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02 April 2014 - 16 April 2014

Business Hours Monday to Friday from 8:30 - 4:00 Jl. Majapahit No. 46, Kuta Tel : [0361] 755 392 [Hunting] - Fax : [0361] 764 191 E-mail: Website:

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Bali Advertiser

02 April - 16 April, 2014



ADVERTS 51 58 - 61 8

Cars, Motorcycles, Water Craft, etc. Employment Pet Parade


Bali Spirit Festival Eco Smart Solutions For Life

Jl. Raya Tukad Badung 9 D Renon - Denpasar, Bali Mall Junction. Jl. Teuku Umar (Depan Telkom)


Phone: 0361

57 7 64

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Bali Advertiser


02 April - 16 April, 2014

Moving Sale; 2 antique teak cabinets, 1 164cm x 169cm high. The other smaller. Sorry not possible photo. Call 0878 6252 1948. Seminyak. [172]

C/Ns/I-12 June 13

Moving Sale; 8 white louvre cupboard doors colonial style. Tables, chairs, floor mats + small carpets, lamps, rattan sofa set + coffee table, paintings. Teak benches, small tables + much more. Sorry no photos, please call 0878 6252 1948. Seminyak. [173] For Sale; Harrods sheets, from London. Queen size, cream color, 3 sets with pillow cases. Call 0878 6252 1948. Seminyak. [174]

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Email :

Jalan Oberoi No.17 Seminyak - Kuta - BALI Phone +62 361 7190419 Jimbaran Corner Shopping Center, Jalan Raya Uluwatu - Jimbaran - BALI Phone +62 361 704224 Email: info Website: C/Ns/I-19 March 14

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Jeune & Jolie During a holiday with her family in the South of France, a teenage girl experiences her sexual awakening. On her return to Paris, and University, the girl starts a double life as a prostitute, so that she can explore her aroused sexuality further. However, unexpected events are to occur, which makes her re-evaluate her actions. Francois Ozon is probably the best director currently working in French cinema. His movies are always just a little bit off-beat, but, they are always intriguing, and, always beautifully produced. With its sumptuous photography and elegant style, ‘Jeune & Jolie’ is an excellent example of Francois Ozon’s work. The very talented young actress Marine Vacth makes a striking example of Ozon’s idea of morally corrupted youth. Monsters University*# In this latest episode of the ‘Monsters Inc.’ series of cartoons, two teenage monsters have to go to Monsters University to learn how to scare. Okay, the story is predictable and there are no surprises in the outcome, however, the humor in the cartoon is great. The computer-animation, especially the color and texture, is outstanding. Plus, if you are able to watch the cartoon in 3D, then you will find that the depth and definition of the pictorial space is really amazing. Children and their parents will all enjoy this entertaining cartoon. Kill Your Darlings The group of 1950s American poets known as ‘The Beats’, or, ‘The Beat Generation’, have featured a lot lately in recent movies. First of all there was a movie concerned with their period of fame, then, along came another film which looked at them several years later, when they had fallen into oblivion. Now, we have a movie which looks at their origins. ‘Kill Your Darlings’ looks at the poets when they were young radical students at University. The movie shows how they came together to form their poetry group, and, it also focuses on their sexual hi-jinks, along with a little known murder which took place within their ranks. The movie is interesting enough, but, it is now time to give ‘The Beat Generation’ a rest, before they become completely boring. Better Living Through Chemistry A pharmacist is trapped in a boring marriage, but, he is soon to meet an equally bored ‘trophy’ wife of a rich man, and, they embark on a torrid affair. The ‘trophy’ wife shows the pharmacist how to more thoroughly enjoy the various contents of his chemist shop. Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde give good performances in this risqué comedy, which does contain a serious message about prescription drugs. Jane Fonda acts as the impersonal narrator of the film, and, it is taken for granted that we all know who she is. Winter’s Tale Relax. This movie is not a dreary adaptation of Shakespeare’s play. In fact, it is a rather interesting story about a man who can perform a miracle to save the life a very sick girl. However, a representative of Lucifer goes to great lengths to try to stop the man from doing this deed. Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe star in this puzzling piece of magical-realism, from Akiva Goldsman. I, Frankenstein Two hundred years have passed since Dr. Frankenstein created his monster. Having killed off his creator, the monster is now involved in a modern day war between the forces of good and evil. This movie is high on production values, but, it takes the Frankenstein mythology into new ridiculous realms. The movie has nothing at all to do with the ideas voiced in Mary Shelley’s classic novel, or, any of the really great horror flicks that the novel spawned. Mr. Pip While a civil war is raging on a remote South Pacific island, the only white man living there is reading to the children of the island Charles Dickens’ novel ‘Great Expectations’. In a series of very silly fantasy sequences, the islanders reenact the story. There is a message hidden somewhere in the movie, but, the movie is so pretentious that it is hard to take it seriously. A Birders Guide To Everything Some teenage bird watchers go away for a weekend to try to spot a duck believed to be extinct. During their search they learn a lot about themselves.

Bali Advertiser

02 April - 16 April, 2014

Diary by Mr. Robet

C/Ns/G-30 May 12

The Past In this French ‘kitchen sink’ soap opera, a dysfunctional family, living in a shabby house on the outskirts of Paris, goes on and on about their problems. Age of Uprising In the 16th Century a horse-trader is duped by the local Lord. The horse-trader initiates a peasant uprising, and, eventually comes to a sticky end. Deliveryman In the past a man donated to a sperm bank, but, he now finds himself the father of over 500 children, of which over 100 are suing him for paternity. The Returned A virus is turning everyone into zombies, and, the antidote is running out. Grudge Match 30 years after their last fight, two old boxers slug it out in a grudge match. On The Job Two Philippine contract killers get involved with a political assassination.

iFix @BALI

0812 383 22222

Apple® Repair Specialist • Repair : Macbook/Pro/Air + iPhone + iPad + iPad Mini + iPad Air + iPod Touch. • Sparepart : Macbook/Pro/Air + iPhone + iPad + iPad Mini + iPad Air + iPod Touch. • Application : Macbook/Pro/Air + iPhone + iPad + iPad Mini + iPad Air + iPod Touch. • Unlock : iPhone 2G + 3G + 4G + 4S + 5G + 5C + 5S. • Software Update : iPhone + iPad + iPad Mini + iPad Air + iPod Touch. • We buy used broken : iPhone / iPad / iPad Mini / iPad Air / Macbook / Pro / Air • Accessories. C/Ns/A-22 Jan 14

Gaten Ragnarok Some Norwegian archeologists try to get to the bottom of a Nordic Myth. Model Behavior A model agent is murdered and many of his lovely clients are the suspects. Freezer A man is mistaken for a gangster and he is thrown into a restaurant freezer. Life Of A King An ex-con tries to reform some delinquents by introducing them to Chess.

Mr. Robet’s Best Buys One Chance A shy shop assistant wins the television competition ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Inside Llewyn Davis Folk songs and singers are to revive America after the Eisenhower Period. The Wolf Of Wall Street An ambitious stockbroker is working on Wall Street during the late 1980s. Jeune & Jolie During a summer holiday a teenage girl experiences her sexual awakening. Only Lovers Left Alive Husband and wife vampires have a hard time adapting to the 21st Century. Frozen A princess is cursed with a curious gift and anything she touches turns to ice. All Is Lost* A solo yachtsman gets into big problems in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Monsters University*# Two teenage monsters must go to Monsters University to learn how to scare. Thor 2, The Dark World*# Back on his home planet Thor has to confront his conniving and evil brother. Gravity*# A space station is destroyed and only one survivor is left marooned in space. * Also available on Blu Ray. # Also available in 3D. E-mail: Copyright © 2014 Mr. Robet You can read all past articles of DVD Diary at

C/Ns/I-02 April 14

Jewels by Irwan 1st prize for design in Paris

extraordinary jewels for extraordinary people

tel: 0811824302 Mozaic Restaurant (Ubud) & Hotel Tugu, Bali

(using Indonesian gems only)

We are always interested in exhibition opportunities abroad


C/Ns/I-25 Dec 13

Bali Advertiser


02 April - 16 April, 2014


Looking for Income?

- Learn to trade financial markets for Income - Expert tuition from professional market trader and Bali resident - 1 day intensive course $495 - Longer courses available with ongoing support - Benefit from 15 years of accumulated financial market wisdom

Contact Email:


Phone: 082236639983

Contact Martin for a discussion about your suitability to become a market trader. NC/Ns/I-02 April 14

SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOUR ORGANIZATION Most people these days use social media extensively - in their private lives. You may feel intimidated or unsure about using social media for business, or developing a public personal brand, but constantly hear about the bene¿ts of social media. However, you can’t decide on your social media plans until you know your overall public relations and marketing plans ¿rst. Here are some questions you need to answer before you dive into social media: • What is your organizational or personal brand? • How do you convey your brand to your existing audience and customers? • What is your or your organization’s story? • How can social media help you to tell your story to a wider audience? HOW CAN YOU USE SOCIAL MEDIA? Marketing, public relations and advertising have been around for a long time. Social media is simply the newest set of tools to accomplish these activities. However, there is one key difference: social media allows interaction between individuals and companies in an interactive, transparent and accountable way. Social media also allows for the rapid and wide spread of information, especially negative information. Different organizations and individuals will use different tool-sets. Some may focus on their Facebook and Twitter communities, while others are busy exploring the visual possibilities of Instagram and Pinterest. Develop the tools that work best for your organization and your unique message and story. Start with the best or most widely-known and used, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Restaurants, hotels or shops may use FourSquare or other location-based type of social media. Experiment with newer or less familiar tools, such as Pinterest and Linked In. A good way to begin is by getting a book that offers a comprehensive overview of using social media. Some well-respected titles are: The New Rules of Marketing and PR (Scott), The Social Media Advantage for Small Business (Berkley/Walter), Social Media Engagement for Dummies (Sherman/Smith) or The Zen of Social Media Marketing (Kabami). There are many good books available that will walk you through individual social media platforms and how to succeed on them. A few good ones are: The Facebook Era (Shih); The Power Formula for Linked in Success (Breitbarth); The Tao of Twitter (Schaefer); YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts (Lastufka/Dean). Make sure you get an edition published within the last few years, as social media platforms are always changing. Mashable ( is a well known online source for news and information on social media and technology. They have free, useful guides on their website for using Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Google+. Alternatively, you can search for free tutorials on YouTube, the video sharing platform, or enroll for an online class or webinar (an online seminar) on social media. Some charge fees, but you can often ¿nd them for free. The key is to experiment and ¿nd what channels work best for your organization. Make a point of asking your staff, customers and other stakeholders what they want to see from your brand. You will learn over time what social media platforms work best for your particular story. The best thing about social media is that everyone is still learning, even the experts, and people are generally supportive of others’ social media efforts. WHAT’S YOUR ‘ELEVATOR PITCH’? Imagine that you run into the CEO of your company in the elevator as he is on his way to a meeting. He hasn’t got much time and doesn’t really understand this ‘whole social media thing.’ Can you tell the CEO, in two minutes, the gist of your strategies and approach to using social media? If you work for yourself, then imagine delivering your ‘elevator pitch’ to a friend. Do they understand your story or your message, and how you want to share them, in two minutes? If you can’t explain your social media strategy in a twominute ‘elevator pitch’, both to outsiders and to people within your organization, then chances are you are not ready to use social media. You must be clear, ¿rst, on the story or message that your organization or brand wants to send out to the world.

SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS • Whatever your industry, make good customer service your top priority, whether your audience are donors, customers, patrons, users or viewers. • Pick a few channels at ¿rst and learn to use them well. Most people and companies start with Facebook , Twitter

and You Tube. • Set a daily time limit for social media use and stick to it. • Subscribe to an organizing service, i.e. Hootsuite or Sprout Social. These services bring together all your social media accounts in one place. The best part about condensing your social media is that you can control the message or story that you are sending out and keep consistency across different platforms. Either service will also provide built-in analytics, so you can start to measure your social media impact. A good organizing service will also have tutorials on their site to get you started. • The “community” you are building online is made of people; never take them for granted. • Social media is about telling stories. What’s your story? • Be prepared to make mistakes. Learn from your mis takes and embrace them. People will be more understanding than you think. • Always be honest and transparent. • Don’t forget to ask your audience periodically for feed back and ideas. • Be consistent and regular in your updates and social media usage. • Make sure you have dedicated staff whose job it is to handle your social media. Never assign the task to your youngest staff and certainly not to a trainee. This is important • Ensure that all staff responsible for social media know the company culture and message well, and are aware of their roles and responsibilities. Social media usage should not be ad hoc. • Don’t forget that every time you post something on the internet, IT IS PERMANENT.

Starting package Rp. 1.850.000/static web incl. annual web hosting & domain name (space up to 250Mb) For more info & appointment call 081 2386 6175 NC/CI/P-11 Dec. 13

DEVELOP SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES Develop clear guidelines for social media usage, consistent with your organization’s operating principles, media guidelines and staff code of conduct. Consult with your legal or human resources department on the guidelines, if your company is large enough. Make sure that all staff, including temporary and contract workers and freelancers, are aware of the social media guidelines, can easily access a copy and have training on what they mean.

NC/Ns/I-08 Jan 14

PREPARE A SOCIAL MEDIA CRISIS PLAN Research shows that the companies that are best prepared to handle a social media, or public crisis of any kind, are the ones that have planned ahead and prepared a crisis plan in advance.

AVOIDING A SOCIAL MEDIA CRISIS • Ensure that social media is monitored daily. How often is your social media updated and read? Is someone reading your social media feeds on evenings and weekends? People are usually most active on their private social media accounts outside of regular business hours. • Do you know in advance where potential weaknesses/ threats lie? Do a public relations SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis. • Decide in advance what constitutes a social media crisis for your organization: Is your organization or brand harmed? Is customer good will in jeopardy? • Be sure that all staff know the chain of command and areas of responsibility for responding to a crisis – preparing a Àowchart and distributing it to everyone in the organization is a good idea. RESPONDING TO A SOCIAL MEDIA CRISIS

Long staying with interest rate more than 50% off save

SPACE RENTAL WITH 24M2 x 19,99M2 SUITABLE FOR PUB OR RESTAURANT With lovely views of sunsets over Jimbaran bay

TAKE OVER: 25 Luxury pool villas Jimbaran Hill facing the giant Garuda Wisnu Kencana The views and sunset over Jimbaran Bay For further information, please contact:

Vestita Soetedja

t. +62 361 8481 800 | f. +62 361 8481 888 | Mobile. 081999963779 E: C/Ns/I-02 April 14

• Give people the chance to vent. • Don’t remove comments or feedback, unless they violate your social media guidelines. If you do remove comments, explain why. • Act quickly. If someone posts negative or critical information about your organization, respond as quickly as possible. • React in the channel in which the crisis has happened. If a negative comment starts on Twitter and spreads on Twitter, answer it on Twitter. • Minimize the damage by responding quickly, addressing the issue that started it, and don’t let the issue spread to other platforms. • Say ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank you’ and mean it. • Make sure all your staff is aware of the crisis and know how to respond. • Create a ‘Crisis FAQ’ that can be posted on your website or emailed if the problem is extensive or sustained. • Have a place where you can direct people to answer their concerns, and respond promptly. • Find the lesson you need to learn, if necessary. And learn it! • Update your social media SWOT and Àowchart, if needed. Email Liz at Copyright © 2014 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of Social Media Bytes at C/Ns/G-2 April 14

Bali Advertiser

02 April - 16 April, 2014



Remember the Moon cycle started with both the Sun and Moon conjoined Uranus on March 31st and this fortnight ends with the Full Moon eclipse at 26 degrees of Libra sitting next to our Karmic North Node. I can’t emphasize enough the power of this time with our Grand Cardinal Cross positioned between two eclipses, exact on April 22nd. This eclipse highlights the destiny points and in Bali the chart ruler is Mercury, who is in Aries and conjoined Uranus (part of the Cross along with Jupiter, Pluto and Mars). This nodal axis or destiny points for Bali are in the 2nd house of values (north node) and the 8th house of transformation and shared resources (south node). The north node is our future and south our past and the remembered skills we bring to the table now. Jupiter is positioned in the 11th house of community and enlarges familial values. Mars is an advocate for change, positioned directly conjunct that second house of values and wants fairness and equality for all. Pluto is in the 5th house of children and we look to their future now as the communications become raw, honest and authentic. Our Pisces planets are working to bring compassion and understanding through their connection to Jupiter in Cancer who is also prompting hearts to open and expand. These are challenging days indeed, with the deep mix of emotions and spontaneous and honest outbursts; keeping your internal balance a must, as you are coerced to grow and expand beyond your old self. FULL MOON eclipse 25 Libra 16 April 15, 2014 3:43 p.m.

ARIES The Full Moon is in your house of intimate relationships and really brings to the surface any discordance or unfairness that has plagued them. You are very focused on your own concerns at the moment with the Sun in your first house of self-interest. Mercury and Uranus are also in Aries and that first house, making you particularly outspoken. The challenge comes from your career sector and the home arena and there will be no resolve at this time as the pressure simply builds to boiling point this fortnight and on into the next. Keep your cool as best you can and be fair and yet honest within your dealings.

LIBRA All this eclipse energy is focused on your first house of self. Mars also is activating this area of your chart and brings a re-modelling of your personality, if not, your physical body. The Aries duality is playing out in the area of your significant other who is also by now, on a road to their own selfdiscovery. Your home is being renovated literally or metaphorically and your career or life purpose has taken on a more sentimental overtone. Family may be more involved in your projects than ever before. How you deal with these different areas of your life is anybody’s guess, although you may want to stay with that Libran equilibrium.

TAURUS Venus is included in the Pisces line-up that is harmoniously positioned to Jupiter in Cancer. Relationships, although very watery and emotional, bring you a sense of balance through these unstable weeks. Jupiter in your third house of communication offers the opportunity to clear up issues from your past and Pluto insists that you transform your lateral thinking and make it a little more universal. The Full Moon eclipse is in your work and service sector and brings an emphasis to the direction you are heading. It also relates directly to your health and pets that you have or animals that you are in charge of. Change is in the air.

SCORPIO A twelfth house eclipse is very mystical and this is what it will be for you. You may require some solitude or meditation by the time it swings around. Introspection is the key here, although the work that you do will benefit deeply from the inspiration you receive in those quiet hours. Radical new ideas are going to come to you and this will create a natural departure from some people and places. Communication continues to be powerful and you realize that you feel more emotionally connected to higher, more universal concepts. This is a great time to learn a little human psychology.

GEMINI This Eclipse energy sits directly in the house of romance and children. What are your obligations with regard to them and how is your love life or the way you approach meeting potential partners? Perhaps there is a destined meeting on the cards over this next month. The Sun highlights your individuality within the community and yet this North Node is pulling you towards a more deeply shared intimate experience with those you love and adore. There will no doubt, be some interesting discussions with friends over these topics with some challenges thrown in from that deeply transformational eighth house which is being visited by Pluto.

SAGITTARIUS This month sees your house of friends, groups and community taking the emphasis of the eclipse energy. You may wish to form strong new connections or take some action on something that has been on your mind with regard to creating groups or forums. Your humanitarian heartstrings are being plucked. Jupiter is in the eighth during the Cross and helps to emotionally dislodge some old thought forms and addictions. Authority figures once respected will be leaving your life and will no longer control what you do or don’t do. Some of you may be separating from children who are transitioning to adults.

CANCER Jupiter remains in your first house of self-focus, bringing self-love and nurture. The eclipse challenge and growth point is being activated through the home and career arenas. This discordance brings deeply powerful resurrection and/ or endings to primary relationships, whether they be business, familial or romance. Your home life demands a re balancing, bringing a more fulfilling sense of comfort and safety. This will reflect back onto your worldly personality and status within your career sector. This is the time to strike out on your own with your new ideas and skills from the ancient past. No less than a new you developing at this very important time.

CAPRICORN This eclipse is in your career sector and targets certain things that need to be done now to bring you into a new comfort zone of independence. Restructuring yourself and giving of yourself emotionally within relationships are both a priority at this time and it takes a little balancing to get it right. There will be many opportunities to change your mind and to get a different perspective on old topics. Let you heart rule over your head when it comes to making important decisions or ones that are based on sentimental matters. You are capable of achieving much over these coming weeks, although they will be filled with challenges.

LEO With the Eclipse in your third house of short distance travel, siblings and communication, things will be moving at quite a pace. The polar opposite and past point is in your ninth house of long distance travel. Perhaps it is time to become a little more solid where you find yourself and develop a deeper sense of community. You are finding much solace within yourself and are able now to bring this to your work and deep selfless service. This work area is being resurrected now and Uranus in your eighth house of transformation is making sure of that. The communications that ensue this fortnight are fiery and at times fierce.

AQUARIUS If you are planning to travel you may wish to revise and review your plans during this coming eclipse portal as there are things you’ve not considered that will come into the mix over this fortnight. Communication is challenging at the best of times although brilliant new ideas will flow thick and fast. Your divine transformation or the giving up of addictions (or someone close to you) is still in the mix and the repercussions in the work place will bring a deeper emotional bonding. Relationships are transforming in a deeply powerful and lasting way and taking your love to a more universal and higher level. Your attachments are less defined now.

VIRGO As the Moon moves towards its eclipse this fortnight, you are set to witness some new values entering your life. With more of a sense of fairness and sharing for all, you are inspired to release much of what no longer serves you on so many levels. Old ideas that have seen their day are leaving to be replaced by fresh new thoughts, ideas and beliefs. Your thoughts are original deep and inspired and often challenged by those you love, like your children or your Beloved. Friends and groups hold a very nurturing space for you as you reflect on and share your emotions. This is the time for action.

PISCES With an eclipse in your house of endings, death either literal or archetypal, will take place over the coming weeks. You may wish to take action on how and what you share with others within all types of relationships. You are now ready to share your new beliefs with others in an inspirational way. Groups and friends also fall under this transformational umbrella and this includes the children in your life. Many are ready for a new romance that brings a deeper bonding and sharing. There is a strong group of Pisces planets in your first house that are bringing healing to your visible interaction with the world through your personality.

C/Ns/G-3 April 13

ECR & Mini Printer

Electronic Cash Register



JL. Suli No. 119 B2, Denpasar Tel: (0361) 225796, 7800965 Fax: 225796 Email: Website:

Jakarta: 021-3841789, Surabaya: 031-70927541, Yogyakarta: 0274-419590, Bandung: 022-70720142, Medan: 061-77861699 C/Ns/I-01 May 13

C/Ns/I-05 Feb 14

Follow daily updates on my facebook page vibhutianjali Copyright © 2014 Vibhuti-Teri Norris You can read all past articles of Horoscope at C/Ns/G-2 April 14

Bali Advertiser


02 April - 16 April, 2014

For Sale; Commercial size oven with 6 burners for sale. Brand new never been used. Brand name Cobra. Please call 0878 6001 6401. Canggu. [084] For Sale; Original coral & turquoise lux bracelet, Zuri high end brand, new condition. Nego price. Please sms +62 813 3703 6348. For pictures email: <mcntlp@yahoo. com> / <anny.made@gmail. com>. [059] For Sale; Cheap clothes for women, new & second but still in good quality. Nego price. Please sms +62 813 3703 6348. For pictures email: <mcntlp@yahoo. com> / <anny.made@gmail. com>. [060]

Now baking for your breakfast items such as Assorted Croissant, Assorted Danish, Assorted Doughnut, Assorted Muffin and Bread such as Baguette, European Bread, Burger Bun, Hotdog Bun and we make fine toast such as White Toast, Brown Toast, Rye Toast and many more. Also available finest selection of pastry products such as Apple Pie, Chocolate Cake, Black Forest, Tiramisu, Baked Cheese Cake, Carrot Cake, Pralines and Truffles Chocolate, Assorted Cookies and many more. Tan’s Bakery Pastry is ISO 22000:2005 certified for food safety management, which caters for hotels, villas, cafes and restaurants. FREE DELIVERY WITH MINIMUM ORDER APPLIES Jl. Raya Legian 123B. T: 0361 750 625 F: 0361 768 437 Inquiries :, C/Ns/G-20 March 13

C/Ns/G-10 July 13

C/Ns/G-22 Jan. 14

C/Ns/I-24 July 13

The Rotary Clubs of Bali and the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank are working together to increase the awareness about the severe shortage of Rh Negative Blood types here in Bali. These are much less prevalent in Asian populations (0.3%) vs. European populations (10%). If you have Rh Negative Blood and would be prepared to help save a life, please contact the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank office today at 0361-227 224 and one of their mobile units will visit you at your home/ office/hotel for your generous donation.

* Please note - the staff is professionally trained to International Standards and always uses new disposable needles. In addition, the Blood Bank is currently expanding its present list of Rh Negative Blood donors. If you are living in Bali and would be willing to have your name placed on a ‘confidential list’ for emergency cases, please call Ibu Metta - 081 855 2299 (English speaking).

Help SAVE a life TODAY by sharing this information with your friends, colleagues and customers.

Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser NC/Ns/I-27 Nov 13

C/Ns/G-2 April 14

02 April - 16 April, 2014


Bali Advertiser

Shipping container share space needed to Brisbane or Perth. Email <brad@>. [067]

JL. BY PASS NGURAH RAI - 1 km from Statue Dewa Ruci Just Before Mitra 10

Moving Sale; Nusa Dua bedrooms kitchen lounge room everything must go between April 8 and April 14 only. Email <maddogyap@> for info. [068] C/Ns/M-5 Mar. 14

C/Ns/G-8 Jan. 14

C/Ns/G-19 March 14

C/Ns/I-16 Oct 13

Pet Parade

Pet owners: Please sterilize your dogs & cats to preserve the natural environment.

Pets To Give Away / Wanted / Lost / Found These ads are free. E-mail to:

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BALI BUSINESS CONSULTING VISA SERVICES Working visa (Working KITAS) Retirement Visa (Retirement KITAS) Family Visa (Family KITAS) Social Visa Business Visa Tourist Visa Visas to another country COMPANY SERVICES PMA, PT, CV OTHER SERVICE Real Estate - Villa Rental & Sales & Land Deal, Legal Advice, Document Legalization, Insurances-House, Medical, Vehicle Insurance, Driving License, Other, License-Restaurant, Building, Employment Agency, etc OFFICE HOURS : 10.00 - 18.00 M-F Luh Syanthi Dewi, English & Indonesian spoker : 081337507588 Bali Business Consulting Jl. Patimura 777, Legian, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 80361 Phone: 0361 2124441 www.facebook/balibusinessconsulting C/BT/G-10 July 13

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Office :

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New & Extension Visa Retirement KITAS Pls call: 0361 - 739083 Jl.Tangkuban Perahu No.1 Kerobokan

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Family KITAS Working KITAS Legal Wedding All relevant business

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aeronautical charts. The TOC maps were so good Chinese custom officials often confiscated them. They thought they contained military secrets. Did your job only consist of selling travel aids?

Michael Marcuson: Travel Consultant

Anything travel related could arise. One time a guy walked in, “Where does a fellah get a passport?” I then asked, “When do you need it?” It was Tuesday and he needed by the following Monday. I went into action and told the guy what he had to do step by step real quick – get your photo right now in the shop; get your birth certificate tomorrow, tell them at the passport office that your grandmother is having a medical emergency, etc. He got his passport in time. How important are guidebooks in traveling? A guidebook that fits your needs can unquestionably enhance a journey. The quickest and easiest way to evaluate a guidebook is to look up a small to medium-sized city or destination. Check the quality of the writing and how thorough the coverage is. Listen to the voice to see if it’s the voice you want to travel with. But don’t let the guidebook become the boss. I remember a man engrossed in a guidebook while walking across magnificent Saint Mark’s Square in Venice. It takes years of traveling to learn to feel confident enough to travel without a guidebook. Can you recommend a book about guidebook writing?

American Michael Marcuson, a regular visitor to Bali, was born and raised in Minnesota where he worked the land and milked the cows and dreamt of adventures in far away places. In 1967 on his 18th birthday he enlisted in the U. S. Army as an infantry paratrooper to go to Viet Nam. After his discharge in the U.S., he got involved with Vietnam Veterans Against The War and did counseling with returning vets at the Vets House in Minneapolis. Michael studied acting at Metropolitan College in Minneapolis and the Actors Workshop in Boston and worked as a professional actor from 1975 to 1985. In 1989 he started a new career with the famous Easy Going Travel Store in Berkeley, California where he worked 17 years as a travel consultant. At our home Bali recently, I got a chance to interview Michael about guidebooks and the traveling life. What was your job at Easy Going? As one of the best specialist travel bookstores in the whole USA, we provided everything a traveler could need except their tickets: travel books and literature, maps to everywhere on earth, day packs to roll- aboard bags to expedition packs, travel clothing, passport pictures, International Drivers Licenses, electrical adaptors and transformers. I would regularly sell $800 worth of guidebooks and maps to customers that were travelling around the world. We had regular in store author readings and events. I was encouraged to travel and I traveled internationally every year. The Internet ultimately put Easy Going out of business in 2005. We sold a range of travel products online until 2007 when the travel bookstore was forced to close down for good. Did you get any unusual customer requests? On occasion I was asked to provide very hard to get maps of places like the Aleutian Islands or trouble spots in Africa. Once a customer who was embarking on a trip to southern French Polynesia asked if I could get a map for a section of atolls and small islands. I deduced that he was going to examine coral damage from French nuclear weapon testing. What he needed was not available from any map provider at the time. I thought it over and searched nautical chart sellers. I found a dealer in New Orleans who had the charts he needed. He was flabbergasted that a map even existed. Other difficult requests included maps for remote places in China for which I usually provided Tactical Operational Charts by the defense mapping agency’s

There’s a wonderful book called Route 66 A.D., which traces the most popular itinerary of the ancient Romans – the world’s earliest tourists - in search of adventure and culture abroad. It follows the same itinerary of the world’s oldest guidebook written by Pausanias, published in the First Century A.D., to the interesting places, architecture, sculpture and curious ancient customs of Ancient Greece. Quoting from the ancient text at each present day site, the author found out that when it comes to cheap souvenirs, rented transportation and rip-off mercenary guides little has changed through 20 centuries!

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Our Services: VISA EXTENSION RETIREMENT VISA (MIN 55 YEARS OLD) WORKING VISA (KITAS) ARTIST VISA & MULTIPLE BUSINESS VISA SET UP COMPANY (PT & PMA) OFFICE : Head Office Jl Raya Semer No.26 Kerobokan Kuta Utara Phone/Fax : (0361) 736342 Branch Office Jl Legian No. 355 Legian Kuta Phone/Fax : (0361) 759255 Email : Website:

Contact Person : 081 2362 8737 or 081 2468 8357 C/BT/I-19 Feb 14

What do you carry when on a trip? Little things can make a difference. A collapsible cup and an immersion coil to heat water for making tea or coffee. When you pull into a place at 4 am it’s a comfort. I put several copies of my passport and any other travel documents in my main bag, my carry on and on my person. A passport/money carrier that you wear under your clothing is essential for security and peace of mind. Duct tape is handy; to save space, wrap it around a short pencil. A large notebook tablet for sign making for locating people or I’d hold it up at airports with the words, “Share a taxi to the city?” An inflatable balloon globe is a very good icebreaker and an all around great item to travel with. C/BT/G-02 Oct. 13

What research do you do before you go? Check visa requirements. Just because you didn’t need a visa ten years ago doesn’t mean you don’t need one now. Get local money before you arrive. $100 is what I find right. Is there more than one airport in the city you are traveling through? You might arrive in one and be booked to fly out from another. Get to the airport early. This will reduce stress and allow you time to write, read and relax. Find out the hours and days that the places you are interested in are open. Check the local news for events of interest. Festivals, strikes, demonstrations, or weather changes could be of importance to you. Don’t forget little gifts to leave for the new friends you make. The more you give the more you will receive. Have a light heart and be in the moment.

For anyone interested in being considered for Siapa, please contact: <> Copyright © 2014 Bill Dalton You can read all past articles of Siapa at C/BT/G-5 Feb. 14

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At Bedugul Lake View Shop House, Candi Kuning - Bedugul, Tabanan Open daily from 08:00 - 16:00 hours. Monday closed For order please call:

0368-2033102, 08123812843 C/NS/I-27 Nov 13

Restaurant Review

By Gerry Williams E-mail:

The Fishermen of Peru! Chimu is a Peruvian restaurant, unique in Bali. The coast of Peru, similar to Bali, is lined with small fishing villages, but unlike their Bali fellows Peruvian fishermen go to sea for days on end. What is there to eat….nothing but fish! Traditional fishing boats mean no cooking facilities so many methods have been designed, over centuries, of consuming fresh raw fish. As a result the honorable Ceviche, which originated here in the coastal regions of the Americas, is at the centre of a local Peruvian’s diet and Peru has more varieties thereof than any other country. Alternately mountain villages in Peru also consume meat and together they make up Peruvian cuisine. Potatoes, chilli peppers [capsicum], quinoa are all essential parts of a Peruvian diet. Quinoa the 21st century health saviour of the west traces back to the days of the Incas who made a type of bread from it even though Quinoa is a seed, not a grain. The Chimu were a pre-Incan culture in Peru who worshipped the moon. They were the first known civilization [around 900 AD] to take to the ocean, in a rude form of water craft made from reeds, for fishing. At Chimu Executive Chef Alonso de Romana presents Peruvian cuisine as traditionally as possible. Eat in the upstairs section of the restaurant and enjoy the sea breezes, or downstairs overlooking the water-spouting gajah. It is great to see that all menu items that are gluten-free are so marked. Every restaurant in Bali, catering to tourists, should follow suit. Mojama de Tuna is four fingers of salt-cured tuna, drizzled with olive oil, an amazing taste that whilst the salt is ever present it is still not overwhelming. Pulpo al Olivo is octopus, tender and thinly sliced then tossed with lettuce, onions and black olive sauce, more international are the Panko Prawns, three crumbed and fried king prawns with tartar and sweet and sour sauces. Non seafood snacks include a Trio of Dips served with cassava sticks, Tequenos are fried pastry rolls stuffed with feta cheese and a guacamole with a tang. Zuketi Rolls are made from grilled zucchini combined with goat cheese, fresh spinach and basil. Champinones al Ajillo is simple button mushrooms that have been sauteed with garlic, parsley and olive oil.

The entrée list continues the seafood journey presenting it raw and fresh in many different ways. At the top of that list is the famous Ceviche. It starts with the fresh fish of the day which is taken raw and marinated in lime juice, chopped red chillies and coriander. This mix, after the marinade process, is tossed with lettuce, corn, onions and caramelized sweet potato. For a small extra cost, prawns are scattered top, the way to go! Tiradito Criollo introduces a Japanese influence with the raw fish sliced like sashimi but served in a red chilli cream sauce. More standard are a Prawn Cocktail [avocado, lettuce and cocktail sauce] and Tuna Tartar [diced also with avocado and crisp shallots] unusually with a wasabi dressing. A non-seafood entrée is Anticuchos, a pair of skewers laced with pieces of beef heart that has been marinated in a special BBQ sauce, served with corn, grilled potatoes and a mild chilli sauce. Mains and it is back to seafood, beginning with a tasty but very unusual ‘working man’s lunch’, Tacu-Tacu, beans and rice are molded into patties, pan fried then topped with prawns in a creamy coconut sauce [pictured]. Like all dishes here it is a very hearty serve and not stinting with the prawns either, I counted 12, fat juicy ones! Jalea de Mariscos is fish of the day, deep fried, combined with calamari and prawns, served with yuccas, tartar and salsa criolla. Jumping Tuna sees that fish sautéed with onion, tomato, red chilli, fresh coriander, white wine, vinegar and soy.


: Chimu


: Sublime Hidden Valley Resort, Jln. Nabor 29, Pecatu.


: 847.1117.


: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Non-smoking Area

: Yes.

Smoking Area

: Yes


: Secure, in resort grounds.


: 400,000 for two [+ drinks].

Credit Cards

: Visa, Mastercard.


: Peruvian.


: Limited list.


: No fuss!


: Clean and fresh.


: So healthy!.

Sublime Chicken uses the breast stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese. Lomo Saltado is a very traditional Peruvian meat dish from the mountains, strips of beef tenderloin sautéed with onions, tomatoes, corianderparsley, red wine vinegar and soy. The curries [the beef red, seafood and vegetarian yellow] are all on a coconut cream sauce. As an all-day resort restaurant normal snacks and light meals are also available, but some with a twist. The Ultimate Burger starts with a beef patty then adds onion, cheese, bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. As Sublime is popular with those middle aged Aussie surfers extra bacon and/or cheese can be ordered. By contrast there is a pure Bacon Burger with thick strips of back bacon with egg, tomato, caramelized onions, lettuce and mayonnaise. The Ciabatta is stuffed with grilled Cajun chicken. The Peruvian dessert Suspiro a la Limena is intensely sweet, most unusual. Chimu is new and very different, a refreshing newcomer to the Bali scene and a pleasant relaxing place to visit for a meal that can be as healthy as you wish, cool and fresh!

Copyright © 2014 Gerry Williams Reviews that appear in Bali Advertiser are based on actual visits to the establishments listed, without the knowledge of the restaurants, and are not paid for by the individual restaurants. Opinions expressed here are those of Gerry Williams and not necessarily those of Bali Advertiser. Gerry Williams attempts to write from a ‘typical’ diner’s perspective and, whilst quality of food is the most important criteria overall, value for money is the real measuring stick.

Bali Advertiser

02 April - 16 April, 2014

Restaurant & Food


C/R/G-16 Oct. 13

C/R/I-05 March 14


Restaurant & Food

Bali Advertiser

02 April - 16 April, 2014

Update Rondji is still a baby but it has already had a makeover, and how? Situated as it is at the Antonio Blanco Museum on the mountain-side overlooking the Tjampuhan valley just west of Ubud the location was always rather special. The menu and the served dishes have the unmistakenable touch of a chef with international experience. The menu is now in two parts, Balinese and Spanish. Roasted mushrooms stuffed with a snail and Balinese bumbu is daring for Ubud as is the Duck Lawar even though it is split into 3 parts; empanada, salad and sushi all with duck and each with its own sauce. A Spanish lunch of Jamon Iberico and Octopus Salad followed by Chorizo Con Frijoles Mantequilla, grilled Spanish sausage and mashed potatoes in spicy tomato sauce. Dinner time is more exotic, Kambing Metunu [pictured], grilled lamb rack served with crispy rice, baby vegetables and pickle relish or Carne de Cerdo, braised pork neck with sweet potato puree, apple cranberry chutney, bacon and baby bean. Sitting under the old magnificent trees and the moonlight at Rondji, whilst enjoying this fine dining cuisine, welcomes you to the Bali of 2014.

For Sale; Dryer, electric, whirlpool commercial quality/ size, new, unused, suitable for hotel, laundry business, villa, commercial heavy duty use. Quality and size same as Speed Queen dryer, best offer over 7 mil rupiah. <> or 0812 555 1111. Denpasar. [110] For Sale; Nikon lens, AF Nikor 80-200mm, f1:2.8D, MINT, as new, no dust, haze, oil, fungus, clear glass, no scratches, hardly used. Complete with case, caps, tripod mount, hood. Rp. 8.7 mil, <> or 0812 555 1111. Denpasar. [111] For Sale; Ram 4GB new RAM for Mac DDR3 1333Mhz 2 x 2GB strips 300,000rp perfect upgrade for your Macbook or iMac. Call 62-361-558-3277 or Email <sri@videoseogo. com>. Gianyar. [112]

Wacko Burger

is a café hidden at the rear of the flea market on Jln. Kayu Aya [still referred to as Jln. Laksmana, or Eat Steet], Kerobokan, just before The Oberoi. What do they sell? Burgers in every way and form; beef, chicken, fish and even vegetarian, so something for everyone, They also offer Chicken Wings, Fish & Chips and things but it is the burgers that people come for, the place is always busy. Top of the range is the Wagyu Burger. All big and juicy with special individual orders catered for, with a smile. Specialising in one thing and doing it well, it always works!

Barbacoa sets the world on fire, literally! The word is from the Caribbean where it simply means to ‘cook with fire’, from which the English word ‘barbecue’ originates. Barbacoa the restaurant is on Jln. Raya Petitenget, Kerobokan, a large warehouse style building that every night is seemingly full of hungry diners. Aussie chef Adam Dundas-Taylor, fresh from Jamie Oliver’s London Barbecoa is partnered in the kitchen with Sean Prenter and they produce taste treats that keep the customers returning. As has become the fashion in this area the Barbacoa menu is divided into small and large plates, some of which are big enough to share, others to be ordered per each. The style is mainly South American [much more than just Churrasco] but includes offering from many other cuisines, in fact any that are produced by fire or smoke! Small plates can include Pulled Pork Sliders with pickled red onion, aioli and tomato, Empanaditas with pork, goat cheese and green olive or vegetarian with green peas, feta and mint or a Taco with battered fish, chipotle mayo, slaw and mango or braised beef brisket with Pico de Gallo. Large Plates include Charred Baby Squid with roasted red peppers and smoked tomato, Charcoal Octopus with crisp polenta, chorizo and paprika oil or Chicken Anticuchio [chicken on a stick from Peru] with paprika and chives. Top of the range is Charcoal Aged Beef or Lamb. Very special is the 8 Hour Wood Fired Asado of the day! At present Barabacoa is only open for dinner but lunch will become available pre high season. For tables of four persons or more two different banquets are available with a feast of flavours!

Ikan Layar

has replaced the ill-fated Chinoisserie on Sunset Road Kuta. Hundreds of restaurants fail every year in Bali, most deserve their fate but a few are sad exceptions. Chinoisserie was one of the very few high quality Chinese restaurants to operate in Bali and only its location beat it, as it has with most who have dared to open on Sunset Road. Ikan Layar is a simple seafood restaurant, the many tanks displaying the fresh catch.

Juice Time is the latest in a string of local but stylish cafes/coffee houses to open on Jln. Hayam Wuruk in the student area of Renon. No syrups, bottles or tins here just fresh juice squeezed or blended. Order them straight or in a refreshing mix. Busy, busy!

Vanilla Pod is on Jln. Monkey Forest in Ubud replacing the long time empty Babyface. Now operated by the owners Adi Cottages and after a standard, but little bit stylish, fit out it has opened with a menu that does not copy the rest of the street! In fact it is one of the most refreshingly different offerings in Ubud. Breakfast from 7.00 is welcome, a Big Breakfast of 2 eggs, maple bacon [doused in maple syrup], Italian sausage, roasted mushrooms, hash browns and a salad [with breakfast?] is interesting although at Rp.85,000++ a bit steep for a local in Ubud. The Eggs Benedict also comes with maple bacon instead of the more traditional leg ham and on sourdough bread! A healthy breakfast is their Poached Apple & Muesli. Entrees continue the innovative trend; Parmesan Flan with rosemary and thyme topped with caramelized beetroot and an apple cider reduction [very Irish!], Coconut Crusted Prawns and Lamb Kofter [minced lamb wrapped in eggplant on a mint garlic yoghurt]. Salads can be Green Mango [with papaya and chilli-lime or Roasted Beetroot and Feta [with sun-dried tomatoes]. Mains follow suit; Wagyu Cottage Pie, Pork Belly with mushroom marmalade, Tomato & Basil & Chicken. Gourmet Burgers and Sandwiches [you can even select your own combinations and create your favourite]. Then there are the ‘Balinese Tapas’ which sound interesting despite the name.

For Sale; Ram 8GB ˜ Computer Ram strips ˜ Brand new RAM for Mac DDR3 1333Mhz 2 X 4GB Strips 650,000rp Perfect upgrade for your Macbook or iMac. Call 62-361-5583277 or <sri@videoseogo. com>. Gianyar. [113] For Sale; Natural strand of golden south sea pearls 33 gently graduated (11 to 12. 5mm) south sea pearls with 22 karat hand made clasp. Asking $27,000.00USD. Call 62-361-558-3277 or Email <>. Gianyar. [114] For Sale; Assorted fine art jewelry. Selling select pieces from my personal collection. Some of the best hand made fine art jewelry in Asia. Must see to appreciate! Call 62361-558-3277 or Email <>. Gianyar. [115]


oma K I T C H E N & C O N C E P T C AT E R I N G

Jalan Raya Batubelig 101, Kerobokan 80361 Bali - Indonesia +62 815 5749 500 C/R/G-27 Nov. 13


We cater your needs for delicious Balinese Satay, made from fresh tuna. Try and taste it!

Please contact : 081 2395 6991 / 0819 3620 2170 NC/NS/U-10 July 13

Welcome to

Set Menu for 2 People - Vegetable Spring Roll - Soto Ayam (Indonesia Style Chicken Clear Soup) - Gado-gado (Mixed Steamed Vegetable with Peanut Sauce) - Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce) - Steamed Rice - Fresh Fruit Platter Rp. 200.000 ++ Set Menu for 2 People - Thot Man Pia (Thai Style Fish Cake Served with Sweet Chilli and Soup Seafood Broth) - Tom Yam Kung (Thai Style Spicy and Sour Seafood broth) - Som Tum (Thai Style Spicy Prawn Salad with Young Papaya) - Phat Phink (Thai Style Stir Fried Beef with Chili, Garlic & Ginger) Rp. 300.000 ++ Jl Batu Mejan, Br. Padang Linjong, Canggu Bali. Ph +62 (361) 9133320 C/R/G-5 March 14

Wanted; Safe. I’m looking for small safe which can be bolted to wall, also larger one which is fireproof. Both must be in good order. SMS details / photos to 081 246 797 077 or email <crosskeycottage@hotmail. com>. [081] For Sale; New 4 gallon thinner polyurethane brand: Impra/ Ultran woodcare. Price 50% from new price. Tel: 0813 3863 4748. Kerobokan. [145] C/R/I-05 March 14

La Bruschetta has appeared on Jln. Danau Poso, Sanur on a site that housed many previous failures. This one may succeed due to their previous long existence in the difficult Legian market. It is yet another Italian restaurant for Sanur [one is always busy, the rest usually next to empty], and offers all of the usual beginning with Assorted Bruschettas [of course], followed by the standard Carpaccio, Salada, Pasta, Pollo, Ossobucco and an enormous range of Pizza that includes both traditional and International favourites.

Cupit is situated in a valley with very difficult parking unless you ride motor bikes. It is found, in the centre of the dip down between the two separate banjars of Penestenan, on the very narrow rear access road to Ubud. Cupit is ‘small’ yet it really is not that small, with a pleasant terrace stretching back into the bush land behind. They serve simple Indonesian and mostly BBQ but it is already gaining quite a following. They claim to have the ‘best ribs in Bali’ but then so do 725 other restaurants! Gerry Williams For more information see our website: C/R/G-2 April 14

Fashion Moving Sale; Light motion sola photo 600 UW-Light. Never used plus adapter. 580$. 2 Suunto vyper dive computer plus PCconnector. As new. $ 240 each. 1 3mm oceanic wetsuit XL, as new, $ 80. 1 lady probe-wetsuit 3mm, as new. $ 80. 1 Scubapro Assend BCD XL, good cond. $ 200. 1 Tusa BCD lady size, v.g. cond., $ 170. 1 Scubapro 350 2nd stage + US divers octopus + pressure gauge + scubapro 1st stage. gd. cond. $ 160. Pls. contact Michael. 081 2395 1444. [076]

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Naia House of Jewelry

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• wine bottle cases • coasters • paintings • pillow cases • carpets • scarfs • shawls • clothes • handbags • many more Jl. Raya Basangkasa No. 88 Seminyak, Kuta, Bali Tel. +62(361) 7951275 / 736098 Fax. +62(361) 736098 NEW OPENING: Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 75 Seminyak Center C/G/I-25 Dec 13

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Bali Advertiser

02 April - 16 April, 2014



It’s a radiant morning after a night of rain as I stroll through the grounds of my banjar’s Pura Dalem Puri. Beside the temple is a large paved area where the cremation ceremonies take place, and in the middle of this is a raised platform about two metres high. I perch on a step nearby and watch Pak Mangku sitting on the grass high above a praying family, immaculate in his white priest’s garb. He is deep in his devotions. The rhythmic peal of his bell sheds shards of sound, the brilliant hues of the offering flowers punctuate the grass. Incense smoke coils up to shimmer away in the clear morning air. For me, this is the essence of Bali.

dramatically, especially at the east end of town. As I watch the bulldozers pile tons of rich clay soil into the dump trucks I try to remember the location of those old tunnels. It seems to me there is one close by. All of this traffic and digging and pile driving might be compromising its ancient walls even as I write. It’s quite possible that a giant hole could devour a chunk of Jalan Ubud Raya and close down the east end of Ubud indefinitely. That would be interesting. Changing times. On my first visit to Ubud in 1969 the town was a dusty little street or two amid the rice fields, without electricity or telephones and very few cars to disturb its rustic peace. We arrived at dusk just as a procession was making its way down Campuhan hill and into the temple by the river. We crouched in the shadows by the road, delighted by the gamelan and the parade of women bearing tall offerings in the flickering light of what must have been kerosene lamps. We slept at a place near Campuhan Bridge that was so new the little room still reeked of wet cement. The next morning we breakfasted on kopi susu and duck eggs beside an open fire with puppies and tiny swayback pigs underfoot.

The bell stops. The prayer ends, the family stretches, gathers its children and rises. Just as the priest is packing up, the first tour bus of the day rolls in to park beside the platform. By noon the area will be solidly packed with buses. They leave their engines running to maintain the air conditioned comfort of the interiors; the drivers gather to smoke or they doze in the luggage compartments under their vehicles. On weekends and holidays the temple yards on both sides of the street are full of buses, disgorging hundreds of North Asian tourists who trail into town behind their guides.

My next visit to Ubud was in 1992. There were several restaurants by then but life was still very quiet. In those days the few phones rarely worked, which made it almost impossible to confirm return flights and necessitated noisy arguments at the (computerless) airport check-in counter in Denpasar. Fast forward to 2000 when I moved to Ubud from Singapore. Delta supermarket had just opened. Ubud was far from stylish or trendy; it was just soporiphically laid back. This was long before cappuccino, air conditioning, swimming pools and wifi. Most of us -- expat and Balinese alike -- didn’t have much money and life was slow, sweet and sleepy. Then the terrorist bombing in 2002 shook our little world to pieces. It was a defining event for both the Balinese and the foreigners living here, a loss of innocence on many dimensions.

Things went very quiet indeed A few hours later they return. I believe we’ve reached the after that. For several years I often watch them climb back tipping point visitors were few. A handful of into their buses; clearly they tourists and Ubud’s then-small are not shoppers. Very few have bought anything at all, perhaps a cheap sarong or some expat population kept a few shops and restaurants ticking fruit. Meanwhile the smoke of dozens of buses coils up to over, but many locals muttered, “Bankrupt…” as they shimmer away in air that is no longer so clear. For the use gloomily dusted their sun-bleached wares on the sidewalk. of the parking area, the wear and tear on the road and Buses were banned from Ubud’s narrow streets in those paving stones, clearing the rubbish tossed by drivers and days, but it didn’t really matter as there were so few tourists tourists, the cumulative effect of air pollution on the temple coming to the island anyway. and the perpetual traffic jams at the corner, the banjar receives Rp 5,000 per vehicle. And the town of Ubud has It’s really been in the past five years that the world has discovered Ubud. The sidewalks heave with tourists as profited by the sale of a few rambutans. never before. Along with prosperity come shops with plate Across the street from the parking lot, a desperately needed glass windows, a lot more vehicles and cement. The trucks hotel and convention centre is under construction. Relays of and buses are a daily event at my corner, and my neighbours dump trucks alternate with the buses on Jalan Sukma to haul now sport bright green vests as they direct them. Between away the dirt extracted for the underground parking. They traffic jams they discuss the price of real estate. Their children are digging pretty deep, and there’s a pile driver. play with iPads and work in spas or restaurants. The family rice fields are covered with villas and hotels. I try to remember the location of the subterranean irrigation channels that run under Jalan Raya Ubud at intervals. One I believe we’ve reached the tipping point. One more truck, was a tributary of the river that runs north of the town and one more hotel will tip us right over into another reality, a new what is now the main road in front of the market. Diana i d e n t i t y t h a t i s Darling opined that the Dutch constructed a bridge over it in neither slow nor order to build and pave the main street. Kadek Gunarta sweet. And through claims that it was a subak irrigation tunnel carved out many the roar of dump years ago by Balinese farmers to emerge south of the market trucks I’ll strain to and run past what is now the Batan Waru restaurant. In 2009, hear the clear peal the vibrations of heavy traffic created sufficient stress to of Pak Mangku’s collapse the roof of the waterway and the whole thing fell in, b e l l , a t i m e l e s s leaving an absolutely enormous hole that closed the main b e a c o n i n a road to all traffic for months. changing world. When researching that story, I learned from Dek that there are at least six old irrigation tunnels running north to south under what is now the main road between Campuhan and the Arjuna statue at the eastern end of Jalan Raya Ubud. Long forgotten, none of these have been reinforced to bear heavy weights. He thinks that two or three of the larger ones are in similar condition to the tunnel that collapsed in front of the market. The run-off from heavy rains continues to widen the channels between ancient earthen walls. Heavy traffic continues to weaken the roofs. “The collapse of the tunnel in front of the market was a wake-up call for Ubud; it’s a symptom of too much traffic,” Dek said then. “Now we have a reality check. We need to limit large vehicles in Ubud, not just because the infrastructure can’t cope, but to maintain the integrity of Ubud as a village.” Far from being limited, five years later traffic has increased

For Sale; Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 lens for Nikon. Can be used on full frame on DX camera. 3 mill. Contact Ron on 0821 4424 7952. Denpasar. [157] For Sale; Second hand Apple wireless keyboard , very good condition, 99%. Rp. 700.000. Contact me for more info +62 89 8543 6411. Tabanan. [154] Moving Sale; Jati wood buffet 2m, jati wood cupboard 2m, jati coffee table, safety box, car-seat (2), others kitchen buffet, air bed, jati single bed+springbed, buy One get One for free (selected items). Text 0812 8743 5363. Sanur. [155]

For Sale; (3) New outdoor lamp, 2 Special Hallogen, 1 LED light, diameter 20cm, with stainless steel body incl. transformer, new price each one 330 USD, sale price each one 1,5 jt. Contact 0813 3863 4748. Kerobokan. [150]

For Sale; Asian antiques from all over Asia (Japan, China, Khmer Thai, Indonesia, etc). Cabinet, statue paintings, textile, Buddha statue, etc. No reproduction. Contact 0813 3863 4748. Kerobokan. [151] For Sale; Tamron 90mm F2.8, 1-1 macro lens for Nikon. 3 mill. Contact Ron on 0821 4424 7952. Denpasar. [158]

contact: +62 361 729106 or +62 361 729107 address: Jl. Raya Pemogan, Jl. Dewi Uma 2 Pemogan. Br. Jaba Jati 80221 Denpasar Selatan, Bali, Indonesia website: e-mail: C/G/G-13 Oct. 13


Ruko Sunset Plaza No. 09 Sunset Road Boulevard Seminyak - Bali Tel/Fax: +62 (361) 8476768 Mobile: +62 818554917 +62 81237531690 75DBE108

C/G/I-22 Jan 14

Ibu Kat’s book of stories Bali Daze - - Free-fall off the Tourist Trail is available from : - Ganesha Books in Ubud, Sanur and Seminyak - Amazon downloadable for Kindle

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The previous issue was about Federico Gioli fashion designer, here’s some updated contact information E: T:+62 361 731 327 Now for something different! Apart from our eternal love for retail therapy & restaurants, we all love to know about properties that are more than a faceless concrete box! Properties that are well thought out in design, contemporary or rustic, properties that make you want to tip toe inside & feel the space, breathe the air. The following property is unique & deserves a rave! Authentic Indonesian dwellings re-assembled that are furnished with history that depict the creative culture of Bali & other fascinating isles to form the Indonesian archipelago.

VILLA ARTIS Homage to Indonesian art, culture & people! This property is indeed special, a little piece of Bali paradise that you can have the opportunitity to enjoy. It’s the home of a delightful French family who are indeed creative history, culture, art, writing and music Àow in their veins 0any will rememEer the informative well written illustrated EooN µ0y /ife in Bali’ written by Sandrine Soimaud, about the people, the culture, the ceremonies, why Bali is. With this background you can almost imagine life set within Villa Artis. Visitors love a good location, this one is actually located in the Seminyak area of Umalas, just a 5 mins drive to Kudeta taking a short cut, the beach is very close. The entire property has the most wonderful feel (58 are or 6,000 sq metres) overlooking rice ¿elds (thankfully the landlord is keeping his ¿elds green) lush vegetation, rolling lawns to a large pond ¿lled with a profusion of lotus, a variety of trees, palms, vines & creepers ferns & dozens of orchids, with a few well positioned Bales to relax awhile. $ terri¿c pool that you can µswim laps’ with overÀow, designed to represent the natural curve of the land. To the side of the pool is an authentic Bale from central Java, at the end sits a Gudang from Central Sumatra. In viewing the property it’s a ¿ne lesson in Indonesian architecture, it does make you want to Google, to learn more about these individual structures which make this fascinating property a vertitable open style gallery of original buildings, furnishings & objet d’art. The main house has a colonial feel in style, wood & stone, big open verandas, wooden Àoors & plenty of ceiling fans. 'aybeds, painted doors & decorative pieces for the wall, apart from the wood all colors used in soft furnishing are in subdued tones to suit. Upstairs is the grand bedroom overlooking the vista of rice ¿elds & a connecting bedroom, both with bathrooms, a sensational paradise To the side of the main house, there is an individual bungalow that houses another bedroom & bathroom. As you wander the estate you start to visualise various family members or friends who would join you for a ¿ne holiday that would be like no other Walk down the lawn to an authentic Banda Aceh house from northern Sumatra. /ovingly restored, this wooden structure is all wood, shingle roof & the decorative detail is awesome The lower level is open style, with an downstairs bathroom, take a set of stairs that transport you up to three decorative air con rooms (two are bedrooms) It’s a building with incredible detail down to the window trims. Up closer to the main house, lies the heart of the property, a massive kitchen where a complete Joglo stands inside. All washed in tones of green/grey, slick with stainless steel, this is a kitchen for the chef and kitchen staff.

For guests the offering of fresh salad, fruits, vegetables & coffee (from their gardens near Tabanan) & the menu of delicious food on offer (apparently their French crepes are famous) will not give you much incentive to dine out, once here the outside world is forgotten The owners of Villa Artis have now developed another private area, separate from the main property with it’s own drive-in access. Here are three individual garden suites ( d’hotes) more contemporary in style with a colonial feel that feature plenty of authentic architectual elements. Each suite has an open veranda, a spacious air-con bedroom & outdoor bathroom all furniture, objets & soft furnishings are superb Another pool is a given with an outdoor sitting/dining area + kitchen, complete with the original Eat, 3ray and /ove wooden unit for serving food that was crafted to sit atop a bicycle for the acclaimed movie now, this is a story

Currently there is an authentic 0adura Joglo being erected nearby ultimately providing guests air con comfort. These garden suites are available for rent at any time of the year; individually, perhaps take two or three combined for a family or a group of friends. Villa Artis would provide the perfect Balinese holiday in absolute comfort and hospitality, offering full accommodation in July, August, 'ecember & Easter time. There are 5 bedrooms, a connecting bedroom in the Aceh house + extra beds for all several rooms, accommodation can be for up to 0 persons (which includes the garden suites) Staff services are excellent & good to know there are 2 generators available for the entire property, just in case For your interest outside excursions are proposed, free membership to the Canggu Club & facilities, with Balinese ceremonies including a Babi Guling feast can be arranged at the Villa. 'etails for Villa Artis check out Facebook or email for further information.

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For Sale; Timber cot. Car seat. Both for Rp 500.000. 0813 3879 3737. Sanur. [028] Looking for someone who can make large flexible stencils, for writing on black boards, alphabet in small and capital letters, please contact 0813 5332 0411 for more details. [026]

BAMBOO FOOT PATCH Bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar tourmaline, chitosan 100% natural herbal remedy from Japan Increased : metabolism, improves circulation and immune system Decreased : headaches, joint aches pains, gout, helps with insomnia, hypertension, removes toxins in the body. Contact E-mail

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02 April - 16 April, 2014


Women’s Health

Obstetrics & Gynecology NC/Ho/I-02 April 14



Ȋ Pre Pregnancy Assessment Ȋ Comprehensive Antenatal Care Ȋ Postpartum Care (Post Pregnancy Care) ȊȱAntenatal Risk Assessment, Diagnostic & Counseling Ȋ First Trimester Screening ȊȱHormonal Testing ȊȱFertility Screening & Assessment ȊȱPrenatal Genetics (PAPP-A / Amniocentesis) Ȋ 3D-4D Detailed Antenatal Ultrasound Scans Ȋ Birth Plan, Labour Guidance Ȋ Baby Delivery Ȋ Miscarriage / Ectopic Pregnancy Ȋ VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section)

Ȋ Cervical Cancer Screening Ȋ PAP Smear & HPV testing Ȋ HPV Vaccination Ȋ Colposcopy for Abnormal Pap Smear Ȋ Ovarian Cyst Screening ȊȱFamily Planning & Contraception ȊȱManagement of Abnormal & Painful Menstruation

ȊȱTreatment of Genital Prolapse & Urinary Incontinence (Urogynecology)

ȊȱSolutions to Vaginal Discharge and Itch ȊȱRemoval of misplaced IUCD ȊȱProvision of Balanced Menopausal Advice ȊȱHysterectomy ȊȱTreatment of Fibroids & Endometriosis

ARC ANTI-AGING BEAUTY CLINICS Women’s Health opening hours: A: Jl. Sunset Road No. 819. Kuta 80361, Bali T: (0361) 754645, 750982, 7427876, 7424639 E: W:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2 pm - 6pm

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Body & Spirit

COSMO SALON & SPA H a i r & B o d y T r e a t m e n t s try it and Just se ef


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02 April - 16 April, 2014

elf urs yo

Now featuring OPI gel, Angel Pro, Shellac, keratin smoothing, ear candling and Hair Plus extensions. Featuring Clinique and OPI products Jl. Danau Tamblingan # 154 Sanur 286330

For Sale; two (2) sliding windows - excellent kamper wood and good glass - 2 pair. New in condition complete with sliders bought new for Rp 2mil each. 150x150 each pair. Price: Rp 1.25mil for both pair. Jimbaran near McDonald’s. 0813 3873 2993. [024]

For Sale; Selling 2 sets of Lefty ladies golf sets with bags. Text if interested: 0812 3633 4202. [014] For Sale; BB 9800 Rp 1.6 Mil, 90%. Guitar electric Rockwell RLP 22 with sound system Alspro and bag and cable Rp 2.3 mil. Contact 0857 1929 9897. [015]

Shashi Tarot Card Reading Crystal Healing Reiki Therapy JI Werkudara 520, Legian Kaja, Kuta Hp: 081 811 9634 email:

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HAVING A BAD DAY? Or are you DEPRESSED? Part 3 Does Someone Close to You Suffer With Depression? If you have a partner or are close to someone who struggles with depression, you may not always know how to show them that you love them. One day they may seem fine, and the next they are sad, distant and may push you away. Your relationship may seem one-sided during these times, but by helping your partner through a very difficult and painful affliction, you are strengthening your relationship and their mental health in the long term. You can assist someone you care for by helping with the following: 1. Help them keep clutter at bay. When a person begins spiraling into depression, they may feel like they are slowing down while the world around them speeds up. They may need some extra help sorting mail, washing dishes or using paper plates and keeping chaos in check in general, you’ll be giving them (and yourself) the gift of a calm environment. 2. Fix them a healthy meal. Depressed people may eat very little, or they may overeat. Help them keep their body healthy, and the mind will follow. 3.Get them outside. The benefits of getting outside for a depressed person are huge. And it is possibly the last thing on earth your partner will want to do. Being barefoot in the dirt, or “earthing” helps ground the body, and digging in soil can actually act as an antidepressant, as a strain of bacterium in soil, Mycobacterium vaccae, triggers the release of seratonin, which in turn elevates mood and decreases anxiety. Sunshine increases Vitamin D production which can help alleviate depression. 4. Ask them to help you understand what they’re feeling. If your partner is able to articulate what they are going through, it will help them and you better understand what you are dealing with, and may give insight into a plan of action for helping your partner. 5. Encourage them to focus on self-care. Depressed people often stop taking care of themselves. Showering, getting haircuts, going to the doctor or dentist, it’s all just too hard, and they don’t deserve to be well taken care of anyway in their minds. Tell them “I’m going to do the dishes, why don’t you go enjoy a bubble bath?” can give them the permission they won’t give themselves to do something normal, healthy and self-loving. 6. Hug them. Studies show that a sincere hug that lasts longer than 20 seconds can release feel-good chemicals in the brain and elevate the mood of the giver and receiver. Depressed people often don’t want to be touched, but a sincere hug with no expectation of anything further can give your partner a lift. 7. Laugh with them. Telling a silly joke, watching a comedy or seeing a stand up comedian will encourage your partner to laugh in spite of herself. Laughing releases endorphins and studies show can actually counteract symptoms of depression and anxiety. 8. Reassure them that you can handle their feelings. People may be feeling worthless, angry and even guilty while they are depressed. They may be afraid that they will end up alone because no one will put up with their episodes forever. Reassure them that you are in the

Upix Nail Extensions Professional Nail Tech Acrylic and Gel

At your home, hotel or villa Phone: 0361-874 2556 +62 813 3879 1146 Email: C/He/I-21 August 13

relationship for the long haul and they won’t scare you away because they have an illness. 9. Challenge their destructive thoughts. A depressed person’s mind can be a never-ending loop of painful, destructive thoughts. “I’m unlovable, I’m a failure, I’m ugly, and I’m stupid”. Challenge these untruths with the truth. “You’re not unlovable, I love you. You aren’t a failure, here are all the things you’ve accomplished.” 10.Remind them why you love them. Look at pictures of happy times you’ve had together. Tell them your favorite things about them. Reminisce about your relationship and all the positive things that have happened, and remind your partner that you love them and they will get through this. Never forget that mental illness truly is an illness. While there is often no visible affliction, no specific disease that others can identify with and accept, mental illness is no less a disease than any other. Be mindful of this and help others understand what you or your friend is going through. Some of the worst things that are said to someone suffering from depression are: Snap out of it! There are a lot of people worse off than you. You have so many things to be thankful for, how can you be depressed? You’d feel better if you got off all those pills. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Go out and have some fun. I know how you feel. So you’re depressed, aren’t you always? This too shall pass. We all have our crosses to bear. We create our own reality, why can’t you create yours? Etc etc Think about it….would you tell a diabetic to snap out of their illness? Or an epileptic to get over it??

C/He/G-5 Feb. 14


- Difficulty in hearing conversation? - Have a hard time when talking on phone? Can happen to any of our family members!

Call us NOW for FREE Hearing Test phone. +62361-7444528 / +62815-11017909 Jl. Teuku Umar 41, Denpasar (in front Orange Bakery) the largest hearing care chain in south east ASIA Singapore • Korea • Malaysia • Indonesia C/He/G-2 April 14

Kim Patra is a qualified Midwife & Nurse Practioner who has been living and working in Bali for over 30 years. She now runs her own Private Practice & Mothers & Babies center at her Community Health Care office in Sanur. Kim is happy to discuss any health concerns that you have and may be contacted via email at or office phone number 0361-2775666

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02 April - 16 April, 2014

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Sagging skin and


turkey neck?

“Dental Solution In Bali”



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02 April - 16 April, 2014

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Damned if you Do… Damned if you Don’t The Epidemic Elephant in the Emergency Care Unit

There’s a runaway worldwide epidemic on the loose that kills tens of millions every year. It’s hiding in plain sight and been going on for decades. We all know about it, even what we ought to do about it. It’s not rocket science, we know what needs to be done, but we just can’t seem to get a handle on it. It’s called HAI or Hospital Associated Infections and its alive and well in a hospital near you. The scale of the problem is huge. In the US Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs), also known as nosocomial infections, affect 1.7 million Americans killing 99,000 a year at an annual cost of $23-$33 billion dollars p.a. according to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC). In Europe the number of affected is 4.5 million with an annual death toll of some 37,000 with the proportion of infected patients in intensive care units as high as 51% says the European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control. All of which might indicate the Europeans know something about handling this scourge that the US does not. The real horror show comes into full focus when we look at the rest of the world. According to the UN World Health Organisation (WHO), which funks putting a ¿gure on the total number of deaths caused by HAIs, hundreds of millions of patients are affected worldwide each year, “leading to signi¿cant mortality and ¿nancial losses for health systems”, as the WHO delicately puts it. Of every 100 hospitalized patients, 7 in developed and 10 in developing countries will acquire an HAI with surgical site infection the leading infection affecting one-third of operated patients, some nine times higher than in developed countries. In high-income countries, approximately 30% of patients in intensive care units (ICU) are affected by at least one health care-associated infection. In low- and middle-income countries the frequency of ICU-acquired infection is at least 2 to 3 times higher than in highincome countries; device-associated infections (e.g. cathetarisation) are up to 13 times higher than in developing countries than in the USA. HAIs, are de¿ned as infections acquired by patients while receiving treatment for another condition in a health care setting. They may be caused by any infectious agent, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses, as well as other less common types of pathogens. The most frequent infections are urinary tract infections, followed by respiratory tract infections (pneumonia), infections after surgery, bloodstream infections, and others (including diarrhea due to Clostridium difficile). Multi-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is isolated in approximately 5% of all HAIs. Approximately 20–30% of healthcare-associated infections are considered to be preventable by intensive hygiene and control programmes. All are potential killers. These infections are associated with a variety of risk factors, including: • Use of medical devices such as bloodstream, endotracheal, and urinary catheters • Surgical procedures • Injections • Contamination of the health care environment • Transmission of communicable diseases between patients and healthcare workers • Overuse or improper use of antibiotics What’s to be done? Back in 2011 the U.S. Department of Health committed itself to making hospital care safer, more reliable, and less costly by keeping patients from getting injured or sicker and, by the end of 2013, to have decreased instances HAIs by 40 percent compared to 2010. It hasn’t worked. The CDC released pretty much the same ¿gures earlier this year as for 2008. Many infection prevention and control measures, such as appropriate hand hygiene (a no-brainer, surely?) and the correct application of basic precautions during invasive procedures, are simple and low-cost, but require staff accountability and behavioral change. The main solutions for improvement are pretty clear say the WHO and most other national health authorities. They are: • identifying local causes of the HAIs; • improving reporting and surveillance systems at all levels • implementing standard precautions, particularly hand hygiene at the bedside • improving staff education and accountability • improving surveillance protocols based on the reality of developing countries; • encouraging active involvement of patients and their families in HAI reporting and control. Methods of Prevention Hospitals have sanitation protocols regarding uniforms, equipment sterilization, washing, and other preventive measures. Thorough hand washing and/or use of alcohol rubs by all medical staff before and after each patient contact is one of

the most effective ways to combat hospital infections. Much more careful use of antibiotics is also vital. Sterilization: sterilization goes further than just sanitizing. It kills all microorganisms on equipment and surfaces through exposure to chemicals, ionizing radiation, dry heat, or steam under pressure. Handwashing and gloving: handwashing is the single most important measure to eliminate the risk of transmitting skin microorganisms from one person to another or from one site to another on the same patient. Washing hands promptly and thoroughly between patient contacts and after contact with blood, body Àuids, secretions, excretions, and equipment or articles contaminated by them is a vital component of infection control. The spread of HAIs among vulnerable patients is connected with health care workers’ hand contamination in almost 40% of cases, and continues a challenging problem, even in modern hospitals. Although handwashing may seem like a simple process, it’s often performed incorrectly. Healthcare settings must continuously inform and remind practitioners as well as visitors on the proper procedure for responsible handwashing. It is important that visitors also follow the same procedures as hospital staff to adequately control the spread of infections. Visitors and healthcare personnel are equally to blame in transmitting infections. In addition to handwashing, gloves are an important way to reduce the transmission of microorganisms. Failure to change gloves between patient contacts is an infection control hazard. Surface sanitation: sanitizing surfaces is an often overlooked, yet crucial, component of breaking the cycle of infection in health care environments. Modern sanitizing methods such as NAV-CO2 are effective against gastroenteritis, MRSA, and inÀuenza agents. Hydrogen peroxide is effective against endospore-forming bacteria, such as Clostridium dif¿ cile, where alcohol has been shown to be ineffective.

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Antimicrobial surfaces: microorganisms are known to survive on inanimate ‘touch’ surfaces for extended periods. This can be especially troublesome in hospital environments where patients with immunode¿ciencies are at enhanced risk for contracting nosocomial infections. Touch surfaces commonly found in hospital rooms, such as bed rails, call buttons, touch plates, chairs, door handles, light switches, grab rails, intravenous poles, dispensers (alcohol gel, paper towel, soap), dressing trolleys, and counter and table tops are known to be contaminated with Staphylococcus, MRSA, some of the most virulent strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE). Objects in closest proximity to patients have the highest levels of MRSA and VRE. This is why touch surfaces in hospital rooms can serve as sources, or reservoirs, for the spread of bacteria from the hands of healthcare workers and visitors to patients. It’s Up To You At least to a large extent it is…. While the solution to the problem may be clear and simple, that does not mean it is easy. What’s the point of saving lives often at great expense and dedication, if your doctor, nursing staff or even a member of your family infects you with something that kills you anyway? Or if the hospital you choose or end up in is too mean, too unprofessional or just too lazy to insist on putting in place and monitoring proper hygiene measures? We are up against, alas, an inertia all too mundane and human, yet it can kill you. If you are in hospital and in a position to do so, rather than repeating yourself ad nauseam why not simply prepare a “Form to Inform” form, requesting anyone who comes near you conforms to a basic hygiene protocol. Most people will take it in good part. Do it too, for any friend or family member who’s in hospital. It could just save a life.


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02 April - 16 April, 2014

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Man’s real life is happy, chiefly because he is ever expecting that it soon will be so.

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A BEACH FITNESS Training Course with (optional) weights training & martial arts sessions? Designed for you, personally and delivered by a life-time martial artist (advanced black belts in Goju Kai & Zendo Kai karate & Muay Thai), ex Aust. Military & Fed. Police (armed-environment defensive tactics and weapons), a Natural Health & Fitness devotee, a surfer, sports coach/Phys Ed. Teacher (Pictured above, in Bali, this week, age: 63). He’s ready. Are you? “I’ll teach you and train you in the simple, practical methods, as well as the SECRETS, of the best natural fitness program in the world, in the best natural gym in the world. It will change your life forever. Guaranteed! If you’re ready...”

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eauty & Health by Shari C/He/I-19 Feb 14


One of the greatest sensuous pleasures we can indulge in with our lover is in the spa. Give yourself over to the nurturing hands of an experienced therapist to soothe you, relax you, stroke you and to pamper you. What better way than to share a wonderful experience in a spa? For a special occasion like a honeymoon, birthday, wedding, a reunion or a budding romance make a memorable celebration of your love with a specially tailored spa ritual. My partner had just returned from Canada after a long absence and I desired to make his visit a memorable one by sharing my favourite addiction of being pampered in the spa. Here are some fabulous spas to indulge in hedonism. I’ve had the privilege of enjoying some fabulous luxurious treatments throughout Asia but I must say the most exotic experience was in the Prana Spas Private Suite, which is a magnificent spacious room especially created for a couple to be treated like and a king and queen. You enter an exotic world of ancient Persia, India, Egypt and Morocco, with plush Persian carpets, coloured glass lamps illuminate the room, a hand-painted mural on one wall depicts the relics of ancient Rajastan while a tent-like curtain surrounds an enormous black iridescent sea shell-shaped bath large enough for four people to languish in warm bubbling water. The therapists and personal butler are dressed in traditional costumes representing these ancient times to create an authentic experience. There are four choices to choose from in the private suite: Eastern Mystique, Jewel of Nile, Sinbad’s Seven Voyages to Health or One Thousand and One Nights or you can create your own experience. My partner and I selected the Jewel of the Nile, 240 minutes of luxury. After being ushered into the magnificent chamber, we changed into comfortable wine coloured robes and slippers then sat on an enormous round sofa with many plush cushions. The butler came in and showed us the menu of ala-carte canapés, wines and champagnes to choose from. We chose four canapés and a bottle of sparkling wine. Then the butler asked us to approve a selection of music to enhance our experience. We savored a glass of sparkling wine to get us in the mood for the coming pampering while sitting in comfortable chairs with our feet in warm water with semi-precious stones on the bottom of the foot bowls as the ritual began with a foot bath. Next we climbed on the massage beds and the female therapists applied the twenty-four karat gold infused massage oil with dancing ¿ngers over our bodies. Gold has long been used for its healing properties and beauty enhancement. The profoundly relaxing therapeutic massage eliminated all our tight muscles and knots and culminated in anointing the seven chakras with precious gemstones being placed on each energy centre to promote the Àow of positive vibrations for ¿fteen minutes of tranquility. Our attendants continued with a natural product facial, cleansing the face and exfoliating the skin followed by a relaxing face massage then culminating in a genuine powdered pearl mask to brighten and enhance the face. Our crowning glory was now given attention by applying warm oils and rosemary to nourish the scalp and hair as we were gently massaged into a state of bliss. Our soothing journey down the Nile was completed with a legendary Cleopatra milk bath in the opulent shell shaped bath. A tray of canapés and bottle of sparkling wine sat on the side of the bath for us to enjoy the solitude for thirty minutes in warm bubbling milky water. After being saturated with milk we donned our robes and retired to the huge sofa to ¿nish our drinks and snacks. After awhile our attendants softly knocked and asked to

enter our private world to inform us that our four hours of paradise was ¿nished. After we leisurely dressed we emerged feeling like a king and queen. Tel: 0361- 730840. If you and your sweetheart prefer a state of the art spa that is sophisticated and chic then the new Heavenly Spa at the Westin Resort in Nusa Dua is the place to go. Heavenly Spa just opened last December and contains all of the latest technology. The focus is on holistic wellness, combining sacred Balinese rituals in their spa treatments to promote stress release, detoxi¿cation and rejuvenation. It’s best to arrive at least 30-45 minutes early to partake of the complimentary thermal room before your treatment. This is an ultra-modern locker area with electronic locks that open with the touch of your personal bracelet. Inside you’ll ¿nd a Àuffy white robe, a pair of slippers and stretchy underwear for your treatment. Both the male and female locker areas have an herbal steam room, Himalayan salt-sauna and a large hydro pool. It’s a great way to relax and warm your muscles before your treatment. There’s also a shower close-by to rinse off after any of these. We were escorted to our treatment room by our experienced therapists down a long winding tunnel that was lined with copper coloured sheer fabric that hung and Àuttered gently as we walked by. It reminded me of being inside of a shimmering caterpillar with marble and glass walkways. We entered our spacious couple’s treatment room, which had a double doorway that could be opened over-looking a garden. The room was tastefully decorated in creamy marble and cream coloured covered massage tables. My friend and I were each seated on either side of the doorway for the ritual footbath. Afterwards the therapists asked if we had any areas that needed more attention or should be avoided during the ninety minute Heavenly Spa Signature massage. Then without further ado we were asked to lie face down on the electronic massage bed which could be adjusted for each therapist or also brought to a sitting position. I must say it was the most comfortable massage bed for not just the body but also the face. A heated towel was placed over the back to relax the muscles as she started to massage my legs. The expertly trained therapist worked every knot out of my muscles. It’s a very gratifying massage which also included a lovely pressure point face massage for the ¿nale. Following our massage we were escorted to the relaxation area and were served ginger tea, fresh strawberries, walnuts, almonds and yummy organic chocolate. Here we relaxed, savoring our tranquility and feeling of bliss. Tel: 0361- 849 8888 Copyright spa inspirations 2014 For clinics and spas offering new treatments contact me for an upcoming story. You can read all past articles of Beauty & Health at

C/He/I-27 Nov 13

C/He/G-19 March 14

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The talented Rochelle Naughton and her team brings beautiful hair to Bali island. “ Our skills, passion and dedication ensures a memorable hair experience with hair you will love! “ * Specialising in Balayage, Ombre, Dip Dye ends * Colour and Colour Correction * Beautiful Haircuts * Keratin Smoothing and Chemical Straightening * Amazing Wedding Hair and Makeup * Hair Extensions

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The Business Builder Series

Graeme Stevens

The BizWiz Brand Delivery… co-create customer value and release hidden profit

The Secret Value of Respect What Drives Your Workplace? Not getting the results in your business that you expect? Find your staff are not responding the way you want for them to be effective and drive greater profitability? Could the problem be you and your supervisors? Could a few tweaks make all the difference? Unless you are a one-man-band, your business is operated by people who, from time to time, need to work together. If their cooperative behaviours are good then they are more likely to be effective and you will more likely get the results you want. THE SECRET IS THAT THE KEY DRIVER OF EFFECTIVENESS IS WORKPLACE RESPECT. That means respect for one another and respect from their leaders. Management behaviour lays a foundation of the level of workplace respect ,that drives workplace cooperation, that in turn drives workplace effectiveness. Positive Management Behaviours. These consist of two conflicting elements: • positive qualities and behaviours, and • behaviour detractors. There are 12 positive qualities for a supervisor: 1. Appears self-confident. 2. Remains confident despite setbacks. 3. Talks optimistically about the future. 4. Conveys a strong commitment to goals. 5. Communicates an inspiring vision for change. 6. Presents convincingly to the group. 7. Values new ideas. 8. Values other’s views. 9. Appreciates differences among people. 10. Takes action to solve problems and conflict. 11. Communicates expectations. 12. Is confident. Management Detractors There are 6 detractors: 1. Loses his/her temper under pressure. 2. Makes some people look good at others’ expense. 3. Discourages by bringing up problems. 4. Favours an in-group of subordinates. 5. Waits until a problem escalates before acting. 6. Makes subordinate feel stupid when he/her disagrees with him/her. What is critical to realize is that a supervisor who displays just one or two of these Detractors has sharply reduced ability to generate workplace respect. Inevitably, workplace effectiveness suffers. Workplace Measures Apart from management behavours, the model has 6 workplace respect measures, 9 workplace cooperation measures, and 7 workplace effectiveness measures. But they are all driven by the foundation laid by management behaviours. Workplace respect measures: 1. People who seek better methods are respected and rewarded 2. Interpersonal conflicts are addressed and resolved in the workgroup. 3. People can criticize the way the workgroup functions without penalty. 4. People recognize and accept each others strengths and weaknesses. 5. People can share work problems without concern about appearing stupid. 6. Co-workers experience a climate of mutual respect. How well does this effectiveness model work? This behavior model was developed by University of California Irvine during the 1980/90s and won the USA Today 1998 Quality Cup Award. I applied this model while working as a change management advisor to PNG Department of Community Development. Here was a group of highly educated people – most have

Masters or Bachelor degrees – but there was still scenes like a lower level supervisor throwing a computer monitor through the window in a rage. It was also a strong patriarchal society that was at odds with a community development organization largely staffed by women. With the approval of the Department Secretary (a program like this MUST be visibly supported from the top) we trained all the staff on the sustainable performance improvement concept with talks and posters, and then ran a survey where everyone had the opportunity to assess the measures for their own workgroup and also their department. There were four possible responses to each of the measures: strongly agree, agree somewhat, disagree somewhat, strongly disagree. The surveys were of course confidential and externally tabulated. Only aggregated data were provided in the report.

C/He/G-12 June 13

And you might say both the survey and the results combined to a sobering experience for everyone involved. But now there was a basis for guidance and counseling on what really mattered in management and workplace behaviours, a sustainable and measurable program (repeated every six months to start) that could be applied for achieving superior business outcomes. Can Management Behaviours be Learned? • Management behaviours that enable team performance are learned skills. • Most managers improve significantly when provided with data indicating how their supervisory behaviour is experienced: o by their employees, o compared to other supervisors’ ratings, and o in relation to goals for each measured behaviour. Workplace Bullying and Harassment Bullying in the workplace will have a severe impact on overall performance, because it’s an obvious example of lack of respect. Not only managers and supervisors bully, of course. Your role as an owner/manager is to identify and weed out any form of bullying. Bullying behaviour is about control by someone who is actually insecure, and can include: • Shouting, whether in private, in front of colleagues, or in front of customers • Name-calling • Belittling or disrespectful comments • Excessive monitoring, criticizing, or nitpicking some one’s work • Deliberately overloading someone with work • Undermining someone’s work by setting them up to fail • Purposefully withholding information needed to perform a job efficiently • Actively excluding someone from normal workplace/ staff room conversations and making someone feel un welcome An internet article at WikiHow ( Deal-with-Workplace-Bullying-and-Harassment) can give you a brief for advising your staff about what to do with bullies, especially in terms of gathering evidence to take proper action. First Things First Your staff are potentially your greatest asset in helping deliver value and drive profits. Innovation, simplification, and continuous improvement need from your staff – first and foremost – improved collaboration, information sharing, teamwork, and willingness to assume and share responsibility for problems. These work group behaviours depend on management and leadership behaviours that foster the pivotal, critical-path factor: workplace respect.

Is there an aspect of developing a successful business you would like me to write about? Copyright © 2014 Graeme Stevens Copyright © 2014 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of The Business Builder Series at

C/He/I-22 Jan 14

Another Tribute To Bali BISA

CIBTAC ENDORSES OUR MATERNITY PROGRAM Pregnancy Massage Postnatal Treatment Baby Massage + Balinese Massage

“These endorsements demonstrate Bali BISA’s commitment to high quality training at internationally recognized industry standards for all of our students”. Penny Ellis, Founder


Top 3 CIBTAC Centre of the Year Finalists Kana Ogura

Top 3 CIBTAC Student of the Year Finalists Watch this space for the results June 1st 2014

Tel: +62 (0) 361 281289 +62 (0) 81 337 070 584 57A Jalan Sekuta Sanur Bali C/He/G-2 April 14

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Body & Spirit


C/He/G-2 April 14

C/He/G-19 March 14


Body & Spirit

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02 April - 16 April, 2014

For Sale; Professional pods coffee machine, hot water and steamer, as new, used only 4 months. Paid 800 USD now selling Rp 5 millions. Ideal for small warung/ villa. Pods allows control stock and staff. Brand: Nerrna. 0821 4783 0209. Canggu. [021] For Sale; Stove, solid stainless steel, Indesit brand, 4 burners and oven (free standing). Running condition Rp. 2.500.000. And solid teak shoe cabinet, very good condition, like new, 103cm x 190cm x 36 cm, Rp. 1.000.000. Call 081 756 6879. Kerobokan. [121] The greedy man is incontent with a whole world set before him.

C/He/G-5 Feb. 14

C/He/G-30 Oct. 13

Pathways to Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit By Michele Cempaka

Creating Greater Intimacy with Your Partner

In my practice and in my own life, I’ve had many encounters with people seeking a deeper connection with their partners. They have a strong desire to truly be seen and understood by their partners – a desire that goes beyond words. In actuality, they are seeking an energetic connection that is both yummy and exhilarating and at times even sacred. So how do we attain what seems to be intangible to us? What are the tools required to bring us into greater intimacy with our partners, so that we can have a real connection with them? I am sure many of you have heard this a thousand times, but it’s worth mentioning it again, that we ¿rst have to start with ourselves. When we totally love and accept ourselves, this radiates out to everyone else around us. It’s a higher vibration that literally acts as a magnet. Our partners can feel this on a subconscious or even conscious level, feeling a draw to us and an invitation to connect with us from the heart. It’s really a simple formula of cause and effect. The more we work on our own personal development, the better our relationships become with our partners. I don’t want to simplify things too much, because I’m also aware that there are many people who have done plenty of personal growth and their relationships still aren’t going well. In this case, it’s likely that your partner is just not willing to work on his/her own personal development; she or he has decided that this isn’t a priority or s/he just doesn’t feel as committed to improving the relationship as you do. If this is the case, then you can ask some questions to get greater clarity about your next steps: What is this? What do I do with it? Can I change it? If yes, how do I change it? Everything is just a choice and even not making a choice is a choice. So let’s return to the original question: how can we truly connect on a deeper level with our partners? There are ¿ve elements of intimacy according to Access Consciousness that I personally follow and feel are a wonderful way to connect with my own partner. These are: honor, trust, vulnerability, allowance and gratitude. 1.




Honor – to treat with regard the other person and yourself. It is to be in allowance of who s/he is and not constantly criticizing or ¿nding fault with your partner. Honoring is also seeing the greatness in you and always demanding that your partner respect and honor you. Trust – we ¿rst need to trust ourselves by being willing to perceive, know, be and receive us. This opens us up to trusting our partners and being in allowance of who they truly are. It’s not about blind faith, which is the idea that because we want something to be a certain way in our relationship that it will be so. Vulnerability – is having the courage to never put up a barrier to perceiving, knowing, being and receiving anything from the person you’re with. It’s also about you having vulnerability with yourself and never putting up a barrier to seeing any part of you. Allowance – is everything your partner says or does is just an interesting point of view and has no relationship to you. In the ¿ve Agreements this is posited as not taking anything personally. You don’t have to align and agree with your partner’s point of view or resist and react to it, nor do they have to do this with your points of view.


Gratitude – this is the place where you are truly grateful for this person being in your life without judgment. The ¿rst step is to have gratitude for you, because when you don’t have it for you, you can’t have it for another. Be grateful for all the little things your partner does for you. Be grateful for how s/he is willing to be present for you. This is what’s required to create a communion that can be extraordinary.

If you discover that some of these elements are missing from your current relationship and perhaps on reÀection, they were also missing from past relationships, there are action steps that you can start taking today to transform your relationship and create a totally different possibility for you and your partner.



130 $/year

for example: 2 adults 40 and 35 years old + 3 children


360 $/year


Contact us for a free quote C/Ns/I-27 Nov 13

Begin by carving out a time each day for sharing. Find a quiet place to sit together for a few minutes, face each other holding hands and take it in turns with each of you asking the other person to hold space for you while you share your day. The other person just listens and is fully present. When you are done s/he responds and you listen. Then you both sit in silence and experience the energy of what you’ve both shared. The silence between you can often be the most potent time for connection. Meditation is also a wonderful way to create a deeper connection with your partner. Choose a time suitable for both of you and commit to meditating with each other every day or several times a week depending on your schedules. This is your time for opening up and connecting. I personally enjoy a tantric practice in which each person puts their right hand on the other person’s heart, and their left hand on top of their partner’s hand at their heart. We then gaze into each other’s eyes and silently unite creating a shared energy of communion and deep love. This is truly an amazing exercise that will de¿nitely deepen your connection with your partner and help you both heal any anger or resentment that either of you may have towards one another. The journey of relationship is ¿lled with great joy and challenges along the way. Through gentle care and nurturance, we can cultivate a beautiful union that has the possibility of thriving throughout our lifetimes. My wish for everyone is to discover not only the magni¿cence in your relationships, but also the magni¿cence in you. Michele is a healer, transformational coach, hypnotherapist & teacher who specializes in transforming people’s lives using a variety of tools. She receives direct transmissions from her guides, enabling her to offer her clients greater clarity about specific life issues and assist them with resolution. She has lived on Bali for 12 years & incorporates the indigenous spiritual qualities within her unique healing & coaching practice, providing a transformational healing experience for everyone she encounters www. For questions or comments about this article, please email: Copyright 2014 © Michele Cempaka C/He/G-8 Jan. 14

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For Sale; Bar blender, commercial , heavy duty, as new, hardly used, variable speed, new rp. 2.2 juta. Sell Rp. 1.8, nego. <alex@> or 0812 555 1111. Denpasar. [104] For Sale; Just unboxed 40’ Samsung smart TV full-hd type 40f5500. Built-in WIFI, 2USB, HDMI. Facebook, tweeter, web browser just plug-in mouse & keyboard, wifi-direct, screen-miroring, USB-movie play, record digital TV to external hardisk/ USB. Used 1.5 month, bought Rp 7.3 Million on January 2014 sell for 6 Million. Contact: 0819 0407 7706 SMS / Whatsapp. Denpasar. [050]

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S2S FITNESS Fitness equipment for sale - for home, hotel or villa. Stay fit & provide your guests with the essential fitness equipment. Enquire now for our product list. SMS 081 3393 73550 or e-mail: C/He/P-13 Nov. 13

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Say What? Question: I’ve been traveling and living with my buddy for a couple of years, and we’ve been good friends for much longer than that. He’s basically family. For the last few months, we’ve been in Bali, and he started dating a woman he met here. He seems happy, and I am happy for him. I like her a lot (honestly, I do), but I don’t like living with her. It’s not what I signed up for, and she is at our place six nights a week. She doesn’t have an inside voice, and we only have only one shower, etc., etc., etc.. I haven’t said anything to my friend because it’s a new development, and I don’t want him to think I have a problem with her or with him being happy. I am also pretty sure that the minute I say something, he will say, “Well, find your own place” because he paid for the entire contract on the place we’re living at the moment, and I just chip in for food and electric because he has a soft spot for me. In that sense, he’s right: If I have a problem, I’m a grown-up; I can move out. But I like living with my buddy. I realize all good things must come to an end, and we’ve had a good run. Maybe it’s time to move on, but I figured I’d see what you thought. Is there a conversation we can have that will help for a while? Dr. ZZ: If you can ride this out for another month or two, you may find that things will naturally settle down into a more comfortable routine. Then again, they may not. The woman may prefer the house you’re in to other living situations that are available to her, and since you haven’t voiced any concerns, neither she nor your buddy may have any idea they are bothering you. It is also possible that the girlfriend may not be staying in Bali long enough to become a permanent fixture or, sadly for your friend, the relationship may not last. It’s too soon to tell. If it is time for you to part ways, it seems that your long history of friendship deserves a discussion and a mutual decision. Since, by virtue of ownership, your buddy has the stronger say in how things go in the house, and since “Read my mind, and stop annoying me” is not the most effective strategy, it seems wise for you to be prepared to move out if necessary. In the meanwhile, you get to choose which conversation you prefer having: 1) “I’m so happy for you, and I really like your girlfriend, but having an extra person around so much of the time is a big adjustment for me. Is there any way you guys could take it to her place a couple of times a week?” 2) “After months of quietly stewing and resenting you, I’ve decided to move out because your girlfriend is here all the time, and I never mentioned it before or gave you a chance to do anything about it. Bye!”

Question: I live with several adult flat-mates who clean our common areas either not at all or on extremely rare occasions. I have lost every single game of “kitchen chicken,” in which I’ve waited to see who would give in and clean up first. Part of this is because I was raised by an extremely authoritarian mother and grandmother who punished messy children quite severely. My flat-mates, on the other hand, just do not seem to care about the mess. Now, despite my upbringing, I think I have quite reasonable expectations about cleanliness. The bathroom, for example, should be thoroughly cleaned every couple of weeks and/or before or after a party. Dishes should be done within a day or two, especially since we have had a couple of small pest incidents, nothing major. Everyone’s personal bedroom is his or her own business. Yet even with these fairly relaxed standards I am still the one doing 90% of the work. I have tried having an open and non-hostile conversation with all the flat-mates about chores (“Hey, we are all adults, and everyone needs to do their bit”). I have tried humorous little quips and hints. I do not want to be a nag. I do not want to be a bitch. Basically, I do not want to be my mother, but I do not want to continue being the only one to scrub the mandi or put dishes away. How can I get my flat-mates to help with the household chores? Please help me, thanks. Dr. ZZ: Here’s a fairly simple and straightforward answer to your question: Hire a pembantu. If you hire a pembantu to clean once or twice a week and divide the bill by the number of flat-mates, chances are -- for a little extra out-of-pocket per each every month – you will never have to clean somebody else’s dirty dishes or scrub a filthy drain. Besides, having the place scrubbed every once in a while makes keeping things clean the norm rather than something you do only for company. In between visits everyone just takes care of his or her own dishes and mess. You can have house meetings, make chore charts and nag and complain, but if that hasn’t worked by now, it won’t work. At the end of the day the other people you live with are adults, and you have to assume that you can’t change their behavior. Treat cleaning like any other bill you pay for in common (e.g., rent, internet, electric, water, etc.), and you will lower the stress level considerably.

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Dr. ZZ has a Ph.D. in Counseling and a doctorate in Natural Healing. Drawing on a background of over thirty years as a professional therapist, she offers self-help in the areas health, relationship and personal growth. All queries are answered by email and, if they appear in print, are subject to editing. Please email your questions to:

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Safe, Painless and Relaxing

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Klinik PENTA Medica

24 Hours Medical Assistance

GP consultation & home visit/out call Professional emergency room service Air charter & commercial medical evacuation Dental clinic service Home care & nursing care First aid training Ambulance transfer & standby event service By joining PENTA Medicare Club (PMC), will get discounts at several medical providers in Denpasar Only IDR 135,000/year PMC Family Member IDR 486,000/year Klinik PENTA Medica

Jl. Teuku Umar Barat - Marlboro No 88, Denpasar - Bali Telp. 0361 490709 / 7446144, Fax 0361 - 490708, e-mail:

Klinik Penta Medica Candidasa

<> All identifying information is kept strictly confidential.

Jl. Raya Manggis No 88, Desa Manggis, Karangasem Telp. +62363 - 41909, Fax +62363 - 41002 E-mail: C/He/G-2 April 14

By Bill Dalton

* Cat

Mobil: Now that spring has sprung, it’ll be cheaper now to repaint your car for Rp8 million to Rp10 million. Look for signs CAT OVEN MOBIL. Reputable paint shops are in Sempidi, Gubuk (Tabanan) and Kediri. If the cat mobil has drying equipment (oven), the paint job will be shinier and last longer. Two options: painting your whole car (pure) or just Cat Dempul Putty for automobile spot painting damaged, paint jobs scraped or dented sections (spet). Don’t skip a primer coat and don’t use an inferior fast-drying paint (cat duco), which gives the ¿nished color less lustre. Use superior varnishes Avian S4000, Blinken and GTX 4001. With spet, it’s dif¿cult to achieve the same shade of color as the rest of your car. The problem with painting your car is that it takes 1-1/2 to 2 months for a pure paint job because there are so many stages: applying compound (dempul), sanding with various grades of sandpaper, polishing and drying it, applying base coat, letting it dry, applying a ¿nal coat, polishing and buf¿ng, ¿nishing touches, etc. If the shop has an oven (drier), you can cut this time down to possibly a month. If any holes have to be ¿lled in or any kind of body repair work needs to be done, it adds yet more time. A little time but not that much money can be saved if you apply the compound yourself. The very fastest paint job takes a month, so have it done on your next absence from Bali. Painting your car in paint shops during the summer is faster than in the rainy season. Ketok Magic (Ày-by-night repair shops) can do a spet job for Rp250,000-Rp500,000 (depending on area of car) in one day, but it requires you handing over the keys and your car being whisked off behind a metal siding out of sight of the ‘magic” procedure.

*Five Cool Free Apps: Next time you’re sitting in a café along Jl. Laksmana in Seminyak or Jl. Gajah Madah in Ubud, Shazam ( is an amazingly powerful music recognition program, which Candy Crush Saga automatically identifies music you’re listening to. Free for iOS and Android users, it also offers links to share or buy the tune if it really turns you on. Waze (www.waze. com) community-based traffic and navigation app, available on iOS Apple and Android devices, gives real time data traf¿c and road info. Because it eats up your mobile data allowance quickly, use it sparingly. Fantasy games Dragon Slayer and Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy on Android devices offer sophisticated gameplay and wonderful 3 D graphics. Candy Crush Saga, already downloaded 500 million times, is an addictive Tetris-like game available on iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. * Restaurant of the Month: In the parking lot of Gelael on Jl. Raya Kuta in Kuta is a warung sup ikan located next to an ATM and under the sign SOUP Fish-head soup Warung Mr. Dwi, Kuta K E PA L A I K A N MR. DEWI where a bowl of satisfyingly delicious ¿sh head soup costs only around Rp20,000. Served with spices, white snapper and a sprinkle of fried chopped shallots on

2014. Sale prices quoted are all one-way Economy Starter fares and in Indonesian rupiah. Economy Starter fares include 10 kg carry-on baggage only, exclude fees and taxes and are based on booking at Upon booking, a service fee of Rp50,000 per passenger per Àight will apply. Air Asia also frequent has deals sent to you if you sign up for their member registration; thereafter, all your details are saved so you can retrieve them on your next booking. Whichever budget airlines you take, don’t forget to pre-book your check-in baggage, which can be done up to even a few hours before departure. If you forget *Chain of command: If you have a problem with dogs, to pre-book online, you will end up paying up to 40% more noise, thievery, arguments with neighbours, easement to for check-in baggage. your property or rambunctious teenagers, always try to resolve the matter peacefully directly with the party you * Immigration tips: As are having the issue with. Wear nice clothes, present guests in this country, it yourself courteously, accept an offer of tea and discuss the behoves foreigners to problem politely and calmly. If the problem can’t be resolved follow the immigration and you live in a rural area, take it up the “chain of department’s rules and command” ¿rst to the Klian Dinas (Banjar Head), Bimas regulations. Indonesia’s (Village Police) or Kepala Pecaling (Law & Order of¿cer), I m m i g r a t i o n L a w i s Perbekel or Kepala Dusun (village head), Polsek (District published on the of¿cial Police) and as a last resort Polres (Regency Police). These i m m i g r a t i o n w e b s i t e of¿cials are represented in every area of Bali. If you have ( in problems with access to water, go to the head of the subak both English and Indonesian. Or give the Denpasar imigrasi (local water board). If you live in an urban area, present of¿ce a call (tel. 0361-227-828, 231-149, 265-030) or visit your problem in this order: Satpol PP (guard; peace of¿cer) (Jl. Panjaitan 3, Kel. Dangin Puri Kelod, Denpasar Timur, who works in the security department of the mayor’s of¿ce Denpasar) where all the regulations and fees are posted (Kantor Wilayah Bupati), then to Polres, and lastly appeal on the wall. If your passport is being held by immigration to TNI (Armed Forces) who sometime get involved in during the processing for a new visa, if you’re traveling particularly intractable civil matters. It’s advisable to have anywhere in Indonesia always take an of¿cial receipt which the mobile numbers on hand of the local constabulary states that your passport is in the department’s possession. Bimas and Kepala Pecaling in case of an emergency. Carry a photocopy of your passport picture page and the page on which your last valid visa stamp appears. If you *Minitips: It’s cheaper to buy individual analgesic and neglect to take a receipt, you could very well end up having fever-lowering pills and sachets of cough syrup at a nearby to broker a steep bribe. The further away from your “home” warung rather than purchasing a larger box at a modern immigration of¿ce where your visa is being processed, for drug store (Bodrex headache pills Rp2500 for four; UltraÀu example in northern Maluku or eastern Nusatenggara, the Rp1000 per pill). If your shoes get totally wet, ¿ll them with more serious the negotiations and payoffs will be. Despite newspaper to dry them out. For canker sores and sore the complete absence of signs prohibiting you to do so, throats, gargle with warm salt water. It’s time to buy Arabica never take photos inside Bali’s new International Arrival coffee on Bali; the wholesale price has plunged from Terminal as immigration authorities are understandably Rp50,000 in December to Rp35,000 this month. Old cars sensitive about the long snaking lines waiting to pass with relatively low mileage are choice buys; although age through immigration (though they’re getting better lately). decreases the value of a car, the mileage is more representative of the vehicle’s true age. Always check out *Alternatives for butter: Highthe Facebook page of a Bali business where they often quality virgin olive and canola discount or offer cut-price dinners or tickets. If you have oils, costing around Rp35,000 poor quality soil and inadequate drainage, raised bed per 250 cc bottle in the delis of gardening makes the most sense because you are able to Bali, stretch further and thus cost create high yield patches of fertile, well-drained soil, which far less than Elle or Anchor saves you both time and money. If no one sees you eat it, butters, which go for Rp25,000 it has no calories. Clip your nails after you’ve had a bath per 200 gram stick. These or shower when they’re much softer and easier to cut. healthier oils pack just as many Whenever you check out of a hotel room, place everything calories as butter or margarine you own completely outside the door and go back in to see but are not as high in man-made if you’ve left anything behind (always look under the bed). saturated fats, which clog arteries Never leave a smartphone, tablet or laptop in direct sunlight and boost cholesterol. If you pour or in your car during the extreme heat of the day. Use an Excellent alternative to butter these oils into a covered glass jar interior fan in conjunction with your window air conditioner and keep in fridge, they will stay to spread the cooled air more effectively through your solid for months and still spread smoothly like butter on house without greatly increasing your electricity use. To bread or toast. Other natural substitutes provide a heartprevent colors of different garments from bleeding into each healthy way to get that indulgent Àavor without taking in other, add 1 tbsp. vinegar to your clothes while soaking nearly as much fat, and you may even pick up a few useful them in one-half bucket of water. If men or women are vitamins along the way: raw avocado (practically free if in formally dressed, they are less likely to be asked at the season), raw nut butters (make your own) and tahini gate to put their carry-one bags into the sizer; casually (Rp32,000 per 370 gram jar) also make tasty economical dressed males females are often singled out. Whatever lower cholesterol spreads. Delicious cold-pressed coconut we think about and thank about we bring about. oil is healthy, non-fattening, can be mixed with olive oil for added Àavor and is especially suitable for people on low *Great air deals: Sign sodium diets (add dried herbs and spices to taste). up for Jetstar promotional emails to take advantage of fares from Indonesia, which Please send your budget ideas, moneysaving Ɵps and are often on sale. Bali bargain businesses to to Singapore Rp488,000 during the travel windows: 4 Mar Copyright © 2014 Bill Dalton - 16 Apr, 7 May - 29 May, 1 Jul - 23 Jul, 12 Aug - 13 Nov You can read all past articles of The Frugal Balinist at

top of the accompanying dish of white rice, this is one of the quickest meals as well as one of the best deals in the “downtown” Kuta area. Open from 9 am, get there before 2 pm to make sure they don’t run out. For Westerners, this soup might seem to have too many bones, but it’s all about the broth. Don’t neglect the tender and Àavourful ¿sh Àesh and cartilage within the head itself. Indonesians prize the spongy, gelatinous eyeballs from which you get a rush of fatty ¿sh Àavor. Just Àick the jiggling eyeball out from the socket with a knife, fork or chopstick.

Computer & Internet Bali PC Advisor by Pak Bruce

Online Computer Repair and Fix-it-Yourself Options

A reader asked me: ‘My computer is acting kinda crazy. Do I have a virus or something. What can I do, there are no computer repair places near my home in west Bali?’

C/CI/G-29 May 13

Here’s the scoop on remote computer repair services, and some free alternatives... Computer Repair on the Internet When your computer breaks down, freezes up, or freaks out, your first response may be to call someone to come and repair it, or take it to your local PC repair guy. But before you pick up the phone or drag your computer out to the car, check out some of the online computer repair services that can often fix your computer right over the Internet. Of course, if your computer won’t even start up, or your Internet connection is not working, then online computer repair is not an option. But for many common problems, such as viruses, spyware, lost files, trouble with external devices, or security issues, an online repair service can be an excellent alternative. Here are some that you can try if the need arises: ( provides online computer support for PCs and Macs, serving home and small business customers. They use remote computer technology to access your computer over the Internet, while you watch. The ability to directly access your desktop allows the tech support person to see what the problem is directly, rather than by a frustrating series of questions and answers over the phone. offers tech support any day or time for both computers and peripherals. For ongoing tech support, prices start at $19.99 a month or $199.99 annually. You can also get one-time tech support and pay a la carte. For $129.99, you can get “Diagnosis & Repair” to fix problems and optimize performance. Configuring a wireless network and securely connecting your devices costs $99.99. For $49.99, they’ll help you hook up a new printer, digital camera, MP3 player or other electronic device. Similarly, 24/7 Techies ( employs remote support tools and Microsoft certified technicians to securely access and fix your PC. Mac support is also available. Their diagnostic and computer repair software can find and remove viruses and other problems. They can also help with setting up a new computer, connecting a printer or scanner, configuring backups, and optimizing your computer’s performance. A one-year unlimited 24/7 support package costs $199.95. They don’t seem to offer any a la carte or one-time services.



UPS & Stabilizers

Uninterruptible Power Supply

The Best Solution For Power System

Sales & Service Centre



Jl. Tukad Pule No. 23 Sesetan - Denpasar Telp. (0361) 232158, 227798, 234377 Fax. (0361) 232158 Email: C/CI/G-22 Jan. 14

Another option for online computer repair is your Internet service provider. If the problem has something to do with your internet router, the wiring, or your home network, it can sometimes be diagnosed or fixed remotely or over the phone. I have called my ISP, Bali Media Net (, several times over the years and they have come to my home and fixed everything for FREE! A Word of Caution Be wary of software advertised online that promises a “free scan” or “one-click fix”. Some of these are genuine, but others are digital wolves in sheep’s clothing. C/CI/G-4 Sept. 13

You should also be aware of the Fake Tech Support Scam. If you receive an unsolicited phone call from someone who claims to work for Microsoft, or your internet service provider, drop the phone and back away slowly. (Or just hang up.) These guys are scammers who will either take your money and do nothing, or plunk a nasty virus on your computer, allowing other crooks to use it for nefarious purposes. Do It Yourself (Or With a Friend) Here’s another option for people that have geeky friends. Using the same type of remote access tools that the paid services listed above employ, you can invite a friend to connect to your computer over the Internet. Your friend will be able to view your desktop, move your mouse, and hopefully diagnose and fix your problem. Superuser ( is a site where anyone can ask a computer question. The downside is that anyone can answer, as well. I see a lot of wrong, unhelpful or just bad advice on sites like these. But Superuser has a system to help weed out the chaff. The idea is that the best answers will get voted to the top of the heap, and the bad advice will be flagged as such. Superuser is aimed at or computer enthusiasts and power users, and is free to use.

C/Ci/I-05 March 14

And finally, if you’re not in a hurry, Protonic ( offers free computer support by email. Protonic has a worldwide network of qualified volunteers that enjoy the challenge of helping people fix computer problems. Membership is free. After submitting your problem, a techie will reply via email, and help you find a solution. So, if your computer is driving you crazy, there are places to get your answers and have your computer up and running quickly. Without leaving your house. As I mentioned previously, the place I’ve been using for 10 years when I need service or even advice, I contact Mega Systems in Ubud, Phone/fax: (361) 975-781. We worked together recently to build my new computer. But here’s the thing to know – they will come ANYWHERE in Bali to help you. Give them a call, explain what’s going on and then see what they can do! ============================================================================================ Have a question or problem? Write me at I’ll try and answer as soon as I can.

Rajawali System Solution Jl. Pura Mertasari No. 9 Sunset Road Simpang Siur, Kuta Tel: (0361) 740 4990, 8477 456 Email:

Bali PC Advisor and other Bali Advertiser article Archives now ONLINE: If you are tired of trying to type the links you see in the printed articles you go to the Archive and cut-paste them PakBruce, your Bali PC Advisor!

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Who knows a diviner (a person who divines the location of water or minerals; One who searches for underground objects or water using a divining rod) for our very dry land on the hills (250m above sea level) near Lipah/Ahmed? Pls contact Michael 081 2395 1444. [078]

For Sale; 3 Underwater Lamps 4UK Sunlight D4. As new. Instead of $ 60 each, $ 35 each. Pls contact Michael. 0812 3951444. [079] I would like to buy two adjustable pool chairs. If you have some for sale, please call 0819 9949 4232. [080] C/E/G - 19 March 14

Yayasan Pendidikan DRAMA Kreativitas Remaja WORKSHOPS

UMALAS AND NOW UBUD * Improve Spoken English * Improve Confidence * Private Tuition Available * Homeschool students welcome Umalas Tuesdays 3.15 - 4pm Drama Class 5-8 years Umalas Wednesdays 3.30pm - 4.30pm - Drama Class 9-12 years 4.30pm - 5.30pm - Film and TV Workshop 10+ MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAY UBUD Classes email for enquiry.

Music Lessons, Drama and Dance School C/E/I-17 April 13

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C/E/I-19 March 14

C/E/G-22 Jan. 14

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For Sale; Park baby / toddler 100x130cm, old dry wood, recently renovated, natural colored, old wood so yes has scratches and spots Rp 2.500.000 fix price. Please SMS / Whatsapp 0813 3828 6581 Pickup Umalas Kerobokan. [036] For Sale; Wooden teak round table + 2 chairs + low table Rp 3.000.000 fix price. Table 120cm, 2 chairs outside 110x75cm, low table 50x50cm, all 2 year old. SMS / Whatsapp 0813 3828 6581. <villabalipassion@hotmail. com>. Kerobokan. [037] For Sale; Practical stable baby pram Rp 850.000 fix price. Practical and easy and when later not need, just sell again. Please SMS / whatsapp 0813 3828 6581. Kerobokan. [038]

C/E/I-02 April 14

For Sale; Erotic jade from my personal collection. This ancient jade phallus is an exceptional specimen of prehistoric art. Price - $180K USD. Call 62-361-558-3277 or Email <sri@videoseogo. com>. Gianyar. [116] For Sale; Samsung M3 1TB USB3. 0 external hard drive. Model HX-M101TCB/G. Includes original sales receipt and 3 year warranty. 1 million IDR. Call or SMS 0812 3855 3181. Kerobokan. [117] For Sale; Brewers Yeast. 5gram packets at 32,000 rph each. Phone Deb 0812 3820 4541. Kerobokan. [170] C/E/G-2 April 14

C/E/U-19 Mar. 14

C/E/G-19 March 14


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For Sale; Rarity. 70year old Bezar compass. Still in good condition. For collectors only. Sanur. Please call Michael 081 2395 1444. [074] For Sale; 2 webcameras (MS and HP) as new. For 400.000 Rp. Please contact Michael. 081 2395 1444. Denpasar. [075]

For Sale; AMD athlon X2+fan Rp.500rb. 2pcs ram ddr2 1 gb Rp.200rb. Pwr supply unit Simbadda Rp.200rb. CRT monitor GTC 15” Rp. 300rb. Whole pack+logitech spill resistant keyboard for Rp.1 jt. All work well, switched for laptop. Call/sms 0813 3934 3668. Kuta. [070]

C/E/M-29 May. 13

TOKO BUKU Reviews of English language books on Indonesia by Bill Dalton

East Indies by Ian Burnet East Indies follows the trade winds, the trade routes and the bustling life of port cities across insular SE Asia and the Orient from 1595 until 1850. The book is essentially about the struggle between the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English East India companies for supremacy in the Eastern Seas. Beginning in Malacca, one of the world’s largest trading ports in the 16th century, the history goes on to describe the founding of Batavia (Jakarta) in the 17th century and concludes with the founding in the 19th century of Singapore and Hong Kong , today two of the world’s largest harbors. This new volume complements Ian Burnet’s first book Spice Islands (Rosenberg Publishing 2011), which relates the history of the spice trade in eastern Indonesia over a period of more than 4,000 years. East Indies is a follow up on that study but concerns itself more with the evolution of vast trading empires that developed in the wake of the discovery of the source of rare spices. In the second half of the 15th century, various European nations launched expeditions in search of the legendary “Indies.” Christopher Columbus was searching for a shorter, westerly route to those fabled islands when he stumbled upon the Americas in 1492. Spices were also the main incentive behind Magellan’s epic voyage of discovery across the Pacific seeking a shortcut to the Indies when he discovered the Strait of Magellan. Backed by the Crowns of Portugal and Spain, explorers such as Vasco de Gama and Magellan - dreamt of capturing the trade by sailing directly to the Spice Islands. Their maritime explorations became known to the world as “The Age of Discovery.” Much of the story is told through the lives of controversial historical figures like Sir Francis Drake, Jan Pieterzoon Coen and Pierre Poivre. An abundance of hair-raising anecdotes of piracy, skullduggery, treachery and double-dealing spice up the story. For more than 200 years the struggle for trade supremacy between the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the English resulted in settlements and fortresses in Goa, Malacca, Ambon, Macao, Canton, Nagasaki, Batavia, Makassar and Johor. Until by the end of the 19th century the Portuguese had almost vanished from insular SE Asia, and the Dutch and the English East India Companies had been transformed from trading companies into colonial powers ruling over huge territories populated by tens of millions of people in of Indonesia, India and Malaya (the British colonial name for Malaysia). Australian Ian Burnet, who has spent more than 20 years living, working and travelling throughout the Indonesian archipelago as a professional petroleum geologist, first took a job in Indonesia in 1968. He became fascinated by the rich history of the archipelago, the spices that grew there and particularly the role spices played by the colonial powers in the history of the islands. What makes his book unique is the special attention he pays to the complicated and ruthless process by which privately owned trading companies were eventually converted into powerful colonial states.

The author is so renowned as an historian of the era that he leads exclusive sailing tours all over the Moluccas Islands of eastern Indonesia in traditional wooden sailing schooners. Burnet’s intrepid groups climb over crumbling 16th century Portuguese forts and tramp through clove and nutmeg plantations. I looked forward to reading the author’s contemporary first-hand accounts of the historic sites that he visits during his research trips - walking the streets of Old Malacca, taking note of 18th century architectural styles and features of Dutch palaces, churches and town squares, Hindu temples and mosques as he imagines colonial officials and subjects playing cricket, guarding doorways, doing battle and trading and working sweatily in offices and warehouses.

For Sale; Bright Star Baby walker, color yellow /green suitable for boy or girl, barely new, only used for 4 months, washable seat, 2 heights mode, sell for Rp. 250k, pls sms to 0812 3644 2644 for picture. Denpasar. [162] For Sale; Italian books, many different writers; vendo libri in lingua italiana, scrittori e generi vari. Contact 0818 0566 2911 Legian. [163] For Sale; Computer cable 3 meters VGA M-M+1core, high quality and high speed for long distance transmission. New, never used, still in the plastic bag. Contact 0818 0566 2911 Legian. [165]

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In Macau he lights incense sticks in the gloom of a Chinese temples; explores the port of Old Banten in suffocating heat and humidity; flies over stilted houses on the scattered islets of Makassar Bay; visits the royal tombs of Tg. Pinang on a motorized rickshaw; trudges up the steps of towering minarets; roams the sultan’s museum on Ternate and hires a car for the 40-km circuit of the island; pays homage before the double life-size statue of Sir Stamford Raffles in the central business district of Singapore. He crosses the mountains on the eastern end of Flores where he hitches a ride to overgrown ruins, uncovering an ancient cannon half-buried in a fort’s dirt floor. I applaud the author’s efforts in acquiring publication rights for 70 high-resolution digital images of unusual historic illustrations, synchronized perfectly with the text. Noteworthy are extremely rare ancient maps including the magnificent double page map of the East Indies (Abraham Ortelius, 1584) prepared for the King of Portugal; the beautiful screen paintings depicting the arrival of the Portuguese in Japan; the map of the first Dutch expedition to the East Indies in 1595 (Willem Lodewyckesz, 1598). One of the most exciting discoveries the author made was the sketch of Fort Henricus under attack by the Dutch (Abel Willems Vander Werp, 1614), which he found while searching the digital files of the Bibliotheque national de France. Yet another superb example of artistic cartography is the 18th century map of the East Indies pictured in the endpapers and back jacket.

C/E/G-2 April 14

Six years in the making, drawing on extensive and meticulous research on the ground and in the Far East collections of some of the world’s most preeminent libraries, archives and institutions, East Indies is packed with historical detail supported by a very serviceable index. A basic glossary includes the most common words used throughout the text. A four-page “Timelines” chronology of events helps to keep track of the many historic milestones. No other book has covered this 250-year time period with as much depth since War in the Eastern Seas, 1793–1815 by Northcote Parkinson was published in 1954. Ian Burnet’s systematic chronicle of the history of the most momentous years of the international spice trade, incorporating the latest academic findings, stands as the definitive contemporary reference on the subject. East Indies by Ian Burnet, Rosenberg Publishing 2013, ISBN 978-192-171-9592, hard cover, 224 pages, glossary, chronology, bibliography, index. Available for Rp485,000 at Ganesha bookstores and Periplus Online. For any publishers interested in having one of their books considered for review in Toko Buku, please contact: Copyright © 2014 You can read all past articles of Toko Buku at C/E/I-15 May 13

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02 April - 16 April, 2014

Seminyak Language School Tlp 0361 - 733342 / 082144682277 Since 2000

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75% Conversation Jl.R. Jimbaran.1 Beside Mc. Donald

Jl.R. Canggu. 17 Around Bank BNI

Jl. Raya Seminyak. No. 7 In front of Bintang Market NEW CLASS : 21 APRIL 2014

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Education & Family


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C/E/I-02 April 14

C/E/I-02 April 14

C/E/I-02 April 14


BBA International Hospitality Management

Double Degree with 1 year in Holland

Campuses in 5 countries

W. | E. T. +62 361 412 970 StendenUniversityBali



Education & Family

SCHEDULE THAT An Evening of Intrigue with Valerie Plame (17 April) Embrace Your Personal Power (17 – 20 April) The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival welcome Valerie Plame for an evening of conversation. Valerie Plame is a former United States CIA Operations Officer or former spy. You might be familiar with the film ‘Fair Game’ starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn a film based on the memoirs of Valerie Plame. If you haven’t seen the film, it is well worth seeing. Valerie Plame became involved in the White House’s campaign of misinformation about the Weapons of Mass Destruction and the reasons for going to war in Iraq. Now, Valerie Plame together with co-writer Sarah Lovett have created an espionage saga that follows the adventures of Vanessa Pierson who is not dissimilar to Valerie Plame herself. During this gathering you will have the chance to meet Valerie Plame and find out more about her amazing background and how she became an author as well as details of her series and book, Blowback. The hardback version of the book is available on Amazon. This is one of those rare opportunities beyond the actual Writers and Readers Festival in October to come along and enjoy an evening with an author who has an extremely intriguing background. The other bonus is the venue, the very lovely Indus restaurant which will open its doors at 6 pm. Their food is delicious and the ambience Balinese with stunning views. The cost of the evening does not include food and it is well worth sampling some of the delicious delights on the menu. Do book as soon as possible as places are limited. When Cost Where Contact

: : : :

7 – 8.30 pm AU$20 Indus Restaurant, Jl Raya Sanggingan, Ubud 7808932

A Roaring 20’s Party (11 April) The ‘roaring twenties’ conjures up images of moving pictures, jazz, dancing, art deco and of course the time of ‘The Great Gatsby’. Technology was developing rapidly and industrial growth continued with the use of automobiles, telephones and electricity throughout the twenties. The media became focused on celebrities, cinemas opened and in many countries women won the right to vote for the first time. The ‘roaring twenties’ was a great decade which came to an end with the Wall Street Crash of 1929. The Great Depression, bringing years of worldwide gloom and hardship followed this. A bit of history for you but this night is not about what followed but a journey back to the twenties. You are invited to dress up - twenties style of course, get down and misbehave! The entertainment for the evening features Erik Sondhy, Mr Finger, That Swing Thing, Indria Naffi, Mia Samira and Nina Pasadha on vocal. Do book to reserve your spot and come down for a super ‘Great Gatsby’ style party.

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02 April -16 April, 2014

Every now and again it is always important to recharge your batteries and reconnect with who you really are. Healing and personal development are key elements of a healthy and fulfilling life. No matter who you are or where you are at in your personal journey this workshop is all about exploration, rejuvenation and discovery. Through expert facilitation and guidance you will deepen the connection with yourself. Clearing limited beliefs and acceptance of how amazing you are important aspects of this workshop. You will be given the tools for personal empowerment and transformation through art, movement and dance as well as lots of guidance. Michele & Lyn have collaborated to create this very special programme that is designed to assist you with unblocking any areas of your life that have prevented you from creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. The two facilitators have an impressive resume each. Michele Cempaka was initiated as a Reiki Master in 2007, and has spent the last 7 years deepening her awareness and moving into greater consciousness as a way of being. She is happy to assist anyone seeking tools to create a more harmonious, joyful and conscious life. Michele does this through her intuitive coaching. Lyn Masters is an international dance/ movement therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner. After a life changing car accident, she underwent a path of selfdiscovery using a myriad of therapies, climaxed by the transformational effect of dance-movement. Her compassionate nature & genuine passion to assist people to discover true happiness in their lives are qualities which greatly contribute to her dynamic healing programs & workshops which she leads throughout Australasia. I must also point out that Bali has its share of truly amazing people doing amazing things. These are people who have had their own share of difficulties and who are now making a difference within the community. Check out the website for more details of what they offer. Do book soon as the deadline is 11 April. When Cost Where Contact

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You have great, untapped reserves of potential within you. Your job is to release them.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

C/E/G-2 April 14

Yoga Retreat (12 – 18 April)

This is another opportunity to get away from it all. Vincent Bolletta will lead this retreat, a yoga practitioner since 1990. His area of interest lies in structural rehabilitation and integration, movement impairment syndromes and anatomy and physiology. Vincent Bolletta uses the methodology of Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and other bodywork in his classes. The retreat includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner, a one When : 7 pm – 10 pm dinner 10 pm onwards party hour massage, private tuition and analysis of yoga practice, Where : Warisan Restaurant, Jl Raya Kerobokan 2 daily Asana yoga classes and daily meditation. Tucked No 38, Kerobokan away in the heart of sleepy little Pemuteran, Jeda Villa is Contact : 731175 set on two hectares of land with lush, tropical gardens and three exclusive pools. Stunning sea, mountain and volcano views provide the back drop. What better place than to have Bounce Day Party (6 April) a yoga retreat. If you are interested, do book as soon as Cocoon always has a party planned and this one comes you can as there are only 14 places. This part of Bali too with a bounce featuring hip hop and R&B sounds. The is simply beautiful. timing is good too as you can get home early and prepare for the up-coming week. That Sunday evening Cost : Eur 1450 feeling will be forgotten throughout the afternoon with Where : Jeda Villa, Pemuteran relaxation, cold drinks, cocktails and beers served at Contact : 021 483566 your leisure and lots of fun. If you want to enjoy a VIP cabana and day beds do book well in advance. Entry is free entry. This is a great place to enjoy a Sunday afternoon and of course one of Bali’s famous sunsets. When Where

: 1 pm – 7 pm. : Cocoon Beach Club, Blue Ocean Boulevard, Seminyak Contact : 731266

Add Dawn to your mailing list and send her information on all up-coming events. Contact Dawn at <> Copyright © Bali Advertiser 2014

C/E/G-22 Jan. 14

Ubud Area For Sale; Keyboard korg pa 500 condition 98% good sound and style for keyboard player asked Rp 8,5 mil only. Call: 0361 7455 886. Denpasar. [018]

Ubud’s Only Fully-Equipped Gym New Owners and Management • Complete strength and cardio equipment • Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bicycles, Rowing Machine • Friendly and professional personal trainers • Aerobics, Squash, Boxing, Pilates • Ballet, Jazz-Modern, Salsa Dance classes for adults • Ballet classes for children • Fully Air Conditioned • Free Wi-Fi • Daily, Occasional, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Memberships

Jalan Jero Gadung, Kutuh Kelod, Ubud

Terrace café • Smoothies • Fresh juices


(0361) 974804

For Sale; Tempur super king size 25CM deluxe combi. Tempurpedic memory foam mattress 180x200cm. Rp 97 Juta. 2 matching Tempur superking pillows, Rp 5 Juta each. Total Rp 108 Juta. Barely ever used & house move means selling. Will accept Rp 35 Juta for all. Please call to 0813 3831 9740. [019]

Balinese, Indian & Vegetarian Food Romantic Setting • Sumptuous Menu

Cooking Classes (No minimum) Jalan Suweta No. 1, Ubud, Bali (Opposite Puri Saren Palace) Phone / Fax: (0361) 974 217 E : C/U/I-04 Sept 13

For Sale; Keyboard Yamaha MM6, seldom used, bought 9 million. Now sell 6,9 million rupiah. Call 0878 6040 2122. Sempidi. [156]

Open Daily 6:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. C/U/I-19 Feb 14

C/U/I-16 Oct 13

Head to the About section, click on the Women of Letters button. Browse the selection of letters already posted, or else submit your own digital version. This can include a postcard image of where you are, and can be personalised with different handwriting styles and letter design. Opt to go public or stay anonymous – it’s up to you. You can also link to a Soundcloud file or a YouTube video (like an audio/video book, but letter form!). Try and ensure these are no longer than 5-10mins.

From page to homepage: letter writing goes digital with Ubud Writers & Readers Festival and Women of Letters Hot on the heels of a hugely successful tour of Indonesia with the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2013, literary salon Women of Letters now brings the love of letter writing to your small screen.

Curated by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire, Women of Letters events in Australia and all over the world focus on the value of letter writing and reviving the lost art of written correspondence. The smash-hit phenomenon is currently touring the USA and UK, with big names on the bill like Tavi Gevinson, Peaches Geldof, Edie Falco, Amelia Lester and more. Now, in this unique venture, you can share your letters from home with the Women of Letters online letter writing platform on the UWRF website. Building on the momentum of workshops and events held in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Ubud – which included lit-world luminaries like Anne Summers, Lionel Shriver, Ayu Utami and musician Clare Bowditch – the innovative letter writing platform encourages entries via snail mail, digital upload, video or soundbyte submission. Each month will explore a different theme, the first being the 2013 Festival’s ‘A Letter to a Wish’. Better yet, it’s easy to do – here’s a simple guide to get you started: P o i n t y o u r m o u s e i n t h e d i r e c t i o n o f w w w.

Finally, for those who want to keep it completely oldschool, letters can be sent by post to the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (PO Box 181, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, 80571), who will then scan and upload the letter for you. This is also a great option for those who have a story to share, but may not have access to a computer or internet connection. As well as extending the life and legacy of the Women of Letters tour, the project also marks a moving tribute to legendary Indonesian women’s rights pioneer, RA Kartini, who was honoured in the 2013 Festival.

C/U/G-19 March 14

“We’re so proud that what began as a slightly mad idea to single-handedly revive the lost art of correspondence has spread so far across the world. It’s our wish that women will use this beautiful platform to continue sharing their stories and their letters,” stated Michaela McGuire and Marieke Hardy, the founders and curators of Women of Letters. Ubud Writers & Readers Festival encourages all women across Indonesia and the world to participate in the venture, submitting a letter either in Bahasa Indonesia or English. The Women of Letters tour of Indonesia was supported by the Australian Government through the Australia International Cultural Council, an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The 2014 Ubud Writers & Readers Festival will be held from 1–5 October 2014 and will celebrate the theme of Saraswati | Wisdom & Knowledge. C/U/G-2 April 14


Ubud Area

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02 April - 16 April, 2014

UBUD DONATE TO TEACHER CENTRE Bali’s trash-covered southern beaches have recently led the Huf¿ngton Post to put us “on the bucket list of places not to visit”. Please donate to a project that will help educate the island’s future generations about recycling and taking care of the environment. If you have unwanted materials that could be used in the classroom to help teach art, please donate them to the new Ubud Teacher Resource Centre for International and Balinese teachers and families. Or support the project’s crowdfunding site to help it raise initial funds. Collaborating with Bali Recycling, Freecycle, schools, and local artists, the centre is asking local businesses and families to drop off monthly collections of anything that can be re-used for learning and art materials. Buttons, beads, bottle caps, string, ribbon, wrapping paper & tissue, magazines, newspapers, wood scraps and tile pieces all make good materials. The centre will hold community workshops for teachers, families, and develop an online community to give ideas and inspirations for local teachers, based on similar models in other countries. Crowdfunding: or ¿nd Ubud Teacher Resource Center on facebook. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VILLA KITTY Cats may not be your thing – I’m allergic to them, in fact – but when someone puts their passion and tenacity into anything it’s got to help you reassess your thinking. It’s inspiring. Am I just talking to myself here? Bali non-pro¿t Villa Kitty has recently celebrated its third birthday, having gone from wishful thinking, to foundations and fundraising, to a purpose-built home with veterinary care and a loyal team of staff and supporters in that time. They’ve saved countless injured cats, rescued innumerable litters of tiny discarded kittens and added smiles to countless families by placing purring felines in their laps. Good on you to Elizabeth Henzell and all the amazing staff and volunteers for showing what can be achieved by throwing your heart and soul into something! If you’re not into cats, take the inspiration from them and engage your own passions; what can YOU achieve in three years? If you care, support Villa Kitty yourself. Visit Villa Kitty Bali on facebook. HEYOKA – GET INVOLVED! Don’t miss Heyokah Art House’s second exhibition, which runs to the closing ceremony on the 18 of April. Entitled Wonderland, it is a group exhibition by Andy Syahraya, Chika Ao, Ethel Kings, Kristi Pupo and Youliez Mbix. Heyokah invites us to “journey through the anti-chambers of the curiouser and curiouser magical mind.” The exhibition consists of international and local artists, mixed mediums of acrylic/ oil painting, ceramics and recycled materials. The Surrealists and Dada movements and artists such as Dali, Magrite and Indonesia’s spectacular Afandi inÀuence the group. At Heyokah you can get involved and participate in an interactive art installation or sit back and watch the joys of performing arts! For more info, phone 0821 4427 7901. On Jl Andong. AT LAST – CHIROPRACTIC! Oops, I didn’t see this email until this week (sorry, I’ve been crook). Ubud’s new chiropractic clinic offered free spinal checks in March; please visit and see if they will stretch it to April for you. The ¿rst time I tried chiropractic, desperate to ¿nd a solution to painful whiplash after a car accident, I remember being frightened to let someone adjust my neck bones and then astonished at the success of the treatment.




By the time I moved to Bali, I considered regular treatments an essential element for keeping my body healthy, so it’s been frustrating that we’ve lacked a clinic closer than Legian (who wants to drive for 3 hours with a sore back). Ubud Chiropractic is on Jl Raya Ubud opposite Kue Café and Bali Buda. Call 08223 629 2888 for an appointment, or email SACRED SPACE FOR EARTH WEEK Join local Earth Week celebrations in the sacred grounds of Blahkiuh Village Temple, just west of Ubud. It’s a chance to come together as a community to discuss significant environmental issues facing Bali and possible solutions to those problems. Earth Day Organizer Darsih Jutawan, also GM of Indonesia Organic in Jl Dewi Sita, says the two-day event - from 10am-6pm on April 26 & 27 - will feature healthy food, live music, green documentaries, workshops and product presentations. “We already have an inspiring mix of NGOs, entrepreneurs and experts on a variety of topics, such as waste collection, water conservation, biogas and organic sustainable businesses.” “Hundreds of people and organizations are already working in different ways to make Bali a better place. We’re creating a sacred space for them to pause and share their knowledge, products and services with the community,” says Darsih. The beautiful Santosaning Majapahit Bali Spirit Garden will be a ¿tting setting for more than 25 booths and workshop spaces showcasing solution providers, educators, yayasans and eco friendly products. Applications for participants: WOMEN’S GAMELAN Great news! But don’t bother to register if you are only here for a few months. A new Ubud-based gamelan group is looking for more women members – both western and Indonesian – who are resident in Bali. Gamelan was traditionally only for men, until Bali traditional music festival organisers put a little spice in an annual event some years ago by offering a prize for the best women’s gamelan group – for local Balinese women. Eventually, a mixed women’s gamelan began at Pondok Pekak library on Jl Monkey Forest. This group had excellent teachers and performed successfully on other parts of the island, but disbanded after a few years as participants moved on to other things. It’s exciting that the library is hosting women’s gamelan again. Whether you’ve ever played an instrument or not, I recommend gamelan as a great way to get closer to understanding Bali. There’s nothing quite like being a part of this Balinese “orchestra”. Practice is 7.30-9pm, Monday and Thursday. For information phone Pondok Pekak on 0361-976194.

For Sale; Watch XO skeleton voyager Swiss 1859/21 jewel automatic movement limited edition only 22 made square 46x46 mm gold case champagne dial sapphire crystal new $1,200 US sell 7 mill for information 0878 6170 5004. Seminyak. [088] For Sale; Invicta subaqua noma 1 Swiss ETA 2824/ 25 jewel automatic movement limited edition only 500 made 5.51 ct blackspinel around the case still 5 year warranty 500 meters new $1,800 US sell 8 mill. 0878 6170 5004. Seminyak. [089] This one step, choosing a goal & sticking to it, changes everything.

For Sale; ACs (Assi) two, for sale, good working, good condition, service routine, 1, 5 PK, for normal to big room size, RP 1.500.000 each, owned by old expat lady, HP 0813 3981 4278 in Kerobokan. [006] For Sale; Maxfli golf clubs with folding buggy. Standing fan modern design. HTC desire. Hundredsof DVDs. Some series complete <> or 0819 1676 7464 for photos/ info. Seminyak. [007] For Sale; Motorcycle jacket black with red stripes. It has back, elbow, shoulder pads, waterproof, bought in Singapore. 1.5 Juta. Call 0813 5332 0411. Sanur. [008]

At our shop in Ubud, our friendly staff will guide you to all things of a Spiritual/ New Age nature, including: Books, Music CDs, DVDs, Crystals, Incense, Jewelry, Inspirational Cards, Candles, Yoga Mats, Meditation Cushions, Engraved Stones, Tibetan Bowls, Clothing and more… Jalan Hanoman #64 – Ubud, Bali. Tel: 0361 796 9178 C/U/G-30 Oct. 13

Ganesha Bookshop

Ubud : Sanur : Kerobokan

Independent bookseller in Bali since 1986 Ganesha in Ubud :Books, Maps, Cards, Old Print Posters & more. Jalan Raya (near the Post Office), Ubud, Bali Tel: (62 361) 970320 Web: Email: Extensive range of New, Used, Rare and Out of Print Books. Used Books returnable for 50% refund. Good books at good prices. Eat, Drink, Read and Lounge at: Ganesha inside Biku Jalan Petitenget 888, Kerobokan

New, Used and Out-of-Print Books Ganesha in Sanur Jalan Danau Tamblingan 42, Sanur

Books for Bali Project (est. 2004) A special project to support literacy, learning and reading for pleasure in the local community. We donate books to local schools and libraries. Check in the store or on the website for more details.

Ganesha Bookshop Bali Your Community Bookshop C/U/G-19 Feb. 14

BRIDGES BLACK & WHITE Aduh (Indonesian exclamation of distress and regret). I’ll be away dagnabit! Another outstanding art exhibition bene¿ting an Ubud charity opens this week at Bridges Restaurant. “Perspectives” shows a mesmerising collection of black and white photographs by Michael Johnsey. As is Bridges’ tradition, 20% of the sales proceeds are donated to a charity organization, this time to the Safe Childhoods Foundation. I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.



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Ubud Area

02 April - 16 April, 2014

By The Coach

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Bali’s own Tami Grende won the women’s singles at the Sarawak Chief Minister’s Cup Grade 1 on March 16, 2014. In the final Tami celebrated her greatest achievement beating top seed Xu Shilin of China 7-5, 6-3 who is rated 8 ITF world. During the tournament Tami did not drop a set to her opponents. Tami said that her next target is to play a Junior Grand Slam, ie at Roland Garros (France) and Wimbledon (England).

CRICKET NEWS 2014 BALI INDOOR CRICKET LEAGUE- FINAL STANDINGS The results of the Final Standings for the Finals setup hinged on the result of the very last match of the Regular Season. In the first match of the day, the winner of the Denpasar CC vs Canggu CC had to win to cement a place in the Final Four. The loser, had to rely on the Bali United CC (favourites to win) to beat BSF Cricket Academy, to make the finals.As Denpasar CC (181) beat Canggu CC (146) to cement 2nd spot on the ladder, the wait was on the final match which eventually saw the underdogs, BSF Cricket Academy (94) def Bali United CC (60). The result saw the end of the season for Inaugural & Defending Champions, Canggu CC.

“I am very happy with the final result. This is really a surprise win for me and I still can’t believe that I have won the championship.

Semi-Finals will be played this weekend on the 6th April: 1pm - Denpasar CC (2) vs BSF Cricket Academy (3) 2.30pm - Geckos @ Y-Bar (1) vs Bali United CC (4)

“Dad has been very supportive and motivating me throughout the championship. Before the final, he said I am going to win this tournament and I didn’t believe him,” said Tami after the match that lasted about two hours.

Grand Final to be played on the 13th April.

Tami had eliminated ITF No. 152 Shao Yijia 5-2, (retired) in the first round and ousted eighth seed Sara Tomic of Australia, ITF No. 47 in the second round before seeing off ITF No. 171 Claire Spackman Choi Yoonkee of Hong Kong 6-2, 6-2 in the last 16.

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Anyone interested in coming down to play or just watch, please SMS 0819 3628 4877 or email at indoor@cricketbali. com or just come down to the D’Lounge Futsal & Resto in Dalung (near Tiara Gatsu) played every 2nd Sunday.

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She went on to upset 16th seed from Czech Republic Marketa Vandrousova 6-2, 6-2 in the last eight before beating tournament third seed Katie Boulter of Great Britain 7-6(7), 4-1 (retired) in the semi-finals. The ITF rankings for the 16-year-old player of Balinese and Italian-Belgian parentage has improved from No. 177 to the top 100 after the win.

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For full list of sports please go to http://www.

It was Tami’s second win in Malaysia after winning an ITF event in Melaka three years ago and her first victory this year. She won the Thamrin Cup in Jakarta in June last year and will be heading to Manila next week for the Grade 1 event there.

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by The Garden Doctor

by Dr. Kris

How to Start an Organic Garden

‘Dear Dr. Kris, I would like to grow an organic garden. What I need is advice on organic gardening, like what should I add to the soil. I don’t want to use any pesticides, as I need this garden to be 100% organic. Is compost useful? I just don’t know where to even begin. Any advice will be enormously appreciated, Yours Sincerely, Ray.’ Organic in its simplest form may be gardening without toxic chemicals. But really it is much more than that, at the other end of the spectrum organic gardening takes advantage of natural circumstances to help your garden grow. To get off to the best start, begin with plants that are either native to your area or from a place with similar climate, sunlight and soil requirements to your local conditions. They will obviously do better if they are already suited to the environment within which they are planted.

targeting to come back with a vengeance. I am always happy when I see geckos foraging in the leaf litter or spiders spinning their webs between the trees and tomato plants, because it means that somebody is taking care of the pest control for me! If you have plague proportions, you can spray diluted soapy water on many types of flying pests such as aphids, it works. You can also often prevent a disease from spreading through an entire plant just by picking off the infected foliage. Dispose of diseased cuttings in the bin, not in the compost.

Balance the compost. The important thing when making compost is to balance the mix of ‘greens’ and ‘browns’. The ‘greens’ are nitrogen rich materials including raw vegetable peelings and scraps from your kitchen, green off-cuts, tea leaves, coffee grounds and animal manure from cows, horses, and chickens. The ‘browns’ are carbon rich - they include fallen Weed out the weeds. dry leaves, wood chips/ cuttings, straw, hay, twigs, and They compete with your plants for water and nutrients, and paper. You may also compost natural fibres, e.g. 100% can also attract pests which spread disease as they feed wool or cotton. Build the compost in layers, either in a bin from one plant to the next. If weeds growing around paths or straight on top of the garden bed. Stack a layer of and in cracks are a problem an organic solution is to spray vegetable scraps or green garden waste, followed by a mix them with vinegar, it safe for you and the environment! If of dry leaves, twigs and newspaper. Then repeat the weeds cover a larger area, then smother them with thick layering process as you build up your pile. Alternate newspaper for a few weeks, then remove the newspaper between green and brown layers, it is a simple process. It and pull out all the dead weeds. will also be beneficial to sprinkle thin layers of soil layers in between the green and brown layers, as soil will introduce Then mulch your garden bed microbes and help to bind any with organic material such as Spiders - Nature’s pest control nutrients that may leach out. dry leaves or compost. It conserves water, adds The important point is to nutrients and discourages alternate layers. Matter such weeds. Water the ground as dried leaves, twigs and thoroughly before and after branches should always be adding a mulch cover. Leave added as they don’t completely gaps in your mulch cover compact, allowing air to around plants. Do not pile the circulate through the compost mulch up against tree trunks or heap. Alternatively a layer full plant stems, as you may be of vegetable scraps on its own creating the right conditions for would become smelly and slow pest and disease to move in. to decompose. With no brown material to create air spaces Compost is good. no air will circulate inside, and Add it regularly to the garden. It composting will be slow, smelly is an efficient way to recycle and difficult. Break up any nutrients from garden cuttings, kitchen waste or whatever large branches or twigs, into smaller pieces as this will organic material you can get your hands on. Use it instead create more surface area, which will allow for more air of chemical fertilisers, which cause toxic runoff into the soil, pockets and this translates into a faster breakdown time. groundwater and waterways, where they damage aquatic Brown layers will help to aerate the heap reducing the need life and contaminate the food chain. If you keep your soil for turning. You will notice as time progresses your compost healthy, you will never require the use of chemical fertilisers heap will shrink as it breaks down and you will be able to again. Compost balances soil pH over time, and improves add more material. Turning your compost regularly with a aeration and water holding capacity. The nutrients that it garden fork will help it to rot quicker. contains will benefit healthy root development in plants. The more effort you put in, the quicker you will get compost. You can make compost from anything that was once alive More air circulation coupled with moisture delivers a faster for example, leaves, vegetable scraps, tea leaves, coffee composting process. As the organic matter breaks down grounds, grass or garden clippings, egg shells, even eventually it will become a dark brown to rich black colour, newspaper or seaweed. Earthworms and other organisms resembling soil. This means it is ready for use. Once you will decompose the organic matter, tilling it into soil whilst arrive at this stage you are well on your way to an organic distributing an abundance of nutrients throughout. garden! Maintaining a healthy soil is also an important part of an overall pest management plan. With a healthy soil the Note: Less than 2 percent of the insects in the world are plants will also be much healthier and better prepared to harmful. Beneficial insects such as ground beetles, withstand pests and disease. ladybugs, fireflies, green lacewings, praying mantids, spiders, and wasps keep harmful insects from devouring Think ‘biodiversity’. your plants. They also pollinate your plants and decompose Organic pest control is a comprehensive approach instead organic matter. of a chemical approach. With a healthy balance the insects and microbes will control themselves, let nature do the Dr. Kris Garden Doctor work! Using many different kinds of plants will encourage Contact: many different types of beneficial insects, whereas a monoculture of one type of plant cultivated throughout will Copyright © 2014 Dr. Kris only encourage pests to move in. By spraying toxic You can read all past articles of insecticide, you will often end up killing many beneficial Garden Doctor at insects which just allows the actual pests that you are

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“Flap Flap, Snort Snort”

But democracy here is young and it will probably take time for people to get the hang of it. Who knows they might even start voting for people who behave like mature responsible adults. What! Politicians with integrity? Do I here the steady beat of porcine wings again?. One day the leaders of political parties might even start to realise that all across Indonesia the ordinary folk want the corruption to stop (flap flap, snort snort, flap, flap). In the meantime, until integrity becomes fashionable, we must all be constantly on our guard and take steps to protect ourselves. I recently came across a case in which a builder has done a bunk leaving a partially completed project.. It is common that in such cases the “builder” has been paid more than the work he has completed. He will have worked out that by running off now he will end up with more profit than if he finishes the project and he will avoid the most difficult period when he is doing the finishing work and trying to get final payment. Sometimes, if he has more front than Boadicea’s breastplate, he may add insult to injury by demanding even more money, his argument being that the money paid is less than the amount of work completed. I have come across several cases like this over the years. Honest people who are building their dream home only to find that the builder has scarpered, the money has run out but there is a distinct dearth of windows and doors, electrical wiring is nowhere to be seen and there is some really effective ventilation where the roof should be. Enquiries follow only to reveal that the 8 teams of workers that came and went over the 14 months the project dragged on for left because they hadn’t been paid. Sadly pleonexia is alive and well in the construction industry and contractors know that the average owner builder, Mr and Mrs Nicefriendlypeople, are easy prey for their games. Lambs and slaughter come to mind. When a contractor walks away from a half finished job it leaves all sorts of problems. The project is likely to be considerably delayed and it may be difficult to find a new contractor willing to take on the mess that someone else has left. Unfortunately the sort of contractor who perhaps had planned all along to walk away from a half finished job may well be the sort of person that will have cut corners in the work. Professionals use standardised systems that; if they are well set up, properly thought out and a rigidly applied; minimise the risks involved and keep contractors in check. These systems relate back to the Bill Of Quantities which, as we have said before, is a detailed list of all the tasks that have to be completed to construct the building. Each part of the work is fully described and costed so everyone knows exactly what is to be done and how much it will cost.

Under each of these headings will be a breakdown of the tasks within that heading with the estimated costs. The tasks should describe the work to be done, the type or level of quality of the materials to be used and a quantity such as cubic meters (excavation, fill or concrete), square meters (tiling, roofing and painting) or per item (washbasins, toilets, doorhandles, stress pills, etc.). The price for a single unit and the total price for the totals needed for the project is also given. The description also should, where relevant cross refer back to the drawings in order to tie the specifications stated on the drawings as part of this document. This provides legal protection. The costs are totalled up to give us the TOTAL cost of the project.

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Alright so we now have our Bill of Quantities and this should become a part of the legal documentation that becomes part of the building contract. The builder must sign up to agree to construct according to this document. You might want to add a penalty clause should he not complete the contract, if he refuses such a cluase this might ring warning bells. Now we come to the important part, we have to determine a schedule of payments. We start by saying we’ll give you so much to get started (10% might be a reasonable amount but it depends on the size of the project). This gives the contractor some cash to pay for some materials and start up costs. Next we have to work out how we will carry on paying as the project proceeds. We have to make sure the contractor has enough money to carry on working but also make sure that if he heads for the hills we are not out of pocket. This might sound difficult but remember there is a profit margin for the contractor in each part of the project and we can use the profit margin on the work he has already completed as the advance for the cost he will incur on the next part. This means that after each payment is made you and the contractor are square, you have the work completed and he has his profit so far. It is advisable to avoid paying large amounts. If you have only 3 or 4 payments for the whole project the amount paid and the amount of project completion will vary to a far greater degree than if you use smaller, more frequent payments. Construction companies tend to use a more rigid approach. They will set milestones and pay only when the milestone is achieved. For example they may only pay for the roof when every part of the roof is completed and has been inspected and passed.

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Ok now the final stage is to manage the Payment Process. Before any payment is made the project is inspected and payment made according to the actual work done. You will need an engineer to go through the bill of quantities and check each line item to assess the percentage of completion. This is totalled up to give you the total financial value of the construction that has been completed.

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If you look at the sample file you will see that there is a column second from the right with the percentage complete entered which is then calculated into a monetary value for the amount of work completed in the right hand column. Armed with this information, some common sense and a healthy dose of assertiveness, you can now make sure you are not paying more than you should. A good contractor will understand all this. He/she will give you a detailed Bill of Quantities and will respect your desire to get progress inspections carried out before you release money.


Jl. Raya Kerobokan

Jl. Umalas

Once again my mother in law will be awaiting the arrival of that local political hopeful who will give her Rp50,000 and ask her to vote for him. As usual she will smile politely, pocket the money then vote for whoever she really wants. Starting a political career on the basis of buying votes (bribery) is also not a good way of persuading people to vote for you.

Construction Tax (10%) Legal costs (IMB, contract fee, etc)

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It’s the silly season again and we find ourselves stuck in traffic jams as people wearing military style uniforms hurtle aggressively around the highways and byways in convoys of motorbikes, trucks and jeeps blaring their sirens and forcing anyone who gets in their way off the side of the road. It’s a strange way to try and persuade people to vote for you isn’t it? “Vote for us or we’ll run you off the road” or “look at us, aren’t we great? We just pushed a granny into a ditch.”

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Let us look at a typical Bill Of Quantities and see what information and the level of detail you should expect. We will try and keep this simple enough for even brain surgeons to understand. On the website at sampleprogressreport.pdf you will see a sample report from a database designed for managing project progress and payments. The Bill Of Quantities is broken down into headings for each section of the work such as: Site clearing and project setup Foundations Structure Floor slabs Walls Roof and ceilings Windows and doors Electrical Installation Plumbing Installation Ceramic wall and floor tiling Painting Drainage Water Supply We also need to add on the bottom: Architect’s Fees (10%?) Structural Engineers Fees

If you know you are not a very assertive person beware that the contractor may sense this and feel that he can exploit you. It might be best to find someone to represent you in dealing with making payments but make sure it is someone you trust. Look out for tell tale signs of dodgy dealings. Don’t let emotions take over, be methodical and never assume the contractor is your best friend and is going to be benevolent to you. Keep an eye out for vagueness or lack of detail in the Bill of Quantities. Excuses should ring alarm bells. If he cannot keep his workers this suggests there is a problem. If the staff walk off find out why and if they have not been paid you can bet your life the contractor will be dishonest with you. It is also well to remember that happy workers will do better work than unhappy workers. Protection comes from clear definition of what is to be done, what has been done and accurate costings of the two. Phil Wilson Opinions expressed are those of Phil Wilson. He can be contacted through the websites at or at or through the office on 0361 886 8866. Copyright © 2014 Phil Wilson You can read all past articles of Fixed Abode at

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On the Wrong Bus An outbreak of gratuitous and unnecessary angst caught our eye the just before the 2014 Bali Spirit Festival got under way. It was said – by dog lady and artist Linda Buller of all people, on Facebook, the favoured resort of the whickering classes these days – that Spirit was not what Ubud was all about. Apparently this was because it brought in hordes of yoga practitioners who clogged the streets and seemed to wander around in a little world of their own. Well, hello? If indeed they do, in that regard Spirit patrons are no different (in any essential that matters) from patrons of the other festivals that feature in the Ubud calendar. There’s little difference, for non-participants, between being obstructed by someone off with the yoga fairies and someone else (say) who is wandering the streets musing about literary things such as from where their next or possibly their first royalty payment is going to come. Ubud is no longer what once it was. The same can be said about anywhere on the face of the planet. We’d recommend a trip to Leh in Ladakh for any doubters of this fundamental truth. Nor is Ubud a community in which foreigners (or even Balinese or other Indonesians from elsewhere) can expect to have much of a say in political and social affairs. The early tambourine-bangers who colonized the village may have thought they had found a personal little Nirvana, or Shangri-la, but like any foreign colony anywhere, they were fooling themselves. Ubud’s future, and Bali’s, depends ultimately on its Balinese. Wisely or not, they seem happy enough to profit from the desire of foreigners and others to buy up rice fields and build little palaces or more humble abodes. It’s that which is changing Ubud, not the Spirit Festival or any other esoteric navel-gazing interests. It’s possible that Buller was just joshing us, in her Australian way. But in case she was serious, we repeat what we noted in the Diary of Mar.19: Meghan Pappenheim’s spirited baby is perfect for Bali and especially for Ubud, where if you ignore the big buses full of Chinese tourists seeking brica-brac you can in fact still almost smell the ether.

Watch Out for Spam An announcement that the national government will invest in water infrastructure for South Bali in partnership with the provincial authorities, Denpasar city and Badung regency, is good news of a sort. The existing infrastructure is creaking, frankly in a terminal fashion. The South Bali region has been included in Indonesia’s Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Economic Development (MP3EI) to improve existing infrastructure related to the provision of water. The region including Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar, Tabanan and Klungkung (and known in the Indonesian compound fashion as Sabargitaku) is recognised as an asset for the Bali/Nusa Tenggara corridor because it earns substantial revenue through tourism. It has now apparently come to the attention of those who control the national budgetary strings that there has been pressure on the existing infrastructure of the area. Full marks are due then to Djoko Kirmanto, the Minister for Public Infrastructure, who has now noted that demand has reached unsustainable levels. Under the Djoko Plan a new water supply system, draining system and sanitation program (delightfully, apparently it is to be known as SPAM) will be put in place to accommodate growing demand. It notes that one of the problems in the Sabargitaku region is the uneven distribution of water throughout the four areas. Well, there you go! A total of Rp 344.3 billion will be invested from the national budget, Rp 97.5 billion from Bali’s provincial government budget and a further Rp 120.8 billion from the Denpasar and Badung regency budgets. It would be good if that sort of money got into the pipeline and if quantities of it did not thereafter leach out en route to its functionally productive public destination.

K9 KO Lizzie Love tells us the KK9 project she initiated at Kerobokan Jail has had to be canned, for reasons that have nothing to do with the value of the project, which was to give inmates an opportunity to bond with friendly dogs. Likewise, it had nothing to do with the prison authorities, who supported the program. That’s sad for all concerned and especially for inmates who had already made friends with a particular dog. But as Lizzy tells us, the welfare of the dogs is paramount. Any uncertainty on that front is an automatic shut-down signal, quite properly. The demise of this project turned out does not detract from the

great work being done – by volunteers and inmates – in other areas at Kerobokan. KK9 may have been a misstep, but that’s all it was.

Greying Anatomy Well, we know it. We’re, well, sort of part of it, really. But it’s good in a way to hear that Bali is set to boom in the coming years, with Australians looking for cheaper retirement options. That’s if they can get the pension too, of course. If they’re filthy rich and can afford to duck the restrictions attached to Australian age pensions, they’d be better giving Bali a miss in favour of someplace else where the gap between official and informal outlays and value for money on the services rendered is narrower. According to something we saw in The Beat Daily recently Australians – who are now approaching retirement in record numbers courtesy of the post-World War II baby boom – are increasingly looking to Bali as a more affordable alternative. This intelligence reaches us via Matthew Upchurch, chief executive of luxury travel network Virtuoso. It’s not surprising that Australians are looking at Bali as an affordable alternative to retiring in the Odd Zone. It’s close to home, but free of several irritants. If retirees stay home the nanny state and its overweening bureaucracy interest themselves in everything from their bank accounts to their daily motions. Bali is gearing up to meet this emerging demographic in a range of areas, from medical tourism – where BIMC Hospital at Nusa Dua is pioneering new facilities – to retirement living on the pattern long ago established in Europe, such as a new facility being built by Sentosa Worldwide Resorts at Umalas. It’s the coming thing, it seems.

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Essential Research You have to plan carefully and be sure not to overdo things, but the West Australians produce such good wine that no visit of a longer than fleeting nature would be complete without a visit to a winery. Our own “local” vineyards are in the south-west, in the Margaret River and Pemberton wine regions. The fact that we’re there fairly frequently does not mean we can afford to miss updating current research at every available opportunity. On our most recent trip we visited Aravina (it used to be Amberley) and Wise. We had lunch at Aravina, which is on Wildwood Road at Yallingup, and afternoon tea at Wise, which is in the Cape Naturaliste uplands and offers a delightfully Provencal outlook, complete with plane trees, north and east towards the waters of Geographe Bay. The rose at Aravina and the moscato at Wise were alone worth the trips. At Aravina we doubled our benefit with a fabulous polenta dish and significant dessert. At Wise, we confined our culinary attention to a rather yummy flourless pear cake. While we were in the area Noela Newton of Artisan Wines got in touch. She was heading to Margaret River and wondered if our schedules might match. Unfortunately they didn’t. But Artisan and Margaret River have a very close connection. That cannot be a bad thing. Cheers!

C/BM/U-2 April. 14



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Piecing it Together Nina Karnikowski of The Sydney Morning Herald had some useful guidance for Australian readers recently, on what’s hot and what’s not in Bali. She did a Q&A with chef Chris Salans of Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique in Ubud and Mozaic Beach Club at Batu Belig. We’re of the same mind as Cordon Bleu trained Salans on at least one seminal Bali factor: Jajan pasar is a sweet treat not to be missed in any circumstances. It’s a regular feature of the household provisioning budget at The Cage. Ours comes from the cake shop attached to Bali Jaya, a locally owned supermarket on Jl. Raya Uluwatu at Bukit Jimbaran where the Diary is happily on smiling and chatting terms with the lovely lady proprietor. It’s where we buy our Indonesian wine and whisky and those things in packets of 20 that in most places nowadays you’re not even allowed to think about, let alone mention in polite company. Salans has been living in Bali since 1995 and will be a double-decader next year. Perhaps that’s why he likes Lawar Nyawan, a traditional Balinese salad that features bee larvae as its chief ingredient. He concedes that it may be an acquired taste.

C/BM/G-16 Oct. 13

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from the

A Blurb from the Kulture Kid! By Vaughan Hatch

How do Balinese know which gamelan orchestra to use for which ceremony? A couple of treatises called Aji Gurnita and Pra Kempa which date to the 1800s detail a number of the main types of ceremonial gamelan orchestras, explaining their instrumentation and their function. Balinese ceremonies can be divided into four categories: Dewa Yadnya (for the gods), Bhuta Yadnya (for the underworld), Pitra Yadnya (for the deceased) and Manusa Yadnya (for human beings). Certain orchestras were prescribed for a specific types of ceremony. Gong gede and selonding for temple festivals; baleganjur for exorcism and purification; angklung, gambang and saron for cremations; and gender wayang for tooth filings. At that time there were many less types of orchestras than there are in Bali today. There may have been around 20 orchestra types around 200 years ago, but at my last count as a gamelan researcher today there are around 46 different types of ensembles and people are creating new orchestras all the time. It seems that in the older times, in one way people were stricter about which exact ensemble was needed for which ceremony; on the other hand, there was flexibility in some villages where they didn’t have say a giant orchestra for a large temple festival – this was replaced by a smaller ensemble that was considered sacred enough to fulfill the same ritual function. Things are changing all the time though – take, for example, the catch-all use of a gong kebyar orchestra (20th century ensemble) as accompaniment for all sorts of ceremonies and dances. Traditionally, a barong or legong dance would dictate the use of a specific orchestra that suited the atmosphere of the dance; from the 20th century onwards, the standard gong kebyar was considered enough – right until this day. Why has this happened and why don’t many Balinese continue to follow the knowledge of their ancestors? Find out in the next issue of Kulture Kid.

Copyright © Kulture Kid 2014 You can read all past articles of Kulture Kid at C/CE/G - 13 Nov. 13

Local News Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis a Major Challenge in Indonesia

New Zealand Woman to Remain in Jail

It is estimated some 7,000 Indonesians are suffering from Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB). Tjandra Yoga Aditama, director general of disease control and environmental health at the Health Ministry, said that only 1,000 MDR-TB patients were undergoing treatment currently, and that all medical expenses were paid by the state. While Indonesia has been lauded internationally for its success in diagnosing and treating tuberculosis patients, the disease remains a serious challenge for the country. The World Health Organization estimated there are 456,000 new tuberculosis cases in Indonesia annually, meaning that it shoulders the fourth largest new diagnosis-burden in the world after India, China and South Africa. Indonesia is also home to the seventh largest number of sufferers of MDR-TB. A patient who develops MDR-TB must undergo a treatment for at least 24 months. The drugs alone cost $ 4,000. MDR-TB can develop into extensive drug-resistant tuberculosis, or XDR-TB, for which the survival rate is only 15 percent. The condition can also develop into totally drug-resistant TB (TDR-TB) where the patient does not respond to any drug treatments at all. Tjandra said currently there are 20 cases of XDR-TB in Indonesia; four have been cured while the rest are still

undergoing intensive treatment. “Tuberculosis is still a serious problem not only for Indonesia, but for the world,” Tjandra said. The conventional diagnosis tool used to detect the new cases of tuberculosis has been used for more than 100 years and the newest drug currently available is more than 40 years old, Tjandra said. “We need more updated drugs, the new drugs are underway but they are not yet available on the market,” he said.

New Zealand woman Leeza Ormsby could remain in a Bali cell until April 15, nearly two months after her arrest. Ormsby, 37, was arrested after police raided a luxury villa in north Kuta, for which she had the keys, on February 12. The Rotorua-born Sydney resident has admitted to possessing a cannabis joint in her handbag but has denied any knowledge of drugs, including ecstasy and hashish, which were allegedly found at the villa. A Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesperson said today that Ormsby

The tuberculosis vaccine, Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine (BCG) which is included in Indonesia’s national routine immunization program, is highly unreliable - it has been more than 90 years since the vaccine was invented.

remained in police custody after her detention was

“It has been proven that the BCG vaccine does not have any significant impact in slowing down the tuberculosis epidemic,” Tjandra said.

Garuda axes Sydney - London Boeing 777

Indonesia is aiming to eradicate tuberculosis by 2030 but it is generally admitted the target is a daunting task.

extended on March 7, in line with Indonesian law, to April 15. (March 24th 2014)

Garuda Indonesia has abandoned plans for a JakartaLondon Boeing 777-300ER service in favor of non-stop flights from Jakarta to Amsterdam, which will later this year continue to London. A spokesperson for Garuda Indonesia

For a country to be able to declare itself rid of tuberculosis, the prevalence of active infections in the general population must not exceed 10 cases per 100,000 people.

has also confirmed to Australian Business Traveler that the

The current rate in Indonesia is 185 per 100,000 people and in prisons it is much higher. Indonesia also aims to reduce the mortality rate from the disease by 95 percent by 2035. (March 24th 2014)

A330 while Jakarta-Amsterdam gets the big bird with

Perth Man Pedals Across Nullarbor for Bali Cause

promised Boeing 777-300ER upgrade for Sydney-Jakarta has also been axed. That route now remains on an Airbus

Garuda’s all-new first class. Garuda is describing the move as making Amsterdam “its hub for Europe and beyond.” Garuda’s new plan for Europe will see the long-range Boeing 777-300ER run non-stop between Jakarta and Amsterdam, ditching the route’s current stopover in Abu Dhabi as of May 30. (March 18th 2014)

Inspired by a mate known for his “crazy ideas”, a Perth man is preparing to showcase his pedaling on an arduous 2700-kilometer bike ride across the Nullarbor.

Since Mitch’s death, his parents have developed a strong affiliation with Bali, raising much-needed funds through the Mitch Gillam Project.

Bali Set to Boom as Australians Move to Retire on the Cheap

Brad Ellis, 23, will ride from Adelaide to Perth in memory of his friend Mitch Gillam, who was killed in a scooter accident in Bali in 2010, and raise money for some of the holiday island’s poorest communities. “This is something I wanted to do for Mitch,” Mr. Ellis said. “Mitch taught me that if you set your mind to something, you can do it. Nothing is off limits. “Mitch was one-of-a-kind, a special person. He would come up with the craziest ideas and the next thing you knew you would be knee deep in whatever he was up to, so I guess it’s no surprise I’m about to ride from Adelaide to Perth. “I know he will be there pushing us along the Nullarbor all the way to Perth, so we can continue to change lives in Bali.” The Mates on a Mission ride will leave Adelaide on May 16, with Brad and his support crew traveling across the Nullarbor through Kalgoorlie and into Perth. The contingent will cover 150km a day and aims to complete the ride in 20 days with a scheduled stop in Kalgoorlie on May 31 before arriving in Perth on June 7. They will collect donations along the way and money raised will help fund projects to help impoverished Balinese families.

In 2012, they distributed 17,000 bras to women across Bali and have co-ordinated ambitious building projects, including more than 120 concrete brick homes to replace shanty bamboo huts in Seraya, a village in Bali’s eastern mountain region.

While Bali is one of Australia’s most popular destinations for a quick and cheap tropical getaway, developers are increasingly banking on Australians wanting to stay there a little longer. With an ageing population resulting in record

In addition, they raised $90,000 to build a community centre in Seraya and more recently, collected new underwear, which they will distribute in Bali this year.

numbers of Australians approaching retirement age, our

Mitch’s mum Sue Gillam, who will be part of Mates on a Mission support crew along with husband Ken, said she had been humbled at Brad’s commitment.

retirement while saving money. Sentosa Worldwide Resorts

“What people don’t realize is that these are people who live away from the holiday areas of Bali and do not benefit from the tourist dollars,” Mrs. Gillam said.

northern neighbour is emerging as an alternative for people looking to maintain their quality of life throughout

chief executive Ian Duffell said it was a travel trend that has been seen in Europe for decades, with the British in particular turning annual holidays in Mediterranean hot spots such as Spain into permanent stays when they retire. However, he said it was a relatively new concept among Australians, but it was one he expected to increase as

“Originally I became involved in these fundraising ventures as a way of keeping Mitch’s name alive whilst saying thank you to the Balinese people for being so kind to us. Now I do this work because I care.

Australians are told to rely less on their pensions and live longer on their savings. While the eligibility age for Australia’s pension remains 65, Treasurer Joe Hockey last month backed moves by the British Government to hike

“If I could have one wish it would be that Mitch was standing alongside me through all of this instead of inspiring me.”

the state pension age to 70 for those now aged under 30.

For more information about the Mitch Gillam Project, visit (March 18th 2014)

people start to think of retirement, the question is how and

He said Australia should consider doing the same. “When

where,” Duffell said. (March 24th 2014)

Bali Advertiser

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02 April - 16 April, 2014

Russell Crowe Film Noah Banned

Tuna Exploitation Alarming - Minister

in Indonesia The exploitation of tuna fish in Indonesia had reached an Indonesia has joined a group of Middle Eastern countries

alarming level and all parties need to cooperate to stop it,

in banning the Hollywood blockbuster Noah over concerns

Marine Affairs and Fisheries Minister Sharif Cicip Sutardjo

it breaks Islamic law. In a unanimous vote, the country’s

stated here on Wednesday (19/3). He said the species of

censorship board decided to forbid the release of the film

tuna most affected were albakor, madidihang, big eye and

because of its representation of the prophet - Russell

blue fin tuna. The minister noted that only the cakalang

Crowe as Noah himself - which is forbidden by Islamic law.

variety of tuna was still in the condition of moderate

Zainut Tauhid Saadi, a member of the Indonesian

exploitation. Previously, the Peoples Coalition for Fishery

Censorship Board told AFP that “the visual depiction of a

Justice (Kiara) had blamed foreign parties, which poached

prophet is forbidden in Islam,” and that the release of the

fish in the Indonesian waters. In Bali exports of tuna fish

film will hurt both Muslim and Christian communities.

fell 7.75 percent in value to US$76.80 million in 2013, from

Of Indonesia’s 240 million people, more than 88% are

US$83.25 million in the previous year. “The export volume,

Muslim. Despite the ban, not all of Indonesia is supporting

however, rose 14.62 percent to 16,337 tons, from 14,254

the idea, and news of the ban has been greeted with a mix of ridicule and criticism.The film has taken hits from Christian groups in the U.S as well for Darren Aronofsky’s unconventional take on the story. Many Christians claim that the movie doesn’t follow the story of Noah, as written in the Bible, closely enough. Noah is a prophet for Muslims and appears in the Christian Bible’s Book of Genesis.

tons in 2012,” Bali regional administrations spokesman I

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Ketut Teneng said on Tuesday. Ketut Teneng said frozen and fresh tuna fish dominated Bali’s exports of 11 types of maritime commodities. He said hundreds of fishing vessels unload their catches of tuna every day at the Benoa port to be exported after the cleaning process. The fish is exported primarily to Japan at 41.04 percent, the United States at 15.90 percent, Singapore at 2.48 percent and

(March 24th 2014)

Australia at 8.93 percent, he said. Smaller parts are also

Karangasem Possible Site for New Bali Airport

The government of the Karangasem on the East coast of

exported to other countries, such as Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, France and the Netherland. (March 19th 2014)

Australian Companies Accused of Jeopardizing Conservation in Indonesia

Bali has announced on Saturday (22/3) that it has set aside 860 hectares of land for the location of a new airport in Bali. Although a new airport in Bali has long been planned for Buleleng (North Bali), the project has been plagued by setbacks and delays. The exact site of the airport has yet to be determined. Bali’s Governor Mangku Pastika is also currently considering a proposal to locate the airport offshore. According to the head of the Karangasem office, Wayan Geredeg, the 860 hectares of land would

C/NV/G-30 Oct. 13

A trio of Australian companies has been accused of making decisions that could hamper attempts to protect Indonesian rainforests where threatened species, including elephants, tigers and orangutans, live. Western Australia-based mining firm Prosperity Resources has been granted a 41,000-hectare area to explore for gold and copper on the edge of the prized Leuser ecosystem in Sumatra. Conservation groups are fighting an increas-

serve only as an alternative to building the airport in

ingly bitter battle against a plan to strip protection from a

Buleleng should the central government encounter any

vast area of the 2.2m hectare Leuser ecosystem, which is

further difficulties. “I support the plan to build a new airport

the last place on Earth where tigers, elephants, tigers and

in Buleleng, but after years have passed and plans for the

orangutans are found within the one area. A new spatial

airport have not progressed let’s find another alternative.”

plan drawn up by the regional Aceh government, currently

Geredeg said.The 860 hectares of land that has been set

being evaluated by the Indonesian government, will open

aside is located between Buleleng and West Tianyar in the

up much of the forest for mining, palm oil cultivation

Kubu District, and, according to Geredeg, is owned by

and logging. Environmentalists claim the plan is illegal and

community members who have all signed agreements to

have urged the European Union to mediate to ensure

support the plan. (March 24th 2014)

conservation law is applied. (March 24th 2014)

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So You Love an Alcoholic Take Courage; There Is Hope Hope for families & friends of alcoholics AL-ANON FAMILY & FRIENDS GROUPS Wednesdays, 5:30pm Saturdays, 5:30pm Fridays, 5:30pm The Ruko, Jl. Drupadi II #80 (next to Art Republic) Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser C/NV/R-22 Jan. 2014

In this issue I will be summing up the pros and cons of the live music scene In Jimbaran, where to go, and counting down the top three live music venues in this part of paradise. Firstly though, I wanted to start on a slightly sad note, as this weekend saw the end of one of my favorite live acts here in Bali. (I am probably slightly biased on this, as I used to sing with them) Left of Center hung up their guitars, drum- sticks, and mike cable, and called it a day in their last live performance at Sambo’s Sports Bar in Jimbaran. Left of Center have been a mainstay in the live music scene for this part of Bali for some time now, and have played as far afield as Casablanca in Sanur, and on large stages like the Adora club. The last farewell lineup included Richard Miano, aka (Brooklyn Rick) lead vocals, Les O’Donnell aka (Ax) on guitar, and backup vocals Brad Reynolds, aka (Stix) on the drums, and the elusive Anthonius Dedde otherwise known as T- Bone on the bass. Primarily a rock/ blues cover band Left of Centre are somewhat of a rarity in Bali as they play a great deal of songs not usually covered by any other band, and are mostly all Expats. Their farewell set list included such golden oldies as: Double vision - (Foreigner) Rocking in the free world (Niel Young) Tush (ZZTop) Are you gonna go my way (Lenny Kravitz) Cross road blues (Robert Johnson) Addicted to love (Robert Palmer) These are just a selection. It’s fair to say that any of these songs are rarely, if ever, performed by other bands anywhere on the island. There was a good crowd of thirty to forty people who came out to say goodbye to Left of Center. Halfway through the third set of the gig the drummer actually cut both his thumbs open, but like Iron Maidens trooper, he soldiered on to finish the two hour performance. The songs were great, and the atmosphere was electric, especially with the antics of front man Brooklyn Rick, as he dazzled the crowd with an impressive vocal range, and regularly waltzed into the audience singing at individuals then melting back onto the stage to hit another high note. Another high light of the show was when Les, jumped up on the tables playing his electric guitar behind his back! Catching up with Les after the performance, I asked him why the band had decided to throw in the towel.

Live music venues in Jimbaran, are like gold dust there isn’t really a huge choice, but some of the bands that play this side of the island (like Left of Center) make this area a bit special for live music, also the local mariachi style bands that play for tips on Jimbaran beach, while you are having a seafood dinner are actually very good. Obviously they have a limited repertoire of songs but you can expect a fairly good rendition of Hotel California, or English Man in New York, just don’t ask them to play anything by Nirvana! The first venue to mention is (as it was mentioned earlier) Sambo’s sports bar. This Australian run Bar has a large open area namely a floor for the stage not ideal, but it does have excellent acoustics, and can accommodate on capacity about 80 or 90 people fairly comfortably. Sambo’s has been one of the key places to see live music for a while in Jimbaran, and has a reputation amongst expats as a good place to catch professional bands that can really put on a show. Sambo’s is on the main road towards Uluwatu opposite the turning for Puri Gading.

For information about taxation, please contact us:

DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF TAX REGION OFFICE OF BALI Call Center : (0361) 241555, 263894 Faximile: (0361) 263895 Email : SMS Center : 081 238 88250 C/NV/S-29 August 07

The next live music venue of note is a little further up the same road, and is called Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Bar. Scruffy’s, as it is affectionately known by locals really is a great place for live music. The walls are adorned with pictures of all the greats from Hendrix to Tina Turner, it has a raised stage with speakers and microphones perfect for performance. The venue itself is decorated just like an Irish pub, it is pretty small in comparison to other live music venues, however size isn’t everything and this little venue can hold at a squeeze 60 or 70 people. Scyruffy’s encourages everyone to participate, and has karaoke for its customers when a band is not playing. The third live music venue of note in the Jimbaran area is Nammos beach bar at Karma Kandara. Nammos is possibly one of the most breathtaking venues in Bali. The stage overlooks a pristine white beach and tropical reef. Nammos is at the bottom of a steep cliff, and is only accessible by cable car from The Karma Kandara resort making it very exclusive. The venue is famous on the International DJ circuit, and acts like Armin van Buuren, have played there on New Years and special parties, Nammos always has a live DJ of one shape or another pretty much daily. In my opinion all three are great venues for different reasons, if you want a techno party atmosphere then its Kandara all the way, however if you want to catch an upcoming local band I’d recommend Scruffy’s. And for experienced bands which hold a crowd, Sambo’s would be my choice.

(LES) – “Well mainly it’s for health reasons, I had some problems and don’t want to overdo it, that isn’t to say that this is the end for Left of Center we have another gig booked soon, but we just won’t be going full on in the Bali music circuit like we used to.”

If you enjoyed this article or have any questions, concerns, or if indeed you are the illusive Chris Curtis please don’t hesitate to drop me a line, here to the Bali Advertiser, or alternatively to my direct email address

A great night was had by all, and many people hope that this isn’t truly the end for LOC and they return to wow audiences in the future! The band is still available for private bookings.

Copyright © 2014 Tobias J Brown You can read all past articles of Music Matters at

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Hello everyone and welcome once again to Music Matters, the definitive music column dedicated to all live music here in Bali.

C/NV/I-24 July 13

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By Ayu Spicy

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Delicious International Dishes (Indonesian Language Version available at Wednesday This deliciously easy dish can stand alone or be part of a composed salad. If you can’t find asparagus use the sauce with green beans, broccoli, or just about any other veggie you fancy. The recipe calls for tarragon vinegar. I make my own stuffing fresh tarragon leaves into a jar with rice vinegar and leaving it a minimum of overnight - the longer the better.

Asparagus with Tarragon, Eggs and Capers Serves 4-6

Directions: Steam the asparagus to your liking. I like mine crisp so I only cook it about 5 minutes. Slice the hardboiled eggs in half, separating the yolks and whites. Finely chop the egg whites and set aside in a small bowl. In another small bowl mash the yolks with the olive oil, tarragon vinegar, capers, shallots, salt and pepper. Mix well and then add half the chopped egg whites. Mix into a paste Arrange the cooked asparagus on a serving plate and drape the sauce in bands across the spears. Sprinkle with the remaining chopped egg whites and garnish with the parsley.

Ingredients: - 1 kg asparagus (snap off the ends and wash well. Leave the stalks whole.) - 3 eggs, hardboiled and peeled - 4 Tbl. olive oil - 2-3 Tbl. tarragon vinegar - 2 Tbl. capers - 1-2 shallots, finely chopped - salt and pepper to taste - 1 Tbl. Italian parsley for garnish

Note: You can also arrange the asparagus on a bed of rucola. Enjoy!

All recipes are available on the Bali Advertiser website in both English and Indonesian versions. You can easily copy and paste and print. Paste as unformatted text. Copyright © 2014 Ayu Spicy You can read all past articles of Food Glorious Food at

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We are looking for Personal Assistant: Positive

Female, working




correspondence, and





Willing to travel overseas. Minimum



years experience.

<hr@balilawyerservices. com>.




Representative need: must be highly proficient in English (spoken



computer skills, data entry, and



service. Fresh Graduates welcome to apply. Please

Need Spa Therapist required for overseas hotels and day spa. Must speak English. Email CV with photo to <spajobs@spa-resourcing. com> or call (0361) 554 2547. [206]


Restaurant Supervisor / Wait Staff. A Senior Wait Person is required to help manage a restaurant in Bali and min. 3 years experience carrying out general restaurant duties and must be computer literate. We also need enthusiastic Wait Staff to assist the supervisor in the daily activities in the restaurant. Email: < au>. [207]



com> with your CV and Cover Letter. [211] Experienced villa and guest Manager needed. Call 0812 3701 6150. [214] Management


staff for handle all of booking department. Speak English, Diploma.




<> /






architect & site manager. E-mail:


com>. (0361) 847 6839. [203] Executive Assistant to join

Wait Person / Assistant Manager, 40 seat restaurant in Kuta, good English, organisational and computer skill, vibrant personality, min 2 years experience in industry. Email <kthomp@>. [208]

a successful Bali based food company to manage office and logistics. Must be organised, self - motivated and confident working with numbers. Send CV to <jobs.>. [215] Urgently needed an Office

Head Chef, 40 seat restaurant in Kuta, responsible for kitchen staff, menu management, purchasing, computer skills required, perfect opportunity for chef with min 3 years exp. Email < au>. [209]




understand little bit about website,



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The best selection of candidates for all positions and all levels. All candidates are pre-selected to simplify your choice, saving your time

POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Finance Mgr (Expat) Fin & Acc Mgrs Sales & Marketing Mgr Business Mgrs HRD Director / Mgr Villa Managers Marketing Manager F & B Manager Exec Housekeeper Secretary / PA VISAS AND PERMITS Business / Social - Entry and Exit KITAS - Work Permits Company Formation PMA - PT - CV - Local For additional jobs and information visit: CVs welcome for all positions No fee to applicants - completely confidential Tel. 769073 Istana Kuta Galeria PM1 No. 18 C/Es/2 Apr 14




MYOB Set-up & Training, Taxes, 0813 5314 0385/ <df.>. [143]


Ready to receive your order for Balinese Tuna Sate Lilit. Please call 081 2395 6991, 0819 3620 2170. [555]

at Gili Trawangan Lombok

Looking for more staff:

• • • • •

Bali Advertiser

02 April - 16 April, 2014

Head chef/ sous chef Beach attendant Public area steward/ss Waiter/ss Bartender




renovation, supervise – 081 755 7496. [154]

• • •

Social Media Manager Trade Marketing Manager Graphic Designer Fluent English, experience in similar position.

Must have experience minimum 1 year in similar position, good english skills & friendly and good personality. Please send the CV to NC/Es/2 Apr 14

Private teacher Bahasa Indonesian for foreigner. Dwi 0813 3870 5158, <dwi.>. [074]

& English in fun & easy

Age max. 35 y/o. Fluent English (speaking & writing) & energetic. Send CV with recent photo: NC/Es/2 Apr 14

An exciting opportunity exists to join a dynamic media company based in Kerobokan. We are currently recruiting for the following positions;

PA / Office Manager: The successful candidate will have excellent English, strong negotiation skills, be computer literate and show high levels of initiative and resourcefulness. You will assist the Director in his day-to-day work and also manage all things relating to running a smooth office. Designer: We are looking for a creative who has experience of designing for print (magazines/brochures etc) and web. You will be proficient in all the relevant software packages. Both positions offer attractive salaries with benefits and bonuses. Please send your CV and a covering letter to, stating in the subject field which position you are applying for. NC/Es/2 Apr 14

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URGENTLY NEEDED! My Vacations Group an International Holiday company in Bali are recruiting for motivated sales professionals to join our successful team in Seminyak.

Position: Sales Liners/Consultant Nationality: Australian Attractive commission & company benefits will be offered to successful applicants. We offer Great commissions – paid by weekly. • 5 day working week, Monday to Friday • Daily spiffs and company incentives • Family working atmosphere Please email your application to My vacations human resources department: NC/Es/2 Apr 14

<>. Affordable price commercial photography. [654] Web Designer. I can help you to develop website with personal price, including hosting or domain name also printing project. Call 781 7447 or 081 2386 6175 for further discuss or portfolio please visit the website: <www.thenbagus. com>. [554] Barbecue Specialize Delivery. 0819 3627 9541. [672] CV Yazna Villa Management Professional All Needs. Majapahit st no. 76 Kuta. Office (0361) 767108, Mobile 081 2382 3731, email: <>. [810]

NC/Es/2 Apr 14

way. Sms / call Tutor Ms. Sima,



Looking for Male / Female staff

Please send your CV at

Learn to speak Indonesian



<www. indonesian>.





Corporate Branding Service. <>

Sous Chef and Receptionist Wanted: Wilson’s Retreat Gili Trawangan is the newest high end boutique hotel to arrive on Gili Trawangan We are looking for a talented Sous Chef to assist our French chef at our fine dining French Restaurant, and a friendly and outgoing receptionist to assist with our Front Desk operations. If interested please send your CV to:


NC/Es/2 Apr 14

081 2360 2794. [171] Freelance Driver. Call 0852 3894 2528. [174] Wood & composite decking specialist e:



<woodworking.bali@> / 0819 9985 7305.


NC/Es/2 Apr 14




Course. Translation services: English,


Balinese, Russian. (0361) 215 1333. <plc.canggubali@>. [195]

An award-winning luxury resort located on Sumba Island invites suitably qualified applicants for the following posts

• Reservation Manager VHP POS program experience a plus, fluent in English, attention to detail

• Pastry & Bakery Chef, min. 3 years experience in Nirmala Bangunan. Your Trusted Partner in Building Materials. Jln Raya Kampus Unud no 81. Tlp: 0361-895 3840. [055]




English 0819



9020. [196] Sensual massage for ladies. 081 666 9775. [194]

Massage at home. Tukang Pijat di rumah. By Balinese man. Traditional and reflexology. Areas; Denpasar, Sanur, Legian and other near areas. Contact Yudi by SMS to 085 737 691 561. [056] Freelance Graphic Designer/Photographer (Fashion/Product). Blog: <>/ Email: <hitheseed@gmail. com>/ Phone: 0813 3870 0055. [890] Architec Design, 3D IMB estimate, build 0821 4588 0888/ <www. baliarchitecdesign. com>. [139] Custom digital design & editing service. Color correction, retouching, item replacement/removal, photo restoration plus advertisement design, displays & posters, photo & fashion, advertising & product image editing. Professional, on-time and cheap. Ready to get things done! Email for info to < i C a n E d i t T h a t F o r Yo u @>. [555]




Contact: Venny 0857 3905 6799. [213] Private Chinese Language.

luxury establishment, creative

• Head Driver, strong leadership, broad knowledge of vehicles and their maintenance, multi skilled, good command of English • Driver, friendly attitude. Previous experience as Bell boy or hotel driver • Receptionist: VHP POS program experience a plus, fluent in English, min. 1 year experience in luxury establishment • Engineer, able to repair AC, kitchen & laundry equipment, Interested applicants can send their resume with cover letters to Please include a recent photograph and salary expectation. NC/Es/ 2 Apr 14

0818 0556 0595 / 0813 3821


7788. [032] All






product, etc. Please Call 781 7447 or 081 2386 6175 for

Ashtari Restaurant & Lounge South Lombok




We are currently seeking an experienced Chef/Manager to focus on overseeing the smooth planning and running of the restaurant.

portfolio please visit the

This is an opportunity to develop your career with a professional team as part of a dynamic company. The position comes with accommodation, attractive salary, and participation in the business.

website: <www.thenbagus. com>. [553] Looking

For A Reliable


Builder? Bali Home Builder is

Reporting directly to the Company Director and working close to the team to ensure the service delivery.

your peace of mind. Western standards. in




Excellence in electricity and plumbing. No hidden costs. No price change during the project. Detailed quotes. Fair and detailed contract. On Time, on Quality, on Budget.


BHB assists you for your

• •

architecture and engineering



At least 3-5 years experience within a 5 Star Hotel or similar environment Has previous experiences in pre-opening restaurant or Hotel, will be a plus Has experiences in events / functions High standard of food presentation and productivity Ability to work under pressure Experiences in budget management along with menu design and implementation Good leadership skills

drawings. Contact Resma: +62





Please contact us: 0813 5332 9501 OR

com>. [172] NC/Es/2 Apr 14

Bali Advertiser


02 April - 16 April, 2014


An experienced PA/EA

(Cari Kerja)

is required to assist a busy business and professional located next to the beach at Canggu. Your role will be to assist and manage a busy office on a daily basis. You will be liaising with international offices, managing dairies, organising appointments, booking travel and accommodation, answering phone enquiries etc. This is a hands on role that requires someone who is a flexible self starter. Tertiary qualifications preferable. You must have excellent written and verbal communication as well as proficiency in all Microsoft office packages. (office computers are Mac). Excellent remuneration including Healthcare will be provided for the right candidate. Should you feel this role may suit you please send your CV to or phone Kim on 082145923740 NC/Es/2 Apr 14

GENERAL MANAGER WANTED: Wilson’s Retreat Gili Trawangan is the newest high end boutique hotel to arrive on Gili Trawangan This individual will be responsible to manage operations on a day to day basis and to assure optimum performance and continual improvement in the five Key Result Areas (guest service, employees, sales/marketing, property appearance, and profit/financial control). Accountable for budgeting and financial management, planning, organising and directing all hotel services. Directs and manages the staff and everyday hotel operations to achieve profitability, guest satisfaction and efficiency while maintaining standards set by the company. If you are this person please email your CV to: NC/Es/2 Apr 14

EMPLOYMENT SECTION ADVERTISING INFORMATION 1. Place your ad at for the quickest service. 2. You may also email, fax or post your ad into our office and we will email, fax or telephone you with the price. You may also visit our office to place your ad. 3. Ads looking for work are charged at Rp. 8.000 per word. 4. Ads looking for employees are charged at Rp. 13.000 per word 5. Ads for business services are charged at Rp. 13.000 per word 6. All ads must be paid before printing. All payments must be made at our office or by money transfer to our bank.





Languages: German, English, Bachelor Degree in

Expat seeking employment as Project Manager / Supervisor or can build for you. 081 2362 9939. <balicontractor@dps.>. [050] Hotel GM, European, strong, passionate, skilled, five languages (incl. Bahasa), opening specialist, available for new GM position. Please contact <expatgm@outlook. com>. [412] Developer, builder, contractor. Expat with 35 years experience building the right project for the right person. Already many successful projects completed in Bali. Start to finish. Work crews with many projects working together. Lets talk about your project. For more information, contact Brad at <kbaybuilder@hotmail. com>. [541]

kindergarten education, seven years experience in kindergarten teaching, swim i n s t r u c t o r, h o m e w o r k assistant. Looking for a teaching or babysitter job. Please write a mail to

12 years working experience woman looking for a job as PA / Managing Office with flexible working hours, able to extend the work from home as PC Internet Printer are available. Text to +62

Secretary / PA experienced O&W, good personality &

An award-winning luxury resort located on Sumba Island invites suitably qualified applicant for the position of

computer / internet skills. 081

General Manager

female 39, fluent English

1393 6974 <balijob4me@>. [217]

Western Chef de Partie, looking for full time job in the hospitality. Over 14 years experience, worked in 3* hotels and restaurants in Europe and Australia. Arrival date 27-03. Email: <>. Telp. 085 792 631 979 / 085 792 000 788. Skype: <sebastiaan.verkerk>. [173]

No MLM need contact her.


NC/Es/2 Apr 14

NC/Es/2 Apr 14

812 8743 5363. [205]

Balinese lady looking for work

A Senior National Sales and Marketing Manager with exposure to all levels of range development, retail and sales strategy implementation for the region is required by this highly regarded Iconic International Brand. Reporting to the Director and Australian Head Office, you will be taking charge of all Front End Operations and procurement for Retail and Wholesale. This role requires an experienced apparel Sales and Marketing Manager with demonstrated success across buying, merchandising, marketing, new business development, and sales. Responsibilities will include: • Retail, wholesale and digital management • Design, implementation and communication of successful business sales strategy • Setting and delivering range strategy in accordance with brand values • Maximizing Return On Investment through strategic management of sales and inventory • Delivering margin increase to the bottom line • Monitoring stock turn, assortment mix and markdown program • Development of sales strategies and implementation for region, • New business opportunity development and implementation, • Achieving sales budgets • Build and develop external sales team, • Performance reporting on sales and external sales team, This is an outstanding senior opportunity for a Manager who is able to communicate their passion, skill and insight. In return you will be offered a competitive remuneration package commensurate to experience and the opportunity to shape the direction of an international market leader during its emergence into the Indonesian Retail and Wholesale landscape. Please send your CV with reference letters to:

NC/Es/2 Apr 14

ch>. [190]

Looking for work at home.

Russian girl 25 y.o is looking for a job. Wide experience in h o s p i t a l i t y, r e s t a u r a n t management and guest relations. Fluent English. Liza. Tel: 0813 3849 6426. Email: <6175056@gmail. com>. [181]

Experience minimum 2 years email:


I’m a graduated gemologist from GIA, USA looking for part time work in jewelry industry. If someone needs my service info/question: <berlinsari@yahoo. com>. [134]

Driver looking for job. Speak English, honest. Part-time/ full-time. Phone 0878 8898 9786. [204]


at home. Have laptop and internet connection. Speaks / writes just a little English so would do better with Bahasa based work. Graduate of SMA with 2 children at school. Email <AyuKomang@>. [099]

Preferred qualifications: • Min. 3 years experience as GM within a 5 star luxury hotel/group resort • Single preferred- if couple partner must have an applicable skill or a current EAM in a larger hotel with 5 years experience • Background in operations • Posses strong leadership skills. • Excellent communication skills • Organized, motivated, analytical and creative. • Comfortable being located in a remote location • Bahasa Indonesia and experience in Asia a plus Interested applicants can send their resume with cover letters to Please include a recent photograph and salary expectation. NC/Es/ 2 Apr 14

SALES LEADER – BEYOND EVENTS BALI About the Beyond Group Based in Bali, The Beyond Group Bali operates a diverse range of businesses that enables it to offer clients a complete one-stop solution for all their wedding and event requirements. We are known industry wide for delivering innovation, quality and consistency through all our operations while operating with complete legal and ethical corporate compliance. The Role This Sales Leader opportunity, reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for delivering outstanding results for our largest business, Beyond Events Bali. With a newly defined leaderled sales process & methodology in place and with a raft of innovative product releases to further engage our customers, now is the time to evolve and drive the business to success in delivering even bigger results. This autonomous position will be a key contributor to the broader company agenda and strategy, paving the way to being a future leader within the Beyond Group. Responsibilities • Contribute in the design, development and communication of the annual sales strategy and related goals. • Be accountable for the entire sales results • Communicate and inspire the strategic vision for Beyond and the Sales business • Identify opportunities for business improvement and strategic new business opportunities • Prepare, develop, implement and report on budgets/forecast progress • Proactively drive a highly visible market profile and regularly represent Beyond at industry and client events locally and Internationally. Skills and Experience • Exceptional written and oral English language skills are a must. • Proven experience in managing and developing strong sales results in a diverse market place undergoing significant change. • Proven track record of sales excellence in e-commerce sales in a values based environment. • Prior experience in motivating sales teams to achieve both qualitative and quantitative revenue targets. • Experience in contributing to the Executive sales strategy and related goals. • Fluency of additional languages is extremely desirable - Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese Culture At Beyond we really value the way we work together to get stuff done. Our commitment to fostering a work environment where people feel like they’re making a difference everyday has helped us in just 4 years become the largest and leading event management operation in Bali. In other words, our customers, stakeholders and our most important assets, our people, all love Beyond and it’s group of brands – and we’re proud of that! How to apply Please send your written application and accompanying CV to This role is only open to applicants currently based in Bali. NC/Es/2 Apr 14

BA Feature


Piggy Paradise “A cat will look down to a man. A dog will look up to a man. But a pig will look you straight in the eye and see his equal.” Winston Churchill

However, knowing it will be done expertly and humanely is reassuring. In the meantime these happy pigs are not going to market!

Until recent times, pigs and I have had a somewhat d i s t a n t relationship. Apart from the children’s movie Charlottes Web and the occasional temptation to eat crispy bacon for Eating the offerings. breakfast, I haven’t given pigs a great deal of thought. It did strike me however, upon a recent trip to Bali, as quite disturbing to see the way many pigs are farmed in Bali. They are imprisoned in concrete coffins; roll through their own excreta and are slaughtered brutally. So on principal, I refused to eat the supposedly delicious babi guling dish Bali is so famous for. Climbing down off my high horse, I have come to realize however that this is a typical case of the kettle, calling the pot black, with the USA and Australia not much different in their pig farming practices.

This ‘Piggy Paradise’ evolved out of a fundraising initiative undertaken by Year 5/6 students at Our Lady of Hope School in Adelaide, South Australia. Social justice is intertwined in Catholic school philosophy at this school so it was a logical step to support children in need, as many Australians holiday in Bali. Plastic bottles, cans and fruit Patricia Kerkenaar boxes were collected, “Cans For Kids Project” Manager & cleaned and sorted, before Teacher at Our Lady of Hope School, selling them to raise money. Adelaide. The project is now known as, “Cans For Kids Project” where kids work to help kids in Bali, more specifically the Cempaka Putih Foundation, Songan Village. The proceeds have provided an opportunity for 6 committed families to start a sustainable business, share the profits and has the potential to expand and include more families. The continuation of this project is conditional on the humane treatment of animals and positive environmental practices with a view to ongoing sustainability. Such projects have the potential to expand and lead to more fellowship between the two cultures.

In the USA pigs’ lives really suck! They are reportedly1 bred intensively, in cramped conditions, where they are castrated, have their teeth snapped off and their tails severed. They are poked with electric prods, transported in awful conditions, and in their final moments only partially slaughtered before being boiled alive. The meat itself is often riddled with pesticides and antibiotics and the slaughterhouse waste is said to pollute waterways. Not a lot of positives on the intensive pig farming front! Pigs are also known to be quite intelligent creatures, clean and very social, according to Dr. Donald Broom (Cambridge University professor). With this in mind the reality of intensive pig farming is quite abhorrent to those who recognize there are more humane ways of farming pigs. The question is not about curtailing pig farming, about whether or not to eat meat but more about raising awareness about the manner in which pigs are raised and slaughtered. Australian pig farming is supposedly protected by the 2007 Model Code of Practice, and enforceable by law.2 , Despite these codes of practice for farm animals intensive farming practices are still rampant throughout Australia.3 So it should come as no surprise that our Balinese counterparts are not any different. In Australia there is a trend towards the more widely accepted free range farming and although far from universal it is gaining momentum. Essentially when it comes to pig farming no country is really “snorky” clean. H o w e v e r , changes are afoot in Songan Village, Kintamani, where ‘Piggy Paradise’ h a s b e e n established. From dark, confined, concrete quarters, to roaming free amongst a patch The tree houses with the alang alang roofs. of exquisitely lush vegetation, at the base of Gunung Batur, Bali pig farming has taken the lead and moved a step forward. In this little haven 5 pretty Bali pigs have now become permanent residents, where they are free to eat, snort and shuffle to their heart’s content. They can seek shelter from the rain, under the quaint alang alang tree houses, and hang out with their friends. Later they will have the chance to become romantically involved with some handsome boars brought in to boost the numbers. Some pigs will inevitably be slaughtered for ceremonies.

The driving force behind Cempaka Putih Foundation is well known local figure, Gede Mangun, who established the Foundation in 2007, in response to the needs of the local community i n S o n g a n Vi l l a g e , where insufficient housing, inadequate roadways, inaccessible Gede Mangun founder of Cempaka Putih h e a l t h c a r e a n d Foundation, and his daughter Cempaka, i n a d e q u a t e w a t e r after whom the Foundation was named. supplies all run deep into the fabric of this community. Gede, is an unimposing, 40 something, pocket rocket of a man, who climbs volcanoes by night, builds villas by day, and in his meagre spare time manages to find clothing, first aid supplies, building supplies and volunteers to build houses -all in addition to his own business ventures. The man doesn’t sleep; yet Gede still manages to smile readily, and chat with his frequent visitors. The Cempaka Putih Foundation also provides free English lessons and computer tuition for anyone able to access it, using volunteers like myself to run classes. Gede is also the driving force behind turning the whole “Cans For Kids Project” into a reality. After 2 days of talking with the men in the local banyar, pig farming got the go ahead! The priest fast tracked the starting approval date and 9 workers were miraculously rounded up, land slashed and cleared at the speed of divine light. In addition, within the space of 4 weeks, materials were delivered from nearby stashes, concrete mixed from thin air, fencing built, drainage dug out, and a tidy Bessa brick food house constructed! The project, year one, did not feed five thousand people, but it was still a miracle. “We have had big problems with the rain,” Gede informed me one day, “it floods here, bad. So, we had to dig drainage.”

Nevertheless, rain or shine - no Bali rubber time here or time to build an ark! The Priestly announcement of pig buying day was also quickly established, thus completing the project in record time. The opening ceremony and grand finale, where the black Bali pigs were Patricia teaching English at the Cempaka Putih Foundation in Songan Village. delivered and unveiled was a great success, amidst much celebratory laughter. Including, Gede and his sweet daughter, Cempaka, as well as the 6 families, who will become responsible for the upkeep and welfare of the pigs. “We will start an organic garden,” announced Gede to the world, as he darted around the site. “Next to piggy farm….. we can grow sweet potatoes for the piggies. “The manure is good for fertilizer,” he offered mischievously. “The children can help out after school and they will learn about happy pig farming,” he laughed. They will also learn about environmentally friendly ways of making a living in the future. It’s all looking on the up and up in Songan Village. ‘Piggy Paradise’ will provide a living for 6 families and even though pigs will be slaughtered for ceremonies and food, the concept of sustainability will shine through. ‘Piggy Paradise’ is also about stepping closer towards the practice of humane pig farming, environmental awareness, maintainable business The first donated pig, “Maloui” practices and a more productive future with the promise of hope which binds us all. I can tell you it will make me think twice about where my crispy bacon is coming from. Patricia Kerkenaar-Richards Year 5/6 Teacher Our Lady of Hope School Adelaide, S.A. Edited by Arlo Hennings If you are interested in donating a pig the cost is $70AUS (Paypal) and receipts are tax deductable. Even better…good karma and a cute piggy will be named after you☺ Contact Gede Mangun, +62 818 552 669 or Patricia Kerkenaar, +61 421 212 629

PETA: People for the ethical treatment of animals. Pigs: Intelligent animals suffering in factory farms and slaughter houses.


Aussie Pig Farming.


Animal liberation Queensland; intensive piggeries


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Real Estate MERTASARI SANUR Price 6.750.000.000 Rp. Ownership leasehold Lease 27 Years + (option), Land size 9 Are, Building size 500 m2 , Main building 350 m2 + Guest 150m2, Storey 2, Year of building 2009, Swimming pool size 14 x 5 meters, Swimming pool with salt water purification, Bedroom 2 + 2 ( 2 x 40m2 + 2 x 30m2), Bathroom 2 + 2 (+ 2 outdoor showers), Living 60 m2, Kitchen 45 m2, Terrace (2) 60 m2, Poolroom 40 m2, Storeroom (2) 20 m2, Garage 35 m2, Staff quarters 2, Wet kitchen + laundry area., Electricity 16500 Watt , Air Conditioners 8, Telephone line yes, Internet Connection yes, Satellite 2 Jl. Puri Kesambi 25, Kerobokan | mobile: 081233654862, 081239177277 C/Re/I-05 March 14

Studio Apartment for rent Daily – Weekly – Monthly Please call: 0361 8499219 C/RE/M-22. Jan.14

Apartment in Sanur Service apartment in Sanur with swimming pool is offered to rent! One bedroom with furniture, Kitchen, AC, Hot shower, Free Wi-Fi, Cable TV, Safety Box, Day time staff stay. There is a night security. Special Price for MONTHLY Rents Start from RP. 6,000,000/Month


Start from Rp.4,800,000/Month CALL NOW! 0361-8031042 C/Re/I-01 May 13

KARANGASEM Exceptional for sale or for rent (10-20yrs), 17.5 ares flat overlooking Tirtagangga paddies valley + 13.5 ares hillside. Unbreakable 180° panoramic view on valley, Mt. Agung. Access, water, electricity, certificates. Perfect for retirement, guest-house, meditation/ yoga. Ready to build. Available immediately. Complete info <> Contact Remi at <> or Wayan 081 2394 0245. [8382]

LAND FOR SALE IN SUMBA Certificate ready 2 Hectare Front beach 100m Price Rp. 600.000.000 per 1 hectare Phone : 0823 4244 9241


NC/Re/P-02 April 14

Land for sale 1 are on Jl. Gn Tangkuban Perahu Gang Norwegia. Safe and clean area. Please contact 081 2389 3200. [8250] Fully furnished rooms for short or long term rent. Up to 4 rooms available. Jl. Raya Kuta, 5 mins to airport. Close beach, restaurants and shopping area. Please e-mail <> for info and photos 081 7470 7559. [5176] Holiday Villa-Bungalow, Very Low Price. Weekly, Monthly. Beautifully furnished, Private & Quiet, Large 1 bedroom, AC, 2 Storey, Pool, Wifi, Full kitchen, TV/DVD, 24 hour security, Cleaned daily. More details, photo’s, Quick response, email <>. [5579]

NC/RE/U-2 April 14

Bungalow / villa for rent. Jl. Patimura gang Melati no. 2x Legian and Kuta area. Full furnished, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, parking area. Price: IDR 4 million/month. Contact person: Ketupat Restaurant (0361) 758 969 / 0811 380 6867. [7653] 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 pools, between Poppies 1-2, 23 year lease, 30 option ROI, 14,000 US, 7% on asking price, 100% owner occupatiency possible. Call John 0822 3608 7744, <>. [8421]


LAND FOR SALE 130 are, 1,3 HA land for sale, excellent access, water, electricity and quiet. Perfect for agro-agricultural land and for restaurant owners as a private organic farm. Or, as a home or villa. 15 minutes to the west from Baturiti Vegetables Market. Desa Andong, Baturiti, Tabanan, Bali, GPS 8”19’43” S and 115”10’3” E. Access to the north and south, with a 4 room farm house included. North, east and west mountain view, and has a barn for 50 cows. Excellent for growing chilies, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, beans etc. Access from main road, 900 meters. Great villas are built nearby. This is a direct sale by the local owner, free hold, one certificate. SMS only Putu +628123847849 or email: Only 30 million rupiah per are.

C/Re/G-22 Jan. 14

Land for rent 12,115 are in Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai about 200m from Benoa Square, mainroad access, prospective area for your business. Rp. 10 million/are/year (nego), min 5 years, max 15 yrs. Call 081 2383 4011. [5803] Place for rent 70 msq in Jl. Bukit Permai (Four Season street - Muaya Beach) opposite of The Le Meredien Jimbaran. Suitable for toko, cafe, restaurant. Very good location. Price Rp. 6 mills per month. Info, please contact Iwan 085 6370 0988 or 0819 1651 2526. [7485]

C/RE/U-02 April 14

Room for rent at Jimbaran, Jln. Bukit Hijau no. 6. Fully furnish, kitchen, bathroom, parking, maid, free Wifi. Free electricity for monthly. 2,75 mill monthly or 250k daily. Call 081 2395 8971. [7673] New 2 bedroom villa, pool 2 ensuite, $800 month, free electricity, 1 br villaette $399 month, rooms from $20 night, 2.2jt month. Cable tv, gym, ac, security. Ayu 088 7344 3686 0853 3857 0140, <>. [8390] New house for rent, Taman Griya Jimbaran, Good loc., one gate complex with security, 2 storey, 2 bed/bath room and 1 maid bed/bath room, carpark with big garden, near sport/fitness club, supermrkt, etc. call. 081 896 1100. [8409] House for rent (cheap) in Jimbaran Rp40juta/1year or Rp65juta/2years. 2 bedroom, shower, kitchen, wastafel incl. all with hot-warm water. Room is furnished. AC, TV. Add. Perm. Padma. Gg Bento. no. 7a. Jimbaran. Call Ngurah 081 139 5587. Email <caroline_kurnia@hotmail. com>. [8412] For rent. Just fully renovated 2 bedroom house, open living room & kitchen area, modern bathroom and kitchen set. Hot & cold water plus large water tank. Gated parking space. Jimbaran - Perumahan Nuansa Kori Selatan. SMS/call for viewing: 0813 396 345 28. [8416]

C/Re/G-2 April 14

C/Re/G - 11 Dec. 13


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

02 April - 16 April, 2014


1 villa unit with 4 bedrooms USD$22,000 per year (land size 5 are) 1 villa unit with 4 bedrooms USD$25,000 per year (land size 15 are) All fully furnished Please contact: 08123775057 or E-mail:

SEMINYAK 2 bedroom villa in Seminyak , pool, wifi, hotwater, tv cable daily maid. Available 12 – 18 August. Please call +62 819 1636 2285. [3866] Seminyak 3 Bedroom Villa Fully Furnished w/ swimming pool. Available for cheap yearly rent. Minimum rent time 2 years. Perfect for anyone living in Bali long term. For more info contact by email only: <balivilla2000@yahoo. com>. [8358] C/Re/G-19 March 14

NC/Re/P-02 April 14

Villa for sale, 2 storey, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, water heater, wardrobe, large garden, near from Sunset Road and Kunti 2 - Seminyak, 4 Are. 081 2399 7338 - Pak Herman. [8379] Fully furnished 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa w/ pool Oberoi. Walk to Champagne Bar and restaurants. Very safe! Aircon, Wifi, Indovision, security, housekeeper 3x’s/week, gardener. June 1 to Jan 1; dates flexible. $16,000 AUD + electricity per-usage. 0878 6106 5153, <oberoivilla8@>. [8392] C/Re/G-19 Feb. 14


REAL ESTATE All ads Rp. 8.000 per word All ads must be paid before printing

Looking for yearly rental villas! <www.>. The biggest website with most daily visitors. Submit your Villa - Rent out your villa Fast. <info@balilongtermrental. com>. 0878 6172 3022. [001]


Jl. Majapahit No. 46 Kuta - Bali Telp : (0361) 755 392 [Hunting] Fax : (0361) 764 191 E-mail:

Walk to restaurants in Oberoi, 2 storey big house for rent for 7 months. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, A/C, large reception panorama windows overlooking tropical garden, fully furnished with oven, big TV, HBO, etc. 0878 6252 1948. [8067] Hot deal: 6.5 mil/month. Zhurga Seminyak Apartment 50 sqm space with modern interior among pool and garden. <>. Available for daily, weekly and monthly. Email: <>. SMS/call: 0878 6175 9558. [8417]

Villa for sale in Umalas, jl. Bumbak

Batubelig, villa 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, swimming pool, garden, staffs, furnished, quiet and peaceful, security, for rent yearly, monthly, available now. Infos and pictures to Josep <>. [8402] 3 bedroom villa with pool in Seminyak/Legian. AC, Wifi, landscape gardens. Quiet and central. 15 juta. Small 2 bedroom with pool access. Nice garden. Perfect for single person. 50 juta/year. 0815 5816 4966, <annulzy@yahoo. com>. [8406] Over contract at Sunset Road, 2 shops, 2 floors, 200m2. 0361 275 9455, <>. [8410] For rent: Villa in Batu Belig, fullyfurnished, swimmingpool, TV cable, Wifi, AC, near beach- Watercress-WarungNuris, quiet and safe place. Overcontract initial 6 months (extendable). Available end April 50juta nego. 0819 9957 9010. [8414] 2 bedroom villa 200 meters from Double Six beach. Can rent monthly till June or yearly, 10 mill/month or 95 mill/ year. Alison 0878 6201 7285 or <alisonrainbowtaylor@>. [8415] Rent Villa Min 3 year (+) Seminyak, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, living, kitchen, pool & terrace, garden, AC, Wifi, phone, TV, (furniture). Email <>. Tel. 081 236 528 677. [8288] 3 bedroom villa Jl. Petitenget, 5 minute from Potato Head, private pool, parking, garden, fully furnished for 1 - 10 year rental by owner. Contact 0815 1037 0648 or <>. No agents please. [8418] Yearly rental Villa in Top area Petitenget, Seminyak, 200sqm, 2+1BR, furnished, AC, pool, internet, garden, kitchen, TV cable, garage, open livingroom, 3min to beach/ spa/yoga/resto, +62 857 1986 0092 & +6257 8267 3633, +6281 6196 5094. [8420] Nice & quiet 2 bedrooms villa at Yudhistira1 for-rent daily, weekly, monthly. AC, DVD, SatTV, free WiFi, hot water, prvtpool, daily-cleaning. Please contact Widya; +62 878 6001 4133, email; <>, <www.>. [8428] Villas for rent in Seminyak. 1 BR, 2 BR, 4 BR and 5 BR. Fully furnish, AC and swimming pool. Call 0853 3327 3355. [8429] 1,2,3,4 bedrooms luxury Villas for rent. Starting price from 80 USD per night. We provide long term rental Villas also. Luxury Villa for Sale freehold 1.35 are land, 2 bedrooms, asking price 3 M. Brand new villa for lease 25 years, 3 bedrooms, 5 are land. All with private pool. Contact for details 081 7978 0553, email <astri@globaldevelopments. asia>. [8367] Villas for rent Seminyak 2,3,4 Bedrooms, modern style. fully equipped kitchen, cable TV, pool, internet connection, tropical garden. US$ 150 - US$ 500 per night. Available for short and long term rentals. Villa/Land sales. Please call +6281 797 35110 / +62 812 3794 6713. [8154]

C/Re/G-4 Sept. 13

C/Re/G-19 Feb. 14

- 6 are, built in 2013 - 3 bedrooms with ensuite bathroom - AC in all bedrooms and livingroom - huge pool 14x3 - fully furnished - leasehold 26 years - New price: 295.000 USD!

Contact: 082145239877 NC/Re/G-2 April 14

LOOK WHAT MADE THE A LIST THIS WEEK! A-mazing value villas Jl Petitenget. Bargain. New,stylish 3 br/3bth villa, on 300m2, full. furn. right in the heart of the action. Great rental returns. Walk to Potato Head and The W. Nice pool. NOW REDUCED TO US$279,000!!! Emergency sale. Seminyak. Stunning, completely remodeled, Balinese style, 2 bedroom home with pool, fully furnished. Western kitchen. All mod cons. Great rental potential Only US$140 000. 28 year lease. Seminyak. The Elysian. Urgent! Exclusive 1br holiday villa in famous complex. 12%+++ returns. Unlimited owner occupancy. Reduced by $20,000. Now just $140,000!! Seminyak Central 250m to beach. Absolute luxury 6br/6 bth villa on 14.25 are!!! 500m from beach. Fully furnished. Marble ensuites. Roof bbq garden. Lap pool. 2 kitchens. Maid’s accom. No expense spared. REDUCED 25%. Urgent sale. US$955,000. Jimbaran. Close to beach. Some views. Very stylish 3 br freehold villa in security compound. Full furn. Pool. Freehold. Reduced to US$395,000 Canggu. 500m from beach. Wonderful, architect-designed, brand new 2 bedroom villa with saltwater pool, solar hot water, for only $179,900. Call us now!*VL-025 Canggu, Jl Nelayan. Near Beach New 3br villa on 700m2. 800m to beach. Big pool. Beautiful position. REDUCED! $210,000. Must sell! Batu Belig Beachside. 180 deg. ocean views Private beach access. 5 br/6bth on 3 floors. Roof terrace with jacuzzi. Exquisitely furnished. Saltwater pool. 43 yr lease. Wonderful investment. Just US$750,000.

A List Land Nusa Dua Beachfront. 6.5ha between Ayodaya and St Regis. Backs onto new golf course. Perfect resort land. Unbelievable price. Just 1.3M per are. Freehold Pecatu. Sweeping 270 degree Ocean and beach views. 1.9 ha. Good shape, full road access 2 sides. Direct road access to airport, Dreamland, Balangan and Nusa Dua. Ideal sloping development site for maximum views. Rp350 mill/are. Jl Oberoi. 13 are. Freehold. Behind Café Bali. Close to EVERYTHING. Restaurants, shops, beach. Perfect shape. Big access. Rp 1.3M/are. Jl Petitenget. 18 are. Freehold. Between Potato Head and The W .Square shape. 3.5m access. Close to EVERYTHING. Rp 2.1M per are. Jl Semer. Behind Bali Buddha. 14.6 are. Full 6m road frontage. Perfect shape for villas. Peaceful atmos. Just 6 mill/are/yr. Berawa Jl Canggu Club. 4 are with good shape and access. Gentle slope, nice outlook. Only RP750 mill/are Pererenan on river. 11.1 are freehold. Perfect development site. Good shape and access. Gentle slope.Rp 450 mill per are. Berawa. 7.5 and 15 are. 40 year lease! Rice field views Good shape and access. Near Canggu Club 1Km from beach. Just Rp5 mill/are/year. Canggu 12 are. Jl Nelyan , riverside, close to beach. Good shape and access. Freehold. Rp600 mill/are *reference numbers for info from website: Enter number in ‘keyword’ top right.

Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 72 ,Tel/Fax: (0361) 735469 Website: | email: C/Re/I-02 April 14

Xanadu Resort

Australian Owned & Managed

Now Selling!!

We are very proud to announce the release of 2 New Stages at the “Xanadu Resort.”

“Private Enclave Estate” Only 14 Properties Available. Under Construction!!

The “Private Enclave Estate,” is a Prestigious Gated Estate, within the “Xanadu Resort”. The “Estate” has its’ own Private Entrance, Security and Parking- but still has easy access to the many other facilities of the Resort. There is an attractive mix of properties and pricing, all budgets are catered for!! Studio apartments start at AUD$178,000- through to a 4 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom Private Pool Villa at AUD$580,000.

Lagoon Estate

Buy “Off the Plan!!” Win Your Apartment st 1 50 buyers in the Lagoon Estate will go into a draw. The lucky winner will get their Apartment for FREE!!!

The “Lagoon Estate” will be a 5 Star Luxurious Estate, with more than 30 Apartments having direct access to the Lagoon Pool. Other facilities within the Estate will include a 5 Star Restaurant with Alfresco Dining, 3 Bars- (Restaurant Bar, Sports Bar, Pool Bar) Kids Club and Pool, Gym, Boutique, Games Room, and Mini Mart. Lagoon Access Apartments from AU$198,000. 20 years (1 week per year) Club Membership are also available from AU$ 25.000 Inspections Welcomed by Appointment on Site For English, Ph Eric +62 857 381 78411, For Indonesian, Ph Ayu +62 85737315807 or Anita +62 8113881673 Email: Web: Address: Jl Dewi Saraswati II, Seminyak. (Off Sunset Road, near the High School, SMAN 1 Kuta) C/Re/I-19 March 14


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

02 April - 16 April, 2014



Land for sale 2,5 Hectare, Tegalalang, river view, 45 juta/ are. Land for sale 6,5 are Tegalalang Sebatu, rice field view, Rp. 125 jt/are. Contact 0852 3714 4456. [7915]

Wireless broadband / Cable TV Private or shared pool Well-equipped kitchens

For sale villa 3 bedroom, full river view. Land size 43 are. Location Payangan Ubud. Price 5,7 Billion. nego. Call Made 081 238 77599. [8304] Villa for sale in Ubud, freehold (hak milik) with deep well, 3 bdrm/4 bath + staff qtrs and guest house. Pool, garage and rice field view, 10 are land with room to develop. Call Made 081 2380 3450. [8356] A fully furnished room for short or long term rent. 5 mins to Ubud center, if walk 20 minutes, close to restaurant and shopping area. E-mail: <> for more info and photos 0813 3612 6557. [5177] For sale villa complex, 6 unit in Ubud only 20 minutes from ubud center with 70% ROI good access and surrounding by hotel and villa. Price $ 1,5 Million viewing. Please call +62 (0) 878 6105 3599. [8386]

Dijual Rumah kos 4 kamar luas tanah 2 are. Siap huni, fasilitas PLN, PDAM, SHM. Lokasi Baktisrage Singaraja. Contact info Suci 08 1834 7022. [7486]

RARE ANGON VILLAS, Kerobokan Contact us on: (0361) 736 339/ 0811386450 You can now find us on Facebook C/Re/A-19 Feb 14

Make your Real Estate Ad on line at


Opportunity knocks 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, park 4 cars, auto pool and barbeque area. Just minutes to beach with endless possibilities on 25 years lease with option completion date November 2014 priced under AUD 300K, Rp 3M. Telephone: (0361) 797 6785. [8385] Store + shop for sale: Total + 3 Are, 1 storey, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen. Front width: + 9m. Good location: just by the road. Electricity 6.600 watt & 2.200 watt. Jl. Batursari no. 62 Sanur. Rp. 2,6 M. Bambang 0812 3848 8552. [8400]

Land for Rent Sanur area Rp 10jt/are Ph +62 812 3690 0200. No Agent fee. [8426]

For Sale, directly from owner: Freehold land 31,7 are located in Gunung Salak. Rice paddy with stunning seaviews that cannot be blocked. About 8km from the beach with amazing views. Just 45 minutes from the Tanah Lot turn. The land comes complete with access road, all certificates and is rezoned for building. Price: Rp. 39 million/are. Tel: +6281 855 5010. E-mail: <info@>. [7606]

2 & 4 bedroom villa for rent (daily / monthly) in Canggu. Close to Canggu Club, Berawa & Ecobeach. Fully furnished, pool, etc. Call: 0816 865 097 / +614 1098 4086, 0852 3801 7205 / 0821 1788 8293 (Bahasa). See: <www.>. <>. <www.>. <>. [6234]

Villa for rent daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Available 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms, fully furnished, hot & cold water, cable TV, swimming pool, parking lot, free Wifi, 5 min to the beach & International school. Call: 0361 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 887 6679 / 081 138 5315, e-mail: <>. [8308]

Rumah Gaya Bed & Breakfast, $35 p/n, daily service, pool, free wi-fi, cable tv, large quiet garden, close to KFC, clean large rooms. Dayu: 0852 3796 4565 / <newstartbali@>. [8411]

Are you looking for stunning land to buy in Tabanan or Negara area, small or big plots, beachfront, sea-views or riverfront. All free-hold land and directly by owner! Prices: starting from Rp. 39 million/are. Tel: +6281 855 5010. E-mail: <>. [5452]



New Cottage for rent in Sekuta Sanur. 2 bdr, lvg room, kitchen, a/c, hot water, and pool, wifii, and walk to town and beach. IDR 120 mil per year. Free motorbike for 5years lease. Jl. Sekuta, Sanur / 0813 3957 5995. [8401]

For sale 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms villa in Tegal Mengkeb, Klecung, Tabanan with splash pool on the river. Price Euro 129,500. Visit the website: <>. For further information call +62 81 855 5010 or e-mail: <>. [8270]

For sale, flot of land 8 acre in Nyanyi Beach, good shapes access car road, close to Nyanyi Beach, nice view. Permitted for villa accommodation call 0361 215 8848/ 0857 9299 9277. [8388]


Rent/lease new 3 bedrooms villa ensuite bathroom, modern kitchen set, big living room, swimming pool, deep well, carport, garden, hot water, electricity 3500 watt, prime location on Jalan Kutat Lestari Sanur. Call 0361 8012 485. [8427]

KEROBOKAN C/Re/G-2 April 14



Villa for rent 2 are, 2 floor, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, swimming pool, living room, kitchen, furniture, hot water. Contact 081 2363 0309, 0819 1665 9151. [7916]


House for sale in Perum. Padang Griya 3 no. 6 Padang Sambian, Jl. Tangkuban Perahu. Close to Seminyak & Kuta. Land 180m2, building +/- 140m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, livingroom, kitchen, fully furnished, garage for 2 cars, Rp. 1.6 billion (nego). SMS only 081 2381 5292 / <>. [8080]

Rp. 18 0 Milli on (nego /year )

Modern western standard rooms in the heart of business district for rent. All facilities. Pool, AC, fan, parking, Wifi. <>. Email: <>. [8189]


Billion Rp. 2,4 o) g e (n


For sale, villa in Brawa area 1.5 acre, 3 bedrooms, garage kitchen set, close access to Brawa Beach. Asking price negotiable call (0361) 215 8848/ 0857 9299 9277 fast sale. [8387]

Restaurant for lease, restaurant with 550 square meter and car-park in Jalan Semer - Kerobokan. 3 and a-half years lease and 4 years option. 150 juta per year or with furniture, equipments, gazebos and rooms for 200 juta per year nego. 0857 3934 6953. [8381]

Close to Canggu Club. Beautiful big villa in quiet surroundings, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garden with pool. Staff included. Available from 15 April. Tel 0821 4572 5381 or 0821 1250 6816, <>. [8393]

Villas & studios, in tranquil area at Gang Tunjung II, Jl. Gn. Jaya Wijaya, Kerobokan (3minutes from Lapas), Furnished, swimming pool, AC, hot water, cable TV, large garden and parking space. Rates from Rp. 6 mill to Rp. 19 mill per month. Ph: 08786 1931 898 / 0812 3870 1988. [8313]

Beautiful luxury villa, river forest view, long term rent, furnished, pool, 4 bed, 8km from beach. Please call Made owner 087 861 347 012 / 081 999 494 184, email <>. 225 Mill/year. Available 1 March 2014. [8405]

For rent/sale 6 bedroom in Umalas and 4 bedroom in Kerobokan. Fully furnished, swimming pool, Wifi, TV cable, quite area. Contact 081 872 3973. [8394]

Villa for sale/rent monthly, weekly. 2 and 3 bedroom, furnished with staff, garden, pool, internet high speedy, security 24 hours, garage. Wayan 0878 6152 4094, <>. [8407]

Shop for rent in front of Cafe Moca Banjar Anyar Kerobokan, 210 m2, wide parking park, nice location for restaurant, office, or gallery etc. Call 0813 3851 6581, 0812 3617 8811, email <>. [8408]

Land for sale on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong Canggu. 26 are. Please contact: 081 139 8039 or 0813 3831 9191. [8366]

For rent house semi furnished at Dalung. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with: (connected with bedrooms) & big garden. Available April 2014 - May 27, 2015. Price: IDR 75.000.000/ nego. Contact: Miss Esa 0852 3712 6484. [8422]

House for rent. Canggu/Dalung, 15min to Echo beach. Beautiful view. 2 are, 2 floor, fully furnished, 2AC, hot water, newly renovated. 1May-1Nov 2014. (6 mon). Price only 25mil. Nego. T. 0878 6131 9033. <ma_varberg@>. [8419] 4 bedroom Family Villa for long term rent in Berawa, big pool, garden, garage, AC, Internet, cableTV, walking distance to International school, minutes to Beach, 3 years/600mill, 5years/800mill SMS to 081 855 1839. [8425]

EACH VILLA CONTAIN: Freehold 4 .6 are land, building 185sqm, modern style with private pool, open livingroom with LCD TV, equipped kitchen, fully furnished, 2 bedrooms with AC, 2 bathrooms with bathtub and jacuzzi. Gorgeous ricefield view and very quiet. 9km from Ubud center. Please contact Yuvi 087860006697 or 081339331838 E-mail: NC/Re/G-2 April 14

Mertanadi 60 A. Stylish house for rent. Open livingroom with kitchen, 1 bedroom, bathroom with onyx tile, garden, swimmingpool, internet. Shorterm/longterm starting only $650/ month. <>. 0819 3435 0111, 9am-5pm. [8424] Freehold 5 Are land for sale best location Jl. Beraban Kerobokan. 2,5 M/Are. Only serious buyers. 0821 4457 9142. [8430]





‡ AEsolutely gorgeous architect designed  Eedroom villa ‡ Lush tropical gardens, large pool, spacious open living ‡ Elegantly furnished tastefully decorated, lots of charm ‡ Prime location, walking distance to Eeach restaurants Price USD 650,000 Land Area 700 sqm Ownership Leasehold 25 years Build Area 50 sqm

LEGIAN - 644




‡ Contemporary Studio apartment facing the swimming pool ‡ Resort facilities including spa, pool, security, restaurants« ‡ *reat investment property, over 9 ROI net per year!! ‡ Beachfront resort, Must footsteps to entertainment areas Build Area

45 sqm

SANUR - 628

Price USD 155,000 Ownership Leasehold 2 years




‡ 0odern  Eedroom villa in quiet surroundings, short stroll to Eeach ‡ Open plan living, dining kitchen opening out to outdoor terrace ‡ Western Euilder, Euilt to high standards using superior materials ‡ Situated in the highly sought-after suEurE of 0ertasari Land Area Build Area

648 sqm 200 sqm

Price From IDR 5,400,000,000 Ownership Leasehold 0 years









‡ Two interconnecting three-Eedroom-villas in sought-after Seminyak ‡ Delightful Two Bedroom Villa on two Àoors, pool carport ‡ Open plan, indoor/outdoor living areas looking out to the pool. ‡ Attractive holiday rental investment to attract high demand ‡ Spacious 0aster Bedroom solely on the 2nd Àoor with own terrace ‡ Each villa has en-suite Eedrooms overlooking pool gardens ‡ Convenient yet quiet location, short walk to Eeach restaurants ‡ Fle[iEility for two three-Eedroom-villa or one si[-Eedroom-villa Price USD 545,000 Price USD 175,000 Land Area 575 sqm Land Area 200 sqm Ownership Leasehold 26 years Ownership Leasehold 16 years Build Area 400 sqm Build Area 210 sqm





‡ Newly renovated  Eedroom villa, mi[ modern/traditional design ‡ Open spacious living, dining kitchen area overlooking the pool ‡ Sought-after location, walking distance to shops restaurants ‡ Fantastic entry level property, great potential as a rental Eusiness Land Area Build Area

50 sqm 150 sqm


Price USD 20,000 Ownership Leasehold 24 years




‡ Charming two Eedroom villa in a secure comple[ ‡ Intimate, spacious outdoor indoor living spaces ‡ Two large Eedrooms with en-suites and wardroEes ‡ Attractively priced for a quality freehold property Land Area Build Area

00 sqm 200 sqm





‡ E[clusive Eeautifully appointed Eeachfront suites penthouses ‡ AEsolute Eeachfront resort, footsteps to shops entertainment ‡ 5 Star Resort facilities Ey renowned management company ‡ 7 *uaranteed ROI for  years, and Buy Back *uarantee (year6) Build Area

USD 280,600 46 sqm to 72 sqm Price Ownership Leasehold 50 years





‡ Two large Eedrooms with the pool view ‡ Stylish and sophisticated Balinese-modern home furnishing ‡ Tropical land surrounding to enMoy the tranquility in Eukit ‡ Perfect investment for home living and family holiday

Price AUD 240,000 Ownership Freehold

Land Area Build Area

00 sqm 110 sqm

Price USD 200,000 Ownership Freehold


ECHO BEACH - 632 CANGGU - 661 BERAWA - 586





‡ Well presented  Eedroom villa in a secure waterfront comple[ ‡ 4uality Euilt, marEle timEer Àoors throughout newly renovated ‡ *reat location on the laguna side, a short drive to all amenities ‡ 0ake it your holiday home or Moin the holiday rental market Land Area Build Area

45 sqm 220 sqm

Price USD 595,000 Ownership Freehold





‡ Traditional two Eedroom villa with all modern comforts ‡ Flowing open plan living spaces with Eifold doors ‡ Two spacious poolside Eedrooms with en-suite Eathrooms ‡ A unique freehold offering at this price range in Seminyak Land Area Build Area

400 sqm 150 sqm

Price USD 495,000 Ownership Freehold

PECATU - 608

UMALAS - 602 BERAWA - 652

Seminyak Freehold Land, 700 sqm (7 are), Freehold, IDR 800,000,000/Are Brawa Residential Land, 800 sqm (8 are), Leasehold 29.5 years, IDR 7,500,000/Are/Year Pasut Beachside Freehold Land - Between Beach And River, 1,655 sqm (16.55 are), Freehold, IDR 250,000,000/Are Freehold land At Echo Beach - Canggu, 5,165 sqm(51.65 Are), Freehold, IDR 50,000,000,000 Riverside Freehold Land, 2,000 sqm (20 Are), Freehold, IDR 945,000,000/Are Spacious Freehold Land In Berawa, 1,200 sqm (12 Are), Freehold, IDR 685,000,000/Are Ocean View Land - Need To Be Sold Now, All Offers Will Be Considered!, 5,000 sqm (50 Are), Freehold, IDR 250,000,000/Are Umalas Freehold Land, 2,700 sqm (27 are), Freehold, IDR 700,000,000/Are Prime Land In Berawa With Rice Fields View, 575 sqm (5.75 are), Leasehold 21.5 years, IDR 6,500,000/ Are/ Year

C/Re/G-2 April 14


Real Estate


2 floor House for sale in Serongga, Gianyar. 90 m , 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, kitchen, garage. 10mnt from Gianyar Town, IDR 625 milion. Detail info please contact telp +62-361 294 993 / 0813 3810 5509. [8397]

CANDIDASA Over contract, small villa one bedroom, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, large verandah, modern style, all furniture fitting included, just move in small group near beach, all quality furnishings. Phone Wayan: 0819 3301 5914 or 081 3377 89 881. Genuine interest only. [8384]

Town House for sale FREEHOLD in central Seminyak

Ubud Retail Opportunity Looking to open up your own business? We have a fantastic location located in the busy heart of Ubud for your dream restaurant, boutique shop, gallery or cafe. Don’t miss out and please do not hesitate to

Contact us : 087863203888 or E-mail : NC/Re/I-02 April 14



: 30 YEARS min : 7100 m2 : IDR 450 /m2/YEARLY IDR 37,500 /m2/MONTHLY IDR 1,250 /m2/DAY


: 081 933 111422 (Mahayana) 081 851 8057 (Ramayanta)

Very close to Bintang Supermarket and beach • • • • • • •

Bali Advertiser

02 April - 16 April, 2014

Price USD 390 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Land size 103 sqm Furniture included Pool Electricity 4,400 waƩ


NC/Re/G-2 April 14


LOMBOK Land for sale, location Lombok Tengah, Awang Bay. Land size 6.759m2, price 20 mill per are (nego). Good for villa. Ocean view. Sertifikat Hak Milik (freehold). Email <>. [8413]

BUKIT For rent. 4 apartments at Dreamland, private & secure. Fully furnished, kicthen, loungeroom, A/C, Indovision, share large pool and BBQ area. 1 BR, $600/mth; 2BR, $1000/mth. +62 87 861 843 997, <paulwaskiw@hotmail. com>. [8326] Moving out of Bali, must sell corner house, sunny, nice yard. Pecatu Graha, 2BR, 2 bath, AC, water heater, kitchen, furnish, 3.1M nego. (0361) 742 4864. Email: <>. [8380] 6 Are (600m2) land for sale, walking distance to Padang Padang Beach, roadway access, perfect to build your dream villa, affordable price, hard to find something like this but you do, contact owner 0813 5337 4713, <rani@>. [8423]

LEGIAN Studio room for rent, queensize bed, AC, Indovision, Wifi, living room, kitchen, hot water, daily maid. Daily Rp. 300.000. Also available for weekly and monthy. Call 0819 1636 2285. [8155]


Villa. New, 3AC bed, 2bath, plunge pool, garage, quiet gang off Padma Utara. 5 min walk to Legian beach. Unfurnished. 10 to 20+ year lease. Call 0819 9948 0555 or <> or < BCAF7185DFAB589> for pictures. [8389]

Call Pak Wayan 081 338 655 366

Kharisma Dewi Villa for rent 3 bedroom, 4x5, 5x4, swimming pool 4x7m, AC, hot water, kitchen, garage, 1 car 3 motorbike, cool place. Br. Legian Kelod Bunut Sari street no. 22 Kharisma Dewi Villa. 0819 3306 8999 / 0813 3858 6999. [8391]

NC/Re/M-April. 2, 14

PHONE: 081353068555 E-mail : NC/Re/P-02 April 14


Jl. Sunset Road Barat No. 90 Kuta - Bali | Phone: 0361 - 8350666


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C/Re/I-02 April 14

BERINGIN PROPERTY Local Agent and Local Prices

The only Property Agent based on the west coast of Bali

CONTRACT LAND KEDUNGGU - 8 Are, 47 Years remaining, 150m to beach with river frontage. Good

Sell or Rent Quickly With Bali Advertiser Tel.: 755392 (Hunting) Fax : 764 191 E-mail:

NUSA DUA For sale apartment, side of the beach, Tanjung Benoa. USD 130,000. 081 238 77 599. [8305] For Sale. Freehold 3 bed, 2 bath, well maintained home, located in an established residential area. Features include: relaxing outdoor area with private pool that includes outdoor furniture & shower, 3x A/C, TV in each room, fully furnished, 5 mins driving to the beach and all amenities, relaxing outdoor area. Ideal as a home or rental villa. For inspection please call 081 2394 7490, <www.>. Lilly Villa. [8383] House for Rent, 2 bedroom, fully furnished, complete - AC / WiFi, parking. From Rp 4 million/month - include cleaning. Email <> Hp: 0878 6253 5823 / 0813 3948 1690. [8395] For Sale: great location quality build 3 bedroom 3 bath swimming pool 2 car garage + off road parking, built w/ green technology, minutes from golf, beaches, toll road. Free hold. Owner direct 081 756 7630. [8398] Land for sale. 18 Are with fantastic ocean views. Nusa Dua area. 325.000.000 per are. Ring Ketut 0813 3873 8285. [8399]

access and electric. Great for your holiday / surf villa. Price : IDR 4 Milion / Are / Year

LAND FOR SALE BELALANG - 8 Are In nice western area. Good access, electric and ready to build ( Aspect ). Beautiful rice paddy views. A great land banking opportunity. Freehold.

Price : IDR 200 Million / Are

KEDUNGGU - 14 Are, 6m Road access, 700m to Kedunggu surfing beach, Rice field paddy views, Ready to build. Freehold. Price : IDR 350 Million / Are CANGGU - 9 Are ( can split to 6 are / 3 are ), 5m Road access, 250m to the beach, Ready to build. Freehold. Price : IDR 1.7 Billion / Are - 4 Are, Biside Sentosa Hotel, 5m Road aceess, Ready to build. Freehold.

Price : IDR 1.7 Billion / Are

HOUSE FOR SALE Denpasar- Monang-Maning, 140m2, 3.5m Road access, 2 floor, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Kitchen, living room,PDAM, Phone line, Electric, Garage. Near to public services, 20 mins to Kuta. Freehold. Price: IDR 1.5 Billion-Nego Jl. Darmawangsa No. 1, Tanah Lot - Bali - Indonesia Phone: +62 361 8483743 Fax: +62 361 8483743 Web: Email: / C/Re/I-19 March 14

NC/Re/I-02 April 14


Bali Office

Jakarta Office

For Sale C/Re/I-02 April 14


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

02 April - 16 April, 2014

NUSA LEMBONGAN Land for sale at Jungut Batu Lembongan Island Bali. Width 19.495m2 and 4.665m2. Good for rest, villa ext. Negotiable. Contact: 0361 280 2561. [8214]

OTHERS Tegal Besar, Klungkung, Beachfront Land (black sand) with view to Nusa Penida Island. The plot has already a retaining wall. The Price is at IDR 420,000,000. - per are (100 m2). Land size is 1580 m2. Easy to reach via bypass from Sanur. Call 0812 36 00 22 35 (no agents, please). [8335] House For Sale at Singaraja North Bali. 2nd Floor. Type 120/120m2 (meters square) for Building/land. Price IDR 850.000.000 negotiable. Adress at Kumba Karna LC 10. Phn 0361 7861347. [8396]

C/Re/I-19 March 14


+62 812 180 756 95 Thousands of people read the Bali Advertiser Real Estate Section

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C/Re/G-19 Feb. 14

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NC/Re/P-02 April 14

FOR SALE FREEHOLD Brand new villa in Canggu, Tibubeneng Land size: 8,5 are 5 bedrooms with ensuite bathroom Nice ricefield views High quality materials Fully furnished and decorated Price: 1.250.000 USD

Contact: 0821 4523 9877 NC/Re/I-02 April 14



Sentosa Residence Umalas, the newest project by the International award winning Sentosa Worldwide Resorts, a name synonymous with contemporary tropical luxury and elegant simplicity. This exciting project offers cutting edge, fully integrated resort style living, set on 6.5 hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens, with a choice of One Bedroom Villas and generously sized One, Two and Three Bedroom Premium Villas featuring private garden, sundeck and swimming pool. Much more than a home, Sentosa Residence Umalas offers a community and a lifestyle that is chic and sophisticated, yet ultimately secure, comfortable and affordable. You will find yourself part of a nurturing community, a private paradise that you will always be happy to come home to. However, with so many facilities on your doorstep you might find that you never want to leave. The Sentosa Residence Umalas development includes 24-hour medical centre, a gourmet deli, international restaurants, world class spa, residence club house with olympic sized swimming pool, fully equipped gymnasium, and even an outdoor cinema! Villas at Sentosa Residence Umalas range in price from USD 199,000 to USD 699,000

SALES OFFICE: Jl. Laksmana 999X, Bali 80361, Indonesia For more information please contact Chloe at +62 361 887 1111 | | C/Re/I-05 Feb 14




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Price : USD 995,000


Price: USD 2,100,000

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<28521(67233523(57<6+23 35(6(17,1*3523(57,(6)5208686 +HDG2I¿FH-O6XQVHW5RDG;.HURERNDQ%DOL 3K_)D[_ZZZ[SEDOLFRP_LQIR#[SEDOLFRP /RPERN2I¿FH-O5D\D6HQJJLJL.0/RPERN17%_3KRQH C/Re/I-02 April 14

BA 02 April 2014  

Bali Advertiser

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