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Casting in bronze represents me so much that now I cannot escape it anymore, it has overtaken totally my body and soul. “An idea always starts from some sort of effect. These ideas materialize slowly; it can take up to three or four years from the thought to the sculpture. Meanwhile I make small sketches or sculpt small prototypes out of clay, but usually only to commit the idea to memory, to not forget it. Later an experience causes these thoughts and ideas to come to surface, erupting out of me, thus allowing me to give them form. Therefore the process of creation is a very long one, while the sculpting itself is quite a fast operation. The fingers cleverly create the shapes and forms that have been previously elaborated in my mind and soul.” János Gyarmathy about himself

„By studying his sculptures, you are encompassed with the excitement of a treasure hunter. The patina on surfaces, statues, reliefs and plaques remind us of the attractiveness of the gold and bronze treasures... His strength is the tactile feeling. This is what is inimitable, this is what hides instinctive gestures, the legacy of the wood-carving ancestors; it directly transmits every tremble, every waver, every move, every stir of the soul.” Sculptor Dénes Molnár about János Gyarmathy

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Catalogul expoziției Gyarmathy János | Gyarmathy János kiállítás katalógusa  

Catalogul expoziției Gyarmathy János | Gyarmathy János kiállítás katalógusa