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Created using the highest standards of scholastic journalism, the best books record the stories of the year both visually and verbally, including – • A unique record of school and current year • Specific, storytelling copy (traditional or alternative) • Fair and balanced coverage • Visual appeal

Best of 2016 3

Allen High School Allen, Texas Theme: THE ALLEN WAY Bookname: The Eagle Adviser Kelly Juntunen Editor Hadley Willems Representative Jim Anderson

cover-to-cover conceptual development The chenille letter “A� added to each cover represents The Allen Way. By repeating the plaid pattern introduced on the cover in the page numbers, at the corners of pictures and as a graphic element, the staff creates a unified look throughout the book.

Noteworthy: front endsheet; establishing image of stadium; panoramic photo; theme graphic in corner for continuity; understated, accurate table of contents with theme graphic.

4 Allen High School


Noteworthy: quarter-page ads limited to three or four photos; clean uncluttered look; placement and use of color in names; gray background used as differentiator.

Noteworthy: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” coverage; quotes reflect students’ varied perspectives; iconic images; secondary coverage includes facts and quotes.

Noteworthy: dominant image of a unique marching band tradition; variety of groups of students pictured; COB photo designed as part of headline.

Best of 2016 5

Baylor University

Waco, Texas

Theme: Humans of Baylor Bookname: Roundup Advisers Paul Carr and Julie Freeman Editor Hannah Neumann Representative Jim Anderson

design, coverage support theme The theme Humans of Baylor allows the Roundup staff the opportunity to be listeners and observers of the Baylor community. Well-written feature stories record the history and memories of the year. By including the stories of individual students, the staff covers the group experience and the individual perspective. Professional quality photos on every spread make the Roundup a visual treasure.

Noteworthy: big picture design; placement of copy supports readability; quotes in copy capture individual reactions to performance; photo composition.

6 Baylor University


Noteworthy: well-researched feature; specific secondary packages cover individual accomplishments & bowl game; smart phone package design.

Noteworthy: timeline design; Baylor’s 2015-16 sports highlights; dates; individual & group accomplishments; use of color; integration of quotes, pictures.

Noteworthy: coverage of overseas mission; B&W photo with inset color photo module; well-written feature; international news coverage.

Best of 2016 7

Bellaire High School

Bellaire, Texas

Theme: IN AN INSTANT Bookname: Carillon Advisers Mica Segal, Stephanie Paz, Patti Simon Editors Candace Cravey, Teresa Datta, Karen Guo, Jessica Lefkowitz, Christina Tan Representative Ryan Almon

coverage drives innovative design Because yearbooks are about capturing moments, the Carillon’s theme, IN AN INSTANT, offers a context for coverage. Throughout the book, content always dictates design. Showstopper spreads, alternative copy formats and secondary coverage modules support in-depth coverage of the collective and individual experiences of the year.

Noteworthy: underwater photo; big photo design; well-placed copy, idents & quotes; alternative copy includes dates for activities; candid portraits.

8 Bellaire High School


Noteworthy: dramatic photo; well-placed copy & caption; theme copy includes specifics about 2015-16; ties theme to using social media to capture moments every day.

Noteworthy: showstopper spread linked to theme; “what would you do” questions; surveyed 80 students; graphic representation of results; use of color; timeline whole-book link. Noteworthy: colorful photo; section spinoff— face to face; icon represents season or section; icon repeats in folio throughout section; student & quote in timeline moves with season.

Noteworthy: distinctive design; horizontal images with partial cutouts; cutouts slightly overlap creating a unified look; photos differentiated by different head sizes.

Noteworthy: unique coverage of astrological signs; includes source; graphic of constellation; reaction to new sign, Ophiuchus; anecdotal quotes; candid portraits.

Best of 2016 9

chapa middle School Kyle, Texas Theme: chapter x Bookname: Legacy Adviser Owen Taylor Editors Alyssa Cazares, Sarah Omar, Sandy Schroeder Representative Morgan Tuggle

clever expansion of theme concept Chapa’s theme, Chapter X, celebrates the middle school’s 10-year anniversary. Cleverly, the X is used to represent both the number 10 and the prefix “ex-.” The multiple meanings of “ex,” out of, from, utterly, thoroughly, not, without, etc., provide the Legacy staff with a nearly inexhaustible stockpile of coverage and headline possibilities.

Noteworthy: use of transparency (X) on photo; words set in color for emphasis; folio design, use of color; use of number 10 and ex- as repeated elements; visual/verbal theme introduction.

10 Chapa Middle School


Noteworthy: paneled portraits with names to the outside; consistent background, head size; clever coverage using 10: “Ten ways to survive the zombie apocalypse.”

Noteworthy: coverage of guy and girls’ night out events; candid photos of activities; secondary coverage modules expand coverage; quotable quotes.

Noteworthy: use of theme-related colors; type contrast (thick/thin, serif/sans serif, big/small); storytelling quotes in copy & captions; module design.

Best of 2016 11

cistercian preparatory School Irving, Texas Theme: forms Bookname: Exodus Adviser Fr. Anthony Bigney Editors J.P. Castella & Michael Molas Representative Catherine Iden

visual/verbal theme development The cover design blends hexagons and rectangles to create a representation of the school’s multidimensional nature. Although not totally meshed on the perimeter, the figures move together. Instead of becoming an indistinct mass, however, each hexagon retains its geometric character. The message is clear: Although Cistercian forms character, it never welds individuals into an indistinguishable mass.

Noteworthy: big picture design; well-written copy & caption; photo composition—leading lines, framing, center of interest.

12 Cistercian Preparatory School


Noteworthy: headline/photo connection; action/reaction photos; copy includes well-researched facts, figures; folio design & quote boxes repeat theme graphics. Noteworthy: big picture design; linear pull-outs; use of transparencies to support readability; color boxes for idents; storytelling quotes.

Noteworthy: geometric secondary coverage module design, headline design, photo collection; facts, figures in copy; quotable quotes.

Best of 2016 133

Claudia Taylor johnson High School

San Antonio, Texas

Theme: STORY Bookname: The Citadel Adviser Velisa Jewett Editors Emily Hermann, Morgan Mendelson, Kate Vana Representative Kathi Hopkins

unique perspectives , storytelling quotes The theme STORY presents individual stories within the context of the community and the high school. By using three tip-ins. the staff shows how the story unfolds. The verbal development of the theme relies on storytelling quotes in well-written feature stories. Photos capture the actions and reactions of students, the moments of the year.

Noteworthy: community coverage; students’ local store preferences explained with quotes; easy-to-read type on photos; tiled design.



Noteworthy: first-person student account of a car accident; copy linked to theme, STORY; portraits have uniform head sizes & backgrounds; unique incorporation of names in panel.

Noteworthy: storytelling quotes; lead-ins to quotes placed on photos (sidebar); quotes unique to individual student experience; well-written primary, secondary headlines.

Noteworthy: blue brackets repeat theme design; prominent student names; well-organized photo & copy placement.

Best of 2016 155

cy creek High School Houston, Texas Theme: UNCOVERED Bookname: Cougar Pride Adviser Samantha Berry Editors Megan Chan & Wounmee Yaka Representative Lisa Schwartz

well-researched content supports theme The Cougar Pride staff uncovered the stories of the 2015-16 school year. Icons on the cover, representing location, demographics, sports, mascot, extracurricular activities, etc., beckon the reader to discover what’s been uncovered. The staff did its homework. To make the book a reliable history and reference book, spreads feature facts, figures, quips and quotes. Dynamic design keeps the reader engaged with the content.

Noteworthy: dynamic big photo layout; dominant photo lighting; secondary photo package placement; quotable quotes in all captions; first-person narrative feature; caption placement.

16 Cy Creek High School


Noteworthy: whole-book link (top left) adds facts, figures; photo treatment (color + B&W); wide variety of events covered; storytelling quotes in captions; COB photo.

Noteworthy: election coverage; student reactions to primary candidates; poll; school news; popular culture coverage; feature on new principal; well-integrated secondary packages.

Noteworthy: showstopper spread; alternative copy module of photos and facts; big photo layout with color + B&W; action/reaction photos; typographical design.

Best of 2016 177

cy woods High School

Cypress, Texas

Theme: EXISTENCE Bookname: The Crimson Adviser Abby Paysse Editors Brit Saunier & Julia Held Representative Lisa Schwartz

well-designed landscape book For their 10-year anniversary, The Crimson staff explores EXISTENCE at Cy Woods High School. Although the landscape format is a design challenge, the staff effectively exploits its possibilities. Secondary coverage modules supplement primary coverage by exploring individual stories and perspectives. To the staff’s credit, coverage is fair and balanced.

18 Cy Woods High School


Noteworthy: whole-book link used in folio adds coverage; simple rectangle repeated as unifying graphic element; storytelling quotes; use of color. Noteworthy: timeline; informative quotes; records accomplishments; 10-second module; student profiles; coverage of unique academic program.

Noteworthy: showstopper spread; fashion coverage; diverse group of students featured; time-stamped with prices; effective use of color. Noteworthy: big photo serves as dramatic backdrop for coverage; visual effect heightened by format; well-balanced design; storytelling quotes; unique, regional coverage.

Best of 2016 199

east bernard High School East Bernard, Texas Theme: DIFFERENT ANGLE Bookname: The Brahma Adviser Laura Kubena Editors Russell Zahradnik & Sara Marie Berrett Representative Lauren Schwartz

color, graphics unify theme development The pure, bright hues introduced on the cover unify the book’s design. Throughout the book, the colors are repeated in headlines, graphics and type. Big photo designs and showstopper spreads create a different look or angle from which the year is viewed. Angled lines and clipped rectangles, also introduced on the cover and spine, visually support the theme development.

Noteworthy: use of color in type (headline, photo idents, drop cap); big picture design; headline designed with dominant photo; quotable quotes in captions, feature; use of color & angles in photo collection.

20 East Bernard High School


Noteworthy: fashion & trends coverage; theme color palette repeated; use of quadrilaterals in design; students’ reactions in quotes; time-stamped with prices; well-anchored COB photos.

Noteworthy: profile of student athlete; big photo layout; chronicles career of award-winning runner with feature story & quotes; athlete’s perspective.

Noteworthy: headline design; B&W + color photos; quadrilateral design for photo collection; leads, supporting roles, chorus covered; well-written feature story.

Best of 2016 211

etiwandA High School Etiwanda, California Theme: FROM THE INSIDE OUT Bookname: Aquila Adviser Bern Judson Editors Jade Bobeda & Kimberly Chua Representative Frank Ortiz

thought-provoking theme development The campus entryway, a pair of columns with an archway, is die cut on the cover to take the reader inside from the outside! (The red endsheet shows through.) From the Inside Out emphasizes the importance of what’s happening inside Etiwanda: in the halls, in the classrooms; in the performance center, etc. Because the opening copy directs the reader to places where things are happening, the pictures focus on action.

Noteworthy: copy lists places in the school & activities in the places, “In the ____...; captions boldface “in” and “out”; photos feature activities in different places in the school; color coordination.

22 Etiwanda High School


Noteworthy: meaningful coverage of service to the school & community; folio design; secondary coverage module connects to popular initiative; color coordination; informative copy. Noteworthy: big picture design; use of transparencies; photo composition—rule of thirds; subject looking in leads to copy; word spin-offs for sections; section name and “inside� repeated in copy; larger, bold words identify season covered.

Noteworthy: internal spacing used to unify and separate; dominant photo package with dominant photo within; variety of events covered; informative captions; overlines link to photos; well-written copy.

Best of 2016 233

flower mound High School Flower Mound, Texas Theme: CANDID Bookname: The Legend Adviser Marie Jones Editor Madison Doyle Representative Jim Anderson

well-planned visual/verbal coverage A result of careful planning and persistent leadership, the graphic motifs introduced on the cover are repeated throughout The Legend to create a unified visual presentation. Color, used to highlight and connect content, is a primary design strategy. Well-composed images capture CANDID moments and accompanying copy, quotes and captions continue the stories photos begin. It’s difficult to make something look easy, informal and natural. The staff has accomplished it.

Noteworthy: distinctive fall divider; quotes are candid reflections by participants; dynamic dominant photo captures hole in defense; use of shapes and graphic motifs introduced on cover.

24 Flower Mound High School


Noteworthy: subheads add organizational structure to copy; COB photos anchored by color bar; secondary coverage module on spirit; before, during and after coverage; subtle use of theme graphics. Noteworthy: well-written feature story with storytelling quotes; theme graphic used in folios, secondary coverage, whole-book link; photo packages with grouped captions; use of three-peat color.

Noteworthy: showstopper; big picture design; dozens of recognizable faces; headline design; linear pull-outs of selected individuals; action/reaction photo; quotable quotes.

Best of 2016 255

Fort zumwalt west High School O’Fallon, Missouri Theme: STRENGTH IN NUMBERS Bookname: The Predator Adviser Loran Marquez Editors Caitlin Hollander, Carol Keller, Jenna Terbrock, Jordan Weinberg Representative Liz Bardin

theme developed from cover to cover Looking for number magic? The Predator staff has it. To be a usable history and reference tool, a yearbook should record times, dates, prices, etc. Each page of this Missouri yearbook notes the facts and figures that make the year real. Dynamic secondary coverage packages combine with well-researched copy to create honest coverage.

Noteworthy: big picture design; linear pull-outs; select students (grades 9-12) offer personal perspectives on “strength”; dozens of students pictured; creative theme copy format.

26 Fort Zumwalt West High School


Noteworthy: numbers in primary & secondary headlines; alternative copy format; chronological overview of season with photos & quotes; secondary package, “By the Numbers”; complete photo coverage of group.

Noteworthy: community coverage; alternative copy format (photo/quote) designed with linear pull-outs; snapshots of students’ summer activities; sidebar social media coverage about Twitter followers; effective use of color.

Noteworthy: fall sports division; dynamic, action-packed dominant; quote on dominant; August-October highlights of all sports; whole-book link in folio with interesting fact linked to date.

Best of 2016 277

glacier peak High School Snohomish, Washington Theme: WE ARE GP Bookname: The Edge Adviser Annie Green Editor Emily Nina Representative Randy Elliott

increased coverage supported by theme WE ARE GP focuses on the experience of attending Glacier Peak High School, both as an individual and as a part of the school community. The Edge records activities and events, but does it with the individual student’s perspective in mind, making the coverage personal. The staff increases the number of students in the book by including photos of both large and small groups on spreads.

Noteworthy: dynamic black/white design; runner identifications on pictures; partial cutouts of candid portraits; “What’s your jam?” sidebar; feature on close State Championship win.

28 Glacier Peak High School


Noteworthy: copy treatment aligns with theme concept; typographical design; photo kick starts theme; copy well-integrated with B&W photo; serif, sans serif type selection. Noteworthy: social media coverage; Instagram messages identified; regionspecific coverage; angle of coverage—student profile; storytelling quotes in copy; quote collection secondary coverage module.

Noteworthy: 50+ clearly recognizable faces on spread; coverage of fans; players’ reactions to fan support; anecdotal stories about front row fans; thick/thin type for idents.

Best of 2016 299

glenda dawson High School

Pearland, Texas

Theme: Inside the CHAOS Bookname: Aerie Adviser Leslie Sanderson Editors Hanna Truong & Taylor Oliphant Representative Ryan Almon

photos, headlines, coverage support theme With the theme inside the CHAOS, the Aerie staff had to have fun. On the cover, the colorful crosshatching technique within the letters suggests contained chaos. To sustain the theme, the staff selects lively action and reaction photos and accompanies them with bold headlines. Demonstrating attention to detail, the drawing technique used on the cover is repeated in the folio design.

Noteworthy: outrageous candid portraits support fun theme; individual personalities reflected in photo treatments; well-written expanded captions; folio includes page editor(s) credits.

30 Glenda Dawson High School


Noteworthy: dynamic vertical dominant photo; “The Chaos Inside” secondary module ties to theme; headline design; expanded captions serve as alternative copy; boldface names draw readers into story. Noteworthy: subtle partial cutout; well-designed headline placed on photo; engaging dominant photo; secondary coverage tells a teacher’s story; informative captions.

Noteworthy: big photo design; specific focus on varsity play-offs; headline/photo technique; photo collections; partial cutout of football photo; every sports’ playoff explained.

Best of 2016 311

gorzycki middle School Austin, Texas Theme: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN Bookname: The Roar Adviser Lindsey Shirack Editors Victoria Hernandez, Aspen Kissinger, Halle Krogstad, Gail Roggenbauer Representative Stacy Mehrens

well-unified theme development The theme WHAT HAPPENS WHEN nails two of the Five Ws and H. The other four investigative categories are not neglected, however, in this well-conceived book. The horizontal and vertical, transparent rectangles, introduced on the cover, repeat throughout the book serving as a unifying device. The book’s photography, design and writing are exemplary.

Noteworthy: dynamic vertical dominant; variety of activities covered; well-written feature; photo collection with captions & photo credits; secondary coverage module with theme graphic.

32 Gorzycki Middle School


Noteworthy: photo quality; feature story with quotes from six students; expanded captions with quotes; COB photos anchored with theme graphic; “favorite piece� coverage.

Noteworthy: colorful dominant photo; before/after secondary coverage; candid portraits used with quotes; behind-the-scenes coverage; well-planned use of theme graphic.

Noteworthy: well-written headline; informative captions & copy; storytelling quotes; student poll (with number of students polled included); use of color; four-part captions.

Best of 2016 33

granite bay High School

Granite Bay, California

Theme: This book is about you Bookname: Ursus Adviser Bernadette Cranmer Editor Ambreen Siddiqui Representative Shelly Townsend

theme focuses on individual stories Although students have been told, “It’s not all about you,” the Ursus staff disagrees. The yearbook is about 2,048 students who are Granite Bay. As a result, stories explain individual involvement. With multiple secondary packages on every spread, coverage expands beyond the obvious. By thoroughly researching each activity, event, sport, club, etc., the staff reports the details of student lives.

Noteworthy: attention-getting headline; editing look in headline design; well-written headline variations; folio sidebar; photo collection with collection caption, idents; visual/verbal connection; candid portraits.

34 Granite Bay High School


Noteworthy: photo packages with headlines, stories & idents; Q&A alternative copy format; candid portraits; secondary module on selecting numbers; storytelling quotes; effective use of color.

Noteworthy: novel approach to group shots; concept tied to theme; one person circled and linear pull-out ties to quote about student’s involvement; correct row designations; first & last names; clear group identification.

Noteworthy: novel fashion coverage & color choice; use of artifacts; COB photos anchored with shadows; Q&A alternative copy format; combined images of five students with quotes; quotes about selecting clothing.

Best of 2016 355

Harrisonburg High School Harrisonburg, Virginia Theme: a good question... Bookname: Taj Adviser Mary Strickler Editors Meaghan Shifflett, Sophia Hartman, Marjorie Bonga Representatives Tami and Scott Stalcup

fresh design, coverage angles A good question demands a thoughtful, educated answer. The Taj staff responds to the challenge by digging for the facts and figures behind the stories. A whole-book link in the folio area adds questions and student responses to every spread. Secondary coverage, such as “to answer your question,� pushes the theme through the book. Outstanding photography and design complete the package.

Noteworthy: dominant photo; stop-action images; variety of water sports covered; headline design; use of color; social media post; anecdotal quotes; captions include dates.

36 Harrisonburg High School


Noteworthy: showstopper spread; fresh coverage; COB photos anchored with shadows; explains injuries and long-term consequences; feature story angle—obstacles the school building presents to injured students. Noteworthy: big photo design; woven type; well-coordinated color in headline; use of transparency behind copy; storytelling quotes on student jobs; dramatic leading line to stories.

Noteworthy: color coordination; photo inset into copy; design flow from strong dominant to headline and around; over/under design on bar at the bottom; 40+ students pictured.

Best of 2016 377

hill country christian School Austin, Texas Theme: perfect VISION Bookname: The Bard Adviser John Horvath Editor Jonathan Innis Representative Jim Anderson

verbal/visual storytelling focus Perfect vision is 20/20. Hill Country Christian celebrated 20 years in 2016, but 20/20 is also a plan for the future created with wisdom and imagination. In a whole-book link, students share their visions of themselves “in 20 years.� The staff envisioned a book with complete, fair and balanced coverage and created it with thorough reporting. With its dynamic design, unconventional coverage and detailed reporting, The Bard perfectly captured the year.

Noteworthy: headline design and placement on spread; linear pull-out; big picture design; spirit shirts worn by students; Q&A alternative copy format; 27 students pictured.

38 Hill Country Christian School


Noteworthy: showstopper spread; establishing shot of library; student survey— favorite books; linear pull-out design; primary/secondary headline placement & design; Q&A sidebar format. Noteworthy: endsheet introduces color palette; serif & emphasis types repeated from cover; woven type; well-coordinated color presentation; graphic repeated in new palette; essential information included; balanced design.

Noteworthy: headline design & placement on photo; timely headline; Q&A alternative copy format; “IN 20 YEARS...� whole-book link; sidebar coverage of district tournament.

Best of 2016 399

holy trinity episcopal academy Melbourne, Florida Theme: CAUGHT in the Current Bookname: Tigrium Adviser Sarah Tricano Editor Baylee Whitley Representative Marcia Meskiel-Macy

fresh typography, page designs The free-flowing Tigrium staff is caught in the current by being present to the everyday moments at Holy Trinity. Stunning photographic effects, typographic design and subtle graphic touches create a book that appeals to both the upper and lower school communities. Designed in opposition, chiseled, angular shapes contrast with soft focus effects in photos and on page designs. When all things are considered, going with the flow takes careful planning.

Noteworthy: use of emphasis type; color coordination; graphic on dominant ties to theme design; specific facts, figures in captions; copy profiles regional champion.

40 Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy


Noteworthy: showstopper spread; vertical orientation; dozens of students covered; identifications for all students; quilt-like design supports spirit week coverage.

Noteworthy: photo composition—angle, rule of thirds, leading lines; photo collections include images of an international holiday celebration; “on the nice list” sidebar feature.

Noteworthy: headline design; placement of secondary headline; photos show interaction & relationships; folio design; quotable quotes in captions; stats on photo.

Best of 2016 411

james madison university Harrisonburg, Virginia Theme: BE. Bookname: The Bluestone Adviser Mark C. Rankin Editor Paige Lobuts Representatives Scott & Tami Stalcup

dynamic record of campus life What does it mean to BE? It’s what the college experience is all about: accepting who you truly are, building your self-worth, living by your own rules. The Bluestone staff focuses on students who live their convictions and pursue their interests. On every spread the content dictates the design in a true magazine style. Well-written feature stories supply in-depth coverage of the campus experience.

Noteworthy: headline color, design and placement; graduates’ reactions captured; big picture design; establishing shot of university (in background); credits for page editors & photographers.

42 James Madison University


Noteworthy: coverage of an off-campus music venue; photos capture underground tones; Polaroid-like frames contrast with dark tonal quality; covers campus radio station; use of color in design. Noteworthy: visual effect—framed subject (in focus) on top of soft focus photo of flags creates selective focus effect; use of transparency for copy block; addition of stars in corner; records details of Veterans Association’s proposal.

Noteworthy: coverage of biology students; feature on groundbreaking research to restore sight with artificial corneas; informative quotes from researchers.

Best of 2016 433

jesuit preparatory School

Dallas, Texas

Theme: simply jesuit Bookname: The Last Roundup Advisers Mike Riemer, Tiffany Holmes, Valerie Souders Editor Pryor Miller Representative Catherine Iden

theme organizes, directs content The Last Roundup staff defines Jesuit in a way that is not complicated or confusing. Listing characteristics and activities that describe the school year and school community is simply jesuit. The staff uses the list to organize content and establish a coverage angle. The innovative approach, supported by action photos and complete captions, provides the reader with a clear picture of Jesuit Preparatory School.

Noteworthy: big picture design; words from the cover organize coverage (endurance, dominance, faithful, etc.); photos represent sports that require “endurance�; anecdotal stories written for each sport on spread.

44 Jesuit Preparatory School


Noteworthy: dominant sequence; variety of games covered; icons used for page & photo credits; dictionary-like pronunciation guide; photo subjects identified at bottom of copy.

Noteworthy: strip of candid photos break portrait panel; colorful COB photo dominant; student profile; sidebar covers juniors’ participation in school activities; school seal used as a unifying device.

Noteworthy: innovative organizing device for coverage; visualverbal connection between dominant photo & headline; inset photos expand on awkward moments; specific copy explains situations.

Best of 2016 455

leander High School Leander, Texas Theme: we are LEANDER Bookname: The Lair Adviser Danielle Bell Editor Autumn Corbin Representative Stacy Mehrens

concept creates coverage opportunities “Leander? What’s that?” It’s not what. It’s who. The yearbook staff reveals who lives in The Lair. The revelation starts on the cover with an impressive close-up of the mascot, a lion. Colors, coordinated with dominant photos, draw readers into the content. To entice readers, traditional feature stories alternate with different copy formats. Because the staff inserts big photo and showstopper spreads throughout the book, they avoid visual monotony.

Noteworthy: defining information; specific figures; historical information; dominant COB photo illustrates tradition; includes student quotes; poll.

46 Leander High School


Noteworthy: photo packages; COB photos in “Shooting from the Foul” module; headline links to dominant photo; storytelling quotes; well-written expanded captions. Noteworthy: words from the alma mater; photo used to illustrate the lines of verse; story/caption set on photo; photo composition—rule of thirds, stop action; frame interrupted by headline.

Noteworthy: three distinct photo packages; theme-related profile springs from “We are Leander,” becoming “I am a Lion”; further morphs to “meet the actual LIONS”; headline design.

Best of 2016 477

legacy High School Mansfield, Texas Theme: as in Bookname: The Arena Advisers Leland Mallett & Rachel Dearinger Editors Brooke Jackson & Kyle Sims Representative Tammy Bailey

graphic development of theme concept The Arena effectively uses circles as a graphic design element. When the shape is introduced on the cover, it is part of the theme logo for as in. Spread designs feature circle dotted lines, clipped circles as part of folio design, visual theme connections in secondary coverage, anchors for COB photos and prominent graphic design element on showstopper spreads. The book is visually unified from cover to cover.

Noteworthy: reinforcement of theme (“as in�); multiple stories/profiles; repetition of theme graphics; use of color.

48 Legacy High School


Noteworthy: world, national & state events; dates included; divided by month for clarity; graphic includes themerelated red circle; folio design.

Noteworthy: showstopper spread; individual students profiled; day-in-the-life format; covers all classes; COB photos combined with headline; effective presentation. Noteworthy: comprehensive coverage of JV sport; collective & individual experiences reported; before, during and after coverage; well-researched captions.

Noteworthy: A-Z dictionary-like tabs; student life coverage; sneaker collector; athletic shoe facts & figures; paneled portraits; “in detail” whole-book link in folio includes a fact.

Noteworthy: effective use of circular theme graphic; photo’s caption explains connection to theme; use of color, gray background.

Best of 2016 499

little rock central High School Little Rock, Arkansas Theme: BEYOND Bookname: The Pix Adviser Roy Vaughn Editor Becky Sherman Representative Pamela Hopkins

use of color, photo packages THE PIX goes Beyond the expected. Spreads feature student profiles which highlight Little Rock Central’s diverse community. Photo composition varies from low angles to high angles and photo techniques create dynamic visual effects. Color, used to unify and separate, organizes content into one cohesive spread. Also, by using photo collections, the staff groups content into storytelling packages. Quotable quotes add student perspectives throughout the book.

Noteworthy: freshman class divider; big photo design; use of transparent blue bar as design element; photo composition; fisheye photo; quote in caption.

50 Little Rock Central High School


Noteworthy: strong dominant photo; secondary coverage module identifies individual athletes & their events; photo packages cover individual performances. Noteworthy: timely coverage; student profiles; B&W candid portraits; dramatic close-up headshots; in-depth feature writing; storytelling quotes.

Noteworthy: blended coverage of academic, co-curricular; student profile with Q&A format; use of color; candid portraits; quotable quotes; variety of students, activities covered.

Best of 2016 511

mccallum High School Austin, Texas Theme: Walking on SunSHINE Bookname: The Knight Adviser Dave Winter Editor Christina Beck Representative Jim Anderson

exceptional reporting Outstanding feature writing sets The Knight apart. Engaging leads, quotable quotes and effective transitions draw readers through the stories. By focusing on unique aspects of activities, events, competitions, etc., the staff creates timely, honest coverage. The photos selected are well-composed, effectively cropped and widely varied. The book, organized by a clever theme, is a complete, unified package.

Noteworthy: effective single-page design; photo coverage of extracurricular activities; models of Lead-Quote-Transition feature writing; angles of coverage; headline design.

52 McCallum High School


Noteworthy: beginning, middle, end coverage; pull quote with wrapped body copy; quotes in captions; first-person narrative lead; secondary coverage module; use of color.

Noteworthy: lead establishes tone & anticipation; honest reporting; photos cover all participants, on and off the field; boldface names draw readers into copy; well-researched copy & captions.

Noteworthy: dramatic showstopper; explanation of trainers’ tools; overlaid photos of trainers working; placement of copy on picture; drop cap; quotable quotes result of effective interviewing.

Best of 2016 533

Mckinney boyd High School McKinney, Texas Theme: NOT ONLY 10, but also... Bookname: The Bronco Adviser Julia Copeland Editors Logan Larsen & Stevie Glew Representative Catherine Iden

well-planned chronological coverage The Bronco staff took on the challenge of a chronological coverage organization and conquered it with well-planned blended coverage. Because the theme, Not Only 10, but also‌, celebrates the journey of the school’s first 10 years, the organization of the book is natural. Throughout the book, secondary coverage supplements primary coverage and honestly covers group activities, not just meetings.

Noteworthy: winter division; calendar format; word-salad design for quote; partial cut-out with circle; important dates highlighted; photo identifications with expanded captions.

54 McKinney Boyd High School


Noteworthy: secondary coverage module covers students’ experiences during schedule pick-up; summer coverage of school and community activities: pre-season band performance, vacation Bible school leaders. Noteworthy: spring divider in calendar format; chronological organization; varied activities; individual perspectives with candid photos & quotes; dominant photo features a large group.

Noteworthy: word salad quote box; secondary coverage module of color guard; numbers support theme concept; quotable quotes; internal spacing used to unify & separate.

Best of 2016 55

Mcneil High School Austin, Texas Theme: fundamentally MAVERICK Bookname: Maverick Adviser Theresa Proctor Editors Will Nichols & Shelby Thompson Representatives Morgan Tuggle & Jim Anderson

focus on unique aspects of school, year Fundamentals are the necessary base or core of things. Therefore, FUNDAMENTALLY MAVERICK covers the year at McNeil High School by focusing on things that are of central importance, the things that make McNeil unique and made the year exceptional. A logical, organized approach to blended coverage makes the Maverick a model for chronological organization.

Noteworthy: allusion headline; COB photos; big picture design; interactive matching test; anecdotal quotes; clever display of shoes; thought provoking content & presentation.

56 McNeil High School


Noteworthy: : map of school—invaluable reference, historical record; quotes add memories and student perspectives; use of color; establishing shot of school.

Noteworthy: gallery of student photos; color B&W, special effects, angle, candid portraits, stop action; cityscape; neutral background. Noteworthy: blended coverage of several groups; blocks in headline link to theme graphic; secondary coverage packages with headlines, photo packages, copy, photo idents; number of students pictured; internal spacing used to unify & separate; copy includes quotable quotes.

Noteworthy: well-written feature on performances; folio design uses cover graphic; secondary heads identify groups; color use in headlines; blended coverage adds classroom activity & club.

Noteworthy: pull quote with wrapped copy; internal spacing used to unify & separate; profile on student immigrating to U.S.; secondary coverage about club fundraiser; quotable quotes.

Best of 2016 577

memorial High School Houston, Texas Theme: TAKE TWO Bookname: Reata Adviser Holly Hartman Editors Caroline Jones & Aniston Hill Representative Lisa Schwartz

reader friendly, visually appealing TAKE TWO was a timely theme for the Reata staff. Beginning in August, two minutes were subtracted from every period to make lunch 19 minutes longer. At first, two minutes seemed inconsequential, but the opening copy shows how two minutes count: cramming for a quiz before school, remaining time in a close game, etc. Alternative copy formats and well-planned design variations offer the reader multiple reasons to revisit pages.

Noteworthy: COB photos with Q&A format; additional coverage provided in whole-book link in folio area; headline design; variety of photo coverage: practice, performance, cruise performance.

58 Memorial High School


Noteworthy: showstopper spread; overview of social media sites with explanations & quotes; cell phones used as examples; two photo packages cover two more sites; headline writing & design. Noteworthy: photo composition—angle, rule of thirds, leading lines; well-written feature story; students’ names in bold; storytelling quotes in both copy & captions; subtle use of color.

Noteworthy: big photo design; showstopper spread; placement of stories on transparencies; anecdotal narratives of student travels; folio candid portrait; graphics.

Best of 2016 599

miami palmetto senior High School Miami, Florida Theme: Momentum Bookname: The Palm Echo Adviser Kurt Panton Editors Natalie Ongay & Ashley West Representative Marcia Meskiel-Macy

innovative design illustrates theme The Momentum begins on the cover with a type treatment using a textured background and photo. On every spread, photos create the movement of the theme. A limited use of the emphasis type makes it an effective way to illustrate motion in secondary coverage. To thoroughly tell the stories of the year, the staff writes well-researched, storytelling captions throughout the book. Another layer of coverage is added with a whole-book link featuring icons, candid portraits and quotes.

Noteworthy: background illustrates momentum; photos angled to right; variation in head sizes differentiates photos; photos appear on pages indicated; complete content listing.

60 Miami Palmetto Senior High School


Noteworthy: whole-book link—sidebar; dominant photo treatment; use of emphasis type; photo package; well-researched, well-written captions; quotable quotes; effective use of color.

Noteworthy: color coordinated; dominant photo graphic; secondary coverage module—repetition of sidebar photo treatment, graphics, typography; 25+ students covered in photos; well-written feature story.

Noteworthy: secondary module design & photo treatment; storytelling captions; feature placed on photo with use of transparency; action photos of student life; student profile feature.

Best of 2016 611

north carolina state university Raleigh, North Carolina Bookname: Agromeck Adviser Martha Collins Editor Molly Donovan Representative Josh Lovell

detailed coverage of the year At North Carolina State, there is a tradition. The Agromeck’s theme is always The Year in Review. As such, students expect an honest, chronological look at significant campus activities, as well as state and national events. Well-written feature stories and exceptional images combine to create an overview of the 2015-16 school year. Dates, times, facts and figures add specifics that make the Agromeck an effective reference book.

Noteworthy: headline design & placement; colorful, high angle establishing shot; supporting photos focus on variety of activities; specifics in captions.

62 North Carolina State University


Noteworthy: magazine-style quick reads; variety of runway shots feature one to six models; photo composition—rule of thirds, low angle, repetition; lighting; photos with audience cover more people; stories explain collections. Noteworthy: coverage of ART2WEAR fashion show; detail in copy explains theme of show; big photo design; emphasis type headline on photo; composition—rule of thirds.

Noteworthy: story lead; storytelling quotes; number of people in photos; photo composition—angle, color, lighting; specifics in both feature story & captions.

Best of 2016 633

oak grove High School Hattiesburg, Mississippi Theme: 1OF AKIND Bookname: The Warrior Adviser Joy Davis Editors Abby Anderson & Tatum Nace Representative Karen Loden

unique theme perspective, use of icons The Oak Grove cover introduces a logo to represent the concept, 1 OF A KIND. The opening copy adopts a unique, first-person perspective; the school is talking. In every section, the photos, headlines and copy focus on what makes the school unique. It’s united, involved; studious, active, unique and memorable. To further convey the school’s one-of-a-kind characteristics, the staff uses six icons to represent the qualities aligned with each section.

Noteworthy: showstopper spread; COB photos anchored to color bar; anecdotal story (upper right); one-of-a-kind moments; individual coverage; group coverage of spirit group.

64 Oak Grove High School


Noteworthy: significant words highlighted, boldface; photo composition—framing; QR code; informative caption; first-person point of view; copy ends with theme statement; graphic. Noteworthy: academic divider; table of contents for section; use of professional-looking art; B&W photo; caption highlights key word, “hands-on”; close-up image of classroom activity. Noteworthy: section names support one of a kind; icons, introduced on dividers, used in folios to brand sections; story about unique production; secondary coverage module content & design; dominant photo.

Noteworthy: front endsheet; does not identify as “Table of Contents”; icons for sections introduced; spin-offs & section identifications included; accurate; color coordinated with cover.

Noteworthy: transparent sheet over title page; visually connected to theme; includes book title, volume number, year, school name, complete address, student population and website.

Best of 2016 655

rock canyon High School Highlands Ranch, Colorado Theme: U DISCOVERED Bookname: Black and Gold Adviser Kristi Rathbun Editors Celia Adams, Azile Nelson, Emma Haworth Representative Rob Rathbun

design, color palette unify book Using multiple processes, the dramatic cover of the Black & Gold yearbook compels the reader to look inside. By the last page, U DISCOVERED Rock Canyon High School. A palette of colors, used as a part of page designs, highlights content and unifies the book. Throughout the book, the letter “U” and the word “YOUR” underscore the subject of the book.

Noteworthy: opening; dominant photo module; wide range of activities covered; emphasis on individual perspectives links to theme; balanced design.

66 Rock Canyon High School


Noteworthy: complete coverage of important school event, Wish Week; includes facts, figures; insightful quotes in Q&A secondary coverage module.

Noteworthy: detailed colophon: book specifications, acknowledgments, awards, photography, highlights of year, editors and staff.

Noteworthy: well-designed secondary coverage modules; meaningful quotes; dominant punctuated by graphic element; repetition of theme motif.

Best of 2016 677

rocky heights middle School Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Theme: INTERACTION Bookname: The Nighthawk Adviser Tim Ryckman Editors Madeline Ashbeck & Molly McEowen Representative Rob Rathbun

in-depth coverage, sophisticated design The Nighthawk staff created a powerful book that hits on all cylinders: design, writing and photography. Introduced on the cover, the theme graphics, design and typography are faithfully carried through the book. By concentrating on what is unique about the year, the staff has created a book that is truly a history book, as well as a memory book. The Rocky Heights Middle School community benefits from the book’s expansive coverage.

Noteworthy: trapezoid introduced on cover repeated as a red parallelogram on spread; 3-peat—red repeated in headline & page number; headline designs; photo packages.

68 Rocky Heights Middle School


Noteworthy: close-up & framing in dominant photo; quadrilateral used as a unifying graphic; expanded captions with quotes; headline, secondary headline & subheads; photo package.

Noteworthy: blended coverage of school-sponsored and non-school-sponsored sports; multiple student profiles; type hierarchy; angled photos reinforce theme graphic. Noteworthy: interesting coverage; content specific to region; word salad; anecdotal feature on snow day predicted by fortune cookie; other superstitions covered; COB photos of artifacts; secondary coverage modules.

Noteworthy: interesting dominant; repetition of colors introduced on cover; 3-peat of color on spread; copy emphasizes what is specific to the year; dominant photo package with captions.

Noteworthy: complete, specific colophon explaining theme rationale, cameras used, portrait photographer, awards, cover process, technology, acknowledgments, editorial policy, sales, staff members; single page, blended coverage.

Best of 2016 699

rouse High School Leander, Texas Theme: PERCEPTIVE Bookname: Replay Adviser Kel Lemons Editors Jaci Chavera, Grace McNamara, Keesley Strohschein, Kelsey Staber Representative Jim Anderson

dynamic design, well-coordinated color The Rouse Raider peers out from behind a Plexiglas panel. To add variety, students were offered a choice of colors for the three-quarter bound cover: blue, plum or turquoise. The theme Perceptive indicates an understanding of the school environment. The page design, use of color and alternative copy create a book with student appeal. Because of the multiple stories on spreads, the reader may revisit a spread four or five times.

Noteworthy: big photo layout; large number of performers pictured (35+); pulled color used for headline, caption lead-ins, subheads; headline design; photo idents.

70 Rouse High School


Noteworthy: COB photos as dominant; alternative copy—storytelling quotes; multiple secondary coverage packages with headlines & copy; student profiles; complete captions with quotes.

Noteworthy: candid crowd shot; alternative copy—storytelling quotes; photo collection with idents printed on gold lines; use of color; headline design. Noteworthy: strong dominant photo with subject framed in sand trap; captions tell individual stories; alternative copy—quotes under subheads; photo package set on photo.

Noteworthy: big photo design; well-placed, readable copy on photo; horizontal bar on bottom with quotes adds students to book; word salad contoured around photo; summer practices; secondary coverage packages.

Noteworthy: strong dominant photo; secondary coverage module identifies individual athletes’ stats and accomplishments; whole-book link at bottom; linear pull-outs with quotes; well-written feature story.

Best of 2016 711

saugus high School Saugus, California Theme: combine Bookname: Sword & Shield Adviser Christina Tolisano Editors Chantel Batchelor & Kirsten Kristensen Representative Frank Ortiz

verbal and visual theme development The Sword & Shield’s theme begins on the cover with interlocking and overlapping hexagons in a range of pastel colors. The opening pages give examples of how the school came together in classes, clubs, sports, etc. Combine joins content by using blended coverage in a chronological organization. Secondary coverage modules personalize content with student profiles. The staff lets the content dictate the design. As a result, the book flows naturally through the history of the year.

Noteworthy: coverage of 40-year celebration; panoramic photo of students; complete captions serve as alternative copy; photos placed on dominant show what students are looking at; folio design.

72 Saugus High School


Noteworthy: color use; subheads in copy use synonyms of “combine” for reinforcement; informative, strategically placed caption; repetition of theme graphic; specific copy (names, times, places).

Noteworthy: photo packages with grouped captions; dominant photo collection with large photo; alternative copy— introductory paragraph with storytelling quotes; number of students covered.

Noteworthy: “Ups & Downs” illustrated with pictures; secondary coverage module with stats; use of internal spacing to unify & separate elements; large number of runners pictured; well-written feature.

Best of 2016 733

sawgrass springs middle School Coral Springs, Florida Theme: STILL STRONG Bookname: Oasis Adviser Ingrid Molina Editors Misha Thomas, Jasmine Makkar, Kylee Weener Representative Amanda Wedgworth

thorough coverage supports concept With a stone-like, textured cover, the Oasis looks STRONG. On the pages between the covers, the staff proves the school’s mettle by covering the year with visual and verbal support. Photo collections provide the foundation of spread designs. Accompanying captions and copy continue the stories the photos begin. A whole-book link profiles students, detailing what makes them strong.

Noteworthy: “Motivated” spin-off adds a layer of meaning to STILL STRONG; big photo design; verbal-visual connection between concept & photos; photo package with captions supports message.

74 Sawgrass Springs Middle School


Noteworthy: sidebar with COB photo, Q&A linked to page number & page credits; well-written feature with storytelling quotes; captions with overlines & quotes; secondary coverage module.

Noteworthy: dominant photo package covers competition & practice; secondary coverage module with COB photos & quotes; sidebar about what makes tennis player strong; specific copy with storytelling quotes.

Noteworthy: blended coverage of academic, co-curricular; student profile with Q&A format; use of color; candid portraits; quotable quotes; variety of students & activities covered.

Best of 2016 755

shawnee mission south High School Overland Park, Kansas Theme: here WE ARE Bookname: Heritage Adviser Julie Fales Editors Bailey Cook, Alyssa Pavlu, Jesse York Representative Whitney Baker

well-conceived anniversary theme The Heritage staff covers Shawnee Mission South’s 50th anniversary by declaring here WE ARE. The staff profiles the individuals who populate the school community. The definitive tone of the theme makes it clear South is not going anywhere; they will always be a presence in Kansas and in the nation. Well-written features, offering student perspectives with storytelling quotes, thoroughly cover the activities and events of the year.

Noteworthy: photo collection; diverse array of activities pictured; alternative copy—three student profiles; informative captions; typography.

76 Shawnee Mission South High School


Noteworthy: social media coverage; informative feature story; visuals of hands with phones; secondary coverage modules with stories and quotes; big photo design. Noteworthy: headline design; typography; well-written feature story; coverage of a variety of activities; large number of band members pictured.

Noteworthy: use of typography to differentiate coverage; well-written student profiles; recreational sports coverage; sidebar with action photos.

Best of 2016 77

Southern methodist university Dallas, Texas

Bookname: The Rotunda Adviser Jay Miller Editor Alicia Smiley Representative Catherine Iden

in-depth reporting, historical tone When presented with a one-time opportunity, the yearbook’s 100th volume, the Rotunda staff ran with it. The staff did not lose sight, however, of the focus on the current year. The mission grained brown cover material with embossed letters creates a classic, historical tone. The opening pages explain the history of the book and picture covers from 1916 to 2015. Feature stories report what was different in 2016, making the 100th Rotunda a valuable history, reference and memory book.

Noteworthy: 100th volume of the Rotunda yearbook; history of book including cover process & publishers; vintage theme graphic repeated in folios; selected covers identified; campus shot background for copy.

78 Southern Methodist University


Noteworthy: showstopper spread; extremes in tastes in fashion; COB photos; secondary coverage of 2016 fashion trends; headline design with dominant ampersand conveys spread’s message. Noteworthy: detailed copy records the history of the School of the Arts; explains game-changing $45 million gift; coordination of color in photos & art; theme graphic designed as part of headline; specific copy focuses on 2015-16 academic year. Noteworthy: top & bottom photo packages; B&W photo package; photo effect on horizontal photo illustrations; headline breaks copy box; copy highlights swimmer making Olympic trials; other honors detailed.

Noteworthy: headline design; photo composition—leading lines to subject, perspective, interaction, depth; use of color in page numbers.

Noteworthy: sidebar records schedule; variety of photo coverage; headline design; use of quote as secondary headline; student profile highlighting rowing opportunity; well-written, specific copy.

Best of 2016 799

st. thomas’ episcopal School Houston, Texas Theme: overlook Bookname: The Belltower Adviser David Graves Editors Theresa Hotze & Daniel Graves Representative Lisa Schwartz

visual development of theme Overlook perches on a precipice creating a visual representation of the theme on the Belltower cover. Throughout the book, dramatic photos shot from high angles develop a particular and unique perspective of the campus and the year. Used in headlines, creative use of type has characterized St. Thomas’ books year after year. Staff members cover all students at this K-12 school. By doing this, they report on the unique school community.

Noteworthy: wide panoramic image of school created by a fisheye lens (an ultra wide-angle lens); transparency reproduces shape introduced on cover

80 St. Thomas’ Episcopal School


Noteworthy: back endsheet shows a different overview than front endsheet; distinctive graphic treatment; headline designed with color bar.

Noteworthy: photo technique; quotes capture frenzy of publications room; informative caption; big picture design; photo composition—high angle, fisheye lens; headline design; specific details in feature.

Noteworthy: provocative headline; well-designed fact box; use of color; headline design; alternative copy—storytelling captions; photo package; high angle dominant photo.

Best of 2016 811

stratford High School Houston, Texas Theme: IN THE mix Bookname: Mnemosyne Adviser Kim Lynch Editors Olivia Brady, Rachel Allen, Meredith Magnuson Representative Lisa Schwartz

use of color, typography support theme The Mnemosyne staff mixes up the colors on the cover in beautiful watercolor-like washes. The blues and greens, like a mist, roll over the theme logo. Throughout the book, contrasting serif and sans serif types and heavy and light weights create a distinctive look. Both the typography and color generate the tone and support the theme. Section names, concept spin-offs, expand the meaning of Mix it Up.

Noteworthy: section title aligned with theme concept; dominant photo—use of light sources as a frame; secondary photos illustrate points made in copy; color wash as part of headline design.

82 Stratford High School


Noteworthy: dripping graphic in corner; alternative copy—quotes; secondary coverage module design (“mixed ideas”); overlines for captions; graphic wash across spread; both green & blue repeated. Noteworthy: repetition of color in quotation marks, line, color block, caption overlines; folio design; theme connections— pattern inside headline, wash in folio.

Noteworthy: big photo design; headline color & design; repetition of theme concept; graphic (line)—unifying device, use of color; line runs behind one player; graduated color background.

Best of 2016 833

suncoast community High School Riviera Beach, Florida Theme: FUSE Bookname: Renaissance Adviser Stephanie Russo Editors Lucy Krasker & Samantha Krasker Representative Marcia Meskiel-Macy

show-stopping impact throughout The Renaissance sparkles. The fuse is lit. The opening copy explains, “It’s not just about how we fuse but what we do with that spark.” In the opening, the stage is set to cover the relationships formed in classes, clubs, teams and the community. As a result, coverage, focusing on students’ passions for academics, service, competition and camaraderie, offers diverse perspectives on their lives. The innovative spread designs and well-written copy make every turn of the page fun and informative.

Noteworthy: big picture design; Q&A profile copy; photo package with quotes & names on pictures; dive team photo package with grouped captions; ups & downs secondary module design.

84 Suncoast Community High School


Noteworthy: panoramic photo with transparent gradient on bottom; COB photo anchored on color blocks; features personal bests of two runners; photo package with grouped & numbered captions.

Noteworthy: headline design; contour type around COB photos designed with dominant; photo treatment--transparent gradient; use of color; alternative copy—photo, subhead, caption, quote.

Noteworthy: dynamic dominant & headline design; behindthe-scenes coverage; poll on favorite musical; use of color; story emphasizes what’s unique in 2016; storytelling quotes; folio design uses theme graphic.

Best of 2016 855


texas a&m university College Station, Texas Bookname: Aggieland Adviser Doug Pils Editor Katy Baldock Representative Ryan Almon

comprehensive verbal/visual coverage The Aggieland accomplishes what many college yearbooks have not been able to do, make the book personal and create a book that speaks to the entire college community. Showstopping photos create a coffee table book that visually captures the 2015-16 school year both on and off campus. By adding well-written and well-researched feature stories to every spread, the staff illustrates the group experience with individual perspectives.

Noteworthy: showstopper; big photo design; establishing shot will be referenced for decades; “Muster� tradition covered; well-researched feature with compelling lead.

86 Texas A&M University


Noteworthy: personal approach to coverage of 58,000+ students; facts about students support their legacy at A&M; candid portraits reflect interests. Noteworthy: coverage of meaningful elements of ring; every symbol on ring identified & explained in copy; symbols elicit emotional reflections from students presented as quotes on photo; selective focus.

Noteworthy: sensitive reporting of campus tragedy; specific facts & figures; well-written headline, secondary; unobtrusive photo coverage; interview of relative of victim.

Best of 2016 877

texas christian university Fort Worth, Texas Theme: UNITE Bookname: The Horned Frog Adviser Mallory Burkett Editors Allison Armfield & Clayton Youngman Representative Tammy Bailey

expansive coverage, colorful design The 102nd volume of the TCU yearbook conveys the century-old values of the university with fresh, modern design. Page designs extract color from dominant photos to create dynamic, showstopping pages. With thorough coverage, the staff creates a historical record and reference book chronicling subtle changes, as well as decades-old traditions. Well-written and well-researched feature stories add students’ perspectives and reactions to the story of the year.

Noteworthy: academic coverage, something new; well-written feature; color bar used as unifying device; photo coverage of various aspects of program; informative captions.

88 Texas Christian University


Noteworthy: quarter-by-quarter coverage of 3 OT game; headline design; honest reporting; feature story records the drama of game; individual contributions covered in captions.

Noteworthy: unifying graphic design; photo technique— connected strip of photos suggest UNITE; section teasers designed as part of table of contents.

Noteworthy: Student Life divider; big photo design; effective graphic treatment & headline design; folio design; color extracted from image; use of percentages of color in type.

Best of 2016 899

texas High School Texarkana, Texas Theme: take IT from ME Bookname: Tiger Advisers Rebecca Potter & Clint Smith Editors Madison Maynard, Colleen Russell, Elizabeth Tullis Representative Debbie Vaughn

design, coverage support theme Because “ME” on the cover is a mirror, the theme take IT from ME becomes personal. By writing the theme copy in first-person, the Tiger staff creates a close connection between the reader and the “narrator” of the book. By supplementing primary stories with secondary coverage modules and a whole-book link, every spread features innovative, complete, fair and balanced coverage.

Noteworthy: framed, double-page dominant; well-positioned text; colorful showstopper; quotes as alternative copy; anecdotal quotes; students’ summer snapshots.

90 Texas High School


Noteworthy: summer divider copy with first-person narrator and quotes; coverage of a wide range of students and activities; cut-out & partial cut-out; magazine design. Noteworthy: color-coordinated photos & type; headline writing and design; graphics unify or separate elements; two students added with quotes at top.

Noteworthy: dramatic vertical dominant photo; well-placed quote on photo; first-person lead supports theme concept; Instagram secondary coverage; modules designed as mini-spreads.

Best of 2016 911

texas tech university Lubbock, Texas

Bookname: La Ventana Adviser Andrea Watson Editor Davian Hopkins Representative David Dixon

exceptional photos, features The Masked Rider, Texas Tech’s mascot, is created on the cover with tiled geometric shapes. Embossing, debossing and varnishing the horse and rider produce a tactile image. Inside the book, professional quality images capture important moments and illustrate the messages of the spreads. In addition, well-crafted feature writing records the stories of the year with provocative and informative headlines leading into copy that is full of facts, figures and quotes.

Noteworthy: theme pages repeat cover design concept with tiled geometric shapes; number of students pictured; accurate table of contents paired with section-defining photos.

92 Texas Tech University


Noteworthy: coverage of students’ struggles over declaring majors; photo illustration captures tone of story; pull quote in copy; solution to problem discussed; illustrated with students’ frustrations.

Noteworthy: social media coverage; fish-eye shot of lecture hall; features both positive and negative responses to the app; clever use of quote bubble graphic; well-written feature with storytelling quotes.

Noteworthy: full-spread photo; backlighting creates silhouettes in front of corn maze; headline—play on words; typography; popular off-campus activity; story continued on next spread.

Best of 2016 933

the Hockaday School Dallas, Texas Theme: ATTITUDE Bookname: Cornerstones Adviser Ana Rosenthal Editors Talia Meidan & Ilana Perkins Representative Mickey Mehrens

magazine-style design, descriptive writing The Hockaday School has ATTITUDE, the theme of their 64th volume. The magazine-style coverage and design suit the school and its audience. Because the college-prep day and boarding school has more than 1,000 students, pre-K through 12, the Cornerstones’ coverage and design must have wide appeal. Descriptive copy elicits memories, so all students will find the book engaging. In addition, large, impactful environmental portraits of the seniors capture their personalities.

Noteworthy: big photo design; photo stops action; well-written copy about spirit; use of transparency; storytelling quotes; typography.

94 The Hockaday School


Noteworthy: COB photos anchored to the bottom of the page; B&W photos contrast with color; linear pull-out directs the reader; headline design using emphasis type; descriptive copy. Noteworthy: extreme vertical cropping of environmental portraits; expressions reflect personalities; graduated widths indicate progression; headline creates verbal-visual connection.

Noteworthy: creative faculty coverage; COB photos anchored with shadows; variety of support personnel covered from athletic trainer to food service staff; meaningful quotes.

Best of 2016 955

the university of miami Coral Gables, Florida Theme: Eye of the Hurricane Bookname: Ibis Adviser C. Randy Stano Editors Emily Eidenman & Yuna Jo Representative Marcia Meskiel-Macy

innovative presentation of content The IBIS captures their whirlwind year on the cover. Between sports, campus activities, community events and national news, there was a great deal to include in the book. Partial cut-out photos add another dimension to spreads where the motion in the pictures extends outside the frame. By allowing content to dictate the design, every spread has visual appeal. In addition, specific, well-written feature stories relate the history of the year.

Noteworthy: COB photo with contoured copy, placement on picture; informative captions; primary headline design; sidebar defining football terms; well-researched copy.

96 The University of Miami


Noteworthy: calendar of spring events; design of linear pullouts; hexagonal shapes; secondary headline specific to The University of Miami; combination of local, state and national news.

Noteworthy: use of color; win-loss record; low-angle, action photo; reflection on floor adds color; rhyming headline; feature story contains specifics about NCAA tournament bid; quotable quotes.

Noteworthy: use of well-coordinated color—headlines, color blocks; secondary coverage modules—student profiles; primary & secondary headlines; partial cut-outs.

Best of 2016 977

tom c. clark High School

San Antonio, Texas

Theme: the BIG picture Bookname: The Witness Adviser MIchelle Elizondo Editors Hannah Globe, Lauren Petrutsas, Haley Anderson Representative Kathi Hopkins

theme creates photo opportunities The Witness developed a theme that is sustained throughout the book. Some staffs would have used the theme The Big Picture and settled for large, dynamic pictures in the opening and closing and on dividers. The Tom C. Clark staff dares to be different by featuring full-page pictures on all spreads. The challenge, of course, was to shoot photos so good that they could be printed BIG. They succeeded. In addition, the composition and subjects support the spreads’ messages.

Noteworthy: survey of Austin hot spots; big photo ties to theme concept; headline design; alternative copy content & design; colorful secondary coverage packages; use of white space.

98 Tom C. Clark High School


Noteworthy: big picture design; tiled photo package placement; number of players pictured; alternative copy (“Slanguage�); identifications on transparent bars; storytelling quotes. Noteworthy: time stamped by social media; transparency & names at bottom of photos; headline & secondary head design; variety of students and locations covered; variation in head sizes in photo package.

Noteworthy: academic coverage; vocational coverage; visual/verbal connection—dominant photo & headline; action & interaction in photos; variety of subjects covered.

Best of 2016 99

university of southern california Los Angeles, California Theme: Compass Bookname: El Rodeo Advisers Mona Cravens & Scott Smitt Editor Taryn O’Grady Representative Jim Anderson

unique concept with personal twist The Compass theme leads the reader through campus life at USC in a personalized format. One spread suggests two other stories the reader might enjoy. Students jump from spread to spread based on their interests. By doing this, they create their own paths and unique perspectives. A surprising twist to the concept is the cover. What appears to be a very simple cover features heat-sensitive thermochromatic ink that conceals an iconic photo of USC.

Noteworthy: big photo used as band coverage as well as background; photography—lighting; variety of people & activities covered; informative feature story; identifying tabs on right-hand margin.

100 University of Southern California


Noteworthy: sports divider; photo illustration—time lapse photos combined in Photoshop; depicts the athleticism of team in a photo; copy covers importance of all sports at USC including recreational activities.

Noteworthy: primary head—visual/verbal connection; informative secondary head in color-coordinated bar; copy covers the impact of IMAX Theater & Immersive Media Lab on the School of Cinematic Arts.

Noteworthy: student profile; well-researched feature story; candid portrait as dominant; personal interest story on a campus with 44,000 students; secondary photos expand coverage, create interest.

Best of 2016 1 001

vandegrift High School Austin, Texas Theme: PROPS Bookname: Veteran Adviser Lela Coker Editors Claire Costilow, Robyn Lippel, Hannah Prytula Representative Stacy Mehrens

unconventional coverage, design The Veteran staff makes it clear who is deserving of credit and recognition. The headline on page three, “PROPS to you,� is introduced on the cover when P-R-O-P-S is spelled out in mirrors. A variety of alternative copy and traditional formats create reader-friendly reporting opportunities. In addition, fun, informative secondary coverage modules expand coverage. Photos support the messages of the spreads, adding strong visual appeal.

Noteworthy: showstopper spread; strong horizontal orientation; students reminiscing about childhood favorites; typography; storytelling quotes; cutouts of logos, artifacts & characters.

102 Vandegrift High School


Noteworthy: season modules; community coverage; clever lead-ins to photo packages (winter—“On the first day in Austin…, summer—“Summer lovin’ had me a blast…”; photo coverage.

Noteworthy: showstopper design; distorted map of U.S. with emphasis on Texas; COB photos anchored by shadows and red dots; linear pull-outs lead to students; quotes compare school experiences.

Noteworthy: dominant photo composition allows strategic placement of headline/copy package; multiple secondary coverage modules show wide range of electives; readers will revisit spreads many times.

Best of 2016 1 0 303

vista ridge High School Leander, Texas Theme: LOOK AT IT THIS WAY Bookname: The Lonestar Adviser Jamie Ray Editors Halee Jorgensen & Kira Virgel Representative Morgan Tuggle

extensive coverage, dynamic design The 13th volume of The Lonestar boldly challenges readers to Look at it This Way. As a result, stories are told from a specific angle and the coverage is fresh and thorough. Attention to detail, color coordination, reader-friendly copy, student profiles, extensive research, quotable quotes, and more, demonstrate the staff’s commitment to creating a valuable history of the year.

Noteworthy: typography; screened bar repeated as unifying graphic device; combination of serif & sans serif type, thick & thin weights; use of color; type size & weight highlight key words; big photo design.

104 Vista Ridge High School


Noteworthy: photo composition—low & angled; transparency anchors COB photos & packages quotes; textured bar; simple table of contents; informative caption; big photo layout. Noteworthy: fish-eye photo; establishing shot; pre-game, National Anthem at home stadium on Sept. 25 (early in season); photo planning results in sunset shot.

Noteworthy: dominant photo in primary photo package shows reaction to action on field; alternative copy; multiple secondary coverage modules result in multi-dimensional coverage; whole-book link.

Best of 2016 1 0 505

westwood High School Austin, Texas Theme: AU .THEN .TIC Bookname: The Heritage Adviser Lanie Catuogno Editors Asha Rao & Jenna Zhang Representative Jim Anderson

blended chronological coverage The Heritage staff makes a compelling case for the authenticity of their school and their students. They do this through student profiles in secondary coverage modules, emphasizing different experiences and unique perspectives. Also, coverage focuses on activities and events specific to Westwood that are different from experiences at other schools. Well-written and well-researched feature stories offer an accurate history of the year.

Noteworthy: covers after-school jobs, service and internship; background information with quotes; icons punctuate modules; graphic module pinpoints locations of each students’ activity.

106 Westwood High School


Noteworthy: blended coverage with dominant focus; internal spacing effectively differentiates coverage; well-written captions with quotes; all copy packed with specifics; sport positions & strategies explained.

Noteworthy: chronological coverage; organization dictates honest coverage of specific activities & events; dominant module with informative infographic & student profiles; use of icons & color.

Noteworthy: quadrant design; blended coverage—events (on and off campus), academics, and clubs; graphic modules add information in small, visual bites; students’ perspectives in quotes.

Best of 2016 1 0 707

108 Showstoppers

Exceptionally arresting or attractive, a showstopper – • Features content that dictates design • Departs from established book design • Focuses on innovative coverage

Featured 1 0 909

bishop kenny High School

Jacksonville, Florida theme: Converge bookname: The Crusader Adviser Ali Benton Editors Hasley Pitman & Claire Self Representative Kristen Kirkendall

oak grove High School Hattiesburg, Mississippi theme: 1OF AKIND bookname: The Warrior Adviser Joy Davis Editors Abby Anderson & Tatum Nance Representative Karen Loden

110 Showstoppers

Showstoppers The university of miami

Coral Gables, Florida theme: Eye of the Hurricane bookname: Ibis Adviser C. Randy Stano Editors Emily Eidenman & Yuna Jo Representative Marcia Miskiel-Macy

brentwood academy

Brentwood, Tennessee theme: Oh Yeah! bookname: Aerie

Adviser Anna Kathryn Berkompas Editor Bailey Hand Representative Josh Houston

Featured 111

suncoast community high School Riviera Beach, Florida theme: FUSE bookname: Renaissance Adviser Stephanie Russo Editors Lucy Krasker & Samantha Krasker Representative Marcia Meskiel-Macy

112 Showstoppers

Showstoppers North Carolina state university Raleigh, North Carolina bookname: Agromeck Adviser Martha Collins Editor Molly Donovan Representative Josh Lovell

mayde creek High School Houston, Texas theme: Quoted bookname: Paladin Adviser Sheryl Stephenson Editor Hannah Hughes Representative Lisa Schwartz

Featured 1313

lakeside High School

Atlanta, Georgia

theme: Through the Lens bookname: Valhalla Adviser Heather Hoyne Editors Anna Grace Robinson & Tommy Hicks Representative Lucy Harkness

james madison university

Harrisonburg, Virginia theme: BE. bookname: The Bluestone Adviser Mark C. Rankin Editor Paige Lobuts Representatives Scott & Tami Stalcup

114 Showstoppers


tHe john cooper School

The Woodlands, Texas theme: Frame bookname: Paragon Adviser Lynn Boeding Editor Cameron Ziegler Representative Mary Beth McIver

Featured 1515

west monroe High School West Monroe, Louisiana theme: Still WM bookname: Rebelaire Adviser Melissa Kiper Editor Chloe Robertson Representative Jay Barnes

aragon high school San Mateo, California theme: Under One Sun bookname: El Tesoro Adviser Vince Bravo Editor Christina Chang Representative Shelly Townsend

116 Showstoppers

Showstoppers station camp High School Gallatin, Tennessee theme: A Picture is Worth 2016 Words bookname: Stampede Adviser Stephanie Downey Editor Lindsey Campbell Representative Josh Houston

harvardwestlake High School Studio City, California theme: The Red Dot bookname: Vox Populi Adviser Max Tash Editors Lauren Weetman & Alex Gordon Representative Corey Mundwiler

Featured 1717

tomball High School

Tomball, Texas theme: Evolve bookname: The Memorial Adviser Jill Chumley

Editors Hanna Homer, Jessica Rodriguez, Kimberly Tirso Representative Mary Beth McIver

the american School in london London, England theme: Illuminate bookname: Sojourner Adviser Rhiannon West Editor Emmanuelle Gers Representative Karen Burbach-Barker

118 Showstoppers

Showstoppers fort zumwalt south High School

O’Fallon, Missouri theme: Amazing bookname: The Southpaw Adviser Jamie Demeter Editor Alexis Knight

Representative Liz Bardin

fort zumwalt east High School O’Fallon, Missouri theme: Gold Standard bookname: The Pride Adviser Brooke Iadevito Editors Kristin Pollien & Melissa Merkel Representative Liz Bardin

Featured 1919

120 Spreads

Exceptional spreads combine the elements of page design (photos, type and white space) with – • Effective use of space • Emphasis on important elements of story • Flow from dominant to secondary elements

Featured 1 221

Morristown East High School Morristown, Tennessee Adviser Cathy McClellan Representative Katie Welch

Morristown East High School Morristown, Tennessee Adviser Cathy McClellan Representative Katie Welch

122 Spreads

Spreads Huntsville High School Huntsville, Texas Advisers Mandy Stewart and Lisa Black Representative David Miller

Carthage High School Carthage, Texas Adviser Jayme Quick Representative Debbie Vaughn

Featured 1 2 323

Sparkman High School Harvest, Alabama Adviser Erin Coggins Representative Jay Elmore

Palm Desert High School Palm Desert, California Adviser Carmen Illingworth Representative Frank Ortiz

124 Spreads

Spreads Buffalo High School Buffalo, Minnesota Adviser Ryan McCallum Representative Shannon Hart

Mansfield High School Mansfield, Texas

Adviser Deborah Watson Representative Cheryl Chrisman

Featured 1 2 525

MacArthur High School San Antonio, Texas Adviser Amanda Cardoza Representative Kathi Hopkins

Santa Fe Trail Middle School Olathe, Kansas Adviser Melissa Erker Representative Whitney Baker

126 Spreads

Spreads Maclay School Tallahassee, Florida Adviser Deborah Mayer Representative Marvin Mayer

Maclay School Tallahassee, Florida Adviser Deborah Mayer Representative Marvin Mayer

Featured 1 2 727

L.D. Bell High School Hurst, Texas Adviser Daniela Jones Representative Tammy Bailey

Prestonwood Christian Academy Plano, Texas Adviser Meg Miller

Representative Mickey Mehrens

128 Spreads

Spreads Frenship High School Wolfforth, Texas

Adviser Virginia Solomon Representative Jerry Clark

Prestonwood Christian Academy Plano, Texas Adviser Meg Miller Representative Mickey Mehrens

Featured 1 2 929

Hoover High School Hoover, Alabama Adviser Jamey Nowlin Representative Mike Dunn

Cedar Park High School

Cedar Park, Texas Adviser Paige Hert Representative Mickey Mehrens

130 Spreads

Spreads Oak Mountain High School

Birmingham, Alabama Adviser Melissa Dixon Representative Jim Robbins

Ronald Reagan High school Lititz, Pennsylvania Adviser Garett Herbst Representative Kathi Hopkins

Featured 1 331

Faith Baptist Schools

Canoga Park, California Adviser Ken Coleman Representative Karina Lopez

Clint Small Middle School Austin, Texas Adviser Jena Weber Representative Stacy Mehrens

132 Spreads

Spreads Faith Baptist Schools Canoga Park, California Adviser Ken Coleman Representative Karina Lopez

Burbank High School Burbank, California Adviser Sarah Given Representative Brynda Everman

Featured 1 333

Ridgeview Middle School

Round Rock, Texas Adviser Vicki Felkel Representative Stacy Mehrens

Olympia High School Orlando, Florida Adviser Michael Cacciatore Representative John Pantelis

134 Spreads

Spreads Ridgeview Middle School

Round Rock, Texas Adviser Vicki Felkel Representative Stacy Mehrens

Austin High School Austin, Texas

Adviser Isabelle Salazar Representative Mickey Mehrens

Featured 1 3 535

South Doyle High School

Knoxville, Tennessee Adviser Suzanne Rodger Representative Ben Smith

Kelly Lane Middle School

Pflugerville, Texas Adviser Maisey Edwards

Representative Mickey Mehrens

136 Spreads

Spreads Desert Hot Springs High School

Desert Hot Springs, California Adviser Jamie O’Neil Representative Frank Ortiz

Kelly Lane Middle School

Pflugerville, Texas Adviser Maisey Edwards

Representative Mickey Mehrens

Featured 1 3 737

The Geneva School of BoernE

Boerne, Texas

Adviser Libby Lunsford Representative Kathi Hopkins

Travis High School

Richmond, Texas Adviser Staci Lightfoot

Representative Ryan Almon

138 Spreads

Spreads The Geneva School of BoernE Boerne, Texas Adviser Libby Lunsford Representative Kathi Hopkins

Hendrickson High School Pflugerville, Texas Adviser Kari Riemer Representative Jim Anderson

Featured 1 3 939

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Lawrenceville, GA Adviser Adam Brown Representative Tara Hays

Lakeville North High School Lakeville, Minnesota Adviser Amy Clark Representative Shannon Hart

140 Spreads

Spreads Millard West High School Omaha, Nebraska Adviser Mark Hilburn Representative Linda Bernard

Lake Oswego High School Lake Oswego, Oregon Adviser Jami Wray Representative Karen Roberts

Featured 1 441

Hardin Valley Academy

Knoxville, Tennessee Adviser Stephanie Crichton Representative Ben Smith

Cy Lakes High School Katy, Texas Adviser Sara Gonzales Representative Lisa Schwartz

142 Spreads

Spreads Liberty High School Frisco, Texas Adviser Carole Babineaux Representative Catherine Iden

Liberty High School Frisco, Texas Adviser Carole Babineaux Representative Catherine Iden

Featured 1 4 343

Inglemoor High School Kenmore, Washington Adviser Zane Mills Representative Kerri Kuykendall Smead

Inglemoor High School Kenmore, Washington Adviser Zane Mills Representative Kerri Kuykendall Smead

144 Spreads

Spreads Arcadia High School Arcadia, California

Adviser E.J. Delfin Representative Brynda Everman

Arcadia High School Arcadia, California

Adviser E.J. Delfin Representative Brynda Everman

Featured 1 4 545

Woodinville High School Woodinville, Washington Adviser Morgan Ackley Representative Kerri Kuykendall Smead

Rice University Houston, Texas Adviser Kelley Lash Representative Ryan Almon

146 Spreads

Spreads Georgetown High School Georgetown, Texas Adviser Barbara Boatright Representative Jim Anderson

American School of London

London, England Adviser Rhiannon West

Representative Karen Burbach-Barker

Featured 1 4 747

Shawnee Heights High School Tecumseh, Kansas Adviser Jeni Daley Representative Whitney Baker

Valor Christian High School Highlands Ranch, Colorado Adviser Hayes Trotter Representative Rob Rathbun

148 Spreads

Spreads Shawnee Heights High School Tecumseh, Kansas Adviser Jeni Daley Representative Whitney Baker

Valor Christian High School

Highlands Ranch, Colorado Adviser Hayes Trotter

Representative Rob Rathbun

Featured 1 4 949

Minnetonka High School

Minnetonka, Minnesota Adviser Bethany Holt Representative Shannon Hart

Fort Zumwalt East High School

O’Fallon, Missouri Adviser Brooke Iadevito

Representative Liz Bardin

150 Spreads

Spreads Minnetonka High School

Minnetonka, Minnesota Adviser Bethany Holt Representative Shannon Hart

Lancaster High School Lancaster, California Adviser Allyson Howard Representative Karina Lopez

Featured 1 551

wimberley HigH School Wimberley, Texas

Adviser Mikyela Tedder Representative Morgan Tuggle

wimberley HigH School Wimberley, Texas

Adviser Mikyela Tedder Representative Morgan Tuggle

152 Spreads

Spreads Hillsborough High School Hillsborough, New Jersey Adviser Diane Bavier Representative Sharon Bodnarchuk

Cumberland Valley High School Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Advisers Gregg Lucas & Shaun Bollinger Representative Ed Patrick

Featured 1 5 353

Bucknell University

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania Adviser Gretchen Heuges Representative Ed Patrick

Bucknell University

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania Adviser Gretchen Heuges Representative Ed Patrick

154 Spreads

Spreads Presque Isle High School Presque Isle, Maine

Adviser Marcie Young Representatives Nick & Abby Herberg

Reno High School Reno, Nevada

Adviser Lizabeth Walsh Representative Frank Ortiz

Featured 1 555

156 Photos

Using a variety of techniques with an eye on composition, great photos – • Focus on excellent contrast and lighting • Appropriately credit the student photographer • Tell a story • Capture action and reaction

Featured 1 5 757

Stratford High School Houston, Texas Photographer Darian Julun, Adviser Kim Lynch Representative Lisa Schwartz

Stratford High School Houston, Texas Photographer Darian Julun Adviser Kim Lynch Representative Lisa Schwartz

158 Photos

Port Neches Groves High School


Port Neches, Texas Photographer Kelli Ferguson Adviser Janis Ryan Representative Lee Briggs

Memorial High School

Houston, Texas

Photographer Lucy Tomforde Adviser Holly Hartman Representative Lisa Schwartz

Featured 1 5 959

Biloxi High School Biloxi, Mississippi

Seminole High School Seminole, Texas Photographer Aaron Espinoza Adviser Susan Williamson Representative Jerry Clark

160 Photos

Photographer Deterrian Jones

Adviser Tracy Manners

Representative Karen Loden

Little Rock Central High School

Photographer Alex Herndon

Adviser Roy Vaughn

Representative Pamela Hopkins


Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock Central High School Little Rock, Arkansas Photographer Sarah Nicholson Adviser Roy Vaughn Representative Pamela Hopkins

Featured 1 661

Allen High School Allen, Texas

Allen High School Allen, Texas Photographer Jackson Stone Adviser Kelly Juntunen Representative Jim Anderson

162 Photos

Photographer Gabby Perez

Adviser Kelly Juntunen

Representative Jim Anderson

Allen High School Allen, Texas

Photographer Briana Weaver

Adviser Kelly Juntunen

Representative Jim Anderson


Allen High School

Allen, Texas

Photographer Gabby Perez Adviser Kelly Juntunen Representative Jim Anderson

Featured 1 6 363

Whitehouse High School Whitehouse, Texas

Whitehouse High School Whitehouse, Texas Photographer Karley Lea Adviser Paige Dyer Representative Debbie Vaughn

164 Photos

Photographer Abigail Killian

Adviser Paige Dyer

Representative Debbie Vaughn

Photos Klein High School Klein, Texas Photographer Riley Brown Adviser Melissa Oberholtzer Representative Mary Beth McIver

Klein High School

Klein, Texas Photographer Kaya Murray Adviser Melissa Oberholtzer Representative Mary Beth McIver

Featured 1 6 565

San Antonio Academy San Antonio, Texas Photographer Ethan Dziczkowski Advisers Natalie Bock & Priscilla Power Representative Kathi Hopkins

Huntsville High School Huntsville, Texas Photographer Nikki Miller Advisers Mandy Stewart & Lisa Black Representative David Miller

166 Photos

Photos Dripping Springs High School Dripping Springs, Texas Photographer J.T. Dahill Adviser Joe Holloway Representative Morgan Tuggle

Dripping Springs High School

Dripping Springs, Texas Photographer Spencer Gnauck Adviser Joe Holloway Representative Morgan Tuggle

Featured 1 6 767

Texas Tech University Lubbock, Texas

University of Illinois Champaign, Illinois

Photographer Cain Comacho Adviser Kit Donahue Representative Sarah Smith

168 Photos

Photographer Kirby Crumpler

Adviser Andrea Watson

Representative David Dixon

East Bernard High School East Bernard, Texas

Photographer Adviser Representative Laura Kubena Laura Kubena Lauren Schwartz


East Bernard High School

East Bernard, Texas Photographer Jenna LeBlanc Adviser Laura Kubena Representative Lauren Schwartz

Featured 1 6 969

Carthage High School

Carthage, Texas Photographer Tony Jeter Adviser Jayme Quick

Representative Debbie Vaughn

The University of Miami

Coral Gables, Florida Photographer Ryan Morgello Adviser C. Randy Stano

Representative Marcia Meskiel-Macy

170 Photos

Photos Burleson High School

Burleson, Texas

Photographer Stephanie Mitchell Adviser Stephanie Mitchell Representative Cheryl Chrisman

Burleson High School

Burleson, Texas

Photographer Vanessa Castaneda, Adviser Stephanie Mitchell Representative Cheryl Chrisman

Featured 1 771

Humble High School

Humble, Texas

Photographer Kelci White Adviser Sandyia Payton Representative Hal Schmidt

Humble High School

Humble, Texas

Photographer Vanessa Sanchez Adviser Sandyia Payton Representative Hal Schmidt

172 Photos


Humble High School

Humble, Texas

Photographer Gabriela Medina Adviser Sandyia Payton Representative Hal Schmidt

McCallum High School

Austin, Texas

Photographer Madison Olsen Adviser Dave Winter Representative Jim Anderson

Featured 1 7 373

North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina

Mansfield High School

Mansfield, Texas

Photographer Emmeline Tran Adviser Deborah Watson Representative Cheryl Chrisman

174 Photos

Photographer Elizabeth Davis

Adviser Martha Collins

Representative Josh Lovell

The Hockaday School


Dallas, Texas

Photographers Talia Meidan & Ilana Perkins Adviser Ana Rosenthal Representative Mickey Mehrens

Texas Southern University

Houston, Texas

Photographer Dominique Monday Adviser Tiyosha Turner Representative Ryan Almon

Featured 1 7 575

Texas Southern University

Houston, Texas

Photographer Dominique Monday Adviser Tiyosha Turner Representative Ryan Almon

Texas Southern University

Houston, Texas

Photographer Dominique Monday Adviser Tiyosha Turner Representative Ryan Almon

176 Photos

Photos Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas

Photographer Ryan Blitzer Adviser Jay Miller Representative Catherine Iden

Southern Methodist University

Dallas, Texas

Photographer Makena Markman Adviser Jay Miller Representative Catherine Iden

Featured 1 777

Baylor University Waco, Texas

Dickinson High School Dickinson, Texas Photographer Jailen Flores Adviser Hayley Booth Representative Ryan Almon

178 Photos

Photographer Sara Pyo

Adviser Paul Carr & Julie Freeman

Representative Jim Anderson

Photos Dickinson High School

Dickinson, Texas Photographer Kim Everts Adviser Hayley Booth

Representative Ryan Almon

Dickinson High School

Dickinson, Texas Photographer Kobey Valentine Adviser Hayley Booth

Representative Ryan Almon

Featured 1 7 979

St. Benedict at Auburndale Cordova, Tennessee

Brazoswood High School Clute, Texas Photographer Mireya Gonzalez Adviser Scott Smithey Representative Lauren Schwartz

180 Photos

Photographer Chip Cox

Adviser Tammie Ford

Representative Jeremy Jackson

West Mesquite High School


Mesquite, Texas

Photographer Diana Gonzalez Adviser Judy Babb Representative Catherine Iden

William Howard Taft high school

San Antonio, Texas Photographer Sara Nava Adviser Mary Alaniz Representative Betty Cruz

Featured 1 881

Phillipsburg High School

Phillipsburg, Kansas Photographer Lauryn Davis Adviser Robin Sides Representative Mike Danner

Alief Hastings High School Houston, Texas Photographer Sarah Faulhaber Adviser Andrea Negri Representative Lisa Schwartz

182 Photos

Klein Oak High School Spring, Texas

Photographer Tyler Smalley

Adviser Jennifer Walton

Representative Mary Beth McIver


Alief Hastings High School Houston, Texas Photographer Selena Garcia Adviser Andrea Negri Representative Lisa Schwartz

Featured 1 8 383

Westwood High School Austin, Texas

Westwood High School

Austin, Texas

Photographer Kathryn Hall Adviser Lanie Catuogno Representative Jim Anderson

184 Photos

Photographer Fallon McDonald

Adviser Lanie Catuogno

Representative Jim Anderson

Photos Westwood High School

Austin, Texas

Photographer Lindsey Thomasald Adviser Lanie Catuogno Representative Jim Anderson

Episcopal School of Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida Photographer Dawson Simpson Adviser Leah Glotzbach Representative Kristen Kirkendall

Featured 1 8 585

Cistercian Preparatory School Irving, Texas

Academy of the Holy Names Tampa, Florida

Photographer Keri Kelly Adviser Sr. Lisa Perkowski Representative John Panteliis

186 Photos

Photographer Michael Byrne

Adviser Fr. Anthony Bigney

Representative Catherine Iden

Photos Cistercian Preparatory School Irving, Texas

Photographer Matt Harris Adviser Fr. Anthony Bigney Representative Catherine Iden

Middleburg High school

Middleburg, Florida Photographer Kelsey VanDerMiller Adviser Peggy Begin Representative Kristen Kirkendall

Featured 1 8 787

Leander High School

Leander, Texas

Photographer C. Sollock Adviser Danielle Bell Representative Stacy Mehrens

Leander High School Leander, Texas Photographer Ivana Garcia Adviser Danielle Bell Representative Stacy Mehrens

188 Photos

Photos Oak Mountain High School

Birmingham, Alabama Photographer Edward Badham Adviser Melissa Dixon Representative Jim Robbins

Cedar Park High School

Cedar Park, Texas Photographer Deena Ismail Adviser Paige Hert Representative Mickey Mehrens

Featured 1 8 989

Clint Small Middle School Austin, Texas

Ronald Reagan High school

Lititz, Pennsylvania Photographer Tess Gellert Adviser Garett Herbst Representative Kathi Hopkins

190 Photos

Photographer Skylar Linscomb

Adviser Jena Weber

Representative Stacy Mehrens

Photos Clint Small Middle School Austin, Texas Photographer Caitlin Stansbury Adviser Jena Weber Representative Stacy Mehrens

Hebron High School

Hebron, Texas

Photographer Bailey Clounch Adviser Steven Jones Representative Catherine Iden

Featured 1 991

Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy Melbourne, Florida Photographer Matthew Starkey Adviser Sarah Tricano Representative Marcia Meskiel-Macy

Arlington High School Arlington, Washington Photographer John Yeager Adviser Anne Hayman Representative Kerri Kuykendall-Smead

192 Photos


Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

Melbourne, Florida Photographer Matthew Starkey Adviser Sarah Tricano

Representative Marcia Meskiel-Macy

Arlington High School Arlington, Washington

Photographer Melody Bruns Adviser Anne Hayman Representative Kerri Kuykendall-Smead

Featured 1 9 393

Klein Collins High School

Spring, Texas

Photographer Madison Avila Adviser Ashley Hildebrandt Representative Mary Beth McIver

Klein Collins High School

Spring, Texas

Photographer Jenna Chandler Adviser Ashley Hildebrandt Representative Mary Beth McIver

194 Photos

RockportFulton High School


Rockport, Texas

Photographer Larry Doonan Adviser Rose Rau Representative Robyn Stech

RockportFulton High School

Rockport, Texas

Photographer Daneilla Lovett Adviser Rose Rau Representative Robyn Stech

Featured 1 9 595

Vista Ridge High School Leander, Texas Photographer Haley Jorgensen Adviser Jamie Ray Representative Morgan Tuggle

Vista Ridge High School Leander, Texas Photographer Haley Jorgensen Adviser Jamie Ray Representative Morgan Tuggle

196 Photos

Photos Flour Bluff High School Corpus Christi, Texas

Photographer Heidi Saenz Adviser Jeanette Krizak Representative Jim Anderson

Flour Bluff High School Corpus Christi, Texas Photographer McKenzie Graham Adviser Jeanette Krizak Representative Jim Anderson

Featured 1 9 797

Hill Country Christian School

Austin, Texas

Photographer Avery Dooley Adviser John Horvath Representative Jim Anderson

Saugus High School

Saugus, California Photographer Amy Pebley Adviser Christina Tolisano Representative Frank Ortiz

198 Photos

Sedona Red Rock High School


Sedona, Arizona

Photographer Hannah Ringel Adviser Maureen Barton Representative Susan Fearnside

Morton Ranch High School Katy, Texas

Photographer Blake Hamer Adviser Tiffany Shirey Representative Lisa Schwartz

Featured 1 999

Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Lehigh University

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Photographer Chester Toye Advisers Linda Lipko & Kathy Throne Representative Ed Patrick

200 Photos

Photographer Daniel Beadle

Advisers Linda Lipko & Kathy Throne

Representative Ed Patrick


HarvardWestlake School

Studio City, California Photographer Pearl Acord Adviser Max Tash Representative Corey Mundwiler

HarvardWestlake School

Studio City, California Photographer Chloe Kim Adviser Max Tash Representative Corey Mundwiler

Featured 2 0 101

Miami Palmetto Senior High School Miami, Florida Photographer Kelly Rostran Adviser Kurt Panton Representative Marcia Meskiel-Macy

Miami Palmetto Senior High School Miami, Florida Photographer Tran Nguyen Adviser Kurt Panton Representative Marcia Meskiel-Macy

202 Photos

Photos John T. Hoggard High School

Wilmington, North Carolina Photographer John Crouch Adviser Beth Swindell Representative Josh Lovell

Chapa Middle School

Kyle, Texas

Photographer Maggie Tellez Adviser Owen Taylor Representative Morgan Tuggle

Featured 2 0 303

McKinney Boyd High School

McKinney, Texas Photographer Noah Mospan Adviser Julia Copeland

Representative Catherine Iden

Cy Woods High School Cypress, Texas Photographer Megan Grisham Adviser Abby Paysse Representative Lisa Schwartz

204 Photos

Photos McKinney Boyd High School McKinney, Texas Photographer Noah Mospan Adviser Julia Copeland Representative Catherine Iden

Tom C. Clark High School San Antonio, Texas Photographer Andrea Watcher Adviser MIchelle Elizondo Representative Kathi Hopkins

Featured 2 0 505

Hendrickson High School Pflugerville, Texas Pflugerville, Texas

Hendrickson High School

Pflugerville, Texas Photographer Victoria Hoang Adviser Kari Riemer

Representative Jim Anderson

206 Photos

Photographer Breanna Portillo

Adviser Kari Riemer

Representative Jim Anderson


Glenda Dawson High School Pearland, Texas Photographer Tyler Jordan Adviser Leslie Sanderson Representative Ryan Almon

Glenda Dawson High School

Pearland, Texas

Photographer Hannah Troung Adviser Leslie Sanderson Representative Ryan Almon

Featured 2 0 707

Parish Episcopal School Dallas, Texas

Brown University

Providence, Rhode Island Photographer Brittany Comunale Adviser Isaac Albanese Representative Steve Russo

208 Photos

Photographer Wylie Williams

Adviser Shastan Kuschke

Representative Catherine Iden

Photos Jefferson High School

San Antonio, Texas Photographer Leann Juarez Adviser Melissa Carroll Representative Betty Cruz

Village Christian High School

Sun Valley, California Photographer Brooke St. George Adviser Fontaina Funk Representative Brynda Everman

Featured 2 0 909

Pickerington High School North Pickerington, Ohio Photographer Sophie Kiley Adviser Ben Baptist Representative Lindsey Swank

Rocky Heights Middle School

Highlands Ranch, Colorado Photographers Madeline Ashbeck & Emma Shea Adviser Tim Ryckman Representative Rob Rathbun

210 Photos

Photos Rocky Heights Middle School

Highlands Ranch, Colorado Photographer Molly McEowen Adviser Tim Ryckman Representative Rob Rathbun

Rocky Heights Middle School

Highlands Ranch, Colorado Photographer Katie Cranston Adviser Tim Ryckman Representative Rob Rathbun

Featured 2 111

Vandegrift High School Austin, Texas

Photographer Claire Costilow

Lakeville North High School

Lakeville, Minnesota Photographer Rachel Duerksen Adviser Amy Clark Representative Shannon Hart

212 Photos

Adviser Lela Coker

Representative Stacy Mehrens

Photos Thrall High School

Thrall, Texas

Photographer Chelsea Seggern Adviser Christina Strnad Representative Jim Anderson

Los Gatos High School

Los Gatos, California Photographer Dominic Hernandez Adviser Stephanie Rothstein Representative Shelly Townsend

Featured 2 1 313

Battlefield High School Haymarket, Virginia

Battlefield High School

Haymarket, Virginia Photographer Victor O’Neil Adviser Charlotte Peyton Representative Tami Stalcup

214 Photos

Photographer Victor O’Neil

Adviser Charlotte Peyton

Representative Tami Stalcup

Photos Meade County High School

Brandenburg, Kentucky Photographer Darra Johnson Adviser Loraine Himmelhaver Representative Elizabeth Knapp

Millard West High School

Omaha, Nebraska

Photographer McKenzie Anderson Adviser Mark Hilburn Representative Linda Bernard

Featured 2 1 515

Gorzycki Middle School Austin, Texas

Photographer Lila Vale

Gorzycki Middle School Austin, Texas Photographer Halle Krogstad Adviser Lindsey Shirack Representative Stacy Mehrens

216 Photos

Adviser Lindsey Shirack

Representative Stacy Mehrens

Lake Oswego High School Lake Oswego, Oregon

Photographer Adviser Representative Jami Wray Karen Roberts Xiao O. Guan


Lake Oswego High School Lake Oswego, Oregon Photographer Luc McColl Adviser Jami Wray Representative Karen Roberts

Featured 2 1 717

Lake Oswego High School Lake Oswego, Oregon

North Davidson High School

Lexington, North Carolina Photographer Brad Arrowood Adviser Adrianna Quigley Representative Shandi Foster

218 Photos

Photographer Jake Bishop

Adviser Jami Wray

Representative Karen Roberts

Photos Texas High School

Texarkana, Texas Photographer Emily Meinzer Adviser Rebecca Potter Representative Debbie Vaughn

Texas High School

Texarkana, Texas Photographer Megan Brandon Adviser Rebecca Potter Representative Debbie Vaughn

Featured 2 1 919

Clearwater High School Clearwater, Florida

Tomball Memorial High School Tomball, Texas Photographer Amber Carroll Adviser Jill Chumley Representative Mary Beth McIver

220 Photos

Photographer Dakoda Berg

Adviser Kylie Aliberto

Representative John Pantelis

Rouse High School Leander, Texas

Adviser Photographer Janice McLaughlin Kel Lemons

Representative Jim Anderson


Rouse High School

Leander, Texas

Photographer Lorenz Schuerk Adviser Kel Lemons Representative Jim Anderson

Featured 2121

Hardin Valley Academy Knoxville, Tennessee Photographer Nicole Maestri Adviser Stephanie Crichton Representative Ben Smith

Hardin Valley Academy Knoxville, Tennessee Photographer Rowan Palmer Adviser Stephanie Crichton Representative Ben Smith

222 Photos

Glacier Peak High School Snohomish, Washington

Photographer Adviser Logan Sandstrom Annie Green

Representative Randy Elliott


Glacier Peak High School

Snohomish, Washington Photographer Logan Sandstrom Adviser Annie Green Representative Randy Elliott

Featured 2323

Inglemoor High School Kenmore, Washington Photographer Jacoy Willis Adviser Zane Mills Representative Kerri Kuykendall Smead

Claudia Taylor Johnson High

San Antonio, Texas Photographer Emily Hermann Adviser Velisa Jewett Representative Kathi Hopkins

224 Photos

Photos Claudia Taylor Johnson High school

San Antonio, Texas Photographer Emily Hermann Adviser Velisa Jewett Representative Kathi Hopkins

Claudia Taylor Johnson High

San Antonio, Texas Photographer Emily Bennett Adviser Velisa Jewett Representative Kathi Hopkins

Featured 2525

Claudia Taylor Johnson High school

San Antonio, Texas

Photographer Morgan Mendelson Adviser Velisa Jewett Representative Kathi Hopkins

Claudia Taylor Johnson High school

San Antonio, Texas Photographer Jacob Nemeth Adviser Velisa Jewett Representative Kathi Hopkins

226 Photos

Photos RICE University Houston, Texas

Photographer Sean Chu

Adviser Kelley Lash

Representative Ryan Almon

Rice University

Houston, Texas

Photographer Matthew Lim Adviser Kelley Lash Representative Ryan Almon

Featured 2727

Georgetown High School Georgetown, Texas Photographer Anabel Torres Adviser Barbara Boatright Representative Jim Anderson

San Angelo Central High School

San Angelo, Texas Photographer Sabrina Regino Adviser Dhara Ogee Representative Doug Altom

228 Photos

Georgetown High School


Georgetown, Texas Photographer Travis Breaden Adviser Barbara Boatright Representative Jim Anderson

Brennan High School

San Antonio, Texas Photographer Diamond Cruz Adviser Amey Graybeal Representative Betty Cruz

Featured 2929

American School of London London, England Photographer Nicolette Sheil Adviser Rhiannon West Representative Karen Burbach-Barker

Jefferson West High School

Meriden, Kansas

Photographer Hannah Magathan Adviser Lisa Sage Representative Whitney Baker

230 Photos

Photos Robinson High School Robinson, Texas Photographer Justice Mantooth Adviser Kimm Mawhirter Representative Morgan Tuggle

West Johnston High School

Benson, North Carolina Photographer Kendall Holland Adviser Jeanette Neyman Representative Josh Lovell

Featured 2 3 131

Fort Zumwalt West High School O’Fallon, Missouri

Minnetonka High School

Minnetonka, Minnesota Photographer Mark Hvidsten Adviser Bethany Holt Representative Shannon Hart

232 Photos

Photographer Paige Shirley

Adviser Loran Marquez

Representative Liz Bardin

Photos Minnetonka High School

Minnetonka, Minnesota Photographer Ali Buchstabe Adviser Bethany Holt Representative Shannon Hart

Minnetonka High School

Minnetonka, Minnesota Photographer Mark Donlin Adviser Bethany Holt Representative Shannon Hart

Featured 2 333

University of Southern California Los Angeles, California

University of Southern California Los Angeles, California Photographer Nick Entin Advisers Mona Cravens & Scott Smitt Representative Jim Anderson

234 Photos

Photographer Advisers Tal Volk Mona Cravens & Scott Smitt

Representative Jim Anderson

Rock Canyon High School Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Representative Photographer Adviser Daniel Deschane Kristi Rathbun Rob Rathbun


University High School

Irvine, California

Photographer Allie Nguyen Adviser Hali Kessler Representative Ramonda Hollenquest

Featured 2 3 535

Liberty High School

Brentwood, California Photographer Jessica Maitoza Adviser Lloyd Cornwell Representative Shelly Townsend

George Ranch High School

Richmond, Texas Photographer Brittainie Cason

Adviser Amanda Respondek Representative Cindy Moye

236 Photos

Liberty High School


Brentwood, California Photographer Jeannae Torres Adviser Lloyd Cornwell Representative Shelly Townsend

Bridgeport High School Bridgeport, West Virginia Photographer Ben Queen Adviser Alice Rowe Representative Doug Richardson

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Cibola High School

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Cibola High School

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Photos Cibola High School Yuma, Arizona Photographer Cassandra Guillen Adviser Richard Fontanes Representative David Honnold

Cibola High School Yuma, Arizona Photographer Chelsy Monjaraz Adviser Richard Fontanes Representative David Honnold

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With the look and feel of a miniature spread, storytelling packages expand primary coverage by – • Telling the stories behind the primary story • Writing student profiles to show individual involvement • Creating visual and/or verbal links to the theme • Varying the text format

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Representative Lisa Schwartz

“People pronounce my name ‘Fruit’ a lot, but I don’t really mind because it’s something they will remember me by.” Phrut Yimmongkol • 12

Seniors on variety of projects 6 workMemorial to gain understanding, knowledge High School 6. ETSY: Tassel In an effort to win the competition,




KeychainColten $19.00 Vela opened his phone and

Robinson Zip Coin Case $115 2. LOUIS VUITTON: Key Pouch $200 3. LEGO: Darth Vader Key Fob $28.50 4. ETSY: Pom Pom Keychain $24.70 5. GIRLY TWIRLY: Acrylic Initial Keychain $12.00

checked the stocks. He noticed overall 7. FANATICS:

seems ““Itlikejusta more pronounced test. All my teachers say to take the SAT and many colleges only accept it.”

First Instagram Post

"I love slip on Vans because they are quick and easy and go with everything. They are really fun and different, so it changes my outfits up a bit. You can dress them up, or dress them down, just whatever in the stock market.” youCoach are feeling." McKinley Yanke • 12 In astronomy, Gary Ferguson instructed students to create a replica of the Hubble Space Telescope. Astronomy students had to print a template of the likestock, Nike cut Blazers because telescope on "Icard it out and else had them. They are assemble it innobody the correct order. “We do thecomfortable, telescope projectand because they look cool. the Hubble is It one most is of a the part of famous my unique style and telescopes that is still out there [and] overall outfit." Derek hopefully it teaches the students about Tolson • 11 what the Hubble Telescope looks like, what it does and where it is,” Coach Ferguson said. “It gives them a hands on replica of what’s floating around out there.” In English IV, students in Coach Billy Coats, Coach Bryan Dibley and Ms. Gala Arambula’s classes read Shakespeare’s poem “Othello” and created a mask of one of the characters in the story. STUDENT LIFE · FASHION “I think the purpose of doing the mask project was to assess our students’ knowledge and understanding of the characters in the play Othello that we read,” Coach Coats said. “It hopefully taught them that characterization plays a big role in dramas and plays.” By Jacob Friedberg


Dom Co

chose to take the ACT because it was more math-related and it gives a better impression to colleges” Cherokee Holt, 12


the first day of school

All seniors took the ASVAB as a military entrance exam and career path finder.

Oct. Oct


Oct. Oct


Seniors took a full panoramic class picture.

Representative Tammy in fact: The Bailey first ever “Last First Day” breakfast was held to honor seniors on the first day of school.

Aiman Khan, 12 @khan._ye December 2014

took them “ “Iboth, but I

Blake Pipkin, 12

Legacy Aug. Oct High School year 24 Mansfield, Texas Advisers a senior Leland Mallett &

Aisha’s birthday

Legacy Dec. Oct High School 11

Seniors turned in forms for Butter Braid fundraiser to help pay for prom.

Mansfield, Texas

Nov. Oct




Craig Nealey, 12 @craigsays November 2013

The FAFSA, or Federal Application for Student Aid, opened to allow seniors to apply for college financial aid.


Students in AP English IV Advisers turned in poetry projects. Leland Mallett & Oct Rachel Dearinger

Representative Tammy Bailey

Kaitlyn Crump, 12 @_kaitlynelise_ July 2014

ember: “I’ll remember after the senior night slide show and seeing my section give Gabby, Johnny and I gifts with tears in their eyes.” Kayla Riley, 12

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Representative Lisa Schwartz


Rachel Dearinger

Mindy Mattina • Reporter


Adviser Holly Hartman

school-owned iPads, many seniors were accustomed to using the devices. Senior Jacob Hubener most often used iBooks for his TCC English class. “If I didn’t have the iPad I wouldn’t be able to view the books we use in class, so they’re very helpful,” Hubener said.


“My parents named me after the song ‘The Bells of Ireland.’” Ireland Getty • 12

Houston, Texas

hadsmade more than $447,000 in Houstonhe Astro' profits and hoped it will be enough to Keychainbe $9.00 victorious. He later found out that he 8. Namedhad keychain earned the most money out of all of the senior from Puerto Rico economics class. The project 9. O-VENTURE: Big Vela worked on for a semester was known as Investopedia. O Keychain com.$55.00 Students in Coach Michael Keel’s 10. SMATHERS & Terry Short’s economic and Coach classes used the Investopedia website BRANSON: Texas to see who Flag Needlepoint could monitor and invest in the stock market the best. Each student Key Fob was $28.50 given $1 million to invest and the student who earned the most money at the end won. “It’s fake money but real stocks,” Coach Keel said. “The main purpose of the Investopedia project was to teach our students how the stock market works.” At the end of the competition, 17 people out of 140 made a profit. Vela was on the application about three to four times a week checking stocks. “It makes me feel smart,” Vela said. “I learned a lot about how to make money

L As the first freshman class introduced to

Seniors share their experiences taking college entrance tests


“My parents are both physicists and adore Sir Isaac Newton, so they decided to name me after the person they looked up to the most.” Isaac Bartley • 11

"I like my Air Maxes because they are comfortable to walk around in during school. I also like them because everyone has them in different colors and styles. They come in handy whenever I'm in a rush because they are easy to throw on quickly." Remi Greenwood • 10


Ireland Getty

Isaac Newton Bartley

moving on 3


Photos by Taylor Petry and Gayla Kusin.

Phrut Yimmongkol

"I love New Balances because they are super cute but casual at the same time. They can go with almost any outfit and come in different styles and colors. Not to mention, all the boys look really good in them." Avery Fay • 12



Students explain their unique names

Golden Zenon




Audrey Finck Liam Fitzpatrick Maiken Flinder Guadalupe Flores Cruz Sydney Flynt Daniel Fonseka Isabelle Fox


ZARA White Velvet High-top Sneakers $90.00


THOSE? Houston, Texas

Adviser Fashion fans dish on to-die-for Holly shoes Hartman

Students show off fashionable key chains

ZARA Black Skinny Jeans $79.00

Memorial High School

Carson Evangelista Blaire Evans Warren Evans Elias Ewing Mitchell Fargerson Aidan Farmayan Katie Ferris


"They are cool looking and are comfortable to wear. I like the color because they go with everything I wear." Jack Michie • 12

“A lot of people say ‘God Bless America’ whenever I sneeze.” America Aguirre • 10

"I love my sunglasses because they are really good at blocking out the sun while they are also fun and stylish." Emma Rowe • 11

Isabella Eastham Rim El Asfouri Emily Ellis William Ellis Toriano Ellison Fatima Escobar Elizabeth Eubank

“I like my name because it is unique and has two element names in it.” Golden Zenon • 12


because of the brown and gold tints." Victor Salazar • 11

America Aguirre

ZARA Linen Bomber Jacket $79.90

different, like my style. I love them because they are unique." Sophia Sensano • 12

Fe Fer


Not really feeling this businessman's views, senior Anne Knight Suraj on Kolluru Erin Bartels gives her opinion William Koon presidential candidate Donald Rebecca Kuo Trump. "He never apologizes and he Brady Kusturin never admits that he's wrong. He's Conley Kyrah making America look bad," Bartels said. "It was kind of amusing at first, but now it's alarming that people are taking him seriously." Photo by C Rideout // Showing off his popular profile, junior Clark Wooldridge is the master of this hip new social media platform. "PHHHOTO is a lot more open to different artistic styles and possibilities," Wooldridge said. "It's a great way to spread some good vibes." Photo by C. Rideout // Calling you on his cell phone, senior Will Carroll channels his inner Champagne Papi. "Hotline Bling was one of the most genius things Drake has ever done," Carroll said, "It was like watching someone's cool dad dance and that's what everyone aspires to be." Photo by A. Herndon // Hitting the dab in between classes, junior Fred Cashaw educates us on the latest dance crazes. "Dabbing is really popular of course, but the whip and nae nae are the best," Cashaw said. "People love them because they get out into popular songs. Social media has a big part in it, too." IPhoto "In ten years will stillby be C. Rideout "I'll probably be married,


Beyond 4 years

Where do you see yourself in 10 years

Adviser Roy Vaughn

"In ten years I will be finishing up medical school, living in a condo in Atlanta, with my hot boyfriend." Yaliekah Yoss

Representative Pamela Hopkins

"In ten years I will finally be a chemist and have graduated from the University of Utah." Ian Heye

in college and working for a tech company in Atlanta."

finishing up med school, and living the life."

Cieara Phillips

Nate Steppach

PRIZE AND SHINE || At the Pumpkin Patch booth with a mini golf course, Bao Dong rewards a kid who hit the ball into the hole. “There were small items such as erasers and rings,” Dong said. “I was there for four hours and also helped out 233 with other jobs.”

what's trending? Meme queen: A true internet athlete, Junior Jessica Morgan gives us the scoop on latest internet trends. "A meme is an internet joke based upon an ironic photo. Pepe is probably the best meme of recent times. I love memes."

seeing stars: Freshman payton bailey lets us know what is up with todays celebs. "Sometimes it's just the looks. Sometimes people have the talents, it's just that someone else made it big."

New vocab: Taking communication to a new level, Sophomore Fran Delacey gives us a quick lesson in modern speech. “Things like "same" and "TBH" get used a lot by me and my friends. I started to say it ironically, but now I can't stop.”

the force is strong with this one: Out of this world, Junior Steven Dotson tells us why the new Star Wars movie was so stellar.. "Was I excited? Do cows have udders? It was dope. To say the least, I was really happy about it."


Little Rock, Arkansas


Little Rock Central High School


ROLL THE DICE || Visiting L.T. Cunningham Elementary, Vega Shah and Sandy Torres play games with the Special Ed kids. “We rolled a die and performed the activity it landed on,” Torres said. “For instance, if the die landed on a jumping star, they jumped and stretched like a star.” PHOTO BY NATALIA SALAS



Members Involved

“I thought it was really cool how we all volunteered to establish relationships with the kids and tried to make a difference in their lives. They were people just like we were and also great friends.” Adrian Rivera



State Chapters

“‘Best Buddies’ is an international organization with more than 200 chapters in Texas. It made me think about how many Special Ed kids there were just in Texas. It was incredible that so many people were willing to help.” Caitlin Connelly


WHAT GIVES YOU THE CREEPS? page and photos by Maddie Miller

"One time when I was in the Dominican Republic, a bird was sitting on my arm and randomly started to peck at me and wouldn't stop. So now I'm always afraid birds are going to attack or poop on me."

Aaron Robertson

Keenan Robinson Dulce RodriguezGonzalez



Trent Spears

College Station, Texas Adviser Freda Carraway

-Sara Burchfield, 11

"I've always been scared of fish, especially when I was younger. I was terrified of coelacanths, which are a prehistoric fish. I don't know why; I just was."

Kamry Rollins

Ryan Romero

Waylon Roosma

MacKenzie Rosario

Representative Tisha Nowak

-Mercy McGee, 11


A&M Consolidated High School

"I am terrified of heights. I didn't even go up the Eiffel Tower when I NOV. was visiting 10 ‘FINDING DORY’ TRAILER RELEASED Paris because of it."

SEPT. -Trevor Kallendorf, 11 OCT. "When I was younger, I used to be obsessed with cardboard boxes; I would always make things out of them. One day my dad gave me [one] filled with spiders, and I freaked out. So now it just brings back bad memories."





FUN IN THE SUN || Raising HELPING HANDS || At the American Heart and Stroke money for the district Walk in November, Edward convention, Sara Tin-U works Cen and Samantha SuStephanieatSumrall Key Club’s car wash at Jedidiah Romo organize a break station for Firehouse Subs in August. the walkers. “People loved “I felt hot, sweaty and gross, the bananas. We had apples, but I had fun,” Tin-U said. too, but we ran out of those,” “People were generous with Su said. “It was chilly that donations though it was day and there were rain only $5. A former student puddles everywhere. At one came in with three of his point, a ton of water fell on cars and was really nice top of Ally (Sun)’s head.” about supporting the club.”

Emily Rude

Kara Rust



Isabel Salcido

“In April, we had a Friendship Walk where we tried to raise money for our Best Buddies chapter. Every year, we have to raise $350 for chapter dues. The money we raised also went towards Christmas and Halloween parties for the Buddies. If we had extra money, we saved it so that we had more for another event.“ Grace Readore

Guerin Tran





Bellaire High School Bellaire, Texas Adviser Mica Segal

-Rebecca Curry, 11 Patricio Kevin Sanchez Saldana Hernandez

"Because . . . just physics."

Sara Sanchez

Kelvin Wang

-Daniel Ioeger, 11

Representative Ryan Almon

Daniel Ioerger, 11

Kyle Schlueter

Michael Schmitz

Madison Schultz

McKenzy Schultz

Olsen Schwartz

Anahi Santillan Castaneda

Janisah Saripada

Jessica Schechter

Quentin White

Brittany Scott

Hunter Scott

Noah Shafer

Katie Woodworth

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Suncoast Community High School Riviera Beach, Florida

Adviser Stephanie Russo Representative Marcia Meskiel-Macy

McCallum High School

Austin, Texas Adviser Dave Winter

Representative Jim Anderson

McCallum High School Austin, Texas Adviser Dave Winter Representative Jim Anderson

Buffalo High School

Buffalo, Minnesota Adviser Ryan McCallum Representative Shannon Hart

244 Packages

Packages Cypress Creek High School Houston, Texas Adviser Samantha Berry Representative Lisa Schwartz

Sparkman High School Harvest, Alabama Adviser Erin Coggins Representative Jay Elmore

Carthage High School Carthage, Texas Adviser Jayme Quick Representative Debbie Vaughn

Featured 2 4 545

The Hockaday School

Dallas, Texas

Adviser Ana Rosenthal Representative Mickey Mehrens

The Hockaday School

Dallas, Texas

Adviser Ana Rosenthal

CeCe Tribolet | Dancer Josie Sinwell | Water Skier

Lacy Green | Community Builder

Representative Mickey Mehrens Lena Hicks | Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas member Nina Dave | Harpist

Maddie Stout | Game Designer

Maddie Muller | Rock Climber

Sarah Crow | Inventor

Lucy Jane Roberts | Musician

246 Packages



27 of the fifth grade students have a sister at Hockaday

81 percent of the class has been to a professional basketball game

The Hockaday Aftergut SchoolJessica Josie Agnew

Dallas, Texas

Adviser Ana Rosenthal

Viviana Armendariz Jocelyn Beard Isabel Bhasin Juliana Blazek

Representative Mickey Mehrens Ava Bob SuSu Campbell Carly Carbery Abby Carlisle Karla Cervantes Sophia Clavenna

Santa Fe Trail Middle School

Sarah Connolly Sam Courtwright Alexandra Crosnoe Jayna Dave Nina Dave Kimberley Dunn

Olathe, Kansas Adviser Melissa Erker

Representative Whitney Baker

Cheer nerds out at the first pep rally

By ChelseaRepresentative Ford

"The bows because they are super cute." -Jordan Smith [10]


"The cheer socks because I have a bunch of different pairs." -Jenna Hall [12]

Photo credit: Ryan Carney [11]

Taylor Brumbaugh [12] and the cheer team performed "The Whip" at the nerd day pep rally to get our team pumped for the Midland game. "The Whip" was a dance that all the cheerleaders enjoyed.

What is your

Photo credit: Langley Pembleton [10]


Tammy Bailey

Bow to toe


"Cheer shoes because they're light and athletic." -Tatum Homan [11]


Nerds can Hurst, Texas Adviser cheer too Daniela Jones

Jordan Hanna Zoya Haq Maia Hartley Sydney Hoyl favoriteAnnie cheerHurley clothing Lauren Ingram

Lola Isom Lila Jardine Brie Johnson Allison Lanners Lana Lewis Emily Loftus Photo credit: Langley Pembleton [10]


L.D. Bell High School

Kennedy Eagleton Grace Emanuelson Kathleen Grip Natalie Grove Ela Guo Avani Haden

"The uniform because it helps

us spread school spirit." Addison London Riley London Larissa Defransisco [10] Sherry Long Photo credit: Langley Pembleton [10] By Langley Pembleton Meera Malhotra Caraday Martin Molly McPhail

go big or go home

Audrey Mitts Julia Montgomery Millie Montsingerdiscuss stunting Cheerleaders Maddie Muller By Langley Pembleton Landry Nelon If you could switch stunting positions with Maria Ontiveros

anyone, which position would you choose

Featured 2 4 747

VARSITY RECORD: 5-4 2nd (63) Cougar XC Challenge


1st (28) - Holy Comforter

2nd (48) Crusader Cross Country Classic


1st (17) - Holy Comforter

2nd (57) Tallahassee MS Open 1st (27) - Holy Comforter


Coloring Outside the Lines

make it COUNT


In order to learn more about circles and shapes, Lily Lombard makes a circle with a cup and paint.“My favorite part about the project was making shapes with the paint,” said Lombard. photo by Sarah Grant


work gotRme MATTHEW ICKMAN (11) doesn't make perfect. to"Practice improve my Perfect practice makes perfect." time and get CAM JONESon(11) me a spot " You become a better player theby varsity becoming aState student of the game and working hard." team.

kland, Brett Defore, Jaylan kman, Tavian Roundtree,


Honoring the letter of the week, “C,” Leighton Clark and Maggie Lee put on their colossal caps. The caps are worn by the character Mr. C. “It was fun making my cap, and I still have it at home,” said Jordan Parks. photo by Sarah Watson


To learn the sound of the letter, Blake Brumberg colors an “A”. At the beginning of the year, Mrs. Sarah Grant’s class practiced learning the sounds of all the different letters. “I like coloring with different colors,” said Brumberg. photo by Sarah Grant

~ Gannon Hundley JAMARI BLACKMON (10) "To become better, always work hard and make the game your life."


Gannon [Hundley] have had the biggest breakthroughs. Their improvement came with their relentless devotion to piling on the miles over the summer,” said Coach Gary Droze. Hundley surpassed his previous best time of 18:59 from last season with an 18:22 this season. The team endured many mentally and challenging

“My favorite part of the day is playing on the playground with friends” Cecilia Fuller, PreK 3

Maclay School


Tallahassee, Florida

"Basketball is a game of skill MIDDLE school team and heart. Either you eat or


When Captain George Gwynn quickly turns the corner at the 800 meter mark, he races to achieve a 16:42. On Oct. 2 the team participated in Pre-State meet at the Apalachee Regional Parkway, where the boys got third. “The course is fun to run and I like how we usePEOPLE a bamboo PreKtree 3 as our design by Meagan Wilkins | page Skylar Ball 135 flag,” said Gwynn. photo bybyDeborah Mayer

Adviser Deborah Mayer Representative Marvin Mayer

get eaten."

Kieran Rye

7KLQNBIG on Hunt Deison

082 theGRID "I would like to meet Steve Nash because he is a point guard, very good at what he does while playing"

Ty Wetherell

Kieran Rye

Erik Cherashore

Johnny McClure

Damian Hundley

as competitors

Bishop Snyder

MASCOT: Cardinals

MILES: 156

DRIVE TIME: 2 hr. 18 min.

Chris Calhoun (10)



nyichukwu Mbanugo, hman Ellington, Chris

Maggie Hardee

Jaden Hardy (10)

“I will have a career in

basketball because I am very good at how I play.”

Melton, Jeremiah Harris, trick Knight, Jeremiah

Hoover High School Basketball

Hoover, Alabama Adviser Jamey Nowlin

Kieran, "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.' - Plato

Representative Mike Dunn

We are so proud of the amazing young man that you've become,and excited to see what life has in store for you as you pursue your passion for music! Set big goals, never stop achieving them and enjoy the life God's given to you . Good luck at OU- Boomer Sooner!! All our Love, Mom, Dad, Caitlin and Astro


Keller High School

Keller, Texas

248 Packages

Adviser David Williams

Representative Tammy Bailey

Maggie Har Ramsey Culliton

of school spirit and a feeling of where I belong.”

Emma Schermerhorn09 “When you have a part of homecoming, you feel tons of pride but also become worried because you don't want to mess up.”


Summer Chester12 “Hoco week was a lot of fun and seeing so much school spirit is always exciting.”

Rashon Thomas12 “Wacky-tacky day was my favorite day during dress up week because everybody came raggedy which made it fun.” With a lead, John Edwards12 fights for his team at the Homecoming game, “I definitely loved the support, Homecoming is my favorite game of the season and the adrenaline is undescribable,” Edwards said. When the final buzzer sounded the Eagles lost 22-31.

It’s A Packed Hou crowd of the varsity foo the stands for the h Lillian Salas12 che whole homecoming ex important to me sinc Salas said. “The wa gonna’ get another chan school

You’ve Got A Friend In Me, dressing as Woody from the Toy Story series, Angel Canales12 chooses the outfit in good spirits, “I wanted to make people smile,” Canales said. “A lot of people laughed and a few wanted pictures with me.”

Spirit Day OR Tacky Day 10%

100 people surved


Kamerin Holmes11

Andrew Tillis12


Klein Forest High School

Houston, Texas Adviser Sue Blackmon

Representative Mary Beth McIver

Klein Oak High School

Spring, Texas

Adviser Jennifer Walton

The John Cooper School The Woodlands, Texas

Representative Mary Beth McIver

Adviser Lynn Boeding

Representative Mary Beth McIver

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I love to be out in the sun," Garnett said. "Also, I worked with lots of my friends making the environment very friendly and fun."

A Helping Hand Senior Kylie Douglas walks to the lunch area with one of her campers after a long morning of playing games, swimming in the lake and hiking. "I love kids and it"s so fun to see how much they change and grow during the summer," Douglas said. Mikaela Bayer

While students were on the lake or at the beach, members of several organizations work throughout the summer months to prepare for a year of performances

Leander, Texas Adviser Danielle Bell

Representative Stacy Mehrens

Class Song:

See You Again Wiz Khalifa Ft. Charlie Puth

ci a


VICE PRESIDENT Victoria Trevino As vice president, I felt like I need to make the class of 2016 the best.

class color: Gold & White


Vera Bradley vs. Michael Khors


Senior motto: joggers vs. sweatpants samsung 6 vs. Iphone 6

M a n av

Go 11

u ri

SECRETARY TREASURER JaQiana Yearling I enjoy being treasurer It's hard to keep everyone happy, but I but it can be Juniors trendysometimes. items chose thisdebate position on to which frustrating they would make the class better.choose over another

Jahra McGruder

Which is better?

HISTORIAN Jennifer Alfaro Being elected makes me really happy because I feel the love from my friends.

Life brings us tears, smiles, and memories - the tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever.

prom Moonlight theme: Skies

seniors prefer SAT

seniors are enrolled in

104 DUAL CREDIT classes


seniors took their YEARBOOK pictures on time

Jose Segrera i s 2016


seniors who are in ESL program

5 4 2

Han-Mac Kim Jae Kim Min Kim


would rather have three wishes in ten years because anything can happen in ten years, such as poverty or misfortune. Instead of making a wish today, prematurely. You could make a wish after ten years, during which you could finally experience adulthood, and make a wish based on your experiences over that time, plus you get more wishes."

a National Hispanic Recognition Program S c h o l a r

76% vs. 24%



Chloe Koteras Sarat Kotthakota Sahana Koundinya

PEOPLE Juniors



Nathan Kranz Stephanie Krill Faith Kubala

60% seniors vote for seniors want graduation t o s t a y 18% seniors vote for prom in Texas

s en ior s wan t t o l i v e out-of-state 12% seniors vote for picnic 5 0 s e n i o r s s u r v e y e d

Klein Forest High School


“It's comfortable and it's something you can throw on if you're late. It's a cross between sporty and casual.

492 Seniors Voted Out of 786 Seniors

seniors who are AP s c h o l a r s

5 0 s en io r s s u r v e y

National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist

50 seniors s u r v e y




Samuel Klink John Koleng Margaret Konop

“It's simple to use, it doesnt have complications like picnic theme: Android and a good battery Hawaiian life."




"We often think of the other teams as rivals but when we're all at iDance we come together to work as friends to help each other." Alexandria Echeverry, 11

J u an C aro 11

“I love to play and write music.”



"I like the friendships and the family atmosphere of band camp." Spencer Knight, 11

Ethan King Victoria Kinzer Jacob Klich

ama 11 na G

erald a Ga r

M a tth e w R ot ar



D ia

PRESIDENT Aaliyah Thompson I like being a part of the team and help my class actually participate, but it is challenging at times.


"I was very happy to see everybody and I was very happy to get back together with the people that I love being around." Phillip Schlieve, 11

William Hayes London Haynes Christian Hernandez Meza Ashley Hernandez Moreno Angelica Hernandez Aylin Hernandez Brianna Hernandez Guillermo Hernandez Katherine Hernandez Marlene Hernandez

“I like wearing purses because they are more convenient and it's easier to take all my stuff when I go to work."

Class Flower: White Rose





and “I was thinking about“Iif like they the play patterns the song at graduation, itwedoesnt can all think look like a about the day that we'll see each 1 normal backpack. It's z1 other again" more unique." Dia M ar

counted as sports?

COLOR GUARDLuis Grimaldo

Guarneros "The best part of cheer "Even if you have stuffLizbeth Hector Guerrero Perez Guerrero camp was when we going on at home, youAraceli Jade Guerrero Norma Guevara just worked out don't have to think Michael Guillory Zachary Gurley together. Once we got about that or anythingAlex Gutierrez David Gutierrez done it was really else because you just Jocelynn Gutierrez think about band." Vivian Ha rewarding. We all Hackett Bailey Patton, 11 Dominisha worked together as Meng Lean Hak Tyrese Hamm a team." Ashley Hardin Aaron Harris Gabriella Cash, 9 Diamond Harris


“With Android you can download more, there's more you can do"

A. I'd rather go to a concert B. At the top of my list! C. Is playing video games

Sylvia Gonzalez Yesenia Gonzalez Gilbert Good Dana Goodman Jaelon Gossett Mya Govan Cristaneisha Green Domonique Green Natasha Greenwood Morgan Griffin

Glynn Harris Lauren Hasken

O F F I C E R S “They make me feel comfortable. I like how they look and the style of it."

Luis Gonzalez Hernandez Sonia Gonzalez Portillo Ana Gonzalez Danely Gonzalez Erik Gonzalez Josahandi Gonzalez Kimberly Gonzalez Nehemias Gonzalez Rocio Gonzalez Rosa Gonzalez

Page by S. Aguilar, A. Horn, & C. Scott

Leander High School

Photos by A. Horn, E. Taurins, C. Scott

this is where it all begins

Sahil Kulkarni Devika Kumar Juhi Kumar

would rather only be able to whisper because I wouldn't want people eavesdropping or being able to hear every single thing I say."



Houston, Texas

Adviser Sue Blackmon Representative Mary Beth McIver

Krutin Kumar Rohini Kumar Austin Kunkel

Westwood Angela Kwak La Berge HighAleksander School Zoe Lacey Austin, Texas Adviser Lanie Catuogno Representative Jim Anderson

250 Packages

& STOP TIME " I would rather be able to stop

time than to fly because I always find myself wishing for more hours in the day. I’m in Colorguard so I don’t have time for anything."

FLY " Out of being able to stop time or fly I would choose to fly so that I could go anywhere and see everything from a bird's eye view."









band spends august evenings their halftime performances. staff come together to pray year. 3. Varsity football hits arly for practice starting in raveled to the Spirit of Texas on to learn their routines for olleyball warms up before a Prince of Peace to get ready


It’s good to know your way around. Fortunately, some things never change. How many places in the school can you name?













Prestonwood Christian Academy




Plano, Texas Adviser Meg Miller

Representative Mickey Mehrens SETTLE THE SCORE Battling the freshmen in soccer during Homecoming week, Ben McQueen10 attempts to score on the competition. "It was great beating the freshmen since we lost last year. It was nice getting out of APUSH even though it's my favorite class," McQueen said.


Varsity football prepares for the coming season during early morning practices starting at 6 a.m.. Collin Whitaker (12) said, “The work was hard but will pay off.”


Football Two-a-Days

Cedar Park High School

Photo by Emily Kicklighter


GOIN HAM In Mrs. Jennifer Touchstone's dual enrollment English class, Jarrett Easterling12 takes on the roll of the king in Hamlet. "We learned through demonstration, and it was way better than doing book work," Easterling said. Photo by Catherine Clark



Cedar Park, Texas Adviser Paige Hert


Representative Mickey Mehrens



Students embrace lingual diversity by speaking different languages at home


"I mainly hang out with friends and sometimes go hiking." - Hannah MacDonald ('19) Esther Park, 10

"I usually try and go out by myself like to Collan Parker, 10 get sushi or whatever." Madelyn Parker, 9 - Aaron Burgess ('16) Zachary Parker, 9

PARTICIPATE Photo by D. Soltero

Photo by J. Yeager

Photo by J. Yeager

Photo by C. Buchanan


Zoe Parkinson, 9 Hunter Parks, 10 Jaxon Parks, 10

"I sleep or I work." - Garrett Sanders ('17) "I sleep and practice." - Jaynee Dauz('17)

we didn't start the fire

August 20, 2015

Johnathon Parks, 10 THINGS TOArielDO:Parra, 11 Brandon Parra, 10 FOOTBALL GAMES11 Nicholas Parston, Lauren Partridge, 10

ATTEND a freshman football or JV Alexander Passeur, 11 football game.Allison It's a great way Paules, 11to show school spirit! We have to remember that this is where varsity playersGrecia start out at and are just9 as Paulin Figueroa, important as theJamie varsity. Pearce, 10 Madison Pearce, 10 Alexander Pearson, 9 Pena,Be10 CHEER. Be loud.Cassidy Be proud. 10 positive. WhetherKinsey it is a Pena, first down, Chase 9 a touchdown, or evenPenberg, before the game, cheering until your voice is raw is one sign of true Eagle Spirit. Kevin Penson, 11 Tristan Perez, 9 Kristen Perron, 11 Halley Petcosky, 11 SHOW UP. Don't missPetcosky, out on kickRiley 9 McKenzie 9 off during the varsity Petersen, football game. 9 This part of theAdam gamePeterson, sets up the mood for most of the game. It can be fun and energizing for everyone. Jordan Peterson, 9 McKaye Peterson, 11 Ashtyn Petri, 9 Dillon Petri, 11 BE WARM. Remember the weather Daniel Pfeffer, 9 and dress appropriately. With 9a Jessica Pham, constant rain here in Washington Maria Pham, 10 and cold temperatures, making sure you are prepared for the whole game is a must.



Photo by J.Yeager

PUMP IT UP. The cheerleaders help get the crowd pumped during games. Participating in their cheers can be fun and are part of the entire experience of going to a football game.

Burch Walker ('18) serves in his match against Oak Harbor. Walker switched between JV tennis and varsity tennis. Walker said this match, and the season, was "Just a lot of fun. Most time I was the of the fire in lead JV. The responsibility"The wasday nice." the PAC, it was very hot outside, and we were out there for an hour, and I had to eat my lunch out there. The good thing was that I didn't have to stay in class." Marcie Marinelli12 with Christina Dorsey12


"It was so hot outside. We crawled under the buses to cool off. It felt good until one of the teachers made us move." Gracie Campbell11 with Mae Pimentel11 and Nia Summers11

"It was great because I got to get out of math, and I got to tan. It was really weird because no one really knew what was going on." Sarah Boggs11

"It was burning up outside, but we all tried to make the best of it. We were playing games like Red Rover while we ate lunch." Shelby Gustin12 with Caroline Hannum12, Maddie Everhardt12, Sarah Kathryn Hix12 and Annette Magro12


entry for the Oak Mountain FCCLA Cookoff Mitchell12 perfects her Lousiana Chicken fo dish judging. "I got first place in the chicken made, and I got second place on the Straw made," Mitchell said. Photo by Annamarie Tritch

Oak Mountain High School CLUBADEMICS Photo by H. Chung

Arlington High School

Birmingham, Alabama Adviser Melissa Dixon Representative Jim Robbins

Arlington, Washington Adviser Serving the ball is Dominic Palmisano ('18) Anne Hayman on September 21 for the boys' JV tennis.

Photo by H. Chung

Photo by J. Yeager

BE RESPECTFUL. Remember that injuries happen when playing sports. As such, always remember to sit down when there is a player hurt during the game, no matter which team it is.


-Svitlana Poliakova (9)

"Drive down to Vancouver, WA and get Voodoo donuts in portland." - Brittany Crawford ('16)

During the season, Palmisano mostly played doubles with Blake Coulter ('18). He said

Representative that "My partner and I won. It was a tough match. It was pretty even and we pulled Kerri Kuykendall Smead through and got the win for the team."

Photo by J. Yeager



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Snellville, Georgia

THIS COULD goalie uniform ANATOMY OF


Adviser Holly Chatham



Representative Tara Hays


“I would do it again only if I could have a shower cap,” junior Cassie Christian said about being slimed. “Complaining about being gooey was probably one of the best bonding experiences we had as drum majors. It was disgusting; for a week we were still pulling it out of our hair. It was funny because Curtis Harrison complained more than the girls about washing it out, and we have longer hair.” Cassie Christian 11

Dripping with Goo After practice on Sept. 10, junior drum majors Cassie Christian, Curtis Harrison and Claire Entrekin get slimed. The top four fundraisers for band’s March-athon got to slime them. “It felt weird and took forever to clean,” Harrison said. “But it was cool to be able to help the band.”Photo by Allison McCain


for, who I am and what I do."



Klein Collins High School TRAVEL 7

Ashley Hildebrandt

“I was super nervous comingRepresentative to Vista. Before coming the Mary Beth McIver KOREA to first day, all I could think about is how I wanted summer start over. But Vista was the best decision I made.”


FIRST DAY “I was excited for school, but I was also nervous because I didn’t want it to be my last year. There is definitely a different atmosphere being a senior; it is a little more laid back.”

“I went to Seoul in South Korea for two months. It was my first time traveling to South Deja Benson 11 Korea and the first time ever meeting my family who lives there. While we were there, we went shopping in one of the world’s largest shopping malls. The mall was under ground and had a train running through it. It was amazing to be engulfed in a culture that I was not raised in even though my entire family was.” Michelle Kim 12


Adviser Jamie Ray Representative Morgan Tuggle

photo by Miranda Lester

Hailey Patereau 12









fortunate “toI ambesoable to love



the kids in Haiti. I

Leander, Texas



photo by Sydney Sokora

Vista Ridge High School

6 will never forget time my there 5. Senior Israel Tristan runs with the ball during the game against.

Klein Oak. “I'm going to miss my teammates and being partKylie of aBurch 12 great program,"6Tristan said. The Tigers won this game with the 1. Hailey Gilmore 2. Katalyna Saucedo final score of 4-3. 6. The team sends each other off in a huddle 3. Zachry Rivkin 4. Chow Han before a game. The Tigers continued after this to win the game 5. Kaitlyn Serna 6. Lilly Clark against Spring with a final score of 3-1. 7. Senior Paul Purifoy kicks 11 10 the ball back to the team. “I love playing goalkeeper because I get 12


to be one of the leaders on the field," Purifoy said. “I also love it Congratulations, Victoria!!! because “I like hand writing things because it is easier to picture my actualI get to play for KC and I get to be apart of an awesome The choices you have made have been well thought process before turning in team an essay.” with great guys." defined, leaving the path for your future Branden Slocombe 12 13 clearly in focus. You have excelled beyond our expectations and have added yet, another milestone along the road of success. As the doors of opportunity swing “I open went wide to thefor you, stand tall with a great sense of prideIslands and feel Camiguin every ounce of your accomplishments. You 14 15 in the Philippines are an amazing, beautiful, to funny, smart, kind, visit my family caring, compassionate, determined, keeping who I haven’t Austin weird, (we onof and young seen in 10could years.go One myon) favorite lady. Godmemories has trulywas blessed us.I swam The pride when in we the ocean the coast looked feel today will last off a lifetime. Goand chase your 17 18 16 out and only blue waters, dreams baby girl,saw spread 1. @_brooklynnwalsh/Brooklynn Walsh 10 many Philippine Islands and your wings andother fly, we will 2. @lanimichelle8/Lani Timmons 12 volcanoes around us. We were there always be by your side. 3. @keegan_barnes27/Keegan Barnes 10 for about one month and over that 4. @ClaireEntriken/ Claire Entreken 11 time, we went island hopping.” Love you... 5. @abbyesau/Abby Esau 10 “I spent six Alcess Nonot 11 6. @Rachaelreynolds18/Rachael Reynolds 10 weeks in Mom, George and Dad 7. @stasyahopp/Stasya Hopp 10 Baragauda and 8. @wnc_clark/Weston Clark 10 spent 11 days 9. @landonloa/Landon Loa 10 in Manila, 10. @teddylinnell/Teddy Linnell 10 Philippines in Global City. My 11. @brookebrown7/Brooke Brown 9 favorite part was being submerged 12. @phillipmendoza9/ Phillip Mendoza 12 into my family and their culture. 13. @Sharikamenon_/Sharika Menon 11 This was the first time meeting my family in Manila and being 14. @BradyNevit12/Brady Nevit 10 accepted into their lives. It was 15. @gavinhand/Gavin Hand 10 insane seeing what true poverty 16. @colechism/Cole Chism 12 looks like.” 17. @eliii_aguirreee/Eli Aguirre 10 Isa Unpinco 12 18.@Nicholas_podolak/Nick Podolak 9



photo by Jenna Chandler

Jersey Start to school year brings new experiences, “The jersey I wear is important friendships because it represents who I play

Goalie Gloves “Mrs. Taylor’s art “I really like CHENOWETH’S rotation was bringing my mom “My gloves aremy tools thatMUST I useHAVES favorite. We did to Open House. to help me with the impact of “Everyone this thing where we Bringing her gives the ball on my hands. They helpa needs hadgrip a long piece of her a chance to see me the ball to catchbackpack more cloth, and we wrote and school exactly what my effectively." supplies for all of our dreams teachers are like, onto it with colored coming back and she gets to Cleats to school.” markers. weused for introduce herself. “Cleats areAfter mainly finished,onwethe gotfield so you She comes every traction rubbing and are year, and it’s great don't slip.alcohol Some cleats smeared it on so things but it's because then she used for different all of thewhich colorsones you doesn’t ask me a athat preference spreadtoand blended ton of questions chose wear." together. We about what we are combined them all doing in class and and hung them off what the teachers of the ceiling by the are like. She does library. It was a cool embarrass me by activity to express saying how quiet your dreams and I am and that the Spring, Texas teachers need to get show who you are through art.” me to talk more.” Catherine BrownAdviser 12 Abygail Alvernaz 9

“I went to South Korea, Thailand and Hong Kong for three weeks. While I was there, I rode elephants and pet and fed tigers. While in Thailand, I went hiking. One of the most interesting moments while I was there was seeing how different the citizens live and how their culture is diverse. One of my favorite things was tasting all the different foods.” Tiffany Volking 11


senior Brandon Lopez's

photo by Sydney Sokora

Brookwood High School






Miranda Sharpe 12


252 Packages

“I like ‘Scream Queens’ because of the many famous people like Nick Jonas and Arianna Grande. Also, it is very funny.”

Packages IN 20 YEARS...

For many, social media is more than a hobby

t on the every day

Students explain their unique social media profile names


“ You can watch random stuff that takes up time when you should be doing homework.� -Jacob Miller, 8


for mselves

I like my case ecause it has hevron, and really like hevron.� Chloe undstrom, 7

he 0



@HANDLE? What’s your


Prairie Trail THE Middle SCENE S School

Q. Who is your celebrity doppleganger? "Andy Dalton because I have a picture of him in my classroom, and every year I have students who ask if he is me." - Mr. Shoemaker

Olathe, Kansas Adviser Susan Warner


Representative Whitney Baker

"There are several good looking bald men who might fit that role. Howie Mandel, Andre Agassi, and Mr. Clean." - Mr. Paepke

Brady, Lana12, 21, 44, 88, Burleson, Elaine . 4, 125, Carroll, Zachary131, 135, 158 99, 141, 174 153, 162 Brady, Naomi . 11, 84, 85, Burleson, Elyssa .60, 80, Carsner, Lily . . 124, 131, 136, 152, 163 103, 127, 142, 155, 164, 134, 153, 160 ANNIVERSARY "Donn Knotts it's pretty obvious Burleson, Marshall . 96, Carsner, Lucy . . 74, 135, based 167, 186 on the pictures attached 141, 191 Brewer, Lisa . . . . . . . . 125 153, 163 the likeness to me is almost a perfect match." - Mr. Orr Brewer, Madi . 10, 11, 12, Burnaman, Seth130, 153, Carter, Faith 18, 136, 163 73, 77, 95, 102, 106, @_terynitup_ 160, 163 16, 23, 32, 38, 64, 84, Carter, Luke . . . .131, 160 116, 120, 124, 125, “It’s my username because I’m 147, 148, 154, 156, 167, Carver, Caroline . . . . . . . 131, 134, 146, 148, always tearin’ it up.� -Teryn Surratt, 12 173, 174, 175, 179, 185 8, 10, 11, 25, 27, 29, 31, 157, 188, 191 Britcher, Annabeth 129, 32, 66, 123, 140, 146, Baer, Weston36, 133, 161 153, 159, 160 147, 148, 156, 178, 185, Bamford, Elijah . 81, 128, Brown, Ally . . 15, 34, 45, 186 "Of course my doppleganger is 158 @hortonhearsajuan Sandra Bullock." - Ms. Jaeger 138 Cavanagh, Katie 37, 135, Baptiste, Edward125, 164 Brown, Chloe7, 12, 14, 16, “Avery [Dooley] and Ashley 153, 163 [Read] helped me come up 82, 116, 117, Baseball . . 9, 22, 33, 42, 65, 121, 142, Cavanagh, Nate 131, 153, with it after prom.� 172, -John 168, David169, Horton, 12 173, 174, 154, 156, 174 161 175, 196, 197 Brown, Kai . . .17, 40, 49, Celestino, Luca17, 49, 97, Basketball . . . . . . . . . . . 44, 110, 111, 139, 141, 155, Cabrera, Keen18, 73, 130, 101, 110, 111, 139, 154, 45, 82, 83, 98, 100, 101, 152, 153, 160 @that_so_rachel 156, 172 156, 157, 172, 174 "Alex Morgan because she is 102, “That’s So Raven used103, to be104, 105, 106, Bryan, Alex . 13, 80, 129, Cabrera, Kynes 131, 133, Celestino, Noah 133, 152,athletic and has brown hair." one of my favorite I 167, 168, 107,shows, 140, and 150, 152, 153, 161 Ms. Rhodes 159, 160 153, 160, 161, 194 Adams, Mia . . . . . . . thought . 138 it would be funny.� 169, Lychner, 175 10 -Rachel Bulkley, Ola Mae . . . 125 Cagle, Nathan8, 142, 154 Certamen . . .58, 150, 155 Adams, Travis 13, 16, 27, Bassett, Elijah 29, 75, 81, Burgan, Bella . . . . . . . . . . Calvert, Carlie 12, 17, 26, Chapel . . 6, 7, 58, 75, 124 35, 44, 75, 144, 192 144, 154, 156, 168 27, 34, 46, 56, 72, 102, Cheer84, 85, 164, 167, 175 37, 58, 82, 85, 133, 134, Adams-Alvarez, Leilani Bassett, Samuel 133, 153, 143, 154, 186 @lunderb 152, 153, 161 Cheij, Nicholas 130, 153, 52, 81, 128, 158 161 Cameron Stewart . . . 174 “My dad came up with it Burgess, Jack . . .49, 100, 160 Adkins, Patti . . . 125, 158 Bassett, . . 1, 130, Campbell, Hutch129, 159, Cheng, Art . . . . . . . . . 125 because my last nameShawn is 139, 154, 156, 174 Alegre, Eli . 131, 153,Lundstrom 159, and my first name 153, 160 160 Burgess, Nicholas . . 133, Cheng, Carter81, 128, 158 starts with a B.� 161 Bayer, Jill . . . . . . . . . . 125 Campbell, Joshua60, 136, Cheng, Claire . . .131, 160 162 American Heritage Girls -Blake Lundstrom, 12 Beck, Tristin 41, 72, 141 Burgess, Thomas 96, 97, 152, 163, 169, 190 Cheng, Cody . . 135, 150, 152 Texas Becker, Emily60, 63, 136, Austin, Campbell, Riley . 41, 144 129, 158, 159 152, 163 Anderson, Luke . .@profilecontentwasdeleted . . 134 163 Cantu, Leonardo 80, 133, Burgess, William60, 136, Cheng, Paul 20, 108, 173 the typical message the Anderson, Sara .135,“It’s162 Titus81, 128, 134, Adviser 134, 153, 160, 161, 194 Chess Club . . . . . 150, 152 computerBecker, 159, 163 Andrews, Jordan3, 9, 10, gives after you do something.� 158, 162 Burkett, Bentlee 141, 164 Carr, Landon . 8, 36, 133, Chick-Fil-A Leader John Horvath 24, 30, 35, 44, 46, 47, -Reid Conway, 10 Belloni, Daniel . . . 22, 26, Burleson, Caleb . . . . . . . . 161 Academy . . . . 79, 154 69, 82, 103, 145, 147, 29, 34, 82, 88, 112, 143, Carroll, Amber17, 32, 71, Chisholm, Emery 60, 74, 16, 28, 50, 64, 117, 142, 148, 153, 169, 173, 177, 154, 156, 164, 172, 174 Representative 72, 79, 122, 143, 156 154, 156, 168, 174 80, 136, 152, 153, 163 185 @ohhhmyyyglobbb Belloni, Jacob 30, 73, 80, Jim Anderson Choisnet, Kylie .125, 163 Appenbrink, Will96,“I have 130,a small Adventure Time 107, 112, 127, 143, 156, obsession, so it was only fitting 159 172, that one of the167, show’s best192 Archer, Hudson133,lines 153,would be my username.� Belz, Kambly .3, 125, 159 -Carlie Calvert, 10 162 Bennett, Jerry . . . . . . 172 YEARS Armbruster, Carter . 94, An inside look at the yearbook team's quirky decisions Between Classes . . . . . 41 138, 168 @super.luigi.poncho 20-20 YEARS SIDEBARS 200 PAGES IN 20 YEARS... Bloodgood, Matthew . . . Armbruster, Evan .“My . 46, bestie Connor After deciding that we Working with our We wanted to create a 17, and 24,I were 27, 29, 76, 105, obsessed with The Mario wanted to work on a representative from Balfour, sidebar that people could 135, 162 145, that 157, 174 Brothers, and 143, we thought twentieth anniversary we talked about increasing look back on and think, "I Ash, Ainsley25, 130,Mario 153,should find out that he’s Boat Party . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 book, we decided to put our page-count from the said I'd be doing that?" Thus, not actually Italian and come to 159 twenty-years sidebars in previous year. Ricky Trent the "In 20 Years..." whole Bockus, find his spanish roots.� Gracie . . . 81, 82, Ash, Emery129, 151, 153,-Matthew the book. The sidebars had a realization, "We book link was born. We got Bloodgood, 10 133, 153, 161 cover everything from should do 200 pages some insanely interesting 159 Bode, Gretchen .125, 138 past teachers' jobs to because we are doing answers, and now they are Astad, Emma . 8, 23, 120, Bode, Rachel 40, 49, 73, old yearbook photos. a twentieth anniversary preserved on the top of 144, 174 Inevitably, we decided book," Trent said. "That way nearly every spread in the @the_beckett_list 79, 141, 156 Atkinson, April .125,“The 163 that we needed to include we could have a twenty at book. Hopefully, you too can Beckett part happened Boles, Savannah135, 153, twenty of the sidebars the beginning." With that look back and laugh at what Azachi, Benjamin34,because 101, my middle name is 162 to foster the twentieth statment, we decided 200 you thought you would be 139, 154, 156, 164,Beckett, 175 so it was a pun on my name.�Boles, Sophia129, 153, 159 anniversary theme. pages was the right idea. doing "In 20 Years..." Azachi, Madeline 18, 30, -Ricky Trent, 12 68, 96, 135, 153, 162 @_savingprivateryan_


“I came up with my old one [redraider101] in seventh grade. I’m happy to get rid of it and stop being made fun of for it.� -Ryan Long, 12 20 Years19, 46, 50, 54,




“I want to be a snowcone man.� -Will Kipfer, 1



Hill Country Christian school

did you notice?


Ĺ? Ĺ?Ä‘ 017

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knew I would have to worry about my chipping a putting to use a backup. I mostly focus on ¼|bFttb±œO¼Á±b†…b|ÈÈb††‰8…b‰Êo±´¼ shot on the tee box. Golf isn’t something you should stop working at because you won’t get any better if you don’t play. "

Slurpees and we would just talk about how we played, and how we could improve.” MN: “The team had so much spirit this season. Even though we didn’t make it in the top three we still continued to try out best.”


contrast working hard really pays off for varsity player Katie Westlake and varsity player Dominique Nicolaides What's the hardest thing about golf? “I think everything about golf is hard. It's an extremely difficult sport, mostly the fact that you have to keep practicing every couple of days because even a few days off without practicing will hurt how you play.”

What's one thing you have done to improve? “I got lessons from a professional golfer weekly and practiced on the weekend and my own time so that I could improve. During off-season I played at Chica golf course, a course that is only par three, to perfect my pitch and chip shots."

What's a future goal you want to accomplish? “I want to get lower scores all throughout next season. I also want to improve my putting. It has been one of the hardest aspects of golf for me.”

How has this been different than your past seasons? “The team was more determined to improve than the previous years, and it showed in our scores. We went from sixth place in my sophomore year to fourth place my senior year.”

What's the scariest part about matches? “Probably knowing that you have a time limit and seeing the people in your group and knowing you have to get lower scores and knowing you to beat them.”

How do you think you have been a leader on the team? “I was captain my junior and senior year. I like to think that I was a good leader, I tried to lead by example and help my teammates learn the game of golf as best as I could.”

Saugus High School

Saugus, California Adviser Christina Tolisano Representative Frank Ortiz


Volleyball competing ucy, Nathan Yeh Rosen ’16 and Gabe hout from the side member of the basketove cheering on other when the community port us and I love thers.” Yeh said.

Adviser Max Tash

M. Harbert ’17

P. Acord ’17


secondary m account, used to aditional photos oncerning about nt from followers. VHHWKHVHO¿H,MXVW n my ¿QVWD?”


dent’s car see my new out whip?”


Studio City, California

ODESSA CHIKLIS ’17 “My date would show up in a black suit with a dozen red roses. He would spell ‘Formal?’ in candles on my front porch and surprise me.”

Representative Corey Mundwiler

RIMAS BARZDUKAS ’20 “A nice starry night with a picnic in the park, some candles around, and she surprises me with an ask.”


nym for a party, g of students from schools. going to that ecoming yart?”

21 TO

HarvardWestlake School


OVE Supporting



(adj.) synonym for an exciting, thrilling event. “That halftime performance was lit, the cheerleaders looked great.”

(n.) cafeteria. “I’m going to run to the caf before class starts.”



(adj.) abbreviation for suspicious, scandalous. “My teacher was being sus, we probably have a pop quiz tomorrow.”


(verb) to go somewhere, typically involvingC.aSpain large ’18 group of people. “Let’s mob to the Pacific Palisades for some Sweet Rose. We’re short on time!”

(adj.) describes something ridiculous and absurd. “Having a reading quiz after that history test was heinous.”


HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO WALK FROM YOUR CAR TO THE QUAD? Upper school carpools, siblings and students who drive their commute to school must factor in the time to walk from their parking spot to the hub of the campus



The Quad

(adj.) describes a photo that is worthwhile to post on Instagram. “The pictures we took yesterday were awesome. Definitely insta-worthy.”

Ted Slavin Field


ORCHESTRA ASK On the quad, Hannah Kelson ’16

WHEN YOU organizes AREa STUCK small symphony ON of student musicians to ask DICKENS STREET Cameron Cabo ’16 to Homecoming Formal. DAD’S APPROVAL After getting the approval of Mr. Katz in a video played in the lounge, Taylor Ingman ’16 asks Joe Katz ’16 to Formal. SADIE HAWKINS Girlfriend Pearl Acord ’17 creates a colorful banner to surprise her boyfriend Aaron Glazer ’17. ASSEMBLY ASK Head prefect Hunter Brookman ’16 makes a grand entrance on a scooter to ask Lily Beckinsale-Sheen ’17 during a 1st and 3rd Assembly.

P. Howard ’17



ia ’17

R. Madhogarhia ’17



A. Gordon ’16

layout by F. Walker ’16, P. Acord ’17 & M. Harbert ’17 .\




"We had to keep our spirits high and the crowd motivated through the rain.”


Relatable feelings, as expressed by favorite teachers, faculty, and members of the HarvardA. Gordon ’16 Westlake community


t r Lo



Quincy Mays (12) due to a sprained ankle from being tackled during the third quarter. Hamilton 57 PLAYERS Gym Quincy left the field and didn't B E T O N I T return for the rest of the game. "We started off nice and STORY BY CHAMMAR HUNT hungry for a win because we Grass-stained pants and Lower wanted it badly," Quincy said. Saint Mic Upper Saintpads the impact of shoulder haels Michaels "The only reason we lost is clashing together are both because we got cocky, we need common things on the Tropical to learn how to stay humble Park field the night of the and finish the game off." homecoming game. After Depression and despair getting pumped in the locker filled the air as the team takes room during halftime, the a tough loss. The belief that players did not ease up at all during the third quarter with the the game would end in their favor left Nicholas Jensen (11) score being 21-28 by the end. WEB CELEB The yearbook devastated. The team lost by portrait of Wolfgang Jeffry Charlemagne (10) kept Novogratz ’16 posted to his cool due to his never-ending one touchdown. Facebook got over 40,000 likes. “It was a team loss because faith in the team. RUSH HOUR History teacher we hadMiami, the lead inFlorida third quarter Eric Zwemer cries out in horror "We were watching for the 21-0 and we just collapsed,” run because they were running at early morning traffic. TECH Adviser Nick said. “I believe that FAILS Cafeteria worker Phairot most of the game, but they when Malik got ejected out caught us when we weren't Janthep hides his anguish Kurt Panton of the game that was a big behind a smile over the inevitable ready for the pass," Jeffry said. momentum swing. Also, I ID app malfunction. DO NOT "I felt hurt like we really had Representative DISTURB Head of the Upper think if he was in the game he the game in our hands but we School Audrius Barzdukas would’ve been looking for the blew it." Marcia Meskiel-Macy throws up his arms in frustration deep pass at the end.” The game was cut short for 1 FOOTBALL TEAM NON-STOP RAIN

Miami Palmetto Senior High School

over those who leave their phones on in silent study.

hat’s update allows users to experiment with “lenses”, including goofy virtual accesories and holiday themes LAUREN SONG ’16




“I ran back and forth on the field and watered the players during half-time. It was extremely hectic.”


“We played like a family and looked out for each other during the game, we tried our best but sadly didn’t win.”



R. Madhogarhia ’17


D OZEN ’16






“I was so hopeful during the entire game. Even though it was raining, everyone was so excited that we would finally win our homecoming game after so long."





1. You need a hat to shield your eyes from the searing Texas sun.

Dylan Ehler, Emily Huber, Grant Haden, Juju Gwin & Clark Cravens

Boerne, Texas

Avery Staniszewski Hayden Stefek Skyler Sutton William Sutton Allison Vrana Cayden Watson Peyton Zeplin

Representative Kathi Hopkins

2. The next requirement is a spiffy polo shirt.

Runs Deep Tyreke Irvin Class of 2022



On bended knee, Doc (senior Jesse Taylor) asks Stephanie/Jack (senior Sean Companion) for her hand in marriage during the second act. Companion played Jack, an out of work actor who dressed as a woman for multiple scenes in the role. “Walking in heels sucked a lot,” Companion said. “Never walk in heels if you can.”

Thrall, Texas

Adviser perfect timing. As he passes an opposing runner, senior Christina Strand RJ Brown is determined to win. "I have trained very hard this year to prepare myself for the races," RJ says. "I

have seen a lot of improvement in myself as well as my Representative team. I am very proud of everyone."Randy running buddies. Coulter Senior Jackie Koger and sophomore Vienna Jim Anderson Class of 1995 Prendergast encourage one another as they push for

photo by Zac Franklin


15SCHOOL after


2 Shows

the court, he looks for an opening to make a basket. “I liked being able to get out of class and play basketball with all of my friends.” The PAWS trip to Robinson Park was a reward for good grades and behavior. Photo by Brittany Knox

Leander, Texas

Representative Jim Anderson



swings his tennis racketCostume up to Changes meet the rapidly approaching tennis ball. Seniors


084 Spring

�. Seventh grade student 2 freshmen


Sydney Dennis grins after crew hitting a winning shot.members

“I have played lacrosse since fifth grade.” -Kobe Welch-Porter, 9

Nikolas Zukowsky as Duncan

Looking through her quiz, Emily Miksch focuses on making sure her work is correct. “Every Friday we do a fraction, decimal, and percent quiz. I think they’re pretty photo by amanda barker easy because they’ve helped me to memorize everything,” she said. Mrs. Holmstrom said these quizzes prepare students for Mrs. Martin’s class and for real life situations. Running is my Photo by Brittany Knox

sport. I enjoy it so much that it really feels like fun. I love it.

“There are way too many school hours in the day.” -Angelica Culver, 11

Patricia Hill (Coulter) Class of 1988


Willie Coulter Sr. Class of 1963

Grandmother Dorothy Coulter (Rollie) Class of 1963

photo by amanda barker

West Johnston High School Benson, North Carolina Adviser Jeanette Neyman page design by kendall holland and captions by amanda barker

julian clark

Wendy Banks �(Coulter) Class of 1989

Shirley Coulter Class of 1981

Willie Coulter Jr. Class of 1982

Working Digits

�. Anson Eggerss, 8th grade,

Zac Criffield

the finish line. "I have been a very committed runner this year. I train hard with my two best friends, and we are always there to help each other," Vienna Prendergast says. "Cross Country is more than a sport to me, it's a lifestyle that has changed my view on how I live life. I Terry Coulter plan on joining a running club in college." Jackie Koger is also has enjoyed running cross country for of the past Class 1984 four years. "Watching everyone on the team improve makes me happy," Jackie says. "I get to share all of these great memories with my absolute greatest friends."

PAWS On Rouse High School As Haiden Copeland dribbles across

Adviser Kel Lemons

100 Pages of


Tracy Irvin (Coulter) Class of 1993



Butch (senior Chet Hamilton) holds a startled Aunt Florence (senior Angela Schiff) during Act I of Leading Ladies. Schiff’s character had just had a heart attack and was carried off stage by Hamilton. “I was trying really hard not to laugh through the whole thing,” Schiff said. “I knew Chet was accidentally eating my hair.” photo by Zac Franklin


Anthony Irvin Class of 1987



Markell Irvin Class of 2016

Thrall High School



Sixth Grade Class of 2022

Tiger Pride


4. Obviously, you can't forget your golf clubs! Your outfit is not complete without them.


Christopher Ontiveros Lauren Pearson Brady Peterson Ricky Porter Addison Ringling Kolby Rodriguez Ethan Shaw

Adviser Libby Lunsford


Sydney Norris

3. Girls, you need a cute little skirt to add femininity and flair to your polo shirt (of course, guys, you don't need a skirt).

The Geneva School of Boerne

Representative Josh Lovell

photo by kendall holland

photo by amanda barker


feel the burn. Half way though her first race, freshman Taylor Evans runs at a steady pace to conclude the course. "I couldn't feel my legs nor my arms but because of adreline it didn't even bother me," she says. cooling down. Immediately after a race the team cools down together by taking a jog around the track. windblown. Pushing against the wind, freshman Seth Lee quickly approaches the finish line. in it to win it. Giving up is no option for freshman Aaron Meshaw.


Featured 2 555

to Mexico acation ta was so me because it Vandegrift ation in eightHigh School Austin, Texas my first time ry. My favorite Adviser Lela Coker was snorkeling Los Arcos." Representative Stacy Mehrens Ashleigh Varney

making a difference June 13-20

"In first band, the music is challenging to play, but playing challenging music over the years has made me a better musician. "

Cincinnati, Ohio

St. Thomas More Catholic Church

"I like seeing the end product of all the hard work we put into helping others." Amelia Skelton, 12

playing music in concert band

Robyn Lippel photo

"I'm in concert band two, and I play the alto saxophone. I feel that the music we are playing this year is interesting and I'm enjoying learning new rhythm techniques."

Dominican Republic Austin Stone Community Church

ŶSophomore Erin Alexander on the music she plays for concert band

BAND perspective

With ball at foot, eighth grade A team member Ashton Bennett protects the ball from the other team. Bennett has been playing soccer for a long time. "My family has always played soccer, so I was naturally born into the sport, and decided to play rec at a young age." Photo By Payton Lord

"The best memory was when I scored a goal O.ofHenry PAINT AWAY Senior Trevor Egerton practices impressionist paintingagainst in the south France and it was very during the French class summer trip. Six students went on the 10 day tripexciting." and visited

director's perspective "I thought the students did exceptionally well. This wasCarlos by far Rivera- Custodian the most difficult drill in seven years. I am specially proud of Coco Rocha- Head Custodian the freshmen, who make up 40 percent of our band. " Dora Rodriguez Vazquez- Custodian Mr. Howard, Band Director Diana Schwarzlose- ELA STRIKE A POSE Vision dancers Brooklyn Stone and Caitlyn Clark strike a pose at the end freshman's first show Lindsey Shirack- Journalism of a dance section. Vision provided the visual part of the marching show. "It was a really "There is more responsibility than middle school band,Andria and Sindt- ELA incredible experience to be a part of the Vision Dance Company," Clark said. Robyn Lippel you are pushed a lot harder. I really liked the musicSean in the Sindt- Math photo OUT OF THIS WORLD Dancing with wings of the galaxy, Sara Wolf smiles to the show this year." audience. Flags were used as a visual booster in the marching show. "Each color wings Peranav Batra, 9 had its own part in the show," Wolf said. Hannah Prytula photo JUMPING FOR JOY Vision

"I want to be a nurse when I'm older so I feel like it was really nice getting help a lot of people." Patricia Chesnutt, 12

performing at state "It was kind of nerve racking, because we wanted to do as well as last year. It was scary, but we performed better than we thought we would." Patricio Dieck, 11

Diane Tucker- Social Studies Jenny Warner- Physical Education Bill Wieners- Science Allison Wiese- Reading Wendy Wilbanks- Special Education Lynn Zapffe- Clerk Leslie Zimmerman- Theatre

AND ACADEMICS Band and Vision 52 CLUB

Where did you go this summer?

Over the summer I went to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing, China. We went to Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall of China in Beijing.

WHAT'S THE CATCH? What did you do?

dancers Megan Tullos and Tannis Sommer dance gracefully and peacefully in the second part of the show. Part two of the show this year was called "Jupiter." "We were really just enjoying the moment, and the show, while having fun performing," Tullos said. Robyn Lippel photo

teachers explain their most-used catchphrases

What was your favorite part?

Aidan Ruth, 8B on Trouville, Paris, Nîmes, Nice and Lyon. Egerton said he enjoyed the south of France most his trip. "We learned a lot more about French culture and history," Egerton said. Submitted photo VIVA ESPAÑA Senior Reid Pitman joins in the group photo in front of Mt. Vesuvius "My best memory in Sorrento during the Latin class trip to Italy. In 10when days the group visited four cities and was Alex a favorite city, we did a boat scored enjoyed the unique architecture and goodReed food. "Capri was my goal from tour of the island and the weather was really nice. The whole group already knew each midfield." Jacob Ordaz, 8A other so we all get along really well," Pitman said. Submitted photo PEDDLING AROUND Stopping to enjoy the sights along beachfront Barcelona, students on the Spain trip stop at the Parque del Retiro during the bicycle tour. The group also visited Madrid, "TheToledo, best Segovia, was Escorial and Sitges while in Spain. "My favorite part was touring the memory Santiago Bernabéu beating Small 2-1 Stadium because soccer has been a big part of my life." because they

My favorite part about the trip was shopping in the fashion capitol of the world, Hong Kong.

Junior Alexis Delvesco "That's wizardry." Ms. Finkler, Keyboarding

"I say 'That's wizardry,' because we will be on the computer and we will do something that the students can not believe is so easy."

were our rivals."

Joseph Dippel, 7B

Gorzycki Middle School

Adviser Lindsey Shirack

Austin, Texas

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Sprinting down the field, eighth grade A team player Sean Cairns

a vision of beauty

In Shanghai we did walking tours and we went to the fish and bird markets. At the bird market it was really cool because all the different bird owners gather in a park to show off all of their pet birds.

Players recall their favorite memory from the season

Playing on the field, seventh grade A team player Brady McDonnall sets himself up for a perfect pass. McDonnall was inspired by his dad to play soccer. "I started playing soccer because it's a fast-paced sport, and we get to run a lot," McDonnall said. Photo by Halle Krogstad

Sophomore Carson Broe

Martina Ortiz De Negrete- Custodian Julie Ozuna- Special Education Buck Palmer- Band & Steel Drums Sean Piper- Technology Trisha Quintanilla- Math Lydia Renfro- Science Students and teachers share their thoughts Edna on this year's show Counseling Secretary Reyes-

Guatemala Austin Christian Fellowship


Katie McEuen- ELA Cathryn Mitchell- Principal John Montemayor- Guitar Christy Moore- Math Garrett Moreno- ELA Frederick Nyc- Social Studies Jamie O'Leary- Special EducationRobyn Lippel photo

Robyn Lippel photo

"I liked connecting with the people and being able to impact the community in the rural part of Costa Rica." Kellie Walker, 11


concert music and being a senior in band

on this year's concert music

July 25- Costa Rica Aug. 1 Hill Country Bible Church


The 2016 show, Proxima Centauri, was based on Gustav Holst's orchestral suit “The Planets” and included movements Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Uranus. "Thi part of the show was the opening arriva We are doing a body movement and pla loud opening notes. This year's show w lot harder than last year's show. The en is my favorite part of the show. I plan on being in band next year."

ŶSenior Korynn Fink on

ŶSenior Alec Porter

"I like going on mission trips because I like immersing myself in different cultures and helping people in anyway I can." Elise Harais, 12

travels abroad

"In the wind ensemble we are playing Lincolnshire Posy by Percy Grainger. I love it. It's got both slow and fast movements. Being a senior is exciting and sad."

"I am in second band, and this year we are playing The Klaxon, The Handle in the Strand, and Give Us This Day. I feel like we have a really good band program, and the band directors are taking it in a good direction. Seeing the freshman learn the new music is very nice."

experiences I've ever had, I loved making relationships with the kids and helping the community." Claire Costillow, 11

July 25Aug. 1

Band and Vision take second place out of 31 schools at the state marching contest

ŶRehaan Adhikary tells about

July Guatemala Austin Christian Fellowship 4-11 "Going to Guatemala was one of the best

July 11-18

guardians o the galaxy


students participate in mission trips

Shuffling the ball, eighth grade B team player Lawson Crow

"Let's rock and roll." Mr. Nyc, Social Studies

"[I'm asking] if they understand what I'm saying, are they catching my drift and I ask if we are drifting down the same river of conclusion."

"It means let's get working and then I clap after giving my students an assignment."

STUDENT LIFE page by Hannah Prytula Representative Stacy Mehrens


"Sit down and quit actin' a fool." Mr. Branham, Social Studies

"Get my drift?" Ms. Renfro, Science

"It means to stop what you're doing before my blood pressure rises."

Packages Ugly Sweater Contest

Guilty or Innocent?

Tyler Hebert

Sean Hecker

Round Rock, Texas

Cobe Hemphill

Seth Hendrickson

Elvin Henson

Kevin Hernandez

Gunner Hernandez

Jovana Hernandez

Julio Hernandez

Kasarah Hernandez

Aaron Hill

Elyce Hill

Noah Hill

Adviser Tom Shands Representative Stacy Mehrens Adrian Hernandez

Matthew Hernandez

Tyler Hernandez

Nadine Hoggro

Preston Hollman

Emilser Hernandez

Asialeya Herrera Cameron Herrera



Zackery Honey

Caitlin Hood

Yusuf Hossain


Omid Caleb Hough 4. Without an opportunity to break past Hosseinmardi

her opponent, sophomore LaNae Fay decides to pass the ball to her teammate. photo by

Nathan Howard

Kaitlin Howell

Noah Huffstutler

5Avery Hughes

photo by Daniel Hughes Amanda Hyde


Western Day

5. Arm outstretched, sophomore Maria Shanks chases the ball down the court, side by side with her Tualatin opponents. “All that matters in that moment was putting points on the board,” Shanks said.


Support Troops Day



Class Color Day

Kevin Hernandez San Juan

FAVORITE DRESS-UP DAY OF THE WEEK 1 Nikos Freeman (12) and Ryan Ierna (12) Photo: Dakoda Berg

2 Cheyann Williamson (11) Photo: Dakoda Berg


3 Anthony Polio (11), Reagan Has-

Jacqueline Ibarra

sler (G), and Raifthe Avmet between two(11) Photo: 6. 6. As tension grows Dakoda Berg

competing teams, freshman McKinley Mullen attempts 4toCierra do a Williamson backhand (9) shot in Photo: Dakoda the air while restraining her opponent. Berg


photo by

Felicity IwabuchiHouser

Samantha Izaguirre

Liliana Jaimes

Roosevelt James

Kimaliki James 8

Spirit Day

5 Thestands sophomore class tornado 7. While the game still, Coach Photo:and Dakoda Berg tale performers Kelsey Schmidt calls for a pause discusses strategy with the team. 6 Yensi Chaux (12), Phinehas photo by 22% Barnes (12), and Ashley Ryan 8. Leading an offense, Sa(12) Photo: sophomore Leslie Cruz Connor Jamison Reagan Janecek mantha Grisham keeps running with the 200 students were polled ball to determine while her opponent attempts(12) to cut 7 Nikos Freeman Photo: Zachary which dress up day was her the schooloff. Rosenzweig Tacky Tourist Day



wide favorite.

photo by


Christopher Jarrell Jr.

Andrew Jenkins

Hailey Jewell

Jefferson Jocol Estrada


Aidan Johnson

Alec Johnson

Players explain their favorite spots on the court to shoot from

Clearwater High School Clearwater, Florida Adviser Kylie Aliberto Representative John Pantelis

8 Selena Curtiss (12) and Lee Jones (12) Photo: Leslie Cruz


D'Angelo Johnson




1.) Tripped going up the stairs?  9 ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 2.) Walked into the wrong class on the wrong day?  9 ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT Amaya Misenheimer 3.) Picked out some clothes to wear from the dirty clothes basket?  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9 4.) Stayed up all night to work on a project or homework due the next day?  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9 5.) Went trick or treating after age 10?  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9 6.) Stayed home from school when you weren’t really sick?  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9 7.) Lied to your parents about your grades?  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9 8.) Told a cute guy/girl you don’t know well you’re older than you really are?  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9

Makaila Haynes

047 | TornadoWarning | Homecoming | Spirit Week

1.) Can only read a digital clock?  ‰GUILTY 9 ‰INNOCENT 2.) Ever begged a teacher to change your grade?  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9 3.) Been embarrased Karla Thirion during a “bad hair day”?  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9 4.) Eaten a whole container of ice cream?  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9 5.) Argued for something you didn’t believe in just to win the argument?  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9 6.) Flirted with someone while on a date? 9  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 7. ) Downloaded a research paper? 9  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 8.) Ignored an incoming call from someone you didn’t want to talk to?  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9 9.) Broke or lost more than three cell phones in one year?  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9 10.) Got to class to find you’re having a test you had no idea you were having? 9  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT

Cedar Ridge High School

THE TIN MAN Mitchell Gawel (11) shows his Tornado pride by painting himself in gray to represent the junior class. Photo: Sierra Umberger

Homecoming week is a time kfÔ`gÔfgj#ZXdfkfÔfiXc#jfd\ for students to break away from the students really took the tiime to make dress code and bring out their inner a game plan for the dress-up days tornado. It is a time to show school during the week. pride and honor school traditions. "Homecoming week was great and I got to wear a bra to support "Being a tornado means pride in who you are; it means tradition the troops," said Spencer Lucas and honor; Right it means a mobile, (11) side of the basket destructive vortex of violentl rotatingpracticed Forand tourist day, seniors like “It’s where I’ve yalways winds having the appearance of a from.” Nikos Freeman, Sophia Ward, and where I started shooting - Freshman Megan Quintana Carlynn Daniels spent money on funnel-shaped cloud and advancing beneath a large storm system," professional tourist t-shirts like you 3-point said Spencer Lucasline (11) pictured. would see at Disney in support of “I need on my shot Tacky from there From spray painttotowork sparkles, Tourist Day. andsuits, that’scowboy the best boots place to do it.” By: Ayele Hodgson tutus to morph

Lake Oswego High School

Lake Oswego, Oregon

- Junior Cheyenne Harrison

Adviser Jami Wray

Elbow “I like it because they’re easy shots to take and it’s usually where there is even call it Homecoming? Why do they a weak defense, so youIt'sare to Have it in August and we'll in open October. talk... Also: woo, class spirit. shoot.” - Sophomore Sophia Harman ZACHARY ROSENZWEIG (12)

Representative Karen Roberts

1.) Drawn in a textbook?  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9 2.) Sang out loud when you thought no one was listening?  9 ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT Josh Wargo 3.) Ate something off the floor?  ‰GUILTY 9 ‰INNOCENT 4.) Got caught after curfew?  9 ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 5.) Opened Christmas presents early?  9 ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 6.) Found money on the floor and kept it?  ‰GUILTY 9 ‰INNOCENT 7.) Played video games for four or more hours straight?  ‰GUILTY 9 ‰INNOCENT 8.) Cheated on a test?  9 ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT 9.) Skipped detention?  ‰GUILTY 9 ‰INNOCENT 10.) Peed your pants in the last year? 9  ‰GUILTY ‰INNOCENT


Texas High School

Texarkana, Texas Adviser Rebecca Potter

Representative Debbie Vaughn

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you know you’re a



Aleah Stratton and Macie McQuarrie, prepare for the next hit.

Glacier Peak High School

Claire Johnson jumps to hit the ball over the net to score a point.

“When you feel superior to everyone.” AnnikaRoenfelt

Adviser Annie Green

Photo by LexiLittle

Helping out Carlee Bond, Eden “When yourIazeolla first “When doing your homework period teacher is is an blocks the ball. surprised you’re

“When you do “You know you’re “When you go going to be late to half your all your so classes.” homework you go get TrevorWallace in class.” Photo breakfast by MikalaPratt to NateSanders actually be late.” TaylorSchmidt

Representative Randy Elliott

in class.” WyattMiller

accomplishment.” DrewRaymond

“You leave the class you’re in to go hangout in your favorite teachers class.” JuliaBagley

Lauren White Steven Whitman Cassandra Whooley Daniel Wilkerson




G E T T I N G I N T O T H E “SI’m P I R I Tnot . “Every game Melissa Weber sure As the game progresses Tanner Wheeler I wear my Lucas if this counts Burright (11) and Ariel Foster (12) Jayce White left sock Jordan Wong stay positive and cheer forbut the I can’t play L E A D I N G T H E B E A T . At the players. "I can always haveafun with with inside out.” game black out game, Brandon Cortes my friends in Red Zone," Burright - Claire a headband.” (12) drums a beat to keep the Red said. Photo by Meagan Crawford. Zone crowd on their feet. "Red Johnson -SydneyGowen Zone is definitely the best part about football games. They're always turnt no matter what the score is," Cortez said. Photo by Hannah “I have shoe

“I don’t have a charm, but every game I need my knee pads!” - Aleah Stratton “I keep a necklace from my dad in my bag every game.” - AllisaSzalda

r to

“When you’re lazy and don’t care about aything.” EmilieSeverns

Photo by MikalaPratt

Snohomish, Washington

SENIOR when...

laces thatChristian Wordsworth Luke Wright say Grizzlies Samuel Wyatt on them!” John Wygant - Sydney Petersen

“I drink chocWest olate milk before every game!” -Paige Barnett

“I usually have my hair in braids, so that would be my lucky charm.” - Macie McQuarrie “I always have my W A I T I N G F O R T H E P L A Y . At hair up in a the game against Summit High ponytail.” School, Jordan Estrada (11) and - Christina Jacqueline Jones (10) anticipate a touchdown. "I love the school spirit Argue

and the collaboration with all the students! Red Zone represents our school well with its enthusiasm and positivity," Estrada said. Photo by Jade



ANYTHING YOU N O N - S T O P S P I R I T . To keep CAN DO...the crowd pumped up, Jaileene Emily Jameson Jimenez (12) yells cheers through megaphone. spikes theherball over "Red Zone is a the net togreat theirnew tradition that brings out student body to cheer on our opponentthe Everett football team, and shows our High School, who school spirit," Jimenez said. Photo by West. attemptsHannah to block her hit.


Katherine Bedolla Madison Behee Tori Belcher Anthony Bell Vincent Bellue Derrick Benjamin Raeanne Bergman

Photo by LexiLittle

Christopher Bernal-Valdepena Camille Berutto Izabella Betancourt-Cardona Stephen Biroczky Karina Blocker Magdalen Bloomer Kristin Blossom

Etiwanda LEADERS ALL FOR ONE, AND ONE FOR ALL... High School JV team huddles in for a quick pep talk and Ariana Bobeda Nicholas Bobeda Hailey Bolger Destiny Bonaros Janelle Bondad Amanda Boo John Borden

cheer before their game. Etiwanda, California Photo by MikalaPratt

Adviser Bern Judson

Desirae Borg Richard Borunda Elias Bou Zeid Shasta Bowens D'Anthony Boyd Dylen Bravo Michael Bray

LADIES Representative GRACEFUL After winning the Frank Ortiz game, The JV team Roberto Brink Lola Britt Brazaun Brown Chad Brown Kaleb Brown Kiara Brown Nathan Brown




shows sportsmanship by high fiving their opponents, Marysville Pilchuck.

"I was eating hummus one day, and I was like, I think hummuspapi would be an interesting @ name that no one has." -Waleed Latif (9)

Photo by Sabriah Johnwell.

"My @ name, lovelikethis__ came from a song called love like this by Faith Evans. It was one of T H I N K P I N K . Atmy thefavorite pinkout game, songs." Cornay (11) in Leonel Castaneda -Toni Paiz (12) dances Photo by Sabriah Johnwell.

excitement along with "MyBritney @ name is Lildevildean. It's LaGrange (11) in the Red joke Zone. "I think an inside between my friend and I.the Shepinkout always called me a devil my favorite part about in middle school." game was being able to see all the - Dean Martinez (11) Photo by Sabriah Johnwell. cancer student body supporting breast and also seeing all the students out "My @ name is Kelseysweak. Everyone has the there supporting same @ names, and I chose mine because it's unique our boys at their and I wanted to be different." -Kelsey Huddleston game," Castaneda Paiz said. Photo by (10) Photo by Sabriah Johnwell.

Josh Gonzalez

Photo by AustinDesroche

JUMPIN’ Sydney Gowen jumps up for the spike in attempt to score a point against their opponent The Hawks.

OF THEPACK "I love Red Zone so much especially being an athlete. I know what it feels like when your playing hard and you have people cheering for you. So, I try to give that to my fellow athletes." - Azaria Wilson (12) Photo by Hannah West "Red Zone is the best "tradition" we have started at this school. It definitely shows the school spirit that we have for our sports teams, and it's just a good way for everyone to come together and have a good time." - Daniel Campos (12) Photo by Jade


"Even though I barely started leading Red Zone this year, it amazes me to see how many students are supporting the school. There's always positive vibes and you just feel at home when you're there." - Robert Freeman (12) Photo by Hannah West

Photo by LexiLittle







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To avoid his opponent, JV baseball player Reid Claudia Taylor Romine slides into third base. Playing baseball has given Romine an outlet from the daily stress Johnson of school. "I mean it’s just kind of a relief. Once you get out there, you don’t have to worry about High school any school work or anything," Romine said. "It’s


just you out there Texas having fun with some of your San Antonio, friends."

Adviser OF THE HILL VelisaKING Jewett Pitching the ball, sophomore Karsten Battles

lines up for a powerful throw. During the game

the team has to communicate and work together Representative to be as successful as they can. "It all starts with pitcher and we encourage him to start it off Kathithe Hopkins for us," Battles said. "Then the whole team works


together based on the play and we try to bring each other together to get better and be more successful." P HOTO S B Y V I C TO R I A B O ESEN

Travis Breeden photo Senior Ian Mariono wears intoxicated glasses while attempting to walk in a straight line. Ian recalls on the event and the intoxication goggles saying, “What seems to be the problem officer?” The criminal justice club had a popular booth this year and many of the soon to be freshmen are excited to be apart of it.


Autumn Bippert photo

Autumn Bippert photo

s eighth graders come to GHS to explore all the clubs that the school provides, the excitement and nerves kick in. The incoming freshmen go to the cafeteria as well as the gym to get a good explanation on how high school works, as well as all the different types of extracurricular activities GHS provides. The soon to be freshman get a wide variety of choices and options for clubs that are available for new members to join. Freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors that are already involved in the clubs, set up booths and wait for the eighth graders to come by. If they stop by their booth, the high school students explain to the kids what their club is all about as well as answering any questions the parents and the eighth graders have to ask. The elective fair provides incoming freshmen exposure to the high school atmosphere. When everyone had the chance to walk around and look at all the booths, the Georgettes, the Color Guard, and the Jazz Band performed in the gym. This showed the parents and the eighth graders kind of what a high school pep rally performance felt like. Once the performances were over, the Georgettes passed out flyers to encourage eighth grade girls to try out for the Georgettes. By the time the Elective Fair is over, the soon to be freshmen are eager to enter their first year of highschool with a positive and excited attitude. The elective fair also shows the incoming highschoolers all the wide variety of clubs and groups that they can be apart of. If a freshmen that is about to enter high school is worried about fitting in and finding a group of people that they can be apart of, going to the elective fair will certainly help them get a good look at the programs offered at GHS. Coming into high school for the first time is a scary and frightening thing. Many students worry that they wont find friends or that they wont be able to find anything to be involved in. Coming to the elective fair will allow the incoming highschoolers to meet different students involved in different things. By meeting new people and showing the highschoolers their faces, the soon to be freshman will have already made aquaintences with their peers in high school. This will then help improve their first year of high school. ¹&KDPEHUODLQ+DUOLHQ


Autumn Bippert photo

Autumn Bippert photo



e, d




Elective Fair

Front row: Shivani Bobbala and Elise Ramos Back row: Aishwarya Pattnaik, Arthi Bobbala

Debate captain experience Aishwarya: four years Elise: two years, plus the introduction class during sophomore year Arthi & Shivani: three years, plus the introduction class freshman year

Georgetown, Texas Adviser Barbara Boatright Representative Jim Anderson

Gregory - Manalang


Awards won from this year Aishwarya & Elise: Two undefeated varsity Public Forum Debate Tournaments Aishwarya & Arthi: One first place in Duo with Arthi Bobbala at tournament Elise: Two undefeated varsity Public Forum trophies and one fourth place Thematic Interpretation award Shivani: Once undefeated (won 3 out of 4 rounds) at varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate. Once undefeated at varsity Parliamentary Debate.

Georgetown High School




ous g pent e ey lite. you . our e for


Tyler Gregory Danielle Griggs Marc Grundy

This is You


9 . Opening

Matthew Grundy Mitchell Haag Clayton Hadden

Designed by Selena De La Torre

Samanth Khieu ’18

“I keep the Crunch card on my caribiner because I never know when I need to go to the gym.” Gregory Bauer a feeling of


“I have the cats on my keychain because, when I went to Japan, I saw them at a shop and decided to put them on my keychain.” Jonny Cross

Granite Bay High School

Granite Bay, California Andrea Hagener Adviser Cole Haldeman Bernadette Cranmer Hope Halpin

Representative Shelly Townsend

“There are amazing people in Student Governement, and you become friends with everyone in the class.”

Lauren Angelo ’19

“I have these keychains because the first one I made was at summer camp when I was younger.” Quincey MacMillan

Julianne Hamler Teri Handa Emma Hansen Chad Hanson Claire Harden Cameron Harmon Brett Harriman

Lexi Harrington

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South Brunswick High School Monmouth Junction, New Jersey Adviser Anna Love-Lehre Representative Sharon Bodnarchuk

Reno High School

Reno, Nevada

Adviser Lizabeth Walsh Representative Frank Ortiz

260 Packages

Cumberland Valley High School


Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Advisers Gregg Lucas & Shaun Bollinger Representative Ed Patrick

Missouri Military Academy

Mexico, Missouri Adviser Erin Chambers

Representative Liz Bardin

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262 Covers

By capitalizing on first impressions, COVERS introduce and support the theme with— • A theme logo • Colors, graphics and/or textures • The year and name of the book • A spine with identifying information (school name, volume, city & state)

Featured 2 6 363

Port Neches - Groves High School Port Neches, Texas ADVISER: Janis Ryan REPRESENTATIVE: Lee Briggs

Morristown East High School Morristown, Tennessee ADVISER: Cathy McClellan REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch

Osceola H igh School Largo, Florida ADVISER: Rhonda Iovino REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson

Kingwood High School Kingwood, Texas ADVISER: Michelle Palmer REPRESENTATIVE: Hal Schmidt

A&M Consolidated High School College Station, Texas ADVISER: Freda Carraway REPRESENTATIVE: Tisha Nowak

Loyola College Prep Shreveport, Louisiana ADVISERS: John Marshall & Kyle Tanner REPRESENTATIVE: Debbie Vaughn

Klein High School Klein, Texas ADVISER: Melissa Oberholtzer REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver

Maryville High School Maryville, Tennessee ADVISER: Maria Greene REPRESENTATIVE: Ben Smith

264 Covers


Spring Woods High School Houston, Texas ADVISER: Michael Cram REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Heritage High School Maryville, Tennessee ADVISER: Connie Roberts REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch

Pascagoula High School Pascagoula, Mississippi ADVISER: Karly Richardson REPRESENTATIVE: Karen Loden

Frontier Trail Middle School Olathe, Kansas ADVISER: Amy Gingrich REPRESENTATIVE: Whitney Baker

Marion County High School Guin, Alabama ADVISER: Amber Beckon REPRESENTATIVE: Jay Elmore

John Marshall High School San Antonio, Texas ADVISER: Lisa Schweers REPRESENTATIVE: Kathi Hopkins

The Kinkaid School Houston, Texas ADVISER: LiAnn Yim REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Lecanto High School Lecanto, Florida ADVISER: Marcy Stitzel REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson

Featured 2 6 565

Alamo Heights High School San Antonio, Texas ADVISER: Kristen Cade REPRESENTATIVE: Kathi Hopkins

Caney Creek High School Conroe, Texas ADVISER: Ms. Pat Bermudez REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver

Brentwood Academy Brentwood, Tennessee ADVISER: Anna Kathryn Berkompas REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Houston

Buffalo High School Buffalo, Minnesota ADVISER: Ryan McCallum REPRESENTATIVE: Shannon Hart

Elkins High School Missouri City, Texas ADVISER: Nathan Nigrelli REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

MacArthur High School San Antonio, Texas ADVISER: Amanda Cardoza REPRESENTATIVE: Kathi Hopkins

J.B. Smith Middle School Cypress, Texas ADVISER: Allie Schielack REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West

Santa Fe Trail Middle School Olathe, Kansas ADVISER: Melissa Erker REPRESENTATIVE: Whitney Baker

266 Covers



Langham Creek High School Houston, Texas ADVISER: James Ricks REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Clear Brook High School Friendswood, Texas ADVISER: Kat Dotter REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

Natchitoches Central High School Natchitoches, Louisiana ADVISER: Barbara Page REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Leopard

Taft High School San Antonio, Texas ADVISER: Mary Alaniz REPRESENTATIVE: Betty Cruz

Dickinson High School Dickinson, Texas ADVISER: Hayley Booth REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

Mayde Creek High School Houston, Texas ADVISER: Sheryl Stephenson REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Grapevine High School Grapevine, Texas ADVISER: Jillian Rooney REPRESENTATIVE: Cheryl Chrisman

Hoover High School Hoover, Alabama ADVISER: Jamey Nowlin REPRESENTATIVE: Mike Dunn

Featured 2 6 767

Seminole High School Seminole, Florida ADVISER: Candace Gilbert REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson

Keller High School Keller, Texas ADVISER: David Williams REPRESENTATIVE: Tammy Bailey

Klein Oak High School Spring, Texas ADVISER: Jennifer Walton REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver

Episcopal School of Jacksonville Jacksonville, Florida ADVISER: Leah Glotzbach REPRESENTATIVE: Kristen Kirkendall

Anna High School Anna, Texas ADVISER: Jayme Hawthorn REPRESENTATIVE: Jim Anderson

Eastern High School Louisville, Kentucky ADVISER: Steve Johnson REPRESENTATIVE: Elizabeth Knapp

268 Covers

Awty International School Houston, Texas ADVISER: Sean VonFelden REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver

Hebron High School Carrollton, Texas ADVISER: Steven Jones REPRESENTATIVE: Catherine Iden


Clint Small Middle School Austin, Texas ADVISER: Jena Weber REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens

Linden Hall School Lititz, Pennsylvania ADVISER: Mara Pritchard REPRESENTATIVE: Matt McLaughlin

Highland Park High School Topeka, Kansas ADVISER: Heather Hooper REPRESENTATIVE: Whitney Baker

Faith Baptist Schools Canoga Park, California ADVISER: Ken Coleman REPRESENTATIVE: Karina Lopez

Arlington High School Arlington, Washington ADVISER: Anne Hayman REPRESENTATIVE: Kerri Kuykendall Smead

Brookwood High School Snellville, Georgia ADVISER: Holly Chatham REPRESENTATIVE: Tara Hays

Interlake High School Bellvue, Washington ADVISER: Megan Bennett REPRESENTATIVE: Kerri Kuykendall Smead

Kofa High School Yuma, Arizona ADVISER: Thomas Duggan REPRESENTATIVE: David Honnold

Featured 2 6 969

Foster High School Richmond, Texas ADVISER: Megan Sanford REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Klein Collins High School Spring, Texas ADVISER: Ashley Hildebrandt REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver

Ridgeview Middle School Round Rock, Texas ADVISER: Vicki Felkel REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens

Olympia High School Orlando, Florida ADVISER: Michael Cacciatore REPRESENTATIVE: John Pantelis

Peet Junior High Conroe, Texas ADVISER: Katherine York REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver

Cinco Ranch Junior High Katy, Texas ADVISER: Samantha Colquitt REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West

Austin High School Austin, Texas ADVISER: Isabelle Salazar REPRESENTATIVE: Mickey Mehrens

Deep Run High School Glen Allen, Virginia ADVISER: Ashley Khimani REPRESENTATIVE: Tami Stalcup

270 Covers


Northern Highlands Regional High School Allendale, New Jersey ADVISERS: Doreen Albano & Mary Lardiere REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk

Sweetwater Union High School National City, California ADVISER: Debra Rosenbach REPRESENTATIVE: David Honnold

Leon High School Tallahassee, Florida ADVISER: Michelle McFatter REPRESENTATIVE: Marvin Mayer

Prairie Trail Middle School Olathe, Kansas ADVISER: Susan Warner REPRESENTATIVE: Whitney Baker

Los Altos High School Hacienda Heights, California ADVISER: Kimberly Banda REPRESENTATIVE: Brynda Everman

Morton Ranch High School Katy, Texas ADVISER: Tiffany Shirey REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Marian High School Omaha, Nebraska ADVISER: Marsha Kalkowski REPRESENTATIVE: Linda Bernard

Christ Covenant School Winterville, North Carolina ADVISER: Lisa Stroud REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Lovell

Featured 2 7 171

Carlisle Area High School Carlisle, Pennsylvania ADVISER: Kate Muir REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick

Floyd Central High School Floyds Knobs, Indiana ADVISER: Leigh Prifogle REPRESENTATIVE: Elizabeth Knapp

Desert Hot Springs High School Desert Hot Springs, California ADVISER: Jamie O’Neil REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz

Kelly Lane Middle School Pflugerville, Texas ADVISER: Maisey Edwards REPRESENTATIVE: Mickey Mehrens

272 Covers

Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pennsylvania ADVISERS: Linda Lipko & Kathy Throne REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick

St .Croix Preparatory Academy Stillwater, Minnesota ADVISERS: Karissa Crouse & Britta Voorhaar REPRESENTATIVE: Heidi Schahn

Travis High School Richmond, Texas ADVISER: Staci Lightfoot REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

American School Foundation of Mexico City Mexico City, DF Mexico ADVISER: Bernardo Letayf REPRESENTATIVE: Terye Myers



Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Lawrenceville, Georgia ADVISER: Adam Brown REPRESENTATIVE: Tara Hays

Bishop Alemany High School Mission Hills, California ADVISER: Paul Apolinario REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz

Saguaro High School Scottsdale, Arizona ADVISER: Matt Bohnert REPRESENTATIVE: Susan Fearnside

Samuel Clemens High School Schertz, Texas ADVISER: Amanda Mercer REPRESENTATIVE: Kathi Hopkins

Brown University Providence, Rhode Island ADVISER: Isaac Albanese REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Russo

Portage High School Portage, Indiana ADVISER: Melissa Deavers-Lowie REPRESENTATIVE: Monte Reed

Iowa Park Jr High School Iowa Park, Texas ADVISER: Stephanie Roberts REPRESENTATIVE: Tammy Bailey

Lakeville North High School Lakeville, Minnesota ADVISER: Amy Clark REPRESENTATIVE: Shannon Hart

Featured 2 7 373

Aragon High School San Mateo, California ADVISER: Vince Bravo REPRESENTATIVE: Shelly Townsend

Cedar Ridge High School Round Rock, Texas ADVISER: Tom Shands REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens

Los Gatos High School Los Gatos, California ADVISER: Stephanie Rothstein REPRESENTATIVE: Shelly Townsend

College Station Middle School College Station, Texas ADVISER: Shannon Gallien REPRESENTATIVE: Tisha Nowak

Prescott High School Prescott, Arizona ADVISER: Pam Willard REPRESENTATIVE: Susan Fearnside

Melissa High School Melissa, Texas ADVISER: Debra Helmberger REPRESENTATIVE: Catherine Iden

274 Covers

Jefferson High School El Paso, Texas ADVISER: Kevin Keich REPRESENTATIVE: Roland Esparza

Clear Falls High School League City, Texas ADVISER: Mary Graves REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Moye


Tomball Memorial High School Tomball, Texas ADVISER: Jill Chumley REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver

Olentangy Orange High School Lewis Center, Ohio ADVISER: Kari Phillips REPRESENTATIVE: Lindsey Swank

Hays High School Buda, Texas ADVISER: Lisa Bounds REPRESENTATIVE: Morgan Tuggle

Anderson High School Austin, Texas ADVISER: Crissie Ballard REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens

Liberty High School Frisco, Texas ADVISER: Carole Babineaux REPRESENTATIVE: Catherine Iden

American School of London London, England ADVISER: Rhiannon West REPRESENTATIVE: Karen Burbach-Barker

Souderton High School Souderton, Pennsylvania ADVISER: Cheryl Boyda REPRESENTATIVE: Carolyn Oldham

Colony High School Ontario, California ADVISER: Christie Lane REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz

Featured 2 7 575

Parkway Central Middle School Chesterfield, Missouri ADVISER: Emily Jung REPRESENTATIVE: Liz Bardin

Eugene Ashley High Wilmington, North Carolina ADVISER: Martha Heise REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Lovell

276 Covers

Parkway West Middle School Chesterfield, Missouri ADVISER: Maggie Walkoff REPRESENTATIVE: Liz Bardin

Coachella Valley High School Thermal, California ADVISER: Alex Ku REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz

Princeton High School Princeton, Minnesota ADVISER: Jade Joseph REPRESENTATIVE: Heidi Schahn

Missouri Military Academy Mexico, Missouri ADVISER: Erin Chambers REPRESENTATIVE: Liz Bardin

Fort Zumwalt South High School O’Fallon, Missouri ADVISER: Jamie Demeter REPRESENTATIVE: Liz Bardin

Lancaster High School Lancaster, California ADVISER: Allyson Howard REPRESENTATIVE: Karina Lopez


Abilene High School Abilene, Texas ADVISER: Amber Via REPRESENTATIVE: Jerry Clark

Hillsborough High School Hillsborough, New Jersey ADVISER: Diane Bavier REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk

Bucknell University Lewisburg, Pennsylvania ADVISER: Gretchen Heuges REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick

Southwest High School Jacksonville, North Carolina ADVISER: Polly Blake REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Lovell

Mills E. Godwin High School Richmond, Virginia ADVISER: Christine Maddox REPRESENTATIVES: Tami & Scott Stalcup

Rosary High School Aurora, Illinois ADVISER: Faith Etheredge REPRESENTATIVE: Brad Nemsick

Presque Isle High School Presque Isle, Maine ADVISER: Marcie Young REPRESENTATIVES: Nick & Abby Herberg

Dublin Scioto High School Dublin, Ohio ADVISER: Amanda Leahy REPRESENTATIVE: Lindsey Swank

Featured 2 777

Honorable Mention


A.C.E. High School

Helendale, CA ADVISER: Aaron Gansky REPRESENTATIVE: Carla Gonzalez

Abingdon High School

All Saints’ Episcopal School

Armorel High School

American School Foundation of Mexico City

Arnold Middle School

Fort Worth, TX ADVISER: Kathi Tiffany REPRESENTATIVE: Tammy Bailey Mexico City, DF, Mexico ADVISER: Susan Seibel REPRESENTATIVE: Terye Myers

Armorel, AR ADVISER: Deanna Carr REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson Cypress, TX ADVISER: Lisabeth Belinoski REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West

Abingdon, VA ADVISER: Megan Holman REPRESENTATIVE: Ben Smith

Santa Catarina, NL, Mexico ADVISER: Alejandra Castaneda REPRESENTATIVE: Terye Myers

American School Foundation of Monterrey

Artesia High School

Abraham Lincoln High School

American School of Yaounde

Arvin High School

Academia Juarez

Denver, CO ADVISER: Heather Tills REPRESENTATIVE: Rob Rathbun

Washington, DC ADVISER: Brett Smith REPRESENTATIVE: Jeanne Unger

Artesia, NM ADVISER: Sherrie Bratcher REPRESENTATIVE: Dennis Ball Arvin, CA ADVISER: Jessica Sinden REPRESENTATIVE: Christina Matthews

El Paso, TX ADVISER: Gwen Romney REPRESENTATIVE: Roland Esparza

Amherst County High School

Amherst, VA ADVISER: Wanda Burley REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup

Ashland Blazer High School

Academy for Urban Leadership School

Anderson County High School

Assumption High School

AFNORTH International School

Andrews High School

Atascocita Middle School

Agoura High School

Angleton High School

AIM San Pedro y Santa Catarina

Ann Richards School

Bailey Junior High

Airline High School

Anthony Middle School

Baines Middle School

Albany High School

Aransas Pass High School

Ball High School

Aledo High School

Arbor Creek Middle School

Bangs High School

Alexander Central High School

Archbishop Carroll High School

Barbers Hill High School

Alexandria High School

Arlington Heights High School

Bath County High School

All Saints Academy

Arlington High School

Bayside Intermediate

Perth Amboy, NJ ADVISER: Ada Gonzalez REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk

APO, AE ADVISER: Alicia Taylor REPRESENTATIVE: Karen Burbach-Barker Agoura Hills, CA ADVISER: Ryan Gardner REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz Garza Garcia, NL, Mexico ADVISERS: Olga Guzman & Juan Contreras REPRESENTATIVE: Terye Myers Bossier City, LA ADVISER: Sandy Hahn REPRESENTATIVE: Debbie Vaughn Albany, TX ADVISER: Lauren Peacock REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds Aledo, TX ADVISER: Cheryl Posey REPRESENTATIVE: Tammy Bailey Taylorsville, NC ADVISER: Tiffany Boston REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Lovell Alexandria, AL ADVISER: Carrie Gann REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail

Winter Haven, FL ADVISER: Nick Wozniak REPRESENTATIVE: John Pantelis

278 Honorable Mention

Clinton, TN ADVISER: Jen Clotfelter REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch Andrews, TX ADVISER: Brenda Yarbrough REPRESENTATIVE: Jerry Clark

Angleton, TX ADVISER: Missy Adams REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon Austin, TX ADVISER: Sarah Walker REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens Cypress, TX ADVISER: Anne La Rose REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West Aransas Pass, TX ADVISER: Jaymie Knostman REPRESENTATIVE: Robyn Stech Carrollton, TX ADVISER: Chuck Brouillette REPRESENTATIVE: Catherine Iden Washington, DC ADVISER: Kyle Hackett REPRESENTATIVE: Jeanne Unger Fort Worth, TX ADVISER: Sarah Vondra REPRESENTATIVE: Tammy Bailey

Arlington, TN ADVISER: Carl Pfeiffer REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson

Ashland, KY ADVISER: Kevin Stepp REPRESENTATIVE: Becky Goins

Louisville, KY ADVISER: Daniel Hamm REPRESENTATIVE: Elizabeth Knapp Humble, TX ADVISER: Kelli Richardson REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver


Arlington, TX ADVISER: Amanda Holder REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds Missouri City, TX ADVISER: Angie Roberts REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon Galveston, TX ADVISER: Britney Nealon REPRESENTATIVE: David Miller Bangs, TX ADVISER: Leesa Stephens REPRESENTATIVE: Doug Altom Mont Belvieu, TX ADVISER: Kelly Melancon REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon Owingsville, KY ADVISER: Kristal Robinson REPRESENTATIVE: Becky Goins League City, TX ADVISER: Dawn Lewandowski REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Moye

Bearden High School

Bishop Rosecrans High School

Briarhill Middle School

Bearden Middle School

Knoxville, TN ADVISER: Mae Hnilica REPRESENTATIVE: Ben Smith

Zanesville, OH ADVISER: Martha Zellar REPRESENTATIVE: Lindsey Swank

Highland Village, TX ADVISER: Carolyn Wiersema REPRESENTATIVE: Clif Palmberg

Knoxville, TN ADVISER: Suzie Bottorff REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch

Bishop Watterson High School

Columbus, OH ADVISER: Jennifer Rush REPRESENTATIVE: Lindsey Swank

Briarwood School

Beckendorff Junior High School

Houston, TX ADVISER: Cindy Price REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West

Katy, TX ADVISER: Jami Ouellette REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

Blake High School

Minneapolis, MN ADVISER: Kali Olson REPRESENTATIVE: Shannon Hart

Bridge City High School

Bedford Junior High

Blue Mountain High School

Bridgeport Middle

Bella Vista Middle School

Blue Ridge High School

Bridgewater-Raritan High School

Benton Academy

Bluffton High School

Brock High School

Berea College

Bob Jones High School

Burbank Middle School

Bergen County Academies

Bedford, TX ADVISER: Susannah Kenneda REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds Murrieta, CA ADVISER: Doug Burgess REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz

Benton, MS ADVISER: Trish Anderson REPRESENTATIVE: Hunter Leake Berea, KY ADVISER: Kelly Rogers REPRESENTATIVE: Becky Goins

Schuylkill Haven, PA ADVISERS: Jaime Clemas & Deanna Battory REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick Blue Ridge, TX ADVISER: Charlotte Todd REPRESENTATIVE: Sheila Miller Bluffton, OH ADVISER: Beth Cogley REPRESENTATIVE: Jenny Hohn-Holmes Madison, AL ADVISER: Kristen Bergeson REPRESENTATIVE: Chad Holland

Bridge City, TX ADVISER: Genevieve Garrison REPRESENTATIVE: Lee Briggs Bridgeport, WV ADVISER: Julie Turnbull REPRESENTATIVE: Doug Richardson Bridgewater, NJ ADVISERS: Patricia Cahill & Michael Bittner REPRESENTATIVE: Rebecca Schneider Weatherford, TX ADVISER: Pat Chaggaris REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds Houston, TX ADVISER: Vanessa Carranza REPRESENTATIVE: Stephanie Hinson

Hackensack, NJ ADVISERS: Miyoung Min & Evelyn Rios REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk

Bolton High School

Arlington, TN ADVISER: Suzanne Keller REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson

Burkburnett High School

Bergen County Technical School - Paramus

Bonney Lake High School

Burkburnett Middle School

Berkeley Springs High School

Bordentown Middle School

Burns Middle School

Berry High School

Boswell High School

Bessemer Academy

Bourbon County High School


B.F. Terry High School

Bradshaw Mountain High School

C.D. York Junior High

Big Spring High School

Bragg Middle School

Calumet High School

Biggersville High School

Brandon High School

Calvary Baptist School

Binghamton University

Paramus, NJ ADVISERS: Karen Waller & Patricia Wilson REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Berkeley Springs, WV ADVISER: Ron Bittinger REPRESENTATIVE: Doug Richardson Berry, AL ADVISER: Tori Norwood REPRESENTATIVE: Jay Elmore Bessemer, AL ADVISER: Trina Ludvik REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail Rosenberg, TX ADVISER: Denise Adams REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz Newville, PA ADVISER: Christa Daugherty REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick Corinth, MS ADVISER: Deborah Jackson REPRESENTATIVE: Greg Williams

Bonney Lake, WA ADVISER: Amanda Ross REPRESENTATIVE: Talli Gonyaw

Bordentown, NJ ADVISERS: Mary Lynn Morino & Harriet Walker REPRESENTATIVE: Nancy Prudente Fort Worth, TX ADVISER: Jennifer Manis REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds Paris, KY ADVISER: Jamie Prepti REPRESENTATIVE: Becky Goins

Prescott Valley, AZ ADVISER: Cynthia Sobo REPRESENTATIVE: Susan Fearnside Gardendale, AL ADVISER: Emily Cazola REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail Brandon, MS ADVISER: Nichole Robinson REPRESENTATIVE: Karen Loden

Burkburnett, TX ADVISER: Mandy Reed REPRESENTATIVE: Tammy Bailey Burkburnett, TX ADVISER: Danny Holmans REPRESENTATIVE: Tammy Bailey

Lawndale, NC ADVISER: Amy Breen REPRESENTATIVE: Brandy Rogers

C.D. Fulkes Middle School

Round Rock, TX ADVISER: Kathy Walden REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens Spring, TX ADVISER: Kathryn Wells REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver Calumet, MI ADVISER: Karen LaCross REPRESENTATIVE: Craig Talsma Lansdale, PA ADVISERS: Linda Wolstenholme & Krista Myers REPRESENTATIVE: Carolyn Oldham

Binghamton, NY ADVISER: Jennifer Keegin REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen Smith

Brazos Christian School

Bryan, TX ADVISER: Kelly Nall REPRESENTATIVE: Tisha Nowak

Calvary Chapel Academy

Bishop John J. Snyder

Brazosport High School

Calvary Christian Schools

Bishop McDevitt High School

Brenham High School

Calvin Christian High School

Bishop O’Dowd High School

Briarcrest Christian School

Cambridge High School

Jacksonville, FL ADVISER: Andrea Bottin REPRESENTATIVE: Kristen Kirkendall Harrisburg, PA ADVISER: Ali Campbell REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick

Oakland, CA ADVISER: Damian Barnes REPRESENTATIVE: Shelly Townsend

Freeport, TX ADVISER: Managerrie Winston REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz Brenham, TX ADVISER: Laurie Kirts REPRESENTATIVE: David Miller Eads, TN ADVISER: Sandra Longworth REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson

West Melbourne, FL ADVISER: Michele Glavish REPRESENTATIVE: Marcia Meskiel-Macy Fruitport, MI ADVISER: Tanya Cashler REPRESENTATIVE: Craig Talsma Grandville, MI ADVISER: Susann Shultz REPRESENTATIVE: Craig Talsma

Cambridge, MN ADVISERS: Nikki Serie & Cathy Lund-Ziebarth REPRESENTATIVE: Heidi Schahn

Honorable Mention 2 7 979

Cambridge High School

Cedar Cliff High School

Cinco Ranch High School

Cambridge Middle School

Cedar Creek High School

Clay-Battelle High School

Canutillo Middle School

Celeste High School

Clay-Chalkville High School

Canyon High School

Milton, GA ADVISER: Angela Singer REPRESENTATIVE: Tara Hays Cambridge, MN ADVISERS: Chris Hedberg & Jill Horton REPRESENTATIVE: Heidi Schahn Canutillo, TX ADVISER: Lisa Roskosky REPRESENTATIVE: Roland Esparza

Camp Hill, PA ADVISER: Julie Bowerman REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick Egg Harbor City, NJ ADVISERS: Georgeann Schenker, Sandra Brown & Erin Hoban REPRESENTATIVE: Rebecca Schneider Celeste, TX ADVISER: Crawford Moore REPRESENTATIVE: Sheila Miller

Katy, TX ADVISER: Ed Larsen REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz Blacksville, WV ADVISER: Christie Dawson REPRESENTATIVE: Doug Richardson Pinson, AL ADVISER: Emily Burkett REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail

New Braunfels, TX ADVISER: Alyson Martin REPRESENTATIVE: Kathi Hopkins

Center Line High School

Center Line, MI ADVISER: Dan Hamilton REPRESENTATIVE: Ramonda Hollenquest

Clear Fork High School

Canyon Middle School

Bellville, OH ADVISER: Heather Keating REPRESENTATIVE: Lindsey Swank

New Braunfels, TX ADVISER: Kacy Mount REPRESENTATIVE: Kathi Hopkins

Central Dauphin High School

Harrisburg, PA ADVISER: Robin Smithers REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick

Clear Springs High School

Canyon Vista Middle School

Houston, TX ADVISER: Margaret Hairston REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Austin, TX ADVISER: Amber Unruh REPRESENTATIVE: Morgan Tuggle

Central High School

Memphis, TN ADVISER: Melissa Berretta REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson

Clements High School

Carbondale Community High School

Central High School

Clinton Township Middle School

Career Magnet Academy

Cesar Chavez High School

Coats Erwin Middle School

Carlsbad High School

Cesar E. Chavez High School

Colegio Americano de Torreon

Carnegie Vanguard High School

Chambersburg Area High School

College Station High School

Carroll High School

Charles D. Owen High School

Collierville High School

Carrollton Christian Academy

Charles Wright Academy

Colonie Central High School

Carrollwood Day School

Charlottesville High School

Columbia High School

Carter-Riverside High School

Chattanooga Central High School

Conackamack Middle School

Cascade Middle School

Chilton ISD

Connally High School

Cass Technical High School

China Spring High School

Connolly Middle School

Cathedral City High School

Christ the King Catholic School

Cookeville High School

Cedar Bayou Junior School

Christian Academy of Louisville

Copper Basin High School

Cedar Brook Academy

Cicero North Syracuse High School

Coram Deo Academy

Carbondale, IL ADVISER: Brandi Jones REPRESENTATIVE: Stacey Sisk

Knoxville, TN ADVISER: Ryan Milani REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch Carlsbad, NM ADVISER: Elizabeth Burke REPRESENTATIVE: Roland Esparza Houston, TX ADVISER: Anne Paget REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Moye

Southlake, TX ADVISER: Karen Otto REPRESENTATIVE: Tammy Bailey Carrollton, TX ADVISER: Marscha Brown REPRESENTATIVE: Valerie Araujo Tampa, FL ADVISER: Michele Crimella REPRESENTATIVE: John Pantelis Fort Worth, TX ADVISER: Lindsay Velasquez REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds Auburn, WA ADVISER: Alethea Dozier REPRESENTATIVE: Talli Gonyaw Detroit, MI ADVISER: Lauralynn Taylor REPRESENTATIVE: Ramonda Hollenquest Cathedral City, CA ADVISER: Tom Buck REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz

Baytown, TX ADVISER: Joanne Bell REPRESENTATIVE: Stephanie Hinson Clarksburg, MD ADVISER: Diane Branham REPRESENTATIVE: Jeanne Unger

280 Honorable Mention

Capitol Heights, MD ADVISER: Christopher Miller REPRESENTATIVE: Jeanne Unger Houston, TX ADVISER: Michael Glazner REPRESENTATIVE: Stephanie Hinson Delano, CA ADVISER: Rosemarie Dao REPRESENTATIVE: Christina Matthews Chambersburg, PA ADVISER: Rebecca Petersheim REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick

Black Mountain, NC ADVISER: Jason Minnix REPRESENTATIVE: Brandy Rogers Tacoma, WA ADVISER: Kate Rue REPRESENTATIVE: Talli Gonyaw

Charlottesville, VA ADVISER: Alfred Toole REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup Harrison, TN ADVISER: Shawn Seals REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch

Chilton, TX ADVISERS: Theresa Fisher & Jennifer Drummond REPRESENTATIVE: Morgan Tuggle China Spring, TX ADVISER: Candice Lynch REPRESENTATIVE: Morgan Tuggle Tampa, FL ADVISER: Victoria Thaxton REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson

Louisville, KY ADVISER: Stephen Krebs REPRESENTATIVE: Elizabeth Knapp Cicero, NY ADVISER: Amy Haven REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen Smith

Sugar Land, TX ADVISER: Fay Mayo REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon Clinton, NJ ADVISERS: Chuck Roberto & Dawm Hauck REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Dunn, NC ADVISER: Ann Suggs REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Lovell

Los Vinedos Torreon, Coahuila ADVISER: Sofia Flores REPRESENTATIVE: Terye Myers

College Station, TX ADVISER: Teresa Laffin REPRESENTATIVE: Tisha Nowak

Collierville, TN ADVISER: Megan Jackson REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson Colonie, NY ADVISERS: Stacy Evans, Megan Carlin & Tom Morrotta REPRESENTATIVE: Abby Herberg West Columbia, TX ADVISER: Jennifer Kincannon REPRESENTATIVE: Kat Gorringe Piscataway, NJ ADVISERS: Joanne Tomasso, Altagracia Petela REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Austin, TX ADVISER: Angie Millar REPRESENTATIVE: Jim Anderson Tempe, AZ ADVISER: Jessica Vargas REPRESENTATIVE: Dale Whitmore Cookeville, TN ADVISER: Sherri Leimer REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Houston Copperhill, TN ADVISER: Penny Montgomery REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch

Plano, TX ADVISER: Jennifer Buhl REPRESENTATIVE: Valerie Araujo

Corinth High School

Danbury High School

Dodd City High School

Corner High School

Daniel Boone High School

Douglas Freeman High School

Craigmont High School

Darthmouth Middle School

Douglas High School

Creek Valley Middle School

Dartmouth College

Downing Middle School

Creekside Intermediate

Day Middle School

Dublin Coffman High School

Creekwood Middle School

Dayton City School

Dublin Jerome High School

Crescent High School

Corinth, MS ADVISER: Terina Dexter REPRESENTATIVE: Greg Williams Dora, AL ADVISER: Gina Clay REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail Memphis, TN ADVISER: Jason Kelly REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson Carrollton, TX ADVISER: Katie McCray REPRESENTATIVE: Sheila Miller

League City, TX ADVISER: Lori McSwain REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz Kingwood, TX ADVISER: Melissa Mitchell REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver

Danbury, TX ADVISER: Stacy White REPRESENTATIVE: Kat Gorringe Johnson City, TN ADVISERS: Katie Purchase & Sharon Phillips REPRESENTATIVES: Katie Welch & Ben Smith Hemet, CA ADVISER: Debbie Pease REPRESENTATIVE: Carla Gonzalez Hanover, NH ADVISER: Juli Coombs REPRESENTATIVE: Nick Herberg Temecula, CA ADVISER: Allison Cooper REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz Dayton, TN ADVISER: Toni Hudgins REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch

Dodd City, TX ADVISER: Krista Garrison REPRESENTATIVE: Valerie Araujo Richmond, VA ADVISER: Megan Ariail REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup Douglas, AZ ADVISER: Jenea Sanchez REPRESENTATIVE: Dale Whitmore Flower Mound, TX ADVISER: Kayla Mick REPRESENTATIVE: Catherine Iden Dublin, OH ADVISER: Janie Saunders REPRESENTATIVE: Lindsey Swank Dublin, OH ADVISER: Carrie McJunkin REPRESENTATIVE: Lindsey Swank

Iva, SC ADVISER: Sherry Holbrook REPRESENTATIVE: Holly Schweitzer

Dayton High School

Dayton, TX ADVISER: Chelsea Carrell REPRESENTATIVE: Will Holder

Duchesne Academy

Cross Timbers Middle School

Dean Middle School

Dulles High School

Crystal River Middle School

Deer Valley High School

Dunlap High School

Cullman High School

DeKalb County High School

Cullman Middle School

DeLaSalle High School

Currituck County High School

Denton Ryan High School

East Central High

Cy Fair High School

Deptford High School

East Central High School

Cy Ridge High School

DeSales University

East Chambers High School

Cy Springs High School

Desert Edge High School

East Early College High School

Grapevine, TX ADVISER: Kathryn Burkhart REPRESENTATIVE: Cheryl Chrisman Crystal River, FL ADVISER: Jennifer Faust REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson Cullman, AL ADVISER: Denise Burroughs REPRESENTATIVE: Jay Elmore Cullman, AL ADVISER: Tasha Meyer REPRESENTATIVE: Chad Holland Barco, NC ADVISER: Brenda Jones REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Lovell

Cypress, TX ADVISER: Lil Harris REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz Houston, TX ADVISER: Rhema Baquero REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Houston, TX ADVISER: Lara Edge REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West Glendale, AZ ADVISER: Melissa Reagan REPRESENTATIVE: Susan Fearnside Smithville, TN ADVISER: Sherri Leimer REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Houston Minneapolis, MN ADVISER: Emily Beckman REPRESENTATIVE: Shannon Hart Denton, TX ADVISER: Ryan Feuerhelm REPRESENTATIVE: Tammy Bailey Deptford, NJ ADVISER: Christine Greene REPRESENTATIVE: Rebecca Schneider Center Valley, PA ADVISER: Matt McMonagle REPRESENTATIVE: Matt McLaughlin

Houston, TX ADVISER: Lisa Van Etta REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz Sugar Land, TX ADVISER: Linda Sylvester REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon Dunlap, IL ADVISER: Anne Fox REPRESENTATIVE: Sarah Smith


Early College High School

Colorado Springs, CO ADVISER: Angela Banfield REPRESENTATIVE: Rob Rathbun San Antonio, TX ADVISER: Terri Real REPRESENTATIVE: Kathi Hopkins Moss Point, MS ADVISER: Michelle Goff REPRESENTATIVE: John David Box Winnie, TX ADVISER: Carla Gardner REPRESENTATIVE: Lee Briggs

Cypress, TX ADVISER: Michael Damante REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Goodyear, AZ ADVISER: Marti Eldean REPRESENTATIVE: Dale Whitmore

Cypress Ranch High School

Desert Ridge Academy


Indio, CA ADVISER: Terresa Amidei REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz

Detroit, MI ADVISERS: April Seworth & Gail Elam REPRESENTATIVE: Ramonda Hollenquest

Detroit Edison Public School Academy

East Juniata High School

Dakota Valley High School

Dixie Hollins High School

Eastland High School

Dallas International School

Dobie High School

Eastside High School

Cypress, TX ADVISER: Leah Goyer REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

North Sioux City, SD ADVISER: Anna Michaelson REPRESENTATIVE: Linda Bernard

Dallas, TX ADVISER: Zan Keith REPRESENTATIVE: Mickey Mehrens

Detroit, MI ADVISER: Melissa Bralock REPRESENTATIVE: Ramonda Hollenquest Saint Petersburg, FL ADVISER: Teresa Zemaitis REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson Houston, TX ADVISER: Jacob Rogers REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

Houston, TX ADVISER: Eumeka White REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz

East English Village Preparatory Academy

McAlisterville, PA ADVISER: Andrew Ciecierski REPRESENTATIVE: Matt McLaughlin Eastland, TX ADVISER: Tracy Wells REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds Gainesville, FL ADVISER: Heather Christian REPRESENTATIVE: John Pantelis

Honorable Mention 2 8 181

Edinburg High School

Fair Haven Union High School

Fowlerville High School

Fair Haven, VT ADVISER: Kim Ransom REPRESENTATIVE: Nick Herberg

Fowlerville, MI ADVISER: Michelle Hardenbrook REPRESENTATIVE: Craig Talsma

Edison High School

Fairfield Area High School

Freedom High School

Fairfield, PA ADVISER: Marcie Kozack REPRESENTATIVE: Matt McLaughlin

Oakley, CA ADVISER: Leslie Runzler REPRESENTATIVE: Shelly Townsend

Edmund Burke School

Fairfield High School

Freehold Township High School

Goshen, IN ADVISER: Rebecca Tarman REPRESENTATIVES: Nick & Abby Herberg

Freehold, NJ ADVISERS: Marissa Alvarado & Andrew Sharkey REPRESENTATIVE: Nancy Prudente

Edna High School

Faith Christian Academy

Friendswood High School

Hurt, VA ADVISER: Ruth Anne Adams REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup

Friendswood, TX ADVISER: Pete Wise REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

El Campo High School

Faith Training Christian Academy

Friendswood Junior High School

El Roble Intermediate

Farragut Middle School

Elida High School

Fayette County High School

Edinburg, TX ADVISER: Lamonica Tamez REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Harris Edison, NJ ADVISER: Michele Witkowski REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Washington, DC ADVISER: Maggie McVicar REPRESENTATIVE: Jeanne Unger Edna, TX ADVISER: Angie Munoz REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz El Campo, TX ADVISER: Molly Kresta REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz Claremont, CA ADVISER: Jenny McGourty-Riggs REPRESENTATIVE: Susie Bretting Elida, OH ADVISER: Katie Glenn REPRESENTATIVE: Jenny Hohn-Holmes

Elizabeth Cobb Middle School Tallahassee, FL ADVISER: Lois Sellers REPRESENTATIVE: Marvin Mayer

Elkhart Memorial High School Elkhart, IN ADVISER: Sherri Greenfield-Ludwig REPRESENTATIVE: Monte Reed

Emma Willard School

Troy, NY ADVISER: Caroline Vreeland REPRESENTATIVE: Abby Herberg

Englewood High School

Englewood, CO ADVISER: Vincent Knight REPRESENTATIVE: Rob Rathbun

Ensign Intermediate

Newport Beach, CA ADVISER: Sarah Grenier REPRESENTATIVE: Susie Bretting

Escanaba High School

Escanaba, MI ADVISER: Tammy Wiles REPRESENTATIVE: Craig Talsma

E.T. Richardson Middle School Springfield, PA ADVISER: Katie Stewart REPRESENTATIVE: Carolyn Oldham

Ethan A. Chase Middle School Menifee, CA ADVISER: Andrew Alexander REPRESENTATIVE: Carla Gonzalez

Exeter Township Sr. High School Reading, PA ADVISER: John White REPRESENTATIVE: Matt McLaughlin

F Fair Haven Union High School Fair Haven, VT ADVISER: Kim Ransom REPRESENTATIVE: Nick Herberg

282 Honorable Mention

Leesville, LA ADVISER: Sharon Hardwick REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Leopard Knoxville, TN ADVISER: Ellen Manning REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch Fayette, AL ADVISER: Wendy Canterbury REPRESENTATIVE: Jay Elmore

First Colony Middle School Sugar Land, TX ADVISER: Dawne Sanders REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

Florence High School

Florence, MS ADVISERS: Melissa Banks & Dre’ Helms REPRESENTATIVE: Karen Loden

Floydada High School

Floydada, TX ADVISER: Eason Campbell REPRESENTATIVE: Jerry Clark

Forest Lake High School

Forest Lake, MN ADVISER: Maria Kaiser REPRESENTATIVE: Kerry Nelson

Forestview Middle School

Baxter, MN ADVISER: Melissa Lund REPRESENTATIVE: Heidi Schahn

Forestwood Middle School Flower Mound, TX ADVISER: Daniella Fontana REPRESENTATIVE: Sheila Miller

Fort Bend Christian Middle School Sugar Land, TX ADVISER: Melissa Ray REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Fort Settlement Middle School Sugar Land, TX ADVISER: Angela Miller REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

Fort Walton Beach High School Fort Walton Beach, FL ADVISER: Susan Teare REPRESENTATIVE: Marvin Mayer

Fort Zumwalt North High School O’Fallon, MO ADVISER: Becky Bubenik REPRESENTATIVE: Liz Bardin

Fort Zumwalt North Middle School O’Fallon, MO ADVISER: Tracy Pollard REPRESENTATIVE: Liz Bardin

Fossum Middle School

McAllen, TX ADVISER: Bertha Pastrana REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Harris

Friendswood, TX ADVISER: Toni McAfoos REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

G Gaither High School

Tampa, FL ADVISER: Josephine Slonena REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson

Ganado High School

Ganado, TX ADVISER: Christy Janssen REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz

Gardendale High School

Gardendale, AL ADVISER: Brooke Dodd REPRESENTATIVE: Jim Robbins

General Brown Jr. - Sr. High School Dexter, NY ADVISER: Casilda Peckham REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen Smith

George Ranch High School Richmond, TX ADVISER: Amanda Respondek REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Moye

George S. Middleton High School Tampa, FL ADVISER: Christian Hines REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Hogue

George West High School

George West, TX ADVISER: Nicole Galloway REPRESENTATIVE: Robyn Stech

Geraldine High School

Geraldine, AL ADVISER: Valerie Arnold REPRESENTATIVE: Chad Holland

Germantown High School

Germantown, TN ADVISER: Ashley Walden REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson

Gettysburg College

Gettysburg, PA ADVISER: Monique Gore REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick

Gila Ridge High School

Yuma, AZ ADVISER: Danielle Strom REPRESENTATIVE: David Honnold

Glen Allen High School

Glen Allen, VA ADVISER: Taren Meekins REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup

Glen Rose High School

Glen Rose, TX ADVISER: Connie McCormick REPRESENTATIVE: Cheryl Chrisman

Glenwood Springs Middle School Glenwood Springs, CO ADVISER: Karie Braswell REPRESENTATIVE: Rob Rathbun

Good Hope High School

Cullman, AL ADVISER: Rene Marty REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail

Goodpasture Christian School Madison, TN ADVISER: Dana Brimm REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Houston

Goodson Middle School

Cypress, TX ADVISER: Zac Heyer REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West

Goose Creek Memorial High School Baytown, TX ADVISER: Leah Hopper REPRESENTATIVE: Stephanie Hinson

Grace Community School

Tyler, TX ADVISER: Karin Davis REPRESENTATIVE: Debbie Vaughn

Grace School

Houston, TX ADVISERS: Melissa Paul & Andrea Spence REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School Memphis, TN ADVISER: Kimberly White REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson

Graham High School

Bluefield, VA ADVISERS: Katie Chaffin & Katie Hurley REPRESENTATIVE: Ben Smith

Granville High School

Granville, OH ADVISER: Judith Henderson REPRESENTATIVE: Lindsey Swank

Greenacres Middle School

Bossier City, LA ADVISER: Kim Hawkins REPRESENTATIVE: Debbie Vaughn

Gresham Middle School

Knoxville, TN ADVISER: John Coppeans REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch

Gretna High School

Gretna, NE ADVISER: Gretchen Baijnauth REPRESENTATIVE: Linda Bernard

Groom High School

Groom, TX ADVISER: Lisa Roskens REPRESENTATIVE: Dennis Ball

Gruver High School


Henderson High School

Henderson, TX ADVISER: Alisha McGee REPRESENTATIVE: Debbie Vaughn

H. Grady Spruce High School

Henry Middle School

Dallas, TX ADVISER: Marsona Jackson REPRESENTATIVE: Valerie Araujo

Cedar Park, TX ADVISER: Serena Slocum REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens

Hall Middle School

Hermitage High School

Weatherford, TX ADVISER: Christina Blasingame REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds

Richmond, VA ADVISER: Anne Marie Hudak REPRESENTATIVES: Tami & Scott Stalcup

Halls Middle School

Hewitt- Trussville Middle School

Knoxville, TN ADVISER: Andrew Bennett REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch

Trussville, AL ADVISER: Loree Killebrew REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail

Hamilton High School

Hewitt-Trussville High School

Hamilton, TX ADVISER: Michelle Reed REPRESENTATIVE: Doug Altom

Trussville, AL ADVISER: Kishia Locke REPRESENTATIVE: Jim Robbins

Hamilton Middle School

Hickory Christian School

Hamilton, MI ADVISER: Jane Naber REPRESENTATIVE: Craig Talsma

Hickory, NC ADVISER: Sharon Sturgess REPRESENTATIVE: Brandy Rogers

Hamilton Middle School

Hickory Christian School

Cypress, TX ADVISER: Kimberly Lloyd REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West

Hickory, NC ADVISER: Sharon Sturgess REPRESENTATIVE: Brandy Rogers

Hanford West High School

High Meadows School

Hanford, CA ADVISER: Lori Bilderback REPRESENTATIVE: Christina Matthews

Roswell, GA ADVISER: Danielle Wright REPRESENTATIVE: Tara Hays

Hardee High School

High Point Regional High School

Wauchula, FL ADVISER: Kristine Dewey REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson

Sussex, NJ ADVISER: Liana Heller REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk

Harker Heights High School

Highland Middle School

Harker Heights, TX ADVISER: Tammy Hunter REPRESENTATIVE: Mickey Mehrens

Libertyville, IL ADVISERS: Kim Hauman & Sara Raymond REPRESENTATIVE: Shannon Hart

Harrison High School

Highland Park High School

Farmington, MI ADVISER: Lisa M. Dean REPRESENTATIVE: Ramonda Hollenquest

St. Paul, MN ADVISER: Courtney Lambert REPRESENTATIVE: Kerry Nelson

Hartfield Academy

Highland Springs High School

Flowood, MS ADVISER: Tara Hall REPRESENTATIVE: Karen Loden

Highland Springs, VA ADVISER: Elizabeth Mehalko REPRESENTATIVES: Tami & Scott Stalcup

Hastings Middle School

Hilliard Davidson High School

Upper Arlington, OH ADVISERS: Katie Fussner & Elizabeth Egbert REPRESENTATIVE: Jenny Hohn-Holmes

Hilliard, OH ADVISER: Heidi Burke REPRESENTATIVE: Lindsey Swank

Hawkins High School

Hodges Bend Middle School

Hawkins, TX ADVISER: Erika Prater REPRESENTATIVE: Debbie Vaughn

Houston, TX ADVISER: Amanda Funesti REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

Gruver, TX ADVISER: Kimberly Irwin REPRESENTATIVE: Dennis Ball

Hayden R. Lawrence Upper Middle School

Hokes Bluff High School

Deville, LA ADVISER: Paula Henry REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Leopard

Hokes Bluff, AL ADVISER: Michelle Bishop REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail

Guilderland High School

Hedrick Middle School

Holy Rosary School

Guilderland Center, NY ADVISERS: Maria Jasenski, Jackie Gregory & Nancy Fallon REPRESENTATIVE: Abby Herberg

Guntersville High School

Guntersville, AL ADVISER: Miranda McCoy REPRESENTATIVE: Chad Holland

Lewisville, TX ADVISER: Ryan Bernard REPRESENTATIVE: Sheila Miller

Helen Fort -Newcomb Middle School

Memphis, TN ADVISER: Nancy Neal REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson

Holy Savior Menard Central High School

Pemberton, NJ ADVISERS: Marcy Scollay & Melissa Quinones-Wilkins REPRESENTATIVE: Rebecca Schneider

Alexandria, LA ADVISER: Cindy Campbell REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Leopard

Helena High School

Homewood High School

Helena, AL ADVISER: Katy Burnside REPRESENTATIVE: Jim Robbins

Homewood, AL ADVISER: Melissa D. Vines REPRESENTATIVE: Jim Robbins

Helena High School

Honey Grove High School

Helena, MT ADVISER: Kayla Lunnon REPRESENTATIVE: David Honnold

Honey Grove, TX ADVISER: Rachel Nelson REPRESENTATIVE: Valerie Araujo

Honorable Mention 2 8 383


Hopper Middle School

Industrial High School

Houghton High School

Irons Junior High

Kahla Middle School

Houston Christian High School

Island Christian School

Katy High School

Houston High School

Itawamba High School

Katy Junior High School

Cypress, TX ADVISER: Casey Smith REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West Houghton, MI ADVISER: Kate Bonacorsi REPRESENTATIVE: Craig Talsma Houston, TX ADVISER: Heidi McCurdy REPRESENTATIVE: Hal Schmidt

Germantown, TN ADVISER: Andrea Cox REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson


Houston, TX ADVISER: Lynley Cardenas REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Hueytown High School

Vanderbilt, TX ADVISER: Lisa Bullock REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz Conroe, TX ADVISER: Alisha Mlcak REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver Islamorada, FL ADVISER: Kaitlynn Loy REPRESENTATIVE: John Pantelis Fulton, MS ADVISER: Tammy Cunningham REPRESENTATIVE: Greg Williams


Houston, TX ADVISER: Jacqueline Shea REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West Katy, TX ADVISER: Johanna Schneider REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon Katy, TX ADVISER: Megan Tyler REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West

Kaufman High School

Kaufman, TX ADVISER: Sean Chaffin REPRESENTATIVE: Catherine Iden

Hueytown, AL ADVISER: Allison Bland REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail

J. R. Tucker High School

Richmond, VA ADVISER: Mary McKeegan REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup

Kelly High School

Huntington High School

J. L. Long Middle School

Kempner High School

Huntsville High School

Jacksonville High School

Keswick Christian School

Hurst Junior High School

Jalen Rose Leadership Academy

Killian Middle School

Hutchinson Middle School

James Workman Middle School

Kings Mountain Middle School

Jefferson County High School

Kinkaid Middle School

IANT Quranic Academy

Jefferson County North High School

Knight High School

Illinois Lutheran High School

Jehue Middle School

Knox Junior High School

Illinois Math & Science Academy

Jersey Village High School

Incarnate Word Academy- Middle Level

Johnson County High School

La Feria High School

Independence High School

Jonesboro ISD

La Joya Community High School

Indian River High School

Jourdanton High School

LaBay Middle School

Indian Springs High School

Julian Middle School

Lacey Township High School

Indio High School

Juniata Mennonite School

Lake Highlands High School

Chillicothe, OH ADVISER: Cathy Adams REPRESENTATIVE: Jenny Hohn-Holmes Huntsville, AL ADVISER: Julie Williams REPRESENTATIVE: Sihwa Campbell Hurst, TX ADVISER: Nichelle Wright REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds Lubbock, TX ADVISER: Marci Beene REPRESENTATIVE: Susan Cox


Richardson, TX ADVISER: Sarah Hashmi REPRESENTATIVE: Sheila Miller Crete, IL ADVISER: Amanda Ventura REPRESENTATIVE: Brad Nemsick Aurora, IL ADVISER: Adrienne Coleman REPRESENTATIVE: Sarah Smith

Corpus Christi, TX ADVISER: Marco Vazquez REPRESENTATIVE: Robyn Stech

Thompson’s Station, TN ADVISER: Stefanie Hamilton REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Houston Philadelphia, NY ADVISERS: Dustin Burdick & Rebecca Yerdon REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen Smith San Bernardino, CA ADVISER: Jessica Evanson REPRESENTATIVE: Carla Gonzalez Indio, CA ADVISER: Janet Mueller REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz

284 Honorable Mention

Dallas, TX ADVISER: Sarah Howard REPRESENTATIVE: Sheila Miller Jacksonville, NC ADVISER: Kathy Ransom REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Lovell

Detroit, MI ADVISER: Monnika Pruit REPRESENTATIVE: Ramonda Hollenquest Cathedral City, CA ADVISER: Kathleen Chastain REPRESENTATIVE: Carla Gonzalez Dandridge, TN ADVISER: Nola Henderson REPRESENTATIVE: Ben Smith

Winchester, KS ADVISER: Cindy Johnson REPRESENTATIVE: Whitney Baker

Colton, CA ADVISER: Steven Lane REPRESENTATIVE: Carla Gonzalez Houston, TX ADVISER: Margie Comstock REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz Mountain City, TN ADVISER: Brenda Arnold REPRESENTATIVE: Ben Smith

Jonesboro, TX ADVISER: LaDaryl Bates REPRESENTATIVE: Mickey Mehrens Jourdanton, TX ADVISER: Nathan Flynt REPRESENTATIVE: Betty Cruz

Oak Park, IL ADVISERS: Kate Tysse & Miranda Tucker REPRESENTATIVE: Brad Nemsick McAlisterville, PA ADVISER: Deborah Heimbach REPRESENTATIVE: Matt McLaughlin

Chicago, IL ADVISER: Christopher Collias REPRESENTATIVE: Brad Nemsick Sugar Land, TX ADVISER: Amy Thomas REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon Saint Petersburg, FL ADVISER: Melissa Youmans REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson Lewisville, TX ADVISER: Amber Crowell REPRESENTATIVE: Sheila Miller Kings Mountain, NC ADVISERS: Jill Hinson & Haley England REPRESENTATIVE: Brandy Rogers Houston, TX ADVISER: Shari Hiltbrand REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz Palmdale, CA ADVISER: Mary Baxter REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz The Woodlands, TX ADVISER: Ruthellen Hinton REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver


La Feria, TX ADVISER: Rolando Gonzales REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Harris Avondale, AZ ADVISER: Heather Eaton REPRESENTATIVE: Susan Fearnside Houston, TX ADVISER: Shyesha Fisher REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West Lanoka Harbor, NJ ADVISER: Brittany Blozen REPRESENTATIVE: Rebecca Schneider Dallas, TX ADVISER: Catherine Faught REPRESENTATIVE: Catherine Iden

Lakeland Highlands Middle School

Livingston High School

Maple Lake High School

Lakeside Middle School

Logos Preparatory Academy

Marana Middle School

Lakeview Middle School

London High School

Mariner High School

Lamar Middle School

Lone Oak High School

Marshall Middle School

Lamar Middle School

Long Branch High School

Martin L. King, Jr. Senior High School

Lamar Middle School

Lakeland, FL ADVISER: Stacy Huey REPRESENTATIVE: John Pantelis

Perris, CA ADVISER: Lisa Tierman REPRESENTATIVE: Carla Gonzalez The Colony, TX ADVISER: Blake Bogus REPRESENTATIVE: Clif Palmberg Irving, TX ADVISER: April Richmond REPRESENTATIVE: Valerie Araujo Flower Mound, TX ADVISER: Carrie Becker REPRESENTATIVE: Valerie Araujo

Livingston, TX ADVISER: Mojisola Oladehin REPRESENTATIVE: Tisha Nowak Sugar Land, TX ADVISER: Pamela Samuels REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Moye

Corpus Christi, TX ADVISER: Lori Matthews REPRESENTATIVE: Robyn Stech Lone Oak, TX ADVISER: Deanie Elmore REPRESENTATIVE: Sheila Miller Long Branch, NJ ADVISER: Frank Pannullo REPRESENTATIVE: Nancy Prudente

Maple Lake, MN ADVISER: Jean Elsenpeter REPRESENTATIVE: Shannon Hart Marana, AZ ADVISER: Michael Hall REPRESENTATIVE: Dale Whitmore Cape Coral, FL ADVISER: Mike Chessnoe REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson Houston, TX ADVISER: Sergio Luviano REPRESENTATIVE: Stephanie Hinson Detroit, MI ADVISER: Martin Muhammad REPRESENTATIVE: Ramonda Hollenquest

Austin, TX ADVISER: Rachel Dietz REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens

Loudon High School

Loudon, TN ADVISER: Kimberly Callais REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch

Martins Mill High School

Lancaster Bible College

Louis Brandeis High School

Mason High School

Land O’ Lakes High School

Lowery Freshman Center

McAdory High School

Lausanne Collegiate School

Lucerne Valley High School

McAllen High School

Lebanon High School

Lufkin High School

McAllen Memorial High School

LeBlanc Middle School

Lydia Patterson Institute

McCullough Junior High

Lancaster, PA ADVISER: Dr. Michael Freeman REPRESENTATIVE: Matt McLaughlin Land O’Lakes, FL ADVISER: Lisa Simemrman REPRESENTATIVE: John Pantelis

Memphis, TN ADVISER: Michael Naya REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson Lebanon, NH ADVISER: Michael Sisemore REPRESENTATIVE: Nick Herberg Sulphur, LA ADVISER: Tish Martinez REPRESENTATIVE: Clint Sanford

Lecanto Middle School

Lecanto, FL ADVISER: Suzie Martin REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson

Leesville High School

San Antonio, TX ADVISER: Kristin Hale REPRESENTATIVE: Kathi Hopkins

Allen, TX ADVISER: Kim Creel REPRESENTATIVE: Catherine Iden Lucerne Valley, CA ADVISER: Kelli Papiernik REPRESENTATIVE: Carla Gonzalez Lufkin, TX ADVISER: Tim Krause REPRESENTATIVE: Tisha Nowak El Paso, TX ADVISER: Mario Ayala REPRESENTATIVE: Roland Esparza


Ben Wheeler, TX ADVISER: Wendy Brantley REPRESENTATIVE: Debbie Vaughn Mason, TX ADVISER: Kelly Guice REPRESENTATIVE: Doug Altom McCalla, AL ADVISER: Anthony Cooper REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail McAllen, TX ADVISER: Jennifer Rodriguez REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Harris McAllen, TX ADVISER: Kelsey Martin REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Harris

The Woodlands, TX ADVISER: Lori Reichardt REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver

McGill-Toolen Catholic High School Mobile, AL ADVISER: Lindsay Koen REPRESENTATIVE: Karen Loden

Madison Plains High School

McGuffey High School

Legacy Christian High School

Magnolia High School

McHenry High School

Lehman High School

Magnolia West High School

McKamy Middle School

Liberty Middle School

Mahtomedi High School

McMeans Junior High School

Lincoln High School

Mahwah High School

Mechanicsburg Area High School

Lincoln Middle School

Mance Park Middle School

Medina Valley High

Lindale High School

Manvel High School

Memorial Middle School

Leesville, LA ADVISER: Nancy Vandine REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Leopard Andover, MN ADVISER: Chris Davis REPRESENTATIVE: Shannon Hart

Kyle, TX ADVISER: Regina DeAngelis REPRESENTATIVE: Morgan Tuggle West Fargo, ND ADVISER: Josie Eyers REPRESENTATIVE: Kerry Nelson Sioux Falls, SD ADVISERS: Rebecca Peters & Sarah Winterscheidt REPRESENTATIVE: Linda Bernard Ypsilanti, MI ADVISER: Dianna Hinderer REPRESENTATIVE: Ramonda Hollenquest Lindale, TX ADVISER: Neda Morrow REPRESENTATIVE: Debbie Vaughn

London, OH ADVISER: Meredith Smith REPRESENTATIVE: Jenny Hohn-Holmes Magnolia, TX ADVISER: Caitlin Cain REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver Magnolia, TX ADVISER: Gail Anders REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver Mahtomedi, MN ADVISER: Craig Mickelson REPRESENTATIVE: Kerry Nelson Mahwah, NJ ADVISERS: Samantha Branin & Elissa Cording REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Huntsville, TX ADVISER: Shelley Petkovsek REPRESENTATIVE: David Miller Manvel, TX ADVISER: Jessica Tompkins REPRESENTATIVE: David Miller

Claysville, PA ADVISER: Caitlyn Group REPRESENTATIVE: Kasey Nicol McHenry, IL ADVISER: Dane Erbach REPRESENTATIVE: Brad Nemsick Flower Mound, TX ADVISER: Susan Warriner REPRESENTATIVE: Sheila Miller Katy, TX ADVISER: Trevor Gibson REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon Mechanicsburg, PA ADVISER: Cara Hersey REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick

Castroville, TX ADVISER: Donna Schoor REPRESENTATIVE: Kathi Hopkins Harlingen, TX ADVISERS: Crystal Valdez & Christi Mirino REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Harris

Honorable Mention 2 8 585

Memorial Middle School

Moorhead Junior High School

Nimitz High School

Memorial Middle School

Moreno Valley High School

Norcross High School

Mercy Academy

Morgantown High School

Norris Middle School

MidAmerica Nazarene University

Mortimer Jordan High School

North County High School

Middlesex High School

Mounds View High School

North Laurel High School

Middleton High School

Little Ferry, NJ ADVISER: Jacleen Rizzi REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Houston, TX ADVISER: Stephanie Aguirre REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West Louisville, KY ADVISER: Beth Turpin REPRESENTATIVE: Elizabeth Knapp Olathe, KS ADVISER: Kevin Garber REPRESENTATIVE: Whitney Baker

Middlesex, NJ ADVISERS: Kathy Perhach & Susan Rieckens REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk

Conroe, TX ADVISER: Matt Tullos REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver Moreno Valley, CA ADVISER: Teresa Espinosa REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz

Morgantown, WV ADVISER: Shana Karnes REPRESENTATIVE: Doug Richardson Kimberly, AL ADVISER: Jessica Travis REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail

Arden Hills, MN ADVISER: Ingrid Kleinjan REPRESENTATIVE: Kerry Nelson

Irving, TX ADVISER: Emily Blue REPRESENTATIVE: Clif Palmberg Norcross, GA ADVISER: Lauren O’Connor REPRESENTATIVE: Tara Hays Bakersfield, CA ADVISER: Hannah Richert REPRESENTATIVE: Christina Matthews Glen Burnie, MD ADVISER: Matt Seal REPRESENTATIVE: Jeanne Unger London, KY ADVISERS: Kelli Gray & Wilma Sears REPRESENTATIVE: Becky Goins

Tampa, FL ADVISER: Christian Hines REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson

Mount Saint Mary Academy

Watchung, NJ ADVISER: Joanne Cadigan-Peters REPRESENTATIVE: Nancy Prudente

North Shore Senior High School

Mildred High School

Mt. Vernon Township High School

North Warren Regional High School

Millennium High School

Muscle Shoals High School

Northbrook High School

Corsicana, TX ADVISER: Tara Ayers REPRESENTATIVE: Cheryl Chrisman Goodyear, AZ ADVISER: Samantha Griffen REPRESENTATIVE: Dale Whitmore

Millsap High School

Millsap, TX ADVISERS: Rachel Stull & Cody Bull REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds

Milton Hershey School

Hershey, PA ADVISERS: Emily DiFebo & Angie Ryan REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick

Mount Vernon, IL ADVISER: Jamey VanZandt REPRESENTATIVE: Stacey Sisk Muscle Shoals, AL ADVISER: Kim Vaughn REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail


Nederland High School

Houston, TX ADVISER: Jared Ainsworth REPRESENTATIVE: Stephanie Hinson

Blairstown, NJ ADVISERS: Becky Erd, Stephanie Baier, Kirsten Gehm REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Houston, TX ADVISER: Jennifer Thorpe REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Northern High School

Dillsburg, PA ADVISER: Jennifer Brink REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick

Northwest Mississippi Community College

Nederland, TX ADVISER: Brian Hillsten REPRESENTATIVE: Lee Briggs

Senatobia, MS ADVISER: Carroll Huebner REPRESENTATIVE: Karen Loden

Mineola High School

Needville High School

Northwestern Middle School

Mineral Wells High School

Nelsonville-York High School

Minersville Area Jr.-Sr. High School

Nettleton High School

O’Fallon Township High School

Mission Trail Middle School

New Bern High School

Oak Ridge High School

Missouri University of Science & Technology

New Brighton High School

Oakman High School

Monterey High School

Newport Grammar School

Oaks Middle School

Montgomery High School

Nicholas County High School

Ocoee Middle School

Montgomery Junior High

Nicholls State University

Oldham County High School

Monticello High School

Nikki Rowe High School

Oliver Springs High School

Mineola, TX ADVISER: Jim Phillips REPRESENTATIVE: Debbie Vaughn Mineral Wells, TX ADVISER: Donna Parker REPRESENTATIVE: Cheryl Chrisman Minersville, PA ADVISER: Kelsey Weachock REPRESENTATIVE: Matt McLaughlin Olathe, KS ADVISER: Joycelyn Fasulo REPRESENTATIVE: Whitney Baker Rolla, MO ADVISER: Tegan Brand REPRESENTATIVE: Liz Bardin

Lubbock, TX ADVISER: Cynthia Smith REPRESENTATIVE: Susan Cox Montgomery, TX ADVISER: Susan Poppell REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver Montgomery, TX ADVISER: Leslie Dickson REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver Charlottesville, VA ADVISER: Chris Columbano REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup

286 Honorable Mention

Needville, TX ADVISER: Laura Nix REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz Nelsonville, OH ADVISER: Becky Joyce REPRESENTATIVE: Lindsey Swank Nettleton, MS ADVISER: Debbie Schlicht REPRESENTATIVE: Greg Williams New Bern, NC ADVISER: Deanna Sumner REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Lovell New Brighton, PA ADVISER: Linda Runatz REPRESENTATIVE: Kasey Nicol

Newport, TN ADVISER: Justin Norton REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch

Carlisle, KY ADVISER: LaVonda Eaglin REPRESENTATIVE: Becky Goins

Thibodaux, LA ADVISER: Nicole Boudreaux REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Leopard McAllen, TX ADVISER: Angela Gevock REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Harris

Alpharetta, GA ADVISER: Jason Novak REPRESENTATIVE: Tara Hays


O Fallon, IL ADVISER: Coleen Lucas REPRESENTATIVE: Stacey Sisk

Conroe, TX ADVISER: Sarah Parker REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver Oakman, AL ADVISER: Monica Brown REPRESENTATIVE: Jay Elmore Ontario, CA ADVISER: Bruce Sarver REPRESENTATIVE: Carla Gonzalez Cleveland, TN ADVISER: Heather Wilson REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch Buckner, KY ADVISER: Cathy Thompson REPRESENTATIVE: Elizabeth Knapp Oliver Springs, TN ADVISER: Teresa Woods REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch

Olympic High School

Peninsula High School

Prescott Mile High Middle School

Gig Harbor, WA ADVISER: Andrew Hosford REPRESENTATIVE: Talli Gonyaw

Prescott, AZ ADVISER: Brandon Uftring REPRESENTATIVE: Susan Fearnside

Osseo High School

Pepperell High School

Prince of Peace Christian School

Lindale, GA ADVISER: David Mowery REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail

Carrollton, TX ADVISER: Elaine Barnum REPRESENTATIVE: Catherine Iden

Otsego High School

Pequannock Township High School

Pulaski Academy

Our Lady of Prompt Succor School

Petal Middle School

Oxford Preparatory Academy

Peterson Middle School


Phoenix Military Academy

Bremerton, WA ADVISER: Nicole Evans REPRESENTATIVE: Talli Gonyaw Osseo, MN ADVISER: Ben Karls REPRESENTATIVE: Shannon Hart Otsego, MI ADVISER: Jackie Trometter REPRESENTATIVE: Craig Talsam Alexandria, LA ADVISER: Valerie Daigle REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Leopard

Mission Viejo, CA ADVISER: Tizoc Ceballos REPRESENTATIVE: Carla Gonzalez

Pompton Plains, NJ ADVISERS: Pam Weher & Cheryl Rosano REPRESENTATIVE: Rebecca Schneider Petal, MS ADVISER: Susan Bounds REPRESENTATIVE: John David Box Sunnyvale, CA ADVISER: Danielle Ash REPRESENTATIVE: Shelly Townsend Chicago, IL ADVISER: Katie Comeford REPRESENTATIVE: Brad Nemsick

Pulaski, NY ADVISER: Linda Burns REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen Smith


Quibbletown Middle School

Piscataway, NJ ADVISERS: Maribel Hernandez & Carleigh Zielinski REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk


R. L. Turner High School

Page High School

Piedmont High School

Piedmont, AL ADVISER: Jack Harley Lamey REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail

Carrollton, TX ADVISER: Jessica Latvatalo REPRESENTATIVE: Catherine Iden

Page Middle School

Pin Oak Middle School

Ralph Chandler Middle School

Bellaire, TX ADVISER: Autumn Beckman REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Moye

Simpsonville, SC ADVISER: Susan Wines REPRESENTATIVE: Holly Schweitzer

Palacios High School

Pinelands Junior High School

Rancho Verde High School

Tuckerton, NJ ADVISER: Stacy Petry REPRESENTATIVE: Nancy Prudente

Moreno Valley, CA ADVISERS: Natalie Revelli & Alison Presser REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz

Palisade High School

Pinelands Regional High School

Red Land High School

Tuckerton, NJ ADVISERS: Sherry DiMeglio & Jill Flannigan REPRESENTATIVE: Nancy Prudente

Lewisberry, PA ADVISERS: Stacey Epler & Devon Miller REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick

Palm Springs High School

Piney Grove Middle School

Red Lion Area High School

Cumming, GA ADVISER: Joan Irwin REPRESENTATIVE: Tara Hays

Red Lion, PA ADVISERS: Megan Axe & Allyson Ayres REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick

Parkside Middle School

Pinson Valley High School

Regents School of Austin

Pinson, AL ADVISER: Melissa Jones REPRESENTATIVE: Chris Nail

Austin, TX ADVISER: Brandon Shufflebarger REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens

Parkview High School

Pioneer Junior High School

Resurrection Catholic School

Upland, CA ADVISER: Allyson Crawley REPRESENTATIVE: Susie Bretting

Pascagoula, MS ADVISER: Ashleigh Smith REPRESENTATIVE: John David Box

Pasadena High School

Piscataway High School

Rice Consolidated High School

Piscataway, NJ ADVISERS: Sarah Coppola, Dawne Dionisio & Jennifer West REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk

Altair, TX ADVISER: Bonnie Kolacek REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz

Peachtree Ridge High School

Plainview High School

Richland High School

Ardmore, OK ADVISER: Christy Parham REPRESENTATIVE: Clif Palmberg

Richland Hills, TX ADVISER: Steven Schilling REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds

Pearl River Central High School

Plainview Middle School

Ridge Point High School

Ardmore, OK ADVISER: Leann Wilson REPRESENTATIVE: Clif Palmberg

Missouri City, TX ADVISER: Susanna Jakubik REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

Pearland High School

Portland High School

Ridgely Middle School

Portland, MI ADVISER: Alexandra Stamm REPRESENTATIVE: Craig Talsma

Lutherville-Timonium, MD ADVISER: Raine Valentine REPRESENTATIVE: Jeanne Unger

Pearland Junior High West

Presbyterian Christian School

Rio Grande City High School

Hattiesburg, MS ADVISER: Teresa Carter REPRESENTATIVE: John David Box

Rio Grande City, TX ADVISER: Omar Riojas REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Harris

Peaster High School

Presbyterian School

River Oaks Baptist School

Franklin, TN ADVISER: Megan Comer REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Houston Gloucester, VA ADVISER: Rachel Emde REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup Palacios, TX ADVISER: Amy Morales REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz Palisade, CO ADVISER: Brooke Grett REPRESENTATIVE: Rob Rathbun Palm Springs, CA ADVISER: William Kauffman REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz

Manassas, VA ADVISER: Trinette Drake REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup Lilburn, GA ADVISER: Dr. Carol May REPRESENTATIVE: Tara Hays Pasadena, TX ADVISER: Erin Dinardo REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Moye Suwanee, GA ADVISER: Leigh Ann Danley REPRESENTATIVE: Tara Hays

Carriere, MS ADVISER: Alexandra Hedrick REPRESENTATIVE: John David Box Pearland, TX ADVISER: Michelle Robinett REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

Pearland, TX ADVISERS: Mara Williams & Julie Pasha REPRESENTATIVE: David Miller Peaster, TX ADVISER: Kim Fincher REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds

Houston, TX ADVISER: Andrea Lawless REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Moye

Houston, TX ADVISER: Jan Edwards REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Honorable Mention 2 8 787

Riverdale High School

Schalmont High School

Shiner Catholic School

Riverwatch Middle School

School Without Walls

Shiner High School

Roane County High School

Schuylerville High School

Sibley East High School

Robert E. Lee Middle School

Murfreesboro, TN ADVISER: Edie Pondillo REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Houston Suwanee, GA ADVISER: Linda Scheaffer REPRESENTATIVE: Tara Hays

Kingston, TN ADVISER: Elik Pickell REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch

Schenectady, NY ADVISERS: Joelle Litz & Nora Sabatini REPRESENTATIVE: Abby Herberg Washington, DC ADVISER: Jenine Pokorak REPRESENTATIVE: Jeanne Unger Schuylerville, NY ADVISERS: Ross Marvin & Fred Lefton REPRESENTATIVE: Abby Herberg

Shiner, TX ADVISER: Lisa Malik REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz Shiner, TX ADVISER: Janette Berkovsky REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz Arlington, MN ADVISER: Ann Walsh REPRESENTATIVE: Shannon Hart

San Angelo, TX ADVISER: Monique Alexander REPRESENTATIVE: Doug Altom

Schuylkill Haven High School

Schuylkill Haven, PA ADVISER: Natalie Masinick REPRESENTATIVE: Matt McLaughlin

Siegel High School

Ross S. Sterling High School

Scotia-Glenville High School

Simon Kenton High School

Royal Valley High School

Scott High School

Solvay High School

Ruth Musser Middle School

Scottsboro High School

Somerville High School

Rutherford Hayes High School

Seabrook Intermediate

Sonlight School

Rutland High School

Sealy High School

South Houston High School


Sebring High School

South Orange Middle School

Sacred Heart Catholic School Hattiesburg, MS ADVISER: Kim Evans REPRESENTATIVE: John David Box

Sequatchie County High School Dunlap, TN ADVISER: Amy Layne REPRESENTATIVE: Katie Welch

South River High School

Sacred Heart Catholic School- Hallettsville

Serrano Intermediate School

South St. Paul High School

Safford K-8 Baccalaureate World School

Serrano Middle School

Highland, CA ADVISER: Ryan Webb REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz

Southeast High School

Tucson, AZ ADVISER: Lorraine Kaldman REPRESENTATIVE: Dale Whitmore

Salado ISD

Seton High School

Cincinnati, OH ADVISER: Erin Vanover REPRESENTATIVE: Jenny Hohn-Holmes

Southeastern High School

Salado, TX ADVISER: Bobbette Bell REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens

Sam Rayburn High School

Seven Lakes High School

Katy, TX ADVISER: Katie Moreno REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Southern Middle School

Pasadena, TX ADVISER: Crystal Sliva REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Samford University

Shadow Ridge Middle School Flower Mound, TX ADVISER: Amy Doherty REPRESENTATIVE: Valerie Araujo

Southern Regional High School

Birmingham, AL ADVISER: Jackie Long REPRESENTATIVE: Jay Elmore

San Elijo Middle School

Shandin Hills Middle School

San Bernardino, CA ADVISERS: Jen Allo & Catrina Osteen REPRESENTATIVE: Carla Gonzalez

Southern Regional Middle School

San Marcos, CA ADVISER: Sarah Meder REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz

San Mateo High School

Sharpstown International School Houston, TX ADVISER: Candice Johnson REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz

Southside High School

San Mateo, CA ADVISER: Patsy Fergusson REPRESENTATIVE: Shelly Townsend

Saranac Central High School

Sheyenne High School

Southwest Christian Academy

Baytown, TX ADVISER: Kaleah Hicks REPRESENTATIVE: Stephanie Hinson Hoyt, KS ADVISER: Stephanie Switzky REPRESENTATIVE: Whitney Baker Rancho Cucamonga, CA ADVISER: David Oektz REPRESENTATIVE: Susie Bretting

Delaware, OH ADVISER: Josh Heffernan REPRESENTATIVE: Lindsey Swank Rutland, VT ADVISER: Clarena Renfrow REPRESENTATIVE: Nick Herberg

Hallettsville, TX ADVISER: Ruth Barton REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz

Saranac, NY ADVISER: Karin Delutis REPRESENTATIVE: Nick Herberg

288 Honorable Mention

Scotia, NY ADVISERS: Rich Wiesen & Bruce Kohout REPRESENTATIVE: Abby Herberg Taylor Mill, KY ADVISER: Andrea Sullivan REPRESENTATIVE: Jenny Hohn-Holmes Scottsboro, AL ADVISER: Amber Linville REPRESENTATIVE: Jay Elmore Seabrook, TX ADVISER: Pamm Muzslay REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Moye Sealy, TX ADVISER: Valeria Goad REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz Sebring, FL ADVISER: Jeff Cantwell REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson

Lake Forest, CA ADVISER: Robyn Lee REPRESENTATIVE: Susie Bretting

West Fargo, ND ADVISER: Stephanie Cwikla REPRESENTATIVE: Kerry Nelson

Murfreesboro, TN ADVISER: Belinda Juergens REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Houston Independence, KY ADVISER: Laura Schneider REPRESENTATIVE: Jenny Hohn-Holmes Syracuse, NY ADVISER: Kelly Monaghan REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen Smith Somerville, NJ ADVISER: Michael Skomba REPRESENTATIVE: Nancy Prudente Denton, TX ADVISER: Rachel Pruitt REPRESENTATIVE: Valerie Araujo South Houston, TX ADVISER: Mark Halvorsen REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Moye

South Orange, NJ ADVISER: Ashley Corino REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk South River, NJ ADVISER: Chris Matts REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk South Saint Paul, MN ADVISER: Taylor Champoux REPRESENTATIVE: Kerry Nelson

Bradenton, FL ADVISER: Kathy Campbell REPRESENTATIVE: John Pantelis Chillicothe, OH ADVISER: Kim Barnes REPRESENTATIVE: Lindsey Swank Oakland, MD ADVISER: Alyssa Rodeheaver REPRESENTATIVE: Doug Richardson Manahawkin, NJ ADVISER: Christopher South REPRESENTATIVE: Nancy Prudente

Manahawkin, NJ ADVISERS: Marissa Reynolds & Shana Kuchinsky REPRESENTATIVE: Nancy Prudente Southside, AL ADVISER: Katie Carter REPRESENTATIVE: Jay Elmore Houston, TX ADVISER: Laura Kershner REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz

Southwest Mississippi Community College Summit, MS ADVISER: Joyce Mabry REPRESENTATIVE: Karen Loden

Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Waxahachie, TX ADVISER: Diane Lewis REPRESENTATIVE: Cheryl Chrisman

Space Center Intermediate Houston, TX ADVISER: Shannon Coppock REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Moye

Spillane Middle School

Cypress, TX ADVISER: Mary Ann Krause REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West

Spring Branch Middle School Houston, TX ADVISER: Cindy Schulze REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West

Spring Forest Middle School Houston, TX ADVISER: Lindsey Lewis REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West

Spring Lake Park High School Minneapolis, MN ADVISER: Shelly Johnson REPRESENTATIVE: Shannon Hart

St. Agnes Academy

Houston, TX ADVISER: Kathi Thompson REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Austin, TX ADVISERS: Vince & Sue Totero REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens

St. Francis Episcopal Day School Houston, TX ADVISER: Steve Johnson REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

St. George’s Independent School Collierville, TN ADVISER: Emmy McClain REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson

St. James School

Hagerstown, MD ADVISER: Amy Painter REPRESENTATIVE: Jeanne Unger

St. John Paul II Catholic High School Huntsville, AL ADVISER: Connie Sieja REPRESENTATIVE: Jay Elmore

St. John Paul II Catholic School Houston, TX ADVISER: Bev Kimmitt REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

St. John Vianney Catholic School Orlando, FL ADVISER: Dorrie Baker REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Hogue

St. Johns Country Day

Orange Park, FL ADVISERS: Kristin Jackson & Heather Velasco REPRESENTATIVE: Kristen Kirkendall

St. Joseph Catholic School Madison, MS ADVISER: Terry Cassreino REPRESENTATIVE: Karen Loden

St. Maria Goretti High School

Hagerstown, MD ADVISERS: JoAnn Hevey & Jackie Curtin REPRESENTATIVE: Jeanne Unger

St. Mary of the Assumption High School Elizabeth, NJ ADVISER: Ken Smolin REPRESENTATIVE: Rebecca Schneider

St. Mary’s Day School

Susquehannock High School

St. Mary’s School

Sussex County Technical School

St. Paul Academy Middle School

Sussex Middle School

St. Paul’s Episcopal School

Swansboro High School

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School

Sylacauga High School

St. Thomas More High School

STEM School and Academy


Stephen F. Austin High School

Tarleton State University

Stephen F. Austin State University

Taylor High School

Stephenville High School

Temecula Middle School

Stevenson High School

Temple High School

Stevenson Middle School

Texas City High School

Stockbridge Valley Central School

The American School of Tampico

Stone Middle School

The Canterbury School

Sulphur Springs Middle School

The Columbus Academy

Summer Creek High School

The Emery/Weiner School

Summit Christian Academy

The Episcopal School of Dallas

Summit High School

The Pennington School

Summit High School

The Pine School

Tampa, FL ADVISER: Jean Bauer REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson Raleigh, NC ADVISER: Colin Murasko REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Lovell Saint Paul, MN ADVISER: Stacy Overgaard REPRESENTATIVE: Heidi Schahn Mobile, AL ADVISER: Chad Riley REPRESENTATIVE: Karen Loden

Austin, TX ADVISER: Elizabeth Zepeda REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens Lafayette, LA ADVISER: Laura Trahan REPRESENTATIVE: Clint Sanford

Highlands Ranch, CO ADVISER: Kimberly Worth REPRESENTATIVE: Rob Rathbun Sugar Land, TX ADVISER: Shaun Moore REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon

Nacogdoches, TX ADVISER: Rachel Clark REPRESENTATIVE: Debbie Vaughn

Stephenville, TX ADVISER: Tammy Jones REPRESENTATIVE: Cheryl Chrisman Livonia, MI ADVISER: Sean Horgan REPRESENTATIVE: Ramonda Hollenquest Houston, TX ADVISERS: Ama Mpiani & Chelsea Krepps REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Moye Munnsville, NY ADVISER: Amanda Ingalls REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen Smith

Wiggins, MS ADVISER: Angela Wilson REPRESENTATIVE: John David Box Sulphur Springs, TX ADVISER: Amber Nix REPRESENTATIVE: Debbie Vaughn

Houston, TX ADVISER: Neil Gregerson REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver Yorktown, VA ADVISER: Lea Diggs REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup Spring Hills, TN ADVISER: Emily Myers REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Houston Yorktown, VA ADVISER: Lea Diggs REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup

Glen Rock, PA ADVISER: Jessica Beste REPRESENTATIVE: Ed Patrick

Sparta, NJ ADVISERS: Erin Shawiak & Molly Fantasia REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Sussex, NJ ADVISER: Kaleigh Ralph REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Swansboro, NC ADVISER: Stacie Friebel REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Lovell Sylacauga, AL ADVISER: Pam McTier REPRESENTATIVE: Jay Elmore

Tampa Preparatory School

Tampa, FL ADVISER: Stacey Cummins REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson Stephenville, TX ADVISER: Caleb Chapman REPRESENTATIVE: Cheryl Chrisman Katy, TX ADVISER: Stace Hitt REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz Temecula, CA ADVISERS: Liliana Mai & Jim Rowell REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz Temple, TX ADVISER: Matt Corley REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens Texas City, TX ADVISER: Jennifer Kunard REPRESENTATIVE: David Miller Tampico, Tamaulipus, Mexico ADVISER: Kirsta D’Amato REPRESENTATIVE: Terye Myers

Fort Myers, FL ADVISER: Nick Grey REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson Gahanna, OH ADVISER: Laura Miller REPRESENTATIVE: Lindsey Swank Houston, TX ADVISER: Shelia Roberts REPRESENTATIVE: Kat Gorringe

Dallas, TX ADVISER: Susan Weil REPRESENTATIVE: Mickey Mehrens

West Milford, NJ ADVISER: Mark Ross REPRESENTATIVE: Rebecca Schneider Hobe Sound, FL ADVISER: Stephen Naumann REPRESENTATIVE: Marcia Meskiel-Macy

Honorable Mention 2 8 989

The Regis School of the Sacred Heart

Travis Middle School

Verona High School

The Roeper School

Tri Valley High School

Verrado High School

The Science Academy of South Texas

Trickum Middle School

Villa Madonna School

The Woodlands High School

Truitt Middle School

Vivian Field Middle School

Theodore Schor Middle School

Tucker Creek Middle School

Thomas Harrison Middle School

Tulpehocken High School

Waelder High School

Thompson High School

Tunstall High School

Walker Valley High School

Tidehaven High School

Turner College & Career High School

Wall High School

Tidewater Academy

Turtle Creek High School

Wallkill Valley Regional High School

Timothy Christian School

Tuscaloosa County High School

Wamego High School

Tinley Park High School


Warren County High School

Irvine, CA ADVISER: Hali Kessler REPRESENTATIVE: Ramonda Hollenquest

Conroe, TX ADVISER: Dina Shaver REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Beth McIver

Houston, TX ADVISER: Katy Norra REPRESENTATIVE: Stephanie Hinson

Birmingham, MI ADVISER: Linda Vernon REPRESENTATIVE: Ramonda Hollenquest Mercedes, TX ADVISER: Lisa Ashley REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Harris

The Woodlands, TX ADVISER: Mary Ann Widman REPRESENTATIVE: Hal Schmidt

Piscataway, NJ ADVISER: Alissa Berse REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Harrisonburg, VA ADVISER: Joni Harrison REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup Alabaster, AL ADVISER: Ronna Sanford REPRESENTATIVE: Jim Robbins El Maton, TX ADVISER: Beth Foley REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz Wakefield, VA ADVISER: Sarah Raiford REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup Piscataway, NJ ADVISER: Emily Scoles REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Tinley Park, IL ADVISER: Kelli Lattyak REPRESENTATIVE: Brad Nemsick

Tinton Falls Middle School

Tinton Falls, NJ ADVISER: Sharon Finan REPRESENTATIVE: Nancy Prudente

Tison Middle School

Irving, TX ADVISER: Casey Griffin REPRESENTATIVE: Valerie Araujo Hegins, PA ADVISER: Amanda White REPRESENTATIVE: Matt McLaughlin Lilburn, GA ADVISER: Joanna Shackelford REPRESENTATIVE: Tara Hays Houston, TX ADVISER: Tammy Steffen REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West Havelock, NC ADVISER: Kathi Finley REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Lovell

Bernville, PA ADVISER: Kim Foreman REPRESENTATIVE: Matt McLaughlin Dry Fork, VA ADVISER: Kristen Williams REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup Pearland, TX ADVISER: Shannon Maulding REPRESENTATIVE: David Miller

Turtle Lake, WI ADVISER: Kristen Pabst REPRESENTATIVE: Heidi Schahn Northport, AL ADVISER: Paige Cooper REPRESENTATIVE: Jay Elmore

Verona, NJ ADVISERS: Tom White & Allison Quick REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Buckeye, AZ ADVISER: Erin Seidner REPRESENTATIVE: Dale Whitmore Tampa, FL ADVISER: Vicki Fabiano REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Hogue Farmers Branch, TX ADVISER: David Ruppersberg REPRESENTATIVE: Valerie Araujo


Waelder, TX ADVISER: Cheryl Handy REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz Cleveland, TN ADVISER: Nicole Gober REPRESENTATIVE: Ben Smith

Wall, TX ADVISER: Mary Lee Hoelscher REPRESENTATIVE: Doug Altom Hamburg, NJ ADVISERS: MaryRose Slivestri & Linda Brigham REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Wamego, KS ADVISER: Mindy Thierolf REPRESENTATIVE: Whitney Baker Mc Minnville, TN ADVISER: Leah Simpson REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Houston

University High School

Washington Junior High School

Weatherford, TX ADVISER: Leslie Fenton REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds

Arlington, TX ADVISERS: Tiffany Starnes & Luciana Cantu REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds

Uplift Summit International Preparatory

Washington School

Tompkins High School

Urban Pathways Charter School

Water Valley High School

Toms River High School East

Katy, TX ADVISER: Shetye Cypher REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

Pittsburgh, PA ADVISER: Jennifer Mack REPRESENTATIVE: Kasey Nicol

Greenville, MS ADVISER: Laura Smith REPRESENTATIVE: Karen Loden Water Valley, TX ADVISER: Kelly Baker REPRESENTATIVE: Doug Altom

Toms River, NJ ADVISER: Kati Koenigstein REPRESENTATIVE: Nancy Prudente

Utica College

Utica, NY ADVISER: Frances Lucia REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen Smith

Watertown High School

Topeka West High School

Town of Webb Union Free School District


W.B. Ray High School

Old Forge, NY ADVISER: Madline Fenton REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen Smith

Varina High School

Richmond, VA ADVISER: Lindsay Terry REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup

Weatherford Christian School

Weatherford, TX ADVISER: Penny Fell REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds

Trafton Academy

Vassar High School

Weatherford High School

Travis High School

Venice High School

Weeki Wachee High School

Topeka, KS ADVISER: Jennifer Miller REPRESENTATIVE: Whitney Baker

Houston, TX ADVISER: David Goldburg REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz Austin, TX ADVISER: Leslie Conly REPRESENTATIVE: Stacy Mehrens

290 Honorable Mention

Vassar, MI ADVISER: Jamie Strauss REPRESENTATIVE: Ramonda Hollenquest Venice, FL ADVISER: Faith Nellis REPRESENTATIVE: John Pantelis

Watertown, NY ADVISERS: Kimberly La Forty & Jessica Hayden REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen Smith Corpus Christi, TX ADVISER: Gail Sims REPRESENTATIVE: Robyn Stech

Weatherford, TX ADVISER: Shana Gilley REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds Weeki Wachee, FL ADVISER: Chris Clifford REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson

Weimar High School

White Station High School

West Bloomfield High School

Wiesbaden High School

West Deptford High School

Wilkinson Middle School

West Fargo High School

William Allen Middle School

West Genesee Middle School

Willowridge High School

West Lincoln High School

Wilson Central High School

West Memorial Junior High

Windsor High School

West Milford Township High School

Windy Ridge School

West Orange - Stark High School

Woodcreek Junior High School

West Orange High School

Woodrow Wilson Middle School

West Ouachita High School

Woodstock High School

West Point High School


Weimar, TX ADVISER: Lynda Beal REPRESENTATIVE: Lauren Schwartz West Bloomfield, MI ADVISER: Noel McHardy REPRESENTATIVE: Ramonda Hollenquest Westville, NJ ADVISERS: Mark Drummond, Erin Pence & Lauren DuPont REPRESENTATIVE: Nancy Prudente West Fargo, ND ADVISER: Jeremy Murphy REPRESENTATIVE: Kerry Nelson Camillus, NY ADVISER: Rebecca Howard REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen Smith

Brookhaven, MS ADVISER: Courtney Myers REPRESENTATIVE: John David Box Katy, TX ADVISER: Kelly Buffa REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West

West Milford, NJ ADVISERS: Peter Shaver & Jennifer Metcalf REPRESENTATIVE: Rebecca Schneider Orange, TX ADVISER: Meri Elen Jacobs REPRESENTATIVE: Lee Briggs

Winter Garden, FL ADVISER: Kim Poor REPRESENTATIVE: Steve Ferguson West Monroe, LA ADVISER: Candy Traxler REPRESENTATIVE: Jay Barnes

West Point, VA ADVISER: Mary Ellen Borinski REPRESENTATIVES: Tami & Scott Stalcup

West Shores High School

Salton City, CA ADVISER: Erica Agee REPRESENTATIVE: Carla Gonzalez

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

Princeton Junction, NJ ADVISER: Karen Sobolewski REPRESENTATIVE: Nancy Prudente

Westchester Academy for International Studies Houston, TX ADVISER: Shaun Wegscheid REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West

Western Albemarle High School

Crozet, VA ADVISER: William Hughes REPRESENTATIVES: Scott & Tami Stalcup

Memphis, TN ADVISER: Dave Pentecost REPRESENTATIVE: Jeremy Jackson APO, AE ADVISER: Wade Krauchi REPRESENTATIVE: Karen Burbach-Barker Mesquite, TX ADVISER: Lanell Dugan REPRESENTATIVE: Valerie Araujo Moorestown, NJ ADVISERS: Kim Martin & Katherine Parsons REPRESENTATIVE: Rebecca Schneider Houston, TX ADVISER: Cicely Edmond REPRESENTATIVE: Ryan Almon Lebanon, TN ADVISER: Greg Smith REPRESENTATIVE: Josh Houston Imperial, MO ADVISER: JoAnn Marty REPRESENTATIVE: Liz Bardin Orlando, FL ADVISER: Carissa Dee REPRESENTATIVE: Cindy Hogue Katy, TX ADVISER: Natalia Montalvo REPRESENTATIVE: Kathleen West

Edison, NJ ADVISER: Marie Brown REPRESENTATIVE: Sharon Bodnarchuk Woodstock, GA ADVISER: Sonja Ryberg REPRESENTATIVE: Tara Hays

Xavier College Preparatory High School Palm Desert, CA ADVISER: Allison Mason REPRESENTATIVE: Frank Ortiz


Yankton High School

Yankton, SD ADVISER: Jill Mikkelsen REPRESENTATIVE: Linda Bernard

York Catholic High School

York, PA ADVISERS: Tracey McGraw & Heather Loser REPRESENTATIVE: Matt McLaughlin

Westlake Academy

Westlake, TX ADVISER: Dr. Tom Cawthra REPRESENTATIVE: Amanda Reynolds

Westside High School

Houston, TX ADVISERS: Craig Malinsky & Sharon Roberts REPRESENTATIVE: Lisa Schwartz

White Bear Lake High School White Bear Lake, MN ADVISER: Sara Martin REPRESENTATIVE: Kerry Nelson

Honorable Mention 2 9 191



A&M Consolidated High School.................... 243, 264 Abilene High School............................................. 277 Academy of the Holy Names................................. 186 Alamo Heights High School................................... 266 Alief Hastings High School.................................... 182 Allen High School................................. 4, 5, 162, 163 American School Foundation of Mexico City.......... 272 American School of London.......... 118, 147, 230, 275 Anderson High School.......................................... 275 Anna High School................................................. 268 Aragon High School...................................... 116, 274 Arcadia High School............................................. 145 Arlington High School.................... 192,193, 251, 269 Austin High School....................................... 135, 270 Awty International School...................................... 268


Battlefield High School.......................................... 214 Baylor University........................................... 6, 7, 178 Bellaire High School...................................... 8, 9, 243 Biloxi High School................................................. 160 Bishop Alemany High School................................ 273 Bishop Kenny High School................................... 110 Brazoswood High School...................................... 180 Brennan High School............................................ 229 Brentwood Academy.................................... 111, 266 Bridgeport High School......................................... 237 Brookwood High School............................... 252, 269 Brown University........................................... 208, 273 Bucknell University................................................ 154 Buffalo High School.............................. 125, 244, 266 Bullitt East High School......................................... 193 Burbank High School............................................ 133 Burleson High School........................................... 171


Caney Creek High School..................................... 266 Carlisle Area High School...................................... 272 Carthage High School.................................. 123, 245 Cedar Park High School....................... 130, 189, 251 Cedar Ridge High School............................. 257, 274 Chapa Middle School............................... 10, 11, 203 Christ Covenant School........................................ 271 Cibola High School....................................... 238, 239 Cinco Ranch Junior High...................................... 270 Cistercian Preparatory School........... 12, 13, 186, 187 Claudia Taylor Johnson High School ... 14, 224, 226, 259 Clear Brook High School....................................... 267

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Clear Falls High School......................................... 274 Clearwater High School................................ 220, 257 Clint Small Middle School..................... 132, 191, 269 Coachella Valley High School................................ 276 College Station Middle School.............................. 274 Colony High School.............................................. 275 Cumberland Valley High School.................... 153, 261 Cy Creek High School.............................. 16, 17, 245 Cy Lakes High School.......................................... 142 Cy Woods High School............................ 18, 19, 206


Deep Run High School......................................... 270 Desert Hot Springs High School.................... 137, 272 Dickinson High School.......................... 178, 179, 267 Dripping Springs High School............................... 167 Dublin Scioto High School.................................... 277


East Bernard High School......................... 20, 21, 169 Eastern High School............................................. 268 Elkins High School................................................ 266 Episcopal School of Jacksonville................... 185, 268 Etiwanda High School............................... 22, 23, 258 Eugene Ashley High School.................................. 276


Faith Baptist Schools............................ 132, 133, 269 Flour Bluff High School......................................... 197 Flower Mound High School............................... 24, 25 Floyd Central High School..................................... 272 Fort Zumwalt East High School...................... 119, 150 Fort Zumwalt South High School................... 119, 276 Fort Zumwalt West High School................ 26, 27, 232 Foster High School............................................... 270 Frenship High School........................................... 129 Frontier Trail Middle School................................... 265


George Ranch High School.................................. 237 Georgetown High School.............. 147, 228, 229, 259 Glacier Peak High School................. 28, 29, 223, 258 Glenda Dawson High School.................... 30, 31, 207 Gorzycki Middle School.................... 32, 33, 216, 256 Granite Bay High School........................... 34, 35, 259 Grapevine High School......................................... 267 GSMST........................................................ 140, 273


Hardin Valley Academy................................. 142, 222 Harrisonburg High School................................. 36, 37 Harvard-Westlake School...................... 117, 201, 254 Hays High School................................................. 275 Hebron High School..................................... 190, 268 Hendrickson High School............................. 139, 206 Heritage High School............................................ 265 Highland Park High School.................................... 269 Hill Country Christian......................... 38, 39, 198, 253 Hillsborough High School...................................... 153 Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy ................ 40, 41, 192 Hoover High School............................. 130, 248, 267 Humble High School..................................... 172, 173 Huntsville High School.................................. 123, 166


Inglemoor High School.................................. 144, 224 Interlake High School............................................ 269 Iowa Park Junior High School................................ 273


J.B. Smith Middle School ..................................... 266 James Madison University........................ 42, 43, 114 Jefferson High School (San Antonio, TX)...................... 209 Jefferson High School (El Paso, TX)........................... 274 Jefferson West High School.................................. 231 Jesuit Preparatory School................................. 44, 45 John Marshall High School.................................... 265 John T. Hoggard High School............................... 203


Keller High School........................................ 248, 268 Kelly Lane Middle School...................... 136, 137, 272 Kingwood High School......................................... 264 Klein Collins High School...................... 194, 252, 270 Klein Forest High School............................... 249, 250 Klein High School......................................... 165, 264 Klein Oak High School.......................... 183, 249, 268 Kofa High School................................................. 269


L.D. Bell High School.................................... 128, 247 Lake Oswego High School........... 141, 217, 218, 257 Lakeside High School........................................... 114 Lakeville North High School................... 140, 213, 273 Lancaster High School.................................. 151, 276

Langham Creek High School................................ 267 Leander High School........................ 46, 47, 188, 250 Lecanto High School............................................ 265 Legacy High School................................. 48, 49, 242 Lehigh University.......................................... 200, 272 Leon High School................................................. 271 Liberty High School (Frisco, TX)....................... 143, 275 Liberty High School (Brentwood, CA)........................ 236 Linden Hall School................................................ 269 Little Rock Central High School......... 50, 51, 161, 243 Los Altos High School.......................................... 271 Los Gatos High School................................. 213, 274 Loyola College Prep.............................................. 264


MacArthur High School................................. 126, 266 Maclay School............................................. 127, 248 Mansfield High School.................................. 125, 174 Marian High School.............................................. 271 Marion County High School.................................. 265 Maryville High School............................................ 264 Mayde Creek High School............................ 113, 267 McCallum High School..................... 52, 53, 173, 244 McKinney Boyd High School............. 54, 55, 204, 205 McNeil High School.......................................... 56, 57 Meade County High School.................................. 215 Melissa High School............................................. 274 Memorial High School....................... 58, 59, 159, 242 Miami Palmetto Senior High School ... 60, 61, 202, 254 Middleburg High School....................................... 187 Millard West High School.............................. 141, 215 Mills E. Godwin High School................................. 277 Minnetonka High School............... 150, 151, 232, 233 Missouri Military Academy............................. 261, 276 Morristown East High School........................ 122, 264 Morton Ranch High School........................... 199, 271


Natchitoches Central High School......................... 267 North Carolina State University.......... 62, 63, 113, 174 North Davidson High School................................. 218 Northern Highlands Regional High School.............. 271


Oak Grove High School............................ 64, 65, 110 Oak Mountain High School................... 131, 189, 251 Olentangy Orange High School............................. 275 Olympia High School.................................... 134, 270 Osceola High School............................................ 264


Palm Desert High School...................................... 124 Parish Episcopal School....................................... 208 Parkway Central Middle School............................. 276 Parkway West Middle School................................ 276 Pascagoula High School....................................... 265 Peet Junior High School....................................... 270 Phillipsburg High School....................................... 182 Pickerington High School North............................. 210 Port Neches - Groves High School................ 159, 264 Portage High School............................................. 273 Prairie Trail Middle School.............................. 253, 271 Prescott High School............................................ 274 Presque Isle High School...................................... 155 Prestonwood Christian Academy........... 128, 129, 251 Princeton High School.......................................... 276


Reno High School........................................ 155, 260 Rice University.............................................. 146, 227 Ridgeview Middle School...................... 134, 135, 270 Robinson High School.......................................... 230 Rock Canyon High School........................ 66, 67, 235 Rockport-Fulton High School................................ 195 Rocky Heights Middle School................... 68, 69, 211 Ronald Reagan High School......................... 131, 190 Rosary High School.............................................. 277 Rouse High School........................... 70, 71, 220, 255


Saguaro High School............................................ 273 Samuel Clemens High School............................... 273 San Angelo Central High School........................... 228 San Antonio Academy.......................................... 166 Santa Fe Trail Middle School................. 126, 247, 266 Saugus High School......................... 72, 73, 198, 254 Sawgrass Springs Middle School...................... 74, 75 Sedona Red Rock High School............................. 199 Seminole High School (Texas).................................. 160 Seminole High School (Florida)................................. 268 Shawnee Heights High School...................... 148, 149 Shawnee Mission South High School................ 76, 77 Souderton High School......................................... 275 South Brunswick High School............................... 260 South Doyle High School...................................... 136 Southern Methodist University................... 78, 79, 177 Southwest High School........................................ 277 Sparkman High School................................. 124, 245 Spring Woods High School................................... 265

St. Benedict at Auburndale................................... 181 St. Croix Preparatory Academy............................. 272 St. Thomas’ Episcopal School.......................... 80, 81 Station Camp High School.................................... 117 Stratford High School............................... 82, 83, 158 Suncoast Community High School ......... 84, 112, 244 Sweetwater Union High School............................. 271


Taft High School................................................... 267 Texas A&M University........................................ 86, 87 Texas Christian University.................................. 88, 89 Texas High School............................ 90, 91, 219, 257 Texas Southern University............................. 175, 176 Texas Tech University................................ 92, 93, 168 The Geneva School of Boerne............. 138, 139, 255 The Hockaday School.............. 94, 95, 175, 246, 247 The John Cooper School.............................. 115, 249 The Kinkaid School............................................... 265 The University of Miami .................... 96, 97, 111, 170 Thrall High School........................................ 212, 255 Tom C. Clark High School......................... 98, 99, 205 Tomball High School............................................. 220 Tomball Memorial High School...................... 118, 275 Travis High School........................................ 138, 272


University of Illinois................................................ 168 University of Southern California............ 100, 101, 234


Valor Christian High School........................... 148, 149 Vandegrift High School................. 102, 103, 212, 256 Village Christian High School................................. 209 Vista Ridge High School............... 104, 105, 196, 252


West Johnston High School.......................... 231, 255 West Mesquite High School.................................. 181 West Monroe High School.................................... 116 Westwood High School........ 106, 107, 184, 185, 250 Whitehouse High School...................................... 164 William Howard Taft High School........................... 180 Wimberley High School......................................... 152 Woodinville High School....................................... 145

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The 31st edition of Yearbook Yearbook was produced on Apple® MacBook Pro® using Adobe® Creative Suite® software. The 296-page, full-color book was submitted as press-ready PDF files with a press run of 5,700. The 2017 Yearbook Yearbook showcases 2016 yearbooks. The Best of 2016 represents fewer than 1 percent of Balfour customers, with Featured schools representing 4 percent & Honorable Mention schools representing 12 percent.  


The cover is soft touch laminate coated with air texture and featuring UV gloss and embossing. The endsheet is 100# Anthem/ Maxcote Plus Matte Cover Stock with English Linen grain. Inside pages are 9 x 12, 100# Anthem/Maxcote Matte Text Stock with Smythe binding and black headbands. Typefaces are Galaree and Helvetica Neue LT Std. Send inquiries regarding Yearbook Yearbook to the following:  


I am indebted to those who helped create this edition of Yearbook Yearbook. Many thanks to the judges who agreed to be a part of this journey, and who worked hard but made it fun. Oscar, you are simply invaluable. You have the most diverse set of mad skills I’ve ever encountered. Judi, you have a gift for pinpointing and putting into words those often-elusive elements that make an outstanding yearbook one of the Best. Marilyn Scoggins, thank you for entrusting me with your role as editor and for your kind help with this and countless other projects as I learn my way. – Julia Copeland

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2017 Yearbook Yearbook  

A Design Collection - Best of 2016 & Featured Balfour Yearbooks

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