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November 2008

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Need A Break? This month Balanced will show you the best deals in your local area, whether it be gift vouchers for Christmas, dinner for the family, a new ďŹ tness centre, a pampering pack for mum or just a great getaway escape, Balanced has a section to suit. If a holiday is what you need than make sure you enter the Moore Park Beach holiday giveaway promotion to go in the running to WIN a 3 night getaway for up to 4 people, see page 14 for details. Additionally, Balanced will continue to provide you with the best information on ďŹ tness, travel, health, kids sport, dining, beauty, fashion and much more as well as also providing you with dozens of companies in your area that can assist you in any of your needs. For all past columns and information visit online and be on your way to Balancing Your Health, Your Wealth and Your Lifestyle.

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Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle

November 2008 - 1


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Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle







November 2008 - 2

INDEX: fitness .......................... 2 kids health .................... 6 health & well being ....... 7 food & wine .................. 8 beauty ........................ 10 your stars ................... 12 real estate .................. 13 local directory ............. 13 promotion ................... 14 lifestyle ...................... 14 sports ........................ 15

LOCAL EXPERTS: Dadhichi Toth is one of Australia’s foremost astrologers. For over 24 years he has been researching astrology, and has conducted over 9,000 consultations. His clients include celebrities, political and diplomatic figures from all over the world. His website www.astrology. offer a wide range of helpful information and services. (See page 13)

Deanne Hughes is the manager at the Healthy Inspirations gym in Mitchelton and has a vast experience in delivering complete weight loss solution for women having been with Healthy Inspirations for quite some time and worked in the health industry nearly all her life, Deanne currently resides with her husband and three children in The Gap. (See page 7)

Dr Richard Sawyer is passionate about optimal health and helping families in our local community achieve the best possible health they can. He believes that your body was made to be well and that by following simple logical steps we can all enjoy a long and healthy life. Dr Richard lives in Eatons Hill with his wife and 5 sons. (See page 4)

Rebecca Kerta is a group fitness instructor who holds a certificate III in fitness and has taught aerobics for over 4 years. She is also the owner and designer of Mizfit Activewear and shares her passion for a healthy and active lifestyle with her husband and three beautiful girls.

Graham Johnston is an Area Manager for Samuel Smith & Son, one of Australia’s leading purveyors of wine, beer & spirits, having worked for Samuel Smith & Son for 8 years, Graham has a keen interest in food & wine previously working in the hospitality industry for 8 years and briefly partaking in a vineyard at Yalumba in 2004. (See page 8)

Kay Marco is the owner of Hectic Helpers and specialises in creating time for people by doing all the things that keep people from their families, Kay parleyed her previous experience in the hospitality, catering and event management industry to help others achieve more Balance, Kay currently resides in Ferny Hills with her husband and young son. (See page 12)

Lee Hunt 26, is a 6 year golf professional who is based at North Lakes Resort Golf Club where he has been for the last 18 months. Lee has been a member on the Australasian Tour for the past 4 years and has compiled 17 pro-am victories. He lives at Carindale with his wife of 3 years. (See page 15)

Umbara Kerta is a Chartered Accountant with over 10 years experience as a Financial Controller. He has experience with many types of industries ranging from the health sector, hospitality and exporting industry. He understands the pressures associated with small and medium size business’ owning a number of business’ himself. He Lives in Albany Creek with his wife and three young girls.

To advertise in Balanced, contact Adam Peel on 0403 122 187 or 3355 4207 or email at Balanced Media (ABN: 12 131 146 908) holds no responsibility for claims made by advertising companies within advertorials or other columns located in this paper, all columns, if not otherwise stated, all advertorial articles were written for or by participating advertisers. Photographs supplied as editorial content are accepted for publication on the basis that the organisation/business/individual is the copyright owner and that Balanced Media, as publisher of Balanced Newspaper has the right to, and may license third parties to, reproduce in electronic form and communicate these photographs.

Christie Hopgood has recently been appointed the Assistant Head Tennis Professional at Ferny Hills Tennis Centre. Christie has over ten years coaching experience and is a qualified Club Professional Coach with Tennis Australia. She has also worked interstate at Tennis NSW in the National Academy and understands junior player’s needs having been a former number one junior player in Queensland. (See page 15)

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Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle

November 2008 - 3

A fresh approach to fitness! The freshest approach to exercise is at the Studio Personal Training at Gaythorne. The Studio Personal Training prides itself on the three P’s - personalised, private, and professional - which is exactly what you get when you meet manager, Leona O’Brien “At the Studio, we provide 100 percent service to your ideal lifestyle through personal training and holistic health management,” Leona explained. “Ideal lifestyle needs to include enjoying yourself, whatever “bad” things you might like to choose and enjoying yourself without guilt! The Studio Personal Training works on providing a stress-free environment, personally tailored in-house and home programs, health & lifestyle assessments and fully qualified Fitness Australia personal trainers. The benefit of the Studio’s personal training sessions are that you will only

Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle

pay for the services you use. “There are no memberships or joining fees, no crowds and no hassles, just a relaxed personal place to work towards a healthier you.” According to Leona, Your personal trainer should almost know as much about you as your doctor. It’s not just about the right exercise type, duration and intensity. Your trainer should talk to you about food, emotions, injury, stress, hydration, sleep patterns, and the way they all intermingle in your life.” Leona said. The Studio Personal Training covers all aspects of health and fitness for the individual (and hopefully the whole family), including postural & movement analysis, nutritional & lifestyle programs, home training plans, recovery and rehabilitation, as well as specialised pre and post natal programs.

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November 2008 - 4

Livit! Feel it! Love It! By Kate Lillis

the counter staff able to remember the members but the trainers and owners too Livit Health Club is celebrating its “Wow”, I said, “Surely you don’t know one year anniversary, so I have gone all the members of this gym”. To which down to see what all the fuss is about. owner Ben replied “I pretty much do” Beyond this there are many other Initially I started writing this article with the intention of things that set Livit apart. The one thing heading down a different path. in particular I noticed was the widest It wasn’t until I went down to meet array of gym equipment I have ever seen. In addition to the warm and Ben and his staff at Livit that I was really atmosphere there was taken in by the warm and friendly friendly atmosphere, contradicts the saying very helpful and fully trained staff. To my surprise I found there was a “A good gym is hard to find”. I was there only 20 minutes before women’s only area. Finally a gym where the witnessing the first of the many facets of the gym that truly impressed me. members aren’t just numbers in When the members strolled through the system or dollars in the bank. After just a few hours spent there I was Livit’s doors that evening, not only were soon put through the “Livit Experience” as they like to call it, I was put totally at ease. No pushy Membership Salesmen, no show pony trainer’s only interested in their own biceps, just friendly people looking to help me achieve what “I” wanted to achieve. And the way owner Ben talks with such pride and ownership of his members’ results like Evan “who has lost over 60kg in the last 12 months” Ben says “you should see the change in him, it’s truly rewarding” He continued to rattle off members

with the biggest grin on his face who have been a part of the new Livit experience. Take it from me, going in with the expectations of Livit being just another gym, I encourage all residents around Livit, located at Level 1/471 Southpine Rd Everton Park, to go and try the Livit experience for themselves or call the friendly staff on 3855 9885

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Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle



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November 2008 - 5

Making Dinner Fun Rita Di Bartolo

How to Be a Role Model Kids will follow the lead of the adults If there is one time of the day when they see every day. By eating fruits and it’s good for the family to come vegetables and not overindulging in the together, it’s the evening meal. less nutritious stuff, you’ll be sending the Young children need the regularity right message. Another way is to limit portions and of a sit-down meal so they can settle at night and teenagers (despite not overeat, talk about your feelings of appearances) need time to talk, to be fullness, especially with younger children. heard and to learn from their parents. You might say, “This is delicious, but I’m full, so I’m going to stop eating.” Making it healthy Similarly, parents who are always With only some minor or complaining about changes in approach, you can dieting make dinner much healthier. their bodies may foster these same Use a wide variety of cerealbased food (preferably wholegrain or wholemeal rice, pasta, potatoes, noodles), lean meats and poultry (trimmed of fat/skin removed), fish and vegetables when preparing meals, remembering to use canola, sunflower, soybean or olive oils for cooking rather than animal fats. Making it work To make the evening meal easier: Plan meals on a weekly basis and write a shopping list to ensure you have all of the ingredients. Try to make twice as much food and freeze half of it for another night. Make stir-fries for quick cooking. Make casseroles, stews or soups that can be left in the oven or on the stovetop while you do other things.

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Join our Escape From Death Row Cancer Jail By Barry Thomson

The profiled book this JOIN OUR ESCAPE FROM month highlights the DEATH ROW - CANCER JAIL story of how Barry Thomson beat deadly melanoma, and his subsequent cancer fighting experiences. Since successfully WE BEAT OUR DEADLY CANCERS USING NATURAL fighting off the CANCER FIGHTERS AND TUMOUR KILLERS! THIS BOOK EXPLAINS, IN FULL DETAIL, HOW WE IN THIS BOOK MAY HELP melanoma over DID IT. INFORMATION YOU BEAT YOUR CANCER. the past four and a half years Barry has expanded his knowledge on ways to fight cancer with natural methods. Given the ever increasing number of people affected by cancer either personally or via a loved one, Barry believes that they will find the information in this book invaluable. By giving a personal account of his ordeal to recover from two of the deadliest forms of melanoma simultaneously in 2003 and then taking you through his plan that helped him overcome the deadly cancer, Barry is sure to give hope to countless sufferers out there looking for support. To order a copy of the book freecall 1800 260 888 or email with all profits from our sale of the book going to The Me I See Foundation Ltd ( BARRY THOMSON

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negative feelings in their kids. Try to keep a positive approach about food. Get Kids Involved Most kids will enjoy deciding what to make for dinner. Talk to them about making choices and planning a balanced meal. Some might even want to help shop for ingredients and prepare the meal. In the kitchen, select age-appropriate tasks so your child can play a part without getting injured or feeling overwhelmed. And at the end of the meal, don’t forget to praise the chef.

This Month’s Book Review

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Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle


November 2008 - 6

Improve your posture with massage

1 in 2 Will Have

By Jeanine Mewburn

Backpain By Rohan Davies Affecting young and old, active and inactive people back pain is one of the most common complaints faced by people, more than half the population will experience back pain at least once in their lifetime with studies showing that over 20% of the population will report back pain in any 12 month period. Back pain is divided into two broad categories: acute and chronic. Acute back pain is pain that has been present for several days or weeks, whereas chronic back pain is pain lasting longer than 3 months. Back pain can also be recurrent, meaning the same symptoms occurring on multiple occasions with periods of relief in between with pain free periods lasting several days to several years. As a general rule with recurrent back pain each subsequent episode is likely to be more painful and harder to recover than the last. Different injuries need different treatments so it is important to be correctly assessed. Causes can vary from acute damage caused by a fall or an accident, to long term damage related to posture, poor lifting techniques or underlying pathology. Many risk factors involved in poor health are also linked to back pain, including smoking and poor diet. To find out more on back pain visit the Balanced Directory to find information on Physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists in your area who may be able to help.

Top Tips for Weight Control By Deanne Hughes At Healthy Inspirations we see countless women who come to us after trying dozens of different diets and exercise techniques without any significant results or long term benefits, I have put together just a few quick tips to help you identify the reasons these plans don’t work and how to manage them on a day to day basis • Eat breakfast within 60 minutes of waking • Sit down at the table to eat all meals and snacks • Make time for daily exercise, knowing it is essential for weight control • Focus on losing 2 kilograms at a time

• Learn to recognise and deal with cravings • Have a clear idea of the reasons why you want to lose weight and then continually remind yourself of those reasons • Have realistic expectations for your weight loss • Think of the example I want to set for those I love • Decide what you are willing to stop doing, delegate or minimise For more information on these tips and manner others come down and talk to us at Healthy Inspirations about a holistic approach to your weight loss.

Do you feel tired or experience low back pain stiff neck and shoulders, headaches, constipation bladder problems? Has your agility decreased over the years? If this is the case your body may have lost its alignment and your muscles may not be working as they were designed to. Your poor posture may lead to inefficient movement, causing the muscles to do extra work. For example, your head, which weighs about 8 kilograms, should be resting correctly on top of your neck and spine. Should your head be tilted forward, the muscles at the back of the neck have to work harder to hold your head up. This often is the situation when working in front of your computer. The same applies when you are standing and leaning over to one side for instance while holding a child on your hip or carrying a heavy load in one arm. The bottom line is that poor posture can lead to poor health, muscular stress, swelling, pain and fatigue. Massage can provide relief of pain and discomfort in the body by: • Increasing the blood and lymph circulation • Decreasing swelling • Improving range of movement • Breaking down abnormal muscle contractions and adhesions • Reducing muscle spasm For more information, please visit our website at To make an appointment with JM Remedial Therapy and Lymphoedema Clinic at Samford please call 3289 6050 or call 3264 6698 to reach the Albany Creek Clinic.



Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle

November 2008 - 7

Twin Islands Pinot Noir 2007 Marlborough NZ

This Barossa Chardonnay displays delicious peach fruit characters and wonderful depth of flavour. Oak fermentation and maturation is used very sparingly; just enough to give a touch of integrated spiciness and complex interest to the grape. Flavoursome, widely available $9 to $12


Peter Lehmann Chardonnay 2007 Barossa SA


Pinot Grigio is a relative newcomer to Australian wine, but it is growing fast in popularity. A light bodied wine, it has a slightly mealy texture that adds to the mouth watering and lingering finish.Great varietal character, widely available $9 to $12

$9 -$ 12

Yalumba Y Series Pinot Grigio 2008 South Australia

This fresh, lively Sauvignon Blanc shows classical varietal character with grassy, nettle-leaf, lemon and grapefruit aromas. The palate is delightfully crisp and refreshing with tropical fruit and gooseberry characters. Fantastic value, widely available $6 to $10

$9 -$

In today’s uncertain economic state we tend to be more mindful of how much we spend and what we are spending our hard earned money on. For those of us who still want to enjoy a glass of wine whilst ensuring we are not spending the family inheritance these wines offer exceptional value for money as well as being an outstanding representation of their variety.

Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc 2008 Waikerie SA

$2 2$

By Graham Johnston

$6 -$ 10

The Best Value Wines in Uncertain Times

Vibrant aromas of raspberries and spicy plums with a medium bodied palate featuring soft tannins and subtle oak influence. The primary fruits reign supreme with delicious cherries and berries. Moorish, try your nearest fine wine bottle shop $22 to $25

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����������������������������������������������������������■ �������������� Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle

November 2008 - 8


Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle

November 2008 - 9


De-stress, De-tox and Diffuse Pain A baby is Massage is one of the most fundamental methods of natural healing and preventative self-care and with the pressures of everyday life its little surprise that more and more people are turning to massage to provide relaxation and improvements in overall health. Endorsed by the American chiropractic association the Migun thermal massage system is a unique integration of five keyAsian and western medical techniques and is inspired by the effects of acupressure, acupuncture, heat-therapy (moxibustion), chiropractic, and massage.

The distinctive feature in a Migun thermal massage is the delivery of deep penetrating Infrared Heat to stimulate blood flow and tissue response so that overall muscle relaxation and pain relief can be achieved. Combined with massage, the application of Infrared Heat operates to improve the efficiency of the metabolic and lymphatic systems resulting in increased energy levels, blood circulation and detoxification by reducing harmful pollutants trapped in our tissues and organs helping to reduce pain from headaches, back & shoulder pain as well as tension,

insomnia & menstrual flow Open 6 days a week and conveniently located at Albany Creek, Migun World of Massage currently supports 900 plus clients and has been in Albany Creek for more than 2 years. Pat Malone started using the Migun massage about 18 months ago, at first it was merely a relaxing, enjoyable experience enough to encourage him to purchase several 10 session courses. However over time he found that his chronically sore back, improved dramatically, saying, “Whether it is the relaxing process or whether it works the muscles and spine enough to give relief is unknown, but it works for me” Pat has since taken out a year subscription so he can “attend sessions whenever I can fit them in, it is an extremely good value for money way of attending Migun sessions” he continued “along with my walking and bike riding exercise, Migun has become part of my fitness regime” If you want to find out more about what the Migun thermal massage system can do for you than call the friendly staff at 3264 4207 and drop in for a visit at 717 Albany Creek Rd, Albany Creek

born every 2 minutes By the time you finish reading this a child will be born somewhere in Australia. According to recently released data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 285,200 babies were born in the past 12 month, surpassing the previous 12 month record from 1971 by nearly 9,000.

Tip of The Month Make your wrapping paper part of the Christmas gift. If you have small children, get them to do some Christmas artwork and use it as wrapping paper. If you have large bulky gifts, why not wrap them in a festive tablecloth that can also then be used for Christmas dinner! To make everyday life easier for people who feel the pressure of doing it all, hand today’s to-do list over to the Hectic Helpers, the ‘to-do’ list specialists, and let them save you precious time. Call Kay on: 0409 827 185 or


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Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle

November 2008 - 10

Hairologists looking good The Hairologists are celebrating their first birthday and according to owner Arren the award winning salon is thriving and the success and growth he is seeing within the business each month is due to his secret ingredient – specialised service. “Business is great and it comes down to the fact that the service we offer to our clients is superior to other salons,” Arren said. Arren and his wife Jane took over the Hairologists late last year. Previously, Arren had spent more than nine years hairdressing in the salon for the previous owners. “We have found that all the existing clients are returning time and again and we are also attracting new clients

from the many referrals we receive from our satisfied customers.” Arren’s special service formula comes naturally for his team of five senior hairstylists and two apprentices. “We are a family business and our staff is part of that family and because of this, we have a culture of good honest values to share with our customers. “Families are very important to us at the Hairologists, with children treated just as importantly as adults, as it is important for them to be in a safe, friendly environment” Hairologists are located at 700 Albany Creek Road, Albany Creek, call 3264 4100.


Monthly Beauty Tip

The perfect look for summer By Phillipa Hogg

Summer is all about looking fresh, care free and beautiful. To break out the summer goddess in you; this season it’s all about beautiful skin. Exposing a little more skin in summer doesn’t just mean getting those legs fur free, smooth and bronzed (fake of course), it is also about being prepared to bear more of your face in sheer natural makeup’s that looks understated yet fantastic. To keep your face in prime condition; moisturising is the key, find the best day and night moisturisers for you and used in conjunction with a great eye treatment should see you through the season looking fresh and you may emerge at the other end even a little firmer. Once the skin is looking great it’s time to show it off; wear light sheer SPF enhanced makeup with complementary products like illuminators and a great peachy bronzer to develop a healthy glow. Try to use powers sparingly, as a heavy caked look is not right for this season. Just add a swipe of black lengthening mascara, a lip and cheek

tint with a peach base and a clear gloss and your ready for race day or a day at the park. To compliment this fun and flirty look keep hair low maintenance; and in great condition by regularly nourishing with a treatment in the harsher summer months. When styling; keep it natural, nothing too straight or to severely pulled back. Light waves or a side pony usually do the trick. Finish


Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle

November 2008 - 11

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 21 Mixing with rich and influential people is the quickest way to re-evaluate your own financial attitudes. A connection on the 21st will inspire you to do better. You will ultimately become more financially stable. Some debt which has been weighing heavily on your mind will be cleared after the 26th. You can combine creative, public relations and business oriented vocations to supplement your success.

Sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21 You have to try a few more exotic angles to appease a friend or lover on the 7th as even your most logical arguments will appear futile. Silence is a fairly safe option then. You will be feeling vital and sensual on the 15th and can want prove your abilities. Don’t wear yourself out in the process however. This is also a spiritually enlightening period offering you some deep insights bearing on romance and work.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19 On the 23rd you will need to go through each and every financial statement with a fine toothcomb. Fortunately, your intuition is sharp and you’re likely to come out of this as a winner after discovering some forgotten funds or savings. Getting caught in the crossfire of other peoples’ differences of opinion will be embarrassing between the 28th of the 30. You must remain calm and act as mediator between conflicting parties.

Aquarius Jan 20 - Feb 18 You will come into new friendships which you hadn’t counted on. This is likely between the 1st and the 5th. You also have the opportunity to work independently this if you choose. Your drive for success is strong and some of your friends may be useful in introducing you to others who can give your career kick-start. Sometime around the 19th an agreement to further your finances may get the green light.

Pisces Feb 19 - Mar 20 Throughout this month friendships run into problems. Venus and Saturn cause you to reconsider your relationships with some uncertain characters. Mars also causes mischief. Trust will be an issue and you’ll be reappraising someone’s motives and loyalty. Apologies will be plentiful but your memory could lapse and you might repeat the same old mistakes. Romance improves after the 22nd.

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20 Managing your professional life will be a test of strength for you this month especially between the 1st and the 6th. Jupiter continues to influence your career choices and there’s a lot of emotionalism about what you’re doing in this area of your life. Be prudent on the 4th, 6th, 17th and 21st. Don’t allow your emotions to dictate your financial decisions. You’ll need to be more discipline in tackling work issues.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

Virgo Aug 23 - Sep 22

You could be putting someone on a pedestal due to the rose coloured glasses you are wearing. If you are in an established relationship your love life could feel like a soap opera between the 10th and 15th. Try to see things truthfully rather than projecting your own emotional desires on your romantic circumstances. You may not like what you eventually see but at least you’ll be able to deal with that fairly and squarely.

Leo July 23 - Aug 22

Libra Sep 23 - Oct 23

This is a month when your domestic circumstances could become a little overwhelming. You will sweep some of your family responsibilities under the rug in the first part of the month only to find that you are landed with additional work and a few extra headaches between the 28th and the 30th. Repairs, renovations and other odd jobs around the house could cost more than you expect. Romance is good during this cycle but do you have enough time to enjoy it?

Taurus Apr 21 - May 20 You mustn’t waste valuable energy on domestic issues that aren’t important this month. Stop reacting to petty matters. On the 19th and also the 29th you could lose your cool by over-reacting to a loved one’s’ nit picking. You may however have the opportunity to travel a little and get some fresh air and outdoor stimulation. This will unwind you. Use the energies of Jupiter to diffuse tension.

Astrology is the real story of your life and your relationship to the Universe and the many other people you encounter on your journey. How you will deal with your life and destiny is a mystery to most. Astrology is your key to a doorway beyond the mystery of life leading to understanding, self empowerment and ultimately Self Realisation. Get free daily horoscope readings and all birthday, astrological and zodiac signs - a new report each day.

Gemini May 21 - June 21 Friendships produce an element of deception or obsession (or both) between the 4th and the 8th. Neptune is responsible. You must stop demanding too much of loved ones during this cycle. Exciting opportunities for new love arise on or around the 15th when Cupid aims his arrows straight at you. The more unconventional and bold you are at that time the more likely it is you will attract someone supremely exciting.

busy people get everything done in their hectic day. Some of the things Hectic Helpers The one thing that people always run out of around Christmas is TIME. Kay can assist with include running errands, Marco from Hectic Helpers has found a decluttering the house, finding products way to give you some time back, by taking and services that you normally do life’s extra chores and managing them for not have time to look for, organising you, giving you more time to spend with parties or functions, purchasing gifts and carrying out all those chores on your family this Christmas. Hectic Helpers are your ‘to do list’ your never-ending ‘to do’ list , or specialists, providing a personal concierge stagnating in your ‘too hard’ basket. They can even fill in as an service that is specially designed to help

Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle

Avoid disputes with money this month. Take every precaution when accepting checks between the 8th and 12h, especially if you work as a merchant with credit cards. The planetary transits are likely to cause some type of deception or fraud. Use your intuition if you suspect someone of being on the wrong side of the law. Extend these suspicions to a friend as well. Someone is not being above board with you.

Dadhichi Toth is one of Australia’s foremost astrologers. For over 24 years he has been researching astrology, and has conducted over 9,000 consultations. His clients include celebrities, political and diplomatic figures from all over the world. His website www.astrology. offer a wide range of helpful information and services.

Hectic? Help is at Hand By Alisa Cork

There could be several short trips or jaunts on the cards on the 1st and 2nd and one could be with a lover. Alternatively, you could be meeting someone who has started tugging at your heart strings on the 10th and again also on the 17th. If you’re currently involved with someone who is away you’ll get a call from them or be suddenly surprised to see them at your front door.

administration assistant if you are short on staff. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is that simple. Why not let Hectic Helpers handle all your Christmas shopping for you? If you need the gift wrapped and mailed off somewhere they can do that as well. Instead of rushing around trying to organise the gifts for the kids or relatives, simply give Hectic Helpers the list and they will do the running around for you, leaving you to spend more time with the family, which is what Christmas is all about. You can either use Hectic Helpers for yourself or why not give Hectic Helpers as a gift this Christmas? Purchase a gift voucher for someone you love and give them the most precious gift of all TIME.The list of things that Hectic Helpers can do is endless, If you need something done and Hectic Helpers can’t do it they will find someone who can. As long as the request is legal, moral and ethical, Hectic Helpers can help. Turn completing your ‘to do’ list into reality and allow Hectic Helpers to make your life less time poor and more efficient and enjoyable. Live life and benefit from the all time you have with your own personal concierge, Hectic Helpers. Enquire about the services available or specialised 5 or 10 hour service packages and gift vouchers by phoning Kay on 0409 827 185.

Tip of The Month With less than 2 months to go till Christmas, start adding a few non perishable items like chocolates, nuts, baking ingredients etc to your grocery shopping each week now so that you don’t have such a large grocery bill a few days before Christmas. To make everyday life easier for people who feel the pressure of doing it all, hand today’s to-do list over to the Hectic Helpers, the ‘to-do’ list specialists, and let them save you precious time. Call Kay on: 0409 827 185 or

November 2008 - 12


Australia’s third largest real estate portal, simplifies your search for your new home

s is the 3rd largest real estate portal in Australia, featuring more than 200,000 property listings from more y than 4,000 real estate agents. Homehound is committed to t providing a unique property search experience by placing maps at the centre sof the search. Revolving around the use of maps, offers a clean, uncluttered experience with over 20 unique user features when compared to other property websites. Homehound was the first major Australian real estate portal to launch a ‘Share on Facebook’ feature in November last year. Each of the 200,000+ properties listed on Homehound now features a ‘share on Facebook’ link so that property seekers can simply and easily share their property search with their friends and family. With a new management team in place, Homehound is continuing to innovate and establish a strong differentiated position in the marketplace – for both consumers and real estate agents. Calvin Brodie, Product & Operations Manager, has ten years experience in the online real estate space and is focused on delivering a superior

The Balanced local directory delivers you a quick reference to companies in your area delivering services to do with your health, your wealth & your lifestyle.


Acclique The solution for rental property investors - improving your accounts is only acclique away Tel: 1800 260 888

Hair Studios

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Healthworks - Everton Park No Contract, No Worries - Call now to take advantage of our $0 Joining Fee Tel: 07 3353 2222


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Business Outsourcing Evolve Campaigns - West End Advertising and finished art solutions tailored to your needs, big or small Tel: 07 3846 7255 p14

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Vitality Chiropractic - Albany Creek Helping Families to optimal health through improvment in posture and mobility Tel: 07 3325 0506



Zanettis Restaurant & Bar - Mitchelton New Function Room available Book your Christmas Party, Birthday or Wedding today Tel: 07 3354 4533 Chef’s Kitchen - Mitchelton 1/2 Price Pizza, purchase 1 large pizza and recieve the second for half price Tel: 07 3355 7094

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Migun World of Massage - Albany Creek Now stocking the revolutionary Vitality 600 - weight managment system - Free Trial, Delivery & Installation Tel: 07 3264 4207 - Brendale Australia’s leading internet supplier of physio, rehab & therapy equipment - SAVE 30% on box orders Tel: 07 3882 2105 Rebel Sport - Chermside Australia’s leading fitness equipment stockists - Lowest Prices Guaranteed Tel: 07 3256 4399

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Bircharomas - McDowell Specialising in Hot Stone, Foot, Pregnancy & relaxing foot massages - Health Fund Rebate Tel: 0412 037 683 JM Remedial - Albany Creek Conducting all type of massages whilst specialising in lymphoedema Tel: 07 3264 6698 Migun World of Massage - Albany Creek The Migun Thermal Massage helps to circluate the flow of blood & release tight & tired muscles Tel: 07 3264 4207

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Homehound will continue to evolve to meet the market and to continue to deliver the best product for consumers and real estate agents.

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Keep the paper handy and get in touch with companies you need in a Flash! Accounting

online property search experience. Tracy Blair, National Sales Manager, has a wealth of real estate industry and advertising experience and is working with real estate agents to deliver value.


The Studio PT - Gaythorne Health, Vitality & Wellness - a holistic health & fitness program to change your life Tel: 3855 5393 Your Local PT - North-West area Contact Paul for a range of group fitness training packages including Fitness Fun for Mum’s & Bub’s Tel: 0422 063 024 Personal Best PT - Aspley One week of group fitness training FREE! Perfect for Mum’s. Tailored to your schedule. Tel: 07 3862 9025

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Belle Affair - Albany Creek Gift vouchers now available for Christmas. Tel: 07 3264 1533


Skin Revision - Chermside Latest non surgical cosmetic treatment to improve just about any appearance concern Tel: 07 3350 5447


Body by Design - Albany Creek Get your body beautiful this summer - New clients receive Organza Gift Bag and ultrasound facial FREE Tel: 07 3161 8722

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Ferny Hills Tennis Centre - Ferny Hills Take advantage of our special offers this month - Win 2 tickets to the Brisbane International Tel: 07 3851 0444

p6 Only $55 per session from one on one online coaching with former Australian Vice-Captain Gary Cosier


North Lakes Golf Resort Memberships from only $50/week - See our Golf Shop for details Tel: 07 3480 9200

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IVY Photography - Mitchelton Capturing the special moments in life and creating a sitting environment that is fun & relaxing for all Tel: 07 3855 5107

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Finesse Physiotherapy - Stafford Your pain relief solution - ensuring you get the best treatment and the right advice Tel: 07 3356 9519

Real Estate p13 Visit to find listings from over 2000 agents - your best friend in real estate

Vineyards - Mitchelton Located in Blackwood St Mitchelton, Vineyards will satisfy all your lifestyle needs

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Subway - Everton Park Buy a footlong and regular drink and receive a FREE footlong ( only at Everton Park) Tel: 07 3855 3822

November 2008 - 13

Your chance to win perfect beach holiday For years, the 17 kilometre stretch of white sandy beach has been Queensland’s best kept secret when every other pocket of sand along the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and the North Queensland beaches have been built-up, rebuilt and developed to the point that vacant land is a rarity. Moore Park Beach Community Association President Alan Davis said the wonderful family environment that almost 2000 locals call home will not remain a secret for much longer. “We have been fortunate to live in one of the best beachside towns in Australia. We are also lucky that for years we have been able to get away with it without anyone else finding out!” Mr Davis said. A far cry from the racing city with its many busy attractions, Moore Park Beach in contrast provides families

and couples with its own attractions giving people the chance to escape the ‘rat race’ which is causing so much executive stress. Local families are enjoying the new services to the area in the form of a new primary school, restaurant, shops, and a tavern with children’s play area. The Community Association’s hall is another source of pride and provides a place for many public functions and events including the annual Arts Festival. Moore Park Beach also features excellent fishing, crabbing and boating opportunities along with the stunning stretch of white sandy beach, patrolled by award-winning surf life-savers and a thriving little nipper squad. Moore Park Beach is alive with local wildlife and birdlife and

kangaroos are often seen grazing on the beach reserve and on other grassy parklands in the area. Turtle watching is a favourite pastime for locals, who can experience first-hand the laying and hatching season right under their noses on their own parcel of beach. Mr Davis said the Community Association, Lions Club and Fishing Club are proud to have extremely active community members at Moore Park Beach, with everyone pitching in to make the town increasingly attractive to families and holiday-makers. “The clean air, sounds of the ocean, low traffic and all-weather roads and of course the people, are what make

Moore Park Beach the perfect place to settle down,” Mr Davis said. “It will not be long before the word is spread about our extraordinary beach paradise.” The town is now growing because of what Mr Davis believes is a “more cosmopolitan” approach to lifestyle and business at Moore Park Beach, with people constantly breathing new ideas into the area. Now is your chance to WIN as Balanced and Moore Park Beach give you the opportunity to win a 3 day holiday stay at one of Moore Park Beaches gorgeous Maxi Huts for up to four people. See below for entry details.

Job Vacancies Sales Representative (Part - Time) Albany Creek Based - Casual Rates Apply

Part Time Appointment Assistant: Balanced Media - North West Brisbane Would you like the opportunity to work from home, in hours that suit your lifestyle with the opportunity to earn great money doing so? We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated person to work as a parttime appointment setter for our sales staff in order for them to meet new clients for the role of selling advertising & media opportunities to businesses in the Balanced Newspaper distribution area. Remuneration can either be salary

Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle

or results based, with fantastic incentives available. Applicants need to possess the below skills: • Self Motivated • Clear & Friendly Phone Manner • Good Communication and resolution skills • Ability to work on own initiative hilst working towards team goals and targets • Well Organised

Balanced Newspaper is an informative lifestyle newspaper providing reliable information on health, wealth and lifestyle choices that readers can make and then delivering a company 15-20 minutes from their home. If you think you may suit this role then send your resume to Adam Peel at and call 0403 122 187 to see what exciting opportunities Balanced can provide.

We are seeking an energetic and self motivated individual to coordinate the day to day activities of our new retail outlet opening shortly in Albany Creek. The successful applicant needs to be able to operate under their own guidance, enjoy the health & fitness industry, have previous retail experience and be able to work towards targets. If this sounds like you send your application to or call 0407 377 347 today.

November 2008 - 14

Special Offer 1


Tennis Tip Winning Strategies for Singles Play With Hopgood

Christie –

Use the analogy of a traffic light as follows:

–Safe, consistent play

Assistant Head Tennis ProfessionalFerny Hills Tennis

• Yellow Zone: Mid-court area


• Green Zone: Forecourt area





matter where you are playing in the world. Just like there are scientific principles to adhere to with regard to technique, there are some basic principles to follow with respect to strategy and tactics. Use the following two concepts in developing your decision-making skills in singles. Concept 1 - Play consistent percentages A simple plan is to reduce the amount of points lost by unforced errors and increase the number of points won by forcing your opponents into error. Unforced errors are mistakes made with no applied pressure from your opponent Forced errors

There will be 2 Holiday programs running over the Xmas Holidays... 15th – 18th Dec & 19th – 22nd Jan (Both are from 9am – 1pm)

–Proceed through, approach

Go into a draw to win two corporate seats to the Brisbane International in Brisbane January 2009. A total value of $220 to Brisbaneʼs first world class event where the best players on the world come to play.

–Go, go for the put-away Restring advice

Limited to one voucher per person

Michael Barr -Racket Technician- Ferny Hills Tennis Centre

Expiring December 2008

Do you know Roger Federer gets his racquet strung 700 times a year?!! That’s about two racquet restrings per day. Now while the majority of us weekend warriors don’t need to go to such lengths it does pose an intriguing question. Why?

Special Offer 2

Here are few simple truths that I hope will shed light on this shady area of tennis know how. • The strings in a racquet when you buy from a sport store are usually of inferior quality •

Racquet strings are not all the same, there are

thousands of different racquet string manufacturers and products, some of which will suit your style however most will not, so it is best to seek advice from a trained professional

Phone: (61 7) 3851 0444 Fax: (61 7) 3851 0244 Email: 144 samford Rd, Ferny Hills QLD 4055

basic concepts that every tennis player should adhere to in order to ensure a winning tactical game plan. These concepts are determined by the dimensions of the tennis court, which do not change no

Sign up for the school holiday camp ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY HANGOUT! (Suitable for 5 – 14yr olds)

• Red Zone: Baseline area

Present this voucher to receive Free pass valued at twelve dollars to adult social tennis Monday night! Social Tennis is for all player standards and runs from 7-9pm every Mon night! Three doubles matches, Coffee tea and nibbles provided.

are not necessarily mistakes, but rather the loss of

Here at Ferny Hills Tennis Centre we offer a 24 hour

a point from applied pressure from your opponent. In singles, the three most important shots

turn around service and stock a comprehensive range of Pro Tour quality strings to suit any standard

Limited to one voucher per person.

for consistency focus are the serve, return and approach shot.

and any budget. So come in and see us in the Pro Shop and one of our friendly staff will best advise

Expiring December 2008

Concept 2 - Know the zones

you of the restring that is right for you.

Phone: (61 7) 3851 0444 Fax: (61 7) 3851 0244 Email: 144 samford Rd, Ferny Hills QLD 4055

Golfing Tip - Bunker Shot By Lee Hunt, PGA Professional & Golf Manager, North Lakes Resort Golf Club The basic theory of a bunker shot is that your club should cut through the sand underneath the ball with the ball riding out of the bunker on a cushion of sand. In fact, at no stage should your club ever touch the ball during the bunker shot. There should always be a cushion of sand between your ball and the clubface. If contact is made your ball will certainly travel too far. To play a bunker shot you need to follow 6 steps, STEP 1 - Grip down on the club as you do when playing a chip or pitch. STEP 2- Align your feet at 45 degrees to the left of the target and position the ball so as it is in the middle of your stance. You should bend a little more at the knees to make it easier for the club to go under the ball. Bunkers are considered to be a hazard. So take particular care not to touch the sand with your club at any stage during your set up or back swing as you will incur a 1 stroke penalty. STEP 3 - Start with your weight on your left foot and keep it there through the course of the swing, just as you did in the chip and pitch shots. STEP 4 - Take the club back within a “V” shaped swing. (That is a swing which is narrower and steeper than your normal swing. ) This is achieved by using a minimum of body motion and letting your hands control the shot. As you hit the ball make sure that the club is sliding underneath the ball so as the loft of the club can get the ball in the air. STEP 5 - The length of the shot is controlled by the length of your swing. You must ensure that both the back and down swings are of the same length. i.e. if you take the club back to hip height follow through to hip height on your downswing. STEP 6 - It is vital that you keep your club accelerating through the ball. To achieve this try to hit the ball slightly firmer out of a bunker than you would for a shot of the same distance from grass. The sand will slow your club head down as soon as it enters and this extra momentum will help get it through the sand and get the ball out of the bunker.

Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle

November 2008 - 15

Keep Fit This Summer with $69.99


Speedo Women’s Image One Piece

Speedo Girls Endurance Pulsback



Speedo Opal Senior Swim Goggle

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Speedo Men’s Trio Aquashort

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Speedo Chamois Towel

Speedo Silicone Fins

EVA Kickboard


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! ! S Y O F U O R L D L W A E A Y E T R N E R S R T S R A P O C WE


NRL Wave Rider Surf Mats 1111003300002

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Raw Bodyboard 37”




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Wahu Beach Cricket Set


Raw PE 5’5” Surfboard







G UARANTE ED Find an identical item cheaper at any other retailer in Australia and we’ll beat it *1 by 10 %

Balanced - your health, your wealth, your lifestyle

CHERMSIDE Westfield Chermside, Cnr Gympie & Hamilton Rds. 3256 4399 Prices valid until 3/12/08 unless sold out. Offers available at Rebel Sport Chermside only. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount cards. *1 Terms and conditions apply, see in-store for details.

November 2008 - 16

Balanced November Edition  

A Premier Lifestyle Information Newspaper for people looking to make improvements in their health, wealth or lifestyle

Balanced November Edition  

A Premier Lifestyle Information Newspaper for people looking to make improvements in their health, wealth or lifestyle