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1 May 2050 


Cure for Cancer THE LONG AWAITED CURE  been killed itself” Quote from Dr. Tim Finally, a permanent cure for the cata- Martin. The Graviloa fruit has been strophic disease called cancer has been known to have medicanal and espefound in Brazil, yesterday. News ar-

cially cancer curing values since an-

rived to the public through a press

cient times. Amazonian tribesmen

conference conducted by Dr. Tim

used to use the seeds of this to cure


diseases from the common flu to very

A new chemical called Orthocanceritis dangerous diseases like Cardiovascufound in the seeds of the Graviloa fruit lar (heart) diseases. Unfortunately the was discovered in the Amazon Rain-

tree is very rare and so the price of the

forest of Brazil by Dr. Tim Martin and cure is also pretty high priced. But one his team. At last after 2 years of hard lucky person, Mr. Hank Goddard has researching into the Graviloa fruit and received this cure for free while testextensive testing, it has been released ing and is the first man to have comto the eagerly waiting public. “The

pletely got rid of cancer with the use

murderer of everyone close to us have of this drug.

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