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10 Great Tips to Improve your Golf SPRING INTO LIFE

North-West Edition - FREE Monthly - October 2009

By Rebecca K erta

Body Beautiful requires Body Sculpting I honestly had no idea of what to expect when we walked into the beautifully presented studio in the Homemaker Centre at Aspley that is home to HYPOXI Body Sculpting. Media slogans like “surgery free liposuction” and “stubborn fat melted away” bombarded my brain and led to a sense of anticipation and excitement. I secretly thought I would cruise through the exercising part of the treatment; after all I’m a fitness instructor and exercise nearly every day! But all the exercising in the world didn’t seem to budge the belly fat I still carried as testament to my three beautiful babies, so, along with a male friend I have brought along, I went into the studio open minded, excited and ready to change my body shape! Greeted immediately by Gabriel Fuller, the owner of HYPOXI Body Sculpting, we instantly felt at ease. Gabe is unassuming and friendly and very passionate about helping people get the body they want, safely and effectively. Gabe explained the HYPOXI process to us “Our therapy treatments are the most effective way to reduce and eliminate unwanted fat and cellulite. HYPOXI targets the problem zones of the stomach, waist, hips, buttocks and thighs through the unique combination of vacuum therapy and gentle exercise. Suitable for both men and women, HYPOXI treatments are ideal for all ages and fitness levels. HYPOXI improves cellulite, improves skin tone and increases fitness” I’m ready for all the above so we go through to the training room which contains 5 large machines and one treadmill. Gabe asks what areas we are concerned about, I mention my jelly belly and my partner on this journey for the body beautiful, Wayne, is going all out for a six pack! Wayne gets put on a machine called a S120 that inside resembles an exercise bike, a rubber seal is placed around his torso and then the machine is closed to encapsulate him inside. The machine then uses pressure and vacuuming to stimulate the blood flow to the target areas as Wayne gently cycles in an upright position. Wayne explains how it feels “the cycling is easy and not fast, the vacuuming feels a bit strange but not painful or uncomfortable in any way. I could certainly do this for the whole 40 minutes”. Then it’s my turn and Gabe takes me over near the treadmill, I ask why I’m not joining Wayne, who at least gets to sit down! and Gabe explains that this machine, called the Vacunaught, has been designed to specifically target abdominal fat. So after being put into what I would describe as a cut-off wetsuit which transforms me into a member of the Telletubbies, I am attached to some hoses and the treadmill starts moving! At first it feels as though hundreds of octopus tentacles are squeezing and sucking my whole abdominal area, the suits actually pulsates with the pressure of the vacuums, but it doesn’t hurt and I got used to it pretty quickly. After about 10 minutes of the session Wayne is still cycling away whilst chatting to Gabe and watching old movies whilst I’m starting to sweat, pouring with sweat would be a more accurate description! By the time my session is over I feel like I’ve had a really decent workout which surprised me. We are told we need a minimum of 12 sessions each to get the results we are after and Wayne groans as Gabe dispenses our program guidelines, no carbs after a session, limit alcohol and fat intake. We have now had 6 treatments and the results really do speak for themselves. Wayne has lost fat all over his body and looks trimmer, firmer and feels much fitter. I went to the beach this weekend with my family and finally felt very comfortable walking around in my bikini, no sarong needed! Can’t wait to see the final result after all 12 sessions are completed, we’ll let you know what happens and if Wayne gets his six pack maybe even add some photos!

(07) 3263 7300

Hypoxi Body Sculpting Homemaker City Shop 24C, 825 Zillmere Rd *Valid to 31/10/09 Aspley Mention Advert


EXERCISE DURING PREGNANCY & POSTBIRTH Article by Merendi Leverett-Bowler Accredited Exercise Physiologist GradDipHSc(ExRehab), BHMSc, AEP, MAAESS

Everyone knows how passionate I am about keeping fit and today I want to talk about a topic very dear to my heart - the benefits of exercising during and after pregnancy. There is much supported evidence confirming that exercise is beneficial to the pregnant woman and her unborn child. The benefits of a participating in a prenatal exercise regime includes – improved aerobic capacity, muscular strength, maintaining a healthy pregnancy weight, increased energy levels, and faster recovery from labour. It is well documented that during pregnancy women can participate in regular, mild to moderate levels of exercise. It is advisable that you discuss your own personal situation with your treating health practitioner before commencing any type of exercise program. When I was pregnant with my twin boys, I was advised my by obstetrician against participating in moderate intensity exercise due to being classed as a ‘high risk’ pregnancy. I was however able to continue walking and swimming on a regular basis. Mind you by my 3rd trimester I was finding walking difficult and preferred swimming, as it took the load off my body. With my 2nd pregnancy I had a singleton and of course I could participate in any type of exercise I liked, but within normal considerations (i.e. avoid high impact, lying on back, swimming in ‘hot’ indoor pools etc). I chose to participate in Pilates as during my first pregnancy I experienced a lot of sacroiliac joint and back pain. I also found this a great relaxing exercise class that also assisted in improving my pelvic floor muscles, which seem to get quite weak after birth. There are many types of exercise that women can participate in during pregnancy and after giving birth. These include aerobic exercise, such as walking, cycling and swimming. Many women also choose low-level exercise classes like yoga and Pilates, which focus on breathing and strengthening the pelvic region. If you are interested in keeping well ‘toned’ during pregnancy and want to regain your pre-pregnancy body shape after birth, resistance exercise is another type of exercise you can try. It is recommended that you have a qualified professional, like an Exercise Physiologist prescribe your program to ensure it is tailored to your individual needs and special considerations made for pregnancy or post-birth. There are also a few things you need to be aware of when exercising during pregnancy; • • • • •

drink plenty of fluids while exercising, don’t overheat your body, keep you heart rate below 140bpm (to avoid overheating or causing cardiac distress to the foetus), avoid contact sports and exercises that cause jarring to the joints and body (e.g. jogging), if you have any bleeding or pain whilst exercising, stop immediately and seek medical attention.

If you are interested in regaining your pre-pregnancy body shape and weight after having your baby, I suggest you wait until you have had your 6 week obstetrics review and discuss your intentions with your treating health practitioner before starting any exercise regime. If you are looking to start exercising whilst pregnant, I would suggest waiting until you are at least 14 weeks gestation, obtain medical consent and start slowly. If you want to ensure you get correct information and an exercise program designed specifically for you, then I suggest you speak with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist. To find out more about exercise classes specifically designed for pregnancy and post natal I suggest you visit our website ( and look at the variety of classes we offer or call 1300 881 538

ALBANY CREEK Under New Management Open 7 Days 6.30am till late Fully Licensed Buy One Meal & One Drink Recieve your Second Meal for $5 Not to be in conjunction with VIP, on public holidays or any other offer. Second to equal or lesser value. Expires 31/10/09

Balanced Magazine

Albany Creek

Cnr Albany Creek Road and Ferguson Street ALBANY CREEK QLD 4035 P: 3325 3020

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05 Skye Robinson is a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and best of all a mum and step-mum of 4 busy children. Skye runs a Family Focused Natural Health Care Clinic in Eatons Hill. She prides herself on providing professional advice and natural health care that is practical and useable in real everyday family situations.



03 Merendi Leverett-Bowler is the Director and founder of Merendi Health & Wellness. Merendi’s individually developed wellness programs are for people of all ages and fitness levels. Since becoming a mum in 2004 Merendi now understands and appreciates the importance of good health and exercise during pregnancy and after giving birth.

Nadine Piat-Niski is a personal coach specialising in the areas of life balance & wellness. Nadine moves her clients towards personal success by addressing limiting beliefs, overcoming fears & empowering her clients to take positive action that is in alignment with who they realy are and their personal vision.

Cathy Stewart’s Practice in Norman Drive , Chermside has been established over 20 years, providing musculoskeletal therapy, manual therapy, sports physiotherapy, and general physiotherapy services, including work injuries, sports injuries, and car accident injuries. Cathy is dedicated to achieving the most optimal results and to helping you meet your personal goals.

Dadhichi Toth is one of Australia’s foremost astrologers. For over 24 years he has been researching astrology, and has conducted over 9,000 consultations. His clients include celebrities, politician and diplomatic figures from all over the world. His website astrology. offer a wide range of helpful information and services




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PMS - A Womens Nightmare starting to experience symptoms of subclinical hypothyroidism (tired, run-down, exhausted, weight gain, fluid retention) indicates that the hormones that regulate your menstrual cycle are becoming imbalanced and need to be corrected. Becoming aware of your body’s signs is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with yourself and something we can all teach our daughters. If you’re interested in learning about managing PMS, I am holding an informal information session on Friday 30 October at 10am – 11am, at my clinic. I will be addressing the hormone link in the menstrual cycle, how adrenal exhaustion and thyroid imbalances can influence your cycle, how to chart your cycle for ovulation and conception and I will be discussing strategies for a PMS-free cycle. For more info about the session and other sessions held every fortnight, call me on 0438 821 283. The session is $15 which includes light refreshments, info packs and an opportunity to ask any questions you have. This is a great way to ask your questions without having to book a consultation. If you have a teenage daughter, this is an opportunity to empower her with knowledge. Kids welcome.




7:30pm – 10:00pm $9.50 Admission $4 Hire

By Skye Robinson (Local Expert)


Family Retro Nite 7:00pm – 9:00pm $9.00 Admission $4 Hire

Centro Albany ~ 700 Albany Creek Road,Albany Creek

3325 1711


Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) can be a woman’s nightmare. Cramping, pain, irrational behaviour, mood swings, headaches, abdominal pain and tender breasts, just to name a few symptoms. It is rare to find a woman who has never experienced some form of PMS. Although there are some who believe women use PMS as an excuse to complain or that it is an ‘unexplained phenomenon’. I beg to differ. The body’s organs and hormones are so delicately interconnected that PMS can arise from something as simple as a fight with your husband, what you had for breakfast, moving house, your work or starting a new course of antibiotics. Not to mention the huge hormonal changes woman are constantly undergoing throughout our lives. Understanding the foundation of your cycle empowers you to prevent PMS from occurring. Charting your cycle also gives you the chance to optimise the likelihood of conception. It is a powerful tool to have and it is a woman’s right to know and understand your body’s rhythms. In managing PMS, discovering the hormone link is a vital part in treatment. During any time in your menstrual cycle you begin to feel adrenal exhaustion or are

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Please check it carefully, taking special care to ensure the telephone numbers, Balanced Magazine street, email Your Community, Your Lifestyle and website addresses are correct. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission from Balanced Media is prohibited.


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Thin thighs maybe not your heart’s desire WASHINGTON (Reuters) - People who have agonized over their fat thighs might be able to relax a bit -- Danish doctors said on Thursday they found patients with the thinnest thighs died sooner than the more endowed. Obesity, age, smoking and other factors did not reduce the effect, the researchers reported in the British Medical Journal. “Our results suggest that there might be an increased risk of premature death related to thigh size,” Berit Heitmann of Copenhagen University Hospital and Peder Frederiksen of Glostrup University Hospital wrote. The explanation may lie in many different studies that suggest where you gain your weight is a strong factor in how it affects health. People with lots of abdominal fat -- wrapped in and around the internal organs -- appear to be at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other ills. So-called pearshaped people may have lower risks, even if they have more body fat overall. Heitmann and Frederiksen studied 1,436 men and 1,380 women taking part in a larger medical research study who were examined in 1987 and 1988, then watched them for more than 12 years. Men and women whose thighs were less than 24 inches in circumference were more likely to die during those 12 years, they found. Those with the thinnest thighs -- less than 18 inches -- were more than twice likely to have died within 12 years, they reported in the study. Dozens of studies have shown waist size can also be a good predictor of heart disease and death. Women with a waist circumference of greater than 35

inches and men whose waists are more than 40 inches have a much higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and early death than people with smaller waists -- regardless of how much body fat they have overall. This is again linked to abdominal fat. Fat laid down under the skin, as when it is found on the legs, may be healthier for the body, although the mechanism is unclear. The Danish team said they hoped thigh measurements might be an equally good indicator. But Dr. Ian Scott of Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, disagreed, saying the statistics in the Danish study were too limited. He said larger studies would need to be done before doctors could decide that thigh measurement was any kind of good predictor of health.“It seems unlikely that thigh circumference will be clinically useful,” Scott wrote in a commentary. Tim Olds, a professor of Health Sciences at the University of South Australia, saw some value in the study, however. “This is a very interesting line of research, because it would suggest that interventions which protect or increase muscle mass (such as weight training) may be effective in reducing cardiovascular disease even if no loss of body fat occurs,” Olds said in a statement.

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Fees and conditions apply subject to normal lending criteria. *Your ability to save will be based on your personal circumstances. RAMS Home Loans Brisbane North East is independently owned and operated by Verstraten Holdings Pty Ltd ATF The Grey Family Trust ABN 22 314 115 391. Credit Provider: Westpac Banking Corporation, ABN 33 007 457 141.

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The perfect local family getaway Go Wild Activity Centre is an adventure for the smallest to the biggest devils around! As Australia’s largest family activity centre, we have something for everyone and will make sure that the whole family is entertained and looked after.


Our friendly team includes qualified childcare staff and we pride ourselves on providing excellent, quality service that is down-to-earth and friendly. Your one of the family at Go Wild!


So whether you’re a little kid, big kid or just a kid at heart come see us at Go Wild Activity Centre!

*October Only *One per customer per visit, present this voucher

Go Wild Activity Centre Cnr Gympie & Kremzow Rd Strathpine

(07) 3205 7794

“Australias Largest Family Activity Centre “

Doctors office weigh-ins no help for heavy kids NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Having doctors routinely weigh overweight children and give parents advice on diet and exercise may have little impact on kids’ weight gain or lifestyle habits, a new study suggests. The findings call into question national policies in countries like the US, UK and Australia, researchers report in the medical journal BMJ. According to those policies, pediatricians and family doctors should be at the front lines of combating childhood obesity -- monitoring children’s weight and, when needed, giving parents advice on weight control. The problem is that there is little evidence that these strategies work, according to the researchers on the current study, led by Dr. Melissa Wake of Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. One recent research review, for instance, found that no clinical trials have been done to see whether the common practice of weighing children at school has any effects on their odds of becoming overweight. What’s more, even when screening spots children with weight problems, little is known about what types of treatments are effective. These latest findings, Wake’s team writes, suggest

that routine weight screening and counseling from doctors are “unlikely to be effective in reducing childhood obesity.” In the study, the researchers followed 258 children ages 5 to 10 who were found to be overweight or mildly obese after a weigh-in at the doctor’s office. The children were then randomly assigned to one of two groups -- one in which doctors gave parents several counseling sessions on healthy diet and exercise, and a “control” group in which parents received no advice on controlling their children’s weight. After one year, Wake’s team found no significant difference in average weight gain between the two groups of children. Nor were there any clear differences in exercise levels or diet habits -- though parents who received the counseling reported a dip in their children’s soda intake. There was no evidence of negative effects on the children -- like poor body image or lowered selfesteem, the researchers point out. But the lack of clear benefits suggests that healthcare dollars could be better spent, they write. More research is needed to understand how to best prevent childhood obesity in the first place, and how to effectively treat it, the investigators conclude.

Puppies “with a purpose” need loving homes Guide Dogs Queensland (GDQ) is calling for Puppy Raisers across Brisbane as it prepares for the arrival of new litters at the end of the year. It’s been a record year of puppy arrivals this year, with 83 pups born since January, and there’s more on the way. However, GDQ needs help to raise these precious puppies who could one day become the eyes and trusted companion of a Queenslander, who is blind or vision impaired. GDQ’s volunteer puppy raisers are individuals and families who enjoy an active lifestyle, have plenty of time to dedicate to their puppies early training and socialisation needs and live within 90 minutes of Brisbane. GDQ Breeding Program Manager Lauren Elgie said most importantly puppy raisers need to have the available time to provide our precious pups a stimulating, happy and secure upbringing between the age of 10 weeks and 12 months. As part of the Puppy Development Program at GDQ, puppy raisers introduce the pups to the “real world” and begin the vital socialisation and early training in preparation for formal Guide Dog training, with the support of a GDQ supervisor. “They will help teach basic obedience and introduce our puppies to new environments such as public transport and

Balanced Magazine

shopping centres. The costs associated with raising our puppies are also covered by the association,” Ms Elgie said. “It’s a big responsibility but intensely satisfying as our puppy raisers play a vital role in helping us deliver independence and freedom to blind and vision impaired Queenslanders.” Anyone interested in sharing the journey and becoming a Puppy Raiser for Guide Dogs Queensland can read more and apply online at or free call 1800 810 122.

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10 great tips to improve your golf

1 2

Get fitted correctly including the length, shaft flex, lie angle and grip size. Keep your head still and do not sway. A steady head is an absolute must

4 5


6 7

Hit hybrids like an iron, not a wood

On a bunker shot, focus on the spot where you want to hit the sand rather than the ball


Develop a routine for each shot and repeat it on every shot


By Graeme McDuff

Keep the tempo of the swing the same with every club in the bag... hit your 4 iron with the same tempo as you hit your 9 iron. Keep a straight but not stiff left arm (for Right hand golfers) on the back swing and cock on the is difficult to produce the same swing arc when the arm bends then straightens on the downswing

Focus on speed rather than line when putting

9 10

When in trouble, get the ball back into play. When all else fails, take up bowls.

But before you take this final step, come in and see the Golf Gurus at Aspley. Our expert sales professionals will fit you out with the correct gear at the right price using our computerized swing analyser. Call 3263 8443 Today


store now er TO In f f LOOKING IMPROVE YOUR o l a i c e Sp

Try before you buya Deal for Y Have we got

20%OFF • • • •

Indoor driving bays

Try before you buy • Computerised swi Wide selection of new•&Friendly used clubsprofession Indoor driving bays Wide selection of new and usedwelcome clubs • Full range of acce Trade-ins Trade-ins are welcome • Dynamic club fittin

At Golf Gurus we Computerised support swing our analysis local clubs - SO

LOOKING TO IMPROVE YOUR GAME? *Mention advertisment, Valid to 31/10/09 THE • Try before you buy • Indoor driving bays • Wide selection of new and used clubs • Trade-ins are welcome

• Computerised swing analysis • Friendly professional staff • Full range of accessories • Dynamic club fitting as well as repairs


Have we got a Deal for You!

Full range of accessories

GOLF GUR Friendly professional staff

Dynamic club fitting aswell as repairs

1332 Gympie Road, Aspley Qld 4032

At Golf Gurus we support our local clubs - SO COME INTO


local clubs serving Brisbane for and over 20 the years! G O L F G UServing R U S the golfers ofSupporting golfers of Brisbane for over 20 Years!

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Serving the golfers of Brisbane for over 20 years!

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Vegeout is the brainchild of Jennie and David Brosnan. In this busy world, Jennie and David thought of a way to bring fresh fruit and vegetables into peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s homes. Shopping at home or work in a time that is convenient to you, allows you hand select the fruit, vegetables and deli items that your family can delight over in the coming days. David and Jennie come from an extensive food background. Both are qualified chefs, starting out their careers learning at the hands of Brisbane master chefs. Their love of food continued as they started a family and realised the vital importance of quality and freshness protecting the health of their daughters. David started working at the Brisbane Markets in 1991 where he learnt how to source quality produce from growers and completed his Quality Assurance qualifications. Their dream of opening a quality Fruit and Vegetable shop was realised in 2006, opening a store in Ferny Grove which now the home of great service and quality for their local customers; awarded as a Finalist in the 2008 Retailer of the Year by Fresh Tastes â&#x20AC;&#x201C; an arm of the Brisbane Markets. Vegeout can now bring that great service to your home or office. Online orders placed before 7am can be delivered to most areas of Brisbane, with deliveries also available in the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba regions. Quality and Freshness is guaranteed with Vegeout. David and Jennie would love the opportunity to save you time and bring their great tasting products into your home ready to serve up to your family & friends.


ORDER YOUR FRUIT & VEGE ONLINE PLUS gluten free products & gourmet lines. Quality & Freshness Guaranteed

FREE HOME DELIVERY 5 days per week Mon to Fri

Order by 7am for same day service No need to be at home Delivery in a cold storage box

WHICH team ARE YOU O N? Balanced Magazine




(07) 3264 4207

5 Albany Forest Drive, Albany Creek

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Cathy Stewart Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist B.Phty, Grad. Dip. Adv. Manip. Phty

Now that the warmer weather is here, it’s a good time to start being active again and improving your fitness. Being active provides several health benefits including: 1.

Improved cardiovascular fitness (more puff to go further)


Improved flexibility, agility and quicker reflexes (less likely to fall and injure oneself)


Stronger muscles and bones (less likely to tear and break)


Increased mental alertness (not to sluggish)


General well-being tonic effect (happier mood/ psychological effect).

and arms (biceps and triceps). Keeping in shape need not be costly or timeconsuming. A few lunges or ‘piles’ (knee bends) interspersed with 10 rises on toes or hip extensions (5 each leg) can be done holding the counter in the kitchen while cooking the dinner or waiting for the toast to pop up. Arm raises, forwards and sideways, (10 each arm) with 1 kg of rice or sugar can be performed while putting away the groceries; similarly for bicep curls and shoulder presses (press 1kg weight up towards ceiling, extending elbow). Wall push ups can be done in the shower- be sure to keep the shoulder blades down throughout the exercise. Aerobic exercise can include gardening (lifting bags of mulch, pushing wheelbarrow, raking, mowing), brisk walking, hills, stairs, lifting bags of groceries or laundry baskets, and playing backyard sports or games with the children or grandchildren. Getting involved in fun runs or walks (Bridge to Brisbane, ‘Mater Miracles’, RBWH Research) is a good way to improve your fitness and help a charity at the same time. Remember to warm-up a bit first, and stretch afterwards. Keeping good core stability, correct alignment, and smooth continued movements will help avoid injuries and strains. More on that topic later. Meanwhile, keep on moving and improving! Until next time,

According to the American Heart Foundation and American College of Sports Medicine, the recommended minimum amount of physical activity required for promoting and maintaining health is 30mins/day of moderate intensity aerobic activity for 5 days/week or vigorous intensity aerobic activity for 20 mins/day for 3 days/week. It is acceptable to exercise in 10min bouts to accumulate the recommended 30 mins/ day. Moderate intensity aerobic exercise is exemplified by brisk walking and high intensity aerobic exercise by jogging. In addition, resistance exercises to strengthen the major muscle groups should be performed at least 2 days/week. Strengthening exercises should use a weight heavy enough to result in muscular fatigue after 8-12 repetitions. Muscle strengthening exercises can include stair-climbing, weight-heaving callisthenics, or a traditional gym based weight-training programme. The major muscle groups to be exercised are the abdominals, upper and lower back, thighs (quads and hamstrings), buttocks/hips, calves, shoulders (deltoid)

Cathy Stewart (Cathy Stewart Physiotherapist)

3 Norman Drive, (Cnr Gympie Rd) Chermside 4032 (07) 3350 5455

At Gametraders Chermside not only do we have the WIDEST range and BEST prices on New Release to Retro games, we also stock the largest and BEST range of game related figurines, toys and t-shirts

Figurines, Toys & T-Shirts

Westfield Chermside (Shopping Centre) Shop 207 (near Coles) cnr Gympie & Hamilton Rds Balanced Magazine

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stickk.coam elf s r u o y n o ct r

put a cont

Key Feature


*FREE to use *Easy to use functionality *Incentive D riven results *Online Com munity

Quick Not


The extra “K shorthand ” is the s for “contra ymbol ct” used in legal w riti Since they ng. o Commitme ffer nt Contracts, th appropria ey felt it te to add that extra “K” in the name.

to k c ti s to y a w a r fo g in Look your goals?

. a couple of Yale lecturers d an nt de stu nt me ge themselves in Created by a Yale mana users to put a contract on for y wa a as 08 20 ry quickly grown was launched in Februa lifestyle. has ir the ing ov pr im to it ittments on order to help them comm d $2.9 million of comm ine mb co a th wi ers mb me ances and to include over 42,000 ationships, education, fin rel , ess fitn h, alt he r, ree the line, ranging from ca much more. or proffessional s you to set a personal ow all om k.c ck Sti tem sys set a monetary value In an easy to use e to complete the task, am efr tim a set f, sel ur ity, friend or foe, no commitment for yo the money will go (char ere wh ne mi ter de d an if you dont succeed money) n triple you contracts can more tha t en itm mm co of e us It has been found that the ntract on yourself today and Stickk to it. a co success, so why not put

42,000 Members, 28,000 commitment contracts, $2.9 Million on the line


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healthshack Your Community, Your Lifestyle

Pg 12

5 ways to attack that stubborn fat Hey, I exercise regularly and I think I eat pretty healthy so why can’t I lose the fat off my “muffin top”? Are you checking your fluid intake? Water is essential for hydration. A properly hydrated body will burn the fat. Did you know that you can also hydrate by drinking green tea? Unlike coffee and black tea which are known diuretics (leech water from the body) green tea has come up trumps again as not only a source of antioxidants but another healthy way to increase your fluids.

Are you still eating processed cereals? It is no wonder that by 9am you are ravenous. Most if not all boxed cereals are high GI which means that the energy from them is not sustainable. Stick to low GI foods like a slice of whole grain bread with poached egg or a vegetable omelette or for non- egg eaters 2 Tbs of plain yoghurt with nuts and fresh fruit.

Are you still doing long boring cardio? By now you would have heard me talk about intervals and they really do work. Nothing burns the fat faster than interval training. Did you know that you can even do intervals without a treadmill, bike or rower? Just come along to my 2 week trial fit camp to find how much variety you can get with exercises.

Have you been exercising but not doing any resistance training? If you want to really boost your body’s fat burning ability then start a program of strength training whether it is body weight or some kind of weight you will see results almost immediately.

Are you eating often enough? The most neglected time of day for the average person is between lunch and tea. For some people it can be between 6 to 8 hrs that they don’t eat and there is nothing like starving the body to slow the metabolism. Around comes dinner time and you are so hungry you eat more than your share and feel over full. Then you sit down and watch tele with all that potential energy and then crawl into bed. Do yourself a favour and have some fruit or yoghurt in the afternoon. Even celery and nut butter or carrots and hummus.. Remember the best results come not only to the informed but to those who apply that information.

By Tim James Exercise Wizard (0422133329) Certified PT, Australian Kettle Bell Instructor

Focused on your health & fitness The search is over. You have just found the body toning, weight losing fit camp that makes you 5 times stronger & healthier & i will let you try it for FREE for two weeks to prove it! Hurry this offer wont last

0422 133 329 Balanced Magazine

2 Week FREE Trial

limited to first 20 callers

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Government’s stimulus plan to slash energy bills The Australian Government has released details of its $4 billion Energy Efficient Homes Package. The package, which will install ceiling insulation into 2.9 million homes will help millions of Australian’s reduce their energy use, create much needed jobs and cut power bills in these homes by $200 - $700 per year, making this program great news for the economy and the environment. Local company, Select Building Services, who specialise in installing ceiling insulation recommend all homeowners who do not currently have insulation take advantage of this incentive program. The assistance is specifically targeted at the 40 percent

of Australian homes currently estimated to not have insulation. For most households, insulation is the simplest and most effective way to make a house more energy efficient, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Nick Bond from Select Building Services says, “A home with no insulation is wasting energy and money. A quality insulation product like Bradford Gold will stop heat penetrating your home in summer and prevent valuable heat escaping in winter”. Creating jobs in the midst of an economic downturn can of course be applauded but the underlying environmental and health benefits of this program cannot be ignored. Insulating these households will drastically reduce their carbon footprint, cutting energy waste. Insulation also reduces condensation on walls and ceilings leading to improved health for the residents of these homes, especially children. Nick added, “Our product is the only accepted insulation partner of the National Asthma Council of Australia and it’s produced from up to 80% recycled glass helping to save energy in its manufacture and to reduce landfill” The Homeowner Insulation Program runs from 1 July 2009 until 31 December 2011 and as the average cost of insulating a home is $1,200 not too many households will be out of pocket after the $1,600 rebate. Call Select Building Systems today on 33001811 for a FREE consultation and to check your eligibility for the scheme.



Insulation can save you up to 80% on your heating and cooling costs and thanks to the Australian Government’s $1600 rebate you can insulate your house for FREE

FOR A FREE QUOTE CALL US TODAY ON 3300 1811 Balanced Magazine

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Q & A with Matt Kelso from Pump It personal training By Rebecca Kerta

Sometimes in life you have days when you’re not feeling fantastic, your favourite jeans feel a bit tighter than the last time you wore them, you have zero energy and your will power has gone a.w.o.l! I was feeling all of the above when I went to meet the very buff Matthew Kelso, owner of Pump It Personal Training in Aspley and one of the most inspiring fitness professionals you are ever likely to meet. We met up for coffee while Mat chatted about his career and achievements. RK: What is your earliest memory of weight training and what impact did it have on you?

RK: As a personal trainer what makes you different from other operators out there?

MK: I first started training weights with a good friend at a local gym in Chermside. I was very lean and athletic as a kid and I always wanted to improve my physique so I started reading body building magazines. My friend then competed in a body building competition and I went to watch, I decided then and there that I was going to compete too. After 5 years of hard training and good nutrition my body was totally transformed!

MK: I think what makes me a great trainer is that I’m the real deal. I practice what I preach, everything I ask my clients to do, I do, and clients appreciate that. I am highly motivational because I love what I do so much and my clients attain their fitness and physical goals. I’m also a big believer in education so I constantly update my skills and qualification so that I offer the best service and advice available.

RK: You now own a successful business in Pump It Personal Training, what led you to this point in your profession? MK: I have always been in the fitness industry; I’m very passionate about every aspect of fitness, as a sport and as the basis of a healthy life. Opening my own studio was a natural progression as it means I can impart my passion and knowledge onto my clients and get them the results they are searching for.

RK: You live and breathe every aspect of your work and keep yourself in perfect physical condition whilst running a business and raising a young family. What do you say to people that tell you they don’t have enough time to exercise? MK: This isn’t a complaint it’s an excuse! Many people hold down full time jobs, raise a family and still train every day. If you want to achieve your goals and change your life then find the time, your body and your family will thank you for it!

RK: You competed professionally as a body builder for many years, it’s a sport that requires total dedication, tell us about your experiences and successes?

RK: Your job is to inspire and motivate your clients, who is your inspiration?

MK: I have been competing for the past 7 years and have been very successful at Queensland, Australia and Southern Hemisphere levels. My most memorable competition was back in 2006 when I won the NABBA Qld in my class and then took out the Overall Champion trophy. That trophy meant that all those 5 am cardio sessions and hours spent pumping heavy weights had finally paid off! The last competition I entered was in May this year and I placed 2nd in the Southern Hemisphere. I was in the best condition of my life and was up against some high quality competitors, but I have to admit I was disappointed I didn’t win as I had put my heart and soul into that competition.

MK: My inspiration certainly comes from my wife Kristy and my son, Cooper. They give me the drive and support I need to run a successful business. If you need motivation and inspiration then contact Matt at Pump It Personal Training in Aspley on 0410 511 480

Shape up for Summer t t t t

Purchase 10 Personal Training One-on-One Personal Training Sessions for $450 and save 8 Week Challenge $50 plus recieve a FREE Supplements BodyRipped Thermogen Diet & Nutritional Plans SAVE Fat Burner valued $100 at $49.95

1349 Gympie Rd, Aspley Balanced Magazine

0410 511 480

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Recession maybe good for your health NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The economic downturn may not be good for your bottom line, but it might be a boon to your health, a study on health trends during the Great Depression suggests. Looking at U.S. death rates between 1920 and 1940, researchers found that during the bleakest years of the Great Depression, death rates dipped when compared with years of economic expansion. The patterns were seen among men and women, and across age groups. At the same time, life expectancy generally increased during the recession years and declined during years of growth. The findings, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, may seem counterintuitive. However, they add to previous research showing correlations between economic woes and health improvements in various countries. Many people may assume that the health of the general population takes a hit during recession, noted lead researcher Dr. Jose A. Tapia Granados, an assistant research scientist at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. “But it is very clear that this is not the case,” he told Reuters Health. This study could not look at the reasons why. However, Tapia Granados speculated on some By Amy Norton potential factors. Economic expansions have been linked to population increases in smoking and drinking, as well as less sleep and more stress. At least some of these factors could have immediate effects on mortality rates, Tapia Granados said. If a person with underlying heart disease begins to smoke more, for example, that could raise his or her short-term risk of heart attack. In addition, as the economy picks up, so does roadway traffic -- which also means more traffic deaths. Fatal workplace injuries show a similar increase. Increased industrial production and road traffic also create more air pollution, Tapia Granados said. He noted that studies have shown that deaths from heart disease tend to spike on days marked by heavy air pollution. In their study, Tapia Granados and his colleagues found that during years of strong economic growth -- including 1923, 1926, 1929 and 1936-1937 -- overall death rates were higher, and deaths from heart disease and tuberculosis peaked. In contrast, during the early 1930s, which were the main years of the Great Depression, death rates declined, while life expectancy rose -- from age 57 in 1929 to age 63 in 1933, followed by a temporary decline in 1936. The difference was most striking among non-white Americans, the researchers found. Between 1921 and 1926, these men and women lost roughly eight years in life expectancy, but during the Great Depression, they gained an equivalent number of years. When the researchers looked at specific causes of death, they found that deaths from five of the six top U.S. killers remained stable or decreased during the Depression. The one exception was deaths from suicide. “For this reason,” Tapia Granados said, “suicide prevention is particularly important today.” He said that he and his colleagues plan to investigate some of the potential reasons why, outside of suicide, recessions may have health benefits. One focus will be the possible role of decreased air pollution. Another will be the role of work-related factors, Tapia Granados said, including the question of whether longer hours, faster-paced work and sleep deprivation take a health toll during economic good times.

Australia reports first Tamiflu resistant H1N1 case SYDNEY (Reuters) - The first Australian case of swine flu resistant to Roche Holding AG’s antiviral drug Tamiflu was confirmed by the Western Australia state government last Friday. “The 38-year-old Perth man, who has a weakened immune system, initially responded to the drug but developed a resistant strain of the virus when his illness relapsed,” the state’s Department of Health said in a statement. There have been 13 cases of Tamiflu-resistant infections around the world, the statement said. A Roche executive said on Monday that isolated cases of

Balanced Magazine

Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 pandemic flu were to be expected, in line with what has been seen in clinical studies. “There is no evidence that the virus has spread to other people. None of the patient’s family or hospital staff caring for him have contracted the virus, and he has not been in contact with the wider community,” said the state’s Chief Health Officer Tarun Weeramanthri, adding that the case was a rare and isolated one. The man remained in a critical condition in intensive care.

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im Body Tr a Francesc

Protein Bars - Rita

I was recommended the Body Trim Weight Loss Program by my sister Rebecca who was told about the program from a customer at her work. I had tried weight loss programs before but had struggled with having to refrain from eating. When Bec mentioned that this program required you eat six meals a day, I was all for it! I was impressed by how different the program was to others and how easy it was to do. And the best thing is I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to starve myself. The Body Trim Program is not just a short time program, it gives you information that you will use throughout the rest of your life. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to loss weight by eating

Fish Oil - Scott I had read a great deal of research that explained the benefits of omega-3 essential fatty acids in a wide range of health conditions. But having a busy lifestyle working as a full time accountant whilst studying a Bachelor of Business I found it hard to keep up with taking 9 fish oil capsules per day to achieve the recommended dose. Fortunately I found a High Strength Liquid Fish Oil product which only requires one teaspoon a day. This is a much more convenient way to achieve the recommended dosage.

I started taking the Body Science High Protein Bars because they were an easy and convenient way to integrate protein in my diet whilst being low in carbs. Having studied Nutritional Medicine for the past year I have gotten into the habit of reading ingredient labels. I noticed that collagen had been included in the High Protein Bar. After doing further research I discovered that the collagen hydrolysate was included as it assists with degenerative joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis. They also taste great in a chocolate and cookies and cream flavour.

Prod Rev uct iew

htehae lths



Mass Mo nster - Jay

Endura Magnesium Rehydration FormulaAdam Being an AFL player I take Enduraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s magnesium rehydration formula before and after games for stamina and the rapid replacement of fluid and electrolytes. The good thing about this product is that its also assists in relieving muscular aches, pains and in preventing muscular cramps and spasms. I also use it after a weight session at the gym and its great for recovering muscles.

I used the Body Science Product Mass Monster to gain weight and bulk up before a professional fight. I managed to gain 5kg without gaining any body fat. Mass Monster is something I will continue to use throughout my Mixed Martial Arts training.

Finally! A fun way to socialize with other ladies and gents away from your children

JOIN THE CAFE CLUB 2 Games of Tenpin Bowling with FREE Coffee & Bikkies Not a Bowler? Thats OK we can help you with that aswell! we will even look after the kids FREE instruction for the first 3 weeks where we teach you how to select the right ball for you and the basics of ten pin bowling So come on you will have a great time and meet new friends and fun galore Westfield Shoppingtown Gympie Rd, Chermside Shop 302 (near cinemas)

Call (07) 3350 3299 Balanced Magazine

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Secrets of the ancient koreans brings good health to Australians ‘Migun’ is an acronym made up of two Korean words: ‘MI’ meaning ‘Beauty’ and ‘GUN’ meaning ‘Health’. In essence a Migun Massage is a clinical thermal massage delivered via a bed; a ‘miracle’ bed. Migun was developed in Korea in the 1980s, combining the principles of Eastern traditional medical wisdom and Western technology. The medical device now available is the result of many years of research and has been approved in many countries, in particular by Government medical authorities in Australia and the USA. Migun provides different forms of treatment, acupuncture, acupressure, far infrared light, thermotherapy and massage. Migun can be used to treat hyper-and-hypo-blood pressure and other heart troubles and diseases, diabetes, liver malfunctions, kidney disease, benign tumours, nerve sprain, lumbago and disk problem, arthritis, rheumatism, skin infections, menstrual pain, constipation, insomnia, memory loss, dietary disorder etc. This amazing therapy has been around for nearly 17 years with in excess of 20,000,000 beds sold throughout the world. Our centre provides customers the flexibility of purchasing your own bed for use in the comfort of your homes or you can visit us and use our beds. As you

Over 21 years of Great Results

lie down (fully clothed) and relax on the Migun thermal massage bed your body weight, along with the internal heated Jade Massage Heads work together to give you a deep and soothing therapeutic massage which stimulates key acupuncture points, blood vessels and muscles to accelerate and improve blood circulation. Migun massage also helps to reduce stress and anxiety, relieve tension & headaches , increase energy , reduce hypertension, reduce muscle and joint pain, increase the immune response , relieve back pain and much more.. So come on into The Healthshack and talk to our staff about how a Migun thermal massage treatment can improve your health today! Call 3264 4207

Be on the Road to Permenant Pain Reduction Special Offer

10 Massages for only $130

*offer available till 31/10/09

Call Today 3264 4207

5 Albany Forest Drive, Albany Creek



20 % OFF

General Membership prices for 12 months *on a 12 month direct deposit payment plan. Offer available from Sep 1st to Oct 31st. 10% off Kids Membership

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Unit 35/ 302 South Pine Rd, Brendale

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FISH FOR THOUGHT Research studies show fish oil benefits are down right amazing. Studies are published almost daily as the scientific community discovers more and more of the many extraordinary omega 3 fish oil benefits. Fish oil supplements aka Omega 3 fatty acids provides the body with many health benefits, in particular, to some of the body’s most vital organs - the heart, brain, and the nervous system. This is because the fatty acids taken from deep sea, cold water fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel are the building blocks of the human brain, nervous system and essential to a healthy heart by regulating the levels of cholesterol in the body, amongst other things. There is now strong literature evidence that fish oil supplementation helps...

• Prevent diabetes. • Prevent pregnancy complications, including premature delivery and low birth weight. Taking fish oil during pregnancy may also help to reduce allergies in newborns, increases children’s IQ and reduce risk of post-partum depression.

• Prevent impaired visual and brain development in children. • Prevent sudden cardiac death (~50% risk reduction). • Prevent stroke (~40-50% risk reduction).

By Rita DiBartolo

• Prevent irregular heartbeat. • Prevent some forms of cancer (e.g. Breast Cancer & Colon Cancer). • Reduce craving for fatty foods. Fish oil may help in weight regulation. • Prevent age-related prostate enlargement in males. • Prevent and treat Major Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD and Anger/Aggression. Fish oil also helps treat Huntington’s Disease.

• Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. • Prevent and treat Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and other inflammatory conditions.

• Improve skin, hair and nail health. • Preserve eyesight decline associated with aging. Fish oil also help to reduce eye


... and that’s just a sample of the possible health benefits of fish oil. Fish oil is by far the nutrient supplement with the most scientific support.

Physics & Self Defense What do the laws of physics have to do with self defence? Let’s look at the principal “action is always faster than reaction”. In the world of physical science, this law is accepted as truth. But why do martial artists all over the world try to defy this basic principle? Every day, martial arts experts around the globe teach you to wait for your assailant to attack. Watch them practice; you’ll see two people standing in front of each other knowing exactly what the other one is going to do waiting for the attacker to initiate the assault. This is all well and good when everyone knows their part. The “attacker” knows “how to” attack and the defender “knows” what to expect. In this situation it appears to work, even when practiced with intensity Balanced Magazine

and with multiple assailants , but in the real world it puts you at a deadly disadvantage. When you’re attacked it won’t be a single technique. It will be a barrage of continuous attacks. You may be able to cover or deflect the first punch, but as the attack intensifies and your assailant gains momentum, you’re finished. Remember, in a real fight, your attacker is going to come at you with ruthless and brutal intent. Any good street fighter or criminal knows that once they get the jump on you, it’s all but over. They won’t strike, pose and wait for you to do something. They will continue with savage intent until you’re in a position of compliance.   To learn how to prepare for this, contact us here at Studio Plus on 3205 6292. Your Community, Your Lifestyle

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Transform your memories into a piece of art Long gone are the days of sticking your photographs into boring albums that only get an appearance at family gatherings, Recharge N Copy in Everton Park have recently added a state of the art Canon wide format printer to their store which can reproduce your favourite photos onto canvas! The owner of Recharge N Copy, Gary told us “The canvas prints have generated a huge response as it literally transforms your favourite photos into a piece of art!” The canvas prints make a personal and affordable gift for all occasions such as Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings or Christmas. Many people would simply love a special photo transformed and hung at home to create a unique talking point with Gary pointing out it’s very simple to arrange “Because we are printing in house now the canvas prints can in most circumstances be printed and wrapped onto a frame ready to hang in less than a week. Just bring the photo/print that you have selected into us and we can scan this or you can provide a digital image on USB or disk”. There is also no worry if the shot isn’t picture perfect because Gary’s team of designers can improve, change or enhance the image until it is. Recharge N Copy has been operating in the Everton Plaza at

Everton Park for 7 years, but has recently moved around the corner (still in the Everton Plaza) to 8/791 Stafford Rd and offers a wide variety of business and personal services including ink cartridge refilling, photocopying, laminating, business cards and a Kodak Kiosk for self service printing. Recharge & Copy is open Monday to Saturday it’s a one stop shop for all your printing requirements. Call Gary and his staff today on 38559550 or log onto www.

Print on Canvas that Special Photo SPECIAL • Special occasion • Weddings • Anniversary Ready to • Christenings • Birthday • Family Portrait Hang Prices Fast turnaround & trade welcome

Printed on high quality, professional artist canvas using the latest Canon 12 colour wide format printer with genuine Canon pigment UV protection ink.

Great prices on photo enlargements

$98 A2 $119 A1 $198 A3

Shop 8, 791 Stafford Rd, Everton Park, Everton Plaza Ph 3855




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Balanced Magazine

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4/30 Duntroon St. —Brendale, 4500 Ken Foster—Manager 0421-722-829 or 3142-0164

Patrick McCarthy

Master-level Instructor Hanshi 8th Degree Black Belt Dip MA Instruction, Cert IV & NCAS Level 4

Chris Foster

Master Swordsman MMA, No-gi Submission Fighting Instructor Aiki Kenpo Jujutsu Yudansha

Local business owner fundraising for hope We all know someone who has been touched by cancer. For Maria George, the touch has been deep and affecting and she feels the need to do something to pay homage to those of her family, friends and in her community who have or may one day battle cancer. Maria’s personal mission? To raise $5000 to help the Cancer Council in their search for a cure. As the owner of By George hairdressing salon in Aspley for 6 years, Maria has a large but close knit clientele all of whom she regards as friends, one of these friends, Belinda Holt, has been a client of Maria’s for 30 years and has been battling cancer for some time. Belinda’s journey alone is reason for Maria to want to take action, but sadly this year many more of By George’s clients have been touched by cancer and have shown Maria that all of us are affected in one way or another.

to drop into the By George salon and purchase a ticket before the draw at 2pm on Saturday the 31st October and help in giving hope, strength and support to all those touched by cancer in our community. By George in located at 1344 Gympie Road, Aspley (in the Aspley Fountain Shopping Centre) phone 32631136.

To support Belinda and all those who have been diagnosed Maria and her staff are fundraising for The Cancer Council, they have received many gift donations by generous local business owners and are selling raffle tickets for only $2.00, all proceeds of the raffle going directly to the Council to aid research for a cure. Maria is hoping to hand over a cheque for $5000 to this cause so she’s asking for everyone in the local community

Call Balanced Media (07) 3264 8384

l a i t n e t o P r u o y e r A g n i d a e R s r e m o t s u C ? l l e w s A this Take This Space from just $391 Balanced Magazine

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Unlimited Fun All Day Long!

By Rebecca Kerta

We all love to treat our children with a great day out, to watch them buzzing with excitement on the way there, laughing, running and playing with siblings and smiling exhaustedly on the way home. Theme parks with great rides and attractions are a fun filled family day out, the only downside for parents can be the cost involved, well Aussie World has taken that into consideration and offers unlimited rides all day long for a fantastic price! Entry for four people is only $80! Aussie World sponsored our holiday competition in our last edition and gave away four of these family passes as prizes! We went along with our three children to find out what kind of experience the prizewinners were in for! Located on the Bruce Highway, Sunshine Coast, Aussie World stands proudly behind the world famous Ettamogah Pub. Once the kids have received their unlimited rides armband the fun begins. For the big kids there is the Wild Mouse Roller Coaster, Dodgems, Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel or the Waltzers, and the queues are never very long so they get to go on again and again! There are lots of great rides for the little ones as well with Bizzy Buggies and Tykes Trolleys to name a few. Once the kids stop long enough to realise they are hungry the café is the next stop. Serving all the favourites like salad wraps and sandwiches, foot long hot dogs and burgers and ice-cream it’s a great place to recharge for round two! We leave happy and tired with three exhausted children who sleep all the way back to Brisbane! A great day out and as I counted the kids going on at least 30 rides fantastic value for money!

Competition Winners Family Pass for 4, Valued at $80 Jill Apelt - Ashgrove Maria Milner - Albany Creek

Aussie World is located at 73 Frizzo Road, Bruce Highway, Sunshine Coast. Contact them on 07 54945444 or visit for more information.

Zoe Baker - Ashgrove Susie Pagano - Bridgeman Downs

The Ultimate Family Getaway

Congratulations to competition winners!!!

(07) 5494 5444 74 Frizzo Rd, Bruce Highway, Parkview Qld.

Fan favourite Recipe

Muesli Bars

By Peta Carige

150g oats 50g oat bran 90g buckwheat flour 250ml apple juice 60g diced dried apricots 2.5 tablespoons honey

Balanced Magazine

75g sesame seeds 40g pumpkin seeds 40g sunflower seeds 45g raw almonds, chopped 125g sultanas 1 teaspoon cinnamon

Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius and line a 25x30cm baking tray. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Spread gently onto the tray, without pressing down. Bake for about 30-35mins or until crisp. Cut into 16 pieces while still hot. Remove from tin when cool.

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3 4





6 8


9 1



7 6


6 3

4 2


The Rules:


7 5


2 3

Sudoku Challenge



Enter digits from 1 to 9 in the blank spaces on the board, each row, column and 3 x 3 subsection of the grid must contain one (and only one) of each digit.

Tip: Start in the top right hand corner as there is only one option for 7

Looking for a career change or a chance to own your own business - read below Here is your chance to become a media baron Balanced Media is expanding its operations, combining a top of the line product, with brilliant back office capabilities. Balanced is looking for enthusiastic, driven individuals who are looking to follow in the footsteps of Rupert Murdoch & Richard Branson and own your own media empire.

have an excellent understanding of what support is required for a business to operate successfully.” says Mr Kerta he continues to say

Managing Director Umbara Kerta explains that “Balanced is unique, because the whole purpose of the magazine is to promote a balanced lifestyle within our community. What magazine has this goal without expecting the consumer to pay first? For example health magazines expect consumers to pay up to $8 for the privilege of reading the contents to live a healthier life. Balanced is FREE, distributed to homes and businesses and the sole purpose is to promote a balanced lifestyle.”

* A sales and marketing consultant, to help you grow the business * An accountant to help with your bookkeeping and taxation requirements * An operational manager to deal with awkward situations that occur within business

A Balanced Franchise will be supported by the following team members:

Balanced has seen exponential growth in its operations and is looking to parlay that success into franchising opportunities throughout Brisbane. Balanced Media is committed to supporting their franchises with ongoing business coaching throughout the start up and development phases and total back office support with inhouse accountants, graphic artists and operations, meaning all franchisees are in business for themselves but not by themselves. . “Being a Chartered Accounting and a Business Coach, I

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Heating up this Summer

Sunseeker Australia has been creating swimwear that is the essence of Australian beach culture since 1970. It was one of the first companies to design separates and in 1973 they started developing their own fabrics. The quality of the fabrics quickly became a selling point and still is today. Well known for their stylish and fashionable prints, beautiful fabrics and quality fit, Sunseeker has earned the reputation of being a leading Australian swimwear brand as well as a household name. This popular swimwear provides women with new ways to celebrate their body. Cup sizing is a focal point of each range and caters to all sizes. Daring one piece cut outs provide the confident woman with something truly unique, while key shapes like twist bandeaus and ruched boylegs appeal to all tastes. Sunseeker offers an extensive selection of separates in a variety of fabrics, prints and colours. For great fitting swimwear in stunning fabrics and contempary designs, all guaranteed to make you feel terrific, in and out of the water come into The Health Shack 5 Albany Forest Drive Albany Creek 3264 4207.

EU seeks to turn down the on MP3 players


BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission issued new volume standards for MP3 players on Monday to help prevent music lovers damaging their hearing. The new standards will require small technical changes to I-Pods and other MP3 devices so they play at a safe volume by default. There will also be a health warning so consumers who choose to override the default settings know the risks. “The evidence is that particularly young people, who are listening to music at high volumes sometimes for hours each week, have no idea they can be putting their hearing at risk,” European Union Consumer Affairs Commissioner Meglena Kuneva told a news conference. The Commission plans to adopt the standards as the norm for new products after a 24-month consultation procedure with scientists, industry and consumers. An EU scientific body raised the health alarm in January, warning that up to 10 million young people are in danger of damaging their hearing by playing their MP3 players too loud. Listening to personal music devices at high volumes for long periods of time can cause hearing loss and tinnitus, a ringing sensation in the ears, the EU Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks said. There is currently no cure for hearing loss or tinnitus, the committee noted in its report. Kuneva said 5-10 percent of MP3 users risk permanent hearing loss if they listen to a music player at high volume for more than 1 hour per day, each week over at least 5 years. “It can take years for the hearing damage to show, and then it is simply too late,” she added. The Commission said it was estimated that about 50 to 100 million people may be listening to portable music players on a daily basis.

New Season Stock In Store Now the

healthshack Balanced Magazine

Call Now 3264 4207

5 Albany Forest Drive Albany Creek

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Parents key to helping teens learn to drive safely By Anne Harding NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Teens whose moms and dads set and enforce clear rules for them -- in a helpful and supportive way -- are likely to be much safer drivers than those whose parents are not so supportive and involved, a new study demonstrates. Adolescents whose parents exhibited this “authoritative” parenting style were less likely to crash, drive drunk, or chat on their cell phones behind the wheel, Dr. Kenneth R. Ginsburg of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and his colleagues found. They were also more likely to use their seat belts and less likely to speed, they report in the journal Pediatrics. “Parents of adolescents tend to worry about other behaviors like sex, drugs, and peer pressure more than they do about driving,” Ginsburg, an adolescent medicine specialist at the hospital’s Center for Injury Research and Prevention, noted in an email to Reuters Health. “But the truth is that driving is the greatest risk to teen health -- and crashes are preventable. The empowering news here is that parents are key to effective prevention.” Ginsburg said. Parental monitoring is known to help reduce the likelihood that adolescents will take risks like using drugs and alcohol, having sex, and engaging in delinquent and aggressive behavior. Ginsburg’s team investigated whether parenting style might affect how kids behave behind the wheel, since, as they note, there’s “growing consensus” that driver’s education is not enough to teach kids how to drive safely. The researchers looked at the 2006 National Young Driver Survey, including 5,665 ninth-, tenth- and eleventhgraders from across the US. Based on the adolescents’ own description of their parents, Ginsburg and his team divided them into four groups. Half had authoritative parents, meaning their moms and dads were high in support and high in rules and monitoring. Twenty-three percent had permissive parents, meaning they were supportive but set few rules; 8 percent had authoritarian parents, who were strict but not

supportive; and 19 percent had uninvolved parents, who were neither supportive nor strict. Young people with authoritative parents were half as likely to have gotten in an accident in the past year and 71% less likely to say they’d driven while drunk or high as those with uninvolved parents, the researchers found. These teens were also 29 percent less likely to admit to talking on their cell phones while driving. Children of both authoritative and authoritarian parents were almost twice as likely to use seat belts and half as likely to speed as those whose parents were uninvolved. Ginsburg and his team also found that kids with free rein over the car keys were twice as likely to have gotten into accidents as those whose parents were more restrictive. “We suggest parents control access to the keys for the first 6 to 12 months of driving so they can take advantage of that important opportunity for communication and monitoring,” he said. One important way parents can help guide their teens is by making it clear that rules are for keeping them safe, rather than controlling their behavior, the researcher added. “It is also key that teens understand there is something in it for them to behave responsibly,” he said. “Teens may be less likely to act out and more likely to demonstrate responsibility when they learn their actions are noticed and rewarded.” Ginsburg and his team have put together a list of tips for parents on how to help teens drive safely at www. chopedu/youngdrivers. State Farm Insurance helped fund the study and provided staff to run focus groups, but the company was not involved in designing the study, analyzing the findings, or writing them up.

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If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have four years left to live Albert Einstein

Today, scientists describe bee pollen as natures most ‘complete food’. The human body is made up of 22 essential elements and pollen is the only food that has each and every one of them.

 Maintains weight loss  Strengthens immune system

Russian researcher Prof. Nicolai Vasillevich Tsitsin, a biologist and experimental botanist at the Longevity Institute, tried to discover why so many natives of Georgia, reportedly lived to upwards of 125 years old. Most of these modern Methuselah’s who live in dry, desert-like climates, are beekeepers, who every day eat raw, unprocessed honey with bee pollen. All of the 200 or more people past 125 years of age in Georgia, without exception, state that their principal food is mostly bee pollen.

 Regulates intestines and digestive system  Reduces cravings and addictions  Increases strength and stamina  Normalizes nervous and endocrine system  Strengthens blood vessels and reduces cholesterol

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 Live Longer

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

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Kelly Proudlove As a Qualified Beauty Therapist Kelly brings with her over 4 years experience in the beauty industry, having successfully completed all her qualifications in Swedish Massage, Microdermabrasion, Waxing, Tinting, Pedicures, Manicures, Facials, Spray Tanning and Product Knowledge she isable to meet the needs of her clients.

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Women Connecting Live with understanding, femininity and real connection through communication! Part 2 (following on from last month, Part 1- Men Connecting)

I often hear women say that their partners aren’t expressive, and that they are having trouble communicating and connecting with the special man in their life. This may be very true, and yes, men can be inexpressive and not as communicative as women would like, however how much do women add fuel to the fire? Our behaviour and attitude towards communication is largely influenced by our upbringing and social conditioning, therefore our beliefs, attitude and behaviour is largely due to nurture versus nature. Women have a tendency to be ‘emotional’, and are known as the emotional gender. What does this mean? When someone regularly experiences high levels of emotion, normally this is indicative of the person not really understanding their feelings and what they mean. It all gets jumbled up into a mixed bag of emotion and then we label ourselves ‘emotional’. When we feel this way it is very hard to communicate with the people around us what we need or what the root of the problem is, because often we don’t know or understand ourselves. The source of the problem gets lost with little resolution! There may be lots of words spoken, tears and frustration, yet nothing clear to work with. If both genders want to connect with each other, then we both need to take a really good look at ourselves. It is okay to be different, we do not need to be the same, yet if we are to fit together like two pieces of a puzzle, different yet connected, then both parties need to learn to understand themselves and their individual emotions before they can communicate with clarity in a productive way with their partner. What works with your friends, colleagues or family may not be conducive in a personal relationship. There is plenty of scope for both men and women to learn and grow to connect more effectively. Women need to understand that when they express their tidal wave of emotion, it can be very overwhelming for their partner and themselves. Often men further retreat because they do not know what to say or do. Everyone ends up more confused! So what is connection, what is love, what is communication, what is support? Take some time to connect with yourself first! Get to know YOU on a deeper level! Every relationship you have starts with the relationship you have with yourself! If you are feeling upset, frustrated, angry, confused, unappreciated, etc., ask yourself. 1) What must I Balanced Magazine

believe to feel this way? 2) What is at the core of these feelings I am having? 3) What am I hoping to achieve by talking about this? (get clear, rather than talk in circles) Although I have focussed on the two extremes of the genders, there are certainly plenty of men and women who are in tune with themselves and know how to connect and communicate with ease and grace. From my experience and research our behaviour and attitudes are a product of socialisation and family and cultural influence. Dr. Erina MacGeorge through her extensive research has found that there is only a 2% difference in our communication styles. “Men and women use, and strongly prefer, the same ways of comforting others – listening, sympathizing and giving thoughtful advice.” Who would have thought that we do actually come form the same planet! It’s time to abolish old conditioning and beliefs and learn new skills to create your own personal operating system. Men and women both have the right to be expressive, warm, vulnerable, to share feelings and be heard. Clearly being closed and shutting of emotion is just as detrimental to your emotional health as being over emotional and overwhelmed. Each end of the spectrum is not healthy for anyone. You can be vulnerable and strong at the same time, vulnerability is a strength! You can share your feelings and express emotion with clarity without the dramatics. In summary, regardless of your gender, get out there and find out what is going on inside of you, so that you can enhance, develop and create fabulous personal and professional relationships! Take yourself to another level. Maybe we are not so different after all! Nadine is the founder of Calibrate Coaching, a Writer, Speaker and Professional Personal Coach, specialising in Life Balance, Wellness, Depression, Anxiety and Stress. Live with increased Energy, Balance & Joy! Call for more information or book in for a free telephone consultation M: 0408 50 11 60 W:

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Book Review

Her Fearful Symmetry Audrey Niffenegger Paperback Book

RRP $32.95

Julia and Valentina Poole are normal American teenagers – normal, at least, for identical ‘mirror’ twins who have no interest in college or jobs. But everything changes when they receive notice that an aunt has died and left them her apartment overlooking Highgate Cemetery in London. They feel that at last their own lives can begin! Her Fearful Symmetry is a delicious and deadly twenty-first-century ghost story about love, loss and identity. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest Stieg Larsson RRP Paperback Book $32.95

The Disappeared Kim Echlin Paperback Book

Lisbeth Salander is plotting her revenge, after taking a bullet to the head. She is under close supervision in Intensive Care, and is set to face trial for three murders and one attempted murder. Salander must not only prove her innocence, but identify and denounce the corrupt politicians that have allowed the vulnerable to become victims of abuse and violence. Once a victim herself, Salander is ready to fight back.

RRP $29.99

When Anne Greeve is 16 years old she falls madly in love with Serey. But he leaves her in their Montreal flat to return to his homeland, Cambodia. After a decade without word, she abandons everything to search for him in the bars of Phnom Penh. Against all odds the lovers are reunited, but there are wounds that love cannot heal and some mysteries too dangerous to know. The Disappeared is a tour de force; at once a battle cry and a piercing lamentation, for truth and for love.

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Relationship recession survival guide How to battle money not your honey (ARA) - Summer is all about spontaneous getaways, romantic interludes and young love, but the current economic condition can take its toll on your relationship. With financial stresses at an all time high, it’s often easy to put your romance on the backburner. In fact, 43 percent of U.S. couples say the recession has caused them to argue more often and primarily about finances, according to a recent survey by PayPal. “Everyone is looking for ways to cope with the recession -- whether it’s dinner on a budget, staying on top of your game at work, or cutting back on travel, and in the midst of trying to find these solutions, relationships are sometimes the first thing that suffers,” says Microsoft senior product manager, Karin Muskopf. “ put together a recession survival kit that offers our readers simple tips for coping with the stress of the economy, including a special section with tips and tricks on how to keep your relationship fresh and stress-free during the tough times.” There are also some interesting ways to keep spending to a minimum and fun to a maximum, such as date night ideas for under $15.

Watching the Sun Set: Like our love lives, it’s easy to

overlook the beautiful things that happen around us every day. Watch the sun go down and share kisses under the stars. Blanket to sit on: $6 Sunglasses: $2/each at your local drugstore Lemonade: $1/each Total: $15

People-watching: Not all dates have to be steamy. Simply spending time together is what dating is all about. Pick a beautiful day to sit on a bench in a park and marvel at the wonders of nature. Bottle of wine: $8 Plastic cups: $3 Bench: free Marveling at the wonders of the public: More fun than you think Total: $11

Movie Night with Friends: Miss the wild abandon of your college days? Have the gang over for beers and movie -- but save the make-out session for later. Renting “Old School”: $5 Inviting your friends over: free Going old school and having people throw in beer money at the door: awesome Going streaking through the quad: optional Popcorn for 20: $10 Total: $15 Other simple and affordable tips from MSN include:

Stay on the same team: Remember you are not mad at each other, you are mad at the invisible enemy -- money. Expressing disagreement, distress, and anger is part of problem solving. But, there’s healthy confrontation and then there’s kicking someone when he or she is down. Use your fingers for grabbing hands and holding on, not pointing. You’re in this together. Withdraw your identity from your bank account: We

measure a lot in this society by the wealth a person appears to have. When it feels like the rest of the world is looking down, be the one who keeps your mate’s chin up. Affirm other kinds of success: friendship, parenting, a talent. Everyone needs to hear the words, “I believe in you,” and more so in times of selfdoubt.

Maintain a one-man-down policy with each other: If

one is feeling depressed or anxious, the other has to stay up on his or her end of the seesaw.

Reach out: Let friends and family in on what is going on with you and your financial situation. It will open the door to a flood of support. Admitting you are vulnerable will allow others to let down their own facade of “fine, thank you.” Take time out from worry: As with checking accounts, you

aren’t always able to put into your relationship what is taken out. It’s hard to afford romance and intimacy when you are consumed by worry. Set aside time for you and your significant other, to enjoy time-out from worry.

Always kiss each other good night: Don’t let the magic fade with overpowering conversations of the economic downturn, keep the romance alive, and never forget to kiss each other good night. For additional tips on how to survive the recession, check out the MSN Recession Survival Guide at Courtesy of ARAcontent

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RS YOUR STAwith Dadhichi Toth Aries



Mar 21 - Apr 19

Apr 20 - May 20

May 21 - Jun 20

After the 9th you can meet an exciting, stimulating person who may have an important part to play in your life. You will admire this persons individuality and it may or may not become a sexual or romantic relationship, but rest assured when Venus and Mars affect the romantic zone of your horoscope – which they will at this time – there’s no doubt you will have an instant attraction to someone you meet during this phase of your life.

It’s very important to recognize your own goodness and strengths. Around the 18th when Venus enters into a favorable relationship with the Sun, you will feel aware of what you can and can’t do. There’s also an opportunity to you to connect with older friends who are wiser and who can advise you on strengthening your talents and achieving more in life. Take heed of what they advise.

A more amusing and fun time can be expected from the 10th till the15th. Plenty of entertainment is on the cards with parties and other social events cramming your diary. It’s also likely you’ll feel more zest and vigour for life and will find yourself in the midst of a younger group of people. There may be the possibility of meeting someone who can help further your creative interests or some wok project through your social connections.




Jun 21 - Jul 22

Jul 23 - Aug 22

Aug 23 - Sep 22

You’ll develop a new relationship with someone at this time that may be based wholly and solely on your intellectual connection. Initially there may be an intense psychological drama that plays out but this is only because you’ll be feeling each other out and trying to gain a greater understanding of your philosophies and whether or not you are compatible. For those of you working in an environment that requires manual exertion, please be careful between the 28th and 30th. Overexertion can lead to strain and injury.

You’ll be asked to help solve some riddle or problem this month as evidenced by Mercury moving through your zone of thinking. The task may be a difficult one but you’ll be up to the task after the 5th so accept the challenge. This may be one of those periods when the payoff is not necessarily money but your good name will be enhanced as a result and your reputation can grow. Over and above this, you’ll enjoy the challenge of resolving an issue both your own and others’ satisfaction.

This month is one of considerable financial responsibility. The Sun with Saturn in your zone of finance is challenged by the Moon between the 1st and the 10th. You can’t afford to be emotional about finances and the way money is spent or saved. In other words, what I’m saying to you is that you have to be ruthless. You may try to make decisions with your heart but that won’t work.




Sep 23 - Oct 22

Oct 23 - Nov 21

Nov 22 - Dec 21

Your inspiration is a great tonic for friends and family throughout October. You can help others along the path of their own creative needs. But you do need to exercise care, especially after the 16th. Outlandish, harebrained schemes that have no practical utility could cause you to lose some respect amongst your peers. It’s a good idea to draw a clear line in the sand between your professional obligations and your creative or inventive quirkiness. The two just won’t mix.

The health of an older member of the family may come into question, particularly after the 8th. Hospitals, asylums and other places which are not all that pleasant but mainly of a medical proclivity will draw your attention. Some of you may choose to do some compassionate work that has nothing to do with responsibilities, to relatives or friends who may be unwell or needing help. It could just be that you feel as if you owe your community some service and this would be a good time to do so.

Your mind is completely scattered between the 5th and the 7th and this is due to the combined influence of Uranus and Mercury. These two planets activate your restlessness and make it hard for you to concentrate or achieve any lasting results in your work. Speak with friends between the 8th and 11th because they can open new doors and help you connect with a new network of people. This has equal value socially as much as commercially. This is a time when you can mix a little business and pleasure.




Dec 22 - Jan 19

Jan 20 - Feb 18

Feb 19 - Mar 20

Your mental state has to be perfectly in tune with your bodily state from the 25th till the 27th. If you are hell bent on doing something great in life it will be invalidated if your convictions aren’t true. Why are you doing what you do? Is it to impress someone? Is it for glory and adulation? Or do you genuinely love what you are doing? If love is your motive, you’re on the right path.

Balanced Magazine

The way in which you handle your responsibilities this month will determine the outcome of karma for a long time to come. You must be patient to realise the maximum effect of the efforts you put in just now, but don’t jump the gun and don’t be too hard on yourself. All good things come to those that wait. The Sun and Saturn are responsible for this new phase in your life and this commences between the 1st and the 4th of October.

Your constructive vision is growing and in particular after the 24th you will feel the full weight of your responsibilities on your shoulders, but you need to realise that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. All eyes will be upon you at this critical point in the year, when you will be called upon to show mastery of your talents, to lead others both professionally and ethically and to balance that with the other personal requirements that you have in life, namely your family and friends.

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A FREE Monthly Lifestyle Magazine providing reliable information to readers in the North West of Brisbane


A FREE Monthly Lifestyle Magazine providing reliable information to readers in the North West of Brisbane