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the winners balfour office & adviser of the year

Josh Houston, Office of the Year Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Tanya Houston, wife Lori Hodges, Balfour associate

What did you think when your name was called for office of the year? JOSH – I was very was excited to represent our great company and the many talented sales representatives who work for Balfour Yearbooks. I’ve had some good years during my 12 years in the business and come close to winning this award, so it felt great to get over the hump and hear my name announced. I am very thankful for all of my customers who decided to give me a chance and work with them. photo by Clif Palmberg

What part do you play in this great team? TANYA – I am the BOSS! (ha ha) We are expecting our third child. Josh and I think it is important for me to stay at home. We do a good job of supporting each other and working toward the goals we have set for our family. We are a great team! To whom do you credit your success? LORI – Josh is one of the best guys I’ve ever known. He’s one of those guys that you can’t say anything bad about. I’m so blessed and proud to be not only his associate but also to call him my friend.

Brenda Stelzel, Adviser of the Year East Bernard High School East Bernard, Texas

Hal Schmidt, Balfour representative How would you describe your 37 years of advising?

photo by Clif Palmberg

elements 24 spring 2014

BRENDA – I was assigned yearbook and newspaper my second year of teaching. I continued to enjoy my business classes, but advising publications quickly became my favorite assignment. Our yearbook started off with either no captions or gag captions and ended up as an award-winning publication with great design, storytelling captions and well-researched copy. Unless you are involved in journalism as a teacher or a student, you might not understand this. My students learned marketable skills in

East Bernard’s yearbook and newspaper classes. In fact, some of my students have achieved great success in the field of journalism. What was it like to visit Brenda’s classroom? Hal – The air was filled with enthusiasm and joy; her students wanted to be there. They never settled for average. Every visit at least two staff members would ask, “How can I make this better?” They took great pride in their publication, school and community. I could have had a tough day, but when I walked out of East Bernard HS, I knew I had the best job in the world.

Elements Magazine, Vol 7, Spring 2014  

Yearbook Magazine

Elements Magazine, Vol 7, Spring 2014  

Yearbook Magazine