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See what celebs are meditating today! Don’t fall behind on the new trend! Check out the cool products that can bring you happiness!

Tired of pills? Want an alternative solution? Why not meditate instead. Check out the alternative medicines section!

Having trouble focusing in school…want the answer?!  


MEDITATION, THE NEW FAD! We can now meditate not for a spiritual aspect, but because they do it! (Check out all the celebs that meditate and credit their healthy and happy lifestyle to meditating!)                              

Tina Turner: She credits meditation and her Buddhist beliefs for helping her gain the strength to leave her abusive ex-husband!

Gisel Bundchen: a famous supermodel believes passionately in meditation and credits it with keeping her healthy. You could look like this!!


Miley Cyrus seen here displaying her dedication to meditating!


     YOU COULD BE LIKE THEM! Famous and happy because they meditate of course! Who wouldn’t want to try out meditation after hearing their remarkable stories on how meditation helped them! Meditating can bring you the health and happiness you crave. Try it out, like they did and you’ll see the difference! Follow the trend!  

Check out the new hip products you can buy that you can use to start meditating! Get the meditation style clothing while supplies last! Don’t miss out on an opportunity like this!


                      On  sale  for  only  $300  if  you  buy  it  as  a  package   deal!  

“Consumers drop $3 billion a year on yoga classes, books, videos, CDs, DVDs, mats, clothing, and other necessities,” so why don’t you! Meditating is no longer just about finding a spiritual happiness, now it can be about looking good while doing it! Don’t miss out on your chance at happiness!


Only $70  now!                                    

$90 now!  

WANT TO BECOME A BETTER WORKER? Here’s what you can do to get that promotion you’ve been looking for!   ü Meditation has been shown to   improve mental capabilities     such as memory and abstract     thinking----- which is   essential in many work   environments.       ü Meditation has been proven to   help build people’s confidence   level----> This is a good     quality to have during a job   interview.     ü A study on the practice of     meditation for managers in   the marketplace showed that   meditation helped benefit Ame rica’s comp etitiv e driven   min dset u ses m editat ion to their those workers because of     adv antage to b enefit them in the how it helped them better   wor k plac e tod ay. It ’s no longer manage stressful situations   abo ut bec oming spiri tually and be confident in them.   int erconn ected . The results from Those who practice   med itatio n can get y ou ahead in   the work/ schoo l and bring you mindfulness meditation   the succe ss yo u’ve b een craving! reported feeling “more   So check out t hese h elpful tips confidant, assertive, and   on what y ou ca n do to get ahead   too! motivated to take better care   of themselves and more   confident of they’re ability to   respond effectively in     stressful circumstances”. ü There have also been reports from those that have practiced meditation claiming that they now look at situations as challenges instead of threats-- This is a good trait for the workplace as well.

Can’t bear to look at yourself? We might have

the answer for you!


Meditation is utilized as a tool in increasing the mental capacity in an individual’s mind in areas of focus and imp rov ed self-p ercep t io n anyway, so why not try it out yourself! It could give you the confidence you need so you don’t spend your day hating yourself like this! That’s no fun!

      If you didn’t feel like you were man enough before, you could be seeing yourself as more than that! Just like this kitten here!

                “Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging studies of the brain have shown that meditation can actually alter the structure of the brain to help promote positive thinking.” So you no longer have to feel like a this if   you meditated!


Me dit ati ng c an p rovi de y ou w ith the opp ort uni ty t o st ay i n th e pr ese nt! You can use med itat ion to h elp you dea l wi th t he d ist rac tio n th at r esu lts fro m th e te chno log y ge ner ati on we liv e in ! So use me dit ati on t o he lp y ou o ut!


Check out Mr. Campbells story of

his struggle with technology: Campbell is so consumed in technology that he forgets to enjoy family vacations even. His son even blames his own distraction for him doing poorly in school. His wife states that technology creates a disconnection in her husband. She complains, “He can no longer fully be in the moment.”


Want to how meditation should really be used? Meditation was once a spiritual practice that was only reserved for monks and yogis. Today, it is used by any who want to practice it; hence we should be using it properly. Many are not aware of the spiritual awakening it can provide them with. Many Americans misuse and exploit meditation and its traditional value and use it for personal interests such as consumer interests, alternative medicines, and to help improve cognition for competitive purposes. Meditation offers people with contentment and peace of mind. It can teach people to be detached from all suffering and live happily. Why does this matter you ask? The way people have altered it is making its original value to become diminished, thus disrespecting traditional Asian values Mindfulness meditation can help people to become free from suffering and give them the spiritual awakening that many can’t achieve otherwise. Today, it is used as a consumer value to benefit people in their own personal ways. What is mindfulness meditation really? Being mindful means being aware of what is happening in the present moment. It is a form of meditation designed to develop the skill of paying attention to our inner and outer experiences with acceptance, patience, and compassion. It is done by paying attention on purpose, deeply, and without judgment to whatever arises in the present moment, either inside or outside of us.

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Meditation exploited

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