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high ropes course consists of separate high and low elements designed for different abilities and goals. Guests can choose to take on the high course elements, including cables, nets, bridges and poles that soar up to 35 feet, or attempt the low course elements, developing their balance and agility and highlighting team cooperation. One of the largest crowddrawers is called The Leap. A daunting segment of the high ropes course, participants must stand atop a narrow pole

and jump out to catch a swinging trapeze. Sanders described it as crazy and said: “That one scares me so bad. We had a home-school group out here, and a 7-year-old girl climbed all the way to the top. She was too small to try and make the leap, but she climbed up there. That’s 20 feet.” Even though the Condor Challenge has only been open for a month, the response from both kids and parents has already been overwhelmingly positive. “People tell me their arms are really sore, but it was definitely worth it,” Sanders said. He hopes the two new additions will continue to be big attractions and make the zoo a fun-filled destination. “I’m trying to get people to go out there and take pictures, put it on Facebook, Snapchat,” he added.


Bakersfield Life Magazine May 2016  
Bakersfield Life Magazine May 2016