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Steel and Alloy Unified Numbering System In the first quarter of 2013 mills's functionality is. Lately, the major metal detailed companies have declared initial quarter results, total, in the initial quarter primarily iron and steel listed firms functionality has improved above the very last yr. But the personage inside of program of review points out that this kind of a sound momentum or unsustainable, with the arrival of the rainy time, and the apparent contradiction in between offer and need aspects this sort of as, iron and metal organization performance in the second quarter of careful optimism.Steel and Alloy Unified Numbering System. In the very first quarter metal mills revenue is divided 2012 hong kong-shown bleak nonetheless clean, previously this 12 months, with all men and women, and for good hunting forward to the New Yr, began a new journey. Lately, steel listed companies have disclosed in the first quarter of 2013 earnings report confirmed a trace of warmth. As baoshan iron & metal business top enterprises, in the initial quarter business possession of outlined firms internet revenue of 1.628 billion yuan, up 33.three% from a yr earlier, baosteel in internet income final yr, after a enormous buck the regular upward yet again. Baosteel's performance might not bring as well much "shocked", however, it is well worth noting that numerous had big "losses" in the very first quarter of this 12 months. Among them, the most consultant is the anshan iron and metal. Prior to that, because of massive losses for two consecutive years, was implemented delisting threat warning. But as in the fourth quarter of very last calendar year after the business from many factors the authors efficiency actions, and last but not least in the first quarter of this year to obtain profitability, accomplished the web earnings of 540 million yuan, up 128.sixty% from a calendar year previously. Final yr, in addition, performance losses of shandong iron and steel shares, cultivation, descibes stock and ST metal efficiency is a lot more exceptional in the first quarter of this yr, four mills in the 1st quarter of 2013, respectively, a earnings of two.fifty nine million yuan, fourteen.675 million yuan, 27.forty five million yuan, 34.fifty five million yuan. Many steel organization efficiency, but the industry is even now in the depressed environment is indeniable, so in the initial quarter of iron and metal outlined businesses existing a division. In revealed very first-quarter earnings of detailed metal firms, the reduction of 7 enterprises, accounted for 22.6%, the loss of organization loss is typically considerably less than 500 million yuan. Among them, the biggest losses of the chongqing iron and metal, in the very first quarter loss of 459 million yuan, from last year's decline to expand 1.5 times. Despite the fact that in the first quarter mainly metal listed organizations efficiency reasonably early much better, but from the existing check out of the total metal industry issue, in the 2nd quarter or challenging to have excellent performance. Very good momentum or hard to carry on Beforehand, Chinese iron and metal association, according to the knowledge published in the very first quarter, huge and medium-sized steel enterprises profit of 2.486 billion yuan, compared with the exact same profitability. But profit is down from month to thirty day period

to understand in the 1st quarter, among them one.338 billion yuan in January, February, 998 million yuan, only 267 million yuan in March. Not only that, but in March the KuiSunMian much more one, also widened in February. January and February of this yr, under the pull of economic development and marketplace anticipations have enhanced, liaocheng seamless steel pipe costs appeared to modestly, iron and steel enterprises running functionality and enhanced. But following the New Yr actual demand is not as considerable as predicted launch, liaocheng seamless steel pipe prices lower. But at the same time, the steel generation potential in continuous release. In accordance to the countrywide bureau of statistics data show that in the 1st quarter this yr, China's crude metal output of 191.89 million tons, up, average day-to-day crude steel output rose to 2.1321 million metric tons. Increasing domestic steel manufacturing supply contradiction is more fantastic, make market place and international industry demand from customers are inferior and regular trade friction, the next quarter revenue of iron and metal enterprises must encounter bigger pressure. The liaocheng seamless metal pipe cost nonetheless can not alter decrease craze, but the uncooked substance drop less than liaocheng seamless metal pipe value fall or there has been a stabilising. "In the second quarter enhanced problems of authors performance in iron and steel enterprises". "With the arrival of the wet time, in addition, the steel market place costs weak tough inverse", momentum will not carry on, in the initial quarter, 2nd quarter, tube is facing the situation is not optimistic. The report from

Steel and Alloy Unified Numbering System  
Steel and Alloy Unified Numbering System  

In the initial quarter of 2013 mills's overall per...