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enced lifter, you can drop the carbs down low to show all that hard work over the years of training

For people who don’t have a lot of time in their schedules:

Heart rate people should aim for when working out: When working out, I recommend keeping your heart at 75 percent to 80 percent of your max target heart rate. To calculate your ideal heart rate, this is the formula you should remember: 220 minus your age, multiply by .75 or .80. ((220 - age) x .75). This is a good rule of thumb for most people.

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To burn nine to 13 calories per minute, I feel that circuit training will do the trick. A fast intense pace should be set with no rest between exercises. The tempo will fit perfectly with anyone who has a busy lifestyle with limited time spent in the gym. Glenn Imke, right, and the rest of the Action Sports fitness class try to keep up with instructor Kerry Ryan, left, on their stationary bikes.

If you’re bored with your gym workout, try taking one of the classes below for a change of pace.

Popular workout myths: Women think that they will get “too bulky” if they workout too much or intensely. Wine, cheese, bread, pastries and eating junk makes a person bulky. Females do not possess enough testosterone in their bodies to get big and bulky like men.

Another myth: Doing hundreds and hundreds of abdominal exercises will give you a six pack. It is true you need to work your abs like you do other body parts, but, you will not be able to see them unless you eat properly and do some cardio.

Stay motivated: Set a realistic goal in a certain time frame. Tell everyone about your goal and when your goal will be achieved. Try to find someone else to do it with you; accountability. After you have achieved that goal, move on to another. Don’t stop, don’t settle, don’t become complacent. Do what you say, and say what you do. — Want more information from Pat Brown? Visit or call Lifetime Fitness at 334-1986.

By Allie Castro

Spin classes Kerry Ryan assured us that not only any athlete will benefit from one of Action Sport’s spin classes, but non-cyclists are in for a treat as well. The indoor cycling at Action Sports is different than other spin classes. “Our classes feature wattage-type indoor cycling. Most spin classes have no measurement of resistance; it’s all by your guess and feel. That approach usually has you pedaling too easy or too hard, so you never know your true power output,” Ryan said. “Our CycleOps PT300 indoor bikes, used in the classes, sell for $2,400 and are awesome at giving the rider exact feedback such as heart rate, cadence and energy burn.” Not only does this provide a better workout for the participant, but the results are rewardingly tangible with this technology. “You can truly see the gains you make because you will register more wattage every week and at a lower heart rate,” Ryan said.

What: Spin class When: Class schedules vary and can be found at php. Classes feature various instructors and music, and ladies-only classes. Where: Action Sports, 9500 Brimhall Road, Suite 400 Cost: $8 each; $72 for 12 classes ($6 each) Information: 833-4000. Call ahead because bikes must be reserved.

P90X After losing 44 pounds with the P90X workout and food nutrition system in 2008, Mike Ryan decided it was time to show others what the P90X system could do for them. Now an independent, 10-Star Diamond Coach with Team BeachBody, Ryan leads cardio-based workouts twice a week at the Marriott Hotel and The Links at RiverLakes Ranch. With different workouts each week such as the popular Kenpo routine from P90X — a 55-minute punch/kickboxing class — Ryan said the classes remain successful because they adjust to all ages and fitness levels. “We get all ranges of fitness levels at our community fit club, so everyone is welcome. Our workouts are very easy to Continued on page 70 www.BakersfieldLife.com69

Bakersfield Life Magazine September 2011  

Bakersfield Life Magazine September 2011