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The After-Arrival After ☺ While in Hyderabad, is there some things thin extremely whacky or different that you want to do? It could be anything…the randomest thing on the planet! Does it make me boring if I say I can't think of anything? :( . I'm up for hearing any new idea though! How important would the following be on a scale of 0 to 5: Weight 0 1-2

• •

Meaning No expectation Low expectation

3-4 5

• •

High expectation The item is a must

I took this to mean, how important are these things to me, not how well I think you'll do them! Activities Points Quality of reception events Involvement in TSAH activities Involvement nvolvement in Education Sector activities Support provided by Education sector under TSAH with regards to Newcomers and other such procedures Level of satisfaction with the job Orientation to tour of Hyderabad tourist place. TSAH modes of conduct and policies Relationship with co-members members TSAH support with regards to your stay in Hyderabad

Set your goals right from the first day, what are the three most important objectives in your mind for this education opportunity?

Tell us briefly about your interests, hobbies, leisure time activities etc. Below is a list of activities. Please rank them as follows: 1 = This is extremely important to me and I have to do this before I leave India 2 = I want to do this activity. 3 = I have no preference. 4 = I don't want to do this activity. (I might have too many 1's!) Going Places * picnics, cookouts * zoo * museums, historical sites * shopping * concerts * movies * theatre productions * fairs, festivals 1 * bars, discos, clubs * parties * traveling just to go someplace new * excursion in the University *Art galleries *Religious places *local/national/international Leadership conferences in India as: • Doing what you want delegate to do • Being a Delegate in a meeting • Organizing Committee member • Facilitator • Chair *sport events Sports and Outdoor Activities - (I've fractured a bone in my foot :( but it should be better in a couple weeks....) * bowling * camping * dance * cycling * other (please specify) Doing Things **** * cook * play an instrument *dance *karaoke

* other (please specify)

In which field of work do you feel that you are most experienced and relaxed with it?

What made you choose India?

Would you like to travel around the country during holidays {of course after exams} ?

We have ave quite a few Education projects through the course of the year. How involved in them and how passionate do you see yourself being about them? Are you eager/curious to know them?

Can you conduct training sessions on any specific subject? If yes, what kind?

What do you think your flat/home/residence will look like, and what according to you is an ideal home?

Other Questions * What are your favorite topics e.g: Fashion, cars, bikes, politics, academic?

* Have you ever tried Indian food? If no, ask for zero masala or no spices/chilly at all.

* What do you know about the national holidays in India?

* What holidays do you celebrate?

* Would you like to spend a day with your fellow Tanzanians?

* Would you like to take lessons on Hindi or Telugu? (Better not, it’s weird)

What, according to you, do you foresee as culture shocks that you might have to face and overcome?

Please feel free to add anything significant. TSAH greatly appreciate your patience. Thank you for filling this out. Praying that we shall never get bored â˜ş till we ‘r done.

Regards, Education Committee, TSAH Hyderabad, India. +919160264408


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