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What is Valencia Forward?




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Valencia Forward Sessions Pre-Boarding Checklist

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What is Valencia Forward? Valencia Forward is a comprehensive onboarding program that provides you with the tools, skills and resources needed to become an active, effective and engaged employee at Valencia College. The concept of Valencia Forward builds on our student principles of Start Right – recognizing that the greatest challenge and opportunity is at the very beginning of the experience– as well as Connection and Direction – knowing that personal connections with college staff and faculty are important to your success.

How will Valencia Forward benefit you and your department? Valencia Forward is designed to improve job performance, retention, and engagement by providing you with a better understanding of your individual role, your department, campus and the organization.


Goals of Valencia Forward

Orient you to your department, campus and ultimately, to the college

Provide managers with tools and resources that will enable you to “start right”

Facilitate “connections” between you, your supervisors, colleagues and various departments

Articulate Valencia’s mission, values, and core competencies

Introduce and review Valencia’s policies and procedures


Valencia Forward includes pre-boarding activities, the first day experience, and four sessions, facilitated by the Employment and Onboarding team.

Part 1: Pre-Boarding After you accept a position at the college, the pre-boarding process begins. Pre-boarding occurs during the span of time between accepting the job offer and the official first day of work. This process helps you get up to speed quickly and fosters a sense of community in your department. Prior to your first day, an Employment and Onboarding representative will be in contact with you to provide you with a Valencia Identification Number (VID) and instructions on setting up an Atlas account. As a part of the Valencia Forward Pre-Boarding process, you will receive the following information:

A welcome letter

A Valencia Forward brochure explaining the program and process

An overview of Valencia’s mission, vision, and values

An overview of employee benefits

Required human resources forms


Part 2: First Day Experience Building on the principles of “start right” and “connection and direction,” Valencia Forward starts you in your department on the first day, facilitating relationship building with your colleagues. Supervisors will be responsible for coordinating activities for the first day, ensuring that you have your job description, are comfortable with the essential job functions and expectations, and learn departmental processes and procedures. On your first day, you can expect:

Your supervisor (or designee) will greet you upon arrival at your campus.

You will tour the campus.

Your supervisor will discuss your job responsibilities and expectations.

A member of your team will introduce you to the department and your colleagues.

You will have time to set up your workstation.

You will meet with an assigned department guide.

Your supervisor will check in with you to review the first day and discuss plans for the week.

If you would like to discuss your first day experience, please contact your Employment and Onboarding representative.


Valencia Forward Sessions The college-wide onboarding process is comprised of four sessions facilitated by the Employment and Onboarding team. These sessions include tools to aid new employees in understanding and navigating the college.

VALENCIAWHO ? 1. YOUR FIRST WEEK Welcome to Valencia

Overview of Valencia’s History and Culture

Review of Valencia’s Internal Communication Systems

2. VALENCIAIN REVIEW YOUR SECOND WEEK Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Safety and Security Information

Valencia’s Shared Governance Model


3. YOUR THIRD WEEK VALENCIAAND ME + Introduction to Valencia EDGE (our employee development program) Resources & Departments: Employee Development, Faculty Development, Teaching and Learning Academy Office

4. VALENCIASHARING Collaboration at Valencia

College associations and leadership teams

College-wide events

Opportunities to get involved and stay connected

Celebrate employee accomplishments


CHECKLIST for New Employees

Before Your Start Date Review email from Employment & Onboarding Set up Atlas Account Review all materials in new hire packet Access informational modules Review additional documents

After Your Start Date Access HRinTouch on the Thursday following your start date. Complete your benefits elections within 30 days of your start date.







Valencia Forward: Employee Onboarding Program Guide  

A guide to Valencia College's onboarding process for new employees.

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