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DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17

Dragonfly Moscato, launched November 2014.

This long awaited Moscato made in Indonesia from imported grapes, Dragonfly is a sweet and sexy wine, with 8% alcohol aiming to please the young, beautiful, strong Asian woman. The wine is easy drinking and with low alcohol, allowing enjoyment without negative consequences. The philosophy behind its advertising campaign is a clear and simple message: enjoy wine with moderation, anytime, anywhere, simply because it’s pleasurable. Wine, slightly sparkling like this Moscato, is not aimed at losing one’s inhibitions, it’s an elixir which pleases, allows relaxation and is a healthy solution to an evening out. Dragonfly hopes to empower the beautiful, strong woman, independent and vibrant to just be herself, healthy and enjoy the simple things in life. The wine is also aimed at the “new” wine drinker.

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17

James Kalleske the winemaker behind Dragonfly Moscato, has tailored the wine for maximum freshness and enjoyment. Pale lemon in colour, this fresh and fruity wine has aromas of pineapple, melon and dried peaches. The palate has a fine spritz and sweetness, displaying more fruity flavours including apple, pear and citrus. The finish is crisp, clean and refreshing. Dragonfly is distributed by PT. Hatten Bali, distributors of Hatten Wines and Two Islands. Dragonfly Moscato is available in Bali, Jakarta and major cities in Java, Sumatera, Lombok, and throughout Indonesia. Dragonfly will appear on retail shops shelves from 17 November 2014.



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AUSTRALIA Jl. Tantular 32, Renon – Denpasar Tel. (0361) 241 118

JAPAN Jl. Raya Puputan No. 170, Renon Tel. (0361) 227 628

CANADA & NEW ZEALAND Jl. Prof. M. Yamin No. 4, Renon – Denpasar Tel. (0361) 235 092

MALAYSIA AlamKulKul Resort, Jl. Pantai Kuta, Legian, Tel. (0361) 752 520

BRAZIL Taman Brawa, Jl. Subak Sari 10, Tibubeneng, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Badung, Bali. 80361 Contact Person: Daisy Ph. 081 9999 300 91

MEXICO Puri Astina Bld, Jl. Prof. Moh. Yamin No. 1A, Renon – Denpasar Tel. 0361 223 366

BALI GOVERNMENT TOURISM OFFICE Jl. Supratman, Niti Mandala, Renon, Denpasar Tel. (0361) 222 387

CZECH REPUBLIC Jl. Pengembak 17 , Sanur Tel. (0361). 286 465

UBUD TOURIST INFORMATION SERVICE Jl. Raya Ubud, Gianyar Tel. (0361) 96 285, 973 285 8 am-9 pm

DENMARK Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 852 Dps 80221 –Bali Tel. (0361) 821 69 79

MEDICAL CARE BIMC HOSPITAL NUSA DUA Kawasan BTDC Blok D, Nusa Dua 80363 Tel. (0361) 3000 911 SILOAM HOSPITALS Jl. Sunset Road No. 818, Kuta, Badung, Bali Tel. (0361) 779 900 E.

FRANCE Jl. Umalas 1, Kerobokan Tel. (0361) 473 0834 GERMANY Jl. Pantai Karang No. 17, Sanur Tel. (0361) 288 535 HUNGARY - Marintur Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 219, Sanur Tel. (0361) 287 701

RUMAH SAKIT UMUM PUSAT SANGLAH (General Hospital) Jl. Diponegoro, Sanglah, Denpasar Tel. (0361) 227 911/15

ITALY Lotus Enterprise Building, Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Jimbaran Tel. (0361) 701 005

NETHERLANDS Jl. Raya Kuta No. 127, Kuta Tel. (0361) 761 502 SPAIN Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud Tel. (0361) 975 736 SWEDEN & FINLAND c/o Hotel Segara Village Jl. Segara Ayu, Sanur Tel. (0361) 288407 SWITZERLAND & AUSTRIA Jl. Ganetri No. 9 D 80235 Denpasar, Bali Tel. (0361) 878 4343 USA Jl. Hayam Wuruk 310, Tanjung Bungkak, Denpasar Tel. (0361) 233 605

Information correct as at 1st August 2014


UNITED KINGDOM Jl. Mertasari No. 2, Sanur Tel. (0361) 270 601






Changing cash for Indonesian Rupiah will give you the best exchange rate. Withdrawing cash with your debit or credit card often will yield a less favourable rate plus a withdrawal charge on top. Beware of unscrupulous money exchangers offering, what appears a wonderful exchange rate. At best, there will be an undisclosed charge (always ask before handing over your money) or you may find yourself the victim of magical slight of hand. Ask at your hotel or a trusted expat where to go.

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17


There are ceremonies happening every month all over Bali. Roads in tourist areas such as Kuta can often be closed to allow ceremonial processions. Enjoy the visually exciting and colouful events and treat them with the upmost respect. Observers are cheerfully welcomed by the Balinese but they will not tolerate undue interference or disrespect. Try to learn some phrases in Bahasa while you are here, the words for thank you and simple phrases that will help you buy in shops and order in restaurants.


Motorcycle riders and their passengers must wear a correctly fastened and approved helmet. Fines may be imposed for non-compliance. In the event of an accident, foreigners may be assumed to be at fault and expected to make financial restitution to all other parties. You must also be in the possession of an international driving license. Failure to produce one if you are stopped by the police will result in an on the spot penalty fine or an appearance at court. The roads can be dangerous, be vigilant.


A word of coution to all. The law in Bali is unequivocal when it comes to the use of or possession of illegal drugs – YOU are in big trouble so DO NOT do it. Your embassy or consulate will not offer you much in the way of assistance if you are caught smuggling drugs into Bali, caught with drugs in your possession whilst here in or appear to be under the influence (they can and will blood test you). You will find yourself in prison and you can be prosecuted for the death sentence if the intent is considered to supply.





Perhaps the most complicated and confusing time of the year for those ex-pats running businesses and dealing with staff holidays here in Bali or those exporting goods abroad, is the month of December. There are three Balinese Public Holidays and the festive period to negotiate. For those not working or on holiday it will be a very colourful, extraordinary and special place to be, as the

whole Island will be adorned with traditional offerings as well as the usual festive decorations. The Balinese will also be dressed in their elegant traditional attire. The Balinese will be celebrating Galungan Day on December 17th. Galungan marks the beginning of the most important recurring religious ceremonies according to the ‘210 day Balinese

Pawukon Calendar’ and ends with Kuningun Day. The spirits of deceased relatives who have been cremated return to visit their former homes and the current inhabitants have a responsibility to be hospitable through prayers and offerings. The festival symbolizes the victory of good (Dharma) over evil (Adharma) and encourages the

Balinese to show their gratitude to the creator. The most obvious sign of the celebrations are the spectacular penjor - bamboo poles weighed down by offerings suspended at the end which you will see everywhere around Bali. Every day is significant and has a special purpose at this time of year. Here are some of the most important.

CEREMONIES SCHEDULE GALUNGAN DAY - Wednesday, Dec 17th (Balinese Public Holiday) Galungan Day is a joyful day to celebrate the victory of goodness (Dharma) against evil (Adharma). On this day, offerings and praying are made to God and holy ancestral spirits who come down to earth. The Balinese usually return to their family hometowns and villages to reunite with their families and elders. UMANIS GALUNGAN - Thursday, Dec 18th (Balinese Public Holiday) The day after Galungan is when offerings are taken out from the shrines and the people enjoy the fruits and cakes. It is also the day to visit family, relatives or friends, to apologise for mistakes to others and to forgive others their mistakes. PAHING GALUNGAN - Friday, Dec 19th (Balinese Public Holiday) Two days after Galungan Day, The Balinese people are still in tune with their pure heart. During this day, people pray in temples or at family shrines. SUGIAN JAWA - Thursday, Dec 11th Six days before Galungan Day is the day to purify, the day when Gods and Goddesses accompanied by holy ancestral spirits come down to earth to bless the universe. On this day, fragrant flowers are dedicated to the Gods and to holy ancestral spirits in the family shrines. PENYEKEBAN / PENAPEAN - Sunday, Dec 14th and PENYAJAAN - Monday, Dec 15th Three days before Galungan Day is the day when Balinese people begin meditation. It is believed that on this day, Bhuta Galungan tempts and seduces people in to bad and evil behaviour. Also on this day, people start to make cakes and collect bananas to be used as offerings on Galungan Day and the women make ‘tape’, a traditional food which is made from slightly fermented rice.

PAMARIDAN GURU - Saturday, Dec 20th Three days after Galungan Day is when the Gods and Goddess return to heaven accompanied by the holy ancestral spirits. It is the day when God bestows prosperity on all mankind. Balinese people visit temples, making offerings and prayers. KUNINGAN DAY - Saturday, Dec 27th Kuningan Day is when the Gods and Goddesses accompanied by the holy ancestral spirits come down to earth again to bless the people and the universe. It is believed that they will return to heaven at midday. Balinese people will practice self-introspection using meditation for humanities prosperity.

Two days before Galungan Day various cakes in different shapes and colors are made for offerings. PENAMPAHAN - Tuesday, Dec 16th The day before Galungan Day is the day when people shed their bad behaviors, bad thoughts, bad manners and bad words - symbolized by the slaughtering of animals for offerings (mostly pigs) and to restore balance between the visible and invisible worlds. Late in the afternoon people erect the "penjor" (a pole made from a high and curving bamboo stick) decorated with young coconut leaves and various ornaments. It is put up in front of every house and building, symbolizing the great Mount Agung and the presence of God Almighty. Various leaves, crops and fruits adorn the bamboo pole representing all the elements of the world and demonstrates their gratitude to God Almighty for all earthly gifts.


DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17



EDITORIAL We would like to say a huge thank you to all our readers, contributors, advertisers and staff, and take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All of you have helped Bali Marketplace grow throughout this year and we are looking forward to more success next year. Our coverage of some of the biggest events in Bali has raised our profile as we endeavour to bring you interesting articles, products and bargains every month. This issue is no different and we are very proud to include Indonesian fashion designer, Ika as our leading story. Ika was born in Indonesia, raised and educated in Bali and then spent several years in Europe before returning to South East Asia. Ika is based in Hong Kong but frequently returns to Bali, her

spiritual home and the source of her inspiration.

The fashion label, Butoni, was established in 1983 with Ika as Chief Designer and Managing Director of the company. Her partner, John Keilman, joined Butoni in 1993 and the company has grown so successfully that the best catwalks in the industry have been graced by her designs. You can read all about Ika and Butoni on pages 16 and 17 and view some of her creations and find out where you can purchase them here in Bali.

Not only does the month of December include Christmas and New Year, it also, more importantly sees’s the celebration of the Balinese religious ceremonies of Galungun and Kuningan. This will be an extremely colourful month,

as the Balinese traditional decorations will be found everywhere alongside the usual festive adornments for this time of year. Galungun Day falls on Wednesday 17th and is a Balinese public holiday as are the next two days. Then we have Christmas Day (an Indonesian public holiday), Kuningan Day is on Saturday 27th and then we have New Years Eve. Also in this issue, Rodney Holt, founder of The Bali Sports Foundation tells us on page 8 about the National Danish Performance Team (NDPT), that is touring Indonesia for the first time and will be performing here in Bali for 7 days beginning on December 3rd. The NDPT are a group of highly skilled professional gymnastic athletes who travel the world with the aim to inspire the people of the

world to live an active healthy lifestyle.

On page 9 you can read about a Legion icon’s 10th anniversary and their plan to relocate to Kerobakan. The Cook Bar is and has been a popular place for ex-pats and tourists for a decade now and we at Bali Marketplace wish them all the best with the re-location.

On page 12 we introduce a new page “Recommended Places to Eat” and on page 13 we review one of the most amazing and affordable fine dining restaurants in Bali, The Bistrot. On page 15, Viginia Entizne from Cuca restaurant writes about a local Indonesian ingredient , “Winged Beans”. On page 29 you can find some great deals if you are looking to dine out over the festive period.

Do You Want to Reach The Expat Community and Tourists alike?

CONTACT US NOW FOR SPECIAL RATES IN 2015 Call us: (0361) 713 1513 Email: DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17




NATIONAL DANISH PERFORMANCE TEAM ORBITA WORLD TOUR by Rodney Holt For the first time ever the National Danish Performance Team (NDPT) will visit Indonesia. The NDPT are a group of highly skilled professional gymnastic athletes who travel the world with the aim to inspire the people of the world to live an active healthy lifestyle. On this tour NDPT will be presenting the show ORBITA. The performance combines a variety of modern rhythmic gymnastics, dance, cheer, artistic vaulting, tumbling and high-energy acrobatics – it is a dazzling and breath taking display of the highest level. They will visit 12 countries on a six month world tour starting in September 2014 finishing in March 2015. In Denmark, gymnastics is much more than a sport; it is a way of life and a part of a democratic and edifying development. Danish gymnastics goes back more than 150 years and is still an important, integrated and vital part of Danish culture. Since the early 1930’s, numerous Danish teams have toured the world, shared their skills and gotten to know many different cultures and people. Bali Sports Foundation is proud to present to the people of Bali, the National Danish Performance Team on their Orbita world tour. Starting with 7 days in Bali they will perform three spectacular shows and conduct workshops for children, teens and adults alike. The team will arrive on December 3 with their first performance the following night. The 28 athletes and 6 support staff will travel around Bali to meet the people, take in the beauty of the island, learn about the culture but most importantly inspire all of us to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. Bali Sports Foundation (BSF) staff and disabled athletes will be touring with the group as guides, and they will also perform as a support act to the National Danish Performance Team. The mission of BSF is to improve the lives of persons with disabilities in Bali & East Indonesia by using the power of sport and play for development, health and peace. Further information and tour dates and locations can be obtained by contacting Bali Sports Foundation at:

Rodney Holt | Founder Bali Sports Foundation

BALI MARKETPLACE "sports changes lives"

2015 BSF EVENTS (more to come) • March 7 2nd Bali Beach Games 1st Bali's Toughest • June 7-8 2nd Friendly Games

• July 5 6th Bali Ocean Swim • August 1-2 3rd Bali ParaGames Please visit our websites for more details.

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17



An interview with John and Kim Herrington Popular drinking spot, eatery and hangout for ex-pats, regular visitors and tourists alike,“The Cook Bar” (Formerly “The Captain Cook”) is to close its doors in Legian and relocate to Kerobokan. On the 8th December 2004, an English gentleman named Jeffery Minnit opened a little bar in Legian called “The Captain Cook”. Soon this well located corner bar was the meeting place for many ex-pats living on the island. As well as the regular patrons, tourists soon discovered this little gem on the first bend of the old Run Jungle Road. Jeff would welcome all visitors to what was effectively his lounge room. It didn’t take long before the word got out and the bar became a home away from home for many regular visitors to the island. Sadly, in 2010 Jeff suddenly passed away leaving so many friends in shock and the bar’s future in doubt. After some negotiation with Jeff’s family, John and Kim Herrington in partnership with Jim and Jo Shepherd from Sheppys restaurant took over “The Captain Cook” with a view to rejuvenate and improve this Bali icon. After 12 months Jim & Jo sold their share of the business to the Herrington’s who set about turning the newly named “The Cook Bar”, into the popular hangout it is today.

THE RELOCATION The new venture is called “The Flying Cook Restaurant and Sport Bar” located on Jalan Raya Semer Kerobokan. We looked around this area for some time once we had made the decision to move, Kim went on to say, then we found this 550 square meter property being leased consisting of three huge 200 year old Joglos. As soon as we walked into the place it had such a welcoming feeling we just knew it was the right location to continue the ongoing story of “The Cook Bar”. We will still have our Tuesday darts comp and Thursday pool comps but we will also be expanding our menu, as the front Joglo will be primarily all restaurant, in addition we are also becoming a little more kid friendly

In the first year we built a kitchen upstairs and introduced food with a small but very good menu, said Kim. We wanted to serve good Ozzie pub grub, and as time went on the menu grew and grew into quite an extensive range of freshly made no nonsense family tucker. We also maintained what our mate Jeff had started, a regular darts competition every Tuesday night and pool comp every Thursday night, these two nights will see “The Cook Bar” pumping while the rest of the street is reasonably quiet. As time went by the bar became more and more popular, with the clientele crossing all age groups and nationalities. We have made so many good friend through the bar, John went on to say, friends that have become lifelong for us, it will be sad to see the end of this part of The Cook story, but we are really looking forward to the move and the challenges that come with it. December 2014 marks the tenth anniversary of “The Cook Bar”, a milestone in this little bars history. Sadly, December 3 will be the last day that the bar will be open. Kim and I have made the Decision to relocate to Kerobokan, John said. This decision was not an easy one to make,

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17

and we have mulled over it for many months, but in the end the decision was literally taken out of our hands. The rents being asked in the Legian area are going through the roof in accordance with escalating real-estate values. We could not maintain the feel of the bar in its present form and still be a viable business.

with The Cook Cubby House located inside the building. This is perfect for Mum and Dad to have a quite drink knowing that their kids can occupy themselves in an area especially designed for them. As the name suggests, “The Flying Cook” is also a sport bar. We will be the only bar in the area that can show all of the sports that many patrons are used to seeing in bars all over Bali. Sports like AFL, NRL, Rugby Union, GP and Moto GP Premier League as well as live horse racing, should you be interested in the sport of kings, will be available every day LIVE. We have the opportunity at the new site to vastly improve on what we are leaving behind in Legian John continued, the current renovations mean that everything at The Flying Cook will be new and exciting for not only us but our staff as well. “The Flying Cook Restaurant and Sport Bar” will officially open Christmas Eve. Look, I’m sure we will have the doors open a little earlier, so feel free to pop in and give us a hand to put everything in place, Cold Beers will be on hand.

THE FINAL WORD We would love to see as many of our Cook family as possible before we close the doors, so if you are free on the weekend before we close on 3rd December, we would love to have a drink with you and recall all the good times we have had, and celebrate new beginnings as another chapter in “The Cooks history” opens. Kim and I would like to thank all of the friends and staff of “The Cook Bar” for their loyalty and support over the past four and a half years.





HIDDEN AWAY IN THE MIDDLE OF GILI TRAWANGAN, SOMETHING SPECIAL IS TO BE FOUND BY THOSE SEARCHING FOR THAT LITTLE BIT OF EXTRA COMFORT AND A SOUL-SOOTHING EXPERIENCE. Les Villas Ottalia is nestled deep in the heart of Gili Trawangan, a five minute ride from the beach by bicycle or “cidomo” (horse and cart). I chose to go there by cidomo and as you leave the hustle and bustle of the harbour, you find yourself wondering where on earth you are going. Travelling along the winding road, there is nothing much to catch the eye, just barren wasteland and small grey buildings dotted about. Then you suddenly turn off a pathway and are instantly dazzled by a flurry of bright and colourful flowers; the contrast from the grey and dusty landscape is breathtaking – like flicking from boring Black and White to glorious Technicolour. Five star accommodation without the pomposity and sterile corporate polish? Villa Ottalia is 23 carefully designed, secluded villas – snuggled neatly inside a maze of flowery pathways. This is luxury blending in


harmoniously with nature without losing the essence of Indonesia. Each villa is unique and fenced-off with bamboo, flowers and palm trees, and boasts its own private swimming pool with plenty of comfortable loungers and seating. You also have an outside kitchenette and dining area with a well stocked mini-bar. The bedroom comes with all mod-cons: a/c, cable, Wi-Fi, room-service... and there is hot and cold running fresh water in the on-suite bathroom. Bicycles are provided if you can remember to tear yourself away. If you’re planning a trip to Gili T and want to make your experience that little bit more extra special and soul-soothing, book yourself in to one of these hideaway villas. This is definitely Value for money! Call:+62 (0) 813 7366 3583 or +62 (0) 828 9781 6197 Or visit

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17



by Jonathan Matthews Scuba diving is a truly ‘out of this world’ experience and there are many places all over Bali, Lombok and Indonesia in general where you can enjoy this wonderful recreation and attain the necessary skills and qualifications. It is essential that you complete a beginner’s course for your own safety and to learn the techniques registered diving schools will not allow you to hire equipment and won’t take you out to explore the hidden beauty beneath the waves without it. Gili Trawangan is a popular destination for experienced and would be divers. There are many diving schools that specialise in teaching the ‘Professional Association of Diving Instructors’ (PADI) certifications, providing accommodation and fun while you learn or improve your diving skills.

THE PADI DIFFERENCE PADI Divers carry the most respected and sought after scuba diving credentials in the world. No matter where you choose to dive, your PADI certification card will be recognized and accepted. In fact, on most scuba diving adventures, you’ll be surrounded by other PADI Divers who made the same certification choice you did – to train with the world’s largest and most respected scuba diving training organization.

HOW IS PADI DIFFERENT? Education The PADI System of diver education is the most instructionally solid system in diving. PADI courses are designed to make learning enjoyable and worthwhile. Under the guidance of your professional PADI Instructor, you gain confidence while mastering important safety concepts and skills. PADI Instructors are trained and held to diving’s highest standards, backed up by a solid, proactive quality management system. Performance-Based Learning You progress at your own pace as you demonstrate mastery of specific performance requirements essential to becoming a scuba diver. You must earn your PADI certification, but you do so in an encouraging and wellsupported learning environment. Educational Materials Credentialed instructional designers use state-of-the-art technology and learning theories to create PADI materials with you, the student diver, in mind. Independent study materials, available in a variety of media – online programs, tablet-based apps, manuals, workbooks, multimedia discs, etc. – allow you to learn in a way that works for you. Instructional support materials allow your PADI Instructor to further explain important concepts and verify understanding. Educational Standards All PADI programs, from entry-level through scuba instructor training, fall under strict educational standards monitored for worldwide consistency and quality. PADI takes a proactive approach to quality management and randomly surveys PADI Divers to confirm their courses meet PADI’s high standards as well as the divers’ expectations. No other diver training organization works to maintain this level of professional reliability and integrity.

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17

THE GILI ECO TRUST Continuing Diver Education The fun and enjoyment of being a confident scuba diver is fuelled by continuing to improve your scuba skills. Each PADI course builds on the previous one, teaching you skills and techniques when you’re ready to learn them. PADI specialty courses let you explore specific dive interests. Professional-level courses let you live the scuba diving lifestyle by becoming a divemaster or scuba instructor. College Credit and Vocational Training The unsurpassed quality of PADI materials, and the educational validity of PADI courses, have been independently acknowledged by international educational and vocational training authorities. You may be able to earn college credit for certain PADI courses, or receive vocational training recognition toward national certificates. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standards Compliant PADI courses are certified as compliant with ISO standards for Recreational Diving Services by an independent auditor, the European Underwater Federation and the Austrian Standards Institute. The ISO standards (see chart below) relate to five levels of diver, two levels of instructor and a service provider or dive center. Each of these standards equate to a PADI certification or member level, which means that, in effect, divers or members holding one of these qualifications can also be said to have met the requirements of the relevant ISO standard – as though they had gained two credentials at once.

Concerns about conserving the Gili Island’s generally, including dive sites, rubbish collection and beach cleaning, reef conservation projects of which there are now 63 BioRock reef regeneration structures have led to the creation of the Gili Eco Trust. All dive centres operating in the Gili islands have a fixed price agreement and have agreed to charge a one – time Rp50,000 ‘reef tax’ to every diver, and there is a onetime Rp25,000 per person “reef tax” for snorkellers. This money is then used to pay for plastic recycling, reef conservation, education and much more - For general information about diving in the Gili’s please visit: Diving Schools in Gili If you are interested in diving and are thinking of planning a trip to Gili Trawangan to learn or improve your diving skills it is wise to book in advance, courses range from 2 to 4 days. Here are some of the schools; take some time to look at their websites and chose which one best suits you.






For more information about PADI please visit: Our website at Email us at





BAR - RESTAURANT - PIZZA Indonesian Mediterranean Cuisine


Jl. Nakula No. 88, Sunset Road, Kuta. Ph. +62 361 8822 000 E.





Jalan Raya Seminyak No.63, Seminyak - Bali Ph. +62 361 730 454 E.

Jalan Kayu Aya 117, Seminyak - Bali. Ph. (0361) 738 308 / 716 2325 E.

Enjoy tantalising dishes and prawns cooked in every way imaginable while sitting in a private Balinese Bale uniquely positioned on a vast fish pond.

One of the best pizzerias in Bali, freshly cooked in clay ovens. On the menu is also a selection of classic and traditional Italian pasta dishes.

Extensive menu - Pasta, Pizza, Seafood, Salads, Burgers, kids and Specialities together with a cocktail bar make this perfect for families or couples.

A fine dining experience with a difference at affordable prices. The Bistro proudly boasts 5 star cuisine, excellent wines and tempting cocktails.




Jl. Mertanadi 68, Kerobokan, Bali. Ph. +62 361 735 191 Delivery : 0859 3614 1027 E.

Jalan Yoga Perkanthi, Jimbaran. Ph. +62 361 708 066 E.

Pantarei means ‘everything flows’. A unique selection of Greek & Mediterranean dishes with. Specialty wines and liquor to excite your five senses.

A hidden gem of a sushi cafe, offering a large selection of Japanese cuisine and conveniently, well thought-out set menus. Great value, very satisfying.

Ticks all the right boxes for perfect spare ribs: falls off the bone; delicious marinades and large portions. The local smoked duck is a must taste!

Diners are treated to a very special gourmet discovery free from pretension or hefty price tags. Tapas, cocktails and desserts with a unique twist.

Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 17 A, Bali. Ph. (+62 361) 732571 / 732567 E.


Jalan Patimura No.10, Kuta - Bali. Ph. +62 361 905 07 16

Banjar Anyar No.25 Kerobokan Ph. +62 361 847 5321 E.


Jalan Bisma, Ubud. Ph. +62 361 971 424 E.

Jalan. Gautama Selatan, Ubud - Bali. Ph. (0361) 783 5545 / 783 4725 E.




Fabulous lounge bar with good jazz music and very tempting cocktails. Dreamy and relaxing place, lovely design, modern but warm.

Down to Earth believes in serving organic, unprocessed and ethical vegetarian gourmet food that is healthy yet delicious at the same time.

Centrally located and competitively priced. French-trained Chef Adi prides himself on Mediterranean and vegetarian fare and his fabulous desserts.

An unforgettable experience of true authentic Indian cuisine in Bali. Boasting two Tandoor ovens, all popular Indian dishes are freshly prepared.

Jalan Hanoman 44, Ubud. Ph. +62 361 780 3801 E.

Monkey Forest Road, Ubud - Bali. Ph. +62 361 5541 676 E.

Get Space For Your Restaurant Here




Monkey Forest Road, Ubud - Bali Ph. +62 361 978 954 E.

Blanco Museum, Campuhan - Ubud. Ph. +62 361 714 1318 E.

Jl. Suweta, Br. Bentuyung, Ubud Ph. (0361) 973178 / 973179 E.

Lunch or tapas, offering a tempting menu of Indonesian & Western dishes. Night time - the most happening place in Ubud with live bands every night.

Located at the top of the Blanco Renaissance Museum, Rondji is al fresco dining with an eco-friendly minimalist interior where arts meets cuisine.

An oasis of peace and serenity, much more than a resort and spa with fabulous restaurants, you can learn how to cook traditional Balinese food to boot!


Call us: (0361) 713 1513 Email:

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17





For sure, the discerning décor along with the charming team of staff will make sure you completely feel at home – be welcomed to the amazing world that is Bistrot and allow yourself to forget the fast, modern world outside, to be at peace in a bygone era of elegant sensuality. Lit by a multitude of lamps by interior designers and owners Zohra and Blaise's trademark style of lanterns, both opulent and dazzling, the stage is set for this amazing venue. This Moroccan and Belgian couple's knack and passion for finding antiques and curios from all over the archipelago, primarily began for their interior clientele and has Bistrot showcasing the best of their personal collection and what an amazing collection it is to behold. The place is beautifully set out, comfortable sofa style bench seating

Drifting away, engrossed in my own little world I found myself sitting in Dickens’s land, ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’, to be precise. I was half expecting ‘Kit’ to appear and ask if he could be of assistance when a friendly “Bonjour” brought me back to reality. This is a truly remarkable establishment. It was previously a leather factory, something born out of Victorian architecture, high ceilings with magnificent huge arched windows that encourage the sun to permeate light everywhere. Spacious and minimalistic yet fascinating and absorbing, the interior design is retro and mesmerising. Everywhere I glance there is something curious to focus upon.

Discreetly situated behind a beautiful temple but roadside on the very popular ‘Eat Street’ of the Seminyak area of southern Bali, this restaurant and bar has been conceptualized and lovingly put together by the formidable Morrocan and Belgian team of Zohra and Blaise. An impressive wooden and natural hewn stone air-conditioned yet high ceilinged open space, guests immediately feel welcomed upon entering and reminded of a New York loft/factory space with a distinct industrial feel. This is a very metro meets retro feel. However, the interior furnishings are warm and accommodating, and pay homage to many antiques and artifacts sourced from around the Indonesian archipelago, most being from the couple’s personal collection. The upstairs bar, provides a space that Hemingway would be proud of and the spacious restaurant area reminiscent of the chic Orient Express railway dining carriage. Bistrot is original, quirky, delicious and very ‘fairytale’ adult.

by Jonathan Matthews

My companions today included a successful Bavarian restaurateur and a French businessman. An Englishman, a German and a Frenchman sitting down for lunch in a bistrot designed by a Moroccan and a Belgian, on the Island of Bali – how very cosmopolitan. “Bonjour, je m’appelle Yassine”. Yassine, the general manager greeted us with a warm and confident smile. Already relaxed and comfortable, humming and tapping away to the gentle jazz and downtempo background music, we listened intently as Yassine recommended dishes and wines. We decided to share and chose: Starters: Scallops Carpaccio​, Foie Gras Terrine. Main Course: Entrecôte Béarnaise, Duck Confit, Spiced Baked Snapper.

- which is perfect during High Tea time or informal meetings when a beverage is all that is required. The loft style atmosphere is artistic yet welcoming, framed by Blaise's travel collection of impressive photography, which as an exhibition changes from time to time. The working semi-open kitchen found on the ground floor, is where all the menu's fresh, tempting items are created. From the cooling natural stone floor a scatter with rugs underfoot, up to the beautiful skeleton of the metal rafters holding a real wooden ceiling alive with whirring fans the philosophy is traditional, uncomplicated and hospitable but distinct and creative. Food and drinks are elegant, healthy and of premiere ingredients found in Bali with a taste of Asia and beyond. The team is multi-lingual, the General Manager Yassine Ouldammar hailing from Marocco and Switzerland, had worked for 10 years in different establishments in Paris oversees a kitchen staff from around Indonesia and the delightfully charming waiters and waitress who also speak several languages, and have the knack of serving down to a fine art. Bistrot's team is a family ready to welcome all guests into this charmingly unique venue.

Well, I would not have expected anything less than perfect with the terrine – and that’s exactly what was served: the carpaccio was delicate and delectable. With the complimentary olive oil and oregano bread, this had started rather well. The pairing of the wines was expertly married by Yassine – a G7 Chilean Merlot for the steak, Patch Block Pinot Noir for the duck and Syrah Rose for the fish – no complaints. The Duck Confit came with Green Mashed Potato and Ratatouille, the Spiced Baked Snapper with a Black Olives Risotto and Oceanic Herb Broth. The aromas, colours and over all presentation was salivating and the taste heavenly. A good chef will serve a steak perfectly cooked or just a tad under. This, of course allows the customer to ask for it to be slightly more cooked but if it is over cooked... I mischievously asked for medium rare (always tricky to cook) and received what one might call a rare medium rare, splendid! The Béarnaise sauce and homemade fries made this dish my personal favourite, though it was tough to choose which one was the best. For dessert we ordered: Crêpe Suzette, Traditional Apple Tarte Tatin and Lemon Tarte accompanied with a Beringer Californian Moscato. My Bavarian friend is frequently disappointed with the Crêpe Suzette here in Bali, complaining of pancakes instead of crêpes. We (together with Yassine) watched with bated breath as he began eating and were rewarded with a cheeky grin and the thumbs up. Jovial and chatting cheerfully we decided to try the Kaffir Collins cocktail, akin to a Mojito, this is Lemon Infused Vodka, Kaffir Leaves, Lime juice and soda water. A few more and the dimming of the light outside suggested it was well past time go home, we had spent all day there! To conclude, this is fine dining in an amazing bistrot and very affordable. The staff were friendly, knowledgeable and attentive The same meal in a similar venue would have cost a small fortune in Europe or Australia. Highly recommended.

The Bistrot

Vintage Cafe / Lounge / Restaurant Jl. Kayu Aya. 117 Seminyak Kuta / Bali. Phone. +62 361 716 23 25

Christmas & New Year's Eve Special Dinner Menu See Page 29 DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17 email : BALI MARKETPLACE



NEW DISHES, EACH IN A WORLD OF ITS OWN Having reached its first year milestone, Cuca has established itself as a favorite destination for foodies by offering an ultra-unique signature cuisine that highlights the best produce in Indonesia. Set in the beautiful expanse of a coconut grove, the restaurant is helmed by duo Chef Kevin Cherkas and Virginia Entizne, who took the island by storm when they bravely broke into the restaurant scene in August last year to offer a radically different dining experience in Bali. Gaining confidence as he gains followers, Chef Kevin has just released a new batch of freshly baked delicious dishes. Starting with his tribute to Shepard’s pie, Meat & Potatoes is a smoky ragout of flavourful beef rib meat, red wine, onions and mushrooms covered by lightly whipped mashed potatoes. On the seafood side, Baked Scallops has notes of creamy cauliflower, pickled zucchini and a toasted melting crust of delicate herbs and butter. And with Christmas on the way, a rustic new version of Grandma’s Chicken Meatballs gently roasted and stewed in an old school gravy with crispy purple sweet potatoes and exotic tamarillo jam. Spellbinding additions that together with the already classic Crispy Fried Chicken, BBQ Octopus or Bali Breakfast, once again corroborate the tremendous amount of thought Cuca puts in every dish, each in a world of its own. Guests can find these and other reinvented dishes in Cuca’s Chef Festive Menu, priced at Rp. 480,000++ and available from December 15 until January 2. A casual dining destination serving tapas, cocktails and desserts, Cuca offers three distinctive spaces: an interactive and exciting Food Bar where foodies can sit down at the 8- meter-long teak counter and enjoy the show; a relaxed and intimate Dining Room, ideal for guests to enjoy the company of each other in

a comfortable and air-conditioned environment, and a chilled out Cocktail Bar & Garden Lounge, gently touched by the ocean breeze and surrounded by the undisturbed beauty of towering coconut trees.

Jalan Yoga Perkanthi, Jimbaran Ph. +62 361 708066

Chef Kevin has developed an outstanding career at, among others, Michelin three-star Arzak Restaurant in San Sebastian, Michelin three-star El Bulli in Roses and Michelin twostar La Broche in Madrid. He also left his mark in New York City during his 2 year tenure with Daniel Boulud at the highly regarded Michelin three-star Daniel. Cuca is located between Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate and Spa and Jimbaran Puri Bali. Reservations may be made by calling +62 361 708066 or emailing to The restaurant is open seven days a week from 12pm to 12am. Cuca, a casual sharing destination all about taste. Chef Festive Menu See Page 29

081 999 430 320 2ad30a47 gimmepies

Pre-Fillings: Mince & Cheese - Rendang - Chicken & Cheese Pork & Apple Sauce - Bolognese - Cottage Pie - Bacon, Egg & Cheese - Vegi Curry. Also Sausage Rolls and Pasties.


DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17



By Virgina Entizne of Cuca Restaurant

By far the most unique type of bean, it is scientifically called Psophocarpus tetragonolobus because of its fleshy, four-angled pod, although is commonly recognized by more simple names such as “winged bean” for its appearance or “asparagus bean” for its delicate asparagus flavour. It has been grown for generations in Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asia, where it was considered ''a poor man's crop,'' cultivated primarily in backyards and generally neglected. A few decades ago however, it definitely took off and it is now being grown in more than 70 countries. The winged bean plant produces pealike beans with four-winged edges. Its long green pods are best picked when immature, so that the pod and beans within can be eaten. Their flavour is sweet like many pea varieties, with a clean grassy finish. Among those who study it, the winged bean is known as ''a supermarket on a stalk'' because it

combines the desirable characteristics of the green bean, garden pea, spinach, mushroom, soybean, bean sprout and potato. Save for the stalk, virtually the entire plant is fit for human consumption - from flowers and leaves to tuberous roots and seeds. Its various parts are rich sources of protein, vitamins, minerals and calories so often in short supply in tropical countries. The winged bean seed rivals the soybean in quantity and quality of its amino acid and protein. Winged bean tubers can be boiled, steamed, baked, fried, roasted and even made into chips. The immature pod, the plant's most popular part, can be eaten raw, pickled or cooked in water, coconut milk or oil. In Indonesia, it is mostly used as a mixture in traditional vegetables dishes such as “urap” and “pecel” (blanched vegetables with grated coconut or peanut sauce respectively).

TRY THIS RECIPE! Winged Bean Pesto 1.

In a large shallow saucepan, heat olive oil over medium heat.


Add the cashew nuts and cook for about 1 minute until golden.


Add garlic and cook 10 seconds; add the winged beans and toss with the garlic; cook 1 minute to soften.


Remove from heat. Put all ingredients in your food processor and pulse until finely chopped.


If it is too dry, add a little water. You may need to add salt and pepper to suit your taste.

Jalan Yoga Perkanthi, Jimbaran Ph. +62 361 708066

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17






Fashion designer, Ika, treats designing seriously. “For me, fashion design is not per-say a career but a way to express myself day to day. My roots contribute to the major strength in embroidery which I use a lot in my collections.” Born in Indonesia, Ika was raised and educated in Bali – the island of the Gods. Driven by her interest in fashion, she spent several years in Europe to be trained in apparel design. The calling of Asia drew her back to the Far East where she made Hong Kong her second home, founded Butoni Limited in the early 1980s and has been committed to delivering her work ever since. Hong Kong is now her work base and Bali her source of inspiration.

HER PRESENCE AND ACTIVITIES Her presence and active participation in Butoni has contributed greatly to its success. Today, the company is dealing with global markets, showcasing their garments with a “one of a kind” design. Her strong team formulates continuous developments in a quest to reach beyond themselves with each creation. Ika founded the Bali Fashion Week (BFW) in 2000, as a celebration of lifestyle and life itself. The passion she has for the apparel is not limited to the mere task of designing. She participates in any opportunity to nurture young people. She has been invited to lectures hosted by Unilever to share her knowledge with the younger generation. The BEDO (Bali Export Development Organization) is just one organization which she has founded and actively participates in. The organization’s primary aim is to sustain economic growth for Bali’s SMEs and its entrepreneurs with social and environmental responsibility.

Ika Butoni

Address: Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 72, Br. Taman - Kuta Utara, Bali Phone : +62 361 738617 Contact Person: Yanna Phone: +62 857 3998 2003 E-mail :


IN TERMS OF HER CAREER In terms of her career, she realized at an early stage that there is no alternative to hard work, for each design represents a distinctive perception for her audience. Having reconciled to this term, she discovered that there were successive layers of inspiration when creating a masterpiece. She considers herself as a spectator of human growth in an imaginary world. “I firmly believe that I draw inspirations from my travels and interactions with people from different lands. They give me ideas on my sprinkles of creation, energize myself and my team on constant research of the fabrics, the thriving experiments with new embroideries as well as staying abreast of new technologies. I have always wanted to be creative and different in every approach artistically. The name 'designer' was not so important, perhaps because in Germany, where I started designing, designers were always called Stylists." Ika possesses an ever upbeat attitude and positive outlook on life. She is a committed person on searching for new things; incorporating her experiences into all her designs. “I appreciate four human traits and the first is ‘resilience’; never giving up. The second is ‘ethics’; room to move with parameters for action. ‘Curiosity’ is the third, for it encourages constant research and endless journeys into the unknown. The fourth and final trait is ‘discovery’, where leaf after leaf is turned over, to find the treasures hidden underneath. Creative people draw inspiration from just about anything around them. All these become inspirations, that once aligned into the work of art will change the boundaries of any particular craft.”

CAREFULLY CHOSEN MATERIALS Carefully chosen materials and fabrics are always “Ika-nized” and topped with her professional touch. Combining a myriad of materials in interesting ways, she creates a new symphony of designs every season. Each collection is always uniquely “Ika”, graced with her signature. Each seasonal collection is an evolution of her ranges of design, indulging in completely fresh ideas; each with completely different themes but correlated to the happenings around the world. It is an Ika saga and a dialogue with her followers. Themes of past collections includes: Ground Zero (Fall/Winter 2003); Gladiator ( Fall/Winter 2003); Black & White (Fall/Winter 2003); in response to the Bali Bombing, 9/11; Shanti(Fall/Winter 2004); Modern Mystic (Spring/Summer 2004); Celebration of Life (Fall/Winter 2005); Sahara Crossing (Spring/Summer 2005); Figure 8 (Fall/Winter 2008); On the Desert Road to Alexandria (Fall/ Winter 2009); Global Sphere (Fall/Winter 2010), Time of the Tides (Spring/ Summer 2011); Butterfly Momma (Fall/Winter 2011); Beauty and the Beast

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17



(Fall/Winter 2012) and most recently, Afrique (Spring/Summer 2013). Her ranges of collections are showcased on the runway of Hong Kong Fashion Week & World Boutique twice yearly and fervently covered by both local and international media. Ika has also received and fulfilled special show invitations from different parts of the world such as Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Beijing, Paris, Milan, Moscow, Johannesburg, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan and Korea.


Ika Butoni

Ika Butoni is a combination of a designer’s passion for her culture and rational creative thinking, each creation beautifully constructed using only the most sophisticated and diverse fabric selections. Materials are carefully inspected before they are cut and finished with delicate embroideries, laces and accessories to create entirely unique textures.The culmination of this process reveals a final piece full of grace and elegance, a modern interpretation of classic techniques that proves to be just as timeless. Coupled with distinguished service and professionalism, Ika Butoni promises to bring out the best in you.

Ika Collection is about freedom for women who are confident with themselves, not confined to tradition and can handle anything that comes their way independently. Comfort and feeling relaxed is her priority without sacrificing the fashion & style that enhances femininity.

Ika Butoni is for the dynamic and active women of the 21st century, on the go from morning to evening, looking gorgeously presentable for all occasions. Women who want to look outstanding and impeccably professional at all times, either in or out of boardrooms, running errands from business meetings, cocktail functions or evening parties, gaining their composure from an Ika outfit and still left feel comfortably themselves every moment.

BUTONI LIMITED Butoni Limited was established in 1983. Ika is the Chief Designer and Managing Director of the Company. Being a manufacturer as well as a couture house, the Company has built a steady and well-founded name in the apparel industry. Her partner, John Keilman, joined Butoni in 1993 and has become the solid pillar in the development and daily operation of the Company. Under his management, Butoni maintains a strong and leading persona. Both Ika and John are passionate about their work and preserve their unique design identity throughout the decades. Their characteristics have always been the firm foundation of Butoni’s product lines. The Company produces high end fashion that specializes in feminine apparel. The garments simultaneously create a distinctive mixture of tradition and modernity. Its typical designs vary throughout the industry trend and offer a unique blend of product lines ranging from blouses/

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17

tops, shirts, dresses, jackets to long gowns etc. Preserving the authenticity, Butoni is open to accommodate new ideas and modifications, leveraging the art of couture towards sublime fashion. All Butoni’s works focus on details. They create intricate patterns, handworks, embroideries and add accessories as final touch to the end lines. The techniques concentrate on piping, slicing, patchwork and beading amongst others. Each element is thoughtfully selected and composed, elevating the vibrant aura into the products. With Ika’s visionary lead, the company delivers their product globally. The company has been manufacturing and exporting to over 50 buyers in Europe, Japan, South East Asia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, South America and the United States. Their success is credited to a great team work. Consisted of hard working, committed personnel, they are dedicated to producing high quality garments that ensures the customer satisfaction.





31 DAYS TO YOUR GOAL; FIND A TREE, SIT UNDER IT, CLOSE YOUR EYES, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT AND WAIT FOR IT TO MAGICALLY APPEAR OUT OF THIN AIR. Over the past twelve months, I have become increasingly aware through observation and interaction, of an emerging trend associated with so-called motivational or inspirational speakers and various courses being bandied around under this guise. Straight off the bat, I love Tony Robbins and consider him one of the finest coaches and a truly inspiring human being. Jack Canfield, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Charles Eisenstein and Sheryl Richardson also fit this bill along with many others, so I am not adverse to authentic motivational speakers at all. It is apparent that we live in a society hell bent on achieving instant gratification, with text messages delivered in a nano second, fast foods, instant coffee and skills obtained overnight – the list is endless. These days almost anyone can participate in a two-week yoga course, receive a certificate and call himself or herself a yoga teacher. Same with business coaching, training programmes, fashion design, massage therapy and a gamut of online courses, which promise to make you an “Expert” in a week or two. Really? An expert? Those who have labored for years perfecting their skills, knowledge and abilities would probably scoff at the idea of instant expert or instant anything and rightly so. The problem as I see it, is the participants in some of these pseudo courses and activities are left with an indelible impression they can do absolutely anything they can imagine. Pumped up beyond comprehension, the “wizard” at the front of the class convinces them they are indestructible, infallible and capable of pulling of the most amazing feats without batting an eyelid. In the warm bosom of the classroom, with a convincing, evangelistic voice at the front while sharing a unifying experience with others, the ego can be easily convinced it can climb the world’s highest mountain without oxygen, no practice or thermal underwear, or make a million dollars in 21 days. Really? It’s that easy? Once the participant comes down to earth, literally, and secure with the promise of a lifetime of dollar-bound coaching sessions to bolster their confidence, they step out into the world, chest pumped up, mimicking the teacher and espousing their ability to be able to perform miracles.

Their characteristics can be loosely defined as: • They are fine orators – they speak very convincingly and have a way with words. • They are Charismatic characters, wearing the mask of charisma rather than authenticity. • They depict the present as being untenable, therefore painting a highly desirable future as the only solution. • They promise a way out or salvation, if you follow them and them alone. • They have a somewhat cold-hearted approach that benefits themselves, at the expense of others. So if you are considering following a leader, group, movement or taking a course, workshop or similar, my advice would be: 1. Choose your mentor well. Do your homework and due diligence, verify their credibility and results (from others who have taken their courses or workshops) 2. Be prepared to put in some serious work and commitment towards being able to deliver a quality product or service 3. Look, don’t listen. By that I mean if you are contemplating joining a group, workshop, webinar, etc., watch carefully what the person is doing in their lives and notice if it is in complete alignment with what they are saying. 4. Align yourself with high integrity people who share your values 5. Let go any urgency to get instant results 6. Differentiate yourself from the herd, by resisting the temptation to do anything that would lessen your skills or credibility. As a provios, I would like to add that I believe that most of us are tapping into only a fraction of our potential and that we ARE capable of much more in our lives. I believe that we are inextricably linked to a field of infinite potential and that we DO have access to this field through our multi-dimensionality. I believe that we can tap into our innate wisdom and find solutions to our life’s challenges, that we can create miracles and live the life of our dreams. But my experience has been (and this may be different to others) that we have to prepare ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually to be able to access these extraordinary qualities and this is rarely if ever, achieved through glib words, hyped up enthusiasm and basking in a couple of weeks of shared euphoria. No, it takes practice, practice and more practice. It takes delving deeply into what it is that prevents us reaching our highest potential. It takes learning new skills; new ideas and tossing out limited beliefs. It takes courage and determination, persistence and patience and most of all, understanding fully our capabilities in this moment and what we are able to achieve in a realist time frame, with the resources we have now.

Really? It’s that simple? The hollow promises soon are exposed for just that, hollow promises and the learned participant inevitably withdraws, embarrassingly, into their shell, with dented ego, confidence and self-esteem. This is inevitably the end-result of the over-ambitious, rose coloured glasses wearing, over night successful trainee, who has fallen for the instant cure-all to their financial woes and lowered status, by the pumped up egos of those who prey upon them. I have seen many cases of this over the past year. I have had to deal with their veiled promises of huge success coming my way, that have failed to come into fruition, accompanied by plenty of seemingly plausible excuses. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a judgment, but more of an observation and I would rather people be out there improving their lives, rather than creating mayhem and harm. In his ground-breaking book, “True Believer”, Eric Hoffer spells out clearly, the attributes of a cult leader and they are worthy of knowing, for we have seen some most extraordinary, charismatic leaders, lead people to great harm.


In my previous corporate life, I learnt that SMART goals were a good way to go: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time-bound. This then sets the parameters of what we can realistically achieve in the here and now, with room for growth and expansion, as we garner more experience, wisdom (knowledge + experience) and skills. Are you willing and ready to become the person you want to become and live the life of your dreams? Then please use discernment as to who you spend your hard-earned cash and time with and go forth and become the best version of you that you can be. Go on, I dare you!

Since 1969, Rick’s path led him to many fine teachers, culminating in a major awakening to the nature of life. Since then, he has shared his gift with many others through his Heart Mastery Series and Experiencing Your Authentic Self Retreats His cultural change initiative – Cause No Harm, came as a conclusion of 23 years in the corporate world and became the subject of his book and TEDX Ubud talk in 2011 Now living his dream in Bali, Rick owns “Namaste – The Spiritual Shop” and Namaste Retreat Centre in the mountains.

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17

19 Aries Good opportunities are showing up, you just have to see them and catch them! They will help you to put forward your professional life. You could even provoke them yourself! But do it fast, as after the 18th you will feel a little chillier and become afraid of taking risks. At home, you will probably think that all the worries due to Xmas and New Year’s Eve are as boring as usual but why simply enjoy them?

Cancer A very busy end of year. You are appreciated in your job and could get, at last, a promotion. It also seems that your family life is smoother: relationships with your brothers and sisters improve and peace comes back at last with your parents. It could be the opportunity to gather them at home for a nice Xmas dinner. Do not worry if it is not absolutely perfect, you will give happiness to all around you.

Libra It is good to see the energy you have this month! You are more optimistic and see life through rose-tinted spectacles. If you are single, it could be the right time for a new romantic encounter. If you do not want to spend Xmas Eve with your family (old aunts and cousins), it’s better to find an acceptable excuse and do what YOU want instead. Trust your feeling and do what you think is best for you.

Capricorn A quiet month, well deserved, to finish this year. You will get time to rest, to think and to put some order in your personal life. You feel that some of your friends are taking different paths but do not regret it, new encounters will occur. For Xmas, it will be as usual, with your family. You will be particularly attentive to all the unspoken – but do not say anything about the skeletons in the cabinet.

1 - 31 DECEMBER 2014 Taurus



This month seems to be more contrasted than usual. You have decided to prepare Xmas quietly, you already have chosen the colours of the tree decoration and you just want to stay at home with your partner and children. But a tricky planet, Mars has decided to change your perfect organization and will bring you some unexpected events: a visit of your mother in law, for instance… just relax, (c’est la vie)!


Work, work, work, for you it is time to see the end of this very agitated and contradictory year. It seems that business is coming to you without too much effort and though this is positive, sometimes you think it could be too much. Of course, you are not able to be at three places at the same time! During the last week of the year, your family and friends will remind you that social life exists too.


You start December like the Lion you are: trusting your good star, heading to success and ready to face any challenge, whatever the risk. Ready too to face all conflicts, at work or at home! What’s the matter with you? Why so much anger? Try and be a little calmer or else you will exhaust people’s patience and not understand why you are suddenly alone… an unacceptable situation for an arrogant Lion.


Try to be careful not to become overloaded with all your various tasks. Learn to say ‘NO’ from time to time, otherwise people will get used to ask you more and more, and you will end up burn-out. You have developed a beautiful and strong relationship with your partner, you feel it deep in your heart and this brings you a happiness you have not known for a long time. The end of the month will be romantic.


Things are moving forward and the first 5 days of the month will be hectic. After that, your natural authority could be undermined. In your private life, you want stability and to spend relaxing moments with your family. The excellent news of the month is that the planet Saturn, which has been boring you so much during the past two years, is leaving your sign! You will soon feel that life becomes easier.


A December month in two parts: speed in the beginning, and quiet during the second half. You will have a lot of excellent ideas and a good intuition too. Around the 12th, one of your challenges could reach a full success. You feel more confident than ever and this gives you a new power of seduction. New Year’s Eve could be bright! Saturn will enter in your sign, where it will stay for about two years.


Mars enters your sign on the 5th and will give you such an energy that no one will be able to stop you. More audacious and eccentric than ever, you will assert yourself with strength and originality. In your job, your ideas will be innovating and your energy will act as a magnet: you will attract people free and full of creativity. New friends, new circles, you will not be alone for the New year’s Eve!

Bad organization at the beginning of the month. You do not want to miss anything and thus start everything at the same time. Calm your enthusiasm, or else you are heading towards difficulties, especially in your job. Things will come back to normal around the middle of the month, just in time to start preparing for Xmas and New Year’s Eve. As usual, you can count on your family’s help. It will be perfect!

Sagittarius SAGITTARIUS and PROFESSIONAL LIFE –People marked by this sign love travelling fast, far away, as far away as possible! This is why you will often find among them travellers, pilots, journalists and people having a deep desire to be somewhere else. Optimistic, they trust themselves and their “good star” and often have luck. This natural confidence naturally leads them to success, which is extremely important for them. If they are teachers, it will be in a University, if they choose civil service, they will become managers. Low profile is not for them. Among the most famous Sagittarius, you will find Winston Churchill, Kirk Douglas, Jane Fonda, Brad Pitt, Walt Disney and Tina Turner.

Following extensive studies in traditional astrology under numerous teachers and masters, Anne-Marie Comoretto has turned to psychoanalytic astrology and is fascinated by the concept collective conscience. With background in international business, she now consults and teaches in English, Italian, German and French. Based in Paris, Anne-Marie has taught at Adac and is affiliated with FDAF and CEDRA.

Silver Wholesale Jewellery made to order Guaranteed '925' Sterling.

Special Seasonal Discount See our website for more details: Or contact: Tony 0819 3306 5710 DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17





DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17



EVERY TUESDAY IN DECEMBER Tuesday, 2 December at 8.00 pm

Season 1 Ep. 9 - LIFE IS PRICELESS 45 mins Season 1 Ep. 10 - BETTER HALF 45 mins Tuesday, 9 December at 8.00 pm

Season 1 Ep. 11 - UNDERCOVER 45 mins Season 1 Ep. 12 - BLINDED 45 mins Tuesday, 16 December at 8.00 pm

Season 1 Ep. 13 - SACRIFICE - SEASON 2 "Lie to Me" is an intriguing American crime drama series. In the show, Dr. Cal Lightman (the fantastic Tim Roth) and his colleagues in The Lightman Group accept assignments from third parties (commonly local and federal law enforcement), and assist in investigations, reaching the truth through applied psycology: interpreting microexpressions, through the Facial Action Coding System and body language. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) is a vulcanic detective with a dark past, adept at reading body language, and especially the facial muscles of the person being investigated. He can determine the truth in the face of the most cool and clever person-of-interest. Tim Roth looks at the facial expressions of the personof-interest and provides a methodology for us, the viewers to recognize facial patterns and expressions and sometime to anticipate an answer. Tim Roth has an intriguing relationship with each member of his staff, as well as with his female partner. All these characteristics make this series a gem.

45 mins

Season 2 Ep. 1 - THE CORE OF IT

45 mins

Tuesday, 23 December at 8.00 pm

Season 2 Ep. 2 - TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES Season 2 Ep. 3 - CONTROL FACTOR 45 mins

45 mins

Tuesday, 30 December at 8.00 pm Season 2 Ep. 4 - HONEY 45 mins


45 mins

Through the art form of cinema, we want to explore the work of women as directors. We wish to give an opportunity to screen the unique vision of four women from 4 different countries, through there own, individual perspectives. For this review we have chosen the directors: Niki Caro (New Zealand), Sofia Coppola (Italy), Miranda July (America), Gurinder Chadha (India).

Wednesday, 3 December at 8.00 pm

Wednesday, 10 December at 8.00 pm

Wednesday, 17 December at 8.00 pm

Wednesday, 24 December at 8.00 pm





Directed by Sofia Coppola.

Directed by Gurinder Chadha.

Directed by Miranda July.

Directed by Niki Caro.

Dany Boon is deeply attached to his native region in the north of France. Until the age of 12, he only spoke the local French dialect. Then he begins to achieve notoriety with his comic one-man shows, and later, as an actor and director. In February 2008, he releases “Welcome to the Sticks”, a film based on prejudices held about his region. It is a French box-office record-breaking film.In 2008, Boon was the highest-paid actor in European film history. Race but in the middle of the course he discovers a stoweaway on board, a young man who is going to change everything.

Thursday, 4 December at 8.00 pm

Thursday, 11 December at 8.00 pm

Thursday, 18 December at 8.00 pm

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Directed by Dany Boon.

Directed by Pascal Chaumeil.


DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17

Directed by Christian Carion.




Directed by Dany Boon.






UBUD UBLS-001: TEGALLALANG (CEKING TERRACE): 7 are at 310 M / are. Location: pass Obyek Wisata, on the edge of the road. UBLS-002: TEGALLALANG, on the edge of the road with rice field view: 5 ares at 410 M/are UBLS-003: TEGALLALANG, 25 meters from the main road with rice field and river view: 39 ares at 210 M/are UBLS-004: TEGALLALANG, 30 meters from the main road with rice

field and river view: 2 ares at 190 M/are UBLS-005: TEGALLALANG, Banjar Gagan, rice field and river view: 15 ares at 160 M/are UBLS-006: TEGALLALANG, Pujung: 13 ares at 140 M/are UBLS-007: TEGALLALANG, Pujung, on the main road side with rice field and big river view: 2,5 ares at 260 M/are UBLS-008: TEGALLALANG,

Kedisan, with rice field and river view: 22 ares at 135 M / are UBLS-009: TEGALLALANG, Bayad, close to tourist place in Gunung Kawi – Rice field view: 44 ares at 150 M / are UBLS-010: MANUARA KENDRAN, close to the road: 5 are at 210 M / are UBLS-011: TEGALLALANG, Dukuh, rice field and river view: 6 are at 185 M / are UBLS-012: TAMPAK SIRING: 20 are at 40 M / are UBLS-013: TAMPAK SIRING: 22 are at 40 M / are UBLS-014: KEDEWATAN, close to Ayung river: 30 are (possibility to take only part of it) at 250 m / are


Please contact: (0361) 976 411 or 0878 6225 5366 BALI MARKETPLACE

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17




Sertifikat Hak Milik / Free hold certificate Villa ini cocok untuk modal di masa depan / Good Future Capital Growth on This Villa



FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) IC- COC-11332

PRICE TO SELL: IDR 3,2 Billion NEW PRICE: IDR 2,9 Billion Call Owner Direct +62 817 9735 110

PT INDOTCTRADING Office: Jl. Ketintang Baru III No 79 Surabaya 60231. Indonesia Tel. +62 31 776 67 760 Mobile: +62 82 145 999 110 Mail:

Attractive Yearly Rental Returns 1. 170m2 Luas Tanah, 160 m2 Luas Bangunan 170 m2 Land, 160 m2 Building 2. Tiga Kamar (2 Kamar di Lantai Bawah, 1 Kamar di Lantai Atas) Three Bedrooms (2 Bedrooms Down Stairs ,1 Bedroom Up Stairs) 3. Tiga Kamar Mandi (2 Kamar Mandi di Lantai Bawah, 1 Kamar Mandi di Lantai Atas Three Bathrooms (2 Bathrooms Down Stairs, 1 Bathroom Upstairs) 4. Baru di Renovasi Freshly Renovated Through Out 5. Semua Furnitur Baru, 3 Unit AC Baru LG Low Watts, 2 Pemanas Air Gas Rinai Baru, Mesin Cuci Samsung Baru, Samsung LED TV 32 Inchi Baru All New Furniture Through Out The Villa, 3 New LG low energy airconditioning units ,2 New Rinai Gas hot water heaters, New Samsung Washing Machine, NewSamsung TV LED 32 Inch 6. 2 Dapur, Oven Stainless Baru Modena dan Kulkas Stainless Baru di Dapur Bawah, Dapur Kedua di Lantai Atas 2 Kitchens, New Stainless Steel Oven Modena, New Stainless Fridge Downstairs kitchen, (first Kitchen Down Stairs)(Second Kitchen Upstairs) 7. Bangunan 2 Lantai (Bisa untuk diHuni Terpisah) Two Story Building ( Can be Used as 2 Separate Living Villas 8. Balkon terletak di Lantai 2 2nd Level Balcony Over looking the Neighborhood 9. Parkir Mobil letaknya di Dalam Off Street Car Parking 10. Suasananya sangat tenang dan sepi Very Peaceful and Quiet Location




Address: #1 - Jl.Raya Seminyak No. 7 (in front of Bintang Market) #2 - Jl.Raya Canggu 17 (Around Bank BNI) DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17

Bali Marketplace is looking for freelance sales representatives for: • Benoa / Jimbaran / Nusa Dua • Denpasar / Sanur / Renon Dynamic international work environment, Opportunity to learn about media industry, Exciting new publication, English mandatory, Experience in sales, preferable. Interested candidates, please send CV to BALI MARKETPLACE

APARTEMENTS OPENING SPECIAL OFFER PRICE !! ALL FULLY SERVICES AND SELF CONTAINED GET IN EARLY !! 1 Bedroom Suites 12 Units ONLY $325K / 95 M2 3 Bedrooms APARTEMENTS 6 Unit $725K 186 M2 3 Bedrooms PENTHOUSE APARTEMENTS SUITES 6 Units ONLY $950K 383 M2 8% ROI for 5 Years All 60 years leasehold



2 Bedrooms villa en suite bathrooms, fully furnished, Western Kitchen, Open Living Area, Provate Pool, Cabel TV, WiFi, Card Parking, Close to the Beach, Restaurant, Shopping and Night life.

2 Story Villa with Terrace, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, All New Furniture, All New Kitchen Wares, 170 M2 of Land, Off Street Car Parking, Quiet Location

USD 150/night, USD 1100/week, USD 3500/monthly Special Rate until High Season. Call Owner Direct +62 (0) 812 3794 6713

Free Hold 2.9 Billion IDR - Negotiable Call Owner Direct +62 (0) 812 3794 6713



RENTED Exclusive Beachfront Address, Available NOW! Next to the Jayakarta Hotel, Senggigi - Lombok. Beachfront Plot of Land for Lease Build Yourself a Dream Villa or Purchase a Villa of the Plan Private Gated Complex Very Competitive Pricing Call Owner Direct +62 (0) 812 3794 6713 BALI MARKETPLACE

3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, Swimming Pool, Full Furnished Open and Closed Living / Dining Areas. 240 M2 of Land Card Parking. +62 (0) 361 79 44 555

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17


25 VILLA FOR SALE Brand new luxury villa 320m2 (limasan) old teak wood, 10 mn from the beach (up to Echo beach), ricefields view, 12 ares, leasehold 23 years 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, Fully furnished, high quality materials, garage, AC, staff area, laundry swimming pool 13m, deck Must be seen, a very good investment!!

PRICE: USD 350.000 NOW,only USD 310,000 Contact: 0817 4700 943

HOUSE FOR SALE • • • • •

1 Are house built on 10 ares land Over contract 37 years Swimming pool (7 x 4m) Electricity: 4500 watt Location: Desa Kelabang Moding (10 minutes North of Ubud)

Ideally located just 10 minutes north of Ubud this charming house of 1 are is built on 10 ares of land. Very quiet place, private access (no car park). Very good opportunity for 37 years over contract. Contact: 081 547 136 567

PRICE: USD 170,000

HOUSE FOR SALE - IN UBUD HOUSE PONDOK WISATA • 180 square metres built on 5 ares land • Over contract 19 years • Swimming pool (8 x 4 m) extra outside toilet • 3 Bedrooms • Spa area • Lounge room. • Location: Penestanan Kaja (6 min drive from Ubud Center or 20 mins walk)

LAND FOR LEASE • • • • • •

Jalan Petulu 10 minutes North of Ubud market on a direct road Up to 54 ares Possibility to take part of it Around 200 meters from the main road with proper access An EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY with amazing surrounding

Contact: 0361 976 411 087 862 255 366

Contemporary new home in the rice fields with permanent jungle view on one side. Comes with Mosquito screens on bedroom windows and security grills. Modern kitchen with granite benches and walk in large pantry. Includes all new furniture and appliances. Contact: Nyoman - 0812 4677 4640 or email Christeen on

PRICE: USD 250,000 DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17


"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens Dickens was inspired to write A Christmas Carol in 1843 after he spoke at a charity night to raise money for the Manchester Athenaeum in England - an institution dedicated to "advancement and diffusion of knowledge". The 31-year-old spoke alongside the young Benjamin Disraeli, who would later become prime minister of Great Britain. After their talk, Dickens went on a long nocturnal walk later and had the idea for his "little Christmas book".

The inside cover of the first He started the story in October 1843 and wrote edition, 1843 obsessively for six weeks. As Dickens wrote, he wept, laughed, and wandered around London at night "when all sober folks had gone to bed". He finished the novella at the end of November so it could be published in time for Christmas. A Christmas Carol hit the shops on December 17, 1843, and sold out in three days.

Charles Dickens

• Ebenezer Scrooge’s famous catchphrase ‘Bah Humbug’ was only said twice by him in the book.

There is nothing wrong with self publishing (As long as you’re Charles Dickens).

When publishing houses turned down Dickens’s holiday story, he decided to go at it alone and managed the editing, printing, and marketing all by himself. Not one to be a miser, Dickens kept the price of the book low to make it as affordable as possible. The strategy was a failure; although the book sold well, the low price made it difficult for him to turn a profit.

Seasons greetings...

Charles Dickens is said to have popularized the phrase “Merry Christmas” thanks to its repeated use in the book. Without his phrasing we could very well have been wishing each other a "Happy Christmas", which only sounds slightly less laughable than "Happy Festivus". What happens in the story? Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by 3 ghosts at Christmas time, who encourage him to be a nicer person!

Some more facts about Charles Dickens and "A Christmas Carol" : • Charles Dickens full name was Charles John Huffam Dickens and his pen name was Boz. • The famous plum pudding that Mrs Cratchit made was not made of plums, but raisins. • The main characters of the story include Fezziwig, Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit and most famously Ebenezer Scrooge.

• A Christmas Carol was written by hand and a typesetter would have had to make sense of Charles Dickens’ crossings out and spelling mistakes before making the books. • There have been more than 20 film versions of A Christmas Carol including versions starring The Muppets, Barbie, Mickey Mouse and Mr Magoo. • One of the morals in A Christmas Carol is ‘To live our lives in a way that benefits others as well as ourselves'.

crossword 1









10 11 12






18 19




Across 1 Disregard deliberately (4,1,5,3) 8 Unreturnable services (4) 9 Courteous behaviour towards women (8) 10 Campanologist (4-6) 12 American literary figure and political activist, d. 2004 - tangos (anag) (6) 14 Maximum possible (2,4) 15 Something very easy to do (6,4) 19 Sports association - sporting equipment (4,4) 20 Study (for a degree?) (4) 21 Cowardly (slang) (6-7) Down 2 Hero of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s anti-slavery novel (5,3) 3 In the nose (5) 4 Support (7) 5 Cake decoration (5) 6 I’m a drag (anag) (7) 7 Three feet (4) 11 Mischievous exploit (8) 13 Diplomatic (7) 14 Within hearing range (7) 16 Relative by marriage (2-3) 17 Danger (5) 18 Weighty book (4)

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17



It's Christmas morning, Bali Bear can't wait for him and Tiny Ted to open their presents.

Selamat Natal to all of our Bali Marketplace Friends

Bali Bear

Copyright KE & JR Herrington all Rights Reserved. All Duplication Prohibited

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17


LIMASAN FOR SALE Already knock down and in Bali 14 x 10 meters Main Posts of 17 x 17 cms Complete and in very good condition: carved panels, doors and extra wooden boards The limassan can be seen in Canggu. Contact: Philippe: 08174700943 or

PRICE: IDR 180,000,000,MUST GO – ONLY IDR 150,000,000 NOW!!



• Located in Tabanan - Bali • Address : Banjar Kutuh Kaja, Desa Samsam, Kecamatan Kerambitan. • From main road Denpasar - Gilimanuk is about 2 Km • Land area: 10.000 M2 • 10 Mins to Tabanan • 25 Mins to Pura Tanah Lot • 20 Mins to Alas Kedaton • 20 Mins to Air Panas Rejasa

• • • • • • • •

Contact: Komang Karmawan +628123887656 or

Contact: +62 (0) 361 79 44555

PRICE: IDR 1,500,000,- per M2

PRICE: USD 350,000 Free Hold - Nego








To Denpasar-Gilimanuk

To Penebel

Map Location


2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1 Open / Close Living & Dinning Areas Western Kitchen Swimming Pool Tropical Garden Car Parking Area 240 M2 of Land

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17

chef festive menu IDR 480.000 ++ • • • Baked Scallops

Grandma's Children Meatballs

Meat and Potatoes

• • • • • •

festive snack baked scallops Scallop, Mashed cauliflower, Toasted butter crust

smoked butterfish Beetroot yoghurt, Avocado, Wild fennel

bbq octopus Asian gazpacho, Fresh apple, Coriander

grandma's chicken meatballs Sweet potato crisps, Tamarillo jam, Old school gravy

smoked shaved bacon Baby zucchini, Coconut broth, Kaffir lime

meat & potatoes Beef 'n' mushroom ragout, Whipped potato

bali breakfast Sweet runny manggo, Passion fruit, Coconut

cocoa 99 Organic chocolate, Mint ice cream

* only available from December 15 until January 2 Jalan Yoga Perkanthi, Jimbaran - Bali Ph. +62 361 708 066 E.

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17

Please Make Reservation at: Phone: +62 361 738 308 +62 361 716 2325 +62 361 784 70 09 Email: BALI MARKETPLACE

ARCA APPAREL ARCA APPAREL Is a brand built on a nomadic lifestyle. It is suited but not limited to society's rebels with a conscience. We take a plain canvas of raw materials, flip it upside down, inside out and back to front to create an original ARCA masterpiece that is finished off with the utmost detailed craftsmanship. Our aim is to keep creating unique, yet practical apparel with a vision of "daring to be different". Visit our website for more products at: Contact: Follow us: Arca Apparel





iPhone Case - Made from Bamboo & Redwood

EVA PUTU - Sexy Flowers for Men! Balinese model and designer, eva putu's upscale mens' resort wear is chic, elegant and eclectic. Her tropical gear is sure to impress while either hanging out at the beach clubs or out on the town. The elegant designs are hand tailored in Bali from fine imported cotton, luxury linen and silk. The limited edition collections range from sophisticated to swanky & feature themes of abstract, floral & animal print. Custom bespoke tailoring also available for the perfect fit. Available at: • EVA PUTU Boutique, Seminyak: at the start of Jl. Basangkasa (Jl. Legian) • Oberoi Hotel Boutique, Seminyak Contact: Mobile. 0878.6094.3987


DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17

DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17



DECEMBER 2014 Issue #17

Bali Marketplace Issue 17  
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