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October / November 2016

Welcome to Vision Essentials by Kaiser Permanente Your one-stop shop for vision needs By Sally A. Selby


id you know that a number of health conditions can be detected early by your eye doctor? An eye exam can detect conditions like diabetes years before you show signs of the disease, allowing you to better manage Sally A. Selby health issues before they become a problem. In addition to diabetes, annual eye exams can identify eye and general health conditions such as: • Macular degeneration • Glaucoma • High blood pressure • High cholesterol • Multiple sclerosis • Risk of stroke

• Risk of heart disease As part of Kaiser Permanente’s integrated health care delivery system, Vision Essentials is uniquely positioned to participate in your overall health care. Early identification of diabetes through an eye examination at Vision Essentials is just one more component to the continuum of high-quality integrated care that Kaiser Permanente provides to our community. You do not need to be a Kaiser Permanente member to enjoy the services offered at Vision Essentials. Conveniently located in The Marketplace shopping and entertainment center in southwest Bakersfield, Vision Essentials is where you’ll find everything you need for total eye health: medical care from trusted Kaiser Permanente optometrists, plus a great selection of eyewear and contact lens options.

In one stop, get your eyes examined, your prescription updated and select the perfect eyewear to complement your personality and lifestyle. We fill most orders within a few days and provide quality fitting and craftsmanship. “We opened our doors in January 2014 and have been so well-received by members and nonmembers alike,” said Dr. Randell Canaya, managing optometrist at Vision Essentials. “We are thrilled to be able to provide high-quality care to our members and the community.” Aside from the convenient location, our customers enjoy the ability to choose from such a wide variety of styles, from classics to the latest designer trends and performance sport sunglasses. Open Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.,

Sexual harassment It’s illegal, dangerous

By Holly Culhane


ho would have thought that in 2016, we would still be dealing with high-profile debates over sexual harassment in the workplace? Despite the passage of federal and state laws in recent decades to protect employees from being sexually harassed by bosses and by coHolly Culhane workers, high-profile cases keep making headlines, suggesting some people “still don’t get it.” This summer’s sensational case involved Roger Ailes, the former top executive at Fox News. Although Ailes denies allegations that he sexually harassed former news anchor Gretchen Carlson or any other woman at Fox News, he resigned as the

cable news network’s chairman. Carlson, the former co-host of “Fox and Friends,” filed a lawsuit against Ailes in July alleging that the news executive made sexual advances toward her and later fired her when she complained about sexual harassment. Ailes denied the charges and said Carlson’s contract was not renewed because of poor ratings. But in the wake of the lawsuit, other former and present female Fox News employees reportedly stepped forward to claim harassment. They included former Fox News scheduler Laurie Luhn, who reportedly received a $3.5 million “severance agreement” in 2011. Luhn later claimed she had been harassed for two decades. The cable news network has hired a law firm to investigate the allegations. Another lawsuit involving another female on-air personality was filed. And, no doubt books are being written. Meanwhile, perhaps one of the most interesting developments in the contro-

Vision Essentials strives to meet the needs of busy families and workers alike. Our team is made up of optometrists, contact lens fitters, opticians, medical assistants and receptionists who are ready to help you with eye care and eyewear. In addition, the staff at Vision Essentials works closely with Kaiser Permanente’s ophthalmology department for those patients who need specialized eye care. Your vision is one of your most important senses. Your Kaiser

versy stems from ongoing settlement talks between Fox and Carlson and reports that Carlson made audiotapes to substantiate her sexual harassment claims. Whether you are a company owner, manager, supervisor, co-worker or victim of sexual harassment, the controversy at Fox News bears watching. There are many lessons. • Sexual harassment is a serious offense. It creates a hostile work environment. It robs companies of the creativity and productivity of employees. • In the truest sense of how sexual harassment is defined, it’s not the “victim’s” fault. So, therefore, it is not the victim’s problem to resolve by either yielding to sexual advances or simply leaving a hostile work environment to find another job or career. Why should a victim have to give up a good career or job to appease a harasser? • Supervisors and workers must be trained on what is “sexual harassment,” what behavior is unacceptable and what consequences harassers will face. This training not only makes good business sense, in some cases, it is legally required. • Sexual harassment should be reported to a company’s human resources department. Reports must be taken seriously and acted upon. Victims should not face retalia-

Permanente eye care professionals are dedicated to helping you keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp. – Sally A. Selby is the business line manager for Vision Essentials by Kaiser Permanente Kern County. In her role, she is responsible for the operations and financial performance of optometry and the optical retail store, including the development of the optical store eyewear sales and business strategy.

tion for reporting incidents. • Harassment accusations may be difficult to prove, because sexual advances or other forms of harassment often are shrouded in privacy. But in recent years, victims have become much more proactive in gathering “proof ” before filing charges. For example, almost every cell phone is equipped with audio- and video-recording programs. Co-workers often witness incidents. And harassers seldom can resist boasting about their behavior to others. Bet on it, if you or your employees are engaging in this illegal behavior, chances are other people know about it and concrete evidence exists. The controversy at Fox News is not the first time, nor the last time that a company will get an embarrassing black eye because of sexual harassment allegations. But by following generally reasonable federal and state law, training staff to comply, and responding quickly and appropriately to reports, your company may be spared legal, financial and public relations headaches. – Holly Culhane is president of the Bakersfield-based human resources consulting firm P.A.S. Associates and P.A.S. Investigations. She can be contacted through her website www.PASassociates. com and through the PAS Facebook page.

Kern Business Journal October/November 2016  
Kern Business Journal October/November 2016