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“Hands up to all those who suffer from

stubborn fat & cellulite!”


BodyRev is proud to be Brisbane’s first cosmetic studio offering Velashape. VelaShape is the only treatment with breakthrough scientific results in cellulite and circumference reduction in as few as 4 treatments. Why waste time and money on anything else?

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Do you want sexy, smooth legs without the lumps and bumps? Do you want to lose your jelly belly and love handles? Do you need to fix lumpy or uneven skin post liposuction or lipodissolve? Do you want a safe, no invasive alternative to surgery or injections without any downtime?

*After 3 VelaShape treatments "Courtesy of Dr Gerald Boey"



Call Today for your FREE TRIAL 3510 2117 / 0414 517 071 Highpoint Plaza - 240 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove 4060

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Smoked Ham Bruschetta On the table in: 6 minutes Serves: 1 Origin: Italian 2 large, ripe tomatoes 1 small handful basil leaves, torn 1 garlic clove, peeled, crushed and finely chopped sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

1. With a sharp knife, score a cross at the base of each tomato then place the tomato in a bowl of boiling water for 1–2 minutes. 2. Drain and rinse under cold water. Then peel the skin off, roughly chop it and place in a small bowl with the fresh, torn basil leaves, garlic, a dash of Tabasco sauce and season well with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. 3. Lightly toast the bread on both sides under a hot grill. 4. Rub the cut side of the garlic clove over the toast. 5. Top with the tomatoes then place back under the grill to heat through. 6. Remove from the grill, place the sliced ham on top and eat immediately.


a dash of Tabasco sauce 1 thick slice, stone ground wholemeal bread 40 grams extra lean, smoked ham ½ garlic clove, for rubbing onto the bread

Chef’s suggestions:

• Replace the smoked ham for slices of smoked chicken or turkey if preferred. • For gluten-free, replace the wholemeal bread with gluten-free bread.

This is an extract from the “Real Body Recipe Book” click here for details on RealBody and recipe book Per serving: 175 calories; 19g carbohydrates; 15g protein; 4g fat; 2g fibre

Morning & Afternoon Teas - 63

WHEN ONLY RESULTS MATTER Allen Carr's Easyway® method is the only method that removes the desire to smoke. By removing the desire, we can remove the conflict. With no conflict, the whole quitting process is easy and, for many people, extremely enjoyable and empowering. The Allen Carr clinics are the most successful smoking cessation clinics in the world!

was quite an emotional moment. I have no shame “ Itin really saying I cried with happiness all the way home in the car. I knew it was the start of something, not the end. What I find key; is that I haven’t given up anything! What I did do, was choose a better life. No longer does my wife recoil at the smell of me. More hugs and kisses!! The list of benefits is endless... ... Tony Cleary, NSW

Money Back Guarantee 1300 785 180


Cellulite a problem? Orange peel skin is a skin issue that up to 80% of women have to contend with. Most commonly seen in the bottom and thighs, cellulite affects women with varying degrees of “dimpliness� and associated body image distress. It is possible to minimise the appearance of cellulite, however, the treatment requires more than just use of a miracle cream and can take time to have an effect.

Cellulite occurs in the subcutaneous layer, which is top layer of fat just under the skin surface. Between the subcutaneous layer and the dermis there is net of fiberous connective tissue, the septae, which stores fat cells in compartments. Due to decreases in microcirculation and increases in fluid retention and blood pooling the septae become less flexible and pressure builds up pushing the fat cells against the skin. With time, the septae become a fiberous honeycomb structure that traps the

fat cells causing the large bumps that are the hallmark of cellulite. The area has very poor blood supply, which is why the skin where cellulite occurs often feels cold to touch and poor lymphatic flow so is not easily removed by diet and exercise. The cause of cellulite is not clear-cut. The common triggers are as mentioned above, are poor microcirculation and lymphatic flow however, what causes these changes in the first place is the issue. Genetics certainly plays a role with those susceptible to cellulite having an increased number of fat cells, poor tissue integrity including blood vasculature and lymphatic vessels and hormonal sensitivities.

birch oil. The most popular by far are caffeine containing creams which are based on the effect of caffeine to promote lymphatic drainage from tissues thereby removing fluid retention and increasing lipolysis (cellular metabolism) which promote breakdown of cellular fat. While potentially effective in theory, no research backs up the effectiveness of caffeine for the treatment of cellulite so before you rush out to buy a cream, try massaging the coffee grains from your morning cup into cellulite affected skin each day and see what happens. If too messy and you do choose to work with a topical product, choose one that contains both cellular metabolism stimulants and improves the integrity of the skin.

Other topical treatments that may assist include massage Hormonal issues are strongly indicated with the balance and skin brushing the area affected by cellulite, which between androgens and estrogens being indicated. Men help to stimulate both the lymphatic system and the miwith low androgen levels are more likely to develop cel- crocirculation. Done daily, dry skin brushing will improve lulite. Estrogen is the likely driver in women, with higher the overall appearance of the skin as it also helps remove levels promoting the growth of fat cells around the breast, the top layer of dead skin cells. thighs and buttocks. Using dietary measures to improve cellular health will not A sedentary lifestyle may contribute to a worsening ap- only make you feel better, it may well help you to reduce pearance of cellulite, as it is associated with weight gain, cellulite. However no specific diets have research to supwhich can increase the pressure of the fats cells protrud- port anti-cellulite claims. That being said many are asing into the dermis. It is important to note however, that sociated with a reduction in the key factors that promote excess weight is not the cause of cellulite and it is equally of cellulite such as inflammation, poor microcirculation, found in individuals of normal and low weight, as it is connective tissue weakness and sluggish fat metabolism. those that are overweight. On the other hand exercise Reducing dairy and sugar consumption seems to have the encourages the flow of lymph (removing waste products) greatest effect on minimizing the appearance of cellulite. and circulation (supplying nutrition) and may improve Both dairy and sugar are associated with inflammation the appearance of cellulite. and dairy is high in saturated fats, which can impact microcirculation and fat metabolism. There are no proven treatments for cellulite however stimulating the dormant, subcutaneous fat to be more ac- A diet high in good oils, whole grains, fruit & vegetables tive and encouraging its re-absorption back into the body and water will minimize the key cellulite triggers as well metabolism may assist. This incorporates improving local as improve cellular health and general wellbeing. blood and lymph flow to the area. In addition increasing the elasticity of skin will mean it is better able to cope bet- If all else fails and you have an emergency trip to the ter with increased fat volume. beach, fake tan can help temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite as can a good pair of swimmers and some Most topical products aimed at treating cellulite contain board shorts or a sarong. Try to use a fake tan based on cellular metabolism stimulants. Some examples include natural ingredients such as betacarotene as this will mincarnitine, cayenne and caffeine all of which theoretically imise the use of chemicals that may in fact contribute to increase lipolisis (fat metabolism). Some also include in- cellular toxicity. And remember most of all to focus on gredients that increase skin tissue integrity by promot- your best assets and the parts of the body that you do love ing lymph or blood flow such as rosemary oil, gotu kola because above all, confidence in yourself is attractive. or horse chestnut or decrease fluid retention such as

Author: Ananda Mahony ND. Ananda is a naturopath and skin specialist. She owns Vitale Natural, an organic skin care store and beauty salon in Paddington, Brisbane. For more information go to click here to subscribe FREE - AUG 10 - - balanced online magazine- 07


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Coolum Beach, August 13-15 Springbrook, October 29-31

A beautiful weekend away, a chance to relax and revive your body, mind and spirit

Delicious meals, yoga, meditation, inspiring health talks, forest or beach walks, fresh air and good company! All Welcome!

Yoga In Daily Life

Yoga in Daily Life is a genuine urban retreat; a truly peaceful place to relax, gain health and ďŹ tness, and discover balance and inner peace. Yoga & meditation can be practised by anyone regardless of age, level of ability, ďŹ tness or physical health. Drop in to a yoga class today and discover harmony for body, mind & soul! Join one of our daily casual yoga classes - MORNING, EVENING & WEEKEND class options. We also have: Yoga for Beginners Courses Meditation Courses Yoga for Pregnancy Courses Yoga in the Workplace, Corporate Yoga, Private & Group Yoga sessions.

tt S t, 46 Dogge a ll e y F o r ti tu d e V

For more info contact Yoga in Daily Life on (07) 3252 2550

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from every one of us on the skateaw look forward to seeing you soon.

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that more than Research shows rs who set New Yea 75% of people k them within brea will resolutions not will 1/3 ost alm 3 months and e of January! Her r make it to the end you achieve you are 5 tips to help 0. 201 goals in

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2. Step by Step little getting a If you’re picture ed by the big elm rwh ove it down into king brea l of your goa make ble steps can clear, achieva so your resolution your sticking to list ble. Make a do-a e mor h muc to achieve date a and step of each you them off as them and tick make progress.

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1. Be Speci�ic are not speci�ic Resolutions that because to fail. This is nd bou are being speci�ic lly, psychologica room, is no wiggle means there t. For r-cu e is clea so the objectiv you ead of saying inst e, anc t inst weight in the nex 3. Get a Buddy would like to lose alone is lose 10 will “I to self-motivation year, change that next If you �ind you on track the end of the enough to keep not a pounds before it es the support of l of detail mak then enlisting the year”. This leve ts to achieve friend who wan your chances st boo can ls same goa s on can trade note s of success. You discuss emotion your progress, h s and help eac and experience tacles. Making obs e rcom ove other or nect, virtually it a plan to con a buddy who with face to face, tly resolution grea shares your ieving r odds of ach increases you l. your goa

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Housing Prices fall for the first time since 2008 Dwelling values in Australia’s cities have fallen for the first time in 17 months, according to new data. RP Data-Rismark figures for June reveal the seasonally-adjusted value of city housing fell by 0.7% during the month, and by 0.2% over the June quarter. This is the largest monthly fall in home values since April 2008, and continues a clear trend of declining growth rates since February. In terms of individual cities, the picture is mixed: Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide all recorded mild increases in growth (0.5%, 0.2% and 1.1% respectively) while values in all other capitals fell. Perth recorded the largest fall in value over June at -2.5%. ‘Rest-of-state’ figures for the nation showed an increase of 0.3% (seasonally-adjusted) in the June quarter. National average dwelling prices stand at $465,000 in cities and $415,000 nationally.

“We’ve been forecasting a substantial deceleration in housing conditions back to singledigit annualised growth rates since October 2009,” said Rismark’s managing director, Christopher Joye. “We do not expect to see the market rise much more over the remaining year subject to labour market conditions and the course of monetary policy.” Joye cautioned that the falls in value were no reason to panic, however. “It’s sobering to remember here that we have had 17 consecutive monthly increases in Australian capital city home values,” he continued. “If the sharemarket rose for 17 months straight and then tapered, people would not think twice. It might be wise to apply the same logic to our housing market.” RP Data’s Head of Research, Tim Lawless, concurred, adding that while the inventory of unsold homes has increased of late, he expects new listings activity to slow in the coming months. Average time on market and vendor discounting also remain in line with “historically reasonable levels,” he added.

Take Control of y T

his month Darry Jopling of Refund Easy offers Balanced Media readers some advice on taking back control of their financial destiny and offers great advice on things every household should be preparing for and identiying in their own personal budgets. I saw a George Clooney film recently called “Up in the air”. In it George as part of his role speaks about taking control. He talks about everybody’s personal backpack in which we carry all our lives and relationships and asks us to feel how heavy our backpack is.

So how do we lighten our load? One way is by reducing the day to day baggage we carry around and making choices to control what goes into our backpack. It will reduce the pressure on you as you feel the straps stop digging into your shoulders.

Many things weigh each of us down daily but you can fight back and take control of your finances. There are many ways to reduce the load , sometimes you may have to take the contents out and repack them selectively. You can take direct control of all your finances and do everything yourself or surprisingly you might choose to delegate some of these responsibilities, reducing the load on you dramatically.

TAKE BACK CONTROL WhyTroy would you delegate? In today’s life you simply may not have the time to do everything yourself. You also O’Shea may not have the expertise in a particular area to complete the work efficiently and accurately. I suggest getting a financial planner, mortgage broker, accountant or solicitor to help. So what things should you be looking to review and unburden yourself financially?

Prepare a budget. Sounds simple but many people don’t have one. If you don’t know how much income you have and how much you are spending then how can you possibly know how much you can save?

Expenses. Some people go as far as writing down every cent they spend for a month and then reviewing it. Many are surprised how regular small items mount up over a month. Bills. Review your providers and the value you are receiving

Review your superannuation. Check to see what the costs are to run the fund, where the money is invested and what commission you are paying on the fund. If you are paying commission then either make sure you are seeing a financial planner at least annually or if you want to do it yourself arrange to have your commission refunded going forward using a company such as Refund Easy.

List the 7 most important things in your life. If you were to pass away, be totally and permanently disabled, unable to work if you were ill or injured or the item was damaged what would happen? Can you insure them?

PEACE OF MIND What types of insurances are available to give you peace of mind and reduce the load from your backpack? 1. Life Insurance. A lump sum payable if you pass away

2. Total & Permanent Disablement Insurance. Pays a lump sum if you cannot work again because you are totally and permanently disabled 3. Trauma Insurance. Pays a lump sum if you have one of the traumas listed in the policy such as a heart attack, cancer etc.

your Finances

with Darry Jopling


sometimes you have to take the contents out and repack them selectively

4. Income Protection. Replaces 75% of your income if you can’t work due to illness or injury. 5. Business Expenses Insurance. Pays some of your business expenses if you are self employed and unable to work due to illness and injury. 6. Other insurances such as car, house and contents protect your assets

REVIEW THE IMPORTANT THINGS 1. Review your Will and Power of Attorney. 2. Review you mortgage provider.

3. See which products pay commission.

Many industries work on a commission basis. If you are receiving advice for the commission you are paying that is excellent. If you are not receiving any advice or ongoing service maybe a commission refund service such as Refund Easy may be a consideration. refunds are usually available on superannuation, managed funds, and personal insurances. People are now retiring younger, living longer and want more options. This change in attitude, coupled

with recent super legislation transformation, makes it more important than ever to be proactive to ensure income needs in retirement are addressed.

Modern retirement is now about enjoying a long, healthy and active lifestyle. With boomers living longer, some opting to retire early and others remaining employed beyond age 65, many of the traditional financial assumptions regarding retirement need to be re-examined with a view to incorporating longevity into a retirement strategy more so than in the past. Darryl Jopling, Director of Refund Easy Pty Ltd, is a Certified Financial Planner and Authorised Representative of Guardian Financial Planning. Darryl and the Refund Easy team can be reached on 1300 992 889 and for more information be sure to see for a wealth of information and advice.

This information has been prepared without taking into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making a decision based on this information you should consider its appropriateness having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs. You should read the applicable Product Disclosure Statement, available from your financial adviser, before making any decision about whether to acquire or invest in a product. Tax legislation or its interpretation may change in the future. You should seek tax advice specific to your circumstances before making a decision

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PROTECT your biggest asset When you think about your assets, your income might not exactly spring to mind. But your income is what makes all your other assets possible. And gives you the lifestyle you enjoy today. So isn’t that worth protecting? Income protection insurance can replace up to 80% of your income if you can’t work because of sickness or injury. And the premiums are often tax-deductible. To make sure you’ve got the cover you need, call us on 1300 992 889 and we can compare policies from many insurance companies for you.

SPECIAL OFFER If you contact us for an insurance quote we will

REFUND YOU 30% of the first years insurance premium to you when you start a policy with us

GET SOME CASH BACK Many Australians may unknowingly be paying hundreds a year in hidden commission fees built into their superannuation, investments and insurance policies. At Refund Easy if you have lost touch with your financial planner we can help you regain control of those fees and have them refunded. It’s quick, easy and won’t change your existing policies. For more information on Commission Refunds call Refund Easy on 1300 992 889 or download the Broker Nomination Forms at our forms website This information has been prepared without taking into account your individual objectives, �inancial situation or needs. Before making a decision based on this information you should consider its appropriateness having regard to your objectives, �inancial situation and needs. You should read the applicable Product Disclosure Statement, available from your �inancial adviser, before making any decision about whether to acquire or invest in a product. Tax legislation or its interpretation may change in the future. You should seek tax advice speci�i c to your circumstances before making a decision. Refund Easy Pty Ltd is an Authorised Representative No. 331847 of Guardianfp Ltd trading as Guardian Financial Planning ABN 40 003 677 334 AFSL No. 237641

Do you have more month at the end of the money? If you’re living the more month at the end of the money, rather than more money at the end of the month lifestyle, don’t despair your not alone.

According to Karen Anderson of Votiva Financial Solutions, “for every $1 most people earn, they end up spending $1.02. Indicating the more money they earn, the further backwards they go financially” As more and more pressure is exerted on family budgets with increasing costs and many employers decreasing the size of pay increases or freezing them all together, trying to keep your head above water without the use of credit facilities is becoming increasingly difficult.

By collating all your family expenses you will have a better idea of where your money is disappearing.

Food is often the killer of the family budget, with such small amounts being spent each day on snacks and coffee, it doesn’t seem like much. However, it can take up a substantial unnecessary chunk of household expenses.

Karen Anderson discusses the importance of getting help. “Trying to achieve anything alone is hard work. We all know this when it comes to our health and fitness. It’s been proven many times that exercising with a buddy or a personal trainer dramatically increases results and it’s the same with finances.”

With that in mind, how do you take back control of your financial independence and get back to having money in the bank, not owed to it?

It’s unrealistic to think that there will not be pressures on your finances from time to time and you are certainly going to have to make ‘sacrifices’ if you are going to see results and enjoy the things you want to enjoy in your life.

“Keeping a diary of every single thing you spend for a month can reveal the holes in your purse. You must be strict with yourself and record everything! Even the small things like a pack of chewing gum or a few dollars in a parking meter can add up”

Below Jane Milton of Pace Yourself identifies ways you can do to stick to your financial goals.

“Most people don’t have a true understanding of where the money is going every month.” says Meike Suggars of Suggars Financial Services

However, you can certainly put things into place today that will have a limited effect on your current way of life, but a dramatic effects on the life you will enjoy in the future. To see the full list click here.

Achieve your financial goals 1. Know what your goals are and work out the timeline. 2. Chunk the big goal down to monthly manageable tasks. 3. Reset the goals every 6 months.

4. If the devil is debt – this is the number one to get rid of. If you have credit card debt and savings – move the savings to pay down the credit card debt as a priority. 5. Reward yourself – regularly. Free treats – Museums, Galleries, walk at the beach or park. Cheap treats – pick up an item from a Charity shop.

“The safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket.” - Kin Hubbard

“I’m not sure if now is a good time to invest?” “I’m not sure that now is a good time In fact, looking at the results over the to invest... maybe I should wait until past 20 years for any well diversified things are more certain” portfolio, from conservative to growth, you can select any rolling 10 This is a common concern from people year period and there are no negative we talk to. The challenge of course is results. that when it comes to investing things never are certain. What does this tell us? Waiting may feel more comfortable. It reminds us that if you have a But it comes at a cost. portfolio that is well constructed and meets your needs and risk profile, Let’s turn the clock back to the end then it is highly likely you will have a of 1994. Imagine you were about to successful investing experience. invest your money with a ‘growth’ strategy (80% equity and 20% fixed So why do many people have an less interest). Markets that year had been than ideal investing experience? volatile and a growth portfolio would have shed 6.2% in capital value. What Our experience suggests that there are two key reasons. First is that most would you do? Invest or wait? investors have collected investments If you had waited, you would have left ad hoc rather than selecting them by a lot of money on the table. design. This can result from receiving employee shares, having multiple If you had invested, your portfolio over super funds, inheriting assets or the next 10 years would have earned where financial advice is out of date compound annual returns of 9%. Over or recommended investments are the next 15 years (to December 2009), dominated by one product provider. a period that includes the recent financial crisis, you would have earned The second is that many people do not compound growth of 8.5% pa. In dollar have a clear plan. A lack of clarity and terms, assuming a $100,000 initial action can lead to poor investment investment in December 1994, you decisions, asset structures and drifting would now have almost $340,000. dates - resulting in compromise. Best

Kate McCallum specialises in providing high quality, objective financial advice. To find out more about Kate and Multiforte please visit

practice lifestyle and financial plans are very specific - with clear time and financial objectives. Do you have goals that require money and planning to achieve? How will you achieve them? Can you name the exact date you will be financially independent? What is the cost of waiting for you? We encourage you to book a complimentary meeting to explore to see if you would like to engage us to work with you to develop your comprehensive plan of action. This information has been prepared without taking into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making a decision based on this information you should consider its appropriateness having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs. You should read the applicable Product Disclosure Statement, available from your financial adviser, before making any decision about whether to acquire or invest in a product. Tax legislation or its interpretation may change in the future. You should seek tax advice specific to your circumstances before making a decision

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The people involved in getting you a job.

Often when looking for a job we forget the number of people involved in the job seeking process and the influence they can have on our future career path. Interaction with these people is often the key to moving ahead in the application process, so let’s look at them and the best way to utilise their position and their skill sets. A Recruitment Manager now Careers Coach Linda Enever says the feedback she received from her clients and team highlighted ‘how frustrating it is when a jobseeker does not see the need to play their part in the recruitment process’. She has given us some guidelines on how to relate to and the role of the people who are involved in getting you a job. Recruiter and Agencies Recruitment Agencies may be the first point of contact in your job seeking future. You may approach them from a job ad they have placed, make the first call to see what jobs they have on, or if you are lucky they may approach you. Recruiters and Agencies are full of talented people who interview every day and see thousands of resumes and applications. To get the best when working with an agency keep the following in mind: ü Be polite to everyone, including reception; attitude is the key and your presentation starts from the moment you

answer the call or open the door ü Ask for advice and feedback on your resume and interview technique ü Approach skills testing etc positively – you never know what you may find out about you ü Communicate with the agency and recruiter 1. Let them know when you are excited about a role 2. Call them after your interview with their clients so they know your thoughts when the client contacts them 3. Be prompt Remember the recruiter has people waiting on you and them; by interviewing you and putting you forward for a role they have not only placed their faith in you, they have put their own and your reputation on the line with their clientele. Human Resources Similar to recruiters Human resources teams see many applications for their company on a daily basis so many of the points above apply to Human Resources Teams as

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well. The Human Resources team works closely with the Your Referees Hiring Managers and Decision Makers in your application process. Make sure you keep them on side and work Feedback from your referees is an important stage in positively with them in the process. the process so make sure they are aware you are looking for work, the type of role you have applied for and what Hiring Managers feedback you are looking for from them. Also remember to thank them for their support when you secure a new Hiring Managers often advertise independently as well as role. using the HR Team and recruiter, so you can find yourself interacting with them at any stage in the process. This is Written by Linda Enever – General Manger Family Capers the person who will hire you so any and every impression & FC Recruitment counts. Keep your communication clear and focused on the job and what you can offer to the team. When talking Linda is an experienced recruiter and now a WAHM and to hiring managers do your research well; they like to see founder of Family Capers – an online community and reyou know things about their company. sources for families of all ages and sizes. FC Recruitment is part of the Family Capers Family as well as their BusiCompany Owners and Directors ness Directory, Professional Support Panel, Forums, KidsZone and more. With over 10 year experience in Staffing Company Owners and Directors may be a hiring manager and Recruiting Linda and her team offer solutions that or they may be required to approve your addition to their meet the needs of their clients and candidates. Why not team. Treat them with the respect they deserve and re- contact them today member it is their business you will be working for and you are talking about

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When you are busy, busy, busy Although it seems very new, the Lifestyle Management Industry has been around for decades. More and more families are experiencing the pressures on their lifestyle of constantly expanding job roles and family responsibilities Vivienne Lewis is one such Lifestyle Manager who focuses on eliminating some of the pressures from people’s lives and helping everday families create time to enjoy the special families moments that are currently taken up by other more urgent but less important needs. How did you first get started in Lifestyle Management? As a working mum, lifestyle management is your life. In my case working in the corporate world for the past 27 years in various p.a. and office management roles; being a mum and organising a busy household, plus volunteering roles on various school and sporting committees.

Vivienne Lewis Lifestyle Management Specialist

Having witnessed and experienced the stress involved in keeping up with this lifestyle, I carried out some research with friends and work colleagues in regards to their willingness to pay for reliable lifestyle services – someone to pick up the slack, run the errands, do the shopping, wait for tradesmen, in other words help them to get their life back. The response was very positive and so two years ago I became a member of the International Concierge & Lifestyle Management Association(ICLMA – is the leading global community for concierge and errand business professionals), they in turn put me in touch with the A+NZ Chapter of ICLMA and last year I attended the first ever Conference of the A+NZ Chapter in Sydney. In October 2009 I started up Anew Lifestyle, offering personal concierge & relocations consulting services to time-poor people. What drives your passion for helping people? I love helping make life easier for people and have always felt passionate about providing quality customer service. It is extremely rewarding to know

that Anew Lifestyle services have enriched people’s lives by taking care of their “to do” lists and thereby giving them the gift of time. Who / What Inspires You ? My family inspire me by supporting and believing in me. Their confidence in my decision to start my own business, motivates me to constantly improve and always maintain high standards.

ing while away on business/holidays; relocation services; car services. Many of these tasks are performed by time-poor individuals during their lunch break, after work or on weekends, leaving them very little time to spend with family & friends or “me” time. Time is precious – buy the time you deserve, and get your weekends back. What’s the best advice you have ever received? and from who ? My Dad’s advice to me as I was growing up : “Always treat others as you would like to be treated”.

How do you decide and evaluate your priorities? By creating a list each week of what needs to be done and then prioritising how I spend my time each day, not forgetting family, friends and “me” time. I try to complete my least favourite task early in the What’s the favourite part about your job? week, putting it off only creates stress. I make sure Helping the more senior members of our community, I get out every day for a walk to help clear my head especially if their adult children live overseas or inand maintain good exercise habits. terstate. Even if it is only 1-2 hours per week helping with the shopping, sourcing quotes, helping with What’s your plans for Anew Lifestyle? travel arrangements or assisting with downsizing of To grow and enhance the professional image of their property. Their overseas or interstate families the business through further learning. I would like often pre-pay for these services and love to receive to employ two or three more “empty-nesters” like an update, often with photo attached, when the sermyself, and utilise their natural talents of household vice has been carried out – whether it be a regular management and organisation and help them to or one-off service. develop and improve on those skills through attendance at workshops and the annual ICLMA A+NZ My other favourite part of the job is helping “new conference. This would enable me to concentrate on mums”. They too are often without family living improving the quality of our processes to ensure the close by and a 3-5 hour Gift Certificate purchased best five-star service experience to all of my clients. by family & friends for the new mum is so appreciated by the new parents, especially once hubby goes What do you believe people should be passing over back to work, mother or mother-in-law has returned to a service like yours? home and the new mum is left on her own again. The everyday, mundane chores that take up so much time, such as – sourcing quotes; grocery/personal What advice do you have for people who are thinkshopping; organising cleaners/gardeners; assistance ing of starting their own business? with birthday/dinner parties; dropping off/picking Believe in what you are doing, Plan, Seek good up drycleaning/prescriptions/dvds/mail; declutteradvice and Prioritise. Make sure you allow time to ing home office/walk-in wardrobe; house/pet mindfocus on your own health and wellbeing.

Simplifying your life and saving time

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Need assistance with an elderly relative? we can help with relocations, shopping, organising repairs and more

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“Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but are always perfect for you.” - Unknown

Top 5 Online Articles

01 -The Gospel Of Joy

02 - Hong Kong Style 03 - Independance is Bliss 04 - The Night before the morning after 05 -15 Things you didn’t know about the human body

ga Retreats

stressed out? With the hectic schedules of our day to day lives causing more than half the population to report high levels of stress, and a recent report suggesting it is only getting worse, meditation has become a more and more relevant part of busy peoples schedules. Meditation is not just for people looking to escape the day to day grind, its about creating mindfulness, and supreme concentration in order to tackle your everyday tasks with more vitality and laser beam focus. Meditation has also been know to decrease the chances of many diseases developing. Yoga in Daily Life are running weekend retreats August & October for more details see pg.9 or contact (07) 3252 2550

be inspired. At Balanced we are always looking for new ways to connect with our readers with things that can help you achieve your goals or provide you information on items to do with your health, wealth and lifestyle. As part of that commitment we have started a Daily Inspirations Page providing you with a daily Quote, Video, Tip & Website for your enjoyment from Mon-Fri each week. To view today’s entry click here

kend away, a chance to relax our body, mind and spirit

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a moment withanother Young Designer Click here for more designs at Young Designers Online

LisaTaranto 1. When did you first get into fashion?

3. Who is the Lisa Taranto customer? What is your demographic?

jured some amazing images in my head.

Ive always loved fashion! However it didn’t become a career until I left school and headed to an art school, where everything I did revolved around fashion and eventually took me to RMIT to study it.

She is strong, unique, understands quality and isn’t afraid to make a statement. She is not defined by age, loves attention to detail and is creative in her approach to dressing.

6. What materials do you use?

4. What is your label all about?

7. Have you shown your label at any fashion weeks?

2. What training and education have you had in the fashion industry? I trained in Illustration and Photography at Brighton Bay AD&P in 2001 before heading to RMIT University to complete the BA in Fashion Design, graduating with honours in 2004. I worked as the Overseas Production Co-ordinator for Caroline Morgan and then as a Freelance Patternmaker for Lavagirl, which took me to India, where I worked on collecting fabric samples, dyeing and embroidery experimentation and sampling.

The label is grounded in attention to detail, thoughtful patternmaking, unique shapes and a relentless consideration for the fit of a garment on the body. We have kept production in Australia, supporting the industry here and ensuring greater quality control. 5. Where do you get the inspiration from for your label and latest collection? Literature, people, the middle of the night when it is really quiet, fabric and myself, when I cant find anything to wear! The new collection I am working on started with a poem I found, written in 1920, which con-

As natural as we can get- cotton, modal, silk, wool: jerseys, chiffons, crepe de chine, paper touch voiles.

Yes, we showed at Motorola Spring Fashion Week 2009, in the independent show, Made in Melbourne and are about to show at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2010 in March, in the Style Salon Fashion Collections Show. 8. Where are you looking to head into the future with your label? To grow and have the opportunity to reach a wider audience around Australia, to open a flagship store and to continue doing what I love, being inspired by the people who wear the garments!

Tickets to the show are available for $ 33.00 through QTIX 136 246 or www.qtix.c To purchase exciti ng new Australian labels online visit ngdesignersonline.

Talented young fashion label Neon Heartache is one of seven designers to debut on the MercedesBenz Fashion Festival (MBFF) catwalk this August within the “Punk Goddess” themed Schwarzkopf Professional Hair &Fashion Show. From 9pm on Tuesday August 10 the MBFF runway will feature an infusion of hair, beauty and fashion. The parade will include other Young Designers Online labels;

Must See Videos Online


Soot, Mary Mary, Princess Chic, Lois and George and Lisa Taranto. Young Designers Online Director Kelly Wells says MBFF group shows are an invaluable opportunity for talented emerging designers to gain exposure. “Young Designers Online is dedicated to finding and supporting emerging Australian fashion talent and shows like this offer a chance for many of our younger and most talented labels the chance to really break into the fashion industry,” Kelly said.

With the theme title of ‘punk goddess’, Kelly says Brisbane style setters should brace themselves for an incredible show. “We have been inspired by the very fashion forward theme and have put together an exciting series of looks that really represent the direction Australian fashion is headed,” she said. YDO will also share the runway with big time Australian and international labels such as Bettina Liano and Gail Sorronda.




ou’ve happily indulged - now take your pick— one and a half hours climbing stairs, three and a half hours cleaning the house, or two and a half hours riding your bike. That’s the amount of time it will take you to burn off that mediumsized slice of cheesecake. Thinking in these terms is one of many strategies useful in resisting temptations. It’s often difficult to balance your desire to eat dessert and other tempting treats with your desire to lose weight or get in shape. Here’s a handy guide to keep you motivated and on track.

Have a healthy pre-party snack It is always a great idea to fill up on fiber-rich foods such as apples, raw vegetables or a slice of whole grain bread with peanut butter. Fiber adds bulk to your diet and keeps you fuller longer. This translates into more will power in the face of a party buffet or fancy dinner.

how to stop weight gain this winter

All things in moderation Whatever your favorite treat is, don’t deprive yourself completely. Occasionally, you should enjoy the heartwarming qualities of your favorite things…in moderation. Food for thought: Plan to choose your one favorite goody ahead of time, and eat a very small portion.

Leftovers shouldn’t stay over Cookies left sitting on your countertop will relentlessly call your name all week long. If you have a leftovers from guests or a party, send the leftovers home with them. Or, take them to the office to share with colleagues.

Time not eating should be cherished Develop relaxing habits and pick up hobbies that will keep your hands busy and your mind occupied on something other than food. If you tend to snack while watching TV, try knitting.

Exercise The key to weight management is to stick to a regular exercise routine. Quite simply, if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. So if you stop exercising over periods of time and eat more, you will eventually pack on a few (or more) kilos. click here to subscribe FREE - AUG 10 - - balanced online magazine- 30

5minuteswith Maureen HousseinMustafa Born into a male dominated immigrant family, Maureen left home at a young age to start a career, realising the lack of quality training being provided in the beauty industry Maureen started The Australasian College Broadway in 1994 with just $1600 and 6 students. It is now the largest beauty college in the country worth an estimated $30 Million How did you first get started in the beauty industry? Even from a young age I have been an entrepreneur. I saw vanity as big business. I saw beauty as not a luxury but a necessity.I knew it would be big business one day. What inspires me? The core belief within myself that anything is really possible! How do define success? Not by money but by what you were able to do to make a difference. What was the hardest thing you had to face when you first started the college? Starting with no money! What do you believe is the greatest leadership quality someone can have, and how do you apply that? To have commitment........clearly defining what you want to do and making it happen. Listening......connect with your heart and listen with your ears. Problem solving....everything in life has a solution one just has to find it. What plans do you still have for the future of the college? To become a higher education provider.

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Why do you believe you are so successful with overseas student numbers? We take responsibility for the outcome. It’s not about just taking their money, it’s about assist them in achieving a successful outcome What’s the best advice you have ever received? and from who? Treat people how you want to be treated in business and you can never fail. My father. For More info on the Australasian College Broadway click here

Family First - 5 minutes with Family Capers Founder Linda Enever Linda Enever has a distinctive history in the staffing and recruiting arena; a decade with various compa¬nies where she became a skilled & respected recruiter and manager valued by her clients, candidates staff and colleagues alike. Working for companies such as Drake Inter¬national, Optus, RSL Com and more. Now Linda is combining her passions as the General Manager of Family Capers which dedicates itself to all things families, with an online community of

like-minded people, a business directory, support panels, forums and even a special place just for the littlies. Family Capers offers support and solutions for all things family from Business Support, Ca¬reers and Employment, Family life and an online store all for the Family. A mother of one, Linda is Passionate and Com¬mitted to Seeing Families and all that they do sup¬ported and promoted in a positive light.

When did you first get the idea to begin Family Capers?

matter what stage of life they are at and with a dedication to services supporting Families in Business.

The Idea of Family Capers was born 3 years ago and has been built and grown on a strong desire to see a supportive place on the web for all things family. A place that could be referred to as Community; somewhere that didn’t try to impose a view but a place where anyone with something positive to say could say it and not be fearful of being derided or otherwise belittled. With a support base for all things Family we sup¬port all members of the Family no

What are your goals for Family Capers? To become the Number One Place for Families to Go To What are you most passionate about and what drives your passion? Family, Friends, Community and support are my passions and being able to share and provide

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these through Family Capers; and seeing it all grow is driving that passion.

Family and Families in Business Convention with Awards pre¬sentations for Family Hero, Kids in the Community and our Business Awards.

Who/ What inspires you? 1. Challenges 2. Success 3. Watching others take that next step How do you decide and evaluate your priorities? Planning and preparation with a healthy dose of being prepared for the unexpected and being able to think on my feet. How do you define success?

How do relax and unwind? Playing with my daughter. Her smiles and cuddles are an easy and delightful unwinding that works on almost any¬thing. Time with my husband and time with family and friends and of course lunch and shopping! I also run a Friday Coffee morning where Mums can come and have some down time together and that all helps.

What’s the biggest challenge you find being a business woman and mother? In many ways: Being accepted as a serious business woman at 1. Financial Success is Money and Positive Cash times. Those who know me know I can, but often flow people I meet have the “you can’t do that with a 2. Personal Success is feeling good about what I baby” rou¬tine in their head and can’t see past do it. 3. Family Success is seeing my husband and child But then that’s what we are all about; smile. helping people break down those barriers and 4. Business Success is growing and recognition judgments. of the brand. What’s the best advice you have ever received? How does having a new child affect your and from who? busi¬ness? “Follow the formula and the formula will work” It has made me more aware of the ‘type’ of world – Bill Pollack Chairman and Founder of Drake - business and personal - I want to see for our International chil¬dren today and more committed to achieving that plan. What’s your favourite quote? That’s what Tiggers do the best! – Tigger 100 What does Balance mean to you? Acre Wood Time with my family and time in my business and being able to combine both in the best way What motto do you live by? pos¬sible without either impacting negatively You just have to decide if you’re a Tigger or an on the other. There must be time for play each Eey¬ore. You have to be clear where you stand day. on the Tigger/Eeyore debate. – Randy Pausch What does the next 6 months hold for Family Capers? Big things; we are launching 2 new sections (i) Things to Do and (ii)Families in Business is expanding into centres, so we have lots on and lots in planning. As well we have a Families in Business Showcase and our Family Events including Mummy Lunches and our Christmas Events all underway or in the planning stages. January will see our big one the Our


POWER of a positive attitude

Attitude is everything. People can choose to be negative or they can choose to be optimistic—it’s that simple. Each person has the power to control their happiness in life because happiness is not determined by situations but by attitude. Your attitude about a situation, not the actual situation itself, determines whether you view your circumstances as good or bad. There is tremendous power in a positive attitude. A person who thinks positively will look at the facts of a situation and not feel doomed with despair. Faith, hope, courage and strength are important components of positive thinking. Fear, doubt, bitterness and defeat are emotions that hinder positive thinking. According to Olympic- and world-champion figure skater Scott Hamilton, who survived testicular cancer, “the only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

“people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be” - Abraham Lincoln For some people, negative thoughts naturally occur first in their minds, but everyone can learn to disregard these thoughts and to focus on the positive. Attitude is not determined genetically, so the good news is that you can train yourself to think positively. From the mouth of a deaf and blind woman who triumphantly conquered what many of us would see as a miserable lifestyle, Helen Keller challenges us with this statement: “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.”

There is something positive to be found in every situation no matter how great the temptation is to only see the negative. The best cure for unhappiness is to start counting your blessings. You would be amazed at the power this has to reverse feelings of frustration and despair. As the ancient Persian saying goes, “I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.” Taking the focus off yourself and looking for ways to help others can also alleviate despair and often leads to joy and deep satisfaction. As you transform your thinking, set some realistic goals and believe that you can achieve them. For example, if your goal is to lose fifty pounds, believe you can do it. You might be pleasantly surprised. If your dream is to run a marathon no matter your age, your positive attitude through the pain, sweat and seemingly endless runs will carry you to the finish line. If you wake up each morning and believe that you will have an awful day, you probably will. However, if you wake up determined to have a great day, then you will likely encounter challenges with an attitude of great self-worth and will be more productive and efficient throughout your day. A philosopher once said, “Attitude keeps me going or cripples my progress. It alone fuels my fire or assaults my hope. When my attitudes are right, there is no barrier too high, no valley too deep, no dream too extreme, and no challenge too great for me.” So dream big! All you need is a positive attitude. This article appears courtesy of Curves Curves’ fast, fun and effective 30-minute workout is embraced by women of all ages, making it the largest fitness franchise in the world with 10,200 clubs in 80 countries, including over 370 in Australia. In just half an hour, women complete a circuit specially designed to provide a total body strengthening and cardiovascular workout which works every major muscle group and burns up to 500 calories. The results are staggering – on average, they are losing 10-14 unwanted cm, and 1 to 2 kg a month, without even dieting! With trainers that both inspire and motivate, women get the support they need to tone their body, from top to bottom. Thirty minutes, 3 times a week is all it takes to experience the Curves difference and achieve amazing results. To find your closest Curves visit or call 1-300-curves (287837).

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Crucial to our success both now and in the future, motivation is what drives our most important work, ensuring we are heading in the right direction for our lives. All to often however come 3pm and even earlier on some days that motivation has disappeared, not to be seen again until home time arrives, when motivation to leave sets in. If your looking to end this never ending cycle of highs and lows below are some tips on ways to supercharge your motivation right now and principles for long-term success. Pleasure/Pain Principle Two things in life drive us: pleasure or pain.

We are constantly either trying to avoid pain or gain pleasure with every decision that we make. The way to increase your motivation for anything in life is to identify which of these is directing your thinking. If you are procrastinating over a task or simply can’t get yourself to take action, it’s likely that you are currently focusing on the pleasure of not spending any energy on the task rather than the pain of all the consequences that will come from not completing the task down the line. Try writing down all the consequences of not completing the task, this will help shift your focus to the pain of not doing it and write a list of the positives of doing the task aswell to ensure your focused on the pleasure you will actually receive from completion. “The truth is that we can learn to condition our minds, bodies, and emotions to link pain or pleasure to whatever we choose. By changing what we link pain and pleasure to, we will instantly change our behaviors.” – Anthony Robbins

Create a Ritual If you don’t understand what makes you happy or gets you motivated it is very unlikely you will be able to tap that motivation on a regular basis. Relying on your motivation to kick in on an ad-hoc basis isn’t going to provide you the stability you require for ongoing, continued success.

We have all had times in our lives where our motivation was unstoppable. Your first objective should be to look back at your history and find out what were the determining factors that allowed your motivation to kick into overdrive in the past. This could have been external motivation from a colleague or a key executive, it could have been a goal you set yourself or one you set for your family, it may even have been a morning exercise or diet ritual that you had at the time.

All these factors contributed to your hyper motivated state, you must revisit these factors if you are going to identify your personal rituals.

Motivation Required Once you have determined the rituals that have worked for you in the past, set out a schedule for doing those things on a more regular basis, determining to stick with them for at least a month. “Eventually, ritual was developed as a means of contacting and utilizing the energy within humans as well as in the nature world” – Scott Cunningham

Get some Leverage Using leverage on yourself is an effective way of counteracting your motivational slumps. Below are some great ways that you can use leverage to help achieve set objectives.

Negative Consequences – Although Negative Consequences are likely to only work in the short-term. by focusing on the negative consequences of your lack of motivation you begin to link pain to not doing that thing your putting off instead of doing the task. This will provide motivation to finish it immediately if you make the consequences big enough. Deadlines – Deadlines are a great leveraging tool as they determine unconditionally when a task should be completed, having someone to report that progress to is even better. It’s important to remember to break a task into manageable ongoing sections though because if a task is to far into the future it is unlikely to promote a strong enough sense of urgency.

Incentives – Give yourself an incentive or reward, not just at the end of the task but along the way aswell. Often people’s motivation falters because when problems arise, which they always do, the person doesn’t see the benefit of continuing. If there is a big enough incentive, beyond just doing the job, you have a better chance of pushing through any problems. Team Involvement – Get other people involved or at least communicate what you are doing with others. By making an external commitment like this you will likely be pushed to succeed because other people beyond you and/or your manager will know that the deadline is approaching. It also opens up opportunities for people to help you out.

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*offer valid till 30/06/10. $15 massage is for 30 mins A Must have for people with diabetes (Anthony Moldavskiy) I LOVE this Bed!!!!! (Nancy Gulick) I felt fatigued before jumping on the Migun massage bed. The bed gave me a spurt of energy that i havent felt in a long time........ I had a pain in my right shoulder which travelled down my right side down to my buttocks/tailbone before I started on the bed, now I dont have it anymore, after only 1 month on the bed, I have been carrying that pain around for nearly 4 years. I’m even sleeping better, i have a pool at home but didnt get into it for about a year, a lot of my muscles had gone dorment, the bed have stimulated those muscles. I love the Bed!

When I began using the Migun bed last September my blood sugar level was 160 and today it is 90, welcome change for someone with diabetes, but not only that i have lost 20 pounds. Thankyou very much for this health boost. It Works for me (Pat Malone) I started using Migun purely for relaxation which was enough to encourage me to purchase multiple 10 session passes. I then found however that my chronically sore back which incapacitated me 3-4 times a year, no longer did so. Whether it is the relaxation process or the manipulation of the muscles and spine that gives relief is unknown, but it works for me

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DID you MISS? me time, a work at home mummy myth? This is a question I pondered today as my husband and I sit over our computers, run in and out of the house and try and meet all the deadlines. Scheduled into my day is time for my child, time to work, time to cook and time to clean but what about me time.... It sounds funny to say that we need to schedule me time but we do we need to allow time for us to be in our days and it is not or no longer should be at Work at Home myth so how do we do it.

lessons in darkness.

walking & the big why Whether it’s ducking out for your lunch break, an errand, or setting out with a friend or the family dog, in order to do these things we need to walk, one leg in front of the other. Let’s start to look at the day a little differently. Walking is so simple, rewarding and health enhancing and although I believe anytime of the day is suitable, the early mornings or the late afternoons are the best time to go for a walk.


healthy bodies for women Want to feel more alive and do something positive for your health so that you can enjoy more of your life? Then it’s time to dust off those sneakers and hit the gym or get a Personal Trainer! The latest scientific research, worldwide, is now showing that strength training is vital for women of all ages because strength training is the only interaction that is shown to stop the degeneration of, and replace, bone mineral density.

Young Designers Online is excited to announce their newest and youngest label, Soot! At the tender age of 18, Brisbane born entrepreneur and designer Edwina Sinclair is making waves in the Australian fashion industry with her invigorating and modish label “Soot”. After launching her debut collection “Lessons in Darkness” in early 2010, Edwina has recently unveiled her second and current collection “Entangled Threads”


As an energetic kid Ritchie Gibson aimed to be something more than his surroundings suggested. Businessman, Leader, Motivator, Trainer, Partner, Friend are all words that could describe Ritchie Gibson, though speaking with him one word stands out above the rest Competitor. To understand what drives Ritchie Gibson’s success we must look back to his beginning and principles that have driven his life.

After the second day Ritchie went to his father and was given some advice that would begin a trait he has fostered for the rest of his life, his father said “Just stick with it” and Ritchie did! Successfully staying in the profession for 4 years.

success, drive and passion its not hard to believe that soon Ritchie became the highest selling fitness director on cruise ships in the world. Talking to a particularly wealthy client one night Ritchie was given the chance to take in an on board art auction. Ritchie’s competitive spirit shone through again saying to himself at the time “I could do that”.

Ritchie then went in to the Army where he became the Student of Merit at the Australian Defence Force physical training school, whilst completing Ritchie came from a poor background qualifications to become a fitness In a chance encounter Ritchie was with his family rarely having enough trainer at the same time. introduced to the Cruise Ships Art money for any luxury items, however Director, not being one to shy away from a young age Ritchie was Ritchie moved on from the Army to from a conversation Ritchie pressed determined to be independent. In his do a number of things based around him for more information on what he own words “I never wanted to ask for health & fitness. Ranging from starting did (and what he earned). anything from anyone, if I wanted a personal training studio, catering something I wanted to work for it and mainly for professional athletes in Not having the slightest knowledge of get it myself”. Townsville to writing a weekly column art Ritchie was now determined to be for the Townsville Bulletin on health an Art Salesman, Ritchie went to work, This motivation pushed Ritchie from topics which according to Ritchie working out a plan for how he would school as a teenager, into a trade as “forced me to prepare and research achieve his goal and working through an apprentice chef. Ritchie’s first few all areas of my profession” the night to get his portfolio and days went as you would expect when proposal together, before contacting you are crumbing and slicing through Looking for a change after a the Director for Fine Arts for the thousands and thousands of lamb relationship breakdown, Ritchie took Princess cruise line and asking for an brains on a humid summers day in to the high seas joining the world’s opportunity. Sydney. largest Cruise Ship operator as the onboard Fitness Director. Given his past Ritchie, understanding that the

There are two things that are certain in anything, there will be obstacles and there will be sacrifices, how you handle these two things will determine your success” – Ritchie Gibson

TCHIE GIBSON Princess Cruises director was not convinced he could do the job, said “If you give me this chance I guarantee you I will be in the top 5% of Art Director’s at sea”

Ritchie got his opportunity, applying himself to his new task and conditioning his mind through books and audiotapes, Ritchie began applying everything that he learnt and true to his word became the highest selling Art Director on Cruise Ships in the world. In 2008 Ritchie returned home and was shown an opportunity to become a franchisee in the newly formed Jetts 24/7 fitness in Brisbane. Ritchie with his business partners have now gone on to start three successful Jetts franchises in Taringa, Ashgrove and Lutwyche and are in the process of starting another at an inner city Brisbane location. Ritchie now divides his time between his Jetts franchises, his other soon to be launched business ventures, family, friends and golf. Ritchie himself will tell you he started out with no more talent than anyone else, but with dedication, commitment, a competitive spirit and the willingness to push through

his fears, Ritchie has achieved tremendous success in life explaining “its not where you come from that counts, its where your going”.

that this was not the way I wanted to live my life and to be honest never had time. I always had a football in my hand or a bat of some description, depending on the season. Along with I’m sure you will agree that with this I was very, and still am very his experience, positive attitude and patriotic and wanted to serve my competitive nature Ritchie Gibson country and join the Army. I did this will continue to Think Big and inspire and before long became a Physical others around him to achieve their Training Instructor and trained goals. not only the fittest athletes in the defence force but also in Australian “There are two things that are professional sport. certain in anything, there will be obstacles and there will be sacrifices, Who/ What inspires you? how you handle these two things will determine your success” – Ritchie My theory on life is you are who you Gibson surround yourself with. With that in mind I find that I am constantly How did you first get started with inspired by my friends and family. Jetts 24/7 Fitness? I have a big dislike for people who procrastinate and say they want I came back after working overseas something but put no plans in place for 5 years and a friend asked me if I to achieve their goals. I am inspired was interested in buying into a new by people that are passionate about franchise. We started our first gym what they are doing and go to all in Taringa on 11 Oct 2008 and have lengths to achieve their goals. never looked back & about to open our fourth. How do you decide and evaluate your priorities? What drives your passion for Health & Fitness? I had this discussion the other day with a friend. I was telling them I come from a family & background that I always have something on, with drinking & drug problems all something to do and really never around me. I witnessed first hand have a spare moment. When you are



If I was ever fearful of something, I would decide to face it head on as often as I could and found that the fear soon started to diminish the more I did it. Fear of failure is also something that haunts everyone. But I figure that many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.  So its important to realise that you very well may fail, but its the getting up and moving forward after you fail that sets you apart from everyone else.

PREPARATION: One of my favourite sayings of all time comes from the Army. Prior preparation & planning prevents piss poor performance...Enough said!

pro active and really never have a minute spare, between self education, achieving your goals or resolutions, improving your health & fitness etc it is sometimes hard to prioritise which is the priority. Every year I write down and complete a set of thing/goals I would like to accomplish before the end of the year. Ranging from sporting achievements to business and wealth creation goals. My priorities always remain flexable however they always are geared toward the bigger picture and achieving reaching my goals. What does Balance mean to you? Balance is very important, especially as you grow older. When you are younger and in your teens and twenties, you attack life and are very driven. As you get older and wiser, you realise that the blinkers need to come off and you require consistency in all areas of your life, not just one or two. I feel that consistency and balance is required in all aspects of life from relationships, your health, your occupation, family. My favourite analogy is that if you go to the gym and do one bicep curl, are you going to have the muscle you want...NO. You must go day in & day out with regular consistency in order to grow. What is the most important leadership quality in your opinion? and how do you apply this?

1. If you want the rainbow, you’ve gotta put up with the rain! 2. People are made so that whenever anything fires their soul, impossibilities vanish. 3. Obstacles are put in your way to see if you really want something, or just thought you did.

LIFE MOTTO: What you possess in the world will be found at the day of your death to belong to someone else. But what you are will be yours forever.

I think there are two. One is courage & the other loyalty. I feel that if your a good leader you will make a decision that will best benefit the group, not an individual. Being courage’s is contagious and when a leader makes a stand it stiffens the spine of all around him/her.

guarantees, and give it all they’ve got and never think it’s too late or too early to begin. Basically everything else, (Family, work, relationships) start to become a priority and unfortunately health takes a back seat. All too often I hear people say that they don’t have time or can’t fit in eating healthy or exercising. I am guilty of this myself as well, we all are. I think that you just need to remember that your health has to be your number one priority and to find that balance that we spoke of earlier.

Loyalty is very important as well. If you are a loyal leader and are transparent in your actions, people see what you stand for and it normally rubs of on the people close by. Once people become loyal to each other and trust each other, a positive culture is built and that is something that every team or businesses strive What’s the best advice you have ever received? And from who? for. How do relax and unwind?

Probably from a Warrant officer in the Army who once told me to never respect the opinion of someone I don’t respect.

Normally I play golf, however the way I play it is more frustrating than relaxing. I try and get away with my partner and friends, up or down the Also after a run one day, a Sergeant coast and try to not check my phone friend of mine asked what time I ran and asked if I had given it 100%. I told or emails, its not easy though! him no, and that I ran an average time; What do you believe holds people he then asked me why and challenged back from making that important me. He said that he wanted me to decision to take control of there give 100% into everything, even the health? smallest acts, and watch how my life will be transformed. So I took up the I believe that you can change challenge and gave 100% in every anything in your life if you want to single thing I did, no matter how badly enough. Excuses are for losers! small or menial it was. From then Those who take responsibility for my life has never been the same. If their actions are the real winners in you give 100% all of the time, things life. Winners meet life’s challenges just seem to work out. head on knowing there are no

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Let’ s Go:



From August Holidays to Europe in Conjunction with Balanced Magazine will be bringing you an outline of the utlimate european destinations Story by Carolyn Schonafinger of Holidays to Europe Many would agree that no holiday to Italy, or indeed Europe, would be complete without a visit to Venice. Represented worldwide by its gondoliers and carnival masks, Venice is also home to priceless art, magnificent architecture and ancient crafts. Situated on a series of low banks on the Adriatic Sea and consisting of 40 islands across its large lagoon, Venice’s future is threatened by air and water pollution, sinking foundations, flooding and mass tourism, but ironically, this probably only serves to make it an even more popular tourist destination. For many of us, a visit to Venice has to include a gondola ride.  Who

can resist the romance of viewing one of the most famous cities in the world from a curved hull gondola, ably captained by your very own gondolier? But be warned, this is the most expensive way to travel the canals and waterways. A 30 minute ride can cost around $100.  Make sure you confirm the price with your gondolier before setting off or pre-purchase you ticket in Australia before you leave home. The cheapest, and best, way to travel is by vaporetto (water bus) – you’ll see the same sights but for less! A 24 hour pass costs around $9 with services about every 10 minutes. Venice’s famous landmarks include the Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) and Basilica with its lavish interior, the Bridge of Sighs, the Doge’s Palace, and of course, the Canal Grande.  The

Accademia Gallery is home to five centuries of paintings from Byzantine to Baroque, including works by Titian. Glass blowing and lace making are crafts synonomous with Venice, and you can visit the artisans at work in the factories and galleries in Murano (glass) and Burano (lace), two smaller islands just a short vaporetto ride away. In many cases, these skills have been passed on down the generations. Make sure you allow time to wander the narrow alleyways leading off Piazza San Marco.  Here you will find a living art gallery – brightly painted houses decorated with the day’s washing strung from the windows, and window baskets overflowing with brightly coloured flowers. This is where the locals live – so take the time to see authentic Venice, not just the tourist façade.

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No trip to Europe would be complete without a trip to Venice

Most tourists from Down Under will visit Venice during the warmer months, but if you arrive in late January, you may well be in time for the annual Carnavale. During this time, Venice becomes a hive of activity and entertainment.  The city teems with people dressed in the traditional masks who wander the streets and squares.  Saint Mark’s Square is the heart of the Carnival, with a huge stage hosting performers, but there are numerous events throughout the city.

When your feet are sore and it’s time to eat, you will find an abundance of restaurants and cafes on offer. Bear in mind that those around the Square can be very expensive, so look a little further afield for something a little cheaper.  Traditional trattorie usually offer good food for a reasonable price. If it’s a waterfront setting you want, why not pack a picnic and take in the view of the Canal Grande?

Venice is a truly unique city which offers something for everyone. Whether you visit for just a day or stay longer, your visit to Venice will be a highlight of your holiday to Europe.

the naked truth about nudist beaches Article by Emma Gardiner from - SheGoes is an ideal online hang out for adventurous, travel obsessed people who (reluctantly) find themselves behind a desk. It features travel tales from inspirational people, destination features, giveaways, product reviews, travel deals and fun interactive games like Where am I Wednesday and Tipster Tuesday.

I often get accused of being a hippie because I like rain- When we finally arrived, an awkward tidal flat stretched bows and soy chai and Goddess cards. out before us with knee-deep puddles and sandbanks galore. This was not the paradise I had come to expect from It’s for this reason that I always thought I would love go- films such as Blue Lagoon. Not to be deterred, we stripped ing to a nudist beach. All that freedom and nature and off and perched ourselves on a dune. sun-on-bare-skin – what’s not to like? Well, school boys and weird old English swingers, for one thing. It felt really weird. Not entirely bad but definitely not comfortable. I eventually braved the open sand and walked I was reminded of my ill-fated nudie run by this very funny down for a paddle. It was only when I looked back that story by Joshua Crouthamel on Ninemsn Travel about the I realised there were quite a lot of people there; dodgy top nudist beaches in the world. looking people hiding in the dunes. You see a lot of balls at a nudist beach

And then came the school boys. Here’s a tip: don’t go to a nudist beach between 3.30pm – 4pm.

Many full moons (haw haw) ago, I decided to drag my very conservative then-boyfriend to a nudist beach near Mortified, I scurried back up the beach and got my gear Nelsons Bay, NSW. back on. Off we scarpered, up the track and back into the suffocating bushland, only to be greeted by two seemWe both felt a little giggly as we set out for the beach. ingly mild-mannered English folk wearing socks and san2kms later and we were still walking through spider-in- dals AND NOTHING ELSE. What’s more, they confessed fested, humid bush … still no beach … and now we were all they had seen us down at the beach and were wondering hot and bothered (but not in the good way). where we were going *wink* *wink*. EEEEEEEEEEEEK! click here to subscribe FREE - AUG 10 - - balanced online magazine- 48

Miraculous Lake Eyre 2010 charters now flying

see more imager y www.dtaylorphoto


Your tour includes: • • • • • •

All flights and transfers Tour of the Royal Flying Doctors Service Museum in Broken Hill Dinner, bed & breakfast (twin share) at Rawnsley Park Station Sunset Viewing Tour of Wilpena Pound from Chace Range Dinner, bed & breakfast (twin share) at the Royal Hotel, Bedourie Private vehicle tour of birds and plantlife at Bedourie

“Our Lake Eyre tour was very well organised and thought out. Our pilot was fantastic: very professional and I felt totally safe at all times. Thank you for the opportunity to do something so out of the ordinary” - Sue Harman

“A first-class tour in all respects” - Peter Smith

“A stunning trip and all that we expected” Michael & Nereda Hanlon

(02) 6021 2929

Practicality Plus a collection of organising guides just for mums by two aussie mumprenuers There are certain times in your life when things get just a little bit crazy. Before and after the birth of your child can be one of them as ‘baby brain’ kicks in.

Then at anytime there’s sorting out appointments, domestic chores and bills due as well as sharing quality time with family, friends and yourself... what a juggling act! Luckily there is now a range of fantastic journals from mumentum. that can help .

The Expectant Mother’s Journal is an all-in-one keepsake and planner helping with the organisational side of pregnancy such as tracking doctors’ appointments, scan dates etc. It has a healthy eating section to encourage your wellbeing, a shopping section to allow you to compare prices and even features and a ‘gift register’ section so you remember who gave you what! Expectant Mother’s Journal also allows pregnant women to record their thoughts and feelings throughout their pregnancy. information pages have room for you and up to four others. Another Mumentum Must-Have is the New Mother’s Journal. So whether you’re caring for children, Regardless of whether it is your first a grandparent keeping track of ‘the or fourth baby, the New Mother’s kids’, or even when pets are ‘the Journal is incredibly useful. Section children’ – this is a must-have for such as Baby Well-Being helps you every woman’s handbag. accurately track your baby’s feeding, nappy and sleeping patterns (handy The Last but not least in the when you go to the doctor or Mumentum Range is the Health + maternal health nurse) as well as Wellbeing Journal, designed to help you feel fit and fabulous! recording appointments. The journal encourages new mums As an all-in-one appointments diary to feel like they have a little more and health information sorter you can record your goals and then monitor control. how you are going against them. The Evolving from mumentum’s journal is broken down into different maternity range is the new release tabbed sections, including one where Family Organiser featuring 5-tabs you can monitor your physical with different sections for keeping condition – sleep, healthy eating, all sorts of lists and information. The physical activity and relaxation time. week-to-apage schedule and medical Another section keeps track of your goals and progressive measurements, one for your appointments, another for your lists and expenses and finally, contacts.

The A5 Mumentum organisers are only RRP$14.95 each and designed to travel with you all day and fit perfectly into your handbag. Mumentum organisers are available from as well as BigW, Angus & Robertson, Borders, gift and maternity stores.

In the NEWS. 91 % want electronic medical files

the future of reporting Vibewire Youth Inc in association with Youtube have created a forum for fourteen young up and coming reporters around Australia to give different insights on the upcoming election, overseen by a bevy of seasoned political reporters and commentators. Electionwire is also allowing users to get involved by uploading unique user-generated videos to the Youthscape page.

An independent, national Newspoll phone survey of 1208 Australian consumers, conducted by CSC, to get centiment on an individual e-health record, has found that 96 percent of Australians are in favour of e-health records believing that common medical data should be stored on a shared electronic record, despite only 46 percent being aware of the proposed introduction of e-health records. The report also found that 86 percent personally keep a record of some type of medical information and 91 percent of participants want to see their healthcare data in one place. An additional insight gained by CSC’s research is the unwillingness to pay for the record. 81 percent of Australians felt that it was either the Federal or State governments’ responsibility The CSC report found that 27 percent of respondents are willing to pay on average almost $50 annually for an individual ehealth record. However, a startling 70 percent of Australians are not willing to pay anything.

US fashion retailer GAP enters Australian market in late August. American fashion retailer GAP will open a flagship store in Victoria’s Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs on the 26th of August, bringing the companies competitive pricing to the Australian market for the first time. If successful it’s a move that could introduce some of the other major US brands onto our shores in the near future.

August Forecasts

with Rose Glavas

The Year ahead for Leo The coming year is a busy one for everyone Leo, and for you it seems that there will be relief from many difficulties you have had to deal with for many years, and reasons to celebrate! A shift in energy early in September 2010 suggests that you will return to a financial situation or opportunity that you thought you had missed out on that was around earlier in the year. This energy will be around until late January 2011 and suggests that you may some type of financial windfall through another person or through a financial institution like a bank, taxation matter, and/or an investment. Alternatively, the benefit that comes to you through other people may be at a deeper level that increases your feelings of self-worth and ability to trust others. As part of this focus it seems that a sudden development, or an unexpected/unusual one, will come up during the middle part of September 2010 and again late in December 2010/early in January 2011. These periods of time offer the opportunity for a fresh start in a unique and/or

sudden way that will need to be acted upon immediately: it seems that there will be no time to dawdle or think things over. The other good news is that the financial difficulties or fears about security that have been part of your life for the last few years has now left and won’t be back with the same intensity for about 30 years! However, the choices you made during that time will now begin to show their effects, so you will get a feel for whether or not you did make the right choices or not, and subsequently what you need to do from there. Your focus for the next couple of years seems to now be on learning to communicate more effectively and to work on better connecting with the world around you. For some of you, the relationship you share with a sibling may be a feature. There is a lot more to your forecast, but limited space here. If you would like to read more about your forecast you can go to

Rose has been involved in the astrological field for more than 20 years and holds a Diploma through the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA). She is a member of the FAA and has been for many years, and abides by the Code of Ethics that members are bound by. Rose is also qualified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a Jungian personality assessment tool. Her experience to date includes writing syndicated columns that are presented through various media including print, internet and radio. She runs an informal local astrology group that meets every month to discuss astrological happenings and to share knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere. Rose also teaches astrology to beginners. Speaking to various groups is also part of Rose’s schedule, ranging from groups of preschoolers to adults! Rose also writes book reviews and runs astrology workshops.... basically she loves to make astrological knowledge as easy to understand as possible and uses a down to earth approach to achieve this aim.

Rose Glavas QA (FAA); QMBTI PO Box 71, Kilmore, Victoria, 3764 (03) 5781 1301 Mobile: 0417 360092 Email:

Aries... It looks like you will still have to deal with a career matter or person in power who you had difficulty with last month Aries… alternatively you may simply be continuing on your major turning point in where your life is going. This may happen through a change in jobs, or other activities outside of your home that give you the opportunity to make a difference to the world. This energy reaches a peak around the 3rd. Taurus... An unsettling situation involving one of your children, issues around love, friend and/or a group you belong to that were prominent last month should begin to settle down now and be finished with by the first week of this month. The good news now is that you will be able to see the benefit that recent changes will bring you in the longer term, even though they were most probably a bit stressful at first. Gemini... A shift in energy on the 7th suggests that the focus you have been experiencing on one of your children or another loved one will become even stronger. However, this energy shift suggests that there will be help with a difficult situation and possibly an improvement as well. It seems that you will have the opportunity to address a stressful situation with diplomacy and make a fresh start, especially around the 9th and 10th. Cancer... A shift in energy at the end of last month will be around for the next couple of years: it suggests a strong focus on domestic matters, issues around security and perhaps a family member. Issues from the past may also need attention. This energy is particularly active this month, especially around the 17th, when a stressful situation may need attention. It seems that activities outside of your home will put stress on a person at home or your domestic situation overall. Leo... The financial concerns and issues around security that you have had to deal with over the last few years look as though they have finally settled down, leaving you in a better position to relax a little and pay attention to other areas of your life. It seems that you focus now and for the next couple of years will be on learning to think a bit differently and to learn new ways of thinking that will help you see life in a different way. These themes are strong during the second half of the month. Virgo... A relationship matter you thought had been settled a few months ago looks as though it will return this month and be around until next year. The person involved is likely to be someone who is erratic, unusual and/or unstable in some way and that makes your own schedule difficult to maintain. The good news is that this last stretch of a few months is the last of this matter and that you now have the opportunity to sort it out, once and for all!

Scorpio... The majority of this month shows a focus on connecting more than usual with friends, and for enjoying a group that you are part of. Keeping busy, news, and/or changes associated with a son or daughter-in-law is also accented throughout this month. An energy shift around the 21st though, suggests that after then developments and situations in general may regress… you are likely to have to go over old ground after then. Sagittarius... After everything that has been going on for the last few years I think you will be grateful for the slower pace that most of this month will bring! It seems that until the 23rd you will be taking in knowledge, information and experience that will help you with the opportunities that are likely to come your way after then. An energy shift at the end of the month suggests that the pace of your life will pick up – especially in terms of activities outside of your home. Capricorn... For about a year now it seems that you have been dealing with some pretty intense people and/or situations… indications around you now highlight these. It seems that you will be reaching a cross-road with this matter, especially if they involve a family member, domestic situation and/or a property matter. This energy reaches a peak around the 3rd and may be a continuation of something that was going on last month. Aquarius... A situation involving a sibling, cousin and/or neighbour looks as though it has been the source of a major period of instability over the last few months, with a recent development heralding a breakthrough. Alternatively, an educational, legal and/or spiritual matter may have been where you experienced a turning point. Energies around you this month suggest that these matters should be stabilised by the middle of the month. Pisces... A shift in energy on the 7th suggests that for the rest of the month that there will be a luckier accent than usual on joint financial matters, even though they may not look like it at times! Like anything, there are likely to be ups and downs, but generally speaking these situations should work out well for you. For example, your partner may have a small windfall or you could do well with an investment or taxation matter.

Libra... This month sees a lot of potential for you to make a fresh start in whatever area this is needed in Libra. A shift in energy late last month will be around for the next couple of years and suggests that it is time to spring clean your life: out with the old and outworn, and in the new! Other energies around you this month, especially around the 21st, strongly suggest that something or someone new will be coming into your life.

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