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Relax in the Mediterranean Sea

Green Coast Resort is located on Palasa Beach, in a breathtaking seaside landscape that is the prime destination in Albania, where the Mediterranean Sea has smoothed the mountain to create a white beach that now lies between the blueness of the sea and the greenness of the land.

Beach, Nature and History

The history of this region started when “Vetëtima” mountain range met the Mediterranean Sea. They created a magic place that gathered stories and legends, from the first steps of men up to the development of Green Coast Resort. Palasa region is one of the rare places that preserved the poor nature and heritage of ancient cities and civilizations, continuing to astonish the visitors.

Inspired from tradition

Green Coast Resort is inspired by the buildings of the region, two floor houses blended harmoniously into the green with a seaside view. The construction will use mostly the same local materials that have been used in centuries such as stone, wood, traditional tiling and white plaster.

Stylized Villas

Spacious and stylized villas offer exceptional views from the hillside location among trees and flowers. With four varieties of villas, Green Coast Resort offers all the possibilities to find your suited space. The entire configuration of villas easily accesses the facilities of the resort.

How to reach the Location

Undiscovered… but easily accessible via direct international flights to Tirana International Airport and then by regular domestic services from Tirana to Green Coast Resort. The road and the landscape will welcome you with sunshine and mild temperatures all year round. In addition to that, the ports of Vlora, Saranda and Himara offer another possibility to reach the resort by sea and the depth of the sea permits yachts to get near the beach.

Green Coast  
Green Coast