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Top left: Veal Piccata Top right: Med passion Bottom right: Chocolate decadence cake Facing page: Cheescake


with lamb instead of the more traditional veal, and it was a fall-off-thebone tender, huge portion of garlicky-lemony savory goodness, which was deliciously accompanied by couscous and steamed broccoli and carrots. Dustin on the domestic lamb chops: The bone-in chops were grilled perfectly to my request, with enough fat to keep them tender and juicy. The chops were clearly the star of the dish. The copious (in both portion size and buttered garlic) mashed potatoes were ultra-creamy and were a good side. Tony on the Med passion: This dish contained shrimp, scallops and the catch of the day (salmon) in a white wine, garlic and lemon sauce topped with parmesan cheese. The shrimp were huge. Very unique texture and light tangy flavor of the

Bakersfield Life Magazine

May 2016

angel hair pasta. Initially, I thought it to be overcooked. I later learned from sous-chef Serena Gonzalez that the combination of the white wine, abundant capers, fresh lemon juice and leeks blended to create the delicate tasty dish I was enjoying. Bill on the piccata: The generous portions of breaded veal cutlets were seasoned with a delicious piccata sauce with capers. With my order, I selected the steamed crisp broccoli along with soft buttery angel hair pasta with olive oil along with other seasonings used by the chef.

DESSERTS Bob on the baklava: These are honeyed layers of phyllo dough, crusted with crushed walnuts and pistachios. Cafe Med layers and then rolls its baklava, which creates tight little rolls of sweet goodness. Be forewarned – if you don’t like a sweet treat, this is not your dessert. I loved it!

Bill on the chocolate decadence cake: The flourless chocolate cake with a fudge-like texture was rich with flavor. The serving plate was decorated with chocolate and berry drizzle along with several fresh blueberries. J.R. on the cheesecake: It’s New York-style served on a sauce made with fresh berries. They are not kidding when they say fresh; these tasted like they were just picked from the bush. The crust was chocolate, almost like a cookie but not too thick. Words cannot do this justice; you have to try it for yourself. Way better than any “factory” and, as told by the chef, the desserts are all made in-house. For a fine dining experience, don’t pass up the opportunity to dine at Cafe Med. All of their dishes are skillfully prepared and very artistically plated for maximal gustatory and visual appeal.

Bakersfield Life Magazine May 2016  
Bakersfield Life Magazine May 2016