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Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers- Princess Cake Toppers ____________________________________ By William Steven - If you are the type of person that does not want to follow the crowd then you may be interested in finding a topper for your wedding cake that is not just your standard bride and groom holding hands. You may fall into the category of wedding couples that realize this is one of those little ways that you and your partner can express your personalities at the wedding reception. To Learn More About Princess Cake Toppers When trying to think up an original idea for the top of your cake, think about your interests and passions, along with the theme of your wedding. Maybe you are going to a great destination for your honeymoon. Choose something to represent the trip! Or perhaps you met your partner somewhere interesting and want to celebrate that moment. The possibilities are really endless.

To get a little inspiration, lets take a look at some unusual cake toppers that other couples have used at their weddings. One couple had a Super Mario Cake with the whole cake decorated like the background of the video game and Mario and the Princess on the top of the cake. Another couple got bride and groom bobbleheads and changed the heads to look like themselves.

You can also find some funny wedding cake toppers if you check out some of the stores online. You will see a bride trying to run away and the groom standing on her dress to keep her next to him. There is even a bride dressed as a princess kissing her frog prince. For the those who like hunting and fishing there are toppers with shotguns or fishing poles that say "Gone Hunting" or "Gone Fishing".

If you have an original idea, there are a couple ways to bring it to life as a cake topper. You could make something yourself and attach it to a base found at a cake supply store. Another option is to hire a professional to create a custom topper for you. Some bakers are very skilled at creating all sorts of things out of fondant or icing. Or you could use the services of one of the online stores that will create a personalized wedding cake topper from a photo of you and your partner. You can choose what clothing the figures will be wearing and what activity they are doing. Good luck in your search for a unique and different topper for your wedding cake.

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