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Introduction Silk Sarees Silk sarees are the epitome of feminine grace and beauty. That these simple unstitched garments could drape women with such glamour and ĂŠlan is truly remarkable. And very few apparel come close to pure silk sarees from Pothys, the single largest silk emporium in Tamil Nadu, featuring exclusive silks sarees from all parts of the country. Buy silk sarees from Pothys and you will never have to go anywhere else. Now also enjoy e-shopping of silk sarees and get the same quality that you have come to associate with Pothys.

SAMUDRIKA PATTU What happens when the designer pours his heart and soul into a Kancheepuram saree and the end product embodies the characteristics of a perfectly created woman? A Samudrika Pattu is born. These meticulously designed and crafted sarees, which have become the last word in craftsmanship in silk, are the quintessence of ethereal beauty and can multiply the grace of the woman wearing it. Buy pattu sarees from our exclusive collection and rejoice in the knowledge of owning a masterful creation.

MUHURTHAM COLLECTION The auspicious time of your wedding day aka Muhurtham, is the defining moment when you seal the long lasting bond of marriage with your significant other to embark on a wonderful journey for the rest of your life. Buy Muhurtham sarees online from Pothys’ Bridal Muhurtha Pattu collection that consists of glorious pure silk sarees at the click of a button online.


It is said that the ancestors of today’s Kancheepuram weavers used to weave clothes for the Gods themselves. Continuing the tradition, the weavers of today create no lesser fabrics for contemporary Goddesses. Buy Kanjeevaram silks from our extensive collection and refine your wardrobe.

PARAMPARA PATTU The Parampara Pattu is an amalgam of traditional weaving methods and contemporary designs, motifs and colours. These fusion silks are the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. This exclusive range of wedding sarees is sure to delight every woman. Buy Parampara Pattu sarees online from our site and experience a hassle-free and delightful shopping experience.

VASUNDHRA PATTU Vivacious designs, gorgeous motifs and masterful weaving combine in a heady melange to create the Vasundhra Pattu. Named after Mother Earth, these stunning silks capture the essence of our planet – a breathing, living, effervescent phenomenon that displays all the beauty that nature can endow.


When you decide to charm the onlookers in a completely comfortable drape, this splendid collection of light weighted silk sarees will serve you just right. Be it an evening party, festive occasion, wedding or whatever the occasion is, these sarees are completely airy and are premium looking. With beautiful motifs and zari, you are sure to sport a contemporary yet stylish look.

VASTRAKALA PATTU Vastrakala silk is a rich fusion of fine silk and unparalleled craftsmanship. Check out our exclusive Vastrakala silk Sarees collections online and buy Vastrakala Pattu to adorn yourself in the beauty of an innovation that defies all adjectives of skill and excellence.


Kancheepuram weaver’s superb craftsmanship and Rukmini Devi’s amazing designs. Buy Kanchipuram traditional silk saree with blouse and relive the elegance and beauty of the Age of Revival.

KANCHEEPURAM TRADITIONAL WITHOUT BLOUSE The traditional Kancheepuram silk sarees were revived under the watchful eye and patronage of Rukmini Devi Arundale. As Rukmini Devi herself put it so succinctly, that the new Kancheepuram was a result created “by absorbing and incorporating all that is best and beautiful in the Indian weaving tradition.

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Silk Sarees  

Best Silk Sarees at Pothys

Silk Sarees  

Best Silk Sarees at Pothys