce and reuse plastic waste. Banning the plastic bag could be part of the solution for Bali. “If India and China, the world’s largest emerging consumer nations can do it, then so can Bali,” said Tina Stockport, Plastic-Free Bali Communications Manager. BIODEGRADABLE? Plastic-Free Bali deplored the government’s plans to offer retailer incentives to those companies supplying so-called “biodegradable bags”. It is their belief promoting biodegradable bags will actually increase the overall amount of plastic waste, as shoppers consider these bags to be environmentally friendly and will not make an effort to reduce their overall usage. The message from plastic bag producers is confusing for consumers. Biodegradable bags vary widely in terms of their base material and their ability (or inability) to biodegrade. They can be made wholly or in part from farmed products like cornstarch but need tightly controlled conditions such as commercial composting, to fully degrade. Some producers claim their packaging is biodegradable, when it just contains additives that make the plastic fracture into smaller pieces of plastic. This is merely a cosmetic solution that has dangerous long-term consequences and costs to both human and environmental health. Biodegradable bags can contain high levels of heavy metals to promote degradation. These toxins are introduced into the food chain, seeping into farming land and poisoning the many animals and marine life that ingest them. Replacing degradable plastic bags with biodegradable plastic bags is not a solution to Bali’s plastic waste problem. RESULTS OF THE CAMPAIGN The Heroes campaign was the first of its kind in Bali and provided some ‘real-life’ tips for reducing plastic use including: • Keep your reusable bags in the seat of your motor bike or car and get in the habit of keeping them as you would your helmet or rain coat • Refill water bottles from the recycled gallon bottles instead of buying new bottles • Leave a list on the refrigerator as a reminder to bring bags, containers and bottles • Buy bread fresh from the bakery and vegetables from the market instead of plastic-packaged from the supermarket • Bring your own plastic containers to supermarkets and restaurants for take-away to cut out waste from plastic wrap and disposable take-away containers • If you get food delivered regularly, leave a set of labelled plastic containers with your favourite restaurant • Buy less products wrapped in plastic and buy in bulk when available More tips and Hero blogs can be found at www.plasticfreebali. org. The campaign proved that everyone could reduce plastic waste, even the Heroes who already have a high level of awareness of environmental issues. The average reduction of plastic by weight was 60% with plastic bottle waste being the easiest to reduce and soft plastic waste such as plastic wrapping being the most difficult. Soft plastics also made up the bulk of the waste created during the challenge. This prompted discussion from the Heroes on what the government should be doing to help reduce the waste problem. ROBI’S HOUSEHOLD (THREE ADULTS) Gede Robi Supriyanto is the vocalist and guitarist of the Bali rock band Navicula, and has been an educator, translator, editor and consultant for a number of NGOs in Bali and Indonesia, especially those focused on Organic Farming (Permaculture). During the Challenge he managed to reduce his plastic waste from 250grams to 50grams over two weeks. “When I go to supermarkets and I buy one thing – like a pack of gum – they always try to put it in a plastic bag. I say ‘tidak plastik’ and they just stare at me, which I find really frustrating. But now they know me at my local supermarket, and I take my own bags so it is fine.” explains Robi. “The biggest problem is forgetting to bring the bags out with me, so I store them in my motor bike”.

Environmental activist Robi has also been spreading the plasticfree message to people through his band Navicula, with the concept of making change through music. Robi encourages fans to bring their own containers and carry around reusable bags. He wants to show his fans it’s cool to care about the environment. WIDI’S HOUSEHOLD (ONE ADULT, TWO CHILDREN) Being Balinese, Widi Artini has to juggle work, home and her participation in the community. However, her main priority is to see her kids to grow up in a safe, healthy environment. She wants to be a positive example to the next generation. During the two week Challenge, Widi managed to reduce her plastic waste from 350 grams to 125 grams. The Heroes campaign results showed that soft plastics such as cellophane food wrappers were the hardest to reduce. But Hero Widi had the most significant reduction in this area from 42 soft plastics in the week before the challenge to 13 in the final week. She felt every mother could be a Plastics-Free Hero and reduce plastic by using creative thinking, especially at their children’s birthday parties. “The most difficult challenge was the birthday piñata that I usually fill with snacks, sweets and little gifts wrapped in plastic that fall when the kids bash it with a stick,” she said. “This year I filled the piñata with drawing books, wooden toys, basically anything they can use and does not cause plastic waste.” SARAH’S HOUSEHOLD (TWO ADULTS, ONE CHILD) Sarah quit her job in London to work in the non-profit sector during 2009. Her daughter Alula, (age five) attends the environmentally friendly Green School, in Ubud. Alula has become a total ecowarrior, and committed vegetarian! Sarah reduced their plastic waste consumption from 500 grams to 250 grams over two weeks. “The worst plastic culprit of the Challenge were the cellophane wrappers, rice packets, popcorn packets and cereal packets. Truthfully I’m not sure how to rid our household of those” admits Sarah. “I’d like to buy bulk but not sure where from and unfortunately most things here come plastic wrapped.” Sarah feels we need to start putting pressure on manufacturers to come up with more eco packaging. She’s trying to cut down on the number of ‘triple plastic wrapped’ products and has even started ordering homemade rice milk that comes in glass bottles rather than buying tetra packs. These small gestures can often go a long way. One of Sarah’s best experiences as a Plastic-Free Bali Hero was learning how to make paper rubbish bin liners f r o m o l d newspaper. Many people use plastic bags as bin liners. Making paper bin liners is a quick, easy activity families can create together. Bag-making instructions are available at the Plastic-Free Bali website. SUMMARY The aim of the Plastic-Free Bali Heroes campaign was not only to provide tips on reducing plastic, but also to provide role models and capture ‘real-life’ experiences of people trying to reduce plastic in Bali. The key lessons of this campaign, therefore, came from the Heroes themselves. Reducing plastic is difficult but achievable if you change your consumption habits. We can all reduce plastic but need government regulation to tackle the waste problem. Plastic-Free Bali receives no local government funding and relies solely on donations, strategic partnerships and the work of its staff and volunteers. Bali creates over 1000 cubic meters of plastic waste daily, a figure that has doubled in the last two years. We can all reduce plastic litter and make our contribution to a cleaner and greener Bali. To become involved or donate to this cause, please contact the website below. Copyright © 2012 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of BA Feature Article at

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For Sale; Spiral mixer bowl volume 200lt, 75kg, 380V, 2 speed, under counter chiller master 2 doors, display cooler 3 doors 1500lt, tables and chairs ex ACE photo available <info@alfredfood. org> (0361) 878 4379 office time. Sanur. [136] C/U/I-25 July 12

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Nick Cave: Fiercely Original By Renee M Thrope

Word is out and running amok! Australian born Renaissance man Nick Cave is coming to Bali to participate in the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. Cave is perhaps best known as the sensational front man of groundbreaking band Birthday Party, and, later, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Yet he’s blazed his own trail in several disciplines. Besides being a master songwriter for over 3 decades, he’s a visual artist, screenwriter, novelist, philosopher and poet. Fans and critics commonly make comparisons to Iggy Pop and even Jim Morrison of The Doors alike. If the bold performer broke a few rules along the way, it wasn’t just for high drama, posturing, or publicity, but for his personal aesthetic integrity. An artist’s artist, Cave’s proven that for his career he won’t give in to the pressures of fashion, or work toward acceptance and approval. In 1996 he famously requested that MTV never consider him for any awards (the institution of hip music had just nominated him for best male artist) as it might spook his muse. An uncompromising maverick, he’ll sing a soulful ballad one minute, and cry out in pained spoken verse the next. The critics and fans can’t pin a genre on him, and there lies much of his appeal. “I’m not squeamish about being mellow,” Cave tells the BBC in 2008. Nothing if not unconventional, Nick can duet with Kylie Minogue just as effectively as with new wave diva Deborah Harry. Cave works tirelessly at his art, which has in it the ache and passion of the devoted searcher. He has a strong interest in biblical verse, although he does not call himself a Christian. Devastated by the untimely death of his father (Cave was a teenager), childhood is a recurring area of exploration in his writing, and child actors are often used sympathetically and sincerely in his music videos. Not since Catcher in the Rye has a bad boy held such a tender vision of children. Cave often exploits the form of the rock and roll love song; going far beyond the usual lyrics, structure, and imagery we’ve come to associate with that genre. His metaphors are rich and open to listeners’ interpretations (generating lots of discussions and conjecture amongst fans). Pros like Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) and Marilyn Manson have rapturously covered a Nick Cave song now and then. Making their way in a tough game, many singer/songwriters revere him as a hero and an inspiration.

Seems like everyone’s got a Nick Cave moment. One Sanur based writer related a time she spotted Cave in London’s Portobello Market, chatting genially with dealers while contentedly admiring the antiques spread out on tables. An Australian musician who’s appeared in our festival says that buying the Birthday Party’s vinyl LP Prayers on Fire was the first thing he did when he moved from Tasmania to the bright lights of Melbourne. In a mad dash for a rattling green tram, the LP flew out of its jacket and wheeled madly along the wet street. Much to the horror of its new owner, it was promptly driven over by a car. Not to be deterred, our musician friend brought it home and played it on his garage-sale turntable and said the record “barked, moaned, groaned, coughed and spluttered, it sounded amazing, even the grating, scratching sound didn’t seem to matter. I was transfixed by the incredible sounds that pioneering producer Tony Cohen had created on this debut LP. It really took me somewhere... Since this time, I’ve loved so much of Cave’s work...(for instance) singing (bandmate) Rowland S Howard’s amazing song, Shivers, a song that is so strong that it may be one of the few songs from out of the Punk genre that will stand the test of time over centuries to come, not just decades.”

Ganesha Bookshop

Independent bookseller in Bali since 1986 Ganesha in Ubud - the Main Store Jalan Raya (near the Post Office), Ubud, Bali Tel: (62 361) 970320 Web: Email:

Extensive range of New, Used, Rare and Out of Print Books. Used Books returnable for 50% refund. Good books at good prices. Eat, Drink, Read and Lounge at: Ganesha in Biku Jalan Petitenget 888, Kerobokan

NEW Bookshop and Reading Room Ganesha in Sanur Jalan Danau Tamblingan 42, Sanur

Books for Bali Project (est. 2004) A special project to support literacy, learning and reading for pleasure in the local community. We donate books to local schools and libraries. Check in the store or on the website for more details. GANESHA COMES TO SANUR: Jl Danau Tamblingan 42, Sanur C/U/G-22 August 12

Although he’s hammered out nearly 20 studio albums, Cave is a consummate performer, a mesmerizing figure onstage, and a master of the visual image. His music videos (try and search Nick Cave) and his legendary live performances elevate and expand his music because his deft hand and eye are in every detail. He’s written film scores, a comic book, dramatic plays, a screenplay (The Proposition, starring Guy Pearce) and a number of books, including his recent novel, The Death of Bunny Munro.

At our shop in Ubud, our friendly staff will guide you to all things of a Spiritual/ New Age nature, including: Books, Music CDs, DVDs, Crystals, Incense, Jewelry, Inspirational Cards, Candles, Yoga Mats, Meditation Cushions, Engraved Stones, Tibetan Bowls, Clothing and more…

Ubud’s multidisciplinary performance scene ought to be an inspired setting for an unbridled artist like Nick Cave. Small wonder the Festival staff feels like they’ve pulled the ultimate caper. The cutting-edge bard of the western world sets foot in Bali’s capitol of courtly arts.

Jalan Hanoman #64 – Ubud, Bali. Tel: 0361 796 9178 C/U/G-2 Nov. 11

Here’s how UWRF International Program Director, Jeni Caffin, put it to the Bali Advertiser: “Every festival director has their ‘what if?’ dream guest list. And you might start off with 20 magnificent ideas for headliners, making calls and hoping that just one of them leads to a ‘you GOT it!’ And when it happens, it just knocks your socks off. Getting the response from Nick Cave is the dream made reality. “Our Festival celebrates great writing wherever it is found, in books, on screen, in journalism, song or on stage. To find an artist who straddles almost every genre and creates images and narratives of surpassing beauty and emotional intensity in every one of them is rare, and it is an honour to include Nick Cave in our already stellar line-up. This program honours the diversity of writers across the globe, in keeping with our theme, This Earth Of Mankind. We are not star makers or celebrity worshippers, but everyone can share at least a shiver of anticipation knowing that Nick Cave will be in Ubud in October!” Say no more, Jeni. Bali’s readers and writers occasionally commit a bit of harmless adulation, but for eight years we’ve kept that delicate balance of “give our esteemed guests some space” and “EVERYONE on the dance floor!” Arguably the greatest gift Ubud bestows each year on our visiting writers is the showcasing of Bali at its best. What our honored guests do with all that magic is up to them. Latest update arrived just under deadline: Nick Cave has completed both the screenplay and the music for John Hillcoat’s new movie Lawless which stars Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Jessica Chastain, and Gary Oldman. The film will open in theatres 29 August 2012 and the soundtrack will be released on 28 August. C/U/G-5 Sept. 12


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For Sale; Teak dining chairs (4pcs) & table (110x110 cm), contemporary design (new seat cushions) - Rp 3.5 million. Send your email address to 0878 6076 6900 for product images. Kerobokan. [135] To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.

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UBUD IT’S RAINING MEN Unfortunately, the rain is an hour to the south of Ubud, but it’ll be worth the trip. The men in question are the subject of an art exhibition by three Ubud-based artists, Pranoto (who hails from Java), Kerry Pendergrast (Australia) and Masaya Kurobe (Japan). In the Renaissance, you see, artists were obsessed with the male form, some even using male models to paint women. In 2012, men are out of favour, with many artists only wanting to paint women. “It’s Raining Men” redresses the balance – and you’ve got to be happy with that. Pranoto and his wife Kerry run model sessions at their Ubud gallery (Pranoto’s) near Goa Gajah, with male and female models from all around the world, but this time it’s all about the blokes. I’m frustrated (sic) that I’m going to be out of town and miss the whole thing. Bali Mystique Hotel, Jalan Petitenget 2000xxx in Seminyak, until September 11, 2012. REGGAE IS BACK! Kum and Friends, custodians of Ubud’s good reggae sound, are back in a series of regular gigs around town, this time tossing in a few “top porty” tunes and usually welcoming at least one guest musician in the line up each week. So it’s: Monday and Friday 8.30-11.30pm, outside at CP Lounge behind the football field on Jl Monkey Forest; Wednesdays 8-11pm at Lezat at the bottom end of Jl Sukma (Jazz Café street), and Saturday nights 9-11pm, upstairs at Napiorti, also on Monkey Forest. Old fans will be pleased to see two things haven’t changed; there’s still a small donations box for the children Kum supports at the blind school in Denpasar and our favourite Bali dog, Blackie, has worked out the move, and can now be seen listening to the band at CP Lounge. HUMAN ISSUES, FRENCH FLAVOUR Any Thursday evening in September and October, climb the stairs to Black Beach restaurant’s rooftop cinema, for a French movie. These outstanding directors take us on dramatic and ironical journeys through the hardships of life and the possible and unexpected solutions on offer, witnessing many different life traumas from friendship that breaks the obstacles of social class to a robbery that stirs up feelings of revenge and feelings of compassion towards people in difficulty. Jl Hanoman #5. P:0361 971353. ARCHITECTURE OF COFFEE The trend is called “Third Wave”, where specialist shops focus on the quality of bean, roast and brewing. I reckon Ubud specialist coffee boutique, Seniman C o ff e e S t u d i o , h a s design in its DNA, the



freshness and flavour of the coffee vying only with the quirkiness and range of their coffee tools for your attention. Seniman uses organic, premium grade, responsibly sourced Arabica beans harvested from several islands of Indonesia (Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali, Java, Flores and Papua, so far) with plans to rotate to allow other regions to showcase their harvests. In the past it has been frustrating that the closer one is to growing regions, the harder it is to find a decent cup of local coffee, whereas the cities of Tokyo, Melbourne or New York have delicious coffee drinks everywhere. Seniman Coffee, on the other hand, could be a coffee franchise that started in Ubud. You read it first in Wayan Jen’s Ubud News column. Next to the Smile Shop on Jl. Sriwedari, about a minute’s walk from Ubud’s main street; take the street opposite Nomad. DRESSING FROM THE BOWL A couple of months back I promised someone I’d go back to Warung Ginger, a little place run by a Balinese couple, on the road that ends at Ubud Fitness Center. It’s not that I wasn’t keen, they have always served good Indonesian food – indeed, they are excellent private caterers too - I just keep forgetting, despite this guy’s memorable recommendation. Perhaps you’ll check it out for me. What he said, with a sheepish grin on his face, was: “Everything is delicious, especially their salad, but the salad dressing is the best part. When there’s some left over, I drink the dressing from the bowl.” Warung Ginger. Closed Saturdays. Jl Gero Gadung.

C/U/G-5 Sept. 12

YOGA AID WORLD CHALLENGE On Sunday, September 9, Bali will be a part of the first-ever global yoga fundraising relay. As one of the Challengers in the Yoga Aid World Challenge (YAWC), Ubud’s Yoga Barn will fundraise for “Ayo Kita Bicara HIV and AIDS” (Let’s Talk About HIV/AIDS); the six continent event has a global goal to raise $US 1 million on this one day. This gathering of yoga, meditation, dance teachers and students from all over the island of Bali will take part in 108 Sun Salutations, sound healing, hoop jam and ecstatic dance, Thai massage, and many types of yoga including restorative, yin, Iyengar, Amuser, Kundalini, flying yoga, adults and kids yoga. An All Day Pass (8am-8pm) costs 150.000rp. AYO! Kita Bicara & AIDS was created by The BaliSpirit Festival to engage the local community - specifically the Balinese youth - in conversations about HIV & AIDS at the grassroots level. For more info,




What fearsome beast comes to mind when you imagine the deadliest creature in the world? No, it’s not the Cape buffalo, salt water crocodile or black mamba. The creature responsible for about 3 million human deaths a year is probably lurking a few metres from you as you read this story. I challenge anyone to give me a good reason for the existence of mosquitoes. Over 700 million people a year suffer from mosquito-borne diseases, and millions die. If you live in Africa, Central or South America, Mexico, Russia and much of Asia, your chances of contracting a virus or parasite carried by a mosquito are considerably higher than being hit by a bus. Infected mosquitoes carry these organisms from person to person without exhibiting symptoms themselves. The female mosquito requires blood to provide protein when she’s about to lay a batch of eggs. When she bites an infected human she becomes a carrier, then transmits that disease to every other person she bites subsequently.

How do mosquitoes find us? The females hunt their blood host by detecting organic substances such as exhaled CO2 (carbon dioxide). A large part of the mosquito’s sense of smell is devoted to sniffing out blood sources. They have 72 types of odor receptors on their antennae, and at least 27 of these are tuned to detect chemicals found in perspiration. They can smell our CO2 from 30 metres away. Wearing light colours and perfumes may also be attractants.

I challenge anyone to give me a good reason for the existence of mosquitoes Mosquitoes clearly prefer some people over others. Scientists opine that the preferred victim’s sweat simply smells better than others because of the proportions of the CO2, octenol and other compounds that make up body odor, but it’s been my observation that they seem to prefer fair haired and fair skinned people. Not only is the mosquito maddening, dangerous and lacking in any redeeming qualities whatever, it is also horribly prolific. Females produce between 1,000 and 3,000 eggs during their lives. The mosquito’s few natural predators such a bats, purple martins and dragonflies hardly make a dent in the population, so my bright idea of putting up bat houses in the garden will not fly. There are over 3,500 species of mosquitoes, surviving in almost all climate zones from the Arctic to the tropics. Some breed in fresh water, others can breed in salt marshes in water up to 30% as saline as seawater. These are tough insects. If the weather conditions aren’t ideal at hatching time, they remain dormant until things are more to their liking.

Viral diseases transmitted by mosquitoes include malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and chikungunya. Lymphatic filariasis, the main cause of elephantiasis, is spread by a wide variety of mosquito species as are several types of encephalitis. They also spread West Nile Virus, which is no longer confined to the developing world. Just a few weeks ago the mayor of Dallas, Texas declared a state of emergency to combat the spread of West Nile Virus infections in the city. There have been more cases of West Nile Virus reported so far this year than since the disease was first detected in the United States in 1999. Mosquitoes also spread heartworm to dogs and cats. In short, mosquitoes suck. Surprisingly, it’s not the tropics that are home to the heaviest concentrations of these bloodthirsty bugs. That honour is reserved for the Arctic tundra, a vast area that covers about 20% of the globe. The flat, wet tundra offers ideal breeding areas for mozzies and it’s said that the swarms of mosquitoes can be so thick there that they turn the sky gray. They’ve been there awhile. The oldest known mosquito with an anatomy similar to modern species was found in a piece of 79 million year-old Canadian amber from the Cretaceous period. I once talked to an elderly German man who had been a prisoner of war in the Yukon in Northern Canada during World War ll. He told me that the remote camp was lightly guarded and virtually unlocked. The prisoners felt so lucky to be safe, well-fed and away from the fighting that they had no desire to escape. Even if they had, once they left the screened buildings of the camp the flies and mosquitoes would have driven them mad within a few hundred metres. He told me that at dusk the insects would cluster on the outside of the screens in their thousands, their loud, hungry collective buzz like something out of a horror movie as they sensed human blood nearby. Walking out among them was unthinkable; the mosquitoes were an ideal security measure. And the bite from just one can change your script very quickly. A small mosquito in Zanzibar was nearly the end of me; I contracted cerebral malaria and almost died. In Bali mosquitoes carry dengue fever and, rarely, Japanese encephalitis. But cerebral malaria exists on Lombok and points east. The mortality rate for people without natural immunity is about 50%, so don’t mess with it. Take those pills.

using a blend of pyrethrum (an insecticide derived from a relative of the chrysanthemum which is supposed to be ‘safe’ for mammals) powder and sawdust. In quantitative tests, mosquito coils provide about 80% protection. But one burning mosquito coil produces the same amount of particulate mass as about 100 burning cigarettes, and the emission of formaldehyde from one burning coil can be as high as that released from 51 burning cigarettes. So although they are most effective when used in closed rooms, that is exactly where they will be most irritating to your breathing equipment.

And they are extremely well adapted to finding their next meal. Wandering in a Jakarta garden at dusk once I looked down to see half a dozen large mosquitoes lined up on the veins inside each of my wrists, very much like scooters queuing at a petrol station. Their efficiency astonished me. These were not random landings on just any exposed bit of skin. Those girls knew exactly where the payload was. Huge amounts of research in civilian and military laboratories have failed to overcome the simple organism that is the mosquito, and in fact we are still largely at the mercy of this infuriating and often perilous little beast. Let’s examine some mosquito-bashing options. Zappers are popular in the west, but the ultra violet light used in Bug Zappers kills many beneficial pollinating insects; it does attract mosquitoes but does not actually kill many. One study found that people with Bug Zappers in their gardens were actually bitten more often than people who did not use them.

Sprays and fogging are the most expensive, ineffective and environmentally harmful of all mosquito control options Sprays and fogging are the most expensive, ineffective and environmentally harmful of all mosquito control options. Sprays are only effective for less than four hours, and indiscriminately kill all insects within range as well as earthworms. Mosquitoes can build up immunity to pesticides in as little as two months (six generations). The smoke from citronella candles and coils is effective, but you have to stay within the smoky plume in order to be protected. Citronella and other herb-based repellents are usually only effective for short periods of time and need constant re-application. There are machines of varying effectiveness that convert propane to CO2 to attract and collect mosquitoes and others that include heat, CO2 and octenol, but they are very expensive. Mosquito coils have been around for about 100 years. They were developed in the 1890s by a Japanese businessman,

Many studies show that bed nets treated with pyrethrumbased insecticides are very effective in preventing malaria. But the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that carry dengue fever here in Bali don’t bite after dark. They keep more corporate hours. DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide) remains the most effective insect repellent yet produced. Research shows that DEET serves as a true repellent in that mosquitoes intensely dislike the smell. Its efficacy depends on the concentration of the repellent, which can range from 10 – 100%. Considering the millions of applications of DEET to human skin every year, there is surprisingly little evidence that is harmful. If nothing else, mosquitoes give us a sense of scale in the universe and keep us humble. The Dalai Lama said, “If you think you are too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.” That persistent buzz reminds us that as advanced as our technology has become, Mother Nature can still trump it.

Ibu Kat’s book of stories Bali Daze - Freefall off the Tourist Trail is Available from : - Ganesha Books in Ubud and Seminyak - downloadable as a PDF file - Amazon downloadable for Kindle

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Local News Hotel Construction Surge in Bali Possible Money Laundering A leading Economist from Udayana University, Prof. IKG Bendesa, has asked the provincial, municipal and the local governments to be aware of the money laundering racket that he suspects may be happening under the pretext of

“This is a sign that the underground or “shadow” economy is bad for the local economy. The likely cause is that those who invest funds in property and hotels in Bali, do so purposely as an exercise in money laundering” he said.

development of tourist accommodation on the island. “In Bali budget hotels are mushrooming offering room prices under Rp 300 thousand per night. At these rates, hotels should be losing money but in fact they are surviving. Could it be that the money invested is the result of money laundering and corruption,” he said when speaking at a Critical Analysis Seminar on Development to Achieve Public Welfare in Bali, on Wednesday (15/8). According to the Vice Rector of Udayana University, Bali provincial government had established a moratorium on hotel development however despite this the numbers continue to grow. Ultimately he said, this would cause low occupancy levels, rock bottom room rates and unfair competition. “The government has no blueprint on hotel accommodation,” he said at the seminar marking the 50th Anniversary of the Udayana University. “Villa development has exploded; however this is not creating new job opportunities or income” he said. “The government is not able to control it through the labour and financial policies”.

He also asked the provincial, regency and municipal government to note if the tax increases were positively correlated with the proliferation of tourist accommodation, hotels and restaurants. “Many tourist accommodation projects suspected of money laundering are unlicensed and do not pay taxes. Indeed, it would require further investigation,” he said. However, it is clear, said Bendesa, that the government should strengthen supervision in the field of tourist accommodation. “I also see the impact of less control on the architectural design buildings that do not reflect the culture of Bali,” he said. He added, associated with the hotel, villas and other tourism accommodation is concentrated in three areas, namely Badung, Gianyar and Denpasar, it still reflects the misguided policies and or weak oversight. “The tourism sector needs to be developed, but with a clear direction. The problem is not with the tourism sector itself, but government policies that are ineffective and slow to respond to emerging developments,” said Bendesa.(August 15th 2012)

Plans Afoot for V8 Supercars to Race in Bali The V8 Supercars are set to continue their international march with Bali the latest destination linked to the sport’s global attack. The Daily Telegraph can reveal the sport’s governing body were approached by a Bali consortium last month, who want the V8s to be the headline act at a new circuit near Denpasar, scheduled to be completed in 2014. In a bid to further expose Bali as a tourist destination, the Indonesian province has commissioned the construction of a category two race circuit with a Singapore investment group backing the ambitious project. It is understood the consortium also hopes to snag a high profile motorcycle racing category, most likely Moto-GP. A V8 Supercars source yesterday confirmed the approach and said the Australian category would strongly consider adding a Bali round to the calendar in 2015. “The category has met with representatives from the proposed circuit,” the source said. “They are building a track, which is about an hour away from Denpasar. They are looking at a large investment and have targeted V8 Supercars to be one of two major global racing categories to put the track on the map. “Obviously V8s are very appealing as Australian’s are very important to their tourism market. It will help them push their message.” V8 Supercars were granted an FIA international license

last year in a coup that has paved the way for the sport’s international expansion. The Ford v Holden category, which will be next year joined by Nissan, already races in Abu Dhabi and will begin a bold push into North American with a race in Austin, Texas. The Daily Telegraph has been told a date for the American race, to be held at Circuit of the America’s (COA), will be announced next month. V8 Supercars had another international race slated in for November this year, following the Abu Dhabi round, but were unable to find a suitable host and switched the race to Winton in Victoria. It has been revealed at least one more international event will be added to the calendar next year. Mexico and another USA race have been discussed, but it is understood the sport is close to signing a deal with an Asian country. “It will be in south east Asia,” said the source. “I understand it is very close to being a done deal.” The championship resumes next weekend with the V8 Supercars returning to Eastern Creek - now called the Sydney Motorsport Park - after a five-year absence. Holden’s Jamie Whincup leads the championship with Ford duo Mark Winterbottom and Will Davison giving chase. (August 21st 2012)

Bali Soldier Gets Four Years for Transporting Drugs The Denpasar Military Court sentenced a member of the Indonesian Military (TNI) to four years in jail on Tuesday (14/8) for possession of ecstasy and crystal methamphetamine. The soldier was also convicted for acting as a drug courier. The sentence is lower than the six years prosecutors had earlier sought for Head Sgt. Suryono, a member of the Bali Military Command who was arrested with 64 ecstasy pills and 5.2 grams of crystal meth. The court also ordered Suryono to pay Rp 1 million ($105) in fines or serve an extra three months in jail. Suryono was also discharged from the military. “What the defendant did is against a soldier’s vow to fight narcotics,” said chief judge Lt. Col. Sugeng Sutrisno. “As a soldier of the state, the defendant was not supposed to have committed the crime.” Six officers with the Bali Police attempted to arrest Suryono on Apr. 26, as he was taking a package to Gunung Harta mail service in Denpasar. But Suryono resisted arrest and escaped. He was later detained by the military police. “His deed may taint the dignity and image of the institution, especially the Indonesian Army, among the public. It may spread negative opinions among the public,” Sugeng added. (August 15th 2012) Australian PM to Travel to Bali for 10th Anniversary of Bali Bomb Prime Minister Julia Gillard will travel to Indonesia in October for the 10th anniversary of the Bali bombings. Services will be held in both Bali and Canberra on October 12, with Governor-General Quentin Bryce to lead the service in the nation’s capital. “It was a moment of horror that had a profound effect on Australia as a nation and on the lives of survivors and the family and loved ones of those who died,” Ms Gillard said in a statement on Sunday (19/8). “Time has healed many of the physical wounds caused by the bombings but it can never diminish the sense of wrong we feel at this act of terror.“ Forgetting would be the ultimate injustice - and we will never forget.” The government previously announced they will provide financial assistance to Australians who were seriously injured and families of those who lost their lives to help them attend either service. The memorial service in Bali will be held at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park and the Canberra service will be held in the Great Hall of Parliament House. The co-ordinated attacks, which were partly funded by al-Qaeda, killed 202 people, including 88 Australians, and injured scores more. (August 19th 2012) No-To-Plastic Bags Campaign Carrefour continues to implement the campaign for reducing the use of plastic bags by engaging and educating the community about the health risks and how to prevent risk. Instead of the plastic bags, the Carrefour Chain has introduced the reusable bag made from jute material and cotton which is 100% made in Bali. The “Regenerating Bali” volunteers installed a stand at Carrefour to in order to facilitate the transition from plastic bags to reusable bags by providing customers with necessary information about the relevance of reduction of use of plastic bags and conducted training for the Carrefour customer service staff. The campaign was initiated on July 1st 2012 and even though it was originally planned to last four-to six months, it has witnessed successful implementation in only 6 weeks. In order to continue the campaign and to engage the community even more a contest to design the next green bag for Carrefour was launched specifically aimed at schoolchildren aged 4-11 years old. About 300 children from 26 schools from all over Bali participated in the reusable bag design contest.The contest was on the 17th August 2012 with a whole day event of fun activities for school children and their families in the lobby of the Carrefour. All of the designs for bags were displayed and the expert committee announced the wining designs from 300 individual entries from local children. During this No-To-Plastics program two other supermarkets tried to follow suit. However due to the numerous complaints both supermarkets received, the plastic bags were back on the shelves within a day. Hopefully the program will be extended to other supermarkets, including Hypermart by end of August 2012. (August 17th 2012)

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05 September - 19 September, 2012


Visitors Throng Bali Zoo During Idul Fitr Holiday

Indonesia’s Holiday Road Toll Passes 600

For information about taxation, please contact us:

Around 3,000 people visited the Bali Zoo during this year’s Idul Fitri holiday, which is considerably more than the numbers of tourists who flocked to the zoo in 2011, its spokesperson Emma Kristiana Chandra said on Tuesday (21/8). “In addition to foreign tourists, we also saw the number of domestic visitors grow sizably,” she said. Data indicates that around 3,000 domestic tourists dropped in at the zoo located in Singapadu in the Gianyar district on Sunday (19/8) and Monday (20/8), which was a 25 percent jump from the 2,400 visitors that the zoo had during the same period in 2011. Most of the domestic visitors coming to the zoo were from Jakarta and Surabaya, Chandra pointed out. The zoo management had organized several outdoor activities to entertain visitors, such as feeding lions, riding elephants around the zoo and a bird show held at periodic intervals. Visitors were also excited to pose for pictures with the several wild animals that inhabit the zoo, including crocodiles, white tigers and binturongs, she noted. (August 23rd 2012)

More than 600 Indonesians have been killed in the country’s worst holiday road toll in years. The country’s traffic management centre says there have been more than 3,600 crashes over the past 10 days, injuring more than 4,500 people. Another 638 Indonesians have died. That is up from the same period last year when police ran a targeted campaign urging people not to make long trips on motor scooters. Soon the tens of millions of Indonesians who travelled back to their villages will begin returning to the big cities, after the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. So the death toll could end up being even higher. This year the religious holiday also coincided with Indonesia’s Independence Day celebrations. For many in Indonesia, motor scooters are the cheapest and most effective mode of transport, but often whole families pile aboard and children rarely wear helmets. (August 23rd 2012)


The owner and manager of the Burj Al Arab, one of the tallest buildings in the world, will manage a luxury hotel and resort in Bali named Jumeirah Bali. The resort is owned and built by PT Asia Pacific Property (PT APP), Sosro Group, from Indonesia. PT APP Sukowati Sosrodjojo CEO in a press statement on Wednesday (15/8) said that the Jumeirah Group will manage and operate the hotel. The Jumeirah Bali resort plans to open in 2015, comprising of 105 luxury villas and 25 spacious private villas and acres of lush tropical gardens. APP has allocated an investment of 150 million U.S. dollars, or around Rp 1.4 trillion to build hotels and resorts located in the southern tip of the Jimbaran. The resort will provide a direct view to the Dreamland beach. The project will begin with earthworks to be carried out in October this year and is expected to take five months. While construction on a land area of 11 hectares is expected to be commenced in early March 2013 and take approximately 24 months. (August 15th 2012) Indonesia’s Sri Mulyani on Forbes’ Most Powerful Women List for Fourth Time Forbes has once again included World Bank managing director Sri Mulyani Indrawati on its World’s Most Powerful Women list. Released on Thursday, the magazine’s 2012 edition of the list placed the former finance minister of Indonesia at number 72, down from her 65th place ranking last year. This is the fourth time Sri Mulyani has been present on the list. Forbes first included her on it in 2008, ranking her 23rd. She was mentioned again in 2009, although her ranking dropped considerably to 72nd. Sri Mulyani, 49, served as the Indonesian finance minister from 2005 to 2010. She started serving as one of the three managing directors of the World Bank during May of 2010. “The most senior woman” at the bank - as Forbes referred to her - oversees its operations in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. “Indrawati’s ongoing attention at the World Bank to middle-income countries such as Indonesia and the BRIC nations as a source of power and needed reform draws from her experiences as the Indonesian Minister of Finance from 2005 to 2010,” Forbes has commented. The magazine also wrote that, “while minister, Indrawati cut Indonesia’s debt in half and helped the reserves reach an all time high of $50 billion.” Forbes’ 2012 list of the World’s Most Powerful Women once again placed German Canchellor Angela Merkel at the top for the second year in a row. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton placed second, followed by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, making the top three spots unchanged from last year (August 25th 2012)

C/NV/S-29 August 07

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Chairman of the Regional Council of Walhi Bali, Wayan Gendo Suardana stated that the Provincial Government of Bali needed to immediately review restrictions on water use for the tourism industry on the Island. “Regulation of water restrictions by the government on hotels, villas, homestays, and various other industries is necessary because the use of water, especially groundwater is excessive,” Gendo said on Thursday (23/8). He said based on the results of investigations conducted by Walhi, in the Kerobokan / Umalas area there are more than 1000 villas and all have swimming pools. Most of these pools use underground water. The amount of water needed for these pools is exploitative and would exceed the hydrological water cycle. “This water crisis is already happening in front of your eyes and in the next few years a massive water crisis could eventuate in Bali,” he explained. Gendo stressed that if a policy of limiting the use of water for tourist accommodation was not implicated soon, then salination of ground water would also become an issue. For the Sanur / Suwung area, salt water intrusion has already reached 1 mile inland. In Kuta, Legian & Seminyak areas, intrusion has reached more than 10 meters (August 25th 2012).

NC/NV/G-18 April 11

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Bali Police Arrest Two European Residents Over Alleged Drug Possession

C/NV/I- 25 July 12

Police arrested two foreign residents after reportedly finding marijuana and crystal methamphetamine in their homes, police said on Wednesday(15/8). The men, identified by the Antara News Agency as Peter Hasslinger, of Germany, and David Garcia Camblor, of Spain, were arrested at their respective homes. The arrests were unrelated, Bali Police spokesman Adj. Sr. Comr. Sri Harmiti said. “They don’t know each other,” Harmiti said. “They were arrested at two different locations.” Peter was arrested on August 10 in a house he rented in Sanur, Denpasar, after police officers reportedly found 211 grams of marijuana in his residence. David was arrested after police allegedly found 3.62 grams of crystal meth in his home at the Bale Residence in Kerobokan village, North Kuta, Badung district. Both men reportedly told police the drugs were for personal use. “They admitted that they used the drugs themselves,” Harmiti said, adding that the police are still investigating the possibility that the two were involved in the international drug networks. Both men have been detained at the Bali police detention center. They have been charged under the 2009 Law on Narcotics and each face a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison and Rp 8 billion ($840,000) in fines. (August 15th 2012)

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The Power Of Sport And Play Bali Sports Foundation By Polly Christensen

“Sport can play a role in improving the lives of individuals, not only individuals, I might add, but whole communities. I am convinced that the time is right to build on that understanding, to encourage governments, development agencies and communities to think how sport can be included more systematically in the plans to help children, particularly those living in the midst of poverty, disease and conflict.”

Peter Barnett the BSF treasurer has a long and distinguished record in sports administration. Peter was treasurer of the prestigious Hong Kong Football Club and was recognized by the British Government for hard work in the aftermath of the 2002 Bali bomb for which he was awarded a Member of the British Empire (MBE). Experienced swim coach Vicki Spencer, contributor Wayan Elly and the Balinese staff have all been instrumental in the success of Bali Sports Foundation over the years.

~ Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations Being active and playing sport is good for your health, it helps strengthen communities and can really build self-confidence. Team sports are useful for teaching youth many important skills, including competition. Participating in competitive team sports at an early age gives children an opportunity to understand the healthy aspects of competition in a friendly environment and students of all ages tend to cope better in other areas of their life. According to the Bali Sports Foundation (BSF) “Sport can change lives for the better”. The founders of this Indonesian registered, non-profit group aim to create a healthier and safer Indonesia through the power of sport and play. With 700 kids enrolled in their programs, BSF has proved to be highly successful at reaching their objectives and they continually draw energy from the experience of their founders and active members. The opportunities BSF create for children in Bali and East Indonesia improves the lives of many children and builds an environment where they are treated with dignity. BALI SPORTS FOUNDATION WINS THE 2012 SCC SOCCER 6’S Bali Sports Foundation founder Rodney Holt recently took a group of under 14 Balinese boys from the region of Jembrana to Singapore where they played on the historical grounds of Singapore Cricket Club for the SCC Soccer Sixes which also included another 23 teams from Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The Negara boys (who had never been out of Bali or on a plane) earned the right to represent Bali by winning the Bali Sports Foundation’s “Road to Singapore” the first event of its kind here in Bali. This competition involved tournaments in Buleleng, Jembrana, Tabanan, Badundung, Gianyar, KlungKung and Denpasar. As part of the entry requirements to the tournament all children were required to attend a road safety lecture and pass a simple test to raise awareness of death from motorcycle accidents, which is on the increase. Bali Sports Foundation’s U14 team, won the Singapore Cricket Club’s 2012 Charity Soccer 6’s repeating last year’s effort. They beat a tough and talented Cambodia side in the final, which was played on the historic Padang field.

ABOUT THE FOUNDATION The Bali Sports Foundation consists of a group of like-minded individuals who have experienced the ‘power of sport’ bringing about change in children’s lives. Combining over 30 years of experience within sports organizations and the Indonesian educational systems, the foundation can see enormous gaps in the coverage of Indonesian youth within the sporting arena. Director Rodney Holt hopes to fill these gaps. He has represented three countries internationally in several different sports including competing at the Olympic Games. Rodney was the first player from Bali Rugby to play for the Indonesian rugby team in 2007 and was winner of Bali Sports Personality of the Year in 2007. More recently in 2012, Rodney was selected to represent the Indonesian team in the World Stick Fighting Championships held in the Philippines. Rodney is on a mission to provide a safe, supportive sports environment where children can develop new and valued skills and receive mentoring support from trusted adults. In addition,

SPORT IN INDONESIA Football is arguably the most popular sport in Indonesia and played on all levels by children to middle-aged men. The Indonesian football league started around 1930 in the Dutch colonial era but on the international stage, Indonesia has experienced limited success despite being the first Asian team to qualify for the FIFA World Cup in 1938 as the Dutch East Indies. Badminton is second only to soccer in sporting popularity in Indonesia. The Nation has won gold medals for badminton at every Olympic Games. It is part of their life and identity and is the only game where the Nation excels on an International scale. CHANGING LIVES WITH SPORT Bali Sports Foundation has several ongoing programs, the most successful being its Swimming Programs for Children with Disabilities. Since the arrival of an AusAid volunteer, the program has now expanded to include students from ages 4-35, with a range of additional needs including intellectual and physical disabilities, sensory disabilities (vision and hearing impairment) and autism. “We encourage governments, developing agencies and communities to think how sport can be included more systematically in the plans to help boys and girls, especially those living in the midst poverty, disease and conflict” explains Holt. Indonesia has limited national support, but watching children kick a ball made of rags on a rocky field covered in manure epitomizes the essence of sport and play. Holt, who spends a lot of time in Singapore where the facilities for sports are second to none, finds the enthusiasm, creativity and passion in Indonesia intoxicating. I met up with Rodney to enquire about the Bali Sports Foundation. How does sport change lives for kids in Indonesia? Sport can change a life because it provides a safe and supportive environment, teaches new skills and gives educational opportunities. The 700 children enrolled in BSF programs form friendships, learn how to receive and give peer support and, invariably, their social networks are enriched. The children’s rapport with adults improves because they learn to trust their coaches, who often go on to become mentors in these children’s lives. What changes happen when children go overseas? When children are taken out of their environment to play sports in other tournaments in Indonesia or to compete in other countries they gain higher levels of understanding and tolerance. The Bali Sports Foundation provides real life skills to those kids who are identified as having talent. Does the government offer training in team sports? Yes it does but like the other government institutions it is riddled with corruption and nepotism. As any visitor to Bali can attest, many sports fields outside the main towns in Bali are potholed and overgrown with grass, the facilities are crumbling and the goal posts rusting away. The problem lies in implementation, resources and enforcement. We aim to cover areas the government doesn’t reach. We would like to introduce new games, provide equipment and opportunities to the less fortunate. We want help in our own very small way to improve Indonesia’s standing in world sports. How does sport improve the lives of whole communities? In the past sport has been linked to eradication of poverty and extreme hunger, achieving universal primary education, responding to the psychosocial needs of disaster victims and promoting gender equality by empowering women. Indonesian females are in some cases completely excluded from visiting spaces such as town halls, parks, and sports stadiums unless they are accompanied. Sport can empower girls and offer them opportunities to leave the home. What are the BSF Swimming projects?

BSF currently provides Swimming and Water Safety programs to several organizations for children and teenagers because drowning in public swimming pools and other water environments is quite common here and mostly avoidable. As well as our programs to develop community awareness, we have ocean swims. The 3rd 10 kilometer Bali Ocean Swim was recently held at Kuta Beach and won by Australian Simon Huitenga in the time of 2 hours and 2 minutes. Describe the Power of Sport and Play Best answered by giving the example of Tia who is the daughter of one my staff and was born with a cleft palate. Because of her deformity she was always shy and introverted with low self-esteem and social skills. Because of her height, we introduced her to basketball and now Tia is one of the best players in her age group in Denpasar. She has now blossomed into a confident young woman. Tell me about the team from West Bali who won the soccer tournament? SBB Jimbarwana was created in 2009 and now has 93 children who join their normal training sessions with three coaches for varying abilities. They had to beat another seven regencies and they won our selecting event “Road to Singapore”. They trained with Pak Gede Sujana as the main coach and assistant coach Pak Komang Namayana on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at the field and Friday at the beach over a two-month period. They were all excited at the thought of being a champion. When they won the soccer event they were really happy and did not imagine they could be the best. Some of the boys were crying because they still didn’t believe that they had won the event for Bali, Indonesia. What do their parents do for a living? Most of their parents are artisans, selling stone carvings. Some are sand truck drivers and some work at the government offices. What are their dreams? They have lofty dreams like any teenager, such as wanting to be a professional player for Indonesia and hopefully play in a European event. What new experiences are they having with BSF? To mention a few; they are leaving Indonesia for the first time, flying on a plane, climbing higher than four stories in a building, traveling on a suburban train, using vending machines, stopping at pedestrian crossings, playing on level football fields and eating cereals for breakfast! What is the most successful project to date? In terms of sporting results, the U14 Soccer team has won the Singapore tournament two years running, proving that Balinese/ Indonesian athletes (when given proper resources and good coaching) are equal if not better than others in SE Asia. In terms of personal improvement, seeing the kids with physical disabilities make the transformation from being scared of water to being able to swim 20 meters has been a great achievement. What other sports do you support? As well as swimming, the current BSF projects include basketball programs at s e v e r a l orphanages, cricket in villages and self-defense for poor children. In November, as part of a new development, we are sending two young karateka’s to Perth in for an exchange program, which we plan will be an annual event. We offer free coaching sessions in cricket, basketball, soccer, and swimming because sports are not included in their school education. We also support the Balawista and Nipper programs in Kuta through annual donations. The Bali Sports Foundation requires further donations so they may continue to change children’s lives and encourage an active lifestyle. Volunteers (coaches, sportspersons, mentors, etc) are welcome to join the group in Bali on a short-term basis or on a long-term assignment. Volunteers can be sponsored by the Foundation and secure the necessary work permits. If you know of any swim teachers who are coming to Bali and would like to volunteer their time please inform Bali Sports Foundation at the following website. Copyright © 2012 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of BA Feature Article at

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vacancies>. Email: <info@

CV by email to <info@>. [169]>. [174]


POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Chief Executive Officer (Expat) - Indonesia Resident Manager (Expat) - Thailand Villa Manager - Sanur Ecommerce Manager - Canggu Head Chef - Jimbaran Financial Controller - Canggu Personal Assistant - Jimbaran GRO Japanese (Expat) - Jimbaran Assistant Training Manager - Nusa Dua

Executive Assistant Manager (Expat/Thai) - Bangkok Villa Manager – Canggu Director of Sales/Director of Sales & Marketing - Seminyak Assistant Catering & Conference Services Manager - Jimbaran Chief Steward - Jimbaran Financial Controller - Ubud IT Manager - Jimbaran GRO Mandarin (Expat) - Jimbaran Director of Engineering - Kuta

Our service is completely free of charge for candidates Please send your CV to For more jobs, please visit Jalan Dewi Sri, Blok C, Nr 3 • Kuta, Bali, Indonesia • Tel / Fax: +62/361.763.324 C/Es/G-5 Sept. 12

Bali Advertiser


05 September - 19 September, 2012


Part-time admin staff wanted.

(Cari Tenaga)

An experienced

Familiar with website

BARISTA and Waiters

Driver needed for minibus/ bus, B1 Umum. Bring CV to Danau Tamblingan X no.31 Taman Griya Jimbaran, (0361) 774504. [177] NC/Es/5 Sept 12

A developing Beach Resort located in Gili Air, North of Lombok Island


Office Secretary Requirements: 1. Female 23-35 years old 2. High School graduated or Secretarial Diploma, no work exp ok 3. Must be Proficient in English: speaking, writing & reading. 4. Computer & Internet literate, familiar with Microsoft Office Programmes & mailers. 5. Good document management, well organized and trustworthy 6. Pleasant personality / adaptable person 7. Highly motivated with good initiative skills, and able to work on a small island environment immediately. If you meet the above qualifications, please send a complete Resume (CV) with recent photograph and salary desired (mandatory), at the following em@il address:

Sales & E-Commerce Staff. Experience OTA (Booking. com, Wotif, Agoda). SMS Tita 081 2395 0170. [178]

programs, Microsoft Office,

Hotel in Seminyak. SMS Tita 081 2395 0170. [179]

work at home. Email to

Please call for interview 0857 9255 5335 or send your CV to or walk-in interview: Jl. Petitenget, 888x

com>. [184]

Native speaker English

NC/Es/5 Sept 12

teacher required. 80.000


rupiah/ hour. Kerobokan.

• 3 Days a week, moving to full time • Must be able to get to Trial Balance / Income statement without supervision • Speaking of English preferred Tasks include: • Hotel Accounting (accom only) • Project Management Location Seminyak for International Company

0819 3435 0111. [185]

experience in retail business,


sales or marketing. Must

Send CV to Mr. David at or contact +61 411335511

have a good command of

NC/Es/5 Sept 12

Urgently requires Accountant willing and able to work from basic bookkeeping through to

computer skills, good communication skills, poise, selfconfidence. Own

mid-level management

transport. Email CV to :

reporting. CV to: <bali@

<>. [186]>. Ph: 0361 282 336. [180]

Ubud Family Looking For Cook Experienced In Western

Rip Curl School of Surf

Food: English language

looking for English speaking,

understanding, healthy life-

experienced Sales Manager

style, references helpful,

1. Place your ad at for the quickest service.

& Reservation Staff. Send

0819 1665 1516. [196]

2. You may also email, fax or post your ad into our office and we will email, fax or telephone you with the price. You may also visit our office to place your ad.>. [181]

B.V. Villa Management is hiring: • FB Staff (Waiters, Bartenders, Bar-Backs, Cleaners, Chefs, Line Cooks, Kitchen Technicians) • Marketing (Graphic Designers, Marketing Director, SPGs) • Entertainment (Dancers, Performance Artists, DJs, Sound System Rentals, Etc...) • BoH ( Accountant, Operations Manager ) Looking for young, fast-thinkers with a great attitude and eagerness to learn. We’re located in Jimbaran and offer competitive salary with bonus program. Please send CV to NC/Es/5 Sept 12

We are a growing bodycare and homeware company with a retail store and wholesale operation. In meeting our goals and objectives for further growth we need the following personnel to join our team.

Operation / Store Manager

your CV to <meta@ Seeking Expat Health Care Workers... Request Wedding and Decoration

expressions of interest

3. Ads looking for work are charged at Rp. 7.000 per word.

Company seeks for Sales

from Expatriate health care

Coordinators. Good salary

workers residing in Bali for

4. Ads looking for employees are charged at Rp. 11.000 per word

plus commission for best


candidates with Min S1/D3,

mentoring in new and state

5. Ads for business services are charged at Rp.11.000 per word

fluent English, networking,

of the art health care

target oriented, leadership

f a c i l i t y. A l l s p e c i a l t i e s

skills. Please email CV to:

considered. Please email


CV to: <alispice000@

com>. [183]>.

6. All ads must be paid before printing. All payments must be made at our office or by money transfer to our bank.

Good English, open personality and passion for coffee is a must.


English oral and written,

NC/Es/5 Sept 12


WANTED for popular cafe in Seminyak

etc. English speaking, can

Looking for Bali Manager, Senior Operation Staff for



Job requirement : 1. English speaking w / administrative / organizational skills. 2. Female / Male, min 2 yrs experience in operations and sales 3. Leadership / teamwork 4. Computer literate

Sales Person Job requirement : 1. Male / Female 2. Good looking and fluent in English 3. Min 2 years of experience in Sales Please send your CV and latest photograph with expected salary to below email address, with subject Operation / Store Manager or Sales Person Email :


NC/Es/5 Sept 12


M/Y SALILA Is looking to hire crew for assignments aboard luxury cruise ship.

PT Research In Motion Indonesia, the maker of BlackBerry®, is looking for starting entry-level candidates to join their team in Sanur, Bali. RIM® is a world leader in the mobile communica ons market and has a history of developing breakthrough wireless solu ons. BlackBerry App World is an applica on distribu on service which provides BlackBerry users with an environment to browse and download applica ons and games. RIM is seeking driven individuals who can take our wireless data products to the next level in the global wireless market. Are you ready to make a difference in the world of mobile communica ons with RIM?

We are currently seeking personnel for the following positions: 2ND Officer ANT 4 or 5 2ND Engineer ATT 4 or 5 Head chef, cook Chef steward, second steward Successful applicants should be:

Posi ons are available for BlackBerry App World Storefront Associates, an important role in the day to day opera ons of the storefront in BlackBerry App World. The successful candidate’s responsibili es will include reviewing and approving or denying new applica ons and themes that are submi ed to BlackBerry App World, as well as reviewing updated submissions and any ac vi es related to ve ng applica ons for distribu on in BlackBerry App World.

• • • • •

Shortlisted candidates will have a university degree, strong English verbal and communica on skills, excellent a en on to detail and mul tasking skills, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

If you’re driven to take wireless technologies to the next level, it’s me you join the team at RIM. We offer a challenging environment that fosters crea vity and rewards excellence. Employees also have use of our award winning BlackBerry!

Submit your resume at our Website,, or email it and your salary expectation to

21 Years or older Indonesian nationality Physically fit and of smart appearance A team player Dedicated and motivated to delivering a quality product Flexible

Applicants should have a minimum 2-3 years experience in their position. Cruise ship experience in an upscale environment is an advantage.

Please email to: Interview to be held at: Danau Poso 40. Sanur C/Es/G-30 May 12

NC/Es/5 Sept 12



A new bistro in Kuta area looking for 1.

Young CDP Experience in cold kitchen and willing to be trained in hot kitchen


Waiter Fresh graduated and speak English


Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012

Baker Min 2 years experience Application with CV and Photo, by email or direct please send to: Delicioso Café, Raya Seminyak 17, Pusat Pertokoan Bintang Seminyak B-7 Phone 0361 8206999 Email : NC/Es/5 Sept 12

BUSINESS SERVICES All your photography needs. Wedding, villas, product, etc. Call 781 7447 or 081 2389 5551 for further discuss or portfolio please visit the website: <www.thenbagus. com>. [553] Web Designer. I can help you to develop website with personal price, including hosting or domain name also printing project. Call 781 7447 or 081 2389 5551 for further discuss or portfolio please visit the website: <>. [554] For Bahasa course + Interpreter service. Call Moko 0812 3651 4990. [488] Private teacher Bahasa Indonesian for foreigner. Dwi 0813 3870 5158, <dwi.>. [074] <>. Professional photographer product photograpy. [654] Work from home, or the beach, or your home on the beach. Ready for an Internet Lifestyle? Free info <proelead@gmail. com>. [947]

NC/Es/5 Sept 12

EMPLOYMENT SECTION ADVERTISING INFORMATION 1. Place your ad at for the quickest service. 2. You may also email, fax or post your ad into our office and we will email, fax or telephone you with the price. You may also visit our office to place your ad. 3. Ads looking for work are charged at Rp. 7.000 per word. 4. Ads looking for employees are charged at Rp. 11.000 per word 5. Ads for business services are charged at Rp.11.000 per word 6. All ads must be paid before printing. All payments must be made at our office or by money transfer to our bank.

Composite decking specialist & carpentery. E-mail: <woodworking.bali@> / 0819 9985 7305. [033] P r o f e s s i o n a l Photography services. Affordable price. Call: 0813 1017 7700 <www.>. [708]

Private tutoring for English or Bahasa. Professional female tutor. Home / office. Call: 0361-803 5005. [653]

Looking for sporty people to join a new, unique activity in Kuta. This is a great opportunity to learn and develop skills to teach others. Full training will be given to the right applicants. Must have English and Bahasa Competitive salary plus benefits and bonus.

Bahasa tutoring. Experienced teacher. Phone 0857 3804 2206. [161] Garment Production Sample and Pattern with high quality. Please contact Gede 081 2462 7175. [164]

We also require a person for sales promotion. Good English and good communication skills are essential. Apply with CV to Visit to find out more about the activity NC/Es/5 Sept 12

Management Company Required for upscale small resort in Legian. The Company must have a good track record in complete villa & resort management.

Part time: Small business accounting data entries & translations to keep your business running smoothly. Educated with a university degree in science. Fluent in English, native Indonesian. Trained in Excel, Word, Powerpoint. Contact: <> Kerobokan/Seminyak. [165] Architect, experience design and build Villa Apartment. 0821 4588 0888, <the-architect@hotmail.>. Kerobokan. [028] Professional Massage Villa / Hotel. Anna 0852 3721 1188. [187]

Please contact NC/Es/5 Sept 12

Ixora cakes is looking for

Art and Craft If you love drawing/painting and are handy in carving/ forming/shaping we would like you to join us for learning the art of cake decorating. We use all kind of edible materials like sugar paste, marzipan, chocolate but also other materials to shape our decorated cakes. If you want to see what we are doing look at our website Application with CV and photo by email or direct please send to:

Nederlands Dutch Language, Ook Bijles, Native Dutch Teacher Experienced. English and Spanish Translation. Email <>. Tel 081 2466 7299. Seminyak. [188]

Therapeutic Massage by female therapist with 10 years experience. 0878 6199 0107. <nurrahmawati77@>. [189]

Graphic and Web Designer. I help you create graphic, website, interactive CD. <>. Novi 0819 3309 3509 . [122]

Experienced Graphic and Web designer ready to boost your promotional needs. 081 898 5608. [190]

Free first consultancy on property investment. We have 3 years experience in building and selling villas in Bali. 0361 805 0000. [123]

Gunawan Consulting: Tax/Accounting Services and Training, send email <>. [191]

Ixora Cakes, Banjar Semer 268E, phone 0361 8206999 / 0361 8202999 Email: NC/Es/5 Sept 12

PT ASIAN TRAILS INDONESIA We are a fast growing Inbound Tour Operator and part of global Destination Management Company. We are looking for candidate to join our dynamic inbound team in our office in Bali :

1. Inbound Tour Planner 2. Operation Officer ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Graduated from tourism education Fluent in English, both written and spoken. Other language will be at advantage Good product knowledge / destinations in Indonesia Familiar with tour quotations Minimum one year experience in the same field Computer literate Good team player CV + recent Photograph to be sent to Ratnasari Harjono, at email: NC/Es/18 April 12


2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Creative Marketing (Bali): Graphic design skill, excellent written and verbal communication, fluent in English both verbal & written , the ability to work under pressure and to deadlines , good knowledge of website management, social media marketing. S&M Manager (Bali): Dynamic, creative, result oriented, charming personality, large network in luxury travel industry Night Audit / FO Senior (Bali & Lombok): Strong communication and organization, friendly, independent, mature, alert Housekeeper (Lombok): Mature, attention to details, strong leadership Pastry/Bakery (Bali) Security (Bali)

All positions other than no.1) must have with minimum 1 year experience in luxury hotels. Send CV, references, recent photo and salary expectation to: For Bali: or PO Box 3056 Denpasar For Lombok: NC/Es/5 Sept 12

NC/Es/5 Sep12

Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012


Ixora Cakes is looking for

Customer Relationship Assistant With following qualifications: Female or male, experience in dealing with highlevel local and expatriate customers in the office and by Email for classy cake and pastry producing company. Good in written and oral English, computer literate, pleasant personality, presentable, phone etiquette and team player. Willing to provide excellent customer satisfaction. Training on products will be provided. Applications with CV and photo by Email or direct please send to: Ixora Cakes, Banjar Semer 268E, phone 0361 8206999 / 0361 8202999 Email: NC/Es/5 Sept 12

EMPLOYMENT SECTION ADVERTISING INFORMATION 1. Place your ad at for the quickest service. 2. You may also email, fax or post your ad into our office and we will email, fax or telephone you with the price. You may also visit our office to place your ad. 3. Ads looking for work are charged at Rp. 7.000 per word. 4. Ads looking for employees are charged at Rp. 11.000 per word 5. Ads for business services are charged at Rp.11.000 per word 6. All ads must be paid before printing. All payments must be made at our office or by money transfer to our bank.

(Cari Kerja)

Expat seeking employment as Project Manager / Supervisor or can build for you. 081 2362 9939. <balicontractor@dps.>. [050] Looking for job as junior make up artist. Contact 0812 3326 6377, <veronica_>. [146] Manager of a Coffee Shop and Coffee Roasting Business seeking for new challenge. Licensed Q Grader, 10 years experience in Tourism and Hotel Industry, 3 years in Coffee industry. Speaks German, English, French and Indonesian. Contact 081 836 5790. [192] Successful, highly effective Hotel General Manager in very good position wants to make Bali home for his family. I am personal, approachable and very passionate, 20+ years of international 5 star hospitality experience. Cornell education, F & B, HR and S & M background is looking for The one, unique and rewarding opportunity in Bali. I want to have fun while accomplishing great goals, raising the bar, and achieve long term success. Please contact me at <npbali04@>. [162]

10 years + experience as PA / Business & Development Manager is looking for a new challenge. For CV & more detail please email: <inz_1999@yahoo. com>. [171] Work experience abroad as ESL teacher is looking for a position. For CV please email <inz_1999@yahoo. com>. [172]



Advertising company located in Denpasar Looking for Staff who can speak German, both spoken and written, familiar with computer program Microsoft Office, Internet and Email correspondence. Send your CV immediately by email to: NC/Es/5 Sept 12

Driver + Car, speak fluent English, Per-trip daily, 7 seats car. Phone 0819 9993 9204. [193] Overseas experienced Nanny available, Superb English, experienced with baby and twins. 0821 1001 5151. [194] Quality Control, Personal Assistant looking for freelance job. Available now. Speak English, French, hard worker. Contact me at <> HP: 081 1380 3220. [195] Looking for work, tourism graduated, speak fluent English. Please call 0813 5322 1262. [201] Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m looking for part time job. Working at home, have internet connection. Experienced in admin and data entry. Speak English and Bahasa. Please e-mail: <madedewi83@gmail. com>. [925] NC/Es/5 Sept 12

Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser

NC/NV/I-08 August 12

NC/NV/I-22 August12

Mengwi: Architectural Gems and World’s Only Ogoh-Ogoh Museum The growing market and residential town of Mengwi 16 km northwest of Denpasar, is best known for its sprawling Pasar Bringkit, the mother of all of Bali’s farmers market. The former seat of a long dynasty of kings, Mengwi is also the location of two major historical and architectural treasures, one of which attracts a steady stream of tourists from all over the island. Established in 1634 as one of the original nine kingdoms of Bali originating from the Gelgel Dynasty, the Mengwi Dynasty grew to be among Bali’s most powerful. The present-day Cokorda, A.A. Gede Agung, the Bupati of Badung, continues to be venerated in Mengwi’s state temples, particularly Pura Taman Ayun.

the Hindu divine cosmos. Carved demons stand silhouetted against the sky; ancient gray stone contrasts against the brickred plaster. Restored and enlarged in 1937, today Pura Taman Ayun is looked after by descendants of the royal family. A tall, beautifully crafted split gate with wooden doors, half kala-faces to each side, was closed when I visited the temple on a recent weekday, closing off the inner sanctum until the approaching Galungan/Kuningan ceremonies. Over the shoulder-high wall I could see in an older, second courtyard a long row of 29 shrines where visiting deities may rest during festivities. The stone altar facing east, Gedong Palinggih Ibu, is dedicated to the royal ancestor Ibu Paibon, where offerings to the ancestors of the rulers of Mengwi are placed. Consisting of 50 separate structures, a great many shrines are replicas of Bali’s sacred volcanoes or major temples built by Mengwi’s rulers. They sit on moss-covered stone foundations, topped by slender, tiered black-thatched roofs, their small wooden doors masterfully carved. The replicas are located in the temple so the people of Mengwi can worship and derive benefit from them without the expense and trouble of traveling to the originals.

Entering through the tall elaborate gate a few steps down from Mengwi’s market, the first courtyard of this elegant and spaciously laid out puri contains five pavilions. On the wall of the open pavilion to the left, Bali Saren Dangin, is a painting depicting a scene from the Ramayana and an old black and white photo of the last raja. Presiding over this treasure trove of Balinese tradition is Jero Made, the fifth and last living wife of Ratu Cokorda Gede Oka, the King of Mengwi who died in 2001. The 300-year-old kingdom has always been known for its strong female leaders, and in perfect harmony with the palace’s ornate setting Jero Made maintains an unmistakable royal bearing. This noblewoman is a faithful adherent to the cultivation and use of Balinese traditional medicines. This courtyard’s most opulent structure, guarded by two gilded elephants, is the Bale Bandung with extravagantly gold-carved floral patterns on windows, columns and ceiling beams. A flaring doorway is topped with a kala head and winged Garuda at its base. The ceiling is inset with paintings from themes from Bali Hindu mythology. Opposite on the terrace of the Bali Delod (South Pavilion) is hung a representation of the kingdom’s coat of arms.

Uluwatu, for example, is symbolized by the holiest 11-tiered meru in the far right-hand corner. This inner court also displays a superbly carved stone trimurti padmasana (three-god throne). Various bale are provided for pilgrims, dancers, priests and musicians. I climbed the ornate tower in the lower southwest corner of the complex to take in the best view of the temple, moat and surroundings. The raja of Mengwi once ruled the influential kingdom of Badung before the principality split off in 1885. This historic event explains Mengwi district’s odd vertical shape - like an exclamation point – and also accounts for the fact that it is still included within Badung’s territory. Since its beginnings under Raja I Gusti Agung Anom, until its demise in 1891, Mengwi was a separate kingdom that extended its political power as far as Buleleng, Jembrana and even Blambangan on the eastern tip of Java. To secure his power, the Mengwi king also established satellite palaces ruled by his sons or loyal followers. By the end of the 19th century, the kingdom’s power had gradually waned though it still remained a potent military and political force until 1891 when it was ultimately defeated by a joint force fielded by the neighboring Pemecutan clan of Badung (present-day Denpasar) and the Kingdom of Tabanan. After its conquest, the Badung Kingdom held sway only briefly before the disastrous incursion of a new and increasingly powerful player. Though the Dutch subdued the northern part of the island in 1849, the fertile lava-rich lowlands of the south had became an irresistible target of colonial expansion. Badung was pounded into submission in 1906, setting the stage for the conquest of all of southern Bali, one of the last areas of Indonesia the European power occupied.

Just after the entrance is a huge wantilan where cockfights, performances and other cultural events are staged. Around the banks of the moat grow fruit trees and perfumed flowering cempaka and frangipani. Paintings were displayed for sale in a pavilion, with a working artist and bedecked with a Barong Dragon, to the left of the tall main gateway. Visit Pura Taman Ayun on one of the high holidays or during the temple’s three-day-long odalan anniversary to witness hundreds of women filing over the bridge, up the long walkway and into the courtyard carrying high, multicolored offerings. The temple filled with people, music, dance and processions during these times is a magnificent sight. Across the moat to the west is the world’s only ogoh-ogoh museum. I met Putu Suyastra who was busy tapping out a silver aluminum umbrella decoration while selling tickets for a mere Rp2500. Opened in May 2012, the hideous and fearsome giant puppets towered menacingly above as they seem to stalk me around a gigantic aircraft hangar-size room.

On the western side of the inner courtyard, behind a large food preparation area is a wonderful open-air traditional kitchen and four-meter-long wood-burning stove. Openings at the base are for burning wood and bamboo while six separate holes at the top accommodate cook pots, which can be fired up one at a time or all of them simultaneously. This authentic brick stove, blackened from decades of use, has the capacity of serving more than 1000 people seated on mats on the grounds during palace ceremonies and celebrations.

Pura Taman Ayun The elegant Pura Taman Ayun is the second largest temple complex on Bali, and one of the island’s most beautiful shrines. Accessible by a long gradually rising walkway bordered by wide lawns, this trim, impressive garden complex lies only one half kilometer north of the main Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway in Mengwi. The original structure dates from around 1740 when ruler Cokorda Munggu built what was to be his state temple on high ground. The complex is partly surrounded by a wide moat with lotuses, which gives the impression the temple is floating. Unlike the overwhelming majority of temples on Bali, the orientation of Taman Ayun is toward Gunung Batukaru and not Gunung Agung. On a sunny day with a slight breeze blowing this clan temple evokes a palpable sense of calm and beauty. The grounds are so immense that it can easily absorb one hundred visitors and one can still feel alone strolling down one of two outer shady walkways or resting in one of the open pavilions along the cooling waters of the surrounding 30-meter-wide moat. Constructed in four spacious, rising levels, the pura symbolizes

On the other side of an internal wall are the spacious grounds of the palace - broad lawns, enclosed pools lined with plants, flower beds and mango, palms, rambutan, breadfruit and ornamental trees like cempaka and bamboo. Dominating this inner space is the magnificent Bale Semanget (Ceremonial Bale), the palace’s most unique and impressive building. At one end is a row of sheathed royal lances; beautiful reliefs of thin goddesses are engraved on a pair of doors that are totally enveloped by an alabaster white exquisitely carved entranceway.

The Mengwi Palace Though the Pura Taman Ayun is better known, Mengwi’s ancestral palace – just five minutes walk distant and west of the town’s main intersection – also houses architectural masterpieces that are distinctive in their own right. Many changes have occurred over the last three centuries since the Mengwi kingdom’s golden years of the 17th century, yet the palace precincts have remained inviolate and intact. Surrounded by high gray walls, the royal compound is graced with peaceful gardens, charming traditional buildings with well-preserved ornamentation, and pavilions with unusually abundant gold-leaf carvings.

Practicalities Sixteen kilometers northwest of Denpasar, Mengwi is Rp7000 by angkota from Denpasar’s Ubung station. From the new Terminal Mengwi, it’s a Rp50,000 taxi ride to Pura Taman Ayun (no meter) or hire a private angkota for Rp25,000. If driving, take the main Gilimanuk road through Kapal to the Mengwi turnoff, then proceed north one-half kilometer. Entrance the Pura Taman Ayun for non-Hindus is Rp15,000. For refreshment, you can either sit in one of the open-air warung opposite the entrance or avail yourself of the clean wellstocked Indomaret minimarket just a 250-meter walk to the east. The unique Ogoh-Ogoh Bali Collection, Jl. Ayodya Taman Ayun Mengwi, Museum Yadna, hp 081-337-951-854 (email: is open 9 am-5 pm every day.

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BA Feature


The Great Indonesian Artist Abdul Aziz: 1928-2002 By Polly Christensen

Abdul Aziz is now regarded as one of Indonesia’s greatest artists of the 20th Century. Originally from Central Java but a resident of Bali for the last part of his life, Aziz was widely known and highly sought after for his realistic paintings of village scenes. His works are copied on every street corner, his technique even borrowed in advertising, but to see the originals, his subjects ‘speaking out from the canvas’, reminds us that fine art is empathic and very much alive. The only public collection of works by Abdul Aziz is at the Neka Art Museum in Ubud, where art lovers flock to see Gazing and other wonderful paintings.


Aziz’s paintings include beautiful women, depicted singly or in groups, and portraits both painted and sculpted. Yet his oeuvre stands out as more of an individual contribution to Indonesian art history than most, belonging in a class with artists who are continuously referred to as the ‘greats’: those individual artists that Western-trained or influenced art writers found to be the most original and innovative of their time.

His widow Mary Northmore Aziz, founder of the female Seniwati Gallery, has published a book showcasing the brilliant output of her late husband. Painter of the “Mona Lisa of Bali”, the Indonesian artist was an extraordinary Renaissance man, a revolutionary fighter, sculptor, musician and violinmaker. Never impressed or swayed by people’s status or wealth he treated everyone with the same respect, gentleness and grace. Aziz only painted when inspired, and his output over his lifetime was comparatively small if compared to many prolific artists, hence the great demand for his works by knowledgeable collectors and by international auction houses.

independence from Dutch colonial rule in 1945. He was already known, both as a painter and a singer. After four years of Japanese occupation, Indonesia then entered into a war for independence against the three returning colonials (Netherlands, Britain and Portugal). That struggle ended in 1948, with international acceptance of the Republic of Indonesia. However, the Dutch still fought on until 1949. Purwokerto (in central Java) was attacked in July 1947, but Aziz was able to paint and sketch battle scenes during the war as he became a revolutionary fighter: “I had one pad, no paint, but I kept drawing” he said “For yellow, I used kunyit (turmeric root). If I put chalk on top of it, I’d get orange. From betel nut, I got red. For blue, I had an ink pencil. With these colours I could make all the others. I had one sketchpad full of work, but I don’t know where it is now. It’s long lost.” SCHOLARSHIP TO STUDY IN ROME In 1951, Aziz studied Politics at Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta, before changing his course of study to the arts at the Indonesian Fine Arts Institute in Yogyakarta. Aziz spoke about his initial struggle with his tertiary education: “My teacher wanted me to study mathematics; my father wanted me to become a doctor or an engineer. I didn’t say much, but inside I knew I loved art. I kept painting, playing music, and after a while I transferred to Fine Arts.” Later, Aziz was given the exciting opportunity to apply for a scholarship in Italy and in 1959 he received a Scholarship from the Government of Indonesia to continue his studies at the Academia Di Belle Arti in Rome, Italy. “It was a 22 day trip from Jakarta to Naples with stops at Bombay and Karachi, but I never got off the boat.” recalls Aziz; “I was too shy without a cent in my pocket. In Messina, a friend gave me 500 lira, enough to post a letter!”

CHILDHOOD TALENTS Born into a highly respected Purwokerto family in Central Java, Aziz was painting almost as soon as he could walk. The lullabies his mother sang were songs of independence banned by the Dutch, instilling in him a feeling of nationalism, but he preferred to leave matters of politics out of his art. Aziz’s keen mind and natural artistic talent emerged in early childhood. Musical talent also developed as the young boy taught himself the violin and sang at the age of eight years on the national radio network. A life-long interest in violin manufacture was a serious pursuit for Aziz during the last period of his life. Long before Aziz encountered formal art schools, he was already producing the masterpieces in human connections so profoundly seen in his later works, such as Mutual Attraction. His cousin remembers when the artist was just four years old and short of drawing materials he would mix betel nut and other natural dyes for inks. The need to interpret the world was his earliest teacher. “I saw a drawing, a drawing of a horse, something my brother had done on a piece of slate, recalls Aziz. “Even then it amazed me - how could those lines turn into a horse, so alive it could walk? I asked my brother to make one for me, but he refused, so I had to do it myself. He did me a great favour that day by throwing me onto my own resources.” As he progressed through childhood, Aziz started drawing men who were secretly practising a Javanese martial art called silat (the Dutch had already banned it). Then naturally, he decided to draw women. But this was a little more difficult; in fact he couldn’t do it at all. “I’d make the red lips, the hair long and black, tied back in a clasp, but they always turned out as men” said Aziz “So I really had to study the situation Mother and child what makes men and women different? Until slowly I could finally draw women from my imagination, because I really couldn’t go round scrutinizing the girls. I’d get into trouble! They’d say: ‘Aziz has mata keranjang’ (roving eyes).” FIGHTING FOR INDEPENDENCE Aziz was only seventeen when Indonesia proclaimed its

Market scene

This was the only time a scholarship programme existed for Indonesian students in Italy, so he was extremely lucky, and really used the opportunity to improve his skills. Abdul Aziz and an Egyptian student were the only Muslim students in their class. To be asked to look at a naked woman in Life Drawing was initially very hard for both of them to do as it went totally against their upbringing. Aziz would later describe their early attempts to draw without actually looking as “an inhibition they soon lost.” After three years study, he was awarded the Diploma in Painting in October 1962 and the Diploma in Decoration, in October 1964. Subsequently, he served as the cultural attaché to the Indonesian Embassy in Rome from October 1964 to September 1965. When Aziz left Rome, he gave thanks and respect for his teachers, who had opened his heart and eyes, so that he could appreciate the highest forms of beauty ever reached by Italian artists. SETTLING IN BALI In 1965, when it came time for Aziz to return to his homeland, little did he know that Indonesia was on the verge of turmoil. Utter chaos and confusion had broken out. It began the night of September 30th, 1965 when in an attempted coup, six generals were taken from their homes, brutally tortured and killed. President Sukarno was ousted and his place taken by the relatively unknown General Suharto. To restore order, the hunt on communists began and perhaps as many as half a million people were killed in the violence that followed. It is only post 1998, post Suharto that people can begin to talk about this dark period in Indonesian history, which later became famous as the ‘Year of Living Dangerously’. Aziz innocently set out on his homeward journey and arrived in the middle of all this turmoil. When Aziz made it back to Denpasar, his friends were astounded. “You’re lucky, Aziz! You could have been killed. How did you dare go there?” said his friend Captain Sudjono. To which Aziz replied “I stayed calm, because I had only good feelings in my heart. Perhaps that’s what saved us?”

MUTUAL ATTRACTION On his return to Bali in 1965, he taught Materials Science, Technical Drawing, and Illustration and Graphics, as an unsalaried tutor in the Fine Arts Department of Udayana University. He resigned from this job in 1980 to focus more attention on his art, developing the unique ‘trompe l’oeil’ (illusionary) style, which became his trademark. Abdul Aziz’s paintings are prized parts of the collections of leading museums both in Indonesia and abroad and highly sought after via international auctions at Christies and other leading art houses. Emblematic of Aziz’s distinctive “doorway” and “window” style is his famous 1975 painting, Mutual Attraction in which the frames play the part of doorways from which two Balinese youth exchange seductive glances of courtship. The figures seem to be leaning in doorways, warm earthy tones emphasize the paintings; their shadows painted on the actual picture frames adding a threedimensional effect. In Mutual attraction 1980, Suteja Neka, (founder of the Neka Museum), joined these two pieces together in one frame, despite the fact they were painted as separate pieces during different years. Abdul Aziz felt they were also effective with more space between them. In 1978, the Government of Bali decided they wanted to commission a Monument to commemorate the Puputan Incident of 1906. Aziz agreed to contribute towards the project as a consultant despite his preference to avoid politics. Puputan (meaning, the end) occurred when the royal families of Denpasar committed ritual suicide as the ultimate means of protest against the Dutch colonialists. The entire palace population led by the Rajah, dressed in their finest silks with gamelan orchestras playing, chose to die, some by their own hands using jewelled kris swords, others by walking towards the Dutch soldiers who were firing on them. It is estimated that 3600 Balinese died. You can see the famous Puputan memorial in central Denpasar. MARRIAGE Mary Northmore visited Ubud in 1983, fascinated and impressed by the art found there. She was introduced to Aziz at his studio and seemed to be the beautiful English woman he had been drawing since he first took up the artistic vocation. In 1988 Abdul Aziz married Mary, then Director of The British Institute in Bandung, and they set up home in Mas, Ubud, during 1989. Aziz’ former studio in Ubud became The Seniwati Gallery of Art by Women in 1991. According to Mary “Aziz gave paintings to friends, people he cared for. And when people met him there was such a connection they never wanted to sell his works, so it is still very rare for the works to come up for auction.” Aziz’ last years were tranquil, mostly spent at his home in Mas. He had shown the world what a ‘simple’ Indonesian could do, he had pushed back the boundaries of art, sculpture and violin making, he supported the development of women artists towards their proper place in Balinese art, and always remained true to his beliefs and principles. In 2002, Abdul Aziz was put to rest with additional Military Ceremonies, a Guard of Honour and a volley of shots fired over his grave. Aziz left a remarkable amount of memorabilia documenting his life, along with hundreds of sketches. These together with interviews from friends and relatives, who were able to recount episodes from their lives together, have been combined into a stunning book, with a hundred paintings, sketches and sculptures, produced over a period of nearly sixty years. The book - Abdul Aziz, The Artist and His Art, by Mary Northmore Aziz is available from the Seniwati Gallery in Ubud. The Abdul Aziz retrospective was featured at the Neka Art Museum. For more information contact Mary on 0811 395 963 or masapt@

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CANGGU - 111








SANUR - 145









CANGGU - 355





500 sqm 250 sqm


3ULFH USD 550,000 Ownership Leasehold 30 years





750 sqm 220 sqm

3ULFH USD 495,000 Ownership Leasehold 27 years





1,300 sqm

LEGIAN - 263




204 sqm 274 sqm




3ULFH USD 1,550,000 Ownership Freehold



3ULFH USD 370,000 Ownership Leasehold 30 years

Land Area Build Area

500 sqm 275 sqm

3ULFH IDR 2,500,000,000 Ownership Leasehold 25 years

SANUR - 367





530 sqm 540 sqm

3ULFH IDR 7,200,000,000 Ownership Freehold

LAND SANUR - 361 CANGGU - 362 MEDEWI - 363


SANUR - 229






300 sqm 110 sqm

3ULFH USD 200,000 Ownership Freehold






380 sqm 220 sqm

3ULFH EURO 230,000 Ownership Leasehold 25 years



Sanur Freehold Land,600 sqm (6 are), Freehold, IDR 700,000,000/are Beachside Land in Canggu,3925 sqm (39.25 are), Freehold, IDR 475,000,000/are The Scenery Is Breathtaking, Miles of Unspoilt Beaches, 4,600 sqm (46 Are), Freehold, IDR 2,300,000,000 Berawa Land Close To Beach, 1,500 sqm (15 Are), Freehold, IDR 9,975,000,000 Idyllic Setting Just Minutes From the Beach, 1000 sqm (10 are), Leasehold 32.5 years, IDR 4,500,000/Are/Year Unique Investment Opportunity â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Sanurâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ocean View, 4800 sqm, Freehold, IDR 24,000,000,000 Drupadi Land, 6300 sqm (63 are), Leasehold 28 years, 8 months, IDR 12,000,000/are/year Amazing Yeh Gangga Beachfront Land !!!, 12,430 sqm (124.3 Are), Freehold, IDR 31,075,000,000

C/Re/G-5 Sept. 12


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012

OTHERS Land for sale 5 Are, Pererenan, Tumbak Bayuh, nice location, rice field view. Direct owner, call: 0852 2856 7669. [5352]

         "    '                            

Surf Paradise. Remote, Friendly, Indonesian Island. Rare Surf Front Property. Generally Uncrowded, consistent and user friendly. From $40,000 (lease) to $160,000 (Freehold). Ready to build. Prices rising. Contact: <felipe.pomar@>. [5420] NC/Re/I-05 Sept 12

Oceanfront Home newly renovated on 18 are, includes three private bungalows. Dream Location, Dream Price Tag, Rare once-in-a-lifetime offering. Available to view now. Full details at: Web: <>. Email: <>. [5505] 

UBUD Land for sale 2.27 hectare location Tegalalang Ubud, great view, water spring, road access 4.5m. Phone: 0852 3714 4456 Made Hayer. [1869]

    %"                 %**        ')    %*!$$$!   '         &(+&   &&$$&!    &*   !


(/)*++.-,/.* *((.#!

NC/RE/U-5 Sept. 12

Price USD 795,000 PROPERTY

Jl. Kayu Aya 77x, Seminyak 80361, Bali Phone +62 (0) 361 737358 Patrick +62 (0) 817 973 3031

Land for sale in Payangan, 24 are, very good view. Contact 0852 3714 4456 Made Hayer. [1553]

For sale: New modern villa, 1 bedroom w/pool in rice field overlooking jungle, designer kitchen, outdoor shower, fully furnished. 21 years on lease. only $112,000 USD. <>, <> / 0812-4617-6979. [5379]











Land for sale in Tegalalang Ubud. 150 are, very good view. In front of Hotel Puri Bagus Jati. Please contact 0852 3714 4456. [4870]


Directly behind Bintang Supermarket Land area 1,000 sqm, Residence size 422 sqm 4 bedroom+ villa with 10m x 4m swimming pool Flexible open-plan living pavilion with AC Great cash flow investment with 4 years track record NC/Re/G-22 August 12

Leasing: Excellent new house 5 km. north Ubud. Land 700 sq meters. Construction 195 sq meters. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, large saloon, storage room. Solid windows and doors, high ceilings, AA.CC, swimming pool 8x4m. Electricity 4.400watts. Telephone. Paddy fields and Gunung Agung views. 27,5 years leasing. Price 1.400.000.000 IDR or USD 153.000 Tel. 081 338 426 501 or 081 337 092 385 or e-mail <>. [5292] Business opportunity villa 80/250M2 heart Ubud spa? restaurant? parking? shopping? foodcourt? workshop? other idea? Long term rental contract for sale only Rp. 40 million yearly. E-mail : <> Hp 0813 5303 8875. [5501] New beautifull ecogreen villas for sale or long term rent. 3 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, open living room + kitchen, pool and garden. Fully furnished. Call : 0818 0562 9333 or <>. [5515] For sale unique villa, painted by artists, 5 min from Ubudâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s center, 15 min from greenschool. 350 sqm on 6 ares, 3bdr, 3btr, leasehold 24Y extendable, pool and ricefields view. Possibility of flat studio for leasing or guest under the house. $280K. Contact 0857 9214 9957. [5536] Land for sale in Ubud. 6Are, Jl. Lod Tunduh, in a villa complex. The complex has boundary wall already. Nice and quiet. Contact Pak Ketut 0813 3827 1595 or email: <>. [5549]

C/Re/G-11 July 12

Monthly - Yearly - Daily

NC/Re/I- 5 Sept. 12

Villa for sale Country Estate near Ubud. Ideal for private home, villa or retreat center, ricefield & river view. Lap pool steam room & spa. Call 0812 394 8595 for inspection. [1143] â&#x2014;? Denpasar-Padang Sambian near Bali Med hospital 5 bedr house on 4 are freehold Rp. 3.500.000.000. â&#x2014;? Nusa Dua-Mumbul Taman Ayu Villas; newly built 4 bedr villas, freehold US$ 385,000. â&#x2014;? Saba 3bdr villa on 10are near the beach; from 2nd floor view over ricefields and ocean. Freehold US$ 320,000. â&#x2014;? Jimbaran near Muaya beach/ bay & McD 3bdr house fully furn. on 22 are with 1000m2 vacant land for any other purpose. Lease 23 years US$ 395,000 ext. â&#x2014;? Bangli-Undisan in eco-environment friendly area 20 are + 2bdr hse lease 92 years US$ 99,000.

â&#x2014;? Kuta-Tuban near airport and Jl. Kediri; 11 are land Rp.160mill/year, min 15 years! â&#x2014;? Amed new beachfront 3 bdr house on 400m2 with rental license, freehold Euro 145,000. Rent Rp. 260mil/2 years. â&#x2014;? Sanur in the center & close to the beach fully furnished 2 bdr villa lease 42yrs US$ 320,000. â&#x2014;? Padang Bai in the high lush green outcrops & near the bch beautiful 3 bdr Eur. style villa on 10 are for $ 385,000. Also 11 are ready to build walled land bargain Rp. 900,000,000! â&#x2014;? Gianyar - Bona Blahbatuh 12 rooms hotel / bungalow resort freehold Euro 750,000.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;APEXâ&#x20AC;? is Dutch owned and also specialized Info 0361 724 262 I 081 835 8707 in Visa & Business Consultancy Visit our website for more exciting properties! NC/Re/P-22 Aug. 12



Building size 8-14 ARE. Should have IMB â&#x20AC;&#x153;Toko dan Kantorâ&#x20AC;? or similar, fully licensed. E.g. Canggu, Kerobokan, Gatsu, Dalung or nearby area.

Pls. call 0823 4135 4247 Mo-Fr NC/Re/P-5 Sept. 12

ph. +62 (361) 8475747/8 Email:

â&#x20AC;˘ Affordable budget price for MONTHLY/YEARLY/DAILY. â&#x20AC;˘ Pool, Wifi, TV cable, Hot/Cold shower, Daily cleaning service. Address III Jl. Raya Seminyak Gang Tamansari (Formenly Gang Goa) No.2 Ph. +62 361 8475747. Mobile: 087877981880 Address I Jl. Werkudara Gang Bintang No. 4 Legian Address II Jl. Raya Legian II Gang XXVII No. 473, Legian Kaja - Kuta.

Please bring this copy for more discount C/VR/I-13 June 12

C/Re/G-5 Sept. 12

NC/Re/I- 5 Sept. 12


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012

FOR RENT IN SEMINYAK Short Term or Long Term --- semi or full furnished house is nego. 4 Ara Land, private pool, garden, Wireless broadband. Close to Bali Deli and Semiyak area. 20 minutes to airport.

TF : 085 333 566 990 Email :

Business for sale

Price significantly reduced to ID Rupiah 600 million. (approx. AU $ 60,000) Running restaurant with 130m2 space in Legian area. Lease up to June 2019 (6,5 years to go), 30 seats with outdoor dining. 4 staff, some equipments included, 3 staff rooms, 4400W electricity including in takeover price 1 st year KITAS for 2 persons No agents, no brokers, serious queries only email: FAO Muti or phone: +62 81 558882397 (No SMS) NC/Re/G-5 Sept. 12

NC/RE/U-5 Sept. 12

House 100m2, 3 bedrooms, Living room, Kitchen, Garage, Small Garden. Strategic location in Nusa Dua. Rp. 650.000.000,Contact: Wayan Sinder 0813 3779 8977, 0361-8511464

4 Are absolute beachfront freehold land with spectacular ocean views at Bunutan Beach Karangasem, East Bali, in the beautiful fishing village of Amed. Rp. 120jt/Are Full title deeds available for inspection by appointment with owners on:

Indonesian : +62 858 5994 4900 , + 62 81 755 0031 English : +62 821 4757 1967 NC/RE/U-22 Aug. 12

NC/Re/G-5 Sept. 12


Seminyak / Legian, Beachfront 2 bed / 1 bathroom Apartment in Outrigger Hotel for sale. Luxurious marble and glass finish. Fully furnished with 34 year lease and showing good managed returns. US$ 319.000. Contact Ian <>. [4865]

Cheap price new villas at center Seminyak for daily, weekly, monthly. 2 & 3 bedrooms, 5 minutes to beach, private pool, AC, Hot water, Wi-fi, Maid, garden. <www.>. Call (0361) 219 5000, 0821 4552 5000. [5551]

Villas for rent / for sale Seminyak 1, 2, 3, 4 bedrooms, modern style, fully equipped kitchen, cable TV, pool, internet connection, tropical garden. US$ 100 - US$ 800 per night. For sale from US$ 60,000. Available now. +62 (0) 361 735 953 / +62 (0) 81 797 35 110 / +62 813 3773 7443 +62 (0)361 794 4555. [5323]

Inexpensive large villa rent available now. Jl. Oberoi, Seminyak. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, pool, parking, easy access. Home business good. Price varies - furnished, part furnished. Phone line, fast Speedy wifi. Longterm. <>, text 081 139 4520. [5553]

Mertanadi (close to Oberoi), new modern house for rent, 3 bedrooms AC (incl 3 bathrooms), big livingroom, kitchen, fully furnished. TV cable, phoneline, wifi, big terrace with wooden deck, swimmingpool, carport. Monthly or yearly. Contact, 081 139 6247. [5448] 3 & 4 bedroom villa at Drupadi Seminyak. Daily or weekly. Swimming pool, daily maid, Wi-Fi, hot water, open living and kitchen. And also have 2 bedrooms in Legian. Please call +62 819 1636 2285. Special rates for last minute bookings. [3866] Apartments for short and long term rental. Modern two storey A/C, one bedroom, balcony, lounge, kitchenette. Housekeeping, security, cable TV, Wi-Fi internet, parking. Close to Jl. Oberoi. <> or 081 2366 8110. [5492] Shop for rent in Seminyak. 2m x 10m Rp. 62 million/year, min 3 years. Shared toilet atback, no phone line, electricity 2200W. Call 0813 3776 4350. [5506] For rent yearly, 3+2 bedrooms villa in Mertanadi, 800m2 land, 350m2 building, half furnished, prvt pool, rice-paddyview, wifi, phoneline, H/W system, fully-equipped-kitchen, dining-room, garage, maid-quarter. IDR. 175 mio/year. +62 878 6033 7119/ +62 813 3766 9851 / <micaeljulie@me. com>. [5517] Shop for rent Oberoi / Seminyak. Excellent location for boutique, cafe, office, restaurant. 60 + 30 sqm. SMS 0812 3923 0180. [5518] Beautiful large double shop with store room, WC, lighting, AC, CCTV, 80 sqmt plus terrace. Over contract. Rp. 200 juta/year, taking 3 years negotiable with owner. Suit boutique, cafe, salon. <>. [5520] Big shop for rent (95m2) on Seminyak main street, excellent condition. Fully renovated, five years contract left. Very good deal. Conveniant also for spa and restaurant. Call 0819 3601 7443 . [4635] C/Re/G-5 Sept. 12

NC/Re/P-8 Aug. 12


Boutique Oberoi for rent. Long or short term contract. Prime location, 90 sqm, totally remodeled. Just need to take the key!! Can be cafe or office as well. Possibility to rent only one part of the shop monthly. SMS 0812 3923 0180 or send e-mail: <>. [4738]

NC/Re/G-8 August 12

Call: 0819 9941 3821 Email:

Oberoi: Cozy AC rooms with ensuite bathrooms in quiet neighbourhood for rent. Strategically located within walking distance to the eat street of Oberoi. Overlooking beautiful tropical garden and pool. Include Wi-Fi, cable TV and daily housekeeping. Call 0813 3838 7178. [3559] Private suite in staffed luxury villa, AAA prestigious location Jl. Petitenget. Private pool, walking distance to best restaurants, beach clubs and nightlife. Please call 0858 5747 8091. [5560] Petitenget. AAA location (near Sarong). Beautiful villa. 3 bedroom suites, 4 bathrooms, private pool, garden, large kitchen, maid quarters. Available for long term rentals. Call 0878 6185 8587. [5561] Merthanadi villa for rent close shops and Bypass. Quiet area, fully furnished, 3AC bedrooms with private bathroom, spacy livingroom and kitchen, swimming pool with deck and gazebo. Internet access, TV cable Rp.180 million per year. 0821 4708 4118 / <>. [5526] 3 bedroom house in Seminyak with swimming pool, Wi-Fi, 48 inch flatscreen TV, quiet, central, landscaped garden, staff. Rp. 12 million/month. Call 0815 5816 4966, <>. [5226] Petitenget villa for rent monthly, great location 5 minutes from beach, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open living/dining, modern kitchen, pool, Wifi, Sat TV, fully furnished, staff. Just move in! Contact 0812 3745 4444 or <kiwi4bali@>. [5544] Villa to rent (100m2), 2 bedroom, terace 50m2, garden 350m2 (no pool), good, safe, quiet, furnished, AC, hot water, wifi, Indovision. Available 1st. October, minimum rent 9 months, Rp. 90 million. <> / 0818 0566 5019. [5546] 50m2 shop for rent on Seminyak main street, top location between Bintang Supermarket and Dyhana Pura street. 3 years contract left. Call 0819 3601 7443. [5525] Oberoi behind Ultimo! Beautiful spacious renovated 2 bed 2 bath w/ private pool and parking. Fully furnished & internet ready. Quiet and secure. Walk to all Oberoi Restaurants. 1 or 2 years. Also: Beautifully renovated 3 bed 3 bath w/ private pool, granite kitchen, laundry & ricefield views from every room. 2 to 8 year lease. TF +62 878 6198 8111. [4143]



Jimbaran Beach

• • • •

A Dream Home at Jimbaran Beach Situated just 300 meters from one of Bali’s popular beaches Two storied 4 bedroom house, with 370 square meters of build Tropical gardens provide the ideal backdrop for relaxation and easy living • 30 minutes to the Bali International Airport

For Sale USD 675,000 Siti Salmah Purba (62) 878 628 220 02 Jimbaran of¿ce (62) 361 703 208




• • • •

Tropical Modern And Stylish Villa Luxury 3 bedroom hilltop Contemporary European designed villa 368 sqm built set on approximately 520 sqms freehold land Within an exclusive residential community and a peaceful environment on the Bukit Balangan plateau. • 10 minutes from the white sands & surf of Balangan Beach. 20 minutes from the international airport of Bali.

For Sale USD 575,000 Eugene Shivnan (62) 819 998 859 04 Jimbaran of¿ce (62) 703 208

Lembongan Island Land


For Sale – IDR 10,320,000,000 Mediani (62)818 55 6309 Sanur Of¿ce (62)361 287 642


Labuan Sait

• 4 bedroom villa in Bali’s most sought after address • 808 sq meters of land and 800 sq meters of Àoor space spread over 3 levels • The main Àoor comprises a large terrace overlooking Jimbaran Bay • A family villa in an up market residence with great rental potentials. • 20 minutes from the airport

• • • •

For Sale USD 1,500,000 Stephen Williams (62) 857 381 285 89 Jimbaran of¿ce (62) 703 208

For Sale USD 586,000 Luki Purwanti (62) 819 998 491 23 Jimbaran of¿ce (62) 361 703 208



• Small Freehold villas complex nestled in a beautiful landscape 1700 sqm contoured land • A merging of traditional and modern architecture, natural materials that blend seamlessly with the Balinese landscapes • The design is a collaboration of Austrian, German, Asian designers and architects • Eco - permaculture based design • Landscaping with an abundance of color and plant diversity truly complement to already lush surroundings

For Sale – USD 1,200,000 Mediani (62)818 55 6309 Sanur Of¿ce (62)361 287 642

• Sensational 2580 sqm beachfront land in pristine Dream Beach Lembongan area • White sandy beaches and a lagoon abundant with sea life and coral in crystal water from its extensive beach frontage • Seclusion, tranquility with beaches, restaurants and water activities • Safe environment, this parcel of land is a heaven for those seeking privacy • Ideal for private luxury villa or small villa development



Renon, Denpasar • • • • •


4700 sqm land located in a strategic location Middle up residential area Residential development’s license has issued Perfect choice for residential developers Close to International School, Shopping, Beach and Iconic Renon park

For Sale – IDR 17,625,000,000 Mediani (62)818 55 6309 Sanur Of¿ce (62)361 287 642



Unobstructed Ocean Views 2000m2 building plot with 180 degree sea views Large private villa or a small development of investment villas With a 6 meter paved public access road with electricity and water already onsite • 15 minutes from Jimbaran bay and 30 minutes from the airport.



• Absolute beachfront small private Freehold Villa complex offers spectacular ocean and east Bali coast line view • Fully furnished with modern western style kitchen • A wide private access road leads from the main coast line road into this beach front property • Good investment for holiday rental • Has Pondok Wisata license (rental permit)

For Sale – EUR 279,000 Mediani (62)818 55 6309 Sanur Of¿ce (62)361 287 642



• Designer home in Brawa Beach • Four-bedroom family home with a 340sqm build on a 1,749sqm land plot • Consisting of a main building & two separate bedroom pavilions, a large 600sqm garden with 80sqm swimming pool & a gazebo overlooking the green belt rice¿elds • This architecturally-designed, open-plan villa is for sale Freehold • Located in the highly sought after beach enclave of Brawa in Canggu For Sale USD 1,300,000 Adami Gilberto (62) 812 4658 8471 Seminyak Of¿ce (62 361) 737 358



• Luxury villa blessed with a generous landscape down to a river embankment • Six bedroom on 12,2 are of land, villa comes with full Pondok Wisata license • Large living & dining area, a gourmet kitchen and bar for social gatherings, large private pool, a movie room with projection and home theater system • 27 years lease with negotiable extension • Only takes 10 minutes to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the Seminyak beach

• Beautiful Wooden Home in Brawa for 27 years leasehold with option to extend • Sits on a 1,320sqm plot this 3BR villa built right on the edge of the green belt rice ¿elds • Main dwelling containing the kitchen, the living/dining area & the master bedroom, other bedrooms are located in a separate pavilion adjacent to the swimming pool • Large gardens and there is a two-story tree house overlooking the rice ¿elds • Just minutes from the beach, Canggu Club and 15-minute drive from Seminyak

• • • •

For Sale USD 1,850,000 Eric Livesey (62) 812 3766 3111 Seminyak Of¿ce (62 361) 737 358

For Sale USD 450,000 Patrick Clancy (62) 817 973 3031 Seminyak Of¿ce (62 361) 737 358

For Sale USD 395,000 Eric Livesey (62) 812 3766 3111 Seminyak Of¿ce (62 361) 737 358


Beachside Contemporary Residence in Petitenget Sit on 240sqm of land and offered on 25 years leasehold A beautifully appointed private residence with 3BR and a large living room Fully self-contained & set in tropical gardens with frameless glass walls, features a large swimming pool, bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, multimedia equipment • Situated within an earshot of Petitenget Beach & other neighboring iconic restaurants

C/Re/G-5 Sept. 12


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012

LOMBOK Dijual dari pemilik tanah 1 Ha, daerah Senggigi, diatas bukit, pemandangan laut, jalan pribadi. Sudah ada banyak hotel/resort. For sale from owner 1 Ha of hillside land with seaview and private access road in the Senggigi area. Already developed area. Fixed price/harga pas IDR Hub/Telp +62(0) 812 2161 7850. [5451] Well running bakery and coffee shop with coffee roasting business for sale. Including property, staff, equipment, car, furniture and regular customers in Lombok and on Gili Trawangan. Contact 081 836 5790. [5467]

BUSINESS FOR SALE Great opportunity

For family reason. Very profitable, best location in Oberoi / Seminyak. SMS : 0812 3923 0180 NC/Re/M-5 Sept. 12

Gili Meno 15 are freehold beachfront land for sale. Unique location for accom, restaurant, dive business, as first place seen at harbour. Great views Gili Air and mountain Rinjani. Rp. 125 million/are. Serious buyer please call 0812 3643 0965 (owner). [4475]

Homestay for rent daily, monthly location in Canggu. Close to the beach. Please call 923 4390 / 0853 3703 0775 / web: <www.jscangguhomestay>, e-mail: <>. [4463] 4 bedrooms villa for rent (daily / monthly) in Canggu. Close to Canggu Club, Berawa & Ecobeach. Fully furnished, pool, etc. Call: 0816 865 097 (English), 0821 1788 8293 (Bahasa). See: <>. <>. <>. [4837]

Brand new freehold villa for sale. Great location & great value investment. Walking distance to Berawa Beach & Canggu Club. Modern minimalist style, 3 bedrooms & bathroom, livingroom, kitchen, staff room, office room, storage, s.pool, carpark, ricefield view. Contact info 0361 871 5116 / 0818 0551 4128. [5392]

Holiday home in quiet surroundings, close to Jimbaran beach. 350,000 Rupiah per night. Facilities include, swimming pool, gym, tennis, garden, kitchen. Available now! Pictures + contact <>. [5336]

Villa Freehold 2.25 are 2 kilometers north Canggu Club. Open plan, kitchen, lounge, dining, bathroom, pool. Upstairs 2 large bedrooms, bathroom, view deck. 2.8 Bill negotiable. <>. English 0821 4480 7065, Indo 081 7419 5172. [5464]

House for rent 3 bedrooms, private bungalow, 3 bathrooms, AC, hot water, full furniture, swimming pool, 18 are, lovely garden, quiet location Jimbaran. 160jt/th. Please contact Pierre 0813 3837 3614, <>. [5435] Dreamland/Graha Pecatu Indah resorts, affordable luxury 2 strorey 4 double bedroom x 3 bathroom, seaview, wifi, close public pool, favour European students study at Udayana Universitas, Jimbaran / holidays makers. Weekly, monthly, yearly. E-mail: <>. +62 816 815 654, +61 407 390 116. [5449]

C/Re/G-22 August 12


Villa For Sale, Freehold 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, AC, pool 11x4, garden, fully furnished, land 4.3 are, location Pererenan close to beach. Price 395.000 USD. Contact <> or call 0813 3730 5695. [5502] For Rent. Canggu, Banjar Tiying Tutul. 2 bedrooms villa with ensuite bathroom, plunge pool, carport, fully furnished. 6 month for USD. 5500 or 1 year for USD. 9000. <verahs@>. [5504]

avanee residence

Room for rent at Jimbaran, Jln. Bukit Hijau no. 6. Fully furnish, kitchen, bathroom, garden, parking, maid. Free electricity for monthly. 2,5 mill monthly or 200k daily. Call 081 2395 8971. [4592]


Land for sale 22 are in Pererenan, price Rp. 260 million/ are. Please call 0857 3825 1220 or 0819 3622 8289. [5510]

Short or long term rental. New house for rent in Taman Griya, 5 bedrooms, 2 storey building with view, 10mins from airport, fully furnished, hot water, 60” LCD TV, Wifi, Rp. 90 million/year (nego). Contact 0813 8861 9161 or 0878 6155 0551. [5541]

Land for sale. 200m2 / 2 are, SHM, Jl. Udayana Jimbaran (near Udayana University). Price Rp. 225 million per are. Please contact 0812 3613 9993 or email: <jessatama@>. [5562]

Villa for rent: area 3 are, 2 bedroom, living room, kitchen, aircondition, hot water, swimming pool, big garden. Contact Made: 081 236 30309 / 081 9166 59 151. [4134]

For sale freehold or rent 2 villas, 3BR on 500m2 with pool, luxury 4 BDR on 700m2 with pool + jacuzzi, full paddies + river view, 5 min from Canggu Club. Jl. Pantai Brawa, Gg. Bisma. 0812 3672 2812 / 0812 3619 9241. [5132]


Villa for lease 4ares 3bedrooms full furnish garage, garden, pool, living room, diningroom, kitchen nearby McD Jimbaran. For further info, please contact 081 238 40692 or <>. [5328]


Berawa for sale freehold villa perfectly located just 200m from the beach and 5 minutes away from Seminyak. 3 bedrooms with ensuites, large pool. A beautiful home complete with Canggu Club villa membersip. <villabrawa@>. [5519] “Fully furnished studio apartment for your short and long stay needs”

ONLY Rp. 2 million / month

Perumahan Graha Kencana Jl. Imam Bonjol, Denpasar Bali - Indonesia Phone: +62 361 8888033, 081 999 696 334 C/Re/G-18 April 12

Villa for sale/rent located in Pererenan Canggu Echo Beach. 2 bedrooms, 1 livingroom, kitchen, ricefield view, big garden, big swimming pool, 1km from surfing beach. Phone 0878 6152 4094 / e-mail: < com>. [5524] For sale new freehold villa in Canggu! 2-bedroom, 3-bathroom, parking, garden, pool-3x7, great design, best finishing materials, 130-sqmtr, 3-are, 5-min to Echo beach $259,000. Owner 0821 4723 9997, e-mail: <bali.diego@>. [5528] Canggu - 3 bedroom 3 bathroom pool villa, 90% complete, choose your own finishings, 25 year lease, US$ 250.000 freehold US$ 300.000. 2 bedroom 2 bathroom pool, US$215.000 25 year lease, US$250.000 freehold. 0815 5843 4797. <>. Berawa area. [5472] 3bdr villa ricefield view Canggu 295sqm. 10ares land. Infinity Pool 11x4. Fully furnished. 4 bathrooms, 1 maid corner, 2parking. 7min to Echobeach, 5min to Canggu Club. Leasehold 24years + extension. Price 2.850.000.000 IDR or rent 1year for 250 million IDR 0821 4714 7619 / <>. [5537] Beautiful 3 bedroom Canggu villa with private pool available for 1.5 to 5 year lease. $1,550 a month. Tenant pays all utilities. Available beginning October. Will notconsider 1 year lease. Villa is located a short distance from Echo Beach. For pictures see: <http://www.vrbo. com/243717> Contact: <>. Serious inquires only. No agents please. [5516] Villa for overcontract. Landsize 5 are, 5 min walk to Canggu Club and Brawa beach. 2 bedrooms, swimming pool, fully furnished. Call 0819 9936 2333. [5542] For rent brand new villa near Echo Beach. Land 650sqm, big pool and garden, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open living room and kitchen. Fully furnished, yearly rent Rp.195 million/year. Contact 081 890 0480. [5487] For sale brand new villa. 5mins from Canggu Club, small & cozy, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, swimming pool, kitchen set, fully furnished. A real bargain for only AUD$ 175,000. An excellent investment opportunity. T: 081 139 8785 direct by owner. [5554]

NC/RE/I-5 Sept. 12

A brand new development of luxury villas with fantastic OCEAN VIEW and 5 stars resort FACILITIES including on Site Management, Beauty Salon and spa, restaurant/bar, 24 hours room service, Communal 25 meter lap pool, secure off street parking, Gym, Security Post, Wireless broad band Internet, Minimart etc. located just 5 minutes from Dreamland.

ä&#x17D;&#x192;âˇ&#x2014;ăŚ&#x152;㞣âł&#x192;ä?&#x161;⭼⟥âż&#x2039;â˘&#x2018;ă­&#x153;áˇ?ä&#x2021;ąă&#x2014;Żâż¤â&#x;&#x201E;â­Ľâź&#x201E;ă&#x2C6;&#x2018;⟎㞨ă&#x201A;&#x2014;â°Šă&#x201A;şâŤ&#x2020;â­ĽăŞ&#x2030;ăŹ&#x160;áˇ?â&#x;?ă&#x17D;&#x2030;㝡â§&#x201A;âš˝ă?&#x17D;㾌ⰴáˇ?ă&#x2014;ĄăŚžăŠ&#x201D;ă&#x2019;&#x203A;⟎ăŻ?ă&#x2018;§áˇ?⤎ăł?áˇ? ă&#x2C6;§â&#x17E;Şáˇ?ăž&#x201A;ăŹ&#x2019;ă&#x2039;Žâł â´&#x;ăš&#x2019;áˇ?⪏ăŞ&#x2C6;ă¤&#x2122;âš&#x152;ä&#x2021;¤â­Ľă&#x2014;¸â§&#x2026;ä&#x2021;&#x;⧚áˇ?â&#x17E;&#x201C;ăŚ&#x152;â­Ľăľ&#x201E;â§&#x2013;â§&#x201A;áˇ?ă&#x2026;&#x201A;ăŞ&#x17D;âł áˇ?âĄ&#x201E;â&#x17E;&#x201C;âśťă¸&#x153;áˇ?㸿ăź&#x20AC;ă&#x152;&#x17D;âŤ&#x2122;㊰ăś&#x2122;áˇ?ăž&#x201A;â§?㏹ â­Šáˇ?ă°?ă?&#x152;â&#x17E;Žă?&#x2020;â­&#x203A;â­Ľă&#x2014;Żă&#x2C6;&#x201D;(Dreamland)âź&#x201E;ă˛&#x201C;ă&#x2020;&#x2014;ⳡä?´áą&#x201E;





- Own freehold villa with 5 star resort facilities  ä&#x2021;&#x2013;ä&#x2021;ą㞨ă&#x201A;&#x2014;â°Šă&#x201A;şâŤ&#x2020;ăŞ&#x2030;ăŹ&#x160;â­Ľâ˘&#x2018;ă­&#x153; - Early purchase will enable you to maximize your capital gain  ă&#x2C6;&#x201A;ä&#x2039;&#x2C6;âš&#x203A;ă&#x2022;&#x201C;áˇ?  ăŹ&#x161;ă&#x203A;&#x203A;ă&#x161;˝ă&#x2026;&#x152;ä&#x201C;ŤâĄ&#x;㏜ä&#x2026;&#x2021;ä&#x201D;?ă&#x201A;˛âż? - 3 years guarantee rental return 24%  âĄ&#x201E;ä?&#x2026;ă&#x203A;&#x2039;â­Ľä&#x201D;&#x192;ă&#x2020;&#x2018;âżšâĄ&#x2030;ă&#x201D;Ťă¸&#x2039;áˇ&#x2020; - Located among the famous tourism destination area in Bukit  ă¸&#x153;ä&#x2021;ťâ&#x17E;Žă?&#x2020;ă&#x161;°â&#x;&#x152;â­&#x203A;ăš&#x2026;ă&#x201A;&#x2039; %XNLW ä&#x2018;&#x2122;ă&#x2DC;&#x153;â­Ľ  ă&#x2C6;&#x2018;âŽ&#x201E;ă¤&#x2122;ä&#x2C6;&#x201C;ä?ą - Fantastic ocean views  ă&#x2039;ŞâšźăŠŽă&#x2014;Ąă&#x2DC;?â­Ľâź&#x201E;ă&#x2C6;&#x2018; - Minutes away from international airport, Dreamland Championship  *ROI&RXUVH ÂżQHEHDFKHVLQ  Bali  ă?&#x152;âş&#x203A;ă&#x201A;Ťă&#x20AC;&#x203A;â§&#x201A;áˇ?ă&#x2014;Żă&#x2C6;&#x201D;ă&#x2020;&#x2013;â˘&#x2039;ă§?âˇ&#x20AC;âą&#x153;â´&#x201C;ă¤&#x201C;  â§&#x201A;áˇ?⟎ä&#x201E;&#x153;ăž&#x160;ă&#x2014;Ąâź¤â­Ľâź&#x201E;ă˛&#x201C;ă&#x2020;&#x2014;ăŹ?ă&#x201A;&#x2122;ⳡä?´


ă¸&#x2039;⟯ä&#x201E;&#x2039;âš&#x203A;ă&#x2022;&#x201C;âź&#x201E;ä&#x201A;&#x201D;â´&#x2C6;ă&#x2C6;&#x2018;â˘&#x2018;ă­&#x153;ᡠGOLDEN INVESTMENT ä&#x17D;&#x192;㏨âˇ&#x2014;ăŁ&#x2C6;ä&#x160;šă&#x161;˛â´&#x2039;â­Ľăľ&#x2014;ä&#x201C;Ťă&#x20AC;&#x203A;ă&#x20AC;&#x201A;

TOURISM DESTINATION CENTRE â˘&#x2018;ă­&#x153;â­šâŽ&#x201E;ă¸&#x153;ä&#x2021;ťă&#x201D;¤ä&#x2021;Żă&#x161; â­Ľâ­šâ­Ľä?ąăžĽ

200% better than bank deposit ⥊ä&#x2026;&#x2122;ăžąâŤ&#x2021;ă&#x152;?⟤áˇ&#x2020; Bali to be the host of Miss World 2013 event and Miss World Contest in 2014 â&#x17E;Žă?&#x2020;â­&#x203A;ă&#x2026;&#x152;ă&#x2C6;şâ&#x;?ă&#x203A;&#x2039;㏥ă&#x2020;&#x2C6;ăž&#x201A;ă&#x2020;&#x201E;ă&#x20AC;?â°?áˇ?â¤&#x192;ä&#x2018;&#x2DC;â&#x;? ă&#x203A;&#x2039;㏥ă&#x2020;&#x2C6;ăž&#x201A;ă&#x2020;&#x201E;ă&#x2C6;&#x203A;ă§?

Minutes away from Dreamland Golf Championship Course, International Airport, Padang-padang and Uluwatu beach ă?&#x152;ä&#x201E;ľăťŁâ­šâŽ&#x201E;ă&#x2020;&#x2014;ăŹ?ă&#x201A;&#x2122;ⳡä?´áˇ&#x203A;âş&#x203A;ă&#x201A;Ťă&#x20AC;&#x203A;â§&#x201A;áˇ?ă&#x2014;Żă&#x2C6;&#x201D;ă&#x2020;&#x2013;â˘&#x2039;ă§?âˇ&#x20AC;âą&#x153;â´&#x201C;ă¤&#x201C;â§&#x201A;áˇ? 㸝ă&#x201D;&#x201D;ăś&#x20AC;ăľ?âź&#x201E;ă˛&#x201C; (Uluwatu)áˇ? â&#x17E;Žâ°&#x152;âź&#x201E;ă˛&#x201C; (Padang Padang)

THE BEST QUALITY CHOICE âˇ&#x20AC;ä?Ťă&#x2018; â­Ľä&#x201D;?ă&#x201A;˛ä &#x201A;ä&#x2039;&#x2019;

REASONABLE PRICE ă&#x201A;źâˇ&#x2019;âź°ă?&#x17D;

Developed by a trusted contractor ä&#x2021;Şă&#x2039;ŞăžŚă&#x17D;&#x2013;⭼⧹â&#x;?㊭ă°&#x161;ă&#x2039;&#x2039;âł&#x192; APEC Summit 2013 to be held in Bali 2013ă&#x203A;&#x2039;ä ¨ă˛&#x152;ă&#x2C6;&#x17D;âź°ä&#x201D;&#x160;ä??â´&#x2020;ă&#x20AC;&#x201A;ă&#x2026;&#x152;ä&#x160;ťâ&#x17E;Žă?&#x2020;â­&#x203A;ă&#x2C6;şăžą

At US$368K you can own a freehold villa with 5 star resort facilities âż&#x2030;$368,000ă&#x2014;Ąä&#x160;&#x2039;ă&#x203A;&#x203A;ă&#x201A;&#x2022;ă&#x2039;Şä&#x2021;&#x2013;ä&#x2021;ąâ&#x;?âź?5㞨ă&#x201A;&#x2014;â°Šă&#x201A;şâŤ&#x2020;ăŞ&#x2030;ăŹ&#x160;â­Ľâ˘&#x2018;ă­&#x153;

Websites ăś&#x2122;ä?&#x;:, For further information ă§&#x2C6;ăż&#x2030;âˇ?âą ä&#x201C;Ťä &#x2014;Email ä&#x2021;Ťăź&#x2026;: Phone âŽ&#x2C6;âż&#x2018;: +62 361 782 2202, +62 361 895 4035 Mobile ㏡ă&#x20AC;&#x203A;: +62 816 57 4867 C/Re/I-25 July 12


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012

APARTMENT FOR RENT IN JAYAKARTA HOTEL Beach access,3 Big pool with pool bar, Restaurant, etc. 1Bed+Living, 1Bath with Bathtub, 2 AC, 2 Sofabed 2TV, DVD, Refrigerator, Microwave, Toaster etc.

Call 081-2388-4973 or AU$80/night Nego OK!! NC/RE/U-5 Sept. 12

KARANGASEM Beach house for rent in Candidasa. 3bedrooms, private swimming pool, fully furnished and equip, gazebo, private beach 10m to the ocean, fantastic place for people want to dive and enjoy the real Bali. Daily, monthly, yearly. 0812 3649 6762, 0361 822 8288 or e-mail at <sbbtechnology@> and <>. [5493]

BUKIT C/Re/G-08 August 12

Freehold land for sale in Bukit Ungasan. Good location and stunning views. Call 081 2380 2626. Please speak in Bahasa. [1547] Land for sale on the main road next to STP Nusa Dua ready to build for villa as licence completed. Call 081 2394 8595. [1149] Land for sale in Bukit Ungasan. 1.35 hectare, full ocean view, near the beach, 4mtr road access. Rp. 100 million/ are. 1 hectare with full seaview, hot mix road access, Rp. 200 million/are. 2 hectare, good view, ashpalt road, Rp. 150 million/are. 50 are Rp. 200 million/are, 4.5 are Rp. 150 million/are. Negotiable. Contact 0821 4587 7675. [5282] Absolute water front, luxurious, new 1 and 2 bedroom apartments to rent. Spectacular views overlooking Uluwatu surf break the Ultimate location! Fully furnished, Wi-Fi, AC, HW, etc. Tina 0878 6074 5124 or < au>. [4733] For sale Dreamland new Australian design villa 3 levels, 3 kitchen, 7 bedroom, 7 bathroom, magnificent ocean, volcanoe views, beautiful horizon, pool, huge double garage, roof top, pool gazebos, located above golf course, beach. Price $AUD 750.000. Call 0856 384 5701. E-mail <>. [4751] Absolute cliff and water front 2 bed / 1 bathroom apartment for sale. Luxurious unit with spectacular views of Uluwatu surf break, and Indian ocean sunsets. The Ultimate!!! All modern conveniences on a long lease. US$ 390.000. Contact Ian <>. [4864]

Thousands of people read the Bali Advertiser Real Estate Is your company ready for more business? Advertise your business next issue and get your share.

Dreamland, for sale/rent, 3 storey house, 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 3 lounge rooms, fully furnished, pool, BBQ area, Hak Milik/freehold, has hotel license. View pictures on <>. Sell Aust $ 490.000. Rent Rp. 300 mill/yr. Ph/SMS +62 878 6184 3997. [5337] For sale/rent. 2 bdrm / 2 bathroom, fully furnished, â&#x20AC;&#x153;5 Star Bali style villaâ&#x20AC;? - complete with marble floors, private bedrooms, formal dining area. Pool, immaculate gardens, in a secure Western villa complex. 1st to see will buy. Rent Aust. $16,000/year. Sell Aust. $230,000. Ph. 0819 1668 6426. [5342] Amazing unobstracted 180 degree ocean view land 7,6 are for sale in Ungasan. Rp. 280 jt per are/freehold. Direct owner. Call to: 081 2380 2891. [5530] For sale - 5 bedroom 3 bathroom villa, 2 pools in secure estate. 395sqm land, 150sqm building. Can be used as 2 separate villas.Fully furnished,3 parking spaces. Beautiful garden with gazebo. Rp. 2.900.000.000. 0815 5843 4797. <>. [5533] For rent - one & two bedroom apartments overlooking Dreamland, fully furnished, pool and BBQ area, great views and breeze. Nightly/ weekly /monthly. Ph/SMS between 9am and 5pm on 0878 6184 3997. [5539] Land for sale 11.60 are located in Puncak Pesona (bukit). Call owner 081 139 8039 / 0813 3831 9191 or e-mail: <>. [5543] For sale; Nice view brnad new villas with pool and garden. Freehold, 300m2 land, 3bed / 3bath, Rp.1.5 billion and 400m2 land, 3bed / 4bath, Rp. 1.8 billion. Please call direct owner 0813 3854 9888. [5555] For sale villa in Dreamland Pecatu. 4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, pool, covered carport, 5AC, semi furnished, close to beach, gated security, golf course. Freehold. Rp.1.28 billion (nego). Phone English Bahasa 0812 3614 4191 / e-mail: <>. [5557]

Bali Advertiser

Real Estate

05 September - 19 September, 2012

BERINGIN PROPERTY Local Agent and Local Prices

The only Property Agent based on the west coast of Bali

APARTMENTS & VILLAS Wireless broadband Short or long term Private or shared pool Well-equipped kitchens

LAND FOR SALE CANGGU - Kayu Tulang, 17 Are, 4m Road access, Rice paddy views, Ready to build. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 300 Mill/ Are KABA-KABA - 12 Are, sealed access, Ready to build. Rice field paddy views. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 125 Mill / Are - 18 Are, sealed Road access, Ready to build. Rice field paddy views. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 150 Mill / Are JIMBARAN - Kampial, 8 Ha, on the cliff with beautiful Jimbaran beach views,Ready to build. Sealed access. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 100 Mill / Are - Dreamland, 4.2 Ha, Spectacular Dreamland cliff top, 6m sealed access, Ready to build. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 700 Mill / Are PECATU - Bukit Pecatu, 2Ha, beach views, 4m Road access, Ready to build. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 150 Mill/ Are - Bukit Pecatu, 46 Are, beach views, 6m Road access, Ready to build. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 380 Mill/ Are TABANAN - Kelating, 35 Are, river views, 5m Road access, Ready to build. Freehold. PRICE : IDR 60 Mill/ Are


FOR SALE - SEMINYAK GOLDEN LOCATION Until 2022 (10 years left 2.5 Are) Rp, - Rp Additional : 5 Years Negotiable Just behind of Cafe Moca Seminyak, takes 5 min to Bali Deli and Jalan Oberoi. This house villa is newly refurbished, repainted, new roof and 2 new AC installed.

RARE ANGON VILLAS, Kerobokan Call: 736 339 or 081 138 6450

Facilities: 2 bedrooms w/ bathtubs, large living room, large dining area, swimming pool, small garden, car parking space, electric 7.700 V, laundry space, air conditioned, water heater. Contact us at


C/Re/A-22 Feb 12

NC/Re/A-5 Sep 12


Jl. Kayu Aya 77x, Seminyak 80361, Bali Phone +62 (0) 361 737358 Patrick +62 (0) 817 973 3031

Freehold Land for Sale Pererenan 1,700sqm/1,750sqm Gently slopping Ricefield views Residential zoning

Jl. Darmawangsa No. 1, Tanah Lot - Bali - Indonesia Phone: +62 361 8483743 Fax: +62 361 8483743 Web: Email: / C/Re/I -22 August 12


Rp 225,000,000/are

For Sale: Sanur Villa - Expat Returning home; 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, 1 lounge, kitchen, large balcony, private pool & BBQ area. Price negotiable. Call 081 7970 9724. E-mail: <>, <padidilounge@>. [4857] For sale money changer in strategic location in Sanur area. Complete permit, license, and Bank Indonesia certificate.Good for investment, 14 years lease. Reason for sale because need money. Sell Rp. 1.7 billion (nego). Please contact 081 2361 0079 or 0852 2212 0341. [5362] Sale overcontract house in Padanggalak 5km of Sanur with 4 rooms, AC, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, terrace, garage, mini garden. Rp. 42 Million/year, still 3,5 years. Contact <> or SMS 0878 6145 1024. [5503]

2 Luxury villa type houses (1.03 and 1.04 are) 4400 Watt using granito tile, expensive TOTO products, kitchen set, hot water, etc, near Jl. Iman Bonjol and Jl. Marlboro, connecting directly to Jl. Kunti (seminyak) and Sunset Road. Rice view!! 1.5 milyar each. Must sell fast!! Contact: Irawan 081-33787-4881. [5473]

For sale beautiful villa 300m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 big lounge, kitchen, 1 big dining, private pool, gazebo, AC, garage, garden, phone line, laundry. Just 5 mins walking from the beach. Call 081 2380 5546, e-mail: <>. [5513]


House for rent 1 living room, 2 bedrooms with 1 bathroom inside + family room, kitchen, garden. No garage for car, 150m2 building. Rp. 15 juta/year. Call 0852 3417 25253 for inspection. [5461]


House for rent in Renon. 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool, carport, 2 storey, AC, hot water, living room, garden, 10 mins to sanur, 15 mins to kuta , Rp. 90 million/year. Call 085 6382 1456. [5548]


House for rent in Jl. Ratna-Rp 7.000.000/month, lease terms negotiable. 200m2, partly furnished, 3BR, 2 bath, hot water, 3AC’s, kitchen, RO-water, high ceilings, garage, gated, phone, hi-speed Wifi, new 42” LCDTV, 13kg washing machine, 7700W elect. E-mail <>. [5509]

C/Re/G-5 Sept. 12

Villa for rent daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Available 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms, fully furnished, hot & cold water, cable TV, swimming pool, parking lot, free Wi-Fi, 5 minutes to the beach & International school. Call 0361-887 6679 / 081 138 5315, e-mail <>. [4105] Sanur studio apt, self catering, A/C, pool, suit short or long term rentals, safe local area, 3.5 Juta p/m+ electric. Info: <>. Mob: 0819 9941 4624. [5491] Villa for rent close shops and beach. Fully furnished, 2AC bedrooms with bathroom, kitchen, nice livingroom, deck swimming pool and gazebo. Carport, phone line, internet, TV cable Rp.140 million per year. 0812 4639 3509 / <>. [5527] For rent. Brand new luxury villa, only 900m from beach, two storey, 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms kitchenset, living, dining area, pool, garden, carport, service area, wifi, furnished. Possible for longterm rent. For detail : <guzibga@gmail. com>. Call 0812 3955 5544. [5532] Residential houses, villas and lands in Sanur area for short and longterm or sale. For any request and appointment please call Murniati Agustina 081 2396 6744 or e-mail to <>. <www.>. [4171] Classic teak Joglo for rent in Sanur. 2 bedrooms 2 bath. fully furnished. Quiet secure street. Parking space, Rp. 70 million per year. call 0815 5810 4635 or <escolar1968@>. [5545] For rent private villa in Sanur. 3 bedroom, livingroom, pool, kitchen set, TV LCD, AC, hot water. Loc: 300 mtr to KFC Sanur. Contact 085 6372 1718 / 0878 6021 4713. [5547]

NC/Re/I-02 May 12

Without the right advice it’s a jungle out there.

NC/Re/G-5 Sept. 12


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 September - 19 September, 2012

LAND FOR SALE & RENT Seminyak,Oberoi: 5, 10, 12, 18, 15, 16, 21, 28, 30, 34 A Petitenget, Batubelig: 8, 10, 13, 15, 22, 28, 56, 72 A Canggu: 2, 3, 10, 11, 14, 15, 25, 28, 30, 44, 60, 80 A Umalas, Kerobokan: 2.45, 5, 15, 17, 20, 27, 32, 44 A Bukit Jimbaran: 2.8, 4, 6, 9, 18, 50, 82, 90 A, 1.88 H, 5 H Marlboro, Denpasar: 4, 7.8, 9, 15 A;


Location: Seminyak, Kerobokan, Canggu, Jimbaran 2 bedrooms villa with private pool for only $ 150/night Call : 081236333693, 08179725265, 0361 7870334 E-mail : NC/Re/G-08 August 12

FOR SALE Bar / Restaurant in Legian. Very well known with 8 years lease. Will consider equity partner with strong management skills.

Email : NC/RE/U-25 July 12

Bali Time Property

JL. Raya Batu Belig No.us8 Br. Umasari ,Kerobokan Kelod-Kuta Utara 80361 Bali Indonesia Phone : 0361 8621 888 / 0877 4752 668 LAND AND VILLA FOR SALE *. Seminyak Land for Sale in Peti tenget 32 are, Price 1,8 Billion/are. Ready to Build IMB, pondok wisata, 7meters road access. Hotel for Sale Jl. Raya Peti tenget 11,5 are, 86 room, 5 floor, price 35 Billion include IMB for hold. Hotel for sale close the beach Jl. Dyanapura 10 are price 75Billion, 53 room, swimming pool, restaurant, roof bar. *. Canggu Kavling start from 5are until 15are ,price 425 million/are . Jl. Subak Pangi Prerenan with rice paddy view, ready to build, 6 meters road access. Land for sale in Brawa close to Canggu Club 20 are , Price 750 million/are. Land for sale at Cemagi 52 are beach front, Price 550 million/are. *. Bukit Land for sale jl. Labuan said Pecatu bukit , 1Ha with full view, price 350 million/are.

C/Re/I-25 Jan 12



House for rent, ready to move in, 2 locations: Padang Griya, 6 are, building 200m2, 2 storey, AC, telp, 7 bedrooms & in Muding 3 are, 4 bedrooms + AC, big garden + AC. Please contact 7474 790 / 423 582. [4134]

Beautifully renovated 3 bed 3 bath home w/ private pool, granite kitchen, laundry room, huge picture windows w/ ricefield views from every room. High loft-like ceilings and spacious rooms. 3 years @ Rp. 150 million/year or 7 years @ Rp. 135 million/year with payments. TF +62 878 6198 8111. [4144]

Villa for rent, 5 are, swimming pool, in front of Lollypop School. And villa for rent in Banjar Pengubengan. AC, swimming pool, hot/cold water. Please contact 081 2363 0309 / 0878 6202 6999 . [4870] Brandnew Guesthouse in the heart of Antik business. Great quiet location, all facilities, pool, AC, hot water, Europe TV, DVD player, parking, free Wifi in Jl. Tangkuban Perahu No. 89. Telp 0815 5962 1263. <>. [4434] Villa for rent/sale, land 5 are, 3 bedrooms, TV, AC, 2 fans, bathroom + bathtub, water heater, Indovision, phone, 4400W, PDAM, pool, garden, bale. Jl. Munduk Sari 4A, Br. Semer, Kerobokan, Kuta Utara. Made (owner) 0878 6136 6610. [4923] Beautiful house. Rent 5 years located in Umalas Satu near French School. Very nice. Quiet & all renovated, spacious garden with possibility to make a pool. 2 bedroom. Contact 0818 55 4343. [4850]

Land for sale jl. Labuan said Pecatu bukit, 2,60Ha with Air Port, price 80 million/are Land for sale jl. Blimbing sari Pecatu bukit close to Alila 7,3Ha on clif front price 600 million/are. Land for sale at Nyang nyang beach 1,5 Ha on cliff front 450 million/are *. Nusa Dua Land for sale jl. Bay pass nusa dua 40 are ,price 650 million/are. In front gate of jl. Tol Nusa dua

House for sale minimalist 55/100. Two bedrooms, kitchen, livingroom, garage, garden in Jl. Gn. Payung III no. 3B. Very good location. For nego call 0813 3963 8270 or e-mail: <>. [5508]

*. Tabanan Land for sale in jl. Pantai Nyanyi. Beach front 35 are, price 700 million/are. C/Re/G-22 August 12


REAL ESTATE All ads Rp. 7.000 per word All ads must be paid before printing







Kerobokan, Canggu. Puchase in October below $500.000. <victoria.marsiana@gmail. com> or (0361) 805 0000. [001]


Jl. Majapahit No. 46 Kuta - Bali Telp : (0361) 755 392 [Hunting] Fax : (0361) 764 191 E-mail:

C/Re/A-2 May 12

Land for sale 2.5 are in Jalan Intan Permai next to jail road. Direct owner. Villa for rent in Pererenan Tumbak Bayuh, long or short term. 3 bedrooms, fully furnished, swimming pool, rain forrest view. Direct owner call 0878 6068 8825. [5511] New house for rent. 4+1 bedroom, pool, parking, open living, ricefield view, 4 bathroom, store room, maidroom, 4AC, kitchen-set, Perum. Puri Priscila, Jl. Mertasari. Rp.150 juta/year longterm nego. 0858 1403 7738 / <>. [5512] Cozy house for rent. Near Jalan Tangkuban Perahu. Convenient area. Easy access to Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Denpasar. New facilities, 1 bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, patio, small garden, garage, Rp. 85 million/4years. 081 138 0510, <>. [5523] House for rent Banjar Semer, quiet area. 4 bedrooms, living, dining, AC, kitchen, terrace, garden, garage, semifurnished or unfurnished, starting 15 September. Available for 27 months, 80 million year, 190 million for 27 months. +62 819 9910 0349 / <>. [5274]

Villa for rent in 3 villa compound, huge tropical garden (looking for woman renter), Banjar Anyar, $650/month inclusive electricity, laundry, maid, Indovision, very safe. <>, phone 081 2380 1989. [5556] New house for rent. 4 bed, 4bath, living room, kitchen, pool, garden, garage, gated, AC, ricefield view, high ceilings, spacious rooms, prime location next 3V fitness. 2 years Rp. 160million nego. Contact 0857 3912 7555 / 0857 3823 9777. [5559] Beautiful modern house for sale or lease at Jl. Gunung Salak Utara Kerobokan. 2 floors, 3 bedrooms, aircon, balcony, ricefield view, carport, nice area expatriate place, security, 100mtr to international school. 0813 3732 8888. [5529] For rent. Small beautiful house villa style, two storey, pool, 3 rooms, 2 bathroom, kitchen set, living and dining area, garden, carport, 5 minutes from Sunset Road, furnished. Only Rp. 65 million/year, min 2 years. Possible for longterm rent. Call 0819 9939 4455. [5531] House for rent, Green Kori Br. Kuwum Kerobokan. 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, AC, telp, carpark, garden, semi furnished, security, quiet area. Call owner 081 2382 7278 / 081 5570 0579. [5534] Beautiful house villa style for rent Jl. Gunung Salak, near Lollipop Preschool. 2 floors, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, AC, water heater, minibar, pool, garden, garage and fully furnished, cleaning staff. Rp. 120 mill/year. Min 2 years, long term negotiable. Call 0813 3848 7427. [4941] Fully renovated 2+1 bedroom single level villa on 2 are of freehold land in quiet area. Big living room opening onto terrace. 2 garages. Located in Padang Sambian between Tiara Gatsu supermarket and McDonalds. 10 minutes from Seminyak. Rp. 1.4 billion. Phone 0896 8544 7717 John. Email <> for photos. No agents please. [5538] Kerobokan: overcontract 2 authentic 100yo joglos, with exquisitely carved paneling set in idyllic lush garden with pool, water feature and fish pond in quiet secluded gang. Huge oversized bedroom with garden ensuite, 2nd bedroom, large living area, kitchen. Furnished with genuine antiques throughout. 6 years remaining. Joglos included in the deal. Contact Gaye +62 819 1620 0081 or e-mail <>. [4608]

Paradise is finding the perfect property to match your own outlook on life.

NC/Re/G-5 Sept. 12

Bali Advertiser

Real Estate

05 September - 19 September, 2012



O S % 5 4

“de Vins Sky Villa” Location is everything! Walk to the best bars and clubs in Bali or stroll 500m to the beach. Or just stay on the ‘Rooftop’ at de Vins Sky Villas which gives you a spectacular 270 degree view of the sunsets, has a massive pool and the Sky Bar and Restaurant. Enjoy Bali’s first Aqua Spa with de Vins Aqua Relaxation Spa and the Aquatonic Bathing Pool. de Vins Sky Villas features 100 fully furnished units, ranging from Studio Suites to Garden Villas. Most villas come with a special water theme with a Terrazzo Jacuzzi, a Private Pool or a Water Fall. Not surprisingly, de Vins Sky Villas Resort Development will return an exceptional ROI, offering a buyback guarantee of 200% in 10 years and a guaranteed return of 8% over 2 years.

A beachside investment in Bali where the sky is the limit. For more Sales information contact: Darlene Richard +62 (0) 81 239 622 113

NC/Re/G-5 Sept. 12

LEGIAN Villa for Sale. Large established 4 bedroom villa, separate staff house, 12.5m pool, large garden, 15 are. Close to Niksoma hotel, 125m from beach via public laneway right outside. 0823 4060 4801. [5343] Luxury furnished private villa for rent, 10 minutes walk Double 6 Beach, quiet gang, 2 bedrooms with AC, 2 bathroom, pool, garden, internet. Rp150 million per year (minimum 3 years). <>, call 0821 4590 3667. [5521] House for rent in Jl. Mataram, Legian. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, garage, non-furnished, close to all amenities such as: beach, supermarket, restaurant, clubs. Rp. 80 million/year. SMS only 081 2381 5292 or <> for inspection. [5499] For rent weekly, monthly villa with pool in Padma, Legian. Nice and quiet 2 bdrms with AC, living rooms and kitchen, Wi-Fi, cable TV, maid. Contact 0818 0204 1262. [5358]

TABANAN For Sale, directly from owner: Freehold land 10-20 are in Antosari near Soka Beach. This plot of land sits on the highest point in this area with stunning sea views that cannot be blocked, comes complete with access road, all certificates and is rezoned for building. Price: Rp. 39 Mill per are. Tel: +6281 855 5010. E-mail: <>. [1382] Minimalist house for sale in Kediri Tabanan. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, livingroom, kitchen, wastafel, small garden, garage plus 1 extra room for storage, etc. Clean, quiet, ricefield view. Price Rp. 275 million nego. Contact owner 081 805 369 219, <>. No agent please. [5444] Are you looking for land to buy in Tabanan area, small of big plots. Contact or e-mail directly to owner: Tel: +62 81 855 5010. E-mail: <>. [5452] Beachfront land overlooking the famous surfing point at Medewie, views to Jawa and mountains. 24, 6 are Rp. 55 million per are. Already landscaped with foundation wall, ready to build on. Photo’s available contact <leilareef78@>. [5550]

HERE’S ANOTHER TASTE OF PROPERTY ON THE A LIST A List Land Seminyak Beachfront . 27 are. Only beachfront land left. Licensed for condotel. Next to Pelangi Beach hotel. 55 year lease. Just USD6.8 mill nego. LL 010* Jl Petitenget 7+10 are. Quiet end of gang. Good shape for villas or townhouses. 30 yr lease Rp 10 mill/are/year.LL-021* Oberoi. Next to ‘The Club’ villas. Rare small block 5 are. Square shape. Palm- lined 6m avenue access . Position A. Rp2.8 billion per are. LS-095* Kuta Beachfront. 20 are freehold next to Holiday Inn. 27m white sand beachfront. 25m street access. Square shape. Last of its kind – don’t miss it! Rp4 billionj/are. Sth Kuta Beach. 10 are 50m from sand. Opp Holiday Inn. Good shape, good access. Rp 3.5 billion/are. A List Villas Petitenget. Stylish 3 br/3bth villa at end of quiet gang. Huge rental potential. 350m2 Brand new. Pool, full furn. Close to everything. USD375K. VL-026* Seminyak Central. 350m2. Brand new 2 br/3 bth villa with big pool. Beautifully furnished. USD235K. VL-040* Umalas. Close to Seminyak. New 3 br/bth villa with pool on 4 are. USD365K. Seminyak. Exceptional brand new villa. 15 are. 5 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, enormous living spaces, lap pool. Finest quality fixtures and fittings. Roof garden views. US$1.5 million. VL 035* Petitenget. Brand new. Jl Telaga Waja. Spacious 4 br villa on 3.5 are. 2 min walk to beach. CloseSentosa. Full furn. Pool. garage. Great rental potential. AUD$825.000 VL 036* Jimbaran. Villa-in-Resort. Stylish 4 br villa on 2 levels in boutique resort. Beautifully furnished. Full resort security and facilities. Great investment potential. US$900K freehold VS027* Ubud. Absolute steal! BELOW LAND VALUE. Amazing architectdesigned 5 pavilion villa in 2 hectares of virgin forest. 80% completed. Dream retreat for personal or business. 20+20 year price-locked lease. Just US$375K! VL015* Umalas. Reduced. Brand new, stylish 2 br/3bth villa. A.C, pool, big living/dining, lovely outlook. USD245K VS018* A List Hotels/Restaurant Oberoi bar/restaurant 18.5 are. Fully operational beer garden and BBQ restaurant. 350m2. Huge potential. All licenses. 8 yr lease. Rp 4M or Rp2M joint venture. *reference numbers for info from website: Enter number in ‘keyword’ top right.

KUTA Private room 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, AC, kitchen, hotwater, freezer, TV, fully furnished. Close to airport/beach 5 min. Nice room/safe. Call 0813 5767 8881. Rp. 3 mill / 4 mill/month, Rp. 200.000/day. [3617] Land + 4 are Br. Abianbase Kuta 25 years contract, Rp. 8 million per are (nego). Behind new Shiloam Hospital, excellent location opposite Carrefour, nice for villa. Urgent 081 967 7902. [5507] Restaurant for lease or sale in Kuta-Bali. Fully licensed. Many opportunities. Call 0857 3917 1232. [5522] Bungalow for rent located in central of Kuta in Jalan Legian Kaja. Please contact 0821 7404 4748. [5535] Bar/resto for rent / overcontract. 90m2, furnished, equipped, location Jl. Majapahit, mainroad Tuban-Kuta (Legian). Walk in and open today! Rp.120 million. 0818 0553 6293. [5558]

NUSA DUA 2 houses for rent, 2/4 bedroom (daily, weekly, longterm rental), furnished/unfurnished possible, quiet area - Land for rent/sale 5 - 30 are - All locations close to Geger Beach, 0361-777 092, 0361-877 1711 or e-mail <balifamily2000@>. [5041] For sale car wash with workshop (car repair station). Land size 10 are with stainless roof. Price Rp. 3,5 billion (nego). Please call Made for inspection (direct owner) 0818 0555 5594. No broker please. [5259] House for sale/rent in Puri Nusa Dua B12, full facilities, 3 rooms with AC, hot water, refrigerator, washing machine, Indovision TV, furniture by rattan, phone, garage+car. 4400Watt. 0813 3778 7003. [5514] Sale 2 or rent 1 or 2 beautiful villas freehold built 2010. Each house: 150sqm house + 120sqm terrace - 2bed/bathrooms, living, kitchen, fully furnished, AC, garden 10are, swimming pool, hill seaview. Owner (0361) 795 7160. [5540] 2 bedrooms villa for rent/sale with pool in Tanjung Benoa. Shop for rent, 7x11m in Uluwatu near GWK. Call 0819 9946 0161 / <> for picture. [5552]

Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 72 ,Tel/Fax: (0361) 735469 Website: | email: C/Re/I-05 Sept. 12

OLD S % 0 5 NE O E S PHA






The perfect set up for the ideal Bali lifestyle. Now Selling from AUD 215,000 Enjoy living near one of Bali’s most beautiful uncrowded beaches or have your own holiday villa cared for by a professional management company. The combination of Balangan Wave Resort and Balangan Beach’s waves is simply perfect. Choose from 48 one or two bedroom fully furnished villas with own garden and plunge pool. Enjoy the private Surf Club with two floors of entertainment and chilling areas, restaurant, swimming pool and Surf Cam. It doesn’t get much better in Bali. Ray White Projects - the most exciting development in Bali real estate services.

Now Selling. Enjoy priority, contact: Siska cell: +62 (0) 81 5574 9228

An investment in the heart of Petitenget you’ll love.

Umah Jegeg will be a small exclusive development of only 7 villass hidden away right in the middle of the new heart of Seminyak, Petitenget. Each will be fully furnished feauturing high end finishes with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, private swimming pool and parking. Strolling distance to Ku de Ta and Potatoe Head. Managed by Ray White Resorts. Lease thirty years with a thirty year option.

Price : US $320,000

Umah Jegeg ‘Beautiful Home.’

For more Sales information contact: Ray White Paradise +62 (0) 85 857 365 338

NC/Re/G-5 Sept. 12

We’ve got Bali covered.


SSEM577 Seminyak




THIS PROPERTY OOZES WITH “CLASS”. The “BEST” quality build you could imagine!!! The “BEST” quality materials available. This amazingly up market property in the heart of Seminyak just excels in all areas. Built personally by the vendor for him & his family to use for their own enjoyment for years to come – unfortunately life’s cruel blows at times & unforeseen personal circumstances means they must part with their “Pride & Joy”. Contact : Shane Walsh + 62 (0) 81 338 276 772 Title : Leasehold Price : USD 875,000

SJBN069 Jimbaran




This cozy house is located in prime location in Jimbaran. Walking distance to Four Seasons resort and Ayana resort. Just 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. To Jimbaran beach just take 5 minutes riding. If you like this area for investment, don’t miss this opportunity. Title

: Hak Milik Price : IDR 1,500,000,000

Contact : Ni Luh Murdani + 62 (0) 87 860 296 648

SSEM295 Seminyak




Arama Riverside Villa Bali is a villa complex in Nakula street. These plush spacious private villas, located within walking distance of the fashionable restaurants of Seminyak and a gentle ten minutes stroll to Double Six beach. ROI almost 12% a year, very good for Investment. There are 2 units from 11 unit villa still available. DON’T MISS IT....CONTACT ME... Leasehold for 42 years. Contact : Amber + 62 (0) 81 804 188 644 Title : Leasehold

Prices From : USD 295,000


SBUK777 Bukit




Enveloped by lush tropical garden and a huge salt-water private swimming pool. This private estate boasts 5 bedrooms, entertainment room, unique dining room and spacious living area. As the sun goes down, a sleek and modern private bar next to the pool and surrounded by garden can be the best spot to chill with friends and family. Relax, leave the world behind at this private estate… Title : Hak Milik Price : USD 1,400,000

Contact : Citra Dhamayanti + 62 (0) 81 805 430 453

SCGU100 Canggu




This spacious villa on 2200sqm of land in a quiet & highly demanded area of Canggu is perfect for every family. View guaranteed, overlooking luscious green belt rice fields. With 7 bedrooms, 2 of them being in a separate guest villa. Extremely well designed, the large breezy open living area has a unique design with a living green roof, enclosed TV room all complemented by a high end, cleverly designed kitchen. Contact : Ray White Paradise Title : Hak Milik + 62 (0) 87 861 867 277 Price : EURO 1,000,000

SBUK422 Bukit




This stunning property overlooking Jimbaran & Benoa Bay, 3 bedroom villa guarantees fantastic views. The 220 sqm 3-floor-villa sits on 400 sqm of cascading land. Excellently built with quality interior, marble floors & parquet wood in bedrooms, all with en suite bathrooms. For your leisure time choose between a refreshing swim in the well sized pool or relax in one of the bales or enjoy a drink & a fresh breeze on your spacious, roofed terrace. Contact : Mick Title : Hak Milik + 62 (0) 81 74 75 16 23 Price : USD 465,000

Exclusive UMA ARDHANI RESIDENCE Uma Ardhani Residence is located in Goa Gong the Bukit in a peaceful and quiet place on the hillside surrounded with trees and greenery. This is a place where you can breathe clean air and at night you will enjoy cool breezes. Uma Ardhani residence consists of 14 high quality 2 bedroom villas with common facilities. 60 year lease hold title / prices starting from USD 222.000. Excellent value for money! Title : Leasehold Prices from : USD 222.000

SBUK014 Bukit



Contact : Karl Wilkins +62 (0) 8155 701 729


RAY WHITE THE PARADISE PROPERTY GROUP IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE MOST EXCITING DEVELOPMENT IN BALI REAL ESTATE SERVICES. We are one of the few offices chosen from the 1650 Ray White Australia offices as an exclusive Ray White Projects agent with over 900,000 qualified investors already registered globally. As part of Bali’s most experienced and forward thinking agency, Ray White Projects is the ideal choice for developers to launch new projects. We are perfectly placed to meet the demands of new developments with our own in-house graphic design team, experience in product launch and ‘brand’ management. With our domestic and global networking associations we are one of Bali’s best connected real estate agents.

Global experience. Local knowledge. NC/Re/G-5 Sept. 12

C/Re/I-5 Sept. 12

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BA_05 September 2012  

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