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At ABOUT HAIR STUDIO we are dedicated in developing new innovative, creative styles to suit all our customers. We are passionate about achieving excellence in our industry and we are committed to providing professional hair care, colouring, styling techniques and nail services through our quality products and services. Come in and meet our team for a complimentry consultation.

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Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy health, fitness and nutrition tips with information on business, beauty and financial well-being and, of course special deals and information on businesses in your local community? At Balanced we have wrapped them all together in one publication to enable you to achieve what we regard as ... well ... a pretty Balanced and happy lifestyle. Welcome to your new monthly information service! We look forward to it keeping you up to date on all of the issues to do with your health, your wealth & your lifestyle. We’re excited about it, because it provides us an opportunity to serve and promote the City North Suburbs and the businesses that operate within it. Every month we’ll have up-to-date health news from around the globe, advertorials on local businesses plus informative columns and tips to get you in the best physical, financial and mental shape of your life. With our range of articles and advertorials, we’re confident you’ll find a local company that suits your needs. Not only that, we hope some very special deals will attract your attention and introduce you to companies and professionals of great benefit to you. And of course, there’s another bonus: Balanced is completely FREE! And dropped to your door every month We hope it becomes your new health, fitness and lifestyle companion to ensure 2009 is the year you Balance your life.

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Breakfast on the GO

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Visit our amazing facilities at Queensland Cricket Headquarters, Home of the Queensland Bulls, 1 Bogan Street, Albion Q 4010 • • Phone Kerry: 3262 7334

Balanced - Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Lifestyle

March 2009


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Dadhichi Toth is one of Australia’s foremost astrologers. For over 24 years he has been researching astrology, and has conducted over 9,000 consultations. His clients include celebrities, politician and diplomatic figures from all over the world. His website astrology. offer a wide range of helpful information and services (pg8)

Jennifer Brien is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbal Medicine specialist. She is the owner of Nutriente – Organic Wholefoods & Natural Health Centre in Hendra and is an avid supporter of the organic food industry. In her successful practice, Jennifer specialises in weight loss, stress and mood conditions, allergies, poor memory & fatigue. Professionals in the Nutriente clinic also specialise in fertility and thyroid conditions (pg4)

Graham Johnston is an Area Manager for Samuel Smith & Sons, one of Australia’s leading purveyors of wine, beer & spirits. Having worked for Samuel Smith and Son for 8 years Graham has a keen interest in food & wine previously working in the hospitality industry for 8 years and briefly partaking in a vineyard at Yalumba in 2004 (pg11)

Graham Doessel is passionate about helping people and over the last six years has helped more than 6000 families with either home loan or debt consolidation advice through his companies Mortgage Now and Pro Legal. Graham has recently taken the next step with the creation of The Now Foundation and raising awareness for men’s health issues (pg6 & 11)

CEO/DIRECTOR - Umbara Kerta EDITOR/ OPERATIONS - Adam Peel PUBLIC RELATIONS - Rebecca Kerta SALES EXECUTIVE - James Ronan SALES EXECUTIVE - Max Strochnetter GRAPHIC ART - John Denman ACCOUNTS - Scott Palmer

Real People Getting Real Results 6,841 Kilograms in 12 Weeks

Now in its fifth year the 12 week challenge continues to grow in size and stature, unlike the waistline of participants, with the last challenge of 2008 resulting

in around 1,000 participants losing a combined weight of 6,841 kilograms! How does it work? • • • • • •

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12 week challenge starter pack Online training tools Terms and Conditions apply. See website for more details. Weekly nutrition seminars One on one sessions with our personal trainers Enrolment in our FitTrac Rewards Program Measurements and photos are taken at the start and monitored at four, eight and twelve weeks. National Awards Dinner – Brisbane Exhibition & Convention Centre

To participate in the 12 week challenge you must be a member of Goodlife Health Clubs, so drop down to your local club today and join so you too can change your life! Goodlife Health Clubs are For Real People and have 32 clubs nationally with 18 of these conveniently located across Queensland.

The The Bowen Bowen Technique Technique involves involves very very gentle gentle but but direct direct manipulation manipulation of: of: •• Body •• Tendons Body Muscles Muscles Tendons •• Fascia •• Ligaments Fascia Ligaments •• Joints Joints & & Nerves Nerves

Addressing the whole body ~ it is Gentle Fast & Effective Shop Shop 22 & & 3, 3, 281 281 Junction Junction Road, Road, Clayfield Clayfield QLD QLD 4011 4011 Phone: 07 33571788 33571788 Phone: 07 Fax: Fax: 07 07 33572000 33572000 Web: Web:

Balanced Media Pty Ltd (ABN: 12 131 146 908) holds no responsibility for claims made by advertising companies within advertorials or other columns located in this paper, all columns, if not otherwise stated, are advertorial articles written for or by participating advertisers

Advertising Feature

On the 28th of February, Goodlife Health Clubs launched the 2009 12 week challenge with around 1,500 participants involved nationally in the lifestyle and body transformation program.


Mention the advertisement within this issue of Balanced Newspaper for a complimentary workout valued at $15.00.

Balanced - Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Lifestyle

EAT ORGANIC AND EAT LESS By Deborah Wray Did you know that the nutrient content of many foods has fallen dramatically over the past few decades? Or that you’re probably piling more on your plate and increasing your kilojoule intake because of it? One of the first things our customers at Wray Organic notice when they start eating our certified organic fruit and vegetables is that they eat less and have increased energy levels. Why is this so? Growing crops year- round on the same plot of earth with no crop rotation using toxic fertilizers and pesticides, exhausts the soil and strips it of any nutrients. If the soils are not mineral rich than the food that grows in it or graze on it will also lack minerals. The term ‘hollow foods’ has been used to describe such produce, because it lacks any nutrients, so you are in effect eating nothing! The portion sizes that once provided sufficient nutrients are no longer enough, so we’re all eating more. In a world of ever – increasing waistbands, that’s a problem. If you eat nutrient dense organic foods you only need smaller amounts, as your body is satisfied with less. Also your energy levels are improved because the body is getting the fuel it requires to function properly. Many people believe organic food is just about crops which have not been sprayed with pesticides but it is so much more than that. The soils on an organic farm are encouraged to be mineral rich and because of this the food is nutrient dense. Eat organic and experience the difference.

March 2009


Health & Fitness

5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism for Weight Loss

by Craig Ballantyne

162 Kitchener Rd, Hendra Phone: 3256 1021 Fax: 3256 0489

And your metabolism does not have to suck just because you are over 30. I am often asked if there is anything that can be done about the decrease in metabolism that happens as we age. Well, the following tips will help you increase your metabolism as much as possible. Eating properly and exercising can keep your metabolism at optimal levels for several decades - you are never too old to lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean.

2. Gain muscle and lose fat - Now while it is true that putting on muscle mass will help your metabolism at rest, it is NOT true that each pound of muscle will help burn an extra 50 calories per day. That is a pipe dream. But having more muscle will allow you to exercise harder and create more turbulence in your body. Plus, muscle looks good on men and women. 3. Eat more protein - No surprise here, bodybuilders have known this for a long time and have been using protein to help them achieve their lean bodies. A recent study showed that a high-protein, low-carbohydrate shake led to a greater increase in metabolism than a low-protein, high-carbohydrate drink. Scott, C., and R. Devore. Diet-induced thermogenesis: variations among three isocaloric meal-replacement shakes. Nutrition 21: 874-877, 2005. 4. Don’t starve yourself or skip meals to lose weight - Reducing your food intake could lead to a slower metabolism. That will stop your fat loss program and will lead to rapid weight re-gain when you return to a normal eating pattern. 5. Eat 6-8 mini-meals per day, rather than 2-3 large meals - A new study showed that eating 6 times per day was associated with eating fewer

Exercise to stay alive By Jon Herring

*Valued at $30. Conditions Apply, Valid to 31/03/09

GETTING WHAT YOU PAY FOR Differing from men to women our hair is as deep rooted as 6-7 ml, IPL (intense pulsed light) can only penetrate the skin by a few millimetres shocking the hair into regression, this may lead you to believe that the hair has gone but without doubt it will slowly start to regrow once the treatments are finished.

calories per day, lowering cholesterol levels, and lowering post-meal insulin levels. Eating several small meals per day might even help you burn more calories. I recommend combining an increased meal frequency with an increased protein and fiber intake. That’s a guaranteed way to lose fat and gain muscle. I cover how to make these changes in Get Lean, my most advanced fat loss manual.

Cheap does not mean that your going to get a good treatment, it means your basically paying for what you get... as some hair removal systems are just IPL. With ELOS the hair treated, which is in the active stage, is permanently gone!!!!! ELOS uses and incorporates 2 energies, up to 40% light (IPL) in conjunction with a Bi Polar Radio frequency, this acts like a tiny electrical current that travels down the pre heated areas and treats the actual cells that create the hair... and not the actual hair itself, allowing you to treat much darker complexions, and lighter hair colors, safely, and safety is of the utmost importance.

At Irridessence they have a dedicated professional team that want to get the best results possible for their clients, spending time with you so you understand how and why this treatment does work. Theaverage consultation takes 45-60 mins, where they take the time to advise you of the best solution for your needs, and design a plan that will suit you specifically. Irridessence is QLD health approved and licensed, and is passionate about giving you the best results they possibly can. So stop throwing your money away on cheap treatments that don’t work, Irridessence are here to get you results, knowing that once you are happy with their service you will tell others. Irridessence is located at 5/182 Robertson St, Fortitude Valley (Centro on James) and can be contacted on 07 3852 6682

Farshchi, H., et al. Beneficial metabolic effects of regular meal frequency on dietary thermogenesis, insulin sensitivity, and fasting lipid profiles in healthy obese women. Amer. J. Clin. Nutr. 81: 16-24, 2005. Do all of these simple steps and you’ll increase your metabolism and succeed on your weight loss program.

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines and all over the Internet, and have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week. For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment, visit Article Source: http://

Revolutionary Power of Elos The Masters of Beauty

LIMITED TIME SPECIALS 40% off all Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvination Treatments!* *Conditions apply.

• TGA approved superior technology unsurpassed results • QLD health approved and licensed • Treatments available for both males and females • Specialist in male and female Brazilians


The University of Michigan Medical School reported that “adults in their 50s and early 60s who were regularly active were about 35% less likely to die in the next eight years than those who were sedentary.” This article appears courtesy of Early to Rise’s Total Health Breakthroughs which offers alternative solutions for mind, body and soul. For a complimentary subscription, visit

Only one in six older citizens exercise for 10 minutes or more at least three times a week, according to The Wall Street Journal. Four out of five seniors (65 and older) admit they “never” exercise.

What about you? How many times did you exercise last week?

Study after study has proven the health value of exercise. One recent example:

DETOX SAUNA SESSION With every naturopathic consult booked in March* CONTACT US:

Even if you are convinced that you are cursed with a slow metabolism, you can do something about it. In fact, basic lifestyle changes can give you a revved up metabolism capable of burning a lot more fat and calories 24 hours a day.

1. Interval training - This type of exercise is far superior to traditional cardio for boosting metabolism. Once you stop moderate aerobic training, your metabolism quickly returns to normal. But the turbulence from interval training helps your body burn more calories for hours after the workout.


Quick Notes 4 out of 5 seniors “never” exercise Only 1 in 6 for more than 10 mins, 3 times per week

Balanced - Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Lifestyle

March 2009


Health & WellBeing


a recent study of 200 people at three major corporations revealed an employees quality of life, mental performance and time managment was 15% better on days he or she exercised


about 60% of all companies and 95 % of larger companies have programs designed to encourage individuals to take responsibility for their health

09 20



“After 2 months of bootcamp I have lost over 7kgs and found the desire and willpower to exercise again with great results in all areas!” Duncan Waller, 47, Local business owner, Albion

Source: and the Centre of Disease Control - based in USA

Dispelling the Weight Loss Myths By Jenny Brien There are so many weight loss products and “solutions” on the market today, that it can seem complicated and confusing. Often they don’t give you the results you expect, can be inconvenient and restrictive in their food choices. However weight loss can be simple, effective and should include enjoyable, tasty, fresh food. All you need to know is what types of food to eat and how to combine these into quick and tasty recipes. Let’s dispel some weight loss myths to get you started on your path to good health. Myth No. 1. Protein is just for bodybuilders and weight-lifters.



your metabolism and make weight loss more difficult. Instead eat small amounts of vegetables and protein regularly throughout the day for steady fat burning.

Simply call the Nutriente clinic to book your appointment with one our expert Naturopaths, and begin your journey to great health.

Protein is an essential part of any healthy diet. Protein helps to fuel, build and repair your body, helps your body burn fat for energy and provides sustained energy levels after meals. Myth No. 2. Fats make you fat.

Contact 3262 9012 or Royce on 0414 514 997 or email A5 2009 health for life flyer.indd


in store

265 Sandgate Rd ALBION QLD 4010

Phone (07) 3262 6888 Fax (07) 3262 7182

These “strategies” can actually slow

• Headaches • Shoulders & Hip Injuries • Neck & Back Pain • Muscle Tension • And general soreness


CALL NOW ON 0410 932 139

We now have the awesome

FELT AR road bike

Myth No.3: Skipping meals and eating low calorie diets are a good way to lose weight.

Specialising in:

1/6/2009, 4:00 PM

Guaranteed Serviceing and Repairs

Fats do not make you fat, carbohydrates make you fat. Healthy fats from fish, nuts and seeds are important for good health and actually increase your body’s ability to burn fat for energy. Eat them in moderation and avoid fried fats and animal fats – these increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice and sweets should be reduced or avoided to achieve effective weight loss.



When : 10th of March Time : 6am- 6.45am Where: Health for Life Studio (33 Collingwood st Albion) Price : $290 for 16 Sessions

Consulting a health expert such as a Naturopath, will help you to make your weight loss simple and achievable. Nutriente Natural Health Clinic provides a range of specialised services and products including nutritional education, recipes, meal plans, herbal medicine and vitamin and mineral supplements. The customised weight loss programs will ensure you achieve your weight loss goals.

Enhancing your recovery

Shoulder and hip injuries

Neck and back pain

Muscle tension

As we all know exercising is good for you. After intense training we often find our muscles tight and aching; poor training practices or improper equipment can cause accidents and also lead to injuries. It’s important to have a sufficient warm up incorporating dynamic stretches specific to your training program; and a gentle cool down using static stretching.

And general soreness

Massage is an important aspect of recovery. It can also be a key factor to optimum performance and injury prevention. Massage is beneficial for the treatment of many conditions including:

Sprains and strains


It also helps increase range of movement. When injuries occur the best immediate self treatment is the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) method. This relieves pain, reduces swelling and speeds the healing process. The next step for the swiftest recovery is to see a remedial massage therapist. They will treat any existing problem areas and help to prevent reoccurrence. If further treatment is required your massage therapist may refer you to a physiotherapist. However if these immediate actions are taken recovery time can be reduced.

Balanced - Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Lifestyle

March 2009


Health & WellBeing

Tips on how to brown bag breakfast on the GO? (ARA) – Instead of forgoing nutrition in the face of the morning rush, simply copy a lunchtime move and “brown bag” breakfast. “Skipping breakfast usually means you’re hungry by late morning and are more likely to visit the vending machine or buy a pastry that’s much too large. Just one nutritional slip-up can make it hard to get back on track for the day, so spend a few minutes packing a healthy breakfast to ensure your day gets started on the right nutritional foot,” says nutrition consultant Elizabeth Ward, M.S., RD and author of “The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to the New Food Pyramids.” But more important, she says, are the health benefits the meal offers. Eating a healthy breakfast every day may increase daily dietary fibre intake significantly, aid in weight management and contribute to increased attention and performance at work and school. Breakfast also serves up an opportunity for good nutrition, which is beneficial considering less than 20 percent of people are meeting the current daily guidelines for fruit and vegetable consumption. “A healthy breakfast is a great way to get a jumpstart on nutrient intake for the day,” says Elizabeth Pivonka, Ph.D., RD, president and CEO of Produce for Better Health Foundation. “For example, simply drinking one 8-ounce glass of 100 percent orange juice provides almost 25 percent of the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Grab a carton or fill up your favourite insulated to-go cup when on the run to easily increase your fruit servings for the day.”

from three of the five food groups (grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, and meat/beans). * Choose foods carefully. Read labels on breakfast and energy bars. Many are very high in sugar and not as healthy as they appear. For your morning OJ, make sure it is 100 percent fruit juice instead of fruit “drinks” which may contain very little fruit juice and lots of added sugar. * Stay on your own schedule. Not hungry early in the morning? Remember you don’t have to eat your brown bag breakfast right when you get to work. A healthy meal fuels the mind and body so just squeeze it in before lunchtime. * Be creative. If the typical morning fare doesn’t tempt your taste buds, opt for healthy non-traditional breakfast foods. Take some leftovers or grab a whole wheat dinner roll from last night and spread it with peanut butter. * Prepare with packaging. Avoid scrambling for a way to carry your breakfast. Keep brown bags, plastic bags and containers on hand in your kitchen.


Body Assessment upon visit and RECEIVE your first Personal Training Session

HALF PRICE!!!! Visit www.pumpitpersonaltraining For Prices!

1349 Gympie Road Aspley Tel:

Evidence for Pilates in recovery from Cancer In January 2009 Lisa Tasker, exercise physiologist, Pilates clinician and rehabilitation therapist together with business owner, Pilates clinician and Physiotherapist Susan Cottrell launched the Pink Pilates Program. Pink Pilates is a physiotherapybased programme launched in Auckland, New Zealand three years ago by Physiotherapist and Pilates Clinician, Lou James and breast physician Dr Sonja Freese. “There’s a lot of evidence that supports using individualised exercise programmes to rebuild physical strength and enhance recovery from breast cancer surgery. It has an enormously positive impact on a woman’s recovery,” says James.

Courtesy of ARAcontent

0410 511 480

“Studies show that exercise can help enhance energy levels, limit weight gain from chemotherapy, ease cancer-treatment side-effects, reduce the risk of cancer reoccurrence and by adding in massage, physiotherapy, stretching and breathing techniques, we can also address the emotional side-effects of breast cancer, as well as the physical.

To pack a nutritious brown bag breakfast, Ward offers these suggestions:

“You can just see the results almost immediately. Women stand taller, they feel better, and their selfconfidence improves. They are doing something positive.”

* Stock the fridge. Buy healthy single-serving items, such as low-fat string cheese, yogurt, bananas, instant oatmeal, cottage cheese, and cartons of 100 percent juice. Having these items makes a morning meal easier to assemble.

Pink Pilates is dedicated to helping women who are recovering from breast cancer surgery or treatment through the use of personalised health programmes. This includes a combination of clinical Pilates, manual physiotherapy, stretching, breathing techniques and personalised home exercise programmes.

have finished their sessions, “says James. The programme consists of 10 sessions with a breast cancer rehabilitation therapist and each session is designed to suit the individual needs of each participant on the day. Pink Pilates aims to:

Improve self confidence and control

Regain strength and mobility

Enhance energy levels

Re-strengthen trunk muscles and improve posture

Improve sleep and alleviate fatigue

Enhance physical and mental well-being

Ease muscular tension and boost the spirit

James is delighted the programme is now being offered to women in Brisbane through the The Pilates Studio New Farm “We are seeing such fantastic results from the programme. More and more women are surviving breast cancer and Pink Pilates is dedicated to helping them regain their physical strength, improve their body confidence and incorporate exercise into their lifestyle.” For more info or bookings contact Lisa Tasker 3358 3915/ 0450 638 235 or

The Pink Pilates programme is suitable for all women recovering from breast cancer and accommodates all levels of fitness. “We hope that Pink Pilates will also inspire women to continue to make exercise a part of their lives once they

* Cover the food pyramid. For balance, fill your brown bag with choices

38 Helen St, Teneriffe T: 3358 3915 E: W: DAY

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INSTRUCTOR Erika Erika Sarah Sarah Lydia/Victor Lisa Lisa Lisa Victor/Sam

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Balanced - Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Lifestyle

March 2009


Health & WellBeing

Poor Immunity Colds & Flu Autumn is just around the corner so the time is ripe to strengthen your immune system and ensure you are able to cope with the cooler weather. The secret to getting sick less is to build a strong, healthy immune system.

• Avoid sugars as sugar depletes the immune system • Minimise stress


• Get adequate sleep as this is when your body repairs itself

This can be done through dietary advice, exercise and supplements designed to boost immune resistance and reduce the incidence of infection. We are exposed to viruses and bacteria on a daily basis, however some of us are more likely to fall sick. This depends on how effective your immune system is.

Red Suva Natural Therapies 66 Park Road , Wooloowin Ph: 3357 6298

If you already have an infection, there are natural medicines that can minimise the time which you are sick and help to prevent it from recurring. Factors that contribute to a weaker immune system are: • Stress

✽ Public Sessions ✽ Tiny Tots Sessions ✽ Learn to skate Classes ✽ Skating Parties Great for Birthday parties, Break ups and Youth groups ✽ We sell Skates and Blades

• Lack of exercise • Lack of sleep, rest and relaxation • A diet low in fresh fruit, vegetables and lean protein sources • Exposure to environmental pollution and extremely cold weather It is always important to see your practitioner before you get sick to find out the best immune building approach for you but here are a few tips to get you started: • Eat a diet high in colourful fruits and vegetables rich in immune protecting nutrients

Barter Card now accepted

Upstairs Centro Albany Shopping Village, 700 Albany Creek Rd (07) 3325 1711

Healthy, Enjoyable Dinners for Kids (and parents) By Rita Di Bartolo

If there is one time of the day when it’s good for the family to come together, it’s the evening meal. Young children need the regularity of a sit-down meal so they can settle at night and teenagers (despite appearances) need time to talk, to be heard and to learn from their parents. Making it healthy With only some minor changes in approach, you can make dinner much healthier. Use a wide variety of cereal-based food (preferably wholegrain or wholemeal rice, pasta, potatoes, noodles), lean meats and poultry (trimmed of fat/skin removed), fish and vegetables when preparing meals, remembering to use canola, sunflower, soybean or olive oils for cooking rather than animal fats. Making it work - to make the evening meal easier:

Plan meals on a weekly basis and write a shopping list to ensure you have all of the ingredients.

Try to make twice as much food and freeze half of it for another night.

Make stir-fries for quick cooking.

Fully Air-Conditioned!

Make casseroles, stews or soups that can be left in the oven or on the stovetop while you do other things.

How to be a role model Kids will follow the lead of the adults they see every day. By eating fruits and vegetables and not overindulging in the less nutritious stuff, you’ll be sending the right message. Another way is to limit portions and not overeat, talk about your feelings of fullness, especially with younger children. You might say, “This is delicious, but I’m full, so I’m going to stop eating.” Similarly, parents who are always dieting or complaining about their bodies may foster these same negative feelings in their kids. Try to keep a positive approach about food. Get Kids Involved Most kids will enjoy deciding what to make for dinner. Talk to them about making choices and planning a balanced meal. Some might even want to help shop for ingredients and prepare the meal. In the kitchen, select age-appropriate tasks so your child can play a part without getting injured or feeling overwhelmed. And at the end don’t forget to praise the chef.

EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES By Graham Doessel My name is Graham Doessel and the only reason I’m alive and writing this article is because of early detection. In early January this year I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The only reason I was diagnosed is that I had a slight discomfort in the groin and I sought medical advice. By the time I had any warning (the slight discomfort) the cancer had already spread to my lymph nodes. The secondary cancer below my left renal artery, is very aggressive and has grown to the size of a tennis ball in just two months. I am now being treated with intense chemotherapy and my prognosis is very good. If I had done the normal bloke thing and ignored the pain, there is a very good chance that the secondary cancer would have grown out of control and I could be facing a death sentence. As it is, I have caught it just in time, and the chemotherapy will be all that is needed to remove the tumour.

Unfortunately there has been a steady increase (2% each year) in the number of men diagnosed with testicular cancer in Australia since 1982. The reason for this increase is as yet unknown. The good news is testicular cancer has a 95% cure rate if detected early. It is vitally important that all men do regular checkups to check for any lumps or irregularities. A self check will normally take less than 60 seconds and should be performed once per month. For detailed information on performing a testicular cancer self check, simply look online or go to for links to other great resources. Guys, don’t wait! If you have any unusual pain or any unusual lump, go to the doctor. Get it checked out because if you don’t, who are your kids going to say goodnight to?

Testicular cancer is the second most common form of cancer amongst Australian men aged 18 to 39 years, with almost half of all new recorded cases diagnosed in men under 33 years of age. In 1997 about 550 new cases of testicular cancer were diagnosed.

Balanced - Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Lifestyle

March 2009


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Now running in your local club!



































12haWEEK llenge


Your Stars

THE CHEEK OF IT ALL By Phillipa Hogg From celebrities to the catwalk; high distinct cheekbones are all the rage. No need to stress though; the average mere mortal doesn’t need to have Naomi Campbell’s genes to achieve this lusted after trend all that is needed is a great application of a highlighter. A highlighter can describe many products from a simple blush to a bronzer, a cream , a tint or even a shimmer. All of these highlighters are great for creating more prominence of the cheekbones, which in turn leads to a slimmer more centred face.

Depending on the product and the colour being used a wide variety of looks can be created. To create a fresh faced dewy look the best bet is to go for a pink or peach based cream blush; applied with finger tips to the apple of the cheeks blending upwards towards the corner of the eye, this look is quite sheer so less is always more. For a more golden or earthy look; a power bronzer is a good option; to apply this an angled bronzer brush in a medium size is the best tool, with the brush to go around the bronzer power lightly then tap away excess. Brush the apples of the cheeks and forehead lightly, down to the nose, and along the jaw line – but only where the sun would naturally kiss the skin. The final look is the lightly flushed lady like blush – this can be achieved with either a tint or a light coloured powder blush. This look is best achieved when just applied on the apples of the cheek. Great cheekbones can complete any outfit; now the only challenge is finding the right colour for you and giving it a go. Do you have a make-up or beauty question? Why don’t you send Phillipa an email at qanda@ and she will get back to you, with the best questions being featured in the next edition.

75 Kedron Park Rd, Wooloowin

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Full Body Spray Tan



Mar 24 - Apr 21

You have to sort out some financial issues this month, particularly in the first week. It’s best not to get too emotional or you might miss some important aspects of what needs to be done to secure your financial security. On the romantic side of things however, it’s looking good for you and between the 15th and 17th you can expect Cupid to put in a good word for you.


Apr 21 - May 20

You’re feeling luxurious, passionate and in a very generous mood. Don’t ditch your friends however for a newcomer on the scene as this may be shortlived. You are flighty, reactive and perhaps overly passionate with the wrong person. Expect some wonderful liaisons and romantic interludes after the 10th.


May 21 - Jun 21

You like traveling so it’s not a bad idea early in the year to get away and make yourself scarce. It’s best to get things in order in the first couple of weeks of the month and make your break after the 20th. You may actually have an interesting rendezvous in a distant place.


Jun 22 - Jul 22

Your career is spotlighted this month with Venus moving in the upper part of your horoscope. After the 21st things really get going and you’re likely to find yourself in a better position, an interview for a better job or negotiating a pay rise. March should be a good month for you.


July 23 - Aug 22

Try as hard as you will to bite your tongue, you may find yourself embroiled in bitter disputes with someone you love dearly. There’s no point in creating a rod for your own back by saying more than you need to. You could be in the right but hold back and let the dust settle before saying your piece. The period of the 4th to the 10th should be pretty dicey as far as your relationships are concerned.


Aug 23 - Sep 22

You are in a serious mood, particularly between the 11th and 15th. Try to keep things light and breezy and don’t react to people’s opinions about the how and why you should be doing things a different way. If you have confidence that what you’ve done in the past works for you stick to your guns. Your sexual energies are much stronger after the 22nd.


Sep 23 - Oct 23

This is an excellent month for friendship, romance and even reconnecting with people from your past. You have several opportunities which is evidenced by Jupiter, Mercury and Mars in your romance zone. It appears this is going to be a busy month so you need to carefully organize your diary especially after the 23rd.

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Oct 24 - Nov 21

You are coming to the end of a rather intense work and/or relationship cycle. This is going to give you an opportunity to kick up your heels and really sit back and relax for a while. Your habit however may be to take on more work and this could be a mistake. Follow the lead of your lover or spouse, particularly after the 14th when a bit of advice given to you will help set a new pathway for you and a positive one at that.


Nov 22 - Dec 21

You want things to move ahead quickly this month but you may be obstructed by people at work, close friends or even relatives who have their own agenda. You’ll need to be ruthless if you’re going to achieve your objectives without interference. Between the 19th and 23rd you’ll be rather emotional about some decision. Get a second opinion before committing yourself to a path of action.


Dec 22 - Jan 19

The period of the 6th till the 9th is a rather intense financial period. You’re probably doing too much and saying yes to too many people. When are you going to do something for yourself? It’s a matter of committing to yourself, and understanding that you need to be gentle and kind to No. 1 if the Universe is going to co-operate with you. Some good fortune could arrive around the 14th or 15th. Remain aware of opportunities that present themselves at this time.


Jan 20 - Feb18

Put your foot on the brakes between the 2nd and the 5th. You might think an idea has been perfectly thought through only to discover later on that there are several factors that you had completely overlooked. Listen to what’s being said rather than superimposing your own imagination on a situation, especially if this has to do with some emotional or romantic scenario. Finances fluctuate until the 11th, after which some better opportunities for stability come your way.


Feb 19 - Mar 20

Don’t let the past encroach on the present. Someone could bring up some old events which could open wounds that you thought had healed. If you can avoid someone that you were once involved with, it’s best to stay out of their line of fire. On a positive note however you are compassionate and will want to do something beneficial for a friend. Make yourself available to assist a loved one after the 8th.

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WIN a 3 day stay at Moore Park Beach and provides a place for many public functions and events including the annual Arts Festival. Moore Park Beach also features excellent fishing, crabbing and boating opportunities along with the stunning stretch of white sandy beach, patrolled by award-winning surf lifesavers and a thriving little nipper squad.

For years, the 17 kilometre stretch of white sandy beach has been Queensland’s best kept secret when every other pocket of sand along the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and the north Queensland beaches have been builtup, rebuilt and developed to the point that vacant land is a rarity.

Moore Park Beach is alive with local wildlife and birdlife, and kangaroos are often seen grazing on the beach reserve and on other grassy parklands in the area. Turtle watching is a favourite pastime for locals, who can experience first-hand the laying and hatching season right under their noses on their own parcel of beach.

Moore Park Beach Community Association President Alan Davis said the wonderful family environment that almost 2000 locals call home will not remain a secret for much longer.

Mr Davis said the Community Association, Lions Club and Fishing Club are proud to have extremely active community members at Moore Park Beach, with everyone pitching in to make the town increasingly attractive to families and holiday-makers.

“We have been fortunate to live in one of the best beachside towns in Australia. We are also lucky that for years we have been able to get away with it without anyone else finding out!” Mr Davis said.

“The clean air, sounds of the ocean, low traffic and all-weather roads and of course the people, are what make Moore Park Beach the perfect place to settle down,” Mr Davis said.

A far cry from the racing city with its many busy attractions, Moore Park Beach in contrast provides families and couples with its own attractions giving people the chance to escape the ‘rat race’ which is causing so much executive stress.

“It will not be long before the word is spread about our extraordinary beach paradise.”

Local families are enjoying the new services to the area in the form of a new primary school, restaurant, shops, and a tavern with children’s play area. The Community Association’s hall is another source of pride



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In France it’s Pinot Gris and to the Italians its Pinot Grigio so what’s the difference.

Level 2, Mercure Brisbane Mercure Brisbane 85-87 North Quay, Brisbane, QLD 4000

Corte Giara Pinot Grigio 2007 Veneto ITALY

This wine is dry and fresh, the palate is focused and defined. An elegant and persistent wine that leaves you asking for a second and sometimes third glass. Fine wine retailers

Redbank Sunday Morning Pinot Gris 2008

Pewsey Vale Pinot Gris 2008

King Valley VIC

Eden Valley SA

Classic Pinot Gris flavours of rose petal and fresh pear. This wine has a textural palate with cleansing acidity due to the high altitude of the vineyard.

The flavours in this wine remind me of crunchy apple and pear, a richly textured palate that finishes long and fresh with a touch of spice.

Fine wine retailers

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Aromas of pear and orange blossom leading to a light bodied palate with slight mealy texture, mouth watering and lingering.

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Here are some examples of both that won’t break the bank balance and are great representations of the varietal. mostly unoaked.

South Australia


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The grape is one in the same, in Australia it comes down to the winemaker’s preference to which style they produce. Pinot Gris generally has vibrant aromas and a rich palate with texture and spice. Some of the wine spends time in barrel to aid with texture and spice. The Italian version is for the most part neutral to smell and has a leaner palate featuring pear, almonds and a backbone of acid, this wine is.

Yalumba Y Series Pinot Grigio 2008


So, come and discover the magic of Brisbane with Quays Restuarant & Bar!

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By Graham Johnston

The newly refurbished Quays Bar

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Pinot Gris Vs Pinot Grigio

Within the Mercure Hotel, Quays Restaurant and Bar offers beautiful views of the Brisbane River and South Bank Parklands. The Modern Australian dinner menu features the finest local produce. Quays Bar is open for buffet breakfast and dinner daily, it also serves an all-day snack menu in Quays Bar.



To go in the draw to win the stay at Moore Park Beach visit au

Enjoy the Quays Experience

What to do:

The town is now growing because of what Mr Davis believes is a “more cosmopolitan” approach to lifestyle and business at Moore Park Beach, with people constantly breathing new ideas into the area.

Immerse yourself.....

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March 2009




Ph: (07) 3357 7103

Balanced City North - March 09  

The first edition of the Balanced City North edition

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