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Ego Trippin’


Let go of your ego and start to pay more attention to love - by Randy

Elsewhere; Green City


A huge step forward in a healthier future; Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Initiative will be the first carbon-free city

Discover Scuba Diving


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The Mag • What’s


going on?


by: Randy Wartold

There are voices in my head. Not loud voices. Not the pull your hair out, walk around in ever increasing circles, dribbling and mumbling, looking over your shoulder voices. These are quiet, subtle, consistent and soft like the sound of running water over forest moss voices. Actually it’s not a whole bunch of voices at all … it’s more like just the one voice. The kind of voice you don’t hear until you listen to it. Signs of a miss-spent youth? Of months astrally

irregular things on cable. Even acknowledging that

projecting from one kaleidoscopic English breakfast

we hear a voice in the first place raises the question

tea to the next oh my god fractal morning?

of ‘who and what is the voice?’, ‘wait a minute …

Contemplating life, the universe and how to say

is the voice me?’ and ‘if that voice is me and I am

anti-disestablishmentarianism let alone understand

hearing it like it’s not me, then who in fact am I?’.

what it means?

Time to freak out.

Quite possibly, but everyone has the voice. We might

The voice is actually something we have called

not admit it so readily between the latest adverts

Ego. Part of the duality of us all. A way we have

for some gadget we simply can’t live without

of defining who we think we are and how we think

since this morning’s global product launch or the

people want to perceive us in a world that we think

incessant urge to shop, spend, look fashionably

makes sense because that’s how we have been

different but watch regular people doing every day

conditioned. We let Ego take control of what we do, what we say, how we act, how we don’t act, who we like and who we don’t like. It’s easier that way no? It’s the way the world works, no? For those that haven’t noticed, the world doesn’t really ‘work’ at all and that’s because the Ego rules baby, while the real you sits back having trouble with the concept and perception that this is all there is! Maybe we just need a change of perception.

‘We let Ego take control of what we do, what we say, how we act, how we don’t act, who we like and who we don’t like’ 12

The Mag

It all sounds a bit theoretical and maybe just a little idealistically pompous in a head up the arse kind of way, but it’s really not. It’s actually quite simple. By recognizing the voice for what it is, the Ego, and acknowledging it as a part of who we are, something very interesting begins to happen. It becomes just that, just a ‘part’ of who we are, not the all-defining sum of all our parts, just a part. If we don’t let Ego take control we find ourselves in a peaceful place. A place where yes, we do have emotional outbursts but if we don’t let

Bali Deli just in case the world as we know it ends in

those emotions literally take over and define who

a tidal wave of bullshit! It’s all about love? Where’s

we are, the space and energy once dominated and

the catch? There is no catch!

controlled by Ego is replaced by something a lot more powerful, a lot more positive and a lot more

It’s OK to have other emotions, it’s when they create

fun. It’s called love.

and control who you really are that it gets messy. Accept the emotion. Enjoy the emotion. Feel the

Love. It’s a four-letter word and means a lot of

power of the emotion but don’t let it control you.

different things to a lot of different people. Ask

Let it go and let the space it leaves be filled with

someone. Is it this pink heart fluffy teddy bear

the energy of love. And that’s the point, love can be

Valentine’s Day red rose and an enormous box of

and is everywhere and is everything simply because

chocolates? Or an infatuation over the girl or boy

the Ego isn’t allowed to take over and control.

next door that begins to border on the stalking side of a prison sentence? Buddhists have a good way of

No doubt there will be a lot of Egos right now trying

looking at love and happiness. Love is defined as

to get through on your cosmic switchboard to voice

being sensual and sexual; this however is seen as

a complaint and make you feel and think that it’s

being selfish. Love is compassionate and merciful,

not about love at all … the guy’s a flake, a waster,

which reduces suffering and is complimentary to

a throw back to the 60’s flower power scene baby

wisdom. Love is also benevolent and unconditional

and we all know that crashed and burned … love

and its purpose is to create an unselfish interest in

and peace my arse, listen to me it’s about credit

the welfare of others. They are all valid and apply.

crunching corporate exchange rate price hiking big

Take your pick.

business war mongering terrorists who have decided to pick on me and my lifestyle (the bastards) so that

‘Love is defined as being sensual and sexual; this however is selfish’ From a philosophical angle, the whole point of our existence is to be happy and that means to love and to be loved. It sounds too simple. I’ve got lots to be unhappy about (that’s Ego talking by the way). My container’s not full! My electricity’s off! Bloody hell it’s raining again! And what’s this about a whole day

I’ve got something to complain about while I wait for my driver to arrive to take me to a very important appointment with some decidedly dodgy characters to sign an uber-lucrative once in a lifetime billion dollar deal (which might fall through if that guy I don’t like much is involved with the board of directors). Man, it gets awfully long-winded and negative if you let it. Just tell the Egos that the line is busy. And pay more attention to the Love!

of not going out and keeping silent! Best stock up at The Mag


The Mag • What’s


What’s happening? _April15/May14

April _tue 15/04/08 ESC & Skygarden Tuesday Night Pizza+Pasta+Ribs 25% off Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Ribs and... Sangria & Mojitos Glass Rp. 19k / Pitchers Rp. 99k.

_wed 16/04/08 ESC & Skygarden Thousand Wings Wednesdays Rp. 1k per Chicken Wing, Heineken Beer Rp. 15k, Large Bintang Rp. 19k

_thu 17/04/08 ESC & Skygarden Thirsty Thursdays Strawberry Daiquiri Rp.19k, Long Island Ice Tea Rp. 29k, Infused Martinis Rp. 39k, Spirit Bottles Rp. 299k Mannekepis Restaurant Live Music Night starting 9.30pm

_fri 18/04/08 ESC & Skygarden TGIF Fridays Sunset Drinks, Glass Rp. 19k, Pichers Rp. 99k and complimentary Tapas

Deja’Vu Guest DJ DEWA ACID (Winner of Heineken Thirst DJ Search 2007), Resident Djs: Sofyant & L’Nang

_sun 20/04/08 ESC & Skygarden 2.4.1 Satudays & Sundays 2 for 1 Tapas, Sunset drinks and Heineken Beer

_mon 21/04/08 ESC & Skygarden Margarita Mondays Frozen Lime Margeritas, Glass Rp. 19k / Pitchers Rp. 99k, Specials on Mexican Food

_tue 22/04/08 ESC & Skygarden Tuesday Night Pizza+Pasta+Ribs 25% off Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Ribs and... Sangria & Mojitos Glass Rp. 19k / Pitchers Rp. 99k

_wed 23/04/08 ESC & Skygarden Thousand Wings Wednesdays Rp. 1k per Chicken Wing, Heineken Beer Rp. 15k, Large Bintang Rp. 19k

_thu 24/04/08 ESC & Skygarden Thirsty Thursdays Strawberry Daiquiri Rp.19k, Long Island Ice Tea Rp. 29k, Infused Martinis Rp. 39k, Spirit Bottles Rp. 299k Mannekepis Restaurant Live Music Night starting 9.30pm

_fri 25/04/08

Khaima Belly Dancing Performance - starting at 9pm

ESC & Skygarden TGIF Fridays Sunset Drinks, Glass Rp. 19k, Pichers Rp. 99k and complimentary Tapas

Mykonos Live music with Alit Band - around 8pm

Khaima Belly Dancing Performance - starting at 9pm

_sat 19/04/08

Mykonos Live music with Alit Band - around 8pm

ESC & Skygarden 2.4.1 Satudays & Sundays 2 for 1 Tapas, Sunset drinks and Heineken Beer Khaima Belly Dancing Performance - starting at 9pm


The Mag

DeJa’Vu Guest DJ DADE (1945MF/Best DJ Of The Year 2005 & 2006 Paranoia Award), Resident Djs: Ifin & Anastasia

_sat 26/04/08 ESC & Skygarden 2.4.1 Satudays & Sundays 2 for 1 Tapas, Sunset drinks and Heineken Beer Khaima Belly Dancing Performance - starting at 9pm

_sun 27/04/08 ESC & Skygarden 2.4.1 Satudays & Sundays 2 for 1 Tapas, Sunset drinks and Heineken Beer

_mon 28/04/08 ESC & Skygarden Margarita Mondays Frozen Lime Margeritas, Glass Rp. 19k / Pitchers Rp. 99k, Specials on Mexican Food

_tue 29/04/08 ESC & Skygarden Tuesday Night Pizza+Pasta+Ribs 25% off Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Ribs and... Sangria & Mojitos Glass Rp. 19k / Pitchers Rp. 99k.

DeJa’Vu Guest DJ MATT CASELI (Resident Dj of Pacha Club, Ibiza), Resident Djs: Ifin & Anastasia Khaima Belly Dancing Performance - starting at 9pm Mykonos Live music with Alit Band - around 8pm Bahiana Femme Fatale GUEST FEMALE DJ,CRAZY HOUSE DANCE Featuring resident DJs

_sat 3/05/08 ESC & Skygarden 2.4.1 Satudays & Sundays 2 for 1 Tapas, Sunset drinks and Heineken Beer Khaima Belly Dancing Performance - starting at 9pm Bahiana SALSA QUEEN EPISODE 1 - Elimination night

_wed 30/04/08

_sun 4/05/08

ESC & Skygarden Thousand Wings Wednesdays Rp. 1k per Chicken Wing, Heineken Beer Rp. 15k, Large Bintang Rp. 19k

ESC & Skygarden 2.4.1 Satudays & Sundays 2 for 1 Tapas, Sunset drinks and Heineken Beer


_mon 5/05/08 ESC & Skygarden Margarita Mondays Frozen Lime Margeritas, Glass Rp. 19k / Pitchers Rp. 99k, Specials on Mexican Food

_tue 6/05/08 _thu 1/05/08 ESC & Skygarden Thirsty Thursdays Strawberry Daiquiri Rp.19k, Long Island Ice Tea Rp. 29k, Infused Martinis Rp. 39k, Spirit Bottles Rp. 299k Mannekepis Restaurant Live Music Night starting 9.30pm

ESC & Skygarden Tuesday Night Pizza+Pasta+Ribs 25% off Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Ribs and... Sangria & Mojitos Glass Rp. 19k / Pitchers Rp. 99k.

_wed 7/05/08 ESC & Skygarden Thousand Wings Wednesdays Rp. 1k per Chicken Wing, Heineken Beer Rp. 15k, Large Bintang Rp. 19k

_fri 2/05/08 ESC & Skygarden TGIF Fridays Sunset Drinks, Glass Rp. 19k, Pichers Rp. 99k and complimentary Tapas

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The Mag • What’s

going on?

What’s happening? _April15/May14


_thu 8/05/08 ESC & Skygarden Thirsty Thursdays Strawberry Daiquiri Rp.19k, Long Island Ice Tea Rp. 29k, Infused Martinis Rp. 39k, Spirit Bottles Rp. 299k Mannekepis Restaurant Live Music Night starting 9.30pm

_fri 9/05/08 ESC & Skygarden TGIF Fridays Sunset Drinks, Glass Rp. 19k, Pichers Rp. 99k and complimentary Tapas Khaima Belly Dancing Performance - starting at 9pm Mykonos Live music with Alit Band - around 8pm Bahiana Femme Fatale GUEST FEMALE DJ,CRAZY HOUSE DANCE Featuring resident DJs

_sat 10/05/08 ESC & Skygarden 2.4.1 Satudays & Sundays 2 for 1 Tapas, Sunset drinks and Heineken Beer Bahiana LIVE PERCUSSION FREE SALSA LESSON FROM 9-12PM COLABORATED DJS


The Mag

Khaima Belly Dancing Performance - starting at 9pm

_sun 11/05/08 ESC & Skygarden 2.4.1 Satudays & Sundays 2 for 1 Tapas, Sunset drinks and Heineken Beer

_mon 12/05/08 ESC & Skygarden Margarita Mondays Frozen Lime Margeritas, Glass Rp. 19k / Pitchers Rp. 99k, Specials on Mexican Food

_tue 13/05/08 ESC & Skygarden Tuesday Night Pizza+Pasta+Ribs 25% off Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Ribs and... Sangria & Mojitos Glass Rp. 19k / Pitchers Rp. 99k

_wed 14/05/08 ESC & Skygarden Thousand Wings Wednesdays Rp. 1k per Chicken Wing, Heineken Beer Rp. 15k, Large Bintang Rp. 19k Bahiana Lady’s Night STAFF TALENT DANCE 20% of beverages for the ladies

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The Mag • Elsewhere



Green City a healthy future is almost here

Dr. Al Jaber;

‘We are creating a city where residents and commuters will live the highest quality of life with the lowest environmental footprint’ Rendering of the future Masdar City, designed by the British architectural firm Foster and Partners


The Mag

Gobal warming is a term used frequently nowadays. And it’s no longer a term only used by ‘tree huggers’ anymore; I think we’re all starting to get a bit greener. What with all the films and commercials coming out these days and the Global Warming Conference just behind us, I think we are all beginning to realize that the ongoing changes of our sacred planet is a fact. Bali knows how to handle the growing demand for ‘Eco Tourism’ by implementing special programs for nature lovers (there’s a little nature lover in all of us, isn’t there?) like educational hiking trips and by promoting resorts, hotels and villas as being eco friendly. With all these developments we’re heading in the right direction but we aren’t there... yet. In a different part of the globe, there are some interesting developments going on and these are worth learning from to get the inspiration needed to change to a you’re-not-so-hip-because-you’rewalking-around-with-a-plastic-bag mindset. One of the most interesting developments today is the ‘Green City’ named Masdar, which is being built in Abu Dhabi and will be the first of it’s kind. The initiative to create a city, which is designed to have no carbon emissions, cars or waste, was announced back in April 2006 by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the work for the first phase started February 2008. Masdar city will cover 6 km²(1,483 acres) and will be able to hold a population of 50,000 people and 1,500 businesses. The full project should be finished by 2013 and cost around $22 billion.

“The calculations are promising; the city will use 75 percent less power then a similar sized city” Masdar’s plans are quite ambitious. The calculations are promising; the total city will use 75 percent less power then a similar sized city and the water needs will be around 60% lower. In the extreme hot desert of Abu Dhabi, the Green City will be enjoying more pleasant temperatures because of the natural airconditioning provided by massive wind-towers. As the city is car free, they’ve come up with great solutions for transportation. With a maximum distance of 200 meter to the nearest transport link (monorail-like trains), Masdar is going to be pedestrian friendly environment and the traffic jams are out of the question. >> The Mag


There’s no reason for not living in this Green City because all amenities are covered; recreational areas, university, plenty of jobs (in a tax-free environment), transparent laws and located nearby the International Airport of Abu Dhabi. Sounds almost too good to be true… Chief Executive of Masdar, Sultan Al Jaber, said “We are often asked why we are setting our goal so high. Our answer is because someone must... Someone must push the envelope to create the solution that we, as a global community, so urgently require.” In accordance to Masdar Initiative, one day, all cities will be built like this.

“Masdar’s University will already open its doors next year” The great knowledge of Masdar’s developers is luckily going to be shared. The university of the Green City is one of the first phases of the project


The Mag

and is already going to be operating by 2009. The students will be encouraged to engage with the further developments and there will be special degrees on sustainability. Though it seems like a development that is not going to be implemented elsewhere anytime soon, it sure is inspiring to know that developments like this are underway. I believe that a great level of awareness and responsibility will be created amongst the students and tenants by involving them in the process of this project. This is the first step that is going to be fundamental in creating similar future endeavors around the world, to educate people, raise awareness and make people realize that we all need to start taking more responsibility for our actions.

Paradise Property Bali is the leading Bali Real Estate Developer and Property Investment Company. When it comes to buying real estate in Bali, Paradise Property offer fantastic property investment opportunities for private villas in Seminyak, luxury houses in Canggu, cliff top locations in Jimbaran and The Bukit, secluded beachfront in Candi Dasa and mountain and river views in Ubud. Paradise Property Bali can help create lifestyles most people can only dream of with real estate options that include buying off plan in a gated community, to buying an already constructed luxury private villa.

Seminyak Jl. Laksmana 54 - Oberoi t. +62 361 73 73 57 f. +62 361 73 75 50

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Karangasem Jl. Raya Candi Dasa, Bug Bug 80851 t. +62 363 41 666 f. +62 363 41 783

The Layar - Seminyak The Layar is a dream come true. An estate of 22 villas, each with its own garden, pool, and Jacuzzi, designed by renowned GM architects, and located in the heart of the most sought after area in Bali. Elements of two different worlds are combined in harmony through the design of each villa; the richness of tropical materials and colours with the essentials of contemporary design; indoor-outdoor living with the comfort of independent suites; the dream of a home in the tropics with the knowledge of a sound financial investment; the advantages of a fully managed property with the customization and the views of a unique villa, we call it THE NEW INTERNATIONAL TROPICALISM. The Layar is located in the heart of Bali ‘s most important residential area of Seminyak. Maximum privacy, tranquility and security just 20 minutes from the airport and a stone’s throw from the shores of the Indian Ocean. Within walking distance are exclusive boutiques and spas and renowned restaurants and bars. A short drive will take you inland, to explore rice paddies, volcanoes and traditional villages but also to enjoy world class golf courses; or to the South coast, with its white sandy beaches dominated by majestic cliffs, and some of the best surfers’ waves in the world. starting from 480.000 USD


The Mag

+62 361 73 73 57

Panorama - Bukit Outrigger Panorama Bali Resort and Spa is located on the southern coastline of Bali, in an area called the Bukit (“hill”). It is set amongst almost four hectares (10 acres) of dramatically landscaped tropical rain forest, with astounding views of the the Indian Ocean and featuring a unique Beach and Water Park. Traveling time from the airport is 20 minutes. The Nusa Dua resort area, Bali Collection shopping arcade and championship 18-hole golf course are just 15 minutes away. Some of the world’s finest surfing is on the doorstep of the resort. The site is breath taking. Steeply sloping hillside forms a natural bowl. Accommodation high on the slopes will enjoy stunning ocean views. Whilst beneath the rain forest canopy lies the fabulous waterscape, spa, dining and resort amenities. The rapid rise of the resort condominium development model represents a major growth area in investment property markets around the world. Suitably packaged, consumers have shown a willingness to take an ownership position within a resort environment, for number of clearly defined reasons: service: management by a leading hotel operator returns: higher yield and superior capital values, through sophisticated global marketing and easier re-sales maintenance: total property management, plus programmed maintenance and renovation amenities: resort-standard facilities (f&b, sports, leisure) vacation exchange: the ability to trade ownership usage-rights throughout the world ownership: safe and tax-efficient structures prestige: enhanced ‘talk value’ confidence: an overall package of impressive credentials to re-enforce the purchase decision. Individual owners of apartments at Panorama Bali Resort & Spa will ordinarily enjoy the following benefits like: 28 days free occupation per year and a 45% share of room revenue available for distribution. The Mag


The Views - Bukit The Views is a private community comprising of 18 exquisitely designed homes, a spa facility, fitness centre and a restaurant spread across 15,000 square meters of land that gently slopes away from the apex of the island’s southern peninsula. For those seeking a truly special residential experience on an island famous for its eternal beauty, The Views is now being offered for sale. Bali’s southern most headland, known as the Bukit Peninsula, majestically rises from the Indian Ocean and commands uninterrupted views of neighbouring islands Nusa Penida and Java, as well as Bali’s magnificent mountain range with all of her volcanoes. The Views is centrally located on an elevated prominence of the peninsula allowing guests to also enjoy Bali’s splendid sunrises and its brilliant sunsets. The Views offers absolute privacy and seclusion whilst located just minutes from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport and a host of the island’s most popular entertainment and leisure activities. The world-renowned Four Seasons Resort Bali and the golden sands of Jimbaran Bay are just a few kilometers to the east, while scenic Nusa Dua beach and one of Asia’s finest golf courses, The Bali Golf and Country Club are just minutes to the west. Investors in The Views will own their own property on a freehold basis. Unlike most other investment properties in Bali, each individual resident will own their villa outright – not on a lease period – which means your villa is yours to enjoy for as many years as you like. Our management company will provide maintenance services to ensure your villa is always in pristine condition and rental service should you choose to rent your villa while you’re away. The administrative structure will be much the same as any leading hotel, so while you’re away you can enjoy an annual return on investment of 6 – 9%. Additionally, these types of developments in Bali have enjoyed annual capital appreciation of 20%. This arrangement allows owners to enjoy a great holiday home whilst in Bali and a lucrative business investment while abroad.


The Mag

+62 361 73 73 57

Pasraman Bhagawan - Jimbaran As written in almost every development presentation, The Pasraman Bhagawan is one of the most (if not the most) prestigious real estate developments in Bali at the moment. Two of the many differences between those properties and The Pasraman Bhagawan development are an on-site Helipad and a Bentley for airport pickups to cater to those wanting nothing less then the best Bali has to offer. Owning your property in the Pasraman Bhagawan development is a unique opportunity, as there is nothing available for the same price, that has a similar size, quality, location and features as the Pasraman Bhagawan. A property in the Pasraman Bhagawan estate is available for the Balinese equivalent of freehold ownership for foreigners perched high above Jimbaran Bay –right above the Four Season and Intercontinental Hotel- and offers all the luxuries you can possibly imagine. The villas of Pasraman Bhagawan are fully furnished with quality furniture and fittings. You decide if you live in - rent out - or both. Spend as much time you wish being a resident at Pasraman Bhagawan and have it fully managed when you’re not. Some of the truly unique features at Pasraman Bhagawan include a Country Club, Spa, Restaurant, Tennis Court, Helipad and VIP airport visa processing without queuing. When not using the ultimate Helicopter transport, a Bentley stands by for airport pickup optionally with a BMW 5 Series for your entourage. Your Pasraman Bhagawan property comes with a membership to the Intercontinental Hotel which is just down near the bottom of the driveway and most importantly: fully dedicated management and piece-of-mind.

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What’s Cooking? TJ’s California-Mexican Bar & Restaurant When you’re a tourist in Bali you definitely want to try some of the local specialties. But trust me, after staying in Bali for more than a week, you will probably have had your fill of all the Nasi Campurs, Soto Ayams and Babi Gulings and want to try something else, however, most likely, you will still be somewhat resistant to eat the food you eat back home. While shopping for souvenirs from Bali, head over to Poppies Lane One and Two and while you’re at it, satisfy your appetite at TJ’s. Though both Poppies One and Two are quite hectic little streets with all the souvenir-sellers trying to shrink the weight of your wallet, motorbikes zigzagging past each other and cars trying to squeeze through the small alleyways, TJ’s is more laid back and has a whole different atmosphere, a calm space to relax amongst the calamity. This medium sized restaurant has a colorful Mexican/Asian interior and you can choose to lounge on the sofas or sit at a dining table near the pond side where lush greenery is growing freely. Once seated, order a cocktail. These are not to be missed! The Margaritas are delicious, but personally I really like the drink called ‘Coco Nuts’. It reminded me a bit of a Pina Colada, but more coconutty. The cocktails go really well with the crispy Nachos that are well covered on the menu in many variations and with all kinds of dips. For main course you have plenty of choices. The kind owner Nigel recommended some dishes for us and we decided to go for Beef Fajitas, a Beef Burger and a Mexican Nasi Campur (which is a great dish when you cannot decide what to eat). After ordering we had a nice chat with Nigel about his restaurant (which has already been around for more then 24 years!) and about life in Bali. But the food arrived, so we postponed the chat a bit and dug in. The Beef Fajitas is a great dish because you get to experience the ritual of wrapping it yourself and choosing your fillings. The beef is presented on a hot sizzling plate, the wraps within a cloth napkin to keep them warm and last but not least; 5 different sauces to accompany your meal. What a feast, I always tend to eat too fast when I have this many choices. While chewing I was already wondering what the next bite would taste like. My colleagues were also very satisfied with their choices. The Mexican Nasi Campur is a colorful dish with many small ‘samples’ of other main courses. The Beef Burger was tasty as well, with a good sized piece of quality meat, crispy fries, fair amount of salad and even some Chili Beans to make it Mexican. After the delicious meal we sat down at the bar with Nigel to continue our chat. And what is better than getting some real Tequila shots after a good Mexican meal? Well, make sure you take it easy and don’t do more then one or two, because that Tequila is kicking! As you might have guessed I slept really peacefully that night. But it for sure was a great evening at TJ’s and worth visiting again.

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What’s Cooking? Mannekepis - Belgian Specialities “What a great atmosphere” was my first impression. The setting was quite familiar to me; Like Holland, Belgium (the neighbor country) knows how to make a great bar/bistro, where you can get a nice bite or a refreshing beer. This kind of atmosphere I had not found in Bali yet, and it felt like home immediately. The menu is quite diverse. There are some Belgian specialties, but also a lot of international dishes like Carpaccio, Salads, Mexican dishes, Pastas, Wraps and many more. So you don’t have to be Belgian or Dutch to enjoy this restaurant. Wherever you’re from, you can decide to go for a more familiar dish while enjoying a real Belgian atmosphere. It was hard to make a decision because it all sounded so tasty. After a few minutes we ordered two types of steak; one Panfried Tenderloin and one Steak Bearnaise, and two traditional Belgian dishes; “Gentse Waterzooi” and “Hamrollekes”. Quite quickly the food arrived. All the dishes looked amazing; it was like eating in a fancy restaurant. But the prices are more like the affordable ones. Now who doesn’t like that concept? And even the taste of the food was high quality. We thought the steaks were from imported beef, so we could not understand the prices. After talking to the owner we found out it was local beef, but from the highest quality they could get. The steaks were accompanied with some great sauces that had a good flavor, but not too strong. The Hamrollekes (rolls of ham) tasted quite special and also familiar; in a big bowl the rolls of ham and leek were laying in a tasty Mornay sauce and it was gratinated with cheese. The Hamrollekes were served with creamy mashed potatoes. Now my choice was the “Gentse Waterzooi”. I had no idea what it was but the name was so funny (water mess from Gent) so I decided to just go for it. Basically, the Gentse Waterzooi is a very rich soup. The slightly thick broth was full of healthy veggies, potatoes and chicken. It was definitely enough for a main course. So all the dishes were really satisfying, but this time I really had the craving for something sweet. My friend agreed. The other two skipped the desserts. Ha, they shouldn’t have! Out of the six choices on the menu, we decided to go for the good ol’ Dame Blanche and the fancy Sabayon. Well, what’s there to say about a Dame Blanche? It was just like it should be; good-quality vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The sabayon was new for me but it was a good decision. This dessert was made out of whipped eggs, white wine and strawberries, accompanied with vanilla ice cream. Ánd perfumed with amaretto. Yes, it tasted just the way it sounds!

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Bali Waterworld


Because Bali is more then an island Discover Scuba Diving Do you have that spare day to discover the beauty of the warm tropical coral reefs that


surround the Island of Bali? Well that’s all it takes to give you that first, unforgettable experience of scuba diving. Utilize that spare day and give scuba diving a try to see if it’s really for you. But be aware that it can be most addictive! So, how do you start? Well, start by contacting one of the scuba diving companies and arrange a date for the one-day ‘PADI Discover Scuba Diving’ package. Make sure that you go for a qualified company that has all the licenses. This specific package is the world’s most popular introduction to scuba diving and averagely it only takes around an hour or two. For your first dive with a PADI Dive Centre, there should be a PADI instructor assigned for every two people, to ensure your comfort and safety. The program lets you experience the thrill of diving in the safety of a pool. Some companies even add the experience of an open water adventure after you master the basics. After the introduction you’ll probably know immediately if scuba diving is your thing and you will be heading home with a great new story to tell. If you want to continue your diving adventures (and most people do), contact the scuba diving company and with the first lesson you have taken, you can be credited towards the full Open Water qualification, to even become a qualified diver and get the freedom of diving without an instructor.

Scuba Diving Fast Facts: - PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. - The minimum age of the PADI Discover Scuba Diving is between 10 and 12. - The Discover program should cost you around 90 USD per person.


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Bali Through a Lens Bali, a Land of Smiles I was asked to write a few words about Bali, the place I’ve called, proudly, home for the last five years and all of a sudden I realize that I might not make justice to this amazing island, so I won’t even try. Let me tell you instead about my Bali, the Bali I see through my eyes, the Bali in my head and mostly the Bali in my heart. There are so many attributes that make Bali unique, our own public paradise and probably each of us have its own favorite one. Bali is a land of beautiful scenery, a land of blues and greens, a land of beaches, a land of paddy fields, a land of strong waves and powerful volcanoes. Bali is a land of culture and tradition, a land of music, a land of dance, a land of many arts and crafts, a land of dancing eyes and fingers. Bali is a land of Gods, of ever present offerings and smells, of colorful flowers, of temples, a mystical place. But more than any other thing, Bali is a land of people, a land of beautiful, kind people, a land of amazing smiles. On September 29th 2006 I was lucky to attend a celebration of love, unity and peace in the Tanah Lot temple. I do like photography and I would do almost anything for a good one, in the process of taking this one, I slipped and fell and to my surprise I was rewarded with a few hundred smiles. A fall a thousand times worth, a second that light up my day, smiles that will last for a life time. I’m really happy to have the opportunity to share these many smiles with all of you, I hope you also get infected by them. Bali has changed my life in many ways, it has given me many friends, my wife and on the 5th of March 2008 the ultimate smile, my baby daughter Luna. For all these, for all the many beautiful things to come, I will be forever grateful. Jorge Monje


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Jorge’s pictures are for sale and the money earned will be used for different kinds of Community Involvement Projects. For more information, please contact Jorge Monje at

Bali Blogger

by: Richard Lewis

picture by Terence Chua

Bali’s Rules of the Road made clear

1. 2. 3. 4.

Whomsoever gets to the intersection first has right of way. Traffic signs and signals are more by way of suggestions. If, however, you stop at a red and your front tire is an inch over the white line, you will be fined. Therefore, it is best to do as the locals do and don’t stop at all. If you see a pedestrian starting to cross on a crosswalk, honk long and loud. If the pedestrian keeps going, then he is a damn fool, taking such risks. Corollary to rule 4: If you plan on being a pedestrian in Bali, it is advised that you undergo a 6 month training regime at your local track. The 50 meter hurdles is strongly recommended.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

If you want to wait for a gap in the traffic before turning onto a certain road, then good luck. Be Bold and Barge Forth! That’s the motto. Like underpaid and overworked cops the world over, there are Bali cops who will seek to supplement their income via your wallet. That said, however, I myself have almost always been treated with courtesy and respect by the traffic cops. Truly. It is permissible to throw stuff out the window. However, if you spit, make sure that there is no motorbike following you. To glob a motorcyclist with your expectorant is highly insulting and will lead to grief. Young girls on scooters suffer from Young Girl’s Immortality Syndrome. They will not look, guaranteed. If there is room to squeeze by, then by God, squeeze by! It doesn’t matter if you end up causing an hour long gridlock. To breathe leaded fumes is part of the cultural experience.

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1 Pamper Yourself 2 Bali is of course the island of relaxation. So while you’re here, it’s easy to take good care of your mind, body and soul. Head over to the spa for a treatment or even get a massage on the beach. It doesn’t matter as long it’s all about

5 Laugh at Monkeys Who doesn’t love monkeys? The Monkey Forest in Ubud is one of the best places to see these cheeky monkeys. Laugh at their hilarious humanlike habits, but don’t let them laugh at you. Leave your valuables at home and don’t try to pet them. It’s their kingdom, and you’re their guest.


Visit a Temple (or two) Sniff in some culture and visit a Temple. And maybe even two. But it’s not necessary to visit them all, as they’re all quite similar and other than that, there are thousands of them...


See a Beautiful Sunset

The days are hot in Bali and the best way to cool down is taking a dip in the sea. Hang around a bit longer and you might catch the sun going down in a gradating sky. Bali’s sunsets are known to be quite spectacular.

you should do while you’re in Bali


Go Shopping Shops are everywhere in Bali, especially in the Kuta area. And goods are probably a lot cheaper then back home, so go ahead and throw some money around. But... make sure you improve your bargaining skills first!

See a (Kecak) Dance Ah..some more culture! Yes, Bali has lots of it and you shouldn’t miss the famous Kecak Dance. There are several places where you can witness them, but the Kecak dance at the Uluwatu Temple while the sun is setting, is one of the tourist favorites.


7 Run Through the Rain

8 Eat, Eat & Eat!

Though the Raining Season is almost over, there still can be some rainy days planned for us. No worries, often it only rains for a few hours and those drops can be quite refreshing! Just enjoy the sight of it or run through it, if you dare. The only thing about it is that you might get drenched!

Eating is fun. Especially when it’s only costing you a few Dollars/Euro. Bali has great food to offer. Look for a local warung (=restaurant) where other tourists are eating, that’ll probably mean it’s safe to eat there (you don’t want to get ‘Bali Belly’). And if you’re craving for some familiar dishes, head over to the famous ‘Eat Street’ named Laksmana or Oberoi. Here you can find popular restaurants with a more international menu. And, still super affordable! Selamat Makan (bon appetit)!

9 Spot some playfull Dolphins

Most of the tourist hang around in the south of Bali, like Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua... Want to see more? Plan a trip to Lovina for example. Here you can spot playfull dolphins right next to you. It’s a long ride, but if you mix it up with some sightseeing, it is really doable and you get a glimpse of the ‘real Bali’


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10 Plan your Next Trip

Well, you don’t have to book now, but you will probably be heading back to Bali in the near future. Bali seems to be a magnet for people. So don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to do everything you want to do, just do it the next time you’re in Bali!

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Crash Course Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia is the language spoken through the whole Indonesia. The Balinese speak Bahasa Bali with eachother, but you will be fine with these words and short phrases. Apa Kabar? Baik, terima kasih Selamat pagi Selamat siang Selamat soré Selamat malam Sampai jumpa lagi Sampai nanti Nama saya ... Silakan Permisi Tidak / Ya Saya lapar Saya haus Ada bir? Saya mau Nasi Campur Di mana hotel? Kanan Kiri Maaf

‘Saya Baru di Bali...’ *I am new in Bali

How are you? Fine, thank you Good morning Good afternoon (before 3pm) Good afternoon (after 3pm) Good evening See you later (as in some other time) See you later (as in later today) My name is ... Here you go Excuse me No / Yes I’m hungry I’m thirsty Do you have beer? I want Nasi Campur (mixed rice) Where is the hotel? Right Left Sorry


















































































Sudoku Time! Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row and column must contain one of each digit, as must every 3x3 square.

solution will be here next month

1 1 1 1 1

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9 9 9 9 9 The Mag

35 RESTAURANTS Italian Restaurants

Swiss Restaurants

Indonesian Restaurants

Café Marzano Jl. Kunti 7, Seminyak phone: +62 361 733 671 MAP2-F3

The Flying Piano Jln. Werkudara X, Legian phone: 0361 761 389 MAP2-F5

Cabe Rawit Jl. Kunti 8, Seminyak phone: +62 361 7440 995 MAP2-F3

CiAO Jl. Sunset Road 333X, Seminyak phone: 0361 730 588 MAP2-G3

Yut’z Place Jl. Werkudara 521, Legian phone: +62 81 239 51454 MAP2-F5

Manisjangan Jl. Laksmana (Oberoi), Seminyak phone: +62 361 85 79 800 MAP2-A4

Grocer & Grind Jl. Kayu Jati 3x, Seminyak phone: 0361 730418 MAP2-D2 Il Cielo Jl. Kartika Plaza 172, Kuta phone: +62 361 762 027 MAP1-C5 Osteria Telese Jl. Laksmana, Seminyak phone: 0361 734 566


Pandora Jl.Petitenget 85, Petitenget phone: +62 361 7474 637 MAP2-C2 Papas Café Jalan Pantai Kuta - Legian Bali 1, Kuta phone: +62 361 755 055 MAP1-B2 Sasa Jl. Laksmana (Oberoi) 78, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 638 MAP2-B4 Trattoria Jl. Laksmana Oberoi, Seminyak phone: +62 361 737082 MAP2-B4 Ultimo Jl. Laksmana 104 X, Seminyak phone: +62 0361-738720-21 MAP2-B4 Zanzibar Legian (Pantai Blue Ocean) 21, Legian phone: +62 361 733 529 MAP2-E5

German Restaurants Café Sendok Jl. Legian 139, Legian phone: +62 (0)361 752 450 MAP1-C2 Joullas Jl. Dhyana Pura 1, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732 971 MAP2-F3 Mama’s Jl. Raya Legian, Legian phone: +62 361 754 831 MAP1-C2

Spanish Restaurants La Sal Jl. Drupadi II 100, Seminyak phone: +62 361 738 321 MAP2-E3


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Belgian Restaurants Mannekepis Bistro Jl. Raya Seminyak 2, Seminyak phone: +62 361 847 5784 MAP2-F3

Dutch Restaurants Double Dutch Jl Cemara Semawang 29, Sanur phone: 0361 270 554 Dutch Inn JL.Buni Sari 14a, Kuta phone: +62 817 475 0494 MAP1-D4

Greek Restaurants Mykonos Jalan Laksmana 52, Seminyak phone: +62 361 733 253 MAP2-A4 Pantarai Jl. Raya Seminyak 17 A, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732 567 MAP2-F4

Indian Restaurants Queens Tandoor Jl. Raya Seminyak 73, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732 770 MAP2-F3

Moroccan Restaurants Khaima Jl. Laksmana 334, Seminyak phone: +62 361 7423925 MAP2-A4

Brazilian Restaurants Rio Restaurant Jl. Raya Seminyak 31B, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732 685 MAP2-F4

Mexican Restaurants TJ’s Gang Poppies 1 - 24, Kuta phone: +62 361 751 093 MAP1-C4

Chinese Restaurants Bale Bali Jl. Kunti 48, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732 731 MAP2-F3

Waroeng Bonita Jl. Petitenget 2000x, Petitenget phone: +62 361 731 918 MAP2-C2

Thai Restaurants Kin Khao Jl. Kartika Plaza 170, Kuta phone: +62 (0)361 757 808 MAP1-C5 Lazumba Café Jl. Oberoi 12, Seminyak phone: +62 361 731 899 MAP2-C4 Lemongrass Jl. Raya Seminyak 37, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 149 MAP2-F4

Japanese Restaurants Dahana Restaurant Jl. Petitenget 98X, Petitenget phone: +62 361 730 131 MAP2-D2 Kaizan Jl. Laksmana 33 (Oberoi), Seminyak phone: +62 361 747 2324 MAP2-A4 Ryoshi Jl. Raya Seminyak 17, Seminyak phone: +62 361 731 152 MAP2-F4 Sushi Densha La Walon Centre (behind mamas), Legian phone: +62 361 763616 MAP1-C2

International Restaurants Atmosphere Discovery Mall - Beachside D#36, Kuta phone: +62 361 769 501 MAP1-C5 Bali Colada Discovery Mall-Seaside 21, Kuta phone: +62 361 769 749 MAP1-B5 Blue Ocean Jl. Legian (double 6 beach) #, Legian phone: +62 361 747 2308 MAP2-E5 Café Bali Jl. Laksmana (Oberoi), Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 484 MAP2-A4 RESTAURANTS International Restaurants



Chat Café Jl. Kunti 1 - Sunset Road 18, Seminyak phone: +62 361 733 671 MAP2-G3

3rdborn Jl. Raya Seminyak 1, Seminyak phone: +62 361 MAP2-F3

Lio Collection Jl. Raya Kerobokan 2, Kuta phone: +62 361 7800 942 MAP2-E1

ESC Urban Food Station Jl. Legian 61, Kuta phone: +62 361 755 423 MAP1-C3

dejong mens fashion Jl. Raya Seminyak 35, Seminyak phone: 0361 732 107 MAP2-F3

Redline Merchandising Jl. Sahadewa 1, Legian phone: +62 361 765 232 MAP2-F5

JP’s Warung Club Jl. Dhyana Pura 6, Seminyak phone: 0361 731 622 MAP2-F3 La Casa Jl. Werkudara 25, Legian phone: 0361 751 822 MAP2-F5 Legend Bar Jl. Petitenget 886, Petitenget phone: 0361 746 5218 MAP2-C2

Disini Boutique 1. Jl. Raya Seminyak 6-8, Seminyak 2. Jl. Mertanadi 67a, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 746 42 60 MAP2-F1, MAP2-F3 Fashion Point Jl. Raya Seminyak 21, Seminyak phone: +62 81 7342092 MAP2-F3

Lestari Jl. Umalas Lestari, Umalas Stable 9 X phone: +62 361 792 6375 MAP2-D1

Funky Princess 1. Jl. Raya Seminyak 42, Seminyak 2. Jl. Raya Seminyak 34 (Glamstore) 3. Jl. Kunti 119 phone: 0361-766537 MAP2-F4, MAP2-F3, MAP2-F3

Loloan Jalan Kayu Jatu 9x, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 677 MAP2-D2

Innuendo Jl Raya Seminyak #75H Semin, Kuta phone: +62 3617428814 MAP2-F3

Nyomans Beergarden Jl. Pantai Mengiat X, Nusa Dua phone: +62 361 775 746

Lotustraders Womens Clothing 116, Umalas phone: +62 81 5589 26261

Piccadilly Jl. Danau Tamblingan 27, Sanur phone: +62 361 289 138

Nogo Textiles Jl. Danau Tamblingan 104, Sanur phone: +62 361 288 765

Raja’s Restaurant Komplex Bintang Supermarket,Seminyak phone: +62 361 8475758 MAP2-F4 Rumours Jl. Laksmana 1, Seminyak phone: +62 361 738 720 MAP2-B4 Sailfin Jl. Pantai Kuta 1, Kuta phone: 0361 760 068 MAP1-C4 Salvador Mall Bali Galeria C - 58-59, Kuta phone: +62 361 767096 MAP1-E5 Sendok Restaurant Jl. Singhosari 55, Kuta phone: +62 361 765 119 MAP1-C4 The Junction Jl. Laksmana (Oberoi), Seminyak phone: +62 361 735 610 MAP2-A4

Food-Drinks & Supplies Bali Deli Jl. Kunti 117 X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 738 686 MAP2-F3 Bintang Supermarket Jl. Raya Seminyak 17, Seminyak phone: +62 361 730552 MAP2-F4 La Piccola Jl. Tirta Nadi (By Pass Ngurah Rai) 27, Sanur phone: +62 361 747 5844 PT Nestle Indonesia Wisma Nestle lt 5 kav 88, Jakarta phone: +62 21 78836000 PT.Bali Moon Liqueurs Jalan Mertasari 21, Denpasar phone: +62 361 727626 Ruths Desserts Sanur - phone: +62 361 286 647


Joe Kennedy Photography Jl. Danau Tamblingan 51 D, Sanur phone: +62 361 282 339

Sari Rambut Desa Abuan, Kecamatan Susut 324, Bangli phone: +62 366 92222 St. Isidor Jl. Laksamana 44, Oberoi phone: +62 361 738 836 MAP2-C4 Tas Merah Desa Abuan, Kecamatan Susut Kabupaten phone: +62 366 92222

Jewelry & Accessories Alfi Rahman Bags Jl. Dhyana Pura 5, Seminyak phone: +62 361 730302 MAP2-F3 B.E. Mas Jl. Legian Kaja 491, Kuta phone: +62 361 757 711 MAP2-F4 Grammes Jewelry Jl. Raya Basangkasa. Blok 75B, Seminyak phone: +62 361 731562 MAP2-F3 Long John Silver Jl. Laksmana Oberoi 150, Seminyak phone: +62 361 856 3192 MAP2-D3 Rabia Jl. Raya Seminyak 10, Seminyak phone: 0361 731 035 MAP2-F3 Vidi fashion accessories Jl. Pura Bagus Taruna (Werkudara) 21, Legian phone: +62 361 768 234 MAP2-F5

Fresh Flowers Bunga Ayu Fresh Flowers Jl. Raya Seminyak 69 1, Legian phone: +62 361 730 804 MAP2-F3 Surya Florist Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 106, Denpasar phone: +62 361 745 2381

Electronics & Entertainment Mac House Bali Jl. Patih Jelantik pm 1/09, Kuta phone: +62 361 769060 MAP1-A2 Fortunate (4TUNE8) DVD Padma Street 1, Kuta phone: +62 361 757784 MAP1-C1

The Mag

37 TRAVEL Air Air Bali Dewa Ruci Building 100X, Kuta phone: +62 361 767 466 MAP1-E4

Sea Sea Trek Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai 245, Sanur phone: +62 361283358 MAP1-A1

Land Auto Bagus Tukad Balian 888, Renon phone: +62 361 722222 MAP1-A1 Island Biker Tours Jalan Tujung Mekar 7 X, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 847 5332 MAP Surya Bali Car Rental Jl. Nakula - Gang Baik-Baik 10x, Seminyak phone: 0361 733199 MAP2-G4 Waka Land Cruise Jl. Padang Kartika 5X, Denpasar phone: +62 361 426972 MAP

Travel Organisers Island Promotions Bali Poppies Lane 1 No.12, Kuta phone: 0361 753241 MAP1-C4 Mars Venus Jl. Melati, Griya Nusa Damai 46, Jimbaran phone: 021-3228 7001/ 081 7 MAP

WEDDING Wedding Organisers Bali Dream Wedding Jl. Raya Seminyak 16-B, Seminyak phone: +62 361 737 469 MAP2-F4 Belle Bridal House Jl. Dewi Sri 18 - B, Kuta phone: +62 361 754 370 MAP1-D1 Elite Events Jl. Laksmana phone: 0361 MAP2-D3

Wedding Photography Luv Wedding and Photography Jl. Kartika Plaza 120 E, Kuta phone: +62 361 767 507 MAP1-B7


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BUSINESSES Consultants Amparos Law Firm Jl. Danau Buyan / 6 Point bld 3rd Floor 74, Sanur phone: +62 361 289670 Bali Mode Jl. Sriwijaya 7, Legian phone: +62 361 765 162 MAP1-C1 Channel1 Jl. Sunset Road 100 X, Kuta phone: +62 361 780 4047 MAP2-E2

Architecture Bali Architecture & Construction Jl. Petitenget 6X, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 735 780 MAP2-D1 idea+STUARTMEMBERY Gang Nakula 10, Legian phone: +62 361 734 708 MAP2-F4

ENTERTAINMENT Event Organisers CAM Entertainment Istana Kuta Galeria Block Techno 8, Kuta phone: +62 361 769 154 MAP1-A2

Live Music Obsesion Jl. Dhyana Pura X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 MAP2-E4 Zappaz Jl. Oberoi 54 B, Seminyak phone: +62 361 742 5534 MAP2-A4

Nightlife / Bars Bahiana Jl. Dyana Pura 4, Seminyak phone: +62 361 738 662 MAP2-F3

Export - Import

Crusoes Jl. Legian Close to M, Legian phone: +62 361 MAP1-C3

Bali Prefab Jl. Pemelisan (close to Makro) 8X, Sanur phone: +62 361 781 7098

DeJaVu Blue Ocean Beach 7X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732777 MAP2-E5

CAS Cargo Bali Jl. Ngurah Rai 109X, Denpasar phone: + 62 361 720 525

Mixwell Bar Jl. Dhyna Pura 6, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 846 MAP2-E4

Circe Trading Jl. Drupadi 10, Seminyak phone: +62 361 737705 MAP2-E3

Nirvana Club and Restaurant Jl. Dhyana Pura 100 X, Seminyak phone: 0361 8550 995 MAP2-E4

Export Service Centre Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 461, Sanur phone: +62 361 720 606

Posers Pub Jl. Padma Corner Pad, Legian phone: +62 361 MAP1-B1

Hammock Jl. Petitenget 22, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 742 1475 MAP2-E1

Skygarden Jl. Legian 61, Kuta phone: + 62 361 755 423 MAP1-C3

Security Services Bali Security Services Jl. Sunset Blvd 27, Seminyak phone: +62 361 744 7046 MAP2-F2

Property Maintenance Hunian Kita Jl. Raya Kerobokan 16 Z, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 730 543 MAP2-E1

Storm Beer / The Office Jl. Patih Jelantik 3A, Kuta phone: +62 361 769233 MAP1-A2 The Wave Jl. Pantai Kuta 1, Kuta phone: +62 361 760 068 MAP1-C4

Family Life Bali Soda Legian 324, Kuta phone: +62 8180 531 9918 MAP Canggu Club Jl. Pantai Berawa 1, Canggu phone: +62 361 844 6385 MAP2-B1 RELAXATION Spa’s & Salons Amoaras Spa Jl. Laksamana 57, Seminyak phone: +62 361 734 260 MAP2-D2 Bodyworks Spa Jl. Kayu Jati - Petitenget 2, Seminyak phone: +62 361 733 317 MAP2-C2 Briella Spa Jl. Werkudara 526 B, Seminyak phone: +62 361 7987 660 MAP2-F5 Chakra Spa at Karma Jimbaran Jalan Bukit Permai 22, Jimbaran phone: +62 361 708800 Chill Reflexology at The Villas Jl. Kunti 118X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 734701 MAP2-F3 Everyday Spa Jl. Dewi Sri 43, Kuta phone: +62 361 763347 MAP1-D1 House of David Salon Jl. Boulevard Sunset Road Blok A8, Kuta phone: +62 361 767 632 MAP1-E2 Prana Spa at The Villas Jalan Kunti 118X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 730840 MAP2-F3

INTERIOR Lighting Senso Jl. Dhyana Pura 21, Seminyak phone: +62 361 738 691 MAP2-F3

Antiques & Furniture D sign Jl. Oberoi 18, Seminyak phone: +62 361 743 7771 MAP2-D3 Gecko jl Raya Kerobokan opposite B, Kuta phone: +62 361 751386 MAP2-E1 H+R Expositions Jl. Laksmana (Oberoi) 12 X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 780 4046 MAP2-C4 Lio Collection Jl. Raya Kerobokan 2, Kuta phone: +62 361 7800 942 MAP2-E1 Second Time Around Jl. Lasmana 65 - 67, Seminyak phone: +62 361 735618 MAP2-C4 Serba Antik Istana Kuta Galeria, Entrance 1, 2, Kuta phone: +62 361 769400 MAP1-A1

Interior Design

ACCOMODATION Hotels Alam Anda Jl. Danau Tamblingan X No 31, Jimbaran phone: +62 361 774399 MAP Contiki Jalan Abinmanyu 66, Seminyak phone: +62 361 730 573 MAP2-E4 Courtyard Hotel & Apartments Jl. Werkudara (ex. Pura Bagus Taruna) 14, Legian phone: +62 361 750 242 MAP2-F5 Etnik Hotel Jl. Dewi Sri No. 26, Kuta phone: +62(0)361 769 470 MAP1-C2 Santai Bali P.O. Box 116, Denpasar phone: +62 363 23487 MAP Spartacvs Hotel Jln. Pura Telaga Waja Petitenget X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 738 944 MAP2-C2

Villa Rentals Bali Je T’aime Jl. Pura Telaga Waja 1, Seminyak phone: +62 361 862 0805

Salon Shagi Jl. Kartika Plaza 120, Kuta phone: +62 361 767509 MAP1-B7

GW Interiors Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 296, Sanur phone: +62 361 270 030 MAP

Cicada Jl. Pura Telaga Waja 1, Seminyak phone: +62 361 862 0805 MAP2-C2

Shinkei Spa Jl. Legian, Ground floor My Room, 60, Kuta phone: +62 361 766 046 MAP1-C3

Imagine Interior Jl. Setia Budi Kuta Polen, Kuta phone: 62(0)361 758 830 MAP1-E4

Danoya Villa Jl. Batu Belig 559, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 735 305 MAP2-C1

Well Being Spa Jl. Laksmana 66 B, Seminyak phone: +62 361 735573 MAP2-B4

HOSPITALS & CARE ARC Clinic Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No 1, Kuta phone: +62 361 767 543 MAP1-E4 International SOS Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 505 X, Kuta phone: +62 361 720 100 MAP1-E4 Kasih Ibu Hospital Bali Jl. Teuku Umar 120, Denpasar phone: +62-361 223036

Your Company here? Become a member of and get listed for free! Call for more info: 0361 769 223 Or visit us in the Istana Kuta Galeria Block Techno 21 mon-fri 10.00-17.00

Disini Villa Jl. Mertasari 28, Seminyak phone: +62 361 737537 MAP2-B3 Downtown Villas Jalan Pura Dalem 9-D, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 464 MAP2-F4 Karma Jimbaran Karma Developments 23, Jimbaran phone: +62 361 8 475 475 MAP Karma Kandara Jalan Bukit Perma, Jimbaran phone: +62 361 708 800 MAP Kembali Villas Jalan Sari Dewi 14A, Seminyak phone: +62 361 737300 MAP2-D3 Lake Grace Villas Jl. Dewi Sri 26, Kuta phone: +62 361 769 470 MAP1-D1

The Mag



PROPERTY Property Agents


Villa Rentals Lumba Lumba Umlas II Jl. Bumbak Gg P.Buru 3, Umalas phone: +62 85 936 170094 Maya Loka Jl. Cendrawasih 88, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 436 MAP Ni Rampe Village Jl. Nelayan Banjar Can, Canggu phone: +62 361 736 433 MAP Pesona Jl. Sriwijaya 3, Kuta phone: +62 361 765 108 MAP1-C1 Sesari Jalan Pangkung Sari 23, Seminyak phone: +62 361 730533 MAP Sitara Padi Villas Jl. Bumbak Kauh 1, Canggu phone: +62 361 7800828 MAP2-B1

Asian Estates & Investments Jl. Laksmana 156A, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732 578 MAP2-D3 Bali Beach Garden Projects Jl Raya Singaraja Seririt 15, Lovina phone: 081338075888 MAP1-A1 Bali Realtor Pertokoan Puri Alit Blok 9, Tuban phone: + 62 361 744 5252 MAP1-D5 Bali Top Property Jl. Kartika Plaza 6 - 7, Kuta phone: +62 361 765 201 MAP1-C5 Bali Villa Worldwide Jl. Laksmana 3B, Seminyak phone: 0361 732 013 MAP2-D3 Elite Havens Jalan Raya Banjar Semer 883, Seminyak phone: +62 361 731074 MAP2-D3

Sun Island Jl. Raya Seminyak 188, Seminyak phone: +62 361 733779 MAP2-F4

Karma Developments Jalan Kartika Plaza, No. 90 A & B - Kuta, phone: +62 361 8475475 MAP1-B5

Sunset Hill Bengkiang Sidem 324, Ubud phone: +62 361 742 7848

MC2 Tropical Property Jalan Drupadi 1, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736733 MAP2-C4

The Elysian Jalan Sari Dewi 18, Seminyak phone: +62 361 730 999 MAP2-D3

Paradise Property Bali Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai Junction, Nusa Dua Jl. Laksmana, Seminyak phone: +62 361 77 35 40 MAP2-B4

The Samaya Jl. Laksmana 1, Seminyak phone: +62 361 731149 MAP The Villas Jl. Kunti 118X, Seminyak phone: +62 361 730840 MAP2-F3 Uma Sapna Jl. Drupadi 20 XX, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736 628 MAP2-E3 Villa Bugis Jl Laksmana 32, Seminyak phone: +62 361 7448592 MAP2-B4 Villa Karisa Jl. Drupadi 100X, Seminyak phone: 0361 7445538 MAP2-E3 Villa Kubu Seminyak Jl. Raya Seminyak Gang Plawa, Seminyak phone: +62 361 731129 MAP2-G3 Villa Pisang Mas Jl. Werkadura, Gang Bulan 8, Legian phone: +62 361 732 168 MAP2-E4


The Mag

Property Gallery Bali Jl. Patih Jelantik Blok Valet 1 3, Kuta phone: +62 361 769 098 MAP1-A1 Ray White Kuta Istana Kuta Galeria, Valet 1 15, Kuta phone: +62 361 769 009 MAP1-A1 Roy Weston Jl. Raya Dewi Sri / Sunset Road 16, Kuta phone: +62 361 747 308 8 MAP1-D1 Tropical Homes 10 Anson Road 05-16, Seminyak phone: +65-65364656 MAP2-B4 Xclusive Property Jl. Sunset Road 10X, Kerobokan phone: +62 361 8475955 MAP2-F2

Villa Management BHM Villas Jl. Raya Semer 883, Canggu phone: +62 361 730668 MAP2-D3

Property For Sale Bali Japan Village Office: 21, Legian phone: +62 361 762 789 BALI Kuta Residence Jl. Jalan Majahapit 18, Kuta phone: +62 361 753305 MAP1-D3 Panorama (MC2) Jl Drupadi 1, Seminyak phone: +62 361 736733 MAP2-C4 Paradise Property Jl. Laksmana 156A, Seminyak phone: +62 361 732 578 - - - MAP2-D2 - - Villa Jepun Legian 1, Seminyak phone: +62 361 737357

directory ACTIVITIES Diving & Snorkling Absolute Scuba Jl Tambligan 27C, Sanur phone: +62 0361 282 664 Atlantis International Jl. By Pass Ngurah 350, Sanur phone: +62 361 284 312 Bali Diving Academy Jl. Danau Tamblingan 51, Sanur phone: +62 361 270252 Pigmy Bali Diving Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 99, Jimbaran phone: +62 361778962 Scuba Indonesia Jl. Danau Tamblingan 89, Sanur phone: +62 81 338 675 803 Scuba Seraya Resort

Desa Tukad Dabu, Tulamben, Kubu, Karangasem

phone: +62 361 283 922

Tauch Terminal Jl. Danau Tamblingan X No 31, Jimbaran phone: +62 361 774504

Surfing Rip Curl School of Surf Jl. Arjuna Blue Ocean, Seminyak phone: +62 361 735858 MAP2-E5

Extreme AJ Hackett Bungy Double Six Club, Seminyak phone: +62 361 731144 -bungy MAP2-E4






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THE MAG - Baru di Bali Magazine - Edition 1 - April 2008  

THE MAG is free 100-page full color Bali tourist magazine brought to you by, the worlds leading Bali tourist information web...

THE MAG - Baru di Bali Magazine - Edition 1 - April 2008  

THE MAG is free 100-page full color Bali tourist magazine brought to you by, the worlds leading Bali tourist information web...