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Balboa Ski & Sports Club P.O. Box 8288 Newport Beach, CA 92658

Average Annual Membership — 300

February Issue 2011

What are you waiting for?

Great snow? It’s waiting for you! Fun parties? They’re happening! Someone to drive? It’s taken care of! Shopping? It’s abundant! Time with friends? It’s a no-brainer!

Join in our weekend Mammoth Bus Trips! February 24-27, 2011

$330 for bus, lodging at the Snowflower Condos and cocktail party Trip leader: Mary Ann Russo

March 17-20, 2011

$330 for bus, lodging lodging at the Snowflower Condos and cocktail party Trip Leader: Karen Steuber 949-854-7121

Balboa Ski & Sports Club P.O. Box 8288 • Newport Beach, CA 92658

Connie’s Corner

It is that time of the year when skiing is the main focus of our club, and what a season it has been so far! Mammoth has boasted the “most snow in the world” in December and early January, so hopefully a lot of you have had the opportunity to take advantage of the outstanding conditions! But what you probably don’t know is what your Board of Directors is doing behind the scenes at this time of year. Besides budgeting for and coordinating the logistics of the season’s Mammoth and FWSA ski trips, the Board is planning for the club’s next fiscal year. A very important part of this planning involves recruiting for the new Board of Directors. During this process I am surprised that more members really do not know the basic job descriptions of the various positions. I am going to briefly describe each Board position and invite you to reach out to me or to another board member for more details if you are interested in serving in one of these very important Board of Director roles. PRESIDENT: · Preside over the general membership meetings. · Preside over the Board of Directors meetings. · Represent the Corporation at various functions within Orange Ski Council and FWSA. · Promote goodwill and camaraderie among the membership. VP OF OPERATIONS: · Set meeting dates, locations, and meeting programs. · Chair regular business meetings and Board meetings in the event the President is unable to attend these events. · Make arrangements for the End of the Year Banquet. SECRETARY: · Keep the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and provide to the Board members copies of the Minutes one week prior to the next meeting. · Maintain master copies of the past year’s Minutes, records, etc. DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP: · Exercise responsibility for maintaining the Club membership roster keeping member addresses current with monthly updates. · Ensure that the Secretary has up-to-date, accurate membership information. · Encourage new membership by greeting guests at general meetings. · Keep club brochures up to date and provide prospective members with membership requirements. · Disbursement of membership cards. DIRECTOR OF TENNIS: · Schedule the tennis program, including trips and tournaments, and arrange for all tennis tournaments. DIRECTOR SOCIAL: · Exercise overall responsibility for planning and executing social programs for the Club. · Plan the Christmas Party and the End of the Summer Party. Continued on next page.

BSSC Board of Directors

President Connie Peacock 949-636-2062 VP Operations Jess Gorman 714-491-2234 VP Finance Bob Santee 714-538-0743 VP Skiing Maxine Hanlon 641-8513 Treasurer Monica McCarthy 949-425-1057 VP Communications Bob Kyser 949-200-9466 Secretary Susan Corum 949-675-7966 Director of Trips Christy Walchli 949-548-4847 Director of Social Betty Bains 949-636-1469 Director Membership Al Lawrence 949-232-8012 Director of Tennis Terry King 714-292-8840 Director of Snojob Donna Harvey 949-933-1418 Director at Large Cathy Houldin Director at Large Linda Mosier

Connie’s Corner Continued from page 2 DIRECTOR OF FINANCE: • Direct all financial, fiscal, and property activities of the Corporation and direct all policy related accounting, collection or disbursement of funds. · Prepare financial statements to be presented to the Board of Directors at the monthly meetings. · Prepare the yearly tax statement and an annual financial report to the Board of Directors. TREASURER: · Under the supervision of the Vice President Finance, the Treasurer shall receive all monies of the Club and maintain accurate accounts of all receipts belonging to the Club. · Using the register, develop and maintain income reports for social and skiing events. Forward these reports to affected parties. VP OF SKIING: · Be in overall charge of all skiing activities of the Club. · Form and chair the Ski Committee. · Encourage BSSC members to prepare major trips for consideration by the Ski Committee, and then present them to the Board for approval.

DIRECTOR/EDITOR OF THE SNOJOB: · Responsible for directing, monitoring and executing or having executed all activities related to publishing and distribution of the Sno Job. · Responsible for collecting newsworthy items of interest to BSSC Members, shall write and/or edit articles from infor mation submitted for publication, shall layout the newslet ter each month and assist in the layout of social announce ments, and shall submit to the typesetter a final reviewed newsletter each month. DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE: · The Director-at-Large position is used to fill out the Board of Directors when the Past President, Past VP of Skiing, or the Past VP of Finance has taken another position. It is also used when two people share one Chair position. PLEASE consider giving your time to make our club strong for the future year. It truly takes a village to keep this all going strong and you help really is needed.

Connie Peacock, BSSC President

DIRECTOR OF MAJOR TRIPS: · Exercise overall responsibility for directing and monitor ing all activities related to major trips, ensure budgets for such trips are generated and approved, and ensure that accounting for such trips is accomplished in a timely and satisfactory manner. VP OF COMMUNICATIONS: · Responsible for all the publications, public relations, procurement of advertising for club publications, perma nent calendar of events, photography and history, and the preparation of the annual Club Yearbook. Continued in next column

February Birthdays

For your Notary Needs Susan Corum Nancy May Mark Wyland Al Womble Marty Earlabough Dee Swantko Delores Leland Lewison Robert Revet Steve Olson Betty Donellan

2-3 2-3 2-6 2-10 2-13 2-14 2-16 2-16 2-26 2-27

Peacock Notary will come to you. Connie Peacock, Notary Public 949-636-2062 or see

Handyman and Construction Service

Izzy Goberman available for all your construction and handyman needs including carpentry/ concete work. In Mammoth Lakes area or Southern California. skiizzy@ cell 949-436-1812 or 760-934-6575

Mammoth Condo - Walk to Eagle Lift The Summit unit 290. One-bedroom, one-bath, sleeps 2-4, underground parking, completely refurbished. Discount for BSSC members. or call Patti at 714-328-9447. BSSC is not responsible for statements or actions of our advertisers.

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Support Our Troops at our February I5th meeting

This occasion guarantees all participants a peak, feel-good experience. Lots of these young Americans need contact and support from home and we’re proud to do our small part in giving them some. We are again partnering with Packages of Gratitude, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting our troops. We are asking everyone to bring items to package and mail off to designated soldiers on the ground (Army and Marine) and to make a small donation to cover the cost of the packaging and mailing ($2 - $5). Please go to for a list of items to bring (click on “Wish List” for a list of items).

Please remember... Our guys and gals have limited storage space and often can only keep what they can carry so "small" is a good thing. Travel size toothpaste, mouth wash, etc. are perfect for their needs. • No Aerosol cans • All items must be in original sealed packaging • No pork products • No chocolate (it melts) • No hardback books... only paperbacks

Note from you VP Communications

Long time club member Dan Moritz has volunteered to be BSSC’s new web master. He is a fine skier found on most of BSSC’s destination resort trips and FWSA’s overseas trips. He is an excellent computer jock and looks at the web master’s job as his way of giving back to the club. The board voted him an officer of the corporation. Long time club member and past president Steve Olson has labored for years in the background with our web server and our membership data base server. The board also voted Steve an officer of the corporation with the title “Web Technician.” Good luck Dan and Steve. Bob Kyser

— February Events —

A note concerning your January Snojob...

Due to technical problems the mailing of last month’s SnoJob was delayed for the first time in 15 years. We had to use an old database so some members who usually get a paper copy may not have received one last month and some members who normally get an electronic copy may have received a paper copy. Most importantly, we apologize to the new members who did not get a copy of the SnoJob last month. The mailing list has been fixed and everyone who wants a paper copy should get one within the next few days.

Bridge Lessons...

On February 9 we resume bridge meetings at Ingrid Strayer’s home at 6:30. She lives at 9 Stanford, Irvine, and can be reached at 949-854-1391 or

February Meetings at the Tee Room.... Tuesday, February 1st

starting at 6:30 pm at the Tee Room If you want a paper copy but do not get one, or if you are electronThis meeting will feature club members who were on ic and get a paper copy you do not need, please let Al the Sun Valley trip, recapping the great week. Lawrence know by emailing him at

Tennis every Sunday Morning

Open tennis is played every Sunday morning at Corona del Mar High School on Eastbluff Drive, Newport Beach, starting at 8:00. There is no cost, just lots of good tennis. Feel free to just drop in.

Tuesday, February 15th

starting at 6:30 pm at the Tee Room. This meeting is an important one, as it is our annual Packages of Gratitude event. See page 3 of this issue for full details on this amazingly worthwhile event. The Tee Room is located at the Newport Beach Golf Course, 3100 Irvlne Blvd.

Mammoth Bus Trips* Staying at Snowflower Condos

February 24-27, 2011 $330 for bus, lodging and cocktail party Trip leader Mary Ann Russo;

March 17-20, 2011

$330 for bus, lodging and cocktail party Trip Leader Karen Steuber, 949-854-7121

Mid-week Mammoth Trips Back Again!* Staying at Snowflower Condos and driving up March 6-11, Sunday -Friday only $225

Sunday - Friday Cathie Houldin is stepping up as leader with some new ideas of fun. Contact Cathie at, 949-855-1373

Need more details on any of the above trips? Contact Christy Walchli at 949-275-2617 or Maxine Hanlon at 714-641-8513. *Log on to our club website for more information about Club cancellation and refund policies.

Ski Trip Articles All you need on the next page!

Want to Run A Balboa Trip?

As we are enjoying the slopes and hospitality of Sun Valley, we start looking ahead to 2012 skiing. If you have ideas and want to propose a trip, please contact Maxine Hanlon at Soon we will be receiving information for the FWSA 2012 Ski Week at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, January 28 through February 4, 2012. It would be helpful to know how many of you would like to participate on a ski week there, so the Board can decide if this will be one of our 2012 destinations.

comes within our local area for 2011. Los Angeles Council is hosting the 79th Annual Far West Ski Association Convention, which will be held at Pacific Palms Hotel and Conference Center in Industry Hills, June 9-12th, 2011. Surrounded by golf courses and beautiful facilities our club members have the possibility of taking part in this convention in many ways. Orange Council is hosting the Friday afternoon pool party, a great golf tournament, and so many other things including the Silent Auction on Friday. The event is a short drive if you don’t opt to stay overnight. Quite a few of us are looking forward to staying at the hotel during the event. Much more on this event to follow.

The Anatomy of a Mammoth Trip

Since our focus is on Mammoth trips, I thought perhaps you might be interested in the planning or the anatomy of a Mammoth trip.

January Mammoth Trip

Our January Mammoth Trip had beautiful weather on Friday and Saturday, with wonderful sunlit days and great cocktail parties a part of the Mammoth fun. On Sunday, that predictable Mammoth wind and racing took center focus. More on this trip online! This was a weekend you should not have missed. There are four more Mammoth opportunities with two midweek trips and two more bus trips. Plenty of snow and great people to share it with —don’t delay on signing up. Soon we will have a web page dedicated to racers and racing, thanks to the efforts of Dan Mortiz.

June 2011 Event

Many of our Balboa members enjoyed the FWSA Convention in Indian Wells in June 2010 and another opportunity

The Board of Directors first reviews the expenses and the cost effectiveness of each trip. This is traditionally during the month of April. Decisions are recommended and, with the help of the ski committee, future plans are formulated. Based on that information we scheduled a drive-up in December based on past performance, with January, February and March as bus trips. The dates are usually set in June or July based on Schusski/Rokka/Ullr race dates. Although not as many people race in the Leagues, these are fun weekends to see old friends from other clubs and areas. Based on this schedule the weekend trips are structured around the race weekends. Next comes the job of Director of Trips who manages our Mammoth trips. Unlike other clubs, Balboa offers different people the possibility to run or co-chair these trips. People who want to volunteer should have a background of going on the trips that they want to help run. The person who currently does the most work on any of the Mammoth trips is Christy Walchli. She makes all of the lodging reservations for weekend or mid-week trips, tries (and succeeds) to get the best price, coordinates the bus with Gold Coast (driver lodging,

tips, bus parking, etc), helps the trip leader in many ways. She then usually goes on the trip as well. She is a star of the Mammoth trips. Weekend trip chairs do not have an easy job. The rooming list is never easy. There are lots of people who either sign up at the last minute or change their mind. Each trip leader puts his/her stamp on each trip. In January, with special planning, we had two cocktail parties, but this might not be how all trips are organized. We appreciate each of our trip leaders, but Christy deserves a hearty “thank you” from all of us. Many of the clubs are ending their bus trips and the club memberships are falling rapidly. The mantra has been “Mammoth trips are the heartbeat of Balboa Ski and Sports Club” and that is a fact. Help keep our club strong by supporting these trips. Special “thank yous” to all who work within the system of Mammoth trips, either as trip captains, condo captains or cocktail party coordinator. I am happy to say that I am a member of Balboa Ski and Sports Club and am proud to serve as your V. P. of Skiing, writing this article from Sunny Sun Valley. Maxine Hanlon

Mammoth Bus Trips* Staying at Snowflower Condos

February 24-27, 2011 $330 for bus, lodging and cocktail party Trip leader Mary Ann Russo;

March 17-20, 2011

$330 for bus, lodging and cocktail party

Trip Leader Karen Steuber, 949-854-7121

Mid-week Mammoth Trips Back Again! Staying at Snowflower Condos and driving up

Feb 13-18, Sunday -Friday only $225 Nila Kyser • Nila Kyser is inspired to bring the "hearts" back into the February trip.

March 6-11, Sunday -Friday only $225 Sunday - Friday Cathie Houldin is stepping up as leader with some new ideas of fun. Contact Cathie at, 949-855-1373

Need more details on any of the above trips?

Contact Christy Walchli at 949-275-2617 or Maxine Hanlon at 714-641-8513. Log on to our club website for more information about Club cancellation and refund policies.

Live well... Ski well...

Snojob Feb 2011  

February 24-27, 2011 Balboa Ski & Sports Club P.O. Box 8288 • Newport Beach, CA 92658 Balboa Ski & Sports Club P.O. Box 8288 Newport...

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