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Methods for the Identification For the advancement of renewable strength, and safeguard China's energy security and foods protection, in mid-december 2007 commence of the Chinese academy of sciences "high-temperature fermentation of cellulosic ethanol and biorefineries" key tasks. The mounted quantity of yr of the task implementation for the 2008 ~ 2011, the essential technological innovation for gas ethanol manufacturing from lignocellulose bottleneck, created with independent intellectual property legal rights and market competitiveness of main innovations. The project's deployment for cellulosic ethanol biorefineries pointed out the investigation and development concentrate. To concentrate superior forces crucial research, the task will be divided into four subsystems topic system of scientific analysis units, respectively, by the Chinese academy of sciences project money of twenty five million yuan. 4 sub subjects are: lignocellulose pretreatment technology investigation, new kind of lignocellulose degradation enzymes is located, the transformation and application of higher temperature technique of biological ethanol bacteria technical reformation, cellulosic ethanol fermentation method optimization and manage. Lignocellulose pretreatment technologies is one of the analysis venture will decide on the consultant lessons of straw lignocellulose resources these kinds of as agricultural waste, herbaceous energy vegetation, and set ahead a complete set of lignocellulose pretreatment method is productive, low price, pilot scale realization of pretreatment of uncooked material costs considerably less than 200 yuan/ton of ethanol. New discovery of lignocellulose degradation enzyme program, the transformation and software undertaking will use the yuan implies this kind of as genomics, from environmental samples in the screening of novel gene and lignocellulose degradation gene cluster. Via research on attributes of its degradation enzyme application, and development effectiveness of lignocellulose degradation enzymes, at some point get one ~ 2 powerful expression of wood cellulose enzyme engineering bacterium. High temperature technique of biological ethanol microorganisms technological renovation tasks by large-throughput screening, immediate use of cellulose and hemicellulose high temperature strain fermentation to generate ethanol. By tinkering with the ethanol business in the production of yeast warmth-resisting performance, significantly boost the heat-resistant efficiency of yeast fermentation stage, the ethanol business in the generation of yeast heat focus achieved far more than forty 창, the unit intake of ethanol in 5 tons uncooked substance control (dry basis).Carboxymethyl Starch. Cellulosic ethanol fermentation approach optimization and control of task will be based on the ethanol large temperature fermentation method modeling and system optimization, design a established of high cellulosic ethanol production pilot demonstration unit. In addition, there will be a mathematic model of the cellulose ethanol engineering financial investigation, investigation of substantial-temperature fermentation of cellulose ethanol at various design and style plan, working situations and beneath the generation scale of financial system, and evaluating with other major specialized techniques at house and abroad. The subject matter will also have out analysis and prediction investigation of cellulose ethanol technological innovation development strategy, to full - cellulosic ethanol

technological and economic feasibility research report. the report from:

Methods for the Identification  

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