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There is a huge difference between machinery and office equipment. The cost of the office equipment such as printers & computers can be generally covered without the help of a loan but, there are these certain kinds of expensive machines which need the backing of Machinery Loans.  Such machineries are the foundation of an organisation’s income and also a long term investment. If you are in need of any such Machinery loan in India, there are many banks and NBFC’s which help organisations get loan. 

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Availing a machinery loan: Banks and other financial institutions do provide the loan that’s one is looking for, but the stringent terms and conditions they put forward are just unavoidable. This is where a specialised financial organisation comes into the business with a sole motive to provide every business organization with the needful credit successfully. Speaking in terms of machinery credit, the benefits these institutions provide is the machinery loan without security which is the reason that many organisations prefer NonBanking Financial Institutions (NBFC’s).

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Before Application of machinery loan: One needs to design a business plan according to which a financial institution can assist them. Discuss the same with the concerned executive from the financial institution and find the perfect service you are in need of. Do make sure the plan has figured out Usage of the equipment Understand Requirements of Space Consider whether to have New or Used Machine Machinery benefits for the organisation Transformation forecast of the Organisation’s overall position

The aforementioned details could be of any equipment or machinery, new or old which needs repair.  Make sure one discusses in depth every aspect of the loan with the executive for a suitable loan as there are a number of loans a financial institution provide which is basically in respect to equipment financing small business.  Financial Institutions provides all such assistance and credit one will need to purchase any new machinery or repair an old one. One may take up a loan to even replace faulty or broken machinery or simply upgrade to any better version of the Equipment or Machinery. 


NBFCs are regularly preferred over banks since a small business enterprise can get a machinery loan without security which also mentioned to as an unsecured business loan. Moreover, the loan can be availed with minimum documentation process and based on a simple set of eligibility criteria, which allows quicker disbursal of the loan if the organisation is eligible. Considering how vital equipment or machinery is for the smooth running of the production process, there can’t be anything better than a quick machinery & equipment term loan.

Also note, it is key to note that the quickness of disbursal of securing a machinery loan without security will depend on the required documentation and it’s eligibility as a small business.  Balaji Credit Service is one of the pioneers in working capital and Small Medium Enterprise (SME) loans and growing machinery & equipment finance company. They are among those machinery & Equipment finance companies in India who provides every organization with a number of benefits irrespective of the size of the business and absolutely without any security 


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Machinery & Equipment Finance Term Loan  

Balaji Credit Services Pvt. Ltd. is loans and financial consultancy company. We have helped many SME′s, Start-ups & Corporate to avail the b...

Machinery & Equipment Finance Term Loan  

Balaji Credit Services Pvt. Ltd. is loans and financial consultancy company. We have helped many SME′s, Start-ups & Corporate to avail the b...