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Welcome to 2010! Our office is buzzing with energy this week as we all run around getting ready for a huge year! Now the kids are back at school and our programs return to normal it’s a great time to let you know of all the exciting things we have planned at Skateaway over the coming month. The Friday night Top 40 skate evening is going to be better than ever with all the latest music and video clips making it a great family night out. Don’t forget to check our members Birthdays page to see if your name is there, if you have a Birthday in February you get a Free scoop of Baskin Robbins icecream with your entry! Also in this edition of our E-magazine read all about the exciting career of our head coach Jodie and find out just why skating is a great way to get and stay fit in our feature “Skating for Fitness”.

Catch up with you next month!


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Centro Albany 700 albany creek rd albany creek, QLD

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Centro Albany 700 albany creek rd albany creek, QLD

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ie Johnso Q & A with Jod

RK: What are the most rewarding aspects of your role as Head Coach at Skateaway? JJG: I thoroughly enjoy watching and assisting those new to skating as they progress from their first experience in the rink, usually spent clinging to the side rails!, progressing through our various classes and emerging later as a competent skater. As part of my role I oversee all our coaches at Skateaway and we work together to ensure every skater has the best opportunity to reach their maximum potential in the rink. RK: You have a very impressive record of personal achievements in skating, what have been the highlights? JJG: I have represented Australia at both Oceania and World Championship level and have coached other skaters in these competitions as well so I have been able to experience both sides of the events, as a competitor and as a coach. I travel regularly intra-state and inter-state to conduct seminars and have been lucky enough to travel to New Zealand to conduct seminars there. One of my best trips was last year when I travelled to the U.S.A to undergo some intense training under some of the worlds top coaches, an amazing experience and can’t wait for the chance to go back again! RK: Can you tell us about any goals you still have to achieve in your personal or professional life?

JJG: This year I am enrolled to commence a Personal Trainers course together with studies in nutrition, boxing and a Level 1 Sports Trainers course. I am passionate about all areas of health and fitness and these courses will expand my expertise in the industry and also benefit my colleagues and skaters. RK: Any advice for young skaters dreaming of a career in the industry?

JJG: This is a fantastic industry to be involved in and so rewarding! Young skaters that aspire to become professional skating coaches should start by learning as much as they can within the sport and then approach a qualified, accredited coach to undertake a mentoring program. Skating is a very artistic sport but it’s also highly technical therefore it’s vital to stay knowledgeable about the latest techniques at all times. RK: Why do you believe skating is such a popular pastime?

JJG: Skating is so popular because you get fit doing something fun! It’s also a very family friendly sport, everyone can skate, and age and ability don’t really matter. Here at Skateaway we have skaters from age 2 to 82 so it really is a sport for everybody! To ensure everyone has a great time skating I recommend attending a few classes as a beginner, those new to skating learn basic skills a lot quicker under qualified instructors which in turn creates a more positive and fun skating experience.

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Skating for fitness Cardiovascular exercise has the stigma of being drudgery, not a fun activity, but, this is not always the case. Roller skating is a perfect example of a fun form of cardio exercise. Many of us can remember those days of skating for hours as kids. It wasn’t exercise, it was fun!

Developing the habit of daily cardiovascular exercise is important for our kids and when the activity is fun, it becomes easier for them to form those habits. Kids are more likely to work out for longer periods of time when the activity is enjoyable and that makes skating perfect to get the kids off the couch and getting their heart rates up and pumping without them even realizing it!

elbow pads and wrist guards are recommended to the beginning skater, since falls could, and usually do, happen!” Skating is a fun way to burn calories and lose weight, so go ahead and give it a try; you might even forget you’re getting a work out! Get rolling at Skateaway, Centro Albany, 700 Albany Creek Road, Albany Creek. phone (07) 3325 1711 or go online at

Roller skating is a great form of exercise for people of all ages to add to their regular physical activity program to add a bit of fun and diversity. Roller skating to is asubscribe fabulous to muscle toning activity skateaway’s officialand burns up either visit and in store andimpact fill too! It’s to magazine 500 calories an hour it’s low out an application or click this link toligaments much easier on your joints, tendons, and than running, jogging, or aerobics and you’ll boost endorphins and soothe your spirits through the smooth, repeated motions of roller skating so, maybe we should be strapping on the skates and joining the kids while they do lap after lap of the roller rink! Plus roller skating is budget friendly,

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We spoke to Martin Surman, the owner of Skateaway in Albany Creek “all you really need is a good pair of skates, beginner’s skates start at around $70 and the appropriate safety gear. A helmet, knee and


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We now offer a range of on-going workshops and specialised seminars to support and promote a better way of living. Seminars now running in the following categories. • • • • •

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*offer valid till 28/02/10. $15 massage is for 30 mins A Must have for people with diabetes (Anthony Moldavskiy) I LOVE this Bed!!!!! (Nancy Gulick) I felt fatigued before jumping on the Migun massage bed. The bed gave me a spurt of energy that i havent felt in a long time........ I had a pain in my right shoulder which travelled down my right side down to my buttocks/tailbone before I started on the bed, now I dont have it anymore, after only 1 month on the bed, I have been carrying that pain around for nearly 4 years. I’m even sleeping better, i have a pool at home but didnt get into it for about a year, a lot of my muscles had gone dorment, the bed have stimulated those muscles. I love the Bed!

When I began using the Migun bed last September my blood sugar level was 160 and today it is 90, welcome change for someone with diabetes, but not only that i have lost 20 pounds. Thankyou very much for this health boost. It Works for me (Pat Malone) I started using Migun purely for relaxation which was enough to encourage me to purchase multiple 10 session passes. I then found however that my chronically sore back which incapacitated me 3-4 times a year, no longer did so. Whether it is the relaxation process or the manipulation of the muscles and spine that gives relief is unknown, but it works for me

Call Today 3264 4207 5 Albany Forest Drive, Albany Creek

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Centro Albany 700 albany creek rd albany creek, QLD

Back to school tips Keep it Together Socks...arrrgghh.... where do they go? I get tired of having to sort, which socks belong to which kid, so you know those mesh lingerie bags? Have one for each kid and hang it on the outside of his or her hampers. When they take their socks off they go right into the bag -- both socks. When it is time to do laundry all you have to do is zip up the bags and throw them in the washer and dryer.”

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Valentines saturda y 13th FE B 7pm-10p m free tats & tiara’s in support of act for kids

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Albany CentroAlbany Centro rd creekrd albanycreek 700albany 700 QLD creek,QLD albanycreek, albany

Let Your Kids

Skateaway school holidays qld state school holidays only monday - friday morning 10am-12noon afternoon 1pm - 3pm

from $9

skate hire $4

skate nights

skate arvo Saturday 2pm-4.30pm $9.50 Admission Family of 4 $30 Sunday 2pm-4pm $9.50 Admission Family of 4 $30


fully air-conditioned & supervised

Every Saturday morning 9am-10am ($12)

office & pro shop open mon-fri 9.30am - 5pm plus during session times

includes: morning session 10am-12noon (only $9) skate hire $4

Friday Night TOP 40 Skate 7.30pm-10pm ($9.50)


Saturday Night Retro Skate 7pm-9pm ($9)

Thursday & Tuesday 9.30am-11am

from $9

Family of 4 ONLY $30

3325 1711

Only $10, includes skate hire, only during school holidays

Centro Albany Centro Albany rd 700 creekrd albanycreek 700albany albany creek, k creeQLD albany www. skateaway. net. au

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