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Re-Ignite Your Resolutions Research shows that more than 75% of people who set New Years resolutions will break them within 3 months and almost 1/3 will not make it to the end of January! Here are 5 tips to help you achieve your goals in 2010.

more difficult to convince ourselves that we are really working towards our goal of weight loss because it is well defined. 2. Step by Step If you’re getting a little overwhelmed by the big picture of your goal breaking it down into clear, achievable steps can make your sticking to your resolution so much more do-able. Make a list of each step and a date to achieve them and tick them off as you make progress.

1. Be Specific Resolutions that are not specific are bound to fail. This is because psychologically, being specific means there is no wiggle room, so the objective is clear-cut. For instance, instead of saying you would like to lose weight in the next 3. Get a Buddy year, change that to “I will lose 10 pounds before the end of the next If you find self-motivation alone is year”. This level of detail makes it not enough to keep you on track then enlisting the support of a friend who wants to achieve the same goals can boost your chances of success. You can trade notes on your progress, discuss emotions and experiences and help each other overcome obstacles. Making it a plan to connect, virtually or face to face, with a buddy who shares your resolution greatly increases your odds of achieving your goal.

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Healthy Food Ideas


Per serving: 294 calories; 30g carbohydrates 28.7g protein; 7.5g fat; 7.6g fibre

On the table in: 10 minutes Serves: 2 Origin: French 100 grams fresh green beans,halved 200 grams fresh blue fin tuna steak 2 small crisp lettuce (e.g. little gem), heart and leaves 150 grams small cooked new potatoes, halved 2 medium tomatoes, chopped 6 medium spring onions, trimmed and chopped 6 black pitted olives, halved 50 grams cucumber, chopped

Tuna Salad Nicoise

50 mls fat-free classic French dressing


Chef’s suggestions:

(1.) Steam the beans for 2 minutes or until just tender (or microwave for a similar time in 1 tablespoon water on high) and leave to cool for a few minutes. (2.) Meanwhile, grill the tuna for 1–2 minutes a side until nicely browned but still a little pink inside; cut into 2–3 pieces for each serving and set aside. (3.) Arrange the lettuce in two serving bowls with the potatoes, cooked beans, and tomato. Place the tuna on top. (4.) Garnish the salads with the onions, olives and cucumber,pour the dressing on top and serve.

• You can use frozen tuna, but make sure it is thoroughly defrosted before you cook it. • For quick preparation, if you have no leftover readycooked potato, chop up uncooked potatoes and steam for 8–10 minutes. • For vegetarian, replace the tuna steak with medium tofu or tempeh.

Sonja Flavo

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• High quality frame • Comfort upholstery

• Comfort seat • Grip pulse sensors • Magnetic resistance • Manual programs

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Financse Term ents

Paym Weekly e! AvailabAlpply ns Conditio



ARTICLE by Merendi Leverett Many people want to know how to decrease the amount of stress in their life! My only suggestion is quit your job and run to the hills! Yes, I know easier said then done! But I can give you 5 easy steps you can implement throughout your week to help you manage the current stressors in your life.

Decreasing Stress

Take time out for yourself – Within today’s society we are often working long hours and spending most of our time pleasing others or doing things for others. Once a week or once a month take time out on your own or with a friend or partner to do something you enjoy. E.g. reading a book, a hot bath, a game of golf, lazy afternoon in the hammock reading the paper, a massage or beauty treatment (no waxing!) This timeout however long will help you recharge those batteries and any stress you thought was major, may now seem quite insignificant.

Play Music – As the old saying goes “music soothes the savage beast”. Try ‘relaxation’ music if you want to truly relax. Or choose your favourite style or band and turn it up loud when cleaning the house or having a shower/bath. Maybe you are one of those ‘closet’ singers – let you hair down when no one is around. Music allows you to escape the daily grind and most times music you enjoy, makes you feel better and of course this assists in decreasing those stress levels. “Classical” music is great for stimulating the brain, whilst ‘relaxation’ music helps to decrease stress. If you want try having a ‘roster’ so that everyone in the office gets the chance to have their preferred music style heard. Alternatively in my office, one of my staff puts earphones on and listens to her CDs via her computer.

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Participate in Exercise &/or Physical Activity – yes the dreaded word! Everyone knows that exercise helps decrease stress by reducing cortisol (a stress hormone) and increase the good happy chemicals endorphins, which are responsible for making you feel happy. And when you feel happy and less stressed, you are more productive! So make sure you exercise at least 3 times a week. To encourage yourself to exercise wear a pedometer and see how many steps you can record each week and make a competition of it, and offer yourself a reward for reaching your goal. Or maybe join a sports team (if that is something that entices you). There are heaps of sporting competitions and local community fundraisers that involve exercise (fun runs, bike rides etc). Alternatively you could join us at Merendi Health & Wellness with many classes to choose from, we are sure to have something that suits you needs. start your own staff walking or exercise group before or after work. You and your staff could have someone come to the workplace to conduct fitness classes or personal training. The ideas are endless. Encouraging your staff to take part in some form of exercise is also good for building team morale.

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Decreasing Stress cont.

Could Meditation be your cure Relaxation/Meditation – Yes very hippy like, but honestly it works. Whether it is attending a Yoga or Pilates class. After 1hr you feel so much more relaxed and or course the stress. Stretching helps relax your muscles and subsequently you. Why not try Meditation, some Yoga classes offer 15min meditation after the class or alternatively you may wish to attend a workshop that shows you many different ways to meditate. Meditation helps clear you mind and prepares you mentally to manage your stress.

Have Fun! – This is the most important of all. To reduce stress, why not be social. Whether it is meeting friends at a local café, hosting a BBQ or picnic, or just taking the kids to the park or beach. It does not have to be too flash. Remember not to work too much, especially if you run your own business. This is often the reason a lot of people suffer from high stress, as they don’t spend enough time enjoying life, as they should! Final word, if you or someone you know is starting to show real signs of stress, for e.g. increased lethargy, regular days off due to sickness or stress, increased occurrences of illness or reducing social interaction, it might be worthwhile to call our team of experts at Merendi to help you get to the root of the problem. We have many different services and programs that can assist in dealing with stress, decreasing incidence of illness and improving energy levels. Call us today on 1300 881 536 for a FREE no obligation health assessment to get yourself back on track to better health and wellness.

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Merendi Health & Wellbeing Specialising in a wide range of services designed at helping our clients create and maintain healthy habits for life, for more information feel free to contact our friendly staff on 1300 881 536 at a centre near you or click here at www. to visit our website.

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Life is what you make it! We’ve heard this mantra a million times and it does it’s job of inspiring great things in us, but what if inspiration alone isn’t enough? We all have great ideas sometimes, intense moments of clarity when we know exactly where life is taking us, when we clearly picture our destiny.

Whether it’s to compete in the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii, to get your business on the ASX top 200 list or to live a life of complete love and happiness. To make your dreams a reality is going to take a lot of hard work, focus, dedication and knowledge. What if you not only have the dream but the dedication to making it a reality? If you want to make great changes in your life, to reach new heights physically, mentally or emotionally then maybe you need a coach?

A great coach will have the knowledge, motivation and strategies to get you to your goal. We looked at some areas in life where coaches are making dreams come true for Australians everyday. Training Coach

Fitness coaching involves developing technical and correct skills and strategies to get the you motivated and enjoying being healthy and reaching peak physical condition. This type of coach gets involved in all the aspects of the health, including both mental and physcal strength development.

get your

Fitness coaches train, develop and mentor their clients to become better prepared to influence and change their health and fitness for life.

The coach’s job is to transfer as much of their knowledge and experience to the client so they can change there current patterns into life long, sustainable practices. Life Coach

To achieve all you dream of in life you may need to change your way of being, the way you think and the way you process those thoughts, Often you can’t see the picture if your in the frame. You’re too close to the action.

That’s why life coaching is one the fastest growing industries in the world. A good life coach can help you see how you are maintaining the current situation in your life by certain actions or inactions. Good coaching creates an environment for you to facilitate your own change. Coaching will help you change by helping you shift the frame of mind (the underlying beliefs, the values and thinking patterns) that are holding you back from realising your full potential. We are where we are now because of our way of being. Change this and you change everything for yourself.

by Rebecca Kerta

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(Tuesday & Friday) Redcliffe Ultrasound 249 Oxley Avenue Margate Qld 4019

Services available at Redcliffe include Exercise Physiology, Personal Training, Dieticians, Fitness Classes & Massage.

Bribie Island


(Tuesday & Thursday) Bribie Medical Centre (next door to The Coffee Club) 5/235 Goodwin Drive Bribie Island Qld 4507

(Monday & Wednesday) Suite 1/17 Hasking Street Caboolture Qld 4510 Services available at Caboolture include Exercise Physiology, Personal Training, Dieticians, Nutritionist, Fitness Classes, Massage.

Exercise Physiology consultations only. Fitness classes now available.

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In today’s complicated world it can sometimes be hard to �ind motivation and focus. Every now and then we all need a little help to create realistic goals to build a more wholesome and ful�illing life. Our life coach has extensive experience which helps you to: • identify life goals • provide focus and motivation • break from monotony

• empower yourself • solidify your decision making process

Our team assist in every step of the process from discusssion through to goal setting and forward planning. Every program is tailored to your speci�ic needs and is individual as you are!

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Quick Fitness Tips



Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist - BAppSc (HMS), AEP, MESSA

Track Your Progress

Carly graduated 2005 from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement Studies and has been working as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist for Merendi Health & Wellness since February 2006. Carly was appointed as our Project Coordinator for the Healthy Lifestyle Program (Lighten Up to a Healthy Lifestyle) in May 2007 and is responsible for developing a range of nutrition and physical activity education and intervention programs for chronic disease and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations in the Gympie and Cooloola shire regions.

Often when we begin a new workout regime, it seems like you are working hard and sweating, but getting nowhere. Likely things are happening but you just havent realised it yet. Its important to keep track of your results, workouts, measurements whatever it is that is going to get and keep you motivated,

Chantal Williamson

You can use your laptop or a notepad, it doesnt matter the important thing is to keep a journal.

Personal Trainer - BSc(Sport & Ex), GradDipEduc Chantal graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2006 completing a Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports Science) with a minor in Performance Enhancement. In 2007 Chantal completed a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education through the Australian Catholic University. Chantal enjoys working with clients both in group and individual situations and seeing them achieve results and an overall more balanced lifestyle. On a personal note Chantal enjoys staying healthy by participating in various sports and getting to the beach whenever she can.

Weight Train In addition to a good aerobic exercise, you should add weight training in, which will help balance out the fitness routine and provide you with the best results. If you are not sure where to start, a professional trainer can help get you started on a healthy program.

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