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By Laura Liera Photo by Jori C. Kinney

1 Visiting a chiropractor does not hurt. If you’re in severe pain, you’re going to be sore. But the adjustments are very gentle and effective. 2 The spine protects the delicate nervous system. The nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord — 31 pairs of nerve roots that go to every cell in the body. 3 If a person has a pinched nerve in the upper back, it cuts off the impulse from the brain to the lungs so when you breathe, you don’t get the proper filtration of the air and you 20

Bakersfield Life Magazine

May 2016

James Turner of Turner Chiropractic Inc. is celebrating 40 years in Bakersfield and he sat down to chat with us about the importance of our spine and nervous system.

phone, a vertebrae can lock out of position.

develop asthma. We adjust the vertebrae and get the nerve flow from the brain down to the body parts, to the lungs and the body heals from within.

8 Anyone can visit a chiropractor, including infants, adults and seniors.

4 Our focus is to get the body to function naturally.

9 At our practice, we see an average of 180 people a week.

5 The vertebrae that protects the nervous system can go out of place up to 52 different ways.

10 There are five different types of headaches.


11 Educating our patients is important so they know how we are going to get their body functioning properly.


12 Getting a full spinal X-ray helps us see exactly how the vertebrae is out of position; we don’t guess.

When a vertebrae is out of position, a disc can swell, impinging the nerve root and cause pain. Posture is very important. When you slump at work or when using your

Bakersfield Life Magazine May 2016  
Bakersfield Life Magazine May 2016