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1.3.2: Setup control card (C1, C2, C3 and C4) During this process, PC should directly connect with control card, or they are in the same LAN. Taking C1 for example (C2, C3 and C4 are similar with C1): Get control card IP address There are three methods to get control card IP address, as follows: Method 1: Check control card IP (make sure that the control card connects with PC by crossover cable or the two are in the same LAN). Running LED Editor Software, click on “Help”“Auto check LED screen IP”, as shown in image 19-7 in below:

Figure 19-7 Method 2: Check IP by using LED set 2.0 Software, as shown in image 19-8 in below:

Figure 19-8 Method 3: Check control card label directly (only fit for using for the first time or IP ex-factory address unchanged). As shown in image 19-9, the IP address is .1XX,XX are the last two serial numbers of the control card.

Figure 19-9