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Green Coast

your Albanian luxury destination

your Albanian luxury destination

Location Green Coast Resort is an oasis of calm in the remote yet accessible beach of Palasa, Albanian’s most beautiful beach. The area offers a host of activities from mountain biking, parachuting and diving, to excursions in nature in the Karaburun Peninsula, Palasa old village and the seaside caves of Karaburun. The resort is close to Vlora, Dhërmi, Himara, Saranda, the ancient city of Butrint and other villages where traditional crafts are still practiced. It is worthwhile to explore the region’s exquisite natural beauty and its vivid history. ITALY

The view from the Green Coast Resort offers one of the most breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. Amidst trees and flowers, the villas welcome their guests in a blend of colors passing from greenish to bluish. Down below the resort, set back from the white beach is the Beach Club. All the 142 villas are tucked into the lush vegetation around the resort, and all boast outstanding sea views.

Green Coast







Experience Nature Green Coast Resort is situated on Palasa valley, which is a natural extension of “VetĂŤtimaâ€? mountain and which is the product of erosion and delta formations of many mountainous springs. Upper North is the National Park of Llogara, famous for its unique pines and wild life, standing proudly at an altitude of 2,000 m over the sea. The delta is vegetative and spills in two beach apertures and limestone extensions that smoothes into the sea. Beaches are beautiful and conventional with white mid thick sands mixed within small calcareous stones. Under the sea, a wide range of marine species inhabit the complex branched torrents and streams. Karaburun Peninsula is one of the best preserved parks not only in Albania but also in the Mediterranean. Serving as a military base during communism, this area was safeguarded from human activity. There you can find a lot of natural caves which can be reached and explored only by boat. Experience diving in the natural marine park and you will leave with unforgettable memories. While on shore, Karaburun peninsula offers vast opportunities for hiking in the middle of the nature and enjoying the alluring view of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea.

Experience History and Culture Green Coast Resort is located in one of the most interesting regions with respect to the historical and cultural perspective. From antiquity, a time when the Illyrian tribes of Chaonians and Labeats ruled this region until the Roman Empire occupied all the Illyrian tribes, to the actual days, the entire area of the Albanian Riviera is full of history, cultural and historical monuments. During the Roman Empire Civil War, Caesar with his army debarked on Palasa Beach, exactly where the Green Coast Resort is today. This is also the time when Palasa was mentioned for the first time in history. Himara used to be the most important inhabited area with its castle of more than 3,500 year old, and it played a key role during the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire as a commercial and military center. During the centuries, many cultural monuments have enriched the legacy of this area and the visitors can find castles, churches, monasteries, old typical houses that create some of the most unique villages of the Mediterranean, old stone mills, natural caves used as harbors from the pirates, etc. The most known ancient city of the region is Butrint, now a part of the UNESCO world heritage list.

Experience Activities The positioning of Green Coast Resort itself offers a large variety of activities. Outdoor activities include sailing, swimming, canoeing, fishing, mountain biking, parachuting, diving, excursions, marine tours, diving, paragliding, and exploring the seaside caves of Karaburun by boat. Indoor activities vary from water sports to basketball, beach volley, meditation, etc. Enrich your experience as you take part in some of the region’s most traditional activities and unique cultural experiences such as the process of collecting and making olive oil, homemade wine and/or raki from grapes, learning about the history of three Empires, and exploring the archeological remains of this region.

Green Coast Resort is an Experience and a Privilege

Green Coast Resort is located on Palasa Beach, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Albania which will be developed in an area of 180.000 m2. The resort contains four different types of buildings, from elite villas to apartments. The resort comprises

22 Elite Villas, 21 Individual Villas, 65 Twin Villas and 136 Apartments (incorporated in 34 two floor villas) as well as many infrastructure facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, bar-cafes, supermarkets, health center, fitness, a public park and a luxurious hotel. The view from Green Coast Resort is one of the most spectacular of the Ionian Sea. All the villas are tucked into the lush vegetation around the resort, and boast an outstanding sea view. The window of each villa opens to one of the most breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea surrounded from the white beach and green gardens. The resort creates a microclimate of its own, bringing together the best of the Mediterranean flora, with citrus, olives, oaks, etc., with the fresh air of “Vetëtima” mountain and the Ionian Sea. The architecture of Green Coast Resort is inspired from the old houses of Palasa. The resort features groups of low-rise residences built using native stone, wood and traditional tiles, inspired by the traditional rural homes of this area which lie in perfect harmony with the long sandy beach and pristine hillside setting.

Elite Villas

Elite Villas are the ones having the largest indoor and outdoor space, and which also have a garden. These villas will be positioned on the first line of the resort, having a front view of the sea. Elite Villas not only offer the magnificent view of the beach, but also the largest garden and a private pool.

The living room, dining room and kitchen are positioned in such a way as to maximize the view of the beach and the sea, the natural exposure to sunlight and easy access to the pool. Deluxe Elite Villas Ground Floor will have an area of 175 m2 Living room (living + dining), kitchen (separate area), two bedrooms, one bathroom, and laundry. First Floor will have an area of 142 m2 + 38 m2 of terrace Three bedrooms equipped with separate wardrobe, toilet and a terrace. Total Surface will be 355 m2 Luxury Elite Villas Ground Floor will have an area of 125 m2 Living room (living + dining), kitchen (separate area), two bedrooms, one bathroom, and laundry. First Floor will have an area of 105 m2 + 40 m2 of terrace Three bedrooms equipped with separate wardrobe, toilet and a terrace. Total Surface will be 270 m2

Deluxe Elite Villas ground floor. Total surface 175 m2

Deluxe Elite Villas 1st floor. Total surface 180 m2

Luxury Elite Villas 2, ground floor. Total surface 125 m2

Luxury Elite Villas 2, 1st floor. Total surface 144 m2

Individual Villas

Individual Villas will be built on the second line, just a few meters from the beach and each of them will be built in a plot area of 300 m2 – 500 m2. For those who want less space but still need to be much closer

For those who want less space but still need to be much closer to the beach, Individual Villas are the perfect choice. These villas still offer a big individual garden, but without a swimming pool. Entry to the villa by car or on foot will be from the south. The living room, dining room and the kitchen are designed to maximize the view of the coast and the natural exposure to sunlight. Ground floor will have an area of 75 m2 Living room (living + dining), kitchen (separate area) and bathroom. First floor will have an area of 67 m2+ 16 m2 of terrace Two bedrooms, one bathroom, laundry and a terrace. Total Surface will be 158 m2

Individual villas ground floor. Total surface 75 m 2

Individual villa 1st floor. Total surface 82.7m 2

Twin Villas

Twin Villas represent an interesting solution to maximize surface usage without losing the owners` privacy. The total plot area of twin villas will vary from 400 m2 to 500 m2.

These villas are paired with each other forming twin villas that share the same identical exterior design. They have separate gardens and separate entrances, thus privacy is guaranteed. The living room, dining room and the kitchen are designed to maximize the view of the coast and the natural exposure to sunlight, as well as the access to the garden. Big Twin The bigger of the Twin villas consist of a 145m2 double. On the ground floor will be the living room (living + dining), the kitchen (separate area), the bathroom and the laundry. On the first floor are planned two bedrooms, one bathroom and a terrace. Small Twin The smaller twin offers the same comfort of a villa but in a reduced space. The smaller of the twin villas has a total surface of 125 m2 in two floors. The same as the bigger twin on the ground floor are the living room (living + dining), the kitchen (separate area), the bathroom and the laundry. On the first floor will be the two bedrooms, the bathroom and the terrace.

Big Twin ground floor. Total surface 145 m 2

Small Twin villas 1st floor. Total surface 125 m 2


Two-floor villas are designed to host minimum 2 apartments and maximum 4 apartments in two floors. The construction plot area of such villa-apartments will be approximately 680 m2 and the facility shall guarantee privacy to the owners.

If you are not a villa person and are in search of a cozier place when you are by the sea, the apartments are an optimal solution. The villa consists of at least four apartments, each having a separate entry and whose surface ranges from 60 m2 to 100 m2 to meet anyone’s needs and interests. Both apartments offer a fantastic view of the seaside from the hill and benefit maximally from the natural sunlight. Ground Floor Apartment 1 consists of 60 m2 including: living room, kitchen, bedroom, a bathroom and a terrace. Apartment 2 consists of 85 m2 including living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom and the terrace. First Floor Apartment 3 consists of a total of 76 m2 including: living room, kitchen, bedroom, a bathroom, in 61 m2 and the terrace of 16m2 Apartment 4 consists of a total of 103 m2 including: living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom in 85 m2 and a terrace of 18 m2

Apartament villas grownd floor



Apartament villas first floor



Green Coast Hotel

illustrative picture

The Hotel will be situated on the highest part of the resort, offering the best view of the beach and the Ionian Sea. The structure of the hotel will be the final stage of the Green Coast Resort construction offering a unique and private location, “the undiscovered gem of the Mediterranean� as The Guardian describes this part of the Albanian coast side. The Hotel will be opened during the entire year, so our guests can enjoy the nature of this exceptional place during the four seasons of the year. 10 suites are designed to offer the comfort of a winter hotel, offering coziness with a fire-place. Green Coast Hotel is composed of 66 luxury rooms and apartments, restaurant, bar, sauna SPA and will ensure the best comfort and entertainment. Some of the villas will also be part of the hotel, thus presenting the guest with a variety of rooms, suites, apartments and villas. The materials that will be used for the construction of this hotel are mostly of local origin, in line with the same philosophy of the villas. The modern design will combine with the traditional materials used along the centuries for building houses in this region of Albania.

Services and Facilities


The Restaurant located above the main swimming pool and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, is open for dinner. The menu features a mix of Western and Albanian cuisine. Adjacent to the Restaurant is the Bar, with a view of the sea too. The Terrace is open for breakfast and lunch, and serves Albanian and Western cuisine.

Beach Club

The Beach Club offers a variety of cocktails, alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks and is located at the base of the cliff, just a five minutes’ walk below the main resort. Guests can either walk to the Beach Club or drive to it. Set within a grove of coconut palms and partially shaded by a frangipani tree, it is the best choice to refresh during scorching days and the best option for parties lasting 24 hours.


The resort is designed to offer its villas’ guests everything in their vicinity. The supermarket is conceived to simultaneously provide everything and save time to the habitants of the resort.


Free parking is guaranteed to all villas’ guests within the Resort. Visitors will also be assisted with a public parking in addition to the personal parking.

Swimming Pool

Aside from the white beach, Green Coast Resort proposes the swimming pool as an option to refresh inside the resort.


Wireless broadband connections are available in all the villas upon request. Public areas offer free wireless.


Green Coast Resort offers the maximum tranquility and safety inside the resort, the beach and surrounding areas. Specialized security personnel shall survey and guard all the resort areas without impinging the confidentiality and privacy of the guests.

Health Center and Drugstore

In case first aid is needed, the resort will include a fully equipped health center providing a 24/7 h service. The drugstore will provide all the necessary medications. Both such services will be open also to the rest of the region, since both health care services and drugstores can be found only in Himara.

Green Coast Resort Your Albanian Luxury Destination

Relax in the Mediterranean Sea

Green Coast Resort is located on Palasa Beach, in a breathtaking seaside landscape that is the prime destination in Albania, where the Mediterranean Sea has smoothed the mountain to create a white beach that now lies between the blueness of the sea and the greenness of the land.

Beach, Nature and History

The history of this region started when “Vetëtima” mountain range met the Mediterranean Sea. They created a magic place that gathered stories and legends, from the first steps of men up to the development of Green Coast Resort. Palasa region is one of the rare places that preserved the poor nature and heritage of ancient cities and civilizations, continuing to astonish the visitors.

Inspired from tradition

Green Coast Resort is inspired by the buildings of the region, two floor houses blended harmoniously into the green with a seaside view. The construction will use mostly the same local materials that have been used in centuries such as stone, wood, traditional tiling and white plaster.

Stylized Villas

Spacious and stylized villas offer exceptional views from the hillside location among trees and flowers. With four varieties of villas, Green Coast Resort offers all the possibilities to find your suited space. The entire configuration of villas easily accesses the facilities of the resort.

How to reach the Location

Undiscovered… but easily accessible via direct international flights to Tirana International Airport and then by regular domestic services from Tirana to Green Coast Resort. The road and the landscape will welcome you with sunshine and mild temperatures all year round. In addition to that, the ports of Vlora, Saranda and Himara offer another possibility to reach the resort by sea and the depth of the sea permits yachts to get near the beach.

Elite Villas Individual Villas Twin Villas Apartments Hotel - Entertainment Promenade - Beach services

The Development Permission for the “Green Coast” Touristic Resort is approved from Këshilli Kombëtar i Territorit (National Council of Territory) with Decision Number 8, date 07/03/2014 and signed by the Chairman of K.K.T. Mr Edi Rama.

Green Coast

CONTACTS: Green Coast Resort, Palasë, Albania Sales Contacts: Rruga “Papa Gjon Pali II”, ABA Business Center, 11th Floor, Tirana, Albania I +355 66 8014999 I +355 66 2020073 I

Green Coast