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Goldpro steel balls Ball mill by the feeding device into the ball mill working principle of the material warehouse, the warehouse Have ladder plate or corrugated plate, built in different specifications of grinding balls, To make uniform material and grinding balls in mill warehouse distribution, avoid starting difficulties, caused by heavy ball mill feed when need to start the auxiliary machine, the grinding process is also called. When the material is uniformly distributed within the warehouse, cylinder rotation to produce centrifugal force will fall after high grinding ball to a certain degree, blow and grinding effect on material. Powder through the discharging device, the complete ball mill operation. Ball mill the necessity of frequency conversion kit along with the market competition increasingly fierce, how to save energy, reduce production cost, is that all the enterprises on issues of mutual interest, as a result, minimize power consumption of ball mill, save energy and to improve the economic benefits of enterprises has important significance. 1, the existing starting mode and control mode is not energy-saving ball mill, through frequency conversion reformation to save a lot of electricity. 2, Goldpro steel balls ball mill, the impact of the current when starting way starting by very large, so the ball mill bearings and gear reducer is easy to damage, maintenance costs. 3, when the ball mill used in starting way starting current ball mill impact current is very big (usually 7 ~ 8 times of rated current), can cause power grid voltage fluctuation, voltage is reduced, serious when still can cause other devices tripping and fault, affect the normal production. 4, drive mode is: ball mill is widely used three-phase ac motor, hydraulic coupling, gear reducer, pulley gear reducer. Because ball mill are constant torque load, when using hydraulic coupler speed regulation, its control efficiency is equal to the speed ratio, there is a large part of energy is wasted in the hydraulic coupler, increasing the energy consumption of ball mill.

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Ball mill by the feeding device into the ball mill...