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no. 5 | August 15 - September 14 2008



especially these parks...

and a quick time out to

Nusa Lembongan

the first internet-synced magazine in bali

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IN T HIS ISSUE A QUICK TIME-OUT TO NUSA LEMBONGAN Bali’s little friend has quite a lot to offer.


Brought the kids with you? No worries, there’s plenty to do for them!


An experience by Randy Wartold

BULE GILA IS COMING TO THE ISLAND ... Soon, the hype will coninue in Bali.


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“Bali, a day at the races...” Photo by Jorge Monj e


Shake your thing!


D’La Tinna


Free Salsa lessons at Bahiana especially for the meatlovers

Bali Faves Ruth’s Delights Ethnic Posh Cool Caps Colorful Covers

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Why Investing in Bali is a Safer Bet than Stock and Shares


Bali, a day at the races Bali has a unique, rich and very diverse culture. A calendar full of events and festivals, many very well known and already attracting large crowds of tourists. Off the beaten track, however, there are many beautiful places waiting to be explored and enjoyed, colorful events that remain mostly part of the local scene and that will give you the opportunity to really feel like a stranger in paradise. Probably one of these events is the Buffaloes Races at Negara, Makepung, well known, yes, but I don’t think that so much visited and attended by tourists. On Sundays, between the months of July and October and starting around 7–8 am, hundreds of ornate buffaloes, wearing colorful headdresses gather to race in dirt tracks, teams are formed by a pair of buffaloes pulling a chariot and a jockey and usually race two at a time. I was told that is all about winning, and that the winning jockey will earn great respect and even if it look like fierce competition, I found it to be a great fun, colorful, dusty and very friendly atmosphere. Not to be missed. I’m already looking forward to my next Day at the Races.


Jorge Monje Jorge’s pictures are for sale and the money earned will be used for different kinds of Community Involvement Projects. For more information, please contact Jorge Monje at

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The Mag

About Baru di Bali Baru di Bali literally means ‘New in Bali’. As frequent tourists to Bali we decided to form the website Baru di Bali at to bring both international and domestic tourists a complete, quality, information resource about Bali both online and offline with The Mag, Baru di Bali’s official magazine.

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Team’s Note Hey all! Another letter from the editor, this time bringing the good - and clearly - visible news that THE MAG has

undergone some changes: another twenty pages of content for you to enjoy. Many thanks to our loyal readers and

contributors for their continuing supports for THE MAG! Currently we are secretly working on some more massive changes to this magazine; all we can say is that they will

be spectacular and totally cool! More about these changes soon...

Last month we took our tour around (and off) the island, creating a cool new issue of Ten Things: ‘The Ten Great Escapes away from it all’ giving you some insights on where to go outside of Seminyak

and Kuta which during this time of year are so packed.

As for having a bite to eat, we checked out a new restaurant called d La Tinna, which serves finger-licking taste spareribs at ridiculously low prices on Jalan Petitenget

(page 28). Afterwards we we’re taught some Salsa steps at Bahiana (page 24).

Our ever-cool Mr. Randy Wartold just came down from

his trip while writing about his wild nights in the Bali club scenes (page 46); meanwhile we kept it pretty quite at

night and did some shopping at the daytime for our new section called BALI FAVES! (Page 22, 26, 34 & 40).

We paid a visit to Trattoria in Oberoi and had a little chat with Mr. Eduardo, the owner, about his life here in Bali for our regular feature, FACES OF BALI (page 44).

From this edition on we’re going to publish smaller pieces of new and hip things to attend, things we have seen,

heard or read somewhere in the new section called the BALI FLASH (Page 14)

Well enough for the introduction, you can now go on reading to explore Bali in your very own hands!


The Mag

Go smooth in busy Seminyak ... Eight months have passed since Mannekepis initially introduced to Bali an assortment of Belgian delicacies. The menu breathes excellence, adding new and inspired tastes to the many existing tasty flavors on the island. Dine and groove to the soothing live Jazz and Blues tunes in a comforting bistro atmosphere, with which you will get distracted that you are actually on the busy and noisy street of Seminyak.


the baline ow that: se langua ge for art or artist, wh has no word ile you ca everywhe n find it re on the island...

Galungan & Kuningan Prepare yourself for the Galungan day which according to the Balinese calendar will fall this coming August 20th. The 10-day feast ends with Kuningan day, in which during that period of time it is believed that all the Balinese Gods will visit the Earth. In order to welcome and appease the Gods, ancestral temples are cleaned, special prayers and offerings are made, and dances are presented. By late August 19th, the streets of Bali will be fully decorated with giant bamboo poles, creating a very festive atmosphere. On the 20th, streets near the temples will also be crowded with people dressing up in colorful outfits; women are carrying the offerings on their heads and men holding palm leaf offerings in their hands. Aside from the Gods, it is also believed that the deified ancestors of the family descend to their former homes to rest at this time in their family temple. Those, whose ancestors have not yet been cremated, must go the graveyards and place some offerings there.


The Mag

didyouknowthat: Bali is located in the world’s richest marine biogeographical region? With 30 years of restaurateur experience, Yannic (owner) knows exactly how to build a reputation in providing dining atmosphere with exceptional entertainment for the ‘mature’ crowd. It is the goal of Mannekepis to provide the customers with not only good food, but also the experience of having a pleasant evening in a Belgian setting bistro. “We have just recently found this great band to play for us in Mannekepis. The smooth Jazzy tunes delivered by the band make our customers seem to be very enjoying their times here,” Yannic told The Mag (TM).

The friendly and well-trained staffs also take a part in

Catch the Jazz and Blues band performing live on Thursday and Saturday Nights at Mannekepis.

the success of this Belgian bistro. Yannic admitted to TM that his staffs are naturally friendly; thus, lessening his burdens in managing the bistro.

T his is no bullsh*t

Horse racing and greyhound racing are two unconventional sporting events that for more than a century have been attracting spectators especially in western countries. For us, people in Bali and a few other areas in Indonesia, these two races are worthy of note; yet, somehow they still seem to us as…hmm… normal! This is because Bali has a number of unusual sporting attractions, and one of which is the Bull Race. Different from their four-legged fellow animals like horses and greyhounds, bulls are not identical or fanned for their speed. However, the Balinese farmers can manage to make these bulls run. The bulls, which are water buffalos, are bred specifically for racing and never used as working animals. Two bulls of selected color and strength are harnessed side by side to a simple cart, which has iron clad wooden wheels and a base platform where the rider can either sit or (commonly) stand throughout the race – with a vertical pole attached to the cart’s central harness to display a big banner that is usually the symbol of the owner. As the stars of the show, these bulls need to look dashing; thus, prior to the race, their heads and horns are decorated with colorful fabrics with silver along with various shaped and colored beads and, of course, a large bell hung on their necks. The bull race is held every Sunday in Negara, some 95km west of Denpasar – an area that is rarely visited by tourists while actually also offers a glimpse of the real Bali. The Mag


16 The Mag

The Mag 17

The Mag • A Quick Time-Out to Nusa Lembongan

A quick time-out to

Nusa Lembongan H

aving lived in Bali for almost two years, I am so

number of Jukung (motorized wooden boat) lining on

very much exposed with the verve of the southern

the beach of Sanur, looking busy with passengers going

part, wherein the island’s larger amounts of

on and off the boat. Curiosity drove me to ask the

day-night entertainment concerns are centered. The

people around about the boat’s service route, and as

crowd on the lookout for daily and nightly leisure is

they told me it was Nusa Lembongan, I rushed myself to

growing bigger in this area, especially at this midst-

the ticket counter to ensure myself a seat. And so there

of-high-season time of year. It is always nice to be a

I was on the Jukung, sailing off to Nusa Lembongan with

part of the mass, but a quality time-out to recharge

my jogging attire – a plain t-shirt, shorts and sneakers.

your energy at a relatively quieter area would be just wonderful. Nusa Lembongan, an island off the southeast

I found myself a spot to sit on the boat’s roof, which

coast, is one amongst the perfect options.

passengers can actually use as a sundeck to enjoy the sun and boundless view of the sea along the ±40-minute

The story began at a time when I didn’t show up at the

cruise. After 15 minutes away from Sanur you can notice

night spot where I usually go in order to get up early in

the busy traffic on the Badung Strait, where sailboats,

the morning to jog in Sanur Beach. The jogging business

motorboats and yachts are making their ways to Nusa

later turned onto a more serious affair as I spotted a

Lembongan and/or to the sister island of Nusa Penida.


The Mag

About Nusa Lembongan: it’s an island off the southeast coast of the main island Bali diving, snorkling and surfing are popular activities there are two main beaches: Jungutbatu and Mushroom Bay the best way to get around the island is by walking or cycling

Crystal clear water, multi-colored fishes and reef greeted the Jukung I was on as it moored on the beach of Jungutbatu in Nusa Lembongan. Instead of preparing themselves to get off the boat, most of the passengers were busy taking pictures to turn the striking natural beauty of this island everlasting. Stepping your bare-naked foot on the white sandy beach of Jungutbatu will give you an instant shock of excitement, causing you the drive to explore the whole Nusa Lembongan which by many is described as a virgin island. No fine establishment or highend backdrop is to be seen in Jungutbatu, an area known as the heaven for backpackers and surfers with a myriad of cheap hotels and eateries. Bicycles and motorbikes are the most popular means of transportation used and available for rent. Riding through the narrowed, meandered and quite-well surfaced roads of Nusa Lembongan will also give you a different sense of pleasure. The surrounding natural scenes with tall banyan trees, bushes and dirt tracks create a soothing breeze in a hot burning day. Locals carrying stuff on their heads while traveling on foot from one edge of the island to another give you a pleasant sight of how traditionalism is still purely thick on this island. I took a random turn of the many narrow junctions on my rented automatic motorbike, without giving a care of where the road would lead me – I was all anticipated for any surprises that might come my way. The rocky narrow road led me to this huge seaweed plantation on the thin strait between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, the smallest island of three sister islands The Mag


The Mag • A Quick Time-Out to Nusa Lembongan

(Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan). A suspension bridge is there connecting Lembongan and Ceningan. What fascinate me the most was the people of Nusa Lembongan. On the way to the seaweed plantation, I encountered with many friendly locals who were smiling at me without me smiling at them first, which made me feel like I was a bad guy. The children were smiling and posing to please your camera without having been told to do so. It’s quite surprising actually to see the locals acted this way. Nusa Lembongan has been known as a great escape, but the locals act as if they have never seen an ‘outsider’ before – or as if tourism in the island has never seen daylight before. Of course, water activities are the appeal of Nusa Lembongan; and so, I continued my journey to a more up-market area, the Mushroom Bay. Mushroom Bay probably has the best swimming beach in Nusa Lembongan. The water is very clear with many activities going on such as banana boating, canoeing, parasailing and flying fish. Also known as a popular departure and arrival point for snorkeling and diving, Mushroom is the home of the island’s finer restaurants and hotels. The beach itself is of white sand and not really that widely stretched, but for sure is very nice for you to lay down enjoying the sun or just to walk around. I carried on my journey after Mushroom to Dream Beach. Dream Beach is sort of like a hidden beautiful beach with, again, clear water. However, the beach is not really good for children as the current may be a bit too strong for them. There’s a restaurant here, from where you can watch the breathtaking view of the sun setting down. All in all, unlike most beaches in Bali, there are no hawkers in Nusa Lembongan. The beach back at Jungubatu has a similar absence of these people - with the sole exception of the boat guys who wander along in the morning and ask you if you would like to join the snorkeling or fishing trip. Any breeze tends to disappear around sunset, turning the sea into molten glass. Nusa Lembongan is just perfect for anyone seeking laidback tranquility.


The Mag

ruth’s delights

These are special cakes for special days. Or, just to make that notso-special day special. We know we had a very special day with all these yummy blessings. Our favorite: the chocolate cake. No... eh...the apple pie...or no, I think the one with the passionfruit... pfew what a job to pick a favorite... Order your special cake at Ruth’s Desserts: 0361-286647 Or look up her new counter at the Carrefour


The Mag

eminyak’s Dhyana Pura (literally means the nature place of the spirit) is generally identified for its role as one of the most crowded entertainment hubs in Bali, and Bahiana is there to take part in helping those seeking to rejuvenate their spirits into a new brightness through all Latin grooves and salsa dance. As an original rhumery salsa bar in Bali, Bahiana is propped up in a Cuban-inspired decoration with warm colors, creating a very relaxed atmosphere yet somehow can make you feel so ‘hot’. The bar’s musical ambiance makes it perfect for everyone to have a sip of the many choices of cocktails with the flow of salsa, bossa, merengue and samba on the background. The dance floor would probably be the busiest part of this rhumery bar, where men and women are shaking their things to cope with the beat provided by the Latin tunes played. Many salsa lovers use this opportunity to channel their big passion towards the dance and, sometimes, to just show off. But again, if you don’t feel like being just an audience and wanting to hit the dance floor but don’t know how to salsa, there are plenty instructors around to teach you the steps – for free!

SHY? GRAB ON THAT COCKTAIL AND TRY AGAIN! Bahiana holds its regular weekly events where on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights every week the customers could have free salsa lesson. Lining on the list of the instructors are not just regular salsa lovers, but real professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Among them are Made Alfa and Intan, two prominent salsa figures in the whole island of Bali and Indonesia. The presence of these two salsa figures – and other highly trained and talented instructors – shows Bahiana’s determination in serving the customers with the best authentication to please those who are already familiar with the ‘culture’ and make a pleasant introductory presentation those who are not. “Salsa is certainly fun, we love it! And we want to introduce it to the general community,” Intan told The Mag (TM), adding that salsa is also good for your health. “The problem we face is that people (newbie) tend to be very shy to make their first move in salsa. But we are here in Bahiana to encourage these people; because once they feel comfortable, the will get addicted,” Made, who is also the founder of a group called Salsa Bali, told TM. Intan and Made along with the other dazzling instructors will all be standing by at the sides of the dance floor, ready to assist you with your very step or be a fluent partner if you have the knowledge already. However, if you still don’t have the courage, a couple more sips of your cocktail will probably provide you the confidence you need to get your feet on the dance floor.


The Mag

ethnic posh

The huge and rich look of these silver bracelets sparks the sincere sophistication out of those wearing them. Carefully designed in respect of the fine heritage of India, both the men and women bracelets are crafted to explore the deepest meanings of elegance and style. These silver bracelets are available at IDR 5 million (men) and IDR 4.2 million (women) in Huge + Rich Expositions on Jl. Laksmana 12 X, Seminyak.


The Mag

Great food, lovely view at eople at The Mag (TM) like us, who love to spend our evenings hunting for fine dining establishments and get puzzled with the over crowded, multi-page menus, often dream of escaping to a different kind of restaurant. It’s a restaurant, in other words, where we would be happy to dine, without having to trouble ourselves spending minutes just to decide on what to order. A friend told us about this new restaurant, d La Tinna, which specializes on spare ribs; and so, off we drove to Jl. Petitenget, where the restaurant is at.

As we got there, we asked the staffs to take us to the backyard, where the restaurant has also tables set. The tables’ arrangement gave us the sway of actually being surrounded by comfortable gazebo in the middle of a rice field. The rice field is real though. Sitting in this part of the restaurant will give you a different kind of dining sensation, especially with the traditional wooden bench and table, bamboo pillars holding up the top tent-like covering and, of course, the extensive view of the rice field and orange trees. We had Garlic Butter and Beef Bruschetta, Hawaiian Chicken Salsa and Shrimp Cocktail as the appetizers, as we discovered them from the simple menu a staff brought to us. For the main dishes, which we asked the staff to note down first before we came up with the appetizers, we ordered Pork Knuckle, Lamb Spareribs and Pork Spareribs. All of us had Herbs Fantastic Punch as our drinks, as recommended by the staff. Our appetizers arrived on our table quite shortly. I didn’t immediately touch my Beef Bruschetta, waiting for a friend to have his Garlic Butter Bruschetta first – he has the tongue for good Bruschetta. He had a bite and then smiled, which was a good sign for me. I had a bite of my Beef Bruschetta and it was delightful. The bread was well-roasted and the beef was tasty. The Shrimp Cocktail was also great. The shrimp was nicely cooked, peeled and chilled and the salad leaf was so refreshing dressed with cocktail sauce. The Hawaiian Chicken Salsa was probably the cutest in appearance of all the other appetizers. The chicken salsa was served on a halfcut pineapple skin. The cuts of chicken and pineapple with a special house dressing tasted so appetizing. The prime time finally arrived: the spareribs were delivered to our table! The smell of the spareribs was so inviting, turning our mouth seriously watery. d La Tinna provides the customers with choices of sauce for the spareribs: hot & spicy (Indonesian flavor), barbecue, garlic sweet soy and lemon. I had my Lamb Spareribs with barbecue sauce, and it was fantastic. The spareribs were served as a slab (bones and all) with thick sauce, which is very perfect to describe the finger-licking taste of the ribs. The hot & spicy sauce was surely flaring. The beef knuckle was another different ‘bomb’. The bitten taste of the knuckle served with potato wedges and salad was wonderful. To keep the prices on the menu reasonable, d La Tinna only uses local meats – with high quality, of course. The prices on d La Tinna menu start at only IDR 10k, a seriously low price for a huge satisfaction. Cheaper is rarely better? d La Tinna proves it wrong!


The Mag

d’La Tinna

What’s happening? the regulars

Mondays ESC / SKYGARDEN Margarita Mondays Frozen Lime Margeritas, Glass Rp. 19k / Pitchers Rp. 99k, Specials on Mexican Food

ESC / OCEAN BEACH CLUB Mardi Gras Monday Brasilian dancers and Beads! Nightly Fire shows 9pm & 10.30pm

MY ROOM Monday in My Room - Buy1get1 free for cocktail & Basic Spirits - until 1am

Tuesdays ESC / SKYGARDEN Tuesday Night Pizza+Pasta+Ribs 25% off Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Ribs and... Sangria & Mojitos Glass Rp. 19k / Pitchers Rp. 99k

ESC / OCEAN BEACH CLUB Taco Tuesday Relax and enjoy authentic Mexican Tacos Nightly Fire shows 9pm & 10.30pm

ESC / SKYGARDEN Thousand Wings Wednesdays Rp. 1k per Chicken Wing, Heineken Beer Rp. 15k, Large Bintang Rp. 19k

ESC / OCEAN BEACH CLUB Wild Wednesday Special Jack Daniels BBQ Ribs and Texas size Long Island Ice Tea. Nightly Fire shows 9pm &10.30pm

MY ROOM Ladies Room - Buy1get1 Cocktail for ladies until 1am

OBSESION The Fusion with Saharadja Band - 11pm


DJ Dexta (NZ) & guest DJ’s - 9pm till 4am

Thursdays ESC / SKYGARDEN Thirsty Thursdays Strawberry Daiquiri Rp.19k, Long Island Icea Tea Rp.29k, Infused Martinis Rp.39k, Spirit Bottles Rp.299k

ESC / OCEAN BEACH CLUB Thirsty Thursdays Sunset Drinks & Infused Martinis. Nightly Fire shows 9pm &10.30pm



Island Trip - buy1get1 free Heineken until 1am

Model & Fashion Night - Fashion Show by Bali Top Models - Tequila shot Rp. 15k until 1am




Free salsa lessons

HOME Nintendo Wii Sport Championship - BBQ 6pm till late



The Mag

Free Salsa Lessons

Live Jazz & Blues Music Night -9.30pm

OBSESION Gipsies Night with Lio Koustyx Band - 10.30pm

HOME Live Performance - Paya (aus) Tapas & Cocktails - 6pm till late

Fridays ESC / SKYGARDEN TGIF Fridays Sunset drinks, Glass Rp.19k, Pitchers Rp.99k and complimentary tapas


Saturdays ESC / SKYGARDEN 2.4.1. Saturdays & Sundays 2 for 1 tapas, Sunset Drinks and Heineken beer

ESC / OCEAN BEACH CLUB OMG, it’s saturday Special International guest DJ. Nightly Fire shows 9pm & 10.30pm

BAHIANA Free Salsa Lessons

Fabulous Fridays - Vegas Show Girls & Mistic Magician - Nightly Fire shows 9pm &10.30pm



The Fusion with Saharadja Band - 11pm

Skyline Band, from 10pm onwards + Sexy Dancers!

BAHIANA Femme Fatale, with female Guest DJ’s

KHAIMA Belly Dancing Performance - 9.00pm

HOME PINKisPUNK - DJ Andrea & Nico - 9pm till 4am

OBSESION Cuban Night with Lare Band Free salsa lessons - 23.00pm



Live Music @ Night

KHAIMA Belly Dancing Performance - 9.00pm

MYKONOS Live Music with Alit Band

To see other happenings, please visit:

ESC / SKYGARDEN 2.4.1. Saturdays & Sundays 2 for 1 tapas, Sunset Drinks and Heineken beer

ESC / OCEAN BEACH CLUB Sunday Session - Day Party Sit back and hang out pool side whilist sipping your sunset drinks and listening to chill out sounds the perfect day party steps from the beach. From 3pm

MY ROOM Margarita Sensation - buy1get1 free margarita until 1am >> more >> more >> more more >> more >> more >> The Mag


What’s happening? events calendar

15/08 MY ROOM

“SUMMER BREAKOUT”, DJ Tiara (Filter Funk) DJ Alexa (Filter Funk), DJ Alfie (1945MF), DJ Bimo (1945MF), DJ Piere (Fiesta Disco), DJ Adhe Spinach).


Orig. PIMP n’ HO – Restricted 19yrs+ w/ MC Black Gold, DJ Rock Solid (Aus), DJ LBS (USA) & DJ Flex (USA) Entertainment (LA). RP 5,000,000 in CASH prizes for the slickest Pimps and the biggest HO’s.



“CITY OF ANGEL”- DJ Double Dee (advark Lab), DJ Bimo & DJ Joevan (1945MF),DJ Ali (S.O.Z), DJ Ingga, DJ Cali, DJ Vincent


‘OBC’s 1st Annual 24 hrs. Independence day Party’ sponsored by Coke Zero … 80,000 watt lighting and sound systems spread out over 4 stages. Nathan Kaye (AUS), MC Black Gold (USA), Richie Perrott (UK), DJ Andy D’lux (GER), DJ Beefy (Aus), DJ Timeline (CDN), Damian Saint (UK), DJ Nina (SWE), DJ Bhokero (INA) w/ Wen’d, Yudhi + MC Vibe, DJ LBS (USA), DJ Flex (USA), DJ Michael Vagas (SWI), DJ Brent Burns (SA), DJ Rock Solid (AUS), DJ Young Adam (SWE) & DJ Damian L. (FRA) STARTS Sunday Aug 17th 3am - right after the full-moon

LIMITER 3 – w/ DJ Brent Burns (SA) n’ Richie the kid (UK) unleash with no-limits to ‘frenzify’ all with their aggressive electro beats & live percussion… from 10pm onward


15/08 & 22/08




FULL MOON CARNIVAL w/ DJ TIMELINE (CDN) & DJ BEEFY (AUS). Fire eaters, stilt walkers, demon dwellers, neo-painters… be prepared for what’s being dubbed ‘the best full moon carnival in Asia’ A must-go event! From 10pm


‘YOUNG ADAM’ – 22yrs old and tearing up the DJ scene… this young gun lays it down like nobody’s business… funky, chunky garage house. Chaperoned by none other then DJ Brent Burns (SA)… from 10pm onward


“SPINACH ALL STAR”, DJ Bone, DJ Alice Sofie, DJ Reggy, DJ Arsya, DJ Patricia, MC Giri, VJ Spastic Lunatic


The Mag

“ELECTRIC YOUTH”, DJ Tito Simon (Groove Inc), DJ Irfan (Groove Inc), DJ Fanggi (Groove Inc), DJ Dimitri (ACID)


DEAREST – one of Canada’s best exports. Dearest will perform live in concert at the OBC. Limited Tickets available at both OBC and SKY GARDEN. Rp150k door / Rp100 adv


DJ ROCK SOLID (AUS) & DJ BRENT BURNS (SA) play a mash-up of techno, electro and funky house… from 10pm onward


DJ Michael Vagas (SWI) & DJ Rock Solid (AUS) 2 rooms, 2 styles… these INT. DJ’s do what they do best! …from 10pm onward


FIGHT CLUB - DJ Glynn Tandy (UK) & DJ Andy d’lux (GER) 2 ole mates go back to back & hammer out some tough beats that’ll knock you over! This rivalry goes back many years… you decide who’s best… from 10pm onward

20/08 & 27/08 BAHIANA

THE SPIRIT OF THE AGE Present : HAVANA FEVER - Resident dj Soma,Dj jonas,Dance Performance,lucky Draw,and more.From 10pm


BURGER D’lux – DJ Beefy (AUS) & DJ Andy d’lux (GER) serve up a combo of deep house & electro-funk with a side of trance. After spending a night in JKT, these 2 really know the meaning of super-size… from 10pm


DJ Brent Burns (SA) & Young Adam – throw down the thumpy’est, funky’est, house’est hip-shakers imaginable… pure freaky’ness… from 10pm onward

22/08 MY ROOM “Electronic Rendezvous”, DJ Phuture Traxx (Ger), DJ Manuel Santa (Ger)

29/08 BAHIANA THE SPIRIT OF SUMMER TIME Present : BIKINI BEACH PARTY MODELS by Free Style Production Resident DJ Soma.Dj Jonas Sexy Dancer Bartender create of the month by bahiana bartender Sexiest girl will get present from bahiana Start @ 10pm onward



SALSEROS NIGHT - Dancing teacher by Made Alfa,Intan,Henny,Franky,Jojo. Free Drink & Snacks for salsa lovers -10pm


FEMALE FRIZKY FRIDAY -Guest Dj Female Dj Vinnie, Dj Zistha, Dj Marcella, Dj Tina Leonize, Dj Mitha, Featuring Vj Cyber & Monster Clubbing - Start from 10 pm – till drop

07/09-14/09 TENNIS TOURNAMENT By Commonwealth - Grand Hyatt


Classical Moment- Present : Back to 80’+90’s Resident DJ’s -Dance Performance -from 10pm


SPARKLING GLAMOUROUS - Present : Retro Glitter Night - DJ Resident DJ Soma,and DJ Jonas - Dance Performance- Start at 10pm


LATIN FUTURE Guest Dj Male, Dj Stanza, Dj Angga, Dj Doddy Dj Donny, Dj Hendra, Featuring : Dj Soma Vs Adith Percussion, Vj Cyber & Monster Clubbing Start from 10 pm – till drop

To see other happenings, please visit: The Mag


cool caps

Ofcourse, you can use sunglasses to block out that bright flare from your eyes. But, you can go cooler with caps. Eat has some trucker caps that are really unique, with funky prints on it, that will enhance your not-so-ordinary holiday hip-hop look. Now, that’s what we call coooooool. Available at Eat Shop, Poppies II. Gang Ronta - Rp.110,000


The Mag

The Mag



The Mag

The Mag



The Mag

The Mag


colorful covers

This complete bedcover set will for sure bring some sweetness to your bedroom. Say bye bye to those plain whities, it’s time for some color! Now you can find several sets at the Mimpi Manis shop, with different kinds of applications, like trees, flowers, animals etc. Pick a color scheme and start matching, or... if you dare... mix them up! Available at Mimpi Manis in Jl. Abimanyu 4c, Seminyak

The set in the picture is Rp. 869,000,- and has two pillows (50cmx50cm) and a bed cover (220cmx240cm)


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Bali for your Family:


Bali is a children-friendly holiday destination, especially with its attractive natural surroundings, adventure sport activities and other fertile playgrounds that are made to please parents and their young ones. The most important thing is: all Balinese adore kids! Hence, there is no problem whatsoever in finding a baby-sitter in case the parents are in need of some time to be alone. Bali hosts a great number of popular family activities, ranging from the water to the sky – there is just something for everyone. The rapid development currently undertaking in Bali is also counting in the ‘pleasing’ subject, which includes the advancement of facilities for safe sport and adventure-related activities – with many are ideal for children. Many accommodations offer scores of conveniences for their little guests by providing kids’ pool, playground and a private room with a connecting door to the one of the parents’. Several themed amusement centers have been around in the island at the time being. Bali Safari and Marine Park offers an unforgettable adventure, navigating through the rugged jungle terrain in its Safari Exploration Truck. The exploration will introduce to the children over 50 different animal species in their natural habitat ranging from Asia’s rainforest to African savanna. Another option is the Bali Treetop Adventure Park. Located within the area of Bedugul’s Eka Karya Botanical Garden, Bali Treetop is ideal to introduce children to the nature, aside from the excitement of exploring the nature like Tarzan. There are several challenges provided in different circuits, all with the highest level of security. ‘Patrol Guides’ or the instructors will also be situated along the circuit ready to advise and assist as needed - giving support from above and below. Waterbom in Kuta is a perfect option for children to have fun and safe water activities, with exciting world-class slides and rides that are built and maintained to strict international safety standards. The parents could enjoy themselves with a soothing massage, spa treatment or just chilling out at a swim-up bar for tropical drinks. On the whole, it all goes back to you to make the call, for Bali has plenty to offer for you and your family.


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If you are a regular in the famed Oberoi Street, then this guy should be a familiar face to you. He is Eduardo, the owner of Trattoria, an Italian restaurant, and whose friendly face is frequently seen by the road side greeting and talking to his customers. Armed only with a backpack – and his Brazilian wife on his side – Eduardo left New York for Bali in 2002; and as he stepped foot in this Island of Gods, it took only a heart beat for him to make the decision that he wanted to build a life here. Originating from Tuscana in Italy, Eduardo left his home country when he was fifteen. He gained his restaurateur knowledge in Brazil and USA where he was appointed manager for a restaurant. “2002 was my very first time to visit Bali. I’m totally charmed with this island, its people, nature and culture. So, I decided to just stay here,” Eduardo told The Mag (TM), adding that Seminyak was still empty back then. Eduardo found a place in the now-called Oberoi. “My instinct told me that this place (Oberoi) is going to be very busy in the future, and so I decided to set up a restaurant here,” he said to TM. Five months of setting the (first) restaurant churned out a longer-term huge success, for Trattoria can be found not only in several areas in Bali, but also other major cities in Indonesia like Jakarta and Bandung. Concerning on the rapid developments Bali is undergoing right now, Eduardo stated that the growth will bring good Impacts to the island. “It’s good, because everything will be available in this island. I am totally aware that there are many other beautiful islands in Indonesia; but the thing is, they are still pretty empty so visitors can’t really have a maximum fun time,” he explained. Eduardo also told TM that he sees Bali as a perfect place to raise children. This father of five was blushing when saying that Bali has the kind of atmosphere to make you feel that somehow you want more children. To meet Eduardo in person, you just need to go to Trattoria in Jl. Laksmana (Oberoi). You might need to wait for your turn to come since he will be busy talking with all of his customers to please them in this island he calls as “happy and hippy”.

Taking i in

an experience by Randy Wartold


I guess I’m just trying to go with the flow trying to take it all in but that doesn’t mean anything unless you know what it means.


m not sure what time I got home this

morning. My arms and legs ache for some

reason and my ears are still ringing with a groovy space vibe. My head feels like I am still

out with that last mushroom milkshake

Camera in hand it’s time to explore. Roads are closed off to

exploring the cosmos in my anti gravity boots.

traffic and the local Banjar security teams are in control.

Maybe it’s the perfect state of head to be in to explore

Black sunnies at the ready they direct traffic to smaller,

this tropical wonderland where things seem to be

narrower one way lanes that actually lead nowhere and

what you seem them to be. I’m very into the idea

soon get jammed. This is a sight to behold. The busiest

that we create our own realities and I believe that a

streets in the busiest part of the island are quite literally

critical mass of people can, by the very nature of their

blocked to make way for a traditional procession in all

thought and actions, create a reality that suits their

its pomp and ceremony. Wonderfully dressed women,

mind set and Bali is a place like that. Maybe the most

children and men carry on with rites that date back before

place like that I’ve ever seen.

Oprah and carbon footprints believe it or not. The world and all of its noise and nonsense can just wait. There are

I close my eyes and listen. At first all I can hear is the

more important things to think about and do than grow old

music from last night but that fades imperceptibly to a

oiling the cogs of industry young man. After all, there is a

cacophony of weird and wonderful sounds. Birds (lots

balance to keep. It sounds like the utopian dream. Maybe

of birds), motorbikes (bloody noisy things), planes

it is. Think about that for a minute.

(more tourists) children (more laughter), geckos (less mosquitoes), chickens (more sate) then more subtle sounds



The wind in the bamboo trees, a distant tinkling of bells rung by a long hair but in a bun guy dressed

I don’t know where I’m going. I guess I’m just trying to

Hypnotizingly intense gamelan creeps closer and closer and like an old Tom and Jerry cartoon

go with the flow trying to take it all in but that doesn’t



unless you know what it means. And there’s the rub.

in white, soft and gentle running water bubbling over

If we choose to ignore the simplest of things that surround

rocks, gamelan and ancient chanting that is definitely

us we miss the point. If we embrace the experience for

goose bumpy, and the hand phone. The bloody hand

what it is and for what we learn, we grow. I slip off down


a small side street and into a parallel universe. It feels like an old fashioned souk and shop space fights for shop

How did we ever manage before the bloody hand

space in a disorganized jumble of normality. Of course,

phone? Big brother is watching you from that Nokia

everyone’s product is better and cheaper than everyone

XR1200 mate. I mean, give me a break! I’m on holiday!

else’s product and genuine Prada rubs shoulders with

In Bali! It’s the middle of nowhere. And I was just

genuine Ray Bans while genuine Nike and genuine Rolex

getting in to a spiritual thang! I switch the phone

look on. The contrast is extreme.

off and immediately get paranoid that it might be something important, so I switch it back on. It turns

I like the market vibe with its smiling faces and happy

out that it was so important that whoever it was didn’t

people and I find myself joking and bargaining for things

ring back. Bastards. Reality and paranoid have mixed

I don’t really need. Haggling is fun. It costs how much??

into a sense of nothingness. The annoyance is gone

Give me ten and I’ll pay for three. And I just know I

and I hear what sounds like a procession. Hypnotizingly

couldn’t buy one of these for the same price at home.

intense gamelan creeps closer and closer and like an

I guess it’s true what people say that you buy the person

old Tom and Jerry cartoon I waft along after the smell

not the product and there are a lot of beautiful people

of freshly baked apple pie.

here selling all sorts of funky stuff. As long as it’s fun, happy shopping.

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Bule Gila

is coming to the island Flying its highly reputable name from the congested capital of Jakarta, the BuGils Café is soon to be landed in our beloved paradise island bringing some Amsterdam atmosphere to Bali. The name BuGils itself is by all means catchy: 1. BuGils is the short for Bule Gila (crazy Caucasian) 2. Bugil is an Indonesian word for naked. Yet, ignore the latter one as this Dutch-owned venue will not entertain any dirty minds. BuGils is an open and friendly Cheers-type environment bar with sixties and seventies music. Bartele Santema, the owner, who is also the man behind the success of four other renowned hangout spots in Jakarta (Cazbar, De Hooi, Eastern Promise and The One Tree) and the book named ‘Bule Gila’, has aimed Tuban (right across Harris Tuban) as the location for BuGils Bali to find its home. Originating from a Friesland farm in the Netherlands, Bartele moved to Jakarta in the 90s and had ever since been working on any possible fields that you can think of: interior contractor, TV actor, cocoa quality controller, office equipment distributor, etc. The headaches caused by these jobs made him decided to open a bar, where he can channel his big passion for beer, Dutch bitterballen, women and rock ‘n roll. Bartele came up with the idea of opening a bar that would not be like other existing bars: the staffs would be all women, wearing whatever they want. “These women are not just going to stand there behind the bar, they will talk and interact with the customers,” Bartele explained to The Mag (TM), adding that the customers will be addressed by their names – not “sir” or “mister”. Some Jakartan bands will be flown over to BuGils Bali to provide live music entertainment, delivering the tunes from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and other oldies style music. “But that’s not all, an upstairs lounge will also be provided on the second floor,” he added. The setting of BuGils Bali would be of dark-brown teak furniture, with a U-shaped central bar where the customers can mingle. BuGils Bali will be top to bottom ready to serve the island around September 1. All the thirsty and hungry locals, expatriates and tourists are welcome to experience the delight of the ice-cold beer and tapas available in the house.


The Mag

BuGils Bali is now hiring, call for an interview (081 1169234)

Bali Blogger

by: Richard Lewis

Richie Lewis, Genius Zombie Me, Richie Lewis, I am one smart zombie. I have castratospheric IQ. I know qantas theory backwards and forwards. Matter of face, in qantas theory, forwards is backwards. I don’t lurch like other zombies. My arms, they hang straight. My feet don’t shuffle, they go one in front of the other. This requires much IQ. My feet, they march to jewelry store, and my hand, it gives over Visa card for ruby ring. I am one smart zombie but my IQ, see, is not my IQ. It belongs to my wife. You know what I’m saying?

Richie Lewis, Alcoholic Vampire My name is Richie Lewis, and I’m an alcoholic vampire. Although I don’t mention the second thing during the AA meetings. I generally go the 8 o’clock one at the basement of the Free Church on 5th and Western. That’s 8 pm, of course. I have a sponsor – my second actually. My first? Well, um, I got hungry one night. You know how that goes. But at least he didn’t have a drop of booze in him. Anyhow, like a lot of alcoholics, I started out in control, choosing only to drink those who had drunk fine champagne and single malt whiskeys. The start of the slippery slope. I ended up taking anybody. Even somebody who’d just gargled with Listerine. So now, the twelve step thing, well I’m okay up to step 9, but I get stymied there, because that’s the step where you go out and make amends to everybody you can ever remember harming.


You know what I’m saying?



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The Mag • The Ten


Greatest Escapes

High season is at its hottest point here in Bali with tourists from many different countries are swarming the island for a two-week holiday or even longer. During this time of year areas like Kuta, Legian and Seminyak will be busy with people, horse drawn carts, cars, motorbikes, everything. It is always good to be a part of the hype; yet if you feel like having a three-day getaway from the hustle and bustle of Bali’s centers of crowd, these places listed below are perfect for your escapes – to freshen up yourselves before finally returning to Bali and ready to go back to the coolest parties and fun the Island of Gods has to offer.

1 Nusa Penida

The main attraction in Nusa Penida lies on the chance to see turtles, sharks, and reefs in crystal-clear visibility. However, the currents are fast and unpredictable so you must go, not only with a reputable dive operator, but also with a guide who knows how to ‘read’ the currents. Nusa Penida is dominated by high cliffs and a flat, dry plateau. The lack of fresh water and the thinness of the soil make seaweed plantation very popular in this island.


The Mag

2 Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is an island off the southeast coast of the main island of Bali. The clear water of Lembongan is just perfect for snorkeling and diving. Ranges of other water activities such as flying fish, parasailing, banana boating and canoeing are also provided. There are two main beaches in Nusa Lembongan: Jungutbatu and Mushroom. Jungutbatu tends to attract backpackers and surfers with its many cheap hotels and eateries. Mushroom beach has the island’s best swimming beach and is a rather upmarket area, where Lembongan’s finest restaurants and hotels are centered.

continues ...

4 3 Gili Islands

The Gili Islands compose of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. No motorcycle or any other motorized vehicle can be found in the three Gilis; thus, the air is very clean. There are however other options of transportations to use there, such as bicycles and Cidomo (horse drawn carts).


Lovina with its rural charms is another major attraction in Bali located north of the island. Ranges of activities are offered in Lovina such as the dolphin trip, snorkeling and scuba diving, bathing at hot springs in Banjar or just simply watching cockfights. During your visit at the hot springs, you might as well want to make a stop at Brahma Vihara Arama, Bali’s only Buddhist monastery. Lovina attracts visitors who are mainly families and couples these days, not backpackers like in the previous years.

The largest of the three Gilis in neighboring Lombok, Trawangan earns itself the title of the “Party Island”. Ranges of oceanfront restaurants with the view of clear water on the white sandy beach are available to give you an amazing feasting experience. It only takes you 90 minutes to walk around the whole Trawangan. No motorcycles can be found in the island. Gili Meno is the quietest of the three Gili islands. With fewer number of tourists visiting (if compared to the other two Gilis), Meno offers its visitors a total privacy – which makes this place a destination for honeymooners. Similar to its two sister islands, Meno’s clear water is perfect for water activities such as snorkeling and diving. Gili Air is the smallest of the Gili islands, with snorkeling and diving as the highlights of the activities. The water is very clear that you can just jump into it to see the turtles, colorful fishes and coral reef. Silhouette of Mt. Agung in Bali can be seen from this small island.

Candi Dasa


Candi Dasa is the getaway in eastern Bali. Travel to Candi Dasa from Kuta area will take around two hours, thanks to the completion of the Kusamba highway. A selection of accommodations is available with attractive views within only walking distance.


The Mag

continues ...

7 6 Karangasem

Karangasem is the home of Mt. Agung, Bali’s highest volcanic mountain which is also believed to be sacred. Aside from the breathtaking view of Mt.Agung, Karangasem has been attracting many visitors for its Pura Besakih, the mother temple of all Balinese Hindu.

Padang Bai

Padang Bai is a lovely beach town with a very calm atmosphere. There are several beautiful beaches in this area with only several warungs (local shops/restaurants) that will gladly serve you with a local meal like Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and Mie Ayam (chicken noodle). There are many hidden beauties in Padang Bai worth exploring for. Padang Bai also serves as a ferry port for you to travel to Lombok, the Gili islands and other surrounding islands like Nusa Penida.

8 Amed

Located an hour away from Candidasa, Amed is one of the Bali’s best-kept secrets that hosts some of the island’s enchanting beaches. Every beach in Amed is different: some are sandy, others are rocky or the combination of both. With not much is going on for the nightlife, Amed is a perfect destination for families and the more mature travelers. Accommodations and restaurants (food) in Amed are reasonably priced and varied from the basic to good quality.

10 Lombok 9

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the neighboring East Java. In addition, cool and breezy wind always blows freshly giving every visitor special deep impression and an unforgettable memory. Many starred hotels, home-stays, restaurants and other facilities can be found in this area. The uniqueness of the area’s characteristic is a reminiscent of a moonscape rather than anything related to the earth offering breathtaking experiences such as observing sunrises and gazing into the volcano’s crater.


The Mag

Lombok belongs to the neighboring province of West Nusa Tenggara with the Lombok Strait separating it from Bali. Lombok is also known to be the host of many attractions, including the Gili Islands. The main island of Lombok itself offers simple pleasure of enjoying the sunshine, white sandy beach in quieter settings, unique culture, eco-adventure tours and friendly people. Lombok has much in common with Bali, but less well-known and less-visited by tourists. The mostdeveloped center of tourism is Senggigi, spread in a 10-kilometer strip along the coastal road north of Mataram. Other popular tourist destinations include Kuta (distinctly different from Kuta in Bali) where its surfing condition is considered some of the best in the world. The Kuta area is also famous for its beautiful, untouched beaches.

Crash Course Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia is the language spoken through the whole Indonesia. The Balinese speak Bahasa Bali with each other, but you will be fine with these words and short phrases. Apa Kabar? Baik, terima kasih Selamat pagi Selamat siang Selamat soré Selamat malam Sampai jumpa lagi Sampai nanti Nama saya ... Silahkan Permisi Tidak / Ya Saya lapar Saya haus Ada bir? Saya mau Nasi Campur Di mana hotel? Kanan Kiri Maaf




Sudoku Time!


Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be



reached logically. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the


blank spaces. Every row and column must contain

8 4

8 7 5








The Mag


one of each digit, as must every 3x3 square.

6 2


7 1

9 3

2 9

*I am new in Bali

How are you? Fine, thank you Good morning Good afternoon (before 3pm) Good afternoon (after 3pm) Good evening See you later (as in some other time) See you later (as in later today) My name is ... Here you go Excuse me No / Yes I’m hungry I’m thirsty Do you have beer? I want Nasi Campur (mixed rice) Where is the hotel? Right Left Sorry

3 5

‘Saya Baru di Bali...’


previous month’s solution; 539 18 7 624 465 18 29 33 17 1 2 23 19 7 2 83 13 24 13 12 25 63 1 2 3

16 2 493 857 219 45 5 7 66 43 85 46 46 4 5 16 47 25 56 49 53 86 4 5 6

784 562 913 378 74 28 19 76 58 99 72 38 59 78 98 69 71 48 79 7 8 9 RESTAURANTS Italian Restaurants Café Marzano Jl. Kunti 7, Seminyak phone: +62 361 733 671 MAP2-F3 CiAO Jl. Sunset Road 333X, Seminyak phone: 0361 730 588 MAP2-G3

La Sal Jl. Drupadi II 100, Seminyak phone: +62 361 738 321 MAP2-E3

Swiss Restaurants

Il Cielo Jl. Kartika Plaza 172, Kuta phone: +62 361 762 027 MAP1-C5 Osteria Telese Jl. Laksmana, Seminyak phone: 0361 734 566

Spanish Restaurants


Pandora Jl.Petitenget 85, Petitenget phone: +62 361 7474 637 MAP2-C2 Papas Café Jalan Pantai Kuta - Legian Bali 1, Kuta phone: +62 361 755 055 MAP1-B2

The Flying Piano Jln. Werkudara X, Legian phone: 0361 761 389 MAP2-F5 Yut’z Place Jl. Werkudara 521, Legian phone: +62 81 239 51454 MAP2-F5

Belgian Restaurants Mannekepis Bistro Jl. Raya Seminyak 2, Seminyak phone: +62 361 847 5784 MAP2-F3

Dutch Restaurants

Ristorante Italia Legian (Pantai Blue Ocean), Legian phone: 361 755 500 MAP2-E5

Double Dutch Jl Cemara Semawang 29, Sanur phone: 0361 270 554

Rustica Jl. Batu Belig 1, Batu Belig

Dutch Inn JL.Buni Sari 14a, Kuta phone: +62 817 475 0494 MAP1-D4

Sasa Jl. Laksmana (Oberoi) 78, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 638 MAP2-B4 Trattoria Jl. Laksmana Oberoi, Seminyak phone: +62 361 737082 MAP2-B4 Ultimo Jl. Laksmana 104 X, Seminyak phone: +62 0361-738720-21 MAP2-B4 Warung Italia Jl. Kunti 6 Seminyak, Bali phone: +62 MAP2-F3 Zanzibar Legian (Pantai Blue Ocean) 21, Legian phone: +62 361 733 529 MAP2-E5

German Restaurants Café Sendok Jl. Legian 139, Legian phone: +62 (0)361 752 450 MAP1-C2 Mama’s Jl. Raya Legian, Legian phone: +62 361 754 831 MAP1-C2


Greek Restaurants Mykonos Jalan Laksmana 52, Seminyak phone: +62 361 733 253 MAP2-A4 Pantarai Jl. Raya Seminyak 17 A, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732 567 MAP2-F4

Indian Restaurants Queens Tandoor Jl. Raya Seminyak 73, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732 770 MAP2-F3

Middle Eastern Rest. Sisha Jl. Raya Seminyak 49 A, Seminyak phone: +62 361 864 1029 MAP2-F

Moroccan Restaurants Khaima Jl. Laksmana 334, Seminyak phone: +62 361 7423925 MAP2-A4

Brazilian Restaurants Rio Restaurant Jl. Raya Seminyak 31B, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732 685 MAP2-F4

Mexican Restaurants TJ’s Gang Poppies 1 - 24, Kuta phone: +62 361 751 093 MAP1-C4

Chinese Restaurants Bale Bali Jl. Kunti 48, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732 731 MAP2-F3

Indonesian Restaurants Cabe Rawit Jl. Kunti 8, Seminyak phone: +62 361 7440 995 MAP2-F3 Manisjangan Jl. Laksmana (Oberoi), Seminyak phone: +62 361 85 79 800 MAP2-A4

Thai Restaurants Kin Khao Jl. Kartika Plaza 170, Kuta phone: +62 (0)361 757 808 MAP1-C5 Lazumba Café Jl. Oberoi 12, Seminyak phone: +62 361 731 899 MAP2-C4 Lemongrass Jl. Raya Seminyak 37, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 149 MAP2-F4

Japanese Restaurants Dahana Restaurant Jl. Petitenget 98X, Petitenget phone: +62 361 730 131 MAP2-D2 Fresh Sushi Lounge Jl. Laskmana (Oberoi) 18 phone: +62 361 736834 MAP2-D3 Kaizan Jl. Laksmana 33 (Oberoi), Seminyak phone: +62 361 747 2324 MAP2-A4 Ryoshi Jl. Raya Seminyak 17, Seminyak phone: +62 361 731 152 MAP2-F4 Sushi Densha La Walon Centre (behind mamas), Legian phone: +62 361 763616 MAP1-C2



International Restaurants

Diving & Snorkling

Atmosphere Discovery Mall - Beachside D#36, Kuta phone: +62 361 769 501 MAP1-C5

Raja’s Restaurant Absolute Scuba Komplex Bintang Supermarket,Seminyak Jl Tambligan 27C, Sanur phone: +62 361 8475758 phone: +62 0361 282 664

Bali Colada Discovery Mall-Seaside 21, Kuta phone: +62 361 769 749 MAP1-B5

Rumours Jl. Laksmana 1, Seminyak phone: +62 361 738 720 MAP2-B4

Atlantis International Jl. By Pass Ngurah 350, Sanur phone: +62 361 284 312

Black Canyon Coffee Discovery Mall MG 109- Beach Front, Kuta phone: +62 361 780 7929 MAP1-B5

Sailfin Jl. Pantai Kuta 1, Kuta phone: 0361 760 068 MAP1-C4

Bali Diving Academy Jl. Danau Tamblingan 51, Sanur phone: +62 361 270252

Salvador Mall Bali Galeria C - 58-59, Kuta phone: +62 361 767096 MAP1-E5

Pigmy Bali Diving Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 99, Jimbaran phone: +62 361778962

Sendok Restaurant Jl. Singhosari 55, Kuta phone: +62 361 765 119 MAP1-C4

Scuba Indonesia Jl. Danau Tamblingan 89, Sanur phone: +62 81 338 675 803

Street Café Jl. Danau Tamblingan 21, Sanur phone: +62 361 289 259

Scuba Seraya Resort

The Junction Jl. Laksmana (Oberoi), Seminyak phone: +62 361 735 610 MAP2-A4

Tauch Terminal Jl. Danau Tamblingan X No 31, Jimbaran phone: +62 361 774504

Blue Ocean Jl. Legian (double 6 beach) #, Legian phone: +62 361 747 2308 MAP2-E5 Café Bali Jl. Laksmana (Oberoi), Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 484 MAP2-A4 CasCaDes Restaurant Jl. Lanyahan Br Nagi, Ubud phone: +62 361 971 777 D La Tinna Jl. Petitenget 110, Petitenget phone: +62 361 746 2873 ESC Urban Food Station Jl. Legian 61, Kuta phone: +62 361 755 423 MAP1-C3 Grocer & Grind Jl. Kayu Jati 3x, Seminyak phone: 0361 730418 MAP2-D2 JP’s Warung Club Jl. Dhyana Pura 6, Seminyak phone: 0361 731 622 MAP2-F3 La Casa Jl. Werkudara 25, Legian phone: 0361 751 822 MAP2-F5 Legend Bar Jl. Petitenget 886, Petitenget phone: 0361 746 5218 MAP2-C2 Lestari Jl. Umalas Lestari, Umalas Stable 9 X phone: +62 361 792 6375 MAP2-D1 Loloan Jalan Kayu Jatu 9x, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 677 MAP2-D2 Nyomans Beergarden Jl. Pantai Mengiat X, Nusa Dua phone: +62 361 775 746

Venue @ The Moon Jl. Petitenget kerobokan 2001 X Kerobokan phone: +62 361 730629 MAP2-C2

Your Company here? Become a member of and get listed for free! Call for more info: 0361 769 223 Or visit us in the Istana Kuta Galeria Block Techno 21 mon-fri 10.00-17.00

Desa Tukad Dabu, Tulamben, Kubu, Karangasem

phone: +62 361 283 922

Surfing Rip Curl School of Surf Jl. Arjuna Blue Ocean, Seminyak phone: +62 361 735858 MAP2-E5

Extreme AJ Hackett Bungy Double Six Club, Seminyak phone: +62 361 731144 MAP2-E4 Bali Treetop Kebun Raya Eka Karya, Bedugul phone: +62 361 8520 680

Family Bali Safari and Marine Park Jl. Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km 19 Gianyar phone: +62 361 950 000 Waterbom Jl. Kartika Tuban phone: +62 361 755 676

Exercise Bali Bootcamp Seminyak Beach - Near La lucciola phone: +62 361 862 9372

Piccadilly Jl. Danau Tamblingan 27, Sanur phone: +62 361 289 138

The Mag

61 TRAVEL Air Air Bali Dewa Ruci Building 100X, Kuta phone: +62 361 767 466 MAP1-E4

Sea Bali Spa Cruise Jl .Tukad Badung XXIV/7 Denpasar phone: Phone: +62 361 856 2905 Sea Trek Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai 245, Sanur phone: +62 361283358

Land Auto Bagus Tukad Balian 888, Renon phone: +62 361 722222 MAP1-A1 Island Biker Tours Jalan Tujung Mekar 7 X, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 847 5332 MAP Surya Bali Car Rental Jl. Nakula - Gang Baik-Baik 10x, Seminyak phone: 0361 733199 MAP2-G4 Waka Land Cruise Jl. Padang Kartika 5X, Denpasar phone: +62 361 426972 MAP

Travel Organizers Island Promotions Bali Poppies Lane 1 No.12, Kuta phone: 0361 753241 MAP1-C4 Mars Venus Jl. Melati, Griya Nusa Damai 46, Jimbaran phone: 021-3228 7001/ 081 7 MAP

WEDDING Wedding Organisers Bali Dream Wedding Jl. Raya Seminyak 16-B, Seminyak phone: +62 361 737 469 MAP2-F4 Belle Bridal House Jl. Dewi Sri 18 - B, Kuta phone: +62 361 754 370 MAP1-D1 Elite Events Jl. Laksmana phone: 0361 MAP2-D3

Wedding Photography Luv Wedding and Photography Jl. Kartika Plaza 120 E, Kuta phone: +62 361 767 507 MAP1-B7


The Mag

BUSINESSES Consultants Amparos Law Firm Jl. Danau Buyan / 6 Point bld 3rd Floor 74, Sanur phone: +62 361 289670 Bali Mode Jl. Sriwijaya 7, Legian phone: +62 361 765 162 MAP1-C1 Channel1 Jl. Sunset Road 100 X, Kuta phone: +62 361 780 4047 MAP2-E2 Soeminar Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 110 Graha Fortuna 2nd floor Tuban phone: +62 361 801 4521

ENTERTAINMENT Event Organisers CAM Entertainment Istana Kuta Galeria Block Techno 8, Kuta phone: +62 361 769 154 MAP1-A2

Live Music Obsesion Jl. Dhyana Pura X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 MAP2-E4 Zappaz Jl. Oberoi 54 B, Seminyak phone: +62 361 742 5534 MAP2-A4

Nightlife / Bars


Bahiana Jl. Dyana Pura 4, Seminyak phone: +62 361 738 662 MAP2-F3

Bali Architecture & Construction Jl. Petitenget 6X, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 735 780 MAP2-D1

Crusoes Jl. Legian Close to M, Legian phone: +62 361 MAP1-C3

Export - Import

DeJaVu Blue Ocean Beach 7X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732777 MAP2-E5

Bali Prefab Jl. Pemelisan (close to Makro) 8X, Sanur phone: +62 361 781 7098

Eikon Jl. Legian 178 Kuta phone: +62 361 750701

CAS Cargo Bali Jl. Ngurah Rai 109X, Denpasar phone: + 62 361 720 525

Home Jl. Oberoi 3, Seminyak phone: +62 361 862 0455

Circe Trading Jl. Drupadi 10, Seminyak phone: +62 361 737705 MAP2-E3 Export Service Centre Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 461, Sanur phone: +62 361 720 606 Hammock Jl. Petitenget 22, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 742 1475 MAP2-E1 Leo Trading Jl. Kunti 1-6 Seminyak phone: +62 81 933 058 369

Security Services Bali Security Services Jl. Sunset Blvd 27, Seminyak phone: +62 361 744 7046 MAP2-F2

Property Maintenance Hunian Kita Jl. Raya Kerobokan 16 Z, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 730 543 MAP2-E1

Mixwell Bar Jl. Dhyna Pura 6, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 846 MAP2-E4 My Room Jl. Legian 60, Kuta phone: +62 361 750 412 Nirvana Club and Restaurant Jl. Dhyana Pura 100 X, Seminyak phone: 0361 8550 995 MAP2-E4 Ocean Beach Club Jl. Pantai Kuta- Kuta Posers Pub Jl. Padma Corner Pad, Legian phone: +62 361 MAP1-B1 Skygarden Jl. Legian 61, Kuta phone: + 62 361 755 423 MAP1-C3 Storm Beer / The Office Jl. Patih Jelantik 3A, Kuta phone: +62 361 769233 MAP1-A2 The Wave Jl. Pantai Kuta 1, Kuta phone: +62 361 760 068 MAP1-C4

Family Life Canggu Club Jl. Pantai Berawa 1, Canggu phone: +62 361 844 6385 MAP2-B1 RELAXATION Spa’s & Salons Amoaras Spa Jl. Laksamana 57, Seminyak phone: +62 361 734 260 MAP2-D2 Bodyworks Spa Jl. Kayu Jati - Petitenget 2, Seminyak phone: +62 361 733 317 MAP2-C2 Briella Spa Jl. Werkudara 526 B, Seminyak phone: +62 361 7987 660 MAP2-F5 Chakra Spa at Karma Jimbaran Jalan Bukit Permai 22, Jimbaran phone: +62 361 708800 Chill Reflexology at The Villas Jl. Kunti 118X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 734701 MAP2-F3 Everyday Spa Jl. Dewi Sri 43, Kuta phone: +62 361 763347 MAP1-D1 House of David Salon Jl. Boulevard Sunset Road Blok A8, Kuta phone: +62 361 767 632 MAP1-E2 Prana Spa at The Villas Jalan Kunti 118X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 730840 MAP2-F3 Salon Shagi Jl. Kartika Plaza 120, Kuta phone: +62 361 767509 MAP1-B7 Shinkei Spa Jl. Legian, Ground floor My Room, 60, Kuta phone: +62 361 766 046 MAP1-C3 Well Being Spa Jl. Laksmana 66 B, Seminyak phone: +62 361 735573 MAP2-B4

HOSPITALS & CARE ARC Anti-aging Beauty Clinic Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No 1, Kuta phone: +62 361 767 543 MAP1-E4 BIMC Hospital Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 100 X -Kuta +62 361 761 263 International SOS Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 505 X, Kuta phone: +62 361 720 100 MAP1-E4

INTERIOR Lighting Alabaster Lighting Istana Kuta Gal. Block Valet 1 - no.9 phone: +62 361 769 007 MAP1-A1

Antiques & Furniture Bali Antique Shop Jl. raya seminyak 34, Seminyak phone: +62 8191 66 388 09 MAP2-F3

Your Company here? Become a member of and get listed for free! Call for more info: 0361 769 223 Or visit us in the Istana Kuta Galeria Block Techno 21 mon-fri 10.00-17.00

Bali Bazaar Jl. Kunti 1-6 Seminyak phone: +62 361 733963 D sign Jl. Oberoi 18, Seminyak phone: +62 361 743 7771 MAP2-D3 Gecko Furniture jl Raya Kerobokan opposite B, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 751386 MAP2-E1 H+R Expositions Jl. Laksmana (Oberoi) 12 X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 780 4046 MAP2-C4 Lio Collection Jl. Raya Kerobokan 2, Kuta phone: +62 361 7800 942 MAP2-E1 WhyNot Shop Jl. Nakula, Kuta phone: +62 361 499001 MAP1-A1

Interior Design Disini 1. Jl. Raya Seminyak 6-8, Seminyak 2. Jl. Mertanadi 67a, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 746 42 60 MAP2-F1, MAP2-F3 GW Interiors Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 296, Sanur phone: +62 361 270 030 MAP Imagine Interior Jl. Setia Budi Kuta Polen, Kuta phone: 62(0)361 758 830 MAP1-E4 Mimpi Manis Jl. Dhyana Pura 4C Seminyak, phone: 62 361 733 411 MAP2-F3 Serba Antik Istana Kuta Galeria, Entrance 1, 2, Kuta phone: +62 361 769400 MAP1-A1

Kasih Ibu Hospital Bali Jl. Teuku Umar 120, Denpasar phone: +62-361 223036

The Mag


ACCOMODATION Hotels Alam Anda Jl. Danau Tamblingan X No 31, Jimbaran phone: +62 361 774399 MAP Bali Mystique Hotel & Apartments Jalan Petitenget 2000 XX Petitenget phone: +62 361 730 465 MAP2-C2

Lumba Lumba Umalas II Jl. Bumbak Gg P.Buru 3, Umalas phone: +62 85 936 170094 Maya Loka Jl. Cendrawasih 88, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 436

Ni Rampe Village Jl. Nelayan Banjar Can, Canggu phone: +62 361 736 433 Courtyard Hotel & Apartments Jl. Werkudara (exPura Bagus Taruna) 14, Legian phone: +62 361 750 242 Sesari Jalan Pangkung Sari 23, Seminyak MAP2-F5 phone: +62 361 730533 Etnik Hotel Jl. Melasti gg. Lebak Bena Kuta, Bali Sitara Padi Villas phone: +62361 753 266 Jl. Bumbak Kauh 1, Canggu MAP1-C2 phone: +62 361 7800828 MAP2-B1 Harris Resort Kuta Jl. Raya Pantai Kuta, Kuta Sun Island phone: +62361 753 868 Jl. Raya Seminyak 188, Seminyak phone: +62 361 733779 MAP2-F4 Harris Resort Tuban Jl. Dewi Sartika Tuban, Kuta Sunset Hill phone: +62361 765 255 Bengkiang Sidem 324, Ubud phone: +62 361 742 7848 Santai Bali P.O. Box 116, Denpasar Surya Mas phone: +62 363 23487 Jl. Raya Legian, Legian Kaja MAP phone: +62 361 753 732 Spartacvs Hotel Jln. Pura Telaga Waja Petitenget X, Seminyak The Samaya phone: +62 361 738 944 Jl. Laksmana 1, Seminyak MAP2-C2 phone: +62 361 731149 MAP

Villa Rentals

Cicada Jl. Pura Telaga Waja 1, Seminyak phone: +62 361 862 0805 MAP2-C2 Danoya Villa Jl. Batu Belig 559, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 735 305 MAP2-C1 Disini Villa Jl. Mertasari 28, Seminyak phone: +62 361 737537 MAP2-B3 Downtown Villas Jalan Pura Dalem 9-D, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 464 MAP2-F4 Karma Jimbaran Karma Developments 23, Jimbaran phone: +62 361 8 475 475 MAP Karma Kandara Jalan Bukit Perma, Jimbaran phone: +62 361 708 800 Kembali Villas Jalan Sari Dewi 14A, Seminyak phone: +62 361 737300 MAP2-D3 Lake Grace Villas Jl. Dewi Sri 26, Kuta phone: +62 361 769 470 MAP1-D1


The Mag

The Villas Jl. Kunti 118X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 730840 MAP2-F3

Property Agents Asian Estates & Investments Jl. Laksmana 156A, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732 578 MAP2-D3 Bali Beach Garden Projects Jl Raya Singaraja Seririt 15, Lovina phone: 081338075888 Bali Property Point Jl. Petitenget 11/1c Kerobokan phone: +62 361 863 0202 MAP2-D1 Bali Realtor Pertokoan Puri Alit Blok 9, Tuban phone: + 62 361 744 5252 MAP1-D5 Bali Top Property Jl. Kartika Plaza 6 - 7, Kuta phone: +62 361 765 201 MAP1-C5 Bali Villa Worldwide Jl. Laksmana 3B, Seminyak phone: 0361 732 013 MAP2-D3 Elite Havens Jalan Raya Banjar Semer 883, Seminyak phone: +62 361 731074 MAP2-D3 Karma Developments Jalan Kartika Plaza, No. 90 A & B - Kuta, phone: +62 361 8475475 MAP1-B5 MC2 Tropical Property Jalan Drupadi 1, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736733 MAP2-C4

Uma Sapna Jl. Drupadi 20 XX, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 628 MAP2-E3

Paradise Property Bali Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai Junction, Nusa Dua Jl. Laksmana, Seminyak phone: +62 361 77 35 40 MAP2-B4

Villa Bugis Jl Laksmana 32, Seminyak phone: +62 361 7448592 MAP2-B4

Pesona Jl. Sriwijaya 3, Kuta phone: +62 361 765 108 MAP1-C1

Villa des Indes Jl. Astina Pura 3 Seminyak 80361 phone: +62 361 737 799 MAP2-C3

Property Gallery Bali Jl. Patih Jelantik Blok Valet 1 3, Kuta phone: +62 361 769 098 MAP1-A1

Villa Karisa Jl. Drupadi 100X, Seminyak phone: 0361 7445538 MAP2-E3 Villa Kubu Seminyak Jl. Raya Seminyak Gang Plawa, Seminyak phone: +62 361 731129 MAP2-G3 Villa Pisang Mas Jl. Werkadura, Gang Bulan 8, Legian phone: +62 361 732 168 MAP2-E4

Ray White Kuta Istana Kuta Galeria, Valet 1 15, Kuta phone: +62 361 769 009 MAP1-A1 Roy Weston Jl. Raya Dewi Sri / Sunset Road 16, Kuta phone: +62 361 747 308 8 MAP1-D1 Xclusive Property Jl. Sunset Road 10X, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 8475955 MAP2-F2 PROPERTY Villa Management BHM Villas Jl. Raya Semer 883, Canggu phone: +62 361 730668 MAP2-D3

Property For Sale Bali Japan Village Office: 21, Legian phone: +62 361 762 789 BALI Kuta Residence Jl. Jalan Majahapit 18, Kuta phone: +62 361 753305 MAP1-D3 Panorama (MC2) Jl Drupadi 1, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736733 MAP2-C4 Paradise Property Jl. Laksmana 156A, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732 578 - - - - MAP2-D2 - - Almara Villas Jl. Subak Sari Canggu phone: +62 0856 382 5692

CHARITY Monte Monfore - Swimming for charity Kuta Centre X, Kuta phone: +62 81 805 357 797



dejong mens fashion Jl. Raya Seminyak 35, Seminyak phone: 0361 732 107

Lio Collection Jl. Raya Kerobokan 2, Kuta phone: +62 361 7800 942 MAP2-E1

Dragonfly Blue Jl. Raya seminyak 34X, Seminyak phone: + 62 361 739372 MAP2-F2

Redline Merchandising Jl. Sahadewa 1, Legian phone: +62 361 765 232 MAP2-F5

Fashion Point Jl. Raya Seminyak 21, Seminyak phone: +62 81 7342092 MAP2-F3

Sari Rambut Desa Abuan, Kecamatan Susut 324, Bangli phone: +62 366 92222

Funky Princess 1. Jl. Raya Seminyak 42, Seminyak 2. Jl. Raya Seminyak 34 (Glamstore) 3. Jl. Kunti 119 phone: 0361-766537 MAP2-F4, MAP2-F3, MAP2-F3

St. Isidor Jl. Laksamana 44, Oberoi phone: +62 361 738 836 MAP2-C4

Innuendo Jl Raya Seminyak #75H Semin, Kuta phone: +62 3617428814 MAP2-F3

Tas Merah Desa Abuan, Kecamatan Susut Kabupaten phone: +62 366 92222

Jewelry & Accessories

Kenz Jl Laksmana (Oberoi) 6 phone: +62 361 737 797 MAP2-D3

Alfi Rahman Bags Jl. Dhyana Pura 5, Seminyak phone: +62 361 730302 MAP2-F3

Lotustraders Womens Clothing 116, Umalas phone: +62 81 5589 26261

B.E. Mas Jl. Legian Kaja 491, Kuta phone: +62 361 757 711 MAP2-F4

Nogo Textiles Jl. Danau Tamblingan 104, Sanur phone: +62 361 288 765

Grammes Jewelry Jl. Raya Basangkasa. Blok 75B, Seminyak phone: +62 361 731562 MAP2-F3

Food-Drinks & Supplies Bali Deli Jl. Kunti 117 X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 738 686 MAP2-F3 Bintang Supermarket Jl. Raya Seminyak 17, Seminyak phone: +62 361 730552 MAP2-F4 La Piccola Jl. Tirta Nadi (By Pass Ngurah Rai) 27, Sanur phone: +62 361 747 5844 PT Nestle Indonesia Wisma Nestle lt 5 kav 88, Jakarta phone: +62 21 78836000 PT.Bali Moon Liqueurs Jalan Mertasari 21, Denpasar phone: +62 361 727626 Ruths Desserts Sanur - phone: +62 361 286 647

Galleries Joe Kennedy Photography Jl. Danau Tamblingan 51 D, Sanur phone: +62 361 282 339

Long John Silver Jl. Laksmana Oberoi 150, Seminyak phone: +62 361 856 3192 MAP2-D3 Rabia Jl. Raya Seminyak 10, Seminyak phone: 0361 731 035 MAP2-F3 Vidi fashion accessories Jl. Pura Bagus Taruna (Werkudara) 21, Legian phone: +62 361 768 234 MAP2-F5

Fresh Flowers Bunga Ayu Fresh Flowers Jl. Raya Seminyak 69 1, Legian phone: +62 361 730 804 MAP2-F3 Surya Florist Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 106, Denpasar phone: +62 361 745 2381

Electronics & Entertainment Mac House Bali Jl. Patih Jelantik pm 1/09, Kuta phone: +62 361 769060 MAP1-A2 Fortunate (4TUNE8) DVD Padma Street 1, Kuta phone: +62 361 757784 MAP1-C1






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dutch inn arc

bali realtor atmosphere

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karma developments

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The Mag





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kembali villas

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The Mag










THE MAG - Baru di Bali Magazine - Edition 5 - August 2008  

THE MAG is free 100-page full color Bali tourist magazine brought to you by, the worlds leading Bali tourist information web...

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